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Henn Pecked: Up (all night) with the Chickens
2007-08-25 09:19
by Alex Belth
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I went out to Brooklyn last night after work to watch the game and cook dinner with my old friend Anthony Pick, aka Piccalini, aka Tony Pickles. Anthony and I went to school together and have made many a delicious meal together over the years. Well, we had another good one last night (heirloom tomato salad, basil and tomato sausage ring, home fried potatoes, corn on the cobb and a peach crumble with mint) but no game, as it was pouring in the Motor City. I left Brooklyn after 10:30 and didn't get home until just after midnight. Before hitting the sack I figured I check the scores. That's when I found out the Yanks and Tigers were actually playing. Top of the fifth, Tigers 6 Yanks 3. Yup, they waited four hours to start the game. Impressively, there was still a good-sized crowd, one that didn't leave until the final out.

I settled in, watched the Yanks quickly tie the score, and then waited up until 3:30 a.m. when Carlos Guillen ended it in extra innings with a three-run home run against Sean Henn. Final: Tigers 9, Yanks 6. With the Red Sox sweeping a double-header and the Mariners winning again, this will surely go down as one of the heartbreaking losses of the year. The only reason I wasn't more upset when it finally ended was because I was too tired, and, after all, Sean Henn was pitching.

"Whether I'm on the mound or not, going that many innings, till 4 in the morning, it's tough," said Henn, who also lost in extra innings on Monday in Anaheim. "But it's that much tougher to swallow when I'm the one walking off the mound and they're celebrating at home."
(N.Y. Times)

Alex Rodriguez homered but Magglio Ordonez, the other only viable candidate for AL MVP, also went deep and had four hits. The final one, against Henn, was a check-swing, excuse-me single, which helps explain why dude is hitting just about .360. Andy Phillips made a wonderful, reaching catch to save the game while Mariano Rivera was pitching in the 10th; Bobby Abreu, who entered the game late as a pinch-hitter, smacked the ball hard twice with nothing to show for it. Most notably, Jorge Posada was run by home plate umpire Bob Davidson for arguing balls and strikes. Davidson was calling strikes on pitches six inches off the outside corner all night. He did a lousy job, though to be fair, he was equally lousy for both sides (before Ordonez's check swing hit against Henn, Mags was barking at Davidson too). "His strike zone was a mystery - on both sides," Joe Torre said after the game. Posada added, "He should be answering the questions, not me."

Probably not a lot of good rest for these Yankees last night as this was a bitter pill to swallow. But they have to pick themselves off the mat and show some fortitude tonight by winning and not letting this thing spiral out of control.

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2007-08-25 10:31:29
1.   Mike T
So is Sean Henn still on the team?
2007-08-25 10:32:13
2.   matt nokes forever
I was out in Queens last night and by the time I got back to Staten Island it was about 2-2:30 in the a.m. Went out to the watering hole around the corner for a nightcap and assumed there was a Yankee Classic game on the tvs. Then I saw it was Channel 9. A four-hour rain delay?!? Seriously? Why did common sense not prevail and set up a twinbill for either today or tomorrow like the Sawx and Sox did yesterday? We're in town for four days, there wasn't any kind of crazy rush to get it in last night. What a joke.

But that in no way excuses a terrible start by Roger, who either seems to be completely on or completely off whenever he takes the hill. Nor does it excuse Joe for keeping Giambi out of the lineup again. Very disappointing all around. Furthermore, the inability of our better relievers to go more than one inning (maybe Joe's decision-making as well) is very frustrating, as it for the second time this week set up a situation where the 25th man on the roster -- a.k.a. Henn -- has a key game in his not quite capable enough hands.

I'm not going to bury the Bombers yet, not with series still left to be played against Boston and Seattle. But last night was disconcerting to say the very least.

2007-08-25 10:44:51
3.   Sliced Bread
Sounds like some good cookin', Alex.

Who do you think served more toe-may-tahs? You, or the Yanks?

Tonight we win!!

because we have to, right?

2007-08-25 11:22:33
4.   rbj
Utter BS to start a game that late. Didn't there used to be a rule about not starting an inning after 1:30 am?
2007-08-25 11:26:42
5.   bartap74
Apparently, the same umpiring crew was recently criticized for calling a game too early so this was their way of sticking it to the league. I'm not sure who the ridiculous ball-strike calls were supposed to be showing up.
2007-08-25 11:41:34
6.   alterity
Pete Abe is reporting that tomorrow's game will be free on MLB.TV.

Here's the story:

2007-08-25 11:48:52
7.   monkeypants
6 I wonder how much their servers will get gummed up. The article claims that you can stream at over 1 mbs with Mosaic--I have some purdy fast internet service and I never get that speed withour mosaic constantly hanging and crashing. Most nights I concede defeat and watch the low quality stream via quicktime.
2007-08-25 12:31:47
8.   Cliff Corcoran
Props to Torre for using Rivera with the game still tied for the second time on this road trip, but why he didn't try to get two innings out of . . . well, anyone, was beyond me.
2007-08-25 12:37:01
9.   JL25and3
4 There used to be a curfew in the AL - I think it was 1 AM. They got rid of it in the not-too-distant past. Maybe when they started interleague play? (The NL never had a curfew.)
2007-08-25 13:08:34
10.   Vandelay Industries
9 The curfew is still in effect, but in the Umpires discretion when the game is being played in the teams last visit of the season at the visitors' yard.
2007-08-25 13:11:04
11.   Vandelay Industries
6 I take it that means that EI wont have the game out of market? MLB.TV is the only way to watch the game?
2007-08-25 13:14:06
12.   alterity
11 No idea. The article is, in a word, dull. Much more about the wonderful history of MLB.TV than about how the game will be broadcast (except that it does say that the game won't be available to those within the blackout zones for each team, iirc).
2007-08-25 14:07:06
13.   Vandelay Industries
12 Yea, not available on EI. I'll have to wait until the game is over and wait for MLB.TV to upload it and watch it tomorrow afternoon here on the west coast.

I had such high hopes for baseball when salaries fell back to planet earth following the unprecedented ridiculous spending spree of the late 1990's and into the early 2000's. Albert Pujols earing only $13,000,000 this year. Sounds a bit more reasonable than the $18,000,000 given Zambrano and the $28,000,000 that Arod will attract. Network deals and dedicated internet and TV outlets. Granting playoff rights to the utterly inept Fox Sports. Oh well, like they say, steroids didn't and won't destroy the baseball we love, but money sure as hell will. When it costs $75 for a decent upper deck seat, then something is most definitely wrong.

