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2007-08-01 14:14
by Alex Belth
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Big Andy Pettitte is on the hill tonight as the Yanks look to win the series against the White Sox. No soup for Alex Rodriguez last night. Of course, I'd love to see him hit that dinger--and, wouldn't you know it, so would Michael Kay, who was amping himself up for his big call something ridiculous last night--but I'll settle for a couple of hits in the meanwhile. Rodriguez had swung the bat well last night, a good sign. According to Pete Abe, Jorge Posada thinks Alex'll hit a couple tonight after being shutout of the homerthon yesterday.

Milestones aside, the "w" is the thing.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2007-08-01 14:43:37
1.   Cliff Corcoran
Karstens has been activated to take Proctor's spot in the pen. Basak will go down when Betemit arrives, which apparently hasn't happened yet (per LoHud).
2007-08-01 14:43:43
2.   JMEnglish
Will eight more Yanks hit a home run tonight, and A-Rod will be left out of the mix? What are the chances??

2007-08-01 14:45:17
3.   tommyl
Shoot, Karstens and not Edwar? Any notion of why that move was made?

Also, Kat is reporting that Damon is ticked he's not in the lineup and may want to be traded.

2007-08-01 14:48:13
4.   rbj
3 Melky in CF, Giambi at DH. Duncan around to spell OF & Giambi. Damon could be made expendable.
2007-08-01 14:49:09
5.   tommyl
3 Sorry, that was Ken Davidoff, not Kat.
2007-08-01 14:55:11
6.   monkeypants
I know that Joba's passprt snafu was discussed in the last thread, but it just occurred to me--why don't the Yankees just get all of their draftees (or even all of their minor leaguers) passports? Or at least make getting a passport a condition of signing?

How much would it really cost the organization, a few thousand dollars a year?

2007-08-01 14:58:43
7.   monkeypants
Me likey tonight's lineup. Still, is there any organization that has batted its 1B and/or DH in the 8th and 9th spots in the order more than the Yankees in the last couple of years?
2007-08-01 15:16:02
8.   monkeypants
3 I posted something at the end of the last thread. I assume they want to call up a potential "long man" for the BP. Also, Hughes isn't bac yet, so maybe he's an emergency spot starter in case something goes awry.

It will be interesting to see if Henn sticks around as the third lefty and supposed long man, or if Joba will replace him. If Bruney is demoted, then another spot opens up for Edwar.

2007-08-01 15:16:50
9.   Raf
6 I don't know if you can really call it a 'snafu' though. Passport issues are relatively new due to DHS mandates. Having said that, a US passport wasn't an issue when in the minors because crossing the border by bus/train/car isn't as difficult as crossing a border by air.

I probably haven't explained it well, but the powers that be are a bit more gung-ho about security on planes than they are about buses or trains.

2007-08-01 15:17:08
10.   monkeypants
Wow, I just posted three (now four) times in a row. I'm lame.
2007-08-01 15:17:09
11.   vockins
0 The schadenfreude of having Ken Singleton make A-Rod's 500th HR call exclusively would be delicious.
2007-08-01 15:20:30
12.   monkeypants
9 I understand that, but I was required to use a passport for air travel to Canada even before I moved here more than threeyears ago. So this shouldn't have been asurprise. While it's not a big deal for most MiLeaguers, it would make sense (I think) for the Yankees to have all (or many) of their MiL players obtain a passport in case of emergency call ups, especially given that they share the same division as Toronto.
2007-08-01 15:22:25
13.   Zack
Wow, Henn has been used so rarely I didn't even realize he was on the roster! Do we really need three lefties at the expense of better pitchers? Myers is becoming more and more expendable, if thats even possible...
2007-08-01 15:22:33
14.   Dimelo
Let's go Yankees!!!!!!
2007-08-01 15:32:08
15.   Mattpat11
For the first time in a long, long time, I really think the Yankees will make the playoffs this year. And as long as you can get in the party, you can win it all.
2007-08-01 15:42:11
16.   Mattpat11
I support Ozzie's crusade against umpires that think they're part of the show.
2007-08-01 15:44:08
17.   monkeypants
16 OK.
2007-08-01 15:58:59
18.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
16 It would be more powerful coming from a manger who didn't think that he himself was THE show.

I still wish that rookie pitcher he dressed down in the dugout in the middle of the game had broken Ozzie's jaw.

2007-08-01 16:08:16
19.   cult of basebaal
hey ... i'm thinking about getting the mlbtv deal for the remainder of the year ... anybody else use that to watch the games? is it worth it? is the quality somewhere close to acceptable?
2007-08-01 16:09:42
20.   rbj
I just realized, since the Yankees' abysmal 11-19 start, they've been playing at a .605 clip which would be a 98 win season. I wonder if the country club trainer could be the real reason the Yankees miss the playoffs, or at least the division.
2007-08-01 16:11:29
21.   Mattpat11
That was scary
2007-08-01 16:12:43
22.   cult of basebaal
eh? what happened?
2007-08-01 16:24:17
23.   ny2ca2dc
19 shrug, it's fine. as long as your 'net connection & computer can keep up with the 700k connection, it should be useful. it's pretty cheap now, hard to go wrong
2007-08-01 16:26:13
24.   cult of basebaal
23 cool, thanks ... i've got a 4mbs cable connection, so the bandwidth shouldn't be an issue ... i have a feeling that the last 2 months of this season are going to be worth watching ...
2007-08-01 16:26:15
25.   mehmattski
Is there anyone else who would prefer to watch a baseball game on TV if the primary camera angle were behind home plate, rather than left-center field?
2007-08-01 16:27:14
26.   RIYank
Has Alex hit a ground ball since his last homer?
2007-08-01 16:28:10
27.   tommyl
25 Me! You could try to pick up the pitch, and get a feel for what the batter is seeing.
2007-08-01 16:28:25
28.   ny2ca2dc
25 how about being able to display 2 or 3 or 4 angles in HD on my 100" projection screen? I'd take that. :O
2007-08-01 16:29:33
29.   RIYank
Mmmmmm, Cano.
2007-08-01 16:30:29
30.   ny2ca2dc
dude, michael kay has fans?
2007-08-01 16:32:24
31.   monkeypants
24 I have prett fast connection and I never seem to get the highest quality to feed to work without hanging frequently. But I can usually get the lower quality feed to work, and the image quality is pretty serviceable.

25 I wouldn't mind. I really liked when ESPN tried to use a direct CF camera, set higher up. In both cases you get a better view of the zone.

I wouldn't mind if they pulled the LCF camera angle back, instead of zooming in so tight. I don't need to see the catcher's facial expression, and it might be nice to see a wider perspective of teh field.

2007-08-01 16:32:37
32.   cult of basebaal
28 including the overhead shot that shows all of the fielders and the positionings, so you get a feel for reaction times and range ...
2007-08-01 16:33:49
33.   monkeypants
30 If you read some of the threads on this site, Sterling has fans. To each his own, every dog has his day, no accounting for taste, and all that jazz...
2007-08-01 16:35:52
34.   RIYank
God, I hate Podsednik.
2007-08-01 16:36:52
35.   Zack
Where the hell was Matsui on that play?
2007-08-01 16:36:54
36.   Mattpat11
A triple to the hideous podsednik is galling
2007-08-01 16:38:54
37.   cult of basebaal
especially since andy fell behind him 3-0 before doing it ... grrrrrr
2007-08-01 16:40:09
38.   Vandelay Industries
Matsui had him played fine. The ball never would have been hit there had Pettitte not gone 3-0 on him. Not Mastui's fault.
2007-08-01 16:40:48
39.   cult of basebaal
cleveland and boston both down 3-0 early ...
2007-08-01 16:41:35
40.   RIYank
How did Cashman let Podsednik hit the ball that far? That's what I want to know.
2007-08-01 16:42:26
41.   cult of basebaal
40 obviously, he can't evaluate pitching ...
2007-08-01 16:42:53
42.   RIYank
There ya go.
The guys are picking up the slack, huh?
2007-08-01 16:43:05
43.   Vandelay Industries
Anyone wonder why we have been wasting Posada's AB's all year by not having him in the three hole?


2007-08-01 16:44:10
44.   cult of basebaal
man ... does this team hate arod, or what???
2007-08-01 16:45:04
45.   RIYank
43 Oh, but then that would have been a solo homer. ;-)

Wow, this is another fun game, good job, Rob.

2007-08-01 16:46:51
46.   cult of basebaal
i LOVE it when robbie gets smoking hot ... err, at the plate, at the plate!!!
2007-08-01 16:46:59
47.   RIYank
I hope Andy was bunting for a hit there.
2007-08-01 16:47:17
48.   Vandelay Industries
45 Yea, that one. Just seems silly to have a guy batting .340 batting sixth and a guy batting .260 batting third. Call me crazy.
2007-08-01 16:47:43
49.   monkeypants
35 Apparently about the same place Podsednik was on the ball that Cano just hit.
2007-08-01 16:47:56
50.   cult of basebaal
now that's why andy gets to keep playing 1st ... he keeps earning his BFoG points ...
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2007-08-01 16:48:14
51.   Vandelay Industries
So the deal with Duncan is "You hit a HR, you play the next day, you don't, you sit for a week?"
2007-08-01 16:49:26
52.   cult of basebaal
i finally figured out who shelley duncan looks like in his gameday photo ... like the face from The Scream ... if that painting had a twin called ... The Smile
2007-08-01 16:50:54
53.   RIYank
48 I do see your point.
Their recent OBPs are about the same, right? No, I checked, Posada's much better. So, yeah, I'd swap them too.
2007-08-01 16:52:27
54.   Mattpat11
52 God decided to bless Shelley Duncan in other areas.
2007-08-01 16:52:47
55.   RIYank
Leche, delivery!

