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A Positively Final Appearance
2007-09-16 16:51
by Cliff Corcoran
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Roger Clemens bids farewell to Fenway, for realsies this time, doing so in style by taking on Curt Schilling in a rubber game on national TV. The Sox's win yesterday might have iced the division for all intents and purposes, but the Yanks still have a series to win, and Clemens still has to prove that his elbow hasn't finally gone kablooey on him.

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2007-09-16 17:00:38
1.   yankz
Not feeling a Yanks/Sox ALCS?
2007-09-16 17:01:07
2.   Mattpat11
Why is this for real this time?
2007-09-16 17:02:18
3.   yankz
2 This is most likely his last season, right?
2007-09-16 17:02:37
4.   Mattpat11
According to who?
2007-09-16 17:03:55
5.   yankz
His elbow.
2007-09-16 17:04:34
6.   yankz
Joe Morgan believes that Yankee fans want Roger Clemens above any other Yankee on the mound tonight.
2007-09-16 17:04:50
7.   Mattpat11
As long as its not Roger's mouth
2007-09-16 17:05:10
8.   Mattpat11
What is this awful music?
2007-09-16 17:08:09
9.   Mattpat11
Explain Dane Cook.
2007-09-16 17:08:17
10.   monkeypants
8 I think it's what ESPN thinks the kids are listening to these know, to make the game "more exciting."
2007-09-16 17:08:20
11.   rbj
Can someone please take a baseball bat to Dane Cook's mouth.
2007-09-16 17:08:50
12.   yankz
11 There are other places I'd rather hit him with a baseball bat.
2007-09-16 17:08:52
13.   Mattpat11
10 I see.
2007-09-16 17:10:20
14.   Mattpat11
Stinky is still there. All that hope for naught.
2007-09-16 17:11:28
15.   Ravenscar
Of all the insanity, I have hated Dane Cook since the first day I saw him. These post-season commercials have actually made me hate him LESS, they're kinda everyman.

But otherwise, no, I can't explain him.

2007-09-16 17:13:48
16.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
No idea who Dane Cook is, and from the comments don`t want to know...

Can someone advise me on how to deal with my irrational Schilling hatred?? Hope we get hid pitch count up quickly...

2007-09-16 17:14:35
17.   Mattpat11
Uh Oh Nancy. The little Tyke might kick you in the shins for that
2007-09-16 17:14:52
18.   Ravenscar
whoa - that could have been really really bad.

If Pedroia was taller.

2007-09-16 17:16:39
19.   williamnyy23
All of the pressure in this game is on the Yankees. That has to give the Red Sox an edge. As a result, the Yankees will have to give their absolute best effort, especially as the best players are not in the lineup.
2007-09-16 17:18:00
20.   williamnyy23
There should be a rule against forcing one team's fans to endure McCarver and Morgan on back to back nights.
2007-09-16 17:18:29
21.   Mattpat11
The Red Sox had a ceremony today to give Lowell Eric Chavez's gold glove?
2007-09-16 17:18:43
22.   seamus
16 hatred of Schilling is never irrational.
2007-09-16 17:19:23
23.   williamnyy23
Early frustrating AB in the game...Abreu kind of let that one get away.
2007-09-16 17:19:52
24.   Mattpat11
I'm really interested in this ceremony now.
2007-09-16 17:21:15
25.   randym77
[20} I don't understand why any fans have to endure them, ever.
2007-09-16 17:22:56
26.   yankz
Go to dinner with Dane Cook or Curt Schilling?

I'd have to say Schilling (sorry, fellows).

2007-09-16 17:23:58
27.   yankz
Personally, I think McCarver makes Morgan&Miller sound like HOFers.
2007-09-16 17:24:11
28.   Mattpat11
Oh crap.
2007-09-16 17:24:15
29.   yankz
And I should mention that I hate Morgan&Miller.
2007-09-16 17:24:30
30.   rbj
You've played there before, Johnny!
2007-09-16 17:24:34
31.   williamnyy23
Incredible...this is not a game to start kicking the ball around.
2007-09-16 17:24:38
32.   seamus
doh! I've done that before...
2007-09-16 17:25:37
33.   randym77
He lost it in the lights. Could happen to anyone. (And did happen to Matsui last season, IIRC.)
2007-09-16 17:25:43
34.   rbj
Miller on his own is fine. There's something about Morgan that turns him bad.
2007-09-16 17:27:03
35.   yankz
34 I've heard as much, but did you hear the call on Arod's homer vs. 'Boner? Dead silent, seriously. I've hated him since then. I don't know if he hates the Yankees, loves the Sox, or hates Arod, but he lost all objectivity in that moment.
2007-09-16 17:27:11
36.   williamnyy23
This game has to be fun for the Red's a rare house money game where a win has the added bonus of putting a serious dent in the Yankees post season hopes.
2007-09-16 17:28:20
37.   SF Yanks
26 No way. I'm sure Dane could throw a couple of jokes to maybe make me laugh, and plus he could tell me Alba stories. You rather sit there and look at Curt's face all night? No thanks.
2007-09-16 17:29:01
38.   Mattpat11
What was wrong with that pitch?
2007-09-16 17:29:33
39.   rbj
35 He was fine as the Orioles announcer, but maybe he started hating the Yankees from then.

Or, it could just be the corrupting influence from ESPN to make him non-objective.

2007-09-16 17:29:40
40.   williamnyy23
Clemens is hanging a lot of sliders.
2007-09-16 17:30:12
41.   rsmith51
35 I agree. He seemed way too excited when the Sox do well and pretty matter of fact or dejected when the Yanks do something well.
2007-09-16 17:31:08
42.   Mattpat11
41 He did have that "falling, falling BASE HIT!" call on Posada's double in the ALCS
2007-09-16 17:31:08
43.   williamnyy23
Disastrous beginning.
2007-09-16 17:31:15
44.   rsmith51
Which Yankee fans wanted Clemens over any other pitcher?
2007-09-16 17:32:07
45.   yankz
37 Have you heard Dane Cook tell stories?
2007-09-16 17:32:19
46.   randym77
Clemens is a scary flyball pitcher tonight.
2007-09-16 17:32:56
47.   williamnyy23
44 I still very glad they brought him back.
2007-09-16 17:33:23
48.   seamus
ok, that don't stink!
2007-09-16 17:33:35
49.   randym77
Giambi doesn't get that one.
2007-09-16 17:33:43
50.   williamnyy23
DM justified his spot in the lineup right there.
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2007-09-16 17:33:43
51.   Mattpat11
44 I did.
2007-09-16 17:33:44
52.   rbj
Yup, should've started an injured Giambi there.
2007-09-16 17:33:54
53.   yankz
My heart breaks every time I see a hot girl with hideous Boston gear on.
2007-09-16 17:33:54
54.   SF Yanks
45 Hey, I know it's not pretty, but considering the alternative, I'll take it.
2007-09-16 17:33:57
55.   rsmith51
I was against having Doug Out in the lineup, but no other Yankee 1b makes that play.
2007-09-16 17:34:11
56.   Ravenscar
oh god, I would go to dinner with Cook way more than Schilling, good god. At least Cook would know hot girls. And even if he's not funny, he'd at least have a sense of humor.

I don't think Miller hates the Yankees. That "boner" call could have just been an old man moment. I've always liked him.

2007-09-16 17:34:19
57.   Mattpat11
50 Maybe you should hold that off until after he comes up with someone on.
2007-09-16 17:34:25
58.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
I apologize to Minky and will cut on him no more...great play. Could have saved the game there
2007-09-16 17:34:41
59.   claybeez
What a play by Stinky!
2007-09-16 17:35:13
60.   williamnyy23
The Yankees need to jump on Schilling early and often. This is really a gigantic game as far as the Wild Card is concerned. After Cleveland, the Tigers are pretty much home free with Minnesota, KC and Chicago.
2007-09-16 17:35:33
61.   Ravenscar
ok, whoops, I misread that boner thing, sorry, dur.

Nice play by Doug there. I've always loved the "dive-at-base" out.

2007-09-16 17:35:59
62.   williamnyy23
57 True...but a two run double there could have really snow balled.
2007-09-16 17:36:34
63.   Mattpat11
There's the Manny shower cap
2007-09-16 17:36:48
64.   JeremyM
Those Rajah chants drive me nuts, I know they don't rattle Clemens but they rattle me.

The velocity is there from him, but the location hasn't been sharp and we haven't seen the splitter yet.

2007-09-16 17:36:49
65.   randym77
I thought Manny had a pair of BVDs on his head for a moment there.
2007-09-16 17:37:01
66.   rbj
Yankees really need to work the count against Curt.
2007-09-16 17:37:29
67.   yankz
You all do realize that Dane Cook grew up in Massachusetts, pretended to be a Yankee fan, and has been wearing Boston garb since '04?

Dane Cook has no sense of humor. I could not tolerate his obnoxious voice for an entire meal.

Curt Schilling, despite being The Most Annoying Man in Baseball, has always been respectful of the Yankees and their fans. I bet if I could keep him away from religion/politics, he'd have some cool stories to share.

And the rules are, Cook couldn't bring any of those hot girls with him.

Wouldn't listening to him talk about making out with Alba make you want to cry? Realizing that complete idiot tools get to make out goddesses?

2007-09-16 17:37:39
68.   williamnyy23
Cano batting 6th tells you how thin the lineup is tonight.
2007-09-16 17:38:09
69.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
66 Yep. But Cano and Melky back to back? I see 4 pitches for 2 outs...
2007-09-16 17:39:28
70.   williamnyy23
Can't like what you see so far...
2007-09-16 17:39:30
71.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
BTW, am I the only one who doesn`t worship at P.Gammons feet? I like his blog on ESPN, but find him kind of irritating to listen to..
2007-09-16 17:39:33
72.   Ravenscar
I don't want to hear stories about Alba, I want to be INTRODUCED to Alba. And Cook, either by getting drunk, good drugs, or tortured by me, could provide. Schilling provides NOTHING but ugliness of body and mind.
2007-09-16 17:39:38
73.   yankz
I thought Cano had gotten over the swing at everything high thing.
2007-09-16 17:40:15
74.   yankz
72 Hey, my game, my rules. No third parties. Just you, Cook or Schilling, and your rapidly disappearing sanity.
2007-09-16 17:40:40
75.   yankz
I don't think Pedroia had to dive for that...
2007-09-16 17:40:45
76.   williamnyy23
With the state of the Yankees lineup...Clemens now has to get 6 outs before the Yanks have a legitimate chance to score. I wonder if Joe thinks this game is as important as it is?
2007-09-16 17:41:41
77.   SF Yanks
67 Good points, but after dinner I get to hang out with those girls then. After dinner with Curt, maybe he can show you some of his 04 Series souvenirs.
2007-09-16 17:42:20
78.   Mattpat11
I'd much rather sit for two hours with Schilling than Cook.
2007-09-16 17:42:43
79.   yankz
77 See 74 for some clarification on the rules.
2007-09-16 17:42:56
80.   yankz
78 Amen brother.
2007-09-16 17:43:22
81.   williamnyy23
I appreciate Clemens being a warrior, but the early signs are that he doesn't have much. I hope he finds a way to gut this one out.
2007-09-16 17:44:14
82.   williamnyy23
Every time you see that collision, it becomes evident that would have been a penalty in the NFL. Sorry Joe, but that was a dirty play.
2007-09-16 17:44:32
83.   rbj
Jebus F'ing crisco, Joe. We don't think it was a dirty play. Shut up.
2007-09-16 17:44:34
84.   seamus
can't you all argue about Farnsworth or something instead of this silly dinner thing?
2007-09-16 17:46:01
85.   yankz
I don't understand why people get bothered by what other people are discussing. You want to start an argument about Farnsworth, go right ahead. I won't whine about it.

And you can't deny that it was topical.

