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Can't Buy A Thrill
2007-09-15 14:19
by Cliff Corcoran

"It's hard times befallen/The sole survivors"

Josh Beckett wears number 19 on his back and now he's got a matching figure on his ledger as he dropped a gem on the Yankees to earn his major league-leading 19th win of the season. Beckett held the Yankees to three hits and just six base runners while striking out seven in seven innings, the one blemish on his line being a solo homer to dead center by Derek Jeter in the first inning. That would be the only run the Yanks would score all evening as Mike Timlin and Bryan Corey swept up the final two innings.

Chien-Ming Wang, meanwhile, was off his game. Wild up in the zone, Wang gave up singles to three of the first four batters he faced to allow the Red Sox to tie the game in the first. In the third he walked the bases loaded with two outs as David Ortiz, Mike Lowell, and J.D. Drew took 16 straight pitches (only four were strikes), but Jason Varitek swung at the first pitch and popped out to preserve the tie. Wang worked a 1-2-3 fifth, but all three outs came on fly balls to center (he'd have more fly ball outs than ground ball outs on the night). Wang got Dustin Pedroia to ground out to start the fifth, but after getting ahead 0-2 on Kevin Youkilis, he lost one up and in which caught Youkilis in the back wrist. The Jewish God of Squawks immediately flew in to his usual cursing and complaining routine and left the game with what was ultimately diagnosed as a bruise. Fleet-footed rookie Jacoby Ellsbury was put in to run and eventually came around to score on singles by Ortiz and Drew, giving the Sox a one-run lead after five.

Things got worse in the sixth. Erik Hinske, who had started in left and moved to first after Youkilis left the game, led off the sixth with a double. Coco Crisp followed with a single to center that pushed Hinske to third. After a Julio Lugo fly out, Crisp took second uncontested. Pedroia then grounded to Robinson Cano who was pulled in to try to cut off the run. He did just that. Despite Jorge Posada gesturing for him to go to first, Cano whipped a throw home which Posada caught as he fell to his knees and got positively flattened by Hinske. Hinske hit Posada high across the chest with a forearm, knocking Jorge's mask and helmet clean off, but Posada held the ball for the second out of the inning. It was all for naught, however, as Crisp took third on the play, Pedroia stole second uncontested, and Ellsbury and Ortiz singled them both home, with Ellsbury scoring from first on Ortiz's single as Jorge Posada, despite perfectly blocking the plate, forgot to actually make the tag. That made it 5-1 and drove Wang from the game.

In the seventh, Edwar Ramirez, who had struck out Mike Lowell to end the sixth, walked J.D. Drew, then struck out Jason Varitek, then was inexplicably pulled so that Ron Villone, who hadn't faced a major league batter since August 21, could pitch to the lefty Hinske. Villone, of course, walked Hinske on five pitches. Torre then called in Brian Bruney, who earned the lineup card the night before with a crucial scoreless inning that set up the big comeback. On this night, however, he gave up a ground rule double down the right field line to Coco Crisp that scored Drew, and walked Lugo on four pitches before striking out Pedroia. Torre then tried another lefty matchup with Sean Henn, whose only major league appearance since being recalled saw him fail to get an out on Friday night, against Ellsbury and Ortiz. Henn gave up a two-RBI single to Ellsbury to officially put the game out of reach at 9-1, then walked Ortiz to load the bases for good measure. That allowed Torre to go to Ross Ohlendorf, who walked Mike Lowell to force in a run on four pitches, but then proceeded to strike out four of the next five batters he faced (though he did also allow a solo homer to Hinske in the eighth).

Somewhat fittingly, Bronson Sardinha made his major league debut as a defensive replacement in the eighth, then, in his first major league plate appearance, swung at the first pitch and ground into a game-ending double play in the ninth. Final score 10-1 Sox, who erased any lingering doubts about their winning the division with the victory.

Elsewhere in the Cy Young race, Johan Santana gave up four runs in the first inning to the Tigers, who currently hold a 4-2 lead in Minnesota in the bottom of the fifth.

Saying that FOX is terrible at broadcasting baseball games is like saying that puppies are cute. There's no one left to convince, but the first inning of today's game provided a sharp contrast between FOX and the outstanding job that the YES Network does. As Bobby Abreu fought the sun in right field, Tim McCarver made several references to Lou Piniella's stab play in the Bucky Dent game in 1978, but FOX never ran the clip, even after Abreu made a similar (though not nearly as miraculous) stop on a ball he cleary couldn't see. YES would have shown that replay on first mention. What's more, McCarver kept talking about how Abreu was shielding his eyes with his glove prior to each pitch, but it took FOX took several pitches to show a shot of Abreu, finally doing so in a split-screen just as Wang was delivering a pitch, reducing Lowell's game-tying RBI single to a box half the size of the screen. YES would have shown Abreu immediately, doing so between pitches, then cutting back to the full-screen center field camera shot as Wang kicked and delivered.

