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Seven Up
2007-08-03 19:18
by Cliff Corcoran
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Coming into last night's game, the Yankees had scored seven or more runs in their last six home games. Make it seven, as the Yanks beat the Royals 7-1 behind seven strong innings from Chien-Ming Wang.

Robinson Cano got the Yankees on the board with a solo homer off Royals starter Odalis Perez with two outs in the second inning. The Royals tied things up in the top of the third on a trio of two-out singles by David DeJesus, Mark Grudzielanek, and budding Yankee killer Ross Gload, but that was all they'd get against Wang. The Yanks, meanwhile, added two in the fourth against Perez, three in the sixth against Perez and reliever Ryan Braun, and that magical seventh run in the eighth thanks to a throwing error by Tony Peña Jr. Mike Myers, Luis Vizcaino, and Mariano Rivera sealed the deal. Textbook.

Along the way, Alex Rodriguez doubled, walked and drove in a run with a sac fly, but did not go long, hitting deep fly outs for his two outs. Melky Cabrera, meanwhile, went 3 for 5 with a pair of doubles, one of which was a screaming liner that hit off Braun's leg and caromed into the stands behind the Yankee dugout for a bizarre infield ground rule double.

Today, Phil Hughes makes his long-awaited return from the disabled list to take on Kyle Davies in the latter's first start as a Royal. Davies, who came over from the Braves in exchange for Octavio Dotel, had a 7.26 ERA in his last nine starts for the Braves. Hughes, meanwhile, did this during his minor league rehab: 21 2/3 IP, 10 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 8 BB, 25 K, 0.83 WHIP, 0.42 ERA. That after no-hitting the Rangers for 6 1/3 innings in his second major league start.

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2007-08-03 20:22:22
1.   nemecizer
I just woke up after a long, well-deserved nap after a rough week at work, and I couldn't wake to better news. I am at the game tomorrow. Here's to Phil Franchise and A-Rod's 500th!
2007-08-03 20:23:10
2.   Yu-Hsing Chen
shoudl be noted that was Wang's 40th win with the Yankees in 70 start, so yes, he's complied 40 win in just over 2 full season worth of start, unbelivable.
2007-08-03 20:24:12
3.   RIYank
Davies v. Hughes.
2007-08-03 20:24:23
4.   C2Coke
It was so obvious on everyone's face. Seemed like everyone just wanted Arod to get it over with. To the least though, he started hitting again.

It was certainly a nice textbook game to watch on a Friday night.

2007-08-03 20:25:21
5.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Damnit, Sexson struck out on a hanging breaking ball right down the middle from Lester with 2 on 2 out, and we though Abreu was falling apart. Sexson's average sits at a lofty .198... BEFORE this at bat.

Boston leads 3:0 . Lester's been mostly throwing batting practice though so there's hope (tons of strikes and tons of hit, 6 hit in 3 inning already)

2007-08-03 20:30:21
6.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Aragh, Casey Blake made a big error in the 9th to get the lead off man on for the Twins , but the next two guys fly out, and now it's up to Jason "first round draftpick" Tyner . bah
2007-08-03 20:32:01
7.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Tyner grounds out weakly to 2nd, oh i didn't see THAT comming meh.
2007-08-03 20:33:25
8.   nemecizer
2 He leads the majors in wins since he came up, despite his low K rate. Here's to the quiet man from Taiwan!

How does one say "Go Wang Go!" in Chinese? (Non-Mandarin)

2007-08-03 20:46:23
9.   Yu-Hsing Chen
hah, so right on the observation that lester is throwing BP, he gave up a homer to Betancourt of all people. 4:3 Ms Lester at 89 pitches through 4, i'd be a bit surprised if they send him out for the 5th.
2007-08-03 21:05:03
10.   Yu-Hsing Chen
oh my, Richie Sexson make Dye / Andruw /Abreu's season look awsome. eh K'd on 4 pitches from Lester... a lefty that doesn't exactly throw fire.
2007-08-03 21:09:55
11.   Mike T
I'm pretty amped about the return of Phil Hughes.
2007-08-03 21:27:01
12.   joejoejoe
Does anyone know who Hughes is replacing on the roster?
2007-08-03 21:34:50
13.   Cliff Corcoran
12 Not yet, but I'd assume Jeff Karstens.
2007-08-03 22:31:46
14.   Zack
I'm still awaiting all the Bp moves and everything that were rumored to happen. Looks like it will just be Hughes and then Joba in another week. Sure wish we could get Britton and Edwar to. Oh well.

In other news, i just activated Hughes to start tomorrow for my fantasy team after having treaded for him a few weeks ago. Gave up Thome straight up which I consider I steal for myself :)

2007-08-03 22:32:39
15.   Zack
Oh, and Boston just lost a very 2006 Lester type game. Tons of pitches for Lester in 5 innings...
2007-08-03 22:41:46
16.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I think Lester is still recovering or lost some stuff due to the illness. he was barely touching 90 that game. and was really BP practice with the exception of the now apparently completely blind Richie Sexson.

Right now he doesn't even have Igawa stuff, of course he doesn't have Igawa head either and thus being able to still put togther some sort of non-disastorous outting.

2007-08-04 00:29:14
17.   thelarmis
ooh, i am sooo pumped up having phil "franchise" hughes pitching tomorrow! i usually wait til october to bust out my strange baseball card rituals, but i've got 2 phil hughes cards out and displayed for tomorrow's game. the 2004 Topps 'draft pick' card and the '05 Topps 'prospect' one.

i'm a BIG fan of the Topps series in '04 & '05. i didn't care much for the '06 set (though i got the Yankees team set) and i can't stand the black '07 ones (i got the Bowman Yankees set instead and it's incomplete - no Mo!!!). i think '04 and '05 were the best Topps cards since perhaps the late 80's, if not before...

i've got nice CMW Topps from '03, '04 & '06 and Cano from '06, but i can't find either one from '05. i believe they both exist. anyone have any clue where i can get a Wang and Cano '05 Topps card??? any assistance would be greatly appreciated! : )

i watched Davies pitch here in atlanta a decent bit but didn't pay enough attention to be a good scout (sorry). let's just hope "Davies" makes like "The Kinks" and "Self-Descructs"! 'W' 4 Phil, 500 for Alex!

Tribe take over 1st; we have 8 games against detroit coming up. let's make a major playoff push here in august...

2007-08-04 02:00:05
18.   Vandelay Industries
Here is to Hughes pitching a gem tomorrow!

In other news, I know the Yankees have underachieved this season, but what about Detroit? I know the AL East aint what it used to be but hell, can anyone think of a reason that Detroit shouldn't be up by seven or eight games in the AL Central? Boston, Detroit and New York are the only stud teams in the AL, and for two of them to be so far out of the division lead certainly is odd. We can blame injuries, but what is Detroit's problem? It isn't like Cleveland has any more than a couple decent starters and two or three very good position players.

Also, am I the only one checking the Cubbies every day? Go Lou GO! He is showing the league why NY made a terrible terrible terrible mistake not dumping Joe and hiring him. Note to all GM's: When Lou Piniella is available, you fucking hire him!

2007-08-04 02:04:09
19.   Vandelay Industries
Oh, and BAMA if you're out there, did you catch Quinn threatening to sit out the season? I guess losing every significant game of your college career and being taken twenty-second in the draft means you deserve something. This is my "why the NFL is a joke" comment of the day.
2007-08-04 03:01:22
20.   Yu-Hsing Chen
18 umm if you look at run differential then Detroit should only be a couple of games ahead of Cleveland while the Yankees should be tied or ahead of Boston by a game, so i'd say it's pretty safe to say that the Tigers havn't underachieved in Yankee fashion.

Indians got nice bouncebacks from Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta and a strangely great year from Casey Blake, Travis Hafner is actually underachievign though.. as is Cliff Lee to some extend. they got a great brekout from Carmona though.

If anything, teh Tiger's offense is a lot more feast and famine and full of holes than the Indians , they carry 3 guys with OBP around or under .300 (Inge / Pudge / Monroe ) adn they have no power from 1B in Casey, of course, they are getting crazy MVP year in Ordonez and Sheff and a career year in Polanco and Guillen makes up for alot, not to meantion another great year from Grandrson.

2007-08-04 04:08:57
21.   Shaun P
18 As long as Lou continues to really on "veteran goodness" the way Torre does (you GO Kendall!), I am very glad the Yanks did not hire him. His track record with young pitchers is also not good (to say the least).