2007-09-16 17:46:32
86.   Ravenscar
74 - fair enough. But I still have to choose Dane over that tool, it's just no contest to me.

There was an interesting discussion on BTF about the rule against blocking the plate and that whole play they are replaying. The to-the-letter rule that no one enforces has Posada in the wrong there. But seriously, no one enforces it.

The thing that Morgan or anyone at ESPN is too dense to realize is the fact that I can't believe any Yankees fan cares about the bowling him over; it's the forearm to the neck that is unnessary. Which wasn't mentioned. Who WORKS these broadcasts?

2007-09-16 17:46:54
87.   williamnyy23
Ouch...a walk to Lugo is about as bad as it gets.
2007-09-16 17:47:43
88.   rsmith51
81 Well he is making 1M+ for his work tonight. Although I suppose he makes it if he didn't pitch.
2007-09-16 17:47:49
89.   seamus
85 It wasn't a demand or anything. The truth is every time I read about it I pictured having to have dinner with them and didn't want to...
2007-09-16 17:48:03
90.   SF Yanks
79 In all actual reality, I would take Curt because hearing stories about him facing the Yanks would be priceless. While stories from Dane would do nothing for me. I just don't want to admit it because I hate Curt with a passion.
2007-09-16 17:48:34
91.   fansince77
It's a good thing we have Manecevitz coming up to lead off the inning. Our lineup is solid tonight.
2007-09-16 17:49:07
92.   yankz
How can people look at the absurd contracts given to Lugo and Drew and consider Theo a genius? That's not even considering DiceK and Gagne. And at this point I don't think I'd trade Hanley for Beckett straight up.
2007-09-16 17:49:14
93.   rbj
86 Bill James had a discussion on the "you can't block the plate" issue in the Historical Abstract.

Old Speckled Hen doesn't seem to be working. I'm switching to scotch.

2007-09-16 17:49:42
94.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Better question is who would you go drinking with; Billy Martin or Lenny Dykstra?
2007-09-16 17:49:53
95.   OldYanksFan
57 He has already saved 2 runs. That's the same as getting 2 RBI. He has earned his keep, THIS game, at least.
2007-09-16 17:49:53
96.   yankz
89 Ooh, fair point. My bad. It is a pretty horrible thing to imagine.
2007-09-16 17:50:32
97.   Mattpat11
How the hell is his helmet filthy?
2007-09-16 17:50:33
98.   rsmith51
86 I doubt Hinske meant to hit him in the neck with his forearm.

Any Giant fans out there? A good day for my Packers that I can rub in to a fellow Yankee fan. Favre looked pretty good. Eli looked good in the first half.

2007-09-16 17:50:46
99.   monkeypants
Case in point: Morgan just got done saying that there was nothing Hinske could do but run over Posada because Posada had blocked the whole baseline. Now let us concede that Hinkse's play was "clean" (no cheap elbow to the head, for example) within baseball's internal "logic". Why couldn't the last runner just plow into Minky who blocked the baseline to make the tag?

Why are we allowed to turn baseball into football on plays at the plate, but no place else? Maybe when someone finally gets hurt for real...

2007-09-16 17:50:48
100.   SF Yanks
91 The way Giambi is hitting, it can't be any worse, and mark my words, Meinthegeofe is due for one hit maybe two tonight.
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2007-09-16 17:50:49
101.   yankz
Julio Lugo has a 67 OPS+ this year.
2007-09-16 17:51:07
102.   williamnyy23
2007-09-16 17:51:10
103.   monkeypants
Now Minky starts every game for the rest of the year for sure...
2007-09-16 17:51:16
104.   yankz
98 Yeah, yeah, bite me.
2007-09-16 17:51:22
105.   fansince77
Oh please keep proving me wrong. Your turn Wheels Molina!
2007-09-16 17:51:53
106.   yankz
100 "Meinthegeofe "

That sounds hilarious, at least the way I pronounce it in my head.

2007-09-16 17:51:57
107.   Ravenscar
"Better question is who would you go drinking with; Billy Martin or Lenny Dykstra?"

No contest - Martin. And I'm a Mets fan - Dysktra's just plain awful. But between Keith Hernandez and Martin? Hernandez, who would be more fun.

2007-09-16 17:52:21
108.   rsmith51
I thought I was watching the Yanks and a National League game broke out.
2007-09-16 17:52:21
109.   seamus
It is scary when Minky is batting 8th because he ISN'T the worse batter in the lineup.
2007-09-16 17:52:24
110.   claybeez
99 That's baseball as I've always seen it and I have no real problem with it.
2007-09-16 17:52:29
111.   Mattpat11
Holy shit. Doug is on fire!

Now he'll play every day for the rest of the year and cost us the playoffs, but we might as well celebrate this game.

2007-09-16 17:53:40
112.   yankz
I don't know the rules- is it maybe because the 1B doesn't have padding to protect him?
2007-09-16 17:54:10
113.   yankz
Bunting isn't playing the game Morgan, it's tossing it.
2007-09-16 17:54:14
114.   rbj
98 Ah, shaddap. I didn't think the Giants were going to be good this year anyhow.
2007-09-16 17:55:08
115.   williamnyy23
2007-09-16 17:55:11
116.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
107 Dykstra is awfule, but Martin was one of those small wiry guys who are really intimidating when drunk..think Joe Pesci..


2007-09-16 17:55:22
117.   Ravenscar
99 - WELLLL I think there's histporical context there. The home-plate thing has been acceptible practice for 100 years, and the 1B thing just hasn't been. That's probably the only real answer.

See, Miller thought he was safe. ;-)

That's a bad call.

2007-09-16 17:55:23
118.   rsmith51
That was an awful call!
2007-09-16 17:55:25
119.   Mattpat11
Wow. That wasn't even close.
2007-09-16 17:55:29
120.   rbj
F'ing ump.
2007-09-16 17:56:03
121.   yankz
I think something just burst somewhere in Miller's body.
2007-09-16 17:56:14
122.   OldYanksFan
That blown call has seriously hurt us badly.
2007-09-16 17:56:43
123.   yankz
117 Please see 112
2007-09-16 17:57:03
124.   monkeypants
110 Good point. And another thing, I don't like all this talk about "evolution."
2007-09-16 17:57:18
125.   seamus
that scores the run if that call at first isn't blown.
2007-09-16 17:57:27
126.   nyy jim
Bad call cost us a run. That would have been a sac fly.
2007-09-16 17:57:27
127.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-09-16 17:57:55
128.   williamnyy23
That inning hurts.
2007-09-16 17:58:18
129.   Benjamin Kabak
One day, baseball will figure out a way to get rid of these bad calls.
2007-09-16 17:58:22
130.   yankz
Arod hasn't homered in 24 AB.

And the umps are POS.

2007-09-16 17:58:22
131.   randym77
I think Lenny's on the straight and narrow now. I read an article awhile the business pages. He lost a lot of money during the dot-com crash, and as a result, has become a day trader. He coached his neighbor's daughter in softball in exchange for investment info.

>> The link between his career in pro baseball and his new one as an investor and day trader is an ability to spot patterns. "You know the most important count in baseball?" he asks rhetorically as we stroll back to his hotel. "One-and-one. If it goes to two-one, a hitter hits .300. If it goes to one-and-two, he hits .100." <<

He is now trying to start up an investment fund for baseball players. He says too many of them end up running out of money once they stop playing.

2007-09-16 17:58:36
132.   fansince77
Wow - that call showed an awful lack of concentration by the umpire...that was really an easy safe call- not really even bang/bang...that was horrible!
2007-09-16 17:58:58
133.   SF Yanks
I don't understand the huge Mienxyzpetel drama. You know how easy it is for him to have 2 weeks of good baseball and Giambi to have 2 months of bad baseball? Really it can't be that bad, plus he gives good defense. This late in the season, it can't hurt that bad, but can actually help a lot if he catches fire.

Now over an entire season, I can understand. It ain't that bad fellas.

2007-09-16 17:59:00
134.   rsmith51
I love the human element of baseball, NOT! Instant replay, please...
2007-09-16 17:59:02
135.   JeremyM
Well, that was horseshit. How can someone blow the call that badly? Did he hear it hit the ground and assume that was the sound of it hitting the glove?
2007-09-16 17:59:14
136.   3rd gen yankee fan
Man I hope the Yankees get as mad as we are!
2007-09-16 17:59:36
137.   yankz
131 He got that .300 vs. .100 thing from Moneyball, I bet. I very clearly remember someone from that book (DePo, I'm pretty sure) saying the same thing. It's not the first pitch that matters, it's getting the first 2 out of 3.
2007-09-16 17:59:40
138.   monkeypants
117 The Home plate thing has NOT been acceptable for 100 years...that is a myth. Neyer (forgive me for invoking him) wrote an article on this a few years ago when he was free on, and the practice only grew up in the post WW II years--probably at the same time that catcher's gear became increasingly more formidable.

Still, just because it's old doesn't make it good. They threw spit balls for 100 years before it was finally outlawed.

2007-09-16 17:59:41
139.   Mattpat11
99 Should baseball players just concede outs?

It certainly doesn't seem fair that the defense should be allowed to get an out just by being a road block.

2007-09-16 18:00:08
140.   rsmith51
131 Helping millionaires staying millionaires.
Is there a more noble calling?
2007-09-16 18:01:06
141.   yankz
Very scary fly balls.
2007-09-16 18:01:33
142.   yankz
2007-09-16 18:01:37
143.   fansince77
I lose track-- Is this Clemens third or fourth "final game at Fenway Park."
2007-09-16 18:02:21
144.   rsmith51
143 Well I am hoping for another one in October...
2007-09-16 18:03:14
145.   randym77
It's not just at home plate. There's coming in hard at 2B to break up the DP.
2007-09-16 18:03:19
146.   yankz
144 I'd rather not come to Fenway too much in the playoffs. I never feel very confident here, especially considering Ace's numbers.
2007-09-16 18:03:37
147.   rbj
I also do not want instant replay in baseball. Just want the umps to get it right.
2007-09-16 18:04:06
148.   rsmith51
Wasn't Game 4 the Jeff Weaver game?
2007-09-16 18:04:38
149.   williamnyy23
Bad calls are frustrating, but the thing that annoys me is there is no accountability. Every umpire should have accuracy statistics that are maintained and made public throughout the season. The ones that fall below required levels should be fired. These guys are being paid very well for 6 months of work. It's about time MLB demanded excellence.
2007-09-16 18:04:48
150.   tommyl
135 Shall I remind you of Vernon Wells "catch"? or how about that great stolen base the M's had earlier in the year.

Whoever is in charge of the umps this year needs to take a good long look. Human element is nice, but its pretty embarassing when a bad call or two changes the outcome of an entire game.

Speaking of which, you know what my favorite thing is? The measuring for a first down in football. All these guys come out and very, very carefully place the chains in the right place and measure, oh so carefully. All great, except the referee spots the ball, by eye, with a bunch of 300 lb. guys crashing into each other. Its hilarious.

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2007-09-16 18:05:06
151.   Ravenscar
That was a better inning than I expected from Roger, actually.
2007-09-16 18:05:48
152.   fansince77
2007-09-16 18:05:58
153.   yankz
"Professional umpires currently begin their Minor League career at $1,800 per month. At the Major League level, salaries range from approximately $84,000 to $300,000 per year."

Hot damn I thought it was a lot less than that.

2007-09-16 18:06:05
154.   tommyl
Oh, and cue PeteAbe's Doug Out love. Yes, Pete, he made a nice, run saving play at first base. He also gets out almost every time he's at the plate, and there aren't that many difficult balls hit to first.

Seriously, the best thing to come out of Doug's injury (which I don't wish on anyone) was Pete shutting the ef up about him.

