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Saturday Night Special?
2007-09-08 15:04
by Alex Belth
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Another tough pitching match-up for the Yanks tonight. Here's hoping they win the series here and now. It's all about Andy and the bats.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2007-09-08 15:46:02
1.   mehmattski
Answering my own question about how Brian Bannister ended up on the Royals- he was traded for reliever Ambiorix Burgos, who currently has a 5.53 ERA in 73 IP for the Mets. Bannister, meanwhile, is at 3.51 (ERA+ of 151). Good trade there, Omar!
2007-09-08 15:50:58
2.   bobtaco
We play today, we win today das it.
2007-09-08 15:55:16
3.   JL25and3
1 The purpose of that trade is obvious: the Mets wanted to corner the market on Ambiorices.

2007-09-08 16:01:55
4.   SF Yanks
So I take it this is a URP huh? That doesn't bode well for us, but as long as we got Dandy Andy goin' we should be alright.
2007-09-08 16:03:14
5.   mehmattski
4 Well he was Heralded, up until the point where Omar traded him for scraps.
2007-09-08 16:06:21
6.   yankz
Isn't Burgos out for the year?
2007-09-08 16:07:09
7.   mehmattski
Shouldn't the Freddie Patek bobblehead look like a giant flea?
2007-09-08 16:10:26
8.   vockins
1 post ASB for Bannister:

2.50 ERA, 1.04 WHIP, 12 BB and 5 HR in 68.1 IP.

Hard living tonight.

2007-09-08 16:12:49
9.   mehmattski
Given the disparity between Bannister's "stuff" and his results, is he the Royals version of Tyler Clippard?
2007-09-08 16:14:47
10.   yankz
Anybody getting this on

"Authentication Error. Please check email and/or password and try again."

Stupid POS

2007-09-08 16:18:58
11.   mehmattski
PeteAbe sez:

"Scranton's season ended today. The Yankees will be calling up LHP Kei Igawa, RHP Jeff Karstens, RHP Matt DeSalvo, LHP Sean Henn, RHP Ross Ohlendorf (who will have to be added to the 40-man) and OF Bronson Sardinha."

That would bring the Yankees up to 35, with Chase Wright and TyClip likely to be added when the Thunder's season ends. Will we hear the same kinds of rants from Michael Kay when the Yankees call up the kids?

2007-09-08 16:31:03
12.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
11 Henn?

The guy who almost single-handedly turned a potentional 5-2 roadtrip into a 2-5 hole? Or the guy who gave up 4 runs in .2 ip yesterday for Scranton in the playoffs, losing the game and spoiling a rather good start by Mighty Matt DeSalvo.

Oh right, same guy.

For the love of all that's holy, why?

2007-09-08 16:41:26
13.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Well, at least Jorge got it out of the infield.

Our record against the Central is pretty amazing, considering the quality of the teams. The Royals are clearly up-and-coming, and the only weak link is the ChiSox, who are, after all, only 2 years removed from a championship.

This is going to be one scary division. Tigers, Cleveland, KC, and Minny are all young and talented.

Thank god for the unbalanced schedule. Besides us and the Sawx, only TB looks set for the future, and TB will figure some way to screw it up.

2007-09-08 16:41:30
14.   mehmattski
12 Which confirms a rather simple counterpoint to the Kay/Leiter rant about the Mariners having 5 lefties in the bullpen: it doesn't matter how many pitchers you have if they all suck.

I can't imagine any of them get in a game unless the Yanks are blowing someone out or have already clinched a playoff spot.

2007-09-08 16:44:36
15.   mehmattski
Singleton, on Freddie Patek: "He was the shortest man in the league, but he had some power."

Most homers in a season: six. Career OPS+: 79.

2007-09-08 16:44:58
16.   Ravenscar
This is incredible - YES has the crowd noise but no announcers. It's been a good 2 or 3 minutes.... Ohhh they're back. That was kind of fun.
2007-09-08 16:46:07
17.   mehmattski
16 That's funny, on Extra Innings, I could hear the YES crew but not the crowd. Weird.
2007-09-08 16:46:30
18.   rbj
16 Yeah. I just turned the game on at that moment -- figured I had done something wrong. Kinda nice in its own way.
2007-09-08 16:49:01
19.   mehmattski
Booing Johnny Damon? Really? Between this and the celebration of the 24th (24th!) anniversary of the Pine tar game, The Royals fans really need to get over it.
2007-09-08 16:49:28
20.   rbj
And Jeter's gotta be bumming, Michigan got embarrassed at home again.
2007-09-08 16:50:35
21.   Ravenscar
Oh, I dunno, I don't think the Royals fans are so bad for booing Damon.
2007-09-08 16:51:22
22.   Ravenscar
Notre Dame beat Michigan today? My sister's in Michigan State country, they must be thrilled.
2007-09-08 16:52:01
23.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
16 That is cool.

You should be able to have that sound option. Especially in HDTV, where, with the 5.1 surround, you get the crowd ambiance out of 4 speakers. What if you could turn off the center speaker/announcers, and just kick back with the crowd sound. It'd be like being at the park.

Throw in some smell-a-vision in the future, and we'll be set.

2007-09-08 16:52:54
24.   yankz
22 It was Oregon.
2007-09-08 16:54:11
25.   Ravenscar
Yeah, I don't really follow any kind of football, so I can see why I wouldn't know who beat who. I guess I thought I heard somewhere they were playing Notre Dame. Ohhh no it was that BOTH Notre Dame and Michigan were in danger of opening 0-2, that was it.
2007-09-08 16:55:03
26.   mehmattski
21 He's played for three teams since he left KC, six years ago. And it's not like he spurned the team that drafted him to go sign a big free agent contract- he was traded for Angel Berroa, AJ Hinch, and Roberto Hernandez. The booing should be reserved for David Glass and Allard Baird.
2007-09-08 16:56:57
27.   mehmattski
23 I actually know quite a few people who do that watching college basketball games- as a Duke fan, we always get the rambling of Dick Vitale. ESPN typically leaves the announcers on one channel, which is easy enough to turn off. One guy managed to synch up the game, in HD on TV with the local radio call. Good times.
2007-09-08 17:00:36
28.   rbj
They were booing Damon in Detroit, too.
Jeter & A-Rod & Giambi I understood. Damon -- WTF?
2007-09-08 17:02:52
29.   RIYank

Yeah, I saw that Michigan game. Kind of sad. Not that I have any kind of loyalties or indeed care much in any way about college football.