Pete Abe piles on:

"I see Dane Cook in the Fox booth. What a time to not have a hand grenade. I remember hearing about him last year, wondering what all the fuss was about and then watching his show on HBO. It was brutal.

I used to get comedy albums when I was a kid. Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Rodney Dangerfield. Those guys were funny. Dane Cook is like a drunk guy at a bar at 2 a.m. who thinks he's funny and he's not.

But some marketing whiz at MLB figures he's down with the kids and they hire him to do promos. You know who should do promos? Roberto DeNiro. Everybody likes DeNiro. Or Denzel Washington. Who doesn't like him? Get Jay-Z. But Dane Cook?"

Or Don Cheadle, who did a great job with those NFL promos. What Pete fails to mention is that Dane Cook and MLB on FOX were made for each other, both are loud and completely unqualified to do what they're doing.

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2007-09-15 17:46:28
1.   yankz
"What Pete fails to mention is that Dane Cook and MLB on FOX were made for each other, both are loud and completely unqualified to do what they're doing."

One of the most perfect sentences ever written.

Denzel doing promos- seriously, how cool would that be?

To wash the taste of this one out, I'm guessing this will please quite a few people (judging by the game thread)- Jessica Alba on Conan:

2007-09-15 17:52:48
2.   ny2ca2dc
This was a brutal game, totally bewildering bullpen moves. Game wouldn't have been won anyway, but just a classic example of why our good friend Joe Torre can not manage a bullpen. Apparently every single guy in the bullpen needed to pitch the 7th. Just totally inexplicable. Cliff's writing, for some reason, helps calm the nerves though. Reading an elegant recap and skewering helps a lot. Watching ESPN with Dusty Baker & Sutcliff last night, it was possibly worse. Though ESPN at least has Erin Andrews.
2007-09-15 17:54:41
3.   yankz
As if Game 3 of the 04 ALCS wasn't enough, last night proves there's no such thing as momentum in baseball.
2007-09-15 17:54:44
4.   Sliced Bread
Couple other fitting Steely titles for this evening:

The Boston Rag (siddown, and shaddup, Youk)
My Rival (long distance dedication from Wang to Beckett)
Dirty Work (lookin' at you Hinske)
Everyone's Gone To The Movies (including our bullpen)
Pretzel Logic (how many pitchers did we use again?)

oh, and one for McCarver et al:
Only A Fool Would Say That

2007-09-15 18:17:27
5.   weeping for brunnhilde
And I been up all night, mama, leaning on the window sill.
2007-09-15 18:24:54
6.   BklynBmr
The Cuervo Gold and fine Columbian did not make this afternoon a wonderful thing...

But it helped.

2007-09-15 18:26:20
7.   Sliced Bread
5 Steely probably did nick their album title from that Dylan lyric, weeping. Never thought of that.
2007-09-15 18:36:01
8.   BklynBmr
Had the good fortune to serve as a 'third engineer' on Babylon Sisters — at least the three tracks they recorded at the studio I was working. 'Hey You' was my official title, but vividly recall many a conversation with Donald Becker about the Yanks. True fan, and a real down to earth guy. Not a bad musician, either...
2007-09-15 18:41:00
9.   Cliff Corcoran
8 Hot damn. Small world, I guess. I was just discussing that track with Alex on IM this afternoon (it was he who put the Steely Dan seed in my head with "Hey Nineteen").

BTW, Twins are within one at 4-3 in the bottom of the eighth. Santana's still in the game and has struck out seven.

2007-09-15 18:43:24
10.   yankz
Man, all this Cook-bashing has put me in a comedy mood. YouTube has some great standup clips.
2007-09-15 18:52:02
11.   BklynBmr
9 Great job on the headers! Both unassailable! As usual, the writeups weren't bad either ;-)
2007-09-15 19:07:58
12.   Max
Tigers win. Things look really bad now with the worst pitching matchup of the weekend coming up tomorrow. I just hope we can beat up on the dregs of our division the rest of the week.
2007-09-15 19:13:50
13.   Sliced Bread
8 You gotta have some skills yourself, Brooklyn. They only work with the best, and you worked a couple deep tracks. Top of their game.
2007-09-15 19:39:57
14.   Matt B
8 Hmmm...trying to figure out how to work in "Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me)."