2007-09-16 18:06:19
155.   rsmith51
150 True, but the spot of the ball can be challenged, I believe.
2007-09-16 18:06:53
156.   monkeypants
139 By your logic, any base runner should not concede outs, so they shoud, say, punch the second basemen (for example) rather than "accept" a tag. Baseball rules seem to cover this: if the ball and fielder are there first, they have the right of way. Otherwise, the fielder cannot obstruct the path.
2007-09-16 18:07:16
157.   rufuswashere
Clemens looks better tonight than he has all season, at least so far.

Extra rest? Cortisone shots?

How long can he keep this up?

2007-09-16 18:08:01
158.   tommyl
155 Yes, but how many times a game? I guess I just find it funny (being a scientist) really, really carefully measuring a completely crude and arbitrary thing.
2007-09-16 18:08:17
159.   Ravenscar
138 - just because I give a reason other people do something doesn't mean I agree with it. But I think even 50 years of the practice affects how people accept it now.

Is Neyer on the hate list?

2007-09-16 18:10:08
160.   williamnyy23 sign of the bats waking up.
2007-09-16 18:10:22
161.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
40 pitches and almost 4 innings for Schilling...let`s work the count a bit guys!
2007-09-16 18:11:11
162.   fansince77
So obviously Torre's strategy here is...let's pray we get a couple home runs tonight. This is not a manufacturing a run lineup. We might be in trouble.
2007-09-16 18:13:05
163.   claybeez
124 Yeah, you pegged me. I'm a total creationist. You are a regular Nancy Drew... People who need everyone else to agree with them at the risk of insulting them are, might I offer, less than evolved.

I like to see baseball played that way. I like that part of the game. I differ from you. Deal.

2007-09-16 18:13:24
164.   Mattpat11
Pavano mention.
2007-09-16 18:14:25
165.   Ravenscar
Joba 2-3 innings? First of heard of a 3-inning possibility.
2007-09-16 18:16:01
166.   Ravenscar
Can anyone tell me if the Banter is as tired of hearing the phrase "Joba Rules" as much as I am? Is it still something that brings warmth to your heart because of the positivity of the kid, or is it tiresome for you guys now as well?
2007-09-16 18:16:14
167.   rsmith51
165 How about a start or two?
2007-09-16 18:16:23
168.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
164 Pavano? who`s that?
2007-09-16 18:16:50
169.   seamus
165 He did clarify, "depending on pitch count" or something like that. So clearly it is an innings pitched or pitches thrown.
2007-09-16 18:17:04
170.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
166 Agreed..tiresome...
2007-09-16 18:17:37
171.   fansince77
Where did the strike zone disappear to? Clemens first two pitches to Veridick were right there.
2007-09-16 18:17:54
172.   tommyl
168 Karim Garcia's bodyguard I think.
2007-09-16 18:18:50
173.   fansince77
Thanks for stopping by Veridick...have a nice day...bu bye.
2007-09-16 18:19:14
174.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
4 straight K`s?? not bad! The kid has a chance in this league...
2007-09-16 18:19:35
175.   fansince77
I hate Veritek. Who's your least favorite Red Sock?
2007-09-16 18:19:49
176.   Mattpat11
175 Varitek.
2007-09-16 18:20:04
177.   monkeypants
163 Sorry about that--it was a snarky comment. I personally don't find "that's the way I've always known it" arguments particularly persuasive. If you dig collisions, fine. We'll agree to disagree.
2007-09-16 18:20:25
178.   randym77
175 Schilling. No contest.
2007-09-16 18:21:19
179.   williamnyy23
Man, it'd be nice to score some runs.
2007-09-16 18:21:46
180.   rbj
Hmm, Yankees started playing better when I switched to scotch. Not that I'm suggesting that others do as well.
2007-09-16 18:22:45
181.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
175 Definately Schilling!
on the other side, my favorite Sock has to be Ortiz..I know he`s killed us in the past, but really love watching this guy hit. I like Manny too, and Daisuke.
Varitek and Youkilis should be exiled to Pittsburgh or KC to provide "leadership" and "grit" to a young team...
2007-09-16 18:22:47
182.   seamus
177 People love violence. I'm not of that persuasion. I find nothing more useless than a hockey fight. All of the action stops and guys grab each other shirts and pull them over their heads. Exciting! I'd rather watch good hockey action.
2007-09-16 18:23:32
183.   monkeypants
159 Good point. He seems to be here, but I won't pay to read him so I'm not sure why.
2007-09-16 18:24:03
184.   tommyl
Robbie Cano! Wow!
2007-09-16 18:24:24
185.   williamnyy23
I don't know why everyone is so down on Schilling...Cano really seems to like him.
2007-09-16 18:24:46
186.   fansince77
Wow...maybe Cano should keep swinging at high fastballs. This guys unbelievably Jeckel and Hyde...He drives us crazy!
2007-09-16 18:24:58
187.   monkeypants
Cano with an oposite field, go with the outside pitch, HR. One thing that Weeping and I can both agree to love!
2007-09-16 18:25:01
188.   seamus
nice hit by robbie!
2007-09-16 18:25:18
189.   Ravenscar

That being said, I think my least favorite Red Sox would be Youkilis. I somehow have a hard time considering Beckett a Red Sox, but I hate him, too. My favorite being Manny.

2007-09-16 18:25:26
190.   fansince77
Melky needs a day or two off. His at backs suck lately. Damon should be in center and Matzilla in left
2007-09-16 18:25:27
191.   williamnyy23
Cabrera pulls the ball!!!

Guys...follow Cano's lead and take this guy the other way.

2007-09-16 18:26:05
192.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Did Morgan just say `there`s a different sound to Cano`s bat`? What does that mean??
2007-09-16 18:26:28
193.   williamnyy23
This is like a softball game....the Yankees just keep lofting fly balls.
2007-09-16 18:26:46
194.   Eirias
Ugh. Joe Morgan. Someone really needs to start a website to point out how bad he is at baseball analysis.
2007-09-16 18:26:50
195.   tommyl
Dumb comment alert: "That's how you know he's [Cano] going to be a great hitter someday."

Yeah, that:

.299/.346/.479 with 18 HRs this year. I can't wait till he improves.

BTW, Joe Morgan career line:

which is good for a HOF second base.

2007-09-16 18:26:54
196.   fansince77
I used to hate Manny profusely. And now I just dislike and fear him. I would hate to have him on my team because of his aloofness but I don't hate him anymore.
2007-09-16 18:27:12
197.   williamnyy23
192 That's a common basically means Cano has a knack for hitting the ball on the sweet part of the bat.
2007-09-16 18:27:35
198.   randym77
A big part of the appeal of baseball is the tradition. But I'd be willing to at least consider anything that would reduce player injuries. I wouldn't start with blocking home plate, though. I'd rather see them extend first base into the running lane, to avoid collisions like that ugly Bubba Crosby-Brian Roberts thing a couple of years ago. Which they seem to re-show whenever there's a collision or near-collision at 1B.
2007-09-16 18:27:49
199.   williamnyy23
Oh well...guess McCarver was right about the multi-run inning thing. At least they cleared the pitchers.
2007-09-16 18:28:14
200.   tommyl
194 You are joking, right?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-16 18:29:02
201.   rbj
194 And that website should be in favor of terminating Joe Morgan's employment at ESPN.
2007-09-16 18:29:03
202.   williamnyy23
195 Be fair to Joe...his OPS+ was 132, compared to Robbie's current 118.
2007-09-16 18:29:45
203.   fansince77
Now this is why Giambi should be DH'ing. We could bring Posada into catch half-way...he gets some time off and we get a better lineup later in the game. Love Molina but his bat is not going to be useful tonight.
2007-09-16 18:30:10
204.   tommyl
192 I think he meant, "different sound when the ball comes off the bat."
2007-09-16 18:31:01
205.   Eirias
194 Joke about something like that? F#*! the heck?
2007-09-16 18:31:20
206.   tommyl
202 Ok, fair enough, but that's just due to the evolution of 2B and hitters overall. Also, since its Joe's analysis, I don't have to use that fancy OPS+ stuff. I'll just go with BA and HRs thank you ;).
2007-09-16 18:32:48
207.   tommyl
205 Ah, good, good. I actually wrote in to them the other week about that Cy Young discussion on BBTN. The one where Hershiser said good pitchers sometimes give up HRs on purpose when their team is ahead. And Phillips followed that up by saying Wang isn't as good because his team tends to win by lots of runs when he pitches.
2007-09-16 18:33:48
208.   williamnyy23
206 OPS+ doesn't compare players by position, but I like you last point. It's pretty ironic that Morgan is so ignorant of sabermetric analysis when he is pretty much a perfect test case.
2007-09-16 18:34:57
209.   Mattpat11
I wouldn't have had Roger do that
2007-09-16 18:35:18
210.   rbj
and Minky!
2007-09-16 18:35:21
211.   williamnyy23
That's an amazing play...amazing they got an out and amazing Roger is walking off the mound.


2007-09-16 18:35:28
212.   randym77
Wow. Pretty spry for an old guy.
2007-09-16 18:35:47
213.   tommyl
208 Yeah, I was thinking of VORP when I made that comment.
2007-09-16 18:35:59
214.   fansince77
scary moment...MTHCSDSFSDVZ makes another good play no one else makes.
2007-09-16 18:37:11
215.   tommyl
So how does Roger Clemens have blisters. After all these years playing baseball, he doesn't have a pair of cleats he likes and are broken in?
2007-09-16 18:37:52
216.   Ravenscar
Comparing Cano to Morgan as a PLAYER is not really particluarly fair. Cano will be lucky to be as good as Morgan, and the odds are way way against it. The fact that he's a horrendous announcer has little to do with that. - grin -
2007-09-16 18:38:15
217.   williamnyy23
How has Schilling been so effective throwing slop on the outside corner to lefties...why don't they take that the other way?
2007-09-16 18:38:32
218.   OldYanksFan
192 Yogi Berra saw Mantle hit many home runs. It wasn't that special an event. But when Mantle hit that shot over the facade, Yogi said everyone on then bench jumped up, because they had never heard a 'sound' like that one before.

It made a special sound that jolted everyone, and it was indeed, the further ball ever hit in the history of baseball. There is some difference of opinion as to whether it would have 'only' gone 640' as some thought, or if it would have gone over 700', which many thought.

Yogi said just from the sound, everyone in the dugout knew it was something special.

2007-09-16 18:39:56
219.   williamnyy23
218 There are a lot of similar stories. Buck O'neill always said that he could tell when Ruth was batting just by the sound. Now, maybe those were just fanciful memories, but, then again, maybe not.
2007-09-16 18:40:39
220.   williamnyy23
This is infuriating! You'd think the Yankees can't wait to hit that Inner Harbor tonight.
2007-09-16 18:41:22
221.   tommyl
219 Its certainly true in golf. If you've seen a really good player hit, pro or near pro the ball makes this whooshing sound coming off the club. I've never heard it do that for myself or my friends.
2007-09-16 18:41:23
222.   williamnyy23
220 Check that...they're coming home tonight.
2007-09-16 18:42:01
223.   Mattpat11
218 I happened to be looking down and reading something when Ortiz hit the walk off in game four of the ALCS. When the bat made contact, I'd never heard a sound like that and it actually startled me.
2007-09-16 18:42:28
224.   williamnyy23
Six innings of pittiful ABs.
2007-09-16 18:44:02
225.   OldYanksFan
There are a lot of guys still around who say/heard Mickey's shot. It's well known it hit a light stanction above the facade. And Berra is veryunderstated when recalling baseball stories. Kubek talked about the 'shot' a lot.

Not too many people around who saw Ruth play.

