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Patience Is A Virtue
2007-06-21 11:30
by Cliff Corcoran
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Through the first 16 games of June, the Yankees went 13-3, scored 6.94 runs per game and drew 4.31 walks per game. In the last two games against the Rockies, the Yankees have gone 0-2, scored exactly one run in each game, and drawn exactly two walks per game. Against the two Colorado starters, Josh Fogg and Jeff Francis, the Yankees drew a total of two walks in 14 innings. Of the four walks the Yankees have drawn in the last two games, three of them were by Alex Rodriguez, and one of those was an intentional unintentional pass (that came with two outs and a man on second in the sixth inning of a still-scoreless game and was the only free pass Jeff Francis issued in seven innings). It seems that the Yankees approach at the plate appears to be largely to blame for their power outage in this series.

This afternoon, the Yankees face Rodrigo Lopez. Lopez has had decent control in his career (2.82 BB/9IP), but that number jumps to 3.42 BB/9 in his career against the Yankees. Lopez also has a career 6.02 ERA against the Yanks and has given up 30 homers in just 121 innings against the Bombers, more than double his total against any other team, Boston included. Familiarity should help the Yanks this afternoon. Hopefully it will also give them the confidence to take a few more pitches. That said, Lopez is having a solid season in Colorado, perhaps buoyed by having finally escaped Baltimore. He spent nearly all of May on the DL, but has turned in three quality starts in four tries since.

On the flip side, Roger Clemens is two-for-two in quality starts in his second tour of duty in pinstripes. Based on the last two games, however, he may need to contribute even more than that to prevent a sweep. Clemens last faced the Rockies one week shy of two years ago and held the Rocks to a Preston Wilson solo home run, two walks and a trio of harmless singles over seven innings while striking out seven. His bullpen then gave up five runs in the eighth to blow the game.

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2007-06-21 11:57:34
1.   cult of basebaal
don't you know, walks just clog the bases ...

Hacking Macht Frei!

good thing we've got the Gnome playing 1st today

2007-06-21 11:58:29
2.   cult of basebaal
Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Posada C
Matsui LF
Cano 2B
Cairo 1B
Clemens P
2007-06-21 12:04:42
3.   thelarmis
ooh, aren't we supposed to use emma's non-game threads and then we win?!

go rocket. here's to 350 wins!

2007-06-21 12:05:43
4.   RIYank
3 Yeah, darn.
1 Nein! Kein Hacking: Geduld!
2007-06-21 12:06:46
5.   monkeypants
Look at that lineup--yikes! At east no Nieves, but it seems as though the Phillips experiment ends after one day. This team is rudderless.
2007-06-21 12:10:46
6.   RIYank
Jeter's got the game plan, anyway.
2007-06-21 12:10:52
7.   cult of basebaal
5 ah, but you see, The Gnome has hit .375 off of Lopez in the past, doubt not the steel trap of torre!
2007-06-21 12:11:43
8.   monkeypants
Winning baseball.
2007-06-21 12:12:04
9.   RIYank
2007-06-21 12:12:49
10.   jedi
6 apparantly abreu is not on the same page =T
2007-06-21 12:14:40
11.   thelarmis
cap'n sure has been getting caught stealing a lot. janes addiction should be his at-bat music. he had a fantastic %age last season...
2007-06-21 12:14:45
12.   RIYank
Jeez. Lopez faces the minimum and throws 21 pitches! They have the patience thing down okay, if only they could remember that "don't give away outs" thing.
2007-06-21 12:14:48
13.   Cliff Corcoran
10 Judging by Gameday only three of the eight pitches he saw were out of the zone anyway.

Meanwhile, what happened on Jeter's CS? 1-6-3?

