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2007-07-20 20:36
by Alex Belth
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The Yanks not only got smoked by the Rays tonight, they used up six pitchers in the process. Moose was terrible and Edwar Ramirez wasn't much better and when it was all over, the Rays won 14-4. To make matters worse, the Sox rolled tonight, and just like that, the Yanks are eight games out again. With a killer double header tomorrow. Who is gunna pitch if things get dicey? Oh man, it could be a long weekend.

You may commiserate in the comments section below.

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2007-07-20 21:27:45
1.   joejoejoe
Is it just a statistical fluke that Mussina is awful pitching to Posada this year and good pitching to Nieves? Did Moose pitch to the Sal Fasano Experience last year or Jorge?
2007-07-20 21:41:41
2.   Cliff Corcoran
I'd say it's more in Mussina's head than anything else, which seems to count for a lot. Moose has certainly not spent the last six seasons pitching to backup catchers. This is new for '07.
2007-07-20 21:42:16
3.   rconn23
My sadness about this humiliating loss is balanced with enthusiasm about the future, namely a rotation of Hughes, Chamberlain, Wang and maybe, just maybe Kennedy.

My feeling here is that Kennedy might be the most likely to be traded, but if he is, I hope it's for a Teixera and not Octavio Dotel or Wilson Betemit.

These things need to happen. Much of this team needs to be scrapped. We need a cleansing.

1)Abreu gone. We can surely find a RF who will venture towards the wall and make a catch. One who also can break 20 HR. Abreu is not worth picking up a $16 million option.

2) Mussina's arm is shot. He needs to retire.His fastball barely reached 90 and his location is gone. This is a pipe dream, I know.

3.)The bullpen with the exception of Mo need to be scrapped.Hopefully internal options like J.B Cox (remember him?) and Humberto Sanchez can fill the void. We need yound nasty power arms, not relievers with bad deliveries and flat fastballs.

4.) Sign Tori Hunter, but only if it is no more than a 4- year deal.

5.) Resign Mo and Posada. Resign A Rod, but don't get caught up in a bidding frenzy and set the market at $30 mil a year.

6.) Find a first baseman with power.

7.) Hire Joe Girardi as manager. Someone who will light a fire under this team, especially under Cadillac Cano and cultivate the younger players. Torre must go. How can this be argued?

2007-07-20 21:53:31
4.   monkeypants
3 "4.) Sign Tori Hunter, but only if it is no more than a 4- year deal."

Just say no. A career mediocre player with a flaky good season at age 31? This the exact kind of player has tricked the Yankees in the past. Avoid.

2007-07-20 22:04:49
5.   tommyl
I posted in this in the previous thread, but I was at the game so I thought I'd share:

Just got back from the game. That is honestly the worst game I have ever been witness too.


Duncan, I missed his basehit (left already). His first K was bad. His second, he missed a HR by a few feet on the second strike. He crushed that ball. He's going to K a lot (long swing), but he could mash. Good potential power threat.

Edwar, yikes. I think that was the first time in my life I've actually felt bad for a major league baseball player. I mean, really, really bad. I found myself scrunching down in my seat as the crowd turned on him (and man, did they turn on him). From where I was sitting it was hard to tell how much he was missing by, but he was clearly very, very rusty. I blame most of this on Joe, but I think he threw about 2 or 3 strikes, and one of them was hit about 400 ft. Its too bad, but I think we won't see him again, at least not until the 40 man gets called up. Its sort of the pitching equivalent of Andy Phillips 5K night against Kazmir (stupid D-Rays).

That entire game from the second inning on, was sheer torture. Jackson was made to look like Pedro Martinez, and awful, awful fundamentals from our side. I'm actually depressed from being there right now.

2007-07-21 01:17:00
6.   joejoejoe
This team reminds me of a good horse that is all over the track, wide in the first turn, wide in the second. You get the feeling that the horse has a kick left in it for the homestretch but wonder if the bad ride* is going to cost you finishing in the money.

*a bad ride in this case being 300 ABs of woeful first basemen, awful bullpen usage, a silly roster composition for 60% of the season, and a ton of injuries to the back-end SP

2007-07-21 03:55:25
7.   OldYanksFan
I guess we hope for a split today and that every BP pitcher still has two arms after this series, right? Right???
2007-07-21 04:59:35
8.   ny2ca2dc
Edwar's work reminded me a lot of Colter Bean's last appearance - just could not find the strike zone, and it wasn't even close. I don't blame Joe, per se, I mean, the fucking guy came on and walked 4 guys & gave up a grand slam without getting even one out, but he DID come in to a pressure situation - try and stop the bleeding and all.... Maybe we'll all look back on this in 3 years after Edwar has blossomed into the best setup man in baseball and realize this was when be grew up, and learned to throw strikes and be tough mentally.


2007-07-21 06:00:26
9.   Raf
3 Yanks don't need someone to light a fire under the team, they need Damon and Abreu playing up to their career levels, for starters.
2007-07-21 06:11:40
10.   Jim Dean

1) Who? Andruw is going to be much, much more expensive. Same deal with Dye and Hunter. Indeed (your #4 - Hunter at 4 years) is going to cost 50+ million. Why spend that when they can have Abreu for 16 million and see if Melky, Tabata, or even Jackson (who's smoking hot in Tampa) will show enough power next year to take over RF in 2009. If not, they could go for Manny or Vlad as RF/DH - both are free agents after next year. Point is: They can overpay Abreu for one year, or they can overpay another turd for four or five years. I'd rather the former to wait and see what they have in the system.

2) Acknowledged pipe dream - move on.

3) Sanchez won't be ready next year. But between Edwar, Britton, Beam, Henn, Kozlowski, Robertson, even Patterson - they could fill in the bullpen fine. Probably another pipe dream though.

4) Um, no - see #2.

5) They will. A-Rod won't opt out either, but he will get that 30 million/year (or very close to it) in an extension.

6) Good luck there. It's the same dregs as last year (still better than Mghkjf) or someone like a Teixeira or Sexson in a trade. I'd be fine with a one-year rental of Sexson then see if Juan Miranda is ready for 2009 or Eric Duncan finds his potential.

7) It can't. I'm not convinced on Girardi but he's fine as the guy that follows Joe. Then in three years they can get the guy that follows the guy that follows Joe.

2007-07-21 06:12:42
11.   vockins
3 Signing Torii Hunter for four years is the kind of move that will make me start watching the Mets a lot more.
2007-07-21 06:13:48
12.   Jim Dean
I really hope they throw Edwar out there today. Competition is the best medicine.

But if the game is close, I can't see it happening - not by Joe.

2007-07-21 06:33:17
13.   monkeypants
3"1)Abreu gone. We can surely find a RF who will venture towards the wall and make a catch. One who also can break 20 HR. Abreu is not worth picking up a $16 million option."

Not picking up Abreu's option is another reason why talk of moving Matui to 1B (was that OldYanksFan?) is impractical. I agree that there is little chance they pick up the option. That leaves a starting OF of Matsui, Damon, and Cabrera; I'm not sure they want to move one of the OF to 1B, assuming that MAtsui can make the transition.

2007-07-21 06:52:43
14.   Sliced Bread
What a drag it is watching Moose and Damon these days.

Damon, I feel for. It's kinda like rooting for a lost Cub Scout to find his way out of the deep, dark woods. "Use your compass, Johnny! It's in your backpack!"

Sourpuss Moose, on the other hand, makes me want to change the channel. I'm almost hoping he punches a clubhouse wall Kevin Brown stylee, so we don't have to suffer another of his miserable games.

As for today, I'm waterskiing and beaching with the wife and kids. I'll have the Lumpy & Chuckles Radio Show on in the background, but refuse to let Game 1 ruin my day if it gets ugly.

You think our old friend Bernie Williams is watching the games these days? No, nor do I.

2007-07-21 07:20:58
15.   debris
5 So are you saying that Shelley Duncan is a Wily Mo in the making? Sure looked like him last night.

12 Edwar will not be on the roster today and, hence, won't have the opportunity. I've read that he'll be optioned this morning to make room for the immortal Matt DeSalvo.

2007-07-21 07:29:04
16.   monkeypants
15 Re: Edwar. If so, that's crazy. Igawa can't go deep into games and they used six pitchers last night. Edwar should be kept around as fodder, or sent down and replaced by another BP arm. Then Igawa (or the new BP arm or Edwar) should be optioned down after Game 1 to clear a roster spot for DeSalvo.
2007-07-21 07:31:08
17.   Jim Dean
15 They don't have to option anyone before Game 1 - the immortal Kei Igawa starts.

Then for Game 2 they'll option Edwar or perhaps Igawa.

2007-07-21 08:21:03
18.   OldYanksFan
1. Posted by OldYanksFan
Bobby currently has an OPS of .750. Even if he has a good 2nd half and raises it to .850, combined with poor defense, I don't think anyone will offer $16m on the FA market.

It is possible to renegotiate the option to $11-13m. At this price, one year is a solid decision. Bobby may be happy (ala Garciapara) to have one 'low paid' year, to re-establish his reputation.

Matsui is described as 'solid' in LF, but he's solidly below average. Melky has shown us the importance of good D in the OF. My idea of moving Mats to 1B is ONLY if we don't get Tex or another impact 1Bman, and our 2008 choices are JD, Andy, DougOut, Miggy, etc. Even with a worse arm, I think JD is a substancially better OFer then Mats. At least the guy is not afraid of the wall or of diving for the ball.

I agree with Jim 10 (get me my meds!) that long contracts on 'marginally good' players is a mistake. I don't know if the FA market is now permanently overpriced as more teams are locking up young players, but I think you have to pick and choose very carefully.

Moose will be a fine #4 or $5 guy next year. Andy, Moose, Wang, Hughes and the best of the rest (of kids) gives us a good and deep rotation. And there should be plenty of leftovers for the BP. For the first time in many years, we don't have to shop pitching. If we can get one impact arm for the BP, great... but at least we won't be 'blackmailed' with a desperate need to get pitching.

I assume the 2008 starting players will be similar to what we have now. Giambi, unless he proves to be unhealthy, is our DH. Andy should hopefully be our BUIF guy, and maybe platoon against lefties at 1B. JD/Mats at LF/1B.

We need a BUC and another OFer if Abreu leaves. If JD and Giambi can walk, I don't see the team benching either.

As is, our SP next year should be as good or better then Bostons, and if ARod stays, our offense is better. After 2008, Pettitte, Giambi and Moose are gone. Abreu is either gone, or back to being a premiere hitter. JD is in his last year, and it may be 'acceptable' for him to be a 4th OFer, BU1B, and Bench guy. Our farm will be one year older. At that point, I can see some major changes, but (based on current contracts) I can't see that many changes for 2008. I can see one impact arm for the BP and one impact bat.

2007-07-21 08:39:17
19.   Jim Dean
18 If Abreu bounces back to .850 OPS in the second half, I can easily see him getting a three or four year deal at 40 million. But the Yanks won't be faced with that because they have to make a decision on the option before the market opens. Bottomline: I'd rather they overpay for one year of Abreu then see what happens with Melky, Tabata, and Jackson next year. Worse case: They sign Manny of Vlad as a RF/DH next off-season. With Giambi off the books - they'll have the salary and position opening.

Matsui at 1B I have no problem with, but they should use it as a chance to move Jeter to LF (pipe dreams). [More pipe dreams - move A-Rod back to SS and get Lowell for 3B - better IF and OF defense, better lineup balance, and solves 1B].

As it is, that saves some of the prospects to trade for Santana (or even Peavy) next summer (as they approach free agency) rather than using them to get a Teixeira or Sexson.

2007-07-21 08:53:18
20.   dlewanda
What a dispirited game - I live in South Jersey, just in range of the "Lumpy & Chuckles Radio Show" - nice 14 - and heard the first inning and it sounded like Mussina was spotting his less-than-90-mph fastball and Jackson was wild, walking Damon. Imagine my surprise getting back in the car after running some errands.

That said, I had a couple questions I've been meaning to put out there that I hope could be answered.
1) Excluding the obvious candidates (Girardi and Mattingly), who would make you guys happy as the manager to take over for Torre? Since this is hypothetical, feel free to include anyone under contract by another team, major or minor leagues. I held on as a Torre supporter for a long time, but I now agree he needs to go. I'm just not sure I can name anyone else who wouldn't annoy us all any less.
2) Has there been any inkling that Matsui would even accommodate a move to 1st base? I know he's willing to do anything for the team, but is he even physically able to do it? I agree his struggles this year are getting hard to watch, but he did suffer a serious wrist injury that will take time to heal and rebuild strength.

19 If Jeter were to ever move from SS, I think he'd have to be put in CF because he would still be in a "quarterbacking" position. His offensive profile also fits better as a CF than a corner (not enough power). I would be okay with Melky in RF with his arm as an Abreu-like player, batting 7-9, but I don't see benefits to playing Melky in left - it limits the benefits of his defensive abilities.

2007-07-21 09:06:25
21.   Jim Dean
Jeter may not hit homeruns, but he's a bigger offensive threat than Matsui. And a better defender. Indeed, of all the qualifying LF's this year, Jeter would be above average - better than Soriano and Matsui and just below Lee and Manny.

Plus, I don't think he has the arm or speed to play CF anymore.

Again, pipe dream...

AS to your questions, I just don't know on the manager or Matsui. I don't think a manager is all that important in baseball if the GM gives him a great team. The idea of Buck returning intrigues me, but it won't happen. The latter, I can't imagine he'd refuse if they asked him to - he's the guy that apologized for his injury last year.

2007-07-21 09:17:46
22.   OldYanksFan
20 Matsui's problem isn't his wrist, it's his head. He was always terrible at going back, but now, since his injury, he appears very hesitant to dive or slide. I don't expect he will be anything other then league average, at best, at 1B, but hopefully he can adjust. His problems are the wall and diving with a full head of steam. Those won't be issues at 1B. He has a decent arm and a quick release, so he might be decent at the 3-6-3 and doing cut-offs.

I don't really expect it, but it would be a shame to have the speedy and 'courageous' JD at 1st, while Mats still mans LF.

2007-07-21 09:18:51
23.   vockins
Which game today is the makeup game for which Rays rainout? I had tickets for both, but I bought them scalped, so they're not tranferable.
2007-07-21 09:29:28
24.   Jim Dean
Cabrera CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui LF
Posada C
Cano 2B
Phillips 1B
Duncan DH

Can't argue too much with that. Hopefully Jorge DH's the second game.

And Pete has good notes on Edwar getting a pep talk and the Proctor-for-Wigginton rumor.

2007-07-21 09:31:01
25.   monkeypants
22 The only fly in the ointment is that the speedy and courageous Damon is increasingly less speedy in the OF (though still a heck of a baserunner), and he can barely roll the ball in when he "throws."

Everything hinges on A-Rod, who will have to decide within 10 days of the end of the season. If he opts out, he's gone, but at least the team needs become clarified: they will have to pick up a major stud bat, whether at corner IF or corner OF. The position won't matter as much as the offense, and then the team will have to shuffle around that.

Whatever the case, they shouldn't make the mistake they did this year (and the last few), which is identify needs to narrowly ("we need a RH defensive 1B"), so that they go for a mediocre at best "fit" instead of a better, more creative solution. With Torre gone (hopefully), the impetus for "fit" players will be lessened.

2007-07-21 09:32:31
26.   rconn23
10. Two options for RF in 08. Jose Guillien and
Fukodome from Japan. Granted, not much is known about Fukodome, but he does have great power numbers and just because Matsui's HR totals haven't translated, doesn't mean that his won't.

And Guillien would be cheap, and could probably be talked into a 2 year deal. He's hitting cleanup for the Mariners, last I heard.

The problem with the Yanks this year is that management has tried "Let's throw it against the wall and see if it sticks" philosophy.

Shelly Duncan and Andy Phillips are just a couple of examples. Two career minor leaguers that they hope they catch lightning in a bottle with.
Because Phillips has scraped together couple of key hits, everyone is in love with him,whereas two weeks ago they were to ready to send him back down. How quickly we forget.

2007-07-21 09:45:27
27.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm going to go do some work and catch up with you guys in the middle innings.

Let's hope it's still a ballgame by then, eh?

Maybe I'll try to catch Duncan's first ab; the team's play of late has me feeling strangely masochistic.


2007-07-21 09:50:15
28.   monkeypants
22 As for Matsui's defense this year, I wonder it it's our perception over reality. To borrow from Jim Dean's book (gasp again), what do the defensive metrics say, rather than aour selective observations?

This year, his ZR is .832, 12 out of 19 qualified MLB LF according to ESPN, or below average no doubt. In 2005 (the year before his injury) his ZR was .821, good for only 17 out of 18 qualified LF. 2004: .829 ZR, 13/16. In chronological table form:

Zone Rating;
2004: .829 ZR, 13/16
2005: .829 ZR, 17/18
2007: .832 ZR, 12/19

For range factor:
2004, 2.02 RF, 6/16
2005, 2.08 RF, 8/18
2007, 2.07 RF, 5/19

So, looking at the numbers, he has been remarkably consistent over the last few years defensively, and if anything has improved this year. Depending on which stat you choose, he has been consistently below average relative to the league (ZR) or consistently above average (RF). I'll opt for ZR and agree that Matsui is not a good LF. But there is no evidence that his play in LF is declining.

2007-07-21 09:53:32
29.   Jim Dean
26 I was going to mention Fukudome. He numbers in Japan are very close to what Matsui had but supposedly with a better arm. However, he would be be two years older coming over, and while he could probably be had more cheaply than Jones, Dye, Or Hunter. I suspect that the Yanks would look into him if they decline Abreu's option.

Guillien is a decent cheap option, but I suspect he's too combustible for the Yankee liking.

Mike Lamb could also work at 1B.

And the problem with Phillips and Duncan isn't that the Yankees tried them. It's that they waited so long to do so. For Duncan that's this year, for Phillips it's much worse. He should have been given a legit shot in 2004 or 2005 when he was close to his peak.

2007-07-21 09:56:17
30.   monkeypants
28 As for his weak arm, consider Matsui's outfield assists.

