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The Only Living Boy In New York
2007-09-02 21:19
by Emma Span

There were about 53,000 people at the Stadium today, and as far as I can tell they are the only 53,000 left in New York this weekend. Last night I went to a Smith Street bar with a few friends that’s normally packed to the gills on a Saturday night, and we had it pretty much to ourselves; there were no cabs around either, so we walked home over the pungent Gowanus Canal and didn't encounter a soul. And there are parking spaces! Not that I have a car, but I appreciate it in a sort of abstract way. It’s like spotting a flock of rare exotic birds. I've read about these things in books, and I've been trying to walk very slowly and quietly down my street so as not to frighten them away.

Anyway, today's mess was not the best game to catch live, although the weather was perfect -- still, if I’m going to see the Yankees lose 8-2 to Tampa Bay, I don’t see why it should take them nearly four hours. It actually began as a fairly brisk pitchers’ duel between Andy Pettitte and Devil Rays starter Jason Hammel, but in the sixth inning it devolved into an excruciatingly slow morass and never recovered. I'm not going to lie: I stayed til the bitter end, but I did spend much of the last two innings helping a friend with the Sunday crossword puzzle. Nice day for it.

Anyway. Pettitte had worked well through the first five innings, aside from a solo shot to Dioner Navarro (whose sizzling second half has brought his average all the way up to… .208), and with an assist from Johnny Damon, who made a great throw in the fifth to nail a Tampa Bay runner at the plate. (Yeah, you heard me, a great throw. Johnny Damon. Believe it). But in the sixth Pettitte got into trouble, allowing a walk to Carl Crawford, a throwing error on a pickoff attempt and a stolen base, another walk to Carlos Pena, a sac fly by B.J. Upton, and two more singles. It was a minor miracle and an impressive accomplishment to get out of that mess with only one run scored.

Pettitte had thrown 101 pitches by then and so I was surprised, along with a number of quite vocal fans in my section (“Grady Little, Joe! Remember Grady Little!”), when he came out to start the seventh inning. It didn’t go so well: two singles, a strikeout, and on his 119th pitch a three-run home run to Pena, off a hanging curve (or a hanging something anyway), made it 5-1 Devil Rays. Torre admitted afterwards that he “may have pushed the envelope” in having Pettitte go out for the extra inning; Pettitte, as is his wont, blamed himself entirely.

Anyway, Edwar Ramirez came in and looked good while closing out the seventh, and while getting two strikeouts on his changeup in the eighth, but then suddenly awful as he quickly gave up two more home runs, which put the score at 8-2 and blew the game open for the Rays. In Ramirez’s defense, I will say that he came out to Van Morrison, and if he actually picked that out himself I personally vow never to boo him no matter how many poorly located fastballs he tosses out there.

It’s hard to tell from Row T of the left-field upper deck, but it looked like Hammel was pitching a pretty good game. At the very least he was throwing strikes. Still, the Yanks had their baserunners, and just couldn’t capitalize; and it’s not as though Tampa’s bullpen is known for its stinginess. The Yanks’ only two runs came in the fifth, when Andy Phillips, hit in the wrist by a pitch, scored on a Melky Cabrera single, and in the seventh when Bobby Abreu tripled home Johnny Damon. More bad news: the pitch that hit Phillips looked like it hurt like hell, and though he stayed in to run the bases, he was then taken out of the game and sent to a hospital for tests.

Fortunately Seattle lost again(!) so no other real damage was done, except to Andy Pettitte’s pretty ERA. Seattle is actually making me nervous, since even though rationally I realize that their having lost nine in a row does not make them any more likely to win tomorrow... it sure feels like they’re due, doesn’t it?

One bright spot for me personally was that I finally got to see Grant Balfour, who you may recall as one of my picks for Worst Pitcher Name Ever, live and in person. You think I’m kidding, but I was actually really psyched when I saw him warming up.

Also, I still haven’t gotten to see Joba Chamberlain pitch live, but I did get to see him loosen up in the bullpen, which is frankly hilarious. He did a series of sort pelvic thrusts (vaguely Elvis-ish), then something that looked a lot like the Chicken Dance, and after that a kind of high-leg-kicking grapevine sort of move, sideways down the upper bullpen area. I see why they don’t want to have him come in during an in-progress inning, because the whole thing took him forever, but it was beautiful; next time I’m going to remember my binoculars.

Anyway, then I took the subway back to Brooklyn and had a seat the whole way, because there is seriously no one left in this town. Happy Labor Day, people… uh, people? Hello? Can anybody hear me? Echo-echo-echo-echo…

2007-09-02 21:31:33
1.   Rich
I thought going to Joba in the 7th was the obvious move, especially given his enforced two day layoff, so I view the game as a Torre loss™.
2007-09-02 21:34:56
2.   yankz
I hear ya...
2007-09-02 22:02:51
3.   Jen
I hear ya too. Especially in regards to your nervousness about Seattle.

Did you catch Delmon Young trying to egg on the fans towards the end of the game? Unfortunately it was a Sunday so there were a lot of unfunny people in the bleachers. Sorry, but "Delmon Sucks" just isn't a good comeback.

