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It Don't Gotta Be Pretty
2007-06-16 21:45
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Yankees won ugly yesterday afternoon, beating the Mets 11-8 in a game that saw almost constant scoring by both teams. The Mets scored in each of the first four frames, driving Tyler Clippard from the game in the fourth after taking a 5-4 lead on a one-out, two-run Ramon Castro homer and then putting two more men on base. Luis Vizcaino shut the door and the Yanks took back the lead for good in the bottom of the frame on a two-run Derek Jeter homer, but at 6-5 the game was far from over. Tom Glavine got bounced in the fifth and the Yankees scored two runs in each inning from the second through the sixth to build their lead to 10-5, but even that wasn't all.

Kyle Farnsworth was up to his old tricks in the eighth, walking the leadoff man and number eight hitter, then watching him come around to score before striking out Carlos Beltran and David Wright to end the inning. The Yankees got that run back in the next half inning, but Mariano Rivera followed with his worst outing since April. Entering the game, Rivera hadn't allowed a run in his last 10 1/3 innings and had allowed just six base runners and struck out 12 over that span. Yesterday, Mo was greeted by back-to-back singles by Carlos Delgado and Paul Lo Duca, then, after a Shawn Green fly out, Ramon Castro singled to load the bases. Mo bore down and struck out Ruben Gotay on three pitches for the second out, but Carlos Gomez reached on yet another infield single (his fourth in two games) to plate Delgado and Jose Reyes singled off Rivera's ankle to plate Lo Duca before Mo finally got Carlos Beltran to pop out to end the game.

The good news on Rivera is that there's no conern over the ankle and he didn't allow any extra base hits or walk anyone, and he was able to bear down and K Gotay (who had singled, homered, and walked twice in his previous four plate appearances), so odds are the outing was just a fluke, though the 33 pitches he threw likely eliminate him from tonight's rubber game.

In other good news, Luis Vizcaino, who picked up the win yesterday, hasn't allowed a run in his last five outings and has a 1.13 ERA over his last seven. He's still walking a ton of batters, but he's striking out even more, suppressing hits, and getting the job done. In other words, he's gone from being a Kyle Farnsworth imitator to being a Brian Bruney imitator. Supposedly some coaching from Rivera has made the difference.

Finally, Clippard's poor outing yesterday has opened the door for the return of Kei Igawa. In his last two starts, Clippard has a 14.14 ERA and a 2.43 WHIP. Igawa, meanwhile, has reworked his mechanics and posted the following line over his last three starts in triple-A Scranton:

20 IP, 15 H, 4 ER, 6 BB, 21 K, 1.05 WHIP, 1.80 ERA

The Yankees won't need a fifth starter again until Saturday, but all signs point to the return of Iggy. Clippard has already been demoted, with the Yankees bringing up Kevin Thompson to finally expand their bench back to four men. With Randy Johnson back on the DL, Vicaino pitching well, Igawa due to return, and Bobby Abreu and Alex Rodriguez carrying the team, Brian Cashman could look a whole lot smarter a week from now than he did just a few short weeks ago.

As for tonight's game, this should be a real treat. Not only is it the rubber game of the home half of the subway series, with the Yanks poised once again to hit their high-water mark of the season by going three games over .500 with a win, a win which would also earn them a split of the season series with the Mets, but the pitching match up is Chien-Ming Wang versus El Duque. Seriously now, could it get much more fun than that?

The one concern going into tonight's game is the fact that the Mets, particularly rookie speedster Gomez, have been getting an unusual number of infield hits and have stolen ten bases in two games against Jorge Posada and the slow-to-the-plate Yankee pitchers. Wang has allowed just five steals all year, but his ground ball tendencies could make him susceptible to the turnaround in the Mets line-up with Gomez and Reyes legging out infield hits. As for El Duque, he allowed just two runs in his first 19 innings after coming off the DL in late May, but had a rough go in his last outing against the Dodgers, though he still hasn't allowed a home run in his last 38 2/3 innings. Here's hoping he breaks out the eephus against Rodriguez and Alex gives it a ride.

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2007-06-17 11:50:38
1.   seamus
speaking of bruney, i was gawking at his game log today. 7 walks in his last 3.1 IP. ouch.
2007-06-17 11:53:54
2.   matt nokes forever
Yet I still trust him more than "Old Reliable" Farnsworth...
2007-06-17 12:00:42
3.   matt nokes forever
And as for Clippard's 14.14 era in the last two starts, it is also important to remember that one of those came against the Pirates. Also noteworthy is T-Clip's 2.81 era on the road versus 11.45 era at the Stadium... maybe he can't handle the pressure? Or maybe he's just a kid and needs a little bit more time in Scranton or Tampa to work on his stuff? Either way, bring back Diet Dice-K.
2007-06-17 12:15:32
4.   ric

diet dice-k... thats awesome :)

2007-06-17 12:17:33
5.   Shaun P
2 Agreed. Though if Farns has that slider working . . . apparently that's why Torre keeps going to him in the 8th. He figures Farnsworth can be dominant if he has the slider working.

The problem, of course, is that Farnsworth too often doesn't have the slider working, and yet Joe keeps running him out there in the 8th.

I hope VizcaiNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO keeps up his good(?) pitching. The number of balls and strikes he throws still bothers me, though. Too many balls. I suppose one could say the same for Bruney, so maybe it shouldn't bother me.

2007-06-17 12:57:05
6.   JL25and3
I was at yesterday's game, and yeah, it was ugly. Mariano's performance didn't concern me - I thought it was more bad luck than bad pitching. Delgado's hit was a real seeing-eye grounder, not all that well hit, and Gomez's infield single would ordinarily have been an out.

Worst of all was Castro's single, which really alarmed me. It looked like it wasn't more than 3 feet to Jeter's right, and he barely waved at it. To his right? If he isn't moving well that way, either, then there's big trouble. It would be nice to see him dive for a ball once in a while.

2007-06-17 13:21:34
7.   matt nokes forever
4 Thanks... I try.
2007-06-17 13:25:40
8.   matt nokes forever
5 I always feel like it's dodging bullets with Vizcai-oh-no! If the hitters get themselves out, great... if not, it's like a b.p. session. Granted, you ride your hot hand and if the baseball gods are allowing him to put together a few scoreless appearances together, by all means. But when he reverts --- ala Kombustable Kyle --- I will not be surprised.
2007-06-17 14:47:01
9.   seamus
looks like our standard lineup these days with Damon at DH. This lineup has really worked well for us. Cairo is the weak point but even he has been overachieving.
2007-06-17 15:23:51
10.   Shaun P
9 Overachieving compared to his own standards. At 1B, no walks, two extra base hits (both doubles), and 10 singles, for the funky line of .343/.333/.400 (in 35 ABs). Not horrible, not great, but all batting average and so not going to last. When the average drops, watch out.

I just realized that the two Yankees most of us would like to see out of prominent roles (Cairo and Krazy Kyle) are also the only two ex-Cubs on the roster. Hmmm . . .

2007-06-17 15:27:07
11.   seamus
10 No question that Cairo isn't our ideal first baseman. But none of the first basemen on our roster are ideal first basemen for this team.
2007-06-17 15:34:20
12.   Start Spreading the News
8 9 I am reminded of Pinella's quote about Marco Scutaro: that it was like "finding a wallet on Friday and expecting to find another wallet on Saturday and Sunday."
2007-06-17 15:43:26
13.   monkeypants
11 No doubt about. There is no ideal 1B on the Yankees roster. No arguing with that logic, I guess.
2007-06-17 16:05:36
14.   tommyl
Here's a novel idea. Could you warm up a couple of relievers at a time and ask the BP coach which one has "stuff" on a given night? That way if Farns has the slider going, trot him out, if he doesn't, well its Bruney time.
2007-06-17 16:08:56
15.   Ramone
14 I'm not saying there is zero correlation, but often how a person looks in the pen does not reflect how he will pitch.

In defense of Mo, he got robbed and should have had a couple of pitches called for strikes.

2007-06-17 16:14:43
16.   seamus
15 not only that, but I'd be surprised if the coaches didn't ask how a reliever they were concerned about looked. It may not change their decision, but heh...
2007-06-17 16:15:19
17.   rbj
Steve Philips continues to be an idiot, but then I repeat myself.

Last year he wanted the Yankees to trade A-Rod, now he wants the Yankees to make Barry Bonds their DH next year. Ugh.

2007-06-17 16:19:54
18.   seamus
17 seriously? Because one steroid legacy DH isn't enough? bah.
2007-06-17 16:24:51
19.   brockdc
17 That might not be such a horrible idea, but...oh, wait: we already have three DH's with immovable contracts on our roster...

...and, oh, what: Barry Bonds is a cancer.

Other than that, brilliant thinking by S.P. per always

2007-06-17 16:28:38
20.   brockdc
19what=wait. Sheesh, I flub my one post for the month. Now I know how Josh Phelps feels.
2007-06-17 16:29:36
21.   Chyll Will
17 idiot


"One deficient in judgment and good sense: ass, fool, imbecile, jackass, mooncalf, moron, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, simple, simpleton, softhead, tomfool. Informal: dope, gander, goose. Slang: cretin, ding-dong, dip, goof, jerk, nerd, schmo, schmuck, turkey. See Steve Phillips , redundant , ad infinitum "

2007-06-17 16:37:21
22.   rbj
21 LOL, Chyll Will.
Apparently the Yankees are used to soap operas, so Barry wouldn't be a problem.