And here's a choice lyric snippet for the Bostonians:
"I hear you are singing a song of the past
I see no tears
I know that you know it may be the last
For many years"

Dig it.

2007-09-15 19:48:25
15.   Sliced Bread
They've got to clog Schilling's blow-hole with base-runners right away. Blood, and panic in the water will quickly arouse what's left of Rocket's kill instinct.
Immediately drag Schilling to shallow water with walks, basehit bunts, and stolen bases. Pierce the blubber with consecutive RBI doubles. Drag him to shore, and go Eskimo on him. But let him suffer at least until the fourth or fifth.

And let's have Shelley Fronkenshteen replace Godzilla at DH for one day, shall we?

2007-09-15 19:56:19
16.   BklynBmr
13 Many thanks, Sliced. That was another lifetime, though. And I did it backwards. Music biz in NY, then moved to LA and ended up in advertising.

The Steely sessions were definitely the highlight of my short career. If I could use one word to describe their approach it would be 'meticulous'. You're absolutely correct in them working with the best. The "studio musicians" for those tracks included the Brecker brothers, Mark Knopfler, Hugh McCracken, David Sanborn, Steve Gadd, Tom Scott, Rick Marotta, Larry Carlton and more. Talk about a 'moiderers row'. Holy cow!

For one track, we had to rent a Fender Rhodes (electric piano), had it delivered from SIR (Studio Instrument Rental), and I recall producer Gary Katz rejecting it, citing 'distortion' in a minor key that no one else could hear. Studio tech support was called in, hooked up some signal testing equipment, and sure enough he was right. That was a long night, but illustrative of how buttoned down they were...

Then reality sunk in, as the next sessions I got assigned to were The Village People. I kid you not...

2007-09-15 20:03:45
17.   Bama Yankee
With all the Steely Dan talk, I gotta chime in with one of my favorites:

They've got a name for the winners in the world
I want a name when I lose
They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
Call me Deacon Blues.

I certainly was feeling the Deacon Blues after the loss to the Red Sox and it got worse after Bama blew a 21 point lead against Arkansas. But the Tide didn't fold completely and pulled it out for a 41-38 win. At least the day was not a total loss. Play it again, Steely...

2007-09-15 20:07:47
18.   Matt B
Oh, and don't get me or Alex started on comedy albums. That's already lead to an epic thread or two.
2007-09-15 20:12:41
19.   Sliced Bread
16 Yo, I'm no fan, but The Village People had a great brassy sound. Those recordings held up.

Damn, that is some roster for your Steely sessions.

2007-09-15 20:15:57
20.   BklynBmr
17 In yet another example of how Bronx Banter has connected all of us on some level, I immediately thought of you when I flipped over to ESPN after the game and saw 'Bama up, 21-0. "Well, at least I know someone who's gonna be partially happy today"... what a crazy game, though!
2007-09-15 20:29:44
21.   BklynBmr
19 One time, the studio front office made me change my 'Disco Sucks' t-shirt, so I'm feelin' ya. ;-)

You're right again. The strings and horns sessions for Village People tracks were incredible. I thought we were recording the f'n London Symphony Orchestra...

12 I dunno. We haven't done too bad vs The Schill this year. 16 earned runs in 25 innings, 35 hits, 8 HRs and a BA of .337. His ERA against us is 5.76. If Rocket is feelin' no pain, and maybe thinkin' this might be his final appearance in Beantown, he just might get us into the 7th in good shape. Here's hopin' for that...

2007-09-15 20:37:39
22.   JeremyM
20 Well, my Huskers are getting their doors blasted off. I guess Joba's pre-game speech for the big screen he recorded didn't do any good:)

Yanks need to rock Schilling early and often tomorrow.

2007-09-15 20:47:40
23.   Bama Yankee
20 You ain't kiddin'... that was one crazy game, indeed. I thougt we were going to be able to coast once we got that 21 point lead (on two different occasions), but Arkansas just kept coming back.

That Darren McFadden is one tough running back. He should be in the pros right now. Watching him tonight reminded me of watching A-Rod when he is locked in and raking. They seem to play on a higher plane than everyone else.

G'night all, I'm out. We'll get 'em tomorrow...
Roll Tide and Go Yankees!!!!!!

2007-09-15 20:51:37
24.   BklynBmr
22 Wow, just saw the score. I'm not a huge college ball fan, but there was some enteraining smack going back and forth on Jim Rome radio this week. "Corn vs Porn", etc. I was pulling for Nebraska, though... Musburger just talking about Joba now, saying dad Harlan was an usher at Memorial Stadium...

