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The Boston Red Sox
2007-09-14 14:29
by Cliff Corcoran
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When the Red Sox came to the Bronx for a three-game series two and a half weeks ago I wrote that "the Yankees still only have one route to the postseason, and that's the Wild Card." The Yankees were eight games behind Boston coming into that series. After sweeping the Sox, they were five behind. In the two weeks since, the Yankees have actually lost a game in the standings another improbable sweep would still leave them 2.5 games behind with just 14 games remaining in the season. Boston will have just 12 games left after this weekend, none of them against a team that enters today's action with a winning record. Baseball Prospectus's Postseason Odds give the Yankees a 2 percent chance of winning the division (but an 87 percent chance of winning the Wild Card). As hard as it might be to remember, this weekend's series in Boston is far more about holding off the Tigers (who are a solid 3.5 games back in the Wild Card race, but have won seven of their last nine), than it is about catching the Red Sox.

If that dilutes the rooting a bit, here's something else to root for: the Cleveland Indians. The Indians currently trail the Angels by one game in the overall AL standings. If the the Indians can pass the Angels, then the Tribe, not the Halos, would be the team the Wild Card winning Yankees would face in the ALDS. That's a far more favorable matchup for the Bombers given that they went 3-6 against the Angels this year, but swept the Tribe in their six giames against Cleveland. The bad news is that the Angels, who are the better team to begin with, have the easier schedule remaining with only a four-game set against the finally free-falling Mariners of much concern, while Cleveland has three against the M's and three against those surging Tigers.

Back to Boston, this series features the same three pitchers for each team as the last series in New York, only with Roger Clemens and Chien-Ming Wang switching places in the final two games. Tonight we get a rematch of Andy Pettitte and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Matsuzaka, who leads the AL in pitcher abuse points, has been a mess recently, going 1-4 with a 9.57 ERA in his last five starts, including his last outing against the Yankees in which allowed five runs in 6 1/3 innings thanks in part to his putting four players on base for free (three walks and a hit batsman).

Pettitte, meanwhile, is the Stopper (since the All-Star break: 9-2, 3.14 ERA, 9 of 12 quality starts falling just one out short in two others). He countered Matsuzaka with a gem in which he allowed only the leadoff batters to reach base and held the Sox to three runs over seven innings, striking out six. With last night's loss, he's even got a potential losing streak to stop.

More good news for Pettitte: Manny Ramirez, who hit one of two homers off Pettitte in that last matchup between these two teams, is still out with the strained oblique that took him out of that game. His replacement, rookie prospect Jacoby Ellsbury (hitting .400/.419/.750 on the month), missed Wednesday night's game with a injury to his wright wrist. Bobby Kielty gets the start in left tonight hitting from his stronger right side against the lefty Pettitte. As for the Yanks, their lineup looks like it did the first two days in Toronto, with Matsui getting the start in the field over DH Johnny Damon.

Boston Red Sox

2007 Record: 89-58 (.605)
2007 Pythagorean Record: 94-53 (.638)

Manager: Terry Francona
General Manager: Theo Epstein

Home Ballpark (2007 Park Factors): Fenway Park (102/101)


Doug Mirabelli was activated from the DL
The following players were called-up after rosters expanded:

  • Jacoby Ellsbury
  • Brandon Moss
  • Royce Clayton
  • Jon Lester
  • Clay Buchholz
  • Devern Hansack
  • Bryan Corey
John Lester has replaced Julian Tavarez in the rotation, with Tavarez moving to the bullpen.

25-man Roster:

1B – Kevin Youkilis (R)
2B – Dustin Pedroia (R)
SS – Julio Lugo (R)
3B – Mike Lowell (R)
C – Jason Varitek (S)
RF – J. D. Drew (L)
CF – Coco Crisp (S)
LF – Manny Ramirez (R)*
DH – David Ortiz (L)


L - Jacoby Ellsbury (OF)
S – Bobby Kielty (OF)
L - Brandon Moss (OF)
L – Eric Hinske (UT)
L – Alex Cora (IF)
R - Royce Clayton (IF)
R – Doug Mirabelli (C)
R - Kevin Cash (C)


R – Josh Beckett
R – Curt Schilling
R – Tim Wakefield
L - Jon Lester
R – Daisuke Matsuzaka


R – Jonathan Papelbon
L – Hideki Okajima
R - Eric Gagne
R – Mike Timlin
R – Julian Tavarez
R – Kyle Snyder
R - Manny Delcarmen
L - Javier Lopez
R - Bryan Corey
R - Devern Hansack
R - Clay Buchhholz

60-day DL: R – Brendan Donnelly, R – Matt Clement


R – Julio Lugo (SS)
R – Dustin Pedroia (2B)
L – David Ortiz (DH)
R – Mike Lowell (3B)
R – Kevin Youkilis (1B)
L – J. D. Drew (RF)
S – Jason Varitek (C)
S - Bobby Kielty*
S – Coco Crisp (CF)

*Manny Ramirez is still out with the back injury he suffered in the opener in the Bronx. He had a good batting practice session on Wednesday, but will not start tonight's opener. Kielty will only start against the lefty Pettitte with either Eric Hinske or Brandon Moss starting against the righties if Ramirez is still unable to play.

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2007-09-14 15:53:31
1.   C2Coke
Coco Crisp is latest scratch from the lineup.
2007-09-14 16:08:05
2.   yankz
I should preface this comment by saying that if I had a CYA vote, I'd choose Sabathia.

With that out of the way, does anybody else think that strikeouts shouldn't really be a criteria for winning the award? If someone's better at getting outs without giving up runs, who gives a rat's ass how he does it? Sure, strikeout rates might be a good predictor of future success, but the award isn't about the future. I don't know, I just think that it's possible to be a better pitcher, for one year, while having substantially less strikeouts.

2007-09-14 16:08:15
3.   ny2ca2dc
I predict a Damon walk to lead off.
2007-09-14 16:11:14
4.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
8:10am first pitch, Japanese announcers in an uproar over Daisuke`s struggles, let`s hope they continue today!
2007-09-14 16:12:00
5.   3rd gen yankee fan
All right boys, let's do it!
2007-09-14 16:12:51
6.   ihrtstrayrod
We play today, we win today das it.
2007-09-14 16:13:39
7.   Chyll Will
3 That will do, yes?
2007-09-14 16:14:28
8.   williamnyy23
Come on Cap!
2007-09-14 16:17:24
9.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO they have to kiss Varitek`s ass so much? Good catcher, yes, but is being a "blue-collar guy" so important?
2007-09-14 16:18:00
10.   Mattpat11
How the fuck many times is Matsuzaka going to do that before someone knocks Ortiz on his fat ass?
2007-09-14 16:18:03
11.   williamnyy23
Ball 4 Jeter...the Yanks really need you to get going!
2007-09-14 16:18:14
12.   Chyll Will
Torre: "I hope that's the end of that bull$%^@..."
2007-09-14 16:20:12
13.   bartap74
9 Don't true "blue-collar" guys, I don't know, work for a living instead of playing a game for millions of dollars a year?

On a completely different note, I hope that Joe's mis-usage of Joba doesn't come back to bite us in the ass this game.

2007-09-14 16:22:48
14.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Nice one Damon!
2007-09-14 16:23:01
15.   yankz
All right Arod, do yo MVP thang.
2007-09-14 16:23:20
16.   Eirias
Wow, Terry Ryan quit as GM in Minnesota. The Twins are doomed now.
2007-09-14 16:23:27
17.   Chyll Will
Safe, thanks to Rush'din Pedroia!
2007-09-14 16:23:28
18.   yankz
14 Damn, you are really far behind.
2007-09-14 16:24:12
19.   yankz


2007-09-14 16:24:26
20.   yankz
2007-09-14 16:24:30
21.   alterity
nation of morons...yay, we just loaded the bases!
2007-09-14 16:24:38
22.   Chyll Will
Joba's getting another suspension for that...
2007-09-14 16:24:49
23.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Not intentional, surely...
2007-09-14 16:25:18
24.   yankz
Is there ANY doubt that that was intentional?

Also, I bet if Andy comes inside, he'll get chucked.

2007-09-14 16:25:41
25.   yankz
23 First pitch to Arod? Intentional, IMO.
2007-09-14 16:25:59
26.   Mattpat11
=DiceK Count: 2

Times he's allowed to throw at Yankees without being ejected and suspended.

2007-09-14 16:26:28
27.   williamnyy23
Come on Jorge! They can't let him off the hook now!
2007-09-14 16:26:36
28.   Chyll Will
If they'd beaned their own pitcher...
2007-09-14 16:26:49
29.   Marcus
25 To load the bases?
2007-09-14 16:27:20
30.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Youkilis looks like Mr.Edwards from Little House on the Prairie...
2007-09-14 16:28:22
31.   williamnyy23
take another!
2007-09-14 16:28:24
32.   yankz
29 You're implying that the Red Sox are smart/care enough to let that stop them?

DiceK had looked pretty good, and he beans Arod of all people on the first pitch? Too coincidental for me.

2007-09-14 16:29:46
33.   williamnyy23
What an awful job...not one hard hit ball.
2007-09-14 16:29:53
34.   Mattpat11
Well, the Yankees are clearly losing this game.
2007-09-14 16:30:05
35.   yankz
At least he threw 27 pitches?
2007-09-14 16:30:25
36.   Chyll Will
Well, they made him throw a lot of pitches. But damn, we have to score on those. Phooey...
2007-09-14 16:30:54
37.   Mattpat11
It was as intentional Joba Chamberlain "throwing at" Kevin Youkilis.
2007-09-14 16:31:07
38.   Marcus
32 Come on. Yes, I do think that the Red Sox/Daisuke would not purposely load the bases with one out in the first inning to settle a score.
2007-09-14 16:31:15
39.   williamnyy23
35 But you don't want him out of the game...he's the one you have to hit...not Okajima, Papelbon and company.

The annoying thing about that inning is Dice didn't make one good pitch the whole inning and yet they still couldn't score a run.

2007-09-14 16:31:45
40.   claybeez
It's frustrating to watch such accomplished hitters miss straight 90MPH fastballs, belt high.
2007-09-14 16:31:46
41.   Mattpat11
2007-09-14 16:31:52
42.   fansince77
I don't know, and I am sure I am in the minority on this one, but when I look at the Red Sox head to head...I just don't feel in the least bit intimidated. I think we are just so much better of a team.

I feel that they are more worried about the Yanks than the other way around. Of course the big exception is Ortiz. But one guy does not make a lineup.

2007-09-14 16:32:47
43.   Sarasota
Isn't it time for Joe to pencil Matsui into the 8 hole yet???.....
2007-09-14 16:32:51
44.   claybeez
38 It seems to me that the Sox philosophy might be if you're going to walk him you might as well hit him.
2007-09-14 16:33:02
45.   fansince77
Oh and BTW - Damon was safe at second whether Lugo makes the catch or not.
2007-09-14 16:33:12
46.   OldYanksFan
Jeter and Matsui are killing us!
2007-09-14 16:33:20
47.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
42 Agreed! Slight edge in starting pitching for them, but overall in a 7-game series I`d like our chances
2007-09-14 16:33:45
48.   fansince77
C'mon Jeter...that's shit.
2007-09-14 16:34:07
49.   williamnyy23
My goodness have to contribute some how!

Not a very good start for what's supposed to be an important game.

2007-09-14 16:34:11
50.   Chyll Will
Needs rest?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-09-14 16:34:12
51.   OldYanksFan
Now Jeter can't even throw. SIT HIS ASS DOWN!
2007-09-14 16:34:20
52.   Mattpat11
38 So you just think DiceK mysteriously loses all his control anytime he faces the Yankees?

He does this every game.

2007-09-14 16:34:31
53.   alterity
jeter needs to sit and soon.
2007-09-14 16:35:05
54.   fansince77
The only one that beats the Yankees in this series is the Yankees. Jeter needs to wake up or sit down.

Gosh- I never thought I would say that.

2007-09-14 16:35:50
55.   yankz
At this rate, Jeter will be <.800 OPS on the season.
2007-09-14 16:36:04
56.   Chyll Will
That's because they were the only ones they couldn't get away with not calling errors, Ken...
2007-09-14 16:36:22
57.   williamnyy23
51 The chances of that every happening are less than 0, but in all honesty, Jeter has been one of the weakest players on the team for almost 6 weeks now. It's really quite staggering.
2007-09-14 16:36:25
58.   nyy jim
Is this going to be one of those shit sloppy games. We couldn't take advantage of it in the top of the first let's hope that error doesn't bite us in the ass in the bottom of the first.
2007-09-14 16:36:34
59.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Vomit...did Kay just call Pedroia "gritty, gutty AND scrappy" in the same sentence??
TV announcers really are dreadful....
2007-09-14 16:36:38
60.   yankz
Jeter is without a doubt my favorite athlete ever, bar none, but even I thought he might've been better off bunting in the first. That's how bad he's been playing.
2007-09-14 16:36:38
61.   Sarasota
Jeter will be fine. Gotta sit Matsui put Giambi at DH and get some defense in there. Play Damon in left.
2007-09-14 16:37:31
62.   williamnyy23
54 So far they are doing a pretty job. On talent alone, the Yankees should handle this game easily, but the early signs are that the sharp focus needed isn't there.
2007-09-14 16:38:01
63.   fansince77
Oh bullshit Baker...Ortiz complains all the fucking time!
2007-09-14 16:38:17
64.   Chyll Will
59 I'm turning the sound off...
2007-09-14 16:38:22
65.   Marcus
52 Uh, hey guys, have you seen DiceK's walk numbers the last 5 starts? He's not losing control with just the Yankees.
2007-09-14 16:39:16
66.   fansince77
Get JEter off the field!
2007-09-14 16:39:17
67.   OldYanksFan
2007-09-14 16:39:20
68.   Mattpat11
61 Do you really think Betemit's defense at first is that good?
2007-09-14 16:39:50
69.   williamnyy23
Jeter is playing the worst baseball of his life. If he is injured as they say he is, he has an obligation to bench himself. Not only isn't he helping the team, but he's really hurting it.
2007-09-14 16:40:09
70.   Mattpat11
Manny Ramirez was taking batting practice in a shower cap?
2007-09-14 16:40:11
71.   JL25and3
59 I didn't hear "scrappy," though I might just have missed it. I did catch:

Teammates all like him
Uniform always dirty
Knows how to play baseball
Does all the little things.

All from the YES announcers, in one at-bat. OK, OK, we get it. He's Scrappy McGritstein all over again.

2007-09-14 16:40:37
72.   Mattpat11
65 This has been going on all year.
2007-09-14 16:40:42
73.   OldYanksFan
55 Imagine what it is for the last 4 weeks. Now project that into the PS.
What is the point of playing him? Right now, he's about the worst player on the team.
2007-09-14 16:40:45
74.   williamnyy23
69 If is he isn't injured though, you have to assume he'll get it going.
2007-09-14 16:42:02
75.   JL25and3
People really think that Matsuzaka hit Rodriguez intentionally? To load the bases with one out in the first and Posada coming up? That's absurd.
2007-09-14 16:42:03
76.   fansince77
I sure hope Jeter starts to prove me wrong.
2007-09-14 16:42:48
77.   williamnyy23
75 I agree...if you want to be angry, focus it on the horrible ABs in the inning.
2007-09-14 16:42:59
78.   nyy jim
Ok both teams didn't take advantage of extra outs. Come on Yanks let's play baseball now.
2007-09-14 16:43:31
79.   Mattpat11
75 I think Matsuzaka, like most of his teammates. is a smug asshole that has been throwing at the Yankees all year long.