2007-09-16 18:44:34
226.   randym77
218 HitTrackerOnline estimates that homer was actually only 507 ft "true distance." HitTrackerOnline argues (pretty convincingly, IMO) that actual 500 foot homers are rare bordering on mythical, so it was a hell of a hit anyway.
2007-09-16 18:45:21
227.   OldYanksFan
Well... with Joba and Mo, we may be able to hold it at 1. Can we score another run? 2 (God forbid)?
2007-09-16 18:46:03
228.   tommyl
Roger is pitching a 1 hitter? I didn't realize he was that on. Wow.
2007-09-16 18:47:18
229.   Ravenscar
With A-Rod, Pedroia, and Ellsbury in my fantasy lineup and Schilling and Clemens pitching, I was kinda hoping for a 12-11 Yankees win here.

Not looking good so far.

2007-09-16 18:47:51
230.   rsmith51
Rocket is dealing tonight. Sorry in advance, if this turns into a jinx.
2007-09-16 18:48:53
231.   williamnyy23
228 Probably because the Yankee bats have been just as silent.
2007-09-16 18:49:25
232.   williamnyy23
If I was a scout watching Schilling make these same pitches in a side session, I'd say he was finished.
2007-09-16 18:51:19
233.   fansince77
THis is the to get out unscathed.
2007-09-16 18:51:25
234.   williamnyy23
Oh crap...that was a bad pitch to Lowell...Roger can't give up a run here.
2007-09-16 18:52:42
235.   fansince77
Veridick up. No actually Joe he struck out last time.
2007-09-16 18:54:21
236.   tommyl
Way to go Johnny.
2007-09-16 18:54:23
237.   fansince77
Couldn't have happened to a nicer asshole.
2007-09-16 18:54:29
238.   monkeypants
Johnny giveth...and Johnny taketh away!
2007-09-16 18:54:34
239.   williamnyy23
Ok Johnny...that kinda makes up for the error.
2007-09-16 18:54:38
240.   randym77
Nice catch, JD.
2007-09-16 18:57:26
241.   Ravenscar
Aaaaargh Alex. The mojo is suffering.
2007-09-16 18:57:32
242.   williamnyy23
This swinging at the first pitch makes absolutely no sense. It hasn't worked the whole damn game.
2007-09-16 18:58:28
243.   williamnyy23
Have the Yankees forgotten that you can drive outside pitches to the opposite field?
2007-09-16 18:59:19
244.   OldYanksFan
226 You do the math.
2007-09-16 18:59:49
245.   williamnyy23
I am sorry, but this dismal offensive performance is more on bad hitting than good pitching. Schilling is pitching to contact, and yet the Yankees can't even make hard outs.
2007-09-16 18:59:56
246.   Mattpat11
2007-09-16 19:00:48
247.   williamnyy23
246 Throw day...altough with Joe, one never knows.
2007-09-16 19:01:14
248.   OldYanksFan
245 And what about Roger? With a 2 hitter? Pitching to contact?
2007-09-16 19:01:18
249.   Jersey
Schilling is about to get through the 7th with 70 pitches. Atrocious.
2007-09-16 19:01:52
250.   rbj
The Yankees do realize they need to score some more runs to win the game, right?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-16 19:02:09
251.   williamnyy23
This is dismal and dreary...this is also the first time I don't feel that comfortable with Joba. I have a feeling all the hoopla around the brushback might affect him.
2007-09-16 19:02:20
252.   Mattpat11
247 This is why I didn't want these people called up. Henn and Ohlendorf yesterday, the possibility of DeSalvo today.
2007-09-16 19:02:26
253.   fansince77
AROD seems to impatient. He can smack Schilling if he gets his pitch. Why give yourself up on a first pitch curve ball?
2007-09-16 19:03:25
254.   rbj
I'm logging off for the night. Rocket's only at 87 pitches. He should be good for 1 more inning.
2007-09-16 19:04:24
255.   williamnyy23
248 First off, Roger has not pitched as much to contact. He has more Ks and swings and misses. Secondly, the Sox have made him work much harder regardless. They've also had legitimate scoring opportunities thwarted by fine defensive plays. It's not even close to comparable.
2007-09-16 19:05:25
256.   Ravenscar
Joey D?
2007-09-16 19:06:26
257.   tommyl
Joba, hmm...curious move, but with Roger's elbow I can see it.
2007-09-16 19:06:52
258.   williamnyy23
This game now becomes even more crucial...having Joba lose would add a pyschological blow to the game shaved off the loss column.
2007-09-16 19:08:34
259.   williamnyy23
Yikes...this has disaster written all over it.
2007-09-16 19:08:48
260.   tommyl
Figures this'll be the first time Joba gives up an ER.
2007-09-16 19:09:10
261.   Ravenscar
See that? Person on the field - and grabbed Cano's cap.

Holy cow.

2007-09-16 19:10:23
262.   Mattpat11
Gammons answering a completely different question.
2007-09-16 19:11:40
263.   williamnyy23
258 Not mention burning Joba for two games in a loss when you've pretty much squandered your WC lead.
2007-09-16 19:13:44
264.   tommyl
One more Joba.

Um, Kei IGAWA?!

2007-09-16 19:13:45
265.   Mattpat11
Come on Joba. One more.
2007-09-16 19:13:58
266.   williamnyy23
This pesky Elsbury worries me now. I wonder if he faced Joba in the minors this season.
2007-09-16 19:14:06
267.   Mattpat11
264 What about him?
2007-09-16 19:14:12
268.   Ravenscar
I think there'd be a lot of crowing if Varitek did that little fist-pump in the stadium. ;-)
2007-09-16 19:14:41
269.   tommyl
Guess he's not afraid to come in :)
2007-09-16 19:15:16
270.   tommyl
267 He was warming in the pen.
2007-09-16 19:15:27
271.   randym77
244 The math is what convinces me that HitTrackerOnline is correct.

The site is run by an engineer who wrote a program that calculates the physics of each hit.

There is no consensus on what the longest hit was, BTW.

2007-09-16 19:15:49
272.   Ravenscar
Ellsbury not quite working hard to avoid that last one.
2007-09-16 19:16:23
273.   tommyl
Shut up Joe Morgan. He has been striking everyone out on that slider this year.
2007-09-16 19:17:12
274.   williamnyy23
Did anyone else see visions of Buckner?
2007-09-16 19:17:18
275.   tommyl
Yes! Yes! Yes! Joba remains invincible.
2007-09-16 19:17:25
276.   Ravenscar
Just Giambi's lumbering stride make that play? Not sure.
2007-09-16 19:17:36
277.   SF Yanks
Holy Christ that was close!!
2007-09-16 19:18:14
278.   SF Yanks
274 I actually thought at first that it went through his legs.
2007-09-16 19:19:30
279.   williamnyy23
278 In my mind I heard...little roller up along first...behind the bag...
2007-09-16 19:19:36
280.   Mattpat11
267 Why on earth?
2007-09-16 19:19:52
281.   monkeypants
273 Yeah, Moran's analysis of the slider was perplexing. He faulted Joba for getting ahead of the first batter with the fastball then throwing sliders; then he points out how he got ahead of the later batter by throwing a slider, but the difference is that the earlier sliders were outside, or something. I think even he realized how little sense he was making--did you notice the hesitation in the middle of his monologue?
2007-09-16 19:20:04
282.   williamnyy23
Crap...7,8,9...I have no hope for a run.
2007-09-16 19:20:59
283.   OldYanksFan
271 The ball traveled some 350+/-' horizontally, and hit 117' up.. If it was at the zenith of it arc, that well over 600'.
Some Yankees who SAW it, said it was a line drive, and they believe, still going up.

Look at the picture. How is it possible that it 'only' went 500'?

2007-09-16 19:21:06
284.   tommyl
276 Does Giambi bumble the ball?
2007-09-16 19:21:14
285.   williamnyy23
This is a rare occasion where I give the batter a 3-1 take.
2007-09-16 19:22:04
286.   yankz
Joba is seriously getting bored, so he sets up these situations intentionally.
2007-09-16 19:22:16
287.   williamnyy23
Oh Melky...his last 6 weeks have really taken away from what was a very good season.
2007-09-16 19:22:34
288.   Mattpat11
Here's win Doug wins the game.
2007-09-16 19:22:56
289.   tommyl
280 Just keep saying, "Getting his work in." over and over. Its all I have to hope on.

If Joe were to bring Igawa into this game, he should be fired on the spot. Literally, Cashman should call on the BP phone and say, "Thanks for the years Joe, but you have clearly lost your mind."

2007-09-16 19:23:13
290.   tommyl
Does anyone else notice that Minky is our offense?
2007-09-16 19:23:17
291.   monkeypants
It's a Minky highlight show!
2007-09-16 19:23:31
292.   Mattpat11
2007-09-16 19:23:42
293.   tommyl
And now we're giving up the DH? Joe, you don't have to make it an NL game.
2007-09-16 19:24:28
294.   Mattpat11
289 And then Cashman should be fired for signing him, not trading him and calling him up.
2007-09-16 19:24:48
295.   williamnyy23
289 You can't blame anyone for being reticent...after all, there was Weaver instead of Mo.
2007-09-16 19:24:58
296.   tommyl
294 Touche
2007-09-16 19:25:04
297.   Mattpat11
293 Doug can catch. Giambi to first. Posada stays.
2007-09-16 19:25:16
298.   yankz
What? Why PH? It's not like a base hit wins the game. This could very well go to extras.
2007-09-16 19:25:52
299.   Eirias
We have young catchers?
2007-09-16 19:26:06
300.   williamnyy23
Man, I wish Giambi still knew how to thit the ball the other way.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-16 19:26:27
301.   tommyl
Oh no, they are going to bring in one of their "young catchers." Good thinking Joe, way to ease the rookie into a non-pressure situation. What young catcher is even on the 40-man?
2007-09-16 19:27:06
302.   Mattpat11
301 I thought we didn't call any up because it would hurt Wil Nieves' feelings?

I'm serious, thats the reason I heard.

2007-09-16 19:27:13
303.   williamnyy23
301 Not one...but two young catchers. Clueless Joe (Morgan).
2007-09-16 19:27:16
304.   yankz
301 Nieves is only 29.
2007-09-16 19:27:36
305.   tommyl
Oh for the love of, guess who our emergency catcher could be? A guy who has hit:

.373/.476 /.716

for his new team. Any guesses?

2007-09-16 19:28:16
306.   OldYanksFan
Giambi goes opposite field... {:-)
2007-09-16 19:28:22
307.   yankz
Ellsbury is 11 months older than Melky.
2007-09-16 19:28:49
308.   williamnyy23
DAMN ITTTTTTTTT! That was so close.
2007-09-16 19:28:57
309.   Ravenscar
Missed it by about.... 2 feet?
2007-09-16 19:29:00
310.   claybeez
Joe got it right.
2007-09-16 19:29:06
311.   monkeypants
This will be crushingly frustrating if they can't get a run in here.
2007-09-16 19:29:13
312.   tommyl
Alright Jason!
2007-09-16 19:29:17
313.   Mattpat11
2007-09-16 19:29:30
314.   OldYanksFan
Wow... that missed by 2'?
2007-09-16 19:29:48
315.   williamnyy23
Come on Johnny....get this run in...I wish I had more confidence they'd score, but they have been so listless of late.
2007-09-16 19:29:58
316.   claybeez
Where is Brett Gardner when you need him?
2007-09-16 19:30:17
317.   OldYanksFan
2007-09-16 19:30:22
318.   tommyl
315 Yeah, what he said.
2007-09-16 19:30:22
319.   williamnyy23
315 WTF...the runners hold??? Fucking awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-09-16 19:30:34
320.   rsmith51
Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap!!!!!!!!
2007-09-16 19:30:37
321.   Mattpat11
Further in the air, Johhny.
2007-09-16 19:30:46
322.   OldYanksFan
Terrible pitch to swing out!
2007-09-16 19:30:47
323.   Ravenscar
Oh, um, I really thought that Doug would be sent there.
2007-09-16 19:30:51
324.   yankz
That's only the 2nd time I've ever seen JD swing at the first pitch.
2007-09-16 19:31:04
325.   monkeypants
301 I suspect, especially if they take the lead, that Torre will put Posada at C and lose the DH. (whose spot sill not come up until Molina/Giambi's).