2007-06-21 12:16:25
14.   RIYank
11 "We walk right through the door..."
2007-06-21 12:17:18
15.   RIYank
I think jedi meant Abreu missed the hit-and-run sign. Jedi?
2007-06-21 12:17:44
16.   Cliff Corcoran
Jeter's now 7 for 13 on the bases, 54 percent. Blech.
2007-06-21 12:18:25
17.   monkeypants
13 Possible blown hit-and-run, Jeter stopped running halfway to second, half-hearted attempt to run back to first, tagged out. But shouldn't that be 2-6-3, or am I not paying enough attention?
2007-06-21 12:18:43
18.   Cliff Corcoran
15 I hate the hit and run.
2007-06-21 12:19:06
19.   Cliff Corcoran
17 No, you're right. I'm wrong.
2007-06-21 12:23:51
20.   RIYank
So far in this game: six up, six down, 40 pitches.

I bet we see Farnsworth today. Let's hope it's in the proper Farnsworth situation: five run lead in the eighth.

2007-06-21 12:24:18
21.   jedi
15 yeap
2007-06-21 12:29:03
22.   monkeypants
Did they crank up the humidor for this series?
2007-06-21 12:30:54
23.   RIYank
Our Matsui is better.

But now I'm thinking, if Jeter doesn't steal and Abreu manages to get one more ball...

I guess that's a stupid way to think about baseball.

2007-06-21 12:30:54
24.   cult of basebaal
2007-06-21 12:31:09
25.   monkeypants
No humidor for that ball! M-HA!-tsui!
2007-06-21 12:31:55
26.   jedi
what the heck is matsui doing!? we are not suppose to score more than 1 run in any game against the rockies. He could have tripled you know.
2007-06-21 12:32:03
27.   thelarmis

nice to leave for work with a lead : )

2007-06-21 12:32:19
28.   RIYank
Cano and Cairo didn't get the memo.
2007-06-21 12:32:49
29.   jedi
23 i believe they call that john sterling philosophy...
2007-06-21 12:33:04
30.   Mike T
2007-06-21 12:34:03
31.   monkeypants
28 Is it to the point where whoever is playing first (Cairo, Phillips, Phelps [RIP]) should just stand there with the bat on his shoulder and never swing? I mean, at least that's a three pitch minimum, right?
2007-06-21 12:34:06
32.   RIYank
29 Fightin' words, jedi. Draw your light saber...
2007-06-21 12:35:18
33.   RIYank
31 You can't spell Mientkiewicz, I see.
2007-06-21 12:35:56
34.   RIYank
Wow, good day for giant lizards!
2007-06-21 12:36:51
35.   RIYank
Okay, so it really is Coors.
2007-06-21 12:36:53
36.   thelarmis
2007-06-21 12:37:02
37.   Marcus
34 For those of us who are viewing impaired, was the a spectacular catch or just close to the wall?
2007-06-21 12:38:11
38.   monkeypants
33 Oh yeah, I forgot! In keeping with the current philosophy of never putting players on the DL (Damon), maybe they could platoon Minky or Giambi at first--or better, DH--with the "stand and don't swing" mandate.

Hmmm, Rockies seem to be lining up Clemens this inning.

2007-06-21 12:38:53
39.   monkeypants
37 No and no. Nice running catch, short of the warning track.
2007-06-21 12:39:21
40.   rbj
Dang work getting in the way of a ballgame. Does gamechannel have it correct -- the Yankees have scored more than one run in a game at Coors?
2007-06-21 12:40:37
41.   RIYank
40 Oddly, yes.
37 Sorry, it wasn't like he hauled it in from over the wall or anything. Just a good play.
2007-06-21 12:41:28
42.   RIYank
Another bomb, for those who are Gamedaying.
2007-06-21 12:41:36
43.   Marcus
39 41 Thanks guys.
2007-06-21 12:42:50
44.   Cliff Corcoran
Deuces wild, #2 off #22 to make it 2-2 with 2 outs in the 2nd.


2007-06-21 12:43:08
45.   RIYank
Does anyone have a pitch speed for Clemens? Is he a little slow, or are they just flat? Both of those homers were really tagged.
2007-06-21 12:43:22
46.   monkeypants
40 Yes, but don't panic, the Yanks starting pitcher gave away the lead in the opposing team's next at bat. Things are back to normal.
2007-06-21 12:44:19
47.   thelarmis
i should've gone to work when we had the lead. i'm off now. please, oh please, let me come home to a W.

i guess coors is a launching pad during the daytime... : /

2007-06-21 12:45:45
48.   rbj
41, 46. Thanks. Looks like today might be a regular Coors day. Though I'm going out this evening and plan on drinking Harp.
2007-06-21 12:46:05
49.   jedi
man, this Gameday is impressive. Clemens look mad old in that Gameday profile pic, truly they are trying to show how old he looks out there today...that's what I call HD for the viewing impaired.
2007-06-21 12:46:47
50.   RIYank
Clemens on the DL, till July 4 at the earliest.