Now I understand why Philips was a horrible GM -- he was worried more about the personalities in the clubhouse (where could A-Rod fit, where could Barry fit) and not so much about the needs of the team on the field in terms of winning ballgames. Yankees have Giambi under contract (no trade) for next year (very good OB guy, bad legs) at DH. Yankees have Damon (no trade?) under contract for next year (fine OB guy, bad legs) at DH/1B. A ha, the Yankees should go and pay ubergobs of money to have an extremely great OB guy - with bad legs at DH for next year.

2007-06-17 16:54:40
23.   Hocakes
Cashman is going to have to deal with a lot of issues this offseason:

Will Pettitte exercise his player option?
if not
Who fills his spot in the rotation?

Will Alex opt-out, re-up or play it out?
If he does opt out, who plays third base?

Does the club exercise Abreu's option?
if not
Who plays right field?

The question of Jonny Damon...what position will he play? Is he a solution at first? If not, who is?

Should the club go after one of the top-tier free-agent center fielders, Ichiro or Jones?,

There are probably some I'm leaving out(what to do with Colter Beane?)Of course, these matters will be much easier for Cashman to deal with if the Yanks have a good run in October, as the goodwill will be flowing along with the champagne. However, if they fail to make the postseason, Cashman won't have to worry because someone else will be dealing with these issues.

2007-06-17 17:16:12
24.   seamus
anyone think that wang hit him just to induce the double play?
2007-06-17 17:17:47
25.   RIYank
Hi Seamus.
2007-06-17 17:18:41
26.   RIYank
5 pitch inning can't be bad, anyway. At this rate he could pitch at least twenty innings tonight.
2007-06-17 17:18:56
27.   seamus
25 hi RIYank. I hope its not just us again.
2007-06-17 17:20:05
28.   seamus
uh oh. el duque looks good.
2007-06-17 17:21:05
29.   rbj
Past a diving Gotay!
2007-06-17 17:21:20
30.   seamus
Nice piece of hitting by jeter on a good pitch from elduque
2007-06-17 17:22:17
31.   3rd gen yankee fan
27 It's the Jetes and JoPo of BB!
2007-06-17 17:23:35
32.   Chyll Will
27 I can only lurk for now, my roommate is hogging the computer >:'
2007-06-17 17:23:48
33.   RIYank
Whew, looks like we'll have lots of good help. Now let's hope Jeter can get some, too.
2007-06-17 17:25:18
34.   rbj
32 Give your roommate a shiny object or a super fun happy ball.
2007-06-17 17:26:07
35.   seamus
34 that oughtta work. 32 listen to rbj.

c'mon a-god!

2007-06-17 17:26:11
36.   RIYank
(Warning: do not anger superhappyfunball.)
2007-06-17 17:26:32
37.   Flip Play
27 I'm lurking, since ESPN is carrying the game and I'm on the west coast.
2007-06-17 17:27:25
38.   rbj
Hey, this A-Rod guy is pretty good.
2007-06-17 17:27:27
39.   Flip Play
Okay, I'll chime in with a "YAY-ROD!"
2007-06-17 17:27:34
40.   seamus
so, if torre is leaning towards melky in center against colorado, does that mean damon's on the bench?

HA! A-God!

2007-06-17 17:27:43
41.   RIYank
Okay, that counts as help. HA! help.
2007-06-17 17:28:09
42.   Eirias
27 You are not alone.
2007-06-17 17:28:21
43.   Marcus
Happy Fun Ball contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture should not be touched, inhaled, or pitched to Alex Rodriguez.
2007-06-17 17:29:12
44.   rbj
Do not pitch happy fun ball to A-Rod.
2007-06-17 17:29:17
45.   seamus
29 31 32 37 42 so nice to have y'all here for the game!
2007-06-17 17:29:27
46.   tommyl
Um, wow. I was at the game yesterday in LF and the difference between Jeter's and A-Rod's shots was clear. Jeter's we were going, "C'mon...", A-Rod's the second he hit it I saw jaws drop. I don't think I've ever seen a ball hit that hard off the bat.
2007-06-17 17:29:51
47.   Flip Play
That last commercial is reminiscent of very Happy Fun Ball.
2007-06-17 17:30:20
48.   seamus
46 not many gods come down to earth to play the game of baseball. they do have their own things to do normally.
2007-06-17 17:30:29
49.   rbj
43 Jinx!
2007-06-17 17:30:43
50.   weeping for brunnhilde
46 I know, right off the bat, there's just never any doubt.

It's amazing

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2007-06-17 17:30:49
51.   RIYank
Alex should get like one HR free for every three he hits over 450 feet.
2007-06-17 17:30:49
52.   seamus
47 I've got happy fingers. I'm interneting it. what was the commercial?
2007-06-17 17:31:02
53.   thelarmis
HA! and, hi...
2007-06-17 17:32:25
54.   Flip Play
52 It was a Cialis commerical with a million warnings.
2007-06-17 17:32:57
55.   Marcus
49 HA!
2007-06-17 17:33:02
56.   tommyl
The other thing I noticed is that Reyes ia a terror. You can never, ever let him on base. There were times when I expected him to steal 2nd, 3rd and home.

Oh, and A-Rod is kinda good in the field too. And RJ is on the DL. Its a happy day :)

2007-06-17 17:33:10
57.   seamus
54 lol. i can see the happy fun ball relation!

a-god! Ha!

2007-06-17 17:34:50
58.   tommyl
Woah, Wang is looking like a bona-fide ace.
2007-06-17 17:35:06
59.   RIYank
Wanger is da man today. Lots of good grounders and a K.
2007-06-17 17:35:22
60.   seamus
wang looking good. How many pitches that inning? Anyone know?
2007-06-17 17:35:55
61.   weeping for brunnhilde
Wow, what was that Wang just threw? Was that a four-seamer?

It had so much lateral movement, it was just unfair.

Great pitch.

2007-06-17 17:36:30
62.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wang is like the Buddha. Business as usual.
2007-06-17 17:38:31
63.   bobtaco
Nice Matsui-san
2007-06-17 17:43:04
64.   rbj
Happy fun ball interferred with my internet connection there for a minute.

I forget, why did the Yanks let El Duque go?

2007-06-17 17:43:24
65.   seamus
tough at bat. Melky was frozen on that strike 3. It is now up to miggy mantle,eh?
2007-06-17 17:43:45
66.   bobtaco
65 That question always skips through my mind too.
2007-06-17 17:44:18
67.   bobtaco
Sorry, that was for 64
2007-06-17 17:44:43
68.   RIYank
Wang threw ten pitches in the second. So he's up to 15.
2007-06-17 17:45:32
69.   seamus
68 i wish he wouldn't waste an extra 5 pitches like that. :)
2007-06-17 17:47:21
70.   tommyl
Best .230 hitter in baseball strikes again!
2007-06-17 17:47:36
71.   rbj
Miggy comes through again!
2007-06-17 17:47:38
72.   seamus
wow! great at bat by miggy.
2007-06-17 17:47:39
73.   bobtaco
65 and Mig Mantle delivers
2007-06-17 17:47:58
74.   RIYank
2007-06-17 17:48:34
75.   3rd gen yankee fan
my my my!
2007-06-17 17:48:39
76.   Mattpat11
Not only is Miggymania running wild to a degree Stinkapalooza could never reach, I think Cairo is the most fun of all our shitty first base options to watch.
2007-06-17 17:49:23
77.   RIYank
69 I'm just concerned that it will be 20 next inning and 40 in the fourth. Wang is such an exponential kind of guy.
2007-06-17 17:49:26
78.   tommyl
Cue Pete Abraham's Phelps bashing
2007-06-17 17:50:20
79.   RIYank
76 Okay, who hacked into Mattpat11's Toaster account?
2007-06-17 17:50:33
80.   rbj
Thanks for the extra base, Shawn.
2007-06-17 17:50:35
81.   tommyl
Ahhhh, good end to the weekend
2007-06-17 17:51:30
82.   seamus
78 i'm sure. gotta go look now. why does he need to tear Phelps down to recognize that Cairo is playing over his head?
2007-06-17 17:51:41
83.   RIYank
64 Hmm, it's coming to me... yes, I think I remember clearlky now why we let him go.
2007-06-17 17:52:15
84.   3rd gen yankee fan
That's why we traded El Duque.
2007-06-17 17:52:45
85.   bobtaco
83 but it is fun to watch his wicked slop
2007-06-17 17:53:01
86.   3rd gen yankee fan
76 Big LOL!
2007-06-17 17:53:41
87.   tommyl
82 Sometimes you have to remember that Pete is a bit anti-SABR, so he points to Cairo's grittiness or something. As Steve Goldman says, the Yankees are winning now because of Abreu, A-Rod, Jeter and good starting pitching. At some point one or more of those will go cold for a bit and then Cairo will be exposed.

BTW, the hard core anti-SABR crowd, are probably the same people who are anti-evolution. They just don't get science, nor do they want to learn new facts. Sigh.

