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Oh, Hey, and Another Thing, Meat. You Don't Know S***, All Right?
2007-09-01 06:46
by Alex Belth
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Just when you think you know something, you get knocked on your ass and realize that you don't no jack. So much for being the favorites. So much for the odds. The Yanks, coming off three big wins against the Red Sox, were served by the lowly Devil Rays on Friday night in the Bronx by the score of 9-1. Fortunately for New York, the Blue Jays also narrowly edged the Mariners, so the Yanks are still leading the wildcard. And up in Boston, the Orioles lousy bullpen somehow prevailed against a hard-charging Red Sox offense. Both the Red Sox and Mariners had the winning runs on base in the ninth, both hit into game-ending double plays.

Our beloved Bronx Bombers mustered just two hits (a double by Derek Jeter, an RBI single by Alex Rodriguez in the fourth inning) as Phillip Hughes delivered another disappointing performance. After the game, Hughes told The New York Times:

"It was a little bit of everything tonight," Hughes said. "I had a lot of bad counts, some bad breaks and gave up some home runs. It's something that I need to fight through. Even when you have a bad start you hope to keep your team in the game. Tonight, I couldn't do that."

Joe Torre told the Daily News:

"He shouldn't be missing the zone like he's been missing, so I think he was either trying to make too good a pitch or he needs to command his fastball a little bit better," Joe Torre said. "It got to the point where he was getting behind in the count and he had to throw predictable pitches in predictable counts. That's the pitcher's dread, when you're out there and you really lose the ability to do what you want."

After the game, Rays stater, Andy Sonnanstine--who pitched a wonderful game--told the Tampa Bay Trib:

Honestly, that's probably the best start of my life," said Sonnanstine, whose parents were in town from Ohio to watch him pitch. "It's something I'll never forget."

The other story for the Yanks last night was that MLB has suspended Joba Chamberlain for two games. The suspension began last night, so Joba should be back for Sunday, if needed.

Okay, erase this one from the memory bank. Today is a new day, with new things to be excited about, like the major league debut of Ian Kennedy.

According to Cliff:

Ian Kennedy's been called "Mini Moose" due to his similarity in build and pitching style to Mike Mussina. Turns out, it's more than that. Kennedy was drafted #21 overall last year out of USC and is making his debut today at the age of 22. Mike Mussina was drafted #20 overall in 1990 out of Stanford and made hid major league debut on August 4 of 1991 at the age of 22.

Moose held the White Sox to one run on a Frank Thomas solo home run in 7 1/3 innings, scattering three other hits and four walks and striking out one. He then got beat up by the White Sox five days later. He alternated good and bad starts for four more turns, then aced the stretch posting a 1.66 ERA over his last six starts (including a win against the Yankees). The next year, Mussina made the All-Star team, won 18 games, finished third in the league in ERA and fourth in the Cy Young voting. The rest is history. We can't reasonably expect Kennedy to be that good that quickly (besides which, he won't have that month to adjust that Mussina had in August 1991), but if the comparisons to Mussina work, this was in many ways the right decision.

As for Old Moose (Big Moose? Mussina is a few inches taller), Peter Abraham has some remarkable audio from him Thursday. It's 16 minutes of Mussina discussing calmly, honestly, openly, and introspectively his reactions to the events of this week. Mussina may have a reputation as a crank, but this session with the media is spectacular and an excellent example of why I've always been fond of the guy, even at his crankiest. (Incidentally, toward the end one of the reporters mentions Rick Sutcliffe and Orel Hershiser. Moose says "those guys pitched a long time." Both pitched 18 years. Moose is in his 17th. Sutcliffe retired at age 38, Mussina's age now.)

We watch today, we cheer today, maybe we even kvetch, and throw things today. But we all root-root-root for the Bomb Squad and the Kid.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2007-09-01 07:10:20
1.   Sliced Bread
While he was having his way with his brides, Sonnanstine probably hit the Mega Millions last night. $330 million dollar jackpot: almost enough to buy yourself an A-Rod.

Ah, moving on, here's to a bright beginning for the Kennedy administration.

2007-09-01 07:10:41
2.   OldYanksFan
Baseball is such a spectacularly unpretictable game! After losing the last 2 games to Detroit, with Seattle on a tear, things looked bleak! The 'there goes the season' rants were piling up.

So what's happened over the last week or so?
Boston loses 4 in a row.
Cleveland wins 7 in a row.
The Angles win 5 in a row.
Seattle (hot hot hot) loses 7 in a row.... falling 6 more games behind in the division just when it was in their grasp.

And the Yankees lead the WC.
Remember Minn. last year?

Ya just gotta keep rooting and save your predictions for Oct 1.

(however... I predict Autumn baseball for us!)

2007-09-01 07:20:14
3.   OldYanksFan
0 You forgot to mention that Detroit (the real enemy) lost also. Seattle has a hard schedule, including 8 of their last 11 against the Angels and Cleveland. Detroit has a soft schedule including 6 of their last 9 against KC and the Off-White Sox.

On Monday, we have 3 against Seattle. Obviously, 3 very big games. Then on Friday when we face KC, Seattle and Detroit go head to head for 3.

So in 8 days, we will really see what's going on!

2007-09-01 07:23:11
4.   tommyl
I'll be at the game today, cheering mini-Moose on. For some reason that sounds like Mighty Mouse to me in my head, and I keep hearing the theme music...
2007-09-01 07:43:53
5.   Sarasota
Did the teams switch uniforms last night? There have been frustrating losses this season and then there was last night.

Was Hughes ever in last night's game?? What was with all the mis communication between Hughes and Posada???? Hughes looked like a deer caught in the head he comes to save the day...... Mini Moose!!!!

2007-09-01 07:54:56
6.   Sliced Bread
Caught Cashman on the radio yesterday afternoon. He made no revelations about Kennedy. Everybody knows he's going to have to hit his spots with that mid-upper 80s fastball.

Cash mentioned two guys who I've forgotten about: Sanchez and Cox. He says they're both throwing, and are recovering on or ahead of schedule. Cash always holds his cards close to his vest, but he sounded pretty optimistic about them.

2007-09-01 08:05:19
7.   Sliced Bread
oh, and I get the sense that Cashman has been spending more time with Nardi and Eiland lately than his wife. It's all about the kids these days.
2007-09-01 08:19:56
8.   Zack
6 Hey hey, give Kennedy his due, he's been in the low 90s all year, though hes probably tiring now. He's generally been right around 90-91...

I'll be up in LA visiting my dad and little bro and sis, so alas, no game for me, but I leave it all in youse guys more than capable hands!

And on a final note, Yesterday really convinced me that Hughes' mechanics are a bit off. Bad control and bad curve break are just not things you would associate with Hughes. So either that Hammy still ain't right, or his mechanics are out of whack. Either one, it might not get done until the offseason...

2007-09-01 09:44:38
9.   Mattpat11
In sad news, Doug Mientkiewicz is back.
2007-09-01 09:49:58
10.   williamnyy23
9 DM is supposedly a great guy to have in the clubhouse, so as long as he stays there (and doesn't make it into the batter's box much), his addition isn't really bad news.

Seriously, the addition of DM gives Torre two solid defensive 1B, which should allow him to pinch hit more. Basically, he go offense/defense/offense/defense at the position. As long as Torre doesn't get the crazy notion that DM should actually start any games, his addition could be a positive.

2007-09-01 09:52:31
11.   Mattpat11
10 Then make him the clubhouse attendant.
2007-09-01 09:53:16
12.   williamnyy23
I was at the game last night and didn't read the comments, but does anyone else feel that Hughes should be on the same leash as Moose. Hughes has now had three straight poor starts and the team has lost his last four starts. If Kennedy does well today and Mussina has an outstanding side session, I think I might consider letting Moose go next Wednesday.
2007-09-01 09:55:52
13.   randym77
12 Those are two rather immense "if's."
2007-09-01 10:00:47
14.   Mattpat11
Kennedy looks 16
2007-09-01 10:10:25
15.   EricSanSan
Got love Fox windows on Saturday. I'm in Birmingham, AL and can't get this game anywhere! Counting on the board heavily today to describe IPK's start.
2007-09-01 10:10:48
16.   SF Yanks
Damn, I'm nervous for this kid.
2007-09-01 10:11:26
17.   randym77
This guy is a scary flyball pitcher, I guess.
2007-09-01 10:12:27
18.   EricSanSan
What's been the fastball velo?
2007-09-01 10:14:01
19.   Mattpat11
Six pitches
2007-09-01 10:14:51
20.   EricSanSan
Did he mix in anything offspeed?
2007-09-01 10:15:16
21.   OldYanksFan
Those that need the magic link can email me at:
wizofoz01 -at- comcast -dot- net
2007-09-01 10:16:05
22.   OldYanksFan
The kid is small. Mini-mini-Moose
2007-09-01 10:16:16
23.   williamnyy23
The Yankees have to come out hitting can accept one letdown, but they really have to lay the wood in these next two.
2007-09-01 10:16:22
24.   randym77
18 Gameday gives the pitch speed these days.
2007-09-01 10:17:28
25.   williamnyy23
23 And as I say that, the Yankees continue to show the same lack of patience that allowed them to be shut down by a pitcher throwing 86mph last night.
2007-09-01 10:17:41
26.   EricSanSan
Thank randym, was that pitch to Pena a changeup that he bounced out to second? Or a curveball?
2007-09-01 10:18:54
27.   OldYanksFan
Anyone notice that Fox doesn't seem to be televising too many 1:00 games? Shouldn't we be on national TV right now?
2007-09-01 10:19:37
28.   Mattpat11
Bobby says the call ups dont get a lot of playing time. Hopefully he's speaking of the Stink.
2007-09-01 10:21:48
29.   williamnyy23
23 That's what I was talking about!
2007-09-01 10:21:55
30.   Mattpat11
2007-09-01 10:22:09
31.   seamus
yes, arod!
2007-09-01 10:22:57
32.   williamnyy23
27 It's football season... FOX bails out on baseball, which is why MLB should get a new partner.
2007-09-01 10:23:31
33.   Mattpat11
In case anyone is wondering, I'm now fine with A-Rod winning the MVP.