48 Yeah, no point in ruining an evening just for the sake of symbolism.

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2007-06-21 12:47:41
51.   RIYank
Mellllllky. Oh MELLLLLLL-ky. Can Melky come out and play?
2007-06-21 12:48:11
52.   cult of basebaal
50 eh?
2007-06-21 12:48:40
53.   jedi
50 double eh?? what's going on????
2007-06-21 12:49:45
54.   RIYank
Ugh, sorry. Schilling.
2007-06-21 12:50:09
55.   RIYank
Didn't mean to scare anyone.
2007-06-21 12:50:18
56.   jedi
54 about a mistype...
2007-06-21 12:50:22
57.   Start Spreading the News
This karmic retribution for when I made fun of the red sox for losing two of three here.
2007-06-21 12:50:37
58.   monkeypants
Someone remind me why is Damon starting?
2007-06-21 12:51:29
59.   Start Spreading the News
56 more like a freudian slip. RIYank, care to confess something?
2007-06-21 12:52:28
60.   RIYank
59 Uh...
I'm more of Jungian.
2007-06-21 12:53:43
61.   jedi
58 because Damon is a warrior and warriors play through pain and never go on the DL.

Can we get a Johnnny Da-mon

No's Torre' mission to call up Thompson and never let Thompson play this year. It's an ongoing "prank of the year" in the clubhouse and I have to admit, Joe, got him GOOOOOD!

2007-06-21 12:53:48
62.   Marcus
Where's Rob Gee? Guess who the A's DFA'd:

2007-06-21 12:53:52
63.   rbj
58 Because he's never been on the DL and is a veteran and with the pitcher hitting it's important to get Cairo's bat in there and take Melky's bat and legs out.


2007-06-21 12:54:48
64.   cult of basebaal
58 to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can't play and needs to go on the DL?

exactly "who" still needs convincing of that is the thing i'm trying to figure out ...

2007-06-21 12:55:34
65.   RIYank
Damon's in because with no DH we need the power... I know, it was a rhetorical question.

62 Yeah. Will he go on waivers?

2007-06-21 12:56:30
66.   RIYank
Clemens threw over three times between the pitch-out and the second ball. Now Taveras is going for sure.
2007-06-21 12:56:58
67.   RIYank
More than three times. And now two more.
2007-06-21 12:57:08
68.   cult of basebaal
65 no waivers, he's got 5 years service time ... they've got 10 days to trade him, or else he's a free agent
2007-06-21 12:58:24
69.   Cliff Corcoran
Gameday reports seven throws to first amid the first two pitches three pitches to Matsui and Taveras steals anyway, while Clemens goes 3-0 on the batter. Fug.
2007-06-21 12:58:41
70.   jedi
66 you're good!!!
2007-06-21 12:59:00
71.   Hocakes
Clemens just walked Matsui, Kaz Matsui.

Yanks suckin' again, no doubt.

2007-06-21 12:59:22
72.   RIYank
68 Thanks.

Cripes. Not a good situation. I hate to say it, but Taveras has almost single-handedly developed this two-on, no-out situation. Weepingforbrunnhilde would love this.