2007-06-17 17:53:42
88.   seamus
i can't believe how bad jeter looked in that at bat.
2007-06-17 17:54:19
89.   WeMissPaulie
Man, I CANT STAND Joe Morgan. He said that Minky was "out for the season"'d think he'd know.
2007-06-17 17:54:21
90.   rbj
I still like El Duque, fun guy to watch (unlike Contreras).
2007-06-17 17:54:50
91.   seamus
90 contreras = major pain.
2007-06-17 17:54:55
92.   Mattpat11
Oh good. Gammons.
2007-06-17 17:55:32
93.   tommyl
89 Maybe he's a closet Yankee fan and its wishful thinking? ;)
2007-06-17 17:56:22
94.   Eirias
Wow, both Clemens and Gammons are really good at not saying much.
2007-06-17 17:56:58
95.   thelarmis
89 and during the pre-game on bbtn, gammons said how jeter just turned 32 on may 29th. um, jetes will be 33 on june 26th...
2007-06-17 17:57:08
96.   RIYank
Godzilla makes it look easy.
2007-06-17 17:57:34
97.   tommyl
Oooo and Wang now has a sinking change? I love watching him.
2007-06-17 17:59:10
98.   WeMissPaulie
Probably! he also can't stop talking about the RS....sheez.

He's just pissed that they're never on ESPN and the Yankees are weekly.

2007-06-17 17:59:27
99.   Mattpat11
79 I've always had a soft spot for Cairo. He's not an every day player, but until we find some kind of option, I don't entirely mind him over one of the career minor leaguers in Scranton. Phelps is what he is. I think he's better as a big bat off the bench than playing first every single day.

And everyone is a better option that Mink the Stink.

2007-06-17 18:00:32
100.   tommyl
Jesus, Wang is really, really good.
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2007-06-17 18:01:04
101.   seamus
hot damn that was nasty! HA!
2007-06-17 18:01:11
102.   RIYank
Wow. This is a VVG game. It's hard not to be optimistic. I'll think about our bullpen for a minute.
2007-06-17 18:01:40
103.   rbj
Jeez, I've been leaving the room during the break, and always come back to Wang having two outs already.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. In fact I'll try and keep doing it.

2007-06-17 18:01:57
104.   tommyl
102 Wang doesn't need no stinkin' bullpen!
2007-06-17 18:02:26
105.   Mattpat11
94 They don't call Roger the Texas Con Man for no reason. he has an uncanny ability to talk forever and make you feel good without actually saying anything that you should feel good about.
2007-06-17 18:02:41
106.   Shaun P
Wow, what a thread. A-God, superhappyfunball, and Mattpat11's 76 might be the quote of the year so far. I don't know why I'm so giddy, but you guys are hilarious tonight!
2007-06-17 18:03:20
107.   Mattpat11
I woke up from a nap for Matsui's AB in the second. It feels like Duque has thrown 8678 pitches since then.
2007-06-17 18:03:52
108.   bobtaco
Dulce! Dulce!
2007-06-17 18:04:14
109.   Flip Play
Ah, that was awesome.
2007-06-17 18:04:15
110.   rbj
That ball took a wicked hop.
2007-06-17 18:04:17
111.   thelarmis
bobby baseball!!!
2007-06-17 18:04:21
112.   tommyl
Bobby! Oh so this was what the Yankees were supposed to be like out of the gate.
2007-06-17 18:04:53
113.   Shaun P
Anyone else with Gameday - another pic question. Do you think they took Duque's original headshot from his rookie year and just photoshopped a new hat on him? His gameday pic doesn't look any older than it did years ago.

El come dulce!

2007-06-17 18:05:18
114.   thelarmis
another nice rip by a-rod.
2007-06-17 18:05:36
115.   bobtaco
Damn it, does anything go over Beltran's head?
2007-06-17 18:05:38
116.   tommyl
Well unfortunately Beltran is not Bernie Williams. RBI number 73 for Hobbs.
2007-06-17 18:05:52
117.   seamus
well, he gave that a ride and i thought it was off the end of the bat!


2007-06-17 18:05:53
118.   Flip Play
113 Speaking of, how old is El Duque really? Isn't he actually in his 40s?
2007-06-17 18:06:00
119.   Mattpat11
110 Gomez sort of butchered it too
2007-06-17 18:06:33
120.   tommyl
113 He was like a 900 million year old rookie, or 22 if you ask him. Maybe he's just preserved.
2007-06-17 18:06:50
121.   Mattpat11
118 He claims 41. Take that for what its worth.
2007-06-17 18:07:30
122.   tommyl
And BINGO there is the Pete Abraham Phelps is a shitty first basemen post.
2007-06-17 18:07:35
123.   rbj
118 He's 167. Taught Cy Young everything he knew.
2007-06-17 18:07:44
124.   seamus
78 12 minutes between your post and pete abe's phelps bashing post.
2007-06-17 18:08:17
125.   Shaun P
118 I think so. Dude sure doesn't look it in the photo though.

Yep, 41 according to; born in 1965, which I believe is correct.

2007-06-17 18:08:35
126.   Flip Play
121 Yahoo Sports has him listed as being born in 1969, which I bet is about five years off.
2007-06-17 18:09:36
127.   Mattpat11
125 I don't. I think he may actually be Livan's father.
2007-06-17 18:10:57
128.   Shaun P
122 Its sad. Everytime I read a Pete Phelps-bashing post, I shake my head and think, "Dude, you're smarter than this." He had one the other night where he pulled out the stupid "c'mon statheads actually watch the game" line. I would expect that from a dinosaur like Lupica or Chass. Pete knows better. I almost wrote him an e-mail and reminded him that he's better than that garbage, but it always came off sounding very angry, so I didn't send it.
2007-06-17 18:12:44
129.   tommyl
124 Yeah, I love Pete's blog for the inside stuff and in game updates, but his analysis is often way, way, way off. I remember in ST a lot of his readers were complaining about the bench construction and he just pushed them aside with who cares, its not like the team needs a bench.

I do recall he even posted later saying how wrong he was.

Look if you want to do a real analysis with the number of runs Cairo saves at 1B versus the number that Phelps give you, I'm game for that. But stop telling me how clutch/gutsy Cairo is and that's why he should play.

2007-06-17 18:12:51
130.   Mattpat11
Don't walk Reyes
2007-06-17 18:14:00
131.   Shaun P
Was it RIYank talking about how Wang's pitch count was exponential? With Reyes up, you might be on to something.
2007-06-17 18:14:08
132.   Mattpat11
I'd rather than than a walking double. I don't know why. He can steal now and its far less frustrating.
2007-06-17 18:14:22
133.   RIYank
Oh well.
2007-06-17 18:15:11
134.   seamus
132 i understand that. It is more like he earned it if he hits a single.
2007-06-17 18:15:38
135.   Mattpat11
2007-06-17 18:15:40
136.   RIYank
131 Yeah.
And the thing is, we have the 5 run lead. He could now throw 30 sinkers, down but in the middle of the plate, and that would be it. Don't you think? Maybe the Mets hit 7 singles in six innings, but so what?
2007-06-17 18:15:45
137.   tommyl
2007-06-17 18:15:46
138.   thelarmis
2007-06-17 18:15:49
139.   bobtaco
Damn nice throw Jorgie!
2007-06-17 18:15:57
140.   pistolpete
Willie, learn from the master in the other dugout.... ;-)
2007-06-17 18:16:03
141.   seamus
2007-06-17 18:16:18
142.   Mattpat11
134 Right. In a way, its almost like you couldn't help it.
2007-06-17 18:16:38
143.   RIYank
Yum Jorge, not contributing with the bat so he has to use the gun. Hey, so Wang has again faced the minimum!
2007-06-17 18:16:48
144.   Mattpat11
Another full count though.
2007-06-17 18:17:37
145.   Mattpat11
I agree with Joe here. I think it was the right move by Reyes, it just didn't work.
2007-06-17 18:18:53
146.   seamus
that change is just nasty. it has HA written all over it.
2007-06-17 18:19:25
147.   pistolpete
It is such a pleasure to watch games pitched by Wang... I mean that!
2007-06-17 18:19:29
148.   Mattpat11
3 Ks through four for Wang, and still a very good pitchcount. Its usually one or the other with him.
2007-06-17 18:19:42
149.   tommyl
Jesus, Wang seriously looks incredible right now. If he keeps this up, he could be the best pitcher in baseball by years end.
2007-06-17 18:19:59
150.   RIYank
That's 46 pitches through four. Still good for, dare I say it...? Another CG?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-06-17 18:20:14
151.   rbj
What's Wang's gb/k ratio tonight? It seems like he's going for more strikeouts this year. I wonder if the People for the Ethical Treatment of Worms have gotten to him.
2007-06-17 18:20:27
152.   tommyl
146 Maybe HA can be the rallying cry of the 2007 Yankees. They can shave it in to all their heads.
2007-06-17 18:21:03
153.   RIYank
148 Yah. If he's found the Happy Medium, he's going to be a genuine ace.
2007-06-17 18:22:17
154.   seamus
152 just picturing jeter with HA shaved in his head is sweet!
2007-06-17 18:22:45
155.   tommyl
I am beginning to hate you Carlos Beltran.
2007-06-17 18:23:20
156.   seamus
beltran is just ugly out there. he vacuums up everything.
2007-06-17 18:23:41
157.   tommyl
You too Sean Green
2007-06-17 18:23:54
158.   Mattpat11
153 And the scary thing is supposedly, in the master plan of pitchers, he's going to be towards the back end of our staff in a few years.
2007-06-17 18:24:20
159.   RIYank
151 Let's see. First inning, fly, GIDP.
Second, ground, ground, K.
Third, fly, ground, K.
And fourth, caught, ground, K.