14 Nice. Very nice...

2007-09-15 20:55:51
25.   yankz
23 That was indeed a great game.

Great day all around for football.

2007-09-15 21:19:06
26.   yankz
Oof. Nomaas is way too rough on Wang.
2007-09-15 21:40:14
27.   Max
21 I try to be optimistic, but expecting the Rocket to go 7 innings really strikes me as fantasy. Five innings and 3 runs allowed will be just fine with me. Edwar, Joba, Viz, Mo to follow.

We haven't really hit well lately, and the blowhard pitching on the other side does seem to manage to hold us down at the most inopportune times. I don't think he'll meltdown against us, though i'd love to be wrong.

2007-09-15 21:54:21
28.   BklynBmr
26 Their web programming skills are even rougher. The site is a mess, at least on any Mac browser. If they had $200 dollars to burn, they should hire a designer...

27 Clarification: Hoping for the best, Roger completes six, keeps us in the game, and then hands it to Joba/Mo for the close. Five innings and a close one? I'll take that, too. We can, have, and should hit Big Mouth...

2007-09-15 22:41:05
29.   thelarmis
16 wow, that's highly impressive, brooklyn! of course, as a professional drummer, steve gadd is a hero of mine. i'm also a huge fan of the brecker bros and tom scott, etc.

i hate to admit it, but i am NOT a steely dan fan in the slightest. i actually have a bunch of musician friends that are in my corner, too. i dunno, it's just too 'safe' for me. it's like they oughtta know better. they have like the best musicians in the world with them and some of the tunes are very well written, but it's so...vanilla. and square.

anyway, that's just me. still, an unbelievable work experience. thanks for sharing! if you did similar work on the left coast you probably could've worked with drummers john guerin and jeff porcaro (RIP both)...

2007-09-15 22:54:09
30.   thelarmis
1 thanks for the alba link, yankz! : ) i know no one will believe me, but i swear i saw a handful of girls tonite in downtown atlanta that were equally as ridiculously beautiful. too bad they don't go for long-haired jazz drummers. oh well...

can't say i'm too happy about today's happenings in baseball. we're still up on detroit by 3 in the loss column, but they just got to santana and won 4 in a row. i'm definitely sweating it. tomorrow is pretty much a must win and we really need to beat up on the shitty teams the last 2 weeks of the season. go Rocket, go scott baker!!!

2007-09-15 22:57:34
31.   yankz
30 You're right dude, I don't believe you ;)

I'm sweating it too. Personally, those "Postseason Odds" things jump around so much that I basically throw them out the window.

I don't know, though. It's been so long that the Yanks haven't been in October that I don't even know what it'd be like. But I think I'd recover. I guess since I've been mentally preparing for it since 05, when things looked extremely bleak. Am I alone? Would anyone pull a Chris Crocker?

2007-09-15 23:06:43
32.   thelarmis
that's cool you're up, bro! i never sleep... : ~

yeah, it's probably just me - i've got a MAJOR thing for blondes. so, in reality the ones i saw have nothing on jessica alba, but to me, i lose all sensibility in the presence of a freakin' barbie doll look-a-like...

i hear ya, it's been ages since we haven't played in October. it's not a birthright, but it does almost seem like a given. since '05, folks here at the Banter have mentioned how they'd give up the postseason one year to work in some of the kids. well, it looks like we can possibly have the best of both worlds here in 07 (as long as Joe doesn't call on Henn anymore...). personally, i'd be mortified if we don't make it to the playoffs. it would completely crush me...

2007-09-15 23:12:08
33.   yankz
32 Yeah man, I've got about half an hour left in me. I think as long as Boston doesn't win, I'd be ok. And it has nothing to do with their players (though Papelbon, Youk, Pedroia, Beckett...ok, it has a little to do with their players). But mostly, the fans will just get even more obnoxious. I mean, Dane Cook and a million of his followers acting all smug? Yuck.
2007-09-15 23:17:03
34.   thelarmis
i don't like anything about the entire boston organization - players, front office, ballpark, colors, logos, fans. any of it. no matter what, october will be easier to take if they don't win. i don't think they will. but i would be completely shattered if we don't earn a postseason berth...

i hear ya, i can't pull an all-nighter tonite. i'm totaled and have another gig tomorrow afternoon, 1.5 hours away in the north georgia mountains. finally, today the southern heat broke. i hope for cooler temperatures the end of sept. when i go visit the fam in NY. it's a shame the Yanks will be in Tampa when i'm home. them the breaks...