2004: 8 assists (8/16)
2005: 7 assists (7/18, tied with three other players)
2007: 5 assists (5/19, but tied with six other players!)

Now maybe teams run on him and challenge him more because of his weak arm, so he picks up a few extra assists. But the numbers again suggest middle of the pack consistency.

2007-07-21 09:57:55
31.   monkeypants
29 Wasn't Mike Lamb on the team for like 3 games a fe years ago?

Excellent point about missing Phllips'/Duncan's peak years.

2007-07-21 09:59:44
32.   Jim Dean
28 Nicely done. I would also add in RATE:

2003: 90 RATE
2004: 95 RATE
2005: 101 RATE
2007: 103 RATE

Amazing how three defensive metrics probably give an accurate assessment! Looks like he is just a a bit below average (98 career RATE).

It sure seems like there's some improvement, but it's hard to know if that's just a small sample size effect (given that the raw ZR and RF numbers haven't changed much). We'll know more in November.

2007-07-21 10:02:59
33.   monkeypants
32 Thanks! Actually, there are few typos in 28 (as usual with me), for example 2005 ZR should be .821 in the table. But that doesn't affect the overall point.
2007-07-21 10:04:37
34.   rconn23
Jim Dean,

Good point about Lamb. I know nothing about hid defense, but he's a pretty fair hitter. Lamb was set to be out third baseman before the A-Rod trade. I can't remember what happened to him though. Did we trade him for a bag of hammers?

2007-07-21 10:08:07
35.   Jim Dean
30 Everything there suggests an average arm to me. And that matches my impression. It's not weak for LF. It would be for RF.

Nothing in Lamb's record to suggest he was ever a Yankee. But he'd provide an average glove and bat.

2007-07-21 10:11:18
36.   monkeypants
From the perverse mind of Joe Torre, via Pete Abe:

Pregame chatter: Joe Torre and Ron Guidry met with Edwar Ramirez this morning to tell him to dismiss last night's outing..."We told him not to doubt his ability," Torre said. Torre said that Ramirez's inactivity was the product of the starters generally doing deep into games, the All-Star break and a lack of opportunity. "We really wanted to get him into a game. There just wasn't one where he could come into," Torre said.

No opportunity? So, he can't pitch in any close games, but you trust his ability, but there were no chances for you to demonstrate that trust.

When asked about the trade deadline, Torre said he was comfortable with Andy Phillips at first base but said the team needed a player they could use in different spots who could give them something offensively.

Let me see, Andy Phillips can play 1B, 2B, and 3B. Wiggington (mentioned in the article) plays 1B, 2B, and 3B, and a whopping 14 games in the OF in 6 years. Is Torre even capable of thinking about about starters as flexible players?

2007-07-21 10:13:15
37.   matt nokes forever
33 Excellent points with the defensive metrics. I think Matsui has done a very decent job of compensating for his below average arm with an above average quick release. The guy really does know (for the most part) exactly where he's throwing the ball all the time, just because of his awareness of who's at bat and who's on the basepaths.

In that vein, I do believe that moving Matsui to 1B should be an option left on the back-burner for as long as possible while the other needs (RF, BP, SP) are addressed conventionally.

2007-07-21 10:13:31
38.   matt nokes forever
Fucking Igawa.
2007-07-21 10:14:17
39.   Jim Dean
34 Lamb has a 99 RATE at 1B for his career. But I don't see anything about the Yankee organization in his record:

Meanwhile, BJ is good.

2007-07-21 10:16:16
40.   monkeypants
35 Aha! He was spring trading fodder a few years ago:

Mar 25, 2004: New York Yankees traded Mike Lamb to the Houston Astros for Juan De Leon.
Feb 4, 2004: Texas Rangers traded Mike Lamb to the New York Yankees for Jose Garcia.

Now let's see, in 2004 he hit .288/.356/.511 in 112 games. The Yankees started Tony Clark and John Olerud 111 games at 1B.

2007-07-21 10:17:42
41.   Jim Dean
38 It's amazing but Sterling actually had a good point:

If Igawa is so bad, how does he K a decent number (40 in 51 IP)?

Then he gives up a shot but K's two guys.

Just a weird arm.

2007-07-21 10:18:45
42.   3rd gen yankee fan
36 Yeah, I noticed that too. Especially re: Ramirez, that's when the "BS" chant went off in my head. Also I would prefer to see the team's loyalty to a guy like Andy -- at least for the short term! -- and have them focus on shoring up other areas, like pitching for crissakes...

I guess I can only say I'm THRILLED that Damon is sitting for this game...

2007-07-21 10:18:53
43.   matt nokes forever
Mike Lamb

*February 5, 2004: Traded by the Texas Rangers to the New York Yankees for Jose Garcia.

March 25, 2004: Traded by the New York Yankees to the Houston Astros for Juan DeLeon (minors).*

According to baseball-reference

2007-07-21 10:19:47
44.   Jim Dean
40 Nice find and good memories all around. So suffice it to say - the Yanks have had other Phillips types but have consistently shit the bed when it's come to 1B.

To be fair, I think a part of that was having Giambi and not knowing where to play him.

That of course didn't apply this year.

2007-07-21 10:22:52
45.   claybeez
Could someone email me the MLBtv link? I did set up the workaround, but then Firefox crashed on me this morning.

I have premium so feel free to mail me the link for that. Thanks in advance.

2007-07-21 10:24:32
46.   matt nokes forever
YES just flashed a stat about Abreu... a .358 AVG in Yank wins and a .157 AVG in Yank losses. As the Yankees have been absolutely miserable in 1-run and 2-run games this year, is it safe to say that Abreu only hits when the offense is rolling and the Yankees get into the opposition's usually horrific bullpen? Translation = Does he only hit in blowouts?
2007-07-21 10:27:03
47.   Mattpat11
Did I miss anything good? I see the 45 million dollar man is still in, which is better than I expected.
2007-07-21 10:28:15
48.   Mattpat11
46 I think Abreu sort of gives up when the Yankees are losing.
2007-07-21 10:28:36
49.   matt nokes forever
47 But he just gave up HR No. 2... First one to Upton and second one to Ty Cobbington...
2007-07-21 10:29:26
50.   Raf
41 seems he has a hard time finishing off batters sometimes.
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2007-07-21 10:30:14
51.   Mattpat11
"Ron Guidry can only wonder about Kei Igawa"

Wonder what?

2007-07-21 10:31:01
52.   C2Coke
50 You might want to sub "sometimes" with "most of the time."
2007-07-21 10:31:50
53.   Mattpat11
Don't slop ball pitchers tend to get a decent amount of strikeouts?
2007-07-21 10:32:32
54.   Mattpat11
I wish i was named Casanova.
2007-07-21 10:34:48
55.   Raf
second verse, same as the first... 1 hr, 2 k's
2007-07-21 10:36:44
56.   Mike T
Igawa is on pace for 18 strikeouts, yet the Yanks are on pace to lose 9-0. Baffling. Igawa's in-game Jekyll and Hyde performance (strike out one guy, give up a homer to the next, strike out the guy after that) is frustrating. It could of course be worse, but come on.
2007-07-21 10:38:56
57.   monkeypants
41 Igawa seems to be some sort of perfect storm. He obviously has good movement on his offspeed stuff, but he also has zero control and his fastball is seemingly pin straight. So, as teams have scouted him, opposing batters just wait and wait, running up his pitch count and generating lots of BBs, but also probably putting themselves in lots of two strike counts. When he throws a belt high curve ball that doesn't curve, or when the batter guesses right on the fastball, he hits a HR. When he is fooled with two strikes (like the last batter in the top of the second), he Ks. Weird.
2007-07-21 10:39:06
58.   nick
how about a reality TV show based on terrible Japanese ex-Yankee pitchers? they end up living together in a crappy apartment, drinking too much beer and bitching about Yankee pitching coaches.....we could call it "Iggy and Pussy".....
2007-07-21 10:40:37
59.   Mattpat11
Jorge Posada is the worst baserunner I've ever seen.
2007-07-21 10:41:11
60.   monkeypants
58 In a very special episode, the main characters learn a lesson about race when Gary Sheffield and Kenny Lofton come over for dinner.
2007-07-21 10:41:22
61.   Jim Dean
BJ is good.
2007-07-21 10:41:55
62.   monkeypants
Yeah, it's the BJ Upton show so far this series.
2007-07-21 10:42:33
63.   Mattpat11
Harris made that bit more dramatic than it had to be.
2007-07-21 10:44:50
64.   Mattpat11
Game two looks encouraging
2007-07-21 10:44:51
65.   monkeypants
If the lead continues to grow, Torre should just make Igawa go nine throwing 240 pitches, then demote him to AAA after the game. At least it will save the BP for the evening game.
2007-07-21 10:44:54
66.   Jim Dean
57 Sounds good to me.

58 Sounds perfect. Even better if they're both pitching in Scranton and The Office crew adopts them and cheers at all their games.

2007-07-21 10:45:30
67.   Jim Dean
65 Sounds good to me.
2007-07-21 10:47:36
68.   Mattpat11
Crawford is faster than the YES director
2007-07-21 10:48:24
69.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh God.

Why did I think I'd check in and things would at least be scoreless?

2007-07-21 10:48:54
70.   nick
I'd love to see a shot of somebody holding up "K"s in the crowd....
2007-07-21 10:49:32
71.   Jim Dean
Suzyn: "In spring training Guidry told Igawa not to worry about giving up runs. This offense is going to score for you.




"That's another big part of the equation."


2007-07-21 10:49:37
72.   nick
...followed by a cut to another guy holding up "HR"s.....
2007-07-21 10:49:48
73.   monkeypants
Is it me, or does Upton's swing look a little like a RH version of Griffey Jr.'s?
2007-07-21 10:50:48
74.   fansince77
60 feet six inches seems like a long way for Igawa- like maybe he needs a cut off man.
2007-07-21 10:51:28
75.   nick
74 niice...
2007-07-21 10:51:34
76.   monkeypants
Nice to see Kay and Leiter finally notice that Crawford is limping. Are these guys watching the game? Then again, if I went to a game that Igawa started, I might turn away too.
2007-07-21 10:52:05
77.   Mattpat11
Crawford's tattoo looks like it would hurt.
2007-07-21 10:52:29
78.   fansince77
3-1 count - here we go again. Not even close. Is Igawa as good as any triple A pitcher the Yankees have?
2007-07-21 10:52:55
79.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, God, what a break!

Nice job, Igawa.

2007-07-21 10:53:35
80.   fansince77
Carlos Pena doing his best Jorge Posada.
2007-07-21 10:53:43
81.   Mattpat11
Nothing more fun to watch than a Kei Igawa game.

That's the lead in to a Matt DeSalvo game.

2007-07-21 10:53:45
82.   nick
gotta love the way he induced that DP....
2007-07-21 10:53:55
83.   monkeypants
78 No. Hell, look at his MiL numbers--he had basically one or two good starts. The others were less inspiring, considering the level.
2007-07-21 10:54:13
84.   Mattpat11
79 Yeah, nice job getting that guy to hit a liner.
2007-07-21 10:55:04
85.   monkeypants
You see, that's why the Yankees never gave Carlos Pena a chance. You know getting doubled up like that is NOT the Yankees' way.
2007-07-21 10:55:11
86.   SF Yanks
79 What happened?
2007-07-21 10:55:28
87.   Jim Dean
If you weren't watching this game you might be inclined to say Igawa is pitching a good game:

3 IP 53 Pitches (37 strikes, 17 balls) 2 ER 5 K 1 BB

Except for that pesky 2.00 WHIP

2007-07-21 10:55:40
88.   weeping for brunnhilde
84 I think he jammed him a little, just enough.
2007-07-21 10:55:54
89.   Mattpat11
Shelley looks like Uncle Fester, eh?
2007-07-21 10:56:22
90.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm not saying anything about Duncan's 1-1 swing.
2007-07-21 10:56:42
91.   Mattpat11
2007-07-21 10:56:55
92.   SF Yanks
If somebody doesn't want to fill me in all game, the "magical link" would do me me wonders: Just in case someone is in the giving mood: Topher00ATcomcastDOTnet
2007-07-21 10:57:08
93.   Mattpat11
86 Line drive double play
2007-07-21 10:57:10
94.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, so this is who this guy is, huh?

He can hit it a mile or he can look like he's never picked up a bat before.

Not my kind of player, but I appreciate the power threat.

2007-07-21 10:57:10
95.   Jim Dean
Poor Shelley - he doesn't even have his Gameday photo.

Even Edwar has that.

2007-07-21 10:57:41
96.   monkeypants
Kay: "He [Duncan] does try to pull that outside pitch..."

Weeping? OldYanksFan?

; )

2007-07-21 10:58:23
97.   Mattpat11
2007-07-21 10:58:43
98.   monkeypants
Leiter: "But Michael, about Duncan pulling off that outside many major leaguers do you see do that?"


2007-07-21 10:59:44
99.   SF Yanks
93 Thanks.
2007-07-21 10:59:46
100.   weeping for brunnhilde
96 :)

I can see Duncan becoming a Shane Spencer, I guess. Maybe he'll go on a little tear before people realize that he literally tries to pull everything, but I can't imagine it taking long for pitchers, even bad ones, to totally dominate him.

But we'll see.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-07-21 11:00:10
101.   monkeypants
87 Yep--it's the ol' hits count as strikes trick, huh?
2007-07-21 11:01:19
102.   fansince77
97 well done.
2007-07-21 11:01:33
103.   Mattpat11
K by K by Kei?
2007-07-21 11:01:44
104.   weeping for brunnhilde
98 They do, it's true.

I honestly believe it comes from poor training.

I'd be really interested to study just how players are trained these days, from little league to the bigs, and to know how that training has changed over the years.

It'd be fascinating.

2007-07-21 11:04:34
105.   Mattpat11
Was that 1-0 pitch intended to be a curveball?
2007-07-21 11:05:06
106.   Mattpat11
Phillips had a HR in his ML debut.
2007-07-21 11:05:09
107.   weeping for brunnhilde
105 Looked like it, huh?
2007-07-21 11:06:08
108.   Mattpat11
107 Well no, not at all. I just went though my mental files of all pitches that could possibly be, and that was the closest.
2007-07-21 11:07:15
109.   weeping for brunnhilde
108 :)
2007-07-21 11:08:19
110.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, good.

Now, Team, how 'bout some runs?

2007-07-21 11:08:27
111.   Mattpat11

Well worth the 45 million dollars

2007-07-21 11:10:42
112.   Mattpat11
I was almost positive Phillips homered in his debut.
2007-07-21 11:12:16
113.   fansince77
O-Kei now it's time to stop the potshots on our overpriced pitcher and get some offense going- seriously it's been awhile since we looked like major leaguers at the plate.
2007-07-21 11:13:00
114.   Mattpat11
113 I enjoy taking potshots at our overpriced pitcher. Its what keeps me sane during his games.
2007-07-21 11:13:11
115.   nick
are we gonna start getting dominated by noname starters again?
2007-07-21 11:13:24
116.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm sorry, but that was a horrible swing by Abreu.

When I see guys on the other team pulling the hands in, slapping at the ball, etc., I can't understand why our guys can't do the same.

I'm not trying to be obtuse, I literally don't understand it.

2007-07-21 11:13:32
117.   fansince77
when bobby stops pulling the outside pitch he will be a .320 hitter. Until then- it's a matter of the pitcher hitting his bat.
2007-07-21 11:14:58
118.   matt nokes forever
Somebody needs to call the dugout and remind the Yankees that this is Jason Hammel of the D-Rays and not Cole Hamels of the Phillies. I think they're confused. At least they're swinging like it.
2007-07-21 11:15:29
119.   monkeypants
104 An interesting question. We are also in a historic offensive era (though numbers a down some the last couple of years), players are stronger and stand closer to the plate (giving them more plate coverage), and so on. Maybe what coachges have determined is that it is an acceptable trade off in this context to try to pull more pitches--perhaps generating more HRs--at the expense of being fooled more often on outside pitches and generating weak groundballs. No matter how poorly coached in the fundamentals these new fangled batters are, they sure are hitting the as well or better than ever before (though of course, this is likely due to many factors).
2007-07-21 11:16:28
120.   fansince77
I have been impressed with Arod's ability to do the little things to help this team...but now it's time for some backup. He gets on! now someone else STEPUP!
2007-07-21 11:16:33
121.   pistolpete
2007-07-21 11:16:40
122.   fansince77
As i was saying...
2007-07-21 11:16:42
123.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was a nice swing by Hideki.
2007-07-21 11:16:49
124.   matt nokes forever
118 Thank you, 'Deki! HA!
2007-07-21 11:17:17
125.   Jim Dean
Sterling: "Matsui is Lower-deki"

Please. Fire. Him.

2007-07-21 11:17:45
126.   monkeypants
Hmmm...Matsui pulling a low-outside pitch over the fence. The trade-off 119 in action.
2007-07-21 11:17:46
127.   matt nokes forever
125 Only. If. Suzyn. Goes. Too.
2007-07-21 11:17:55
128.   Jim Dean
Now can we score another 10 runs?
2007-07-21 11:18:29
129.   fansince77
Isn't Jorge due for a big one
2007-07-21 11:19:18
130.   Jim Dean
127 No. Doubt. She. Is. Only. There. To. Fellate. His. Verbal. Turds.

I. Will. Stop. This. Now.

2007-07-21 11:20:08
131.   weeping for brunnhilde
What would we do without Jorgie?

He's been locked in all year.