So that's two flies and five grounders, the grounders accounting for six outs, plus three K and the caught stealing.

2007-06-17 18:25:28
160.   pistolpete
155 You mean Carlos Bel-TRON
2007-06-17 18:25:43
161.   Mattpat11
Oh good. Gammons is back. Adding his valuable insight. And he's somehow confused Cairo and Cabrera.
2007-06-17 18:25:57
162.   rbj
159 Thanks, seems like it's a typical Wang night. Good to see Yankee security is keeping PETW at bay.
2007-06-17 18:26:07
163.   RIYank
Hang on, the inning can't end: we haven't scored. I thought when we play the Mets we have to score each inning.
2007-06-17 18:27:08
164.   seamus
163 or not at all. that is the rule i think. what gives?
2007-06-17 18:28:21
165.   Chyll Will
Man, I missed a lot of joke opportunities...
2007-06-17 18:29:27
166.   pistolpete
What, no comparison to Dice-K, Peter?
2007-06-17 18:29:35
167.   thelarmis
i think we talked about this during ST, but who opens at the new stadium? pettitte (if he's still around)? wang? or, most likely, phil franchise?

i'd like to see Gator, myself! : )

2007-06-17 18:30:38
168.   Mattpat11
167 Pavano. Cashman will offer him a one year deal to try to prove it wasn't a big mistake.
2007-06-17 18:30:44
169.   thelarmis
95mph rising heat from tiger!
2007-06-17 18:31:16
170.   seamus
delgado has looked awful all weekend. what happened?
2007-06-17 18:31:24
171.   Mattpat11
Wang and his wife live with Wang's parents? Add A-Rod and I smell a sitcom!
2007-06-17 18:31:27
172.   rbj
167 There'll be a 2 month construction delay, and it'll be Clemens doing the honors.
2007-06-17 18:31:37
173.   thelarmis
168 hilarious! can randy choate be first to relieve him?
2007-06-17 18:31:52
174.   RIYank
That can't be good.
2007-06-17 18:32:17
175.   thelarmis

167 perfect!

2007-06-17 18:32:34
176.   Mattpat11
173 Igawa, followed by Farnworth and Mientkiewicz.
2007-06-17 18:32:36
177.   seamus
2007-06-17 18:32:49
178.   pistolpete
169 At least maybe this Tiger will win something today...
2007-06-17 18:33:01
179.   RIYank
Okay, that was very good.
Dang, now he's faced over the minimum. We'll settle for a CG.
2007-06-17 18:33:18
180.   thelarmis
oops. i meant 172 - perfect!
2007-06-17 18:34:00
181.   tommyl
178 You know what I find incredible about the other Tiger. Sure, some random guy will get hot every so often and win a major, but Tiger is basically right there on the last day every single time. Its incredible.
2007-06-17 18:34:13
182.   pistolpete
Ha! Nice Pepsi commercial with Damon...
2007-06-17 18:35:04
183.   bobtaco
182 Love that, so great. And then he goes yard!
2007-06-17 18:35:12
184.   Mattpat11
That was nice.
2007-06-17 18:35:14
185.   tommyl
Damon! HA!

As for the starter in 2009, I hear Boggs has one heck of a knuckleball.

2007-06-17 18:35:17
186.   rbj
Nice Pepsi, Johnny
2007-06-17 18:35:32
187.   seamus

ok. back on track with the scoring every inning thing.

2007-06-17 18:35:49
188.   pistolpete
181 He definitely had a chance to win it. Cabrera was looking like he might blow it at the end with all the bogies...
2007-06-17 18:36:29
189.   tommyl
172 Watch:

2007-06-17 18:38:07
190.   thelarmis
hmmm, maybe ichiro can throw his floater
2007-06-17 18:38:59
191.   rbj
189 I was thinking of that, tommyl. That's a good one.
2007-06-17 18:39:01
192.   Mattpat11
For some reason, I always forget Duque was on that 2001 WS team. And he had that really good game.
2007-06-17 18:39:46
193.   RIYank
Duque knew he was going to walk Abreu, so he decided to save pitches.
2007-06-17 18:40:05
194.   tommyl
Ok A-Rod, time to stat pad.
2007-06-17 18:42:26
195.   seamus
that was plain old respect.
2007-06-17 18:42:42
196.   bobtaco
Come on Jorge, I need some Fantasy Points
2007-06-17 18:43:06
197.   Shaun P
194 Pbbbt. Mr. Clutch Man couldn't just throw his bat out there, could he? No, he had to take that walk.

Miggy Mantle would have swung at the first pitch and let fate decide the result.

2007-06-17 18:43:16
198.   Mattpat11
189 That was really good.
2007-06-17 18:45:34
199.   RIYank
Posada's really struggling today.
2007-06-17 18:46:09
200.   tommyl
Ok guys, need to eat some late dinner. My posting will be slower, but I'm with you all in spirit.


Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-06-17 18:48:24
201.   rbj
For a second there, I though Jon Miller was going to say Scott Proctor, not Schoenweiss.
2007-06-17 18:50:21
202.   RIYank
Very ugly. I think Damon's the only lefty who's been able to hit today. True?
2007-06-17 18:51:01
203.   RIYank
202 No, Abreu's triple, forgot.
2007-06-17 18:53:16
204.   Chyll Will
198 From now on, when Miggy Mantle walks in an inappropriate moment, he'll be referred to as Mr. Pbbbt...
2007-06-17 18:53:27
205.   bobtaco
That was nasty
2007-06-17 18:53:32
206.   Mattpat11
5 ks for Wang
2007-06-17 18:54:37
207.   RIYank
2007-06-17 18:55:00
208.   Mattpat11
That was kind of foolish. Tiger.
2007-06-17 18:55:04
209.   RIYank
207 (I meant the walk.)
2007-06-17 18:56:21
210.   RIYank
Bing bang, Miggymania.
Baseball gods just like us today.
2007-06-17 18:56:35
211.   Mattpat11
Looked like Reyes beat it there. I want a replay.
2007-06-17 18:56:48
212.   bobtaco
"Best SS in the history of New York" - Joe Morgan

The Mig with a great DP throw.

2007-06-17 18:56:51
213.   seamus
the worm BURNER!


2007-06-17 18:57:29
214.   Chyll Will
204 oops, that was for 197
2007-06-17 18:57:41
215.   Mattpat11
65 pitches through six. Let him go the whole way.
2007-06-17 18:58:36
216.   Mattpat11
Wang's English is really good.
2007-06-17 18:59:31
217.   RIYank
215 At this rate, no doubt about it.
2007-06-17 18:59:38
218.   seamus
215 accounting for unforeseen circumstances, no doubt.

(knocks on wood)

2007-06-17 19:00:57
219.   RIYank
What the hell did Schoenweiss do there? And why did Robbie get credit for a hit? Strange.
2007-06-17 19:01:45
220.   Chyll Will
216 Hope he runs the table tonight...
2007-06-17 19:03:42
221.   seamus
melky is swinging at everything in this at bat.
2007-06-17 19:03:42
222.   Comrade Al
I realize I am beating a dea horse, but wasn't John Miller's calling Pettitte and Clemens two former Astros a truly dumb thing to do? It's not just me, right?
2007-06-17 19:03:56
223.   RIYank
Weeping has to tell Cairo to shorten up his swing a little and stop trying to take every pitch into the bleachers.
2007-06-17 19:04:50
224.   seamus
222 yeah. i winced at that.
2007-06-17 19:05:07
225.   Mattpat11
You know baseball would love for Jeter to take the all time hit record.
2007-06-17 19:05:18
226.   Comrade Al
That's a dead horse.
2007-06-17 19:05:19
227.   bobtaco
222 I winced at that statement
2007-06-17 19:05:30
228.   Shaun P
214 I'm glad someone's paying attention to my attempt at sarcasm!
2007-06-17 19:06:00
229.   bobtaco
224 jinx
2007-06-17 19:06:08
230.   RIYank
Seamus and bobtaco have a wincing context.
2007-06-17 19:06:22
231.   RIYank
Damn. Contest.
2007-06-17 19:06:50
232.   Mattpat11
Interesting note about Beltran this year. He's pretty in line with his career numbers.
2007-06-17 19:07:15
233.   seamus
i'm gonna win. i can outwince anyone.
2007-06-17 19:07:33
234.   Shaun P
Sigh. Miggy Mantle was replaced by Miggy Minky for that at bat.