I hear there's a baseball game in KC, though.

2007-09-08 17:03:21
30.   Mattpat11
2007-09-08 17:03:28
31.   mehmattski
2007-09-08 17:04:06
32.   RIYank
Whoa. A nice one for #50.
2007-09-08 17:04:46
33.   Chyll Will
I think he's still good for another 10...
2007-09-08 17:04:52
34.   RIYank
Oh, the toaster's all messed up. Is that why nobody is bantering about the game?
2007-09-08 17:05:58
35.   mehmattski
34 It's working fine for me... I just figured that everyone outside of NY/NJ either 1) thinks that it's blacked out like every game on Saturday or 2) actually has places to be on Saturday night.
2007-09-08 17:06:19
36.   Mattpat11
Does A-Rod have another 12 in him? :)
2007-09-08 17:06:44
37.   yankz
Are we quoting Along Came Polly or something?

34 It's Saturday night. Don't look at me man, I'm only sticking around for like an hour.

2007-09-08 17:06:51
38.   Chyll Will
34 Don't blame me, I just got in...
2007-09-08 17:07:25
39.   yankz
5 in 4 games for Arod, right?
2007-09-08 17:09:37
40.   mehmattski
39 Yep, and 6 in 7 games. Coming into tonight, his September line:


2007-09-08 17:10:17
41.   RIYank
Yeah, I know it's Saturday night. I have kids :-)
2007-09-08 17:10:24
42.   mehmattski
Cano needed to try and score a little earlier in that pickle. Also, Bowa shoulda sent him straight off on the hit.
2007-09-08 17:10:40
43.   Chyll Will
36 That's his wife's business, not ours.

Hmm, think Cano waited too long to break for home?

2007-09-08 17:11:33
44.   Ravenscar
Sadly, I have both A-Rod and Bannister starting tonight on my fantasy team. I just needed innings. I have to take the hit.
2007-09-08 17:11:44
45.   Chyll Will
42 Jinx >;)
2007-09-08 17:12:46
46.   rbj
I'm here. Been busy the last few weekends and now that the Mudhens are done for the year I'm just having a quiet Sat. night.
2007-09-08 17:12:52
47.   RIYank
David Pinto has been tracking the odds of A-Rod catching Maris for the AL record. The chance is small, but significant: between 3 and 4% before tonight's.
2007-09-08 17:13:43
48.   mehmattski
45 As an evolutionary biologist, I prefer the term "convergence."
2007-09-08 17:13:55
49.   Chyll Will
48 Put me down for A-Rod and the over.
2007-09-08 17:14:33
50.   yankz
I'll take the over too. He's on an Aprilesque hot streak.
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2007-09-08 17:14:34
51.   mehmattski
46 Go Bulls! I went to games 1 and 2... Evan Longoria and Justin Ruggiano ruined everything for ya, huh?
2007-09-08 17:15:08
52.   yankz
It's truly amazing that a Yankee RH who isn't on steroids has hit 50 home runs. Like I've said before, we're lucky.
2007-09-08 17:15:21
53.   yanster
anyone notice that Dice-K just walked in his second run of the inning? Doesn't get any more fun than that. Bases still loaded.
2007-09-08 17:15:54
54.   OldYanksFan
Sox were up 4-1 after 2.5 innings.
Then Dice-K:
Gives up a Single
Gives up a DOuble
Walks a guy on a 3-2 count, bases loaded.
Walks a guy on a 3-2 count, bases loaded. 1 run in.
Gives up a Single to Miggy. Now 2 runs in.
Walks a guy on a 3-2 count, bases loaded. 3 run in. Bases still loaded.
No outs.
2007-09-08 17:16:19
55.   Chyll Will
48 And as a cartoonist, I prefer the brand "Barq's" (though Stewart's will do in a pinch) >;)
2007-09-08 17:16:55
56.   mehmattski
55 Dude, A&W all the way.
2007-09-08 17:17:19
57.   yankz
Why couldn't Jeter get the out? (I'm on Gameday)
2007-09-08 17:17:46
58.   OldYanksFan
2 Outs. 4-4. Dice-K might get out of it.
2007-09-08 17:18:07
59.   mehmattski
57 By the time he had the ball, he was a few steps from shaking hands with the fans down the third baseline, and running at full speed.
2007-09-08 17:18:36
60.   Chyll Will
54 That reads like a bad recipe for junk food...
2007-09-08 17:18:42
61.   rbj
51 Ah, shaddapa yo face.

2/3s of the Hens opening day lineup is in the majors at the moment, I didn't like their odds going in.

2007-09-08 17:19:34
62.   yankz
59 Thanks.
2007-09-08 17:20:31
63.   yanster
58 might or he might give up a grand slam to a raw rookie!
2007-09-08 17:20:33
64.   Chyll Will
56 The mezzanine of root beers, but it'll do.


2007-09-08 17:20:35
65.   OldYanksFan
Maybe not. Grand Slam for Scott Moore?
O's up 8-4. Dice-K gives up 7 runs. Tough break.
2007-09-08 17:21:51
66.   Ravenscar

HR - Dice in a world of hurt now.

2007-09-08 17:21:59
67.   JL25and3
65 Couldn't happen to a nicer team.

Has Pedroia been, uh, brushed back yet?

2007-09-08 17:22:13
68.   Chyll Will
Why does Andy look like he's throwing harder than he really is?
2007-09-08 17:22:55
69.   mehmattski
61 Hey, the Bulls were 10 games back in May, and came back to win the division. Now they get to face the team they bitch-slapped in the season's final week to take the division (Richmond). It kinda stinks that the first two games are here, it would be awesome if they clinched at home. Also kinda messed up that the wild-card team gets home-field advantage in the championship.
2007-09-08 17:23:04
70.   yankz
Emil Brown? Come on Andy.
2007-09-08 17:23:23
71.   rbj
65 I'll break out my really small violin for him.
2007-09-08 17:23:36
72.   RIYank
Shoot. K before the double next time, Andy.
Still, this game's looking pretty good to me.
2007-09-08 17:24:41
73.   RIYank
If the Yankees had paid $100 M for five years of Dice-K, would you be upset now?
2007-09-08 17:24:54
74.   rsmith51
Tie game in Detroit.

7 run inning for O's.