I'm sure they'll give it to Justin Morneau, however.

2007-09-01 10:24:36
34.   Sliced Bread
Alex gives Kennedy a tremendous boost there.
Kid doesn't have to try to be too perfect.
2007-09-01 10:24:53
35.   EricSanSan
Its the same thing every Saturday with Fox. They have a window from 12-6 that they own for their game of the week. If you aren't in a particualr area (like NY to watch the Yanks) you can't get the game no matter what. Extra innings package or not. They do it every Saturday, and you feel it when you are an out of town fan trying to watch your team. It sucks.
2007-09-01 10:27:02
36.   randym77
26 Sorry, I couldn't tell. I'm watching it on MLB.TV, and the resolution isn't great.
2007-09-01 10:27:58
37.   Mattpat11
Is Kennedy supposed to be a flyball pitcher?
2007-09-01 10:28:36
38.   EricSanSan
Damn, I'm glad Yankee stadium is a big yard, those are few deep fly balls already.
2007-09-01 10:28:38
39.   OldYanksFan
35 Eric, send me 21 an email NOW
2007-09-01 10:29:32
40.   EricSanSan
For what?
2007-09-01 10:30:32
41.   Bama Yankee
If anyone has the special link, could you please send it to me at:
bama_yankee2 AT yahoo DOT com
2007-09-01 10:31:23
42.   Sliced Bread
For those not watching, the high fastball Kennedy just threw for a strike hit 91 on the generous YES gun. Looked about top speed for the kid.
2007-09-01 10:31:53
43.   randym77
I saw that one coming. :-P
2007-09-01 10:31:54
44.   Mattpat11
Well then.
2007-09-01 10:32:32
45.   williamnyy23
Here we go...
2007-09-01 10:32:36
46.   Vandelay Industries
41 If someone has it, I'd appreciate the link too.

My email is brstormer@roadrunner dot com

2007-09-01 10:32:49
47.   OldYanksFan
2007-09-01 10:33:10
48.   OldYanksFan
40 The link
2007-09-01 10:33:14
49.   Chyll Will
Why does that always happen right after an error like that?
2007-09-01 10:34:21
50.   randym77
"The link" only works if you are a subscriber to MLB.TV. So if you're not, don't bother.
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2007-09-01 10:37:53
51.   Chyll Will
I think the command is there...
2007-09-01 10:39:50
52.   Vandelay Industries
50 I am a subscriber. Do you have the link? email
2007-09-01 10:39:58
53.   Chyll Will
Well, what do I know?
2007-09-01 10:40:27
54.   Mattpat11
Jesus. He is Mini-Moose.
2007-09-01 10:41:27
55.   OldYanksFan
Bummer. Both runs UNearned.
2007-09-01 10:41:48
56.   Chyll Will
54 That wasn't necessarily his fault; should have been three outs before that.
2007-09-01 10:41:55
57.   williamnyy23
Like it or not, this team is in pennant race with two rookie pitchers, and regardless of talent, this how they usually pitch.
2007-09-01 10:42:12
58.   Mattpat11
55 Why's that? The pop up would have been the second out.
2007-09-01 10:42:34
59.   OldYanksFan
He even has that funky bend-over like Moose.
2007-09-01 10:42:52
60.   williamnyy23
55 The earned status of the runs isn't the's that he can't locate his pitches and gave up a bomb to a bad hitter.
2007-09-01 10:42:57
61.   OldYanksFan
52 Did you get it?
2007-09-01 10:43:00
62.   Mattpat11
56 Thats what I meant. Everything goes to hell after the error. Mini Mike Mussina.
2007-09-01 10:43:38
63.   williamnyy23
58 Meaning the K would have been the 3rd.
2007-09-01 10:44:12
64.   Chyll Will
58 The K before the double would've been third (is that right or am I buggin'?)
2007-09-01 10:44:30
65.   Mattpat11
62 I didn't think it worked that way.
2007-09-01 10:44:30
66.   randym77
Is Kennedy wearing actual stirrups? Been awhile since I've seen those on a major leaguer.
2007-09-01 10:45:02
67.   Chyll Will
Okay I was wrong, the command's not there...
2007-09-01 10:45:08
68.   weeping for brunnhilde
What the hell?!

Did I just see Kennedy do that bizarre thing that Mike does?--where he bends down working from the stretch?


Mike hates this kid to begin with and now he's aping his delivery as well.

Mike's gonna kick his ass if he's not careful.

2007-09-01 10:45:16
69.   Mattpat11
Funny think is even with a 30 pitch inning his pitch count isn't awful.
2007-09-01 10:46:05
70.   Mattpat11
68 He's Mini Moose.
2007-09-01 10:46:42
71.   williamnyy23
68 I think Moose is liking more and more with each 2-0 count. I have a feeling Moose will be making a start next week.
2007-09-01 10:47:08
72.   randym77
68 Why does Mike hate him?

I don't think he's intentionally imitating him. That's just what he does.

2007-09-01 10:48:06
73.   Chyll Will
68 He's known for that (the Moose-like bending among other similarities), so it's not a big deal (unless he goes all the way with a 17+ ERA today)
2007-09-01 10:49:39
74.   Chyll Will
Any lip-readers watching the game? William?
2007-09-01 10:49:40
75.   weeping for brunnhilde
59 Right, exactly!
2007-09-01 10:51:09
76.   williamnyy23
74 It seems as if Iwamura has too much equipment on.
2007-09-01 10:51:31
77.   williamnyy23's his bat.
2007-09-01 10:51:51
78.   Mattpat11
Its pine tar all over again.
2007-09-01 10:51:59
79.   Chyll Will
uh-oh, something up with the bat...
2007-09-01 10:51:59
80.   weeping for brunnhilde
72 No, he doesn't hate him, but I heard his interview and he sure sounded resentful.

Reporter: "You have 247 career victories, how do you feel about being replaced by a guy who has..."

Mike, sharply: "Zero?--Yeah, I know..."

Something like that.

He took what seemed to be a gratuitous dig at the kid's, well, kidness rather than answering graciously.

2007-09-01 10:52:23
81.   randym77
Do they think he corked his bat or something? And why would they suspect that?
2007-09-01 10:52:56
82.   monkeypants
This is a crazy inning.
2007-09-01 10:53:01
83.   williamnyy23
I think this kind of puts a lot of pressure on Kennedy now...not quite sure about the timing there.
2007-09-01 10:53:14
84.   williamnyy23
83 Guess not.
2007-09-01 10:53:25
85.   Chyll Will
78 Of course, YES had to drag that chestnut out...
2007-09-01 10:53:53
86.   williamnyy23
The Yankees have to score again...Kennedy is going to need the run counter.
2007-09-01 10:54:14
87.   randym77
The YES announcers seemed to think it might have been a plot by Torre to get Kennedy some time to rest.
2007-09-01 10:54:38
88.   weeping for brunnhilde
I remember seeing the Yanks play Arizona a few years ago, Mike on the mound.

Remember Craig Council and that crazy way he'd lift the bat ten feet over his head, as if trying to trick a bear into thinking he was bigger than he actually was?

Well watching Mike do the down-low bend thing while Council did the bat in the sky thing was one of the most comical match-ups I've ever seen.

2007-09-01 10:55:51
89.   Mattpat11
Bat did sound a little hollow.
2007-09-01 10:56:08
90.   OldYanksFan
The bat was stuffed with Sushi
2007-09-01 10:57:20
91.   randym77
Holy crap, what a pick. And to think Cincinnati gave Brendan Harris away.
2007-09-01 10:57:38
92.   monkeypants
85 Worse, Mercer said that "back in 1984 the George Brett supposedly used an illegal bat" and that "after he hit a HR, Billy Martin claimed that he had too much pine tar..."

First of all, it was not teh composition of the bat that was illegal, it was the substance on the bat. Second, it was not supposedly illegal, it WAS illegal. Clearly. In fact, the league agreed that it was illegal, it's just that the commissioner overruled the the out call based on the "spirit" of the rules.

Lastly, my older brother was at that game with his then fiancée, who had never been to a big league game before. What an introduction...

2007-09-01 10:57:45
93.   williamnyy23
If the Yankees really think it's loaded, why not wait until Iwamura gets a hit?
2007-09-01 10:58:00
94.   Chyll Will
Woud they please STOP with the Pine-Tar Incident??
2007-09-01 10:58:39
95.   weeping for brunnhilde
You know, it may be an old chestnut, but I never tire of seeing Brett's raging bull routine.

It cracks me up every time, just waiting for him to rage out of the dugout, head ready to explode.

It's so funny.