2007-07-21 11:20:43
132.   fansince77
I wish MLB was like high school and there was speed up rule. A courtesy runner for the catcher...That would up Posada's value tremendously...not to mention the Molina bros.
2007-07-21 11:20:48
133.   weeping for brunnhilde
126 Oh, I disagree. It looked pretty middle to me.
2007-07-21 11:21:58
134.   Jim Dean
Anyone else notice that Robby is now up to .281?
2007-07-21 11:21:58
135.   fansince77
I would love to see a bunt for basehit right here. I know it's not the "by the book" move...but it's time to do something a little different.
2007-07-21 11:22:48
136.   weeping for brunnhilde
134 Not really.
2007-07-21 11:23:46
137.   fansince77
The fact that Robbie almost offers at those balls over his head scares me.
2007-07-21 11:24:15
138.   Mattpat11
Matsui can conceivably finish the year with 25 HR, which isn't bad all things considered.
2007-07-21 11:24:22
139.   weeping for brunnhilde
I was just going to say what a great ab by Cano, and then, lo and behold, 4-3.
2007-07-21 11:24:53
140.   fansince77
Yet another weak groundball by the Yankees. Keep pulling that outside pitch.
2007-07-21 11:25:25
141.   matt nokes forever
139 Would have been a 4-6-3 if they hadn't started Posada.

C'mon Andy, continue to feast on that D-Ray pitching.

2007-07-21 11:25:45
142.   matt nokes forever
Or not.
2007-07-21 11:26:02
143.   weeping for brunnhilde
140 Over and over and over and over again.
2007-07-21 11:26:15
144.   Mattpat11
That actually looked better off the bat for some reason. I thought it would be a 6-3, but it looked like it was hit a lot harder than that
2007-07-21 11:28:15
145.   weeping for brunnhilde
144 Yeah, me too. I often get fooled when guys break their bats on swings like that.
2007-07-21 11:28:31
146.   fansince77
Cano is a step and swing hitter- sometimes I think he doesn't really see the ball at all. There was a time last year when he was staying back more and seeing the ball longer and driving to left field or in the hole between short and third- I have always been against the step and swing hitter because you are just hoping the pitcher hits your bat.
2007-07-21 11:28:41
147.   Mattpat11
Ugh. I forgot who was pitching.
2007-07-21 11:29:53
148.   fansince77
That ball was "Kei-rushed!" Didn't take long did it?
2007-07-21 11:30:46
149.   fansince77
Doesn't Greg Norton look a little like Ed Norton the actor?
2007-07-21 11:31:28
150.   weeping for brunnhilde
146 I really don't know why Cano's changed so much between last year and this year.

It's a complete mystery to me.

He's had maybe a couple of good weeks where he's done just that--staid back, and had success.

I don't know what's going on with him, he had so much promise.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-07-21 11:32:17
151.   matt nokes forever
148 This start is just another "Kie-lamity." Let's just keep the puns a-rolling.
2007-07-21 11:33:28
152.   monkeypants
150 I think the problem is that he decided to pull all the outside pitches.
2007-07-21 11:33:57
153.   Mattpat11
2007-07-21 11:34:44
154.   fansince77
That intentional walk helped to realisticize the strikes to ball ratio.
2007-07-21 11:34:52
155.   nick
IBB with Igawa on the hill, risky--danger of Earl Weaver's favorite play....
2007-07-21 11:36:33
156.   monkeypants
155 Sometimes with Igawa it's hard to differentiate between BB and IBB.
2007-07-21 11:36:46
157.   fansince77
TWhat pitch was kei-razy!
2007-07-21 11:36:58
158.   weeping for brunnhilde
152 You're teasing me, aren't you? :)
2007-07-21 11:37:08
159.   Mattpat11
I refuse to believe that was a curveball.
2007-07-21 11:37:20
160.   fansince77
156 well said. good point.
2007-07-21 11:38:09
161.   monkeypants
158 I'll be nice now. : )
2007-07-21 11:39:23
162.   fansince77
Jorge was Kei-rossed up on that one.
2007-07-21 11:40:16
163.   weeping for brunnhilde
161 I know I have big buttons, it's all right. :)

Hmm, so, to quote from O Brother Where Art Thou, "We're in a tight spot. Oh, man, we're in a tight spot."

2007-07-21 11:40:27
164.   matt nokes forever
157 Loading the bases AGAIN was "Kei-rappy"... ok, I'll stop now
2007-07-21 11:40:34
165.   fansince77
I'm sorry but Kei is done- he can't get these big hitters out- just doesn't have the stuff. If they take pitches repeatedly it will be a blowout!
2007-07-21 11:42:42
166.   matt nokes forever
163 Funny, that's an ironic reference because "O Brother" (amongst a handful of choice expletives) is what I say every single friggin time this guy takes the hill for us.
2007-07-21 11:42:57
167.   Jim Dean
Well, against the same lineup, Iggy pitched better than Moose.
2007-07-21 11:42:58
168.   nick
never in doubt, Iggy baby...
2007-07-21 11:43:22
169.   weeping for brunnhilde
166 :)
2007-07-21 11:43:45
170.   fansince77
Got it done? Kei-otic but nevertheless got it done. I happily stand Kei-orrectid. O Kei, I'm done now.
2007-07-21 11:45:07
171.   weeping for brunnhilde
170 For the love of kei-rist, I hope so!
2007-07-21 11:45:33
172.   nick
anybody watching? my imagination has that fly ball as a warning track shot--yes?
2007-07-21 11:46:09
173.   weeping for brunnhilde
Can Duncan hit a good fastball with a swing so long?
2007-07-21 11:46:51
174.   weeping for brunnhilde
172 Nah, it was to shallow right.

The batter just missed it, though.

2007-07-21 11:48:29
175.   monkeypants
173 He may only be able to hit a fastball, from what we've heard and seen.
2007-07-21 11:49:19
176.   matt nokes forever
170, 171 Well played.
2007-07-21 11:49:30
177.   weeping for brunnhilde
I love Derek.

Mr. Reliable 1-3.

Day in, day out.

What a joy to watch him play.

2007-07-21 11:50:18
178.   weeping for brunnhilde
175 Yeah, but I'm talking like 93/94 plus.
2007-07-21 11:52:53
179.   nick
damn, I figured Joe would let Iggy go nine....
2007-07-21 11:53:05
180.   matt nokes forever
178 Excepting ARod, Jetes and Jorge... that would make him a perfect addition to our lineup. Dont'cha think?
2007-07-21 11:54:09
181.   matt nokes forever
179 Looks like Iggy will remain winless since April... ugh.
2007-07-21 11:59:07
182.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, and mp, about what you said re: coaching. I take your point and I'd entertain the notion that those weakass groundballs are worth the power, but it sure doesn't look that way to me.

Also, I can understand some hitters being encouraged/allowed to swing that way, but Cano's clearly not one of them.

It's as if there's more homogenization or something. Fewer players seem comfortable with just being slap-hitters, like it's ignominious or something.

2007-07-21 12:01:48
183.   weeping for brunnhilde
Kay just said "It's a great day to be alive, Al."

Is he being wry, I can't tell.

2007-07-21 12:01:58
184.   monkeypants
178 I suspect that he'll do what a lot of similar players do--he'll cheat to get on top of the plus fastball, making him more liable to be fooled by location and offspeed. In the end, he hit some HRs, have a relatively low BA, and K a ton. His OBP will depend on how good his batting eye really is (will he have .250 BA and .280 OBP or .340 OBP?). In other words, he'll be exactly as advertised. If that translates into a .800 or so OPS, especially with a nice platoon split, then you have a useful player, especially off the bench.

The problem is that the Yankees have noit shown much skill at taking advantage of such players in the last 10 or 15 years (at least).

He'll look nice in an Oakland uniform.

2007-07-21 12:03:46
185.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, WOW!

What a fucking pitch!

Good God, was that beautiful.

That's my favorite pitch in baseball, I think.

The fastball on the outside corner that the hitter just watches go by.

God that makes me happy.

2007-07-21 12:04:46
186.   matt nokes forever
185 And all they can do to make themselves feel better and not look like a complete dousch for not swinging, is turn and bark at the ump for a few minutes.

Yes, I also derive much pleasure from this.

2007-07-21 12:05:20
187.   weeping for brunnhilde
184 I can live with that, maybe. I'll make an effort to just suck up all the waving and flailing.

I'll try, honest!

2007-07-21 12:06:26
188.   monkeypants
182 You migth be right, and as the ad says, chicks dig the long ball. But most of the 'stat heads' (like me) also seem to agree that there is just not a whole lot of value in having a slap hitter, unless he bats like .350. I mean, look at Ichiro, for example. In some of his best years hits/average-wise, he was actually not that great of a RF because all he did was slap singles and not walk very much. He was an extreme case of someone who bats an "empty" high average. It may not look pretty , but over the long haul it's better to have guys who K a lot with lower averages, so long these are offset by walks and lots of extra base hits.

Now, if the game reverts back to 1910s numbers, slap hitting might come back in vogue.

2007-07-21 12:07:27
189.   weeping for brunnhilde
186 Especially when it's game-ending, and there they are, barking at the ump as everyone runs off the field!

The pitch itself is sheer beauty, the arguing with the ump a farce that I take schadenfreude in.

2007-07-21 12:08:06
190.   matt nokes forever
A-bomb time?
2007-07-21 12:09:23
191.   monkeypants
Wow, Kay just commented on how A-Rod's month is not living up to expectations of April. You mean when he was on pace for 150 HRs?
2007-07-21 12:09:43
192.   matt nokes forever
Holy shit that had to hurt! Right on the fuckin hip!
2007-07-21 12:09:45
193.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ooh, Alex let forth an audible "Ooooooooh!"

That sounded really painful.

Maybe Toronto outsourced the payback job to Tampa?

2007-07-21 12:09:58
194.   Mattpat11
Uh Oh
2007-07-21 12:10:24
195.   weeping for brunnhilde
191 ha ha ha a!
2007-07-21 12:10:36
196.   Jim Dean
Can someone drill Upton in the head?
2007-07-21 12:10:39
197.   monkeypants
Hmmm...perhaps we won't see A-Rod in teh second game. Imagiune, a lineup +Nieves -A-Rod. Beautious.
2007-07-21 12:11:06
198.   matt nokes forever
196 None of our relievers has that kind of control.
2007-07-21 12:11:40
199.   weeping for brunnhilde
188 Ah, the halcyon days of 1910s ball!


They should raise the mound.

2007-07-21 12:13:30
200.   Mattpat11
That was a high stroke call on the 3-1 count.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-07-21 12:14:45
201.   weeping for brunnhilde
You see him try to hook that?

I know sometimes he can hit it out, but just make contact!

2007-07-21 12:15:19
202.   matt nokes forever
200 I'm assuming you meant strike (those things Cano doesn't swing at), not a stroke (that thing Sterling has every time a Yankee hits a home run).
2007-07-21 12:16:02
203.   Mattpat11
200 The strike call nearly gave me a stroke.
2007-07-21 12:16:07
204.   OldYanksFan
man - that pitch looked hittable!
2007-07-21 12:16:21
205.   monkeypants
199 Seriously, though, I think raising the mound would only mean more Ks. I would rather they look at tinkering with the composition of the balls and/or bats, so that the ball doesn't travel quite as far, to encourage the pitchers to pitch more to contact.

As much I "dig the long ball" from an analytical standpoint, I find lots of BBs, Ks, and HRs to be abit of a bore aesthetically.

2007-07-21 12:16:43
206.   weeping for brunnhilde

Right under the hands.

That hurt.

2007-07-21 12:17:22
207.   OldYanksFan
2 on, no out. We never stood a chance.
2007-07-21 12:17:55
208.   weeping for brunnhilde
Thank you, Robby.
2007-07-21 12:18:45
209.   OldYanksFan
I stand corrected.
2007-07-21 12:19:04
210.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's good Robby hit that ball hard, but again, I don't know why he had to pull it. He could have hit that ball hard up the middle, too.
2007-07-21 12:19:09
211.   fansince77
step and swing works that time...still don't like it though...hit or miss
2007-07-21 12:20:16
212.   weeping for brunnhilde
211 Exactly.

Hit or miss.


2007-07-21 12:21:24
213.   fansince77
If the yankees don't keep Phillips playing, I will stop watching.
2007-07-21 12:21:29
214.   weeping for brunnhilde
211 Because if that ball were an inch or so further outside, it's a weak ground ball.

If, rather, he just tries to hit it up the middle, there's more margin of error, he can still hit it hard if it's a little outside.

2007-07-21 12:21:37
215.   nick
Andy is Mr. Clutch!
2007-07-21 12:22:10
216.   monkeypants
OK, Andy got a hit there, but why go the other way on the inside pitch. He should turn on it and drive it. I mean, it worked there, but I just don't like it.
2007-07-21 12:22:41
217.   Jim Dean
2007-07-21 12:22:45
218.   weeping for brunnhilde
Like at my buddy Shelly Duncan!

My man Shelly.

(Shane Spencer, like I was saying...).


2007-07-21 12:22:55
219.   matt nokes forever
209 Realistically, who would have thought we'ld get nothing out of Matsui/Posada with less than 2 outs and RBIs out of Cano/Phillips/Duncan with 2 out.

Atta boy, Shelley! Dip-and-jack! HA!

2007-07-21 12:23:06
220.   monkeypants
Dead pull hitter.
2007-07-21 12:23:33
221.   weeping for brunnhilde
Awwwwww, how nice!

I'm really happy now.

Did you see how excited he was?

And the whole dugout was rocking!

A nice moment.

2007-07-21 12:23:54
222.   BklynBmr
"Duncan dunks it"? Did Sterling just say that?
2007-07-21 12:24:24
223.   matt nokes forever
222 I was expecting "Shelled by Shelley!!!!!!!!!"... or something like that.
2007-07-21 12:25:02
224.   Jim Dean
222 Yup! Brilliant!


My ears are bleeding.

2007-07-21 12:25:08
225.   Mattpat11
I like being wrong.
2007-07-21 12:25:10
226.   nick
now, Duncan could've hit a ground ball to second on that pitch.....
2007-07-21 12:25:37
227.   BklynBmr
223 Maybe he didn't have time to come up with one...
2007-07-21 12:26:36
228.   Jim Dean
Not for nothing but Duncan has 3 RBI's and 1.000 OPS in his two games.

Hopefully we don't have to see Damon as the DH for a while - like tonight.

2007-07-21 12:26:54
229.   Mattpat11
I HATE that commercial.
2007-07-21 12:27:32
230.   Jim Dean
227 Riiiii-ght.

That's the only preparation he does. He's all too willing to share too.

2007-07-21 12:27:36
231.   monkeypants
228 I worry that plunked-Rod will sit, Phillips to 3B, and Cairo to 1B...or Duncan to 1B and Damon to DH.
2007-07-21 12:27:51
232.   matt nokes forever
229 McNuggets, McNuggets what?!
2007-07-21 12:29:11
233.   matt nokes forever
231 Cano to 3B and Damon to 1B... oh yeah, and Nieves behind the dish...
2007-07-21 12:29:22
234.   Jim Dean
Meanwhile, I'm going to be very, very upset if Torre puts out the B team for Game 2 on house-money logic.
2007-07-21 12:30:13
235.   Mattpat11
232 Who is this appealing to?
2007-07-21 12:30:35
236.   nick
Farns with a 5 run lead: if there has to be such a thing as a Farns situation, I think this one is appropriate...
2007-07-21 12:31:08
237.   Jim Dean
Torre was saying on MMD yesterday that he's thinking about how they have to win series now. That gives me a small bit of hope.

Silly me.

2007-07-21 12:31:13
238.   Mattpat11
Seventh inning in a 5 run game? Someone's ending a message to worthless.
2007-07-21 12:31:33
239.   fansince77
Here he is again - a giant edward norton?
2007-07-21 12:31:49
240.   fansince77
Perhaps just the Illusionist at play
2007-07-21 12:32:13
241.   OldYanksFan
And Kei leads us to victory.
And you guys were worried about this game.
2007-07-21 12:33:13
242.   OldYanksFan
Maybe Kid Bugs for the 8th?
2007-07-21 12:33:19
243.   pistolpete
241 Ain't over yet - Kyle's in.
2007-07-21 12:33:35
244.   monkeypants
233 Or maybe...Nieves--> C, Posada -- DH, Duncan --> 1B, Phillips --> 3B, A-Rod --> PH.

That might be the best of the worst case scenarios.

2007-07-21 12:35:58
245.   fansince77
slider Kyle Farnsworth- hey maybe forget the fastball enirely. Your slider could be the Mariano cutter-why not?
2007-07-21 12:36:16
246.   matt nokes forever
244 Any lineup with Wil involved automatically becomes a worst case scenario.
2007-07-21 12:37:21
247.   weeping for brunnhilde

And I was just about to muse that Farns is about to have a 1-2-3.

Good one, huh?

2007-07-21 12:37:31
248.   weeping for brunnhilde
2007-07-21 12:38:43
249.   fansince77
"Caffe con leche with melk"
2007-07-21 12:40:11
250.   monkeypants
And a five run lead takes it inevitable turn toward a six pitcher affair.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-07-21 12:41:33
251.   matt nokes forever
Mattpat, I'm running out to grab lunch quick... want something from Mickey D's?
2007-07-21 12:44:56
252.   OldYanksFan
Time for a gratuitious HR
2007-07-21 12:47:25
253.   weeping for brunnhilde
Leiter just said that a successful pitcher has to have an offspeed pitch he can throw for strikes at any time.

Perhaps the hitting corollary to this is that a successful hitter has a good defensive swing he can employ at any time.

2007-07-21 12:49:59
254.   OldYanksFan
Notice the signs in Japanese for Matsui?
One said: "The honorable Matsui-san will lead the decadent American Yankees to the promised land of the World Series". I couldn't catch the rest of it.
2007-07-21 12:50:39
255.   weeping for brunnhilde
254 ha ha ha ha ha haa ha h!!!
2007-07-21 12:50:50
256.   OldYanksFan
Let's see Kid Bugs!
2007-07-21 12:54:31
257.   monkeypants
253 Probably the case. But it also implies that having such a weapon and being able to employ it at will is difficult, even for major leaguers. Last night Kay was complaining that a ML pitcher should just be able to throw strikes down the middle when he wants, and Leiter respsonded that if that was the case, he should also be able to paint the black when he wants to--again, implying that what the players want to do and the results of their execution do not always match up. it's a really hard game, where fractions of seconds and fractions of inches make the difference between between success and failure (or more accurately for the hitter, failure 60% of the time v. 70% of the time). So instead of assuming that coaching has failed a player, or that the player is "trying" to something inexplicable (like pull an outside pitch), I assume that player has simply failed in recognition/execution.
2007-07-21 12:55:03
258.   weeping for brunnhilde
Why not bring Edwar back out here?

