Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-11-25 02:04
by Alex Belth
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Forget the three-team swap. According to ESPN:

Boston would send left-handed pitcher Casey Fossum, lefty Jorge De La Rosa, righty Brandon Lyon and outfielder Michael Goss to Arizona for Schilling.

Schilling will meet with Theo Epstein and John Henry tomorrow in Arizona to work out the details for a contract extension:

"Money is not going to be the key factor. I already have more money then I am ever going to spend. It will have to be right for me, my wife and family. The Red Sox have some positives, the Yankees have some positives, but we will see after I talk to them."

..."I'd rather stay here in Arizona, I have said that all along. I am adamant about that," Schilling said at the news conference. "I realize that it is a payroll decision. They have to move payroll and change payroll. Twelve million dollars is a big chunk of that. You can't always get what you want."

Welp, Yankee fans, it looks to me as if Curt Schilling will be wearing a Boston uniform next year. (Do you feel angry or relieved?) That makes for an imposing front three, no? But as scary as it may seem—and make no mistake about it, this will be the best starting pitching the Sox have had in a long while— what's really scary is the thought of Alex Rodriguez joining the Sox with Schilling and Pedro. If Epstein is worth his salt, the Schilling deal is just the start of things to come. (Hey if you going to dream, why not dream big?)

Be afwaid. Be very afwaid. And remember: Hell hath no fury like Steinbrenner scorned. How would you like to be in Brian Cashman's shoes right about now?

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