2007-09-16 00:42:27
35.   nemecizer
Man, we've gone from euphoria to despair in 24 hours.

It's one game, folks, we'll bounce back. If we don't call me a liar, but we'll be in the post-season soon.


2007-09-16 01:40:05
36.   ric
1-1- yet- starters=pinata- 2-0.
2007-09-16 06:18:32
37.   Sliced Bread
NY Daily News has a great interview with Bernie this morning about life after baseball.

Use the link if you'd prefer to avoid cursory contact with dickweed Lupica's ode to Beckett.

Looks like Posada is OK.

2007-09-16 06:37:50
38.   vockins
29 As another professional drummer, I am totally with you on the Steely Dan assessment. I'll go farther and declare that I despise them.

That's why they make chocolate and vanilla.

2007-09-16 06:45:14
39.   Sliced Bread
I can see how Steely Dan would do nothing for drummers, but I completely disagree about the vanilla thing.
2007-09-16 08:00:44
40.   Matt B
39 Odd, then, when thinking of the great drummers who played on Steely Dan albums...Purdie, Porcaro, Gadd, etc.

And yeah, I don't get the vanilla idea either. I can see how someone would say they sound too clean, or perhaps cold. The lyrics are way too subversive to be vanilla.

2007-09-16 08:14:29
41.   yankz
Only a dumbass Sox fan would talk shit after Friday's game.

37 Man, I miss him. I hope he comes back in some capacity soon.

2007-09-16 08:27:43
42.   rsmith51
Well, Johan and Wang both took a step back in the Cy race. Looks like it is between Sabathia and Beckett, with Beckett the front runner among the voters. I would choose C.C., but that is just me.
2007-09-16 08:34:45
43.   Zack
The Cy Young race at least deserves to be close between Sabathia and Beckett, but I somehow doubt it will be. Their #s are about even, though Sabathia has pitched a LOT more innings. But Beckett pitches in Boston, which is big market for baseball, and mlb has been pushing him ever since 2003 as a superstar...
2007-09-16 08:38:59
44.   Bob B
Mea Culpa, I turned off the Yankee game Friday night in the bottom of the 7th and returned to reading Mark Frost's excellent golf story "The Greatest Game Ever Played". Didn't even find out about the comeback until Yesterday morning. So, I watched the entire wretched Fox coverage yesterday. How bad can it get?
2007-09-16 08:40:47
45.   yankz
43 I'll never forget it. It was 2003, I had not yet quit ESPN, and Linda Cohn said, "He'll [Beckett] win a Cy Young someday." Oh how I've hoped that prediction never comes true.
2007-09-16 08:43:26
46.   mehmattski
44 Tonight's an ESPN game. With Miller and Morgan, it can get much worse. I would say the ratio of "four homers in a row" to "A-Rod's tiebreaking single" will be approximately 100 to 1.
2007-09-16 08:55:52
47.   weeping for brunnhilde
7 That's funny, sliced, because I don't know the Steely Dan song!


2007-09-16 08:56:20
48.   weeping for brunnhilde
7 Er, album.
2007-09-16 08:57:32
49.   Sliced Bread
40 Can't think of too many Steely tunes in which the percussionists are upfront doing the heavy-lifting. Bodhisattva comes to mind, and Kid Charlemagne. That's why I can see a drummer being underwhelmed by their catalog.
To my untrained ear their compositions are complex enough, and, as you say, lyrically they've got plenty going on to keep them out of the vanilla bin.
2007-09-16 09:10:59
50.   rbj
My tenuous Steely Dan connection is simply having gone to the same college as them -- Bard, though about 15-20 years later. The story is that one of them got kicked out of school for drugs, which given that it's Bard must have been quite an accomplishment.

I'm optimistic about Roger tonight. I think he knows this is the last season -- he can't even go half a season anymore without breaking down and this is going to be his last regular season game in Fenway. He'll let it all hang out tonight.

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2007-09-16 09:11:35
51.   seamus
34 As a complete failure at all things musical, I concur on the Steely Dan assessment as well. (can't leave this commentary solely to the professionals)
2007-09-16 09:12:09
52.   seamus
51 that should have been 38
2007-09-16 09:16:43
53.   seamus
Reading more thoroughly, I see some folks don't concur with the Steely Dan is vanilla. To me, and I am a musical failure, vanilla is less about complexity and more about the sound produced. I greatly love math rock which thrives on a certain amount of complexity, but much of it sounds too vanilla to me at times because complexity to me doesn't equal tasty sound.

