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Hey Nineteen
2007-09-15 11:17
by Cliff Corcoran
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"No we got nothing in common/No we can't talk at all"

The contrasting styles of the two American League wins leaders, groundballer Chien-Ming Wang and fireballer Josh Beckett, face off this afternoon in Fenway, with both pitchers looking for his nineteenth win, and the Yankees likely still flying high off their improbable win last night. That word improbable has been popping up a lot between these two teams recently, all in the Yankees favor. Things also went in the Yankees' favor the last time each of these two pitchers took the mound against today's oppenent. Beckett gave up a career-high 13 hits (including a solo homer by Alex Rodriguez) and allowed four runs in an otherwise solid outing, losing to tomorrow's starter Roger Clemens. The next day, Wang no-hit the Sox for 6 1/3 innings, allowing just one hit (to Mike Lowell) over seven scoreless to pick up his sweet sixteenth. Wang is 5-0 with a 2.04 ERA over his last five starts.

Many have positioned this game as a battle for the American League Cy Young. C.C. Sabathia and even Johan Santana may have something to say about that, but considering the inappropriate emphasis the voters place on wins, this game could indeed be crucial to their decision making.

It's been a rainy day in Boston thus far, but the late FOX start time should allow the weather to blow over, while the clouds could prevent the shadows from interfering as they often do in late afternoon contests. Here's hoping the Yanks can make tonight a wonderful thing.

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2007-09-15 12:09:21
1.   markp
Are we expecting sweet things from Boston?
2007-09-15 12:09:37
2.   Sliced Bread
That's my favorite Steely groove.

Isn't Lackey worthy of Cy discussion? I haven't heard any mention of him, so maybe not.

2007-09-15 12:33:04
3.   Eirias
An Eleanor Roosevelt quote to describe the Yankees/Sox rivalry? Odd.
2007-09-15 12:35:20
4.   Eirias
Speaking of Santana, he leads the AL in home runs allowed. How does that happen?
2007-09-15 12:37:31
5.   Eirias
4 And he STILL leads in ERA and WHIP.
2007-09-15 12:48:56
6.   monkeypants
4 5 Lots of innings (7th in AL), relative fly ball pitcher.
2007-09-15 12:48:58
7.   alterity
4 well, if you listened to orel hersheiser the other night on BBTN, it's because when you're a good pitcher sometimes you intentionally give up home runs because it helps you get out of innings faster. . or something. (this was all said in the context of the AL cy young debate). he must have been trying to outstupid kruk. i'm surprised they don't have to wear helmets.
2007-09-15 12:50:56
8.   williamnyy23
Sabathia should be the clear leader in the CY Young race, followed closely behind by Santana. I can't see how one makes a case for Beckett and Wang when C.C. has pitched almost 50 more inning than both.
2007-09-15 12:51:07
9.   rsmith51
7 Ah, yes. The Jack Morris for HOF committee.
2007-09-15 12:52:33
10.   monkeypants
I can't wait for the Yankees game to start--right now I'm watching ND-Mich. I grew up in upstate NY, and my family rooted for Syracuse and ND in college, and the NY Giants in NFL.

What a brutal trifecta this year.

2007-09-15 12:52:38
11.   rsmith51
8 Sabathia should win the Cy Young, but we don't have to go back very far to find an idiotic Cy vote(AL 2005) or idiotic MVP vote(AL 2006).
2007-09-15 12:54:33
12.   rsmith51
10 Um, monkeypants, don't bring us any bad karma.

Actually I am a Packer fan(1-0 whoo-hoo!) as well as a Yank fan so I shouldn't talk. 1-6 vs. winning teams last year with the one win being against the second string Bears in the final game of the season.

2007-09-15 12:55:39
13.   yankz
As if FOX needed more reason to be considered a pathetic POS, they now have Dane Cook as a spokesman?
2007-09-15 12:55:46
14.   Eirias
The Wanger!
2007-09-15 12:55:54
15.   Vandelay Industries
Anyone have a link for today's game for those of us on the west coast?

My email is

Please help!

2007-09-15 12:56:03
16.   rsmith51
I thought for sure Giambi wouldn't be playing 1b today. Hopefully he has a better defensive day today.
2007-09-15 12:56:37
17.   rsmith51
15 A link?
2007-09-15 12:56:54
18.   Flip Play
Okay, I don't know if anyone can help me, but I live in LA and the game is supposed to be on FOX -- even the guide says Yankees-Red Sox -- but it's the freaken Dodgers-Diamondbacks. Does anyone know if it's on another channel? I can't find it.
2007-09-15 12:57:39
19.   Vandelay Industries
17 for I'm blacked out in LA and FOX has ARZ vs. LA.
2007-09-15 12:57:41
20.   yankz
I just discovered this thing, in the LoHud comments:

You have to install it, and the quality isn't as nice as, but it works.

2007-09-15 12:58:13
21.   thelarmis
7 alterity in regards to bbtn stupidity: "i'm surprised they don't have to wear helmets." that is fucking hysterical! thanks for making me laugh, before my stomach goes in knots : )

pettitte was all business reading that lineup.

Go Wanger! Go YANKS!!!

2007-09-15 12:59:15
22.   Eirias
20 I use that P2P programs to watch Liverpool matches. They aren't bad.
2007-09-15 13:01:33
23.   monkeypants
McCarver: "Damon is a much better player when he can play defense because his offense picks up."

And this conclusion is based on his 100 career games at DH, 45 this season? Ah, the idiocy starts early...

2007-09-15 13:01:46
24.   Eirias
22 ...that type of P2P program, rather.
2007-09-15 13:03:00
25.   yankz
23 That's downright genius for him.
2007-09-15 13:03:27
26.   Eirias
I am stealing this link from The Bronx Block, but this is an absolutely fascinating article on Wang.
2007-09-15 13:03:30
27.   thelarmis
i love my Captain!!!
2007-09-15 13:03:33
28.   monkeypants
Hmmm...Jeter's knee looked healthy on that swing.
2007-09-15 13:04:12
29.   yankz
2007-09-15 13:04:49
30.   3rd gen yankee fan
Way to start the game right!!!!
2007-09-15 13:04:51
31.   yankz
26 Yeah, that's been posted before. I have the same comment: That actress is hot.
2007-09-15 13:05:20
32.   nyy jim
Nice to get that first run early
2007-09-15 13:08:37
33.   Vandelay Industries
Does anyone have the link for us on the west coast?
2007-09-15 13:10:31
34.   thelarmis
nice AB by a-rod. works a walk after down 0-2. make him throw pitches, frustrate him. another SB for the MVP! c'mon jorgie, let's go for #41 double...
2007-09-15 13:10:42
35.   3rd gen yankee fan
And here comes Posada.
2007-09-15 13:10:45
36.   yankz
I wish before hitting that single last night Arod had yelled "This one's for you, Daniel Cabrera!"
2007-09-15 13:12:34
37.   yankz
Is David Wright really going to win the NL MVP?

Actually, looking at VORP, he does deserve it. Only Hanley is ahead of him in the NL.

2007-09-15 13:13:46
38.   thelarmis
back to back walks. 1st & 2nd. plays the game right approaching 30 pitches here in the 1st.

mccarver outdoing himself already. mute button, here i come!

2007-09-15 13:14:06
39.   yankz
Oof. What a tough pitch to take.
2007-09-15 13:14:27
40.   thelarmis
ah, fooey, matsui. 1st pitch swinging. ground ball to pukey...
2007-09-15 13:14:29
41.   Flip Play
33 I believe Fox is blacking it out.
2007-09-15 13:14:30
42.   yankz
38 I've already got some music playing in the background.
2007-09-15 13:15:16
43.   yankz

At least we're 30 pitches closer to The Best Bullpen In Baseball

2007-09-15 13:15:34
44.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fantastic inning, Team!

Too bad Hideki ruined things, there, but great ab out of everyone, especially Alex and Jorgie.

This game's ours...

2007-09-15 13:16:04
45.   weeping for brunnhilde
39 I know, that was really something, eh?
2007-09-15 13:16:21
46.   nyy jim
Beckett's having trouble finding the plate and hideki swings at the first pitch. Why not work the count a little more.
2007-09-15 13:16:56
47.   yankz
HOW does a tool like Dane Cook get that lucky?!
2007-09-15 13:19:37
48.   monkeypants
Youkilis swings 0-2...somewhere Sterling is sitting, stunned.
2007-09-15 13:20:16
49.   yankz
I'd just like to thank George Steinbrenner for his rules on facial hair.
2007-09-15 13:20:54
50.   yankz
31 homers gets you a "Home Run Power" montage?
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2007-09-15 13:21:00
51.   Dan-el
is anyone else having problems with MLBtv?
2007-09-15 13:22:00
52.   yankz
51 FOX has it blacked out, if that's what you mean.
2007-09-15 13:22:01
53.   Eirias
Time for a DP.
2007-09-15 13:22:12
54.   monkeypants
51 Yes, all of us, because Fox games are blacked out nationally.
2007-09-15 13:22:48
55.   JL25and3
23 McCarver emphasized it even more: "a much, much better player."

Damon's career totals: .288/.353/.433
Career as DH: .284/.357/.407

Much, much better. Right.

This year, Damon is hitting worse as a DH - .238/.327/.342. But he's hitting almost as badly as a center fielder - .253/.354/.359. As a left fielder, though, he's tearing the cover off the ball - .347/.417/.554.

Any theories on that, Timmy? Or can we just call it small sample sizes?