Okay, the team is seriously jeopardizing "Weeping's Hypothesis".

2007-08-01 16:53:13
56.   ny2ca2dc
53 'cuz Po would clog the bases. and catchers can't hit 3rd.


2007-08-01 16:54:26
57.   ny2ca2dc
Danks's facial hair pisses me off. Billy-goat-looking ass dude.
2007-08-01 16:55:30
58.   cult of basebaal
bad captain, bad!
2007-08-01 16:55:36
59.   RIYank
We need an Abreu Special (BB) here.
2007-08-01 16:55:43
60.   Vandelay Industries

Its just more evidence that Joe is the anti-manager. Its the square peg/round hole approach. He has a plan for each player and come hell or high water he is going to stick with it. And usually by the time he changes the appraoch, he has cost us a few games. Abreu is clearly not all that comfortable in the three hole, well, at least not most of the season. It's very frustrating. Abreu, Farnsworth, Myers, never attempting to get a leadoff guy so that Jeter could move up and not lose hundreds of RBI over his career, not using any kids in the bullpen, and on and on and on.

2007-08-01 16:58:29
61.   Vandelay Industries
Do they ever have Girardi and O'Neill in the booth with Kay? It would be great to hear them both ragging on him for an entire game.
2007-08-01 16:58:39
62.   SF Yanks
2007-08-01 16:59:20
63.   RIYank
It's hard to imagine Danks lasting much longer. They're just beating on him. Two more innings? GIMME DAT BULLPEN.
2007-08-01 16:59:55
64.   RIYank
62 Don't be greedy. (Though a walk would have been really fun.)
2007-08-01 17:00:49
65.   Yankees Brasil
I hope Andy doesn´t give it all back..
2007-08-01 17:07:18
66.   51cq24
57 seriously what the hell is that? it's disgusting.

61 i think flaherty is funnier with kay because he's always correcting him and disagreeing, not just joshing.

2007-08-01 17:08:08
67.   Vandelay Industries
Over the Rainbow is up with first and third and one out.
2007-08-01 17:09:24
68.   Vandelay Industries
He does the job. O's up 3-1.
2007-08-01 17:10:41
69.   SF Yanks
64 Well, to tell you the truth, I was hoping for ANYTHING with 2 on and one out and Jete and Abreu up. But it's early, hence only 5 letters...
2007-08-01 17:10:50
70.   rbj
$1 mil per, for 10 years, to those contracts? Wowzers.
2007-08-01 17:17:06
71.   RIYank
Looks like we'll have to beat up on Danks again. Man, remember when getting to the bottom of the order meant "Okay, we'll get 'em next inning"? And now it's three guys who can all get you extra-base hits, and the #9 guy has the highest HR rate in baseball
2007-08-01 17:19:23
72.   OldYanksFan
Detroit loses. Cleveland teid 4-4.
2007-08-01 17:23:24
73.   51cq24
is there any chance yankees dont win the series next year in the last year of yankee stadium?
2007-08-01 17:25:33
74.   RIYank
If there is no Baseball God, then sure. So it's hard to say.
2007-08-01 17:27:30
75.   RIYank
I hate Podsednik, a lot.
2007-08-01 17:28:30
76.   51cq24
well i also like the idea of a rotation of wang hughes joba and kennedy. we'll see.
2007-08-01 17:30:25
77.   cult of basebaal
75 not as much as andy pettite hates freedom, evidently ... because if you let the pod person beat you, the terrorists have already won ...
2007-08-01 17:31:28
78.   RIYank
See, dufus, that's how you do it. I hope A-Rod is paying attention.
2007-08-01 17:32:14
79.   51cq24
i'm wearing my cano 22 t shirt tonight
2007-08-01 17:32:51
80.   RIYank
77 Yeah. Come to think of it, "Pettitte" is an awfully French name.
Damn Cashman.

Andy Phillips is awfully gritty to day. Bunt and reached-on-error, very gritty.

2007-08-01 17:33:26
81.   cult of basebaal
man ... i had no idea that robbie's been hitting over .400 since the all star break ... and that doesn't include 2nite's 2fer2
2007-08-01 17:33:56
82.   51cq24
is this a joke?
2007-08-01 17:34:19
83.   RIYank
This is unreal.
2007-08-01 17:34:24
84.   Mattpat11
I'm liking Shelley Spencer.
2007-08-01 17:34:29
85.   Vandelay Industries
Now will you get him into the lineup more often?

Duncan! Duncan!

I almost wish Giambi was out for the season.

2007-08-01 17:34:40
86.   51cq24
i like that emotion in the dugout
2007-08-01 17:34:43
87.   cult of basebaal
2007-08-01 17:34:52
88.   seamus
ok. this shelly guy is on ridiculous fire.
2007-08-01 17:35:02
89.   cult of basebaal
johnny who?
2007-08-01 17:35:07
90.   Eirias
84 Or is it Shane Duncan?
2007-08-01 17:35:13
91.   rbj
Obviously Alex isn't liked on the team, otherwise someone would have invited him to the home run party.
2007-08-01 17:35:33
92.   51cq24
84 don't jinx him we don't want him beating up any pizza delivery men
2007-08-01 17:35:43
93.   monkeypants
Nope, I just like all these HRs. Just too inconsistent.
2007-08-01 17:37:08
94.   cult of basebaal
yeah, except that swing of his is really ugly, ya know? major leaguers learn not to try and pull that outside pitch, obviously that's why he was in the minors like he was ...

(since weeping's not here, i've got fill in for him)


2007-08-01 17:37:19
95.   nemecizer
Every time I log in Shelly hits a HR. This is fucking crazy.
2007-08-01 17:37:46
96.   RIYank
93 That's what I was saying in 55. Weeping's Hypothesis is refuted!
2007-08-01 17:38:58
97.   Vandelay Industries
Uh oh. Look at all that fooling around and laughing in the dugout. Its too loose for Joe. Not businesslike enough. He'll have to settle them down a bit by doing something stupid.
2007-08-01 17:39:59
98.   nemecizer
Everyone of our batters in the lineup is hitting over .290, except Abreu, and he can hit very well when he's good.

Trade Damon, send Giambi out for coffee, and keep this team!

2007-08-01 17:40:19
99.   mehmattski
No. Shelly. Stop talking to Cairo.
2007-08-01 17:40:46
100.   tommyl
95 Everytime Shelly bats he hits a HR. Its not just you.
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2007-08-01 17:41:19
101.   RIYank
Okay, I bet Danks doesn't finish the fifth. Maybe not even start.
2007-08-01 17:41:51
102.   rbj
97 Joe dials long distance and gets Proctor up in the pen.
2007-08-01 17:42:08
103.   tommyl
Lets see, 5 HRs in 22 ABs, a full season is about 500 ABs, so that's roughly a 120 HR pace?
2007-08-01 17:44:06
104.   nemecizer
100 Just amazing. Has anyone ever hit 5 HR in their 22 ML AB?

I was at the stadium for his first HR a few weeks ago. I remember thinking "enjoy it kid, I saw Andy Phillips do the same thing. It'll be awhile before the next one". Dude hits two in a game the next day.

Man, have I been proved wrong so far.

2007-08-01 17:44:49
105.   tommyl
102 Hilarious. My favorite was when Scott came back from his baby being born and actually said he'd been throwing bullpens to stay sharp. I'm not making this up.
2007-08-01 17:45:03
106.   RIYank
102 Damn, I was planning a Proctor joke but I hadn't formulated it yet.
2007-08-01 17:46:00
107.   RIYank
102 Damn, I was planning a Proctor joke but I hadn't formulated it yet.

Oh, come on, this is ridiculous. The White Sox can't hit. Somebody tell Andy to cut it out.

2007-08-01 17:46:00
108.   tommyl
106 Oooo, I have an idea. When we call Edwar back up, lets give him Proctor's uniform number and then tell Joe we traded back for Proctor. He'll keep calling him in!
2007-08-01 17:46:36
109.   mehmattski
Hey, FWIW, I investigated how long it took the other 21 members of the 500 HR Club to go from 499 to 500:

The answer is Harmon Killebrew (26 games) but in the ESPN era (of special baseballs, live look-ins, and Michael Kay), it's Junior Griffey (7 games). So if A-Rod doesn't hit one today, is he officially "pressing"?

(ducks to avoid incoming cans of worms)

2007-08-01 17:46:41
110.   JeremyM
I heard Proctor threw in the airplane on the flight from NYC to LA.
2007-08-01 17:47:30
111.   51cq24
i read an article suggesting that the reason they traded proctor was just so that joe would actually go to the young guys when they're brought up. i guess joe isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
2007-08-01 17:47:47
112.   tommyl
109 I dunno, he's definitely getting under balls a bit more, but he hit 2 or 3 lasers last night, just right at people. If Dye doesn't make that catch, and his last out was a bit more to RF, he'd have been 2-5 with a walk and 2 doubles.
2007-08-01 17:48:02
113.   nemecizer
Uh oh, Andy's doing something bad.
2007-08-01 17:48:07
114.   RIYank
102 Damn, I was planning a Proctor joke but I hadn't formulated it yet.

