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How do you spell Relief?
2007-08-26 07:01
by Alex Belth
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After three straight shaky outings, Chien-Ming Wang threw more than twenty pitches and allowed a run (an RBI single from, guess who, Magglio Ordonez) in the first inning. But his sinker was moving in the right direction and Wang settled in, giving up just one more run over the next seven innings. Wang gave the Yanks length just when they needed it the most (Brian Bruney tossed a scoreless ninth), as New York beat Detroit, 7-2. While the Red Sox bombed The White Sox again, the Rangers beat the Mariners. So the Yanks gain a game in the wild card. They are two behind the M's, three in the loss column.

The Yanks scored a couple of early runs off Jeremy Bonderman, who also fell into a groove. But Bonderman is not the pitcher he was last year. His fastball is not in the mid-to-upper 90s and eventually, the Yanks got to him. Melky Cabrera hit a triple with the bases loaded in the sixth, Johnny Damon hit a solo dinger and a triple, and Hideki Matsui had three hits and a couple of RBI.

It wasn't a terribly exciting game, which was just fine with me--my body is still recovering from Friday night. Jorge Posada caught all nine innings so I assume we'll see Molina this afternoon. Joe Torre talked about giving Alex Rodriguez a rest last week but that hasn't happened yet (Alex was 1-3 with two walks and a run scored last night). I wonder if Damon gets another start today at DH, or if Giambi will get the nod.

Today is pivotal. Phil Hughes, this is your life, kid. With Mussina-Verlander going tomorrow, this is the game the Bombers need to have.

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2007-08-26 08:19:37
1.   Mattpat11
I have a somewhat good feeling about the game tomorrow. I think Mussina is going to be motivated by the prospect of being replaced by the likes of Igawa, and Verlander pitches poorly against the Yankees and in big games.
2007-08-26 08:38:30
2.   pistolpete
I give up trying to figure out what motivates Mussina - maybe he has a good game based on whether or not he finishes the crossword puzzle that morning...
2007-08-26 08:49:43
3.   Mattpat11
2 You would have to think that if anything does, losing his job to a bad pitcher would.
2007-08-26 09:12:08
4.   OldYanksFan
I believe JoPo is a tried puppy. Fortunately, it has not shown in his offense, but there has been an alarming number of wild pitches/past balls in the recent months.

While I am not placing blame, Jorge seems unable to 'block' many of these pitches, choosing instead to (unsucessfully) glove them. Last night, a run would not have scored if not for that 'wild pitch'.

Bottom line: We are want to see Jorge in the lineup, but he needs more time off and the end of a hard season. I also believe the same for Jetes, who is showing obvious wear and tear.

The season is not over, but it does not look like the WC is coming from the Central. Seattle is only ONE game behind the Angels, so a 'swoon' from either one will increase our chances of making the WC.

As I said a month ago, we will need to take 5 of 6 from the Red Sox to contend for the division. 4 of 6 will only gain us 2 games.

2007-08-26 09:27:28
5.   yankz
Via Pete: "Derek Jeter has a sore right knee, a problem that first cropped up in Anaheim. He's 0 for his last 9 as a result. "

Full lineup is up at LoHud.

2007-08-26 09:35:37
6.   JeremyM
5 And he's been scuffling since before then. I hope a little rest can help him. That Betemit trade is really panning out as a good move, I like what he brings to the table.

This is from On the Yankees Beat: "Last night, Joe Torre told Derek he thought a day off was in order. Derek didn't argue, which is a sign it must be hurting pretty badly."

2007-08-26 10:04:03
7.   3rd gen yankee fan
Detroit announcer: "I don't think there's been anyone more consistent this year than Alex, I mean, than Magglio, excuse me..."


2007-08-26 10:11:01
8.   Zack
Jeter looks so uncomfortable just sitting on the bench
2007-08-26 10:11:23
9.   Yanks Fan in Chicago
Anyone else having trouble with the free preview on MLBTV?
2007-08-26 10:13:37
10.   yankz
9 Shittier quality than usual, but it's up for me.
2007-08-26 10:13:58
11.   Yankees Brasil
That pitch to A-Rod looked a bit outside..
2007-08-26 10:15:23
12.   3rd gen yankee fan
9 No, I'm running it at 700k. After a while it tends to drop too many frames and get choppy, but I'm running it in Quicktime, so I quit QT and restart.
2007-08-26 10:15:25
13.   Zack
my sound seems to be somewhat ahead of the video, which is annoying
2007-08-26 10:15:40
14.   rsmith51
Am I the only one disturbed by Giambi's lack of playing time?

Also, does Matsui have another consecutive game streak going?

2007-08-26 10:16:48
15.   bobtaco
2007-08-26 10:17:05
16.   yankz
Oh. Damn.
2007-08-26 10:17:11
17.   Yankees Brasil
Matsui sucks on the field..
2007-08-26 10:17:13
18.   Zack
Oh my God, Matsui just turned a lazy pop up into a hr..he is so bad out there
2007-08-26 10:17:23
19.   yankz
14 He's playing today.
2007-08-26 10:17:26
20.   Mike T
That's fuckin' garbage.
2007-08-26 10:17:47
21.   SF Yanks
2007-08-26 10:18:03
22.   Zack
Way to help Hughes out there Hideki
2007-08-26 10:18:37
23.   rsmith51
19 Doesn't answer my question, but thanks?
2007-08-26 10:18:43
24.   yankz
18 Yeah, I thought he was going to knock it down.
2007-08-26 10:18:51
25.   Zack
That shoulda been a 4 base error
2007-08-26 10:19:37
26.   yankz
23 You're welcome?

Also, Damon has been hitting really well lately.

2007-08-26 10:20:40
27.   OldYanksFan
14 I too am VERY disturbed at this. Torre may render our 2nd best offensive force 'mute' via lack of playing time.
2007-08-26 10:22:05
28.   OldYanksFan
I missed the play. Did Matsui blow it? Off his glove? Would JD would have had it?
2007-08-26 10:23:00
29.   yankz
28 He ran for it, missed it, and his momentum nearly carried him into the stands. It rolled pretty far, and by the time he got to it, there was no chance.

I think Johnny would've had it, but DiMaggio would've fielded it instead of trying to go for the catch.

2007-08-26 10:23:52
30.   rsmith51
Matsui did not play August 7th, so apparently he doesn't have a streak going...

I think Giambi is a better hitter than Damon, especially as a DH. And Damon is probably a better LF than Hideki, but Giambi + Matsui > Giambi + Damon.

Maybe days like today Damon should be in the field.

2007-08-26 10:24:56
31.   bobtaco
Man, Hughes is getting pummeled. Get off the mat, kid.
2007-08-26 10:25:07
32.   yankz
Wow, Phil does not have it today.
2007-08-26 10:25:18
33.   rsmith51
27 I am glad I am not the only one.
2007-08-26 10:25:22
34.   Mike T
Wow, Hughes is having a rough go of it so far.
2007-08-26 10:25:29
35.   yankz
"Today is pivotal. Phil Hughes, this is your life, kid."
2007-08-26 10:25:42
36.   Yankees Brasil
We needed this game..
2007-08-26 10:25:46
37.   3rd gen yankee fan
They are just going to have to pound Jurrjens.
2007-08-26 10:25:54
38.   yankz
Has Hughes ever allowed 2 HR in a game before?
2007-08-26 10:25:54
39.   Zack
Ugh, Hughes has just not been sharp since coming back from the DL. Understandable, but still disconcerting. He is getting away from what he does best: get ahead of counts and generate ground balls. Instead, hes nibbling and falling behind and then leaving balls up..
2007-08-26 10:26:28
40.   williamnyy23
The perils of a rookie pitcher. As good as Hughes may be someday, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that he wont be very good this year.
2007-08-26 10:26:50
41.   yankz
That curve, however, was beautiful.
2007-08-26 10:27:30
42.   yankz
40 Yeah, it's hitting me. He might be league average this year, which would be great for someone that young.


2007-08-26 10:27:50
43.   rsmith51
I think Cliff jinxed the Yanks on Friday...