2007-09-15 13:23:46
56.   yankz
2007-09-15 13:24:09
57.   thelarmis
just get outta this shit tied, that's all i ask...
2007-09-15 13:24:18
58.   Dan-el
52 54 not of the blackout variety, bc i'm watching from outside the US. mlbtv will load and show the game for stretches but then go black and refuse to buffer.

ugh, wang and his struggles with the sox continue

2007-09-15 13:24:22
59.   yankz
Wang: 5.83 career ERA in Fenway.
2007-09-15 13:24:30
60.   Vandelay Industries
No one has the majic link?
2007-09-15 13:25:27
61.   Vandelay Industries
58 Can you send me the url that you are using?
2007-09-15 13:25:51
62.   thelarmis
gold glove giambi keeps the tie intact. pretty, it was not...
2007-09-15 13:25:57
63.   monkeypants
50 Well, he is third in the AL in homers--I'm not sure that's an egregious tribute. At worst, it's just more of Fox not trusting the fans to find the game exciting enough on its own merits, without additional graphics, bells, whistles, and fireworks.

Giambi flashes the leather!

2007-09-15 13:26:09
64.   nick
never in doubt, Jason, never in doubt...
2007-09-15 13:26:16
65.   Eirias
I know that he is supposed to do it anyway, but that was a nice job covering first by Wang.
2007-09-15 13:26:32
66.   yankz
2007-09-15 13:27:00
67.   williamnyy23
16 Hmmm...I am not so sure. It's really amazing how bad Giambi has been in this series after playing so well.
2007-09-15 13:27:35
68.   Benjamin Kabak
58 is having some Internet issues right now. They're working on it.
2007-09-15 13:28:21
69.   monkeypants
55 Moreover, he was often DHing this year when he should have been on the DL and couldn't play in the field (or hit for that matter). Cause, effect, and correlation are not McCarver's strong points.
2007-09-15 13:28:42
70.   Vandelay Industries
68 Do you have a link for those of us that are blacked out?
2007-09-15 13:31:08
71.   monkeypants
Why does Giambi always look like that crazy guy you see on the bus?
2007-09-15 13:31:11
72.   Eirias
How... scrappy...
2007-09-15 13:31:58
73.   celerino
"Watching" on CBS MLB... What is going on with Wang today? Are his pitches up, or does Boston just know how to hit him?
2007-09-15 13:32:49
74.   yankz
Theo is a clown.
2007-09-15 13:33:06
75.   williamnyy23
This FOX broadcast is unbearable.
2007-09-15 13:33:23
76.   monkeypants
Hopefully, good Wang returns for the rest of the game.
2007-09-15 13:33:56
77.   yankz
How did that happen?
2007-09-15 13:34:10
78.   Benjamin Kabak
70 No.
2007-09-15 13:34:36
79.   JL25and3
75 Agreed. Even for Fox, I'm astonished at how bad they are. They're just babbling.
2007-09-15 13:34:40
80.   williamnyy23
73 The ump seems to have a tight zone, which is making him fall behind and then raise the level of his pitches. Still, he did get 3 groundballs last inning (2 outs and the Pedroia single).
2007-09-15 13:36:47
81.   Sarasota
Beckett is missing Variteks spots. He looks hittable...patience Yanks....patience.
2007-09-15 13:37:49
82.   thelarmis
cano sees pedroia and raises him!
2007-09-15 13:37:59
83.   williamnyy23
This sun is blinding...I haven't been able to see one ball hit in the infield.
2007-09-15 13:38:05
84.   monkeypants
63 OK, I take back what I said before...after that Montage, and teh close-ups of Theo, and the Montage on Ortiz, etc...this broadcast has been a Sox love fest.
2007-09-15 13:38:08
85.   yankz
Coco would be a great swing dance partner.
2007-09-15 13:38:13
86.   3rd gen yankee fan
hee hee, Wang made Coco dance.
2007-09-15 13:38:23
87.   williamnyy23
Robbie makes a nice play yet we don't hear about how good a plyer he is?
2007-09-15 13:38:34
88.   Eirias
2007-09-15 13:39:42
89.   thelarmis
jorgie has the white paint on his nails so wang can see the signs thru the shadows. 23 pitches for wang, 3 k's. top of the bosox order for the 3rd. let's put fuckett on the ropes right now, boyz...
2007-09-15 13:39:49
90.   nick
87 Robbie needs to be shorter, paler and scruffier...
2007-09-15 13:40:08
91.   yankz
Wang matches Beckett. Awesome.
2007-09-15 13:40:17
92.   thelarmis
87 exactly.
2007-09-15 13:40:38
93.   yankz
Suck it, Trebeckett!
2007-09-15 13:41:29
94.   williamnyy23
I wonder if all the people who praise Pedroia's defense realize Cano ranks ahead of him in just about every defensive metric.
2007-09-15 13:42:28
95.   Eirias
Dane Cook is a Sox fan. It makes so much sense.
2007-09-15 13:42:39
96.   williamnyy23
Where have you gone NBC? Having to watch FOX really sucks. Time to put the game on mute.
2007-09-15 13:42:41
97.   monkeypants
Third inning and Fox is already trotting out their B-list celebrities. Is there game going?
2007-09-15 13:43:10
98.   yankz
2007-09-15 13:43:49
99.   williamnyy23
Josh Lewin looks like Balky from Perfect Strangers.
2007-09-15 13:43:56
100.   yankz
He was born in Massachusetts.

He's still a douchebag. Knowing Sox fans, they're probably proud to have him on their side.

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2007-09-15 13:45:52
101.   monkeypants
I give up--mute button has been deployed. Someone let me know if they start talking about anything worthwhile.
2007-09-15 13:46:29
102.   thelarmis
101 i hit mute at the same time!
2007-09-15 13:48:07
103.   Eirias
Beckett did not just hit 100 on the speedgun. That gun must be off.
2007-09-15 13:50:11
104.   nick
Wang hit 97 last inning, or should that be "97"...
2007-09-15 13:52:38
105.   williamnyy23
Very good to pitch...Alex has been taking a few more of those lately.
2007-09-15 13:52:48
106.   thelarmis
to close to take on 3-2 count... 58 pitches for fuckett thru 3. c'mon wang, make this frame quick n easy...
2007-09-15 13:52:50
107.   weeping for brunnhilde

Alex actually seemed ok with that call, but that looked outside.

Damn it.

2007-09-15 13:53:34
108.   williamnyy23
105 Good pitch to hit, I meant.
2007-09-15 13:53:49
109.   monkeypants
106 That 8 pitch second by the hacktastics didn't help.
2007-09-15 13:54:30
110.   williamnyy23
Beckett's game plan seems to be pitch around Arod and Posada with men on base. Matsui has to start hitting then.
2007-09-15 13:54:49
111.   Yankees Brasil
107 Thought so too. I just want to see Wang getting that call.
2007-09-15 13:55:29
112.   yankz
The new season of Prison Break looks pretty bad, IMO.
2007-09-15 13:55:54
113.   williamnyy23
This Pedroia fetish is amazing...but then again maybe not. Most media guys are probably a lot like Lewin...short, white and unathletic. So, naturally, they gravitate toward guys like Pedroia and Eckstein.
2007-09-15 13:56:13
114.   bartap74
He plays like a piranha? Fish suck at baseball.
2007-09-15 13:57:05
115.   cult of basebaal
aaargh! i just got back home and fired up the DVR, licking my chops to see beckett v wang ... only to find the fox has fucked me once again with dodgers vs d'backs ... awesome!
2007-09-15 13:57:24
116.   bartap74
My god, this broadcast really is painful to listen to.
2007-09-15 13:57:24
117.   yankz
114 Did they really just say that? Has to be the worst simile I've ever heard.

Wang pitches like a sea lion.

2007-09-15 13:58:10
118.   Eirias
114 The Marlins did beat the Yankees in the World Series. Besides, you don't know what kind of baseball leagues they have under the sea.
2007-09-15 13:58:28
119.   Eirias
2007-09-15 13:58:42
120.   Eirias
Ugly is what you call him.
2007-09-15 13:58:47
121.   williamnyy23
114 I heard Abe Vigoda had a pretty good college career.
2007-09-15 13:59:35
122.   monkeypants
OK, how do these hot zones work? For both Ortiz and A-Rod, every zone was hot except one, and the averages cited avrage up to far higher then each player's season average. They just make this shit up, right?
2007-09-15 14:00:22
123.   yankz
122 My only guess would be that's their avg. on balls in play, but even that doesn't fit, I don't think.
2007-09-15 14:00:23
124.   yankz
122 My only guess would be that's their avg. on balls in play, but even that doesn't fit, I don't think.
2007-09-15 14:00:44
125.   Jersey
122 They asked Mike Pagliarulo what he thought.
2007-09-15 14:01:02
126.   monkeypants
And how did Ortiz not advance on that play?
2007-09-15 14:01:31
127.   nick
nice to see em getting on Ortiz for slack baserunning, at least..
2007-09-15 14:01:34
128.   monkeypants
125 Hysterical!!
2007-09-15 14:01:38
129.   williamnyy23
122 All of the zones are strikes, so naturally, good hitters should be hit in most of the boxes.
2007-09-15 14:02:24
130.   thelarmis
back to back walks to their big guys. i can take that as long as he gets nancy on a nice, easy groundout right now...
2007-09-15 14:02:25
131.   williamnyy23
Wang shouldn't have been in the stretch with Ortiz on 1st.
2007-09-15 14:02:35
132.   nick
122 the fact that they don't even bother to explain Teh Hott Zone™ says all you need to know about Fox...
2007-09-15 14:02:44
133.   yankz
Dammit. Come on, Wang.
2007-09-15 14:03:49
134.   williamnyy23
132 Hot Zone sounds like a FOX primetime show.
2007-09-15 14:03:52
135.   monkeypants
Hey, there are a bunch of celebrities at Fenway today? I didn't know celebrities went to Red Sox games. I wonder if celebrities know that Fox shows them when they attend ballgames? When did Fox start showing celebrities at ball games? There sure are a lot of celebrity baseball fans...
2007-09-15 14:04:07
136.   thelarmis
is alri, yankz, so long as he doesn't lose drew. 42 pitches so far thru 3. get 'em right here...
2007-09-15 14:04:50
137.   monkeypants
129 Dammit...that actually makes sense.
2007-09-15 14:04:50
138.   williamnyy23
Wang seems to have this inning every game lately...a man gets on base and he loses it from the stretch. The Yankees have to figure this out.
2007-09-15 14:05:21
139.   thelarmis
ok, now that's not so good. me no likey walking the bases loaded. MUST get vagitek out quick...
2007-09-15 14:06:15
140.   nick
I'd like to see the Not Zone--eg, give me Vlad Guerrero's #s on pitches out of the strike zone...
2007-09-15 14:06:56
141.   nick
our Varitek, he's a better player than your Postada, don't you know....
2007-09-15 14:07:16
142.   thelarmis
sweet. nice. well, sorta. wang's in-game WHIP now at an even 2. 3 hits/3 walks. plus, 3 punchouts. 15 pitches per inning. let's keep 'em at 1 run...