2007-08-25 14:34:36
14.   matt nokes forever
Starting lineup, according to LoHud:

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Betemit 1B
Cabrera CF

Another day with Johnny on the spot and Jason banished to the bench. Can't say I'm too thrilled.

2007-08-25 14:36:25
15.   Marcus
14 Yeah I don't get it either. With a righty on the mound also. Argh.
2007-08-25 14:36:51
16.   bartap74
10 Kay and Leiter must have said that the curfew has been abolished 20 times last night.
2007-08-25 14:42:57
17.   OldYanksFan
Having few pitchers that can go more then 1 inning is the reason the Yankees held on to Villone so long. I personally would have kept Myers as our long man and dumped Villone long ago.

I think we still have a chance FOR the PS, although I wonder if we have a chance IN the PS. Steve Phillips is an asshole, but he was right about one thing:
We don't have the pitching.

I give kudos to Cashman for willing to vastly overpay for Roger, in an attempt to keep us competative without selling the farm. It is near impossible to rebuild and win at the same time, and we have come pretty close.

No doubt this is a transition year. If Cashman et al continue in their philosophy to develope our own players (again) with the emphasis on pitching, along with our deep pockets, we will be a dynasty again soon.

2007-08-25 14:51:05
18.   Vandelay Industries
15 Yea, it makes no sense to me not to have Giambi at DH or 1B tonight. When Wang actually starts getting ground balls again then maybe, but right now we need to score. I don't know what Damon gives us that Giambi doesn't. They both see a lot of pitches and can get on base. You shouldn't be running all that much against Pudge anyway. But what do I know?
2007-08-25 14:52:45
19.   Vandelay Industries
17 I agree about Myers, and have said as much. I think his resemblance to Mike Stanton might have something to do with it. They looked only at Lefty splits, not at overall effectiveness and the help he was giving Wang. Oh well, that move shouldn't make or break the team, but sheesh.
2007-08-25 14:53:26
20.   alterity
The only thing I can think of regarding the lineup is that maybe Torre wants to give Matsui a bit of a day off. But even that makes no sense, because it would be nice to have him as a pinch hitter for Damon if need be who can also play in the field. It seems to me that it would be a stronger and more flexible bench with an outfielder on it (Damon or Mats) that Giambi, who can't play in the field.
2007-08-25 14:55:06
21.   JL25and3
19 Except that Stanton was never a lefty specialist. He was just a left-handed pitcher, which is how you and I would have looked at Myers.
2007-08-25 14:57:27
22.   Vandelay Industries
20 Giambi a perfectly adequate first baseman. The Mets seem to do ok with a first baseman who is downright awful. The conventional wisdom the Giambi can't play first is baseless.
2007-08-25 14:58:17
23.   monkeypants
13 But average attendance around the league is through the roof, so something is very, very right. Baseball is transitioning, I think, in the way all other major sports in North America have. The cost of individual games will continue to grow as the days of the common man showing up game day with his buddies to catch a game in the bleachers disappears. More emphasis will be placed on pregame sales and season ticket packages; most fans will have to plan far in advance what one or few games they wish to attend; as the average cost rises and fans see fewer games per season, the fans will demand that their stadium experience be more memorable--hence new mall parks with restaurants, museums, hotels, etc. It doesn't thrill me, but the business seems to be doing pretty well.
2007-08-25 14:59:58
24.   matt nokes forever
Anyone else concerned at all with the fact that not only has Mike Mussina turned into Kevin Brown (circa 2004-2005), but he has also become a huge dick as well. When asked whether he felt secure with his spot in the Yankee rotation, he responded: "They're going to take me out of the rotation? Who were they going to replace me with?"

Answer: Ian Kennedy.
Other acceptable responses: Kei Igawa, Jeff Karstens, Darrell Rasner, a Jugs Machine set at 67 mph, Ron Guidry, or the lucky fan sitting in Section 504, Row J, Seat 12.

2007-08-25 15:00:34
25.   monkeypants
22 Giambi gets hurt basically every time he plays in the field. They're keeping him away from 1B more to avoid injury than because of his perceived defensive failings.
2007-08-25 15:03:49
26.   matt nokes forever
25 But what's the point of keeping him healthy, if he's not going to be the DH? Great, we've got a healthy pinch hitter that needs ABs to get into a grove of sorts. Fantastic.
2007-08-25 15:04:37
27.   monkeypants
17 19 21 The thing is, they don't really need a long man, i.e. a reliever who can spot start or pitch for three of four innings if teh starter gets shelled--because he will never be used that way. Also, with five man rotation, is there really a need for a long man in teh traditional sense?

Rather, they need a couple or few relievers who can pitch two--rather than one--inning. Thing is, they already them (Joba, Edwar, now Bruney, in addition to Henn/Villone). Unfortunately, Torre now seems completely unwilling to use any good reliever for two innings.

2007-08-25 15:06:14
28.   monkeypants
26 I'm agreeing with you, man. Look back at older threads and you'll see I was hoping for Giambi to return as the full time DH, which would relegate Damon to glorified 4th OF.
2007-08-25 15:12:11
29.   matt nokes forever
28 Damon HAS to be the odd man out in this lineup fiasco. He's in the midst of a miserable offensive season, and we've got a healthy power hitter on the bench who needs plate appearances. You're right. Especially with the starters not really living up to their substantial hype -- save Andy -- we need to pound the cover off the baseball for the time being to stay in this race with the Sawx and the we-never-lose-anymore-apparantly Mariners.

Oh, and free Chris Britton for the love of god.