Regardless of intent, after the Jeter pitch, he should have been ejected immediately. And suspended.

2007-09-14 16:43:51
80.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
71 I think Alan Schwarz did a good bit on the "short,white,gritty-not very good at baseball" player that all media types seems to love
2007-09-14 16:44:01
81.   williamnyy23
Even though they got out of the inning, Jeter cost Pettitte at least 10 pitches. On a night when no one is available out of the pen, that's a very costly inning for the Yankees.

I can't believe how poorly they've played in the very first inning of what is supposed to be a big series. How does that happen?

2007-09-14 16:44:05
82.   Chyll Will
77 Second.
2007-09-14 16:44:10
83.   Marcus
75 77 Exactly.
2007-09-14 16:44:33
84.   Mattpat11
80 I like to call them "spunky". That was my nickname for Bubba Crosby.
2007-09-14 16:44:34
85.   fansince77
75 agreed. There is NO way any baseball person thinks that was intentional. In the same way that Joba's lack of control on two pitches wasn't intentional. If you saw Dzka's curves all inning they were all inside and way out of the zone. AROD chases two many off speed pitches to hit him in that spot intentionally.
2007-09-14 16:44:42
86.   OldYanksFan
We need to be patient with Dice-K and let him walk a guy or 2 every inning. Then eventually he will throw some meat balls!
We need to beat the crap out of these guys!
2007-09-14 16:44:48
87.   williamnyy23
79 Sarcasm, right?
2007-09-14 16:45:39
88.   Mattpat11
87 If Chamberlain is going to get ejected and suspended, Matsuzaka has to.
2007-09-14 16:46:32
89.   fansince77
Shit - I think we can score 5 at least of Musaka - he is a Yankee kind of pitcher.
2007-09-14 16:47:36
90.   williamnyy23
Memo to Yankee the fastball...the one he throws straight as arrow at 90mph...right down the middle!
2007-09-14 16:47:37
91.   alterity
cue dusty and a "clogging the bases" comment.
2007-09-14 16:48:04
92.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
84 Hah, "Bubba was spunky"..that`s funny.
Was Alvaro Espinoza also spunky?
2007-09-14 16:48:13
93.   Eirias
I'd like to note, I hate the Angels.
2007-09-14 16:48:23
94.   Chyll Will
Giambi walking to lead off is like expecting roast beef and getting peanut butter...
2007-09-14 16:48:29
95.   williamnyy23
Let's go need to swing at everything.
2007-09-14 16:48:42
96.   3rd gen yankee fan
88 Eggsacly. "there's a lot of history between these teams..." so friggin toss him.
2007-09-14 16:49:11
97.   JL25and3
80 Good point - he's always white. You never hear about spunky, gritty black players who get their uniforms dirty and play the game right.
2007-09-14 16:49:37
98.   Chyll Will
92 I don't think he was short though, was he?
2007-09-14 16:50:31
99.   williamnyy23
Cano seems to be reverting back to being a hacker.
2007-09-14 16:50:32
100.   Mattpat11
96 Right. No, there was probably no intent. But a) matsuzaka has been pulling this bullshit all year b) intent meant less that zero two weeks ago.

Eject and Suspend him.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-14 16:50:33
101.   OldYanksFan
81 At least 10. Bad throw, botched DP ball. Cost Pettitte one out, maybe 2.
2007-09-14 16:50:42
102.   3rd gen yankee fan
Ring him up for swinging at that shit! AAAARGH!!!
2007-09-14 16:50:46
103.   yankz
97 Chone Figgins
2007-09-14 16:51:11
104.   Mattpat11
97 Juan Pierre.
2007-09-14 16:51:29
105.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
97 Thankfully seems like Chone Figgins is breaking that trend though...Jose Reyes should too..
2007-09-14 16:51:43
106.   williamnyy23
97 Al Newman had that rep back with the Twins.
2007-09-14 16:52:10
107.   williamnyy23
2-0 pop-up...this has been a disgusting effort.
2007-09-14 16:52:40
108.   Chyll Will
103 ,104 When have they ever been called "spunky"?
2007-09-14 16:53:05
109.   OldYanksFan
They can't let Dice-K off the hook. WORK HIM!
2007-09-14 16:53:38
110.   Mattpat11
108 No one has ever been called Spunky. I made that up to describe Bubba.
2007-09-14 16:53:53
111.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
[106etc] Seems to be a trend though, look at the Chase Utley worship going on. He`s a great player, but better than Ryan Howard or Jimmy Rollins on his own team??
2007-09-14 16:54:28
112.   williamnyy23
109 This is the same mindless approach that bit them yesterday and in the Tampa series. Some guys are exhibiting patience, but half the lineup is pretty much swinging from their heels. I don't understand why they would not be completely focused around a game plan in this game.
2007-09-14 16:54:39
113.   SF Yanks
What does it tell you when I switched over to the Red Sox feed instead of ESPN?
2007-09-14 16:55:30
114.   Mattpat11
111 Utley is much better than Rollins. Not even close, really.
2007-09-14 16:55:33
115.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
113 Whose doing the ESPN broadcast? If it`s Sutcliffe I don`t blame you...
2007-09-14 16:55:35
116.   JL25and3
8 ] Matt, you gotta let some things go once in a while. This case has absolutely nothing to do with Joba. The only relevant question here is: did Matsuzaka throw at Rodriguez intentionally? The answer is: No freakin' way.
2007-09-14 16:56:10
117.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
114 Checked out Rollins` stats this year??
2007-09-14 16:56:25
118.   yankz
111 This year, yes, he has been, when you consider he plays a solid 2B.

Rollins is a below-average player offensively for his career.

2007-09-14 16:56:48
119.   fansince77
Shit - Melky has been horrible lately, Damon striking out looking on a fastball middle...good job...what the fuck! The Yanks win when they have good ab's...not always good results- it's baseball...but good ab's it what separates the Yankees. Right now they are trying to keep everyone else around.
2007-09-14 16:56:49
120.   SF Yanks
112 Because it happens and it will continue to happen for as long as baseball is around on any team and to any player. It. Just. Happens.
2007-09-14 16:57:14
121.   yankz
117 I just did.

Chase Utley OPS+ = 150
Rollins = 121

That's a fucking gigantic difference.

2007-09-14 16:57:25
122.   ny2ca2dc
115 Sut AND Dusty!
2007-09-14 16:57:30
123.   Chyll Will
I guess I have to be the only one to say it: I am TIRED of that Heineken commercial...
2007-09-14 16:57:54
124.   Mattpat11
117 Checked out Utley's? And every other year?

Rollins, in his career year, doesn't come all that close to Utley.

2007-09-14 16:58:04
125.   SF Yanks
115 Smutcliffe, Dusty Baker, and some other dude that usually does the NL games.
2007-09-14 16:58:20
126.   yankz
And Utley's career OPS+ is 27 points higher than Rollins'.
2007-09-14 16:58:59
127.   williamnyy23
120 But it doesn't happen often to very good, disciplined teams...the kind that win championships. What worries me is that it has happened way too much to this year's team.
2007-09-14 16:59:18
128.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
121 Rollins putting up those numbers at shortstop though...sick XBH totals
2007-09-14 17:00:05
129.   yankz
127 Yes, it does. Guess what? The best baseball teams lose a ton of their games. Did you forget that they just came off a long ass winning streak? I guess they were brainwashed on the flight to Boston.
2007-09-14 17:00:09
130.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
122 My god...the thankful for Kay and Singleton
2007-09-14 17:00:31
131.   williamnyy23
I don't want to make a hero out of Youkilis, but his approach was perfect in that AB. There is no reason all the Yankee batters who pulled off meak fastballs couldn't have taken Dice the other way. Sometimes, it just seems that this team goes into a game forgetting what makes them a lethal lineup.
2007-09-14 17:00:55
132.   JL25and3
103 , 104 Fair point on Figgins, certainly. I haven't heard Pierre described that way, though. They definitely use BS descriptions to pretend that he has talent, but they're different ones. He's "a true leadoff hitter" who "puts the ball in play" and "beats you with his speed." Different animal - that's a matter of athletic ability, not character.
2007-09-14 17:01:41
133.   yankz
128 And Utley's doing it at 2B. OPS+ adjusts for position. Even when you factor in Rollins playing SS, Utley is way, way, way ahead.

BTW, Rollins has nearly 200 more AB than Utley this year, which explains the difference in their XBH.

2007-09-14 17:02:20
134.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
What on earth has happened to JD Drew?? He lookd awful at the plate...
2007-09-14 17:02:22
135.   williamnyy23
129 I am sorry...but it doesn't. It's one thing to lose games, but another to lose them because you abandon what makes you good.
2007-09-14 17:03:30
136.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
133 Missed the AB`re right. Howard still the scariest player on that team, he`s awesome to watch
2007-09-14 17:03:31
137.   Mattpat11
128 And Utley is putting up better numbers from second base.

He's a much, much better player.

As for extra base hits, Rollins full season average this season is 85 XBH. Utley's is 90. the only reason he's not there is a broken hand.

2007-09-14 17:06:09
138.   williamnyy23
That ball looked like a strike to me.
2007-09-14 17:06:11
139.   rbj
Boo bad umpiring.
2007-09-14 17:06:13
140.   yankz
Also, Utley is .107 (!) OPS points ahead of the next best NL 2B. Rollins is .076 behind Hanley for the NL SS lead.
2007-09-14 17:06:48
141.   fansince77
K-zone shows how fucking brutal the umpire's reward Veritek.
2007-09-14 17:07:14
142.   yankz
135 OK. You convinced me. Teams should be perfect, and never, ever have off days. Never.
2007-09-14 17:07:54
143.   Mattpat11
142 The Yankees had their off days. It was the first half of the season. They've run out.
2007-09-14 17:08:27
144.   williamnyy23
142 If you are going to completely take statements out of proportion, then I am not sure what the point is. My contention is this happens too frequently for a team as talented as the Yankees. If you disagree, so be it, but don't create a strawman to shoot down.
2007-09-14 17:08:54
145.   williamnyy23
Was that DP in slow motion?
2007-09-14 17:08:57
146.   fansince77
Seems like this ump doesn't have the balls to bang out the Sox with two strikes. That should have been a K.
2007-09-14 17:09:03
147.   Mattpat11
That was a double play under water
2007-09-14 17:09:06
148.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Did Kay just rip the Boston fans? Didn`t catch all of that...
2007-09-14 17:09:37
149.   williamnyy23
145 After seeing the replay, the Yankees definitely had a chance for two. Jeter played it like he thought there were two outs.
2007-09-14 17:09:57
150.   Mattpat11
You don't see too many Jacoby's these days.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-14 17:10:07
151.   yankz
143 That is true, the Yankees are running out of time. But this is just another 2-game stretch where the Yanks have looked bad (btw, it's the second). Anything can happen over 2 games.

144 How many times have you declared the season over? I'm just trying to say that you have a tendency to overreact.

2007-09-14 17:11:01
152.   Chyll Will
150 Jacoby & Meyers...
2007-09-14 17:11:02
153.   fansince77
FUCK. No panic. Just fuck.
2007-09-14 17:11:06
154.   rbj
150 My last name is Jacoby. Never heard of Jacoby as a first name before.

That run should be charged to the homeplate ump.

2007-09-14 17:11:16
155.   Chyll Will
150 Jacoby & Meyers...
2007-09-14 17:11:23
156.   BklynBmr
149 Did you see how long that ball took to come down?
2007-09-14 17:11:24
157.   williamnyy23
149 And now the Yankees pay the price...not only are they down one run, but Pettitte has wasted so many pitches pitching around his crappy defense. What a shameful first two innings.
2007-09-14 17:11:26
158.   SF Yanks
I will be really happy if Pukeilis gets drilled in the back tonight. Hard.
2007-09-14 17:11:56
159.   Chyll Will
155 sorry...
2007-09-14 17:12:29
160.   williamnyy23
151 Not often...I've declared the division over many times, but not the season.
2007-09-14 17:12:34
161.   fansince77
Where else could a Jacoby Ellsbury play but pretentious-ass Boston. Sounds like one of the fuckers that signed the Mayflower Compact and executed a few witches in Salem.
2007-09-14 17:12:55
162.   williamnyy23
156 Yes, but still, had Jeter fired to Cano, they have a shot.
2007-09-14 17:12:58
163.   Yankees Brasil
Well, we do desearve to lose..
2007-09-14 17:13:14
164.   yankz
161 That's fucking hilarious.
2007-09-14 17:13:33
165.   fansince77
Wow Bobby Valentine- that's a really bad hair dye job.
2007-09-14 17:13:39
166.   yankz
156 Don't bother. It's much easier just to let them demand perfection.
2007-09-14 17:14:21
167.   yankz
163 Are you kidding me? Why? Because there were like, three impatient AB's in the first two innings??

This feels like a game thread from May.

2007-09-14 17:15:04
168.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
161 That is hysterical...
2007-09-14 17:15:25
169.   BklynBmr
167 C'mon, Yankz. You know this game is over. Time to pack it in...
2007-09-14 17:15:46
170.   yankz
As bad as Jeter's been, it could be worse. We could have Julio Lugo under contract for the next three years.
2007-09-14 17:16:07
171.   williamnyy23
167 This looks like a team effort from May. Sure it's early, but its incredibly disappointing to watch the team come out so poorly in what is their last stand for the division. I expected a fired up group and a resounding victory.
2007-09-14 17:16:08
172.   yankz
169 I'm ordering a Boston hat as we speak.
2007-09-14 17:16:55
173.   SF Yanks
167 Yeah, I was wondering how this turned into Pete A's blog so fast.
2007-09-14 17:17:40
174.   fansince77
Jeter's approach is ALL WRONG.
2007-09-14 17:18:09
175.   rbj
Aw jaysus. As if the ESPN crew isn't bad enough, now they have to bring Bobby Valentine in?
The horror, the horror.
2007-09-14 17:18:11
176.   yankz
173 At least everyone here uses punctuation. For now.
2007-09-14 17:18:40
177.   BklynBmr
172 LOL! Get me one, too. 7 3/4. Thanks!
2007-09-14 17:19:07
178.   SF Yanks
171 How do you know they aren't fired up? That's ridiculous. You can't possibly say that with a straight face. Just because a few things happen here and there, they aren't fired up? I don't know man...
2007-09-14 17:19:23
179.   yankz
Are people going to criticize Abreu's approach at the plate? Because he's pretty much known for his approach at the plate. I'm going to trust that he knows what he's doing.
2007-09-14 17:19:24
180.   fansince77
Does Bobby Valentine voice over Kermit the Frog?
2007-09-14 17:19:26
181.   Mattpat11
I recently found out that my dog, which died in June (some of you may remember) may have been poisoned. Someone left a meatball with a rat poison pellet in a neighbor's yard the other day, and their dogs are showing the same symptoms my dog did before she mysteriously died.

I'm trying to get my mind off this and not fly into a rage, but its not really working.