Now i'm thinking of yummy baked goods and the 5 pounds of blueberries in the fridge!

2007-09-16 09:30:14
54.   dianagramr
My Steely Dan connection:

Walter Becker and I graduated from the same high school (Stuyvesant). He in '66, me in '81.

2007-09-16 10:09:41
55.   Flip Play
Random trivia I know:

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen first played together at Bard. Their drummer? Chevy Chase.

2007-09-16 10:11:02
56.   OldYanksFan
Gotta ask theAlarmis and vockins:
In my hard rocks days, I was pretty impressed with:
Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge and much more)
Ian Paice (Deep Purple)
Aynsley Dunbar (frank Zappa)
Barriemore Barlow (Tull)

Love to hear your assessment.

2007-09-16 10:29:05
57.   thelarmis
38 vockins - that's awesome, i didn't know you played! we've got a few drummers here. besides you & me, will weiss plays, old yanks fan used to play and our man cliff sits behind a kit every now and then. i'm sure there are others...

yeah, you were just more blunt and harsher than me, but i agree with your thoughts 100% - i, too, despise Steely Dan.

so, you play drums for a living! do you freelance or have a steady gig? are you in nyc? do you teach? sorry for all ?'s, it's just cool to have a peer here...

39 40 49 i know, i know. some truly fantastic drummers were on their records. even moreso nowadays when you look at their tours, employing the likes of Dennis Chambers, Keith Carlock, Peter Erskine and others. there are certainly some SD tunes where the drums are up front. i don't know their catalog inside and out but Gadd on Aja and the "Purdie Shuffle" on Babylon Sisters come to mind. i dig a lot of bands/styles where the drums are NOT up front, so that's not it for me.

i do think it's 'vanilla' in a lot of ways. but i guess adjectives like too "clean" or "glossy" work just fine.

55 that's awesome! i believe dana carvey and jim belushi both play drums, as well...

56 i'm definitely a barriemore fan, he rocks! the shit he was doing w/ Tull on Thick as a Brick and A Passion Play in the early-mid 70's was killin'. i think he's really underrated and unnoticed. cool little fact: he played on Yngwie J. Malmsteen's debut cd!

i'm a HUGE Zappa fan, but i'm not a big Aynsley fan per se. he's certainly a good drummer and has had a great career. other noteables include Journey and Whitesnake on his resume.

Ian Paice is okay. cool lefty, liked jazz, has decent hands. i'm not a big fan of him or Carmine though. too "Rock" for me. carmine (and his brother vinny), always have terrible, awful, horrible sounding drums. like cardboard boxes.

so, from your list: they're all good and have had big gigs, but i'm really only down with Barriemore Barlow. (what a name, too!)

i'm gonna have to scoot out to a gig here pretty soon and won't be back til the game is on. but i'll try and check back here for comments tonight to catch up.

Rock on, Vockins!!!

2007-09-16 10:42:24
58.   thelarmis
37 thanks for the bernie link, sliced! man, do i ever miss him... now, there's a gig i'd be honored to play! : )

i've got his 2005 Topps card right here on the side of my fridge, so i 'see him' all the time. it's not the same though. it's a great card - he's in home pinstripes at a corner base. left hand gently relaxing down at his side, right hand replete with helmet raised high and the crowd behind him standing. it must've been from a big moment. his face is calm, cool & classy.

i love bernie.

2007-09-16 10:51:58
59.   yankz
Anyone else terrifyingly confident that either Henn or Villone will be on the postseason roster?
2007-09-16 10:52:13
60.   Sliced Bread
I was all geeked out on Tull as a kid. Great musicians. Their live album, Bursting Out, was sick. One of the best live rock albums I know of.
Which one was John Glasscock, one of the guitarists? Now there's a rock name.
2007-09-16 11:06:52
61.   monkeypants
59 Torre will keep a LHP, no doubt. I put my money on Villone.
2007-09-16 11:09:18
62.   JL25and3
60 There was a ballplayer with that last name who's considered one of the greatest shortstops of the 19th century. Supposedly he used to clean up the dirt around his position, picking up and tossing away little rocks that might cause bad hops. This led to his immortal nickname: "Pebbly Jack" Glasscock.
2007-09-16 11:09:35
63.   Chyll Will
50 Nice! I almost went to Bard; wanted to, but didn't have a few of the necessary prereq's at that particular time (1994), so I went to Dutchess to get them and, well, life just changed. I hate it when it does that sometimes >;)

Well, all, good luck. I'm signing off from baseball altogether for the rest of the season, seeing's how Torre's only playing for the wild card, yet curiously refuses to rest Jeter until then. There's potential for evil there and I don't want to have to witness it. I'll be back during the playoffs (I'm that sure we'll make it). TTFN...

