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New York Mets, pt. II
2007-06-15 13:36
by Cliff Corcoran
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On the morning of Friday May 18, before the first subway series of the season, the New York Post's back page headline was "Flying & Dying" and was accompanied by an illustration that made it clear that it was the Mets who were flying and the Yankees who were dying. Entering this weekend's rematch, that headline still applies, but the the script has been flipped. The Yankees enter the weekend with an active nine-game winning streak while the Mets come to the Bronx riding a five-game losing streak and having lost nine of their last ten. Most recently, the Mets were swept by the Dodgers in L.A. by a combined score of 18-5. The Mets still hold a two-game lead in the NL East because the Braves have been nearly as bad, and the Yankees are still 7.5 games back in the AL East because of the huge deficit they have to overcome, but the Yankees enter this series with a record just three games worst than the Mets. That means that, if the Yankees can sweep the weekend series (a highly unlikley scenario given that it would extend their winning streak to an improbable 12 games), the two New York teams would have identical 36-31 records come Monday morning.

The Mets have been hit hard by injuries thus far this year, with their starting second baseman, three corner outfielders, two of their starting pitchers, and a key releiver spending time on the DL, but two of those injuries (to Pedro Martinez and Duaner Sanchez) were carried over from last year, and Shawn Green, Jose Valentin, and Orlando Hernandez have all returned to action in the past few weeks. Still, the Mets are down to plans C and D in left field while Moises Alou's quad strain shows no sign of improvement. Meanwhile, Carlos Delgado has finally found his power stroke (seven homers in his last 16 games after hitting just three in his previous 44), but home runs are about the only way he's getting on base (three walks and just nine other hits over the same span). Still, one has to assume the Mets are just slumping and the Yankees should be wary of the cross-town rivalry awakening this sleeping giant.

Tonight, Roger Clemens makes his second start of the year against Oliver Perez. Perez looks like he's finding his lost 2004 form under pitching coach Rick "The Jacket" Peterson, though his last outing against the Tigers looked more like the pitcher the Pirates were eager to unload in last year's Roberto Hernandez-Xavier Nady deal than the young ace that had baseball buzzing three years ago. Still, Perez is just 25 years old and has been murder on his fellow southpaws this year, allowing just one home run to a lefty batter. The good news is that the lefty in question was Hideki Matsui, who cracked a two-run job off Perez in the opener of the last series between these two teams at Shea. The bad news is that two-run dinger was the only score the Yanks were able to muster against Perez in that game as they handed Andy Pettitte another hard-luck 3-2 loss.

As for Clemens, he last faced the Mets in April of 2005. Clemens dominated in that game, allowing just a walk and two singles in seven innings while striking out nine. Then again, the Mets lineup that day featured Kaz Matsui, Eric Valent, Victor Diaz, Doug Mientkiewicz, very different versions of Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran (in his first year as a Met), and an over-the-hill Mike Piazza who was off to a very slow start.

Rooting incentive for tonight's game: the Yankees are currently two games over .500 and have not been three games over .500 at any point this season. With a win, they'll hit their high-water mark.

Fun fact for tonight's game: Julio Franco will start at first base and bat eighth with Carlos Delgado as the DH. The first major league line-up Roger Clemens ever faced featured Julio Franco at shortstop and batting sixth. That was exactly 23 years and one month ago today. In that game, Franco singled, grounded out twice, and stole a base against Clemens. Fun fact footnote: The Indians stole six bases against Clemens in his major league debut.

New York Mets

2007 Record: 36-28 (.563)
2007 Pythagorean Record: 36-28 (.564)

Manager: Willie Randolph
General Manager: Omar Minaya

Home Ballpark (2007 Park Factors): Shea Stadium (95/96)

Who's Replacing Whom?

