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Friday Night Lights
2007-09-15 08:29
by Alex Belth
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Here's more about last night: Edes, Cafardo, and Malloy in The Boston Globe; Bradford, Massarotti, and Buckley in The Boston Herald; Sherman and Vaccaro in The New York Post; Lupica and Harper in the News, and from the blogosphere, here's Beth from Cursed to First, and the wrap-up from Yanksfan v Soxsfan.

Beckett and Wang later this afternoon...

2007-09-15 08:52:50
1.   Alex Belth
Hey, I know this is probably trivial..but, I have to say that I'm not impressed with Paplebon splitting early, not talking to the media, and leaving teammates Youkilis, Lowell to answer for him.
2007-09-15 09:20:47
2.   Sliced Bread
Kid can chuck but he's no Mo.
2007-09-15 09:37:29
3.   ny2ca2dc
1 2 We get spoiled with Mo being such a class act. Hate to say it (actually, I love to), but that's the difference between the two teams.

I'm in a saucy mood...

2007-09-15 09:41:32
4.   unmoderated
1 i'm not either. there's something about him and pedroia that drive me nuts.

i remember after game 7 of the 2001 serious when mo talked to reporters for over an hour.

however, the kid is just that: a kid.

2007-09-15 10:02:05
5.   fansince77
As I reflect back on the most agonizing game with the most exhilirating finish and outcome I can't help but reiterate my thoughts at the beginning of this series:

The Boston Red Sox (without Manny) are simply not all that...they really don't worry me as much as other lineups. I know, i know- save last night's miracle....

But think of it this way- if the Yanks had simply made the routine plays last night- what would the outcome of the game really been? I mean, I counted Giambi's glove costing us at least 3, maybe four runs. I don't see him butchering the field like that again soon. So even though- it took our engines awhile to get going, I am deeply encouraged. I also like facing Beckett- I think we can score big numbers and get into his five cent head.

2007-09-15 10:03:49
6.   jkay
Check out ESPN's "play by play" for the top of the 8th in last night's game.

They left out a few details.

New York - Top of 8th
Hideki Okajima pitching for Boston
J Giambi struck out swinging.

2007-09-15 10:17:18
7.   Mike T
1 I agree with you Alex. As a professional athlete, Papelbon has to be willing to talk about his less than stellar performances, few and far between as they may be, as well as the good outings.
2007-09-15 10:30:22
8.   alterity
6 yeah, espn regularly does that. i am convinced that it's not an anti-yankees thing so much as a general incompetence thing. they're just not concerned with sports anymore unless it's in relation to "who's now" or some such sh!t. i mean, i just saw the same "nfl field pass" segment for the fifth time this week. isn't there something else they could be doing on sportscenter besides running the same carppy segment over and over again featuring salisbury and clayton and that idiot with the goatee? they don't have the collective intelligence of pond scum.

i know, i know, why am even watching?

2007-09-15 10:31:26
9.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
4 Speaking of Pedroia:

Does he throw like a 5-year old girl or what?

Those 2 throws he made to the plate as cut-off man, when Posada and later Jeter scored?


And this is a guy who started pro-ball as a ss. What did he do, run the ball over to the first baseman?

We're sure lucky to have Robby's howitzer to cut down runners. Right fielder's arm in a second baseman. And Jeter's none to shabby making those throws home from the outfield either.

2007-09-15 10:34:08
10.   Mike T
9 Don't forget Melky's throw last night to gun down Ortiz at the plate. That was ridiculous.
2007-09-15 10:35:59
11.   yankz
8 Seriously, what do they provide that + Bronx Banter + LoHud doesn't? Besides "Who's Now," of course.
2007-09-15 11:06:58
12.   JL25and3
10 I have no idea what the third-base coach was thinking on that play.
2007-09-15 11:58:39
13.   Sliced Bread
12 He was thinking aggressive baseball. Nothing less than a perfect throw was required to nail Ortiz. Unfortunately for the Sox, Melky delivered a perfect throw. Even as good as Melky's arm is, and as slow as Ortiz is, my guess is at least 7 times out of 10 Papi scores on that play. It was early enough in the game to gamble on that, even with Youk? on deck. Not a terrible call by the 3B coach. Helluva throw by Melk.

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