2007-09-01 10:58:59
96.   Mattpat11


2007-09-01 10:59:35
97.   williamnyy23
95 I can watch it over and over myself. If you have an account, you can watch the entire game, by the way.
2007-09-01 11:00:55
98.   Eirias
So, after a whole two innings, how does Kennedy look?
2007-09-01 11:01:40
99.   weeping for brunnhilde
97 Who's on first in that game--Balboni?

He was pretty comical too. A kind of poor-man's Jason, actually.

2007-09-01 11:02:49
100.   JimCobain
98 He's giving up too many pop ups to third ;)
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-01 11:03:28
101.   williamnyy23
98 Stuff looks at least above average, but he doesn't seem able to throw anything but his fastball for strikes. In other words, I wouldn't expect much consistency, as you'd expect from a rookie. Unfortunately, the Yankees need to winn every game, which is going to be a challenge when you have no idea what you are going to get 2 of every 5 games.
2007-09-01 11:03:29
102.   SF Yanks
98 He actually looks pretty good. He mixes his pitches really well and has some good command over his fastball. I can definitely see him being a #3 starter in our rotation down the road.
2007-09-01 11:03:53
103.   randym77
Why do they have rules about how much pine tar you can use on your bat anyway?
2007-09-01 11:05:04
104.   Chyll Will
98 His first inning: 8 pitches, two fly-ball outs, one ground-out.

Second inning: Much more than 8 pitches, two unearned runs thanks to A-Rod's pop-up blocker, lost most semblance of control until the umps took that bat and then struck out Amiouri (is that his name?)

All-in-all, it's a toss-up so far, but doubt he goes into seventh.

2007-09-01 11:05:28
105.   williamnyy23
99 Bones started, but Donnie actually finished it up. I gelieve he was on the field for all of the drama.
2007-09-01 11:05:49
106.   Sarasota
Watching this game from Florida. the Rays announcers suck!!. They claim it was gamesmanship by Torre to take pressure off of Kennedy.
2007-09-01 11:06:26
107.   SF Yanks
103 Yeah does it really matter if it's an inch or two past the handle?
2007-09-01 11:06:54
108.   williamnyy23
103 I think that rules was put in place to prevent the balls from becoming unusable too quickly. It was a relic from a time whent he cost of the balls was a serious expense.
2007-09-01 11:07:46
109.   williamnyy23
This is shaping up as a very frustrating game.
2007-09-01 11:07:47
110.   randym77
106 The Yankees announcers said the exact same thing.
2007-09-01 11:09:17
111.   randym77
108 That's what I figured. It's silly these days, because they use a new ball every time now.
2007-09-01 11:09:48
112.   Eirias
101 Problems with consistency? Alert Joe Morgan.
2007-09-01 11:13:24
113.   williamnyy23
The most frustrating thing about this year's team has been all the damn walks. I can't remember a Yankee staff walking this many men in a long time. Of course, when you consider all the rookies who have pitched, that shouldn't be a suprise.
2007-09-01 11:19:01
114.   Ravenscar
I turned on the game and thought it WAS Mussina. That is damned odd.

He is a bit of a runt, though.

2007-09-01 11:21:04
115.   Chyll Will
113 What's most frustrating (going on something Murcer just said), it's frustrating to watch teams and players that play badly or mediocre throughout the season, but then play the "spoilers" in September. Not saying that they should just roll over, but why the urgency and energy to beat teams after you've already blown your season? Should have been doing that since April or May, or even after the All Star Break?
2007-09-01 11:23:19
116.   Chyll Will
114 And Moose is watching somewhere, saying "Hell, I could've done that..."
2007-09-01 11:23:22
117.   williamnyy23
115 I think it just seems that way because the games have more meaning to the team that is losing. It's similar to the Cairo effect (which I have studied and proven by the way :). Basically, when the spoilers win, it's such a surprise that it seems as if they are playing harder. On the other hand, when they play as poorly has they usually do, it doesn't get noticed.
2007-09-01 11:25:09
118.   Chyll Will
115 Ahh, that's what I'm talkin' about >;)
2007-09-01 11:26:04
119.   Ravenscar
Probably lucky the pitcher was over there and not the 1B - that wasn't a particularly hard scoop for someone with experience, I think.

Now what? Is he complaining that Melky was allowed to come home on the interference?

2007-09-01 11:26:20
120.   williamnyy23
When the Yankees give up an unearned run, it makes me feel better when they get one back. It almost neutralizes the Karma.
2007-09-01 11:26:47
121.   williamnyy23
Arod should just walk over and hand them his bat.
2007-09-01 11:26:57
122.   Chyll Will
117 I like that, the Tampa Bay Cairos...

Is this more "gamesmanship"?

2007-09-01 11:27:32
123.   Ravenscar
Oh you've GOTTA be kidding me.
2007-09-01 11:28:15
124.   williamnyy23
Very funny...Murces is holding a four foot long bat in the booth...very funny.
2007-09-01 11:28:44
125.   weeping for brunnhilde
What in the hell is going on here?

Have we gone down the rabbit hole or what?

2007-09-01 11:28:47
126.   williamnyy23
123 Whatever....if it makes Maddon feel better so be it.
2007-09-01 11:28:54
127.   Ravenscar
Now would be the perfect time for another HR from A-Rod.
2007-09-01 11:29:19
128.   weeping for brunnhilde
124 Yes, very.

Nice hit, Alex.

2007-09-01 11:29:34
129.   williamnyy23
Don't make me angry Mr. wouldn't like me when I am angry.
2007-09-01 11:29:40
130.   randym77
115 I think teams often play a lot better once the pressure's off. Once they have nothing left to lose, they play a lot looser. That's why teams like the Reds and the Pirates are rolling right now.

This is every bit as frustrating for those teams as it for their opponents. It gives their fans and management the illusion that they're close. They start thinking maybe we should buy, or at least not sell, at the trade deadline. Or the problem was a bad manager, and now that we've fired him, we're winning.

Next year comes, and the team's still crappy. Until they have nothing left to lose again, and go on a tear.

2007-09-01 11:29:50
131.   williamnyy23
Arod will steal second now.
2007-09-01 11:29:51
132.   Chyll Will
Hey Maddon, look at this!
2007-09-01 11:30:56
133.   williamnyy23
They should confiscate Alex' glove...the Yankees I mean :0
2007-09-01 11:31:44
134.   weeping for brunnhilde

Hideki gets the runner home from third with fewer than two outs 85% of the time!

That's prodigious.

Good baserunning, Alex!

Please stay.

2007-09-01 11:31:51
135.   Chyll Will
129 That would either be Giambi or Shelly's line, for varying reasons.

131 Good call.

2007-09-01 11:32:30
136.   williamnyy23
You'll be ok Arod...please!!!!!!!
2007-09-01 11:32:53
137.   weeping for brunnhilde
They're all juiced up for Jason!

Come on, Jason!

2007-09-01 11:33:11
138.   williamnyy23
135 Actually, with Shelley, it would be more like "don't make happy".
2007-09-01 11:33:23
139.   weeping for brunnhilde
136 The guy's built like Achilles.

He'll be fine.

2007-09-01 11:33:29
140.   Chyll Will
Dare I say that Maddon's play for oneupsmanship has/will backfire?
2007-09-01 11:34:02
141.   Mattpat11
131 They just wanted to rob him of that stolen base.
2007-09-01 11:34:03
142.   williamnyy23
139 Achilles did have the heel...
2007-09-01 11:34:14
143.   weeping for brunnhilde
He looks so damned lean.

It's really amazing.

2007-09-01 11:34:42
144.   williamnyy23
Great play by Pena...that could be a game saver.
2007-09-01 11:34:44
145.   Ravenscar
Whoa - nice play.
2007-09-01 11:34:45
146.   weeping for brunnhilde
142 :)

Ok, Hector, then.

2007-09-01 11:34:52
147.   Mattpat11
I hope Kennedy can at least get through five.
2007-09-01 11:35:11
148.   Chyll Will
138 LOL >;)
2007-09-01 11:35:26
149.   weeping for brunnhilde
Way to chase the high heat, Robby!
2007-09-01 11:35:28
150.   randym77
Why did we give away Pena?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-01 11:35:28
151.   williamnyy23
143 And running better too...I'm sure the doctors told him lose weight/bulk or your legs/feet wont hold up much longer.
2007-09-01 11:36:34
152.   williamnyy23
150 Well...the Red Sox gave up on him there's some consolation.
2007-09-01 11:36:55
153.   williamnyy23
Giambi on the move....Mr. Frisky.
2007-09-01 11:37:04
154.   EricSanSan
95,97,96 on Gameday to Cano. Edwin can throw gas.
2007-09-01 11:37:23
155.   Chyll Will
146 He got lucky...
2007-09-01 11:38:22
156.   EricSanSan
97 up high, good night Cano
2007-09-01 11:38:41
157.   williamnyy23
From LoHud:
UPDATE, 2;24 p.m.: OK, here is the deal with Iwamura's bat …

It seems he used a bat with a flat top. Mosty bats are rounded off or cupped. The bat was questioned by Arizona back in June and was approved by Major League Baseball. But the umpires today decided to take that particular bat and have it sent to the Commissioner's Office to be checked out.