2007-08-25 15:13:11
30.   Vandelay Industries
El Duque es EN FUEGO!
2007-08-25 15:15:57
31.   monkeypants
29 My hope is that the we-never-lose-anymore-apparenly Mariners (WNLAAM ?) continue their winning ways and, with seven games left against the Halos, knock the Angels out of the play offs. The Yankees need to catch Boston, or the M's...or the Angels--just one of them.
2007-08-25 15:21:06
32.   Vandelay Industries
29 I agree. I am making a complete one-eighty, but I think it might be best to move Jeter back to leadoff to get his head out of his ass, and get Giambi in the lineup. Damon certainly helps us win the occasional game, but his low BA and OBP are not even average for a leadoff hitter. Right now the team has to score as many runs as possible, and that means Giambi in the DH spot. Let Guidry and Kerrigan handle the pitching and just put the best available lineup on the field. Today for example, why have Matsui DH, when we don't have anyone to replace Damon in LF is we need to PH for him later in the game? If he wants Damon in the lineup, then start him in left and DH Giambi and rest Matsui if that is really why he has him at DH, and if we fall behind then bang, Matsui goes right into left. Betemit and Damon should not be in the same starting lineup. But what do I know?
2007-08-25 15:26:39
33.   matt nokes forever
32 This game has Shelley-Duncan-making-a-cameo-in-left-field written all over it.
2007-08-25 15:27:22
34.   Vandelay Industries
31 I have been chastised for my "all M's all the time" posts recently, so I won't get into that. We lose and they win today and we are five games behind them, so it doesn't really matter, as they will be out of the picture as aint no way we'll catch them at that point. So you're right, the best we can hope for now is that they bump LAA from the playoffs altogether, and that the Yankees can sweep a few series going down the stretch.

Eeeeks! Watching Lastings Millegde field fly balls is like watching someone try to follow a feather from a tall building to the ground and somehow track its movement.

2007-08-25 15:28:35
35.   seamus
I'll take Damon's average and OBP in August over Giambi's August any day. Do y'all realize that Giambi has been King more than hitting, and that Damon is hittin .339 this month with an OBP more than 100 points higher than Giambi?
2007-08-25 15:48:37
36.   OldYanksFan
23 This is because MLB is targeting and marketing to corporate America and affluent citizens, instead of everyday families, as seen by the new stadium's abolishment of thousands of 'citizen' seats to make room for hundreds of luxury seats.

The way MLB reaches Joe average is now via TV and the internet, as opposed to tickets to games. This accounts for huge revenues.

How much money does Fox pay for it's TV rights? How much money is generated by YES, TBS, NESN and soon the new Mets station? How about the new Direct TV deal?

If the Yankees profit $40 per seat, times 50,000 seats, times 81 ballgames, that's roughly $160 million. The Yankees cost in the vicinity of $400 million to operate. Baseball is funded by average Americans watching TV, as opposed revenue from tickets. So especially in NY and areas where there is a large corporate and affluent population, stadiums can get away with selling outlandishly expensive luxury seating to a minority population.

Massage and Jacuzzi will be extra.

But if a team doesn't have TV deals? Well, tickets DO account for a large portion of income. So the TBs and Pittsburgs of the league might profit $40 per seat, times 25,000 seats, times 81 ballgames, or maybe $80 million. Thus, much more modest team payrolls. Imagine if there was no 'profit sharing'.

Of 30 MLB teams, 20 have payrolls of $90m or under. 10 have payrolls of $65m or under. (these are 2006 stats).

Thank God for large screen, Hi-Def TV, because this IS what the MLB baseball experience will be for the majority of average Americans.

2007-08-25 15:58:34
37.   monkeypants
36 "Thank God for large screen, Hi-Def TV, because this IS what the MLB baseball experience will be for the majority of average Americans."

As it is for fans of hockey, football, basketball...and frankly for most basbeball fans already who don't live within a short commute to a ML ballpark.

2007-08-25 16:04:08
38.   rbj
14-2? Ozzie Guillen sucks as a manager.

And of course will be free tomorrow -- that's my one Yankee game of the year I get to see in person.

2007-08-25 16:08:44
39.   matt nokes forever
38 Why are they even going to play that game tomorrow? I can't believe the White Sox won the World Series just two years ago. What a pathetic team. They should juggle the schedule for the sake of the rest of the league and have the Pirates and White Sux play every single day til the end of the season for the title of shittiest team alive.
2007-08-25 16:19:47
40.   matt nokes forever
Atta boy, 'Decki! Bonderman continues to suck... bodes well.
2007-08-25 16:20:28
41.   rbj
Jeepers, Abreu steals second, I step out of the room for a minute, and Matsui hits a 2 run double. I'll have to step out a lot more this evening.
2007-08-25 16:24:35
42.   Raf
17 The Braves were able to reload while being competetive. The Red Sox, who sometimes seem to be made of spare parts have been able to reload while being competetive.

You don't need to tear down to rebuild, but a team has to be smart about what they need to do to compete.

2007-08-25 16:26:26
43.   bobtaco
17 Could Bob Wickman be a multi-inning set up guy?
2007-08-25 16:31:15
44.   matt nokes forever
43 No, but he could be a fat, useless waste of space.
2007-08-25 16:34:13
45.   Yankees Brasil
not a great start for Wang..
2007-08-25 16:39:20
46.   bobtaco
44 How about Chris Britton?
2007-08-25 16:40:34
47.   Raf
44 He's only fat.
2007-08-25 16:40:47
48.   rbj
46 Who? There is no Chris Britton. This is not the Chris Britton you are hoping for.
2007-08-25 16:49:21
49.   Raf
36 That isn't necessarily true. A team can design a stadium with thousands of citizen seats, as well as luxury boxes. They choose not to.
2007-08-25 16:52:06
50.   bobtaco
48 I actually wrote PeteAbe yesterday to ask why Chris was not getting a shot with the big club and here is the response I got.

Subject: RE: Bruney over Britton
Date: August 24, 2007 9:39:40 PM PDT
To: bobtaco

I believe he is a Communist.

I have no idea as I never see Scranton pitch. But obviously they don't like something about him. If I get a chance to ask Cashman, I will. But I have to tell you, it's not high on my list of issues.

Thanks for reading,
Pete Abraham

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2007-08-25 16:55:15
51.   monkeypants
49 It doesn't make sense to. The fewer seats (within reason), the greater the demand. This in turn puts pressure on fans to get tickets ahead of time, lest the game sell out. This insures the team against low ticket sales because of weather, poor play, etc.

This happens to me every year. I have always lived some distance from the stadium. My bro and I go to a game every year; as season ticket and advanced ticket sales increase each year, we are in turn forced to but our ticket farther and farther in advance. So, we are compelled to go to teh game no matter how badly the team plays, no matter how much below pre-season expectations.

It just doesn't make sense to build parks with "citizen seats." It makes sense to build the largest possible park that is guaranteed to sell out (that is, generally smaller), and then to maximize the prices within that size.