If he falters, then go to Proctor.

2007-07-21 12:57:36
259.   monkeypants
OK, Kay just said that Torre was trying to 'parcel out innings' for the BP because of the DH. If true, does that make sense? How much easier is it to pitch one inning twice in the same day, than to pitch two innings once? Wouldn't the better strategy be to try to muscle one pitcher through the last three innings, milking the lead, to save as many arms as possible for the second game (especially since the starter will likely not go deep in the game)? Perhaps this might even be a good time for a starter on his throw day to toss an inning.
2007-07-21 12:58:36
260.   monkeypants
258 Because Torre trusts his ability--didn't you read Pete Abe?
Hey, if you can figure out the wisdom of Torre, you win.
2007-07-21 13:01:34
261.   weeping for brunnhilde
257 No argument from me. I don't mind failed execution. It is a hard game.

But to keep things simple, I know that in softball sometimes I let adrenaline take over and swing from my heels. When I do that, I often pop the ball up. When I remember to watch the ball and just try to punch it somewhere, I hit linedrives.

I'd imagine the same basic principle applies to major league hitters as well, however difficult the job is, it's still the same basic task and if they're good enough to actually put the bat on the ball at all, I'd think they'd have the talent to do what I do in softball in baseball.

90 percent of the game is half-mental, I guess is what I'm saying.


2007-07-21 13:02:21
262.   weeping for brunnhilde
259 Yes.
2007-07-21 13:02:52
263.   OldYanksFan
I'm taking up a collection for a 1st baseman's glove for Matsui. Defensive metrics are fine, but I've seen 95% of every game Mats has played in LF. He a great guy, but he is a liability in LF.

By the by, Manny was a leader in assists. Because he has a great arm and gets to the ball quickly?

2007-07-21 13:03:03
264.   weeping for brunnhilde
260 Ha ha ha hah ah a!!!

Trusts it all the way to the bank.

2007-07-21 13:04:34
265.   Yankees Brasil
Is Proctor sucking because he doesn't wanna go to the D'Rays??
2007-07-21 13:09:00
266.   bob34957
At the start of the game 60% , 6 of the 10 players on the field were home grown: Duncan, Cano, Jeter Jorge,Melky, and Phillips, 20% were from Japan,Matsui and Igawa, Alex and Abreu from trades. Pretty neat, too bad we did have a better record.
2007-07-21 13:09:10
267.   nick
back 2 back for Shelley?
2007-07-21 13:09:24
268.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, mp, Cano's swinging through that high heat I can live with, because that does seem about pitch recognition or eye or whatever. A lot of guys have that weakness and I don't think you can really practice not swinging at that.

Up and down is maybe harder to pick up than lateral, so I can understand. But I think (and maybe I'm totally wrong) that lateral location is easier for a batter to identify, so it should be easier to adjust to.

2007-07-21 13:10:42
269.   weeping for brunnhilde
Heh heh.

Poor Shelly, he almost injured himself buckling his knees in reaction to being called out.

I like this kid.

2007-07-21 13:11:12
270.   nick
ok, we'll save the 2nd one for the nightcap...
2007-07-21 13:12:32
271.   rsmith51
Maybe Torre is thinking of going to Mo for 2 innings tonight. He better not be used with a 4 run lead...
2007-07-21 13:12:39
272.   monkeypants
263 Have you seen 95% of the games that all the other LF have played? Because that would seem to be the only way to determine his relative merit in the field.
2007-07-21 13:12:41
273.   matt nokes forever
269 I saw that too. I think I like this kid.
2007-07-21 13:12:59
274.   Emma Span
229 I hate that goddamn McDonald's ad with a fiery passion -- I can't remember the last time, in fact, I hated anything so insignificant this much. It absolutely fills me with rage. Not that I eat at McDonald's anyway, but now I'm officially boycotting.
2007-07-21 13:13:36
275.   monkeypants
271 Nope, Proctor for two innings, which makes good sense.
2007-07-21 13:14:16
276.   pistolpete
Well this isn't going to get the trade done is it?
2007-07-21 13:15:52
277.   matt nokes forever
275 Nice thought, mp. Joe has other ideas, though.
2007-07-21 13:16:29
278.   rsmith51
Why, Joe, why????
2007-07-21 13:16:45
279.   weeping for brunnhilde
274 ha hah ah aha hh aha h!

You guys crack me up.

Lemme let you in on a little secret, though: there's a button on your remote labelled "mute" and if you find your eye still drawn towards the flashing images, there's yet another labelled "power."

Just saying.


2007-07-21 13:16:50
280.   monkeypants
263 I have no idea how strong Manny's arm is, but I suspect that his assist totals are the product of the monster. His range is for shit, according to the stats, but he does seem to play the wall at Fenway well.

275 I'm sorry, check that. Mo's coming in and Torre is officially insane.

2007-07-21 13:17:36
281.   weeping for brunnhilde
278 Because Joe trusts in Proctor's ability.
2007-07-21 13:18:09
282.   rsmith51
If Proctor was left in there, he could have gotten the reverse cycle if he gave up a double.
2007-07-21 13:18:14
283.   monkeypants
Uhhh...why was Clemens giving Mussina some sort of massage? And more importantly, why did they show us?
2007-07-21 13:20:32
284.   matt nokes forever
283 To show us the real reason Roger came back. Not for the World Series. Not for the money. But for the 'comraderie'.
2007-07-21 13:20:40
285.   rsmith51
282 And he still wouldn't have given up 4 runs needed to tie the game, but at least then it would have been a save situation.

I don't understand why managers are so afraid of a 3 or 4 run ninth inning when it doesn't happen very often even against average to bad pitchers.

2007-07-21 13:20:54
286.   williamnyy23
Mariano has now entered 15 of his 38 games with the Yankees ahead or trailing by at least four runs (and 21 of 38 of at least +/- 3 runs). Perhaps, if Joe was able to avoid using Rivera in such low leverage games, he'd be available for all the 1 and 2 run 8th innings that have become the domain of Kyle & Co.
2007-07-21 13:22:24
287.   weeping for brunnhilde
Mo is a titan.
2007-07-21 13:22:30
288.   williamnyy23
Delmon Young jogged to first base... what an effort.
2007-07-21 13:22:37
289.   monkeypants
286 Good stuff--I hadn't realized it was that many.
2007-07-21 13:23:02
290.   weeping for brunnhilde
286 Indeed.


2007-07-21 13:23:02
291.   rsmith51
286 It has seemed like that, but thanks for putting it in perspective. That is insane to use your best pitcher for these situations. No wonder Pythag hates the Yankees...
2007-07-21 13:23:51
292.   Emma Span
279 Oh, believe me, I've been making the most of Tivo. Haven't had to actually watch the thing in weeks... but just seeing it fly by in fastforward makes me twitch.

283 Don't knock it. With Mussina I'd say anything's worth a try at this point.

Can you imagine the ensuing media frenzy if Moose turns things around? "Rocket makes teammates better with energy, winning attitude and upper-back massage!"

2007-07-21 13:24:35
293.   weeping for brunnhilde
Whoa. Gomes should have taken one for the team there.
2007-07-21 13:25:41
294.   williamnyy23
Michale Kay is a poet..."that's not a nice Christmas eve", is his assessment of the one on which Johnny Gomes had his heart attack. Excellent perspective.
2007-07-21 13:26:24
295.   Mattpat11
Michael Kay has taken Jonny Gomes amazing story (and it is amazaing) and repeated it so fucking often that I just don't care anymore.

Mike, I really don't think YES has such a huge changeover that your stories reach a new audience every time you tell it. Its more or less the same people watching every game.

2007-07-21 13:26:38
296.   rsmith51
What was the damage to Mo's arm? Can he go 2 tonight?
2007-07-21 13:26:49
297.   matt nokes forever
Weeping, was that prettier than painting the outside corner black like we decided earlier? Because I think it was.
2007-07-21 13:27:00
298.   weeping for brunnhilde
292 :)

Ok, earlier I said how I loved the hitter-frozen-by-the-fastball-on-the-outside-corner-to-end -the-game-scenario.

Inside corner's nice too.

2007-07-21 13:27:35
299.   bob34957
295maybe if you had a f'ing heart attack you would have a little empathy!!!!!!!!
2007-07-21 13:27:38
300.   weeping for brunnhilde
297 I know!

It's awfully close, isn't it?


Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-07-21 13:28:48
301.   Mattpat11
Shelley Duncan just killed Kim Jones.
2007-07-21 13:28:58
302.   williamnyy23
Kim Jones is a moron.
2007-07-21 13:29:14
303.   weeping for brunnhilde
I like this "Aw-Shucks Shelly" guy.

Shelly almost knocked down Kim!

What a flirt!

(I love that Kim, btw. I enjoyed listening to her on WFAN recently.)

2007-07-21 13:29:27
304.   Jim Dean
296 14 pitches. I'd say one inning is doable.

Three for Proctor.

2007-07-21 13:29:28
305.   matt nokes forever
300 Flip a coin... And of all the stats I'ld love to see, I'ld really like to know how many times Mo has closed the door with a backwards K... I feel like he's got it trademarked.
2007-07-21 13:30:21
306.   monkeypants
301 302 303 Yeah, but he's gotta work on his clichés. That's where a veteran like Jeter can help him out.
2007-07-21 13:32:26
307.   weeping for brunnhilde
All right, Team, nice game, nice win.

I'll try to catch you guys for the nightcap, though I do have a party to go to, so...


Oh, and btw, nice job by Iggy. He pulled it off.

2007-07-21 13:33:49
308.   Emma Span
Just once I'd like a reporter to ask a player, "your first big-league home run, will you ever forget it?" and have them say, "Yeah, probably, it wasn't as exciting as I expected."

Still, you gotta be happy for the guy.

2007-07-21 13:34:18
309.   bob34957
I'm at work, How did Igawa pitch today? The #'s on the box score look ok, 5 innings 2 runs.
2007-07-21 13:34:23
310.   Mattpat11
299 I do. I don't like Michael Kay running stories into the ground. It kills any effect they may have had.

I can promise you he'll tell it at least six more times before the year is out.

2007-07-21 13:36:07
311.   bob34957
310 cool, I was just breakin your balls.LOL
2007-07-21 13:37:27
312.   pistolpete
309 He was his usual, 'meh' self.

Just once I'd like him to go 7 innings with about 90 pitches, yeesh.

2007-07-21 13:40:56
313.   BklynBmr
308 Exactly. That, and I'm waiting for someone to blame the man upstairs for blowing a game...
2007-07-21 13:41:44
314.   bob34957
Vizcaino is 7-2, he has the second most wins on the Yanks!!!! Wow
2007-07-21 13:43:59
315.   Emma Span
313 Man, that would be awesome. "I'd just like to criticize God for this loss... if He hadn't been so damn busy helping the Cardinals, and forcing us to make fielding errors, we could have won this thing."
2007-07-21 13:45:51
316.   monkeypants
I was going to settle in baseball all day--Yankees at 1:00 and 7:00, with the Fox game sandwiched in between between. But 1] it's Fox, 2] it's the Sox, again, and 3] they are going to cut away for every one of Bondsco's ABs.

Sorry, I'm out until later.

2007-07-21 13:47:34
317.   Mattpat11
Maybe all this running is why Igawa is who he is. He's tired.
2007-07-21 13:47:44
318.   monkeypants
315 "I mean this game is tough enough, without having to play against 10 guys out there."
2007-07-21 13:48:05
319.   matt nokes forever
Reporter: "Johnny Gomes, you just struck out looking with the bases loaded to end the game. What happened?"

JG: "God fucked me."

Reporter: "I'm sorry?"

JG: "God's down the Jersey shore this weekend instead of keeping an eye on the game."

Reporter: "Ummm, why didn't he just listen to the radio?"

JG: "God also hates John Sterling."

Reporter: "Good to know."

2007-07-21 13:48:55
320.   BklynBmr
315 LOL! Priceless! I'm trying to think of who in MLB could pull that off, besides maybe Farnsworth...
2007-07-21 13:49:55
321.   weeping for brunnhilde
311 :)
2007-07-21 13:50:45
322.   matt nokes forever
320 That guy playing the outfield for the Tigers. Or maybe Moose... "God wasn't willing my knuckle-curve into the strike zone today because I was on six days rest."
2007-07-21 13:51:18
323.   Mattpat11
JP Howell?

Where's Lovey?

2007-07-21 13:51:41
324.   weeping for brunnhilde
319 ha ha ha hah ah aha ha !
2007-07-21 13:53:07
325.   Emma Span
319 "It is high... it is far... it is... GONE! A Gopher for God!"
2007-07-21 13:55:56
326.   RIYank
322 Hm, six days rest. So if Nieves is Moose's personal catcher, that's another thing Jorgie has in common with The Big Guy: they work six days and take the seventh day off.
2007-07-21 13:56:21
327.   matt nokes forever
325 "That ball is away back! All the way into the upper deck! God goes Gonzo!!!"

And then he is struck by lightning.

2007-07-21 13:56:52
328.   RIYank
325 I think the call would be:
"God damn it!"
Sterling could pull that one off.
2007-07-21 13:57:10
329.   Jim Dean
Suzyn: Edwar going down. That was the plan all along - before last night.
2007-07-21 13:58:50
330.   BklynBmr
322 Definitely Sheffield. And Rickey Henderson back in the day...
2007-07-21 13:58:54
331.   matt nokes forever
329 Makes sense that we didn't use him in the first game then... seeing as we won't have him for the nightcap. Well played, Mr. Torre. Well played.
2007-07-21 14:00:20
332.   Jim Dean
331 Especially up five runs in the 7th.
2007-07-21 14:00:36
333.   BklynBmr
328 Thanks. Now I have to wipe Bass Ale off my monitor and keyboard.
2007-07-21 14:01:03
334.   weeping for brunnhilde
328 ha hah ah ah ah!

You guys are killing me.

2007-07-21 14:01:15
335.   matt nokes forever
330 Reporter: "Rickey, you stole 14 bases in today's game. What an incredible feat."

RH: "Rickey would like to thank God for that."

Reporter: "So you're saying God helped you steal those bases?"

RH: "Of course. Rickey is God, so when Rickey steals, God steals."

2007-07-21 14:02:13
336.   weeping for brunnhilde
333 I'm a Bass guy myself, though lately my beer of choice is a Saranac pale. Really yummy stuff.
2007-07-21 14:02:52
337.   BklynBmr
335 LOL! And he'd be dead serious...
2007-07-21 14:04:45
338.   Emma Span
327 "... and He crushed that one like a Sodomite!"

Okay, I'm done. Going outside to feel the sun on my face and recover from the Igawa Experience. Good luck with DeSalvo tonight... I will be watching from a bar, with beer.

2007-07-21 14:05:49
339.   RIYank
Weeping, I read over the comments in this thread, and I just don't get your negativity about Cano. The guy had a lousy April and May, but he's slugging .548 in July! I figure they just need to get him some special electric thermal underwear and he'll be the new Joe Morgan.
2007-07-21 14:05:54
340.   matt nokes forever
338 Godspeed.
2007-07-21 14:06:34
341.   BklynBmr
336 I gotta give that a try. SF weather is finally allowing me to fire up the grill more often. Nothing like a tasty brew with a great steak or burger...
2007-07-21 14:09:17
342.   rilkefan
336 We're heading off to Saranac for a week soon - is that the local brew?
2007-07-21 15:01:49
343.   weeping for brunnhilde
339 I know, I may be overreacting. It's funny, though, because Jim (I think it was) asked if anyone had noticed Cano's average up around .280. I responded that I didn't, because whenever I watch him play, he seems totally hit or miss.

He may be having more good games than he used to, but still, he just doesn't seem consistent to me. So if he's playing well, it appears more like he's getting lucky than that he's actually becoming a better hitter, if that makes any sense.

My perspective is obviously deeply subjective, though, so I take your point. When I respond to Cano (or anyone), I'm doing so according to the moment, according to how comfortable he makes me feel swinging the bat. Cano just doesn't make me feel comfortable.

If you want to start a kitty for said underwear, count me in. I'm willing to try anything.


342 I believe it is, from upstate, I think?

I get it at my corner store here in Connecticut, though. It's really nice stuff.

Enjoy your trip--I hope it's a vacation?

2007-07-21 15:04:11
344.   JL25and3
336 Saranac pale ale. My current favorite as well, great stuff.

Just back from the game. Another satisfying one, makes me 9-1 on the year. (My sister is 10-0). The weather was amazingly perfect: warm, sunny, low humidity and a breeze so it never once felt hot. There were an astonishing number of empty seats, more than I've seen in many years - does anyone have any idea why?

Igawa pitched OK, not great, probably would have given up 5+ runs against a better team. But there were a couple of hopeful signs. One, he did manage to pitch out of trouble, which puts him ahead of Moose. Also, he threw a first-pitch strike to all but one or two batters.

I don't know how well Duncan can hit, but he's sure got power. In two games he's got one HR, one towering fly that just went foul, and one that he just got under.

Is Proctor now The Eighth-Inning Guy?

I can't kill Joe for his bullpen use today. I might have pitched Edwar - might well not have, after last night - and I almost certainly would have left Proctor in for another batter. But I can also understand that you have to win this game first.

Couple of nice catches by Melky, a nice line-drive double play when they needed it - not to mention a very pretty DP started by Harris in the 8th.

All in all, a damn satisfying win, and I'm looking forward to tonight...hey, DeSalvo pitched well at least once before.