2007-06-21 12:59:38
73.   Yankees Brasil
2007-06-21 12:59:47
74.   standuptriple
64 It's those "belly full of guts" of course.
2007-06-21 13:00:49
75.   RIYank
69 I guess it's obvious, but Taveras distracted him badly.
2007-06-21 13:01:01
76.   cult of basebaal
72 heh ... just what i was thinking
2007-06-21 13:02:16
77.   RIYank
Nice job, Roger.
And smart by the Rox, they didn't send the runners on 3-2 with a great contact hitter up! Would have been a DP.
But Clemens gets out of the jam anyway with an easy grounder!
2007-06-21 13:14:58
78.   monkeypants
Gotta run after Matsui bats. Hopefully game will still be in contention by the time I get home.
2007-06-21 13:15:18
79.   Count Zero
62 I actually find that rather disturbing because if I were Theo...
2007-06-21 13:15:52
80.   RIYank
78 He sure delayed you, huh? And for nothin'.
2007-06-21 13:19:35
81.   RIYank
Damon reels it in, a couple of steps in front of the wall.
2007-06-21 13:20:41
82.   pistolpete
Useless info: still has 'Astros hat' Clemens in GameTrax.
2007-06-21 13:22:46
83.   yankz
Only 3 hits...
2007-06-21 13:23:42
84.   RIYank
Hm, Roger's two-seam is staying up. I have no idea whether that's Coors-related.
2007-06-21 13:24:30
85.   pistolpete
Ok Rog, remember - the pitcher bats 9th.
2007-06-21 13:25:30
86.   RIYank
Yeesh. It's not Coors, looks like, but some pretty serious control problems. (Now 3-1 to JoeJessica.)
2007-06-21 13:26:29
87.   RIYank
Whew. Cairo bobbled that one, probably because he was looking at second for the throw. But no harm/no foul, assuming Rocket blows Lopez away.
2007-06-21 13:27:20
88.   pistolpete
If Lopez gets a hit here, I concede the division! ;-)
2007-06-21 13:27:37
89.   RIYank
Abreu is playing way close for Lopez, I like that. But Cairo is not playing in.
2007-06-21 13:29:07
90.   RIYank
Blew him away with the high heat, like yer suppose ta.
2007-06-21 13:32:18
91.   weeping for brunnhilde
51 Deaarrr Melky.

Won't you come out to playhehay.

Dearrr Melky.

Greet the brand new dayyyaayyy!

2007-06-21 13:33:52
92.   RIYank
91 Yo. And keep reading for a reference to you :-)

So, is the virtue of the day Patience, or (Dear) Prudence???

2007-06-21 13:34:39
93.   RIYank
Gosh, another 'almost' for Miggy. That ball is out of most parks.
2007-06-21 13:34:43
94.   weeping for brunnhilde
72 In fact I do. When I speak of reliable offense, that's what I'm talking about.
2007-06-21 13:35:51
95.   cult of basebaal
94 except for the fact that they didn't score any runs that inning because of it ... so if by "reliable" you mean a whole lot ado about nothing, then sure
2007-06-21 13:36:28
96.   RIYank
2007-06-21 13:37:50
97.   pistolpete
That certainly helps, although hopefully he isn't forced to run too much...
2007-06-21 13:38:04
98.   RIYank
In case it's not obvious to Gamedayers: the Rox were playing for the bunt and he pulled back and drilled a grounder through the middle.
2007-06-21 13:38:49
99.   Cliff Corcoran
88 No need for the condition there.

Damon DPs this.

2007-06-21 13:39:00
100.   RIYank
Ouch. Johnny just hit it too hard. Lined it the opposite way, Cano had no chance.
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2007-06-21 13:39:23
101.   rbj
With Schmidt and Unit both on the DL, I'm glad Cashman didn't go for the former this past offseason, and dealt the latter.
2007-06-21 13:39:30
102.   pistolpete
98 It wasn't, thanks.
2007-06-21 13:39:38
103.   RIYank
99 Scary. Though I presume not what you had envisioned.
2007-06-21 13:41:03
104.   pistolpete
99 Still 3+ months to go, Mr. Positive. :)
2007-06-21 13:41:11
105.   Cliff Corcoran
103 Admittedly not.
2007-06-21 13:41:58
106.   RIYank
104 He likes to be called "Debbie Downer".
2007-06-21 13:42:02
107.   Cliff Corcoran
104 For the Wild Card.
2007-06-21 13:43:27
108.   weeping for brunnhilde
By "reliable" I don't mean "guaranteed to score runs."

What I mean is that if I absolutely had to have a run, I'd ask a good-bunting speedster to bunt, steal a bag and then take my chances that someone can bloop a single.