2007-08-25 16:55:27
52.   Raf
50 I'm not comfortable with that response. Has he always been this brusque?
2007-08-25 16:59:51
53.   bobtaco
52 I never wrote him before, but honestly, I read alot of Yankee blogs every day (as I am sure you guys do to), and this question about why Britton is not getting a chance is a VERY hot topic across multiple sites and boards.

I was thinking Pete could write an article on a subject that a lot of people are speculating about and really want to hear a straight answer. If he doesn't see the need and want to follow up on it, so be it, but I think he is missing out on a vital story.

2007-08-25 17:00:54
54.   Raf
51 I agree with you 100%. It stinks, but that's the way the game goes. Besides, there were few occasions where teams had seating for 50K. And if they did, it probably was because they shared the park with a NFL team.
2007-08-25 17:05:53
55.   Raf
53 It was the tone of his response that bothered me.
2007-08-25 17:06:55
56.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wang seems to have a pretty good change today...

as for Davidson, what can you say about a guy that blew two super obvious call in the WBC ... both againt Japan vs the US... the worest part of it was that he was promoted to the big league ump crew after that

2007-08-25 17:09:43
57.   Mattpat11
50 Well, the Communism angle adds an all new wrinkle into this debate.
2007-08-25 17:12:13
58.   dougj1
To say I'm disappointed with the pitching ,courtesy of Cashman the last 2 years, would be an understatement. His old approach of , "throw enough against the wall and some will stick", seems to now be, the "elevator" move in which the same pitchers are brought up, down, up again & down again, endlessly...It would be great to see a better team builder like a Dombrowski.
2007-08-25 17:14:50
59.   yankz
Yeah, I totally wish Cashman would go back to signing whatever hotshot is a FA at the time, as opposed to having a dozen possible cheap candidates who can do just as good of a job. Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain for the next decade? They're going to suck! I mean, why did he ever deviate from the formula that brought us You-Know-Who?!?!
2007-08-25 17:15:21
60.   Mattpat11
58 I fully expected to wake up and see Kei Igawa back on the big league club, because we hadn't smashed our heads hard enough against that particular brick wall.

I was pleasantly surprised.

2007-08-25 17:15:30
61.   Yu-Hsing Chen
wow, Wang made Thames look like crap on that pitch.... that was his ole unhittable sinker right down the middle that we havn't seen in a while
2007-08-25 17:18:55
62.   Mattpat11
61 I was going to make a 2007 Marcus Thames joke, but he's having a better year than I thought. Powerwise, anyway.
2007-08-25 17:19:20
63.   yankz
And you do realize that in Dombrowski's first year, the Tigers had one of the worst years in baseball history, right? Cashman can't afford to do that.
2007-08-25 17:21:55
64.   Raf
No, expansion, realignment and the 3-division setup was the reason the wildcard was implemented, not the 1993 NL West race...
2007-08-25 17:23:35
65.   Yu-Hsing Chen
not to meantion, Dombrowski did trade for Nefei Perez... which would put a huge blank spot on any resumee
2007-08-25 17:23:39
66.   Mattpat11
59 I'm not sure. To this day, I don't really understand why he went from slashing cost and promoting from within to breaking the bank for a man that had a ceiling of long reliever.

It seemed to go against everything he was doing at the time.

2007-08-25 17:25:13
67.   Mattpat11
And Jesus Christ the White Sox suck.
2007-08-25 17:29:21
68.   Mattpat11
They took Polanco's error away? Horseshit.
2007-08-25 17:33:21
69.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Bonderman's control is utter crap this game, we abosalutely need to hammer him here
2007-08-25 17:35:27
70.   rbj
Just to put everyone in a good frame of mind, I just realized tomorrow's pitcher for the Tigers is Jurrjens -- who's an URP.
2007-08-25 17:37:09
71.   Mattpat11
70 Tomorrow's my block party. I plan to be hammered anyway.
2007-08-25 17:37:42
72.   Mattpat11
Ken Kaiser really has nothing going on these days, huh?
2007-08-25 17:40:22
73.   Raf
72 You gotta understand, Kaiser's in Rochester...
2007-08-25 17:40:26
74.   Mattpat11
Oh Jesus.

Folks, I think this may be the season.

2007-08-25 17:41:10
75.   bobtaco
I heart Melky
2007-08-25 17:42:53
76.   Mattpat11
2007-08-25 17:43:02
77.   rbj
2007-08-25 17:45:54
78.   Zack
What the heck is up with all the passed balls/wild pitches recently? Its got to be more Posada than all the pitchers, right?
2007-08-25 17:55:23
79.   Yu-Hsing Chen
lol, Bonderman just got completely Charlie Bronwed by Cano there
2007-08-25 17:55:53
80.   monkeypants
Meanwhile, Pete Abe has this update:

"Meanwhile, Joe Torre said that he doesn't quite understand why Joba Chamberlain needs a day of rest when he throws only 10 pitches as he did last night. It's something "we're talking about," he said."

On the one hand, I can see where Joe is coming from. On the other hand, why DID he only throw 10 pitches last night? It seems that if a guy throws 10 pitches, he can perhaps go out for a second inning of work.

The real scary thing is you see the wheels in Joe's mind turning: "appearances don't matter; warming up doesn't matter; all that counts is how many pitches/inning he if I can only convince Cash to let me use that fat kid like I did with Scottie."

2007-08-25 17:55:53
81.   Raf
thanks, Melky
2007-08-25 17:55:59
82.   bobtaco
See 75
2007-08-25 17:56:00
83.   Mattpat11
2007-08-25 17:56:18
84.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oh my god I want to marry Melky.
2007-08-25 17:56:47
85.   OldYanksFan
Fuck you Melky!
It may NOT be the season.
2007-08-25 17:57:08
86.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-08-25 17:57:26
87.   bobtaco
Wow, Damon just needs a double and a single.
2007-08-25 17:57:32
88.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Melky and Damon trying to out do each other, I love it! :P
2007-08-25 17:58:08
89.   OldYanksFan
84 Melky wants to know. You are female... yes?
2007-08-25 17:59:14
90.   monkeypants
Yeah Melky!

Yeah Johnny!

I love a park that yields back-to-back triples.

Interesting scooring question--Melky was easily going to be safe at third, but there was a sorta close play at home on Betimin. If the runner is thrown out at home, would Melky still get credit for a triple, or would it have to be a double and throw?