2007-09-02 23:06:40
4.   SF Yanks
Shouldn't we be rooting for Cleveland to overtake the Angels as the 2nd best record in the AL? I see a lot of people scoreboard watching the Indians, but are you just making sure they lose? Because personally, I don't want to face the Angels in the 1st round. The Angels NEED to have to worst record out of the playoff teams excluding the Yanks, otherwise we are in big trouble. This may be a bit premature, but my scoreboard watching begins with the Angels having a bad record.
2007-09-02 23:22:45
5.   C2Coke
I've been nervous about Seattle ever since the middle game with the Red Sox. It is not a nice feeling. I was so hoping the Blue Jays would lose today.

And regarding where everyone is, well, probably half of the people are stuck on the highway somewhere.

2007-09-03 00:54:00
6.   Raf
5 I was watching the SI Yanks lose to the Cyclones.
2007-09-03 04:05:12
7.   Sliced Bread
Another winner, E-Span! recap, that is.
One of my favorite Simon & Garfunkel tunes, off one of my top 5 favorite albums. It was my mom's record and I wore it out as a kid.

What is this thing you call "parking space?"
and how nice of you to help Mussina with the Sunday crossword.

I hate people who leave the game early unless they're me. Turned it off during the Edwar Scissorhands meltdown, and never looked back. Sometimes the team plays like it does not want, nor deserve my attention... yesterday for instance.

On beautiful sunny days like that, as rhymin' Simon sang "I can gather all the news I need on the weather report."

2007-09-03 05:21:51
8.   monkeypants
0 Great, great description of Joba warming. The game I went to he went through a similar 'routine'--it was awfully funny, what my brother and I called 'pretending to stretch.' And by the way, like you, I never saw him pitch live, since Torre didn't call on him espite his rigorous warm up.
2007-09-03 05:23:37
9.   monkeypants
The bad think about Andy Phillips getting hit (besides of course injury to him) is that it opens the door again for the Minkman. If Phillips need to sit for a fe days or more, please let Torre opt for Giambi or Duncan at 1B, at least to start the game.
2007-09-03 05:42:01
10.   Sliced Bread
Skeattle makes me nervous only because I have no idea which Yankee team is playing them.

re: not using Joba yesterday. The way the Rays pitchers were manhandling our hitters, Joe clearly made the right call, safing Joba for this series. Our bats were illin.
Joe stayed with Pettitte too long, as Andy was visibly out of steam, and had been pitching into and out of trouble quite a bit. You think maybe Joe appreciates Pena's abilities now? Dang.

9 word. I would rather see Mussina get an at-bat than Doug Out.

2007-09-03 06:18:07
11.   JeremyM
4 I officially gave up on rooting for an opponent after last season. I so wanted the series with Detroit after the way they faded and figured it would be a lot better matchup for the Yanks than facing Santana and company. D'oh! Although I should make an exception for the Angels....
2007-09-03 07:02:14
12.   ChrisS
Edwar concerns me, maybe Mo can teach him to put some movement on that fastball.
2007-09-03 07:08:35
13.   Sarasota
1. The obvious move was to save Joba for the Mariners series.
The Yanks pretty much checked out all series. Jeter looked awful. Pretty much for half of yesterdays game Rays announcers were expecting Yanks to retaliate for the Rays pitchers hitting the Yanks all weekend. Never happened. Yanks looked tired and outof it.
2007-09-03 07:12:38
14.   The Mick 536
Trying to make some sense out of the season. They take three from Boston and fade against the D Rays. Had Andy up in the final game and couldn't hold them or out hit them.

The Janks could still be up enough to make it, but they have to play the Blue Jays seven times. That is a lot of games against a very good and very hot team.

Living in Vermont, I watch the Sox and the Jays. I am not exactly sure if the Jays look better than they are because of the hometown announcers. I know the Sox can be playing a lot better.

2007-09-03 07:31:19
15.   randym77
Any word on Andy Phillips yet?

Josh Phelps has been OPSing about 1.300 since he became a Pirate. Sheesh.

2007-09-03 07:36:30
16.   Ravenscar
Emma, whenever I see your name at the top of a post, I do a little Ed Grimley dance of joy. Exellent work, as always.

I do feel bad that my boy Edwar blew up. Dur.

2007-09-03 07:39:20
17.   monkeypants
15 In only 57 ABs in 40 games. Someone has been matching him up well, I guess.
2007-09-03 07:48:40
18.   randym77
17 He was playing a lot for awhile because Adam LaRoche was really stinking up the joint. LaRoche bounced back, and Phelps' playing time took a dive.

I gotta ask my friend the Pirates fan how they're handling Phelps' defense. Or lack thereof.

2007-09-03 08:58:57
19.   JL25and3
18 The Pirates are about to finish under .500 for the 15th straight year. The first baseman's defense probably isn't one of their top priorities.

The last time they finished over .500 - and won the division, in fact - not only did they have Barry Bonds in left, they had Andy Van Slyke in center. They also had Don Slaught, Denny Neagle and Tim Wakefield

2007-09-03 09:25:32
20.   randym77
Alas, poor Pirates:

Though they've been on something of a tear recently. Just the usual dead cat bounce, I think. Teams often improve when they have nothing left to lose.

The Pittsburgh fans aren't even following baseball any more. They've switched their attention to the Steelers. And the Penguins. Big Ben mania has died down a bit since the motorcycle crash, but Sidney Crosby mania is just beginning.

2007-09-03 13:14:46
21.   Rich
10 Let me get this straight: With a one run deficit Torre "clearly made the right call" not to use Joba because the TB pitchers were too good.


That's a bit to defeatist for me.

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