"Seeing as the Yankees took three of four from the Tigers in the Bronx last weekend, they have not excuse not to do at least as well in Motown this weekend."

2007-08-26 10:27:59
44.   yankz
Lunch, hope to come back to a 12-3 pounding.
2007-08-26 10:28:21
45.   Yankees Brasil
Let's get something going against Jurrjens
2007-08-26 10:31:17
46.   matt nokes forever
Apparantly that 90 mph fastball down the pipe was a bit much for Deki. Having a great all around day.
2007-08-26 10:31:21
47.   rsmith51
At least Hughes isn't getting a million dollars a start for just below league average E.R.A.
2007-08-26 10:31:50
48.   Zack
40 42 Overall, even at average, Phil's gonna be better than most starters in the league, and certainly better than certain other team's prospects. If you look around at the young phenoms this year, they have ALL struggled. Bailey, Lincecum, Gallardo, Lester (not that he really counts) etc...

This very may well be one of "those" games...

2007-08-26 10:32:02
49.   rsmith51
Let's go G, show why you should be in the lineup more.
2007-08-26 10:32:27
50.   matt nokes forever
Wow. And he's not playing everyday because.... ?
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2007-08-26 10:32:28
51.   rsmith51
Johnny Who?
2007-08-26 10:32:32
52.   Mike T
Thanks Jason.
2007-08-26 10:32:36
53.   Zack
Good thing Joe finally decided to play Giambi!
2007-08-26 10:33:18
54.   bobtaco
Wow, Jurgens gone with a shoulder injury.
2007-08-26 10:33:21
55.   williamnyy23
Talk about a game turning completely...that's pretty sad.
2007-08-26 10:33:48
56.   Zack
Woah, what happened? Hope hes ok...
2007-08-26 10:33:49
57.   Mike T
Whoa, their starter is leaving the game.
2007-08-26 10:33:53
58.   Mattpat11
Wow. That sucks.
2007-08-26 10:33:54
59.   ny2ca2dc
Poor kid
2007-08-26 10:34:24
60.   Mike T
Seriously, that's too bad. I wanted to see this kid in action. Oh, well.
2007-08-26 10:35:31
61.   Zack
Pitching is a freaky-deaky thing
2007-08-26 10:37:22
62.   williamnyy23
That's why baseball is really a tough sport...without any violent contact, serious injuries can happen at any time. It really makes you hold your breath when you start projecting the future of young players, especially pitchers. There but for the grace of God goes Joba and Phil. Long live the rules!
2007-08-26 10:38:03
63.   matt nokes forever
That sucks. Early 20s and already a shoulder issue. Ugh. Hope its nothing serious.

Now let's pound the living crap out of Durbin.

2007-08-26 10:38:37
64.   Zack
Seems like defending WS champs have been cursed the next year of late...
2007-08-26 10:38:44
65.   Mattpat11
62 I wouldn't exactly say Jim Leyland is responsible for this injury. This could have happened to Joba regardless of the rules.
2007-08-26 10:39:08
66.   SF Yanks
At least we're in to the bullpen now.
2007-08-26 10:39:33
67.   matt nokes forever
64 The Cardinals?
2007-08-26 10:40:09
68.   Mattpat11
67 Point still stands.
2007-08-26 10:40:14
69.   Zack
62 Exactly. As much as I hate the innings limits etc and think they are primarily responsible for a lot of Phil's struggles, I would much rather have them for the extra precaution. Pitching is such a bad motion for the body that anything to help prevent that type of thing, as hard to do as it is, is key for what is essentially the future of this franchise...
2007-08-26 10:40:33
70.   matt nokes forever
68 Touche.
2007-08-26 10:41:09
71.   SF Yanks
Phil needs to keep it at 3 runs for at least 4 more innings now, the way the Yanks are swinging the bats.
2007-08-26 10:41:35
72.   Zack
70 Yeah, I would say the Cardinals even more so. And I suppose, as you are right in pointing out, that I should have said WS participants :)
2007-08-26 10:43:14
73.   Zack
Hughes' command really seems to have abandoned him in the majors this go round
2007-08-26 10:43:38
74.   SF Yanks
Where are the damn GROUNDBALLS??
2007-08-26 10:44:14
75.   SF Yanks
at 31 pitches
2007-08-26 10:44:47
76.   Mattpat11
Leyland is going to eat Inge.
2007-08-26 10:46:36
77.   SF Yanks
Nice efficient inning!

Phil needs to start the count off ahead not behind the hitters like he's been doing.

2007-08-26 10:46:40
78.   OldYanksFan
As a dedicated Torre fan and defender, I can say this.
Why the FUCK isn't Giambi playing everyday!

57 I smell blood! Lets go for the throat!

2007-08-26 10:46:49
79.   yankee23
I'm not the only one who finds this Tigers color-guy annoying, right? This is almost as bad as the D-Rays homers.
2007-08-26 10:47:05
80.   matt nokes forever
74 If he can roll through like that, I'm willing to forget about the lack of wormkillers for now. But you are correct that he's not getting the ball down enough since returning from the DL. Hopefully that corrects itself soon.
2007-08-26 10:49:46
81.   matt nokes forever
78 I can't wish ill on a rookie pitcher with alot of promise. Shoulder issues are no joke, and they linger. It's not like his jersey says Red Sucks on it or anything like that.

But I don't mind pounding the shit out of Durbin. Although that is yet to be seen.

2007-08-26 10:51:04
82.   Mattpat11
Perhaps the Yankees are unaware that this is Chad Durbin.
2007-08-26 10:51:07
83.   pistolpete
Of course Durbin is going to dominate for 8 innings now.
2007-08-26 10:51:26
84.   Zack
Durbin sucks, the Yanks SHOULD pound him, which means they won't
2007-08-26 10:51:34
85.   JeremyM
Great, looks like Durbin is going good.
2007-08-26 10:51:39
86.   Yankees Brasil
Damon embarrassed on that AB
2007-08-26 10:52:06
87.   SF Yanks
nice inning.
2007-08-26 10:56:12
88.   williamnyy23
Hughes doesn't seem to have his command yet...I am a little surprised (and dissappointed) about how often he seems to pitch around the plate.
2007-08-26 10:56:12
89.   SF Yanks
This has disaster inning written all over it.
2007-08-26 10:57:07
90.   JeremyM
You know, in hindsight (any sight really), how freaking stupid was it that they actually depended on Igawa and Pavano to be two members of the rotation this year?!? I disagreed with the though at the time, but it does seem like Hughes was rushed a little too fast.
2007-08-26 10:57:16
91.   pistolpete
Funny how Hughes gets that call in that exact spot for a righty batter but it's a ball with a lefty at the plate.
2007-08-26 10:58:34
92.   Mattpat11
90 Now, I was in such a good mood. Must you get me started on that?
2007-08-26 10:59:29
93.   Mattpat11
2007-08-26 10:59:32
94.   matt nokes forever
Philip "Batting Practice" Hughes. Jesus.
2007-08-26 10:59:39
95.   pistolpete
Ok, so much for the future of our pitching staff.

When can we trade for Santana?

2007-08-26 10:59:50
96.   SF Yanks
Hughes is consistently UP in the zone. No wonder he gets hit hard. 91mph fastball up? What do you thinks gonna happen?
2007-08-26 11:00:09
97.   JeremyM
92 Well, your good mood was ending soon anyway...
2007-08-26 11:00:14
98.   Zack
Wow, Hughes has def. NEVER given up three HRs...And what the hell is with the pitch calling his last few starts? All fastballs and curves, mostly fastballs...
2007-08-26 11:00:49
99.   Zack
Well, with the bats not awake yet, this game might be over already...
2007-08-26 11:01:04
100.   williamnyy23
It looks like we all got carried away by excitement, but it sure seems as if Hughes is not ready to pitch for a contending team that needs every win it can get. With Mussina struggling and Clemens at the mercy of age, the Yankees may very well not have the pitching necessary to make the playoffs.
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2007-08-26 11:01:06
101.   Mattpat11
Does Hughes have false eyebrows?
2007-08-26 11:01:09
102.   matt nokes forever
Cockshot fastball to a fastball hitter. Ugh.

