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2003-10-16 18:28
by Alex Belth
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Here is the latest on Game 7 from Sports Illustrated's top baseball writer, Tom Verducci:

The lingering image [of the ALCS] has been the meltdown of Martinez. I've always considered him a gamer. Give me one game to win and the pick of any pitcher to start it, and I've always said Martinez would be my man. I'm not so sure now (especially given the arrival of Mark Prior). I'd like to see Pedro get one more shot, even if it means losing with honor. He's better than he showed in Game 3. A better pitcher. A better man.

So bring on Game 7. Yankee Stadium has hosted 144 postseason games, but only four Game 7s -- and none since Lew Burdette of the Milwaukee Braves beat New York 5-0 way back in 1957. The Yankees are 5-7 in Game 7s (excluding those in best-of-nine series).

Boston has its own Game 7 goblins. The franchise is 1-4 in such contests (again, excluding those in nine-game series). And who has the only Game 7 win in Red Sox history? That would be Clemens, who beat the Angels 8-1 in the deciding game of the 1986 ALCS. So bring it on, Rocket vs. Pedro one last time. Winner take all.

I'd wish everyone--Sox fans and Yankee fans alike--to enjoy the game tonight, but I fear "joy" won't be part of the equation. Unless your team happens to win of course. Then I think "joy" would be an understatement for what you'll feel. Either way, it's going to be the start of a long, cold winter for the losing side. Feel free to leave your thoughts, rantings, and ravings in the comments section below during the remainder of the day and throughout the game.

See you in the a.m. with the A.L. winner.

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