Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-10-15 16:03
by Alex Belth
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Boomer Wells gave the Yankees seven innings of one-run ball, while New York's bats were able to squeeze just enough out of Derek Lowe to give the Bombers a 3-2 Serious lead. Mariano Rivera pitched two innings again for the save. This time the Sox were able to touch him for a run, but it wasn't enough, and the Yankees held on for a 4-2 win.

The Yankees have a chance to advance to the World Serious with a victory today at the Stadium. Andy Pettitte will face John-"working-on-the-knuckleball"-Burkett, and everybody else on the Boston staff late this afternoon in the Bronx. Again, I've said this all season: the Sox have been terrific at coming back after a tough loss. I don't see why today should be any different, despite the lop-sided pitching match-up:

"Anyone who thinks we're done doesn't know us very well at all," general manager Theo Epstein said after the Yankees pushed his Sox to the brink with a 4-2 crusher before 34,619 at Fenway Park. "We've been in spots similar to this before and got the job done."

Wells kept the Red Sox hitters off balance all day long. He came up with crucial outs in the 3rd and 5th innings. In the 3rd, he struck out Nomar Garciaparra with two men on base, and in the 5th, he induced Manny Ramirez---who accounted for the first Boston run with a solo homer---to ground out weakly to third.

Wells was also helped by the much-maligned up-the-middle-defense. Alfonso Soriano made a nifty pick and shuffle pass to Jeter in the fifth, and Jeter himself made a nice stab to his left in the seventh (and was saved by an alert play by first baseman Nick Johnson), as well as an over-the-shoulder catch to end the game.

Neither the Red Sox nor the Yankees are hitting, but the pitching advantage---with the exception of one Tim Wakefield---has gone to New York thus far.

Karim Garcia was a late addition to the Yankees line-up, and he came through with a big, two-out, two-run single in the Yankees second inning, much to the dismay of the Fenway Faithful.

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