2007-07-21 15:05:28
345.   Mattpat11
The White Sox truly are wretched, aren't they?
2007-07-21 15:13:05
346.   rilkefan
343 Yeah, up in the Adirondacks, not close enough to Montreal. Better half's family reunion - forced marches up mountains, ritual mosquito feedings, internet deprivation, all bookended by cross-country travail with a one-year-old. Maybe that's your idea of a vacation. Maybe getting my paws on some of that ale will make me think that way.
2007-07-21 15:23:52
347.   weeping for brunnhilde
346 :)

Well when you put it that way, I start to suspect that maybe you're a travel agent.

Got any brochures?

2007-07-21 15:25:39
348.   weeping for brunnhilde
346 "Cross country travail." Nice pun, btw.
2007-07-21 15:33:09
349.   rilkefan
347 My brochures got eaten by black bears on my last trip there.

348 "Travel" is derived from "travail", so it's a pretty cheap pun.

2007-07-21 15:35:49
350.   rilkefan
"Manny"'s blog has a google ad above. Hilarity ensues:
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-07-21 15:38:20
351.   weeping for brunnhilde
349 I know, that's why I liked it; the invocation of etymology.

God knows I've heard cheaper.

2007-07-21 15:40:43
352.   rsmith51
344 So we should put together a collection to get your sister to more games? Perhaps the Boss will read the blog and send your sister season tickets.
2007-07-21 15:43:20
353.   weeping for brunnhilde
350 From the package: Brewery is open Mon-Sun June-August.

"Except for summer months, we do request that you call in advance to make reservations for tours, which typically run about one hour...800-765-6288."

(Man, they should pay me.)

2007-07-21 15:48:21
354.   rilkefan
353 Sadly Utica's maybe a three hour drive away, sober.
2007-07-21 16:01:22
355.   Mattpat11
Oh, look. The White Sox scored.
2007-07-21 16:04:17
356.   Mattpat11
For Christ sakes. I'm in no way a DeSalvo fan. I do not have a good feeling about this game tonight. But his little highlight package includes a shot of him being pulled from the game. There's not another strikeout you can throw in there?
2007-07-21 16:04:46
357.   Jim Dean
Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abeu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Phillips 1B
Cano 2B
Cabrera LF
Nieves C

The logic makes perfect sense. Damon can't reach second base on a throw from LF, so move him closer to second base. Now why he's starting....

2007-07-21 16:05:23
358.   RIYank
Hey, a couple of weeks ago I drank some Cooperstown Brewery products. They were pretty good. I had an ale, "Old Slugger" I think it was called, which was okay, but the porter, called "Benchwarmer", was first rate.
2007-07-21 16:07:16
359.   RIYank
No Shelly, damn. But actually, it's not a bad line-up for a double-header back-end. And that's a lot of dubiously-hyphenated-words in that sentence.
2007-07-21 16:07:43
360.   weeping for brunnhilde
354 Alas.
2007-07-21 16:08:28
361.   BklynBmr
That looked like a Matsui move...
2007-07-21 16:08:51
362.   RIYank
357 Now be talkin' about my man in LF.
2007-07-21 16:08:52
363.   Mattpat11
Okay, come on Matty. Follow everyone else's lead and prove me wrong.
2007-07-21 16:09:07
364.   Mattpat11
The hell?
2007-07-21 16:10:31
365.   weeping for brunnhilde
358 "Old Slugger."


What, no "Old Bunter," "Old Liner" or "Old Off-Fielder?"

What kind of world is this, I ask you.

2007-07-21 16:12:11
366.   Mattpat11
Oh shit. I forgot Nieves was playing.
2007-07-21 16:13:16
367.   weeping for brunnhilde
Btw, "The Godfather"'s on Bravo, for anyone not wishing to endure that commercial you guys were talking about.
2007-07-21 16:13:41
368.   RIYank
Impressive, somewhat weird inning for MdeS. A one-pitch scary out, a nine-pitch K, and a three-pitch K.

365 Oh, man. It's Cooperstown, fer kreisakes. Boom! Bam! Bop!

2007-07-21 16:16:35
369.   weeping for brunnhilde
368 :)
2007-07-21 16:19:19
370.   RIYank
Yum, delicious DJ line drive.

367 Surely everyone will be perusing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows during the down time.

2007-07-21 16:19:44
371.   weeping for brunnhilde
I want to marry Derek Jeter.

As exasperated as Cano and Mats make me, Jeter's hitting brings me great joy.

2007-07-21 16:22:52
372.   RIYank
Tremendous AB for BA. The first two pitches prepared me for disappointment.
2007-07-21 16:23:25
373.   BklynBmr
Nice, Bobby! Don't stop now, Yanks. Pound this guy...
2007-07-21 16:24:00
374.   weeping for brunnhilde

The other night behind Chien-Ming we scored two runs without an out being recorded.

The rest is history.

Let's hope we blow the doors down here and now.

"As Bobby Abreu goes, so goes the Yanks."

Gee, Kay, I never thought about it that way before.

2007-07-21 16:24:21
375.   weeping for brunnhilde

That's fucking hitting!!!


2007-07-21 16:24:33
376.   RIYank
373 Ask and you shall receive!
I was thinking the same thing, by the way. Remember the other day when the first inning Abreu two-run double also gave the Yanks their last runs of the game?
2007-07-21 16:25:09
377.   weeping for brunnhilde
372 Me too.

Hats off to Bobby.

2007-07-21 16:25:09
378.   BklynBmr
'swhat I'm talkin' about! Now keep the line movin', 'Zilla...
2007-07-21 16:25:16
379.   JL25and3
367 Yep I was already there. Poor Khartoum...
2007-07-21 16:26:00
380.   weeping for brunnhilde
See, the first pitch to Matsui, if he'd been looking to go the other way in this ab, he'd have had a great chance of lining it into left.
2007-07-21 16:26:22
381.   Jim Dean
362 I blame PeteAbe. It's good to see though. Looks like as long as Melky keeps hitting, CF is his.
2007-07-21 16:26:28
382.   BklynBmr
376 Great minds. That's exactly what I flashed back on...
2007-07-21 16:26:41
383.   rsmith51
Abreu hits .361 when Yanks win...
How about when Abreu gets a hit in his first PA, is it prophetic?
2007-07-21 16:28:23
384.   OldYanksFan
Why does Mats look like he's pulling off on everything?
2007-07-21 16:28:34
385.   weeping for brunnhilde

Come on, Robby!

Please, please, for the love of God, solid contact!

2007-07-21 16:28:45
386.   BklynBmr
You can't even contain Andy Phillips...
2007-07-21 16:29:23
387.   RIYank
386 And he doesn't even have the protection of Duncan this game.
2007-07-21 16:29:36
388.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice cut on the 1-0 for Robby.
2007-07-21 16:30:01
389.   OldYanksFan
It Cano could bunt, I might try a safety squeeze here.
2007-07-21 16:30:09
390.   BklynBmr
384 Uffh. Not a good time for bad habits. He's finally been getting his swing together...
2007-07-21 16:30:31
391.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, bullshit, that was no strike.
2007-07-21 16:31:29
392.   BklynBmr
387 ;-)
2007-07-21 16:31:47
393.   RIYank

Oh well, three runs. I would have liked to have cleared Nieves, though.

2007-07-21 16:31:52
394.   weeping for brunnhilde

I'm happy with the ab, though.

Nice hitting, Robby.

2007-07-21 16:32:25
395.   BklynBmr
Nice buzzkill, Robby... I was all set to post "Oh, dontcha know!"...
2007-07-21 16:33:45
396.   monkeypants
Weeping: see what happens when you go up the middle? Pull that pitch next time, Robbie!

; )

It probably won't matter--in fact, things have worked out so far--but why not start Damon v. the RHP (game 1) and Duncan v. the LHP (game 2)?

2007-07-21 16:33:48
397.   Jim Dean
One thing about Robby though is he has been having better ABs. I don't know the pitches per PA, but it seems like he's taking more. And it looks like he has the same number of walks this year as last (18) but in 120 less ABs. Problem is, same number of Ks too (55 vs 54).

So he's walking more but also striking out more. That just tell me he's still adjusting to being a more patient hitter. That's a good sign - it's not like he's staying stagnant.

2007-07-21 16:35:37
398.   RIYank
396 You guys are confusing the poor kid.

Duncan: yeah, but then you would have deprived Duncan of that homer. Think, man, think!

2007-07-21 16:36:39
399.   weeping for brunnhilde
396 I know, at least if he'd pulled it it wouldn't have been hard enough to turn two.


2007-07-21 16:37:54
400.   rsmith51
396 That would make sense. Torre couldn't get out of his play LH with RHP when Minky was involved. No matter how bad Minky looked.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-07-21 16:38:07
401.   weeping for brunnhilde
397 Thanks for the note of optimism, Jim.

I so want this kid to harness all that talent.

He really could be great.

2007-07-21 16:38:46
402.   mehmattski
383 Just checking in, and I couldn't resist the Call of the Random Stat.

By my count, The Yankees are 16-5 when Abreu gets a hit in his first at bat.

2007-07-21 16:39:18
403.   Raf
354 Well, at least you can get drunk with Utica Club when you arrive
2007-07-21 16:40:36
404.   rsmith51
402 Thanks for the info.
2007-07-21 16:41:40
405.   RIYank
This is a key at-bat, because the Yankees are 0-1 when Navarro hits homers of 3 runs or more.
2007-07-21 16:41:46
406.   Mattpat11
Christ almighty, he's repeating the Joey Gomes took the train story as if a) anyone on earth could possibly frigging care b) We all didn't hear the same damn story three hours ago.
2007-07-21 16:42:26
407.   Mattpat11
Why does Nieves even try anymore?
2007-07-21 16:43:35
408.   RIYank
Oh, Matt, that was very bad. Why is Wilson batting after Navarro, anyway?
2007-07-21 16:43:38
409.   weeping for brunnhilde
You think, Joe?

(Joe attributed Edwar's performance to the interval of inactivity.)

2007-07-21 16:44:30
410.   RIYank
Damn. He really paid for not getting Navarro.
2007-07-21 16:44:39
411.   Mattpat11
I didn't expect him to go two innings without walking someone anyway. I'd rather he do it with the base open.
2007-07-21 16:45:08
412.   Mattpat11
I'm clearly well behind everyone
2007-07-21 16:45:39
413.   BklynBmr
409 That's a loaded question ;-)
2007-07-21 16:45:46
414.   weeping for brunnhilde
You think maybe one of these days Joe might i...


...issue an apology?

"You know, I've been thinking, I've fucked a goodly number of our pitchers, Edwar being only the most recent, dramatic example. Sorry, kid, I shouldn't have let you rot out there only to bring you in, watch you predictably fail, and send you down. No hard feelings, eh?"

2007-07-21 16:46:15
415.   weeping for brunnhilde
Holyyyyyyy shit!!!!!!!!

My God!!

2007-07-21 16:46:20
416.   RIYank
411 But not a crappy, terrible hitter.

Wow! Damon just owns Iwamura!

2007-07-21 16:46:26
417.   Mattpat11
Iwamura is not happy with Johnny Damon.
2007-07-21 16:47:18
418.   Mattpat11
416 Its a crappy, terrible pitcher. I take what I can get.
2007-07-21 16:48:37
419.   weeping for brunnhilde
2007-07-21 16:48:51
420.   OldYanksFan
Matsui doesn't come close to that one.
So... who's chipping in for that 1B glove for Matsui?
2007-07-21 16:49:23
421.   BklynBmr
That was a legit lunge by Damon, not one of those "I hope I get on WebGems tonight" poser moves...
2007-07-21 16:49:45
422.   weeping for brunnhilde
I guess things are looking good (knock on wood).

I feel comfortable with our odds in a slugfest.

2007-07-21 16:49:58
423.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job, Nieves.
2007-07-21 16:50:25
424.   BklynBmr
420 Was thinkin' the same thing...
2007-07-21 16:50:35
425.   RIYank
420 Amazing. Because I agreed with whoever (too lazy to check) said it would have made more sense for Damon to play the first game and Duncan the second, but how can you complain about the results? Iwamura robbed of a couple of doubles, and Duncan with his baptismal dinger.
2007-07-21 16:51:02
426.   weeping for brunnhilde
Well done, Johnny.


2007-07-21 16:51:44
427.   weeping for brunnhilde
Derek looking to go yard.
2007-07-21 16:52:25
428.   RIYank
426 That's winning baseball!
2007-07-21 16:52:26
429.   Mattpat11
I just ran Derek Jeter's face through a celebrity look alike scanner. He looks 83 percent like Derek Jeter, followed closely by Keanu Reeves
2007-07-21 16:52:49
430.   BklynBmr
Iwamura is not having a good night...
2007-07-21 16:53:34
431.   weeping for brunnhilde
Anyone have a breakdown of our guys' seasonal reached on error numbers?
2007-07-21 16:55:03
432.   RIYank
429 Ooooookay.

Howell took just seven pitches for the first four batters this inning. He got two outs, too. Not exactly the way he wanted it to go, I'm sure.

2007-07-21 16:55:06
433.   rsmith51
425 I agreed too, but remember just because a dumb move(not saying this is one) works out, doesn't make it a good move. Bob Brenly won a W.S. making several high-profile dumb moves.
2007-07-21 16:56:10
434.   Mattpat11
I found it funny.
2007-07-21 16:58:21
435.   OldYanksFan
Akinori Iwamura AVERAGED 35 HRs/yr in Japan. He has 3 so far this year.

Just say 'NO' the Japanese 'power' hitters.
I mean if they are high average, good 'D', that's fine. But don't be mislead by their HRs.

2007-07-21 17:00:17
436.   RIYank
433 Absolutely.
But, people who count "Torre losses" are going to have to give him "Torre wins" when his moves work out well -- even the moves that you're still convinced are bad ones.

I like how DeSalvo is completely unflustered by his screw-up(s). He might be good next year. Or the following year.

2007-07-21 17:03:13
437.   weeping for brunnhilde
Does Andy play a deep 1B, or is it me?
2007-07-21 17:05:52
438.   weeping for brunnhilde

Nice, Alex.

2007-07-21 17:06:56
439.   BklynBmr
Get Alex to third, Mats. At least...
2007-07-21 17:07:19
440.   RIYank
437 Well, I don't know how deep you play, but I'm pretty sure that's Andy out there today.

Man they are really crushing Howell.

2007-07-21 17:07:27
441.   weeping for brunnhilde
If Hideki would show that he's willing to hit that outside pitch the other way, he might in the long run get more fat pitches to hit.
2007-07-21 17:08:47
442.   BklynBmr
Is it me or does Howell's motion look like something out of Tom Emanski's drill videos?
2007-07-21 17:09:00
443.   RIYank
439 ... or at least allow him to get to third on his own.
2007-07-21 17:09:40
444.   weeping for brunnhilde
440 Oh, that was terrible.
2007-07-21 17:10:07
445.   Mattpat11
Do you think if I shot those McNuggets morons I'd actually be charged?
2007-07-21 17:10:37
446.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job, Andy.

Scratch it out!

2007-07-21 17:10:40
447.   monkeypants
420 Just because your sometimes starter sometimes backup CF gets to a few balls that your LF doesn't, does not make the LF a first basemen.

By the way, who finally did get the ax for DeSalvo? Was it Edwar "I didn't pitch in game one" Ramirez?

2007-07-21 17:11:48
448.   weeping for brunnhilde
447 It was.
2007-07-21 17:14:11
449.   BklynBmr
Nice piece of hitting by Robby!
2007-07-21 17:14:20
450.   weeping for brunnhilde


That's what I'm talking about!

Just do that every time, man, you say what a great swing you have when you do that?

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-07-21 17:14:20
451.   RIYank
Don't ya know!
2007-07-21 17:14:40
452.   mehmattski
weeping, did you wet your pants on that opposite field hit by Cano?


2007-07-21 17:14:47
453.   weeping for brunnhilde

I love this!

2007-07-21 17:15:51
454.   RIYank
Weeping, (1) I apologize for 440, and (2) I have to admit that going the other way really is aesthetically satisfying. And all the more so when it plates a run!
2007-07-21 17:16:00
455.   weeping for brunnhilde
452 Damn near!

I screamed out YES! and felt a definite frisson of pleasure, thank you for asking!


2007-07-21 17:16:09
456.   BklynBmr
Don't f it up, Will...
2007-07-21 17:16:32
457.   RIYank
And Wil! This is a very good day for our batters. I feel like we've scored eleven runs.
2007-07-21 17:16:42
458.   Mattpat11
Now that's just cruel. Poor Lovey Howell.
2007-07-21 17:16:47
459.   weeping for brunnhilde
Wow, Nieves.

That ball should have been caught, I think.

Upton seemed to circle around it in a weird way.

2007-07-21 17:16:48
460.   BklynBmr
2007-07-21 17:16:49
461.   mehmattski
Wil Nieves for MVP! Of all time!
2007-07-21 17:17:11
462.   Mattpat11
457 14 runs
2007-07-21 17:17:11
463.   monkeypants
You can't stop Wil Nieves...
2007-07-21 17:17:19
464.   weeping for brunnhilde
Eh, maybe not.

I don't know, it seemed to hang up there awhile.

2007-07-21 17:17:51
465.   BklynBmr
461 A statue outside the stadium is in order...
2007-07-21 17:18:07
466.   mehmattski
464 LCF at YS is very very big.
2007-07-21 17:18:19
467.   weeping for brunnhilde
454 :)
2007-07-21 17:18:49
468.   monkeypants
Has there ever been a more devestating 1-2 punch than Nieves-Damon in 2007?
2007-07-21 17:19:52
469.   fansince77
Howell is Thurstin for some runs.
2007-07-21 17:20:30
470.   weeping for brunnhilde
466 That's true, it is.
2007-07-21 17:20:49
471.   Mattpat11
As much fun as making fun of Wil's hot streak has been, I fear this is going to convince the powers that be to keep him because he's "turning it around"
2007-07-21 17:21:14
472.   weeping for brunnhilde
469 Oh, God, please, no more!

You're murdering me here.

2007-07-21 17:21:44
473.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ooh, look at the pretty balloon!

What a nice game, eh?

Hits adorned by green balloons.