Orlando Hernandez (DL) replaces Jason Vargas (minors)
Guillermo Mota (drug suspension) replaces Ambiorix Burgos (minors)
Ricky Ledee (minors) replaces Endy Chavez (DL)
Jose Valentin (DL) replaces David Newhan (minors)

25-man Roster:

1B – Carlos Delgado (L)
2B – Jose Valentin (S)
SS – Jose Reyes (S)
3B – David Wright (R)
C – Paul Lo Duca (R)
RF – Shawn Green (L)
CF – Carlos Beltran (S)
LF – Ricky Ledee (L)


R - Julio Franco (1B)
R - Carlos Gomez (OF)
R - Damion Easley (IF)
S - Ruben Gotay (IF)
R - Ramon Castro (C)


L - Tom Glavine
R - Orlando Hernandez
R - John Maine
R - Jorge Sosa
L - Oliver Perez


L - Billy Wagner
R - Aaron Heilman
R - Joe Smith
L - Scott Schoeneweis
L - Pedro Feliciano
R - Guillermo Mota
R - Aaron Sele

15-day DL: R - Moises Alou (OF), L - Endy Chavez (OF), R - Pedro Martinez, R - Duaner Sanchez, R - Juan Padilla, L - Dave Williams

Typical Lineup:

S - Jose Reyes (SS)
L - Shawn Green (RF)
S - Carlos Beltran (CF)
R - David Wright (3B)
L - Carlos Delgado (1B)
R - Paul Lo Duca (C)
S - Jose Valentin (2B)
L - Ricky Ledee (LF)*

*With Moises Alou and Endy Chavez on the DL, the Mets have used Ledee and righty-hitting Carlos Gomez in a strict platoon in left field. Also, in their three games with the DH this season, the Mets have twice used Lo Duca in the role with Ramon Castro getting the start behind the plate.

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2007-06-15 15:33:17
1.   mishka
I'll be the first: Let's Go Yan-kees!!!
2007-06-15 15:54:01
2.   unmoderated
i'm feelin' it.
six strong for roger; six hits, two runs.

perez pitches well, but walks too many and is gone after 5 innings, 101 pitches, and three runs. yanks feast on middle relief.

final: 7-3 yanks.

proctor gives up a seventh inning dinger to delgado.

2007-06-15 16:03:32
3.   OldYanksFan
I know this is off topic, but ESPN has 2 articles about Bud hassling Giambi, and both ask for Bud to LAY OFF!

This is such an obvious step to scapegoat Giambi and for MLB to defer attention away from THEIR role in the steroids issue.

I will not rant on, but I feel very protective of my boy Jason. He is the ONLY player to step up and both admit to and apologize for his role in this issue.

My blood is boiling! I hate this low-brow sh*t. Fehr and Selig should both step down as the 2 of them had more to do will this problem then anyone else.

The buck stops at the top, Bud. Jason effected one player... himself. But you enabled hundreds.

/rant I didn't have

2007-06-15 16:19:01
4.   seamus
what. no one here?
2007-06-15 16:21:53
5.   seamus
sweet! good sign that clemens survived that.
2007-06-15 16:22:20
6.   seamus
it is going to be tough winning this game on my own...
2007-06-15 16:23:33
7.   bartap74
I was really annoyed that I was stuck listening to the Mets' announcers until I realized that the game is on both 9 and 11 here in NYC.
2007-06-15 16:23:57
8.   seamus
7 well, that must have been a relief.
2007-06-15 16:23:59
9.   OldYanksFan
Are you talking to me?
2007-06-15 16:24:39
10.   seamus
9 good to see ya.
2007-06-15 16:25:05
11.   OldYanksFan
Who is pitching Sat and Sun for the Mets?
2007-06-15 16:25:49
12.   OldYanksFan
Jeez.... Damon is falling apart.
2007-06-15 16:26:03
13.   seamus
11 sidebar says Glavine and El Duque
2007-06-15 16:27:36
14.   seamus
jetes goes to 10 games. nice to see him back on track.
2007-06-15 16:27:52
15.   3rd gen yankee fan
I'm here. Listening to Giants/Red Sox, watching Yankees.
2007-06-15 16:28:26
16.   3rd gen yankee fan
Holy poop! Ortiz got tossed out!
2007-06-15 16:28:45
17.   seamus
15 can you keep us posted on the sox scores?
2007-06-15 16:30:07
18.   seamus
16 arguing strikes? for pissing on the ump?
2007-06-15 16:30:29
19.   3rd gen yankee fan
17 Sure, until I have to make dinner.

You do realize it's 2-2 right? Pedroia hit a 2-run home run on like Zito's 3rd pitch.

