Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-10-16 13:36
by Alex Belth
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The Red Sox powerful offense finally reared it's ugly head at the Stadium yesterday and refused to let Boston's season end. In a see-saw affair, the Sox charged back after trailing 6-4 at the start the seventh inning, and beat the Yankees, 9-6. New York's bullpen was exposed--Jose Contreras blew the lead--while Boston's bullpen was stellar once again. Nomar Garciaparra had four of Boston's sixteen hits. Jason Varitek started it off for the Sox with an upper deck blast to left off of Andy Pettitte, and Trot Nixon put the nail in the coffin with an upper deck bomb off of Gabe White. I'm not sure either ball has landed yet.

Winds were swirling wildly in the Bronx, as fly balls became adventures for the outfielders. John Burkett was good for three innings and then the Yankees chased him with four runs in the fourth. That put them one up on the Sox who had scored four off of "the bad Andy" Pettitte in the third. Jason Giambi hit a solo homer off Burkett in the first, but was awful for the rest of the afternoon, failing to produce three seperate times with runners on, and striking out three times as well.

So it all comes down to Game 7: Ultimate Yankees-Sox. Pedro vs. Clemens. This is what everybody wants, right? Well, we've got it. The Yankees took the season series from Boston, ten to nine and now they are all tied at three. Believe it. It makes sense that if the Sox are finally to shrug the Bombers off their backs it comes down to a winner-take-all game, and vice versa.

My girlfriend Emily thinks that Pedro will get beat tonight because he put such bad karma out into the universe in Game Three. I wish I could share her feelings. But I think that Martinez pitches better when he's got a chip on his shoulder and with Yankee Stadium giving him the business tonight, I fear he'll use it to his advantage, no matter how much he's got left in the tank.

It is considerably colder in New York today than it was yesterday. The wind is still whipping around. This could very well be the final start of Roger Clemens' career. It could be the biggest win of the year for the Yankees, or one of the biggest wins in Boston history for the Red Sox.

I'll be hiding behind the couch with two hands over my eyes.

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