If they hit it out, great, but I'll take my chances with that scenario.

2007-06-21 13:48:14
109.   RIYank
2007-06-21 13:49:02
110.   RIYank
108 What about getting a regular old swinging single, then stealing, then scoring on a hit? Are you wed to the bunt-for-a-hit part?

Uh oh, Clemens is out. Carp.

2007-06-21 13:49:36
111.   RIYank
Well, he was at 90 pitches, I hadn't realized that. So maybe there's nothing particularly wrong. He wasn't very sharp, either.
2007-06-21 13:50:15
112.   Yankees Brasil
It's too easy to steal a base against the yankees..
2007-06-21 13:51:06
113.   pistolpete
Sigh...well, at least we scored more than 1 run today.
2007-06-21 13:54:39
114.   bartap74
So Myers' specialty is to face lefties and put them on? No? Sure seems that way.
2007-06-21 13:55:30
115.   Yankees Brasil
114 Joe is the only one who doesn't notice it
2007-06-21 13:55:55
116.   debris
Wow! That was abrupt. No visit from Guidry, nothing. I wonder if something's wrong with the geezer.
2007-06-21 13:57:18
117.   weeping for brunnhilde
110 Sure, I'll take that. I'm not wed to the bunt part, but I'd venture to guess that it's easier for a good bunter to bunt for a hit off a tough pitcher than it is for a good hitter to swing away and get a hit against a tough pitcher.

You watch a good bunter bunt and it certainly looks like they're taking things more into their own hands than a guy who swings away. I would think that bunting would be less susceptible to being shut down by a nasty pitcher than hitting.

So if guys have been taking weak hacks all day, I'd think a good bunter would have at least the same chances as he'd ever have to get a hit by bunting.

It evens to odds a little in any given ab.

But you have to know what you're doing.

2007-06-21 14:01:28
118.   tommyl
Le sigh. On the plus side at least our BP will be totally burned out for tomorrow nights game with Igawa pitching....ummm....isn't there a guy on this team who was kept up instead of this guy named Britton because he's a, what's the word....oh yeah...long man? Has anyone even seen Henn? Does he come to the ballpark or does he stay at the hotel and wait for Joe to call him on the off chance that he might actually pitch?
2007-06-21 14:03:02
119.   RIYank
117 I wonder. I think Alex Sanchez had an astounding bunt-for-hit average a few years ago, but I don't think there's many guys who can do it.

So, yeah, Myers, nice job. Also, no way that run scores if Melky is playing, because Holliday wouldn't have gone to third on the single.

Now let's see if we can "play A-B-C ball," as Sterling likes to say, after the Jeter double. Whoa, Bobby would have had a hit if that stayed fair!

2007-06-21 14:03:07
120.   tommyl
115 Well he also fails to notice that Kyle Farnsworth is a crappy pitcher who throws super fast. Lets face it, if someone like Bean was as crappy as Kyle he'd get no leash. Its just because Kyle has "stuf" never mind that he fails to get anyone actually out with it.
2007-06-21 14:05:48
121.   RIYank
Carp. Bobby, come on, man. I'm coming around, Weeping...
2007-06-21 14:06:55
122.   RIYank
Wow, this sucks. It totally sucks. Way to squander the lead-off double.
2007-06-21 14:09:02
123.   yankz
122 And whatever momentum resulted from a 9-game win streak. Even one that barely helped in the standings.
2007-06-21 14:09:24
124.   Yankees Brasil
It's painful to watch the 2007 Yankees
2007-06-21 14:09:57
125.   RIYank
And Posada singles, but no runs. Jeez. Hideous.
2007-06-21 14:10:23
126.   RIYank
Silver lining: Lopez is gone, and Matsui is up.

Hoping, hoping, hoping...