2007-06-15 16:30:41
20.   bobtaco
Hmmm, Bobby has looked bad the last few at bats... hope he has some better ones soon.
2007-06-15 16:31:28
21.   seamus
19 no i didn't. thanks.
2007-06-15 16:31:47
22.   3rd gen yankee fan
18 He got called out on strikes. ha ha.
2007-06-15 16:35:03
23.   bartap74
16 It would take an awfully strong man to toss Ortiz anywhere.
2007-06-15 16:39:42
24.   rbj
I want Clemens & Franco to keep playing so there'll always be players older than me.
2007-06-15 16:40:48
25.   3rd gen yankee fan
23 Classic.
2007-06-15 16:41:18
26.   seamus
23 very true!
2007-06-15 16:42:13
27.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow, Zito is dealing, except for that home run. And hitting Drew.
2007-06-15 16:44:23
28.   3rd gen yankee fan
27 Take that back, Zito just walked Crisp on four pitches.
2007-06-15 16:46:17
29.   bartap74
Apparently, I'm the proud owner of a Josh Phelps jersey. I really wish the Yankees would retire Winfield's #31 already.
2007-06-15 16:48:11
30.   3rd gen yankee fan
End of the 2nd, Giants/Sux still tied at 2.
2007-06-15 16:48:52
31.   OldYanksFan
Based on our pitching matchup, I'd say today is a game we want to win.
2007-06-15 16:49:27
32.   seamus
30 thanks
2007-06-15 16:52:06
33.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-06-15 16:52:46
34.   Yankees Brasil
Horrible swings all around
2007-06-15 16:54:17
35.   OldYanksFan
Bonds.... Barry Bonds.... at the plate.
Amn on 2nd, so IBB. 2 outs, 1st and 2nd.
2007-06-15 16:54:28
36.   3rd gen yankee fan
Randy Winn's on with a double. 2 outs and Bonds is up.
2007-06-15 16:55:43
37.   3rd gen yankee fan
They walked Bonds to get to Durham.
2007-06-15 16:57:39
38.   3rd gen yankee fan
Durham struck out. End of 2.5.
2007-06-15 16:58:47
39.   Paul in Boston
Clemens looks old. Am a bit concerned.
2007-06-15 17:00:56
40.   seamus
clemens is old. but isn't exactly being killed here. Ground ball single after bunt single? concerned?
2007-06-15 17:01:29
41.   Yankees Brasil
2 terrible throws by Posada..
2007-06-15 17:01:52
42.   Mattpat11
This is going poorly.
2007-06-15 17:02:55
43.   3rd gen yankee fan
Sux put Wily Mo in the 3-spot, men on 1st & 2nd, no outs.
2007-06-15 17:03:04
44.   Paul in Boston
His pitch count is way up, and he's moving so gingerly. No command. I predict he's gone by the 4th. Hope I'm wrong.
2007-06-15 17:04:14
45.   3rd gen yankee fan
Is Clemens really a belly-itcher?
2007-06-15 17:04:58
46.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well I sure hope the Giants get out of this one but I don't have much hope. Bases loaded, no one out, you-know-who is up.
2007-06-15 17:05:28
47.   OldYanksFan
Sox. Up 3-2. 1 out. 1st and 3rd.
2007-06-15 17:05:49
48.   Mattpat11
And Roger passes Randy.
2007-06-15 17:07:04
49.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well, time for me to make dinner! later guys!
2007-06-15 17:09:18
50.   Mattpat11
So Roger with 8769 pitches (tough estimate) through three, but only one run.
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2007-06-15 17:13:14
51.   seamus
good to see arod walk there after struggling against Perez int he first.
2007-06-15 17:13:24
52.   seamus
51 i meant abreu.
2007-06-15 17:15:15
53.   seamus
damn. just missed that one.

zito better not get those boston bats alive again.