JL25and3 - if you're reading this, we were talking yesterday about why Torre didn't use Vizcaino instead of Farnsworth in the 8th on Thursday. Don't know if you caught this yesterday, but here is something from Steven Goldman's latest Pinstriped Blog:

"What made Thursday's Farnsworthcide even more annoying is that Torre had warmed up Luis Vizcaino as well, but apparently decided to save him for the lead he would never get, or in case Pepe the Magic Unicorn showed up, or some other equally pointless reason."

Unreal. And of course Viz and Mo both pitched last night!

2007-08-04 06:50:16
22.   joe in boston
hey no Yankee game up here today in Boston (Extra Innings - Comcast cable) - what gives ?????
2007-08-04 07:03:57
23.   JL25and3
22 They're afraid that watching Hughes pitch will create a mass panic in the Boston area.

21 Yeah, pretty awful decision. I'm going today, and if (a) Hughes pitches well, and (b) I don't see Farnsworth, all will be forgiven.

2007-08-04 07:40:36
24.   seamus
19 Vandelay - What do you have against ND? Seriously, your comments are silly. For starters, the Plain-Dealer has a good article on the Quinn negotiations up this morning and the Browns said yesterday that they were close. Read the Plain-Dealer article and stop listening so much to ESPN's hyperbole (They love to bash my two favorite teams - ND and NYY).
2007-08-04 08:04:16
25.   Zack
24 I'm afraid you'll find that many many people don't enjoy the overhype that is ND. Especially with Charlie the "savior" being paid so much money and the gross over ranking that has followed. Quinn fell into a perfect situation but now is holding out for above slot $, which is kind of silly. But, as Vandelay says, it is football (which isn't that different from baseball).

But that is so so so OT for today, where the only thing going is Prince Philip.

I would say 5.2 IP, 5H, 1R, 2BB, 6K for his first start back, whadda ya think?

2007-08-04 08:07:18
26.   seamus
25 and many people don't enjoy the overhype that is the NYY. In other words, I expect Yankee fans to realize fact from fiction (just as folks should realize that the Browns GM acknowledges Quinn should get above slot money - read the Plain Dealer for direct quote).

But yes, this is off topic. And I apologize for letting it get under my skin.

As for Phil Franchise, I think he goes no more than 6IP, and allows 2 Earned Runs. Torre definitely won't let him go far beyond 90 pitches I would think.

2007-08-04 08:12:11
27.   seamus
The Yankees just keep winning and a playoff spot will fall our way. What is nice is seeing the division leaders fall towards the wild card teams. Detroit is in a free fall and Seattle now is the leader for the wild card (even if Detroit still leads by 1/2 game). I think we'll easily overtake Seattle, but if Seattle wins this weekend (and we win as we should) we close on Boston so it works out nicely.
2007-08-04 08:52:41
28.   yankz
Any one know if evil FOX is going to black this one out on Because I really don't feel like making my computer Chinese or Brazillian today.
2007-08-04 08:59:42
29.   seamus
28 yep. all saturday day games. but you need not worry if you know the key.
2007-08-04 09:10:58
30.   seamus
I'm disappointed that Henn got the yank for Hughes. I would have preferred he stay in the pen and Karstens get sent back to SWB. Thoughts?
2007-08-04 09:13:33
31.   51cq24
perfect game through 0 ip
2007-08-04 09:24:48
32.   Yankees Brasil
28 Brazilian!!
2007-08-04 09:36:56
33.   Chyll Will
32 No, he's talking about that new planet that replaced Pluto on the roster >;)
2007-08-04 09:48:18
34.   fgasparini

Is anyone here also a member of Replacement Level Yankees Weblog? I'm having trouble logging in over there, and I can't email anyone unless I'm logged in. Anyone got an email address for SG or Larry?

2007-08-04 09:54:00
35.   yankz
33 I heard Goofy got bumped from the 40-man?
2007-08-04 09:59:47
36.   OldYanksFan
One thing I really love about Fox is that even when they DON'T have a nationally televised game at 1:PM, they still black out from 1PM - 7PM.

This is because it's too much trouble to have some $9/hr junior tech flip a switch on a board somewhere. And of course, because Fox simply doesn't give a shit about bumming out hundreds of thousands of fans.

I went to a Club Med some years ago that happened to advertise a nice new pair of racquetball courts... a favorite game of mine at the time. Unfortunately, due to constuctions issues (which aren't that rare on deserted islands in the caribbean) the courts were not done when I got there.

It also happened that a quasi-semi-junior-wannabee-pro racquetball player was also there that week... and he was very bummed... and he happened to be a lawyer.

So, he spend his week gathering info and signatures for a class action lawsuit against Club Med. We thought this was pretty funny, but we all signed and gave him a good tease. Poor guy was bummed out in paradise.

9 months after I get home, I get a check from the Club for $200. The Club also makes a number of public announcements/apologies, and actually makes some changes to their construction and advertising policies.

I wish someone would do this on Fox's baseball broadcast policies. Winning a suit would not be the issue as much as negative publicity and the simply fact that we rose (raised?) us against the tyrant.

2007-08-04 10:01:52
37.   Chyll Will
35 He's still headlining the 60-day...
2007-08-04 10:02:44
38.   Ravenscar
Allow me, as a Mets fan to say that I'm very excited for this start by Hughes. Because I have him on my fantasy team. :-)

And, of course, it's a great story.

2007-08-04 10:03:09
39.   OldYanksFan
34 It seems the day of simple Email links is leaving us. Try:
2007-08-04 10:06:07
40.   Zack
has anyone else been getting weird messages from google about your search looking like something generated by spyware?
2007-08-04 10:08:00
41.   Chyll Will
40 Yeah, I'd leave those alone if I were you. They seem like pfishcrap to me...
2007-08-04 10:09:20
42.   yankz
40 Nope, I'd run something like adaware if I were you.

Oh, how I hate you, FOX.

2007-08-04 10:09:45
43.   Ravenscar
Betemit at 1B! His first career start there.

That's just.... odd.

Isn't it?

2007-08-04 10:09:46
44.   Zack
It seems to be coming from google itself, and won't let me search unless I type in a security code thingy, which is fine, but it seems weird. I know i don't have spyware, and all i tried to search for was to get myself, um, able to see this game...
2007-08-04 10:10:01
45.   51cq24
2007-08-04 10:11:02
46.   yankz
2007-08-04 10:11:48
47.   RIYank
I'm psyched today.
2007-08-04 10:13:46
48.   Zack
Maybe we can trade Minky to the Royals so they can have grudasldadhasdjkad and mentadfkjasdashjditz on the same team...
2007-08-04 10:14:04
49.   Ravenscar
Holy crap. He made Grud look like a A-baller.
2007-08-04 10:14:11
50.   Zack
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2007-08-04 10:14:54
51.   RIYank
47 50 Is there an echo in here?
2007-08-04 10:15:13
52.   51cq24
hughes is good
2007-08-04 10:15:19
53.   Chyll Will
48 didn't they play together before?
2007-08-04 10:15:48
54.   Zack
I love no Kay today too!
2007-08-04 10:16:23
55.   RIYank
2007-08-04 10:16:25
56.   Zack
53 Minky was on KC last year, so probably. They shoulda never broken that up :)
2007-08-04 10:16:45
57.   Chyll Will
2007-08-04 10:17:14
58.   Zack
I'm kind of surprised Betimit is playing 1b today with Hughes, who is a GB pitcher
2007-08-04 10:17:24
59.   yankz
2007-08-04 10:17:49
60.   yankz
7.1 consecutive now...
2007-08-04 10:18:20
61.   yankz
51 Yeeeeeah!
2007-08-04 10:20:37
62.   51cq24
what's the record? at least 18
2007-08-04 10:21:50
63.   SF Yanks
Why can't I change the screen size on mlb tv on the higher resolution feed? Is there something I'm missing?
2007-08-04 10:21:58
64.   Bob Timmermann
Record for what in particular?
2007-08-04 10:22:49
65.   Zack
63 I've never tried, but I think with their built in player thing, it doesn't give you the option?
2007-08-04 10:23:53
66.   RIYank
64 Shut up.
(No offense)
2007-08-04 10:24:39
67.   51cq24
64 hitless inning streak
2007-08-04 10:25:03
68.   Zack
64 see 60
2007-08-04 10:25:07
69.   RIYank
64 Something that lots of baseball fans don't like to mention regarding their own team. But I think the question is about the inning-level, not game-level.
2007-08-04 10:25:12
70.   SF Yanks
65 Well, usually I can go from tiny, to medium, to full screen. Right now I'm stuck on tiny and I've never been "stuck" before. Weird.
2007-08-04 10:26:20
71.   Hocakes
Let's go, Mr. 499!!!
2007-08-04 10:26:22
72.   51cq24
24.1 cy young
2007-08-04 10:26:28
73.   RIYank
I can't believe this game isn't nationally televised.
2007-08-04 10:26:51
74.   Zack
Man oh man would Kay be pissed if A-Rod hit #500 without him at the mic
2007-08-04 10:27:14
75.   RIYank
2007-08-04 10:27:36
76.   Zack
70 Are you on a mac or pc?
2007-08-04 10:27:44
77.   51cq24
that was so anticlimactic i thought it was foul
2007-08-04 10:27:51
78.   Zack
2007-08-04 10:28:18
79.   Chyll Will
First Pitch, Babee! WHOO-HOO!!!!
2007-08-04 10:28:18
80.   Bob Timmermann
24 innings is the longest hitless streak. Cy Young did it in 1904. There was a relief appearances during the streak.

