Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-10-03 19:14
by Alex Belth
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Tonight's pitching match up pits Greg Maddux against Mark Prior, and it has been receiving heaps of hype. And why not? Maddux is a Hall of Famer, and Prior is just about the best young pitcher since Tom Seaver. I've been asking heads around the office today who they think will be stronger, and to a man, they've all said Prior. Maddux's reputation as a seven inning pitcher figures heavily in this line of thinking, but dag, can't the man get any respect at all?

I agree that it's easier to put your stock in a power pitcher than a soft-tosser when it comes to the post season. Still, I would love to see Maddux pitch a great game, win or lose. I also hope it does turn out to be a classic duel, but quite frankly, all the hype makes my skeptical.

Either way, all eyes will be on Wrigley Field tonight. For all the latest---at least from the Cubbies pernt of view, be sure and check in on Ruz's Cub Reporter blog.

The Yanks play tomorrow afternoon at one. I'll most likely be back with a post late tomorrow or sometime on Sunday.

Enjoy the Serious'.

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