2007-09-16 11:38:21
64.   yankz
63 Wait, are you really leaving?
2007-09-16 11:45:08
65.   williamnyy23
I wouldn't exactly call the post season a forgone conclusion just yet. The Tigers are well on their way to a sweep this afternoon, and tonight's matchup could get pretty dicey. There's a very good chance the loss column lead will be down to 2 by tomorrow.
2007-09-16 12:02:19
66.   vockins
57 Well, to be honest, by a strict definition I am professional, but it's not how I get most of the money to pay my bills. I guess you could say that about a lot of drummers, though. I don't really play out that much anymore. I wrote a couple of songs that get a little bit of play, but it's not going to be anything that anyone's been hearing, I think.

40 Steely Dan has some absolutely phenomenal drummers. Bernard Purdie is a massive, groundbreaking player. Just incredible. I could listen to him all the live long day. My issues with Steely Dan have nothing to do with their drummers. It's just what the drummers are in service for on Steely Dan records.

56 I like Paice with Deep Purple and Appice with Vanilla Fudge, but it's more about liking some albums they played on. I like Zappa up to and including Hot Rats, but I don't really listen to much of the stuff after that. Tull's never been my thing, but obviously Barlow knows what he's doing.

I guess I like drummers that really contribute to the effect of a good song. That's incredibly ambiguous but that's the best I can articulate the idea. I like Elvin Jones, but I like Phil Rudd too, because both of them played exactly what the songs demanded. Britt Walford is excellent, but so is Ralph Molina. Charles Moffett is phenomenal and so is Clyde Stubblefield. They all serve the song.

2007-09-16 12:21:05
67.   yankz
66 Oh man, I love Bernard Purdie.

2007-09-16 12:57:53
68.   dianagramr

Wow ..... its true!

2007-09-16 13:00:53
69.   joe in boston
Checking in as a long time drummer - resigned to only playing in my cellar now...

Gadd on "Aja" is just amazing. I saw him play a few times live: once (I think) with Chuck Mangione and his orchestra. He drives the band in a subtle way.

As a high school kid in the late 70s, college in the early 80s in upstate NY (Siena) - I was very into Rush and Genesis - loved that stuff back then and loved Neil Peart and Phil Collins (When he played and not sang)
As for the recent games - I've been in Newport at a friends wedding. Surrounded by drunk "Red Sox Nation" - Saturday sucked - but Friday was nice ! Here's hoping for the best tonight

2007-09-16 13:17:01
70.   monkeypants
Just turned the NY Giants game off. Whoa, they have really taken it to a new low this season. God I hope the Yankes can hang on for a post season berth, even if they are bumped out in the first round. Even a few extra baseball games will dull the pain of the NFL season.
2007-09-16 13:42:06
71.   bob34957
70 The G'men season fell off the cliff when Tiki decided to start wearing a skirt during the offseason. Yanks mentality should be every game is their last because of the play of the Tigers. I have a feeling that the Devil Dogs and Oreos are going to not give us a single out. Time to send a message to those teams by hammering the Sox for this final game.
Go Yanks, Go Yanks, Go Yanks, Go Yanks, !!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-09-16 13:53:14
72.   Sliced Bread
Cheeseheads celebrating in the Meadowlands.

Mets getting waxed. 8 pitchers for them.

Ugly afternoon for the hometeams.

Schilling will be distracted by the primetime Emmy awards tonight, even though he doesn't stand a chance against Gandolfini. Kick his ass while he's down, Yankees!

2007-09-16 14:42:08
73.   cult of basebaal
random drummer trivia continued ... Aynsley Dunbar lost a coin flip to Mitch Mitchell over who would be the drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience

nice description of the appices thealarmis ... i've never really listened to carmine very much, but i've always referred to vinny as "the bogslogger" since his drumming always sounds like he's just finished crawling through miles of muck and mud and is exhausted beyond belief ...

2007-09-16 15:05:46
74.   JL25and3
68 You doubted me?

Frankly, I'm not good enough to be able to make up "Pebbly Jack" Glasscock.

