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Stink Pretty, Sleep Well
2007-09-14 21:35
by Alex Belth
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"We lucked out. That eighth inning was incredible," Yankees manager Joe Torre said. "The only thing predictable in this ballpark is the unpredictable."

..."It came apart in a hurry," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said.

Turgid and tedious, that's what it was, suddenly capped by a burst of joy, a shot of espresso. Hot dog. The Yankees played a sloppy game tonight but scored six runs in the eighth inning to beat the Red Sox in dramatic fashion, 8-7 at Fenway Park. The game lasted 4 hours and 43 minutes, just two minutes shy of the longest 9 inning game in history--a mark set last year by the Yanks and Sox. Andy Pettitte struggled, the offense left a ton of runners on base through the first six innings, Jason Giambi was a butcher at first base (botching three plays, the last one leading to two runs), and Melky Cabrera inexplicably slid into first base again, costing himself an infield hit in the process. And yet, down 7-2, the Bombers came back against Boston's two best relievers, Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Paplebon. Jason Giambi started the comeback with a solo homer, Robinson Cano followed with one of his own, and Bobby Abreu delivered the key hit, a two-run double off the top of the center field wall. Alex Rodriguez drove in the game-winning run--a solid single to left against Paplebon--and Mariano Rivera earned the save in what has to qualify as one of the biggest wins of the season for the Yanks.

It wasn't pretty--in fact, it was downright ugly--but it was sweet. Yanks will have to play a much cleaner game tomorrow against Josh Beckett, who is sure to be fired-up. The Sox have handled Chien-Ming Wang in the past, so the fielding must be sharp. My biggest concern this weekend was the Red Sox sweeping. It'd be great if the Yanks can win at least one of the next two. Here's hoping the Twins offer some help against the Tigers.

But for the moment--stay in the moment, kid, stay in the moment--things feel pretty good.

2007-09-14 22:32:04
1.   nemecizer
This was one of the more exciting wins of my 25+ years watching Yankees baseball.
2007-09-14 22:41:48
2.   BklynBmr
Great teams can play ugly and still win. Maybe we're watching one now. But what do I know?
2007-09-14 22:53:30
3.   BklynBmr
From the previous thread, cut n' run is not limited to Internet keyboard managers:

Pete Abe at 9:10pm : "This game was botched when they let Matsuzaka off the hook in the first inning."

Yet another reason baseball is the greatest sport in the history of mankind. Ya just can't run out that clock, can ya?...

2007-09-14 23:16:39
4.   Start Spreading the News
Yanks scored 6 runs on 18 pitches.
2007-09-14 23:18:21
5.   Mattpat11
I think it is pretty amazing that, what, IMO, was the worst game they played all year for the first six innings became the best win of the year
2007-09-14 23:26:35
6.   tommyl
I just walked in the door. After the 7th, with them down 7-2 and my friends calling to meet up I thought it was safe. An hour ago, I texted Google to find out how badly they ended up losing and saw: Yankees 8, Red Sox 7.

Sorry I missed it, but wow, great comeback! You guys seem to have had a heart attack or two in there. My favorite comment was: "Oh, Giambi hits a homer NOW, that's useless." :)

Great game! Now Wang solidifies the Cy Young tomorrow.

2007-09-14 23:30:35
7.   nick
if anybody doubts that the error is a highly flawed statistic, let it be noted that tonight's box score tells us one Jason Giambi recorded his first (1st) error of the season...
2007-09-14 23:30:42
8.   Mattpat11
6 For Sabathia?

Wang's not winning it. But if he can stop shitface from winning it, I'm all for it.

2007-09-14 23:32:28
9.   Mattpat11
7 My fear is that this is going to lead to Stinky Starts.
2007-09-14 23:42:25
10.   nick
9 Be afraid. Be very afraid...
2007-09-15 03:51:52
11.   rufuswashere
I'm trying to replay the 8th on, must be too many people trying to do the same -- it won't load.
2007-09-15 05:51:34
12.   yankz
Klapish: "The Bombers have won 16 of their last 22 games against first-place teams"

Is that "great" enough for you all?

2007-09-15 05:59:32
13.   Sliced Bread
Of all the things, good and bad, that stand out from the game Melky's rope to the plate, nailing Ortiz remains the highlight of the night for me. Granted he didn't gun down Jesse Owens, but a perfect throw was required, and he delivered. 4th outfielder my ass.

Let's get 'em again, Chien!

2007-09-15 06:19:14
14.   OldYanksFan
I'm very sad: "Boston's Hideki Okajima had never allowed a home run to a lefty batter this season, but he gave up consecutive blasts to Giambi and Robinson Cano."

I'm very happy: "Derek Jeter's run in the eighth gave him 1,367, moving him into fifth place past Bernie Williams in Yankees' history."

I'm very pleased: "Boston hadn't blown a five-run lead and lost since April 26, 2005, against Baltimore"

2007-09-15 06:29:09
15.   murphy
i, too, gave up on this one early. big mistake.

the most exciting part of my morning was finding out that, despite and overall crappe night at the dish, Arod managed to drive in the winning run - against boston - late and close - in september - on a night when detroit and seattle both won.

maybe he has shaken hit big-game-aphobia.

2007-09-15 06:31:54
16.   OldYanksFan
I don't get that Torre is giving Giambi very little playing time, and when he does, it's often at 1B. This guy is a DH. If we keep Melk in CF every day, we have 3 OF'ers and Giambi for 2 OF positions and a DH. If Giambi plays 1B ONLY once in 5 games, and sits out once in 5 games, JD, Mats and ABreu can all play 4 out of 5 games, and there are 2 DH days (when Giambi plays 1st or sits) to rest JD or Mats a bit.