115 damn cult, that sucks! sorry, bro...

2007-09-15 14:07:16
143.   williamnyy23
Wang's kryptonite seems to be pitching from the stretch for the first couple times in a ball game. When he escapes, he usually have a great start. When he doesn't, he gives up 3-4 runs.
2007-09-15 14:08:07
144.   yankz
I love Pete Abraham: "I see Dane Cook in the Fox booth. What a time to not have a hand grenade. I remember hearing about him last year, wondering what all the fuss was about and then watching his show on HBO. It was brutal."

The whole update is funny, really.

2007-09-15 14:08:52
145.   nyy jim
My day is complete, Sterling just made his daily comment, "It's impossible to predict baseball." He's still a better option than McCarver.
2007-09-15 14:09:32
146.   williamnyy23
I just looked up Wangs splits and he has near identical numbers with no men on, 2nd and 3rd and bases loaded. In all instances, he can likely use the full wind-up.
2007-09-15 14:09:38
147.   nick
god, it's amazing watching Jorge this year--he just does not take bad swings at low stuff out of the strike zone any more...
2007-09-15 14:10:34
148.   williamnyy23
147 jinx
2007-09-15 14:11:16
149.   nick
ok, so I jinxed him.
2007-09-15 14:11:18
150.   williamnyy23
The zone is a lot wider now, or so it seems.
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2007-09-15 14:11:59
151.   monkeypants
145 In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king...
2007-09-15 14:12:10
152.   Orly Yarly NoWai
147 Doh!

Wow; Tito tells us the truth. Midget sucks. It's true.

2007-09-15 14:13:02
153.   yankz
152 What'd Tito say?
2007-09-15 14:14:20
154.   nick
fuckin Beckett really working the strike zone--gotta get his pitch count back up so he's gone after 6...
2007-09-15 14:14:26
155.   yankz
Oh how I hate you, Josh Beckett. You're the Dane Cook of pitchers.
2007-09-15 14:15:18
156.   williamnyy23
Yankees really need Matsui to start makning good contact.
2007-09-15 14:15:25
157.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Quick survey:

If any person associated with this game could be struck with a train, I would want it to be:

A) Beckett
B) Papelbon
C) McCarver

2007-09-15 14:15:42
158.   yankz
157 A)
2007-09-15 14:16:00
159.   yankz
157 Though if you added D) Dane Cook, I'd change my vote.
2007-09-15 14:16:07
160.   Mattpat11
Can't take that pitch.
2007-09-15 14:16:14
161.   Orly Yarly NoWai
153 McCarver mentioned Pedroia, and Tito broke in with a "He stinks." They chuckled, and went back to talking about trips to the dentist.
2007-09-15 14:16:40
162.   yankz
161 Damn, really? Funny. Thanks.
2007-09-15 14:17:32
163.   Orly Yarly NoWai
159 I had forgotten about Dane Cook, mostly because he's a talentless sack of crap.
2007-09-15 14:18:06
164.   Mattpat11
Don't walk Hinske.
2007-09-15 14:18:18
165.   williamnyy23
162 He was talking about his Cribbage game though.
2007-09-15 14:18:37
166.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"Actober?" "Actober?"

In Actobah, we pahk thah cahs in thah yahd.

2007-09-15 14:18:51
167.   Mattpat11
72 through four for Shitface.
2007-09-15 14:19:14
168.   yankz
It'd be sweet to see Denzel Washington do promos for FOX baseball. I might even listen to them.
2007-09-15 14:19:27
169.   thelarmis
159 or how bout:

D) all of the above

2007-09-15 14:19:28
170.   williamnyy23
Beckett's CY Young candidacy defies could anyone favorably compare him to Sabathia?
2007-09-15 14:20:06
171.   Mattpat11
170 He's a Red Sox.
2007-09-15 14:20:07
172.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-09-15 14:20:21
173.   thelarmis
yeah, leche! 2 pretty long fly ball outs to center though. still, i like the 2 quick outs...
2007-09-15 14:20:39
174.   williamnyy23
I hate this sun...between the blinding glare and the awful announcing, why bother watching?
2007-09-15 14:20:49
175.   nick
Wang lacking command...scary, but you gotta throw strikes to their weaker hitters--better than walking these guys for the big boys--
2007-09-15 14:20:53
176.   Mattpat11
Okay, Coco Chanel is hitting balls 400 feet.
2007-09-15 14:21:13
177.   nyy jim
Nice quick inning.
2007-09-15 14:21:42
178.   nick
you know, if Wang can throw 95, the occasional fastball up and out of the zone should be an effective pitch for him--does he ever throw it?
2007-09-15 14:21:49
179.   yankz
Now for a home run.
2007-09-15 14:21:57
180.   thelarmis
nice n quick inning.

good lord is jessica alba an absolute goddess. holy wow!!!

2007-09-15 14:23:30
181.   yankz
180 Amen dude. Reason #3829438 why I hate Dane Cook.
2007-09-15 14:23:51
182.   EricSanSan
Last time I checked, out recorded via the flyout and strikeout counted the same. The fact that Wang is "struggling' having given up only two hits and one run is great. I'll take that "living dangerously" all day.
2007-09-15 14:24:17
183.   monkeypants
176 Or 380', this is Fenway!
2007-09-15 14:24:37
184.   EricSanSan
Sorry three hits. Get off Beckett's nuts FOX!
2007-09-15 14:25:08
185.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Actually, 170 , it's not that hard.

Beckett's line: 181.7 IP, 3.57 xFIP, 142 ERA+, 9.0 K/G, 1.9 BB/G, 0.73 HR/G.

Granted, he's been lucky w/r/t his HR/FB%, but he still has an identical xFIP to Santana, and is basically identical to Sabathia.

The reason CC is better and SHOULD win the Cy is because he's pitched a whopping 40 more innings at a 138 ERA+.

2007-09-15 14:25:29
186.   nawlins yankee
181 Reason #3829439: His new movie is about how every girl he meets falls in love with him. I've never seen a more egotistical plot.
2007-09-15 14:25:44
187.   bartap74
Did they really just say, of Beckett, "Dude wants to win, that's it"?????
2007-09-15 14:25:51
188.   EricSanSan
I mean I'd like to hear Sutcliffe instead of McCarver. That's asking alot. How can you not pick Sabathia for the Cy Young?
2007-09-15 14:26:36
189.   bartap74
186 The guy's a douchebag, but the plot of the film is that every woman who sleeps with him finds their true love next, i.e. not him.
2007-09-15 14:26:43
190.   Dan-el
184 i'm sure you didn't know that josh beckett owned 44 head of cattle. very important to know that
2007-09-15 14:27:02
191.   EricSanSan
You would think that way McCarver. Idiot.
2007-09-15 14:27:09
192.   bartap74
188 McCarver just said he's vote 1. Beckett 2. Wang 3. Sabathia.
2007-09-15 14:27:16
193.   bartap74
188 McCarver just said he'd vote 1. Beckett 2. Wang 3. Sabathia.
2007-09-15 14:27:19
194.   EricSanSan
Sabathia 3rd!?! Are you kidding me.
2007-09-15 14:27:48
195.   Orly Yarly NoWai
McCrapper, saying Beckett and Wang should be 1-2 in the Cy voting is probably enough to have you fired for gross incompetence.
2007-09-15 14:27:58
196.   yankz
Would you rather talk baseball with McCarver and Morgan or swap jokes with Mencia and Cook?
2007-09-15 14:28:20
197.   nick
190 yeah, sabathia dosen't have nearly as many head of cattle--the cy young choice is clearcut...
2007-09-15 14:28:54
198.   EricSanSan
Rather be forced to watch Dane Cook's movie. At least is has Alba.
2007-09-15 14:29:20
199.   Orly Yarly NoWai
196 Baseball.
2007-09-15 14:29:52
200.   yankz
Did Melky and Cano get cocky and start to go out partying or something?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-15 14:30:48
201.   EricSanSan
Three flyouts off of Beckett. He's living "dangerously".
2007-09-15 14:31:06
202.   thelarmis
196 anything to do with alba ; )
2007-09-15 14:32:06
203.   williamnyy23
185 But that's my point...if two pitchers are close, how do you not give it to the one with 40 more innings. That's not a small amount.
2007-09-15 14:32:36
204.   yankz
Whoa, guys. Watching the Alba movie was not an option. That's the clear winner.
2007-09-15 14:33:24
205.   Orly Yarly NoWai
My Cy Young ballot:

1) Santana
2) Sabathia
3) Blanton
4) Lackey
5) Carmona

McCarver's Cy Young ballot:

1) Beckett
2) Wang
3) Mayonnaise
4) Sabathia
5) I think Bob Gibson was the best pitcher I ever caught.

