Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-10-21 13:19
by Alex Belth
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Bill Simmons, another columnist from ESPN (who also happens to be an avid Red Sox fan), weighs in on Game 7, with humor and disgust (not that he's bitter or nothing):

As I wrote many times in this space, Grady was one of those rare managers who made you scream at the TV, "My God, what the (bleep) are you doing???" at the precise time he's making a move (or sometimes, not making a move). Let the record show that he did the same thing with Pedro that he did with Burkett in the Oakland series (Game 4). He was in over his head. The ultimate Grady moment happened in the eighth inning of Game 7, when lefty Embree was pitching to switch-hitting Enrique Wilson (tie game, guy on second, two outs), and Grady brought in Mike Timlin, so Torre countered with Ruben Sierra ... so poor Grady had to walk Sierra, meaning he had a righty pitching against lefty Karim Garcia with two runners on instead of one. Unbelievable!

What was it like in Boston last Friday? Ever heard of Dante's Inferno?

One of my friends from home described Friday's scene like this: "I have never seen anything like it. Everyone is in a catatonic trance -- like a massive funeral ceremony that won't end. You can't imagine what its like. NO WORK being done today in the city of Boston. Even the lady at my Dunkin' Donuts seemed upset and her name doesn't contain any vowels."

Speaking of bitterness, the Boston police are apparently going to press charges against Jeff Nelson and Karim Garcia for their part in the Game 3 bullpen fight. Think they'd go ahead with this if the Sox had actually won? I think you know the answer.

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