231 Are you judging?

2007-06-17 19:08:13
235.   bobtaco
233 I'll give it to you ;-)
2007-06-17 19:08:50
236.   RIYank
234 I was gonna, but bobtaco has conceded. Very gentlemanly.
2007-06-17 19:09:06
237.   Chyll Will
228 Oh good, better to assassinate it than employ it >;)
2007-06-17 19:09:10
238.   seamus
234 see that is why Phelps can't play 1B. Miggy Mantle works. Minky Mantle works. Joshy Mantle just sounds silly.
2007-06-17 19:09:31
239.   Mattpat11
six strikeouts.
2007-06-17 19:09:33
240.   RIYank
Wang's heater is his out pitch tonight! Seems like. Well, strikeout pitch.
2007-06-17 19:09:55
241.   Shaun P
232 Don't tell Scott Boras! He'll tell you you're full of it, like he did when Jayson Stark wrote in his book that Andruw Jones (also a Boras client) hasn't been playing that well the last few years on defense and was never a superstar with the bat, either.

Boras is planning on comparing Jones to Willie Mays when trying to sell Jones this offseason, and Stark's book shoots bigs holes in that.

2007-06-17 19:10:31
242.   RIYank
A strikeout, then an efficient, 2-pitch groundout. Sometimes it's just a pleasure.
2007-06-17 19:11:09
243.   Mattpat11
241 Boras wasn't who I was worried about. There are some people who think Beltran is a lot better than he really probably is.
2007-06-17 19:11:36
244.   Shaun P
Gameday had Wang's two pitches to Beltran in exactly the same place. Incredible.

What is EDSP going to do if Wang pitches a complete game tonight? The Yanks don't play again until Tuesday night in Colorado!

2007-06-17 19:12:16
245.   RIYank
241 But Stark is probably wrong. The flaws in Zone are especially bad in Jones' case, because he catches a lot of balls out of his zone.
2007-06-17 19:12:38
246.   Mattpat11
Well that sucked.
2007-06-17 19:13:28
247.   RIYank
I'm sure C-M is thinking to himself, "Don't take chances with strikeouts anymore, just get the sure thing grounder."
2007-06-17 19:14:06
248.   RIYank
246 It won't matter, except fot the pitch count.
2007-06-17 19:14:51
249.   RIYank
Uh. I guess I was wrong.
2007-06-17 19:15:07
250.   pistolpete
Ok, who didn't think something like that would happen once Wright got to first...?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-06-17 19:15:23
251.   Shaun P
245 I won't argue with you on that. However, Jones has never been that great with the bat. And as we all know, unless you're Miggy Mantle, your incredible fielding never makes up for holes in your offense.

OK. Miggy Mantle or Ozzie Smith. That dude's glove carried his bat, and then some.

2007-06-17 19:15:29
252.   seamus
frackin shut out was lost. damn it posada.
2007-06-17 19:15:45
253.   Mattpat11
Is that earned?
2007-06-17 19:16:15
254.   Shaun P
Of course Delgado's bat woke up then.
2007-06-17 19:16:23
255.   seamus
253 yes. wild pitch = earned. passed ball would be unearned.
2007-06-17 19:17:07
256.   Shaun P
253 I think so. A wild pitch isn't an error, so the run can't be unearned.

If Torre takes Wang out, I'm going to be royally pissed.

2007-06-17 19:18:04
257.   RIYank
It's definitely earned.
2007-06-17 19:18:10
258.   Shaun P
256 Oops. Sorry. Gameday froze on "coaching visit to the mound" for over two minutes. All of sudden, Wang was pitching to Valentin and had thrown 4 pitches. Nevermind.
2007-06-17 19:18:38
259.   Mattpat11
Okay. No harm no foul.
2007-06-17 19:19:01
260.   RIYank
Although, it's kind of a misnomer, isn't it? They didn't earn it.
Disappointing, but only a blemish on the Big Picture.
2007-06-17 19:19:37
261.   Mattpat11
Wang's career high in Ks is 8, against Minnesota in a game I don't recall at all.
2007-06-17 19:19:55
262.   bobtaco
Even with an earned run, it is clear that Wang is pitching his ass off
2007-06-17 19:20:04
263.   Chyll Will
256 You could do that if you were a bottle of RC Cola...
2007-06-17 19:20:12
264.   RIYank
Shaun (and whoever else), there's gotta be a free streaming radio broadcast of Sterling and Waldman on-line somewhere. Just to keep you up to speed. Unless you hate them.
2007-06-17 19:21:29
265.   RIYank
263 ooooooh.
2007-06-17 19:23:53
266.   Shaun P
261 I remember that game. It was April 2006, a Friday night game. We were in NY at my parents' house for Easter weekend, and it was the first game my dad and I sat down and watched together since Chacon's masterpiece in Game 4 of the '05 ALDS. Wang was great that night too.

264 Thanks RIYank. I'll take a look and see what I can find. Maybe ESPNRadio is streaming it.

2007-06-17 19:23:57
267.   Mattpat11
Did Miller just put Tommy John on the 78 Yankees?
2007-06-17 19:27:37
268.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey Team, how 'bout them Yanks, eh?

I'm glad the Mets picked put that run. I feel really bad for them and their fans.

(Nice play, Wright.)

Remember how when nothing went our way and everything backfired and nobody was hitting?

Accordingly, we shouldn't get to cocky because basically this weekend we've been kicking a team when it's down.

Bring on Boston.

2007-06-17 19:29:22
269.   weeping for brunnhilde
Also, I actually thought Duque might be able to throw off, say, a 6 ip/4r performance. I knew we'd get to him, but I didn't expect to knock him around so hard out of the gate.

But it sure is nice to see.

2007-06-17 19:30:09
270.   Chyll Will
268 Again? ugh. Didn't we just have Boston last week?
2007-06-17 19:30:53
271.   RIYank
268 I thought of you when A-Rod got his sac fly RBI.
2007-06-17 19:31:15
272.   weeping for brunnhilde
251 Ozzie also improved his hitting quite a bit in the latter part of his career, didn't he?

I seem to recall he started getting up around .270 and beyond.

2007-06-17 19:32:44
273.   weeping for brunnhilde
271 That was a nice play by Beltran. Not an easy play.

270 I know, I know. Ok, I'll take Detroit. Someone we're competing with.

It's time to see what we're made of.

2007-06-17 19:33:05
274.   RIYank
Wang matches his K-record.
2007-06-17 19:33:24
275.   Mattpat11
2007-06-17 19:33:30
276.   weeping for brunnhilde
Man, Wang is dealing.

Is he going to get better still as he ages?

He's sickly talented.

2007-06-17 19:33:53
277.   pistolpete
270 August 28th is the next game against Boston
2007-06-17 19:34:49
278.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's getting late early, if you know what I mean.

This game's just cruzing along is what I mean.

Can't believe it's the 8th already.

2007-06-17 19:35:17
279.   seamus
i don't know what to say. Wang looks great. i want to see him finish this. Ideally with double digit Ks. But I'm willing to not be too greedy.
2007-06-17 19:36:00
280.   Mattpat11
2007-06-17 19:36:05
281.   RIYank
I think this is his last inning. Unless Gomez GIDP, which seems unlikely.
2007-06-17 19:36:11
282.   Chyll Will
277 Goody.
2007-06-17 19:36:25
283.   seamus
oh. so according to Gammons our AA rotation is there to trade.
2007-06-17 19:36:40
284.   Shaun P
Wang with 8 Ks now.

I found the game on ESPNRadio RIYank, but you wouldn't believe what I had to do to find a station with it. Short story - I'm listening to the LA ESPNRadio affiliate, and it seems to be a little behind Gameday! Can't win. =)

272 I think you're right, but Ozzie was sooooo good with the glove, and SS at the time were so poor with the bat, that all the Wiz had to do was hit .270 and he was still incredibly valuable. That he walked over 50 or 60 times a year also helped.

2007-06-17 19:37:04
285.   weeping for brunnhilde
Gammons just said CashMoney's got a good arsenal of pitchers in AA to trade.

I think we can only do that for a long-term position player, not a rental.

If we're to trade such a player, we should do it for youth.

2007-06-17 19:37:42
286.   Mattpat11
2007-06-17 19:38:16
287.   bobtaco
285 They better keep Joba
2007-06-17 19:38:30
288.   pistolpete
Does anyone else's sound keep cutting out on ESPN?
2007-06-17 19:38:51
289.   Shaun P
275 With Unit on the DL, Clemens has a good chance to open up his lead in career Ks, huh? Every start Randy misses makes it that much easier for Roger.
2007-06-17 19:39:02
290.   RIYank
285 I say no trade. Those guys could be gold.

Like this guy on the mound here.

2007-06-17 19:39:02
291.   Chyll Will
273 Mehmattski's the biologist, you should ask him >;)
2007-06-17 19:39:03
292.   Mattpat11
2007-06-17 19:39:04
293.   pistolpete
See ya, speedy. Have to hit the ball to be able to run.
2007-06-17 19:39:23
294.   bobtaco
288 Yup
2007-06-17 19:39:41
295.   RIYank
293 Technically, no. Remember last inning??
2007-06-17 19:39:43
296.   Shaun P
There we go - new career high in Ks.

ESPNRadio guys are saying Wang doesn't quite look right; suggesting something's bothering him?

2007-06-17 19:40:04
297.   weeping for brunnhilde
284 Oh I know, I know. He'd previously hit in the .230s and .240s.

