Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-10-16 13:50
by Alex Belth
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Yesterday morning, something unexpected happened: a neighbor's tree fell on Samuel Plummer's car. It smashed the car and did considerable damage to Sam and Vera's roof as well. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Last night, something very expected happened: the Cubs lost Game Seven of the NLCS, 9-6. I received an e-mail from Sam this morning:

If God had wanted the Cubs to win, he would have sent a nice breeze blowing from home plate to right center field, and we would have a half dozen more runs. God chose instead to send a mighty wind to Croton on Hudson so as to blow a fairly large maple tree over onto my house and car. (No kidding.) So it goes.

Congrats to the Marlins for sure. But I also want to express my sympathies for Cubs fans everywhere (Ruz, and Will this means you), especially Steve Bartman, the poor zhlub who is the most wanted man in Chicago this morning. I sincerely hope that nobody does anything crazy, and that the man doesn't get hurt. Believe me, he must feel terrible enough as it is.

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