By the way, anyone else not really feeling Molina's pitch calling? All those curves to Granderson to start the inning and now an inner half fastball to Thames? Really?

2007-08-26 11:02:05
103.   Raf
96 It wasn't so much that it was up, but right down the middle
2007-08-26 11:02:33
104.   JeremyM
102 It's been suspect to me ever since he called for 50-straight changeups from Ramirez to Anderson.
2007-08-26 11:04:04
105.   Zack
I am sure a lot of that comes from the dugout and pre-game strategy, which seems to focus on "throw as many fastballs as humanly possible, with about 15% curves thrown in and then throw maybe three sliders/change-ups"
2007-08-26 11:04:08
106.   matt nokes forever
104 He's a spy for the 87 other Molina brothers. Definitely a sabotour.
2007-08-26 11:04:51
107.   SF Yanks
Hughes attacks hitters after big hits. Why can't he do that from the get-go? Ohhhh this is frustrating.....
2007-08-26 11:05:07
108.   OldYanksFan
Here my plan:
Who's are most extreme FB pitcher? Moose?
On days Moose pitches, Giambi starts at first and JD in LF. For 3 of the remaining 4 starters, Giambi DH's. In one of those 3, Matsui sits and JD in LF. That has Mats in 4 of 5 games, Giambi in 4 of 5 games (once in the field) and JD in 3 of 5 games (twice in LF). Leaves 1B open 4 games for Andy/Betemin.
Don't rest Jorge on Giambi's day off.

Giambi can't sit 1/2 our games!
He is well rested and HOT. 5 HRs since hes been back.

And if Hughes isn't a #2, it ain't gonna matter anyway!

2007-08-26 11:05:11
109.   pistolpete
And we care about San Diego/Philly why now?
2007-08-26 11:06:28
110.   SF Yanks
103 I actually typed that before the homerun referring to all his other hits/outs/pitches.
2007-08-26 11:07:13
111.   Mattpat11
Sheffield is the answer.
2007-08-26 11:07:23
112.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hughes doesn't seem to be the same pitcher he was before the hammy.

Gameday has his fastball at 90 today. Iirc he was consistantly 92-94 earlier in the season, and it was sneaky fast, up on hitters quick.

I think this accounts for the lack of command. He's knows he's not throwing hard enough to overpower guys, so he nibbles.

2007-08-26 11:07:25
113.   pistolpete
107 Seems like he gets lazy & unfocused, and after big hits he bears down.

That should get better with experience - maybe after a talking to by Clemens...

2007-08-26 11:07:37
114.   ny2ca2dc
Boy are we going to need Bobby, Alex, & Jason today... come on big guys.
2007-08-26 11:07:43
115.   matt nokes forever
Yay! A baserunner!
2007-08-26 11:08:57
116.   JeremyM
111 The question must be who's the most ungrateful SOB in the MLB?
2007-08-26 11:09:14
117.   Mattpat11
2007-08-26 11:10:05
118.   Yankees Brasil
This is retarted.. They can destroy Bonderman but can't touch Durbin...what the fuck?!?
2007-08-26 11:10:23
119.   Yankees Brasil
This is retarted.. They can destroy Bonderman but can't touch Durbin...what the fuck?!?
2007-08-26 11:11:28
120.   matt nokes forever
118 119 That definitely needed to be said twice. (But it's spelt retarded :) )
2007-08-26 11:12:39
121.   williamnyy23
120 That's kind of funny to read considering the Brett Myers incident after last night's game.
2007-08-26 11:13:32
122.   Yankees Brasil
120 True, I'm dumb =D
2007-08-26 11:13:47
123.   SF Yanks
Giambi is so all-or-nothing it's unbelievable.
2007-08-26 11:13:49
124.   matt nokes forever
121 Dude, I literally just read that article, and I had to say something. I just hope Brasil doesn't have to be restrained by Pat Burrell too. ;)
2007-08-26 11:13:58
125.   Mattpat11
Why would they put Kei Igawa in the rotation?


Have we not sufficiently smashed our heads against that brick wall?

2007-08-26 11:14:07
126.   JeremyM
I thought it was spelled We-Todd-Did?
2007-08-26 11:14:29
127.   pistolpete
This team baffles me. I bet if Bob Gibson in his prime came out of that bullpen in the 2nd inning, the Yanks would get 8 runs off the guy.

But Chad Durbin? Not so much.

2007-08-26 11:14:30
128.   williamnyy23
This Mussina out of the rotation talk gets a lot more fuzzy considering the struggles of Hughes.
2007-08-26 11:14:41
129.   Zack
I have full faith in Phil and kind of chalked this year up as somewhat lost with the injuries and all, but what really bothers me is that he hasn't been pitching to his strength. His velocity has been fine. Its not as high as perhaps it could/will be, but what made him so good and such a good prospect was that he was aggressive and always ahead in the count and would generate lots of gbs and ks. He's still getting the ks, but hes always behind and getting lots and lots of fbs. Hes not throwing his changeup at all.

So what bothers me isn't that he hasn't been great, I expected that, nor that his velocity isn't mind blowing, or even that his command is off, but that all of that seems to be taking him out of his element, and combined with the game strategy, that seems to cause him to get away from his strengths. The Yankees should be game planning to Phil's strengths, yet they aren't, and that bothers me...

And also the fact that Chad Durbin is making the offense look like AA. I hate "these" games

2007-08-26 11:14:47
130.   matt nokes forever
2007-08-26 11:14:57
131.   pistolpete
127 Ok, Cano makes me look silly.
2007-08-26 11:15:02
132.   Mattpat11

And of course, Kay can't read the outfielder.

2007-08-26 11:15:12
133.   williamnyy23
Nice shot Robbie...exactly what the Yankees needed.
2007-08-26 11:15:16
134.   SF Yanks
Yesssss baby!!!
2007-08-26 11:15:24
135.   Zack
Thank God Robbie woke up
2007-08-26 11:15:30
136.   OldYanksFan
2007-08-26 11:15:35
137.   Mattpat11
128 And the possible insertion of Kei igawa
2007-08-26 11:15:36
138.   Yankees Brasil

124 No need to, I feel so much better now..

2007-08-26 11:15:47
139.   ny2ca2dc
Atta boy!
2007-08-26 11:15:56
140.   Zack
Thats two dead center field shots in this series...Just total bombs
2007-08-26 11:16:04
141.   alterity
way to go robbie!
2007-08-26 11:16:27
142.   JeremyM
Man, did they need a 3-run homer or what?
2007-08-26 11:16:30
143.   JimCobain
132 We can al agree Kay sucks. But today he has missed like 3 or 4 balls hit into the outfeild.

And another thing, Mr. Kay. If you make it seem like a lazy fly ball then you can't start screaming like a buffon when it acutally goes out of the park by 30 feet.

2007-08-26 11:18:27
144.   matt nokes forever
143 The call by Sterling was far worse:

"And Cano lifts one to center.
Granderson going back.
Granderson still going back.
It's over his head.
And it's over the wall!
It's a home run!"

2007-08-26 11:18:36
145.   Zack
124 Dude, that beat reporter is awesome. And Myers is a real class act...
2007-08-26 11:19:33
146.   Zack
What the heck is happening with the Tigers, they are dropping like flies in this game!
2007-08-26 11:19:39
147.   Yankees Brasil
Pudge ejected?
2007-08-26 11:20:07
148.   pistolpete
144 I'll take a confused Sterling any day over one that starts his home run call as soon as the batter swings...
2007-08-26 11:20:31
149.   matt nokes forever
145 That was another reporter from the Inquirer, not the beat guy (who was on vacation this week). He was just filling in, and he came up with that gem of a comeback to the belligerent piece of human feces (Myers). He should be a beat reporter.
2007-08-26 11:20:38
150.   OldYanksFan
I think Phil knows that he might be the different between October baseball or not. We have put a young kid in a tough position. We need wins, but I can't be too upset at his performance. The kid is definitely a #1 or #2. That's good enough for me.

And these fucking umps think their real job is throwing out players. Can't these guys just absorb a little steam?