.270 was quite good in the '80s, a perfectly respectable average.

2007-06-17 19:40:40
298.   RIYank
284 I guess the stream is behind. Now that you mention it, I think I remember noticing that the one time I tried it.
2007-06-17 19:40:56
299.   Start Spreading the News
Mussina pitches against the Rockies in Colorado next. That will probably get ugly. Curveballs don't curve there and Moose doesn't have much of a fastball. So he will have to try the slow, slower and slowest repertoire.
2007-06-17 19:41:03
300.   pistolpete
I love seeing Reyes look silly. Do it again, CMW.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-06-17 19:41:10
301.   bobtaco
Wang's change up puts Reyes on the ground
2007-06-17 19:41:12
302.   Mattpat11
296 I have no idea what that could be
2007-06-17 19:41:20
303.   weeping for brunnhilde
Poor Reyes, man.

That looked both painful and humiliating.

There should be a mercy rule in baseball.

Poor Mets, poor Willie.

2007-06-17 19:41:27
304.   tommyl
There is no more beautiful sight than Reyes falling to the ground on a swing and miss from Wang.
2007-06-17 19:41:42
305.   seamus
Reyes is trying to control his own laughter.
2007-06-17 19:41:52
306.   Mattpat11
299 Eh boy.
2007-06-17 19:41:53
307.   Start Spreading the News
10Ks for Wang!!!
2007-06-17 19:41:54
308.   pistolpete
300 Thank you!
2007-06-17 19:41:55
309.   bobtaco
2007-06-17 19:42:07
310.   Mattpat11
2007-06-17 19:42:16
311.   RIYank
Wow. What a game for Wanger. Seamus, you asked for double-digit Ks!
2007-06-17 19:42:28
312.   seamus

10 Ks!

2007-06-17 19:42:32
313.   tommyl
296 Yeah 10K, 8 innings. Just Ked Reyes to end the inning while he screwed himself into the ground.
2007-06-17 19:42:33
314.   Start Spreading the News
I really like listening to the Met guys announcing that Yankee game. Much better than their Yankee counterparts.
2007-06-17 19:42:38
315.   weeping for brunnhilde


Ok, can he by Cy Young this year?

He has a great chance if he keeps this up and frankly, I see no reason he shouldn't keep this up.

2007-06-17 19:42:41
316.   Chyll Will
288 Lucky...
2007-06-17 19:42:45
317.   Start Spreading the News
on the radio that is.
2007-06-17 19:43:12
318.   Start Spreading the News
314 on the radio, I mean
2007-06-17 19:45:17
319.   seamus
311 yeah, happy as hell. great night for Wang. and perhaps the next step in his developing evolution as king K!
2007-06-17 19:45:26
320.   RIYank
299 Maybe not. Scoring is way down there this year. Probably because they are humidifying the balls. I think possibly that helps keep the break in the breaking ball.
2007-06-17 19:45:53
321.   weeping for brunnhilde
290 Agreed, but if there's really a small stable of them, I would entertain trading one of them for, say, a back-up catching prospect or a 1B or something, but only someone young who figures into the future.

Otherwise, leave it alone.

For instance, I'd rather just leave CAiro at 1B for this year than trade the farm for some big veteran bat at 1B or wherever.

If it's to be this year, it's to be. Otherwise, we're really on to something here with this team.

Giambi was a cloud, like RJ.

2007-06-17 19:45:58
322.   seamus
Arod has respectable full season numbers for many players. 27 HR and 73 RBI.
2007-06-17 19:46:04
323.   RIYank
So, who pitches the ninth?
2007-06-17 19:46:43
324.   RIYank
2007-06-17 19:47:12
325.   tommyl
Um, A-Rod is a good hitter.
2007-06-17 19:47:14
326.   weeping for brunnhilde
You know, I prefer those to the homers.

That was a laser.

2007-06-17 19:47:45
327.   seamus
324 wow, i'm on a significant delay. saw your post at least ten seconds before that double. had me hoping for a homer.
2007-06-17 19:47:51
328.   RIYank
321 Okay, I could go with that. Except for Giambi being a cloud, which I don't understand.
2007-06-17 19:47:52
329.   Mattpat11
Does 15 doubles seem low to you? I thought he had a lot more.
2007-06-17 19:48:43
330.   weeping for brunnhilde
314 Yeah, they are. Especially in the radio booth, but I tend to prefer their tv guys as well, but I like our tv guys too.
2007-06-17 19:49:55
331.   weeping for brunnhilde
Damn, Jorgie!

He was all over that!

2007-06-17 19:49:55
332.   thelarmis
2007-06-17 19:49:57
333.   seamus
it seems like years ago that arod was being booed.
2007-06-17 19:50:01
334.   RIYank
327 Damn, sorry. I should have said "Half Ha!"

326 Weeping, I'm sorry. Jorge has disappointed you. But you'll have to settle for that non-double.

2007-06-17 19:50:08
335.   Flip Play
Hip! Hip!
2007-06-17 19:50:18
336.   seamus
hip hip and i haven't seen it yet!

there it is!

2007-06-17 19:50:26
337.   Mattpat11
I like this game.
2007-06-17 19:50:30
338.   weeping for brunnhilde
Here's Willie.
2007-06-17 19:50:44
339.   Shaun P
2007-06-17 19:50:57
340.   seamus
334 not your fault. usually it isn't this bad.
2007-06-17 19:51:37
341.   seamus
ah, commercial = reload feed and lessen delay.
2007-06-17 19:51:44
342.   Chyll Will
322 He's loading up for his big FU to the tabloids after the season, I gather...
2007-06-17 19:52:50
343.   Shaun P
bobtaco, weren't you looking for fantasy points from Jorge? There you go.
2007-06-17 19:53:27
344.   Shaun P
Just heard that Prince Fielder hit an inside-the-park homer today. Can't wait to see the replay of that one.
2007-06-17 19:53:36
345.   Chyll Will
You guys think YOU have a delay, try doing this with dial-up >;)
2007-06-17 19:54:04
346.   Mattpat11
Would you send Wang out batter by batter next inning?
2007-06-17 19:54:07
347.   weeping for brunnhilde
328 Yeah, it's kind of a non-sequitur, I know. It's how my mind works.

He's just kind of emblematic of these new Yankees to me. The first guy to be signed who I really just thought was a bad fit for the team.

Never mind, just a stray thought.

2007-06-17 19:54:16
348.   Mattpat11
STFU Gammons.
2007-06-17 19:54:40
349.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice play there, Gomez.

And very nice hit, Hideki.

2007-06-17 19:55:18
350.   Chyll Will
344 They probably have it up already on Cartoon Network...
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-06-17 19:55:39
351.   bobtaco
343 Yep, 11 points for me
2007-06-17 19:55:49
352.   seamus
345 yeah, that would suck. dial up i mean.
2007-06-17 19:56:10
353.   weeping for brunnhilde
Alex and Derek need to make a deal whereby Alex gets short back and Derek can start to think about his future.

Poor Delgado, thought it was the third out.

We looked this bad not too long ago.

2007-06-17 19:56:18
354.   joejoejoe
I wish they ESPN didn't stop broadcasting the game when the Yankees got a lead. This variety show is wearing thin. I love Ron Guidry but if I wanted to see the History Channel I'd change the channel. Call the damn game.
2007-06-17 19:56:31
355.   tommyl
2007-06-17 19:56:33
356.   weeping for brunnhilde

It'll look like a line drive in the box score!

2007-06-17 19:56:34
357.   seamus
HA HA! and HA!
2007-06-17 19:56:34
358.   Mattpat11
350 In the homer dome too. So its not like its Dodger Stadium.
2007-06-17 19:56:49
359.   RIYank
Hee hee, should have let it go foul.
2007-06-17 19:57:20
360.   thelarmis
344 it's priceless, shaun! he was slow out of the gate, then turned on the jets. he kept looking back at the fielders and stumbled around each base. pretty funny!

it all happened 'coz torii got hit early in the game and had to come out. his replacement lost the ball in the roof...

2007-06-17 19:57:34
361.   Chyll Will
347 I can teach you how to corral those stray thoughts...
2007-06-17 19:57:35
362.   Mattpat11
What does Peter Gammons offer baseball in 2007?
2007-06-17 19:58:52
363.   weeping for brunnhilde
346 Is there any reason not to?

If you can't let your guy go for the complete game with a seven run lead, then they should just abolish the practice altogether.

He has to go for the total game here.

2007-06-17 19:59:05
364.   Mattpat11
When the Gammons said "we know about (Gagne's) heart" I legitimately feared something had happened to his heart from the roids.
2007-06-17 20:00:46
365.   RIYank
Gammons has a belly full of guts.
2007-06-17 20:01:15
366.   Mattpat11
He's coming back out.
2007-06-17 20:01:36
367.   Chyll Will
362 To hide the incriminating photos?
2007-06-17 20:02:04
368.   3rd gen yankee fan
There's a lot of empty seats there, did all the Mets fans leave?
2007-06-17 20:02:15
369.   RIYank
I prefer Wang for the ninth. I'd accept Pettitte. I expect Proctor.
2007-06-17 20:02:26
370.   weeping for brunnhilde
359Heh. I don't think it was going foul, though.