Of course, Damon's AB may change all that.

2007-09-16 19:31:08
326.   randym77
283 Home runs are measured on the ground, not the actual distance traveled through the air.

HitTrackerOnline explains why they think the ball was not still going up then in the link I posted. Basically, it's very hard for someone under the ball to tell if it's still going up or not, and if it was, it would mean a bat speed that was highly improbable.

And looking at the photo you posted... Doing rough trigonometry, a triangle with 350' and 117' legs has a 370' hypotenuse. Admittedly, the actual path the ball traveled would be longer, since it's a straight line, not an arc. But it's not 500'.

2007-09-16 19:31:21
327.   williamnyy23
And the Captain swings at slop....great~!
2007-09-16 19:31:22
328.   tommyl
319 Winning baseball!
2007-09-16 19:31:28
329.   fansince77
somebody explain our impatience with the Red sox on the ropes!
2007-09-16 19:31:33
330.   OldYanksFan
I have ZERO faith in Jeter here.
2007-09-16 19:31:35
331.   nick
so you pinch run to the insurance run, not the lead run...sigh...
2007-09-16 19:31:43
332.   monkeypants
Now, why with 40-man roster they could not PR for Minky and then put Betemit at 1B...
2007-09-16 19:31:59
333.   SF Yanks
I just want to point out 100 and tell you guys, See! It's not the end of the world.
2007-09-16 19:32:22
334.   Mattpat11
324 Wasn't the grand slam on the first pitch?
2007-09-16 19:32:48
335.   tommyl
334 Yes. Its seared into my brain.
2007-09-16 19:33:02
336.   yankz
334 Was it? I don't remember...I meant since he became a Yankee, though. I'm sure he's done it more, but I've only seen it twice.
2007-09-16 19:33:19
337.   tommyl
332 See 328
2007-09-16 19:33:50
338.   claybeez
333 Winning lotto numbers, please!
2007-09-16 19:33:51
339.   OldYanksFan
He said you need a MPH of 149 to hit a ball 600'. Mantle has 4 or more balls documented at over 600'. I don't know how they were measured, but those should be looked at. He said the 'shot' would need to be 150 MPH to go 700'.
2007-09-16 19:34:08
340.   williamnyy23
Come on Jeter....
2007-09-16 19:34:09
341.   williamnyy23
Come on Jeter....
2007-09-16 19:34:09
342.   williamnyy23
Come on Jeter....
2007-09-16 19:34:09
343.   williamnyy23
Come on Jeter....
2007-09-16 19:34:14
344.   williamnyy23
Come on Jeter....
2007-09-16 19:34:19
345.   fansince77
2007-09-16 19:34:29
346.   yankz
This would probably be a bad time to remind you guys of the run that was robbed of us earlier.
2007-09-16 19:35:16
347.   tommyl
C'mon Derek, we need a patented Captain Clutch bloop or something.
2007-09-16 19:35:33
348.   claybeez
Funny. I used to know Derek would get a hit here.
2007-09-16 19:35:34
349.   rsmith51
346 Gotta beat the officials AND the other team. Don't you know that?
2007-09-16 19:35:40
350.   tommyl
346 Oh yeah....I had forgotten. Argh again.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-09-16 19:36:02
351.   Mattpat11
2007-09-16 19:36:05
352.   rsmith51
2007-09-16 19:36:06
353.   tommyl

Take that you fat fuck.

2007-09-16 19:36:09
354.   nick
2007-09-16 19:36:18
355.   claybeez
Capitan! Capitan! Captain! My captain!
2007-09-16 19:36:19
356.   monkeypants
2007-09-16 19:36:23
357.   Ravenscar
well, um, wow
2007-09-16 19:36:23
358.   fansince77
2007-09-16 19:36:24
359.   yankz


2007-09-16 19:36:24
360.   rsmith51
Nice call by Miller, too!
2007-09-16 19:36:33
361.   OldYanksFan
Oh... my... fucking... God.
I humbly apologize.
2007-09-16 19:36:49
362.   tommyl
Nothing like a repeat of Game 7 2003. Just leave him in a little longer Grady ;)
2007-09-16 19:36:53
363.   3rd gen yankee fan
hBJHvxasvcgvyutfvtfvv!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!
2007-09-16 19:36:53
364.   SF Yanks
Don't sound too thrilled Jon and Joe. Geez.
2007-09-16 19:36:53
365.   williamnyy23
Get the F$%^ out!
2007-09-16 19:36:59
366.   yankz
2007-09-16 19:37:04
367.   Mattpat11
11 HR this year. Six against the Boston Red Sox.
2007-09-16 19:37:24
368.   Yanks Fan in Chicago
You want Jeter on that need Jeter on that wall!!!
2007-09-16 19:37:26
369.   williamnyy23
Damon gives Jeter a well deserved embrace, but it's really Minky who Jeter picked up.
2007-09-16 19:37:34
370.   Jersey
Hell yes. HELL YES.
2007-09-16 19:37:43
371.   tommyl
Just a little preview of the ALCS Sox. Get used to it.
2007-09-16 19:38:08
372.   fansince77
I gladly eat crow...forgive me my leige Derek. That's a fucking hilight in the record book. THat will make the Yankee-O-graphy- especially when we come back to take the division this year.

Hey Curt? Who's your dada?

2007-09-16 19:38:56
373.   seamus
2007-09-16 19:39:20
374.   williamnyy23
More runs.
2007-09-16 19:39:44
375.   yankz
I did the ugliest, dumbest dance, and I don't even care.
2007-09-16 19:39:46
376.   Ravenscar
A-Rod's home run is going to be so diminished now. ;-)
2007-09-16 19:40:10
377.   OldYanksFan
Wow... If that was a Sox HR, they would show the replay 6 times. I want to see some replays!
2007-09-16 19:40:13
378.   3rd gen yankee fan
Are ya coughin up blood yet Terry???
2007-09-16 19:40:37
379.   monkeypants
339 I'm a bit sceptical of those supposed 600+ ft homers. I thought I read someplace that those distances were at best estimated, and usually included where the ball stopped rolling (not where it travelled in the air). Even if Mantle was the greatest distance slugger ever I can't believe that no 600-footers have been hit in subsequent years with more documentation.
2007-09-16 19:40:41
380.   williamnyy23
Nothing beats a no doubt home run when a lot is on the line, especially on the road (think Pujols in Houston).
2007-09-16 19:41:14
381.   seamus
377 they sounded so sad at jeter's home run. They talk about how clutch he was, but they still raved more about Schiling after it all.
2007-09-16 19:41:23
382.   williamnyy23
380 Speaking of far did that one go? Anyone know?
2007-09-16 19:41:46
383.   monkeypants
372 Yep, Fansince77--that crow is a tasty meal. I had a full helping myself earlier this summer when I doubted Mo'!

; )

2007-09-16 19:42:02
384.   yankz
382 We'll know in about four years, when it lands on one of Saturn's rings.
2007-09-16 19:42:49
385.   tommyl
Alex needs to stop swinging at that crap in the dirt. He's been doing it more this past week.
2007-09-16 19:42:57
386.   randym77
339 There are a lot of reports of 600' homers from the old days, but they are likely not accurate.

"It should be noted that those regular references over the years to 500- and 600-foot home runs were born out of scientific ignorance, misinformation, or even deliberate exaggeration. The most common cause for overstatement has been the basic misconception about the flight of a batted ball once it has reached its apex. Seeing great drives land atop distant upper-deck roof, sportswriters observing the occurrence from a press box would resort to their limited skills in mathematics without any regard for the laws of physics. Perhaps the ball had already flown over 400 feet, whereupon it was interrupted in midflight at a height of 70 feet above field level. Awed by such a demonstration of power, the writers would then describe the event for posterity as a 500-and-some-foot home run. With the guidance of our scientific brethren, we know that once a batted ball has reached its highest point and lost most of its velocity, it falls in a rapidly declining trajectory. The aforementioned fictional home run could have been reported at 550 feet in a prominent newspaper, and re-created at that length by historians for years thereafter, when in fact it traveled about 100 feet less. Hyperbole has always been part of the phenomenon of long-distance home runs, and this factor must also be considered."

2007-09-16 19:43:03
387.   williamnyy23
Wake up's so noticeable. They were so peppy just a few minutes ago. I wonder what changed?
2007-09-16 19:43:15
388.   nyy jim
There isn't a player in baseball that I would take over Jeter with two strikes on him. He comes through time and time again.
2007-09-16 19:43:38
389.   tommyl
Damnit Alex. Stop looking at the 2006 version of yourself.
2007-09-16 19:44:01
390.   williamnyy23
385 He has been...still getting his hits, but striking out a lot more lately. Let's get that out of the way now.
2007-09-16 19:44:04
391.   Mattpat11
Okay. Who's catching?
2007-09-16 19:44:04
392.   OldYanksFan
What was ARod guessing at there?
2007-09-16 19:44:39
393.   fansince77
Why not Joba again? Someone explain?

ARod's head is up his ass tonite.

Who cares- play that funky music DJ.

Way to go Giambi...needs to be the everyday DH period!- lefty or righty.

2007-09-16 19:44:44
394.   ric

geez- take it easy...

2007-09-16 19:45:14
395.   williamnyy23
Is Viz coming in?
2007-09-16 19:45:34
396.   fansince77
Notice how quiet Morgan has been since DJ's blast!
2007-09-16 19:46:10
397.   yankz
394 geez- go away.

I'd go with Joba again.

Was Joe Morgan even in the booth? He didn't say a god damn word. Probably on a potty break.

Seamus- sorry about that mental image.

2007-09-16 19:46:24
398.   tommyl
Oh, so Joe, we're not using one of these invisible young catchers?
2007-09-16 19:46:28
399.   monkeypants
386 Hey, I was just going to post a link to that article!
2007-09-16 19:46:32
400.   Mattpat11
394 You're right. He's a big boned fuck.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-09-16 19:47:05
401.   yankz
I think Arod's homer happy. He heard all that 60 talk.

Or he's just an unclutch SOB who can't perform when the Yanks need him most.

2007-09-16 19:47:06
402.   williamnyy23
Let's go Joba...we need you here.
2007-09-16 19:47:09
403.   tommyl
394 397 Uh, huh?
2007-09-16 19:47:26
404.   fansince77
I love to see this little Ratty Stinky guy try to jack everything to the warning track!
2007-09-16 19:47:29
405.   yankz
400 HA!
2007-09-16 19:47:47
406.   seamus
397 lol. that is ok.
2007-09-16 19:48:12
407.   yankz
403 Huh?
2007-09-16 19:48:28
408.   fansince77
Oh shit...check Opie's shorts!
2007-09-16 19:48:30
409.   williamnyy23
Joba breaks out the breaker.
2007-09-16 19:48:49
410.   williamnyy23
409 That's why he should be a starter.
2007-09-16 19:48:51
411.   yankz
I definitely think Joba has been talking to Rocket about pitching inside.
2007-09-16 19:48:53
412.   seamus
That pitch was awesome.
2007-09-16 19:49:06
413.   Mattpat11
The midget can sit down.
2007-09-16 19:49:06
414.   williamnyy23
Go right at Papi!
2007-09-16 19:49:16
415.   fansince77
Oh I love to see Ortiz up there with no one on base in the EIGHTH. Great timing.
2007-09-16 19:49:34
416.   tommyl
407 Whoever posted 394 told me to take it easy. Was it my reference to Schilling? I just don't follow.
2007-09-16 19:49:42
417.   Mattpat11
Nice try Fatty.
2007-09-16 19:49:50
418.   yankz
Gameday had ball 1 at 100 MPH.
2007-09-16 19:49:58
419.   3rd gen yankee fan
Siddown, punk.
2007-09-16 19:50:02
420.   seamus
411 agreed. I bet that Roger told him to get the umpires used to seeing you pitch inside as a normal approach to hitters. This way, you are keeping the hitters honest, but you are protecting your right to throw inside.
2007-09-16 19:50:24
421.   Mattpat11
416 Ric is a Sox fan
2007-09-16 19:50:27
422.   yankz
416 Yeah, it was. Maybe ric is a splitting image of Schilling and took it personally?
2007-09-16 19:50:41
423.   3rd gen yankee fan
Sorry guys, my feed is WAY delayed.
2007-09-16 19:50:43
424.   monkeypants
And now the streak ends for real. OK, Joba, let's just close out the inning.
2007-09-16 19:50:43
425.   Mattpat11
2007-09-16 19:51:02
426.   randym77
386 LOL. Great minds.