2007-06-21 14:10:52
127.   Start Spreading the News
That was bad baserunning by Jeter, right? The groundball in front of him and there is no force. Why is he going? I am following on Gamecast so I can't tell.
2007-06-21 14:11:01
128.   yankz
Maybe this team just isn't that good. I mean, they were beating up on a terrible White Sox team, a terrible Pirates team, a struggling Dbacks team, and a nosediving Mets team.
2007-06-21 14:11:40
129.   WeMissPaulie
They're going to win this.
2007-06-21 14:11:41
130.   Yankees Brasil
127 That was all on Jeter, terrible baserunning
2007-06-21 14:12:04
131.   RIYank
127 Yes. Inexplicable. I guess he was just trying to 'make something happen,' but yeah.
2007-06-21 14:12:08
132.   Start Spreading the News
He did the same thing yesterday when he made out yesterday at third base off an Abreu field's choice.
2007-06-21 14:12:16
133.   Start Spreading the News
He did the same thing yesterday when he made out yesterday at third base off an Abreu field's choice.
2007-06-21 14:12:37
134.   RIYank
Interesting. Why Julio to face Matsui???
2007-06-21 14:13:08
135.   WeMissPaulie
C'mon 'Zilla....
2007-06-21 14:15:07
136.   RIYank
I guess that's why.
2007-06-21 14:15:25
137.   WeMissPaulie
In play (outs)
2007-06-21 14:15:48
138.   WeMissPaulie
2007-06-21 14:16:39
139.   Start Spreading the News
I am listening to the radio now and have not heard Waldman criticize Jeter yet. I am sure that if Arod had done that, she would be piping up. Sterling is criticizing Jeter but also Abreu for striking out.
2007-06-21 14:17:09
140.   standuptriple
Any reason why Posada doesn't get put in the # spot in the lineup? He's head and shoulders above Abreu in every offensive category. So what if he "clogs up the bases".
2007-06-21 14:18:34
141.   Yankees Brasil
128 Maybe that's the truth
2007-06-21 14:18:48
142.   monkeypants
OK, I'm back. See the game has gone (predictably) sour. Someone fill me in: How's Damon doing? How's Cairo doing? Who's fault are the two runs (I left tied 2-2)?
2007-06-21 14:21:37
143.   RIYank
140 Well, Abreu's OBP is almost as good as Posada's esp. recently, but Posada has a much higher slugging pct. Is that a reason?

142 If I must relive it:
Clemens gave up another run, then Torre brought in Myers to do his usual job: putting a lefty on base. Damon then did his usual, allowing the runner on first to go to third on the single. And then a sac fly.
This inning Jeter led off with a double, but Abreu struck out and the Jeter stumbled into an out on a grounder to short, so Posada's single didn't score a run. Very, very ugly.

2007-06-21 14:23:41
144.   RIYank
2007-06-21 14:24:17
145.   monkeypants
143 Gotcha. Sounds like good times. As long as Cairo convinces Torre to forget about Phillips, then all is OK.
2007-06-21 14:25:33
146.   Start Spreading the News
Scott Proctor just walked a pitcher who has had ONE at-bat in his career.

I would bench Proctor just for that!

2007-06-21 14:28:51
147.   RIYank
Maddening. At least Scotty got out of it.

Well, I'm gonna pull a monkeypants and go drive for a while, I probably won't get back to a computer until the end of the game. Somebody do something. Weeping, can you get us a couple of bunt singles? Anybody?

See youse.