Since they are all Leftys, matchups aren't a concern. Yeah, we need to get Shelly some playing time, but there's no reason that Giambi, Mats and JD can all basically play 4 of 5 games.

Giambi will NOT get into a groove playing randomly and less then 50% of the games. Even in his current slump (due to inconsistant playing time) his granny the other day and HR last night are very important to our winning.

And even in his slump, he has 6 HRs since returning, and I will guess that since that time, his OPS is still high, even with his low BA.

We NEED a healthy and dangerous Giambi in our PS lineup. He should bat 5th behind ARod and then Po and Mats... unless/until Mats gets real hot.

With all his flaws, Giambi, with the bat, is still one of the most dangerous guys in the league.

2007-09-15 06:47:58
17.   Chyll Will
No..freakin...WAY!! I, like murphy and probably several others, gave up yesterday and slept with anger last night (though I did have a few pretty interesting dreams), waking up to THIS? And HOW COOL IZZIT that E@#$ is lurking (trolling perhaps?) during the game?? Man, I totally suck. I've got to get my locks repaired so I can be attuned with the universe once again >:'
2007-09-15 06:55:10
18.   rbj
I gave up on the Banter early -- it was getting far too negative -- but kept flipping back to the game. Day-um, what a sweet comeback against "the best bullpen in the majors".

Gotta say it, Remy is a better, more objective announcer than the clowns on ESPN or Fox.

2007-09-15 06:59:37
19.   Sarasota
...Remy and Orsello are as objective as you can hope for from opposing announcers. You can actually listen to them if left no other choice...........Last night's win still tastes very very sweet!!! Joba rules!!!!
2007-09-15 07:20:38
20.   Chyll Will
18 You're lucky. I was flipping for a little while, but I couldn't take Kay's obsequiousness, and to me it's not fun watching a game without the game noise. I've totally given up on radio as well, but I'll bet it was a tad easier to hear than YES (at least until the 8th...)
2007-09-15 07:50:36
21.   monkeypants
16 The problem is, if Giambi can't play 1B right now, who does? Minky? You're right that they need a healthy and dangerous Giambi in the lineup. If Giambi is hitting like he can/should, the defensive trade-off is acceptable. If not, then his bad defense outweighs his offense. But if that's the the caase, then he probably shouldn't DH either--unless one is willing to 1] bench Damon or Matsui, and 2] put up with Minky starting (or Betemit, I guess).

In the past I had argued that Damon should have been the odd the man out, but his bat seems to coming around. Matsui is slumping, so maybe he should ride the pine?

I'm not convinced that the best move isn't just to hold one's nose, stick Giambi at 1B, and hope his bat makes up for his sometimes atrocious defense.

2007-09-15 07:55:03
22.   monkeypants
20 I turned off the radio in teh second inning, after Sterling spent three ABs repeating over and over againg how "Youkilis never has a bad at bat...he's the ideal hitter...he always has a 3-2 [my favorite] he uses 3-2 counts to his advantage..." The panegyric was then followed by long stretches of silence with no actual play by play.

I must admit that it does create a air of mystery about the game, when the announcer doesn't actually tell you what's going on.

2007-09-15 08:00:10
23.   Sliced Bread
21 Sticking with him at 1b is the way to go if you ask me. Giambi's glove work is usually much better than we saw last night. Just keep praying that he doesn't have to throw the ball in a crucial situation.

I've tried all year, but I am unable to be rational about Doug Out, and therefore maintain that he should be the last player off the bench, not to be used before the 17th inning of any game. The Doug Out Rules. Know 'em. Live by 'em.

2007-09-15 08:17:12
24.   Chyll Will
22 You'd think that if the Yanks were to win the WS again, it would just make the Sox butt-kissing worse than ever. I don't ever see this misery ending until there's a major shifting of the tectonic plates in the MLB front office, but even then...
2007-09-15 08:18:52
25.   Ravenscar
The thing with the radio broadcast was that Sterling went into his "baseball, who can figure it, what a game, I mean, you can't figure it, who woulda thought it, it's always different, who could figure it" shtick.

I don't even listen to the Yankees games that often and I hear that from him Every. Single. Time.

2007-09-15 08:29:32
26.   Sliced Bread
One of the comforts of the Mr. Rogers Show, or Captain Kangaroo, or any children's show for that matter, is repetition.

The Lumpy & Chuckles Radio Show on the New York Yankees Radio Network is no different.

You have to admit, Sterling is pretty good at Wonderama.

2007-09-15 08:48:36
27.   Just fair
I listened to inninings 1-6 on the radio. Those innings were so frustrating I once slammed my horn like a fool when they had no outs, 1st and 3rd, and failed to score. During those first 2 1/2 hours or so, I would change the channel to music and say "to hell with them." But like a good junkie, I couldn't stay away for more than a couple minutes.
This went on all night, inlcuding when I got home to see it on TV. I continued to do the channel switching process, but I kept coming back. Needless to say, after Giambi's homer, my eyes were glued until Mo made that rookie wish Pawtucked was still playing and Coco wasn't hurt. HA.
Here's to Beckett straining his neck tonight watching fastballs disappear into the late afternoon sun.
2007-09-15 09:33:59
28.   nyy jim
Whenever the yankees and sox play I always listen to the game on the radio and watch it on TV. Living in massachusetts I will tolerate Sterling any day over any of the obnoxious red sox announcers. Yeah Sterling is an ass and he can't call a game worth crap but he is still better than those red sox idiots.

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