I found that link because I got into an argument once with someone over who had hit the longest home run ever. To my surprise, there's no answer.

2007-09-16 19:51:05
427.   williamnyy23
Alright Joba...there's your earned run...get the next guy.

Why do the Yankees throw Lowell fastballs anymore? Didn't he also hit a fastball off Joba at YS.

2007-09-16 19:51:08
428.   yankz

It was great while it lasted, kid.

2007-09-16 19:51:56
429.   williamnyy23
Come on Joba...nice and easy still.
2007-09-16 19:52:07
430.   SF Yanks
It is unbelievable how somber, quiet, bleak, depressive, etc, etc, Moron, I mean Morgan is. If that was an Ortiz blast, he'd be creaming in his pants. Pathetic.
2007-09-16 19:52:21
431.   tommyl
422 Ah ok. Were the rest of you guys ok with it? I can tone it down from here on out if I was out of line.
2007-09-16 19:52:34
432.   Ravenscar
381, 387, 391

Guys, no.

I'm watching, I've been specifically paying attention the whole game to this because of what was said oa Miller earlier. Miller was freaked at that home run, it was a fine call. They went on and on about how great Jeter was, and they are not quiet, cowed, or bummed since.

2007-09-16 19:52:42
433.   Mattpat11
Obviously you have to do it, but there's something funny about having to label Mariano Rivera with an "(R)"

In case there was some doubt as to which hand the greatest reliever ever throws with.

2007-09-16 19:52:48
434.   seamus
430 he is more interested on Lowell's solo shot than Jeter's 3 run blast.
2007-09-16 19:53:26
435.   Mattpat11
432 I agree. I don't see the disappointment in Miller.
2007-09-16 19:53:36
436.   tommyl
Wow, that tells me a lot about Joba. No fear. Way to go kid.
2007-09-16 19:53:37
437.   fansince77
Getting Papi was huge- staying away from his next turn in order is bigger.

Lowell may be one of the only guys in the league to be able to hit that pitch.

Love this guy's composure...coming back to the K (on a generous call)

2007-09-16 19:53:56
438.   williamnyy23
Well...if it's any consolation, we can now marvel at Joba's ERA+ because he finally has one.
2007-09-16 19:53:57
439.   nick
that curve showed me something & I looooove what I saw....
2007-09-16 19:54:00
440.   rsmith51
432 I agree. I think that Miller has been much better today than the last time he did the Yanks vs. Sox game.
2007-09-16 19:54:08
441.   monkeypants
Kid showed some nice poise. Now, let's score a couple more and make this game even more sad for Morgan and Miller.
2007-09-16 19:54:11
442.   Mattpat11
Well, we saw how Joba reacts to his first HR.
2007-09-16 19:54:50
443.   williamnyy23
437 Lowell hits fastballs...the harder the better. If I was crafting a game plan, I would never throw one in the strike zone.
2007-09-16 19:55:24
444.   williamnyy23
Wouldn't mind getting that run back.
2007-09-16 19:55:49
445.   SF Yanks
Miller did what he could until the ball landed then proceeded to talk about how good Curt still is.
2007-09-16 19:56:00
446.   tommyl
432 I really have no problem with Miller. For the most part he just calls the game and at least he doesn't call balls out that land in front of the warning track.

Morgan is an idiot, I just don't understand why people in charge think he's good.

I miss hearing Vin Scully's 1988 HR call. That was just phenomenal.

2007-09-16 19:56:13
447.   williamnyy23
30 pitches for Joba we wont see him again until Wednesday.
2007-09-16 19:56:19
448.   OldYanksFan
427 Gotta give Lowell credit. That pitch was high, out of the zone. Not many can catch up to a pitch like that. It's not like it was a fat pitch.

Cano hit a ball about shoulder level for a HR. Vlad hits all kinds of bad pitches out. Nothing a pitcher can do. Sometimes a batter just beats you.

2007-09-16 19:56:21
449.   rconn23
I don't have a problem at all with Joba giving up the homer. The pitch was up but it was 98. Just tip your hat to Lowell. He struck out Pedroia, who never strikes out and Drew on nasty curves. Very nice job by Joba.
2007-09-16 19:56:29
450.   fansince77
432 agreed NOT MILLER but definately Morgan. Miller get's geeked about a well poured cup of coffee- (bless the old guy) but IMHO Morgan sees himself as the only hall of fame infielder in the modern era and doesn't bring much praise the Yankees way.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-09-16 19:56:58
451.   williamnyy23
446 Scully's or Buck's? You are talking Gibson, right?
2007-09-16 19:56:59
452.   Mattpat11
I always thought Carmina Burana was a fine soundtrack for Yankees vs. Red Sox.
2007-09-16 19:58:12
453.   fansince77
449 Totally agree- How nice it to have a guy that you know teams will struggle just to get a base runner against. Lowell's shot was impressive but you just knew that was all they were going to get.
2007-09-16 19:58:28
454.   randym77
Man, this is some game. They're getting their money's worth tonight.
2007-09-16 19:58:31
455.   williamnyy23
Maybe 2 weeks off did Gagne some good.
2007-09-16 19:59:01
456.   monkeypants
Someone posted this the other day, but it must be repeated: we should all be thankful for the Yankees rules about players' facial hair.
2007-09-16 19:59:26
457.   Mattpat11
Here comes Peter Gammons. Lets see if he answers the question that's asked of him this time.
2007-09-16 19:59:45
458.   williamnyy23
I really wish Terry Ryan would have found a few hitters for this weekend. The Twins lineup today was one of the worst I've seen in a long time.
2007-09-16 20:00:02
459.   yankz
431 Dude, I thought it was hilarious.

456 That was me- and yeah, thank the Steinbrenners.

2007-09-16 20:00:31
460.   Mattpat11
Has anyone noticed that Gagne isn't as fat as he has been in recent years? (And by recent years, I mean the years he was always injured and lost all his velocity along with his physique.)
2007-09-16 20:00:50
461.   monkeypants
457 He'll answer it, but the answer will include the word "Buchholz."
2007-09-16 20:00:52
462.   Ravenscar
"IMHO Morgan sees himself as the only hall of fame infielder in the modern era and doesn't bring much praise the Yankees way."

I dunno, he loves Pedroia, seems like.


Couldn't help it.

2007-09-16 20:00:55
463.   SF Yanks
I actually like Miller as I'm familiar with him from doing a lot of Giants games, and I generally think he does a good job. Morgan on the other hand is atrocious.
2007-09-16 20:00:59
464.   tommyl
451 Scully's, the "roll of the dice" call.
2007-09-16 20:01:21
465.   williamnyy23
Gagne looks pretty good in this inning...that's too bad.
2007-09-16 20:01:36
466.   Mattpat11
I'm horrified at the possibility of any Yankee fan doing "Actober"
2007-09-16 20:02:03
467.   RIYank

My internet connection is a disaster this evening. But, I just had to check in here, and I'll hang around for some high fives, shortly I hope.

2007-09-16 20:02:28
468.   williamnyy23
464 In a season of the improbable...the impossible has happened.

I like that too...Scully's call set the scene better, but I think Buck's call punctuated it better.

2007-09-16 20:02:32
469.   OldYanksFan
Shit... Joba's ERA skyrockets to 0.50. DFA 'im.
2007-09-16 20:02:42
470.   yankz
Melky really has been terrible lately.
2007-09-16 20:03:10
471.   fansince77
What da ya think -- Melk needs to sit two games? come's in as a late game replacement. He's simply not helping us right now. If DJ needed a day- Melk needs two.
2007-09-16 20:03:18
472.   williamnyy23
467 Long way to go...don't get too confident. These Yankee/Red Sox games never go easy.
2007-09-16 20:04:09
473.   Mattpat11
Vagitek, Hinske and Crisp.
2007-09-16 20:04:20
474.   williamnyy23
471 Not at YS...CF is way too big. If everyone else hits, you can carry a league average bat.
2007-09-16 20:04:51
475.   Mattpat11
472 Ditto
2007-09-16 20:06:00
476.   tommyl
468 I also love his lead up when Gibson comes to bat. Really brings in mind the wounded hero. Its very dramatic.
2007-09-16 20:06:22
477.   yankz
Pete Abe:

"There are better fielders. There are faster runners. There are more powerful hitters. But there is only one Derek Jeter and it is moments like that that make him who he is."

Hell fucking yeah, man!

2007-09-16 20:06:48
478.   randym77
Melky could probably use some rest, but he might take it the wrong way. As Girardi pointed out, young players hit a lot better when they're not worried if they'll start or not. Melky sucked big, green warty pickles as a 4th outfielder (remember how horrible he was in spring training and the early part of the season?). He really blossomed when he became a starter.
2007-09-16 20:07:09
479.   OldYanksFan
Considering the runs the Sox scored in the 1st 2 games, I give POG to Roger.
2007-09-16 20:07:30
480.   Mattpat11
Uh oh.
2007-09-16 20:07:38
481.   fansince77
Shit Mo--- make it easy on yourself.
2007-09-16 20:07:39
482.   williamnyy23
Oh Mo! Anything but a walk.
2007-09-16 20:08:02
483.   Mattpat11
478 Maybe they should DH him
2007-09-16 20:08:23
484.   nick
ok, Eric Hinske sucks and we WILL get him out one time.
2007-09-16 20:08:27
485.   OldYanksFan
That is, if Rivera is not the goat.
2007-09-16 20:09:01
486.   Mattpat11
Somehow this is going to get to Ortiz.
2007-09-16 20:10:07
487.   rconn23
Herre comes Crisp. As the show his shitty numbers. Geez. Don't jinx it
2007-09-16 20:10:40
488.   Mattpat11
Okay Mo. One more.
2007-09-16 20:10:59
489.   Ravenscar
Nice calm play from Cano. That shows maturity, I like it.
2007-09-16 20:11:02
490.   yankz
67 OPS+.
67 OPS+.
67 OPS+.
2007-09-16 20:12:09
491.   tommyl
Hey, credit to the integrity filled Patriots. Belichek gets an extension through 2013 as a reward for cheating. Great message to send.
2007-09-16 20:12:27
492.   seamus
I think that Miller should get a room with Schilling. He's talking about Jeter's homerun but praising Schilling instead of Jetes.
2007-09-16 20:12:27
493.   RIYank
Julio Lugo picks now to wake up???
2007-09-16 20:12:33
494.   randym77
Holy crap, I can't believe he hit that.
2007-09-16 20:12:35
495.   Mattpat11
Oh fuck me.
2007-09-16 20:12:38
496.   yankz
2007-09-16 20:12:44
497.   williamnyy23
490 Keep you away from no hitters!
2007-09-16 20:12:44
498.   OldYanksFan
Schilling pitched a beauty?
Miller blowing the Red Sox again.
2007-09-16 20:12:49
499.   nick
c'mon Mo, I'm gonna puke here...
2007-09-16 20:13:05
500.   fansince77
wow listen to Morgan Pep up...just went up three octaves and took over the broadcast!
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-09-16 20:13:08
501.   Mattpat11
This is looking bad.
2007-09-16 20:13:08
502.   williamnyy23
That was a really bad pitch by Mo. That pesky Elsbury again! Fuck I hate this.
2007-09-16 20:13:13
503.   Ravenscar
Oh dear
2007-09-16 20:13:13
504.   rconn23
awful pitch.just awful.
2007-09-16 20:13:27
505.   tommyl
Oh dear lord. Pleeeeeaaaassseee get Ellsbury.
2007-09-16 20:13:33
506.   OldYanksFan
Common Mo.
2007-09-16 20:13:48
507.   Mattpat11
Christ almighty. The midget is gonna win it.
2007-09-16 20:13:51
508.   rconn23
Mo is falling apart. We are doomed.
2007-09-16 20:13:51
509.   williamnyy23
Ah shit...Dusty and his upper cut...and then Papi...this really sucks.
2007-09-16 20:13:53
510.   OldYanksFan
Oh Lord. I can't watch.
2007-09-16 20:13:54
511.   yankz
497 Hey, I didn't say they would get him out. Just that they should.