2007-09-14 17:21:06
182.   yankz
178 I'm watching on Gameday and I can tell you that. They're swinging at pitches over the plate. They shouldn't do that. Also, they're not hitting his pitches over the wall- it's only like 93 MPH, what is wrong with them? Also I can tell that Jeter flipped the ball to Cano behind his back and Abreu is sending text messages from RF. Matsui jogged in from LF to give Arod a massage. Also, everyone got their pictures retaken before the game, so they now all have long faces.
2007-09-14 17:21:10
183.   rbj
181 I remember. Sad day. Find out who the fuckers are.
2007-09-14 17:21:17
184.   williamnyy23
178 I am watching hitters who seem impatient, fielders who seem tentative and not much emotion on the field. On the quality of Dice's pitches alone, the Yankees should have more than a few runs. They are not being shut down by good pitching. Again, it's early, but I thought Dice wouldn't last long because the offense would be disciplined in their approach. So far, that hasn't happened.
2007-09-14 17:21:24
185.   kdw
181 I'm so sorry, that's awful. How can someone be so incredibly irresponsible?
2007-09-14 17:21:25
186.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
181 That is sick...hope you find the bastard.
180 There is shrine to Bobby V outside the Chiba Lotte Marines stadium over here..he took an awful team and franchise and won the title..impressive
2007-09-14 17:21:37
187.   yankz
181 Get a baseball bat and get some revenge.
2007-09-14 17:21:42
188.   fansince77
170 I'm not because Bobby almost never swings at a pitch out of the zone save the ocassional low splitter- and also he doesn't try to hti homers on pitches up and out of the zone like Jeter is trying to do now.
2007-09-14 17:21:44
189.   3rd gen yankee fan
181 Dude that's really uncool. Rage is justified.
2007-09-14 17:22:31
190.   williamnyy23
182 Amusing...irrelevant...but amusing.
2007-09-14 17:22:36
191.   SF Yanks
Regarding all the "approach" talk. Jeter hit a couple of somewhat hard balls but they happen to be right at somebody. Had he swung a milisecond later that ball would have landed in the gap and all the sudden he's using the correct approach. That's the stuff I find amusing.
2007-09-14 17:22:57
192.   ny2ca2dc
this is killing me
2007-09-14 17:23:00
193.   Mattpat11
181 I have an idea, but I don't want to act before I have some proof. But its starting to look more and more like its this person.
2007-09-14 17:23:18
194.   yankz
190 What??!?! Irrelevant? I wasn't being sarcastic dammit!
2007-09-14 17:23:46
195.   yankz
Also, who the fuck are you to deem something irrelevant?
2007-09-14 17:24:48
196.   BklynBmr
Dateline: June 17, 2008


BantererX post 1245 : "Pfff. He threw 81 pitches. Talk to me when someone throws 27 pitches. Then we'll talk about a 'perfect game'. This team won't see the postseason, anyway. They're 3.5 back already."

And the beat goes on...

2007-09-14 17:25:04
197.   3rd gen yankee fan
181 I lost it when one of my neighbors put cigarette butts into my plants. They compensated me. :-)
2007-09-14 17:25:05
198.   Sarasota
Dice K settling in.........that can't be good....that first inning took a lot out of us damn it
2007-09-14 17:25:17
199.   fansince77
191 Jeter is swinging at high pitches out of the zone! Get a clue and stop making excuses. He's a work the count guy who needs to be patient right now. I love the guy and want him to succeed but look at strike one on him the last several at-bats- too anxious and out of the zone! Jeter being Jeter is not chasing OUT OF THE ZONE!
2007-09-14 17:25:23
200.   SF Yanks
182 Ha!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-14 17:25:40
201.   williamnyy23
195 No comment...I'll leave the vulgarity to you.
2007-09-14 17:26:04
202.   yankz
196 Lester would have done it in 27. Which is you and I are now the proud owners of hot pink B hats.
2007-09-14 17:26:53
203.   yankz
201 Irrelevant.
2007-09-14 17:27:21
204.   fansince77
and Ortiz hits a pop up...I mean double.
2007-09-14 17:28:04
205.   williamnyy23
203 you got it.
2007-09-14 17:28:06
206.   yankz
FWIW, Gameday has the pitch Jeter flew out on as smack dab in the center of the plate, belt high.
2007-09-14 17:28:23
207.   rbj
Ha! Big poopi!
2007-09-14 17:28:25
208.   claybeez
2007-09-14 17:28:33
209.   fansince77
That's huge and thank you very much stupid third base coach from Boston...out for a hit...anytime.
2007-09-14 17:28:47
210.   Mattpat11
They sent Big Fat David Ortiz on Melky?
2007-09-14 17:29:09
211.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
But why would they send him??
2007-09-14 17:29:23
212.   randym77
LOL. What were they thinking, sending Ortiz? He's slow as molasses.
2007-09-14 17:29:27
213.   claybeez
I love the "Papi Shuffle."
2007-09-14 17:29:31
214.   williamnyy23
204 Yep...but that's what you can do in Fenway with the right approach. If you look at the Yankee lefties, they've all tried to pull the ball. There's no reason why the Yankees shouldn't pepper the Monster with all their lefties.
2007-09-14 17:31:20
215.   SF Yanks
199 Say what you will, but I know this much. Like I said, had those hits fallen in, you wouldn't be saying squat about his approach. Why don't you complain when he use to get all those hits off first pitches? I agree that there's something wrong with Jete, but to act like you what the problem is, when it isn't obvious, is absurd. We can leave it to guessing, and that's about all. Thank you Dr. Yankee.
2007-09-14 17:32:22
216.   Eirias
Is that Sutcliffe talking about getting Sake in the booth? Didn't he learn his lesson?
2007-09-14 17:32:54
217.   yankz
Even if you take away the (arbitrary) 10 extra pitches, Pettitte would still be at 53.
2007-09-14 17:33:08
218.   Mattpat11
Oh Jesus.
2007-09-14 17:33:16
219.   williamnyy23
Yep...this team is playing just fine.
2007-09-14 17:33:40
220.   rbj
Sigh. Still, I'd rather Jason than Minky.
2007-09-14 17:34:34
221.   randym77
Minky, come back. All is forgiven.
2007-09-14 17:35:06
222.   Mattpat11
221 No.
2007-09-14 17:35:13
223.   williamnyy23
Tigers 1; Twins 0
2007-09-14 17:36:02
224.   SF Yanks
219 "If you are going to completely take statements out of proportion, then I am not sure what the point is. If you disagree, so be it, but don't create a strawman to shoot down."

Ring a bell.

2007-09-14 17:37:42
225.   rbj
Pettitte's not looking good.
2007-09-14 17:38:06
226.   SF Yanks
Alright, I'm done arguing. I don't have any more energy left.

C'MON YANKS! Get it together!

Thank you Andy.

2007-09-14 17:39:13
227.   tommyl
Good to see our "veterans" are using their "veteranness" to bumble every ball hit near them.
2007-09-14 17:39:19
228.   Yankees Brasil
How many pitches for Andy?
2007-09-14 17:39:41
229.   williamnyy23
224 Not sure what the connection opinion of this game is the Yankees are trailing 2-0 because they have played poor, unfocused and undisciplined baseball. Now, I guess you can chalk that up to the vagaries of baseball, but I attribute it to an awful effort.
2007-09-14 17:39:58
230.   ny2ca2dc
Come on guys, lets not turn on each other. This game is excruciating, death by a thousand cuts (and some stabs), but we still make the playoffs.

Carry on.

2007-09-14 17:40:32
231.   williamnyy23
225 Pettitte looks fine...he has had to get far too many extra outs though.
2007-09-14 17:41:10
232.   Mattpat11
Wells, Brown, Mussina got 200. All within 20 games (over two years) of each other, IIRC.
2007-09-14 17:41:44
233.   williamnyy23
3-0 swing leading off when you are down by 2?
2007-09-14 17:42:11
234.   SF Yanks
227 The D is definitely a little shotty tonight.

Does anyone else get this claustrophobic feeling when watching a game at Fenway? It's so small, I feel like I can't breath. I can't imagine what's it like actually being there.

2007-09-14 17:42:12
235.   3rd gen yankee fan
228 70?
2007-09-14 17:42:17
236.   Mattpat11
Anyone else and that would have been a triple.
2007-09-14 17:42:50
237.   yankz
Where's weeping this MayThread could use a couple of his ridiculous laughs.

Ha aha ahaha hah! Aha!

2007-09-14 17:42:54
238.   williamnyy23
My goodness, the Twins lineup is bad.
2007-09-14 17:43:16
239.   yankz
I can't believe I forgot to put a ? in there. I am guilty of not using punctuation. I shall now join the LoHud crew.
2007-09-14 17:43:21
240.   fansince77
215 No you are absolutely right my apologies. Jeter's approach has been great. He's been making good decisions at the plate and just being himself. All his current woes are the result of bad luck. I am sorry to criticize DJ publicly. It will not happen again and I will ask forgiveness from the Saint Derek myself.

In all serious. DJ has always made his own luck and found ways to stay out of slumps. As said earlier, I hope he breaks out NOW! I love the guy but I think he would be the first to agree with my assesment. He doesn't make excuses.

2007-09-14 17:43:31
241.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Matsui Dekimashita!!!
2007-09-14 17:43:34
242.   tommyl
Yay, Jorge Porgie
2007-09-14 17:43:42
243.   Mattpat11

He owns The Fens.

2007-09-14 17:44:07
244.   yankz
Way to unfocus back to back XBH!
2007-09-14 17:44:17
245.   williamnyy23
235 71...looks like Edwar or Britton will have to come up big tonight.
2007-09-14 17:44:43
246.   yankz
I just hope Matsui was emotional while running around the bases. Maybe throw a cartwheel in there, or pants Pedroia while rounding 2nd.
2007-09-14 17:45:05
247.   SF Yanks
229 That works for me and that's where we differ. But that's fine. Not everyone has to agree on everything.

Speaking of fine...looks like our offense finally arrived to the game.

2007-09-14 17:45:24
248.   williamnyy23
246 Yawn!
2007-09-14 17:45:34
249.   yankz
240 See 206
2007-09-14 17:45:48
250.   MikeK
241 translation?

246 heh.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-14 17:46:08
251.   yankz
248 Hey, I'd rather attempt at being funny and fail (which I don't think I did), that be you. Sorry.
2007-09-14 17:46:42
252.   3rd gen yankee fan
Awwright awwright this is it!!! Crush them!
2007-09-14 17:46:53
253.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
250 "Matsui did it/was successfull"!
2007-09-14 17:47:13
254.   yankz
250 Whoa whoa whoa Mike, you can't laugh at that comment. williamnyy23 said it wasn't funny. The end.

251 should read than* be you. I am way off today- guess I gotta get my focus back!

2007-09-14 17:48:15
255.   williamnyy23
251 So we don't have to trade places? Great.
2007-09-14 17:49:18
256.   yankz
255 What would that entail? Me giving you my BB password and vice versa? Or is this like some kind of Freaky Friday shit?
2007-09-14 17:49:43
257.   MikeK
253 thank you sir
254 pantsing will get me every time

Quick contest: who/what does Bucholz look like?

2007-09-14 17:49:48
258.   fansince77
Why isn't Robbie shortening up with two strikes? He is trying to yank instead of going the other way there.
2007-09-14 17:49:48
259.   williamnyy23
254 You seem preoccupied with my comments. Sure you don't really want my autograph?
2007-09-14 17:49:56
260.   SF Yanks
Bucholz looks really, really, really, really, really tired. Poor guy needs a bed not a bench.
2007-09-14 17:50:05
261.   3rd gen yankee fan
Matsusucka is all over the place. Please Yankees just take some pitches.
2007-09-14 17:50:09
262.   williamnyy23
Come on Melk....nice and easy...get this run in.
2007-09-14 17:50:29
263.   Mattpat11
Just get it in the air.
2007-09-14 17:50:46
264.   fansince77
Wow- are Melky and Cano the same batter?
2007-09-14 17:51:08
265.   tommyl
Now I remember April. Errors, and the inability to get a hit with runners in scoring position. Jesus.
2007-09-14 17:51:10
266.   yankz
259 I occasionally enjoy mocking people when they say things I believe to be mockworthy. Sorry, can't help it. If it bugs you that much I'll stop. Also, feel free to mock me. But you should know, I charge for autographs.
2007-09-14 17:51:19
267.   fansince77
Just a flyball - C'mon MELKY!
2007-09-14 17:51:21
268.   SF Yanks
259 lol, you're too much William.
2007-09-14 17:51:56
269.   Chyll Will
Somebody needs to calm them down. They're too jumpy... hey does anyone else notice a split-second delay of the picture from the sound?
2007-09-14 17:52:29
270.   SF Yanks
MELK! C'MON bud!!
2007-09-14 17:52:46
271.   williamnyy23
Right now Cano and Melky don't have much of an approach other than swing hard. As nice as it is to put a few hits together, Dice-K should have given up a bunch of runs by now. The Yankees are simply not playing well. It's a good thing that they are a better team than Boston because that's the only way they are going to win a game playing like this.
2007-09-14 17:52:57
272.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
2007-09-14 17:52:57
273.   tommyl
Nice slide idiot.
2007-09-14 17:53:02
274.   MikeK
2007-09-14 17:53:26
275.   ny2ca2dc
As Cano and Melky go, so go the Yankees. More sliding into first, Leche?
2007-09-14 17:53:31
276.   Mattpat11
This team is playing like utter shit tonight.

Runner on third, 0 outs and he doesn't score?

2007-09-14 17:53:33
277.   fansince77
melk was safe. Stupid but safe. And by the way...I would love to know his numbers with a man on third and less than two.
2007-09-14 17:53:42
278.   3rd gen yankee fan
257 Looks like a laptop thief (
2007-09-14 17:53:45
279.   williamnyy23
266 Not seems to be your little contribution.
2007-09-14 17:54:01
280.   SF Yanks
WOW... effing pathetic. I think I'm going to join William over in Dark Side in a minute.
2007-09-14 17:54:02
281.   rbj
Damn. Still, it's now 2-1. Yanks can score more off of Matsuzaka.
2007-09-14 17:54:15
282.   ny2ca2dc
266 And for trademark infringements
2007-09-14 17:55:04
283.   Chyll Will
He was safe. Kay is kissing major butt right now. G'nite folks, I can't take too much of this crap...
2007-09-14 17:56:27
284.   Mattpat11
And now we're giving up extra base hits to Bobby Kielty.
2007-09-14 17:56:30
285.   williamnyy23
276 Not only doesn't he score, but he doesn't score because you have two hitters who seem clueless in their approach. What's more, Melky refues to learn how to run the damn bases. That's not bad luck; that's bad baseball.
2007-09-14 17:56:48
286.   ny2ca2dc
283 May join you, this is a sorry effort/result (depending on your flavor)
2007-09-14 17:57:34
287.   MikeK
Sacrifice bunt? Does Sutcliffe know he's watching the Red Sox? Without looking at the stats, I'm going to guess the have the least Sac Bunts in the league again.
2007-09-14 17:57:48
288.   randym77
He looked out to me, but why slide into 1B. Good gravy.
2007-09-14 17:57:50
289.   williamnyy23
280 Come on over. I realize that it's nice to be positive and stand behind the guys, but we aren't at the park and they can't hear our cheers. When the team plays as poorly as it is now, that shoud be pointed out if we are engaging in an objective evaluation of the game.
2007-09-14 17:58:19
290.   yankz
279 That makes no sense to me. Not all what? Or not AT all?

Have you ever played baseball, william?

Am I the only one here who wouldn't either kill myself or shut myself in my room and cry for a week if they didn't make the playoffs? I'd be fucking sad as hell, but I'm not going to stress over Melky GIDP or Jeter swinging at a pitch that was questionable. Sorry I lighten the mood on this MayThread by poking fun at your ridiculous demands? I'm pretty sure you're in the minority on the Dark Side, William.

I'm the biggest Yankee/baseball fan I know, but I don't define myself that way. Am I a bad fan or something? Not being sarcastic.