Go M's and O's

2007-09-08 17:25:03
75.   Chyll Will
65 ,66 Oooooh, and only the third inning? Ounch!
2007-09-08 17:25:17
76.   rbj
69 Yeah. But they set those things at the start of the season so I can't complain too much. Durham does look like a strong team.
2007-09-08 17:25:25
77.   mehmattski
71 Shouldn't that be a really small biwa, then?
2007-09-08 17:25:53
78.   rsmith51
Granderson, another triple!!!
2007-09-08 17:26:48
79.   Ravenscar
Didn't think Damon was actually going to beat that, but it was a good bit of running.
2007-09-08 17:27:47
80.   Chyll Will
77 The crickets are on their way up I-95 right now...
2007-09-08 17:28:39
81.   yankz
Is Gameday computer generated, or is it just some dude clicking where he thought the pitch went?
2007-09-08 17:29:38
82.   mehmattski
80 Where's Mike Plugh when I need him?
2007-09-08 17:29:46
83.   rsmith51
81 My guess is dude, but he appears to be more accurate than the ump.
2007-09-08 17:31:01
84.   yankz
This is the coolest video ever:

I love the Oregon Ducks.

2007-09-08 17:31:19
85.   mehmattski
81 Except when the Pitch f/x system is in place, it must be some dude, like one of the guys over at RLYW, who does it at Camden Yards.
2007-09-08 17:32:09
86.   Ravenscar
holy yikes - YES reporting trouble for Jeter.
2007-09-08 17:32:13
87.   RIYank
I think Gameday is computer generated when you get the enhanced version, that has the release speed and so on. (Like today.)
2007-09-08 17:34:14
88.   yankz
86 What do you mean?
2007-09-08 17:34:32
89.   rsmith51
Jeter looks like he needs a few days off anyway.
2007-09-08 17:34:37
90.   Chyll Will
82 Yes... Mike would put it all in the proper perspective.
2007-09-08 17:34:56
91.   yanster
87 Did you notice that they got rid of the virtual strike zone yesterday in the enhanced version? Too many ump calls getting second guessed?
2007-09-08 17:35:01
92.   yankz
Oh no, what happened to Derek?
2007-09-08 17:35:15
93.   rsmith51
Looks like a slick fielder.
2007-09-08 17:35:51
94.   RIYank
91 I did, and I wondered whether that was why.
2007-09-08 17:37:01
95.   RIYank
93 Who?
The Attorney General?
2007-09-08 17:38:09
96.   mehmattski
I think that qualifies as a "nice piece of hitting."
2007-09-08 17:40:02
97.   rsmith51
95 I thought he resigned. Hopefully our SS remembers how many outs there are.

Looks like I almost jinxed him. Sorry!

2007-09-08 17:40:14
98.   BklynBmr
That's my Attorney General, baby!
2007-09-08 17:40:24
99.   yankz
Lohud: "UPDATE, 8:35 p.m.: No word from the Yankees yet as to what is wrong with Derek Jeter."
2007-09-08 17:40:46
100.   mehmattski
It's the Alberto Gonzales show!
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2007-09-08 17:41:29
101.   OldYanksFan
Double, error and a bomb. O's up 11-4. Farns-proofed!
2007-09-08 17:41:53
102.   RIYank
97 Well, yeah, of course he resigned. He got called up. Jeez.

Yikes, that's not good, "No word from the Yankees..."

2007-09-08 17:42:04
103.   yankz
Pettitte's only at 64 pitches. He could do 8.
2007-09-08 17:42:55
104.   yankz
If Jeter's down for any period of time, would we see:

Betemit SS/Giambi 1B
Betemit SS/Stink 1B
Alberto SS/Giambi, Betemit or Stink 1b?

2007-09-08 17:43:05
105.   mehmattski
2007-09-08 17:43:07
106.   Mattpat11
2007-09-08 17:43:18
107.   Mattpat11
Come on Alex. 11 more.
2007-09-08 17:43:31
108.   Chyll Will
I had 51 on my mind just now. This is not surprising anymore >;)
2007-09-08 17:43:40
109.   RIYank
101 Yeah, if only the error had been on Pedroia instead of Lugo, it would be a perfect evening at Camden Yards.

Oh, no fucking way. NO WAY!
Those 3-1 pitches are hell for Bannister tonight, huh?

2007-09-08 17:44:05
110.   yankz
Arod > Roy Hobbs

This is just like April. We can't explain it. Can't even understand it.

2007-09-08 17:44:27
111.   OldYanksFan
Sick. Just sick.
2007-09-08 17:44:40
112.   yankz
I bet Arod could homer every time up. He just doesn't like to show off.
2007-09-08 17:44:42
113.   Chyll Will
What the hell did that woman scream?
2007-09-08 17:44:49
114.   mehmattski
Most homers as a third baseman, all time. Clearly, this team would be improved by his subtraction. Psh.
2007-09-08 17:44:51
115.   BklynBmr
Wow. Just f'n wow.
2007-09-08 17:45:35
116.   BklynBmr
102 No, that's him. Same guy. Trust me...
2007-09-08 17:46:05
117.   yankz
114 Easy there Steinbrenner, this isn't the Arod fan club. Just ask my NY tattoo.
2007-09-08 17:46:08
118.   Chyll Will
113 Something like, "It's a baby!" or "Hit the deck, B!" ??
2007-09-08 17:46:27
119.   Mattpat11
Where did YES arbitrarily pick 1939 from for this graphic?
2007-09-08 17:46:27
120.   BklynBmr
113 Sure that was a woman?
2007-09-08 17:46:46
121.   mehmattski
113 I don't think there were words there. More like a cackle: "Woo-hoo-hee-hoo!"

Silly woman. A simple "Ha!" would have sufficed.

2007-09-08 17:46:52
122.   yankz
Gameday says Jeter injured his knee. That happened way back in Anaheim, right?
2007-09-08 17:47:18
123.   yankz
118 "I want to have Arod's babies!" ?
2007-09-08 17:47:34
124.   OldYanksFan
I love it when they show ARod's HRs on NESN during the Sox game!
2007-09-08 17:47:38
125.   yankz
121 That is the nerdiest, worst cackle I've ever heard.
2007-09-08 17:48:02
126.   vockins
Good God. This is looney tunes.
2007-09-08 17:48:56
127.   OldYanksFan
104 A combo of all of the above. Torre wants to keep everyone limber, and he has done a good job rotating players around.
2007-09-08 17:49:08
128.   Chyll Will
120 Does Wayne Newton like baseball?