And a perfect game.

Johnny Vander Meer got to 21 innings.

2007-08-04 10:28:20
81.   OldYanksFan
2007-08-04 10:28:24
82.   Ravenscar
Someone in left field just won the lottery.
2007-08-04 10:28:37
83.   3rd gen yankee fan
HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-08-04 10:29:19
84.   seamus
woo hoo!
2007-08-04 10:29:34
85.   Mike T
Four words:





That is all. Now we can get back to focusing on everything other than that.

2007-08-04 10:29:37
86.   RIYank
Okay, let's play baseball now.
2007-08-04 10:29:40
87.   Zack
Wow, no curtain call? I guess there was enough celebration...

I know at least JL25and3 is there, wonder who else from here?

2007-08-04 10:29:46
88.   mehmattski
Can anyone watching on TV describe the team's reaction?

John Sterling's call had a good five seconds of dead silence as he tried to figure out whether it was fair.

2007-08-04 10:29:55
89.   Chyll Will
He stood there waiting for it to go foul. Funny, I didn't have any doubt; the way he hit it and all.
2007-08-04 10:30:46
90.   Zack
And wadda ya know, Pete Abe reports that Boras was there today. Coincidence?
2007-08-04 10:31:14
91.   51cq24
80 hughes will be tied after this perfect game and next week's no hitter
2007-08-04 10:31:29
92.   yankz
HELL YES! Congrats, A-ROD!
2007-08-04 10:31:45
93.   Hocakes
You could read Alex's lips there. He said, "I'm glad that's over". Nice moment.
2007-08-04 10:32:09
94.   Chyll Will
88 That was probably the best part about it >;) Reaction? Relief, it seemed. Not overly-celebratory, but pleased to say the least.
2007-08-04 10:32:19
95.   3rd gen yankee fan
I'm so happy for the Banterers who are there today! Phil Hughes pitching AND Alex's #500!
2007-08-04 10:32:24
96.   Zack
88 The whole team came out to great him, Melky and Cano were literally dancing around him in the dugout. I didn't see their reactions when he hit it though.

Leave it to Sterling to screw it up. But Singleton was understated as well in trying to figure its path

2007-08-04 10:32:33
97.   yankz
88 They all left the dugout, it was a nice scene.
2007-08-04 10:33:14
98.   Ravenscar
As far as the team's, they all came out of the dugout to greet him, to a person. I think they were all just exhausted by it, but I really think he is genuinely well-liked by the team.
2007-08-04 10:33:30
99.   RIYank
Hey, the team hits the cycle this inning!
2007-08-04 10:33:38
100.   Ravenscar
Boy, Cano's on fire lately.
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2007-08-04 10:34:11
101.   Chyll Will
2007-08-04 10:34:14
102.   Zack
Cano has been hitting for so much power lately!

Looks like Davies don't got it right now

2007-08-04 10:34:26
103.   brockdc
The upside: A-Rod hits it!!

The downside: The ensuing two and a half hour mutual Sportsgasm: A-Rod's 500th Edition by Sterling and Waldman.

2007-08-04 10:34:33
104.   3rd gen yankee fan
I thought Waldman was saying that the Royals got a decent starter in the Dotel trade.
2007-08-04 10:34:39
105.   51cq24
96 maybe like me they were thrown off by arod just standing and watching. it ended up being very fair
2007-08-04 10:34:51
106.   OldYanksFan
NOW can ARod sleep over at Jeter's house?
2007-08-04 10:36:22
107.   Ravenscar
It WAS nice not to hear Kay's call for that HR, actually.
2007-08-04 10:36:32
108.   Zack
106 Nah, that was so unclutch. It wasn't in the 9th inning, so it shouldn't count. And the team wasn't behind
2007-08-04 10:36:34
109.   Chyll Will
Well, that will get old in another inning...
2007-08-04 10:37:32
110.   Zack
Ahem... So, I wonder how Hughes will handle the long inning.
2007-08-04 10:38:39
111.   Bob Timmermann
Scott Proctor could have struck out just like Betemit did!
2007-08-04 10:38:46
112.   SF Yanks
75 I refreshed the page and saw your 500!!! before the mlb feed caught up to i, and lets just say it ruined the surprise :(

Oh well, damn I'm stoked to watch Hughes right now. I've been waiting like a kid waiting for Christmas.

2007-08-04 10:38:55
113.   Chyll Will
I'm glad I finally got full cable so I could see that >;)
2007-08-04 10:39:38
114.   RIYank
Hm. What will tomorrow's Daily News headline be now?

"Hughes Throws 31 Pitches Out of Strike Zone"?

2007-08-04 10:39:41
115.   51cq24
110 with perfection, obviously
2007-08-04 10:39:54
116.   Yu-Hsing Chen
best game fo the season already, now we just need a 6 game sweeep of boston to complete it ! XD
2007-08-04 10:41:01
117.   RIYank
112 Oooh, sorry.
It really takes the intertubes a long time to get to SF, huh?
2007-08-04 10:41:03
118.   Zack
So next year, A-Rod is pretty sure to pass Mantle. Hope he does it as a Yank
2007-08-04 10:42:31
119.   51cq24
that was a strike this umpire just ruined the perfect game
2007-08-04 10:42:34
120.   RIYank
115 Okay, that was your fault, entirely your fault. That walk.
2007-08-04 10:42:47
121.   Zack
2007-08-04 10:42:53
122.   OldYanksFan
So.. Anybody watching BBTN tonight?
Well... ESPN has ARod up front already, but they juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust couldn't help:
"But regardless of his age (32) and his historic pace, there are no guarantees he'll someday be the all-time leader"

Really? No guarantee he doen't hit a mear 255 more HRs? Seriously? Man, I'm glad I read it on ESPN, before I bet the farm on it.

What assholes.

2007-08-04 10:43:06
123.   Chyll Will
114 Trust me, they will kiss major ass...
2007-08-04 10:43:37
124.   Zack
His control doesn't seem to be quite as sharp as it is when hes at full strength. Maybe it will pick up a bit as the game goes on
2007-08-04 10:44:43
125.   Zack
Not much of a strike zone today, huh?
2007-08-04 10:45:28
126.   Chyll Will
124 the ump ain't helping right now, but if he keeps hitting that spot the ump will have to come around...
2007-08-04 10:46:57
127.   SF Yanks
117 is always a good 30-45 seconds behind I think no matter where we're at in the States.
2007-08-04 10:47:10
128.   RIYank
Control looks pretty good to me.
2007-08-04 10:47:32
129.   Chyll Will
2007-08-04 10:47:40
130.   Zack
Nasty pitch!
2007-08-04 10:47:57
131.   RIYank
127 Is that consistent? I've sometimes found it much more behind than that, sometimes much less.
2007-08-04 10:49:15
132.   Chyll Will
He'll do...
2007-08-04 10:49:19
133.   51cq24
haha nice the streak goes on
2007-08-04 10:49:39
134.   RIYank
Dang. K-city.
2007-08-04 10:49:56
135.   Zack
NIIICE! Control got a lot better after the walk...
2007-08-04 10:50:30
136.   yankz
God, I love him so much.
2007-08-04 10:50:47
137.   Zack
127 131 Well, for me in San Diego today, (or perhaps Brazil), its not very far behind at all.
2007-08-04 10:50:49
138.   OldYanksFan
Ya know... it would be SUPER easy for MLB.TV to make it so the magic link doesn't work. I'm amazed it does. I wonder if this is an intentional 'mistake'? Honor their deal with Fox and create an underground of happy fans?

Gotta also wonder why Fox isn't televising this game. I guess the Muts at 4PM is a better game.

