Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-11-07 14:09
by Alex Belth
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One year ago today, I wrote my first post here at Bronx Banter. It was about Bill James going to work for the Red Sox. I had been thinking about writing about baseball for some time when my friend Steve hipped me to the world of blogs. In a short time, I set up my own page, with considerable help from John Perricone, and I was off and running.

One year later, writing about baseball every day--or almost every day--has become an intrinsic part of my life. I have made many new friends, and don't know if I can express how meaningful that has been for me. After all, part of what attracts me to baseball is that it is a way to connect with people.

I never anticipated that I would have a core of regular readers or that I would have the opportunity to interview so many interesting public figures. It just goes to show what a little ambition and a lot of persistence can get you. I've always enjoyed reading long, meaty interviews, and it is gratifying to know that I'm not alone. (By the way, if anybody ever has a suggestion about someone they would like me to talk with, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.)

I don't pretend to be a baseball expert. I just can't bring myself to be that presumptuous. What I do know is what it's like to be a Yankee fan. So I stick to what I know. I've rooted for the Yankees ever since I can remember, and have consciously followed each season since I was eight years old (1979). I try to write an honest, amusing and informative blog, and I think I've been able to do just that.

Thanks for coming through. I look forward to another great year with you.

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