121 Nice >;)

2007-09-08 17:49:15
129.   rbj
From Pete:
UPDATE, 8:43 p.m.: Alex Rodriguez now has 49 home runs as a third baseman, the Major League record. At some point the Steinbrenner family may as well offer him equity.

Derek Jeter left the game with "stiffness in his right knee."

2007-09-08 17:49:32
130.   spufi2007
Hey guys -- on YES, they showed the bullpen pitchers rotating their shoulders after the A-Rod home run (inside joke).

Anyone know the story behind that?

2007-09-08 17:49:57
131.   mehmattski
Did I miss something with all the arm-rotating and good-hearted mocking of A-Rod by the bullpen members? Also, can the arguments that A-Rod ruins team chemistry please stop, based on this anecdotal evidence?
2007-09-08 17:51:40
132.   Mattpat11
131 Can anyone that seriously takes team chemistry into consideration kindly shut up period?
2007-09-08 17:52:06
133.   yankz
From "sleepyirv" at RLYW: Arod has a 2.143 OPS this month.
2007-09-08 17:52:16
134.   Zack
I just thought I would check in and say A-Rod=A-God and Dice-K=feeling the strain of pitching more than hes used to perhaps?
2007-09-08 17:52:28
135.   mehmattski
Ah, playing for one run with a three run lead in the sixth inning. Such strategy. Such genius.
2007-09-08 17:52:42
136.   yankz
Yeah, bunt on the new guy (with a 6.21 ERA) when you doubled your last AB against a better pitcher.
2007-09-08 17:52:57
137.   BklynBmr
Wilson! Get the ---- outta here!
2007-09-08 17:53:03
138.   RIYank
Stiffness in his right knee. Hm.
That sounds like a flare-up of an old injury, right?

131 Saying that A-Rod is bad for team chemistry is now the sporstwriter's badge of shame. They're all primarily objects of mockery today.

2007-09-08 17:53:07
139.   Chyll Will
2007-09-08 17:53:14
140.   yankz
2007-09-08 17:53:35
141.   rbj
2007-09-08 17:53:49
142.   mehmattski
But, they were looking for a small-ball play! Betimit clearly failed there... bench him! What a selfish player, going for a homer instead of a single or sac fly!
2007-09-08 17:53:51
143.   vockins
Guess I shouldn't have started Bannister in my fantasy league's playoffs tonight.
2007-09-08 17:54:07
144.   RIYank
Betemit, pay attention. WE'RE PLAYING SMALL BALL NOW.

Jeez, the kid has the IQ of a Bostonian.

2007-09-08 17:54:12
145.   yankz
According to Gameday, that went further than Arod's first HR.
2007-09-08 17:54:37
146.   Mattpat11
Wheels coming off for KC.
2007-09-08 17:54:46
147.   rsmith51
Good thing they gave away that out

I don't understand small ball in that situation, but it ended well.

2007-09-08 17:55:06
148.   rufuswashere
Betemit is exactly the sort of player we have not had on the bench the past few years. No superstar, but he can hurt you. A good solid player with pop. GREAT.

Cairo was a scrappy player, but this is much much much better.

2007-09-08 17:55:15
149.   yankz
SEA and DET still tied at 5, top of the 6th.
2007-09-08 17:55:22
150.   Chyll Will
Wow, this inning has napalm sprayed all over it for KC...
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2007-09-08 17:55:36
151.   rbj
138 It's just an excuse. Derek's on his way to Ann Arbor to lead the "ride Llyod Carr out of town on a rail" mob.

And Steve Philips should not only never GM again, he can no longer be taken seriously on BBTN (not that I ever did)

2007-09-08 17:55:55
152.   OldYanksFan
That's a funny kind of a hit. a 10 footer.
2007-09-08 17:55:59
153.   yankz
Is "scrappy" really a compliment? What does it mean, exactly? He goes around the clubhouse after games eating the leftovers from other guys' plates?
2007-09-08 17:56:05
154.   RIYank
142 144 Genius.
2007-09-08 17:56:42
155.   Chyll Will
145 According to my eyesight, Gameday is correct...
2007-09-08 17:56:48
156.   yankz
154 You just called yourself a genius?
2007-09-08 17:57:36
157.   Chyll Will
2007-09-08 17:57:39
158.   yankz
If either Alberto or Bobby gets on, and no GIDP, Coddmeyer comes to bat again this inning.
2007-09-08 17:58:17
159.   Mattpat11
My big argument against "team chemistry"

The Bronx Zoo Yankees won two world championships.

The whacked out Charlie Finley A's won three.

The We Are Family Pirates won one. Two if you want to be really generous and give them 71.

I just don't see why the players have to like each other to play baseball.

2007-09-08 17:58:32
160.   yankz
No DP DP...
2007-09-08 17:58:42
161.   RIYank
156 The convergence was genius.
But, now that you mention it...
2007-09-08 18:00:32
162.   Chyll Will
Okay, I think it's safe to go off and make dinner now...
2007-09-08 18:00:35
163.   BklynBmr
151 Steve Phillips can GM all day long in the AL East, as long as it's not in The Boogie Down...

Now this is the beat down I was hoping for tonight...

2007-09-08 18:00:38
164.   RIYank

Would you walk Alex here?

2007-09-08 18:00:47
165.   Jersey
And one more time, here comes the big fella...
2007-09-08 18:01:00
166.   Chyll Will
2007-09-08 18:01:01
167.   mehmattski
Come on A-Rod, one more for the kid in the hospital!
2007-09-08 18:01:42
168.   rsmith51
The offense is clicking today.

Nice job by AG(Hey that works for both Alberto Gonzales and Attorney General, maybe that is what Bush was thinking...)

2007-09-08 18:01:42
169.   rbj
Dang. Only warning track power. Trade A-Rod.
2007-09-08 18:01:44
170.   Chyll Will
Almost. Hmm, save the greed for dinner >;)
2007-09-08 18:02:04
171.   rufuswashere
"Scrappy" means that baseball old-timers like them, but no thoughtful baseball fan does.

I'm looking forward to seeing some true SS range with Gonzalez instead of the cap'n out there.

2007-09-08 18:02:18
172.   RIYank

I didn't really think that was going out. Not really. But man, that would have been cool.

2007-09-08 18:02:37
173.   Chyll Will
Without small-ball, would that have been out # 1?
2007-09-08 18:02:52
174.   rsmith51
Why didn't Bobby tag up?
2007-09-08 18:03:02
175.   rbj
168 That's why Bush hired him -- makes it easier to know what his job is. Alberto Gonzales. AG. Ah, he's the AG.
2007-09-08 18:04:09
176.   Chyll Will
172 He's got another at-bat or two coming, but yeah, that would've been cool >;)

Oh, the humanity!!