2007-08-04 10:51:32
139.   Zack
136 You might be venturing beyond the man crush level, be careful...
2007-08-04 10:51:52
140.   yankz
Anyone got Phenom's pitch count?
2007-08-04 10:51:59
141.   Chyll Will
131 Here in NYC, I usually find SF to be about 3 hours behind on a consistent basis... >;)
2007-08-04 10:52:22
142.   Zack
Ok, am i insane, or does the inning break music remind anyone else of the music from Wallace and Grommit?
2007-08-04 10:54:48
143.   OldYanksFan
141 You live in NYC??? I thought you lived down south...
2007-08-04 10:57:40
144.   Zack
Hughes at 29 pitches...On pace for 6 innings, 90 pitches, which is about what should be expected today...
2007-08-04 10:57:49
145.   SF Yanks
131 Well, it usually seems to be consistently behind a good amount. For me anyways. I hate it because I always refresh the Banter to see that something happened before I get to see it. You would think I'd learn to to not read so far ahead.
2007-08-04 10:59:01
146.   yankz
Arod hits 501!!!

(kidding, SF Yanks)

2007-08-04 10:59:11
147.   Chyll Will
143 Must be my homespun wit that dun crossed ya up every which-a-ways >;)
2007-08-04 10:59:50
148.   RIYank
144 No, I'm afraid Hughes is at 39 pitches. The Ks and the BB took a whole lot of pitches.
2007-08-04 11:00:25
149.   Zack
Let's see how the inning affects Hughes
2007-08-04 11:01:39
150.   SF Yanks
146 Wow!! You actually had me for a spliiiit sec until I read the next line. It was a brief moment of confusion, thank you very much. Too funny.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-08-04 11:01:45
151.   Zack
148 Oops, you're right, I read the strikes as total...Well, he threw a lot to the first batter last i said, his control isn't as sharp as it will be...
2007-08-04 11:02:15
152.   RIYank
Ohhhhh, man.
Well, that's that.
2007-08-04 11:02:50
153.   Zack
2007-08-04 11:03:36
154.   Hocakes
Ok, no problem, 3 more K's, coming right up.
2007-08-04 11:03:47
155.   yankz
Aw, dammit.
2007-08-04 11:04:00
156.   Chyll Will
Matsui, never ASSUME, because you make an ASS out of U & ME... dammit.
2007-08-04 11:04:03
157.   Zack
Well, this isn't auspicious...
2007-08-04 11:04:31
158.   RIYank
Oh, cool, Jorgie almost bailed out his little brother there.
2007-08-04 11:05:06
159.   RIYank
156 You make a MATS out of U and I.
2007-08-04 11:06:13
160.   yankz
Gathright is blindingly fast.

Also, I am very impressed that LaRue has a .252 OBP but only a .163 BA.

2007-08-04 11:07:30
161.   RIYank
Well, now let's see Phil rack up some Ks and most important, get the W.
2007-08-04 11:08:42
162.   Zack
Control is def. off
2007-08-04 11:09:53
163.   yankz
Yeah, he's missing by a lot on every pitch. Heat?
2007-08-04 11:10:10
164.   RIYank
Ugh, bloop double.

Now I'm just thinking about the W.

2007-08-04 11:11:28
165.   Zack
I think its just rust and nerves. Similar to his first start way back when...its not like they are exactly crushing the ball. He's just missing his spots, which means a lot of pitches and not quite being able to put them away
2007-08-04 11:13:24
166.   RIYank
I'm not concerned about Phil long term at all. I am a little concerned about this game, namely, who will pitch the sixth inning? Seventh?
2007-08-04 11:14:21
167.   Chyll Will
Good thing his glove is still there...
2007-08-04 11:14:35
168.   yankz
166 I can't bring myself to say who will, inevitably, pitch the 8th.
2007-08-04 11:15:09
169.   Zack
I don't know why they sent Henn down instead of Karstens or releasing Cairo, but neither of them can pitch, so I assume Joe will just trot out Villone for two...
2007-08-04 11:15:59
170.   Chyll Will
Is that TP sticking out the back of his...
2007-08-04 11:17:03
171.   SF Yanks
Hughes has been sitting in the 88-91 range. I remember all the talk about how he was a power pitcher. I don't see him being as dominant as I originally thought/hoped. I'm sure he'll be very successful regardless, but I always thought he was spotting 95 mph'ers.
2007-08-04 11:17:21
172.   RIYank
Hey, isn't today Pettitte's throw day?
2007-08-04 11:17:29
173.   Bama Yankee
Just getting here, does anyone have the "special link" today?
2007-08-04 11:18:38
174.   RIYank
A guy who takes walks and then steals is going to see a lot of good pitches, right?
2007-08-04 11:19:11
175.   Chyll Will
Wow, that was pretty good...
2007-08-04 11:19:20
176.   Ravenscar
Out by a MILE. And no one on YES bothered to say so even when they showed it point-blank on the replay.

A little embarrassing, broadcasting crew.

2007-08-04 11:19:50
177.   Zack
171 Hughes usually sits 91-93 (the Yes gun is notoriously wacky). Same as Santana. Both of them are power pitchers in that they generate a lot of ks by pinpoint location and a huge difference from their fastballs (which "explode" as in they seem faster than they are) to their off-speed stuff, which are all plus pitches.

Don't read into Hughes' speed, its the same thing Steve L at waswatching has been getting stuck on. Throwing 95 does not a power pitcher make

2007-08-04 11:23:54
178.   RIYank
173 Oh, you missed a little something in the first inning.
2007-08-04 11:23:58
179.   Chyll Will
173 I had the "Early Bird Special" this morning, pancakes, two eggs and sausage...
2007-08-04 11:24:31
180.   SF Yanks
177 Yeah I see your point and I also notice Steve taking that route too and for the most part I agree with you. I guess what I'm trying to say is I just thought he sat around 94-95 while that definitely is not the case. However, that doesn't seem to be hurting him, like you said, so I don't think it matters.
2007-08-04 11:29:04
181.   RIYank
Love me that Betemit!
2007-08-04 11:29:08
182.   OldYanksFan
He will be 94-95 at times, especially when he's up to full strength. He hasn't pitched much in the last 10 weeks. But as Mo (on the positive) and Farns (on the negative) prove, command is far more important then sheer velocity. Mo, at 93-95 with great command, was almost untouchable. Phil could get there too.
2007-08-04 11:29:15
183.   Bama Yankee
179 Did you use the decaf syrup?
(BTW, that story cracks me up everytime I think about it)
2007-08-04 11:29:36
184.   Chyll Will
Was that SpongeBob interlude music the organ player just played?
2007-08-04 11:31:06
185.   claybeez
180 I think he did sit higher before they changed his mechanics. There was a breakdown of this a while back, either at Hardball Times or The Baseball Analysts, IIRC. They used video to breakdown his new delivery and what the writer believed was the cause of his reduced velocity.
2007-08-04 11:31:40
186.   OldYanksFan
Does anyone notice that Betemit has a VERY similar stance, approach and swing as Cano? At bat, he looks like his bigger brother.
2007-08-04 11:32:19
187.   RIYank
That single for Betemit spoils my nickname for him: "Three True Outcomes". (Check out his previous NYY plate appearances.)
2007-08-04 11:33:38
188.   yankz
185 IIRC, the dude who wrote that compared him to Jaret Wright (not a typo) the very day before the Texas start. So, I don't really consider him an expert.
2007-08-04 11:34:09
189.   claybeez

Part I:
Part II:

Now, I know nothing about mechanics. I don't know if the analysis is accurate or he's talking bullocks.

2007-08-04 11:34:54
190.   Chyll Will
183 Heh! I'm glad you remembered that, I should write about that sometime. If Neifi! had done the same, he'd be playing right now >;)
2007-08-04 11:35:50
191.   yankz
Man, my heart stopped for a second.
2007-08-04 11:36:05
192.   RIYank
Hughes isn't looking good this inning, very hittable.
2007-08-04 11:38:01
193.   RIYank
Needed that DP.
2007-08-04 11:38:02
194.   yankz
189 He's dominated every single MiL level he's pitched at. I'd say he, and his pitching coaches, know more about his mechanics than Carlos Gomez does.
2007-08-04 11:38:34
195.   Chyll Will
192 ...but that was sure sweet.
2007-08-04 11:39:44
196.   Zack
The other thing about Hughes and his velocity etc, is that when he's on, which is most of the time :), he generates tons of gbs...
2007-08-04 11:39:50
197.   RIYank
Mmmmmm, yummy finish to that (half) inning. I feel better.
2007-08-04 11:39:59
198.   Chyll Will
2007-08-04 11:40:23
199.   Zack
And control, decent velocity, Good GB/FB ratio, and Ks is sort of the ideal power pitcher...

