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On the Chin
2007-07-28 07:54
by Alex Belth
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Andy Pettitte pitched another credible game in defeat as a three-run inning was too much for the Yankees to overcome as they fell 4-2 to the Orioles.

"I'm just kind of fighting myself," said Pettitte, who allowed eight hits and three walks, while striking out five. "I'm constantly having to make adjustments out there instead of it just being together for seven straight innings. I got in a little bit of a rhythm the last few innings, and that's what's frustrating — that I can struggle for a few innings and then it's fine, but yet the damage is done."
Kepner, N.Y. Times)

Scott Proctor may be sniffing around for the lighter fluid. He gave up a solo homer last night, the fourth dinger he's surrendered in his last five games. As Pete Abraham mentions, "He looks like a guy who is worried about being traded, which perhaps he should be."

But the story of the night was Baltimore's rookie starter Jeremy Guthrie and the O's pen. The Yankee offense was kept in check. Guthrie threw six strong innings, featuring a 95+sinker and a good breaking ball. Man, does he look like a keeper or what? In fact, there are a lot of things to be pleased about in Baltimore these days, according to the Washington Post.

The bad news for the Yanks? Boston, Cleveland and Seattle all won. Welp, today is another day. Let's hope the Yanks come slugging tonight.

2007-07-28 09:12:03
1.   rsmith51
Jeter and Andy came up empty with a man at 3b and less than 2 outs with a K and a double play respectively. Credit to the O's pitchers as that was the difference in the game. That always bugs me when they leave a guy at 3b with less than 2 outs, but I can't complain too much as Derek and Andy have been hitting the ball quite well recently.

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