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2007-08-26 11:21:04
151.   pistolpete
Hughes is like the 'little girl with the curl'...


2007-08-26 11:21:30
152.   OldYanksFan
That 3rd strike was too FAT! We got lucky there.
2007-08-26 11:21:52
153.   SF Yanks
129 Agreed. Also, he doesn't mix in his change or slider very much which allows hitters to sit on that 90mph fastball. He's consistently been behind on counts which is surely hurting him.
2007-08-26 11:22:32
154.   matt nokes forever
146 Now we need to take advantage. No Jurrjens. No Pudge. No Sheffield. What else do we need? Someone to take out Magglio's hamstring with a sniper rifle? They're on the ropes; we just need one good shot.
2007-08-26 11:22:58
155.   Zack
149 Sorry, yes, didn't really mean beat reporter. I love that Myers obviously couldn't spell retarded and his response was violence. With him, not surprising :)
2007-08-26 11:23:13
156.   rsmith51
108 I like your plan. Have you sent it to Brian and Joe?
2007-08-26 11:24:12
157.   Zack
152 I could understand it if they were trying to force Phil to be more aggressive/controlled with his FB, but I think its having the opposite affect...
2007-08-26 11:24:14
158.   ny2ca2dc
149 Meyers is worthless crap, but that writer should never be allowed in another clubhouse.

Do NOT walk Casey.... what's with all the walks Phil, geez.

150 Roger that, these guys need to keep the players honest & from killing each other, not protect their own freakin egos. Unbelievable. JoPo the other day, Pudge today, and the strike zone has been a pathetic mess of goo all series... Anyone see the actual argument & ejection?

2007-08-26 11:24:47
159.   alterity
jeebus that's a big park; abreu looks like an action figure being used with another toy that's not to scale.
2007-08-26 11:24:55
160.   SF Yanks
154 LOL and true.
2007-08-26 11:24:55
161.   matt nokes forever
Long fly ball out, after long fly ball out. Definitely not confidence-instilling.
2007-08-26 11:25:22
162.   rsmith51
I would be happy if Giambi started in 2 of every 3 games. It seems like he is starting about 1/3 of the games.
2007-08-26 11:25:29
163.   Zack
Matsui is so slow to react, a la Bernie, in LF. On that long foul ball, he did the Bernie patented "freeze, then react" move.
2007-08-26 11:26:11
164.   SF Yanks
Hughes has only given up 4 hits! Not bad considering they scored 5 runs (homedingers)
2007-08-26 11:27:40
165.   rsmith51
I got the AFLAC trivia question right. Whoo-hoo!
2007-08-26 11:28:07
166.   Zack
158 Why not? Players should be held accountable for their stupidity. Most reporters are way to concerned with being buddies with them to ever challenge a player, and when they are, they tend to respond like whiny little 14 year old boys...which most of them really are.
2007-08-26 11:29:02
167.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Man, Hughes got lucky with that pitch to Casey. Molina sets up low, and Hughes leaves it way up, missing his spot by at least a foot. Casey's got the power of an 8-yr old girl, and nearly hit it out. We need to get some runs, cause the meat of the Tiger order is going to continue to crush Hughes.
2007-08-26 11:29:55
168.   rsmith51
Joba for 2 today?
2007-08-26 11:30:50
169.   rsmith51
167 I was thinking that, too. If Maggs or Granderson hit that it would still be going...
2007-08-26 11:30:54
170.   Zack
I really hope they send Phil to the AFL to get his innings up and build up strength. He needs it.
2007-08-26 11:31:07
171.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
168 I think we need Joba available for 2 of the 3 games in the Sawx series, so no.
2007-08-26 11:31:08
172.   matt nokes forever
158 That's why I have respect for a reporter not trying to buddy-up to a player and ask him actual questions, looking for actual answers. Just because Myers is a fucking lunatic does not mean that the guy from the Inquirer should be held accountable. If Brett wants to fly off the handle because he doesn't want to talk about another one of his implosions, why would the reporter be the one that needs to back off?
2007-08-26 11:31:50
173.   Zack
Booby C to face Bobby A hehehe (i know its not spelled that way)
2007-08-26 11:35:06
174.   yankz
95 You're joking, right?
2007-08-26 11:35:43
175.   Mattpat11
144 If the outfielder is standing with his back to home plate and looking up, its it really that hard to figure out?


2007-08-26 11:36:47
176.   matt nokes forever
1st and 2nd with one out, Abreu and Alex both come up empty. C'mon guys.
2007-08-26 11:36:57
177.   JeremyM
Well, that didn't pan out like I hoped.
2007-08-26 11:37:04
178.   Zack
This is an annoying offense game...Much like game 1
2007-08-26 11:37:31
179.   Yankees Brasil
178 Hope it doesn't end like game 1
2007-08-26 11:38:35
180.   pistolpete
174 Did you miss the first 2 innings?
2007-08-26 11:39:08
181.   Mattpat11
I never realized Pennington was such a yokel.
2007-08-26 11:39:43
182.   matt nokes forever
And of course, waste-of-oxygen J.D. Drew's homer has already put the Sawx on top of the we-make-the-Pirates-look-like-a-real-major-league-team-because-we-can't-get-out-of-our-own-freakin-way White Sox.
2007-08-26 11:39:48
183.   yankz
180 No, I was here. You seriously weren't joking? You actually think a rough game against a good lineup at age 21 means he won't be a good pitcher in the future?
2007-08-26 11:41:46
184.   Yankees Brasil
bad Wilson, gotta make that play
2007-08-26 11:42:06
185.   pistolpete
He was getting hammered, and he hasn't looked that good as of late, and there have been cases of severe over-hype in the history of major league baseball.

If Hughes had continued on the path he was traveling in the first few innings, I would have been a lot more serious about it than I am right now.

2007-08-26 11:42:53
186.   OldYanksFan
Can someone please link or at least reference thie Myers article? I have no idea what is going on.

2 of 3 games? Aside from the 2004 'withdrawal' year, Giambi has been our #2 OPS guy every year. Sitting Giambi is like the Sox sitting either Papi or Manny. Let us not let his 'one-dimensionality' fool us. He is scary with the bat.

2007-08-26 11:43:50
187.   matt nokes forever
2007-08-26 11:44:04
188.   yankz
185 Sure, he might bust. There's definitely that possibility. But the idea that this game, against the second best offense in the league, at his age, is somehow indicative of that is ludicrous IMO.

Forget Texas or Cleveland? He's shown his potential before. As he matures, he'll show it more consistently.

Roger Clemens was a below-average pitcher his first year.

2007-08-26 11:44:20
189.   OldYanksFan
187 Thanks.
2007-08-26 11:44:31
190.   matt nokes forever
Papi is also one-dimensional. I would not take him out of my lineup. Ever.
2007-08-26 11:44:39
191.   Zack
2007-08-26 11:46:23
192.   Zack
188 Ditto. Hughes is not a finished product here. Pitchers don't reach their prime until about 27! 27!!! Hughes is 6!! years from that, and still developing arm strength and as a pitcher. In ever league he has needed time to adjust, and the injury pretty much f'ed up the entire season development wise
2007-08-26 11:47:08
193.   yankz
182 Please don't do that.
2007-08-26 11:47:24
194.   pistolpete
188 2nd-best offense or not, he's throwing meatballs at times. You wouldn't do that with the 2nd-worst offense in the league.

I'm impressed with how he's recovered, but I suspect if the Yanks weren't so pitching hungry, Hughes should really have finished out the year in AAA and gotten the Septmber 1st callup.

2007-08-26 11:48:57
195.   Zack
194 Of course he should have. Well at least a 2nd half call up. And that was "the plan" but stuff happens. And like I said, the injury really screwed everything up. He really needs to get more innings this year at this point.

And on that note, Phil really should come out for the 6th...

2007-08-26 11:49:00
196.   matt nokes forever
188 Johan Santana's first year (albeit mostly in relief):

86 IP, 6.49 ERA, 64 K, 54 BB, 102 H

He really stunk it up. Too bad he never got any better, right?