Good 4th inning :)

2007-08-04 11:40:38
200.   SF Yanks
189 Yeah I've actually read that before. What worries me about that, is he's getting his info from a couple of grainy video shots. I don't know how reliable it is but the information is definitely interesting.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-08-04 11:42:23
201.   Chyll Will
196 Grateful Butt Slaps?
2007-08-04 11:43:28
202.   Bama Yankee
200 SF Yanks, did you get the "special link" for today's game?
2007-08-04 11:44:31
203.   Zack
201 Maybe if you are Yankz 136 :)
2007-08-04 11:47:12
204.   Chyll Will
203 Wowzers, too funny >|D
2007-08-04 11:48:14
205.   RIYank
And now he's over .300 again.
2007-08-04 11:49:51
206.   RIYank
Nice. Now I'm feeling more comfortable about our lead. Not too comfortable, mind you, thinking about the five or six non-Hughes pitchers who will take the mound later. But more comfortable.
2007-08-04 11:50:55
207.   OldYanksFan
Wow... Matsui with 75 RBI already.
2007-08-04 11:53:32
208.   cult of basebaal
jesus ... what a pain in the ass it's been trying to actually watch the game today ... a special fuck you to fox sports is in order ... christ ... meanwhile ... things are looking good ... alex's 500th, hughes with a lead into the 5th ... joey joe joe starting betemit at 1st ... what's next ... worthless being reduced to pitching for the newark bears??? do i dare to dream?
2007-08-04 11:53:37
209.   Chyll Will
aw, pfishcrap. Well anyway, we should be all right from here...
2007-08-04 11:54:44
210.   OldYanksFan
Before today's 2 RS and 3 RBI, ARod is projecting to have 148 RS and 160 RBI... along with 53 HRs. Sick numbers or what.
2007-08-04 11:57:14
211.   RIYank
Yike. Don't Walk Gathright.
2007-08-04 12:01:09
212.   Chyll Will
I like Joey Gathright. Remember when he got smacked down by Tavarez earlier this year (or was it late last year?) Joey Gathright has an nth degree black belt in karate and could've tore him to shreds with his pinky, but just took it like a man and kept it moving. Not a whole lot to prove in my book.
2007-08-04 12:02:49
213.   RIYank
Oh CARP. Crud.
2007-08-04 12:03:28
214.   Zack
Crud, first real hard hit of the game, that damn DeJesus seems to kill us...
2007-08-04 12:03:30
215.   cult of basebaal
2007-08-04 12:04:31
216.   Chyll Will
Still have the lead, though...
2007-08-04 12:07:01
217.   RIYank
Well, Phil, get Butler, then we'll add a couple of runs. Then Myers to face the two lefties in the sixth...
2007-08-04 12:08:21
218.   yankz
Oh come on Phenom, one more...
2007-08-04 12:08:22
219.   RIYank

He looked real good early, huh?

2007-08-04 12:08:59
220.   Zack
Crud, well, let the fair weather yanks fans come out and claim that we should have traded Phil for Gagne :)

Oh well, get em next time kid...

2007-08-04 12:09:32
221.   williamnyy23
What a massive downer...Arod hits 500...Hughes strikes out the side in the 2nd...and now the game is in jeopardy.

If they lose this game, it will be a huge pyschological blow.

2007-08-04 12:09:39
222.   Chyll Will
oh well, nice try Kid. Better luck next time. Let's hold them in place, guys...
2007-08-04 12:09:53
223.   cult of basebaal
ick ... ack ... uck!
2007-08-04 12:09:57
224.   RIYank
I'm a lot more worried about this game than I am about the Phuture.
2007-08-04 12:10:28
225.   yankz
Damn. He could potentially give up 6 ER in less than 5 IP. At least he didn't get hurt...

Also, he didn't pitch well in his debut, but dominated his 2nd start. So, maybe we shouldn't worry too much...

2007-08-04 12:10:52
226.   yankz
224 Ditto.
2007-08-04 12:11:21
227.   williamnyy23
Greinke and Soria have been's imperative that the Yankees don't fall behind in this game.
2007-08-04 12:12:56
228.   RIYank
Goddam Myers.
Shoot, I really thought we were going to cruise to this victory.
2007-08-04 12:13:11
229.   Zack
I hate myers
2007-08-04 12:13:20
230.   cult of basebaal
another day, another lefty smacks mike myers around ... fuck!
2007-08-04 12:13:36
231.   williamnyy23
Incredible...Myers picks up where he left up shots to lefties. The biggest concern about this game is it is now in the hands of Torre, which means the Yankees are playing with a handicap.
2007-08-04 12:14:08
232.   Chyll Will
221 It won't be that bad. It might piss them off enough to tear up KC the rest of the series (if the Yanks lose, that is)

As for us, I wouldn't mind if Jorge tears up Myers in between innings...

2007-08-04 12:14:27
233.   yankz
I believe it was Goldman who recently pointed out that Myers lets a lot of inherited runners score.
2007-08-04 12:15:03
234.   williamnyy23
232 Rest of the series...that's only 1 more game. Anything less than a sweep in this series is not acceptable.
2007-08-04 12:15:09
235.   yankz
Whoa, Myers totally changed his delivery up right there.
2007-08-04 12:15:24
236.   nyy jim
Myers sucked with the red sux and he sucks with us.
2007-08-04 12:15:34
237.   cult of basebaal
guess we didn't need sean henn after all ... well, that sucked balls
2007-08-04 12:16:31
238.   RIYank
How about dumping Myers to gain a roster spot? He's not useful.

So, is today Andy's throw day? I'm not excited about seeing our bullpen throw four innings.

2007-08-04 12:17:44
239.   williamnyy23
This is a must score inning.
2007-08-04 12:18:23
240.   Chyll Will
234 We'll win today.
2007-08-04 12:18:44
241.   RIYank
Two pitches, two hits!
2007-08-04 12:19:00
242.   williamnyy23
Great job by Cano...if he adds baserunning to his game, look out.
2007-08-04 12:19:04
243.   yankz
Myers 2005 in Boston:
141 ERA+
Lefties batted .158/.198/.211/.409 for an OPS+ against of 18.

No, he did not suck as a LOOGY in Boston.

However, this year righties have a 44 OPS+ against, while lefties are at 128.

2007-08-04 12:19:11
244.   cult of basebaal
2007-08-04 12:19:38
245.   cult of basebaal
hmmmm ... methinks a melky bunt in 3 ... 2 ... 1
2007-08-04 12:19:40
246.   RIYank
Oh, gosh, that was a dumb play. How nice for us!
2007-08-04 12:19:41
247.   williamnyy23
242 Nice Robbie...and even better Betemit.
2007-08-04 12:20:27
248.   cult of basebaal
oops ... never mind, didn't see that robby had gone to third ... carry on ...
2007-08-04 12:21:13
249.   RIYank
Whoa, our team has forgotten about taking pitches. Five pitches, four balls in play!
2007-08-04 12:21:15
250.   williamnyy23
The Yanks will need more than 1 run.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-08-04 12:22:25
251.   SF Yanks
202 Sorry Bama, I was away from the Banter for awhile. Do you have it, need it? I have the higher reso feed and I don't know if that will be a problem. Let me know.
2007-08-04 12:24:11
252.   williamnyy23
Who is going to pitch the 6th and 7th...Bruney? Farnsworth? If only Viz and Mo had been kept out of the blowouts.
2007-08-04 12:25:38
253.   RIYank
So close.
2007-08-04 12:26:06
254.   randym77
DeJesus is killin' us today.
2007-08-04 12:26:36
255.   williamnyy23
Damn....that would have been least I wouldn't have had to watch the next few innings covering my eyes.
2007-08-04 12:28:44
256.   RIYank
What inspires confidence like Brian Bruney with a one-run lead?
2007-08-04 12:29:16
257.   Bama Yankee
251 Yes, I need it. The high res option is okay.
2007-08-04 12:30:22
258.   RIYank
My crystal ball shows Villone's name coming up next on the Wheel of Guts.
2007-08-04 12:31:04
259.   SF Yanks
257 For some reason I can't get the url off of it. Do you know how to get?
2007-08-04 12:32:09
260.   Chyll Will
You know what's surprisingly okay? Frozen granola bars with a cold glass of milk.
2007-08-04 12:32:35
261.   RIYank
Whoa, it's Good Bruney. When was the last time we saw him??
2007-08-04 12:33:33
262.   RIYank
260 You southerners will eat anything frozen, huh?
2007-08-04 12:34:22
263.   thelarmis
258 don't stare into the Palantir! i fear you're right though...
2007-08-04 12:35:09
264.   RIYank

No problem, Brian, stay calm.