2007-07-21 17:22:51
474.   fansince77
IF Mats and Robbie can start doing regularly what Robbie did in his last at bat (up the middle/other way) this season coiuld really start to turn around. Heck - Abreu and Damon too- EVERYONE STOP TRYING TO PULL THE BALL.

When did DJeter start to become the hitter that he is. When he started staying inside the ball and going the other way.

2007-07-21 17:23:15
475.   mehmattski
Who's running the YES cameras? A two-year old? A kitten?
2007-07-21 17:25:00
476.   monkeypants
474 So, are you saying that the Yankees hitters are trying to pull the outside pitch? Weeping, what do you think?

475 Funny!

2007-07-21 17:25:06
477.   fansince77
472 Weeping- think of all the heartache and eyerolling you save my wife.
2007-07-21 17:25:21
478.   weeping for brunnhilde
474 It's really not some special mystical power, is it?

I mean, I take mp's point that maybe they just don't recognize the fact that the pitch is indeed on the outside part of the plate, that they're fooled, iow, but it's hard to buy.

I think there's something else going on.

2007-07-21 17:25:44
479.   Mattpat11
Remember when Cliff Pollitte gave up a HR to the horrid Bubba Crosby and was immediately cut?

I wonder if Lovey is looking over his shoulder.

2007-07-21 17:25:55
480.   weeping for brunnhilde
477 Ha ha hah ah a!

Happy to oblige.


2007-07-21 17:27:18
481.   mehmattski
Matt DeSalvo for Cy Young! Of All Time!
2007-07-21 17:28:06
482.   RIYank
Nice. Nice to see DeSalvo go after Navarro like that.
2007-07-21 17:28:54
483.   weeping for brunnhilde
478 I always use the example of Dave Winfield. He managed to raise his average like 60 points because he chose to.

And Jorgie's doing it this year; he's mentioned that he just goes up there thinking middle of the field.

I'm sure it's difficult mentally to try hitting a different way, but it seems like it's doable if you practice. I don't know.

2007-07-21 17:29:05
484.   BklynBmr
OT: A 'Happy Birthday' to one of my favorite ballplayer names: Mark Lemongello.
2007-07-21 17:29:06
485.   RIYank
478 I agree, there's something else going on. It's not a failure to recognize pitches. It's a character flaw, for sure. A vice, not an inability. They should be punished, not instructed.
2007-07-21 17:29:54
486.   fansince77
Beautiful pitch from MD- He couldn't have placed it any better.

I can feel the Rays confidence "desalving" like a slug sprinkled with salt.

2007-07-21 17:30:46
487.   monkeypants
483 "but it seems like it's doable if you practice."

Ergo, they don't practice?

2007-07-21 17:31:32
488.   RIYank
487 Exactly. It's a character flaw.
2007-07-21 17:31:42
489.   weeping for brunnhilde
485 A couple of days on the rack would straighten them out, for sure.

I'm glad we see eye-to-eye.

2007-07-21 17:31:54
490.   monkeypants
How did the D-Rays let a player like Cairo get away? And one of the building blocks of their original franchise? That's why they are doomed to remain cellar dwellars!
2007-07-21 17:33:31
491.   monkeypants
485 488 You said it...I promised myself not to use the "m" word.
2007-07-21 17:35:31
492.   RIYank
491 Hmmm. Oh, that one, right. With a 'z' near the end.
2007-07-21 17:37:33
493.   weeping for brunnhilde
487 488 I don't know what they do or don't do.

It's not about practicing or not practicing, though, it's about what/how they practice.

Just like learning an instrument, you can have a lazy practice where you go through the motions or you can have a rigorous one where you try to eradicate bad habits.

Or you can practice playing fast, or you can practice playing soft.

It's just a matter of technique.

2007-07-21 17:38:12
494.   monkeypants
492 Yep!
2007-07-21 17:39:31
495.   RIYank
This seems an appropriate time to ask who will pitch when DeSalvo runs out of steam.

Is it Wang's throw day?

2007-07-21 17:40:37
496.   weeping for brunnhilde
495 Maybe Mo can go four?
2007-07-21 17:41:18
497.   RIYank
It's weird how Matt keeps missing in exactly the same spot.
2007-07-21 17:41:38
498.   fansince77
OK desalvo- this is NOT what you do with a want the win or NOT?
2007-07-21 17:41:44
499.   monkeypants
493 " can have a lazy practice where you go through the motions or you can have a rigorous one where you try to eradicate bad habits."

See 488 etc.

2007-07-21 17:42:07
500.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh no.

I don't like the looks of this.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-07-21 17:44:30
501.   weeping for brunnhilde
499 I'm just saying there exists such a thing as lazy practicing.

I don't know who is or is not lazy, but I don't think it's implausible.

It's just a theory, one to me that's plausible.

It seems more plausible to me than poor recognition of pitches. But I could be wrong and you could be right.

2007-07-21 17:44:46
502.   monkeypants
Wil caught dreaming about his double...
2007-07-21 17:46:46
503.   weeping for brunnhilde
I guess I'm speaking from personal experience, but I've studied music and languages and I know the difference between a session where I really do the grunt work and one where I just kind of, you know, go through the motions.

Baseball's like anything else, it consists of skills that can be acquired and honed, to various degrees, no?

2007-07-21 17:47:14
504.   weeping for brunnhilde
Meanwhile, 7-4.

We'll get more runs, though, right?

2007-07-21 17:48:08
505.   monkeypants
501 Fair enough. I guess that I figure imperfect execution at a very high level of play (difficulty) is a more plausible theory than systemic coaching failure, laziness, or uneducability/uncoachability.
2007-07-21 17:48:23
506.   fansince77
Wow Desalvo is really sucking - falling behind on everyone- that a recipe for disaster - lead is Desalving quickly!
2007-07-21 17:49:27
507.   weeping for brunnhilde
505 Understood. I think it's plausible too, sure, I don't know, but it doesn't feel right to me.
2007-07-21 17:50:48
508.   weeping for brunnhilde
God, is it really only the fifth?

Time to get out the duct tape and chewing gum.

2007-07-21 17:51:08
509.   monkeypants
503 Yes, but unlike language (which I have studied a great deal), you battling against an opponent that is not static, but trying to defeat you using his own set of tactics and honed skills. Sometimes you work (practice, study) really hard, and do it the right way, but you still fail.
2007-07-21 17:51:46
510.   fansince77
Another f-ckin 3-2 count- apparrently Desalvo doesn't like having the lead.
2007-07-21 17:51:59
511.   fansince77
Another f-ckin 3-2 count- apparrently Desalvo doesn't like having the lead.
2007-07-21 17:52:15
512.   fansince77
Another f-ckin 3-2 count- apparrently Desalvo doesn't like having the lead.
2007-07-21 17:52:51
513.   monkeypants
506 Now you cut that out!
2007-07-21 17:53:01
514.   Mattpat11
Well then.
2007-07-21 17:53:36
515.   fansince77
Derek could have deked Upton there...a little ground ball in the whole or expecting a throw from RObbie?
2007-07-21 17:53:47
516.   RIYank
The funny thing is, after the first two batters this inning he got ahead, then couldn't finish them. I think. It's been such a long inning I can't really remember.

Anyway, who pitches the sixth???

2007-07-21 17:53:49
517.   monkeypants
Nice throw by Abreau/stretch by Andy. If Abreu didn't double clutch they might have gotten him.

Here comes Joe the Hook...

2007-07-21 17:55:01
518.   weeping for brunnhilde
509 Yes, yes yes. Absolutely, that is a difference, which is why your explanation is plausible.

And sure, sometimes you still fail, but I think if your fundamentals are sound, you'll fail in a way where you can say, "Well, I did all I could, I'll just tip my hat."

Too often our guys seem to make outs where it never occurs to me to tip my cap, where the pitcher really hasn't done such a good job (e.g., he's thrown maybe two or more pretty good pitches to hit) and yet the ball the hitters put in play is not hit very well at all.

I really do take your point, though.

2007-07-21 17:55:24
519.   RIYank
Okay, that answers that question. Who's next in line?
I'd like to see Wang throw an inning or even two.
2007-07-21 17:56:12
520.   Hocakes
It's incredible, BJ Upton could be a body double for Edwar Ramirez and he has 12 homers. It's the bat-speed, man.
2007-07-21 17:56:38
521.   monkeypants
Wil Sieves?
2007-07-21 17:56:45
522.   fansince77
OK -thats a good start for Bruney/Nieves- YANKS BETTER WAKETHEFUCKUP!
2007-07-21 17:57:05
523.   weeping for brunnhilde
Does it look to anyone like the ball's not carrying well tonight?

I keep thinking the ball's going to travel farther than it actually does.

2007-07-21 17:57:26
524.   RIYank
Wait, I missed it -- who did Bruney walk???
2007-07-21 17:57:26
525.   fansince77
521 Now you cut that out!
2007-07-21 17:58:16
526.   monkeypants

: )

2007-07-21 17:59:12
527.   weeping for brunnhilde
Come on, Hideki!
2007-07-21 17:59:24
528.   Mattpat11
If nothing else, DeSalvo's walks are down.
2007-07-21 18:01:24
529.   BklynBmr
Wake up, Yanks. The Rays are still playing...
2007-07-21 18:01:43
530.   RIYank
I can't believe Howell is going to last longer than MDS today.
2007-07-21 18:02:32
531.   weeping for brunnhilde
Another nice rip by Robby.

He's going to get a hit here, unless he swings through the curveball.

2007-07-21 18:03:37
532.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice 1-2 swing, Robby.

Hang in there!

2007-07-21 18:03:50
533.   monkeypants
530 That's in part because Mordecai Six Pitchers Torre doesn't manage the Rays.
2007-07-21 18:04:01
534.   weeping for brunnhilde
He's totally getting a hit.
2007-07-21 18:04:24
535.   weeping for brunnhilde
2007-07-21 18:04:31
536.   RIYank
531 Oooooh.

But WTF???

2007-07-21 18:04:32
537.   fansince77
Robbie's at bats are getting alot better. Maybe he reads Banter in the clubhouse.
2007-07-21 18:04:38
538.   weeping for brunnhilde
2007-07-21 18:04:53
539.   BklynBmr
WHAT the F was THAT, Robbie?
2007-07-21 18:05:54
540.   fansince77
I think he was safe! I don't mind the hustle - why so fucking automatic on the call- I would like to see that again.
2007-07-21 18:05:59
541.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's not even like he was hauling ass down the line.

What the hell was that?

2007-07-21 18:06:38
542.   RIYank
533 I guess. Also presumably because Torre is protecting the win.
2007-07-21 18:07:11
543.   fansince77
You all know if Robbie made it or if the throw was a little off we would all be praising him for finding Upton lazy - which he was...I stand by the hustle!
2007-07-21 18:07:51
544.   RIYank
536 538 539 Cool, three independent 'wtf's on that one!
Not so cool: lead-off double for the Gomester.
2007-07-21 18:08:06
545.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, damn it.

Come on, we can't have this.

This team's trying to send me to the insane asylum.

2007-07-21 18:08:34
546.   weeping for brunnhilde



2007-07-21 18:08:51
547.   fansince77
Did Kay just say that Upton turned Robbie on? Thank God for context - huh
2007-07-21 18:09:08
548.   RIYank
Uh. That's scored a hit?
This is ugly. It was so much fun earlier, now ugly.
Let's see Bruney settle down and dazzle the Rays and get me back in a good mood.
2007-07-21 18:10:00
549.   weeping for brunnhilde
Can we bring in Mo now?

He did pitch three innings against Boston that time.

2007-07-21 18:10:02
550.   Yankees Brasil
If the Yanks find a way to lose this game they better forfeit the season
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-07-21 18:10:14
551.   monkeypants
540 541 and Kay: it's hard to say. Making an out at 2nd there is not the worst, but it's not great either (obviously). Maybe he picked up on the CF getting to the ball slowly only after he made it to first; maybe if he busted it out of the box the CF would have hustled to the ball quicker. As for the throw, he looked out to me--but the slide was closer than the throw.
2007-07-21 18:10:26
552.   weeping for brunnhilde

What the fuck?

It's coming undone.

2007-07-21 18:10:45
553.   Mattpat11
What is it Wil Nieves is good at?
2007-07-21 18:10:50
554.   BklynBmr
545 This season has me back on cigs, hard booze, crack, and glue. Other than that, I'm OK...
2007-07-21 18:10:55
555.   RIYank
Wil Nieves. This was supposed to be a good game for you, Wil, remember?
2007-07-21 18:11:34
556.   Mattpat11
Kay is shocked that that was Nieves error.

No fucking shit. He forgot to catch it.


2007-07-21 18:11:59
557.   monkeypants
Wil NievE2?
2007-07-21 18:12:02
558.   weeping for brunnhilde
You know what?

I'm really getting worked up here.

I just can't take it.

Are you all seeing this, or am I imagining this game?

2007-07-21 18:12:53
559.   fansince77
Shit - Nieves couldn't catch a cold. But that's not his error. I think they should change the rule on that any way. If I guy is making a good effort to make it happen and a guy advances- no error...just baseball.

Predictions: Yanks 11-9 in 11 innings.

2007-07-21 18:13:13
560.   RIYank
Good, this makes sense. Myers' job is to walk lefties. Bruney only walks righties.
2007-07-21 18:13:25
561.   BklynBmr
12+. We're gonna need at least 12 runs to skate outta here tonight...
2007-07-21 18:13:29
562.   weeping for brunnhilde
551 Yeah, I agree. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on that. I wasn't angry with him so much as bemused.
2007-07-21 18:14:34
563.   Mattpat11
559 Will call it the Nieves Addendum.

If a player isn't good at anything, but he tries hard, he shall not be penalized.

2007-07-21 18:14:52
564.   BklynBmr
559 We're close. But, please. No free baseball tonight. I can't take it...
2007-07-21 18:15:14
565.   weeping for brunnhilde
All right, if this season's supposed to matter, Jorgie's got to come in next inning, right?
2007-07-21 18:15:39
566.   RIYank
563 This fits with what I was saying earlier. Errors should only be given for character flaws and sins.
2007-07-21 18:16:20
567.   weeping for brunnhilde
566 :)
2007-07-21 18:16:31
568.   RIYank
Well, we have so many bullpen pitchers ready to go, I can understand Torre's thinking here.
2007-07-21 18:16:37
569.   rsmith51
Nice pitch by Myers. Now if he could get LH studs out...
2007-07-21 18:17:02
570.   BklynBmr
Is that the first lefty Myers retired this season?
2007-07-21 18:17:12
571.   weeping for brunnhilde
Come on, Viz!

Be the stud you are.

Can he give us two, maybe two and a third?

2007-07-21 18:18:41
572.   RIYank
565 I hadn't thought of that. Good idea. He'll bat second. You'd kind of like to bring him in against a lefty, but I think you're right, it's best to do it now. That is, in the bottom of the inning.
2007-07-21 18:19:41
573.   RIYank
571 I doubt it.
But here's the cool thing: he could get the win if he pitches really well, even for four outs!
2007-07-21 18:19:51
574.   monkeypants
Third pitcher this inning. It's a goood thing they used Edwar Ramirez in the first game of the DP, to save the BP.
2007-07-21 18:21:50
575.   monkeypants
566 That's awesome. And keeping in the spirit, the play would have to walk around with a scarlet E painted on his forehead or uniform. And instead of eyeblack, he's have to wear ashes on his head.
2007-07-21 18:22:09
576.   RIYank
Oh, sweet.

Hey, nobody is reacting to the Cool Fact that the Vizcount could win both games of the double-header.

2007-07-21 18:23:11
577.   monkeypants
573 Or even for one out--it's up to the official scorer now to determine who (except the starter) pitched most effectively.
2007-07-21 18:23:26
578.   BklynBmr
Whew! That stab by Damon was almost Sheffield-like, which always scared the hell out of me...
2007-07-21 18:24:33
579.   BklynBmr
576 Viz could win 20 this year. No, really...
2007-07-21 18:25:26
580.   weeping for brunnhilde
Let's go, Leche!

Oh, hey, it's our old buddy Jay Witasik!


2007-07-21 18:26:08
581.   BklynBmr
Milk! Now c'mon, fellas. Let's plate him...
2007-07-21 18:26:17
582.   weeping for brunnhilde
578 In the palm, you mean?
2007-07-21 18:27:14
583.   RIYank
577 It's possible, but I figured he'd be unlikely to be given the W if he pitched only one or two outs.
Of course, we could cough up the lead.
2007-07-21 18:28:13
584.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh hell yeah!
2007-07-21 18:28:14
585.   RIYank
Oh, that's why Joe didn't have Posada hit for Nieves!
2007-07-21 18:29:01
586.   RIYank
So that's what Nieves does well: he induces bad throws. Oh, and he induces runners to over-slide second, too, don't forget that.
2007-07-21 18:29:07
587.   BklynBmr
580 Remember the drama before we eventually signed Witasik. It was supposed to be the next 'Justice' move...

Will just makes things happen! Screw it, let Jorge go...

2007-07-21 18:29:20
588.   monkeypants
This shore is sum perdy baseball.
2007-07-21 18:29:30
589.   weeping for brunnhilde
585 He sees into the future.

What do you think he does with all those green tea leaves?

2007-07-21 18:31:07
590.   weeping for brunnhilde
586 587 Ha ha ha ha.

Oh, yes!

Thank the Lord.

2007-07-21 18:31:32
591.   RIYank
"Wheels" Nieves!

Wow, how nice is it for us that Crawford has this game off?

2007-07-21 18:31:51
592.   monkeypants
See 588.
2007-07-21 18:32:08
593.   BklynBmr
Well, God is back from the Joysey Shore and helpin' out his favorite team...
2007-07-21 18:32:13
594.   weeping for brunnhilde
Mr. 1-3!
2007-07-21 18:33:10
595.   monkeypants
591 Damn you--I couldn't think of another one. Well played.
2007-07-21 18:33:17
596.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ouch, Derek.

That was ugly.