2007-08-26 11:49:29
197.   yankz
194 Yeah, he probably would've been best served in AAA this year. But, I guess the alternative was Igawa.

Again, the best pitchers in history throw meatballs from time to time. I don't get why we should ignore all the innings (especially against his peers in the minors) where he flat-out dominated.

2007-08-26 11:50:47
198.   matt nokes forever
193 Do what?
2007-08-26 11:52:06
199.   yankz
198 Put a bunch of dashes between words. On my browser at least(and I'm pretty sure for others, this topic feels familiar), the window gets stretched as if you had posted a really long URL.
2007-08-26 11:52:43
200.   SF Yanks
All or nothing G Bombee.
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2007-08-26 11:52:45
201.   yankz
God, his hair is so repulsive.
2007-08-26 11:53:12
202.   matt nokes forever
199 My sincere apologies.

BTW, how was that Giambi rip NOT at least a double.

2007-08-26 11:53:30
203.   yankz
What a POS inning.
2007-08-26 11:54:03
204.   JeremyM
That inning sure stunk. With Moose going tomorrow, this is a must-win game.
2007-08-26 11:54:07
205.   yankz
202 No problem.

Yeah, with that nasty mop on his head, I don't understand how he can move that quickly.

2007-08-26 11:55:04
206.   JimCobain
we're fucked.
2007-08-26 11:55:40
207.   SF Yanks
206 A bit premature huh?
2007-08-26 11:56:26
208.   SF Yanks
Yikes, every ball seems to travel to the warning track.
2007-08-26 11:56:55
209.   OldYanksFan
Many years ago, before Cable was around, I used to watch network news, in an attempt to stay informed. One night on Boston news, there was a heartbreaking story of such proportion I was in tears. A couple went out to dinner and left their 4 young children with a baby sitter. A fire broke out, and the 4 children were all killed. The couple happen to return as the police and firefighters were there.

A police office told the couple about the deaths of their FOUR children.

With the mother in total shock, a reporter worker her way up to this poor woman, stuck a mike in her face, and said:

"Can you tell us how you feel?"

Had I been there, I would have choked the life out of that reporter and enjoyed myself doing it.

Can you image what it would be like to lose 4 children... in a fire, no less?

Sometimes, reporters are so insensitive, so exploitive, so provocative, that I have absolutely no respect or sympathy for them. I don't care that they are 'only doing there job'

I have not watched a network news program since that night.

2007-08-26 11:57:40
210.   JimCobain
207 Not looking forward to the middle of the lineup of the Tigers here (although the first two go quietly) And I don't see the Yanks puting it away against the short guys in the Detroit 'pen. But hopefully I am wrong.
2007-08-26 11:57:48
211.   Mattpat11
I cringe everytime they mention what a failure Igawa is. The powers that be might take that as a challenge
2007-08-26 11:58:09
212.   SF Yanks
Haa, this guy cannot catch up to the fastball.
2007-08-26 11:58:20
213.   Mattpat11
210 Todd Jones doesn't scare me.
2007-08-26 11:58:24
214.   matt nokes forever
Hughes (who, coming in to today, has given up less that a hit per inning, has a 2:1 K:BB ratio, and a manageable era of 4.96) has settled down nicely for a guy who is supposed to be turning into an overhyped bust.
2007-08-26 11:59:05
215.   SF Yanks
Wow, Hughes missed by like 2 feet on that pitch.
2007-08-26 11:59:22
216.   Zack
Really oddly, besides the Hrs (one of which wasn't his fault, and of course you can't discount them), but besides the HRs, this has been one of Hughes' better starts besides the Cleveland game. Been economical with pitches, 1BB to 6K, only 4H, velocity has stayed up, and finished strong
2007-08-26 12:01:33
217.   SF Yanks
216 Yup, it's just too bad the hits were the wrong kind.
2007-08-26 12:03:00
218.   matt nokes forever
209 And I most definitely second that opinion. There is a level of respect and sensitivity that needs to be taken by reporters in certain situations.

If you are implying that Myers should have been handled with kid gloves, however, you are wrong. The locker room was OPEN TO THE MEDIA. If he didn't want to talk, he should have pulled a Coco Crisp and changed in the hallway. He's an athlete getting paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO PLAY A GAME and should be held accountable when he goes incidiary. Brett Myers is not a hysterical mother who just lost four kids (who my heart truly goes out to). He is an abrasive jerk that cannot handle failure.

2007-08-26 12:03:05
219.   OldYanksFan
It should also be noted that in these last 2 games where he gave up runs early, he settled down, kept his composure, and pitched very well.

The kid is very cool. How nervous do you get just watching these tight games? The kid is gold.

2007-08-26 12:03:21
220.   JimCobain
209 I work in the media, sports. And while I see your point that at times there are insensitve questions asked, it's part of the job. In the story you described that reporter was probably a novice. There are better questions to ask. However, the question I ask is why the woman would talk to the media at that time of grief.

I have a tremdous amount of respect for the players who blow me off for interviews. If they don't want to talk, that's cool, sure I have a job to do, but you can't make people talk. And if they don't talk to me their exposure goes down. If they can deal with it, I can deal with it.

2007-08-26 12:04:26
221.   bobtaco
216 You know what, I think it is good for Hughes' development if he doesn't have instant success all at once (Joba). He probably will be a better picher with a bit of adversity. Plus, he is ahead of schedule, he should still be in AAA. All things considering, he is doing fine.
2007-08-26 12:05:33
222.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Phil at 97 pitches is probably done.
Edwar, Joba, and hopefully Mo for the win?
2007-08-26 12:05:56
223.   Yankees Brasil
Let's crush Zumaya!!
2007-08-26 12:06:04
224.   JeremyM
Betemit seems to strike out looking an awful lot.
2007-08-26 12:07:10
225.   williamnyy23
4 runs to this point is kind of dissappointing, but the Yankees need to win games when their offense doesn't explode. They haven't consistently shown that ability all season, which when you think about it, is really a bad sign.
2007-08-26 12:07:35
226.   yankz
There's a reason the Tigers score as much as they have (though admittedly not as much of late). They have good hitters who can punish mistakes. That's what Guillen and Thames did.
2007-08-26 12:08:46
227.   Mattpat11
Speaking of Cecilio Guante, Farnsworth is warming up.
2007-08-26 12:09:45
228.   williamnyy23
223 Or not. The Yankees had their crack at the soft underbelly, but now the Tigers are set up with Rodney and Zumaya leading into Jones.
2007-08-26 12:11:21
229.   Mattpat11
228 Jones really doesn't scare me
2007-08-26 12:11:45
230.   Yankees Brasil
228 That was wishful thinking. We can sure hit Jones though..
2007-08-26 12:12:23
231.   OldYanksFan
218 What you say may be true, but the point is, when a relief pitcher givers up 2 HRs in the 9th and loses the game, what do you need to know? What would you have him say?

I just think reporters love throwing gasoline on a fire. Myers was obviously very, very pissed, as many pitchers would be in that position.

Why should he have to change in the hall?
And why are reporters allowed in the locker room after a game.

Being a millionaire, an asshole, an actor, or whatever, does not mean you feel less then a guy who makes minimum wage.

There was a time when the press acted like humans and had a code of ethics. Now, they are simply whores for sensationalism.

I absolutely agree that a free press is pivotal to a free society, But this is just baseball, not Yalta.

2007-08-26 12:13:13
232.   yankz
Oh my god. Farns's middle name is Lynn.

Oh, and Lynn's been money as of late.