2007-09-01 11:39:09
158.   Chyll Will
150 So we could make a big run after Scrabble, remember?
2007-09-01 11:40:32
159.   williamnyy23
Throw strikes, please.
2007-09-01 11:42:53
160.   Chyll Will
Ah, settling down?
2007-09-01 11:42:59
161.   williamnyy23
159 Thank you.
2007-09-01 11:43:13
162.   Mattpat11
seven pitch inning
2007-09-01 11:43:25
163.   randym77
158 Actually, I think it was in order to keep Andy Phillips on the roster.
2007-09-01 11:45:03
164.   williamnyy23
I dont remember too many people complaining about the move, but when you look up Pena's career numbers, it really makes you wonder why no one but Tampa wanted to take a chance.
2007-09-01 11:45:50
165.   Chyll Will
163 I was being facecious >;)
2007-09-01 11:47:07
166.   williamnyy23
Take a strike then bunt.
2007-09-01 11:50:57
167.   EricSanSan
Does anyone know the length of Molina's contract? I think it would be a good idea to keep him around, he's the first decent backup we've had in a long time.
2007-09-01 11:51:07
168.   williamnyy23
If you must bunt, see 166
2007-09-01 11:51:30
169.   randym77
165 I know, but I really thought it was weird how determined the Yanks were to keep Andy Phillips on the roster last year. I like the guy, but he was dead weight for the second half of the season. Wasn't hitting, was dropping balls and making horrible throws, and he's a terrible baserunner. Just seemed to be no reason to keep him around.

I guess he's a righty and Pena's a lefty...but Andy's splits are reversed, so his being right-handed wasn't really an advantage.

2007-09-01 11:51:39
170.   Mattpat11
To be honest, I wouldn't have faith in Wil Nieves to successfully reach on an error.
2007-09-01 11:51:41
171.   williamnyy23
Damn it...the Yankees have been on the verge of breaking this open for 2 innings now!
2007-09-01 11:52:47
172.   williamnyy23
170 You couldn't hit and run with Nieves, so your point has some validity, especially when you consider that the moving runner contributed to the bobble.
2007-09-01 11:53:27
173.   williamnyy23
2-0...swing at a low fastball...Jeter's been a little too aggressive lately.
2007-09-01 11:54:08
174.   Ravenscar
I'm not sure Melky's a good enough hitter NOT to be bunting there, with only a 2-run league.
2007-09-01 11:54:33
175.   EricSanSan
It looks like Jackson is going exclusively fastball right now. Eight in a row according ot Gameday.
2007-09-01 11:54:39
176.   Chyll Will
171 Wait for it...
2007-09-01 11:54:48
177.   Mattpat11
172 I was kidding, but you have a point.
2007-09-01 11:54:59
178.   williamnyy23
174 I wouldn't have bunted there...this is a nail in the coffin inning if someone gets a big hit. Melky hit it hard, which is all I ask for in that situation.
2007-09-01 11:55:24
179.   Chyll Will
174 That would be the NATIONAL league? >;)
2007-09-01 11:56:18
180.   monkeypants
164 Really? In six ML seasons he had OPS+ of 125, 104, 107, 112, 112, and 99 before exploding this season for 154. I mean, sure he might have been worth spending a spot on the 40 man rotation for a few teams, but I don't see many organizations being attracted to a 29 y.o. 1B with career OPS+ of about 110.
2007-09-01 11:57:07
181.   EricSanSan
This is the problem young pitchers fall into. They get in trouble and go all hard stuff to get out of it. You can make the same case this is what Hughes is doing as well. Beckett learned this the hard way last season, and you can't stress enough for the young hurlers to remain with all your options and keep throwing everything. When you rely on one, things tend to get out of hand.
2007-09-01 11:57:47
182.   williamnyy23
180 I am not suggesting a team should have penciled him in as starter, but those numbers you cited seem to merit his inclusion on every team's bench (esp. the Yankees).
2007-09-01 11:57:53
183.   Mattpat11
180 I think a team that really had no other legitimate option probably should have looked into it.
2007-09-01 11:58:38
184.   monkeypants
174 178 I wouldn't have bunted because so far this season Melky has been a terrible bunter.
2007-09-01 11:58:45
185.   williamnyy23
180 What about a 32-year old 1B with a 98 career OPS+?
2007-09-01 11:59:12
186.   williamnyy23
Arod should hold out his bat and offer it to Maddon.
2007-09-01 11:59:40
187.   EricSanSan
16 out of the last 17 pitches were fastballs. The swing and miss he got against Abreu appeared to be a slider. We should blow this open is that's all he's going to throw.
2007-09-01 12:00:11
188.   williamnyy23
184 You really think that way? I actually think he is a very good bunter. Not only does he lead the team in SACs (according to Murcer), but I can recall a few bunt singles as well.
2007-09-01 12:00:13
189.   Chyll Will
Farnsy(ahem), Jackson walks in a run (I have mixed feelings about that, actually...) and relegates the not-bunt to moot status!
2007-09-01 12:00:22
190.   monkeypants
183 I agree with that, no doubt. My point was that few teams will have had as few options at 1B as the Yankees, so there would have been little demand for his marginal services.
2007-09-01 12:01:35
191.   Ravenscar
What does a pitcher with an 11.57 ERA think when coming in to face A-Rod with the bases loaded, I wonder?
2007-09-01 12:02:20
192.   Chyll Will
186 "Hey Maddon, wanna look--Psyche!"
2007-09-01 12:02:44
193.   weeping for brunnhilde

What a laser beam!

Please stay, Alex.

2007-09-01 12:03:23
194.   Mattpat11
191 Anything but a HR and i can lower my ERA
2007-09-01 12:03:26
195.   williamnyy23
191 Either..(1) Holy #$%^; or (2) Holy #$%^, I get paid a minimum of 350K to give up a bomb to Arod. Cool.
2007-09-01 12:03:29
196.   Chyll Will
191 Hey Coach... can I have some of whatever you're on right now?"
2007-09-01 12:03:39
197.   Ravenscar
A-Rod is my fantasy hero. Unlike Hughes yesterday. Ack.
2007-09-01 12:04:22
198.   williamnyy23
Another hit would make me feel a lot more comfortable.
2007-09-01 12:04:37
199.   williamnyy23
197 I have them both too.
2007-09-01 12:04:58
200.   monkeypants
188 Yes I do, but I must confess that I base this on personal observation/memory. The fact that Melky leads the team in SH (which includes bunts and sac flies) may only indicate that he's been called on to bunt more. After all, who else is going to bunt? Giambi? A-Rod? Posada?

Also, look more closely at the numbers. Melky has 10 SH in 445 ABs. Phillips has 6 SH in 182 ABs. Anecdoatllyt, I remember Andy laying down a few really nice sacrifices earlier this summer. I would argue that Andy's the team's best bunter.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-01 12:05:08
201.   Mattpat11
Cowboy's quarterback coach Wade Wilson was suspended for HGH.
2007-09-01 12:05:47
202.   williamnyy23
1-0 Toronto.
2007-09-01 12:06:27
203.   Chyll Will
The catcher could almost reach out and tag Bobby, he's got a huge lead down third...
2007-09-01 12:06:32
204.   monkeypants
Why doesn't Bobby steal home here?
2007-09-01 12:06:36
205.   Mattpat11
198 I'd like to think we're in pretty decent shape.
2007-09-01 12:06:42
206.   williamnyy23
201 So was Rodney Harrison...the NFL is going to make MLB look like a tea party.
2007-09-01 12:07:12
207.   weeping for brunnhilde
Poor Kay. It just occurred to me that he's not around and that I don't miss him at all.

Poor guy, he does his best.

2007-09-01 12:07:16
208.   williamnyy23
205 Still have a rook on the mound and an inning of Farnsworth to come.
2007-09-01 12:08:30
209.   Mattpat11
208 I forgot about Farmaduke
2007-09-01 12:08:45
210.   monkeypants
206 But somehow MLB gets held to higher standard, at least when it comes to handwringing in the media. I mean, everyone knew that steroids et al were rampant in the NFL for decades.
2007-09-01 12:09:00
211.   williamnyy23
207 I dont miss him either...unfortunately, his style has evolved from a good play-by-play man to host of Center Stage. Kay has all but abandoned doing the game and instead treats his broadcast as a nine inning interview of his color man. It isn't the Michael Kay show damn's the John Sterling show!
2007-09-01 12:09:14
212.   Chyll Will
207 Who? >;)
2007-09-01 12:09:31
213.   Mattpat11
207 Kay is awful. he's so concerned with trying to sound smarter than the other guy's in the booth and get his catchphrases in that he barely pays attention to whats going on.
2007-09-01 12:10:19
214.   williamnyy23
210 They should, because I think MLB is that much important to the fabric of this country. I think it represents a lot of what's good about sports in this country, while the NFL appeals to our worst insticts.
2007-09-01 12:11:14
215.   Mattpat11
206 If anyone is familiar with the Chris Benoit/Phil Astin story, I really wouldn't be shocked to hear of something damning coming out about some Falcons pretty soon.
2007-09-01 12:11:15
216.   Ravenscar
Farns? Isn't Edwar available, and, um, better?
2007-09-01 12:11:58
217.   weeping for brunnhilde
211 You'd think, with the way we're constantly getting our asses kissed as such knowledgeable, engaged baseball fans, that we'd be entitled to knowledgeable, engaged broadcasters.

Fucking A!

Again, Abreu won't call Robby off!

Why doesn't Abreu make that play??

2007-09-01 12:12:07
218.   Mattpat11
216 I don't see in Edwar what everyone else seems to see.