I'm one of the few defenders of the "Don't jinx the no-no" rule left on this site.

2007-09-16 20:14:10
512.   nick
man, imagine the stuff Posada could say to Mo--I'm just feeling Yankee history here for a minute....
2007-09-16 20:14:18
513.   yankz
At least his hitting streak is over?
2007-09-16 20:14:30
514.   fansince77
Deep breaths...deep breaths...calm and and out...huh...going to happy place. happy place...happy place.
2007-09-16 20:14:53
515.   williamnyy23
That's a ton of speen on first...anything in a gap wins the game...I don't need this.
2007-09-16 20:14:55
516.   RIYank
Ooooh, I'm not liking this now.

Dusty at bat with the game on the. High heater hitter against high heater pitcher...

2007-09-16 20:14:56
517.   OldYanksFan
Keep it low. This guy is a high ball hitting.
2007-09-16 20:15:00
518.   tommyl
Come on Mo! Please, please get this out.
2007-09-16 20:15:14
519.   tommyl
2 more
2007-09-16 20:15:35
520.   tommyl
1 more
2007-09-16 20:15:37
521.   Mattpat11
come on. One more strike.
2007-09-16 20:15:38
522.   ny2ca2dc
Ellsburry didn't even flinch on the HBP
2007-09-16 20:16:21
523.   yankz
2007-09-16 20:16:43
524.   Mattpat11
Come on Mo.
2007-09-16 20:16:52
525.   tommyl
Oh that was soooooo close. Come on Mo!
2007-09-16 20:17:16
526.   randym77
It's never easy, is it?
2007-09-16 20:17:18
527.   Mattpat11
This is killing me.
2007-09-16 20:17:33
528.   fansince77
Again Joe quick to point out Mo's mistake.
2007-09-16 20:17:41
529.   tommyl
Dear lord, I'd forgotten how nervous I could get.
2007-09-16 20:17:59
530.   tommyl
Stop being so pesky you little rat.
2007-09-16 20:18:01
531.   Mattpat11
Big Fatty hits Mo too.
2007-09-16 20:18:06
532.   Benjamin Kabak
Change up. Change up. Change up.
2007-09-16 20:18:12
533.   rconn23
Mo has nothing.
2007-09-16 20:18:41
534.   nemecizer
I don't like it when they stay alive.
2007-09-16 20:18:46
535.   williamnyy23
2007-09-16 20:18:50
536.   Mattpat11
Oh God.
2007-09-16 20:18:55
537.   tommyl
Christ. Come on Mo!
2007-09-16 20:19:05
538.   Mattpat11
This is fugly.
2007-09-16 20:19:12
539.   yankz
529 Me too man, I'm shaking.
2007-09-16 20:19:18
540.   Benjamin Kabak
2007-09-16 20:19:21
541.   RIYank
Papi vs Mo. Here we go folks!
2007-09-16 20:19:29
542.   williamnyy23
unfucking believable
2007-09-16 20:19:35
543.   Mattpat11
Damnit to hell.
2007-09-16 20:19:35
544.   tommyl
Oh no no no no no no no no no no no
2007-09-16 20:19:37
545.   nemecizer
Oh, Mo.
2007-09-16 20:19:40
546.   OldYanksFan
Can we bring Joba back in?
2007-09-16 20:19:42
547.   williamnyy23
this is the season
2007-09-16 20:19:43
548.   SF Yanks
Just END it already!! I can't take this.
2007-09-16 20:19:51
549.   yankz
He wanted it this way. He wanted it this way. He wanted it this way.
2007-09-16 20:19:57
550.   Mattpat11
What is he doing?
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-09-16 20:20:15
551.   williamnyy23
Why would they not go right after Pedroia...why!!!~!!!!!
2007-09-16 20:20:26
552.   RIYank
I'm strangely confident.
2007-09-16 20:20:32
553.   tommyl
Come on, please. I had to be at Giants stadium earlier today. That was sheer pain. My gf is pissed off at me, let me have one happy part of today.
2007-09-16 20:20:34
554.   Mattpat11
Papi owns Mo.
2007-09-16 20:20:42
555.   yankz
He had Dusty 0-2.
2007-09-16 20:20:49
556.   nyy jim
Bring in Farnsworth. At least if he blows it I'll feel better shitting on him instead of Mo.
2007-09-16 20:21:12
557.   seamus
This is a good way to end this game, one way or another. Pretty intense. C'mon Mo!
2007-09-16 20:21:32
558.   yankz
I have no control over my legs right now.
2007-09-16 20:21:41
559.   murphy
i am generally pretty positive, but this can only end one way.
2007-09-16 20:21:49
560.   Mattpat11
Oh come on. Don't walk him.
2007-09-16 20:21:51
561.   Benjamin Kabak
Mo has nothing. NOTHING.
2007-09-16 20:22:01
562.   randym77
Don't walk Big Papi, Mo.
2007-09-16 20:22:03
563.   seamus
He is having trouble throwing strikes which is nervous. But I know that he can do it.
2007-09-16 20:22:13
564.   tommyl
Has Mo been taking lessons from Bruney or something? Go at him!
2007-09-16 20:22:30
565.   Benjamin Kabak
551 Welcome to this game. Why did Joba screw around with Hinske after getting him 0-2? Bad pitch selection.
2007-09-16 20:22:32
566.   rconn23
This is like route canal. we know how it's going to end.
2007-09-16 20:22:54
567.   RIYank
Yeah, I wasn't worried. I was confident.

Unfortunately, talk radio tomorrow in NE will be all about the Patriots.

2007-09-16 20:23:05
568.   nick
ok, espn wants the sox to win after that graphic..........& FUCK 'EM!
2007-09-16 20:23:09
569.   seamus
2007-09-16 20:23:10
570.   williamnyy23
2007-09-16 20:23:17
571.   fansince77
Happy place...happy place...keep typing until at bat is over...must get Pedroia...greatest closer of all time...hate Joe Morgan...No papi...Love you Mo..keep typing...Oh shit...walked him? No fucking way...keep typing until game is over...only way not to have a cardiac arrest...why mo?...why mo? why face Papi here when you don't have to? why? Go get him? What have you got Mo? Com on mo. Keep typing... Pop up Papi...Pop up Papi.. Pop up Papi... ahead good job...keep typing...can't watch...he can't do it again...he can't do it again...he can't do every time...c'mon Mo...odds are with you...let's go Mo...why not now mo?...Let's go mo...2 strikes...2 strikes...get Papi to pap out...please...please..wake up Babe Ruth...Wake up Phil Rizzutto...Holy Cow...Now Mo...Now!....get Papi to iwn this...Yankkeeeees WIN! it all along. Piece of cake.
2007-09-16 20:23:20
572.   Mattpat11
Holy Christ almighty. Thank You Mo.
2007-09-16 20:23:20
573.   nyy jim
Who else but the Captain! YAAAAAAAAAA
2007-09-16 20:23:25
574.   randym77
Whew. That was close.
2007-09-16 20:23:25
575.   tommyl
2007-09-16 20:23:52
576.   rconn23

Oh, I am going to throw up>

2007-09-16 20:24:00
577.   tommyl
Ahhh, Mo just wanted to make it more dramatic.
2007-09-16 20:24:03
578.   yankz
I told you he wanted it that way: Bases loaded, 2 outs, Ortiz up. Sure, he had to give up a run in the process, but so be it.
2007-09-16 20:24:07
579.   seamus
568 They could have used a similar stat to show the Yanks come from behind to beat the Sox. (Is it really coming from behind when the other team leads in the 2nd inning?)
2007-09-16 20:24:23
580.   yankz
And THAT is why we love this game :)
2007-09-16 20:24:23
581.   murphy
571 = greatest comment ever.
2007-09-16 20:24:26
582.   thelarmis
holy. fucking. shit.

thank god. of course, it came down to Mo, Papi and Jeter.


2007-09-16 20:24:38
583.   SF Yanks
OMG, that was waaaay too much for me right now.
2007-09-16 20:24:51
584.   fansince77
Yankees 7-2 on road that.
2007-09-16 20:24:53
585.   williamnyy23
580 And hate it!
2007-09-16 20:25:05
586.   yankz
571 See 581 . I love this place.
2007-09-16 20:25:21
587.   3rd gen yankee fan
wooooooow indeed, Sterling.
2007-09-16 20:25:23
588.   RIYank
Mo had trouble keeping the ball down, I believe. That was the trouble.

But for some reason I was enjoying this one. And it all worked out, so, EXCELLENT!

High fives, banterers, and sleep well. (I'll just finish off the bourbon and hit the hay.)

2007-09-16 20:25:25
589.   OldYanksFan
Route canal? Route 66 Canal?
2007-09-16 20:25:28
590.   ny2ca2dc
568 They sure did, but they sure jinxed em! or something
2007-09-16 20:25:29
591.   nemecizer
I am sending Mo the increasing bill from my cardiologist. That was too intense.

Still, Mo getting Papi to fly out with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th at Fenway is a good way to end the game :)

Yanks take 2 out of 3!

2007-09-16 20:25:54
592.   yankz
My legs are STILL shaking. What a feeling. Like an awesome roller coaster or something.
2007-09-16 20:26:02
593.   seamus
571 thanks for sharing. Nice post!
2007-09-16 20:26:57
594.   Mattpat11
There really is nothing quite like Rivera vs Ortiz in a one run game.
2007-09-16 20:27:03
595.   Bob B
How are we supposed to go to sleep now?
2007-09-16 20:27:10
596.   thelarmis
2 outta 3. 6 of the last 7. we won the season series. upped our road record.

we MUST kick the shit outta the crappy AL East teams the next 2 weeks. let's make detroit a moot point...

2007-09-16 20:27:48
597.   yankz
Won the season series? Now we just have to tie them by the end of the year.
2007-09-16 20:27:55
598.   vockins
I think I am going to puke. Thank God that didn't go into extra innings.
2007-09-16 20:28:15
599.   fansince77
588 That was fun! Are you a fucking masochist. Never seen Mo at Fenway before? My heart is still blasting away. and I don't even wear a suit to work.
2007-09-16 20:28:18
600.   OldYanksFan
576 I'm there. And this is after they won. I'm not sure I can take watching the PS.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-09-16 20:28:20
601.   RIYank
571 Awesome.

589 Route 95, of course!

2007-09-16 20:28:25
602.   williamnyy23
Hopefully Cleveland can handle Detroit because after them, the Tigers have an easy go. That's what made this game so vital!
2007-09-16 20:28:26
603.   3rd gen yankee fan
591 "way to end the series."

Oh hell yeah.

2007-09-16 20:29:31
604.   thelarmis
595 take a page from the book yankz and i wrote and stay up for like FOUR more hours! : )
2007-09-16 20:29:41
605.   rconn23
Man, my nerves are shot. When the playoffs come, I'm going to need an IV with scotch in it.
2007-09-16 20:30:00
606.   pistolpete
I know hindsight's always 20/20, but I felt strangely comfortable having Papi in there against Mo rather than Pedroia.