280 As long as it isn't for the entire season.

2007-09-14 17:58:22
291.   SF Yanks
If everything stays the same, this will be one shitty day. AS OF NOW: Yanks lose, Sox win, Indians wins, Tigers Win....Yuck! Hopefully something can change pretty soon to make this day not suck. It's only bott 4. More than enough time to come back.
2007-09-14 17:59:12
292.   yankz
282 HA! That I do.
2007-09-14 18:00:22
293.   williamnyy23
290 I'll send you a copy of my autobiography once I write it...and I'll be sure to autograph the inner cover.
2007-09-14 18:00:35
294.   Sarasota
Bad baseball. Bad fundamentals. Cano and Cabrera are evoking bad April memmories.
2007-09-14 18:00:54
295.   yankz
You know, once upon a time, a few weeks ago vs. Baltimore, I joined the Dark Side. I complained about their approach vs. some shitty pitcher.

Cliff quickly put me in my place. He pointed out that the Yanks had just been playing great ball, and that one game in no way reflects some systemic problem with the team. I then came back to the Jedis and decided to abandon the Sith way.

Cliff, where for art thou?

2007-09-14 18:00:55
296.   Mattpat11
It must be hard to throw a strike to someone that's 5 feet tall.
2007-09-14 18:01:15
297.   ny2ca2dc
More nonsense
2007-09-14 18:01:16
298.   MikeK
OT, but cubs box score prompts me to ask: has Soriano tanked anyone else fantasy team this year? Commiserate with me...

That was an RBI Baseball 3 play.

2007-09-14 18:01:32
299.   yankz
293 You didn't answer my question.

Also, you have a shitty sense of humor. Let the autograph joke die.

2007-09-14 18:01:35
300.   Mattpat11
What the hell is this team doing?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-14 18:02:09
301.   williamnyy23
Another gem...this could be one of their worst games of the year. Do they realize that if they want the division, they can't lose a game in this series?
2007-09-14 18:02:24
302.   yankz
298 Me too, man. Plus his injury. To think, one pick earlier and I would've had Arod...
2007-09-14 18:02:37
303.   Sarasota
and terrible umpiring too
2007-09-14 18:02:44
304.   nyy jim
This game just seems like it's a matter of time before Boston explodes and takes advantage of our feeble effort.
2007-09-14 18:02:51
305.   ny2ca2dc
295 I'll try to remember that, but for today, they seem flatfooted. How's that for a centrist position
2007-09-14 18:02:56
306.   williamnyy23
299 How should I make it out?
2007-09-14 18:03:05
307.   Mattpat11
I think the Yankees are still in Toronto.
2007-09-14 18:03:36
308.   tommyl
Game over.
2007-09-14 18:03:57
309.   williamnyy23
Nice easy swing by Dusty...if only Cano with his immense talent would be so disciplined. What a shame this game is.
2007-09-14 18:04:11
310.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oh fucks sakes!
2007-09-14 18:04:15
311.   Mattpat11
Ballgame. Just go back to the hotel guys. No point in dragging this out with more keystone kops bullshit.
2007-09-14 18:04:44
312.   yankz
305 That works fine. It's true, they're not playing well today.

There's a reason baseball lasts as long as it does.

306 I will gladly let you know when you say something I consider funny. Gladly. I'm still waiting.

2007-09-14 18:04:45
313.   SF Yanks
I hate the Red Sox.
2007-09-14 18:04:55
314.   williamnyy23
307 Yesterday, I thought they were still in Boston, today it looks like they never left Toronto.
2007-09-14 18:05:00
315.   MikeK
No business throwing home against that guy.

Yankz/Williams: personal attacks are just boring.

And, I might add, fuck.

2007-09-14 18:05:29
316.   Mattpat11
This is the worst baseball game this team has played in months and months and months.
2007-09-14 18:05:35
317.   williamnyy23
312 I am glad you are still hanging on every's flattering, really.
2007-09-14 18:05:52
318.   yankz
315 Yeah, my bad. Sorry all.
2007-09-14 18:05:53
319.   nick
stick a fork in Andy, he's done...
2007-09-14 18:06:35
320.   williamnyy23
315 I am attacking the Yankees' effort; he is attacking me. Which each have to play to our strengths, but I agree. I think it's time to ignore that which is inane (and that goes both ways).
2007-09-14 18:06:38
321.   yankz
317 Give it up dude. I already did.
2007-09-14 18:06:40
322.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Ugly game...
heading out early as got tickets to the Sumo today. Let`s go Yanks!
2007-09-14 18:07:15
323.   Yankees Brasil
Let's get Igawa in there and pray.
2007-09-14 18:07:18
324.   Mattpat11
And there you go.
2007-09-14 18:07:34
325.   nick
get Andy out NOW
2007-09-14 18:07:35
326.   williamnyy23
Let's go Twins.
2007-09-14 18:07:57
327.   ny2ca2dc
That's it. Gong to watch 300 and see some fuckers bleed.
2007-09-14 18:08:24
328.   Mattpat11
I don't know what the hell this is. Are they just half assing it?
2007-09-14 18:08:52
329.   yankz
320 OK, I didn't think I was "attacking" you- just what I thought was some humor. I didn't know you considered it an "attack." Sorry about that. Like I said, you can make fun of whatever baseball analysis/commentary on the state of the team I provide.

Um, I know this makes it look like an extension of the beef we just went through, but it is a sincere apology (coughKencough).

Back to the Jedis...

2007-09-14 18:09:05
330.   williamnyy23
With a loss, the division is all but officially over, so if the Twins can rally, that'll remove the WC sting from this game. Still, in what was really a last stand, the Yankees didn't show up. That's pretty disappointing.
2007-09-14 18:09:29
331.   Yankees Brasil
328 Maybe they are not that good.
2007-09-14 18:09:51
332.   MikeK
325 nah, gotta let him eat the innings now--no reason to kill the bullpen with the series just starting.

This Boston team reminds me of the Yanks, circa 99. And that makes me nauseous. Gonna have to turn this off very soon.

2007-09-14 18:09:53
333.   SF Yanks
Someone quick, find the silver lining!

Ummm... at least we still have a shot at the divis.... no, wait

we are playing at home where we're more likely to come, no

their uniforms look silver?

2007-09-14 18:10:07
334.   nyy jim
This season has been torture for us fans. Just when we think they are going to continue to kick ass like true Bronx Bombers, they fall flat on their face like little leaguers.
2007-09-14 18:10:49
335.   yankz
331 You do realize that they have the best record since the break, right? Once they got rid of the shittier rookie pitchers.

333 We still lead the wild card?

2007-09-14 18:11:26
336.   Mattpat11
331 I can't think that. I watched a Yankee/Pirates game this year, and the Yankees are playing fundamentals tonight at the level the Pirates were that night.
2007-09-14 18:11:57
337.   williamnyy23
332 I don't agree with that at all. The 1999 Yanks were much more talented. The sad part of this game, is the Yankees are the better team. Unfortunately, their effort doesn't justify that statement.
2007-09-14 18:12:28
338.   Mattpat11
Will someone catch a fucking ball?
2007-09-14 18:12:31
339.   williamnyy23
336 It is that bad...Posada adds another awful play with a pretty routine passed ball.
2007-09-14 18:12:40
340.   Yankees Brasil
332 We got a bunch of scrubs down at the 'pen. Use them now and save Andy for his next start.
2007-09-14 18:12:42
341.   randym77
This inning feels like it's gone on forever.
2007-09-14 18:14:22
342.   SF Yanks
335 Yeah I suppose. The only problem with that, is it's about to be diminished to 2.5 games if they can't come back. Just earlier I got all excited thinking about the playoffs in a few weeks. This makes me realize that we aren't quite there yet.
2007-09-14 18:14:25
343.   williamnyy23
331 Ironically, the harshness expressed by many, including myself, is because we think this team is actually pretty good...too good to play like this in a game like this.
2007-09-14 18:14:29
344.   yankz
337 I'm being totally serious with this question. How do baseball players show emotion on the field? Are you a fan of the guys cheering after they make big outs and all that (a la Papelbon)?
2007-09-14 18:14:37
345.   Yankees Brasil
I wanna see Igawa pitch tonight.
2007-09-14 18:15:26
346.   MikeK
337 I mean in the sense of having very good pitching, and, at least tonight, a lineup that goes nine-deep. Working deep counts, tiring out starters. But it's probably just a reflection of the Yanks having a poor and unlucky night.
2007-09-14 18:15:43
347.   Mattpat11
I never want to see Igawa pitch.
2007-09-14 18:15:56
348.   Yankees Brasil
335 I do realize that, I was just wondering..
2007-09-14 18:16:36
349.   yankz
342 I guess what I'm trying to say is- yeah, there's a ton to complain about tonight, but there's even more to be happy about for the season. Did you read the list that I posted a couple days ago, about all the shit that's gone wrong this season? I'm amazed that they're here, on 9/14, a playoff team.

I just can't look at their 2nd half record and think that this game is somehow indicative of a lack of skill/focus/etc.

2007-09-14 18:17:50
350.   MikeK
345 you literally just made me shudder. And by literally, I mean "in my head." But for reading something on the internet, that's pretty severe.

I would like to see Dane Cook struck by a foul ball.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-09-14 18:18:11
351.   williamnyy23
344 Emotion was a poor choice of words...I guess I meant intensity and concentration. As much as I hate to admit it, Pedroia really looked locked in on his AB. He was staring at Pettitte, seemed to be thinking when he stepped out of the box and then really shortened up his massive upper cut late in the count. Robbie and Melky, on the other hand, seemed to just stroll up to plate and hack. Then, you watch Jorge muff an easy PB, Giambi play 1B like a stone wall and Jeter kick the ball around, and it makes you wonder whether the focus is really there. The scary thing is the Yankees have enough talent to overcome this, but it worries me that they haven't woken up by the 5th inning.
2007-09-14 18:18:46
352.   yankz
350 I'll second that. How does being a douchebag land you a role where you get to make out with Jessica Alba?
2007-09-14 18:19:29
353.   williamnyy23
I don't mean to get on every pitch, but I'd have liked to see Damon be more patient leading off...even though he hit it well.
2007-09-14 18:19:41
354.   williamnyy23
Twins 2; Tigers 1
2007-09-14 18:21:07
355.   yankz
Whoa- pitch 3 moved a lot.
2007-09-14 18:21:24
356.   williamnyy23
I don't even want to see Jeter complain now.
2007-09-14 18:22:50
357.   MikeK
Wow, never a Met MVP? Who won in 69 and 86?
2007-09-14 18:23:57
358.   williamnyy23
357 Schmidt and McCovey...two brand names.
2007-09-14 18:24:23
359.   MikeK
Ah, thanks.
2007-09-14 18:24:49
360.   rbj
Cheer up everyone, Worm Killer goes tomorrow.

I'm logging off for the night.

2007-09-14 18:25:45
361.   williamnyy23
An A-bomb would be a nice pick-me-up here.
2007-09-14 18:26:13
362.   nyy jim
Arod needs to get us back into this game with a bomb.
2007-09-14 18:27:08
363.   williamnyy23
362 He's trying to do it...and that's when he gets into a funk.
2007-09-14 18:27:08
364.   SF Yanks
349 I agree. It's the bumps and roads and all the stuff that go along with baseball. I know they are playing shitty tonight, but to say they aren't trying, unfocused, etc, etc. just doesn't bode well, for me anyways.

Hell, I played baseball for... I don't know, 10 years maybe. I dropped one pop-up at short stop, at least I can't remember any others. It was such a horrible feeling that I remember it very clearly. I also remember trying to catch that ball with all my might. But to the outsiders, it was just a lazy pop-up and it probably looked like I wasn't focused. Oh, but I was. I just screwed up.

Oh yeah, I pitched in important championship games (albeit as a kid), even got dog-piled on when I struck out the last batter to win the championship game. Not that's it's anything close to professional, but as a kid, the emotions are still the same. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I know a little about what it's like to fuck up, and to not actually lose concentration while doing it. I'm sure they go through the same things.

2007-09-14 18:29:00
365.   MikeK
Tiny sample size, but the announcers may have a point about longer rest fro Matsuzaka: []
2007-09-14 18:29:08
366.   yankz
364 I agree. I've been trying to say that, but you put it way more eloquently. It's too tough for me to judge them on anything but results (effort, etc.) from afar. Unless it's something obvious, like even trying to jog out a GB.
2007-09-14 18:29:52
367.   nyy jim
How the fuck does he let that pitch go by without swinging.
2007-09-14 18:29:58
368.   yankz

When A-rod strikes out twice, maybe the pitcher's just on?

2007-09-14 18:30:03
369.   Mattpat11
Awful AB by A-Rod there.

But I will take a cold streak if it means he's hot come the playoffs.

2007-09-14 18:30:33
370.   williamnyy23
364 I played as a kid, in high school and college. I still play fast pitch sofball. I realize that when you take the field you don't consciously give a minimal effort. On the other hand, there are times when you take the field without an approach. Whether it's because you have too much confidence in your own talent, or not enough respect for the opponent, it is very possible to give less than a full effort without even trying (irony intended).
2007-09-14 18:31:56
371.   williamnyy23
Arod seems to be guessing again, which is what he does when he tries to hit homeruns because the rest of the team isn't helping out. Hopefully, Alex doesn't change the approach that has worked so well all year.
2007-09-14 18:32:10
372.   yankz
As bad as the O has been, Andy has an in-game WHIP of 3.25. Not going to cut it.
2007-09-14 18:33:34
373.   williamnyy23
Veras...throwing in the towel...not sure I blame Joe though. The team has given you no reason to believe they will mount a challenge, so there's no use compromising the pitching staff.
2007-09-14 18:33:55
374.   Mattpat11
If Detroit loses, this game isn't such a disaster
2007-09-14 18:33:57
375.   randym77
I don't think they're slacking. They're probably trying too hard. There's been some interesting research done, and what many baseball fans have suspected is apparently true: if you think about what you're doing, your performance is worse. This applies to normal people doing every day tasks like driving, as well as to elite athletes.

I can touch-type...if I don't think about it. If someone asks me "how can you do that" or "what finger do you hit the Z with" I lose the ability and have to look at the keyboard.

2007-09-14 18:33:59
376.   yankz
Via LoHud: "But there are a contingent of guys from small papers who sit there and root for the Red Sox. "

Guess most Sox fans never stop being obnoxious.