But I'll take him over Cooter

2007-09-01 12:12:10
219.   williamnyy23
Abrue has to be more agressive on those pops. Robbie is smooth, but he is going to drop one eventually.
2007-09-01 12:13:05
220.   williamnyy23
218 Potential.
2007-09-01 12:13:06
221.   weeping for brunnhilde
216 Agreed.
2007-09-01 12:13:37
222.   Mattpat11
217 I really like the players they have in the booth. I REALLY liked Jim Kaat. And today with Murcer and Singleton is going fine.

Kay drags the whole operation down with his hijinks.

2007-09-01 12:13:41
223.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice play on both ends, boys.
2007-09-01 12:13:46
224.   williamnyy23
Wow on both sides...excellent plays!
2007-09-01 12:14:15
225.   Ravenscar
That was Phillips' play to be hailed, rather than Cano's, I think. OK, they were both good, but I like Phillips more. ;-)
2007-09-01 12:15:06
226.   weeping for brunnhilde
219 Baseball 101, for Christ's sake!

It's easier to catch the ball coming in than it is going back.

Didn't these guys play little league?

2007-09-01 12:15:31
227.   monkeypants
222 ; )

Hijinks is a funny word.

2007-09-01 12:15:45
228.   williamnyy23
225 I don't think another 2B in baseball could back hand that ball and throw (flip) in one motion...and still get a runner like Crawford, but yes, Phillips had a real nifty scoop too.
2007-09-01 12:16:05
229.   Mattpat11
220 Possibly. But at this point in time, I really wouldn't go as far to say he's been good.
2007-09-01 12:16:38
230.   Mattpat11
227 One of my favorites.
2007-09-01 12:16:45
231.   JeremyM
215 I've heard the recent news that 10 WWE wrestlers were suspsended for getting steroids from the internet will have implications for MLB and NFL as well. I'm a little nervous to see what baseball names will be revealed.
2007-09-01 12:16:54
232.   williamnyy23
229 He hasn't, but I know what Farnsworth is and don't like it very much.
2007-09-01 12:17:18
233.   OldYanksFan
225 Agrred. Very tough in-between hop.
2007-09-01 12:17:27
234.   weeping for brunnhilde
He's all mixed up out there.

Afraid of barreling the wall, not afraid of barreling into Melky, defers needlessly to Robby.

If anyone can see some rhyme or reason to Abreu's defense I'd love to know what it is.

2007-09-01 12:18:42
235.   weeping for brunnhilde
227 Yeah, that cracked me up as well.

Especially the contrast between "operation" and "hijinks."

Nicely turned, Mattpat.

2007-09-01 12:18:49
236.   monkeypants
Andy can only hope to contain him.
2007-09-01 12:19:06
237.   Mattpat11
232 I agree about Farnsworth. Lord do I agree.

But at the same time, I'm not going to do the same handwringing and hair pulling that others here do when Torre doesn't bring Edwar Ramirez into a big spot. Because he really hasn't done a good job.

2007-09-01 12:19:27
238.   williamnyy23
231 I think everyone needs to stop with all the hand wringing over steroids. Everyone tried to paint it as a baseball problem, but the reality is it is a sports problem and society problem. Now that we are all better informed, leagues can now combat it better. The existence and use of steroids and PEDs doesn't mean the sports world has to come to an end.
2007-09-01 12:19:43
239.   williamnyy23
Seattle ties Toronto.
2007-09-01 12:20:29
240.   OldYanksFan
Seattle ties it 1-1, top of the 8th.
2007-09-01 12:20:33
241.   williamnyy23
234 Stay healthy enough to take his next AB.
2007-09-01 12:23:12
242.   Chyll Will
Molina = Fan Favorite
2007-09-01 12:23:28
243.   Mattpat11
I'm glad DeSalvo is pitching well in Scranton. I wish no will will towards him. I just never want to see him on the big club again.
2007-09-01 12:23:39
244.   weeping for brunnhilde
Molina's still hanging around.

I like that.

2007-09-01 12:23:47
245.   MARH
I just googled "Oh, Hey, and Another Thing, Meat" (without the quotes), and Bronx Banter or links to it were the top four hits. You have to get down to the fifth link to get Wikiquote's Bull Durham page.
Now back to your regularly scheduled game chatter.
2007-09-01 12:24:28
246.   Mattpat11
I'm sorry. Andy Phillips is far slower than Jason Giambi.
2007-09-01 12:24:30
247.   williamnyy23
Nice...what's gotten into these umpires...getting these calls right could become contagious.
2007-09-01 12:24:57
248.   Chyll Will
Cool! Three Blind Mice got it right!
2007-09-01 12:25:24
249.   monkeypants
234 241 If he keeps hitting like he did in July and August (.972, .969 OPS), or even June (.870 OPS), I'll put up with his awkward defense.

Andy Phillips....even the umps can't contain him.

2007-09-01 12:25:53
250.   weeping for brunnhilde
246 I know, I was wondering about that. He seemed to take an inordinate amount of time reaching second.

Damn, nicely hit Melk.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-01 12:26:11
251.   williamnyy23
Upton has gotten much better in CF since last time we saw him.

If not for three gems, this could be a blowout. Of course, if not for three errors, the game could be much closer.

2007-09-01 12:26:39
252.   monkeypants
Tough error on that play. Between that play and confiscated bats this has been one funny (if slowly played) game.
2007-09-01 12:27:13
253.   weeping for brunnhilde
249 ha ha ha ah aha ah ah !
2007-09-01 12:28:38
254.   williamnyy23
246 At least Giambi has the scare factor...fielder's have to be at least a little aware as he comes rumbling toward them.
2007-09-01 12:28:41
255.   monkeypants
250 I'm not sure he's slower than Giambi, but he does get very slow starts from 1B on 3-2 counts. He must be taking extra care that the pitcher delivers home before strting to second, or something.
2007-09-01 12:29:01
256.   Hank
Hey, I just joined in. Can someone explain the confiscated bats comment? Was a bat confiscated?
2007-09-01 12:29:28
257.   Chyll Will
253 You laugh kinda like The Count from Sesame Street >;)
2007-09-01 12:29:50
258.   Mattpat11
250 He's just a painfully slow man. Not much you can do there.

I was just referring to a discussion we were having the other night about PR him for Giambi.

2007-09-01 12:29:54
259.   williamnyy23
2-1 Toronto
2007-09-01 12:29:55
260.   randym77
Ruled caught stealing and an error.

Andy isn't a very good baserunner. I remember one game last year when he tried to steal 2B and missed the base by about two feet.

2007-09-01 12:30:25
261.   Mattpat11
256 Iwamura's bat was confiscated in the second and A-Rod's in the fourth
2007-09-01 12:31:25
262.   williamnyy23
Damn...puts a little bit of a damper on Kennedy's performance...dont get rattled here!
2007-09-01 12:31:40
263.   randym77
Upton again.
2007-09-01 12:32:03
264.   williamnyy23
I hate the thought of having to face Upton 19x/year for at least the next four seasons.
2007-09-01 12:32:34
265.   Mattpat11
90 PC.

Let him start the 7th or don't risk it?

2007-09-01 12:33:21
266.   Chyll Will
217 Abreu actually calling off Robbie for the catch!
2007-09-01 12:33:21
267.   weeping for brunnhilde
257 ah hah a ha hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
2007-09-01 12:33:34
268.   monkeypants
260 Yeah, that's still a tough error--the guy sliding basically kicks the ball out of the 2B glove, and the scorer has leeway on the call. On the other hand, it is hard to credit Andy with a SB when he was out by s-o-o-o much.
2007-09-01 12:34:25
269.   weeping for brunnhilde
266 Ah, damn, and wouldn't you know I missed it!
2007-09-01 12:35:10
270.   monkeypants
265 He's done.

What were his pitch totals in MiL? If he was going 100+, then you could try to squeeze another inning. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.

2007-09-01 12:35:24
271.   Hank
261 Thanks. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out... Perhaps Upton's bat should be checked while they're at it.
2007-09-01 12:36:16
272.   Chyll Will
UNfrigginbelievable. So, where's the ejection?
2007-09-01 12:36:20
273.   monkeypants
Suspension anyone?
2007-09-01 12:36:54
274.   weeping for brunnhilde
No kidding.
2007-09-01 12:37:17
275.   nyyfan22
207 I don't know, Kay can get wacky with all the questions to the color commentators, but I don't think he's all that bad. He get's all melodramatic over any little thing, and that's sometimes funny but most times annoying.

I gotta say, I prefer Kay over many of the home announcers for opponents' teams that I'm forced to hear via when the Yanks are on the road. "He gone". Ugh.

And I really prefer him over Sterling and Waldman. They drive me nuts. N-V-T-S, nuts. The desk mounted mics drive me crazy, cause Sterling refuses to keep his face in front of it, so you're constantly changing the volume. Then there's Suzyn with her beantown accent all "in the baw-tom of the faw-th", etc. Oh yeah--how about any fly ball getting a "IT IS HIGH.. IT IS FAR.. IT IS..." fuckin Sterling "...caught".

Just my $0.02, kids.

2007-09-01 12:38:56
276.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fuck that.

Eject this pigpucker.

I've had enough.

2007-09-01 12:39:00
277.   randym77
271 Just gamesmanship, I think. Torre wanted to give Kennedy a chance to rest. Then the Rays retaliated by demanding A-Rod's bat be checked, too.
2007-09-01 12:39:17
278.   monkeypants
275 Outside of the Chisox announcers, I prefer nearly all opposing teams' announcer on to Kay.
2007-09-01 12:39:20
279.   Chyll Will
275 NVTS nuts? What's that like?