2007-08-26 12:14:29
233.   Mattpat11
232 Shut up. Torre might hear you.
2007-08-26 12:14:42
234.   Zack
[209[ Yes, but if you are referring to the Myers article, there is no comparison between baseball and that. Baseball is a game played by immature (mostly) guys who are allowed never to grow up and payed TONS of $ to do so. And when they suck, they seem to take offense to being held accountable for that. Plus, Myers is a douchebag of epic proportions.
2007-08-26 12:16:04
235.   Zack
234 Eh, my intent was down, sorry so late to that conversation, that point has already been made so feel free to ignore it
2007-08-26 12:16:06
236.   yankz
Are we talking about Mike Myers? Because I'm pretty sure he's not a douche at all.
2007-08-26 12:18:04
237.   Mattpat11
Kay blowing Farnsworth yet again.
2007-08-26 12:18:16
238.   Mattpat11
236 Bret
2007-08-26 12:20:19
239.   yankz
238 Thanks.
2007-08-26 12:20:56
240.   yankz
A guy has to get on, and then A-Rod has to get them the lead. Then go JobaMo.
2007-08-26 12:21:50
241.   OldYanksFan
"it's part of the job."
That's exactlty what every paparazzi says when chasing people into the toilet stall or staking out a famous person's child, and also just what Ford said about designing and selling an explosive Pinto. I don't believe being an asshole is ever 'part of the job'.

"However, the question I ask is why the woman would talk to the media at that time of grief."

The woman was standing next to her husband in total shock. The reporter just walked up to her, said 'excuse me', and live on the air, stuck a mic in her face. The woman, totally dazed and out-of-it said '...wwwhat?' and the reporter simply repeated her question.

This is certainly not the only instance I have seen of outrageous behavior, just the most agregious.

The press is free and has unrestricted access to a lot of situations. It is a privilage. They need be held accountable for their behavior.

I'm sorry. 'It's my job' is never an excuse.

2007-08-26 12:22:47
242.   OldYanksFan
This has got to be THE inning.
2007-08-26 12:23:33
243.   yankz
Again with the slide, Melk?
2007-08-26 12:23:47
244.   bobtaco
Inge is too good, wow.
2007-08-26 12:25:04
245.   matt nokes forever
231 When you make your living in the PUBLIC forum, you open yourself up to PUBLIC cricitism. He has a job because we, the fans, want to watch him play a game. I'm not saying I don't get a twinge in my stomach when I see a pitcher or hitter implode on himself, but they're quite aware that after the game, the will have to address the media. Seriously, we have to be careful how we question grown-ass men about their performance at a sporting event? And not for nothing, the reporter was doing his job asking questions about the homeruns that PROVED TO DECIDE THE GAME. He was not being inane or provokative. Myers flew off the handle, and the reporter didn't back down. This isn't one of those "the media is heartless" incidents. This is the story of a giant deuschbag pitcher taking out his bad day on someone else.
2007-08-26 12:26:25
246.   bobtaco
who is going to pitch the 8th?
2007-08-26 12:27:18
247.   JL25and3
231 There was also a time when beat reporters served primarily as PR men for the team. They hung out with the players, went drinking with them, took the company line, and covered up whatever the players did. I'm glad to see a little accountability.

Myers may be pissed off because he sucked, but that's not the reporter's responsibility. It's also not at all analogous to the situation you described earlier, because Myers is a public figure, and he's being asked about his job. There was nothing even remotely out of line about the reporter's question.

Reporters also have a job to do. Furthermore, the clubs recognize that they need media coverage, so they provide what the reporters need to do their jobs. That's why they have press boxes. It's also why they let reporters into the clubhouse after games - because the reporters have deadlines.

On top of everything, let's not forget about Myers beating up his wife last year, in front of witnesses. I guess she asked him the wrong question.

2007-08-26 12:28:56
248.   OldYanksFan
Well that was shitty....
2007-08-26 12:29:04
249.   matt nokes forever
247 She asked him to spell "spousal abuse."
2007-08-26 12:29:25
250.   JimCobain
241 Well considering it IS my job, I can understand the Myers situation. The reporter did NOTHING to be called a retard.

Again I am not defending the reporter asking the woman. You did not make that clear that he went after her on live TV.

That is not right and not something a "good" reporter does.

However you are comparing apples to oranges with the Myers situation.

And yes, a reporter is allowed to ask any question he wants. As it is his/her job. It's one thing to do it on live TV another to come over respectfully and allow the person to turn you down.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-08-26 12:30:00
251.   Raf
241 The reporter didn't believe Meyers' answer and called him on it. Meyers got pissed and attacked his credentials.
2007-08-26 12:30:35
252.   SF Yanks
If we lost this game and tomorrow's this season isn't looking so good.
2007-08-26 12:31:02
253.   Yankees Brasil
252 Probably over..
2007-08-26 12:31:09
254.   williamnyy23
I think a loss here and another inevitable White Sox meltdown pretty much ends the division race. The Yankees almost achieved one of their goals (make that Red Sox series meaningful), but this stretch of road games against good teams was apparently too much to overcome. Hopefully Texas can come up big again because going back to 4 games in the loss column isn't ideal.
2007-08-26 12:32:14
255.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Viz agains the top of the order?

This is a mistake.

We need Joba to shut them down and give us a chance.

An insurance run here would be a dagger.

2007-08-26 12:32:34
256.   SF Yanks
2007-08-26 12:33:30
257.   matt nokes forever
255 Joe knows that he's gonna need the pen tomorrow big time with Moose on the hill, and according to the rules, Joba today means no Joba tomorrow.
2007-08-26 12:34:41
258.   williamnyy23
Are the talking about 31-year old, 99 OPS+ Placido Polanco?
2007-08-26 12:36:16
259.   Alex Belth
Is it me or does anyone else feel slightly nautious watching this?
2007-08-26 12:36:57
260.   Mattpat11
We need to beat Todd Jones.
2007-08-26 12:37:24
261.   pistolpete
255 So far, so good.
2007-08-26 12:37:39
262.   Alex Belth
I know, really, screw Todd Jones. Giambi needs to go deep again.
2007-08-26 12:37:55
263.   matt nokes forever
260 We are more than capable of that. Matsui, Giambi, Cano coming up right?
2007-08-26 12:38:12
264.   Alex Belth
But Viz needs to retire Thames here. I don't want to see Mags this inning.
2007-08-26 12:38:16
265.   SF Yanks
Who do we have coming up in the top of the 9th?



2nd in batting ave. last year CANOOOOOO

2007-08-26 12:38:18
266.   yankz
259 Oh yeah, especially after seeing MVP go down against Zumaya like that.
2007-08-26 12:38:55
267.   matt nokes forever
I'm pretty sure they're doing the fucking wave in Detroit right now. What hack fans.
2007-08-26 12:39:09
268.   williamnyy23
259 I think the feeling is a culmination of a week in which the Yankees have shown signs that they may not be a playoff team.
2007-08-26 12:39:22
269.   Alex Belth
Unbelievable. Four pitches. Smooth. Can I call the two run homer, here...
2007-08-26 12:39:48
270.   JeremyM
If Joba threw to one batter, would that allow him to take 1/3 of a day off, making him available for tomorrow's night game...? Because I sure don't like Viz vs. Magglio....
2007-08-26 12:39:54
271.   Alex Belth
268, shoot I was afraid you'd say that...
2007-08-26 12:40:03
272.   matt nokes forever
Well that was lucky.
2007-08-26 12:40:24
273.   pistolpete
268 Right now? Maybe not, but a decent first month or two and we're 5 or 6 games ahead of Seattle.
2007-08-26 12:40:25
274.   Alex Belth
Okay, three good lefties vs. Jones. C'MON. LET'S GO, BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-08-26 12:41:03
275.   ny2ca2dc
Regarding the Meyers situation, my feeling is that the reporter asked his question on the on-filed meltdown, got his answer, then started baiting and insulting the guy. Totally uncalled for, unprofessional, and abhorrent. More of the same BS with Umps, Media, and assorted others on the periphery of the game trying to be active players, rather than doing their jobs, i.e. just call the game & report the happenings. I have no tolerance with reports who get their jollies baiting emotional players right after an emotional game. How about asking, by analogy, where Britton is, as opposed to, how ya feel about shitting the bed...
2007-08-26 12:41:16
276.   rconn23
Another case of Torre depends on the mediocre veteran vs. the lights out rookie. I will be so glad when he is not around to screw this team out of a chance to win.
2007-08-26 12:41:32
277.   JeremyM
Whew. Now if they can't hit Todd Jones, they don't deserve to win. I can not stand that guy. If it was me, I'd keep Zumaya in.
2007-08-26 12:42:53
278.   Yanks Fan in Chicago
Big Sloppy just hit one out
2007-08-26 12:42:56
279.   Alex Belth
good at bats, here guys.
2007-08-26 12:43:41
280.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Happy to be wrong abut the Viz, tho Mags really bailed him out there.