Poor Mets.

2007-06-17 20:03:02
371.   RIYank
Wanger returns!
2007-06-17 20:03:36
372.   Chyll Will
365 Whose?
2007-06-17 20:03:58
373.   Mattpat11
Okay. That went poorly.
2007-06-17 20:04:19
374.   Mattpat11
372 beckett.
2007-06-17 20:04:19
375.   RIYank
370 I'm pretty sure it was going foul.
Hm. Maybe that was one pitch too many for C-M.
2007-06-17 20:05:06
376.   weeping for brunnhilde
Btw, Morgan and Miller were talking about Derek reaching 4000 hits.

Just last night I wondered whether he might reach 4000 hits.

Was I just wondering that because this is a conversation I'd heard before?--because it hadn't occurred to me to ask the question until last night and then here are Miller and Morgan talking about it on espn the next day.

Is this a widely-disussed topic?

2007-06-17 20:05:14
377.   RIYank
372 You know, haggis.
2007-06-17 20:05:18
378.   thelarmis
wow, torre keeping him in after a leadoff hit. me likey.
2007-06-17 20:05:51
379.   tommyl
I think Wang is a bit gassed. That's more than a few flyballs. He's up near 110. I'd honestly take him out because of pitch count.
2007-06-17 20:06:01
380.   weeping for brunnhilde
375 Huh, maybe it was at that.
2007-06-17 20:06:21
381.   RIYank
376 If I were you I'd get a professional to sweep your place for listening devices.
2007-06-17 20:06:46
382.   tommyl
Yeah Wang needs to come out. Good game kid.
2007-06-17 20:06:46
383.   weeping for brunnhilde
Let him close it out.
2007-06-17 20:06:48
384.   Chyll Will
374 At least Beckett has nerve...
2007-06-17 20:06:59
385.   thelarmis
go get him now. is henn around? villone? bring someone in...
2007-06-17 20:07:04
386.   RIYank
Hm. Well, I'd give him another batter, then Myers for the lefties.
2007-06-17 20:07:14
387.   Mattpat11
Might be time to pull him.
2007-06-17 20:07:45
388.   weeping for brunnhilde
379 Yeah, fair enough.

How 'bout he gets one more run?

2007-06-17 20:07:48
389.   Mattpat11
384 He also has NotBlisters caused by defective baseballs.
2007-06-17 20:07:55
390.   tommyl
Um, Henn and Villone are out in the BP. I'm pretty sure they can hold a 6 run lead.
2007-06-17 20:07:57
391.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yep, he is getting yakked around. Too bad.
2007-06-17 20:07:59
392.   thelarmis
myers up. get a dp here and let him finish it himself...
2007-06-17 20:08:17
393.   weeping for brunnhilde
2007-06-17 20:08:21
394.   Mattpat11
Okay. Let him finish. :)
2007-06-17 20:08:21
395.   pistolpete
2007-06-17 20:08:24
396.   thelarmis
ooh, i called it! let wang finish it...
2007-06-17 20:08:36
397.   RIYank

Oh, man. The fans are expressing my feelings, too.

2007-06-17 20:08:37
398.   weeping for brunnhilde

Now Joe's coming?


2007-06-17 20:08:42
399.   seamus


2007-06-17 20:08:47
400.   Mattpat11
Are you fucking kidding me?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-06-17 20:08:48
401.   pistolpete
Torre, are you F*CKING KIDDING ME?!
2007-06-17 20:09:16
402.   thelarmis
oh, boo. let him finish. ack...
2007-06-17 20:09:20
403.   pistolpete
2007-06-17 20:09:23
404.   Mattpat11
Absurd. No other word for it.
2007-06-17 20:09:31
405.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-06-17 20:09:51
406.   3rd gen yankee fan
Joe never listens to us.
2007-06-17 20:09:52
407.   RIYank
I would have let him finish, but I can't complain. He got his ovation this way, and I'm not too worried about Joe burning up Mike Myers' arm.
2007-06-17 20:09:58
408.   Mattpat11
I need to hear this rationale.
2007-06-17 20:10:19
409.   thelarmis
i just gave wang a standing O in my living room!
2007-06-17 20:10:21
410.   Mattpat11
407 What the hell did it accomplish?
2007-06-17 20:10:23
411.   Chyll Will
377 Yummy. But don't they usually call that stuff Pittsburgh Pirates?
2007-06-17 20:10:27
412.   Flip Play
Yeah. WTF? Shoulda let him finish.
2007-06-17 20:10:39
413.   weeping for brunnhilde
I know, Team, I know, it's unfuckingbelievable.

The Ways of Joe are not our own.

Chalk it up to the Tao of Joe.

2007-06-17 20:11:25
414.   pistolpete
403 Sorry for the double post - it didn't show up the first time - heh.
2007-06-17 20:11:30
415.   Eirias
Christ, even JOE MORGAN thinks Wang could have made a few more pitches.
2007-06-17 20:11:36
416.   tommyl
Its pitch count. Would you rather see him throw 5-10 more pitches and then be awful or hurt next time out? I have no problem with this move.
2007-06-17 20:11:56
417.   Eirias
2007-06-17 20:12:11
418.   pistolpete
Gotta admit, though, that was a pretty K by Myers...
2007-06-17 20:12:32
419.   Flip Play
Good game, good game.
2007-06-17 20:12:34
420.   weeping for brunnhilde
Well done, Team, well done!

Chien-Ming, you and Andy make me so happy.

2007-06-17 20:12:36
421.   RIYank
That worked out okay.

Unless you think it's really important for Wang to get the stat, I don't see why it's a big deal to pull him.

2007-06-17 20:12:54
422.   Mattpat11
Its weird, but that sort of ruined this game for me.


2007-06-17 20:13:10
423.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-06-17 20:13:39
424.   Max
I'm not that annoyed...Wang was way up there in pitch count. The DP made the question interesting, but Delgado is Myers' bitch, so I didn't have a problem with the move.
2007-06-17 20:13:39
425.   Mattpat11
421 Because there was ZERO reason to pull him with the bases empty and two out. None. Let the man finish the damn game.
2007-06-17 20:14:06
426.   weeping for brunnhilde
416 Is that really the gamble?

Can 5-10 pitches really make such a difference?

2007-06-17 20:14:58
427.   Mattpat11
416 Is the difference between 113 and 118 so significant that it would have destroyed him?
2007-06-17 20:15:22
428.   bartap74
This Bronx is Burning thingy looks kind of cool.
2007-06-17 20:15:35
429.   Flip Play
Okay, who else just watched the preview for The Bronx is Burning?
2007-06-17 20:15:57
430.   seamus
wow. we'll complain even on dominant wins. i'm going to enjoy this. what a game. Wang was unreal and on national tv to boot.
2007-06-17 20:16:23
431.   seamus
wtf is the bronx is burning?
2007-06-17 20:16:35
432.   Shaun P
422 Because Delgado burned Wang in his last AB. And Delgado is a lefty. And Myers is on the roster to get those tough, power hitting lefties out.

Formulaic, which is typical Joe.

Too bad Wang didn't order Torre back to the dugout a la Moose.

360 Thanks thelarmis.

2007-06-17 20:16:43
433.   pistolpete
429 ESPN doesn't have a good track record for TV movies, but this actually looks decent.

I could be biased on the subject matter, though.

2007-06-17 20:17:09
434.   Chyll Will
426 Gator and Joe might have seen something we can't see (well, I can't since I only have basic channels)...
2007-06-17 20:18:15
435.   yankz
You know what I f'ing love? Seeing Wang prove the naysayers wrong...AGAIN.

He's made the leap. I love this guy. Oh, and that Alex fellow too.

2007-06-17 20:19:00
436.   RIYank
It's unlikely that the extra pitches would have hurt Chien-Ming. But maybe they would have worn him out a little, maybe he'd be just a little weaker for next game. Pitches up in that high count area do cost something. I don't mind having Mike Myers throw them instead of our Ace.
2007-06-17 20:19:18
437.   bartap74
This means that the Empire State building is blue and white tomorrow, right?
2007-06-17 20:19:32
438.   Chyll Will
433 Didn't Alex talk about that movie in depth some time ago?
2007-06-17 20:19:59
439.   weeping for brunnhilde
432 "No! GO SIT DOWN!"

Hah ha ha ha haha ha ha!

That would have been priceless.

2007-06-17 20:20:07
440.   bartap74
431 Apparently, it's an ESPN miniseries(?) about the Bronx Zoo Yankees teams of the late 70s.
2007-06-17 20:21:28
441.   Mattpat11
436 He was already at 113. If pitchcount was an issue, why not pull him at 111 when he was getting hit?
2007-06-17 20:21:33
442.   Flip Play
431 John Turturro as Billy Martin. Oliver Platt as the Boss.
2007-06-17 20:22:12
443.   3rd gen yankee fan
440 Yeah. Eight weeks long? Who besides Yankee fans is gonna watch that?
2007-06-17 20:22:28
444.   Chyll Will
437 Somebody needs to throw a giant "candywrapper" on that thing already...
2007-06-17 20:22:47
445.   seamus
440 oh cool.
2007-06-17 20:23:07
446.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well gnite guys, see ya in a couple days.
2007-06-17 20:23:45
447.   Mattpat11
442 Ooh. Don't like those choices at all.
2007-06-17 20:23:47
448.   weeping for brunnhilde
430 Heh heh.