Farmaduke for two batters, stat!

2007-09-01 12:42:57
280.   Mattpat11
275 Kay can't read the outfielders. In many ways, thats worse that Sterling being unable to read the balls.
2007-09-01 12:43:24
281.   williamnyy23
277 There was a legitimate reason...see 157 .
2007-09-01 12:43:48
282.   williamnyy23
Toronto beats Seattle.
2007-09-01 12:44:28
283.   Eirias
Go Toronto!
2007-09-01 12:44:37
284.   weeping for brunnhilde
275 Yeah, I don't hate Kay or anything, and that's kind of why I feel bad for him. He just doesn't add anything to the broadcast, is all.

I actually enjoy him more these days; I think working with Leiter and O'Neill has given him some humility. He seems more open to actually learning than he used to.

Also, I like the tension between him and those two, especially. Generally good-natured, but at times they can be a little cruel towards him, like the younger kid you sort of tolerate hanging around but you're sure to remind him of his place just when he starts to feel like one of the guys.

Whereas he used to annoy me, now I often find him a figure of pathos, the poor guy.

Sterling just fucking kills me. There ought to be a rule about reporting the score and situation of the baseball game at least once per ab.

I tune in mid-inning and he'll tell me the outs, the runners on base, he'll say, "This is a BIG batter" but won't fucking report the score or even which team is, you know, winning.


2007-09-01 12:45:21
285.   Chyll Will
280 More info than we needed to know, actually >;)
2007-09-01 12:45:50
286.   randym77
278 Not me. Take Texas - please. They act like the other team did something wrong if they hit it hard or make a good catch.

Then there's Arizona. You have to put up with stuff like "Go, go, go!" (to the ball, or to the runner). And they never friggin' shut up about the 2001 World Series.

2007-09-01 12:45:54
287.   weeping for brunnhilde




Makes the skin crawl, n'est-ce pas?

2007-09-01 12:46:58
288.   monkeypants
270 And I was wrong. Take that!
2007-09-01 12:47:01
289.   Mattpat11
Fuck. He can go 8.
2007-09-01 12:47:40
290.   Mattpat11
Ron Jeremy is catching for Tampa?
2007-09-01 12:48:26
291.   Mattpat11
Let him start the 8th. 96 pitches.
2007-09-01 12:48:52
292.   weeping for brunnhilde
How 'bout that Kennedy kid, eh?

Mike must be eaten up inside over this.

2007-09-01 12:49:14
293.   Chyll Will
290 Nope, just spooning...
2007-09-01 12:49:46
294.   monkeypants
Mercer and Singleton couldn't resist, commenting that there are no "Joba rules" for Kennedy. Except of course, there are: he's a starter, so he won't pitch unless he has four days rest in between appearances.

Holy cow, quick inning. Well, if you send him out with 90 pitches, do you send him out again with 97 (or whatever) pitches?

2007-09-01 12:50:42
295.   Chyll Will
292 That's "Moose", not "Mousse" >;)
2007-09-01 12:51:29
296.   Mattpat11
294 96. Let him start anyway.

As an added bonus, letting him start prevents Farnsworth from coming into the game

2007-09-01 12:51:44
297.   randym77
281 I dunno if I'd call that a "legitimate reason." Even if it is, questioning it at that particular point is still gamesmanship, IMO. He's been using that bat all season. And now they question it?

Not that there's anything wrong with gamesmanship. If giving Kennedy a breather was Torre's intent, it worked beautifully.

2007-09-01 12:53:37
298.   monkeypants
297 But Torre called for the bat immediately after a foul ball. Maybe they heard or saw something on the swing that triggered the reaction?

Now, the TB response was clearly gamesmanship.

2007-09-01 12:55:09
299.   Chyll Will
Duncan in for Giambi at second after the double...
2007-09-01 12:55:28
300.   monkeypants
Expanded rosters and Shelley Duncan PRs?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-01 12:56:25
301.   Chyll Will
I move to the left if I see Duncan coming at me like that.
2007-09-01 12:56:28
302.   SF Yanks
I'm pretty sure Kennedy is done for the day. They showed him in the dugout hugging and hand shaking everybody giving the impression he was finished.
2007-09-01 12:56:39
303.   monkeypants
In fact, even without expanded rosters, wouldn't Damon have been the better choice to PR?
2007-09-01 12:57:25
304.   williamnyy23
302 It looked like there was some kissing in there too. I didn't notice if Moose was involved in the lovefest though.
2007-09-01 12:58:31
305.   weeping for brunnhilde
295 Oh, groan.
2007-09-01 12:58:51
306.   SF Yanks
304 Naw, I saw Moose in the corner pouting and an evil eye on Kennedy to boot.
2007-09-01 12:59:01
307.   Chyll Will
304 He sent Ron Jeremy in his place...
2007-09-01 12:59:19
308.   weeping for brunnhilde
304 I sure didn't see him. I was looking for him, though, the ole puss.
2007-09-01 12:59:20
309.   monkeypants
Andy can only hope to contain him.
2007-09-01 12:59:52
310.   Sarasota
complain all you want re: Kay............and complain about the Hawk in Chicago too, but the worst by far is PHIZ from the LA Anaheim Angels. Absolutely impossible to listen to.
2007-09-01 13:00:09
311.   Chyll Will
305 (They can't all be good...)
2007-09-01 13:00:14
312.   randym77
298 Anything's possible. But he'd have to be pretty dumb to cork a bat that looks so odd.
2007-09-01 13:01:40
313.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, right, that's the other thing Mike said during that interview: asked about the kid being a mini-Moose or whatever (I don't think they used that term), Mike snarled something about how maybe when he's gone the kid can have his uniform and locker to boot.

Jesus, Mike, would it kill you to show a little support for your teammate and by extension, your team?

2007-09-01 13:02:05
314.   Mattpat11
Will they stop threatening Doug Mientkiewicz playing time?
2007-09-01 13:02:05
315.   Eirias
I just noticed that Gameday has no picture for Kennedy, just a Yankees' logo.
2007-09-01 13:02:14
316.   C2Coke
So how did Kennedy look? Base on the stats, I guess I can only say I am sorry I missed it? Damn weekend errands.
2007-09-01 13:02:26
317.   weeping for brunnhilde
311 Apparently not. :)
2007-09-01 13:03:42
318.   monkeypants
313 Yeah, come on Moose. You just got bumped from the rotation for the first time in almost two decades, you gave a long thoughtful interview about your struggles, and then you get hounded by a bunch of press making overt comparisons between you and the kid that replaced you in the rotation. Ungrateful bastard.
2007-09-01 13:03:52
319.   weeping for brunnhilde
Atta boy, Jose!

Good old Angels-style ball.

2007-09-01 13:04:11
320.   Chyll Will
Yay Bengie! I mean... Yay, Yadier! I mean...
2007-09-01 13:04:22
321.   monkeypants
That's two super good ABs for Molina.
2007-09-01 13:04:48
322.   yankz
Just got back. Wow, Kennedy is the man.

So what's wrong with Phil?

2007-09-01 13:04:52
323.   Chyll Will
Phillips... you can only hope to contain him!
2007-09-01 13:04:53
324.   Eirias
That was almost an amazing throw.
2007-09-01 13:05:16
325.   monkeypants
Andy can only hope to contain him.
He is pretty slow.
2007-09-01 13:06:12
326.   monkeypants
323 : )
2007-09-01 13:06:30
327.   Chyll Will
322 Too much exposure to Farmaduke, I bet...
2007-09-01 13:07:12
328.   SF Yanks
313 Geez, he's sure not taking this well is he? Guys like Damon and Giambi are nothing but supportive. They don't bitch, moan, and they say the right things, and I believe they mean them too. Moose just doesn't seem to want to give a little.
2007-09-01 13:07:18
329.   Chyll Will
326 Okay, I'll give you the Root Beer >;)
2007-09-01 13:07:25
330.   weeping for brunnhilde
318 Oh, I know. Of course it's not easy for him, but still, there's no 'I' in 'team,' as they say.

I'm not saying he should have been all sweetness and light, but the bottom line is his team's fighting for the playoffs, a goal his performances have been undermining and yet he acts like some grave injustice has been done to him.

Maybe I'm being unfair, but I just didn't get a sense that he's as concerned about his team's performance as he as about his own fortunes.

2007-09-01 13:07:52
331.   weeping for brunnhilde
320 Ha ha haha!
2007-09-01 13:08:59
332.   yankz
330 Necessary response: But there is a "me."
2007-09-01 13:09:39
333.   weeping for brunnhilde
332 :)
2007-09-01 13:10:29
334.   Chyll Will
331 I channeled dianagramr on that one, seemed like the kind of thing she'd say >;)
2007-09-01 13:10:36
335.   monkeypants
328 The same Giambi who refused to go to the minors when he was slumping badly last year? The same Damon who (we all assumed) refused to go on the DL and made public announcements about his own health, making it harder for the team to DL him earlier this year?
2007-09-01 13:10:36
336.   SF Yanks
332 Never heard that one, actually. Nice.
2007-09-01 13:11:44
337.   Chyll Will
332 Necessary retort: That's backward thinking!
2007-09-01 13:12:26
338.   weeping for brunnhilde
The other thing is, it would be one thing if Mike's replacement were some veteran, but it's a kid, you know? He must feel awkward about being called on to replace a pitcher like Moose, and I'd imagine a kind word or slap on the back from him would really mean something to him.
2007-09-01 13:14:10
339.   monkeypants
338 So you assume that his sarcastic response to hounding reporters is the same as his clubhouse reaction to the kid?
2007-09-01 13:15:37
340.   weeping for brunnhilde
335 Wasn't that two or three seasons ago with Jason? The season Tino hit those 8 homeruns in 8 days or whatever it was? Point taken, though, but this year he seemed most contrite about not wanting to disturb the team's success by insisting on full time. Instead he just hit.