2007-09-15 14:34:02
206.   williamnyy23
205 Blanton or Haren in the #3 slot?
2007-09-15 14:37:21
207.   williamnyy23
My goodness...but he swung!
2007-09-15 14:37:24
208.   thelarmis
he was swinging into that. that was NOT intentional in the slightest. sounded pretty bad...
2007-09-15 14:37:32
209.   Eirias
Christ, we are never going to hear the end of this.
2007-09-15 14:37:34
210.   nick
Youklis! well, if you have to hit somebody....
2007-09-15 14:37:42
211.   bartap74
205 No Chamberlain? ( ;
2007-09-15 14:38:29
212.   williamnyy23
Youkilis hits himself with pitches...that arm is could be a fracture.
2007-09-15 14:38:33
213.   thelarmis
they best not be throwing at us after that...
2007-09-15 14:38:47
214.   Benjamin Kabak
Jeez. That just hit him flush on the wrist. That's a bad place to get hit. Ow.
2007-09-15 14:39:13
215.   Eirias
And how many times has just Dice-K hit A-Rod?
2007-09-15 14:39:17
216.   EricSanSan
Wait a minute. How many times as ARod been hit by Boston this season?
2007-09-15 14:39:27
217.   williamnyy23
213 Paging Kyle Farnsworth...please report to the bullpen.
2007-09-15 14:39:30
218.   claybeez
Youk's hands are over the plate, not close to it, but over it.
2007-09-15 14:39:50
219.   nick
this is the game here--gotta get Papi ONE TIME, Wang!
2007-09-15 14:40:35
220.   monkeypants
well, I'm surprised Wang wasn't ejected, knowing typical umpiring logic. In anay case, we can expect some Yankee to get clobberred, with no league penalty.
2007-09-15 14:40:38
221.   EricSanSan
Doesn't ARod lead the league in hit by pitch? Give me a break.
2007-09-15 14:41:07
222.   EricSanSan
I hope he's not hurt, but this getting way overblown.
2007-09-15 14:41:09
223.   williamnyy23
Wanger....keep that ball down please.
2007-09-15 14:41:11
224.   Eric
212 I'm OK with that logic
2007-09-15 14:41:29
225.   yankz
I hate to quote Bill Simmons here, but...

"I almost threw Dane Cook in here because he wore a Yankees cap to a Crank Yankers taping a few years ago even though he's allegedly a big Boston fan, then refused to laugh and took the holier-than-thou approach when my buddy Paul loudly farted in the studio. ... Five years later, he's taking dumps in a garbage can on the TourGasm bus and grossing out his buddies and pretending he's a guy's guy."

Don't worry RSN, you can have him.

2007-09-15 14:41:48
226.   williamnyy23
At first glance, that was a fieldable ball.
2007-09-15 14:41:57
227.   thelarmis
220 there weren't any warnings were there?

boo. that sucked. don't want the fenway crowd in this all. double play now! thank you, please.

2007-09-15 14:42:08
228.   Benjamin Kabak
Why exactly is Giambi playing in with Ortiz up?
2007-09-15 14:42:48
229.   Benjamin Kabak
226 It was at second glance too.
2007-09-15 14:42:54
230.   williamnyy23
228 Holding on Elsbury.
2007-09-15 14:43:04
231.   yankz
OK, just a calm GIDP, 6-4-3. Nothing fancy Wang...just keep it away from Giambi for as long as possible.
2007-09-15 14:43:22
232.   williamnyy23
Wang...use the wind-up!
2007-09-15 14:43:26
233.   EricSanSan
He's holding the runner on. His progression after that is to the front of the cutout.
2007-09-15 14:43:43
234.   thelarmis
alright, nice. 1 more, right now. let's get outta this jam.
2007-09-15 14:44:17
235.   Eirias
A dumb question, perhaps, but is a line drive termed a fly-out or a ground-out?
2007-09-15 14:44:25
236.   Sarasota
I'm ready for a legit 1B man and a platoon between Matui and Giambi at DH. Enough already!
2007-09-15 14:44:25
237.   EricSanSan
Man, I almost wished Jeter could have let that drop out of his glove. Lowell stopped running.
2007-09-15 14:44:46
238.   thelarmis
fuck. and shit. that sucks ass. let's keep it at 2 and get it back in the 6th...
2007-09-15 14:44:48
239.   williamnyy23
Giving up a hit to Drew is like insult to injury.
2007-09-15 14:45:08
240.   Benjamin Kabak
237 Yeah.
2007-09-15 14:45:16
241.   williamnyy23
235 Fly out.
2007-09-15 14:45:28
242.   claybeez
229 Any other Yankee 1B would have fielded it.

Giving up hits to Nancy, Wang is not exactly lights out today.

2007-09-15 14:45:32
243.   yankz
2007-09-15 14:45:43
244.   williamnyy23
Drew similar to Nixon?
2007-09-15 14:45:57
245.   EricSanSan
I know its almost impossible to try and do that. But, seeing Lowell head off to the dugout almost immediately. That would have been an easy double play.
2007-09-15 14:46:18
246.   monkeypants
227 No warnings..I was just venting.

This game is starting to turn a bit. After making Beckett work in teh firrs, he has basically cruised and should finish at least seven innings. Wang needs to limit the damage here.

2007-09-15 14:46:47
247.   williamnyy23
245 That ball was roped. Jeter would have had to let it smoke him in the chest.
2007-09-15 14:47:14
248.   EricSanSan
2007-09-15 14:47:29
249.   thelarmis
thank goodness that was foul. jon miller would've had a heart attack calling that shot. strike his ass out wang. now!
2007-09-15 14:47:32
250.   claybeez
Wang needs to throw his sinker from the stretch 100X a day.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-15 14:47:37
251.   williamnyy23
Why doesn't Wang use the wind up? If Papi realyl stealing 2nd?
2007-09-15 14:47:53
252.   monkeypants
And for all the sarcasm, Wang IS working dangerously for him--too many line drives and fly balls, and that loud foul by VAritek.
2007-09-15 14:48:29
253.   williamnyy23
ill take it.
2007-09-15 14:48:38
254.   monkeypants
Whew..that could have ben worse.
2007-09-15 14:48:44
255.   nick
Varitek is convenient...
2007-09-15 14:48:46
256.   EricSanSan
I mean not close his glove. Let it hit in the webbing and fall at his feet. Like when you take infield and coach tells you to turn two, but then he hits a line drive to you. You let the ball hit in your glove, but don't close it, allowing it to fall at you feet.
2007-09-15 14:48:46
257.   williamnyy23
Step lightly DJ.
2007-09-15 14:49:03
258.   claybeez
Got out of it. Phew! He just loves to tease us today. Silly Wang.
2007-09-15 14:49:20
259.   thelarmis
wang at 78 pitches thru 5. 9 baserunners allowed. it's only 1 run, we can do this.

i wouldn't be too very surprised if puke broke something there in his forearm. could be a blow to the 'nation.' we'll see...

2007-09-15 14:49:37
260.   EricSanSan
It's only 2-1. Just need a few baserunners and we can get to Beckett. Let's go 2,3,4.
2007-09-15 14:50:14
261.   williamnyy23
256 Can't do that. The umpire has the discretion to simply call it a catch.
2007-09-15 14:51:11
262.   yankz
If Jeter and Abreu get out, does Arod get plunked?
2007-09-15 14:51:11
263.   claybeez
Who's running the pool on the next Yank to get hit? My money's on A-Rod.
2007-09-15 14:51:46
264.   williamnyy23
Jeter has reverted back to 1997 form.
2007-09-15 14:51:59
265.   monkeypants
256 The Old Timers (like Rizzuto) used to talk about that play all the time, but I have never seen it done. I imagine it's harder than it sounds to control where the ball goes.
2007-09-15 14:52:45
266.   yankz
264 You mean being responsible for the Yankees' only run?
2007-09-15 14:53:17
267.   williamnyy23
266 No...swinging early in the count. Disagree?
2007-09-15 14:53:59
268.   EricSanSan
I was speaking in hypotheticals. Even if the ball got away to a degree, Lowell had stopped running. It would have made for an easy DP. Just hopeful. I did that play in college for the record, and it was not called a catch. Just to clarify.
2007-09-15 14:54:15
269.   yankz
267 I'm pretty sure I can remember him taking several pitches yesterday, so yes. I don't know, I haven't looked at his recent P/PA.
2007-09-15 14:55:13
270.   EricSanSan
Keep grinding. This is far from over.
2007-09-15 14:55:27
271.   williamnyy23
268 An ump could miss the call. Bill Russell tried it in the World Series and got away with it. Of course, karma got in the end because the throw to first for the double play conveniently glances off Reggie Jackson's ass, giving the Yankees a run.
2007-09-15 14:55:48
272.   yankz
2007-09-15 14:55:51
273.   thelarmis
wow, i blinked and the inning is over? wtf? god, that sucked. mow 'em down quick, CMW...
2007-09-15 14:56:32
274.   monkeypants
264 267 In 1997, Jeter had the highest pitch/AB average of his career.
2007-09-15 14:58:54
275.   nick
ANY first pitch strikes for Wang tonight?
2007-09-15 14:59:16
276.   williamnyy23
274 Really? I was just throwing out a random year from early on, but that surprise me. Where did you look that stat up?
2007-09-15 15:00:34
277.   yankz
Hinske owns Wang
2007-09-15 15:00:50
278.   monkeypants
ESPN player stats, under miscellaneous batting. His lowest #P/PA was 2004, BTW.
2007-09-15 15:01:05
279.   williamnyy23
Seemed like Melky too an odd route to that ball.
2007-09-15 15:01:19
280.   claybeez
This is bringing flashbacks of Wang the rook.
2007-09-15 15:01:25
281.   monkeypants
278 was for 276 .

Wang is starting to looked cooked.