2007-07-21 18:34:48
597.   weeping for brunnhilde
Come on, Bobby, nice and easy.
2007-07-21 18:35:38
598.   BklynBmr
Plate Damon, Bobby. Plate him...
2007-07-21 18:36:19
599.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hang in there, Bobby.

Hang in...

2007-07-21 18:37:35
600.   pistolpete
598 There ya go!
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-07-21 18:37:49
601.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh yeah!!


2007-07-21 18:38:02
602.   RIYank

I mean, not as good as going to the opposite field, or a sac fly, but still.

2007-07-21 18:38:07
603.   Mattpat11
You all realize Vizcaino is going to end the night with 8 wins?

And he'll win both games of a double header?

2007-07-21 18:38:09
604.   BklynBmr
Hey-O YEAH!!! Nice batsmanship, AB!
2007-07-21 18:38:24
605.   weeping for brunnhilde
Drive it out, Alex.

Put on a show.

2007-07-21 18:38:44
606.   RIYank
So was that an "infield in" base hit? Was it a Ground Ball A++?
2007-07-21 18:39:11
607.   weeping for brunnhilde
602 But still.
2007-07-21 18:39:40
608.   RIYank
603 See 573 et seq.
2007-07-21 18:40:22
609.   BklynBmr
603 Hmmm. I think Cairo gets the win in a 23-22, 26 inning slugfest, but I could be wrong...
2007-07-21 18:41:07
610.   monkeypants
With the big lead re-established, assuming no meltdown next inning, it would be nice if Torre could get Duncan another AB. Not because I am suddenly in love with him, but they really should try to get as many ABs to evaluate him as they can.
2007-07-21 18:41:46
611.   RIYank
2007-07-21 18:42:06
612.   pistolpete
605 There ya go!
2007-07-21 18:42:06
613.   Mattpat11
605 WHOO
2007-07-21 18:42:07
614.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ask and ye shall receive.

Thanks, Alex.


2007-07-21 18:42:35
615.   monkeypants

OK, now PH Duncan for Matsui.

2007-07-21 18:43:21
616.   Mattpat11
608 Someone needs to find the last guy to win both ends of a double header.
2007-07-21 18:43:25
617.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, new chant to be introduced to the Stadium, for whoever's there next:

"Please stay A-lex!"

2007-07-21 18:43:53
618.   BklynBmr
605 Sweet...
2007-07-21 18:44:11
619.   RIYank
Weeping for B. requests the long ball for entertainment purposes only, you see.
2007-07-21 18:45:07
620.   weeping for brunnhilde
ha ha hah ah hah a ha ha hah ah a!!!!!

You know, change it up a little.

2007-07-21 18:45:55
621.   weeping for brunnhilde
Where you been all my life, Andy?
2007-07-21 18:46:12
622.   BklynBmr
Tex who? Go Andy!
2007-07-21 18:46:22
623.   Mattpat11
There's something I can say about Andy Phillips right now, but I'm a jinx, so I'll just say he can't cit breaking pitches.
2007-07-21 18:47:24
624.   RIYank
615 Good idea, Duncan for Matsui.
2007-07-21 18:47:29
625.   monkeypants
Andy looks so much more at ease at the plate this year, against some admittedly soft pitching. I hope he doesn't tank like last year. Then again, hopefully won't have any more personal tragedies this year.
2007-07-21 18:48:06
626.   monkeypants
624 But a mute point now. ; )
2007-07-21 18:48:11
627.   Mattpat11
625 He's not going to tank because I'm not going to start supporting him.
2007-07-21 18:48:27
628.   RIYank
Okay, Melkman, one more single. Get some rbi on your resume.
2007-07-21 18:49:27
629.   BklynBmr
Plate 2, Melk. Plate 2...
2007-07-21 18:50:34
630.   monkeypants
So, does MDS get the big demotion after the game? And if so (probably), do they call up a P or OF?
2007-07-21 18:51:00
631.   pistolpete
Rays really must want to save the rest of the pen for tomorrow...
2007-07-21 18:51:51
632.   pistolpete
Now, anyone think 7 runs is enough for the rest of our pen?
2007-07-21 18:52:20
633.   monkeypants
631 Or maybe to tire out the Yankees hitters this game, by having them run around the bases so many times?
2007-07-21 18:52:30
634.   RIYank
630 Yeah, he's gone. But with Duncan on staff, I don't see them calling up an OF -- or am I mistaken? Doesn't Shelly play some OF?
2007-07-21 18:52:42
635.   BklynBmr
That was ball four, Milk. But no prob. Good AB, and we're on the way to Farns-proofing this one...
2007-07-21 18:52:57
636.   weeping for brunnhilde
632 Mo's available, right?--and Farnsworth isn't?
2007-07-21 18:53:44
637.   monkeypants
632 Well, Viz for the 7th, Mo for the 8th and 9th.
2007-07-21 18:53:54
638.   RIYank
Holy cow, 47 pitches for Witasick in that one inning. That's really painful.
Maybe both teams could agree to call this game now?
2007-07-21 18:54:33
639.   rsmith51
634 Cairo could play OF in a pinch.

(Here is me ducking...)

2007-07-21 18:55:02
640.   RIYank
636 That's what I think. Unless Joe decides to 'showcase' Farns.
2007-07-21 18:55:29
641.   monkeypants
634 I think he "plays" some OF and some 1B, but we're looking at an almost strictly DH. I wouldn't mind another speedy guy, preferrably an OF.
2007-07-21 18:57:09
642.   BklynBmr
Johnny '3/4 Of Planet Earth' Damon...
2007-07-21 18:57:29
643.   RIYank
641 Okay, but we have four OFs even without him. I don't know, I think I'd take a bullpen arm.
2007-07-21 18:58:37
644.   fansince77
Is it me or does Damon sometimes look like a righty- playing with the glove on the opposite hand- Not only when he throws but when he catches. He gets it done but that's exactly what I look like trying to play lefty (I'm a righty)
2007-07-21 18:58:39
645.   weeping for brunnhilde
2007-07-21 18:58:41
646.   RIYank
Well, I think it's almost a lock now: The Vizier gets both wins today.
2007-07-21 18:59:22
647.   monkeypants
643 I guess I was foolishly dreaming of a team that didn't carry 13 pitchers. Think of the PH/PR possibilities!
2007-07-21 18:59:43
648.   weeping for brunnhilde
644 Heh. He doesn't make it look pretty, that's for sure.
2007-07-21 18:59:48
649.   pistolpete
I wouldn't put Mo in if I could help it - Shields tomorrow, could be a low scoring game with Pettitte as well...
2007-07-21 18:59:58
650.   BklynBmr
Rays spirit is broken, and Viz kept the boot to their throat...
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-07-21 19:00:24
651.   weeping for brunnhilde
646 Le Grand Vizier!
2007-07-21 19:01:45
652.   weeping for brunnhilde
Man, I hope Andy can dominate tomorrow. If so, we'll actually be right on schedule, despite that awful two-game losing streak.
2007-07-21 19:01:50
653.   RIYank
651 Vide Licet! (Suggested by 645)
2007-07-21 19:02:29
654.   monkeypants
647 To continue, a righty OF who can actually play some OF might be nice to have to help out when they face a LH starter (I think someone here posted that's about 1/5 of the games).
2007-07-21 19:03:04
655.   Mattpat11
What the fuck is going on?
2007-07-21 19:03:12
656.   pistolpete
Molina? Wow, I'm shocked...
2007-07-21 19:03:25
657.   RIYank
Wait, there's another catcher named 'Wil Nieves'? And we acquired him? What are the odds?
2007-07-21 19:03:34
658.   weeping for brunnhilde
653 Heh heh heh. Nice.


2007-07-21 19:03:43
659.   fansince77
So does that mean that Vizcaino is officially Joe's "seventh inning man?"

Proctor is his sixth innng man
Bruney his fifth inning man
Desalvo & Igawa his 1 thru 3 innning man

2007-07-21 19:03:51
660.   Mattpat11
We traded for Jose Molina?
2007-07-21 19:04:20
661.   weeping for brunnhilde
Keep raking, Johnny!
2007-07-21 19:04:32
662.   fansince77
Wow - Helluva time to show your worth Nieves. Thanks
2007-07-21 19:05:04
663.   vockins
656I'm far more shocked that Nieves has hit two doubles today.
2007-07-21 19:05:57
664.   Mattpat11
663 Or three doubles period.
2007-07-21 19:05:59
665.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ha ha ha haha !!!!!

That was so funny.


They scored that a hit?

That's even more laughable than the error itself.

2007-07-21 19:06:03
666.   pistolpete
It's an unconfirmed rumor put out there by Kay, Matt - we apparently traded Jeff Kennard from Trenton if what he says is true.
2007-07-21 19:06:14
667.   monkeypants
Hey, my crashed out for a few seconds. What's all the Molina buzz?
2007-07-21 19:06:36
668.   fansince77
Harris just took away a hit from Jeter. Oh wait - we're at Yankee Stadium.
2007-07-21 19:07:05
669.   monkeypants
666 Whoops, missed that. Thanks.
2007-07-21 19:07:34
670.   rsmith51
I'm even more shocked that he kept his job as long as he did.
2007-07-21 19:07:38
671.   fansince77
2007-07-21 19:07:55
672.   monkeypants
OK, definitely PH Duncan for Matsui this inning.
2007-07-21 19:08:10
673.   pistolpete
Somewhere, Jim Dean might be happy. ;-)
2007-07-21 19:08:19
674.   RIYank
Who knows anything about Kennard?
Jose Molina, huh. Which one is that, exactly?

I actually feel a little bad about Wil. After his big day. Ah, well.

2007-07-21 19:08:21
675.   Mattpat11
Well, he's a 26 year old AA pitcher, so it doesn't appear that we gave anything up. I'd call this a net positive.
2007-07-21 19:08:39
676.   rsmith51
667 Kay said that Jose Molina to the Yanks for Kennard.
2007-07-21 19:08:46
677.   pistolpete
Oh PLEASE load them up for A-Rod and have him hit one out...
2007-07-21 19:09:20
678.   Jim Dean
Jose Molina for Kennard? Is that true?
2007-07-21 19:10:22
679.   Mattpat11
678 Allegedly.
2007-07-21 19:10:23
680.   rsmith51
I heard Piazza was available.
2007-07-21 19:10:24
681.   weeping for brunnhilde
Alex must be licking his chops.
2007-07-21 19:10:30
682.   Jim Dean
673 I'm right here! :)

It's better than Nieves, but still.

2007-07-21 19:10:41
683.   BklynBmr
Pad the stats, Alex. Pad 'em...
2007-07-21 19:10:46
684.   weeping for brunnhilde
Pad 'em up, Alex, pad 'em up!
2007-07-21 19:11:10
685.   weeping for brunnhilde
683 Jinx.
2007-07-21 19:11:25
686.   RIYank
Ooooh. Alllllllmost.
2007-07-21 19:11:30
687.   weeping for brunnhilde



2007-07-21 19:11:42
688.   pistolpete
I think every Yankees fan who just heard that must be checking Baseball-Reference for Molina's stats all at the same time - it's crashed!
2007-07-21 19:12:16
689.   BklynBmr
96 ribbys in 97 games. Not bad...
2007-07-21 19:12:23
690.   Mattpat11
682 Months ago, I said that the upgrade from awful to miserable wasn't worth the paperwork. Two more months of Wil Nieves not even catching well has changed my mind.
2007-07-21 19:12:33
691.   monkeypants
Does Leiter really believe the story he's telling about Questec? According to him, in the good old days, when umps had screwy strike zones, if there was a big lead they would expand the zone for the winning team, to make them swing (and speed up the game). Then, according to Leiter, there was a game once when a manager for the winning team was yelling at the ump that it was OK to call the wider zone, but the ump yelled back that he couldn't because it was a Questec stadium. So, couldn't the manager just tell his players to swing more freely? And would a manager really yell to an umpire, in front of his players, to call the game against his own players? Is it me, or does this sound apocryphal?
2007-07-21 19:13:40
692.   RIYank
There ya go. Alex wanted to leave some base-runners for Godzilla.
2007-07-21 19:13:41
693.   Mattpat11
2007-07-21 19:13:54
694.   weeping for brunnhilde
Heh heh.

"And the carnage continues," says Kay.

Heh heh heh.

2007-07-21 19:14:28
695.   monkeypants
Does Duncan get an AB now?
2007-07-21 19:14:40
696.   Mattpat11
16 HR on the year. The same amount as the Big Fat Ass in Boston.
2007-07-21 19:15:05
697.   BklynBmr
Payback for last night, you rat-bastard Rays. OK, Yanks. Now let's save some for Andy...
2007-07-21 19:15:24
698.   Jim Dean
Watch Nieves go 3 for 3 tonight too.
2007-07-21 19:15:49
699.   weeping for brunnhilde
697 h ah ahah! Right the fuck on!
2007-07-21 19:16:12
700.   monkeypants
More importantly, can Joe just stick a pitcher out there to finish the game, regardless of the number of runs he gives up (up to about 8 runs)?
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-07-21 19:17:10
701.   weeping for brunnhilde
700 You volunteering?
2007-07-21 19:17:28
702.   RIYank
J Molina has a 46 OPS+ this year, 63 for his career. That sounds like a BUC. The upgrade is enormous.

Wow, we have a lot of hits today. Also runs.

2007-07-21 19:17:57
703.   Mattpat11
Matsui's 8 HR for the month is a career high, BTW
2007-07-21 19:18:15
704.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice hit, Melk.
2007-07-21 19:18:29
705.   pistolpete
700 I nominate Villone.
2007-07-21 19:19:19
706.   fansince77
Witasik ERA this guy now has.
2007-07-21 19:19:23
707.   weeping for brunnhilde
702 When's this guy showing up?


2007-07-21 19:19:50
708.   RIYank
705 And I predict Villone.
2007-07-21 19:20:34
709.   monkeypants
705 I nominate Farnsworth. Pitch the fuck out of him today.
2007-07-21 19:21:08
710.   weeping for brunnhilde
709 Yesssssss!


2007-07-21 19:21:16
711.   RIYank
I swear I got that prediction in just in time, before the return from commercial.

707 I think tomorrow, yeah.

2007-07-21 19:21:52
712.   Jim Dean
Kennard actually has very good numbers this year and last:

2006 (A and AA): 81 IP 24 ER 77 K 30 BB
2007 (AA): 52 IP 16 ER 47 K 17 BB

But whatever. He's an older relief pitcher who has yet to reach AAA.

Molina is at .228 .246 .293 in 123 AB but he has a 114 career RATE. So he's better than Nieves in every respect.

2007-07-21 19:21:54
713.   BklynBmr
703 Good stat. We're gonna need a zoned-in 'Zilla, that's for sure...
2007-07-21 19:22:12
714.   RIYank
709 Oh yeah, the punishment thing. That's today's theme, huh?
2007-07-21 19:22:21
715.   pistolpete
Oh gee, look - they had to wait until they Photoshopped the correct uniforms onto the players involved in the trade...
2007-07-21 19:22:24
716.   Jim Dean
712 Just announced as official.
2007-07-21 19:22:42
717.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, poor guy.

Kay's making me feel sorry for him.

It's a shame it didn't work out, Wil, happy trails.

2007-07-21 19:23:38
718.   monkeypants
Wow, looking at Jose Molina, he might give No-No Nieves a run for his money in stinkiness. Does he do anything well? I guess play defense, or give Mussina a special massage?
2007-07-21 19:23:53
719.   pistolpete
If this is how Wil has to go out, good for him. See you in September...
2007-07-21 19:24:05
720.   RIYank
Check it out, Todd Jones blew a save against KC, now in extras.
2007-07-21 19:24:23
721.   weeping for brunnhilde
You know what, I love the fact that this guy's coming from California.

Somehow I feel like that bodes well; I have tremendous respect for that organization.

2007-07-21 19:24:30
722.   fansince77
Shit I would have taken one of the obscure Baldwin brothers or even an unknown Culkin...Wil seems like a nice guy and I sure wish him the best - but a Molina even if it's not Jadier or Benji sounds good to me.

I give it an A- as a move.

2007-07-21 19:25:15
723.   monkeypants
712 Thanks JD--you beat me to it 718.

Meanwhile, Torre gets Duncan in at 1B, but no AB. Odd, odd use of a rare blow out opportunity to evaluate personnel.

2007-07-21 19:25:30
724.   RIYank
Alex Belth, if you're reading, here's your headline for tomorrow:


2007-07-21 19:25:45
725.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh no, wait a minute!

This can't be happening--what's Mike gonna do?

He's gonna pack it in for the rest of the season now for sure.

2007-07-21 19:26:56
726.   weeping for brunnhilde
724 ha ha hah ah ah a ha ha!

I actually like that.

It kind of sounds like code.

2007-07-21 19:27:11
727.   BklynBmr
721 Did you catch the recent SI piece on the Halos and the owner? Hard not to love that guy...
2007-07-21 19:28:00
728.   OldYanksFan
2007-07-21 19:28:39
729.   nick
722 yeah, I'd trade J Molina straight up for any two Baldwins....maybe not Alec, can't stand the guy....
2007-07-21 19:28:52
730.   Mattpat11
In going from the worst baseball player I have ever seen live, to a bad hitter, the Yankees outlook as gone from bleak to okayish

My Friends, its Morning again in America.

2007-07-21 19:29:53
731.   pistolpete
724 Wouldn't it be 'FAIRWIL'...?
2007-07-21 19:30:04
732.   weeping for brunnhilde
Not with a bang...Farewil!
2007-07-21 19:30:28
733.   nick
besides, surely it would only have taken, what? three more consecutive doubles to get Nieves up to replacement rate?
2007-07-21 19:30:52
734.   JeremyM
Steve from waswatching thinks Kennard might turn out to be a good pitcher for Anaheim, hope he's wrong. Does Anaheim have someone to play BUC in the minors, why did they make this move?
2007-07-21 19:31:28
735.   monkeypants
Whoa, Cairo. Yankees blow the game open and Torre empties his two man bench.
2007-07-21 19:31:30
736.   weeping for brunnhilde
731 They both work. Farewel's good because it calls attention to the one l in Wil, which is distinctive.
2007-07-21 19:32:06
737.   pistolpete
730 He's hitting .238, but the sad thing is that it's still about 90 points higher than Nieves.
2007-07-21 19:32:10
738.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, hey, our old buddy Miggy!