2007-09-08 18:05:04
177.   rbj
Hmm, just saw this from earlier on Pete's site: "A few notes on some pitchers: Joba Chamberlain will be shut down until Tuesday as he threw 29 pitches last night"

I bet that didn't come from Joe. Good move IMO.

2007-09-08 18:05:31
178.   RIYank
176 Yeah, but two in the same inning. Again. That's what would have been just too cool. But this is too close to complaining, so I'll shut up.
2007-09-08 18:06:05
179.   mehmattski
175 Now just need someone named David Herbert Smith to run the Department of Homeland Security.
2007-09-08 18:06:05
180.   BklynBmr
159 Which pales against the list of accomplishments that the '25 players, 25 cabs' clubs wrote into history.

Give me a team who really get along and pull for each other on and off the field anyday of the week.

This club seems to have a great vibe to it. How can that be a bad thing?

2007-09-08 18:07:32
181.   Mattpat11
Matsuzaka'a ERA is 4.44


2007-09-08 18:07:41
182.   yankz
159 They don't have to, but I can easily see how it might get in the way.

This is what I hate about intelligent baseball fans (not directed at you, Mattpat; I'm including myself in this group). Because so much of this game is easily rationalized and explained, we start to do the same to the players as well.

For example, I commented that the Yankees looked terrible the day Scooter died, and it might be because they have heavy hearts. Someone quickly told me that the Yanks won the day they had to bury Munson.

That was ridiculous, IMO. I might (and probably was) totally wrong. But using a Yankees team from 3 decades ago to make an argument like that is crap. Everybody deals with death differently. Just because one group of guys was able to block it out and play in no way means that a completely different group of guys will be able to do the same. Some people are blessed with a godlike ability to focus. It's a gift that not everybody has.

Pete Abraham made what I thought was a good point the other day. The few starts after Mike Myers, Ace Wang's best friend on the team, was DFA'd, Wang didn't pitch well. It's entirely possible that he didn't pitch well because of other circumstances, like a finger injury or sheer bad luck. But it's definitely possible that he struggled because he wasn't in his usual comfort zone. None of us knows how Wang personally reacted to it. I get the feeling that if someone had made that point here, they would have been ridiculed.

If Arod and Jeter had an argument before a game, maybe they both can block it out and go 3-4 apiece. But if Melky steals a girl from Cano, how the hell do we know that's not weighing down on him the next day? Playing baseball is an incredibly hard thing to do that requires the utmost concentration. The slightest distraction could make your pitch miss two inches two high, resulting in a home run. The slightest distraction could delay your decision to swing a split second, resulting in a weak grounder to second. There is definitely a mental aspect to the game, and everybody's ability to focus can be compromised by other circumstances.

As you can see, I've been bottling this post up for a while.

2007-09-08 18:07:51
183.   yankz
Also, how close was Arod to 52?
2007-09-08 18:08:33
184.   Raf
Glad I don't have to go to a casino to be cool... Talk about lame commercials
2007-09-08 18:10:21
185.   Chyll Will
180 I always had a notion that chemistry had more to do with meshing qualities as opposed to meshing personalities. The players don't have to like each other to win, but it doesn't hurt.
2007-09-08 18:11:26
186.   RIYank
183 Close enough to be excited, but not so close as to really think it was going out.
2007-09-08 18:11:53
187.   seamus
182 Melky stole robbie's girl? Not cool! :)
2007-09-08 18:12:47
188.   Raf
185 I thought chemistry was what got Doc & Darryl in a lot of trouble
2007-09-08 18:13:18
189.   Chyll Will
183 Lip of the warning track. It had height, but sadly not distance...
2007-09-08 18:13:38
190.   yankz
Thanks guys. Gameday makes it look like he just missed.
2007-09-08 18:13:51
191.   RIYank
I have the Red Sox on the radio. It's going almost as well as the one in KC. And it's really fun to listen to. Castiglione gets a great tone in his voice in games like this.
2007-09-08 18:15:17
192.   rsmith51
I don't expect much from Jeff Weaver, but I was hoping...

8-5 Tigers

2007-09-08 18:15:36
193.   Chyll Will
188 Good point, but I meant the team as a whole as opposed to the sum of it's parts.
2007-09-08 18:15:57
194.   BklynBmr
185 That's my pernt. There are few, albeit enough, examples of teams with personality clashes being successful. How much do sportswriters have to do with that? More than the average fan thinks is my guess.
2007-09-08 18:16:06
195.   rsmith51
The Yanks would be best to pass Cleveland, just in case.
2007-09-08 18:16:08
196.   RIYank
Okay, Andy for the seventh. Do I hear nominations for the eighth?
Turns out to be the perfect game to have Joba and Vizcaino unavailable, huh? I guess they'll be unavailable again tomorrow, come to think of it. Joba not until Tuesday?? Even in a pinch on Monday?
2007-09-08 18:16:25
197.   yankz
193 I thought he was making a pun on "chemistry"
2007-09-08 18:18:22
198.   Chyll Will
197 Yes, and I was being sardonic >;)
2007-09-08 18:19:36
199.   yankz
198 Ah, ok.
2007-09-08 18:19:56
200.   Raf
182 By the time they get to the majors, I would think they've gotten the mental part of the game down pat.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-08 18:20:03
201.   Chyll Will
B-Rod! "Anything you can do, I can do better..."
2007-09-08 18:20:11
202.   rbj
196 No Joba -- I believe that came down from on high, probably Cashman. No sense to take a risk with the kid. I vote Bruney for the 8th.
2007-09-08 18:21:17
203.   yankz
200 Bullshit. Rick Ankiel and Zack Greinke immediately came to mind. It is absurd how some people think of athletes as machines. I could think of more, but it's Saturday night, I have to go. Hopefully they don't blow this one.
2007-09-08 18:22:03
204.   RIYank
202 I'll go with Britton.
2007-09-08 18:23:25
205.   rbj
203 Steve Sax, Chuck Knoblauch. Sometimes the mental thing goes.

204 Britton for the ninth?

2007-09-08 18:23:31
206.   Raf
203 Yeah, and Ankiel came back as an outfielder, and Grienke came back after taking some time off.
2007-09-08 18:23:56
207.   RIYank
A-Rod is the only player ever to set a single-season record for position, at two positions.
2007-09-08 18:24:07
208.   rufuswashere
191 Same tone that Sterling has when the Yanks are getting blown out.