2007-09-15 15:01:28
282.   williamnyy23
279 was a hit all the way.
2007-09-15 15:01:58
283.   EricSanSan
Uh oh. This might get out of hand. This is the bottom of the order too. Not good.
2007-09-15 15:02:10
284.   EricSanSan
Thanks Lugo.
2007-09-15 15:02:17
285.   nick
Hinske could absolutely have scored on that-
2007-09-15 15:02:23
286.   williamnyy23
Great play by Damon.
2007-09-15 15:02:46
287.   EricSanSan
One ground ball here. We are out of this.
2007-09-15 15:02:59
288.   claybeez
Come on DP.
2007-09-15 15:03:25
289.   claybeez
2007-09-15 15:03:31
290.   thelarmis
and there goes the possible dp i was gonna post about. : /
2007-09-15 15:03:47
291.   EricSanSan
Why not throw? Hinske's at 3rd!
2007-09-15 15:04:26
292.   EricSanSan
Need a K here in the worst way.
2007-09-15 15:05:04
293.   EricSanSan
Wow. We are getting extremely lucky.
2007-09-15 15:05:11
294.   williamnyy23
278 Thanks...1997 is the one year that stands out. Interesting. It's also his worst season. In other words, hack away Jetes, you clearly know what works for you.
2007-09-15 15:05:43
295.   yankz
2007-09-15 15:05:52
296.   claybeez
Suck it!

Awesome Jorge!

2007-09-15 15:05:58
297.   EricSanSan
I love how that guy is looking around like he didn't do something wrong. That's a dumb move Bartman.
2007-09-15 15:06:03
298.   Vandelay Industries
Use the four seamer and put the oompa loompa away!
2007-09-15 15:06:04
299.   weeping for brunnhilde
Holy fuck!



2007-09-15 15:06:20
300.   nick
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-15 15:06:23
301.   thelarmis
way to block it, jorgie!!!


2007-09-15 15:06:28
302.   monkeypants
I really hate the "collide with the catcher play"--it should be outlawed.
2007-09-15 15:06:28
303.   Vandelay Industries
2007-09-15 15:06:32
304.   rbj
Wow, great job Jorge!
2007-09-15 15:06:55
305.   nick
that's quite a forearm shot from Hinske--"as clean as could be", hmmmmmm....
2007-09-15 15:06:56
306.   yankz
Jorgie looks rattled.
2007-09-15 15:06:59
307.   williamnyy23
For that to be a legal play in baseball is beyond me. A shoulder to the face is not a clean play. If Hinske isn't drilled next time up, I'll be dissapointed.
2007-09-15 15:07:19
308.   yankz
305 Beckett says it's ok though.
2007-09-15 15:07:22
309.   BklynBmr
Wow is right. Clean. But that was a shot...
2007-09-15 15:07:23
310.   claybeez
Maybe Jorge will start taking more grounders at 1st.
2007-09-15 15:07:52
311.   EricSanSan
This guy does really look like Johnny Damon. Its scary.
2007-09-15 15:08:02
312.   yankz
Rambo or Jorge?
2007-09-15 15:08:38
313.   3rd gen yankee fan
Series is gonna get ugly from this point on. wtf do they think they're doing, fucking with Jorge like that.
2007-09-15 15:09:13
314.   Sarasota
HIP HIP Jorge!!
2007-09-15 15:09:20
315.   Sarasota
HIP HIP Jorge!!
2007-09-15 15:09:23
316.   monkeypants
307 We agree on this one. I know it's macho and "played the right way" and all, but it is beyond me how that play has evolved into the game.
2007-09-15 15:09:24
317.   williamnyy23
313 This is the first time in a while that I really want Kyle Farnsworth to pitch.
2007-09-15 15:09:59
318.   thelarmis
sizemore is "good-good" but pedroia is great, amazing, incredible, awesome, gritty!
2007-09-15 15:10:28
319.   williamnyy23
307 Aside from collisions shouldn't be legal, I still don't see why a forearm to the head is legal. It's not even allowed in the NFL.
2007-09-15 15:10:46
320.   claybeez
Wang just does not have it.
2007-09-15 15:10:50
321.   thelarmis
don't worry, our offense will bail out the Wanger...
2007-09-15 15:10:59
322.   monkeypants
I haven't turned the sound up since hitting MUTE in the second inning. It must be insufferable about now.
2007-09-15 15:11:03
323.   BklynBmr
#$#@! Keep it right here, Wanger...
2007-09-15 15:11:05
324.   nick
god damn it, could they hit it TO somebody on the ground for once?
2007-09-15 15:11:29
325.   yankz
Ellsbury wasn't even this good in the minors.
2007-09-15 15:11:31
326.   williamnyy23
Wang keeps getting beat from the stretch. He should be pitching from the wind-up with men on 2nd and 3rd. It's incredibly frustrating.
2007-09-15 15:11:38
327.   EricSanSan
You have to go to Edwar here. Ortiz has two hits off of Wang already.
2007-09-15 15:12:01
328.   yankz
320 He rarely does in Fenway.
2007-09-15 15:12:32
329.   EricSanSan
I hope I'm wrong, but I hate this move. Wang is all over the place and Ortiz has his number today.
2007-09-15 15:12:43
330.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-09-15 15:12:50
331.   thelarmis
absolute fucking bullshit.

i abhor that fat man.

2007-09-15 15:13:00
332.   Sarasota
322 insufferable to say the least.
2007-09-15 15:13:01
333.   EricSanSan
Nice job Joe. Nice fucking job.
2007-09-15 15:13:02
334.   monkeypants
And that might just be the game, ladies and germs. Wang ran out of gas last inning.
2007-09-15 15:13:03
335.   nick
we really must not have a LOOGY, hmmmmm? if we have anybody, that would have been the easiest managerial decision of all time....
2007-09-15 15:13:10
336.   claybeez
He served up a cookie. 14/29 isn't enough to bring in a RP?
2007-09-15 15:13:30
337.   yankz
2007-09-15 15:13:51
338.   nick
btw, did he touch the plate?
2007-09-15 15:13:55
339.   williamnyy23
Joe left him in too long, but oh well. It was clear that Wang had zippo from the strecth. He had a few opportunities to go to the wind-up, but didn't. Shame on the Yankees for not doing what worked when he got Varitek to pop out.
2007-09-15 15:14:01
340.   BklynBmr
Cy-anara, Wang. The bats will pick you up...
2007-09-15 15:14:18
341.   EricSanSan
Typcial shit. How can you not go get Wang before he faces Ortiz. I mean, are you watching this game? Before that inning, Ortiz was the only person with two hits in the whole game. Geez.
2007-09-15 15:14:22
342.   yankz
He didn't deserve it anyway, but now there's no shot in hell he gets the CYA.

Damn shame the Yanks probably won't have home field in the playoffs.

2007-09-15 15:14:34
343.   williamnyy23
338 Didn't look like he did...ump might have missed that one.
2007-09-15 15:14:39
344.   Vandelay Industries
Oh well. Two shit starts in a row. We won yesterday, we can win today!
2007-09-15 15:14:40
345.   BklynBmr
334 We're not starting that again, are we? ;-)
2007-09-15 15:15:13
346.   Orly Yarly NoWai
206 Haren. I'm kinda sick at the mo.
2007-09-15 15:15:23
347.   EricSanSan
You have to be able to see that. I'm sorry to keep harping, but even if Edwar gives up a hit, its the right move. You know Wang is not going to get him.
2007-09-15 15:15:37
348.   williamnyy23
This game doesn't bother me too much right now because Johan Santana is pitching against the Tigers. Hopefully the anemic Twins offense can manages a few runs.
2007-09-15 15:16:52
349.   williamnyy23
Josh Lewin is the type of guy you'd love to get into a fight with.
2007-09-15 15:17:03
350.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Wait a fucking MINUTE. No wonder Jorge didn't tag him; the ump called him safe BEFORE they made contact!

He DIDN'T get the call right; he blew it COMPLETELY!

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-09-15 15:17:26
351.   monkeypants
343 Jorge blocked the plate, but never made the tag. The runner touched home while Jorge was showing the ball to the ump.

341 To whom, precisely, would you have gone in that situation? I guess Edwar, but v. Ortiz would have been pretty scary.

2007-09-15 15:18:20
352.   Vandelay Industries
You walk Ortiz.....not a hard call to make.
2007-09-15 15:18:20
353.   randym77
A lot of teams like to carry a third catcher once rosters expand. I know they didn't want to put Nieves back on the 40-man, but another catcher might not be a bad idea.
2007-09-15 15:18:34
354.   EricSanSan
What do you know. They haven't seen the changeup, and he strikes the fucking guy out! Ridiculous that he didn't come in to face Papi.
2007-09-15 15:18:50
355.   monkeypants
350 Even so, Jorge KNEW that he never made the tag. Why did he start showing the ball to the ump instead of making the tag first before complaining?
2007-09-15 15:18:59
356.   williamnyy23
I wish the Tiger game was on now so I could know if I need to be upset about this game. A Seattle loss would be nice too just to make sure.
2007-09-15 15:19:04
357.   yankz
Damn, that was filthy.

All right, it's only fair if we spot them a big lead anyway.

2007-09-15 15:19:32
358.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Man, I go to dinner and when I come back I want to scream. From the look of the FOX replay, Hinske didn't even lead with a shoulder, but with his hands. Ridiculous.
2007-09-15 15:19:32
359.   EricSanSan
Why is it scary? The single most important pitch to combat lefthanded hitters is the changeup. Plus, Ortiz hasn't seen Edwar so far, so he has the suprise element going for him.
2007-09-15 15:20:45
360.   weeping for brunnhilde
I still don't understand why Joba can't come in in the middle of an inning.

If he's loose, then what's the big fucking deal?