If the batter does get credit for a triple, do you want to be the guy thrown out on a triple?

2007-08-25 17:59:41
91.   Raf
80 If he's that efficient, he could go for 3 innings. Granted, it may be a small sample size, but I'm excited to see Joba in the rotation next year.
2007-08-25 17:59:47
92.   OldYanksFan
Yes! Let's burn their BP!
2007-08-25 18:01:17
93.   Raf
90 I think that call is at the discretion of the scorer.
2007-08-25 18:02:32
94.   Mattpat11
80 He only threw ten pitches last night because he wanted to be able to use him before Monday.
2007-08-25 18:02:33
95.   Zack
My gameday just basically froze from Cano to now, so I got to finally notice what happened, nice!

80 I think that pretty much tells us exactly why there ARE the Joba rules...

2007-08-25 18:03:50
96.   monkeypants
95 : )
2007-08-25 18:06:46
97.   monkeypants
94 Sure, I get it. But what difference does it make? He is either used in games 1 and 3, or games 1 and 4. In either case, he appears twice in the series.

Now, with if he was planning ahead so that Joba would be redy for Hughes start tomorrow, I'll might change my mind. Then again, I'm not convinced ol' Joe is thinking that many moves ahead.

2007-08-25 18:08:59
98.   Mattpat11
97 Game four is a Mussina start. Its going to be over long before Joba could add any kind of value.
2007-08-25 18:09:43
99.   rbj
You're all welcome. I go outside right after Wang & Posada conspired to give Detroit its second run, and I come back to a 7-2 game. If the Tigers score anymore I may be force to go out again.
2007-08-25 18:10:23
100.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I think we can safely say that Wang has gotten over whatever bug was bothering him recently...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-08-25 18:10:39
101.   Mattpat11
99 I wasn't paying extremely close attention, but that seemed to be almost solely Posada.
2007-08-25 18:10:55
102.   Yanks Fan in Chicago
Why the fuck does it seem like every fucking team spots Seattle a 2 run lead in the first few innings?
2007-08-25 18:11:09
103.   Mattpat11
I wonder if Grilli will dance off the mound.
2007-08-25 18:11:38
104.   monkeypants
Now we really get to see Leyland give Torre a run for his money in burning through his BP.
2007-08-25 18:14:11
105.   tommyl
Did Joe ever stop to think that the reason those "rules" are in place is because he has absolutely no idea how to manage a bullpen? I mean, its not like Joe has been so great at taking care of his relief pitchers and now is saddled with rules. If the rules get lifted and if Joba gets hurt, I think Joe should be fired on the spot. I mean that literally, Cash should call down to the dugout and say, "You're gone, bye, see ya."
2007-08-25 18:16:04
106.   tommyl
80 Meanwhile, Joe is also unsure why Proctor, Gordon, Sturtze, Qauntrill and Vizcaino all seem to get "tired" arms when they are only throwing 10-20 pitches everyday.
2007-08-25 18:20:09
107.   Raf
106 Pitchers get dead/tired arms from time to time, it isn't necessarily tied to overuse, perceived or otherwise.
2007-08-25 18:20:41
108.   bobtaco
102 The Rangers are friggin' useless.
2007-08-25 18:22:42
109.   monkeypants
107 A lot of times it has to do with weak character and poor moral fiber.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

2007-08-25 18:25:18
110.   Zack
109 A total lack of BFOG...

I just tried, briefly and unsuccessfully, to spend some time on a Jets board, as the Giants and Jets are playing. It was roughly like hanging out at the lohud board. Horrible. I don't think I've recovered yet. I had to come back here just to restore my faith in sports fans :)

2007-08-25 18:29:43
111.   JeremyM
Wow, just checked in, looks like Wang is pitching great. Very good news.
2007-08-25 18:33:41
112.   rbj
Wang at 97 pitches, I'd like him to at least go through 8 just to save the bullpen for tomorrow (and Mooseday).
2007-08-25 18:34:02
113.   monkeypants
What's the pitch count for Wang?
2007-08-25 18:34:22
114.   monkeypants
112 How did you do that?
2007-08-25 18:35:28
115.   Yanks Fan in Chicago
Hanging out with Jets fans in any capacity is a bad idea
2007-08-25 18:35:37
116.   Mattpat11
112 I'm going to make a bold prediction.

Mussina goes 7 IP 2 ER on Monday. I think he knows his season (and maybe his career) is on the line, and I don't think anyone wants the humiliation of being replaced by Igawa.

2007-08-25 18:36:17
117.   monkeypants
Good--quick out.

112 Yep. If Joe can push him to 110-120 pitches, he should clear the eighth. Then, with a five run lead, Joe should be able to trust just about anyone to finish the game.

2007-08-25 18:37:04
118.   monkeypants
Or, Viz closes out the game.
2007-08-25 18:37:04
119.   Zack
115 Well I happen to be one, but overall, I agree. As a lot, they are an annoying, hairy bunch. Me included of course :)
2007-08-25 18:38:46
120.   Mattpat11
Jeter took his sweet ass time to get to second.
2007-08-25 18:39:08
121.   Yu-Hsing Chen
WOW, let Wang finish this one
2007-08-25 18:39:24
122.   rbj
Obviously Wang reads this blog while pitching.
2007-08-25 18:40:21
123.   monkeypants
Hmmm...that should make about 107 pitches. Very tempting, but I guess since Viz has started to warm, he has to go in the game (aka "Torre's 'Dry Humping' Rules").
2007-08-25 18:45:06
124.   Yanks Fan in Chicago
does that mean we're going to see Wang blogging someday, a la Captain Bloody Tampon?
2007-08-25 18:46:05
125.   bobtaco
116 That is bold, I would take that bet. I don't think he can do it.
2007-08-25 18:46:22
126.   Yu-Hsing Chen
124 Wang's a quiet person even by Chinese standards ... Schlling is a big mouth even by Red Sox standards... so i guess not ;)
2007-08-25 18:46:46
127.   Zack
I have no idea why Joe would bring Viz in here. Isn't this a perfect place for Bruney? I mean, other than the fact that Joe just feels that he HAS to always go to his "trusted" 8th inning guy...
2007-08-25 18:48:30
128.   Mattpat11
125 never underestimate the fear of being replaced by a crappy pitcher.
2007-08-25 18:49:46
129.   rbj
Joba's warming up?!
2007-08-25 18:50:49
130.   Mattpat11
How the hell did Wang's ERA go up?
2007-08-25 18:50:57
131.   monkeypants
127 Boggles the mind, really. I mean, whose decision is it to carry 13 pitchers? Is all the GM or does the manager have a say? Why carry 13 pitchers if one or two bnver get used, even in very low leverage situations.
2007-08-25 18:52:03
132.   monkeypants
129 Vizcaino was warming last inning. I didn't see Joba.
2007-08-25 18:54:14
133.   rbj
132 This is according to Rod Allen, so the likelihood of it being wrong is about 60%
2007-08-25 18:55:34
134.   monkeypants
133 Viz and Joba look a good bit alike, so I can understand the confusion.