Oh, come on, this is ridiculous. The White Sox can't hit. Somebody tell Andy to cut it out.

2007-08-01 17:49:18
115.   rbj
108 LOL!

109 All you need to do is play the Wang card to avoid all those worms.

2007-08-01 17:50:40
116.   mehmattski
112 Oh I agree with you, A-Rod's definitely getting unlucky, especially last night. I didn't get to watch him during the Orioles series (Stupid Angelos...), so I can't speak for the rest of the gap between 499 and present.

However, I will say that he has definitely been trying to hit fly balls, completely different approach than when he hit 499, which was a double to the gap in right that happened to go over the fence. I just hope when 500 comes, A-Rod can go back to that sweet all-around hitting he's had this year.

2007-08-01 17:51:09
117.   monkeypants
Pettitte has not been super-sharp, lots of pitches. If he gets out of this inning with limited damage, and the Yanks tack on a few more runs, we might get to see the mythical "long man" out of the bull pen.
2007-08-01 17:51:26
118.   seamus
114 still trying to formulate that joke?
2007-08-01 17:53:37
119.   mehmattski
Someone go restart RIYank, I think he's hung up in a loop.
2007-08-01 17:53:56
120.   RIYank
Crap, sorry. My ISP is crapping out.
2007-08-01 17:58:56
121.   mehmattski
Okay, I wrote a blog post about how long it's taking for A-Rod and everything. That should be enough karma to get it done right now.
2007-08-01 17:59:36
122.   RIYank
I just read over my recent contributions. Much funnier than any joke I could have come up with. Let's see if my ISP is okay.
2007-08-01 17:59:36
123.   rbj
Dang, Houdinitte escapes again. Woo hoo.
2007-08-01 17:59:54
124.   3rd gen yankee fan
This is it, everybody paying attention?
2007-08-01 18:00:31
125.   3rd gen yankee fan
Um, nvm.
2007-08-01 18:01:14
126.   51cq24
chamberlain seems like a really nice guy has anyone read the article about him and kennedy on
2007-08-01 18:01:50
127.   mehmattski
110 This sounds like a Physics 101 exam question:

If Proctor is flying from NY to LA and Teixeira is flying from Dallas to Atlanta, and Proctor throws a fastball that hits Tex in the head, how many houses could they paint, together?

2007-08-01 18:08:43
128.   OldYanksFan
My my... yea of small sample size.
It's Exciting to see FrankenShelly do his thing, but before we trade Giambi (he of many years of .950+ OPS), can we let FrSh get 100 ABs under his belt? He still has a long way to go before he is Shane Spenser (he of out of baseball in 5 years).

If FrSh is the real deal, he will see plenty of playing time in 2009.

2007-08-01 18:10:23
129.   seamus
the heart of the lineup is coming up..
2007-08-01 18:11:06
130.   rbj
127 Um, Bismarck?
2007-08-01 18:12:39
131.   monkeypants
117 OK, after that quick inning I have revised my speculation. Now, If Pettitte can muscle through the next inning--or even get a couple outs--maybe Torre can close out the game with one pitcher (Henn? Karstens?) pitching 2 or 2+ INN. But can Mordechai bring himself to using only two pitchers for the game?
2007-08-01 18:15:08
132.   RIYank
Seriously, how did we go from having the worst bench in baseball to having the best bench in baseball? Molina, Duncan, Betemit, and I guess Damon or Phillips (when Giambi returns), that's some bench.

Oh. That's where Jim Dean is. He's kidnapped Cashman's dog.

2007-08-01 18:15:24
133.   mehmattski
Man, Samsung must really hate the Yankees 11 homers in the last two games right now. Nah, I'm sure their charitable hearts are beaming...

In other news, "Ehren" is not a name.

2007-08-01 18:16:26
134.   RIYank
131 Ha ha ha! Good one.

Wait, you weren't serious, were you?

2007-08-01 18:17:24
135.   monkeypants
134 Dare to dream!
2007-08-01 18:17:24
136.   cult of basebaal
remembering what petey thought of edwar when he came up, i wonder what he'd think of ehren wassermann?
2007-08-01 18:18:19
137.   cult of basebaal
The Grin!
2007-08-01 18:22:30
138.   Vandelay Industries
So Joe is going to burn Viz with a five run lead in the seventh?
2007-08-01 18:22:40
139.   mehmattski
Five run lead?

OMGZ, get the Eighth Inning Guy up!

2007-08-01 18:23:00
140.   monkeypants
Vizcaino warming. That makes sense now that Proctor is gone.
2007-08-01 18:23:13
141.   cult of basebaal
is that who's up in the pen?
2007-08-01 18:23:41
142.   RIYank
Okay, I'm giving Joe credit for leaving Pettitte in. It's really working out well. That's two straight quality starts by guys who struggled significantly. Monkeypants... could dreams really come true?
2007-08-01 18:23:48
143.   cult of basebaal
sigh, the more things stay the same, the more they change the sane ...
2007-08-01 18:24:18
144.   OldYanksFan
O's get out of a jam. O's up, 3-1 after 6.
2007-08-01 18:24:40
145.   tommyl
C'mon you guys are kidding, there is no sane reason whatsoever to have Vizcaino up in the pen....
2007-08-01 18:24:44
146.   monkeypants
138 139 Remember what we've read, if Joba comes up--they're gonna ease him in and use him in a lopsoded game or two before throwing him into a pressure situation. Like a five run lead.
2007-08-01 18:25:55
147.   OldYanksFan
Cleveland up by 2 (crap!)
2007-08-01 18:26:17
148.   cult of basebaal
trachsel trailer wriggles out of a jam in the 6th, still 3-1 birds ...
2007-08-01 18:26:22
149.   Vandelay Industries

Yea, of course. Wouldnt this be the perfect place to use Farnsworth and save Vizcaino? Proctor should be thankful he was dealt, it could have extended his career sugnificantly.

2007-08-01 18:26:23
150.   mehmattski
145 Get thee to a sanitarium, sir.
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2007-08-01 18:27:32
151.   mehmattski
149 Farnsworth pitched yesterday. Therefore Farnsworth cannot pitch today. But Farnsworth will complain about underuse.
2007-08-01 18:28:20
152.   51cq24
this team is very good now. let's go for 10 in a row there's still so much time.
2007-08-01 18:28:23
153.   cult of basebaal
145 nonsense, he hasn't pitched in 2!!! WHOLE days, he needs his work to stay sharp!
2007-08-01 18:29:09
154.   Vandelay Industries

Which is why he should be put on waivers.

2007-08-01 18:29:55
155.   mehmattski
Fact: Ryan Buckvitch is one of only two current White Sox pitchers off whom Alex Rodriguez has previously homered.
2007-08-01 18:30:02
156.   cult of basebaal
hmmm, ryan bukvich seems like he should be a west bank french intellectual from his gameday photo ... what with his unkempt goatee and his look of disenchanted ennui ...
2007-08-01 18:30:17
157.   tommyl
Haha, they are making fun of Pittsburgh's trade for Morris. You know, you can whine all you want about payroll disparity, but when you take on Matt Morris and his $10 million, you deserve to lose.
2007-08-01 18:30:27
158.   cult of basebaal
hmmm, ryan bukvich seems like he should be a west bank french intellectual from his gameday photo ... what with his unkempt goatee and his look of disenchanted ennui ...
2007-08-01 18:30:38
159.   monkeypants
154 I have no doubt he'll be put on waivers. Whether anyone claims him, or whether the team is willing to release him otherwise--that's the question.
2007-08-01 18:30:48
160.   tommyl
154 Or traded to the Pirates ;)
2007-08-01 18:31:07
161.   tommyl
Selfish Jeter, making A-Rod feel bad again.
2007-08-01 18:31:13
162.   Mattpat11
Poor A-Rod
2007-08-01 18:31:16
163.   nemecizer
JETER! One game too late, but I'll take it.
2007-08-01 18:31:17
164.   cult of basebaal
154 which is why he should be traded to the pirates! 157
2007-08-01 18:31:54
165.   DougP
So the Yankees pen is Mo, Farns, Viz, Myers. Villone, Bruney, Henn, and Karstens. This would be a perfect situation to throw Bruney and Henn out there. But in Joe's world, we're going to see EDLV (hey, he's the natural successor to Proctor, Sturtze, Quantrill, etc.) and perhaps even Mo for a non-save since there's no one else in the pen with a BFOG in the + range. Great.
2007-08-01 18:31:55
166.   RIYank
Welcome to the party, Cap.

Jetes: What's that empty seat over there?

Robbie: Oh, that's, uh. We were hoping Alex would come.

Jetes: Yeah, he's a busy guy, Canoe, he can't come to all the parties he's invited to.

Melky: Well, we're gonna keep the chair there, just in case.

2007-08-01 18:32:08
167.   OldYanksFan
Jeter! Master of the 325' HR.
2007-08-01 18:32:15
168.   mehmattski
156 Can one have enchanted ennui?
2007-08-01 18:32:29
169.   cult of basebaal
160 damn you, I was going to make that joke! except the inter-tubes ate it!