It's nice to see him around.

Thanks for all your work, Miggy, you did a great job.

2007-07-21 19:32:13
739.   BklynBmr
729 Is Alec still around? He was supposed to bolt an election or two ago, wasn't he?
2007-07-21 19:32:22
740.   Jim Dean
728 You called?
2007-07-21 19:32:41
741.   monkeypants
Hey, it's official (sort of), Viz will get the win (according to Kay)!
2007-07-21 19:33:41
742.   monkeypants
738 It looked like Miggy really pulled off on that outside pitch.

; )

2007-07-21 19:34:02
743.   weeping for brunnhilde
727 No, I didn't. I just like their style of ball.
2007-07-21 19:34:02
744.   fansince77
736 no- i think only Farewil really works. Farewel makes me think his name is Wel Nieves and that doesn't work. Or how about a little Bon Jovi in the background:

"Neives say goodbye..."

2007-07-21 19:34:55
745.   Mattpat11
You know, we mock Cairo, but I always found him a perfectly acceptable Utility player. In this role, he's fine.
2007-07-21 19:35:19
746.   weeping for brunnhilde
How uncanny.

That's Imumura again?

Nice one, Leche.

2007-07-21 19:35:30
747.   monkeypants
745 I'm not mocking Cairo, I'm mocking Weeping.
2007-07-21 19:35:36
748.   fansince77
I -wa-mora robbed than anyone else today!
2007-07-21 19:36:03
749.   Jim Dean
745 How dare you, sir!? Take it back. Take IT back.
2007-07-21 19:36:34
750.   Mattpat11
I do feel bad in some respects for Wil, because I know he was trying as hard as he could. But good fucking lord.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2007-07-21 19:37:06
751.   OldYanksFan
740 Great goin's by Cashman....
We upgrade the worst catcher in MLB with the 2nd worst catcher in MLB.
Great goin's by Cashman....
We upgrade our BUC from a negative OPS+ to one with a fractional OPS+.
Great goin's by Cashman....
Jose is so bad, his brothers would choose a Baldwin rather then him in pickup games.

Jose is really... Josalita.

2007-07-21 19:37:09
752.   Mattpat11
Kay says "in the first game the Yankees won 7-3" like that's a low scoring affair.
2007-07-21 19:37:35
753.   BklynBmr
Did we win three today? Or just two. I lost track...
2007-07-21 19:37:41
754.   weeping for brunnhilde
745 Exactly my point.
2007-07-21 19:37:58
755.   Jim Dean
Btw: Cano up to .285 and Melky up to .280.
2007-07-21 19:38:13
756.   pistolpete
Villone's a hell of a pitcher with a 12-run lead.
2007-07-21 19:38:19
757.   Mattpat11
751 Wil Nieves cannot hit. He cannot throw anyone out. He has real struggles actually physically catching baseballs.

This was a net improvement.

2007-07-21 19:38:26
758.   weeping for brunnhilde
747 That's why they keep me around, you know?


2007-07-21 19:38:34
759.   fansince77
751 Yeah- but you know if he's anything like his brothers we got some wheels comin'!
2007-07-21 19:39:26
760.   Mattpat11
Vizcaino won both ends of a double header?
2007-07-21 19:39:57
761.   weeping for brunnhilde
753 ha ha hah a! Yeah, I know, no kidding!
2007-07-21 19:41:26
762.   RIYank
There's no way Villone gets that win, right? Is it official?
2007-07-21 19:42:27
763.   monkeypants
762 According to Kay, the official scorer informed them earlier in the game that if the Yanks held on, Viz would get the win.
2007-07-21 19:42:29
764.   Mattpat11
Not yet
2007-07-21 19:42:41
765.   fansince77
Do we have something here with Damon in left? Mats DH'ing? Is it worth trying for a week? I think so...Damon got two balls today that are triples. He seems to be more focused in the game. Gives a lot more range - Melk can shade Abreu more...waddyathink?
2007-07-21 19:42:55
766.   Jim Dean
751 He's not THAT bad. I think seeing the 114 career RATE is nice. And throws out about half of the runners in his career.

His bat is really bad, but still better than Nieves.

All that for Kennard? That's not a bad trade. He was never going to pitch for the Yankees - or at least not in the next two years.

Sure, they could have done better. But not mid-season and not without giving up alot more.

Me, I'd still like to see a Jeff Clement in the off-season.

2007-07-21 19:43:03
767.   weeping for brunnhilde
And the winner is....


2007-07-21 19:44:07
768.   weeping for brunnhilde
765 I'd totally be down with that.
2007-07-21 19:44:37
769.   OldYanksFan
Now Jorge and Giambi can runs backwards and still not be the slowest guys on the team.

Jose is so bad, Mrs. Molina went on the pill after she saw him play.

but............ WE GOT A BUC!!!!!!!!!!

2007-07-21 19:45:28
770.   Jim Dean
765 It's not a bad way to go, based on tonight. Then DH/PH Duncan against RHP.

The only problem with Damon is batters taking the extra base. But if he saves a few bases with catches then it's probably a net positive. We'll just have to see.

2007-07-21 19:45:48
771.   OldYanksFan
766 If you're happy, I'm happy. Everyone else happy?
2007-07-21 19:45:50
772.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job, boys.

Way to rebound after last night's disgrace.

More baseball tomorrow, though.

Miles to go...

2007-07-21 19:46:53
773.   monkeypants
765 It all depends on his bat. If Damon hits, then maybe it's worth it. But if he continues to stink, it doesn't matter where he goes in the field. Plus, forcing Matsui to DH eliminates Dhing Posada when Nieves, er Molina, plays. It also eliminates the Duncan experiment before it even begins. Again, if Damon hits, fine. But otherwise he would still be hamstringing the lineup.
2007-07-21 19:48:03
774.   monkeypants
770 Do you mean DH/PH Duncan against LHP?
2007-07-21 19:48:08
775.   weeping for brunnhilde
So is this deal an early sign of things to come?

What's today?--like the 21 or something?

About a week left?

2007-07-21 19:48:11
776.   fansince77
Remember the trepidation surrounding this double header...all in all we dodged a speeding bullet. If APettitte can stay focused and the guys aren't too tired from batting practice today- we have to be happy. Even if we melt tomorrow - all is not lost. If we lost 3 out 4 - it would have been dreadful.
2007-07-21 19:48:40
777.   RIYank
770 I have a plan.
We keep swapping Damon and Melky, back and forth between CF and LF. Sometimes even between pitches. Then opposing runners are afraid to run on whichever guy gets the ball.
2007-07-21 19:48:41
778.   Mattpat11
773 Having Posada as a PH when Molina plays may not be the worst thing we can do.
2007-07-21 19:49:15
779.   Jim Dean
771 Whoa, easy there. Happy would have been never seeing 64 PA from Nieves and his awful defense. Happy would have been not waiting until a week before the deadline to make a deal. Happy would have been a decent BUC three years ago.

But I'm mildly satisfied that a problem had been addressed, however small the answer.

I guess "they have earned it".

2007-07-21 19:49:48
780.   Jim Dean
774 Yup, sorry - long day of baseball and Potter.
2007-07-21 19:50:27
781.   monkeypants
777 Make them wear a disguise--like one of those fake beards or Groucho Marx glasses--so opposing batters/runners can't tell who's playing where?
2007-07-21 19:50:44
782.   Mattpat11
776 At this point in the year, against this team, with Boston playing the horrid White Sox, a split would be pretty dreadful
2007-07-21 19:51:22
783.   weeping for brunnhilde
776 All the same, let's win tomorrow.

No taking a breather because of this small accomplishment.

We'll eventually have to play Boston and I want to know that this team can stay focussed for days and days at a time.

No sleepwalking tomorrow, it's on Andy.

2007-07-21 19:51:26
784.   Jim Dean
776 Tomorrow is just as much a must win.
2007-07-21 19:51:39
785.   monkeypants
778 Good point.
2007-07-21 19:52:08
786.   Jim Dean
776 But I agree - today surpassed all expectations.
2007-07-21 19:52:28
787.   RIYank
781 Probably not necessary -- you're rounding second and thinking about going to third, you glance to the outfield... if you can't identify Damon in a split second, you're gonna stay put.
2007-07-21 19:52:34
788.   weeping for brunnhilde
777 I like the changing between pitches part.
2007-07-21 19:53:38
789.   weeping for brunnhilde
781 ha ha hah a ha ha ha haha!
2007-07-21 19:54:34
790.   monkeypants
787 No, but kinda funny. I am easily amused--like when they showed that green balloon during the game...tee-hee.
2007-07-21 19:55:33
791.   RIYank
Oh, well, okay, let's go for it. I bet they'd both be happy to do it, too.
2007-07-21 19:55:44
792.   weeping for brunnhilde
787 I know, I loved that balloon.

It was so whimsical.

2007-07-21 19:56:55
793.   yankz
777 You know, are you allowed to do that? Who's to say that it's not just some clever positioning?
2007-07-21 19:58:06
794.   fansince77
782 and everyone else- Easy fellas - tomorrow is an important game no doubt - and don't misunderstand me (noone will be less forgiving of a lousy loss than me) but in reality a 2-2 series if we look back in a month and half is more likely than not NOT going to be the deal breaker- losing 3 to TBAY might have been demoralizing MORE than just statistically.
2007-07-21 19:58:11
795.   Mattpat11
Is it that out of the question for Damon to approach .370 in the second half?
2007-07-21 19:59:40
796.   monkeypants
793 There's no rule against it. Only the positioning of the catcher and pitcher are regulated by rule, I think (though I'm pretty sure that position players have to be in fair teritory at the start of play).
2007-07-21 19:59:55
797.   fansince77
I wonder if we will get to 800 posts?
2007-07-21 19:59:55
798.   fansince77
I wonder if we will get to 800 posts?
2007-07-21 19:59:56
799.   fansince77
I wonder if we will get to 800 posts?
2007-07-21 19:59:57
800.   fansince77
I wonder if we will get to 800 posts?
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2007-07-21 19:59:58
801.   fansince77
I wonder if we will get to 800 posts?
2007-07-21 20:01:18
802.   Mattpat11
794 A 2-2 series is a disaster. I'm sorry. I have no other way to describe it. These are gimme games. We have played such ungodly shitty baseball for the first half, that we cant fuck around in the second half if we have any hopes this season. A split against the worst team in baseball would be a mess that should demoralized the team.
2007-07-21 20:03:32
803.   Jim Dean
802 Yup, and Thursday and Friday were winnable too.
2007-07-21 20:03:53
804.   fansince77
802 Hasn't it always been the Yankees distinction that they simply don't panic...calmate amigo. It's all good- we are already half way closer than 1978 que no? We will be there- I'm just saying let's not minimize accomplishments and maximize setbacks- We are Yankees!
2007-07-21 20:05:20
805.   JL25and3
There's really no way to complain about the Molina deal. He's almost certainly better than Nieves defensively, and he's got to be at least marginally better with the bat. They gave up a pitcher who will turn 27 next week and is still bouncing between high A and AA. What's not to like?
2007-07-21 20:07:52
806.   Mattpat11
804 The time to start panicking was five weeks ago.

We have to win tomorrow. No other way around it. We had eight games against the worst team in baseball. We needed to win six. Five is not good enough.

2007-07-21 20:09:33
807.   Jim Dean
Suzyn: Whenever Molina gets here, Nieves will be DFAed. But if he doesn't make it tomorrow, Nieves will be the BUC tomorrow.

Henn will be swapped in for DeSalvo.

And oh dear God, Cashman saying "What would we do if something happened to Jorge?" as the reason to acquire Jose.

Thank God that's now been addressed! Whew!

2007-07-21 20:10:36
808.   Mattpat11
Kim Jones sounds like she's attending a funeral.
2007-07-21 20:11:25
809.   Mattpat11
2007-07-21 20:11:58
810.   monkeypants
807 Henn, huh. Oh well, I can dream about a five man bench.
2007-07-21 20:12:33
811.   fansince77
806 How many games are left? Panic- not quite- just solid good baseball the rest of the way. I hate to break it to you -the Yanks will lose a few games they are supposed to win...all that means is that they will need a couple of "unexpected" sweeps to counter (Boston last year)? You can panic if you want. I'll be pissed if they lose tomorrow but I was one of the few a month before the all star break that knew this team was too good to throw in the towel. Alot of people on this site and others were out the door already.
2007-07-21 20:12:42
812.   Mattpat11
807 Who could they have called up?
2007-07-21 20:13:28
813.   Mattpat11
811 .500 baseball is not good solid baseball.
2007-07-21 20:14:08
814.   Mattpat11
812 That should be 810
2007-07-21 20:14:12
815.   Jim Dean
809 Why ever why?

Jose Molina.

2007-07-21 20:14:48
816.   monkeypants
811 Panic, maybe not, but urgency yes. The team is actually in better shape than they were in 1978 (at the 96 game mark, they were 9.5 out, according to baseball reference), but they were also 10 over .500. If you're appealing to the 1978 comparison, then you're just about in panic mode.
2007-07-21 20:15:28
817.   fansince77
813 I agree. But .500 for one series and a sweep of the next will suffice. I hope it doesn't come to that. A split tomorrow will not have me buning my bobbleheads!
2007-07-21 20:15:36
818.   Mattpat11
815 He's a good catch and throw guy.

There's an old Capitol Steps song about how George H W Bush had to be monitored for colds and scrapes so Dan could never take over.

We should consider doing the same for Jorge.

2007-07-21 20:16:00
819.   Jim Dean
813 Right. They need to win every goddamn series - 3 of 4 or 2 of 3 - nothing less.
2007-07-21 20:16:29
820.   Mattpat11
817 .500 at home against the worst team in baseball will not suffice.
2007-07-21 20:17:47
821.   Jim Dean
820 Nor will 2 of 4 in KC.
2007-07-21 20:18:46
822.   Mattpat11
821 Exactly. We've been handed a life preserver. We need to use it.
2007-07-21 20:18:59
823.   monkeypants
812 I would have called up another OF with speed (bring up Reese, until Thompson's 10 days are up), or the best bat left at AAA for PH (in that case, you need to DFA Reese or Basak).

I'm not really complaining--I just disagree philosophically with teams carrying 13 pitchers, especially when at least one is either a LOOGY or buried at the end of the bench and never used (Edwar, now Henn probably).

2007-07-21 20:19:47
824.   pistolpete
Some of you seem to be reacting as if we're getting Molina to replace Jorgie.

He's replacing WIL (.138) NIEVES, people!!!

2007-07-21 20:20:35
825.   JL25and3
They need to win tomorrow. Frankly, they need to win every day. Of course they're going to lose games sometimes, but right now every single loss hurts.
2007-07-21 20:21:11
826.   monkeypants
823 That should have been 814, which referred to 812.
2007-07-21 20:23:40
827.   Mattpat11
824 We're actually reacting to Cashman's post game comments more than anything. Somewhat tongue in cheek

And that's Wil (.164) Nieves, than you very much.

2007-07-21 20:24:30
828.   monkeypants
I have a technical question. According to Jim Dean citing Suzyn, Nieves will be DFA'd. When a player is DFA, can he also be removed from the 40 man roster? Or, must you actually release a player listed on the 40 man?
2007-07-21 20:25:15
829.   Mattpat11
828 I always thought DFAing them automatically removed them.
2007-07-21 20:27:30
830.   monkeypants
829 Ah, ok. Kennard was on the 40 man roster, so Molina is just replacing him. By dropping Nieves, the team has the opportunity to add someone to the 40 man roster without releasing anyone (Basak, Reese, etc.). So, back to the who would I want to see called up question, that actually opens up some possibilities.
2007-07-21 20:31:54
831.   seamus
so, I thought we had a rained out game coming up. Does anyone know when that is? Was that Baltimore?
2007-07-21 20:33:28
832.   weeping for brunnhilde
817 Right, but when are these sweeps going to happen? We blew a chance to sweep Toronto and we lost the first game against Tampa, a sweepable team. That means that taking 3 out of 4 is still disappointing because we will have to pick up a sweep or two along the way and just failed to do that two series in a row against likely candidates.

Are we saving it up so we can sweep Boston twice?

2007-07-21 20:40:20
833.   Mattpat11
832 Three series in a row, actually
2007-07-21 20:41:48
834.   weeping for brunnhilde
833 Who came before Toronto? I don't even remember.

Oh, it was Tampa again, right.

2007-07-21 20:52:42
835.   Bob Timmermann
Here is your Luis Vizcaino-themed post of the day:

2007-07-21 20:58:06
836.   monkeypants
535 As always, thanks. I wonder if a pitcher has ever won both games of a DH and started one (or even both) of them? Maybe in the olden tymes.
2007-07-21 21:00:07
837.   Bob Timmermann
Don Newcombe was the last pitcher to start both ends of a doubleheader.

Jerry Reuss pitched the end of a suspended game and then the first five innings of the regular game back in 1982.

2007-07-21 21:42:33
838.   JL25and3
837 Wilbur Wood started - and lost - both ends of a doubleheader against the Yankees on July 20, 1973. He got knocked out of the first game without getting a man out, so they brought him back to start the second. His combined line for the day: 4.1 IP, 9 H, 10 ER.

I was listening that day, and it was a great triumph. The Yankees hadn't beaten Wood in two years. In that time Wood had started 8 times against them, pitching 8 complete games - 72 IP, 40 H, 10 ER, 11 BB, 44 K. 8-0, 1.25.

2007-07-21 22:04:22
839.   Mattpat11
I don't know what Steve Berthiaume is or why it's hosting Baseball Tonight, but good fucking lord.
2007-07-22 09:05:04
840.   Schteeve
I haven't checked any of the game scores from yesterday. I just started reading the comments on this post, from the bottom up. So I'm assuming we lost both games yesterday?

Not good.

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