2007-08-04 12:36:05
265.   cult of basebaal
261 let's hope bad alex isn't more powerful than good bruney ...
2007-08-04 12:36:16
266.   williamnyy23
Damn...this is really shaping up to be one of the games. Clearly, an experienced 1B comes off the bag there. It's realyl a shame this team is in the position where it needs to experiment so late in the season.
2007-08-04 12:36:18
267.   cult of basebaal
or was that on betemit?
2007-08-04 12:36:32
268.   RIYank
E5, but Andy Phillips makes that play, right?
2007-08-04 12:37:00
269.   RIYank
Wow, Brian B. looking dominating!
2007-08-04 12:37:43
270.   thelarmis
BB w/ 3 K's!
2007-08-04 12:39:08
271.   cult of basebaal
now ... if we could only figure out what triggers that bruney, we'd have a much better bullpen ...
2007-08-04 12:39:17
272.   williamnyy23
268 easily
2007-08-04 12:39:26
273.   Chyll Will
262 Frozen, with a gallon of hot sauce; right Bama? >;)
2007-08-04 12:39:31
274.   Bob Timmermann
Bruney strikes out the side!

(Ducks and hides from person who objects to this particular use of the phrase.)

2007-08-04 12:40:31
275.   Chyll Will
Noooooo!!! Vile Kyle!!!!
2007-08-04 12:40:43
276.   williamnyy23
Farnsworth's nickname should be Impending Doom...I can't believe Joe still hasn't learned.
2007-08-04 12:41:00
277.   cult of basebaal
270 AH-HAH! that's it! there's where the confusion arises ... we'll just have Brian change his name to Ryan! and then his initials won't be subconsciously subverting his control!!!
2007-08-04 12:41:38
278.   cult of basebaal
no ... sweet jesus, no?!?!?!? farnsworth is up?
2007-08-04 12:42:01
279.   RIYank
Bobby baby!

Our guys can just freakin' hit, no doubt.

2007-08-04 12:42:04
280.   williamnyy23
Thank you Mr. Poncino.
2007-08-04 12:42:24
281.   thelarmis
boBBy baseball!
2007-08-04 12:42:30
282.   Chyll Will
Yeah! In your face, you fat F@#$!
2007-08-04 12:42:34
283.   cult of basebaal
2007-08-04 12:42:37
284.   williamnyy23
278 Yes...believe it or not.
2007-08-04 12:43:04
285.   Bama Yankee
273 LOL. Actually, you're probably right.
2007-08-04 12:43:43
286.   cult of basebaal
that looks like 2 we've just missed hitting out to center
2007-08-04 12:45:58
287.   RIYank
286 Gone in just about any other stadium.
2007-08-04 12:46:15
288.   cult of basebaal
276 but joe has learned ... he's obviously demoted Farnsworthcide ALL the way to being the 7th inning guy ... that's a TOTAL vote of no-confidence ... dontchaknow???
2007-08-04 12:46:31
289.   RIYank
Oh lord, it really is going to be Farns. Why not let BB continue??
2007-08-04 12:47:06
290.   SF Yanks
Any luck Bama? Maybe because I'm in Firefox it's not working right. I haven't been using Firefox all that long. Normally I could get it in the actual game viewer but it's not there and I cannot change the size of the screen either so something it definitely screwy.
2007-08-04 12:48:07
291.   yankz
289 Are you kidding? It's the 8th inning.
2007-08-04 12:48:16
292.   williamnyy23
In a perfect world, Farnsworth pitches with the team up 7-1 in yesterdays game and Viz and Mo split nine outs. Unfortunately, Joe keeps using Mo and Viz with big leads, requiring that Krazy Kyle still play a role.
2007-08-04 12:48:52
293.   RIYank
291 Well, technically, it's the seventh coming up. :-)
2007-08-04 12:49:21
294.   yankz
And don't forget that Hughes always goes through an adjustment when jumping levels.
2007-08-04 12:50:06
295.   RIYank
292 I agree, except that a perfect world does not contain Kyle Farnsworth. Or if it does, he earns a living in some other way than baseball. Or possibly playing for the Red Sox.

Ah, Jorgie gets on base for the first time!

2007-08-04 12:50:11
296.   yankz
293 Oh, my bad, I completely forgot. This game is taking forever.

I'm guessing it'll go Farns/Viz/Mo.

2007-08-04 12:50:37
297.   williamnyy23
294 I wouldn't worry about Hughes...the only well hit ball was DeJesus' HR. Butler's 2B could have been a single if Melky wasn't so aggressive on it.
2007-08-04 12:50:39
298.   yankz
295 In my perfect world, Farnsworth manages the Red Sox.
2007-08-04 12:50:58
299.   williamnyy23
Did Singleton just mention Very nice.
2007-08-04 12:51:26
300.   williamnyy23
298 Player manage would be even better.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-08-04 12:52:22
301.   williamnyy23
Ughhh!!! Stuff like that drives me nuts. 2 inches and we have 2 runs.
2007-08-04 12:52:28
302.   RIYank
Cano misses by inches!
Man, in a smaller stadium we'd have maybe a dozen runs.
2007-08-04 12:53:03
303.   Bama Yankee
290 No luck. Thanks for trying.
2007-08-04 12:54:03
304.   yankz
Cano has the most ridiculous hot streaks.
2007-08-04 12:54:37
305.   thelarmis
robbie's at .310
2007-08-04 12:54:53
306.   cult of basebaal
BETEMIT! you must triumph over the forces of bad facial hair!
2007-08-04 12:55:54
307.   cult of basebaal
304 he was hitting .420 post-ASB ... and that was before the 3 hits today
2007-08-04 12:56:14
308.   williamnyy23
Thank you Scoot Proctor.
2007-08-04 12:56:14
309.   RIYank
Guy's a keeper.
2007-08-04 12:56:43
310.   cult of basebaal

sorry andy ... but i think we've found our starting 1b for the season ...

2007-08-04 12:57:09
311.   yankz
I still miss EDSP!!!!!
2007-08-04 12:57:30
312.   thelarmis
Willie B.!!!
2007-08-04 12:59:22
313.   RIYank
DeJesus finally misses one!
2007-08-04 13:00:33
314.   RIYank
Okay, now Farns is allowed to pitch.
2007-08-04 13:00:46
315.   thelarmis
Leche! melk - it does a yankee fan good
2007-08-04 13:00:57
316.   Chyll Will
Wow, how did they allow Farns to switch sides so quickly? Credit Cash for making a really quick deal when it matters! >;)
2007-08-04 13:01:47
317.   cult of basebaal
man ... this team goes from 0 to ass-kicking in a heatbeat
2007-08-04 13:01:53
318.   SF Yanks
Does anyone have the special link? A simple copy and paste would do wonders: Topher00ATcomcastDOTnet

Thanks if you got it.

2007-08-04 13:03:57
319.   williamnyy23
Cano's hot streak is incredible. He has such a smooth rhythm in his swing that it just might be that he needs some time to get everything in working order. If he ever learns to get out of the gate hot, he could put up some very nice numbers.
2007-08-04 13:05:07
320.   RIYank
Hey, I bet Betemit feels pretty good about being removed for a LIDR! That's kind of a milestone.
2007-08-04 13:06:28
321.   cult of basebaal
perfect ... phillips takes over on D ... it's the improved version of the offensive/defensive platoon we all wanted at the beginning of the year

now ... if we can just keep mienftzfdjka that hell away from torre's itchy hands, we might just be okay from here on out

2007-08-04 13:07:07
322.   thelarmis
here comes 11-8...
2007-08-04 13:07:17
323.   SF Yanks
Bama email.
2007-08-04 13:07:21
324.   nyy jim
hold your breath and cross your fingers and get ready to curse. Farnsworthless is at it again.
2007-08-04 13:07:43
325.   williamnyy23
Earth to Joe...Farnsworth sucks...don't put this game back in jeopardy.
2007-08-04 13:08:02
326.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-08-04 13:08:26
327.   cult of basebaal
another Kwality outing by Kwazy Kyle!!!
2007-08-04 13:08:52
328.   Chyll Will
320 I'll bet he would have felt better if he were removed for a GLLN.

Oh well, I'm in Don Quixote mode this inning...