2007-08-01 18:32:48
170.   cult of basebaal
oh, there it is ... still ... DAMN YOU!!!
2007-08-01 18:33:52
171.   Vandelay Industries
How long before the flashbulbs stop?
2007-08-01 18:33:56
172.   RIYank
Abreu: Wow, I've never got such a big hand and excited crowd reaction for one of my walks.
2007-08-01 18:34:29
173.   cult of basebaal
c'mon arod ...
2007-08-01 18:35:08
174.   mehmattski
That 1-0 pitch was it. Darn.
2007-08-01 18:35:30
175.   OldYanksFan
Ohhhhhhhhhh! That was PHAT!
2007-08-01 18:35:35
176.   3rd gen yankee fan
Let's go A-rod!
2007-08-01 18:35:45
177.   RIYank
169 I suggest you repost that four times. Now that's funny.
2007-08-01 18:36:01
178.   Vandelay Industries
What the fuck is an inverted Christmas tree?
2007-08-01 18:36:45
179.   SF Yanks
178 LOL. Seriously.
2007-08-01 18:37:37
180.   RIYank
It wasn't that long ago that everyone one of us thought, "Man, if A-Rod ever stops hitting we are going on a very cold losing streak."
2007-08-01 18:38:03
181.   3rd gen yankee fan
Playing Kashmir for Matsui?
2007-08-01 18:39:58
182.   cult of basebaal
seriously ... you gotta sorta kinda almost admire ozzie for managing like tonite's game mattered and they weren't down by 6 runs in the bottom of the 7th ...
2007-08-01 18:40:08
183.   mehmattski
The reality is that after the Rockies sweep, in the closed-door meeting, Torre just said:

Baseball. You guys are playing baseball.

And the clubhouse let out a big "OHHHHHHHHH!" and then everything was fine.

2007-08-01 18:40:23
184.   Vandelay Industries

Ironically, its Abreu who sends us into those streaks. Wait.....where are the use of ironic police? They here today?

2007-08-01 18:40:37
185.   tommyl
Oh no, and tomorrow is a day game. He's gonna hit it tomorrow and I'll miss it. Oh well, as long as he hits it and gets back to the normal business or raking.
2007-08-01 18:41:10
186.   OldYanksFan
Crappy ole Pittsburg is beating the W.S. Cardinals 15-1. This could be the best baseball day in Pittsburg in a long time.
2007-08-01 18:41:11
187.   monkeypants
182 He's just uncomfortable with Torre's restraint tonight, using only one--ONE--pitcher through seven innings.
2007-08-01 18:41:25
188.   Vandelay Industries
Over the Rainbow up in beantown with one out and a runner at first.
2007-08-01 18:41:34
189.   RIYank
Seven runs. I quite sincerely think we could average seven runs a game from here on in.
2007-08-01 18:41:37
190.   tommyl
182 Or trying to negotiate A-Rod's next contract while he's batting?
2007-08-01 18:42:27
191.   Vandelay Industries
And he comes through with a base hit. To all those who dislike Podsednik, I respectfully request you shift your hatred to Pedroia.
2007-08-01 18:42:32
192.   OldYanksFan
2 out double by Catalanotto ties Texas with Cleveland, 6-6, top of the 7th.
2007-08-01 18:42:40
193.   RIYank
Two-run double, Rangers tie it up in the seventh!
2007-08-01 18:43:08
194.   cult of basebaal
2 on, no out for boston in the bottom of the 7th ... ortiz vs parrish ... ick
2007-08-01 18:43:48
195.   tommyl
Vizcaino is seriously pitching here?! Are you fucking kidding me?!
2007-08-01 18:44:14
196.   mehmattski
195 Well, he did warm up.
2007-08-01 18:44:30
197.   SF Yanks
2 on, Fat man up. Sawx 1, O's 3
2007-08-01 18:44:58
198.   tommyl
Uh oh, Viz's BFOG just went down. However, his BFOG+ remains the same, as flyballs misplayed by Bobby don't count against.
2007-08-01 18:45:08
199.   Vandelay Industries
This is absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason to burn Viz here. I know Joe still has supporters out there, but how can you defend this? We need to win every game, but shouldn't we at least wait until they score a couple runs before Joe calls on Viz?
2007-08-01 18:45:08
200.   DougP
196 That was the insane part. With a 5 run lead?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-08-01 18:45:41
201.   monkeypants
195 The wheel of guts is a zero sum game. When one name leaves, everyone else's slice grows.
2007-08-01 18:45:48
202.   williamnyy23
195 Why are you suprised? Someone has to take Proctor's place. Sometimes I think Torre does things like this to miss me's personal now.
2007-08-01 18:46:04
203.   tommyl
199 Z Man or whatever is happy. They're using their stud relievers.
2007-08-01 18:46:04
204.   Vandelay Industries
200 Maybe that writer was right. If your name isnt Rivera, "use them up, throw them out."
2007-08-01 18:46:32
205.   SF Yanks
Wait, is Edwar activated?
2007-08-01 18:46:47
206.   SF Yanks
double by Fat man.
2007-08-01 18:46:55
207.   tommyl
205 No, Karstens
2007-08-01 18:46:57
208.   mehmattski
198 No, no, BFOG+ just compares him to the league at the time he was playing. For example, Bobby Richardson's BFOG may not have compared to Miguel Cairo's, but his BFOG+ is similar because the baseline BFOG average was lower in the 1960s.
2007-08-01 18:46:58
209.   cult of basebaal
buggerfuck ... ortiz doubles, 3-2, 2nd and 3rd
2007-08-01 18:47:04
210.   OldYanksFan
Meanwhile, if Cleveland wins, they tie Detroit for the division. Cleveland and Detroit still have 8 games remaining against each other.

We are sitting in the catbird seat.

Boston with a big rally, no outs, 2nd and 3rd, Manny up, 3-2 Birds.

2007-08-01 18:47:47
211.   tommyl
Man is the O's pen so bad that Parrish is their go to guy to stop a rally?
2007-08-01 18:48:04
212.   Vandelay Industries
205 Dude! Why would you recall Edwar when you have Henn for mop up duty. Wait, what am I saying? Isn't a six run lead in the eighth inning mop up?
2007-08-01 18:48:17
213.   RIYank
And Manny gets IBB, loaded up. New pitcher: Bradford to face Yuk.
2007-08-01 18:48:27
214.   SF Yanks
Welp... there goes the Boston game.
2007-08-01 18:49:11
215.   monkeypants
220 199 196 And the beauty is that should any of the hard charging press bother to ask, Torre will justify using him in the eighth because he had warmed up. And they'll just eat it up.

Why not warm Karstens, instead?

2007-08-01 18:49:35
216.   tommyl
208 Really? I'd have thought that back in the 60's the league average was a lot higher. I mean they had to walk to the stadium, through snow, uphill both ways.
2007-08-01 18:49:42
217.   cult of basebaal
212 yes, but Henn pitched an inning last night and the Wheel of Guts says he isn't available ... sheesh!
2007-08-01 18:50:12
218.   cult of basebaal
216 bears ... don't forget the bears!
2007-08-01 18:50:45
219.   monkeypants
On the positive side, if Viz gives up a couple more baserunners, it will be a save situation, so Mordechai can panic and get Mo into the action.
2007-08-01 18:50:55
220.   tommyl
212 Right, we have Henn and Karstens for mop up. Its important to have two long men in your pen, who you never use. That way you're not tempted to pitch anyone but Vizcaino. Don't you see how well that works?
2007-08-01 18:51:41
221.   cult of basebaal
bradford vs youkilis ... porn 'stache vs bad 90's goatee!

who's offensive facial growth will reign supreme?!?!?!?

2007-08-01 18:51:45
222.   tommyl
218 Bears? Wooly Mammoths! Oh, and ghosts, because all baseball stadiums back then were built on Native American burial grounds, right?
2007-08-01 18:52:53
223.   ny2ca2dc
this BP management is really, really... just painful at this point. I mean, fuck me, the primary set up guy is pitching in the 8th of a 6 run game. christ. Cairo should be pitching for chrissakes...
2007-08-01 18:53:19
224.   Vandelay Industries
220 Can't we hire Piniella? Oh that's right, he's about to take the Cubbies to the playoffs.
2007-08-01 18:53:36
225.   mehmattski
223 Don't you dare take The Cairo's name in vain. Or vane. Or even vein.
2007-08-01 18:54:00
226.   Mattpat11
Worlds ugliest man fouling a bunch of pitches off
2007-08-01 18:54:14
227.   cult of basebaal
seriously, the goat on youkilis in his gameday photo looks like the kinda of shitty layering effect that happened when you switched facial hair options on crappy RPG computers games back in 1995 ...
2007-08-01 18:54:23
228.   DougP
Apparently, mop-up duty for Joe means a 10-run lead or more. No wonder Edwar didn't pitch for 15 games.
2007-08-01 18:54:36
229.   RIYank
Youk puts it in the gap.
Oh well, that oughta do it. We all know it's impossible to beat the Sox once they get the lead late. Teams basically give up against that fearsome threesome.
2007-08-01 18:54:52
230.   Vandelay Industries
Now there goes the Boston game.

Game, set, and match.

But I guess we shouldnt look at them until they are in shouting distance, right?