2007-09-16 15:12:24
75.   yankz
Yikes. With the way Melky's been hitting, this lineup is pretty rough:

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Posada DH
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Mientkiewicz 1B
Molina C

2007-09-16 15:19:49
76.   Mattpat11
2007-09-16 15:20:34
77.   Mattpat11
I'd put Molina in front of the Stinkster, to be honest.
2007-09-16 15:44:23
78.   JeremyM
Wow, I missed where they won yesterday and made today house money day. Damn.

72 Too funny, now if they just schedule the Bloggies during one of his starts in the playoffs, we're set.

2007-09-16 15:50:26
79.   rbj
I've got Old Speckled Hen ale and McClelland's Scotch (Speyside) -- to toast Roger winning for his last regular season appearance in Fenway.
2007-09-16 15:58:32
80.   Hocakes
Unknown Good Drummers:

Zach Barocas of Jawbox. He played intricate stuff but hit the drums as hard as Grohl.

2007-09-16 16:08:58
81.   fansince77
In reference to 75 - I'd put Matsui or Damon and center and have the other one in left - probably Damon considering he knows this park...Three outs in the back of the lineup is not good enough tonight...ugh.
2007-09-16 16:11:07
82.   fansince77
We need runs... Lefty Betemit should be at first -no?
2007-09-16 16:12:57
83.   monkeypants
75 It was only a matter of time until Torre found an excuse to start Stinky Minky. I predict he will be a fixture there the rest of the year.
2007-09-16 16:15:03
84.   fansince77
OK - one more axe to grind...doesn't Giambi DH'ing make more sense since Jorge can come in for Molina straight up later in the game?

Damon CF
Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi DH
Cano 2B
Matsui LF
Betemit 1B
Molina C

Posada in the sixth or seventh if necessary.

I know this is useless but I just wanted to write it out.

2007-09-16 16:15:58
85.   fansince77
OK - that was a mistake- Damon doesn't get to hit twice in a row.
2007-09-16 16:17:46
86.   yankz
Apparently Giambi's arm is on ice.
2007-09-16 16:24:08
87.   Mattpat11
I don't care if Giambi's arm fell off. That's no excuse for putting Doug Out in the game
2007-09-16 16:29:04
88.   Sliced Bread
Ah, jeez. Doug Out gets the start.

Joe's weirdly charitable when it come to Schilling.

At least the game isn't on ESPN, so we have that goin' for us.

2007-09-16 16:31:06
89.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Way late to this thread, but I`m also a Bard graduate, 1995. I`ll shamelessly plug my low-tech blog again as well for any of you jazz fans
2007-09-16 16:32:08
90.   rbj
88 ??? The game is on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball with Joe Morgan (& Jon Miller). Can't catch a break anywhere.

Gotta use Minky though, Giambi's elbow is sore, Philips and Duncan are on the DL.
Not sure Betemit is a better option than Minky.

2007-09-16 16:32:54
91.   rbj
89 Class of '87 here. I'll check out your blog, thanks.
2007-09-16 16:36:33
92.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
91 Thanks. Holiday here today so should add four new posts by end of the day.

Betemit at least has some power...painful watching Mintkiqwezxt at the plate..

2007-09-16 16:46:07
93.   williamnyy23
Taking Matsui and Giambi out of this lineup against a RHP who now tops out at 90mph is just plain stupid. What's more, having Posada DH means you can't PH for Molina without losing the DH.

With Detroit charging hard, the Yankees simply can't afford to let Torre give away a game, but he is doing everything in his power to ensure that he does. All of sudden, that invitation to the playoffs is looking more and more tenuous.

2007-09-16 16:50:18
94.   yankz
We don't know enough about Giambi's injury, so I'll reserve judgment on his absence. But WTF is wrong with Betemit?
2007-09-16 16:50:58
95.   Mattpat11
90 I'm a better option than The Stink.
2007-09-16 16:58:47
96.   OldYanksFan
94 Giambi is injured? When, where, and how?
I simply can't understand JT's reluctance to use Giambi as our 'regular' DH.
2007-09-16 17:01:18
97.   yankz
96 I don't know if he's INJURED, I just know that his arm was being iced after getting plunked yesterday. I have no idea if he's hurting too badly to swing.

New thread up.

2007-09-16 17:07:14
98.   rbj
From Peter's website:
"Posada told us he's feeling OK after the collision with Hinske yesterday and thought it was a clean play. He revealed that for the last three seasons he has had CT scans after the season just for his own peace of mind. … Giambi had his right elbow iced up, the result of being hit yesterday. He doesn't think it's a problem."

1) If Jason's elbow is not right, then he probably isn't good for hitting.
2) I would rather be cautious with Jorge after yesterday. Concussions are tricky and the season is not worth long term harm to Jorge.

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