2007-09-14 18:34:35
377.   Eirias
God, it is only the 5th inning.
2007-09-14 18:34:35
378.   williamnyy23
372 But he has been pitching for his life thanks to awful defense. I can't fauly Andy here. If the Yanks score the 4/5 runs they should have, and the defense catches the ball, I think he gives them a quality start.
2007-09-14 18:34:54
379.   williamnyy23
The Twins lineup is really bad.
2007-09-14 18:36:19
380.   williamnyy23
374 I agree...but it's still disappointing (and disconcerting) because this was a playoff game and most of the team played so poorly.
2007-09-14 18:37:04
381.   Mattpat11
374 I'd rather we not blow our load to early anyway. The division was really a pipe dream.
2007-09-14 18:37:55
382.   SF Yanks
370 I'm sure it's possible but I have a hard time pinning that on every Yankee loss (or close to every loss). I have said before that it looks like they aren't trying, but every game where things happen like this doesn't equate to not trying, at least in my book. Sure maybe they aren't focused tonight, but I hear that side of it so often, that now I sort of put up a defense when I hear it. But to each his own.
2007-09-14 18:38:15
383.   yankz
Is Ellsbury as much of a pain in the ass never shut-upper as other recent Sox like Pedroia, Papelbon, and Youkilis? Or is it too early to tell?
2007-09-14 18:38:19
384.   williamnyy23
Let's go Mauer!
2007-09-14 18:38:59
385.   williamnyy23
I don't really like the matchups the next two days, but I am sure looking forward to facing the revamped Orioles pitching staff.
2007-09-14 18:39:12
386.   williamnyy23
Let's go Hunter!
2007-09-14 18:39:25
387.   yankz
382 We should also remember that Boston is a good team. Gotta give them credit for some big hits. No doubt NYY has messed up, but that's only half the picture.
2007-09-14 18:41:07
388.   Mattpat11
Torii Hunter has really come back to earth, huh?
2007-09-14 18:41:31
389.   williamnyy23
382 I think you hear it a lot because it's hard to believe a team this talented playing so many stinkers. Mind you, losses happen, but how many times has this team completely bombed? Sometimes, I just think the Yankees suffer from superstar arrogance. In the first few innings, it seemed as if the hitters went up thinking they were going to mash Dice-K, instead of simply trying to spray the ball off the big green wall.
2007-09-14 18:41:39
390.   Robert the Robot
Let's not open a vein here. Last night, the wild card looked pretty good.
2007-09-14 18:41:46
391.   yankz
I checked out the LoHud comments. It's surprisingly calm and rational.
2007-09-14 18:42:09
392.   williamnyy23
388 Looked awful on that looks like the Twins have no focus! :)
2007-09-14 18:43:00
393.   yankz
392 Now that was a good one. Props.
2007-09-14 18:43:23
394.   yankz
Also, Posada is the man.
2007-09-14 18:43:31
395.   williamnyy23
My goodness Jorge...that's some chance. Even though he made it, that's another awful play. These types of games really seem to snowball.
2007-09-14 18:43:34
396.   Mattpat11
Its sort of a shame that its Posada hitting all these booming hits. If he was a little faster, he migh have had a triple the first time up(not that it turned out to matter) and this wouldn't be so scary.
2007-09-14 18:43:39
397.   yankz
DiceK at 100 pitches.
2007-09-14 18:43:58
398.   SF Yanks
375 Yup, if fact, I just studied that last semester. I use to play tennis and basketball and sometimes when it got to crunch time I would start thinking about hitting the ball while I'm actually doing it. It's a really strange phenomenon that one can only truly get the feel of by experiencing it. I got in my head way too much at points and it really hurt my performance. Definitely an interesting topic.
2007-09-14 18:44:14
399.   Mattpat11
396 *This last one wouldn't be so scary.
2007-09-14 18:45:04
400.   yankz
398 I don't know if you watch tennis as well, but Novak Djokovic was 0/7 in set points in last weekend's US Open finals. Definitely seemed to be thinking about it too much.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-09-14 18:45:07
401.   BklynBmr
Tonight's turning point? I just switched over to the NESN feed. Remy is far more objective than the four letter network crew. Yanks will definitely rally now...
2007-09-14 18:45:31
402.   williamnyy23
308 I read an article suggesting that choking is really thinking about what you are doing when you are better off not doing so (as opposed to panicking, which is not being able to think about what you are doing when you need to).
2007-09-14 18:45:38
403.   nyy jim
It's now or never
2007-09-14 18:46:03
404.   yankz
I wouldn't mind a HR.
2007-09-14 18:46:05
405.   JimCobain
where's the yankke pride? Comebacks can happen!
2007-09-14 18:46:25
406.   yankz
402 Malcolm Gladwell? Great article.
2007-09-14 18:46:26
407.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-09-14 18:46:49
408.   williamnyy23
406 That's the one.
2007-09-14 18:47:10
409.   yankz
Here's the Gladwell article

Also, BB conducted a great interview with Gladwell, over at the right.

2007-09-14 18:47:41
410.   Mattpat11
that was fugly.
2007-09-14 18:48:08
411.   williamnyy23
Trying to pull outside pitches...but Giambi has lost most of his ability to go the other way.
2007-09-14 18:48:25
412.   yankz
Do any of our pitchers get clutch K's as much as DiceK has this game?
2007-09-14 18:48:27
413.   BklynBmr
%@#$#! Everyone seems to be swinging just under Dice K's high junk...
2007-09-14 18:48:47
414.   SF Yanks
402 Yeah, I'm sure there's some valid points in that article. That's sounds about right.
2007-09-14 18:48:56
415.   williamnyy23
Dice has been living on the outside corner to the lefties...they need to reach that wall!
2007-09-14 18:49:28
416.   Mattpat11
Have we hit the wall yet tonight?
2007-09-14 18:49:28
417.   williamnyy23
Tigers rallying...Ordonez up with 1 and 2nd, 1 out.
2007-09-14 18:50:04
418.   williamnyy23
416 Nothing in the air to left.
2007-09-14 18:50:06
419.   3rd gen yankee fan
Fenway does look like a toilet from above doesn't it? It looks like a urinal.
2007-09-14 18:50:15
420.   yankz
Posada has 40 2B on the year.
2007-09-14 18:50:32
421.   nick
you can't hit 95 just out of the zone high--so don't swing...
2007-09-14 18:51:04
422.   SF Yanks
419 Probably smells like one too.
2007-09-14 18:51:46
423.   williamnyy23
Have to give Cano a lot of credit for the adjustment. He was consciously trying to go the other way and did a good job. Why didn't he do that in his last two ABs?
2007-09-14 18:51:53
424.   BklynBmr
418 That's a start. Hopefully it's not too late...
2007-09-14 18:51:56
425.   yankz
Well, he went to left...
2007-09-14 18:51:57
426.   SF Yanks
Wow, can we get maybe ONE clutch hit tonight please? And a big one at that?
2007-09-14 18:53:00
427.   williamnyy23
Tigers have them loaded...if they score...I soon will be too.
2007-09-14 18:53:39
428.   SF Yanks
427 HaHaa! Maybe I'll join ya.
2007-09-14 18:53:42
429.   yankz
427 You'll be loaded?
2007-09-14 18:54:01
430.   williamnyy23
Horrible strike zone!
2007-09-14 18:54:54
431.   SF Yanks
429 Loaded on booze. At least for me.
2007-09-14 18:55:08
432.   nyy jim
Hey Melky didn't slide into first.
2007-09-14 18:55:18
433.   nick
a much better AB by Melky as well...
2007-09-14 18:55:28
434.   MikeK
Who's coming in? 50?
2007-09-14 18:55:28
435.   yankz
Anyone have faith in JD planting one on some douchebag's pink Boston hat?
2007-09-14 18:55:31
436.   randym77
I remember a game where the one of the beer vendors was advertising his wares by calling, "Bases are loaded, how about you?"
2007-09-14 18:55:49
437.   yankz
432 Ha!
2007-09-14 18:55:51
438.   nick
429 or he'll score?
2007-09-14 18:56:21
439.   yankz
434 Yes
2007-09-14 18:56:59
440.   yankz
438 That's what I was confused about.

"If the Tigers tie this up I'm going to go out and nail this chick."

2007-09-14 18:58:09
441.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, Team.

I've been hosting a barbecue.

Just saw Robby fly out and Melky walk.

What happened to Andy?

2007-09-14 18:58:15
442.   MikeK
I hope everyone saw the same video game commercial I did. How long did it take to get those girls into those tight pants? More importantly, how long would it take to get them OUT of them.
2007-09-14 18:58:43
443.   randym77
440 Maybe his girlfriend is a Tigers fan, and won't be in the mood unless they win. ;-)
2007-09-14 18:58:43
444.   williamnyy23
431 Exactly...Pudge, I'm pouring my first drink.
2007-09-14 18:59:12
445.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fucking Timlin.

But he's not as good as back in 2004, right?

2007-09-14 18:59:34
446.   BklynBmr
435 There's no dented pink hat...
2007-09-14 18:59:37
447.   williamnyy23
I hate the Twins.
2007-09-14 18:59:54
448.   Mattpat11
Fucking Twins.
2007-09-14 19:00:13
449.   BklynBmr
446 "one" dented pink hat / foul ball
2007-09-14 19:00:41
450.   williamnyy23
Let it hit you!
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-09-14 19:00:44
451.   Mattpat11
That was Pudge's 9th walk. You have to try.
2007-09-14 19:00:55
452.   Mattpat11
2007-09-14 19:01:20
453.   SF Yanks
Nice hat Timlin! Scrub.
2007-09-14 19:01:20
454.   BklynBmr
Tie game. Right here.
2007-09-14 19:02:00
455.   BklynBmr
454 I'll take it ;-)
2007-09-14 19:02:01
456.   SF Yanks
Ha! Keep the line moving.
2007-09-14 19:02:07
457.   williamnyy23
It's time for the Captain to put his cape on.
2007-09-14 19:02:08
458.   weeping for brunnhilde

It's a hit!

Come the fuck on, Derek!

Do it, please!

2007-09-14 19:02:08
459.   Mattpat11
2007-09-14 19:02:25
460.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's nice when you don't strike out.
2007-09-14 19:02:40
461.   yankz
We'll take it.

Oh shit, Captain Patella is up :(

2007-09-14 19:02:40
462.   MikeK
Come on, Cap'n J
2007-09-14 19:02:43
463.   Mattpat11
Jeter has a HR and a 2B against Timlin.
2007-09-14 19:02:51
464.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ball one.
2007-09-14 19:02:57
465.   SF Yanks
It's Captain time. Now or never buddy. Lets do it.
2007-09-14 19:03:08
466.   williamnyy23
Tiger 4; Twins 2...damn it!
2007-09-14 19:03:16
467.   yankz
Good speed on the bases, a double could tie it up.
2007-09-14 19:03:26
468.   weeping for brunnhilde

Nice little cut by Derek.

2007-09-14 19:03:26
469.   Mattpat11
Why does Matsuzaka have an orange mohawk?
2007-09-14 19:03:27
470.   BklynBmr
Yanks take the lead. Right here.
2007-09-14 19:04:07
471.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, fuck!!!!1

That was his pitch!

So hittable!

2007-09-14 19:04:15
472.   williamnyy23
It really sucks to have to rely on teams like Tampa and the Twins to do your dirty work.
2007-09-14 19:04:50
473.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, my God!

That was so fucking close.

That's a tough pitch to take.

2007-09-14 19:05:28
474.   Mattpat11
A walk works too.
2007-09-14 19:05:30
475.   weeping for brunnhilde
Another tough pitch to take.

Derek's not comfortable swinging the bat, I think.

2007-09-14 19:05:39
476.   SF Yanks
Here we go. the 3-2 pitch, bases loaded....
2007-09-14 19:06:03
477.   weeping for brunnhilde
Another hittable pitch.
2007-09-14 19:06:28
478.   SF Yanks
and again....
2007-09-14 19:06:47
479.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, motherfucker.
2007-09-14 19:06:49
480.   Mattpat11
That was ball four.
2007-09-14 19:07:17
481.   tommyl
Christ Jeter is awful right now. C'mon Cap.
2007-09-14 19:07:20
482.   SF Yanks
Nice Jeter. Swinging at balls in the dirt always produces runs. Great job.
2007-09-14 19:07:21
483.   nick
ok, for the record, swinging at ball 4 in the dirt does not befit the Captain of Clutch...
2007-09-14 19:07:21
484.   williamnyy23
Wow...could Jeter be any worse...there's no way to excuse swinging at that pitch!
2007-09-14 19:07:23
485.   Mattpat11
Okay Yanks it looks like Detroit is winning, so you guys have to start trying.
2007-09-14 19:07:40
486.   yankz

Maybe they'll score 4 off Gagne? That would please me.

2007-09-14 19:07:53
487.   williamnyy23
All of sudden, that WC doesn't look so safe.
2007-09-14 19:08:08
488.   OldYanksFan
He's killing us. HE"S JUST KILLING US.
2007-09-14 19:08:10
489.   JeremyM
For God's sake, Torre needs to bench him. That was awful.
2007-09-14 19:08:27
490.   weeping for brunnhilde
485 What is it now, 3 1/2?
2007-09-14 19:08:44
491.   williamnyy23
I would mind Jeter taking some pine tomorrow.
2007-09-14 19:09:01
492.   nyy jim
I still can't believe he swung at that shit pitch.
2007-09-14 19:09:50
493.   williamnyy23
490 Yes...4 in the loss...but two more in Fenway, while the Tigers face an anemic Twins lineup.
2007-09-14 19:10:31
494.   fansince77
482 I thought we weren't allowed to comment on bad luck?
2007-09-14 19:10:39
495.   williamnyy23
Veras is going to get hammered here.
2007-09-14 19:11:15
496.   JeremyM
Yeah, I'm ready to go into panic mode. This game has been there for the taking and they're giving it away with awful defense and terrible situational hitting. But what can you do?
2007-09-14 19:11:35
497.   williamnyy23
Twins go down on 8 pitches...I can't imagine having to root for the Twins offense 162 times each season. I can't imagine haivng to do it this weekend.
2007-09-14 19:12:23
498.   williamnyy23
By the way, I think this now Arod's team...if he stays that is.
2007-09-14 19:13:21
499.   SF Yanks
494 Let it go sport. We've all dropped it. You should do the same. ;)
2007-09-14 19:13:38
500.   Mattpat11
Oh crap. Henn warming.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-09-14 19:14:23
501.   Mattpat11
Walk him. Hell, hit him.
2007-09-14 19:14:32
502.   weeping for brunnhilde
I thought Ortiz was supposedly having an off-year?
2007-09-14 19:14:45
503.   williamnyy23
I think we should all move on to taking our frustration out on the's easier to rail against awful talent than an awful effort.
2007-09-14 19:15:16
504.   OldYanksFan
I saw the first 2 innings, but have been on the phone and not watching since the 2nd, although I did have the pleasure of seeing Jeter's last AB.
2-5-2 looks pretty bad.
Have we blown it? It looked like we have Dice-K's number. What happened?
2007-09-14 19:15:16
505.   Mattpat11
Veras is taking his sweet ass time on this intentional walk.
2007-09-14 19:15:25
506.   yankz
502 For him it is, I guess.
2007-09-14 19:15:30
507.   williamnyy23
502 His OPS has been augmented by more walks, presumably because Manny hasn't been as lethal.
2007-09-14 19:15:51
508.   yankz
Still, Lowell's a righty, this sets up a DP, and it's not like Ortiz is going to score on a double anyway.
2007-09-14 19:16:12
509.   Mattpat11
503 And the fake tans. Good lord, the fake tans on that team. Its like looking at 25 Hulk Hogan's.
2007-09-14 19:16:23
510.   williamnyy23
If Veras gets out of this, I think they still have a shot. Of course, I fully expect Veras to throw one onto the net.
2007-09-14 19:16:29
511.   yankz
Also, Ortiz has been on fire this month.
2007-09-14 19:16:47
512.   weeping for brunnhilde
504 Don't know, I'm late to the party myself.
2007-09-14 19:17:00
513.   nick
all he needed was a walk...just not the disciplined hitting that won us those serieses....god DAMN
2007-09-14 19:17:22
514.   yankz
Abreu walks, Arod homers, Posada grounds out, Matsui walks, and Giambi homers. Then somehow you squeeze three innings out of the shoddy pen that's available today.
2007-09-14 19:17:57
515.   yankz
504 Failure to capitalize.
2007-09-14 19:18:02
516.   williamnyy23
504 The Yankees have palyed one of their poorest games all year...that's what happened.
2007-09-14 19:18:29
517.   seamus
this game has been frustrating to watch. I was behind until recently. ugh.
2007-09-14 19:19:15
518.   williamnyy23
Due up for the Twins...White, Punto and Casilla...good grief.
2007-09-14 19:19:16
519.   williamnyy23
Due up for the Twins...White, Punto and Casilla...good grief.
2007-09-14 19:19:30
520.   nick
this game has been three hours of slow punishment....
2007-09-14 19:19:53
521.   nick
he's gonna throw it into centerfield--
2007-09-14 19:20:10
522.   williamnyy23
519 Averages of the above: .151, .197, .243.
2007-09-14 19:20:41
523.   SF Yanks
2007-09-14 19:20:44
524.   weeping for brunnhilde

He dropped the baseball!!