2007-08-01 18:54:55
231.   monkeypants
216 Yeah, back in those days, everyone played the game right, bunted, moved the runners over, etc. So the raw BFOG numbers, before adjusting to context, must have been higher.
2007-08-01 18:55:00
232.   OldYanksFan
0 out, 2 on in Boston. Lowell up. Boston UP 4-3. The O's are cooked.
2007-08-01 18:55:04
233.   cult of basebaal
however, it does seem to have evil powers ... double, 4-3 hated ones ...
2007-08-01 18:55:22
234.   tommyl
223 Yes! That is the correct idea, why didn't we think of it. According to Sterling, Cairo does everything fundamental right! He can pitch, I know he can, and his BFOG+ is like 800. And just think of the roster flexibility, Cairo is now the backup:

corner OF

Why, we can just let the rest of the pen go, 'cept for Viz, and Mo. And we don't even need a bench.

You know, I'm thinking someone should start a site for Cairo like the Chuck Norris site. I'll go first:

Miguel Cairo is so good, when he bunts, angels get their wings.

2007-08-01 18:56:06
235.   Mattpat11
So much for the Boston game.
2007-08-01 18:56:12
236.   seamus
y'all need to stop whining. we get it. We just got eliminated for using Viz in a 7-1 game.
2007-08-01 18:56:19
237.   RIYank
Gomez saves two runs with a diving stop behind third. Still runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out.

I guess almost all of you are watching, huh?

2007-08-01 18:56:23
238.   Vandelay Industries
Is Gange in uniform?
2007-08-01 18:56:39
239.   cult of basebaal
226 not while julian tavarez still lives and breathes! seriously, can any other team match the negative VORF (value over replacement face) that the red sox can with those two???
2007-08-01 18:57:13
240.   monkeypants
Christ, Ozzie is pulling his best Mordechai here. So, he leaves the shaky starter in for five innings, then empties his BP after the lead grows to five or six?
2007-08-01 18:57:13
241.   Vandelay Industries
Gagne.....ooops. Sory about the misspell frenchy.
2007-08-01 18:57:16
242.   DougP
2007-08-01 18:57:31
243.   tommyl
Meanwhile, once again, everyone but A-Rod hits a HR.
2007-08-01 18:58:11
244.   seamus
242 woohoo. I called that off the bat! (after reading your post... :)
2007-08-01 18:58:14
245.   cult of basebaal
wow ... being a knuckleballer means you can serve meatballs on consecutive nights!
2007-08-01 18:58:17
246.   tommyl
236 Hey, I'm going with humor.
2007-08-01 18:58:30
247.   ny2ca2dc
bunch of stat padders! (sarcasm)

frigin Os

2007-08-01 18:58:33
248.   mehmattski
Can you even throw a knuckleball with intent?
2007-08-01 18:58:54
249.   cult of basebaal
although i'm afraid to watch if shelley gets to take his cuts against haeger ... he might swing himself out of his shoes ...
2007-08-01 18:59:20
250.   seamus
knuckleball beam!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-08-01 18:59:26
251.   monkeypants
234 He's like the Babe Ruth (who could have made the HOF as a pitcher) of BFOG!
2007-08-01 18:59:40
252.   tommyl
Wow, that was an awful call. A knuckleball.
2007-08-01 18:59:45
253.   RIYank
My ISP is fudged up again and this is torture. I'll see youse tomorrow for thee #500 party.
2007-08-01 19:00:10
254.   seamus
that was like a sympathy throw out. I don't want to see him give up any more homeruns! Enough!
2007-08-01 19:00:48
255.   cult of basebaal
seriously ... what's the point (or harm) of hitting somebody with a knuckleball ... where do they find these fucking umps?!?!?
2007-08-01 19:01:00
256.   monkeypants
241 Well, really it should be Gagné, n'est-ce pas?
2007-08-01 19:01:20
257.   ny2ca2dc
this is kind of embarrassing... what a shitty call. At least the YES guys aren't homers about it, they're playing it straight. Torre's befuddled reaction was pretty funny. These umps REALLY don't like the white sox...
2007-08-01 19:01:44
258.   Vandelay Industries
Is Yes now the Procede, or Elixir, or Tonic channel?
2007-08-01 19:02:16
259.   Vandelay Industries

If only I knew how to accent the e.

2007-08-01 19:03:08
260.   OldYanksFan
MLB MUST take these umpires to task. Terrible, terrible call. Torre should go out and fight to keep that guy in the game.
2007-08-01 19:03:09
261.   mehmattski
256 Well, unless it's intended to be the first person present form of "To win" as in "je gagne," much like The Cap's name is the infinitive "To Throw."
2007-08-01 19:03:48
262.   DougP
It was a bad call to throw out the other guy, but it would be nice to make Jenks work some and maybe he's not available for tomorrow's game.
2007-08-01 19:03:51
263.   cult of basebaal
i wonder how many people would get ejected if jenks threw a first pitch chest high fastball and pierz just happened to "forget" to catch it ...
2007-08-01 19:04:15
264.   monkeypants
Sad Andy Phillips gets no invite to the party.
2007-08-01 19:04:25
265.   mehmattski
All right, I'll forgive Kay for that call, I thought that was out too.
2007-08-01 19:04:44
266.   cult of basebaal
damn ... did that go as far as it looked on gameday?
2007-08-01 19:04:47
267.   Mattpat11
So much for the Boston game.
2007-08-01 19:04:53
268.   Vandelay Industries
So, Gagne isn't in uniform I take it?
2007-08-01 19:05:30
269.   cult of basebaal
so that's a jack, a liner and a close-enough-to -taste it for shelley to tonite? (and walk)
2007-08-01 19:05:42
270.   mehmattski
266 Maybe a step in front of the warning track in left-center.
2007-08-01 19:05:59
271.   DougP
Looks like Betemit's coming in for Jeter.
2007-08-01 19:06:19
272.   monkeypants
266 Nah--it didn't make the track. It was hit hard, but he missed it.
2007-08-01 19:06:26
273.   seamus
268 baltimore controlled the damage but we need them to score. unlikely of course.
2007-08-01 19:07:02
274.   Vandelay Industries
Tejada goes deep! 5-4 Sox.
2007-08-01 19:07:21
275.   tommyl
Miggy homers! 5-4 bad guys.
2007-08-01 19:07:31
276.   ny2ca2dc
holy shit solo homer for Tejeda (off oki, i thought he was unhittable) - come on O's, embarrass this fancy pen!
2007-08-01 19:07:42
277.   tommyl
Oh, and Okajima's ERA is now over 1.
2007-08-01 19:07:52
278.   ny2ca2dc
gagne IS in the pen.
2007-08-01 19:08:04
279.   Mattpat11
Tejada homers.
2007-08-01 19:08:35
280.   monkeypants
271 That's interesting. If Torre is willing to play him at SS, then Cairo is totally redundant, except as a PR. When (if?) Giambi comes back, will they really send Duncan down? If not, then Cairo or Phillips has to go, or they have to carry one fewer pitcher.
2007-08-01 19:08:38
281.   Vandelay Industries

Then Francona is a moron for not using him here.

2007-08-01 19:08:46
282.   Shaun P
274 I always liked Tejada - except when he didn't slide in that ALDS game vs Boston.

He's cut, he's cut Rock! So much for the invincible Boston bullpen.

2007-08-01 19:08:54
283.   DougP
Betemit for A-Rod, Cairo for Jeter, and Bruney on the mound. I like this use of the BP.
2007-08-01 19:09:20
284.   mehmattski
280 Except, Betemit is playing 3B, with Cairo at SS. Mostly cause Cairo can't really reach 1B with a throw from 3B.
2007-08-01 19:09:27
285.   monkeypants
280 Ah, forget what I just wrote. Torre is making his little statement here about the BFOG depth chart.
2007-08-01 19:09:58
286.   Vandelay Industries

Dude! Get the fuck over here and clean off my monitor! I just spit water all over it when you said "carry one fewer pitcher." Do you know who manages this club?

2007-08-01 19:10:28
287.   tommyl
281 Um, Okajima has been the very definition of lights out this season. His ERA was under 1 until this inning. I can't fault Tito.
2007-08-01 19:10:35
288.   seamus
hmm. i guess i spoke toosoon. Though two runs is still unlikely. Only one tejada.
2007-08-01 19:11:16
289.   DougP
280, 285 Sorry, my bad, cause I said he was going in for Jeter.

But we can't send down Phillips. He's playing really well. I'd keep Duncan and DFA Cairo, except that -- as you allude to -- I've read that Betemit doesn't play SS anymore.

2007-08-01 19:11:59
290.   Shaun P
280 Is it possible that Torre might value Duncan's power surge over Cairo's ability to be "Giambi's legs"? Of course they could cut Myers and do it that way, as you say . . .

My enhanced Gameday shows that Okajima didn't thrown a single pitch in the zone to Ramon, yet there's somehow a "called strike" on Ramon. And the pinch Ramon grounded out on was more outside than any of the others! I'm starting to doubt the accuracy of enhanced Gameday.

2007-08-01 19:12:05
291.   tommyl
289 Argh, does Joe not realize he has a GG backup SS in A-Rod?
2007-08-01 19:12:07
292.   monkeypants
286 I apologize, really! I retract what I said (see 285)--it's been a long night.
2007-08-01 19:12:47
293.   ny2ca2dc
281 He got Pap up in the pen once oki gave up the bomb, presumable would'a went right to him if anyone else got on
2007-08-01 19:13:05
294.   tommyl
BTW, Joba sucks, he only struck out two tonight. Pssshhh....we want Proctor.
2007-08-01 19:13:10
295.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
You know what's funny, and very pathetic, about the Sawx and their fans?