; )

2007-08-25 18:57:04
135.   Mattpat11
Come on complete game.
2007-08-25 18:57:39
136.   Zack
Joe really has no excuse to not let Wang pitch the 9th, even if he allows a run or two...
2007-08-25 18:57:49
137.   Mattpat11
I suspect Kevin Long is secretly Ron Villone.
2007-08-25 18:57:49
138.   rbj
134 LOL -- and so of course it is Bruney. All them Yankees look alike.
2007-08-25 18:58:17
139.   monkeypants
134 Whoa, here is Bruney...who does sorta look like Joba, sorta, kinda...

I'm blown away.

2007-08-25 18:58:19
140.   Zack
Well, I'll take bruney, and I can at least see how the announcer thought he was joba
2007-08-25 18:58:43
141.   Mattpat11

If the outfielder is shuffling, looking straight up and lifting his glove HES GOING TO CATCH IT.

2007-08-25 18:59:48
142.   monkeypants
136 Normally I agree, but using Bruney here makes good sense, I think. Wank at c. 110 pitches, big lead, Bruney back from AAA. Perfect time to use him, IMO.
2007-08-25 19:00:11
143.   Mattpat11
And now Kay is splooging over Worthless.
2007-08-25 19:00:40
144.   Mattpat11
Oh. Good.
2007-08-25 19:01:20
145.   Mattpat11
Bruney looks like he's gained 15 pounds in Scranton
2007-08-25 19:01:28
146.   monkeypants
Why is the whole coaching staff visiting the mound with two outs here? WTF?
2007-08-25 19:02:05
147.   Mattpat11
146 Some sort of injury concern.
2007-08-25 19:02:21
148.   Zack
142 I said that more when I thought it was Viz. I am down with Bruney here
2007-08-25 19:02:29
149.   rbj
Tigers' announcers are praising all the Yankee relievers. They must not be reading this blog.
2007-08-25 19:02:46
150.   Zack
Nice win! Nice start Wanger!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-08-25 19:03:40
151.   monkeypants
149 Same Tigers announcer said that Jorge "caught a whale of a game tonight" despite going hitless.
2007-08-25 19:04:11
152.   rbj
148 Yup. Good use of the pen tonight by Torre -- let Wang go long enough, then only use one middling reliever; save the big guns for tomorrow.
2007-08-25 19:04:39
153.   OldYanksFan
112 Wow... I always wondered about that Beatles song... "Eight Days a Week". Could never figure what that 8th day was. Now I know. "Mooseday".
2007-08-25 19:06:07
154.   rbj
153 And Mooseday has an official sponsor these day: Pepto-Bismol
2007-08-25 19:09:38
155.   JeremyM
153 Awesome!
2007-08-25 19:11:54
156.   OldYanksFan
Texas with a 3 spot to tie Seattle.
We have allowed 4 runs more then Seattle and scored 134 more. Yet they hold a 2.5 game lead. Can this type of luck hold out?
2007-08-25 19:12:32
157.   Mattpat11
154 and Captain Morgan
2007-08-25 19:22:47
158.   Zack
this has got to be one of the shortest game threads in awhile huh?
2007-08-25 19:33:38
159.   monkeypants
Wow, you don't see that call very often. Angels had first and second, two outs. The batter hit a single, and the Jays OF threw to third and nailed the runner. The umps called the runner out before the lead runner (Isturis, who pulled up before reaching home) made it to home plate--no run.

I can't remember the last time I saw that called that way.

2007-08-25 19:36:48
160.   monkeypants
Meanwhile, the Rangers can't socre against a reliever with a 7.00+ ERA and .300+ BAA, and now they're throwing the ball all over the field.
2007-08-25 19:42:36
161.   Mike T
Just got home. Looks like a solid outing from Wang, and from Damon.
2007-08-25 19:55:13
162.   monkeypants the M's are throwing the ball all over the field!
2007-08-25 19:59:08
163.   monkeypants
OK, now I'm being 'that guy' by posting so much late, but is anyone watching the Mariners-Rangers game? The Rangers just scored on a suicide squeeze where the pitch was at the batters head...sorta like the great bunt of Rizzuto that DiMaggio used to talk about as one of the greatest plays he ever saw.
2007-08-25 19:59:20
164.   BklynBmr
161 Same here. Tivo'd it, though. By the looks of the boxscore, sounds like the Wanger we know and love. Pete Abe had this line on LoHud "... 34-12 with a 3.79 ERA and 377.1 innings pitched in the last two seasons." That's money.

Texas up 5-3, and Jays over Halos 5-2, top 6th...

2007-08-25 20:01:27
165.   BklynBmr
164 That's not on EI's schedule tonight! @#@$! I'm watching Toronto-Angels...
2007-08-25 20:02:22
166.   BklynBmr
165 was for 163
2007-08-25 20:07:20
167.   monkeypants
165 I have to say, has been pretty sweet overall, despite the often choppy stream. I get pretty much every game I could want.
2007-08-25 20:10:39
168.   JeremyM
Well, good thing Gagne doesn't close for Texas any longer.
2007-08-25 20:18:56
169.   BklynBmr
167 I have GameDay Audio as a backup for when the Yanks aren't on EI. Which works out because 10 or so games a season is just about the right level of Sterling-Waldman entertainment for me. Next year I'll give a shot. Tried a few single games last year and the performance was horrible, despite a blazing fast connection here.
2007-08-25 20:19:40
170.   Mike T
Are the White Sox fielding their A club against the Red Sox this weekend? They are getting absolutely owned.
2007-08-25 20:20:27
171.   JeremyM
Texas is trying to blow it, 2 men on for Seattle and nobody out.
2007-08-25 20:22:39
172.   3rd gen yankee fan
Thank YEW Rangers.
2007-08-25 20:23:39
173.   BklynBmr
170 Man, how the mighty have fallen. Again from Pete Abe tonight: "Could the White Sox be a bigger bunch of dogs? Today would be their 12th loss in the last 14 games. Since the All-Star break last season, the White Sox are 89-114."