I'd like to have seen Joba today, since it may be a blowout tomorrow, and I want him available for games 1 and 3 vs Boston.

2007-08-26 12:43:42
281.   Alex Belth
Nice, way to lay off that...2-0 to Matsui.
2007-08-26 12:43:47
282.   Mattpat11
We need to beat Todd Jones
2007-08-26 12:44:34
283.   Alex Belth
Lucky fuckers
2007-08-26 12:44:49
284.   Mattpat11
2007-08-26 12:45:23
285.   SF Yanks
265 So far it's the first part of my prediction.
2007-08-26 12:45:23
286.   pistolpete
For once, TV is ahead of radio...
2007-08-26 12:45:24
287.   Alex Belth
Giambi needs to plant one in the seats.
2007-08-26 12:45:26
288.   williamnyy23
Way to avoid a collision Matsui...who cares about being safe.

2-1 pitch and week ground ball...guess this time he was Groundzilla.

2007-08-26 12:45:42
289.   OldYanksFan
That's as fast as Matsui can run?
2007-08-26 12:45:50
290.   Yankees Brasil
that sucked
2007-08-26 12:46:01
291.   Alex Belth
Dag, and that first pitch fastball looked meaty. Punches a single to left. Nice, Giambo.
2007-08-26 12:46:21
292.   williamnyy23
288 weak, not week.
2007-08-26 12:46:50
293.   williamnyy23
Shelley Duncan...PR? Why not Phillips, whoom you'd probably want to use for defense.
2007-08-26 12:47:02
294.   SF Yanks
Pinch runner please
2007-08-26 12:47:08
295.   ny2ca2dc
wow, interesting pinch runner. how funny.
2007-08-26 12:47:10
296.   Alex Belth
Nice hustle Robbie.
2007-08-26 12:47:22
297.   JeremyM
293 Yeah, but Duncan can break up the DP, no problem!
2007-08-26 12:47:42
298.   Mattpat11
If the Yankees can't beat Todd Jones, they don't deserve to be in the playoffs

This team SUCKS.

2007-08-26 12:47:49
299.   Alex Belth
2007-08-26 12:48:00
300.   Yankees Brasil
What a ridiculous game by the Yankees..
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2007-08-26 12:48:01
301.   JeremyM
297 Not so funny now, if ever.

Seasons over.

2007-08-26 12:48:11
302.   Mattpat11
293 Andy Phillips may be slower than Giambi.
2007-08-26 12:48:19
303.   williamnyy23
I think this loss says a lot about the 2007 Yankees.
2007-08-26 12:48:20
304.   SF Yanks
GOD FUC*ING DAMMIT. FU*K THIS %$#@%!!!! TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-08-26 12:49:18
305.   OldYanksFan
Another brutal loss. The End is near. Hide the children.
2007-08-26 12:50:01
306.   Alex Belth
...sheer agony...
2007-08-26 12:50:26
307.   rconn23
You could see that coming. Robbie is a good hitter but for a .308 hitter he sure does roll over on a lot of easy balls.

Just better hope Texas has one in them.

2007-08-26 12:50:57
308.   matt nokes forever
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... this sucks.
2007-08-26 12:51:05
309.   williamnyy23
It was fun bashing the hell out of KC and Tampa, but all season this team hasn't shown a consistent ability to win close games and beat good teams. I think everyone needs to dial down their expectations and realize that this isn't a great team. The only thing keeping them alive is that Seattle has been playing over its head and might come back down to earth.
2007-08-26 12:51:13
310.   Mattpat11
Red Sox destroying Chicago.

Wel, Yanks, you guys got what you wanted. I certainly hope golf is fun.

2007-08-26 12:51:25
311.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-08-26 12:51:55
312.   Mattpat11
I would rather they never teased me. If you're going to play shitty, half assed baseball, just play shitty half assed baseball all year.
2007-08-26 12:53:00
313.   ny2ca2dc
It's clearly not a 'great' team, and the division is out of reach failing a sweep of both Sox series, but this ain't over yet. come on now.
2007-08-26 12:53:18
314.   matt nokes forever
No Sheffield.
No Jurrjens after an inning an a third.
No Pudge after the second.
And no win.
2007-08-26 12:54:33
315.   matt nokes forever
Honestly, I'm so pissed right now that I want to challenge Bret Myers to a spelling bee.
2007-08-26 12:54:51
316.   Mattpat11
313 The Yankees would have to care

Did you see Cano power walk to first on that double play?

2007-08-26 12:54:58
317.   JeremyM
The replacements for Jeter and Posada managed a gaudy 1 for 6 today. Damon plays just well enough in a game or two to fool Joe, and then lays another few 0-fers. What can you do?
2007-08-26 12:56:40
318.   SF Yanks
I'm fed up with this bull$#!t. I can't take much more of these lackluster performances. I've hung in there, and hung in there, and hung in there, but I don't know how much more hanging I can do. Next time I'll use a rope.

I've defended this team everyday since day 1, but if something doesn't happen this next week, I'm throwing in the towel.

Yeah right... like I'd ever throw in the towel. No matter how pissed I am, I just can't do it until they are statistically eliminated. I want to though!!

2007-08-26 12:57:09
319.   Mattpat11
317 Tip over a buffet table.


This team has quit.

2007-08-26 12:57:17
320.   JeremyM
Cano is probably the most infuriating player I've ever watched. He's good enough to hit a 3-run bomb to center field, but his obvious lack of focus and effort rears it's ugly head all too often.
2007-08-26 12:58:23
321.   Mattpat11
320 Clearly someone has told him that he's Manny Ramirez. Just without the credentials.

People are going to laugh, but Ruben Sierra never let Cano loaf like this.

2007-08-26 12:59:34
322.   OldYanksFan
It is time to start Giambi at 1st 3 out of 5 games, with JD at DH, and DH Gaimbi the other 2 games. There's nothing to save him for now. We need our offense at FULL strength the remainder of the season.

This was a tough game. We hit the ball hard. ARod had a bad day, but we can't count on him every game.

This was a very tough loss. To quote a friend:
"...sheer agony..."

2007-08-26 12:59:38
323.   Mattpat11
If the season is over anyway, I'd really like to see Boston embarrass Javy Vazquez.
2007-08-26 13:00:17
324.   Yanks Fan in Chicago
Same old Javy
2007-08-26 13:00:37
325.   matt nokes forever
ARod: 0-4, 2 K, 4 LOB...

MVPs don't do that in must-win games...

2007-08-26 13:01:32
326.   Yanks Fan in Chicago
BTW, and I apologize if anyone has already suggested this, with Moose and Phenom struggling mightily, I think I want a look at Ian Kennedy in the Bronx.
2007-08-26 13:01:54
327.   williamnyy23
323 Watch Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS then.

Oh hope for the seasons starts to dwindle at least there is a pretty good consolation prize. No playoffs probably means no more Joe.

2007-08-26 13:02:09
328.   Mattpat11
326 If the season's over, no point in starting the arbitration clock.
2007-08-26 13:02:24
329.   OldYanksFan
325 Yes... MVPs do. Mantle, Mays, Williams... the greatest in the game all had many, many failures. We don't really want to pick on ARod and his 9th inning OPS, do we?
2007-08-26 13:02:27
330.   williamnyy23
325 Joking right? I am going to laugh at that statement regardless.
2007-08-26 13:03:01
331.   Mattpat11
327 Thats why I like watching him fail.
2007-08-26 13:04:12
332.   williamnyy23
329 Magglio Ordonez also does it...he went 0-4 too.
2007-08-26 13:04:58
333.   matt nokes forever
329 320 Being facetious.
2007-08-26 13:05:31
334.   Yanks Fan in Chicago
I remember that day 15 years ago when I went to see Yanks/Twins at the stadium and saw Matt Nokes hit into three, that was clutch
2007-08-26 13:06:14
335.   williamnyy23
334 I think Torre has the record with 4 DPs in one game. I hated Matt Nokes.
2007-08-26 13:07:02
336.   matt nokes forever
I'm pretty sure the big reason we lost is the three homers given up by the phenom, not that I'm killing him for giving them up. Combine that with the fact that we did basically nothing (save Cano's dinger) against the Tigger BP.
2007-08-26 13:08:19
337.   OldYanksFan
A ray of sunshine from a Lohud blogger
But people, come on – there's 32 games left in the season. What's to say they won't get hot again and finish 22-10? That would likely be enough to get into the playoffs, especially since they play Boston and Seattle 9 combined times.