They're crowing that an adjustment that their genius coaches made to Okajima's delivery accounts for an ok J-league pitcher becoming unhittable, yet iirc blaming Scott Boras' coaches for screwing up some of their other players who haven't lived up to expectations.

2007-08-01 19:13:10
296.   mehmattski
290 I thought that Giambi's legs are currently serving (poorly) as SWB's catcher.
2007-08-01 19:13:36
297.   Vandelay Industries
289 No way. No way in hell does Joe allow Cairo to be cut. Also no way in hell they carry one less pitcher that they don't use anyway. It will have to be Duncan, right? Who will play first? If I'm Joe I throw Giambi at first and hope for the best, but what do I know?
2007-08-01 19:13:48
298.   Shaun P
Texas and Cleveland tied going into the 9th . . . 8-9-1 for the O's in the 9th.
2007-08-01 19:13:54
299.   monkeypants
Wow, Torre must be going into withdrawal. No Proctor? Only three pitchers used despite a razor close seven run victory? He'll be seeing spiders crawling all over himself by the time he gets back to the clubhouse.
2007-08-01 19:14:18
300.   cult of basebaal
wow ... that's 2 consecutive 1-2-3 innings by the chastened ones after Mo made those remarks to teh papers ... maybe we've got something good happening ...
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-08-01 19:16:12
301.   monkeypants
297 Normally I would agree with playing Giambi at first, but apparently he got hurt playing first this year. I think he has to DH full time, which means Damon goes to the bench. And Phillips has earned a lot of guts points, so I think he stays at 1B, unless they fall in love with Duncan and move Miggy back to 1B.

I think that I'm sad now.

2007-08-01 19:16:42
302.   tommyl
294 Although for Trenton....weird...why not Scranton? oh is it the passport thing?

BTW, Igawa was crap again

2007-08-01 19:16:51
303.   ny2ca2dc
295 where'd that quote come from?

seems unlikely... most likely just that motion jacks with the MLB hitters, but Japanese hitters are used to crazy motions. or something. sure would love to see an in depth study by a real expert on why this caddy has become so good.

2007-08-01 19:16:55
304.   Shaun P
300 I'd like to hope that, but the White Sox are just awful.

PECOTA could be gloating right now in Kenny Williams's ear - if PECOTA could talk, that is.

2007-08-01 19:19:16
305.   DougP
Yeah, I think Duncan going down is the most likely result. He and Giambi are both full-time DH's, and when Giambi doesn't DH, it'll be Damon rather than Duncan.
2007-08-01 19:19:20
306.   Vandelay Industries
I hate EI sometimes. They just blacked out the end of the Yankee game because they are carrying the Haloes on that channal nationwide.
2007-08-01 19:20:00
307.   cult of basebaal
onto the 9th in beantown ... still 5-4
2007-08-01 19:20:17
308.   tommyl
297 The beautiful thing is that it might not be up to Torre. What I would do is this. We currently have 25 men (with Betemit).

Send down:
one of Henn or Villone



That leaves a bench of Duncan, Damon and Betemit and Molina. All of whom can play, PH, and Damon could PR. You have all IF positions covered, the catcher and the OF. In a pinch Duncan can play 1B or a corner OF spot.

2007-08-01 19:20:58
309.   Kered Retej
Sorry if this was answered earlier, but just out of curiosity, what are the overall and Yankee records for team home runs in consecutive games?
2007-08-01 19:21:21
310.   cult of basebaal
the question is ... does joe have the guts (or the sense) to bench damon and play melky ... i have to say i don't think he will ... and that's gonna hurt us ...
2007-08-01 19:22:31
311.   cult of basebaal
jesus ... jay gibbons has a pretty huge negative VORF as well ... yikes!
2007-08-01 19:23:05
312.   Vandelay Industries
Could it be back to back blown saves? Gagne is so much better that Papelbon, its only a matter of time, if the race gets tight, until he replaces him in the ninth.
2007-08-01 19:23:21
313.   tommyl
310 I do fear this could be the end of last year all over again. If they send Duncan down, that's criminal. The kid has 5 HR in 23 Abs, but he also walks. I mean, what else do you want a kid to do? Hey come up, play sporadically, hit a HR every AB, walk, have a good attitude. Yup, its back to the minors for you, because Cairo can bunt.
2007-08-01 19:23:41
314.   DougP
308 Basak was sent down when Betemit was activated, so you have to find one more person to cut from the roster.
2007-08-01 19:24:05
315.   mehmattski
306 I got the end of the game, and the Kim Jones interview, on EI before it cut off. I was not aware they are regional.

Still, they have like 10 channels and there were two day games today, why should that ever be an issue?

2007-08-01 19:24:59
316.   tommyl
314 Shoot, you're right. Hmmmm...I'd say Myers, but that'll never happen.
2007-08-01 19:26:19
317.   Vandelay Industries

It just is. The Angels game came on at 7:00 and they blacked out Game 4, the channel the Yankee game was on.

Fine, I am just not willing to admit how good Papelbon is. Fuck me, I just don't care for him.

2007-08-01 19:27:42
318.   tommyl
BTW, I highly suggest reading Pinstriped Blog today. Goldman talks about Torre and the Graziano column we were arguing about this morning.
2007-08-01 19:27:43
319.   tommyl
BTW, I highly suggest reading Pinstriped Blog today. Goldman talks about Torre and the Graziano column we were arguing about this morning.
2007-08-01 19:28:54
320.   Vandelay Industries
Wait. I think I just spotted an attractive woman at Fenway. Is that possible?
2007-08-01 19:30:14
321.   Shaun P
Where's Chyll with a (crickets) when I could use one? Where did everyone go? I'm sorry I brought up PECOTA . . . Paps just closed out the Sox win . . . hello?
2007-08-01 19:31:00
322.   DougP
316 I'm assuming Hughes and Joba will replace Henn and Karstens on the roster, though that leaves no "long reliever" in the pen so maybe Bruney goes down and Karstens stays. Then when Giambi comes back, the bench will be four of Duncan, Damon, Cairo, Betemit, and Molina, with the fifth getting sent down. I agree with you that it should be Cairo who gets the short straw but I suspect it'll be Duncan.
2007-08-01 19:31:58
323.   mehmattski
309 According to a YES graphic, the Yankees tied the record with 13 homers in two games.
2007-08-01 19:32:05
324.   Shaun P
OK, just before I posted 321, I hit "refresh" on my browser, and it showed just 304 comments (my 304 being the last). Now I see I somehow missed the intervening 16 posts . . . my bad.
2007-08-01 19:34:18
325.   mehmattski
320 It's fine, she's probably a racist anyway.
2007-08-01 19:37:00
326.   tommyl
1 on, none out for the Rangers.
2007-08-01 19:37:57
327.   cult of basebaal
crap ... i hate anaheim ... but seattle needs to lose ... argh, i hate being torn ...
2007-08-01 19:38:00
328.   tommyl
2 on, none out. Cleveland fails to get an out on a bunt attempt.
2007-08-01 19:40:24
329.   Shaun P
327 Why does Seattle have to lose?
2007-08-01 19:40:47
330.   mehmattski
And, he throws the game away. Thanks, buddy!
2007-08-01 19:40:52
331.   cult of basebaal
329 because they're ahead of us in the WC race
2007-08-01 19:41:03
332.   tommyl
Rangers take the lead on another error on a bunt!
2007-08-01 19:41:18
333.   DougP
329 Seattle is ahead of the Yanks in the WC race.
2007-08-01 19:42:50
334.   seamus
bases loaded and no out for texas. looks promising.
2007-08-01 19:44:28
335.   Shaun P
331 333 Couldn't we cheer for the M's to overtake the Angels though, and for an LAAofAofCA collapse?
2007-08-01 19:45:01
336.   cult of basebaal
although to be honest, cleveland's more important, since i don't believe seattle has the horses to win out in either the west or the WC ...
2007-08-01 19:45:54
337.   cult of basebaal
335 i suppose ... i just don't think it's at all likely to happen ...
2007-08-01 19:47:09
338.   cult of basebaal
and i guess i'd like to see seattle face-plant to get bavasi fired, since he's long deserved it ...
2007-08-01 19:47:29
339.   DougP
335 Maybe after we take the lead in the WC race. Until then, I wouldn't worry about who we might face in the postseason.
2007-08-01 19:47:47
340.   OldYanksFan
Frig. Seattle off to a 3-0 lead.
Texas up by 2. Still batting.
2007-08-01 19:49:56
341.   vockins
Tejas up by three!
2007-08-01 19:50:30
342.   seamus
cleveland about done in. so, we should be 2 games back before the night is out. not bad.
2007-08-01 19:51:45
343.   cult of basebaal
(steeples fingers) EXCELLENT!
2007-08-01 19:52:28
344.   cult of basebaal
alright ... see y'all tomorrow ...
2007-08-01 20:03:23
345.   yankz
You know, if we win all of the remaining games vs. Boston...
2007-08-01 20:05:31
346.   yankz
335 That's my dream, but unfortunately, it's just a dream ;(

If we're taking the Wild Card, I definitely want to see the boys play Detroit in the ALDS. Stay away from LA as long as possible.