Damon, too, has said glowing things about Melky, even saying "He can do things that I can't" or some such.

That's pretty stand-up, imo.

2007-09-01 13:16:51
341.   Hank
310 Sarasota -- you're absolutely right about Physioc. He must be the worst announcer in the history of announcing. And when you pair with Rex the Wonderdog? Talk about a trainwreck...
2007-09-01 13:17:06
342.   monkeypants
340 What could Giambi do? He faced getting thrown out of baseball at the same time he suffered a debilitating injury that forced him out for most of the season. What could he say or do when he came back?
2007-09-01 13:18:14
343.   yankz
Whoever calls for the Rangers is pretty bad too.
2007-09-01 13:18:16
344.   Chyll Will
338 I'd say Moose pretty much cornered himself with his own words: "...I throw the ball and I don't expect anything good to happen" is a pretty strong indictment of your psyche, and it would behoove any manager to look into alternatives when you're in the heat of a pennant race. All his comments, which he hasn't backtracked on since they've been published, pretty much say,"I don't know what the hell's wrong, but I know it's bad."
2007-09-01 13:18:37
345.   weeping for brunnhilde
339 No, not at all. But he does seem pretty honest with the reporters so I can only assume that his bitterness is genuine even when the reporters aren't around.

Same thing those few years ago when he rebuked his teammates for not scoring enough runs behind him.

And frankly, the fact that he wasn't the first person out to congratulate Kennedy is pretty symbolic, don't you think?

2007-09-01 13:21:27
346.   Mattpat11
I wonder. With Kennedy pitching so much like Mussina, right down to the low bend, and wearing 36 (to Mussina's 35)Is it all coincidence?

in other words, maybe Kennedy is trying to be the next Mike Mussina?

2007-09-01 13:22:28
347.   monkeypants
345 I guess--a little too moralizing for me. What you read as bitterness I read as frustration (with self) and fear, coupled with his typical irritation with dumb reporters. I'm also not going to grind on a guy facing the end of his career for not matching up to my expectations for how he's supposed to put on a brave smile or be the first guy to pat the rookie on the tushy.
2007-09-01 13:22:29
348.   yankz
Dammit Vizcaino.
2007-09-01 13:22:34
349.   randym77
343 YES!!! The Texas guys drive me nuts.
2007-09-01 13:22:53
350.   monkeypants
This is an interested trade outs for bases strategy by Viz.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-09-01 13:23:25
351.   Mattpat11
He's trying to get Mo a save.
2007-09-01 13:24:43
352.   weeping for brunnhilde
Incidentally, why hasn't Edwar been summoned yet?

Joe's waiting to get Mo the save?

2007-09-01 13:25:15
353.   monkeypants
346 Is Mussina married? Is his wife hot? Maybe Kennedy is secrety planning on disposing of Moose and assuming his identity?


2007-09-01 13:25:25
354.   SF Yanks
325 Weren't we all happy last year when Giambi didn't go to the minors? Didn't he turn it around in a big way? I think he did. And why would anybody in the MLB put themselves on the dl unless they couldn't walk without falling over. I can't see anybody doing that. Really, you can't compare two players who didn't want to DL themselves to Moose right now. So should Moose be dl-ing himself then? If he should then you should be blaming him for going to the minors to fix himself too.
2007-09-01 13:25:28
355.   williamnyy23
What the hell was Gonzalez doing in there? Is Joe trying to give this one away?
2007-09-01 13:25:31
356.   Chyll Will
346 That's not such a bad thing, if he's been doing it his entire baseball-playing career. I sincerely doubt that he is deliberately trying to show up Moose, as his style had suited him well at Kennedy's age.

Okay, we need to pick up the intensity here and put this game away, okay?

2007-09-01 13:26:20
357.   monkeypants
351 Yep. It is sorta unfun watching the Yankees AAA team boot this one away.
2007-09-01 13:26:51
358.   weeping for brunnhilde
347 I understand. Mike's who he is and I'm fond of him. It's just that I do believe that team spirit matters, is all, and that kids should be made to feel comfortable when they come to the big club, pressure-cooker that it is.
2007-09-01 13:27:18
359.   Mattpat11
Rivera is 52 saves away from lee Smith, BTW
2007-09-01 13:27:50
360.   weeping for brunnhilde
OH! Damn, did my heart skip a beat.
2007-09-01 13:27:56
361.   Mattpat11
Who the hell is the outfield coach on this team?
2007-09-01 13:28:14
362.   Chyll Will
351 Well, there we have it.
2007-09-01 13:28:31
363.   Mattpat11
356 I meant that in a good way. I didn't mean to ask if he's showing Mussina up, bu rather if he;s modeling himself after Mussina.
2007-09-01 13:28:32
364.   randym77
Not Gonzalez's fault. Ball took a bad hop. It was ruled a hit, not an error.
2007-09-01 13:29:55
365.   randym77
Kennedy is young enough that Moose might have been his role model growing up.
2007-09-01 13:29:56
366.   SF Yanks
354 Should read: for not going to the minors...
2007-09-01 13:30:10
367.   Jeteupthemiddle
I think Vizcaino was payed by the Devil Rays today.

Sure wish all those substitutes weren't already made, at the moment. Of course, with a 6 run lead and one of your best relievers on the mound, I can't really fault the substitutions.

2007-09-01 13:30:43
368.   Chyll Will
353 Maybe if he put on some platform spikes with those stirrups...
2007-09-01 13:31:07
369.   williamnyy23
Exhibit A on why Torre should be fired...his decisions not only take a 9-3 laugher and make it close, but now the Yankees need to burn Mo for a 1+ inning save.
2007-09-01 13:31:31
370.   Mattpat11
365 Thats why I was thinking that.
2007-09-01 13:31:44
371.   monkeypants
354 You miss my point. Giambi and Damon were held out as esxamples of team player, while Mussina was chastised for being selfish. My point is that the two supposedly unselfish players acting in ways that could be construed as self serving, and not for the team's good. Indeed, some one posted that Mussina was more concerned with his own welfare than the team's, and that just strikes me as unfair.
2007-09-01 13:31:47
372.   yankz
Can't find a picture of Moose's wife (Jana Mussina), but there is this:
2007-09-01 13:31:56
373.   Chyll Will
This shouldn't have been necessary. Thanks, Viz.
2007-09-01 13:32:23
374.   weeping for brunnhilde
Three pitches.

Well done, Mo.

2007-09-01 13:32:51
375.   SF Yanks
365 Yeah, when you're young sometimes you pick up on the habits of your favorite players and they can easily stick with you through your lifetime.
2007-09-01 13:33:18
376.   Ravenscar
Jeez, he kinda put the B team in there a little early, didn't he?
2007-09-01 13:33:27
377.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, so was I hallucinating or was Edwar actually throwing in the pen?
2007-09-01 13:34:05
378.   SF Yanks
369 What should Torre have done then? Just curious.
2007-09-01 13:34:27
379.   yankz
Don't we kinda have to stop calling him The Attorney General now?
2007-09-01 13:34:44
380.   monkeypants
369 How did Torre make this a laugher by going to his best reliever (on the season) not named Mo? Had Viz been fine we would have bitched that he was wasted in a blow out.
2007-09-01 13:35:11
381.   JeremyM
371 Well, Giambi went on an absolute tear after that, so he seemed to know something the coaching staff didn't. As far as Damon, unless he was asked to go on the DL, I don't see how we can be mad at him. If a guy requests to be put on their, he shows a weakness that I doubt is tolerated in the macho world of baseball.
2007-09-01 13:35:33
382.   Chyll Will
372 I think the one on the right is Jana, only because of the hand.
2007-09-01 13:36:50
383.   williamnyy23
378 Not empty his bench and not use Viz in a low leverage situation. Those kind of situations never seem to agree with guys used to working in close games. He could have also went to Edwar when Viz showed very early that he didn't have any command. He basically did what he always does...hold his breath until it's a save situation.
2007-09-01 13:37:14
384.   randym77
375 Only most of us don't have to worry about ending up on the same team as our favorite players. ;-)
2007-09-01 13:37:52
385.   weeping for brunnhilde
378 380 Well, if he bothered to get Edwar up (and he did, didn't he?), shouldn't he have gone to him after that second scorched ball Viz allowed?

They got great swings off him, which suggests he doesn't quite have it. So you cut your losses, go to Edwar, and have Mo ready to bail him out.

But at least see what Edwar can do after it's clear Viz is getting knocked around.

Or, if you prefer, just go right to Mo.

But leaving him in to get hit around just makes no sense to me.