2007-06-15 17:18:35
54.   seamus
our speedy guys look slow compared to reyes and that other guy.
2007-06-15 17:19:28
55.   Mattpat11
Ollie with 53 through 3.
2007-06-15 17:22:15
56.   seamus
2 outs, 4 pitches. c'mon roger!
2007-06-15 17:23:56
57.   seamus
nice 7 pitch inning!
2007-06-15 17:24:43
58.   seamus
Clemens has really battled today. It is impressive how he can escape with only 1 run in 4 innings with how much he has struggled.
2007-06-15 17:24:51
59.   Mattpat11
Here's a question for you. Franco has around 2600 hits. He probably can't anymore, but if he were to keep playing until he reached 30000 at age 59, would you put him in the Hall?
2007-06-15 17:25:33
60.   seamus
59 at 30,000 hits? hell yeah!
2007-06-15 17:26:06
61.   seamus
59 but assuming you mean 3,000, I would say yes, because it would be notable that he managed to play until 59 in this day and age.
2007-06-15 17:28:58
62.   seamus
that was a great play by the catcher to keep that in play.
2007-06-15 17:30:37
63.   seamus
wow. perez looks like he completely lost it.
2007-06-15 17:33:35
64.   WeMissPaulie
2007-06-15 17:33:58
65.   seamus
Phelps not confident enough to lay off that early ball hurt that AB. But at least he made him through 7 pitches.
2007-06-15 17:34:01
66.   Mattpat11
I hate this game.
2007-06-15 17:34:35
67.   seamus
damn it matsui. wtf?
2007-06-15 17:34:52
68.   randym77
Drat. So close.
2007-06-15 17:36:13
69.   seamus
what infuriates me about that is that perez was so wild. i don't blame cairo, but Phelps was stupid for letting Perez have a chance and matsui was double stupid for not being prepared for a caught ball.
2007-06-15 17:37:07
70.   seamus
and zito sucks.
2007-06-15 17:37:37
71.   Yankees Brasil
poor Cairo, I remember Manny robbing him of a HR on a very similar play
2007-06-15 17:37:45
72.   OldYanksFan
And Dave Roberts gives the game to the Sox. We need to pull this one out.
2007-06-15 17:38:53
73.   Max
If the streak ends, please let it be because we simply didn't have the firepower (trotting out Clippard tomorrow vs Glavine), rather than playing really bad baseball like we did that last inning.
2007-06-15 17:39:17
74.   Mattpat11
God damnit.
2007-06-15 17:39:32
75.   RIYank
Hooooo, boy. That Reyes kid can play.

And Miggymania was knocking on the door a couple of minutes ago, huh?

2007-06-15 17:39:41
76.   seamus
73 yep. agree.
2007-06-15 17:40:09
77.   Mattpat11
73 Yankees are playing Yankee 2007 baseball tonight. Hopefully its just one night.
2007-06-15 17:43:52
78.   WeMissPaulie
They do seem flat....i think it's Phelps in the lineup.
2007-06-15 17:44:17
79.   Mattpat11
I was listening to a David Wright interview the other night. Not only did he ramble on forever and ever and ever to the point where I don't remember what his actual point was, but he got progressively more southern. And he's not exactly from Mississippi or anything.

It really was pretty intriguing.