2007-08-01 20:34:32
347.   yankz
319 Thanks for the tip. One good quote:

"I'm a huge Torre fan. I look forward to his going into the Hall of Fame. He brought dignity and class to an organization that sorely needed it. But he's not what he was. It's time for a change, even now. Right now. If Torre won't give Chamberlain a chance, if losing Proctor just means more Kyle Farnsworth futility, then what's the use of even trying?"

Goldman is a genius, the best baseball writer out there. He's spot on, though I disagree that the change should come now.

2007-08-01 20:40:41
348.   JL25and3
310 On the radio last week, Torre was basically talking about using Damon as a fourth outfielder, with more of a rotation - a couple of days a week in center, maybe a couple in left. From there, I think it will depend on Damon's offense.
2007-08-01 20:44:02
349.   JL25and3
322 The problem is that once Giambi returns, I'm hard pressed to see where Duncan gets at-bats. The decision isn't really Duncan v. Cairo, it's Duncan v. Phillips.
2007-08-01 20:59:24
350.   monkeypants
349 The thing is, once Giambi comes back, it will be hard for anyone to get ABs because he is going to occupy the DH against both RHP and LHP. That means the 4 OFs will only get in the game at the expense of the OFs (if that makes sense).

But it is still Duncan v. Cairo, to some degree. It all depends on whether Torre and Co. figure that A] having an extra bat on the bench is preferrable, or B] having an extra utility IF/PR is more valuable.

If the answer is A, then Cairo becomes more expendable. If the answer is B, then you are correct it will come don to Phillips v. Duncan.

In either case, neither Cairo nor Duncan will get many ABs if Giambi comes back healthy.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-08-01 21:05:08
351.   monkeypants
349 350 One more idea. If the YAnkees are clever, they will notice that Phillips has not hit at all v. LHP. So a Duncan/Phillips platoon actually makes a good bit of sense. If Duncan proves to be the better hitter, then you could even play him some more at 1B with Phillips as a late inning defensive replacement.

This scenario rests on three assumptions, all of hich are admittedly shaky:

1. Torre et al recognize Phillip's reverse platoon splits.
2. Torre et al recognize that whatever OF is resting can serve as a PR.
3. Torre et al recognizes that Betemit can back up SS.

2007-08-01 21:11:14
352.   monkeypants
On a related but slighly different note, assuming that Hughes and Chamberlain ar called up soon, who gets bumped from the 40-man roster?

Releasing Cairo could kill two birds with one stone--freeing up an active roster spot and a slot on the 40-man. Assuming that doesn't happen, then I assume Basak will be dropped, and one MiL pitcher (Bean? Beam?).

2007-08-01 21:13:42
353.   mehmattski
Hey, for anyone else awake, Scott Proctor makes his LA Dodgers debut, and throws one pitch, Russell Martin guns down a man to end the inning. That's probably it for EDSP, as he's set to bat in the bottom of the inning...
2007-08-01 21:20:21
354.   yankz
353 Proctor's first thought: "Damn, done already? I miss you, Joe!"
2007-08-01 21:34:59
355.   tommyl
350 First off, I'm not convinced Giambi will continue to hold up. The last two years he's been a walking injury. Second, I'm fine with Duncan as a PH, who occasionally spot starts in house money line ups. What you could do is:

Phillips everyday 1B (5-6 days a week)
Giambi everyday DH (5-6 days a week)
Damon 4th OF, with some spot starts in the field. Rotated OF (preferably a corner spot) either sits for a day, or DHs

Then you have Duncan. He can play a day at first, a day at DH, and then come off the bench. He's so far shown that limited playing time doesn't totally disrupt his swing and if we're down by 2 runs in the 9th, I'd rather see him up than Cairo.

I doubt Joe will ever do this, it makes way too much sense. What makes even more sense is the reverse split platoon on Phillips with Duncan. But come on, that will never, ever happen. Phillips is a righty, he must hit lefties better.

My fear of what will happen is:

Giambi: Everyday DH
Damon: Re-installed as CF
Melky: rots
Cairo: backup backup IF/PR for the everyday DH
Duncan: Continues to build on his AAA HR record.
Yankees: lose, lose a lot.

2007-08-01 21:35:47
356.   tommyl
354 Really? I thought it was, "What's this weird tingling on my right side? Oh...that's my arm! I was wondering where that went."
2007-08-01 21:41:22
357.   tommyl
Also, can someone ask Joe why he felt the need to use Vizcaino? I mean, I can sorta, kinda sympathesize of going to him in a close game out of panic or something, but seriously 5+ run leads? I think that's called mop-up. And we have not one, but two mop up men (three if you count Lord Farnswacker).
2007-08-01 21:42:19
358.   yankz
Effing great article about Joba and Ian:

I can't wait.

2007-08-01 21:43:04
359.   yankz
357 Farns was unavailable, he's pitched during the current moon cycle.
2007-08-01 21:49:41
360.   tommyl
359 And Karstens, Henn, Villone and Myers were unavailable? I mean, why not just go to a roster of 19:

11 positions players (9 starters+Molina+Cairo, since he does it all)
5 starters
3 relievers (Viz, Mo and Myers for LOOGY situations)

think of the money we could save!

2007-08-01 21:51:51
361.   yankz
360 I'm agreeing with you, it was just another one of my late night, difficult to see jokes.
2007-08-01 21:53:57
362.   tommyl
360 Oh I know, I was building on the sarcasm.
2007-08-01 22:15:49
363.   Schteeve
This Shelley Duncan, "I hit a home run everyday" business is getting ridiculous.

Posada is also ridiculous. Does he know he's 35 and a catcher?

It's pretty obvious that all A-Rod is thinking about is hitting a home run when he's up there. And I'm ok with that for now.

All that said, the Yankees are hitting way too many home runs, a sure sign that they are a terrible baseball team.

2007-08-01 22:26:34
364.   Schteeve
Also, I hate that Minky is coming back. I wish they'd just give him away.
2007-08-01 22:35:36
365.   Yu-Hsing Chen
in our very lefty heavy lineup we do need Duncan's ability to pinch hit, it's something we sorely missed for awhile now, espically from a guy he's not a complete douchebag sporting an aura of despair like Ruben Sierra.

I want Cairo DFAed now. he's pointless, Betemit can play SS and if we really want to, we could always shift Cano or that A-rod guy over to short .. i heard he use to be a SS .

I'm not sure Phillips can keep hitting... i'm a little baffled by his line really, he's not showing the power he's suppose to have (he doesn't have a ton of power, but it should still be better than it is now.. which is worse than Melky right now.) and he's not walking like he could in the minors. (he's walk rate and ISOD are both halved in the majros so far compare to his line in the minor this year) if those two things don't change in a hurry (espcially the power part) he's due for a steep slump . I still see him as a decent organizational player /bench right now.

Unless Phillips' bat start turning around soon, the Yankees are probably better off trying a platoon of Shelley Duncan and Wilson Betemit at first. this is probably Cashman's line of thinking when he got Betemit. Betemit as the main starter (he crushs righties.. as if we need any more of that :P) and Duncan pinch for him or Damon / Abreu in some cases and start against lefty. with Phillips being the primary defensive backup .

Duncan is a guy you probably don't want to overexpose. he's got very legitimate monster power but probably not going to make enough contact in the long run to be a everyday player. but if you don't show him too often he's going to be a very scary PH / role player.

So i would hope the end lineup being.

1. Mekly CF
2. Jeter SS
3. Matsui LF (plz take Abreu out of the 3rd hole.. i know he's doing well right now but Matsui clearly been much more consistent this year. )
4. A-rod 3B
5. Giambi Dh (plz never let him appear on the field unless it's a major emergency)
6. Posada C
7. Abreu (less pressure = good Abreu )
8. Betemit / Duncan platoon 1B
9. Cano (swap with Abreu maybe depending on how which one of them being more streaky.. but i like the idea of Cano and Melky hitting close to each other.)


Hughes ...awsome.


random collection of whoever does well, i hope it's Edwar and Britton though.. that and Bruney getting himself straiten out.

2007-08-02 04:55:54
366.   OldYanksFan
355 in both 2006 and 2007, Giambi averaged 430 ABs and an OPs of .973. This is after that nasty 2004 year, that many thought was the end of Giambi's career.

This heel injury is not your typical quad/shoulder/groin pull, that some players are prone to. Condiering both the lack of power and productivity from our DH, I don't know how people can brush off Giambi.

Hell, even half crippled, he has posted a better OPS then half our team.

Will Jetes see better pitches if Giambi bats 3rd?
Will ARod see better pitches if Giambi bats 3rd?
Want a .400 OBP guy in front of ARod?
Will ARod see better pitches if Giambi bats 5th?

Bobby is a good hitter, but he's not scaring anyone. Having ARod and Giambi back-2-back is daunting for a pitcher.

Giambi is tough and a competitor. He has come back from a lot worse then this. Personally I think if Giambi is healthy, the PS is doubt.

2007-08-02 05:07:22
367.   monkeypants

"I'm not sure Phillips can keep hitting... i'm a little baffled by his line really, he's not showing the power he's suppose to have (he doesn't have a ton of power, but it should still be better than it is now.. which is worse than Melky right now.) and he's not walking like he could in the minors. (he's walk rate and ISOD are both halved in the majros so far compare to his line in the minor this year) if those two things don't change in a hurry (espcially the power part) he's due for a steep slump . I still see him as a decent organizational player /bench right now."

