Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-10-03 18:54
by Alex Belth
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Derek Zumsteg of Baseball Prospectus wrote a touching---and fitting---tribute to Edgar Martinez a few days ago. If you missed it, I suggest that you give it a look, as it illustrates what a terrific player Edgar has been---even if you are prone to frown on the DH:

There are hints that Edgar might not retire: he wanted to hit .300, and he missed it by three hits. He wanted to retire to spend more time with his family, but his son told him he'd rather see his dad play. Edgar's said he'll talk to his wife, and it'll be a while before he makes any decisions. He probably won't even hold a press conference.

Some time this winter, one of the thousands of people who stood and applauded and would not sit down Sunday will walk by Safeco Field some cold, drizzly afternoon and hear a crack every couple of seconds, and curious, they'll walk around the stadium for a glimpse inside to see Edgar, bundled up, pitching machine set on the mound with a huge bucket of baseballs, practicing his swing, roping balls down the left field line, double, double, double. And the fan's going to watch for a minute, take out his cell phone, and start calling everyone in the city. And if it doesn't happen, we're still going to walk by and listen for it, and if there's nothing, well, maybe he'll be there the next day.

And if he doesn't come back, at least we told him we loved him.

Every organization should be so lucky to have a trooper, and a champ like Edgar star on its team for the better part of 20 years.

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