2007-06-21 14:31:19
148.   monkeypants
Winning baseball!
2007-06-21 14:32:01
149.   JeremyM
We don't need one run, we need two (well, actually three)---why is Cairo bunting?!?!
2007-06-21 14:34:17
150.   monkeypants
149 Come on, get with the program: to set up Melky's sac fly. That's winning baseball!
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2007-06-21 14:35:11
151.   standuptriple
149 Corpas and Fuentes should be easy to score 2 on. Duh.
2007-06-21 14:36:20
152.   tommyl
I'm really glad Cairo and his bellyfull of guts managed to bunt there to get us a single run. Much better than having an actual 1B who could say just single and knock him in.
2007-06-21 14:40:54
153.   monkeypants
More Torre double-switch madness. Hopeless Damon just made the last out. Why not swap him out and put Phillips (supposedy a 1B) in at first? Or, why not just leave Cairo in at 1B for defense and not worry about Melky's spot in the line-up, which likely won't come up in the next two innings? Or leave Cairo in at first and swap Melky in CF for defense, and have Bruney take Damon's spot?
2007-06-21 14:46:30
154.   standuptriple
153 Damon must have some AB clause in his contract. Joe's probably trying to help him pad that before he goes on the DL. Hey, he's looking out for his players.
2007-06-21 14:47:53
155.   51cq24
going 1st to 3rd in the 5th inning on damon's arm. just one time but it was just one time the last time he started in cf on exactly the same play (where they clearly wouldnt have run on a real arm, and a sac fly brought the run in).
2007-06-21 14:50:19
156.   51cq24
was jeter off balance there? or just fooled?
2007-06-21 14:50:26
157.   monkeypants
155 Yeah, Melky's OPS+ is currently only 78, but he's loking more and more like the better option than Damon (whose OPS+ is only about 90 anyway).
2007-06-21 14:51:43
158.   Mattpat11
153 Joe probably wants to keep Phillips on the bench as a big pinch hit threat in the ninth.
2007-06-21 14:53:25
159.   monkeypants
Well, A-Rod/Posada didn't score, so this game is pretty much over.
2007-06-21 14:53:40
160.   Max
Six pitch inning. Guess we just want to get out of Colorado altogether.
2007-06-21 14:54:51
161.   monkeypants
158 Perhaps, but his benching today (against a LH starter) sorta undermines your Torre-Phillips manlove theory.
2007-06-21 14:55:19
162.   monkeypants
160 Six pitch and Jeter struck out!
2007-06-21 14:56:53
163.   Mattpat11
161 I think the fact that he's here at all after bombing last year supports it.

But thats not the issue. Krazy Kyle is in!

2007-06-21 14:59:12
164.   monkeypants
163 Of course you do. I would counter with the fact that he was only called up after two 1B went down with injury, Torre played two players out of position, and a third was released undermines that argument. But to no avail, no evidence can challenge conspiracy theory.
2007-06-21 15:00:22
165.   Mattpat11
That Krazy Kyle.
2007-06-21 15:01:08
166.   Mattpat11
164 I still don't understand why the guy that bombed last year is an option. Apparently he's really friendly.
2007-06-21 15:01:45
167.   Mattpat11
I hate this man.
2007-06-21 15:02:00
168.   monkeypants
Good thing Damon is playing first. Torre must reeeallly love Phillips.
2007-06-21 15:04:35
169.   Mattpat11
Can we leave Kyle in Colorado?
2007-06-21 15:04:59
170.   Marcus
Missed catch. Hmm.
2007-06-21 15:05:28
171.   monkeypants
166 You're right--him being the nmber six option behind two out of position players shows the profound faith this organization has in him.
2007-06-21 15:05:56
172.   Max
165 At this point, I just find it absurdly humorous (and all too appropriate) for our key set up guy to end a nine pitch at bat by hitting the batter.

And follows it with a crapped pickoff exchange with Damon.

At least he struck out the scrub.

2007-06-21 15:06:42
173.   Max
172 And what's funniest of all is....that last inning was one of his better ones.
2007-06-21 15:08:47
174.   monkeypants
166 Of course, Phillips will probably PH for Farnshacker this inning against their closer--probably with two outs--so we can all relish him failing and ending the game.
2007-06-21 15:10:42
175.   Mattpat11
174 Well, In general, the impression I get from Phillips backers is we can't expect him to start hitting any time soon after being called up, we can't expect him to hit in big spots. We can't expect him to hit good pitching. We shouldn't expect him to hit righties. We shouldn't expect him to hit good lefties.

But he can hit, I tellz ya!