Here's one, I'm worried about Cano.

He doesn't look so hot these days.

Not cold, of course, but he's hitting too many weak rollers to second again.

2007-06-17 20:24:27
449.   Mattpat11
Eh. I'm over it now. I'm sure there was some reason for the move.
2007-06-17 20:25:21
450.   weeping for brunnhilde
442 Ooh, really?

John Turturro?

He's great, and that's great casting.

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-06-17 20:25:31
451.   RIYank
441 To face the righty, of course.
2007-06-17 20:26:13
452.   bartap74
447 Judging from the commercials, Turturro nails Martin. Platt as the Boss? Not so much.
2007-06-17 20:26:47
453.   Mattpat11
Torre is one win behind Durocher
2007-06-17 20:27:06
454.   RIYank
448 Cano does seem a little off. What if we had a game with everyone firing on all cylinders? Scary.
2007-06-17 20:28:35
455.   weeping for brunnhilde
I can't believe how everyone's hitting.

It's really something to behold.

2007-06-17 20:29:19
456.   Max
The bad move to me was bringing Wang out at all for the ninth, or letting him pitch past the first batter. I just can't get worked up over CMW losing the CG, though, with over 110 pitches...once it got to Delgado, no matter what, Myers was coming in.

Or maybe people forgot that Delgado hit Wang pretty well the last time up?

That's all I have to say...Joe's going to get plenty of grief before this season is over for various moves, but this seems particularly trivial to obsess over.

2007-06-17 20:29:47
457.   Chyll Will
452 David Morse as The Boss perhaps?
2007-06-17 20:31:17
458.   Shaun P
453 Incredible.
2007-06-17 20:32:14
459.   Mattpat11
456 If he had taken him out after the 8th or either of the first two hits in the ninth, I'd be fine. Unless something happened that we are unaware of, Taking him out with 2 outs and no one on for Delgado is making a move for the hell of it.
2007-06-17 20:32:51
460.   Mattpat11
452 Platt doesn't even vaguely look like George.
2007-06-17 20:34:49
461.   weeping for brunnhilde
454 See? It only feels like everyone's hitting, and yet they're not.

It's 'cause those who are hitting are actually on fire.

Even Damon got into the act this weekend a little bit, but I don't expect him to continue.

We'll be lucky to get, say, .280 out of him, which is fine, but it'll probably be more around .260.

Jorgie should keep hitting, as should Derek.

I'm a bit worried about Alex, because he's so hot and cold. He could have another May, which would really suck, but at least Abreu's hitting, so we can probably reasonably expect to have one of the two of them hitting at any given time.

Melky I don't know about.

Could just be a .250 hitter this year, and in future too, maybe. That would be ok if he excelled at fundamentals, plays a great center field and gets his walks.

Can he develop into a base-stealer? Is he fast enough for that?

Good stuff to watch.

2007-06-17 20:35:16
462.   RIYank
By the way, that's 11 out of 12.
We don't want to take this winning thing for granted!
2007-06-17 20:37:26
463.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, and Cairo?

I guess he could cool off, but he might also be exactly the player we see before us.

He seems to be playing like he did in what was it, 2004? 2005? Can't remember. The nice year he had for us.

Surely he's capable of continuing this for the rest of the season.

Not to say he will, but I don't think it's a foregone conclusion.

2007-06-17 20:37:39
464.   Mattpat11
461 I wouldn't be shocked to see Posada hit a big drop off. He's not a .340 hitter.
2007-06-17 20:42:42
465.   RIYank
Interesting, Kei Igawa will pitch Friday. That means Wang gets another day of rest (he'll pitch Saturday).
2007-06-17 20:43:20
466.   Mattpat11
ESPN just showed a shot of Wang peaking above his glove in their teaser that was awesome
2007-06-17 20:43:43
467.   Mattpat11
465 Ech.
2007-06-17 20:49:15
468.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, so some thoughts about Derek, Alex and Adam Dunn.

The thing that I don't like about Alex, the reason I give him a hard time and say he's not a good hitter, is because when he's not locked in, he's an easy out. He can be fooled and strikes out a lot.

Derek, for his part, saw his average drop thirty points, from the .350s down to like .325 or so, but he never seemed in a funk.

He still managed to look all right at the plate and could scratch out some infield hits and some ground balls could go throw. It's never quite clear why Derek cools off whereas with Alex, it's obvious he's just uncomfortable, off-balance, not seeing the ball well.

A guy like Adam Dunn must be a total automatic out when he's not locked in. At least, that's what I'd surmise from all those strike outs.

I don't know, those are my impressions.

Does anyone know the difference between hot Jeter and cold Jeter?

I love Duque. On his control: "Sometimes it's good, sometimes not good. I no worry."

2007-06-17 20:49:25
469.   Mattpat11
Chipper got his 2000 hit tonight.
2007-06-17 20:49:25
470.   Mattpat11
Chipper got his 2000 hit tonight.
2007-06-17 20:51:53
471.   weeping for brunnhilde
464 Agreed, he might not hit .340, but watching him now, I can't see him falling below, say, .300. Can you?

I guess if he really starts feeling some debilitating pain or something, but as far as hitting, he seems to have a new approach at the plate or something.

He just doesn't seem like the same hitter. He seems to have grown or something rather than just being hot.

Duque made him look silly, but he's rarely, rarely looked bad at the plate all year.

He used to look like that regularly and then get hot for a little while.

I don't know, I feel really good about him.

2007-06-17 20:55:47
472.   weeping for brunnhilde
464 I think maybe what I'm saying is he used to be much more of a mistake hitter.

He doesn't seem like that this year.

2007-06-17 20:56:19
473.   thelarmis
470 chipper is one of 3 switch hitters with 2,000 hits, 350 homers and 400 doubles - eddie murray & chili davis, of all people. i'm surprised mantle didn't reach 400 doubles (344)
2007-06-17 21:08:09
474.   Start Spreading the News
473 Chili Davis was an under-appreciated hitter. I remember when he was the DH for us. He was always a great at bat.

Moment I remember most was being at the game where Pedro at his greatest form struck out 17 batters. He made people look silly. He made one mistake which was to Chili Davis who promptly with a clean professional swing sent it out of the park. That was Chili Davis in a nutshell -- you had to be good to get him out. Even in his final season, he had an OPS+ of 115.

2007-06-17 22:42:24
475.   bartap74
474 IIRC, that was the Yankees' only hit of the game.
2007-06-17 22:48:38
476.   weeping for brunnhilde
475 Ahh, that game!

Yes, I do recall that game.

Was that '99?

Man, he was good then. Batters just had no chance.

2007-06-18 05:07:32
477.   51cq24
468 So even when Jeter is slumping he doesn't seem in a funk? What is that supposed to mean? If he gets an infield single or hits a well-placed ground ball, that makes up for a 30 point drop-off? There's really no reason not to like Jeter (except for his defense up the middle), so this isn't supposed to be a knock on him. But you blind Jeter fans make Yankee fans look bad. Alex Rodriguez is our third baseman, and he is the best player in baseball. He hits for average, he hits with power, and (this year) he hits in big situations. He has never been an automatic out, even when he strikes out on sliders in the dirt. If he were an automatic out, you wouldn't even get excited when he comes to the plate. You wouldn't even hope that he'd turn the game around. And to say he isn't a good hitter, as you've said several times, makes you sound like you don't know anything about baseball. The guy is as good a hitter as there can be. Even Hank Aaron had "off" years and "off" months sometimes. You need to be realistic and stop worshipping Jeter at the expense of the best player on this team.
2007-06-18 05:26:11
478.   3rd gen yankee fan
Some love for Posada: an article comparing him to #15. Kinda heavy for those of us who remember Thurman.

2007-06-18 07:33:06
479.   weeping for brunnhilde
477 Hi 51. I'm not sure how to respond because it's not clear you're making an effort to understand what I'm trying to say.

I'd be happy to have a dialogue about this, but first you need to actually understand what I mean by "good hitter."

I tried to explain what I mean, was it not clear?

To me, he most certainly has been an automatic out through long stretches, so I guess it comes down to the meaning of "automatic out."

But my point here isn't to bash Arod, but rather to try to articulate the kind of hitter he seems to be to me v. the kind Jeter is.

I'm by no means a blind Jeter fan, but honestly, when I think about his falling 30 points, it's not apparent to me why.

Whereas when Alex is in a funk, anyone with eyes to see can tell you why he's not hitting.

Anyway, as I say, I'm happy to have an enthusiastic exchange, but please make an effort to see my perspective before you set about eviscerating it because I'm pretty sure you're making me a strawman.

So I put it to you, why do you think Jeter fell thirty points? How did his game change?

2007-06-18 07:38:46
480.   weeping for brunnhilde
477 Btw, I'm really not concerned with how I sound.

If I sound like I don't know anything about baseball, so be it.

I don't have anything to prove.

2007-06-18 08:41:32
481.   thurmtheman
478 Thurman Munson was my first sports hero, Jorge is better.

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