2007-08-04 13:09:29
329.   cult of basebaal
according to petey ... cano is 32 of his last 64!!!
2007-08-04 13:09:29
330.   williamnyy23
If Farnsworth's throws another pitch...oh wait, we've been through this just sucks that the Yankees manager does more to help the opposition.
2007-08-04 13:09:30
331.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-08-04 13:09:34
332.   thelarmis
i wish Neifi! would slip some of his special pills into Kyle's coffee the morning of test day. anything to get this guy off the playing field... : /
2007-08-04 13:11:35
333.   williamnyy23
The only time Farnsworth gets an out is on a line drive or fly ball that the batter just misses. Torre is a lost cause...why doesn't Cashman just bite the bullet and put him on waivers. Maybe someone will claim him.
2007-08-04 13:11:40
334.   Chyll Will
"There is no life in The Void, only... KYLE!"
2007-08-04 13:11:51
335.   Bama Yankee
323 Got it. It works! Thanks for your help.
2007-08-04 13:12:44
336.   williamnyy23
Matsui makes some pretty odd throws.
2007-08-04 13:13:04
337.   RIYank
And Kyle's streak is still alive! For a moment there I thought maybe he wouldn't give up a run.
2007-08-04 13:13:23
338.   williamnyy23
Gordon ...lefty...Villone...lefty...why not make a change here?
2007-08-04 13:13:36
339.   SF Yanks
335 Whew! No prob. I was on a mission there, lol, and I wasn't stopping. Glad I could help.
2007-08-04 13:13:51
340.   RIYank
Kyle and Brian Bruney have to swap initials.
2007-08-04 13:14:01
341.   cult of basebaal
332 heh! according to wil carroll, Neifi! is claiming that he has an exemption to the policy to take Adderol, but when he needed his last refill, he couldn't find a pharmacy that had them, so someone on the team told him that, "he could just take any amphetamine and it would be okay"

seriously ... that's not even to the level of a "the dog ate my homework" excuse

2007-08-04 13:15:07
342.   RIYank
K for the Big K!

Maybe there's hope for him after all...

(jk, jk)

2007-08-04 13:21:05
343.   Bob Timmermann
Myers outing is right on the cusp of "brief and ineffective" so I think Bruney could be given the win.
2007-08-04 13:21:46
344.   Chyll Will
Gee, why wasn't that ball in the dirt a strike??
2007-08-04 13:23:12
345.   RIYank
343 Totally agree.
2007-08-04 13:23:37
346.   Chyll Will
Hey I get it! You call all check swings a strike and Bobby follows with a solid hit! Quick, put that in the Formula!
2007-08-04 13:24:10
347.   RIYank
Our team hits very well.
2007-08-04 13:26:18
348.   seamus
347 you don't say!

This team is on pace to score over 950 runs now.

2007-08-04 13:26:21
349.   thelarmis
341 i read that, too. something about his ADHD. i'm a certified teacher and i guess it sort of does exist, but i don't really buy into the whole ADD thing...

340 i was thinking the same thing!

man, i've always loved abreu. he's coming around. i would like to see the yanks pick up his option and see if he as a more typical solid year throughout the whole season.

2007-08-04 13:26:27
350.   RIYank
Very well indeed.

We need a Cano homer today, by the way. For the cycle.

Also, it would be nice if Damon and Posada could get hits, and maybe even Andy. And for Damon and Melky to score.

There, that's not too much to ask.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-08-04 13:27:12
351.   Chyll Will
Now, what does Torre do to make this a save situation for Not Mo?
2007-08-04 13:28:06
352.   thelarmis
19 more hits, 13 more runs. our offense is a well-oiled machine at this point. esp. at home.

ooh, sori just looked awful on a ply in left field. ugh.

2007-08-04 13:29:16
353.   RIYank
Posada still hitless.
351 Cairo pitches? Or more Kyle?
2007-08-04 13:29:51
354.   thelarmis
let's blow this further open and let farns finish the game. i don't wish injury upon anyone, but maybe he can blow his elbow out, or something... ; )
2007-08-04 13:30:43
355.   thelarmis
maybe sean henn pitches. oh, wait...that's right... villone will probably finish it up.
2007-08-04 13:31:48
356.   RIYank
354 Oooh, I like that idea. Joe could do it, and then he could get rid of Kyle while maintaining his image as a vet-trusting old-school dude.
2007-08-04 13:32:13
357.   cult of basebaal
353 oooooooh! imagine what pitching an inning in a blowout would do for Miggy's BFoG rating!!!
2007-08-04 13:32:26
358.   Chyll Will
352 Is his defense wooden? Is he plying a new trade?
2007-08-04 13:33:03
359.   cult of basebaal
c'mon robbie! CYCLE!!!
2007-08-04 13:34:06
360.   RIYank
Goddam, Rob. Just too good.
2007-08-04 13:34:23
361.   Chyll Will
352 Maybe he should stick to 2-ply?
2007-08-04 13:34:25
362.   williamnyy23
Why is Posada still in?
2007-08-04 13:35:18
363.   williamnyy23
Farnsworth for the save!!!
2007-08-04 13:35:49
364.   claybeez
Am I the only one now feeling bad for the Royals?
2007-08-04 13:36:07
365.   cult of basebaal
wow ... just WOW!

this team is getting scary on offense

2007-08-04 13:36:18
366.   Chyll Will
350 Maybe Andy? RI, you should do this more often >;)
2007-08-04 13:36:21
367.   thelarmis
canoe is cilling it! ooh, i love cycles. oh well.

Bama boy goes BAM!

this is fun : )

2007-08-04 13:36:53
368.   RIYank
Oh, Rob.
Never touched the plate.
2007-08-04 13:37:41
369.   thelarmis
364 yes.
2007-08-04 13:37:49
370.   williamnyy23
Why are you sending Cano there? Forget about the run...if Cano gets injured that would be devestating.
2007-08-04 13:38:19
371.   Chyll Will
Damon should have told him to touch the plate again for good measure...
2007-08-04 13:38:37
372.   claybeez
371 Agreed.
2007-08-04 13:40:56
373.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's time for the Yankees to invest in a humidor.
2007-08-04 13:41:34
374.   RIYank
Damon left out today. Against his old buds, too.
2007-08-04 13:42:20
375.   thelarmis
scoring in 6 of 7 frames. we'll go 10 games over .500. royals pen a mess for tomorrow. hopefully we get to meche early and often.
2007-08-04 13:43:21
376.   Chyll Will
373 Better yet, they should invest in Rawlings. With the offense and Farnsworth still in the pen, it's a win-win!
2007-08-04 13:43:56
377.   Yankees Brasil
damn.. 0 for 6
2007-08-04 13:44:31
378.   Zack
Just checking back in to say that Farnsworth continues to suck. And Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead...
2007-08-04 13:44:58
379.   bartap74
Why bring in Vizcaino, who is presumably the team's top set-up man, when the team is up by 9?????
2007-08-04 13:45:13
380.   williamnyy23
It's amazing...16 to 7!! And Joe brings in one of the team's only 2 reliable relievers. What is wrong with him? He is really just plain stupid?
2007-08-04 13:46:43
381.   thelarmis
ugh. what a moron! viz does NOT need to be in there. keep kyle or throw villone for 2. this is reedikulus, cousin larry! mo best not be warming up...
2007-08-04 13:49:00
382.   bartap74
I really can't think of a single reasonable explanation for Viz being in the game at this point.
2007-08-04 13:49:29
383.   yankz
It's the 8th inning and he's the new 8th inning guy!!!
2007-08-04 13:49:39
384.   williamnyy23
The scores in Viz' last three appearances have been 8-1; 7-1 and 16-7. That's incompetence. If tomorrow's game is close (or the Monday day game), Viz will be working on little rest. I guess Joe wants to burn through Viz again because he obviiously didn't learn from his overload in April.

Even in a blowout win, one of the main themes I take from the game is that the team would be much better off it would replace Torre.

2007-08-04 13:51:09
385.   Chyll Will
382 Now you're thinking like Torre!

376 Either way, it's infinitely better than what the SF Giants did...

2007-08-04 13:52:30
386.   thelarmis
and also not to be lost in a blowout win is the fact that we've given up 7 runs on 10 hits...

it is nice to see 2 relievers 'strike out the side' though...

2007-08-04 13:53:33
387.   yankz
386 Yeah, the explosion is going to take a lot of heat off Phenom.
2007-08-04 13:55:05
388.   bartap74
Apparently, Torre is now managing the Royals bullpen as well. Soria is pitching in a 7-16 game?
2007-08-04 13:55:57
389.   williamnyy23
387 And Arod' 500 will provide some cover too. I didn't think he pitched poorly at all. I have no doubt he'll rebound.
2007-08-04 13:56:55
390.   yankz
Considering his position, I can easily see Cano among the VORP leaders in a few years, if he can master cold weather baseball.
2007-08-04 13:57:29
391.   yankz
389 Agreed. He'll be fine.

I think this outing, despite the numbers being worse, was better than his debut. A lot of the runs today were really cheap.

2007-08-04 13:57:46
392.   williamnyy23
388 The only difference is Soria has pitched once since July 27. Also, KC is not in a win every game pennant race.
2007-08-04 13:59:39
393.   yankz
I'd say it's a coin flip on whether or not we see Mo here.
2007-08-04 14:00:06
394.   RIYank
Hughes also struck out the side, don't forget.
2007-08-04 14:00:06
395.   Chyll Will
385 No Chyll, they're much smarter than that. You're not fooling anyone, buddy...
2007-08-04 14:00:43
396.   thelarmis
Phranchise will be fine.