True confessions: I like both these guys as announcers. (Ducks as tomatoes get thrown ...)

2007-09-08 18:24:31
209.   Chyll Will
203 We'll leave the light on for ya, buddy. Me, I'm off to dinner and "A Clockwork Orange." Peace!
2007-09-08 18:25:25
210.   RIYank
205 Okay, Britton for the ninth.
Well, no, hang on. Let's have one pitcher throw the eighth and ninth.
With Joba and Vizcaino unavailable tomorrow, we need as many bullets in the bullpen as possible.
2007-09-08 18:26:02
211.   BklynBmr
Andy = Slacker
2007-09-08 18:26:54
212.   mehmattski
210 Ron Villone, come on down!
2007-09-08 18:27:06
213.   RIYank
208 No, it's a totally different tone, I'd say. Sterling sounds 'resigned', and kind of 'settling in' to try to kill off the time. Castiglione sounds whiny and defeated.

Well, maybe it's just a difference in their tonalities.

(I like both of them, too.)

2007-09-08 18:27:16
214.   rbj
210 Good point. Maybe Henn for an inning so he'd be unavailable in case of a close game tomorrow. Sure would hate to have to got to Mo tonight though.
2007-09-08 18:28:02
215.   RIYank
212 Villone, that makes sense. This is what he's for. Good, we'll go with Villone.

Who's gonna make the call to the dugout?

2007-09-08 18:29:38
216.   BklynBmr
212 A few more runs, I'm letting Duncan throw...
2007-09-08 18:30:45
217.   mehmattski
Meh, it's Britton. If he only goes one inning, and Jose Veras or Villone pitches the rest, it's fine by me.
2007-09-08 18:30:51
218.   BklynBmr
205 Nice call...
2007-09-08 18:31:46
219.   RIYank
The Sox have thrown in the towel.
Lowell, Youk, Drew, Tek, Coco, all out for scrubs.
2007-09-08 18:34:57
220.   Mattpat11
Why does "reinforcements from Scranton" sound like "Kei Igawa?"
2007-09-08 18:35:38
221.   RIYank
I'll take another inning from Britton now, or else Villone.
Or Veras, sure. Who the hell is Veras? Pitching for the Red Sox: Devern Hansack. Who the hell is Devern Hansack??
2007-09-08 18:36:43
222.   BklynBmr
220 Maybe because "Scranton's season ended today. The Yankees will be calling up LHP Kei Igawa, RHP Jeff Karstens, RHP Matt DeSalvo, LHP Sean Henn, RHP Ross Ohlendorf (who will have to be added to the 40-man) and OF Bronson Sardinha." — via LoHud.
2007-09-08 18:37:24
223.   Mattpat11
2007-09-08 18:38:14
224.   Mattpat11
222 Wow. Does that group even count as reinforcements? I'd label that a road block.
2007-09-08 18:39:11
225.   BklynBmr
224 Who would you call up?
2007-09-08 18:39:32
226.   Mattpat11
Well, he'll start every game til the end of time now.
2007-09-08 18:39:44
227.   RIYank
Maybe somebody should throw something hard into Doug's knee before every AB.
2007-09-08 18:40:05
228.   Mattpat11
225 if all you can call up is men that will hurt the team, leave the team as is.
2007-09-08 18:40:58
229.   RIYank
The thing is, everybody good has already been called up.
And you can't really complain about that! It's worked out awfully well.
2007-09-08 18:41:53
230.   RIYank
2007-09-08 18:42:19
231.   mehmattski
Ummmmm... if Angel Hernandez were behind the plate, that guy would be out of there in a eyeblink.
2007-09-08 18:43:14
232.   Zack
231 Only if a Yankee did the hitting..or near hitting
2007-09-08 18:43:30
233.   RIYank
231 But in fact, it was a mistake.
I think. I'm pretty sure it was.
2007-09-08 18:43:46
234.   Mattpat11
It was a curveball. If they had some intent, I don't think it would be a curve.
2007-09-08 18:44:14
235.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
219 Coc and Drew are scrubs.
2007-09-08 18:44:15
236.   BklynBmr
228 So you're positive all of these guys will be placed at some point in a critical game situation when there is no other option? Wow, that's 6 losses right there. I see your point...
2007-09-08 18:47:15
237.   Mattpat11
236 We know they all suck.

I don't understand the point of calling them up if we're not going to use them. We can't afford to use them in a pennant race.

So either we're calling them up for the sake of it, or we're going to get Kei Igawa ROUND THREE.

2007-09-08 18:47:20
238.   RIYank
235 Good point. Still, they were also removed for scrubs, so I'm technically correct.

JD Drew is really, really bad this year. I didn't realize how bad until I looked at FanGraphs, where they just love Win Expectancy Added. Drew is an absolute disaster by that measure, one of the very worst players in baseball.

2007-09-08 18:56:07
239.   RIYank
Looks like Edwar for the ninth.
I'd rather have him ready to go tomorrow. Maybe Joe thinks he needs a low-pressure situation, given his last couple of outings.
2007-09-08 18:57:25
240.   pistolpete
Way to go Britton - you're pitching yourself off the playoff roster.
2007-09-08 18:58:42
241.   BklynBmr
237 Carlos Peña sucked for years. Suddenly folks are calling the Yanks stupid for not keeping him.

If you think that group should all be DFA'd tomorrow because they "suck", you'd probably have a short career in a front office.

Who's to say they have to (or are going to) be used? You? Relax.

Let some of the lower tier kids/players experience a pennant race from the bench, which is where they'll be most likely be viewing it from.

2007-09-08 18:59:15
242.   RIYank
Doug is gritty.
2007-09-08 19:02:42
243.   pistolpete
241 Carlos Pena thriving in low-pressure Tampa Bay doesn't really make me regret not keeping him.
2007-09-08 19:03:09
244.   Raf
240 You think he'd make the roster before Bruney?
2007-09-08 19:03:19
245.   rsmith51
241 I could have predicted he would be better than Minky and has more upside than Andy.
2007-09-08 19:03:38
246.   yanster
241 Or let all the call-ups be used in lower leverage situations so that the great players can focus on the high leverage situations. I'm surprised that watching a game like this that 237 don't see the value of having the call-ups available. Edwar wouldn't have to pitch today.
2007-09-08 19:04:16
247.   RIYank
No score in the fourth, Anaheim.
Are we rooting for Cleveland or Anaheim? I guess I say the Angels. But a little torn.
2007-09-08 19:04:30
248.   rsmith51
35+ Hrs, no one could have predicted...
2007-09-08 19:05:51
249.   BklynBmr
243 There should be no rational regret for letting Peña walk. Oaktown, Detroit and Boston saw what the Yankees saw. Apparently. But we're the dumbfu*ks, according to some...
2007-09-08 19:06:06
250.   pistolpete
244 Depends - there's certainly plenty of time for either of them to stink things up.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-08 19:08:02
251.   RIYank
249 How do you do the n with the tilde?