2007-09-01 13:39:25
386.   monkeypants
383 If you can't empty the benches and hand the ball to you best middle reliever with a six run lead and two innings to go, there are serious problems that go far beyond managing.
2007-09-01 13:40:48
387.   williamnyy23
386 That's silly...this is baseball...anyhting can happen. You dont empty your bench with a six run lead, and you don't go on autopilot in the 8th inning.
2007-09-01 13:41:22
388.   SF Yanks
371 Alright, I see what you're saying. I was just trying to say that, while you can look at both Damon and Giambi's decision to not DL themselves as selfish, it's something that rarely happens. While more often, you see players support the guys coming in to fill their roles, such as what Giambi and Damon have done.

I clearly see that it must be frustrating as all hell for Moose and maybe I'm wrong for expecting him to be all gung-ho for Kennedy, but for some reason it would be nice to see. At least in my eyes. I guess I'm a weird one. But point taken.

2007-09-01 13:41:39
389.   Ravenscar
386 - Six runs ain't what it used to be. I mean that about the BENCH, not the reliever, who should be able to hold them a little better. But sitting your 2 best players with only a six-run lead (yes, I said "only") is just not that smart.
2007-09-01 13:44:47
390.   monkeypants
387 389 If "anything" can happen, then players should never be rested, right? Then no situation is any higer leverage than any other, effectively? A coach should be able to use large leads as an opportunity to rest players a bit or keep some benchers fresh.

Ravenscar makes the better point, that six runs in the eighth may not be considered a large lead any more.

2007-09-01 13:45:43
391.   weeping for brunnhilde
Some pitch there, Mo.
2007-09-01 13:46:02
392.   yankz
That was just unfair.
2007-09-01 13:47:19
393.   SF Yanks
386 I happen to agree. You can't blame Torre for going with Viz there. Can you blame him for keeping him in there a batter too long while the pen gets warmed up? I suppose, but to me it's bordering hindsight.
2007-09-01 13:47:48
394.   williamnyy23
390 That's my point...a six run lead is well within the realm of "anything can happen". It was an exaggeration to prove a point, but I think the underlying logic is solid.
2007-09-01 13:49:36
395.   Chyll Will
Mo (Holding orb in hand) Luis! Tell me what this is...
Viz: An orb?
Mo: (smacks Viz on forehead) No! This is a baseball. Do you know what a baseball is?
Viz: Yes, Sensei!
Mo: Very good. Now what do you do know what to do with a baseball?
Viz: You throw it, Sensei!
Mo: (smacks Viz on forehead hard) No! You throw it for strikes!
2007-09-01 13:51:53
396.   rbj
395 LOL! Shame I missed the game, had to go out shooting. Actually it's probably good I missed it, don't think I can stand another Vizier meltdown.
2007-09-01 13:55:29
397.   SF Yanks
396 Naw, it was good to Kennedy pitch. Catch a replay if you can.
2007-09-01 13:59:10
398.   Chyll Will
396 Wow, doing the Butch Cassidy/Sundance Kid thing? How did you survive?
2007-09-01 13:59:41
399.   monkeypants
Meanwhil, Was Watching just put up a long post containing the following statement: "And, to be honest, I'm starting to get concerned about Phil Hughes."

For those who frequent the site, contemplate and enjoy the humor.

2007-09-01 14:03:33
400.   SF Yanks
399 Yeah, he's had that up all day. I've already commented about it, but Zack (I think it's the same Zack on this site) already told him what I wanted to say so I touched on other areas.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-09-01 14:16:10
401.   randym77
Torre said he questioned the bat because of the flat end. He thought it might have been sawed off. Which is apparently illegal.

Of course, they let him bat with another bat that looked exactly the same.

2007-09-01 15:07:33
402.   Mattpat11
We need to call up a midget Andy Pettitte.
2007-09-01 15:14:10
403.   Sliced Bread
Nice inauguration for Kennedy, and nice job by the NoMaas photo-shop this afternoon.

Strike one is yer friend, kid. Keep up the good work.

I was impressed by his velocity, was expecting less. I have no idea if the radar guns are correct, (the YES one is generally generous) but the consistent 91s he was putting up seemed about right.

Kid worked it out. Did his thing. Good times.

2007-09-01 15:22:21
404.   JL25and3
Just back from today's game, which eventually became a fun one.

Kennedy pitched reasonably well, but goddam, if he's going to pitch that...incredibly...slowly, I am not going to love watching him for the next however many years. Those first few innings were torture. In between pitches, you could actually see the grass growing.

Best thing about the game was Andy Phillips's slide. That was a thing of beauty.

2007-09-01 15:29:42
405.   JL25and3
By the way, despite the bad hop, I had no problem with putting Gonzalez in for Jeter. Jeter's defense has gotten noticeably worse this year, not that it was ever very good. Today there were at least two grounders a step or two to his left that he didn't even try for - took half a step, then just watched them go by.
2007-09-01 15:32:38
406.   Sliced Bread
404 Good point about how slowly he works. Ian Kennedy Seat Cushion Night might be in order. I was comfortable at home watching him. Aside from the occasional bat-check time, it felt like watching great golf.

As Murcer called it: "Nifty slide by Phillips!" Who uses nifty anymore? But great call on a great slide there.

2007-09-01 15:35:56
407.   Sliced Bread
405 I had no problem with any of Joe's moves today.
If Jeter had gotten hurt in the 8th, the Torre-killers would have pinned it on him: "Why was Jeter in the game?! We had a 6 run lead! We have a bench!"

Joe just can't win with some folks.

2007-09-01 15:52:05
408.   randym77
406 Maybe he'll grow up to be Al Leiter. ;-)

BTW, Miguel Cairo is starting at 2B tonight for the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

2007-09-01 17:25:33
409.   nawlins yankee
I just wanted to casually mention that Red Sox rookie Clay Buchholz is pitching a no-hitter.
2007-09-01 17:30:10
410.   SF Yanks
409 Dammit. Why can't their phenom perform like ours? Wait, did you say he was throwing a NO HITTER? As in, not one player on the O's has a HIT? Hmmm... I wonder how long this NO HITTER can last.

And Ortiz hits a bases clearing double. 4-0 Sawx.

2007-09-01 17:31:00
411.   JeremyM
409 You are correct, sir, no hits allowed.
2007-09-01 17:33:24
412.   JeremyM
408 And he was hit by a pitch. He just does so many little things so well. He does the types of things that don't show up in the box score, but win ballgames. With Eckstein and Cairo on the same team, back-to-back titles should only be the start...
2007-09-01 17:33:47
413.   SF Yanks
Wow, Clay looks like he's 7 years old.
2007-09-01 17:37:38
414.   JeremyM
Just noticed Larussa has a pitcher batting 8th. Oh that Larussa, he does the darndest things. The guy batting 9th is only hitting over .300 after all.

Cairo just advanced a runner to second on a groundout for the second out. Smart baseball, good situational hitting, now the runner is in scoring position for said 8th-hitting pitcher.

2007-09-01 18:04:39
415.   SF Yanks
Damn, how long is this kid going to keep up this no-hitter? And how many times am I going to have to say no-hitter for it to have an effect?
2007-09-01 18:13:14
416.   randym77
412 LOL. Were you listening to the game? That's pretty much what the Redbirds announcers said. Which is also what the Yanks announcers always said about Miggy.
2007-09-01 18:24:54
417.   JeremyM
416 No, I wasn't, I only said it because it's what I believe to be true, and it's only logical that experts that get paid to give expert opinions would feel the same way.

(sarcasm mode off)

2007-09-01 18:28:26
418.   SF Yanks
Oh COME ON!! BREAK UP THE FRIGGING NO HITTER ALREADY!! I don't want to hear about this for the next 34 years. Just GET A HIT.
2007-09-01 18:32:43
419.   JeremyM
My God, he's going to do it.
2007-09-01 18:56:50
420.   SF Yanks
This is unreal. Does any Yankee fan want to see this kid throw a no-no? I actually feel kind of bad saying this, but I really, really, don't want him to get it. I know he's just a kid with a uniform on, but still, I hope he gets lit up in the 9th. Or how about 2 outs, with 2 strikes and then a hit.
2007-09-01 19:09:15
421.   JeremyM
420 I don't know, if he throws it, good for him, but I guess I won't cry if he doesn't. Well, it'll be pretty cool for him, so I'm fine with it.
2007-09-01 19:09:31
422.   randym77
I saw Buccholz pitch in Pawtucket. He was pretty damned good. 10 Ks in five innings.

Unfortunately for him, the bullpen gave up eight runs after he left, so he didn't get a win out of it.

2007-09-01 19:12:27
423.   SF Yanks
FUCK! I know I should be happy for him, but I'm not. FUCK!!!
2007-09-01 19:13:03
424.   randym77
Holy crap. He was just called up today, wasn't he?
2007-09-01 19:14:10
425.   SF Yanks
Alright, I'm a little happy for him. I have to admit.
2007-09-01 19:14:32
426.   JeremyM
Well, just watched the last out, I'll admit that was pretty cool. So their young stud pitcher gets a no-no in his second start, while ours rips his hammie to shreds after throwing 7 no-hit and hasn't been the same since. Such is life....

Is Buchholz a pretty highly touted prospect? I'll be honest, I block out everything I hear about their prospects because it seems like there is a ton of undue hype out there for their guys--Fossum is the main name that comes to mind, who they were able to barter, in part, for Schilling.

2007-09-01 19:14:32
427.   SF Yanks
424 It was his 2nd start.
2007-09-01 19:16:10
428.   SF Yanks
426 He was right up there with Joba and Hughes.
2007-09-01 19:18:34
429.   SF Yanks
New thread up btw.

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