2007-09-14 19:21:05
525.   nick
"White, Punto, and Castilla / might as well go grab a quesadilla"
2007-09-14 19:21:07
526.   williamnyy23
That's ridiculous...absolutely ridiculous...thanks to Giambi's awful fielding, we not only have lost this game, but will now be treated to an extra helping of DM.
2007-09-14 19:21:14
527.   nyy jim
Can you fucking believe this. Just catch the ball.
2007-09-14 19:21:19
528.   seamus
giambi has really been sucking lately at the plate. And now in the field.
2007-09-14 19:21:33
529.   SF Yanks
I say we drill Puekilis.
2007-09-14 19:21:42
530.   Ravenscar
The ball didn't bounce, Sutcliffe, you idiot, do you have eyes? Where's the director of this show telling him he's a bonehead?
2007-09-14 19:21:55
531.   williamnyy23
525 Better get one for Jason too...he's going to need some comfort food.
2007-09-14 19:22:09
532.   williamnyy23
Three pitches...White Ks.
2007-09-14 19:22:28
533.   yankz
530 Anyone with MLB service time is automatically an expert on everything. He could talk about the International Space Station and it'd be legit.
2007-09-14 19:22:29
534.   weeping for brunnhilde
Thanks for not swinging at that 2-0, Youklis.
2007-09-14 19:22:34
535.   williamnyy23
Baltimore chop hit for Punto...that's headline news.
2007-09-14 19:23:24
536.   williamnyy23
Let's go Casillas!
2007-09-14 19:23:31
537.   Ravenscar
You know, I just turned this game on, but the combination of Baker and Sutcliffe is unimaginably awful.
2007-09-14 19:23:46
538.   yankz
2007-09-14 19:23:54
539.   williamnyy23
Speaking of emotion...I really hope this is an angry clubhouse.
2007-09-14 19:23:57
540.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk!!


Fucking bleeding fall-in fucking blooper.

2007-09-14 19:23:59
541.   nick
what a horseshit performance--
2007-09-14 19:24:28
542.   Ravenscar
Or, er, do I have the wrong announcers? It is Baker and Sutcliffe, isn't it?
2007-09-14 19:24:33
543.   yankz
Henn has to be able to get Drew out...
2007-09-14 19:24:42
544.   SF Yanks
530 It did bounce...

...and with that hit, I'm out. Good evening all. Maybe with my presence gone, the tides will turn.

2007-09-14 19:25:47
545.   williamnyy23
I can't say I'm surprised anymore...the seeds of this debacle were evident from the outset. I hope this team is as embarassed as I am. They talked about still winning the division, but didn't show up to back it up.
2007-09-14 19:26:04
546.   williamnyy23
Twins down in the 7th.
2007-09-14 19:27:28
547.   ihrtstrayrod
This is really funny from

" Quick Small-Sample-Sized Update
September OPS:

Choke-Rod: 1.553
Calm-Eyed Jeter: .442"

2007-09-14 19:28:01
548.   weeping for brunnhilde



2007-09-14 19:28:01
549.   tommyl
Ok good, Sean Henn is in. That will stop the bleeding.
2007-09-14 19:28:27
550.   williamnyy23
And now the deluge...Drew gets a hit, so the end is near.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-09-14 19:28:31
551.   nyy jim
Has there been a worse played game all year. I know there have been some real crap games but this has to be among the worst of them.
2007-09-14 19:30:08
552.   williamnyy23
On no...Micheal Kay is parroting my argument...maybe I'd better rethink things.
2007-09-14 19:30:15
553.   Mattpat11
I'm going to be on News 12 in a few minutes talking about my dog
2007-09-14 19:30:47
554.   williamnyy23
551 There have been worse pitched games, but this is definitely the worst played game.
2007-09-14 19:31:08
555.   BklynBmr
545 Why are you embarrassed? You should be proud. You predict failure at every turn. Dynamics of the game itself prove you right a greater percentage of the time. Keep up the good work...
2007-09-14 19:31:28
556.   williamnyy23
Due up for the Twins: Mauer, Hunter, Morneau. At least some hope, but it's now or never.
2007-09-14 19:31:34
557.   weeping for brunnhilde
A walk.

How lovely.

2007-09-14 19:32:39
558.   weeping for brunnhilde
553 Cool.

What about your dog?

2007-09-14 19:32:46
559.   williamnyy23
555 Sorry...I am not interested in debating with you on this topic.
2007-09-14 19:32:49
560.   yankz
553 Wait, really? Is News 12 in NY?
2007-09-14 19:33:07
561.   JeremyM
Bruney with the bases loaded. This can only end well.

Sean Henn didn't even warrant a September call-up, why is he here?

2007-09-14 19:33:15
562.   yankz
558 It's not cool. Someone's a dirty SOB.
2007-09-14 19:33:24
563.   williamnyy23
553 News 12? That's not NY, is it?
2007-09-14 19:33:52
564.   BklynBmr
559 Debate? That's the last thing I want.
2007-09-14 19:34:15
565.   williamnyy23
564 Great...then we're all set.
2007-09-14 19:34:31
566.   randym77
Games that started an hour later are in the same inning as this game. Has it really been 3-1/2 hours to get to bottom of the 6th?
2007-09-14 19:35:04
567.   yankz
564 Trust me- it's not worth it. The culture on this board changes drastically when shitty games drive a lot of people away.
2007-09-14 19:37:21
568.   BklynBmr
Barkeep! Set up 565 for a round. Knock yerself out. See ya in the ALDS...
2007-09-14 19:37:59
569.   Mattpat11
563 News 12 Long Island

558 We think she was poisoned.

2007-09-14 19:41:47
570.   BklynBmr
567 You are so right. You'd think it's a 16 game season. I don't understand why everyone who buried us in June are still hanging around.
2007-09-14 19:42:36
571.   tommyl
569 Jesus, that's horrible. Deliberately? or more bad food?

I'm really sorry to hear that. I love animals and my gf is a vet. We get really upset whenever something like that happens.

2007-09-14 19:43:11
572.   williamnyy23
570 I don't see why you care...if waving pom poms is your thing, there's nothing wrong with that.
2007-09-14 19:43:42
573.   tommyl
570 Its called frustration on my point. I know they'll probably be ok and this is just one bad game. Still its painful to not just lose, but lose like this. Last night I could take. Great pitchers dual and we lost out. This, this is just awful. I'll be fine in a few hours.
2007-09-14 19:44:19
574.   williamnyy23
Twins down by out...Morneau up...runner is thrown out trying to steal. Brilliant.
2007-09-14 19:44:24
575.   SF Yanks
570 Yeah, I'm not too fond of this place when the Yanks lose, hence the reason I left a bit ago... wait, if I left then why am I still here? Hmmm... Hey you are in San Fran right?
2007-09-14 19:46:34
576.   williamnyy23
Morneau strikes out...I have a feeling the Tigers are going to sweep this series. The Twins lineup is incredibly anemic.
2007-09-14 19:47:52
577.   BklynBmr
570 Sooooo, if the sky is falling in every inning of every game, what's the difference? Check yourself, brah. It's a human nature thing, I guess. Ain't healthy...
2007-09-14 19:52:00
578.   BklynBmr
575 Yes, Sunset District. Oh, it's f'n insane when this team loses. April or September. Sixty percent here are MENSA compared to Cash, Torre, the scouts, you name it...
2007-09-14 19:57:03
579.   randym77
Games that started an hour after this one are now over.

Didn't these teams set a record for the longest game last year?

2007-09-14 19:58:08
580.   weeping for brunnhilde
569 Oh, Mattpat, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Is she all right?

2007-09-14 20:01:14
581.   williamnyy23
Tigers win...loss column lead is down to 3.
2007-09-14 20:01:14
582.   weeping for brunnhilde
Damn it.

Too little, too late.

But nice enough, Jason.

2007-09-14 20:01:59
583.   BklynBmr
573 Well said, tommyl. A few hours, a new sunrise, and yeah, it's another day and "let's go get 'em".

Even in an outstanding season, the team is going lose (sometimes ugly) 62 friggin' times. That's a lot of days and nights to be hatin' life.

Peaks and valleys, hot and cold, yadda, yadda. It's a long haul and anyone who writes off a deep, talented, resourceful team in June, well, I don't know how to address that other than they haven't been around the game that long, maybe...

* Of course, someone will post "Yeah, NOW Giambi hits one..."

2007-09-14 20:03:11
584.   weeping for brunnhilde

Robby hit that one a long way.

2007-09-14 20:03:27
585.   nyy jim
Sure now the bats will come alive with nobody on base.
2007-09-14 20:05:48
586.   OldYanksFan
That was a BLAST by Cano
2007-09-14 20:06:04
587.   weeping for brunnhilde
God. 2-4, 0-10.

Not good.

2007-09-14 20:06:38
588.   SF Yanks
578 I live in Pacifica. You know where that is right? Bout 10-15 min. South of San Fran.
2007-09-14 20:06:43
589.   nyy jim
Even with no clutch hitting tonight if we played solid defense we would be ahead now.
2007-09-14 20:07:03
590.   weeping for brunnhilde

Nice fucking hit, Johnny!!

Nice fucking hit.

2007-09-14 20:08:18
591.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, if you're Derek here, what do you do?

You look to walk, right?

2007-09-14 20:09:39
592.   weeping for brunnhilde
I don't know Papplebon. Does he throw strikes?

If so, maybe Derek should just look first-pitch fastball and take his chances.

2007-09-14 20:10:33
593.   weeping for brunnhilde
At the very least, we have to make this fuck throw pitches.

At the very least.

2007-09-14 20:11:27
594.   nyy jim
The captain comes through
2007-09-14 20:11:31
595.   weeping for brunnhilde

Fucking Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice hitting, Derek!

2007-09-14 20:11:45
596.   randym77
Heh. If they pull this one out, everyone who gave up is gonna be sorry they missed it.
2007-09-14 20:11:50
597.   nick
ok, the Jeter opposite-field swing!
2007-09-14 20:11:54
598.   BklynBmr
588 Absolutely. We went house hunting in Pacifica recently. Some of the best views on the West Coast! ;-)
2007-09-14 20:12:22
599.   nick
now couldn't Jete steal off this combo?
2007-09-14 20:12:48
600.   Knuckles
Nice swing Bobby!
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-09-14 20:12:55
601.   weeping for brunnhilde


Fucking A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2007-09-14 20:13:02
602.   nick
2007-09-14 20:13:04
603.   nyy jim
fucking unbelievable!
2007-09-14 20:13:23
604.   weeping for brunnhilde
Get Joba up!

He's available, right?

Get his funky ass the fuck up!

2007-09-14 20:13:28
605.   SF Yanks
Effing WOW!
2007-09-14 20:13:45
606.   fansince77
WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW! We are back! I was just about to point out how we don't come back! Fuck me too! Yeah!
2007-09-14 20:13:46
607.   nyy jim
Let's finish it now and take the lead.
2007-09-14 20:14:32
608.   seamus
just WOW!
2007-09-14 20:14:32
609.   claybeez
Gutsy comeback. Gotta love doing it against two guys that seemed ot own us earlier in Okajima and Papelbon.

Funny thing, I actually did go away, flipping around on EI, but checking the Yahoo scores and schedule page. Tuned in after Robby's HR.

2007-09-14 20:14:39
610.   weeping for brunnhilde
Come on, Alex!

ha hah ahaha hah ah ah!!11



2007-09-14 20:14:45
611.   nick
2007-09-14 20:14:52
612.   fansince77
How sweet it is...let's score 3 more!
2007-09-14 20:15:11
613.   Robert the Robot
Like I said, way back in 390 , let's not open a vein just yet!!!
2007-09-14 20:15:18
614.   bartap74
Leave for an hour when it's 7-2, come back to 7-4, now it's 7-8. Wow.

Team. Of. Destiny.

2007-09-14 20:15:20
615.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, I fucking love seeing the stunned visages of these fucking Sox fans.

God, it makes me so happy!

2007-09-14 20:15:23
616.   fansince77
2007-09-14 20:15:38
617.   nyy jim
Get up Mo
2007-09-14 20:15:38
618.   C2Coke
I am not trying to brag but I've been running around the house all night and I just sat down (finally...) since the beginning of this inning ...and it's wow! I am kicking my own butt right now, shoulda been watching the game like a loyal Yankee fan.

570 ,575 I know what you guys mean. It's a bit upsetting sometimes knowing how cheerful Banter used to be almost at all times.

2007-09-14 20:16:00
619.   Knuckles
Howzabout another two-bagger Jorgie?
2007-09-14 20:16:07
620.   weeping for brunnhilde
2-0 to Jorgie!
2007-09-14 20:16:35
621.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice hit and run.


2007-09-14 20:16:39
622.   fansince77
What a job sending AROD there!
2007-09-14 20:17:06
623.   claybeez
You'd think if there's ever a time to bend The Rules, now is the time.
2007-09-14 20:17:10
624.   weeping for brunnhilde
Come on, Hideki.

Nice and easy, pal, up the gut.

2007-09-14 20:17:15
625.   bartap74
Added bonus - let's tire out Papelbon so he's unavailable for tomorrow.
2007-09-14 20:18:00
626.   weeping for brunnhilde
Shorter swing, Hideki.

Nice and easy.

2007-09-14 20:18:05
627.   bartap74
623 Nope. It was more important to use him for two against KC.
2007-09-14 20:18:09
628.   claybeez
Hope Francona wears out Papelbon.
2007-09-14 20:18:33
629.   weeping for brunnhilde


2007-09-14 20:18:45
630.   claybeez
Come on, Jason!
2007-09-14 20:18:51
631.   nick
ok Jason, let's hit two!
2007-09-14 20:19:33
632.   nyy jim
Come on Jason hit another one to make up for the sloppy fielding.
2007-09-14 20:19:48
633.   weeping for brunnhilde
618 You can only do what you can do.

162 times 9+ is a lot of innings, you know?

2007-09-14 20:19:49
634.   nick
the Viz is up, eh? nobody else available, right?
2007-09-14 20:19:50
635.   claybeez
627 I know. I know. One can only hope. Come on Cashman, give Joe the go ahead!
2007-09-14 20:21:05
636.   claybeez
618 Seems like its the same old suspects.
2007-09-14 20:22:42
637.   weeping for brunnhilde

Ok, how are we going to hold these guys down?

Nice that Ortiz leads off. I guess that's something.

2007-09-14 20:23:10
638.   williamnyy23
Great comeback...that's how I thought they'd start the game, but better late than never.

Still, one run is very precarious, especially with a weary Viz starting the next inning. Torre needs to have Mo ready for double duty. Losing this now would be like losing two games.

2007-09-14 20:24:04
639.   williamnyy23
637 I really thought they were going to blow it open...Matsui and Giambi swung through hittable pitches, but you can't complain at this point.
2007-09-14 20:24:16
640.   C2Coke
Not that I am unhappy with the Viz or anything but I really wish to see Joba here. The adrenaline and the hype can only be SO exciting.
2007-09-14 20:24:34
641.   fansince77
lets go Yankees!
2007-09-14 20:24:43
642.   thelarmis
wow. just wow.