2007-09-15 15:20:56
361.   monkeypants
352 Unfortunately there were runners on first and third, no? And it goes against baseball wisdom to IBB when there is a runner on first.
2007-09-15 15:21:17
362.   williamnyy23
I like Edwar... I don't care what anyone else says...when he comes in, I don't have the same nervous feeling I get with most others.
2007-09-15 15:21:30
363.   Orly Yarly NoWai
355 Just my opinion:

If I were in that situation, and I have the ball in my glove and am in the process of making a tag, only to see the ump call the runner safe before either I can tag him or he can get to the plate,I think my assumption would be that the ump thought I didn't have the ball.

2007-09-15 15:21:54
364.   williamnyy23
Hideki still pulling off :(
2007-09-15 15:21:57
365.   monkeypants
359 Because he is a RHP, fly ball pitcher, with high HR rates. He might K Ortiz, or he might give up a 500' blast.
2007-09-15 15:22:51
366.   Orly Yarly NoWai
FOX: "That [collision] was a good, clean, hard play."

The rule books beg to differ, assholes.

2007-09-15 15:23:10
367.   thelarmis
356 amen. i'll be wondering about that during the 1st 2 sets of my gig tonite. santana for twins, kazmir for d-rays. hopefully today will be a wash as far as the WC goes.

unless, of course...we come back and win again! : )

2007-09-15 15:23:40
368.   williamnyy23
Foul tip? Please!
2007-09-15 15:23:58
369.   yankz
Beckett is buying himself half a dozen 1st place votes.
2007-09-15 15:24:28
370.   EricSanSan
Well, to the point today, Wang had no answer for Ortiz. He was struggling to find the zone and was in the stretch. You have a guy that Ortiz has never faced with the one pitch that can neutralize a lefthanded hitter. You have to make that move. You don't leave you ace out there to get beat around.
2007-09-15 15:24:39
371.   BklynBmr
366 Yeah, looked like a stiff forearm on a second look, but to the neck! I can see leading with a shoulder below the neck, but not a forearm to the Adam's apple...
2007-09-15 15:24:52
372.   williamnyy23
367 Thinks Paps comes in again?
2007-09-15 15:25:02
373.   EricSanSan
Toss him!
2007-09-15 15:25:25
374.   claybeez
OK. I lost. Giambi...go figure.
2007-09-15 15:25:26
375.   thelarmis
what a fucking pussy.
2007-09-15 15:25:29
376.   monkeypants
Well, at this rate the Yankees might see the BP for one inning. Now, does Joe burn Joba in the 8th?

And there is the intentionally beaning. Of course, no ejection. Unbelievable.

2007-09-15 15:25:32
377.   EricSanSan
Why do they get a warning. What the fuck!
2007-09-15 15:25:49
378.   williamnyy23
That's pathetic...but I love how Giambi took it like a man. Do you think Beckett wants to mix it up with Giambi? Who is our goon in the bullpen?
2007-09-15 15:25:55
379.   Benjamin Kabak
Unbelievable. Joba throws two pitches above someone, but Beckett obviously throws at one of our guys and doesn't get tossed.
2007-09-15 15:26:21
380.   EricSanSan
That was clearly intentional. Joba get tossed, this douche bag gets a warning.
2007-09-15 15:26:22
381.   Jersey
A fucking warning.

A fucking WARNING.


2007-09-15 15:26:32
382.   Vandelay Industries
Bring Henn in with the only mission to keep hitting batters until he gets tossed, then go to Villone to do the same.
2007-09-15 15:26:37
383.   Orly Yarly NoWai
C'mon... c'mon... Make Beckett regret his doucheness.
2007-09-15 15:26:39
384.   SF Yanks
Why the fuck isn't he suspended?????
2007-09-15 15:26:51
385.   williamnyy23
377 Exactly...could intent be any more clear? If Joba was thrown out for intent, why not Beckett?
2007-09-15 15:26:53
386.   3rd gen yankee fan
375 Indeed. I hope they crush this guy.
2007-09-15 15:26:55
387.   EricSanSan
Now hit a three run homer here.
2007-09-15 15:27:19
388.   cult of basebaal
time to deliver melk-man
2007-09-15 15:27:23
389.   yankz
Things I'd like to see today

1. Jessica Alba
2. The Yankees mounting a 2-out rally after that HBP

2007-09-15 15:27:38
390.   EricSanSan
Let sleeping dogs lie, Beckett.
2007-09-15 15:27:47
391.   thelarmis
good lord, how tall is that umpire? i know melky is under 6', but ol' Blue is towering over him!

c'mon leche!

2007-09-15 15:28:06
392.   Orly Yarly NoWai
382 I'll take Farnsworth throwing behind Elsbury or Pedroia.
2007-09-15 15:28:17
393.   bartap74
The "game summary" is all Boston.
2007-09-15 15:28:18
394.   monkeypants
370 "You don't leave you ace out there to get beat around."

I might agree with the rest of your post, but this last sentence doesn't make much sense. If there is any pitcher you give perhaps too long of a leash to, to trust too far, it's your ace. If anything, Torre's M.O. is to pull his starters too soon, not too late. He made the call to stick with his best starter for one more out and he got burned.

2007-09-15 15:28:19
395.   thelarmis
contusion on puke, x-ray's negative...
2007-09-15 15:28:31
396.   williamnyy23
Melky has really struggled lately...he could use a big hit.
2007-09-15 15:28:40
397.   NJYankee41
I'm really getting tired at the Yankees getting hit and never being able to retaliate. Yanks get hit warnings get handed out. Same story every time. Youklis dives into the plate like Jeter. Unlike Jeter he lacks the class to accept that he will get hit once in a while and preceeds to whine like a bitch.
2007-09-15 15:29:14
398.   williamnyy23
395 So was Phillips'.
2007-09-15 15:29:27
399.   claybeez
392 F' that. Hit Tek or Papi.
2007-09-15 15:29:40
400.   yankz
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-09-15 15:29:41
401.   JeremyM
I'm sorry, but the double standard is beyond ridiculous. That was CLEARLY intentional. Not any doubt about it. Clemens was tossed earlier in a situation where it was slightly less clear cut. Joba was tossed. But a Sox does it, and it's a WARNING. But of course.
2007-09-15 15:29:54
402.   yankz
No more hitting. They'll get chucked.
2007-09-15 15:30:06
403.   BklynBmr
389 What else could one possibly want out of life?

Ahh, Melky... Well, they have to frustrate us first with LOB stunt before they start rippin'...

2007-09-15 15:30:45
404.   cult of basebaal
389 krazy kyle and dane cook in an iron cage death match

meanwhile, melky, you're making steve phillips look good ... stop that immediately!

2007-09-15 15:30:58
405.   EricSanSan
Not when your ace has no clue where his pitches are going. Not when he's showed all day that he doesn't have his best stuff. Most definitely not when he is facing a guy that already has two hits off of him, is one of the best clutch hitters in the league, and a guy that is hitting near .500 career against him.

That's when you go get him.

2007-09-15 15:31:15
406.   williamnyy23
402 That's why you bring in Sean Henn :)
2007-09-15 15:31:24
407.   Orly Yarly NoWai
402 Get Henn and Farnsworth up. If the Farnswhacker gets tossed, we don't really lose much.
2007-09-15 15:31:29
408.   yankz
403 3. Dane Cook announcing his retirement from entertainment so he can live as a rice farmer in a remote region of Thailand.
2007-09-15 15:31:39
409.   JeremyM
Melky has really been struggling at the plate. And Matsui is flat out killing the team, I can't get over him swinging at the first pitch following 2 walks.
2007-09-15 15:31:56
410.   williamnyy23
Edwar looks crazy enough to hit someone.
2007-09-15 15:32:19
411.   williamnyy23
3-0 count...hit him.
2007-09-15 15:33:10
412.   williamnyy23
409 Yep...I agree...but for the most part, Beckett was on, so you can't get as upset as yesterday.
2007-09-15 15:33:30
413.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"We don't know if it was retaliatory..."

Other things the crew is not sure of:

1) Gravity
2) Whether or not they are color-blind
3) The Red Sox: awesome the the most awesome?

Feel free to add your own!

2007-09-15 15:34:23
414.   EricSanSan
Not sure of:

1. How to call a Red Sox game objectively

2007-09-15 15:34:26
415.   williamnyy23
Who's the new 1B? Who's the dirty bastard that went hands high on Jorge?

Perfect. Kill two birds with one stone.

2007-09-15 15:34:37
416.   yankz
4) How to promote MLB
5) What year it is
2007-09-15 15:35:34
417.   JeremyM
412 No, Beckett has been good, it happens. Still, they had a chance to make him squirm and Matsui bailed him out. Oh well.

If Beckett doesn't get suspended, I will be seriously pissed. It's just getting old. Other teams have carte blanche to pretty much do what they want it seems, and the Yankees get suspended if they bat an eye.