Like that?

2007-09-08 19:08:59
252.   BklynBmr
245 See 249 — you're smarter than four very competitive organizations... But it wasn't your money, was it?
2007-09-08 19:10:51
253.   pistolpete
Wow, these umps really have quite the itchy trigger finger this year, don't they?
2007-09-08 19:10:57
254.   RIYank
David Pinto puts A-Rod's chance of reaching 62 homers this season at 11.1%. Up from 3.3% this morning.
2007-09-08 19:11:29
255.   BklynBmr
251 Perfect. On a Mac, I hit the 'option' key on the same stroke as the 'N', then hit the 'N' key again, which will give you ' ñ ' ...
2007-09-08 19:13:17
256.   pistolpete
My favorite's the umlat:

The Motley Crüe!

2007-09-08 19:13:49
257.   Chyll Will
253 You'd think they were told their pensions are worth a box of Ritz Crackers now or something...
2007-09-08 19:14:26
258.   RIYank
255 Oh, cool.
(I just cut and pasted yours.)

Sigh. It's old BB doing his stuff.

2007-09-08 19:14:53
259.   pistolpete
250 See what I mean?
2007-09-08 19:15:30
260.   Chyll Will
255 ñice!
2007-09-08 19:17:42
261.   Mattpat11
246 I think the collection of incompetents we called up would quickly turn this into a Mariano Rivera game.
2007-09-08 19:18:01
262.   RIYank
Good lord.
Well, better Bruney gets this type of inning in this type of game, I guess.
2007-09-08 19:18:18
263.   pistolpete
Wow, Joe looks pïssed.
2007-09-08 19:18:26
264.   Mike T
!5 balls and 5 strikes. Who can come in to close this thing out?
2007-09-08 19:19:13
265.   yanster
on gameday advanced a LOT of those looked like strikes - but they are not correcting for batter height anymore - is this an angry ump or did bruney just crap his pants?
2007-09-08 19:19:21
266.   rsmith51
252 I thought Minky was going to suck this year. I was right. I figured Pena could put up a .750-800 OPS with defense equal to Minky. I am not necessarily smarter, but I was right.
2007-09-08 19:19:40
267.   Mike T
2007-09-08 19:21:59
268.   RIYank
265 He was very wild.
Why are you 'yanster' and not 'yankster'?

Edwar, dude. Not your fault. Keep plugging.

2007-09-08 19:22:29
269.   BklynBmr
256 Nice ;-)

250 Swéét (Same thing on the 'e'...)

2007-09-08 19:22:39
270.   pistolpete
This is just silly now. If I see Vizcaino or Mo even stand up in that bullpen, I'm turning it off.
2007-09-08 19:24:14
271.   BklynBmr
269 '250' shoulda been 260 ...
2007-09-08 19:24:17
272.   RIYank
270 He really couldn't leave Bruney in.
If Andy had finished the seventh, the game could have been a lot tidier. Britton could have finished it.
2007-09-08 19:25:33
273.   BklynBmr
Bruney. What are we going to do with you?
2007-09-08 19:25:35
274.   Mike T
7 pitches, all for strikes. I hope Bruney was watching.
2007-09-08 19:26:14
275.   RIYank
Well, that's over.
God, the last three innings were dreadful and took forever. And hold on, isn't our ridiculously big inning supposed to be the seventh? What gives?

Anyway, Wanger needs a win tomorrow, and he'll have to pitch seven innings. Eight would be better.


2007-09-08 19:26:32
276.   yanster
268 I was wondering the same thing. But then I remembered that it's actually very close to my name.
2007-09-08 19:26:57
277.   Chyll Will
273 Seems he's heard that more than once…
2007-09-08 19:28:58
278.   BklynBmr
Damon (w/ Kim): "A-Rod is like a man among boys right now, like he's playing against Little Leaguers"...

Kim didn't look too bad either...

2007-09-08 19:29:38
279.   SF Yanks
To Bruney's credit, after he threw his arms up at the ump, he threw about 3-4 more obvious strikes that the ump didn't give him because he was stilled bothered by it. I guess baby ump didn't take his tampon out and stayed mad at Bruney.
2007-09-08 19:29:54
280.   Chyll Will
Ahh, that's the inside joke on the shoulder rotation! Their aping him rotating his shoulder when he jammed it sliding into second. That the bullpen was doing it - Funny!
2007-09-08 19:30:35
281.   Mattpat11
261 If the goofs we sent in to finish up turned it into an 11-5 game, do people really think Jeff Karstens and Sean Henn couldn't do worse?
2007-09-08 19:30:52
282.   BklynBmr
277 Clubhouse security detail for the ALDS? What do you think?
2007-09-08 19:32:12
283.   Chyll Will
279 You're right. I was gonna go with "bitchass", but baby is cool.

That lady was screaming, "This is it, yeah!!" Like the world was coming to an end or something...

2007-09-08 19:33:32
284.   Chyll Will
282 Securing the post-game spread, maybe.
2007-09-08 19:35:24
285.   OldYanksFan
M's have now lost 13 of 14. This is a historic choke. From 2 games ahead to 5 games back, in 3rd place, in 2 weeks. Wow. Literally hard to believe. Their fans must be stunned.
2007-09-08 19:35:41
286.   BklynBmr
284 If he's 'security', there is no post game spread...
2007-09-08 19:37:37
287.   Raf
I don't know, I thought Bruney threw his arms up because he was frustrated with himself. I say this because I've done it myself... But that pitch he threw wasn't close to a strike.
2007-09-08 19:38:00
288.   Chyll Will
286 How about he helps the squirrel clean up the bleachers after the game?
2007-09-08 19:40:53
289.   Chyll Will
287 Bruney could also serve as a Closed Caption Specialist?
2007-09-08 19:46:38
290.   BklynBmr
285 The "fans" up there are well beyond baseball right now. Seahawks QB Hasselbeck just presented an honorary jersey to Bush so the whole state is in succession mode. Baseball is the last thing on their mind...
2007-09-08 19:48:23
291.   BklynBmr
290 Sorry. Make that 'secession' mode...
2007-09-08 19:49:41
292.   RIYank

Jeter has fluid in his knee. Dealing with it since Anaheim. It won't be fixed until he gets off it for a while (i.e., it won't be healed until after the season). Derek wanted to stay in the game, but Joe was firm.