Chill out everyone – there's still 20% of the season to go. That being said, Johnny Damon needs to not be hitting leadoff, Giambi needs to be hitting just about every day, Jeter needs to rest until he's able to contribute and the C&C boys have to start playing smart.

2007-08-26 13:08:28
338.   matt nokes forever
334 335 Thanks
2007-08-26 13:08:57
339.   williamnyy23
336 That's not the reason (especially because the inside the park home run should/could have been an out). The Yankees offense take a rare hit for this loss. Four runs against the pitchers they faced today was pretty pathetic.
2007-08-26 13:09:44
340.   Mattpat11
337 You have to expect the Yankees to give a shit and Boston and/or Seattle to collapse.
2007-08-26 13:10:46
341.   matt nokes forever
340 Or the Angels... Seattle's just a game or two behind them in the West.
2007-08-26 13:10:57
342.   williamnyy23
337 There's always a bright side, but if you only choose to look at it, eventually you go blind to reality. Also, while having 9 games against Boston and Seattle can be a good thing, having 9 of your final 30 games against good teams can be a problem.
2007-08-26 13:12:09
343.   matt nokes forever
342 But at least we have our fate in our own hands. We don't have to worry about scoreboard watching as long as we take care of business ourselves.
2007-08-26 13:15:07
344.   williamnyy23
343 The "fate in our own hands" argument is silly because it assumes sweeps, which are unlikely scenarios. Building a case around improbable events is a recipe for major disappointment.
2007-08-26 13:17:24
345.   matt nokes forever
344 Ok, then you mail in the rest of the season. I'm gonna keep on watching until we get in or get mathematically eliminated.
2007-08-26 13:18:42
346.   Mattpat11
341 Again, you also have to expect the Yankees to try

Did you see Matsui and Cano in the ninth?

2007-08-26 13:21:01
347.   williamnyy23
345 I'm sorry...I didn't realize you get offended by logic. Every team is mathematically alive, so using your reasoning, everyone has a chance at the playoffs. I'll also do you one better...I'm going to keep watching win or lose and even after they get mathematically elminated. Rooting for a team doesn't mean you have to take leave from your senses.
2007-08-26 13:21:48
348.   matt nokes forever
346 Matsui I expect better from... Cano on the other hand is what he is... I just expect the Jeters, the ARods, the Posada, the Pettites, the Riveras, etc. to not roll over and die these last four weeks. Today sucked. But I don't expect this to be the norm the rest of the way.
2007-08-26 13:23:12
349.   williamnyy23
337 Also, if the Yankees go 22-10, the M's only have to go 18-14. In other words, there is now very little margin for error.
2007-08-26 13:24:43
350.   matt nokes forever
347 I'm not arguing logic, and I'm not taking leave of my senses. I'm just trying to be more optimistic than pesimistic.

And I'm most definitely not trying to pick a fight here, so I really don't understand the voracity of your comments.

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2007-08-26 13:30:28
351.   williamnyy23
350 Instead of optimistic or pessimistic, one can also be realistic.

It seemed to me as if you were offended because I made a logical argument...exaggerating my comments ("mailing in the season") was a sign of that. If you were just being an optimist, I apologize.

2007-08-26 13:31:02
352.   Mattpat11
348 Cano moseying on down to first for the last out of the game should never be accepted, regardless of how lazy he is.
2007-08-26 13:35:50
353.   matt nokes forever
352 True. At least the other eight guys in the lineup always break their asses, except for the occasional slip (i.e. Matsui in the 9th).
2007-08-26 13:46:57
354.   rsmith51
321 I will take a lazy Cano over having Sierra on the roster 7 days a week. That said, I wish he would bust his ass out of the box.
2007-08-26 13:56:42
355.   matt nokes forever
351 You are correct, sir. I was way too illogical in my thoughts about the rest of the season for the Yankees. I spoke rashly and for that, I am sorry. I appreciate your realism and your very amusing jabs at my banter name. I am sorry that you never had a fondness for matthew nokes. The first game my father took me to at the stadium, he hit a home run and I kinda stuck with him because of that. I was eight. I wasn't too logical of a child. Either way, enjoy what's left of your weekend. I'm sorry to have troubled you with my blind, unfounded support of the Yanks.
2007-08-26 14:05:31
356.   Zack
I left down by one with a good feeling the Yanks would win, only to see that they couldn't. Sad.

Hughes did give up three HRs (well two really and a horrible play by Mats), but overall he pitched pretty well. Take out those three hits (which you can't) and he gave up 1 hit and 1BB. I think this games was actually an improvement. Next game take out the Hrs though :)

I hate this team. Really, I hate this offense, which can be so so so inconsistent and infuriating...

2007-08-26 14:09:27
357.   yankz
How the fuck do you people know the Yankees didn't give a shit?! Seriously, if you're in contact with any of the Yankees, let me know.
2007-08-26 14:13:07
358.   yankz
319 You nailed it. I hear Jeter even turned in a letter of resignation and everything.
2007-08-26 14:24:45
359.   JL25and3
356 For that matter, take away the other hit and he pitched 5 no-hit innings.
2007-08-26 14:28:27
360.   JL25and3
Wow. People getting way too passionate.

I wouldn't say that the Yankees don't give a shit; I think they've always cared. And yes, I know that they still have a chance to win. But the last few weeks were really the time to show that they could do it, and they haven't shown nearly enough. Their starting pitching hasn't been great, their bullpen is better but still a bit of a roller coaster, and their offense has a bad habit of going dead for a few games at a time.

They're a good team with a lot of good players, but they needed to play like a great team, and they haven't done that.

2007-08-26 14:30:05
361.   JL25and3
312 I couldn't agree more. Hope can be a terrible thing. Back in June I was getting re-accustomed to rooting for a really bad team. Now they've managed to make me feel disappointed all over again.
2007-08-26 15:30:31
362.   OldYanksFan
yes.... Hope can be a terrible thing.
But Love...
Love is a beautiful thing
Is a beautiful thing
It makes you want to sing
Makes you wants to sing
It's the kinda thing that makes you feel like
Everything's alright.


2007-08-26 16:33:35
363.   Vandelay Industries
Yikes. What a mess of a game that was. Hughes may have settled down, but until he figures out how to throw strike one, he is of little use this season. How many batters did he actually get ahead of, two, three? I know everyone is rooting for him, as am I, but with Mussina going tomorrow, we needed better than that. It is hard not to give up home runs when every batter begins with a 2-0 count.

We're still in the hunt fellas, but the pitching has to get better, or game, set, season.

2007-08-26 17:15:36
364.   Mike T
Well this was a huge disappointment. I am leaving tonight to head to LA, and I will be joining my family on a Carnival cruise to Mexico. The Yanks host public enemy #1 this week. I hope there are some games televised on the ship.

Go Yankees!!!!!

2007-08-26 17:45:02
365.   BklynBmr
Nothing is over! Nothing!

2007-08-26 19:23:49
366.   Bama Yankee
What? Over? Did you say over?
2007-08-26 20:00:01
367.   Chyll Will
I hope you all feel better soon.
2007-08-26 20:07:41
368.   pistolpete
It's over in Seattle. We're still 2 games out.
2007-08-26 20:11:52
369.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Yep, those big bad Mariners have lost 2 in a row to Texas. Up next, the Halos, and then Cleveland, and then . . .

Hey maybe we won't have to win 3 out of every 4 games to catch them after all.

2007-08-26 21:54:18
370.   3rd gen yankee fan
Let's DO IT!!!! GO! GO! GO! GO!

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