2007-09-15 15:35:44
418.   yankz
Bad sign: Our starters have looked bad the past 2 days, while theirs have either looked OK or great.
2007-09-15 15:36:06
419.   yankz
If he doesn't even get tossed, can he get suspended?
2007-09-15 15:37:04
420.   Vandelay Industries
417 You don't think that has anything to do with the fact that we have nothing but pussies in our rotation? I mean seriously, is there a bigger pussy than Mike Mussina in the AL when it comes to pitching inside?
2007-09-15 15:37:28
421.   williamnyy23
Villone? I like it...he is a tough SOB. If you want a full share, you know what to do.
2007-09-15 15:37:36
422.   EricSanSan
Did I miss something. Didn't he just strike out two of the three he faced? Why are we going to get Villone?
2007-09-15 15:37:41
423.   monkeypants
405 Then whether he is your ace or not is irrelevant--any pitcher in such circumstances should be pulled. Therefore your statement ("don't leave your ace out there...") is at best redundant.
2007-09-15 15:37:56
424.   yankz
Why are they yanking him?
2007-09-15 15:37:58
425.   thelarmis
and, of course, macmoron calls ramirez, veras...
2007-09-15 15:38:09
426.   williamnyy23
420 Roger Clemens is on line one. He wants to speak with you.
2007-09-15 15:38:10
427.   BklynBmr
It makes perfect sense to have a few Yanks suspended right now...
2007-09-15 15:38:23
428.   yankz
422 I think he's going to plunk him...
2007-09-15 15:38:41
429.   EricSanSan
Okay, that's a valid point. But you do agree he should have been removed. Ok. That's the main objective.
2007-09-15 15:38:57
430.   williamnyy23
425 So? You think announcers should know the names of the players in the game?
2007-09-15 15:39:02
431.   thelarmis
424 maybe they want villone to drill hinske hard. they wouldn't want to lose edwar to a suspension...?! ; )
2007-09-15 15:39:30
432.   williamnyy23
424 Too many Ks? I am hoping it's so Villone can plunk Hinske.
2007-09-15 15:39:56
433.   thelarmis
430 ooh, silly me. that would be asking too much of them! ; )
2007-09-15 15:39:57
434.   EricSanSan
This only makes sense if they drill him. If not to take out Edwar after he just struck out a left handed batter is dumb.
2007-09-15 15:40:28
435.   Vandelay Industries
426 Yea. Arod only had to get thrown at four times for us to retaliate. Face it, we get thrown at because teams know they can do it without retribution, it is that simple.
2007-09-15 15:41:02
436.   yankz
OK, never mind. Guess it is just a stupid bullpen move.
2007-09-15 15:41:21
437.   EricSanSan
I couldn't agree any more. The stench of vagina coming for our manager when it comes to retaliating is without equal.
2007-09-15 15:41:27
438.   williamnyy23
I am almost as dissapointed in that AB as the score of the game.
2007-09-15 15:41:47
439.   EricSanSan
2007-09-15 15:42:19
440.   thelarmis
nice job, villone! really good work! uh, or was that veras? i dunno, can't tell, ask macmoron...
2007-09-15 15:42:24
441.   EricSanSan
Do me a favor and just wave the white flag Joe. Awful move.
2007-09-15 15:42:25
442.   yankz
Has Edwar thrown a ton of pitches recently or something?
2007-09-15 15:42:26
443.   williamnyy23
My gosh...why the hell was Villone in this game? Honestly.
2007-09-15 15:42:34
444.   monkeypants
429 I think he was out of gas at the end of the previous inning. Once he decided to go with him for the sixth, then the decision becomes tougher. I'm not thrilled with the Edwar-Ortiz matchup, but then again, I'm not thrilled with any matchup against Ortiz.

Interestingly, he just brought in Villone, presumably because a lefty was up. If that's the cae, then why not have Villone warming in the previous inning? Not that I trust Villone v. Ortiz any more then the rest of them.

2007-09-15 15:44:09
445.   Vandelay Industries
Joe has nothing but bad options here being down by four.
2007-09-15 15:44:23
446.   Eirias
That commercial annoys me to no end. The Dark is Rising was probably my favorite book growing up, and they are just destroying it in movie form.
2007-09-15 15:45:03
447.   williamnyy23
Another outing for the Brewmaster...maybe Joe is trying to set up the same ingredients for a comeback. Everything started yesterday with Bruney cleaning up the mess of an awful lefty.
2007-09-15 15:45:34
448.   monkeypants
The only problem with retaliating is that the Yankees always get the worst of it with suspensions. The Blue Jays basically took aim at A-Rod for three games, nothing happened. Clemens retaliate and is suspended for five games. Joba throws near Youkilis is is suspnded for two games.

Whoever retailiates is going to sit for a few games, in the heat of a penant/WC race.

2007-09-15 15:46:10
449.   tommyl
Ah, good to see Villone reminding us he does suck. On the plus side, Bruney at least didn't walk anyone yet.
2007-09-15 15:46:11
450.   williamnyy23
Why is Giambi playing so far off the line?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-09-15 15:46:11
451.   yankz
448 Are you going to miss Villone that much?
2007-09-15 15:46:24
452.   yankz
I hate Fenway.
2007-09-15 15:46:35
453.   EricSanSan
So, let me get this straight. After striking out two of three hitters that he faced, including a left hander, we are better off as a team if we bring in Villone and Bruney.

What a genius.

2007-09-15 15:46:38
454.   williamnyy23
448 Ah hem...Sean Henn.
2007-09-15 15:47:20
455.   williamnyy23
Any chance of the Yankees coming back was pretty much thwarted by this silly bullpen experiment.
2007-09-15 15:47:45
456.   monkeypants
448 That being said, as this game has gotten out of control, maybe finding some BP cannon fodder to put the ball in Ortiz' ribs wouldn't be such a bad idea. Hell, leave Bruney out there to do it this inning.
2007-09-15 15:47:45
457.   EricSanSan
Wow. this is a joke. Well done Joe.
2007-09-15 15:47:50
458.   williamnyy23
You know it's a bad call when the batter refuses to take first base.
2007-09-15 15:48:04
459.   yankz
I think Villone was told to plunk Hinske but failed to do so. Torre, angry that he couldn't follow directions, yanked him immediately.

It's the ONLY thing that makes sense, assuming Edwar's OK and good to go.

2007-09-15 15:48:12
460.   thelarmis
this is fun! let's walk in a run now! yay!

good grief. do we have 2 5-run comebacks in a row on the road in us???

2007-09-15 15:48:43
461.   williamnyy23
456 Exactly...Ortiz is the Giambi equivalent.
2007-09-15 15:49:25
462.   EricSanSan
By the way, I don't see the love affair with Britton. An out of shape righty that barely hits 90 with no secondary stuff to speak of will not be a useful reliever.
2007-09-15 15:49:43
463.   williamnyy23
What you are seeing is the drawback of getting a good outing from a bad reliever. It leads Joe right back to the same sour well.
2007-09-15 15:50:32
464.   williamnyy23
462 He needs to get in shape, but he does have decent stuff and throws strikes. He could be a very useful back of the pen kind of guy at a low salary.
2007-09-15 15:51:12
465.   thelarmis
bruney with a walk and a strikeout. hmmm...predictable!

aaaaaaand....yet another pitching change...

2007-09-15 15:51:31
466.   Ravenscar
For fear of getting flamed, I can actually see the differences here in how Joba and Beckett were treated. The Beckett pitch I agree was cclearly intentional. However, it was very clearly at the body. Even if Joba's pitches weren't interntional, they made a MUCH worse impression because of location and speed, i.e. right at the head and almost 100 mph. The impression it makes is definitely very different, and that probably the reason.

I would also like to say that I CANNOT STAND Josh Beckett and would root for a line drive to hit him in his ass every time. But I don't thnk it's unimaginable and inconceivable why he didn't get tossed and Joba did.

2007-09-15 15:51:32
467.   EricSanSan
Oh God. Here comes gasoline.
2007-09-15 15:51:40
468.   thelarmis
ah, henn. and a bases clearing double coming up. hmmmm...predictable!
2007-09-15 15:51:41
469.   yankz
Dude, the inning is still going on??
2007-09-15 15:51:42
470.   williamnyy23
Oh my goodness...Sean Henn? Torre has gone past absurd now.
2007-09-15 15:51:47
471.   tommyl
462 Except last year for Baltimore when he was? And this year in the minors?
2007-09-15 15:51:47
472.   monkeypants
Baseball with 40 man rosters--nothing more exciting...
2007-09-15 15:52:31
473.   yankz
466 Do you only voice your lovely Mets opinion about HBP?
2007-09-15 15:52:47
474.   tommyl
Don't we have some rookie who pitched a scoreless inning? Ross something? like the guy from friends?
2007-09-15 15:53:02
475.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Quick bit of research, using B-R.

Yankees pitchers, counting today, have hit Red Sox batters eight times. Red Sox pitchers have hit Yankee batters nine times, Alex Rodriguez accounts for four of those. Youkilis has been hit three times, but with his stance (hands in the strike zone, leaning over the plate) that's not surprising.

2007-09-15 15:53:16
476.   yankz
474 You watch(ed) Friends?
2007-09-15 15:54:43
477.   tommyl
476 Sadly yes, but that was mostly just a joke. I know who Ohlendorf is.
2007-09-15 15:55:08
478.   thelarmis
i am sooooo shocked... feh!
2007-09-15 15:56:01
479.   thelarmis
it's on you Rocket. you best bring the gas tomorrow, man!!!
2007-09-15 15:56:03
480.   bartap74
476 You didn't?
2007-09-15 15:56:33
481.   yankz
I wonder what Edwar's thinking right now.
2007-09-15 15:57:10
482.   yankz
480 I did a couple times, then I realized I wasn't an NYC female with a bad sense of humor.
2007-09-15 15:57:31
483.   EricSanSan
Why is Sean Henn still on this team? I know we didn't hit Beckett today, but the fact that this game is 8-1 instead of 3-1 is because of retarded moves made by Joe Torre. No other way around it.

1. Leaving in Wang
2. Taking out Edwar
3. Bringing In Villone
4. Then Bruney
5. Now Henn

Well done. Only 7 million a year for this great managing.

2007-09-15 15:58:14
484.   williamnyy23
Why would Joe Torre manage this inning the way he did? Was he tanking the game? Or, did he expect Villone/Bruney/Henn to be effective?
2007-09-15 15:58:17
485.   bartap74
Meet the New Henn. Same as the Old Henn.
2007-09-15 15:58:31
486.   monkeypants
And with the stunning inability of the BP they didn't have the chance to plunk Ortiz (they wouldn't do it with men on first and second).
2007-09-15 15:58:55
487.   Sliced Bread
479 and a spare elbow.

eh, as long as Henn keeps them to single digits Yanks can rally against these fuckers.