Mo should really pitch the 8th. but we all know that'll never happen. he really should though. our best pitcher vs. their best hitter. keep the 'momentum' shift in our favor. etc. etc. if we give it up in the 8th, i'll be mortified...

2007-09-14 20:24:54
643.   williamnyy23
If the game goes past midnight, can they use Joba?
2007-09-14 20:25:46
644.   weeping for brunnhilde
639 Indeed. Not complaining.

I'm concerned, though.

2007-09-14 20:26:22
645.   bartap74
I don't understand this bullpen move at all.
2007-09-14 20:26:32
646.   williamnyy23
642 Agreed...I'd go to Mo here and worry about the 9th when you get there.
2007-09-14 20:26:54
647.   bartap74
I don't understand this bullpen move at all.
2007-09-14 20:27:17
648.   nick
ahhh, ze shift!
2007-09-14 20:27:18
649.   weeping for brunnhilde
643 :)

Hey, I love this shift thing!

2007-09-14 20:27:21
650.   C2Coke
643 Hey...that's a good question!
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-09-14 20:27:27
651.   thelarmis
643 not only is that hysterical, but you just made it onto the air! someone at espn is following the banter religiously!!! that's pretty cool...
2007-09-14 20:27:52
652.   bartap74
Heck, I'd go with Ohlendorf rather than Viz and his injured shoulder.
2007-09-14 20:28:35
653.   SF Yanks
643 Good question!
2007-09-14 20:28:48
654.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh no.
2007-09-14 20:29:07
655.   williamnyy23
Sloppiness continues...Posada has taken a step back this season. That's an inexusable passed ball.
2007-09-14 20:29:10
656.   thelarmis
so someone there is reading our comments and passed it off to Sut, who repeated william's awesome/funny post on the air. rock on!

i wonder if sut and bake hear about all the posts that go against them. there's a good one up at firejoemorgan.

oh, fuk on the passed ball/strikeout. boo. how bout a quick DP. please, oh please...

2007-09-14 20:29:26
657.   williamnyy23
Please get Mo up!
2007-09-14 20:30:02
658.   nyy jim
Stop giving them extra outs!
2007-09-14 20:30:08
659.   williamnyy23
655 Defensively that is.
2007-09-14 20:30:33
660.   weeping for brunnhilde
Why is Mo beginning to throw now?

If he's going to come in in the eighth, shouldn't he have been warming already?

2007-09-14 20:30:38
661.   nemecizer
That passed ball could come back to haunt us.
2007-09-14 20:30:46
662.   williamnyy23
2007-09-14 20:30:48
663.   fansince77
Last two pitches missed the target by four feet.
2007-09-14 20:31:00
664.   nemecizer
Dammit, you gotta put these guys in the grave when you get the chance!


2007-09-14 20:31:46
665.   williamnyy23
I'd bring in Mo right question about it.
2007-09-14 20:32:07
666.   Sarasota
.....perhaps the most difficult game of the year to watch....sloppy.but we're winning.
2007-09-14 20:32:34
667.   weeping for brunnhilde

Fucking A yessssssss!

2007-09-14 20:32:34
668.   Eirias
2007-09-14 20:32:36
669.   williamnyy23
There you go Jorge...way to make up for your mistake!
2007-09-14 20:32:37
670.   SF Yanks
If we lose this, it will be much worse then never having come back at all. They better win. Besides I feel like I've watched 2 games already... geez this is long.


2007-09-14 20:32:43
671.   Knuckles
STFU Coco, you got nailed.
2007-09-14 20:32:50
672.   nick
Jorge giveth...& he taketh away!
2007-09-14 20:33:00
673.   nemecizer
2007-09-14 20:33:02
674.   fansince77
God if not for ALex Jorge is MVP HANDS DOWN!
2007-09-14 20:33:07
675.   weeping for brunnhilde
666 Knock on wood...
2007-09-14 20:33:09
676.   thelarmis
way to make up for it, jorgie!!!

and nancy will lead off next inning!

let's get an insurance run...or three.

2007-09-14 20:33:32
677.   nick
667 WfB, why do I feel like I'm getting only the audio on a porno flick next door?
2007-09-14 20:34:04
678.   dianagramr
FWIW, the oldest catcher to hit 40 doubles in a year (prior to Posada doing it at 36)? ... Posada in 2002 at age 30 (along with Brian Harper in 1990 at age 30).
2007-09-14 20:34:34
679.   nemecizer


2007-09-14 20:34:38
680.   C2Coke
674 No kidding.

Why why why are Yankees v. Red Sox games always so long?

2007-09-14 20:34:51
681.   williamnyy23
670 losing twice.
2007-09-14 20:34:56
682.   weeping for brunnhilde
667 ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah a ha ha hah !!!

Yeah, except baseball is far more compelling than porno flicks.


2007-09-14 20:35:26
683.   williamnyy23
Why couldn't they have thrown out Roberts??
2007-09-14 20:35:36
684.   SF Yanks
Aren't you guys glad that Mo wasn't brought in now? Now he gets to pitch the 9th. It may or may not have been the right call, but now that Viz got out of the 8th, it's the right one. It was sort of a gamble that has so far worked out.
2007-09-14 20:35:41
685.   nemecizer
You know, Gag-me's facial hair on Gameday looks a lot like a scrotum.

Nice look, jerk-off.

2007-09-14 20:35:41
686.   dianagramr
Jorge is ALSO the ONLY catcher with 2 seasons of 40 2Bs and 20 HRs after age 28.
2007-09-14 20:35:43
687.   Knuckles

What are you talking about? This game is gonna come in at a very manageable 4:45...

2007-09-14 20:35:52
688.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice rip there, Robby.

Let's light this fuck up.

2007-09-14 20:36:07
689.   Zuma Jay
Way to go Coco! The old Lojack caught stealing!
2007-09-14 20:36:38
690.   weeping for brunnhilde
683 Oh, God, don't remind me.
2007-09-14 20:37:30
691.   nick
oh, man, that Red Sox chick gloom shot was just priceless--I'd pay for a poster of that....
2007-09-14 20:37:42
692.   Eirias
680 Because both teams play grinding OBP-based baseball? That would be the obvious answer. The real answer is that a conglomerate of gastroenterologists finance both teams in order to increase ulcer rates amongst their prospective clientele.
2007-09-14 20:37:46
693.   williamnyy23
The Boston Strangler is warming up.
2007-09-14 20:38:36
694.   nemecizer
Gameday has an injury delay. What happened?
2007-09-14 20:38:46
695.   C2Coke
680 bad.

Why is DeSalvo warming up?

2007-09-14 20:38:57
696.   williamnyy23
694 Robbie hurt his nail.
2007-09-14 20:39:00
697.   Eirias
Injury Delay?
2007-09-14 20:39:11
698.   weeping for brunnhilde
684 What I don't understand is waiting for someone to get on before getting Mo up.

A guy on first, all you need is a double and then it's too late to bring in Mo, so why get him up?

Either be ready to bring him in if someone reaches or live and die with Viz.

That kind of half-way thing doesn't make sense to me.

2007-09-14 20:39:11
699.   SF Yanks
683 I will always hate him. And as soon as his foot touched first I knew it was over. Anyone with a brain could tell that he was going to run his little fast ass all the way to home.
2007-09-14 20:39:22
700.   C2Coke
694 Cano had a thing with his finger or something.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-09-14 20:39:24
701.   williamnyy23
695 His throw day, I guess.
2007-09-14 20:39:54
702.   weeping for brunnhilde
Btw, what happened with Andy?

One bad inning or what?

2007-09-14 20:40:21
703.   dianagramr
Tampa and the Mariners are already in the top of the 7th in Seattle.
2007-09-14 20:40:31
704.   williamnyy23
702 He wilted under the pressure of his own defense, IMO.
2007-09-14 20:40:38
705.   Knuckles
2007-09-14 20:41:07
706.   williamnyy23
I'd really like another run or two...please!
2007-09-14 20:42:26
707.   weeping for brunnhilde
704 It was that bad, huh?
2007-09-14 20:43:29
708.   Eirias
Anyone care to explain the difference between pulling a fastball and driving it?
2007-09-14 20:43:48
709.   Start Spreading the News
Stiil, I like what the Red Sox did as far as bullpen usage. They brought in their best reliever at the most crucial part of the game. Papelbon didn't do his job. But still it was the right move.

Torre, take note!!!

2007-09-14 20:43:56
710.   williamnyy23
707 Jeter made an error, botched one (maybe two) double plays. Giambi pulled a Buckner and then made a late throw on a pick off.
2007-09-14 20:44:15
711.   weeping for brunnhilde
708 Sure, you can drive it the other way, can't you?
2007-09-14 20:44:30
712.   SF Yanks
Is it just me or do the Red Sox player's have the most pathetic, worn-out, ugly, mutated, infected, rotten, disturbing, dirtiest hats ever?
2007-09-14 20:44:41
713.   thelarmis
wall ball for JD! c'mon cap'n, 1 more base hit. thank you, please...
2007-09-14 20:44:41
714.   nyy jim
OK captain let's come through again.
2007-09-14 20:44:47
715.   williamnyy23
Come on more clutch hit!

I was hoping Melky or Cano would have done the same thing. Gagne is rolling changes up there.

2007-09-14 20:45:16
716.   weeping for brunnhilde
Come on, Derek!

Damn it.

2007-09-14 20:45:18
717.   Eirias
A split that doesn't split? Is that like the gyroball, a slider that doesn't slide?
2007-09-14 20:45:32
718.   williamnyy23
Damn...I don't really feel that comfortable with a one run lead.
2007-09-14 20:45:44
719.   thelarmis
alright. 3 VERY important outs. let's go Mo!
2007-09-14 20:46:02
720.   nick run too much to ask for--

Andy kinda melted down, he didn't have great command and there were a couple cheap hits--

2007-09-14 20:46:03
721.   weeping for brunnhilde
He's hitting an awful lot of just those balls.

Flying out to right a lot.

Sometimes hit fairly well, but he's barely lining anything these days.

2007-09-14 20:46:10
722.   SF Yanks
Who's coming up for the Sox?
2007-09-14 20:46:17
723.   C2Coke
Mo Time!
2007-09-14 20:46:45
724.   williamnyy23
721 That might have gone out at YS. Too bad.
2007-09-14 20:47:06
725.   nyy jim
Some good pitching by Mo and solid defense for three more outs please.
2007-09-14 20:47:13
726.   thelarmis
should be nancy, vagitek and carrot top. ellsbury would be 4th...
2007-09-14 20:47:29
727.   Sarasota
...well they got to MO.........finally.........hoping to see Kimmy soon.
2007-09-14 20:47:30
728.   weeping for brunnhilde
When did Joe pull him?
2007-09-14 20:48:09
729.   Eirias
How many times has Mo faced the Yankees?
2007-09-14 20:48:20
730.   thelarmis
i always hope to see kim jones! ; )
2007-09-14 20:48:32
731.   weeping for brunnhilde
Let's go, Mo!

Dear Mo...

2007-09-14 20:49:01
732.   thelarmis
729 ya mean, like spring training split squad games?! ; )
2007-09-14 20:49:21
733.   SF Yanks
729 Something tells me he hasn't faced them too often.
2007-09-14 20:49:22
734.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck!!!!!!!!!!
2007-09-14 20:49:26
735.   thelarmis
god dammit. what was that shit? fuk!
2007-09-14 20:49:34
736.   williamnyy23
Oh Cano...of course they can't do this easy. That play has to be made...damn, I wish I turned this game off!!
2007-09-14 20:49:59
737.   SF Yanks
Ohhhh Robbie Robbie Robbie....
2007-09-14 20:50:04
738.   nick
dp, come on--
2007-09-14 20:50:09
739.   williamnyy23
Oh Cano! I had to say it again.
2007-09-14 20:50:11
740.   Eirias
Bowa is still going to crucify Cano.
2007-09-14 20:50:25
741.   thelarmis
i absolutely hate this.
2007-09-14 20:50:28
742.   dianagramr
well .... there is no Dave Roberts here ...
2007-09-14 20:50:55
743.   nyy jim
Mo you might have to do this by yourself
2007-09-14 20:50:59
744.   Eirias
732 Oh, yeah. Unibroue is getting to me.
2007-09-14 20:50:59
745.   thelarmis
740 as well he should. we really need a quick DP...
2007-09-14 20:51:05
746.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, God, but I want to shut these fucking fans up.

These bozos behind the plate...

2007-09-14 20:51:20
747.   SF Yanks
Why can't this just be easy? For once!

Just a easy double play then a strike out.

2007-09-14 20:51:28
748.   weeping for brunnhilde
Noooo, that's a strike!
2007-09-14 20:52:19
749.   OldYanksFan
My heart is pounding!
2007-09-14 20:52:33
750.   thelarmis
yeah! now, the double play. thank you, please!
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2007-09-14 20:52:34
751.   OldYanksFan
2 to go!
2007-09-14 20:52:34
752.   nyy jim
1 down 2 to go
2007-09-14 20:52:42
753.   SF Yanks
That's one baby!

2 mo Mo.

2007-09-14 20:52:44
754.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice, Mo.

That was hittable, though, it looked.

But whatever, one out.

2007-09-14 20:52:46
755.   williamnyy23
749 Mine too...oh Cano!
2007-09-14 20:53:14
756.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice effort, Alex!

Nice effort.

2007-09-14 20:53:57
757.   weeping for brunnhilde
Two outs.
2007-09-14 20:54:02
758.   williamnyy23
Come on Mo!!

Oh Cano!!!

2007-09-14 20:54:04
759.   nick
one mo, Mo!
2007-09-14 20:54:07
760.   OldYanksFan
Oh my my my...... ONE MORE!
2007-09-14 20:54:08
761.   thelarmis
beautiful! 1 more to go. get the kid right here, right fuking now.
2007-09-14 20:54:15
762.   nyy jim
one more MO.
2007-09-14 20:54:19
763.   nemecizer
One to go....

C'mon Mo!

2007-09-14 20:54:34
764.   weeping for brunnhilde
Mincemeat of this guy, Mo.


2007-09-14 20:54:41
765.   SF Yanks
Ohhhhhhhhh... 1 mo, 1 mo, 1 mo Mo
2007-09-14 20:55:03
766.   weeping for brunnhilde
2007-09-14 20:55:21
767.   nyy jim
Theeeeee Yankees Winnnnnnnnn!
2007-09-14 20:55:24
768.   SF Yanks
2007-09-14 20:55:27
769.   nick
2007-09-14 20:55:32
770.   OldYanksFan
What a GAME!
Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees WIN!
2007-09-14 20:55:36
771.   williamnyy23
2007-09-14 20:55:36
772.   bartap74
Sit down rook.

NICE win!

2007-09-14 20:55:40
773.   weeping for brunnhilde
That's all she wrote, folks!


2007-09-14 20:56:01
774.   williamnyy23
massive one of their worst played games no less.
2007-09-14 20:56:10
775.   SF Yanks





2007-09-14 20:56:11
776.   seamus
woo hoo!