The Sawx bats were dead before this series, too. And Chicago misses the weak link: Dice K.

2007-08-25 20:26:27
174.   monkeypants
167 Oh yeah, the performance is well below advertized. But my alternative here is the Jays on five different channels every night and just about no other games at all. So, I grin and bear it with either the 400 or 700 stream. When I run the video through my TV, it's a little fuzzy, but not too bad. As a side beenfit, I'vve grown really to appreciate the announcers for most other teams; obviously not Hawk and the like, but in general I prefer the other team's guys.
2007-08-25 20:29:40
175.   monkeypants
170 173 They were a smoke and mirrors team two years ago, and their true ability--including that of their clown manager--is finally shining through.
2007-08-25 20:43:15
176.   BklynBmr
174 Oh, man. The EI package really opens one's eyes to how many bad announcers are out there. There are a precious few standouts, but most come off as complete boobs. The Kansas City crew sticks out in particular. Every Yankee who steps to the plate, his salary is part of his stats. Stuff like that. But maybe that's the sensibility of that market, so it works for them. Who knows?

I have a feeling there is much better talent on the radio side around MLB. I should listen to more games on GameDay Audio when the Yanks aren't playing. My work has me in front of a Mac and a 'net connection all day long, anyway ;-)

2007-08-25 20:44:36
177.   rsmith51
175 I think you are underestimating their 2005 team. They had very good starting pitching that played really well in the post-season. Their offense, like Seattle's this year, was pretty suspect and Ozzie certainly didn't help with that. I think that Ozzie should have retired after he won the W.S. like he threatened to do. His stock would have gone way up.
2007-08-25 20:46:39
178.   rsmith51
177 Oh, and I think the Yanks would have matched up with them much better than the Angels did in 2005. 4 straight complete games is embarrasing for any team.
2007-08-25 20:59:31
179.   BklynBmr
After tomorrow in Texas, Seattle comes home for 3 against the Halos (Mon-Tue-Wed), hits the road for a makeup game in Cleveland on Thursday, then onto Toronto for 3 (Fri-Sat-Sun), then 3 in The Boogie Down (Mon-Tue-Wed).

The 2 game difference should be a distant memory after this stretch.

Jays hammerin' Halos, 9-2 in the 9th...

2007-08-25 21:03:05
180.   Mike T
Jays 9-2 Angels bottom 9
2007-08-25 21:11:25
181.   Mike T
jays 9-2 Angels Final
2007-08-25 21:16:39
182.   BklynBmr
No Yanks on EI tomorrow! Seems it's always a Hughes' start that the Yanks get blacked out on. Well, speaking of GameDay Audio, it's John and Suze tomorrow. Let's go Phil!
2007-08-25 21:17:12
183.   Vandelay Industries
177 Dude! You are being too nice. I would say four complete games or something like that in the World Series cannot be underestimated. Between the starters and Duque and Jenks in that post-season, they had the best October performance I've ever seen.
2007-08-25 21:17:48
184.   Vandelay Industries
182 MLB.TV is free for all tomorrow. It is a bogus exclusive deal to "air" the game.
2007-08-25 21:36:25
185.   monkeypants
177 They played 8 games over their Pythagorean expectd win total of 91. They scored a whopping 741 runs (9th in the AL). Their line-up included 135 games of Carl Everett at DH; they squeezed 15 wins and a sub 4.00 ERA out of Jose Contreras. That was one flaky ass team, IMO.
2007-08-25 21:37:31
186.   BklynBmr
184 Sweet! Thanks, VI, you're a life saver! ;-)
2007-08-25 21:53:42
187.   Vandelay Industries
I just finished watching the game on DVR. Great game. I am really tryng to temper my reaction, both highs and lows, and not let my emotions get the best of me.

However, if true, I read something very disturbing earlier. Is it true that Joe Torre is asking Cashman why Joba needs a day of rest following a ten pitch appearance? If this is true, I actually think the front office needs to put more restrictions on the use of the bullpen. I am less concerned as many here with the number of pitches and innings alone insofar as Joba is concerned. Roger Clemens and most any orthopedist will tell you that the workout routine and arm angle have more to do with an injury than the number of pitches you throw. Pundits can cite as many young pitching injuries as they like and use this small sample as evidence that they threw too much too soon, but if you actually parse each injury you will find several of the freak inherent psysiological variety, several due to poor workouts and body maintenance, and several due to bad mechanics which put extraordinary stress on the muscles, joints and connective tissues, and very few which can be attributed in any way to workload. It is just very easy to cite this as the reason and move on, and that's why so many buy into it as the culprit.

Now, the Joba rules have a purpose to be sure, but they shouldn't be black and white for our opponents to read. I have long loathed managers standing on the mountain-top as Leyland did yesterday and proclaim who is unavailable. First, it provides your opponent with information they can use to plan their game, and quite frankly, its just stupid. Secondly, the question should not concern Joba, but rather how a manager can burn six pitchers in 5.2 innings of relief. The problem with a game like last night is not who can be used, but rather why are you pulling a guy after one inning and ten pitches to begin with. If he had gone with Ramirez for two, and Joba for two, even use Mo for two or force Farnsworth to work two since he didn't even throw fifteen pitches, the game never would have been put in the hands of Sean Henn at all, and the Yankees could have won. Isn't that the manager's job? Not a single Yankee reliever had given up an earned run or otherwise provided a reason to be pulled from that game after a single inning. That my friends is why the front office needs to give Joe Torre more direction with the bullpen, not less. I would hazard a guess that Joe Torre would be in very select company with the small handful of managers who would have burned seven pitchers last night. I mean sit down and think about that for a second. The Yankees used seven pitchers in a 10.2 inning game, while only the first and seventh pitchers had allowed an earned run. I repeat, not a single reliever had given up an earned run until Henn came out for the eleventh, but yet Joe burned through them like Jolly Rancher candy! The following is perhaps the most irresponsible box score a manger could lay claim to:

Clemens 5.0 6 6 6 3 3 1 4.34
Ramirez 1.0 0 0 0 1 1 0 5.59
Chamberlain 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0.00
Farnsworth 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 4.29
Vizcaino 1.0 1 0 0 1 2 0 3.72
Rivera 1.0 1 0 0 2 1 0 3.38
Henn (L, 2-2) 0.2 3 3 3 1 1 1 6.10

On a side note, as a result of a game like last night, does anyone see a time when teams will actually have a coach whose only responsibility will be to manage the bullpen in game? Maybe the bullpen coach, who works closest with the guys will one day call into the dugout to let the manager know when a change is needed. When you had four starters, younger guys being groomed as starters, a long man, and a closer, the bullpen took a lot less effort to use properly. With the way the game has evolved, I bet it will happen one of these days. Any poractive owner should have sat Joe Torre down for a long talk after that one.