'Devil you know' and all that.

Papi's not what he was from '03 to '05. He's still one of the top 5 scariest hitters in the league, but he looks more human these days, IMO.

That said, wheeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww.

2007-09-16 20:30:01
607.   ny2ca2dc
Like his team as a whole, even when Mo doesn't have his best stuff, he's still awesome.
2007-09-16 20:30:24
608.   rconn23
OOOPS. I of course meant root canal. Geez.
2007-09-16 20:30:34
609.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm late to the party again, Team. Showed up just in time to suffer through that ninth.

I was concerned, but then, maybe a pitch or two into Ortiz' ab, I said to myself, "Nah, not this time, Mo's going to get Ortiz to pop up."

And so he did!


2007-09-16 20:30:51
610.   yankz
604 Now we just have to find a publisher that works the OTHER 9-5.
2007-09-16 20:31:30
611.   yankz
605 Steve-O style!
2007-09-16 20:31:36
612.   weeping for brunnhilde
607 No kidding. Two out of three ain't bad, considering how sloppily we played.

Nice series, boys.

2007-09-16 20:32:27
613.   Mattpat11
486 I called it early. This game really couldn't have ended before that.
2007-09-16 20:32:44
614.   RIYank
599 I'm not a masochist. But I think I just mastered the Zen of baseball. I was grinning during the whole Papi at-bat.

Baseball. Nothing like it.

2007-09-16 20:33:07
615.   thelarmis
598 hey vockins! not to change the subject (but i need a little grounding here after that roller coaster ride...) -- that's cool you write, man! publishing is the way to go.

me -- i make every cent i earn either playing, teaching or recording drums. without drums, i'd be homeless and worthless!

whew! deep breaths. deep breaths. my fingers are still shaking whilst typing...

2007-09-16 20:33:22
616.   pistolpete
Is it really necessary for Sportscenter to spend 20 minutes on Belichik?

I want my Cowboys highlights, damn it!

2007-09-16 20:33:33
617.   fansince77
605 I feel you. I feel like a mental patient with little control of most neuro motor skills. BlahblahblahblahblahYankeesblahblahblahbibblebibbbledroolalloverselfblahblahbliblle...yeah definately Mo, definately Mo, 15 minutes to Wapner...26, 26, world championships...15 minutes to wapner.

Thanks Mo.

2007-09-16 20:34:03
618.   OldYanksFan
Please pass the Kaopectate.
2007-09-16 20:34:29
619.   weeping for brunnhilde
I see Lowell homered off of Joba.

Oh well, had to happen eventually.

Fastball, I presume?

2007-09-16 20:34:41
620.   RIYank
609 See, you and I were the only ones. I hit a strange calm spot right there, too.
2007-09-16 20:35:08
621.   weeping for brunnhilde
614 Nice job, RI!


2007-09-16 20:35:15
622.   monkeypants
613 You did! I was going to compliment you on 486 , but I figured the post had drifted back too far. Sometimes you get the feeling that Ortiz bats twice in the lineup, becuse it does seem that he is ALWAYS up in the ninth inning.
2007-09-16 20:35:41
623.   JeremyM
Man, I just had to change my shorts.... Anyway, Clemens was just freaking brilliant. I was a little surprised he was pulled, but it was the right call I'm sure. I've never understood the hate some Yankee fans have for the guy, and now I'll understand it even less if I see more of it.

HUGE win!

2007-09-16 20:35:50
624.   yankz
I'll probably get blasted here. But "clutch" definitely exists. Some guys live for that moment. Jeter's one of them. Others run from it. But there's definitely something.
2007-09-16 20:36:05
625.   thelarmis
hey yankz - that's cool you dig bernard purdie. i teach my students the "purdie shuffle." i have one of his solo records too.

he recently played here in atlanta w/ Col. Bruce Hampton and some of Bruce's players. of course, i was gigging on those nights so i couldn't go.

he's quite a character, purdie. he and hampton gave a bunch of hysterical - and, of course, bullshit - quotes about James Brown recently after his passing, in the local southern "village voice" like paper (Creative Loafing).

2007-09-16 20:36:11
626.   monkeypants
619 Worse than that, all the Yankees runs came on homers!

; )

2007-09-16 20:36:20
627.   pistolpete
619 Yeah, it looked like Lowell was sitting on it. Miller had the audacity to call Lowell's shot 'no cheapie' even though it went over the Monster and landed in the top seats up there.

Um, excuse me John, ANY ball that goes over the Monster and doesn't leave the ballpark IS a 'cheapie'. Damon's gloving that ball in the Bronx.

2007-09-16 20:37:17
628.   thelarmis
619 it was 98mph and up. i thought lowell was gonna get just under it, but he smoked it. joba handled it like a champ!
2007-09-16 20:37:53
629.   JeremyM
619 I'm cool with it, better to come up 4-1 than in a tighter spot. Lowell is just a great hitter too, and it still stings that the Yanks traded him.
2007-09-16 20:37:56
630.   yankz
625 That's awesome. I think I've told you about my love for drummers before, though I know next to nothing about them. I just like looking famous ones up on YouTube. Today I saw the most amazing Buddy Rich performance.
2007-09-16 20:38:13
631.   pistolpete
628 Loved the little shrug Joba gave after it went out.

This guy is ROTY in '08 as a starter, guaranteed.

2007-09-16 20:38:39
632.   weeping for brunnhilde
626 :)

Cano hit one too, then?

Whereabouts? Line drive, fly ball?

2007-09-16 20:39:01
633.   Mattpat11
622 We always joked that Manny and Ortiz were 3-4 and 8-9 in the lineup. There was no other explanation for them always coming up.
2007-09-16 20:39:22
634.   Mattpat11
632 Wall shot.
2007-09-16 20:40:35
635.   weeping for brunnhilde
628 629 630 Thanks. I'm sure Joba did handle it like a champ, I'm sorry I missed it.

And yes, Lowell is a very good hitter.

2007-09-16 20:40:47
636.   thelarmis
sorry to keep posting about the last thread - i'm just getting back home...

great drumming trivia there, cult! that kicks ass. i think dunbar got the better of that coin flip, as far as career paths...

Hocakes, if you're out there -- you freakin' ROCK, dude!!!! Zach Barocas is flipping amazing and the last 2 Jawbox records were incredible. the s/t is a desert island disc. please don't ever insult him by including him in a sentence with dave grohl, however. plus, hitting hard doesn't really mean anything. zach plays musically and rhythmically; i can't say that about the other guy. zach's done some other stuff since and j. robbins has had 2 great projects post-j'box...

k, think i'm caught up on the earlier drumming posts. sorry everyone... : ~

2007-09-16 20:41:23
637.   fansince77
Are we still on the Patriots on SC - this is the greatest rivarly ever just ended with the great team ever taking the season series and a heart attack game with the greatest clutch player ever winning it and one of the greatest pitchers ever giving up 3 hits and enough with this fucking Patriots Shit!
2007-09-16 20:42:42
638.   RIYank
So, I missed the beginning of the game, but my brother says the Sox scored their first run as a result of a blown call at first.
2007-09-16 20:43:58
639.   pistolpete
637 Seriously.
2007-09-16 20:43:59
640.   yankz
Via RAB, Joba's Career K/BB ratio: 205-36.

Is that legal?

2007-09-16 20:44:52
641.   JeremyM
638 No, but the Yanks were cost a run by a bad call at first. And bad is an understatement.

Sox first run came from a Damon error that came around to score.

2007-09-16 20:45:23
642.   monkeypants
637 Forget it. ESPN only covers baseball in the few weeks that don't involve the NFL season, NFL post season, NFL preseason, NFL draft, NFL training camp, and NFL Pro Bowl. Otherwise, it's, well, NFL 24-7, and these days that means the Patriots and the Colts.
2007-09-16 20:45:35
643.   thelarmis
630 that's super cool, yankz! next time you're at youtube then, type "jeff hamilton" in the search engine. a brushes duet w/ Steve Smith should come up. watch the whole thing, it is purely insane!!!

then, look for "Mr. Hi-Hat" by Steve Smith. check out Jojo Mayer and Dafnis Prieto, too.

2007-09-16 20:46:18
644.   RIYank
636 It's in the charter: music talk is always in order at Bronx Banter.
2007-09-16 20:47:34
645.   thelarmis
644 thanks RI, 'preciate ya! : )
2007-09-16 20:47:46
646.   RIYank
641 Ah. Thanks. I probably misunderstood.
2007-09-16 20:48:59
647.   yankz
643 Will do, thanks.

644 I was just thinking about that earlier today. Things discussed, in order of frequency:

1. Kyle Farnsworth
2. What's wrong with Phil Hughes?
3. Music
4. Food
5. Torre's bullpen strategy

2007-09-16 20:49:27
648.   Mattpat11
637 Well, no more Pats. Now you've got The Browns and Bengals.
2007-09-16 20:50:19
649.   thelarmis
and they're still on football. thome hit 500 today, nothing. yanks-sux, nothing. helton even hit 300...ah, ok, whatever. i just wanna see some bb highlights. i was playing in the mountains all day and missed everything until jete's homer...
2007-09-16 20:50:25
650.   pistolpete
647 Do we get extra points for combining topics?
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2007-09-16 20:50:27
651.   Mattpat11
647 You forgot booze
2007-09-16 20:52:35
652.   yankz
What I love most about Mo: He's been doing this SO FUCKING LONG. Remember how Foulke, Gagne, and god knows who else were all "The Next Mariano Rivera"?

Idiots. There is, and will only ever be, one.

2007-09-16 20:53:05
653.   thelarmis
647 extra credit for jessica alba?! ; )
2007-09-16 20:53:39
654.   fansince77
As I sit down to my first Negra Modelo "Especial" con limon claro, I reflect that someone proved me very wrong tonight.

Mancievetksidtiuisz was nice like a fine Jewish wine. He was worth 3 runs at least. Nice Job Doug.

2007-09-16 20:53:55
655.   thelarmis
652 yeah, my gut says the paplechase won't be this elite for that long. Mo friggin' RULZ!
2007-09-16 20:54:51
656.   fansince77
649 not a bad time to turn on the tube.
2007-09-16 20:56:24
657.   thelarmis
656 yeah, i think you're right. i've had it on mute. i'm about to turn it off and perhaps crack open a celebratory sierra nevada pale ale...
2007-09-16 20:57:19
658.   thelarmis
hats off to jim thome! yeah, that's what i wanted to see. he's a good guy...
2007-09-16 20:57:42
659.   pistolpete
Here we go - ESPN showing Yanks/Sox
2007-09-16 20:59:06
660.   RIYank
A fine Jewish wine. There's a straight line if I ever heard one.
2007-09-16 20:59:11
661.   pistolpete
Heh, I missed that fist pump by Jeter when I watched it live.
2007-09-16 21:04:43
662.   Mattpat11
Derek Jeter, including playoffs, has 211 HR. 23 of them are against Boston
2007-09-16 21:08:29
663.   Mattpat11
662 Regular season, he has 194, with 21 against Boston.
2007-09-16 21:08:43
664.   RIYank
662 Mmmmm, good fact.

Hey, I like Mike Lowell. If A-Rod walks next year, can we get Lowell?

2007-09-16 21:11:29
665.   RIYank
Actually, Mattpat, now that I think of it, that's about the percentage you'd expect. The Yanks play the BoSox in a little over 10% of their regular season games.
2007-09-16 22:28:31
666.   3rd gen yankee fan
You guys realize we won the season series too? 10-8 on the year against Boston. OH yeahhhhh.
2007-09-17 01:55:14
667.   Cru Jones
A post for the karma gods to get this thread to 667.

Go Yanks!

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