2007-06-21 15:11:25
176.   Mattpat11
And I still think Denver offers him a decent chance to hit.
2007-06-21 15:11:39
177.   monkeypants
Mattpat11 and I can go around in circles forever about Philllips--but just how buried are Basak and Thompson??
2007-06-21 15:12:15
178.   standuptriple
Way to hook Phillips up with a chance to fail Joe.
2007-06-21 15:12:45
179.   Mattpat11
177 Is that a bad thing?
2007-06-21 15:13:05
180.   monkeypants
175 As I said all along, I only expect him to hit better than Cairo; I'm beginning to think he'll hit better than DAmon.
2007-06-21 15:13:14
181.   standuptriple
So he can bench him and cite this as an example.
2007-06-21 15:13:39
182.   Mattpat11
And Igawa goes tomorrow.
2007-06-21 15:14:11
183.   monkeypants
179 Not really. I am just perplexed why they keep people on the roster who are never used. Basak is the most redundant of all.
2007-06-21 15:16:36
184.   standuptriple
Good thing he only used 5 pitchers. At least the Giants suck and are slumping (but also have a day off today and are showing the best part of their rotation). Can't wait. It's "Pride" weekend in SF, so maybe the guys stay indoors a little more than they've been known to when they visit OAK.
2007-06-21 15:18:43
185.   randym77
177 Yeah, I was wondering that myself.

I really thought they were going to send Basak back down, rather than DFA Phelps. Torre did use Phelps on occasion, after all. I was wondering if Basak was still alive.

2007-06-21 15:23:19
186.   yankz
If they tee off in SF, I want that humidor checked.
2007-06-21 15:24:03
187.   monkeypants
185 Even if they were dead set on DFAing Phelps (who knows, maybe he asked for it when he saw how the PT was going), they still should have sent down Basak and called up their best hitter at AAA, at least while they play under NL rules. Who knows--you bring up Shelley Duncan for a week--maybe you get lucky and catch lightening in a bottle. Or he sucks, but no worse than the rest of the bench.
2007-06-21 16:30:10
188.   thelarmis
ugh. i came home in between jobs to check the score. next time, we should keep emma's non-game thread up. SF has been scuffling, let's hope they continue and not break out of it against us. i hate being double digits out and still a good bit behind the WC. we need to get back on track in SF and Baltimore...
2007-06-21 17:29:04
189.   weeping for brunnhilde
119 No, I don't think there are many who can do it. That's not where the money is.

As a kid I remember reading that Rod Carew was an excellent bunter and used the bunt when he was slumping.

I would think bunts are a valuable part of any hitter's repertoire (provided, of course, they have some speed) both to be used when their mechanics are off, whether due to injury or just because.

If a guy's hurt and realizes that even if he hits the ball squarely it has a good chance of not making it out of the infield, why not bunt?

Again, I just think that there are lots of situations in which a bunt might be your best chance of getting something going, so if I ran the zoo I'd make sure each member of my team could do it, but especially the faster ones.

Anyway, I barely caught any of today's game, but it would seem that's just as well.

Now what?

We have to sweep SF just to break even?

God, this sucks.

2007-06-21 19:53:29
190.   nemecizer
My bad feeling about this year just came back with a vengeance.
2007-06-21 20:01:43
191.   weeping for brunnhilde
190 No, no, don't give in.

'Tis but a scratch, a mere fleshwound!

2007-06-21 20:19:34
192.   weeping for brunnhilde
98 Another good thing about the bunt is its potential to disrupt the defense, the way the running game does. It gives them something else to think about which could just be the difference in a pressure situation, with less experienced fielders, etc.

And it's great to have if the guy on the mound is wearing a bloody sock or is 45 years old and doesn't get around that much anymore.

2007-06-21 20:30:20
193.   Mattpat11
192 Don't get me started on the refusal to bunt on the fatass with the gimpy leg in a playoff game. Please.

So Igawa. Everyone as excited as me?

2007-06-21 20:54:08
194.   weeping for brunnhilde
193 That same fatass (pre-gimpy leg) had a perfect game broken up on a bunt by a light-hitting catcher, iirc.

Ahh, that was sweet.


Ra Ra.

Sis boom ba.

2007-06-21 21:31:21
195.   Mattpat11
194 Igawa will make his triumphant return and lead us to the promised land


Win in spite of him guys.

2007-06-22 06:20:55
196.   Sliced Bread
The NY Post did the math.

Clemens is making $875,000 per start (based on his projected 20 starts).

Yesterday he made $213,414 per inning(4 1/3)

$9,722 per pitch (90)

$15,909 per strike (55)

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