2007-08-25 22:18:10
188.   BklynBmr
187 Wow, what an interesting concept.

How many broadcasting booths and unemployment lines are littered with 'managers who had no clue how to manage a pitching staff'?

Why not take a page from the NFL (offensive and defensive coordinators) — sure, head coach has the final say, but these guys are hired to develop the best possible scheme on both sides of the ball against any given opponent, under all possible scenarios.

As you say, the way the game has evolved — specialization, LOOGYs, you name it — this could be a 'thinking GM's' next bold move.

Could open up a box of worms, but again, verrrrry interesting...

2007-08-25 22:51:06
189.   Vandelay Industries
188 I think it will happen eventually. First behind the scenes, and then out in the open. It only makes sense, as you point out, other sports are already doing it. The manager already has quite a workload, most notably in NY, and other than knowing who your closer is, most managers in my opinion are just grasping at straws and hoping for the best when they make moves. Why not have Kerrigan, who works with them every day, and also works with them immediately before they enter the game, use that knowledge to come up with a game plan that gives the team the best chance to win given which pitchers have the best stuff, or seem rested or whatever, to help win each game? Like I said, managers already don't have a clue what to say before a game. I mean why would a manger, using last night's example tell the opposition that Zumaya won't be available? The goal in any competition, whether baseball or lawyering, is to provide your opponent with as little information as possible. Why managers don't get this is beyond me.

I know Joe asks Kerrigan how they guys are doing, and may even get into specifics with him, but he isn't out there with them for hours every day. Last night just gave me an opportunity to posit the proposition of a bullpen manager that I've been thinking about for some time. I mean he used Edwar, who didn't pich badly, then your best reliever in Joba who he yanks after one inning--disingenuously citing the Joba rules for the decision no doubt--then goes to a question mark in Farsworth, who actually pitches well, then to Mo who was a tad shaky, and then to a scrub. All for one inning each. It is easy for me to say that things could have been different, maybe Joba gives up what would be the game winner? Either way, the job is to get the most out of what you've got, and in my opinion, using seven pitchers last night was irresponsible, most curiously because three of them were very effective and had very low pitch counts, but were yanked anyway. Joe already is showing evidence that he doesn't understand. He asks why Joba cannot go back to back after only ten pitches. When the question should be: why did you pull your best reliever after ten pitches in a game you had a real good chance of winning? Another would be: why can't Farnsworth pitch two innings occasionally, and can something be worked out with him? These are questions that lead to a better team going forward. Butchering a game shouldn't be used by your manager to undercut the GM, which is what Joe is attempting to do, because he knows the fans want Joba and he can look like he wants to win badly and Cashman is tying his hands. Now he wants to overuse a guy he didn't want in the first place? Sure, Joba wouldn't be available for the next two days, but the job is to win the game you are playing, isn't it? If nothing else, Joe has proven what he can do to relievers with no restrictions.

2007-08-25 22:53:53
190.   yankz
2007-08-25 22:58:42
191.   yankz
158 Hey, for once, I actually had something to do on a Saturday night.
2007-08-26 05:30:59
192.   OldYanksFan
187 You make some excellent points, and I would agree with them all. My problem is that if the FO disagreed with Torre's BP management, it's hard to believe the FO would let Torre 'throw away' the PS, or damage the team in other ways.

We have Guidry, Kerrigen, Conners and other pitcher-savy professionals on the payroll. I would like to think Torre takes their opinions under consideration when making his decisions. But if these guys were outraged (as we often are) by Torre's BP management, wouldn't they have some private discussions with Cashman?

Does Joe really get to make all these decisions in a vacuum? Is the FO incapable of having input... even though they hold the strings on Torre's job? As a business matter, missing a PS that could have been attained costs many, many millions of dollars. And Torre's failure might ultimately lose Cashman his job.

There are huge corporations in this country that spend tens of millions of dollars on management, yet continue to make terrible decisions. Is this really true of the Yankees? Can it be that the average schmuck on an internet blog could do a better job then the Yankees FO? Are they truly that incompetent?

It's a scary thought. It sometimes looks that way, but WE here know so little about what really goes on behind the scenes. The thought that the Yankees FO can not see what is right in front of their faces is very alarming.

2007-08-26 07:03:31
193.   yankz
2007-08-26 07:42:47
194.   Raf
"I mean why would a manger, using last night's example tell the opposition that Zumaya won't be available? The goal in any competition, whether baseball or lawyering, is to provide your opponent with as little information as possible."

Because in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter. A team isn't going to construct its lineup on who may or may not be available in the bullpen. Besides, everyone knows ____________ is available once they see them warming up in the pen.

2007-08-26 07:50:34
195.   Raf
192 "There are huge corporations in this country that spend tens of millions of dollars on management, yet continue to make terrible decisions. Is this really true of the Yankees?"

You have to admit, they have made several head scratching moves as of late. They made several head scratching moves last offseason, which have been discussed ad infinitum. Regardless, burning as many pitchers as they did Friday night is quite irresponsible. I have a hard time believing that Edwar, Joba, or even Farns couldn't go more than one inning.

2007-08-26 09:24:32
196.   JeremyM
Anyone see this note on nomaas? How much input does Cashman really have after all? Little, it seems:

The manager said he planned to speak with Henn, who has had two games end on this road trip while he has been on the mound. Henn is expecting the birth of his first child in the near future and has "a lot of things going on," Torre said...General manager Brian Cashman inquired about stocking the Yankees with another pitcher from the Minor Leagues, Torre said, but the early-morning telephone offer was rejected.

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