That's a great observation. I also have been somewhat surprised. I figured that Phillips would be bigger contributor than Cairo (which he has, according to RC), but by hitting with a lower average, drawing more walks, and having some occasional pop. But he seems to have morphed into a sort of singles hitter at the ML level. Maybe he has the (not unreasonable) fear that a few too many Ks will earn him a ticket on the Torre express to the end of the bench, or Scranton.

2007-08-02 05:08:33
368.   OldYanksFan
347 I am a big Torre supporter, but I can't help agree with Steve (who is by far the best writer/analyst out there). Here's what I don't get.

The way Torre handles people... the NY media, George, the players, etc. is something you can't teach. As Steve says, Torre was a big part of turning around the entire dynamic of the organization.

But bringing in Proctor/Viz with a 6 runs lead? Torre can't learn NOT to do this?
Managing the BP better... with Guidry and all the help he has? Torre can't learn to do this?
I mean, if every blogger can see Torre's onvious mistakes, the Yankees can't help him to 'improve a bit' in these areas?
If Cashman et al wants to play the kids and have the BP managed differently, they can't get this across to Torre in a way that he responds?

If I'm in charge, I would let Torre know how valuable he is, but that certain moves he makes are not in sync with the team goals.

I think Torre wants to win. I think he wants to be a good manager. Is he that egomaniacal that he won't take feedback from his BOSSES... or order to keep his job and help the Yankees win.

This is what I don't get. If the Yankees want Torre to behave different, and people are BOTH his friend(s) and Boss(es), I don't understand why they can't bring Torre to carry out their instructions.

If Torre won't listen and won't cooperate, then he DOES have to go. But I can't help but wonder if the FO disagrees with his style that much, why they can't do anything productive to bring him around.

2007-08-02 05:11:06
369.   monkeypants

"This heel injury is not your typical quad/shoulder/groin pull, that some players are prone to."

But it is precisely the same injury that ended McGuire's career abruptly, after seven straight 1.000+ OPS seasons. Also, didn't Di Maggio suffer from heel problems that drove him from the game at a relatively young age?

I agree with your main sentiment, though. If Giambi can play, he represents a major upgrade.

2007-08-02 05:18:36
370.   OldYanksFan
365 I like that line-up.
Putting Melky has leadoff has caused him to be more patient and selective. I think mentally, leading off allows him to accept a BB. Now Cano is a far better hitter. I wonder if batting him leadoff might help him change his approach. Cano has done poorly in RBI situations... he seems to not respond well (yet) to that pressure.

For shits and giggles, I would like your lineup, but with Cano and Melky swapped. They currently have the same OBP, but Cano is 60 pts higher in OPS... and I think a greater upside. The difference over a year of ABs between leadoff and #9 is fairly significant.

2007-08-02 05:21:44
371.   Raf
I would've gone with Kartsens the last two innings, but that's just me
2007-08-02 05:24:30
372.   monkeypants
370 Speaking of Cano, I took a gander at his season and career stats. This year we have seen streaky bad Cano, and streaky good Cano. If his current totals represent the expected balance of his sometimes extreme performance, that's not too shabby. His OPS is .800+, and even more encoruaging, his walk rate seems to be creeping up a little (he's on pace for over 30 this year--not great, but about a 50% improvement on the last two years).

His overall performance so far this year also falls right in between the numbers for 2005 and 2006. Asking him to repeat last year may be too much, but it's not unreasonable to think that this year will be typical of career (rather than 2005).

Reason to smile.

2007-08-02 05:24:45
373.   OldYanksFan
369 I agree with you agreeing with me. If his heel isn't 'healed', I think everyone will see it. It effects many aspects of batting (and of course running).

Giambi has an advantage in that McGuire and Di Maggio both played the field, which had to significant increase the stress on their heel.

But I agree that he's either healthy and mashes or he is cooked, and used as a PH (ala Kirk Gibson in the WS. Crippled, but still capable of the occasional miracle).

2007-08-02 05:27:50
374.   Yu-Hsing Chen
370 yes, but this is already stretch time and we're in a tight race (that we should easily walk over, but still it's a tight race right now) so there's little room for experimentation and the priority is going with what works best right now.

I might move Giambi further back in the lineup off the start though to let him get comfortable first.

365 that could be, except that he's striking out at exactly the same clip as he was in the minors this year (and when ur striking out 17% of the time with very few walk and low power, your not going to be a .300 hitter for long)... the sample size is still small enough for him to turn it around with a few big games where he either jacks a few extra base hits and/or walk a couple of times. but time is running out for him. I'm afraid. still though, he is clearly the best defensive 1B we have and does bring more to the table than Cairo, and isn't as annoying to watch and Mink.

2007-08-02 05:31:37
375.   monkeypants
371 Torre just will not use RPs for more than one inning, unless the starter gets blown out early (or it's the playoffs). This may be even be a more pathological tendency than his mistrust of young players. But then he also feels compelled to get his relievers regular work. So, in a 13 run blowout the day before, Farnsworth and Henn each threw an inning. So in last night's game, Viz was the first option, because he hadn't gone the night before, and then Bruney (who needed work and the lead was safe enough).

Tonight it will be back to Farnsworth and Henn and Myers. Unless the game is really tight, when it automatically goes to Myers (v. LH), Viz and Mo.

Karstens will have to wait a long time for the moon and stars to align for him to have an opportunity to pitch in a blowout--and only then if Mo doesn't need to get some work to stay sharp.

Of course, in Torre's defense--sort of--this is one of the offshoots of the silly 13 man piching staff. There just aren't enough specialized opportunities to get all of the specialists enough work to stay sharp.

2007-08-02 05:33:45
376.   OldYanksFan
372 Cano is just one good kick in the head away from being a .850 OPS guy. It appears he is beginnng to develope a bit more power. His issue is, and always has been, selectivity at the plate.

Here's what I do. I tell him about Rod Carew and how people think this is who he parallels. Then I show him films of Carew... 100 ABS... where Carew works a BB in every one. I explain that THIS is why he was a .328 career hitter over 19 years.

Last night, looking for #755, Bonds was up with a 3-0 count. The next pitch was a decent, middle low strike. Bonds took it. This is great, mature thinking. 'Not hitting' is a very important part of hitting. If someone can get that across to Cano, the kid will be an outstanding player for years to come.

2007-08-02 05:34:10
377.   Yu-Hsing Chen
372 Cano in 05/06 was also not very good early on (in 05 he had that awful start after called up and was only saved by Womack being Womack, in 06 his line looked good on surface but he was doing really nothing except slapping singles in the first half), and downright awsome after the ASB, its something of a trend for him, if he could get mroe consistent, he's got hall of fame caliber ability.. and thats not a overstatement.

BTW, over the last two year he jacked 19 HR in the month of August and Septemeber.. want to bet that they jacks 10+ this year and go past 20 HR?

2007-08-02 05:38:33
378.   monkeypants
374 But at the ML level, he is K-ing somewhat less this year than last year, so I figure he was adjusting his approach v. ML pitchers.

Maybe it really is as everyone says--he's a nice AAAA player who really can't handle the jump to the bigs despite MiL translations/predictions. So to not be overmatched he's changing his approach, but in so doing eliminating one of the qualities that made the Phillips experiment intriguing (a little power). It also doesn't help that he seems to be the primary bunter on the team now.

2007-08-02 05:42:22
379.   monkeypants
376 Carew is an interesting role model. His early walk rates really weren't all that good, though better than Cano's. But he did develop a much better eye as he grew into his peaks years.
2007-08-02 05:51:56
380.   OldYanksFan
374 In principal, I absolutely agree that this is not a time to experiment. However:

1) Cano NOW is batting 60 OPS points higher then Melky with the same OBP. If he does NOT walk more ('experiment' fails), it's not like we are giving away anything
2) Cano obviously does not like hitting in an RBI position. His OPS is .140 pts lower with RISP. So this situation is hurting the team. (although Melky is slightly worse with RISP)
3) Since Jetes is RH and always bats 2nd, having a SW leadoff is little advantage. No reason a LH can't lead off in our lineup.

So, if it doesn't 'work out', I don't believe it sacrifices much. If it DOES work out, our lineup is significantly better.

I think Melky understands that a big part of his contribution is his glove and his arm. I think he and we expect Cano to be more productive with the bat.

It is NOT a huge difference, but every bit helps when you are in our position. After all, Damon is a better runner then both and has the same/slightly higher OBP... but we all feel we need more from the leadoff spot.

2007-08-02 06:04:17
381.   OldYanksFan
378 It takes both confidence and maturity to have patience at the plate and bring on your 'A' game. Unfortunately, Andy is always 1 day away from being back in the minors, and he knows this. He is anxious to please and prove himself.

This is not an enviable position to be in, but it may never change. A bad week, a trade, Duncan at 1st, Betemit at 1st... these are all 'threats' to Andy's playing time. It is very difficult to be 'all you can be' in this position.

If Cairo goes (extremely doubtful) and Andy is told he's here for the year as both a 1Bman and BUIF, it would help. But I'm not sure given his history (up down up down up down) if he can perform at his highest level.

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