Joe might need a gig next year and Buddy Bell is leaving, so perhaps he's trying to prepare KC's bullpen ; )

2007-08-04 14:01:52
397.   thelarmis
394 oh, i was just going on relievers... there's villone. let's make this one quick, thank you please!

2007-08-04 14:01:55
398.   RIYank
So, does Myers really get this win, or is Bob T. right (as I think) that the official scorer will step in and give it to someone else, presumably Bruney?
2007-08-04 14:02:33
399.   Chyll Will
394 Didn't he have a walk in that frame?
2007-08-04 14:02:43
400.   yankz
398 What's the justification for that? Was he not the relief pitcher pitching when the Yanks got the lead?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-08-04 14:05:04
401.   Chyll Will
369 Apparently someone else feels sorry for the Royals...
2007-08-04 14:05:55
402.   RIYank
394 Yes, and Bruney had that guy reach on error. It's the looser sense of "strike out the side", meaning strike out three guys.

400 Yeah, but he (Myers) sucked and doesn't deserve it. The scorer can make that ruling: "brief and ineffective."

2007-08-04 14:06:08
403.   tommyl
Here's how you know your BP management is retarded. PeteAbe is criticizing bringing in Viz. Wow, I never thought I'd see the day.
2007-08-04 14:06:43
404.   thelarmis
eh, let's go ahead and give the W to Bruney. why not!

c'mon villone, i said QUICK!!!

our pitching staff has a high WHIP today and have given up 5 XBH's.

2007-08-04 14:07:18
405.   RIYank
I am delighted that Villone won't be pitching tomorrow.
2007-08-04 14:07:19
406.   yankz
402 Damn, really? I had no idea that could happen, thanks.
2007-08-04 14:07:31
407.   tommyl
Sweet, I can just sense Mo coming in.
2007-08-04 14:08:02
408.   yankz
403 If the comments agree, then I'll have to change my position. No way can those dudes be right.
2007-08-04 14:08:11
409.   thelarmis
403 that's funny - i just sent pete abe an email and was venting about that. the email was a music related one, though...

ugh, no. more. runs. end this thing. NOW

2007-08-04 14:09:30
410.   RIYank
Sweet Jesus, end this thing.
2007-08-04 14:10:25
411.   yankz
This game got boring fast. 500 feels like yesterday.
2007-08-04 14:11:33
412.   RIYank
Thank you, Lord.

Maybe I'd give Viz. the win, just so he can rack them up. Does he lead all relievers in wins?

2007-08-04 14:13:11
413.   thelarmis
ah, my beer will taste ever so much better tonight! : )

welcome back, Phranchise!

congrats, A-Rod!!!

gitchya brooms for manana! let's hope for good Moose and continued bats afire...

2007-08-04 14:15:25
414.   randym77
"Kodak film"? Does anyone use film cameras any more?
2007-08-04 14:17:10
415.   thelarmis
myers got the win. he's 3-0.
2007-08-04 14:18:16
416.   RIYank
415 Damn.
2007-08-04 14:18:33
417.   cult of basebaal
403 i can already tell you what torre will say ... once he got The Deuce up, he might as well bring him in ... torre is nothing if not predictable
2007-08-04 14:18:33
418.   Chyll Will
Oi, that was pfun. And now, I'm off to see "The Simpsons Movie". Godd Evening >;)
2007-08-04 15:36:20
419.   tommyl
Steve Goldman has a scathing entry in Pinstriped Blog.
2007-08-04 16:39:49
420.   RIYank

We had four starters and two replacements today who are .300 hitters. I know, I know, stupid stat. (But Matsui and Cabrera could easily join that group in a couple of weeks.)

2007-08-04 16:57:32
421.   thelarmis
'ken tremendous' has a freaking hysterical post up at FJM. he rips apart ian o'connor, who in turn, is senselessly ripping apart A-Rod. put down your drink before reading or be prepared to spray all over your monitor. good stuff...
2007-08-04 18:14:18
422.   rabid stan
Joba just finished his two innings in SWB.

His line: 2 1 0 0 0 5 0 on 27 pitches.

All K's swinging.

2007-08-04 18:15:44
423.   Schteeve
I know, right? I wonder if Kodak paid him to say that, or if he's really that out of touch with reality. But I have to believe he owns like the most expensive digital camera on earth.
2007-08-04 18:27:54
424.   Vandelay Industries
So, who to root for tonight? If Seattle loses, and Detroit loses (they are down 6-3 in the eighth), we pull to within a game of Seattle and one and a half of Detroit right? What to do, what to do?
2007-08-04 18:33:08
425.   Mattpat11
424 Can't root for Boston.
2007-08-04 18:34:41
426.   Vandelay Industries

Thanks. I just needed someone to drive that point home. Although no matter the outcome, it helps the Yankees. How often does that happen? Woo hoo!

2007-08-04 18:49:48
427.   Vandelay Industries
It should be a pretty good game too. Matsuzaka vs. Washburn at home.
2007-08-04 19:36:16
428.   Alex Belth
Wow, Bonds just tied Aaron. Line drive to left, with lift. Really nice home run. Barry didn't have the little giddy jump fist pump and run that Mike Schmidt did when he hit 500, but he did have a quick little fist pump. I liked it. Nice homer, good reaction.
2007-08-04 20:07:26
429.   Mattpat11
428 Maybe he can go away now.
2007-08-04 20:08:19
430.   Vandelay Industries
428 I do have a question. Does Joe rework the rotation a tad leading up to the Sox series to give us the best chance to win if we happen to be withing a few games of first at the time? I doubt it, but one can dream.
2007-08-04 20:10:53
431.   Vandelay Industries

Nope. He's going to the AL next year, count on it. He got the record playing for SF, now he wants to put it out of reach. If you look at the HR per AB numbers, Ruth still dwarfs them all. I think its by almost 5 Ab's per HR. I have that to make me feel better.

2007-08-04 20:53:00
432.   yankz
Oh my god, you have to read Pete's latest post and see what Farns's son is named.
2007-08-04 20:57:28
433.   OldYanksFan
For other ARod fans, this is pretty sweet.
Serious manlove.
2007-08-04 20:59:29
434.   yankz
Steve Lombardi doesn't think Phil Hughes has ever shown anything that implies he'll help this year. Apparently he forgot about the 6.1 no-hit innings a few months back.
2007-08-04 21:01:15
435.   OldYanksFan
Lohud: "Yes, Kyle named his son Stone"
Well, I guess it's better the 'Brick'.
2007-08-04 21:03:00
436.   markp
If he said that, he's an idiot.
2007-08-04 22:57:32
437.   Vandelay Industries
To be fair, Lombardi didn't say that. He said that Hughes is only 21 and may need more time before he can be counted on to provide more than another more experienced starter down the stretch this season. I thought the writeup in its entirety was pretty objective and well done. I certainly hope he's wrong! But he wasn't overly critical of Hughes in that piece.

After watching Papelbon yet again tonight, this just in: He is very very very good. He got a couple bad calls and still had the Mariners best hitters helpless, swinging inches away from 91-98 MPH fastballs, and putting the lesser hitters away with 88 MPH splitters. Gagne, Papelbon, and Okajima make me think the Yankees have little chance of catching the Red Sox this season. I don't think its impossible, but I wasn't all that upset at the outcome of that game in Seattle. As mom always said, cross one bridge at a time, and right now we need to concentrate on leapfrogging Seattle and taking over first place in the Wild Card.

2007-08-04 23:19:33
438.   BklynBmr
437 Been flipping back and forth between Giants-Padres (Pods win in the 12th as I type this) and the Boston game, and was thinking the same thing about Papelbon. Even Ichiro looked hopelessly overmatched. Dude is the real deal.

Sawx now seem to have the deadly Stanton/Nelson/Mo smackdown. Have a lead in the 6th and game over. But we'll see. It's on paper now, let's see 'em do it.

I'm not giving up on the East by any means (anything can and probably will happen between now and then), but I don't want to see a grind to win the division that wears everyone out for the PS. Wild card could actually be cool — this offense as the 'dangerous underdog'? Yeah, I'll take that...

2007-08-05 01:13:06
439.   MARH
431 "If you look at the HR per AB numbers, Ruth still dwarfs them all. I think its by almost 5 Ab's per HR. I have that to make me feel better."

Hmm... According to this nifty NYT graphic, McGwire beats Ruth, 10.6 AB/HR vs 11.8.

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