They'll be very careful with him on turf.

2007-09-08 19:50:35
293.   Chyll Will
He could handle the laundry; you could hang clothes on his fastball…

Or he can be the ice cream man, serving Frozen Ropes…

but the best job for him would be as a sentinel for the Royal British Guard, because he has no movement… >;)

Bedtime now, g'nite!

2007-09-08 19:52:32
294.   Chyll Will
Wow, did Torre just imply that when Jeter said he was all right to play, he told him to stuff it?
2007-09-08 20:10:53
295.   Robert the Robot
If we could only have prolonged this to extra innings, Giuseppe Franco would have had a little more time to sell some hair grease...
2007-09-08 20:16:21
296.   SF Yanks
295 LOL, could they possibly show that any more?
2007-09-08 20:21:55
297.   Robert the Robot
I gotta tell ya dude, if I see that Giuseppe Franco mug one more time I think I will throw a brick thru the screen and probably miss the rest of the season. As it is, I have to keep the game on about a half hour delay on my DVR to avoid that freak! Go Yanks!
2007-09-08 20:51:25
298.   SF Yanks
297 Yeah I hear ya. I keep a half hour delay regardless sometimes. Gets me through seeing his face or through a bad inning I don't feel like watching.
2007-09-08 21:00:05
299.   Robert the Robot
HA! Me too. Although I keep promising myself to watch it all, sometimes during those double-digit shellackings, I have to skip thru it...
2007-09-08 21:27:38
300.   Mattpat11
The most disconcerting thing about those Franco commercials is they think I want to look like Gary Busey.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-08 22:06:31
301.   yankz
299 That is a fantastic Bronx Banter alias.

Are you wsporter? I know he disappeared when I (and yes, it was me) figured out his name, but he said he'd made a return.

209 Thanks, my man.

2007-09-08 23:02:56
302.   SF Yanks
301 What did you figure about his name?
2007-09-08 23:12:53
303.   yankz
302 Nothing, it's just pretty cool, no?
2007-09-08 23:17:59
304.   yankz
302 Oh, you mean wsporter. Well, I figured out it stands for W.S. Porter, which prompted his mini-retirement from the Banter.
2007-09-09 00:32:04
305.   nawlins yankee
In an article in which Kevin Youkilis tries to explain why the Yankees target him, he justifies their reasoning:

"They play 'Yankeeography' on Paul O'Neill every day," Youkilis said, referring to the Yankees' practice of showing highlight films on the stadium scoreboard of Paul O'Neill, a beloved former Yankee known for his dramatic mood swings. "So, what's the problem? I've been compared to Paul O'Neill. I know Paul O'Neill. We have the same agent."

2007-09-09 00:43:29
306.   SF Yanks
304 I guess I'm slow because I don't know who W.S. Porter is and why would that prompt his mini-retirement? What am I missing here? Sorry for making you explain.
2007-09-09 04:32:21
307.   OldYanksFan
From a Luhod blogger: "Patellar tendinitis is not a serious injury. Surgery is never required. The treatment is rest, ice and non steroid drugs like ibuprophen."

I prefer to take Jetes out of the lineup, with DH'ing him every other day, to see if he can stiil hit.

We need him more IN the PS then to GET TO the PS. The team's goal should be to get him as healthy as possible for October. As is, he is a massive liability on defense (because his knee is bad) and is NOT as good as Betemin on offense.

He needs to sit. He does nothing for our team in his present condition. But his healthy bat IS needed for October.

2007-09-09 07:20:06
308.   Mattpat11
The Yankees hate Kevin Youkillis?
2007-09-09 07:24:14
309.   Chyll Will
307 I would have to agree with the assessment; tendonitis is not as serious as a tear, and most doctors would recommend rest and pain-subsiding medicine (ibuprophen is okay). The problem is that it tends to take a while to heal properly because the knee is one of those important areas of the body in terms of regular functions (walking, sitting, etc.), so it's nearly impossible to give it complete rest without putting a cast on it (fat chance) . Poor Jetes is gonna feel it for the rest of the season, and sitting him for a few days will only subside the pain temporarily before he goes back in and stresses it again. A really annoying injury, to say the least (I've had it, so I know.)

306 William Sydney Porter, for whom wsporter named himself, is better known as the short-story writer O.Henry, who led an interesting life as quite a few turn-of-the-century writers had. The thread that prompted wsporter's semi-retirement is below; I recommend starting from an earlier post than where it opens for context; I had initiated the conversation about the meaning of his name; which prompted an amusing challenge, an interesting-yet-very wrong hypothesis and Yankz' blunt discovery of the true meaning of Christmas... er, his name, rather >;)

2007-09-09 07:26:12
310.   Chyll Will
308 Well, they must. Straight from the horse's a-. er, mouth.
2007-09-09 07:52:35
311.   yankz
309 Thanks for explaining it, my memory's getting a little hazy.
2007-09-09 07:58:26
312.   yankz
More from Youkillis: "If he hits me, he hits me, we score a run and they get their ERA up."

Sox players are concerned with the opposition's ERA. Shouldn't he just say, "we score a run and try to win the ballgame"?

Hey Youkillis, here's why nobody likes you: You don't know what STFU stands for.

2007-09-09 08:55:35
313.   OldYanksFan
Random thoughts:
... I am surprised there is not more Banter on the "Jeter situation". I see this as a fairly major issue, as I expect JT to handle it poorly, by playing Jetes as opposed to resting him until the PS.
... We are 1/2 game behind the Mutts.
... Cleveland is 2 games behind the Angels. If they overtake LA, we play Cleveland (not LA) in the first round. For all reasons, including travel, this would be really nice.
Anyone know who we play if LA and Cleveland finish with the same record?
... Only 2 AL Central teams are over .500. Who'ld have thunk it?
... AVG .339 | HR 18 | RBI 91 | OBP .419 | SLG .572
Chase Utley. Some pretty sick numbers... for a 2nd baseman who missed 25 games to injury.

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