2007-09-14 20:56:15
777.   JeremyM
Holy crap, win of the year, BY FAR!!!! Wow.
2007-09-14 20:56:15
778.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fuck, who's got the champagne?
2007-09-14 20:56:19
779.   thelarmis
ooh, my neighbor is home downstairs. someone please let out a HUGE roaring FUK YEAH for me!!!
2007-09-14 20:56:20
780.   Robert the Robot
For all those who opened their veins 3 innings ago, apply plenty of pressure stop the bleeding. We live to see another day!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-09-14 20:56:29
781.   Zuma Jay
Sweet! And in only 7 hours!
2007-09-14 20:56:33
782.   fansince77
That's a reward to all of this for hanging in on this emotionally draining season...that was it! Yes! Yes!
2007-09-14 20:56:36
783.   weeping for brunnhilde
775 :)
2007-09-14 20:56:38
784.   OldYanksFan
772 Nice? NICE? NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
2007-09-14 20:56:45
785.   C2Coke
Nice Win!
2007-09-14 20:56:47
786.   claybeez
How exciting!
2007-09-14 20:57:11
787.   nemecizer
2007-09-14 20:57:37
788.   williamnyy23
The division is still a long way off, but that stabilizes the WC for a day. The Tigers stole one from the Jays on Monday, so it's nice to even the Karma scales.
2007-09-14 20:57:45
789.   weeping for brunnhilde
I didn't know Derek calls Joe "Mr. T."
2007-09-14 20:57:46
790.   OldYanksFan
785 Nice? NICE? NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
2007-09-14 20:57:56
791.   Mattpat11
I knew it all along
2007-09-14 20:58:08
792.   Eirias
Horrible joke. Widespread panic? Gotta kick it up a notch, Sportscenter.
2007-09-14 20:58:31
793.   weeping for brunnhilde
Still think it's Alex' team, William?


2007-09-14 20:59:02
794.   williamnyy23
The ultimate nightmare was Elsbury getting a walk off and Gagne getting the win. We would have been treated to a round of how great Theo is on SportsCenter.
2007-09-14 20:59:25
795.   Eirias
791 But of course! ;)
2007-09-14 20:59:36
796.   claybeez
They weren't sharp, true. But, can this once and for all put an end to the "they are not trying"/"they don't care" argument? Baseball is not an easy game. if it were, most of us would be out there playing it instead of blogging about it.
2007-09-14 20:59:48
797.   nyy jim
Fantastic win but we can't play another sloppy game like this and expect to win again. Let's go for two in a row tomorrow.....I mean later today!
2007-09-14 20:59:58
798.   JeremyM
788 Yeah, I was gripping about the Wild Card for a minute there.

Man, what a great win, the team really has to be pumped after one. I am!

2007-09-14 21:00:43
799.   thelarmis
if we win tomorrow (or sunday), we also win the season series, fwiw...
2007-09-14 21:00:47
800.   williamnyy23
793 If he's back next year, yes, I actually think it is heading that way. It's not a knock on Jeter, but Arod seems to be meshing with the youngins' and also stepping up his game.
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2007-09-14 21:00:47
801.   Eirias
How... unfortunate... that none of those three sportscaster will be calling the game tomorrow.
2007-09-14 21:01:18
802.   claybeez
794 SportsCenter, hmm. Seems I faintly remember something by that name.
2007-09-14 21:01:39
803.   Robert the Robot
Just look at the chump crew in the ESPN booth. Sut just predicted. "The Red Sox are already in the playoffs". Not so fast chumpster!
2007-09-14 21:01:43
804.   thelarmis
791 hey, both you and william got on tv tonite! i hope your dog is okay! : )
2007-09-14 21:01:53
805.   Eirias
800 Agreed. As we've all read, he has developed into a bit of a mentor for Melky and Cano.
2007-09-14 21:02:33
806.   williamnyy23
796 Not trying/not caring is not the same as not giving a full effort or being focused. No reason to debate the topic now, but I think it's fair to say that the Yankees effort for 7 innings was poor. Hell, if they are going to play the last two innings like this one, they can all show up for the game in the 7th for all I care.
2007-09-14 21:02:41
807.   SF Yanks
796 S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y!!!
2007-09-14 21:03:06
808.   thelarmis
i love seeing robbie smile. it was also nice to finally get to actually see erin andrews. it was only the ghost of her voice throughout the game...
2007-09-14 21:04:07
809.   Eirias
803 To play the Devil's Advocate, the Red Sox's playoff expectancy IS 99.99459%.
2007-09-14 21:04:33
810.   Eirias
803 To play the Devil's Advocate, the Red Sox's playoff expectancy IS 99.99459%.
2007-09-14 21:05:31
811.   ny2ca2dc
Holy Moly. My Red Sox wife is going to have a shock on her hands when she wakes up tomorrow morning... maybe i should wake her up now & gloat... nah, she's kill me!


2007-09-14 21:05:39
812.   JeremyM
810 Yeah, they're up 8 or so in the Wild Card, they're going to the playoffs.
2007-09-14 21:06:18
813.   weeping for brunnhilde
811 :)


2007-09-14 21:07:25
814.   claybeez
806 Giving your best does not always translate into success, particularly when there are other variables (opponents) involved. I think it's OK to criticize a bad effort as long as effort isn't necessarily equated with success. The two do not always go hand in hand.
2007-09-14 21:07:26
815.   weeping for brunnhilde
"Even when we don't play our best baseball, we can still beat you."

David Justice explaining the message the Yankees have sent to Boston.

2007-09-14 21:07:30
816.   williamnyy23
Excellent point by Justice on the postgame...even when the Yankees play their worst baseball, they can still beat the Red Sox. That's a significant message to send.
2007-09-14 21:07:41
817.   JL25and3
806 I don't know if their effort was poor. I know their execution was, but I don't think that's the same thing. You can be trying hard and still screw up - I know, I do it all the time.
2007-09-14 21:09:05
818.   claybeez
815 816 I'm not sure if Manny heard it, though...
2007-09-14 21:09:55
819.   Robert the Robot
803 Shoot, that means there's a 0.00540999999999999999999% chance they won't make it! Close enough for me!
2007-09-14 21:10:38
820.   weeping for brunnhilde
Didn't the Yanks just have two games in a row where they scored like 6 runs in the seventh?

They're having a lot of these big, really big late innings, no?

2007-09-14 21:10:55
821.   williamnyy23
814 Agreed...but the combination of errors, passed balls, diving into 1B, not knocking in runs on thrid with less than two outs are all evidence of a bad effort. You can lose and play well/give a good effort, but you can also lose because you play sloppy and undisciplined. Once a win is in the book, I don't care how they got it, but I hope and expect the team to come up much sharper tomorrow.
2007-09-14 21:13:38
822.   williamnyy23
I didn't realize Okajima has been that bad of late. 11 runs in his last 11 innings...that has to be a red flag for a pitcher who has never approached the workload he has endured this season.
2007-09-14 21:13:49
823.   Robert the Robot
809 810 Shoot, that means there's a 0.00540999999999999999999% chance they won't make it! Close enough for me!
2007-09-14 21:13:59
824.   nemecizer
821 This has got to be a huge boost for the Yanks and something to give the Sox pause. We won the game against their bullpen, which some Sox fans claim is the "best in history". To score 2 ER of Papelbon, who hasn't been scored against since July, has got to make them think.

I like this team, they aren't quitters.

2007-09-14 21:14:05
825.   weeping for brunnhilde

What a game.

Eighth inning resurgence, like in the old days.

Out of nowhere.

Red Sox Nation must be feeling kind of snakebit right about now, eh?

Heh heh heh.

2007-09-14 21:14:52
826.   weeping for brunnhilde
824 Really? Since July?

Hot damn.

2007-09-14 21:14:52
827.   williamnyy23
I wonder if Mo was thinking, not so fast Mr. Papelbon. I am not ready to give up the mantle just yet.
2007-09-14 21:15:18
828.   claybeez
821 I tend to agree with JL 817 that "execution" is the better choice here. For example, I believe Melky was giving his best effort when he slid. He was doing everything he could think of in that moment to get to 1st safely. However, his thinking was wrong in that he made a bad choice. Despite the choice, however, he was going all out.
2007-09-14 21:15:50
829.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
This point has probably been made umpteen times in the thread above, but:

Giambi should never ever ever ever play first base again.

He was an absolute butcher tonight.

That's the type of performance that loses a playoff series if it happens in October.

Thankfully, the shot of Torre in the dugout wincing means we probably won't see G-man play the field again.

2007-09-14 21:17:01
830.   claybeez
Regardless, William, I was glad to celebrate this victory with you and everyone else on the Banter.
2007-09-14 21:18:23
831.   weeping for brunnhilde
829 It's funny. I'm one of his staunchest critics, as far as fielding goes, but he seduced me with that first game back of his, made me start getting ideas...
2007-09-14 21:18:52
832.   williamnyy23
It gets lost in the shuffle, but Bruney was key. He worked out of a bases loaded jam and then gave the team another scoreless inning. I still wouldn't trust him in a big spot, but he definitely was a main cog in a huge win.
2007-09-14 21:19:31
833.   weeping for brunnhilde
830 Champagne all around!
2007-09-14 21:21:50
834.   williamnyy23
830 Same here. I think our disagreement is over semantics anyway. One can try hard, but take the wrong approach. That's more along the lines of what I mean by effort (not necessarily caring or trying).
2007-09-14 21:22:50
835.   williamnyy23
829 The only excuse I'll give Giambi is that the Red Sox infield is notoriously bad, so perhaps Jason (and Jeter) were victims of Renteria-itis.
2007-09-14 21:23:30
836.   Jeb
Amen! NOW I can quit dwelling on that loss to the Sux when Coco Crisp hit the triple off Mo.

a 6-1 road trip!!! PINCH ME I'M GIDDY!

2007-09-14 21:24:19
837.   monkeypants
829 Great...that means Minky at 1B @ 4 ABs per game, and Damon or Matsui or Giambi riding the pine. I'll take my chances that Giambi won't be this bad in the field every game.
2007-09-14 21:26:57
838.   Mike T
I just got in front of a computer, and I wanted to say GODDAMN WHAT A GUN-DOWN BY MELKY ON ORTIZ! That was a helluva throw.

Solid win.

2007-09-14 21:28:34
839.   SF Yanks
832 True, true.

Indians also won tonight, which is a very good thing. Wait... if we overtake Boston for the division, and the Indians turn out to have a better record then the Angels, we have to play the Angels in the division?

So what do we root for then? What if our options were:

a) division title/Angels in 1st round. -OR-
b) Wildcard/Indians 1st round.

What would we rather want?

2007-09-14 21:30:49
840.   claybeez
839 Brutal question.
2007-09-14 21:31:40
841.   williamnyy23
839 Don't root for your opponent...because you just might get them! At this point, I don't care who they play. In many ways, the Indians are due to beat the Yankees and the Yankees are due to beat the Angels.
2007-09-14 21:34:03
842.   ny2ca2dc
839 You trying to keep me up at night? Easy answer: I want to win the division, AND play the Indians in the first round. I'd like my cake and to eat it too, thanks!
2007-09-14 21:39:55
843.   williamnyy23
Seattle with another walk off win...guess they don't want to make winter plans just yet.
2007-09-14 21:44:16
844.   thelarmis
last year, we were all pining to match up w/ the Tiggers in the playoffs. and look what happened. let's just worry about ourselves and winning and getting into the postseason. then we'll focus on kicking the living shit out of whichever teams we're slotted against and win 11 more games...
2007-09-14 21:45:49
845.   JeremyM
844 I agree, I'm done playing that game. Unless Texas is in contention...:)
2007-09-14 21:47:41
846.   williamnyy23
845 So true...Texas (98 and 99) really spoiled Yankee fans as far as winning the ALDS was concerned. Or, maybe it was those two Yankees teams that were responsible?
2007-09-14 21:48:36
847.   SF Yanks
844 Yeah, that's a good point. Still I'm rooting for the division and the Indians like 842 ;)
2007-09-14 21:49:16
848.   yankz
A big HA! to you all!

844 It's not that I want a certain matchup. It's just that I don't want a certain matchup (LAA).

2007-09-14 21:49:45
849.   JeremyM
846 Some of both, but Texas had some pretty awful pitching.
2007-09-14 21:52:51
850.   Max
838 I just saw the replay of this on NESN. All the announcers were just gushing over Melky's throw, especially Eckersley. I know we played a horrible game until the 8th inning, but damn, Melky's play got my blood pumping -- that was an incredible strike.
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2007-09-14 21:54:11
851.   yankz
796 Afuckingmen!

thelarmis, I wasn't watching on ESPN, can you explain this "they read a comment and passed it on" thing?

2007-09-14 21:54:38
852.   thelarmis
849 still do! they've already given up 10 runs to the A's, runner on 3rd in the 6th...
2007-09-14 21:57:58
853.   yankz
I can totally see the Yankees resurging after this game, and BOS going into a 3-12 tailspin.
2007-09-14 21:58:05
854.   thelarmis
851 hey, yankz! i was feelin' for ya before on the back-and-forth on this thread, bro...

yeah. like 30 seconds after william posted the funny quote about joba pitching since it was after midnight, Sut said something like this: (and i paraphrase...) and i just got word that someone online asked if they could use Joba since it's after midnight.

i was beside myself! it totally kicked ass. they didn't say anything like 'bronx banter' or 'yankee blog' or anything like that. Sut was just fed william's post by, most likely, an espn intern, or something.

pretty cool stuff! : )

2007-09-14 22:03:39
855.   yankz
854 Thanks buddy.

That is awesome. And it is a great question: do they know that we absolutely bash them on this board? It's great that we now know they're reading.

Hey ESPN: Fire Joe Morgan. (Dot com.)

Shit, gotta wake up early, so I'll read a few more recaps and then it's off to bed.

2007-09-14 22:07:28
856.   yankz
Also, how fucking great is Arod? He hits homers at will, but a single was all we needed, and he delivered. Clinched the MVP right there.
2007-09-14 22:09:21
857.   thelarmis
that single was also crushed!

watching highlights on bbtn: fucking beautiful!

2007-09-14 22:09:48
858.   BklynBmr
853 I knew it! That's it. Your true colors are clear. Return that pink B hat ASAP. Frontrunnin' a-hole that you are!!!!
2007-09-14 22:10:38
859.   bartap74
With Cleveland's win and the Angels' loss, they now have the same record. As sweet as a division title would be, at this point I'm rooting hard for the Indians.
2007-09-14 22:13:20
860.   BklynBmr
859 Wait a minute. As AL East Champs, we want the Sawx to play the Halos in the first round, don't we? ;-)
2007-09-14 22:14:41
861.   yankz
---According to Torre and several players, Derek Jeter told the infielders in the sixth inning during a pitching change that the Yankees would win the game.

"I don't always say that but I felt that way," he said. "We had missed a lot of opportunities before."---

What a fucking great captain we have.

2007-09-14 22:15:16
862.   yankz
858 HA! But I like it!
2007-09-14 22:21:18
863.   BklynBmr
862 ;-) I send mine back, too. Can't wait for tomorrow!
2007-09-14 22:37:45
864.   tommyl
I just walked in the door. After the 7th, with them down 7-2 and my friends calling to meet up I thought it was safe. An hour ago, I texted Google to find out how badly they ended up losing and saw: Yankees 8, Red Sox 7.

Sorry I missed it, but wow, great comeback! You guys seem to have had a heart attack or two in there. My favorite comment was: "Oh, Giambi hits a homer NOW, that's useless." :)

Great game! Now Wang solidifies the Cy Young tomorrow.

2007-09-14 22:55:18
865.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
837 Sorry, but I'd rather have Mink at 1st in the playoffs and take my chances that the other 8 really really good hitters can pick him up. If 1 of Giambi and Matsui has to sit, so be it. Giambi is a butcher in the field.

Don't forget strange things happen in a 5 or 7 game series, like Brian Doyle and Bucky Dent both hitting .400 in the same world series.

2007-09-14 23:11:22
866.   monkeypants
865 Impenetrable reasoning.
2007-09-14 23:32:10
867.   Mike T
BTW, who got the win tonight?

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