2007-09-15 15:59:22
488.   claybeez
Can't they just hire someone to flog these guys if they don't throw strikes. Really. Come on. It's simple enough.
2007-09-15 15:59:28
489.   williamnyy23
This inning has been John McClaren silly. Rotating through ineffective relievers is just an awful bullpen strategy.
2007-09-15 15:59:43
490.   monkeypants
484 Better question, why does he keep making pitching changes? At this point, why not stick the ball in Villone/Henn/Bruney/whoever's hands and tell them their job is to finish the goddam game?
2007-09-15 15:59:47
491.   yankz
This is just so baffling.
2007-09-15 16:00:05
492.   SF Yanks
Eric, we get you aren't thrilled with Joe's bullpen management. Is it really necessary to say that, Oh I don't know, about 10 times now in the last 20 min? Give it a rest.
2007-09-15 16:00:07
493.   Ravenscar
"466 Do you only voice your lovely Mets opinion about HBP? "


I thought it was a pretty reasoned opinion. People wondered why they thought things ended up different in those situations, that's what I think.

2007-09-15 16:01:08
494.   thelarmis
joe just needs some excersise, thazzall...
2007-09-15 16:01:31
495.   SF Yanks
For the record I'm not thrilled either, but once is enough to get your point across.
2007-09-15 16:01:45
496.   JeremyM
Cashman needs to take Henn away from Torre. He is the single worst pitcher that I've ever seen get significant time with the Yankees. it's one thing to be bad, but he doesn't have any guts--you could see the look of defeat as he came into the game, and I'm not just saying that to pick on him.

Why do I feel like this game would still be close if Torre had just let Ramirez pitch? Not saying the Yanks would win or anything like that, but man, that hook was way too fast.

2007-09-15 16:02:09
497.   monkeypants
And Fox shows a highlight Montage--no real baseball highlights, only bean balls and collisions at home. If Fox had it's way they'd ruin the game of baseball even more than they do now.
2007-09-15 16:03:13
498.   EricSanSan
You are right SF, I'm taking this much too seriously. These games are pretty close to meaningless, with the Yanks almost locking in the wild card.

We won't play Boston until the ALCS anyway, assuming either of us make it that far, so we'll deal with it then.

I'm off to watch Arkansas at Alabama. See you tomorrow night guys.


2007-09-15 16:03:13
499.   thelarmis
just imagine if manny had been in the lineup. shudder to think...

thankfully, i have to scoot out for a gig in a few minutes and will miss the end of this debacle...

2007-09-15 16:03:18
500.   yankz
Hinske has a career .417 OPS in 8 PA vs. Villone? Maybe that was the reason?
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-09-15 16:04:15
501.   Orly Yarly NoWai
FIFA 07 time.
2007-09-15 16:04:18
502.   yankz
Oh yahoo.
2007-09-15 16:04:19
503.   Ravenscar
Ouch. I wonder if Edwar would have continued well. Because everyone post-Edwar has been having trouble.
2007-09-15 16:04:22
504.   williamnyy23
490 Exactly...if you are losing a battle to win the war, fine. But to keep cycling these guys in leads me to believe Torre actually thinks it's going to work. That's pretty scary.
2007-09-15 16:04:24
505.   JeremyM
493 I see you're point, but my point is Clemens made a clean HBP and was tossed and suspended. Yes, the benches had been warned (of course, a Yankee had been hit). And Joba was not "right at the head," that part I disagree with. I don't really have a problem with Beckett throwing at Giambi. I have a problem with the disparity in discipline.
2007-09-15 16:06:45
506.   williamnyy23
500 8 PAs? Not only is that a small sample size, but you have to consider the context of the season, which for Villone has been awful.
2007-09-15 16:07:10
507.   Neuropit
This game is unwatchable, we really stink, the bullpen is painful. And Torre is done, totally done. I hope that Santana help us tonight.
2007-09-15 16:08:47
508.   williamnyy23
505 Exactly...if you are only going to eject players after warnings, you are essentially rendering intent irrelevant. Joba wasn't warned, but was ejected for suspected intent. Well, what else would you call Beckett's intentions? There is no logic to justify why Beckett wasn't ejected (or won't be suspended) if you are applying things fairly.
2007-09-15 16:08:54
509.   monkeypants
505 I have a problem with Beckett (clearly intentionally)throwing at Giambi in retaliation for a Youkilis' HBP, which was clearly not intentional. I don't like the whole baseball justce thing anyway, but at least as I understand it, the players are supposed to "know" how the rules work and fairly distribute justice and police themselves. In what way is sticking one in Giambi's ribs justice?
2007-09-15 16:09:12
510.   williamnyy23
Let's go Johan and Kaz!
2007-09-15 16:11:28
511.   williamnyy23
I can't believe the stupidity on FOX. McCarver and Lewin are flabergasted by a stat that showed a higher percentage of multi-run innings begin with solo home runs versus walks.
2007-09-15 16:11:32
512.   Ravenscar
505 - ok, "right at the head" was a little strong, but they were definitely close to the head and simply 2 way scarier pitches was my main point. And Clemens has year and years of reputation on his side, like 20 more than even Beckett for being kind of a headcase who throws at people. I don't think any disparity is right either, but I don't think it's in a vacuum, all kinds of varied things affect it.

Well, now you guys have a chance to have an even more heart-destroying comeback. I'm in favor of that.

2007-09-15 16:11:44
513.   Neuropit
And by the way: thanks to Yankz for the info about P2P... it's not his fault the game is awful :-)
2007-09-15 16:12:06
514.   Ravenscar
509 - I concur here, definitely
2007-09-15 16:14:08
515.   BklynBmr
Here come the Bronx Bombers...
2007-09-15 16:14:10
516.   williamnyy23
Multi-hit game for the Captain!
2007-09-15 16:14:26
517.   bartap74
I've read every book that Stephen King has written, every one except the one about the Red Sox. I just can't bring myself to pick that one up.
2007-09-15 16:15:58
518.   SF Yanks
517 The one about Tom Gordon?
2007-09-15 16:17:10
519.   Mattpat11
A couple weeks ago, when i was complaining about calling up all these useless pitchers, this is why I was upset. Henn pushed the game out of reasonable reach.
2007-09-15 16:17:44
520.   williamnyy23
518 You mean the 2004 ALCS? No..that horror story was real.
2007-09-15 16:19:00
521.   williamnyy23
Fing Tigers have the bases loaded against Johan!
2007-09-15 16:19:27
522.   williamnyy23
Tigers 1; Twins 0...shit.
2007-09-15 16:20:07
523.   williamnyy23
Let's go Santana...pitch like you want that Cy Young.
2007-09-15 16:20:17
524.   Mattpat11
519 And Ohlendorf wasn't much better.
2007-09-15 16:20:50
525.   JeremyM
509 Well, OK, I don't like it, BUT, if the same thing happened to a Yankee, I would want the same thing done.
2007-09-15 16:20:52
526.   SF Yanks
Because the Tom Gordon book was the only King novel I've read. Didn't think it was that great.
2007-09-15 16:20:54
527.   williamnyy23
Tigers 4; Twins 0...un-fucking-believable.
2007-09-15 16:21:26
528.   Ravenscar
Dammit - 9-3 there sends new england into heart murmurs.
2007-09-15 16:21:50
529.   JeremyM
Are you kidding me? Did Santana puke on his shoes in the bullpen again? Nice job. The Tigers are not going away quietly at all.
2007-09-15 16:21:58
530.   SF Yanks
526 Actually I've read The Long Walk too. That was a weird one.
2007-09-15 16:23:48
531.   williamnyy23
529 Nope...Yankees need to get out of Boston with at least a 3 game loss column lead.
2007-09-15 16:24:45
532.   Benjamin Kabak
I really miss Joe Buck right about now. Or Suzyn Waldman.
2007-09-15 16:24:48
533.   claybeez
If they don't care enough to field the regulars, I don't care enough to watch. Switching to the games on EI. Later all.
2007-09-15 16:24:57
534.   Mattpat11
Joba getting some work in.
2007-09-15 16:25:36
535.   yankz
517 No problem. And thanks, I think.

506 I wasn't being serious.

2007-09-15 16:26:24
536.   Neuropit
Hope they're holding their hits for tomorrow, we must win and with Clemens pitching we really need some runs.
2007-09-15 16:27:27
537.   Mattpat11
Oh well.
2007-09-15 16:27:57
538.   williamnyy23
Bazardo vs. Santana...damn that looked promising.
2007-09-15 16:32:47
539.   Mattpat11
We just need to lick our wounds and win tomorrow. We're still in good shape.
2007-09-15 16:43:39
540.   Sarasota
terrible long before Matsui is made to sit for a few games???....he looks awful.
2007-09-15 16:47:57
541.   BklynBmr
Better 10-1 than a 2-1 heartbreaker. This is already in the fuggetaboutit column.

And f*ck Santana, the Twins, and anyone else on the Tigers schedule, and the Tigers too, for that matter. Yanks control the outcome. They take care of biz, nothing else matters.

It's theirs to lose...

2007-09-15 16:52:09
542.   rbj
541 Amen. I'd rather the Yanks get the crappiness out of their system now and be good in the playoffs.

I do hope the team has some more runs in them tomorrow. They've only had one good inning so far this series.

2007-09-15 17:13:57
543.   BklynBmr
542 This might sound sick, but dropping 2 of 3 this weekend may not be the worst thing in the world. This club seems to let down after a successful 'big series', and a wake up call before facing the fearless O's would be in order.

I want to see a thorough and merciless beatdown sweep of Baltimore to plant the seed in their collective lizard brains for the season finale series, if God forbid, the Yanks have not secured the wild card prior. They've had our number so far, and we need to set sh*t straight.

Not that a win Sunday would hoirt ;-), especially against Shilling.

I'm expecting some free swingin' Bomber bats tomorrow...

2007-09-15 17:20:45
544.   Mattpat11
543 We MUST sweep Baltimore. Enough of this bullshit already.

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