2007-06-15 17:44:50
80.   RIYank
72 What did Roberts have to do with it?
2007-06-15 17:46:44
81.   WeMissPaulie
Did Posada's arm take a day off?
2007-06-15 17:46:51
82.   3rd gen yankee fan
Here's a break in the dinner preparation action to say that the Giants are PATHETIC. They don't have the killer instinct. I hear this night after night, the Giants are my bf's team. The Yankees better kick the crap outta the Giants next weekend.
2007-06-15 17:47:09
83.   Mattpat11
That was outside.
2007-06-15 17:47:51
84.   Mattpat11
81 Leiter said he threw out 17% of runners before tonight. This isn't really out of the ordrinary.
2007-06-15 17:47:51
85.   Yankees Brasil
81 Probably, he wasn't even close in all of them
2007-06-15 17:48:46
86.   Yankees Brasil
How many pitches for Clemens?
2007-06-15 17:49:07
87.   Mattpat11
91 pitches.
2007-06-15 17:53:52
88.   RIYank
Clemens is pitching well enough to win, too.
2007-06-15 17:54:04
89.   seamus
uh oh. the letting the wild pitcher get out of the jam and the quick next inning reeks of trouble.
2007-06-15 17:54:22
90.   Mattpat11
Ech. Well, we knew one of these games was coming.
2007-06-15 17:55:51
91.   Mattpat11
Lo Duca has no neck.
2007-06-15 17:58:49
92.   Shaun P
Is Rocket pitching as well as his line indicates? (I haven't seen a second of the game, and am just 'watching' now on Gameday.)
2007-06-15 18:00:13
93.   RIYank
90 I keep telling myself that. And in fact it is helping. The pain is not too bad. Also, I think Clemens will be very strong in July.
2007-06-15 18:01:20
94.   RIYank
92 He struggled in the first three, but was okay. He looks very good now. K's galore.
2007-06-15 18:01:22
95.   Shaun P
90 93 Hasn't the Mets bullpen been awful as of late? Two runs is not that much of a deficit to overcome.
2007-06-15 18:02:53
96.   seamus
95i hope so.
2007-06-15 18:03:38
97.   seamus
94 iwas having flashbacks earlier thinking i'd have to carry the game thread myself. folks came to the rescue quickly though...
2007-06-15 18:06:01
98.   WeMissPaulie
C'mon Jorgie...just get on.
2007-06-15 18:06:29
99.   WeMissPaulie
One of those nights.
2007-06-15 18:06:36
100.   Mattpat11
I hate these games. We look utterly lost.
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2007-06-15 18:06:43
101.   rbj
C'mon guys, a bloop & a blast and it's a tie game.
2007-06-15 18:07:06
102.   bobtaco
Vizcaino, is Joe nuts?
2007-06-15 18:07:08
103.   Mattpat11
NotRandy warming up.
2007-06-15 18:10:25
104.   Mattpat11
Roger is thinking this looks somewhat familiar.
2007-06-15 18:10:35
105.   RIYank
97 Oh, man, sorry about that. I was doing two things at once and no way I could have handled Bronx Banter on top.
2007-06-15 18:11:46
106.   seamus
105 ha ha. no problem. As I said, folks showed up. But I was dreading the possibilities...
2007-06-15 18:12:19
107.   rbj
Clemens has already thrown 102 pitches and he's going back out? Did Torre switch his tea, I mean he let Wang throw a complete game?
2007-06-15 18:12:26
108.   RIYank
No Miggymania today.
2007-06-15 18:13:23
109.   RIYank
107 Do not adjust your set.
2007-06-15 18:13:29
110.   Mattpat11
here comes the relief.
2007-06-15 18:13:35
111.   Max
108 Yup, Miggy's legend taking a serious hit today.
2007-06-15 18:15:23
112.   RIYank
110 You use the word 'relief' in a way I do not recognize.
2007-06-15 18:15:26
113.   Mattpat11
Come on Jose! Our Jose.
2007-06-15 18:16:13
114.   Shaun P
110 By "relief", you mean "arsonist", right?

That's what my dad used to call Stanton during the dynasty years, "the Arsonist", because he had this knack for throwing more fuel on the fire, instead of putting the fire out.

I perfer Sliced's "VizcaiNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" myself.

2007-06-15 18:16:33
115.   Mattpat11
112 Sardonic.
2007-06-15 18:16:53
116.   Shaun P
Does anyone else think that Vizcaino's gameday picture looks an awful lot like Sheffield?
2007-06-15 18:17:30
117.   Mattpat11
2007-06-15 18:17:42
118.   RIYank
Ha! There's Jorgie's arm.
2007-06-15 18:18:07
119.   WeMissPaulie
2007-06-15 18:18:10
120.   Shaun P
2007-06-15 18:18:25
121.   WeMissPaulie
And then Viz gives it back......
2007-06-15 18:18:57
122.   Mattpat11
Farnsworth and Jose here need to do a whacky Buddy Flick. Where they walk a lot of people.
2007-06-15 18:19:11
123.   RIYank
Ack! The throw beat him.
2007-06-15 18:19:14
124.   seamus
damn. was watching on my laptp and forgot to plug in and it went dark! oops.
2007-06-15 18:19:15
125.   rbj
And Viz makes sure the Mets get another shot.
2007-06-15 18:19:41
126.   Shaun P
Crap Luis, throw a freakin' strike why don't you?
2007-06-15 18:19:55
127.   Mattpat11
124 Use your imagination. Its just about what'd you think.
2007-06-15 18:20:17
128.   bartap74
This guy needs to go the way of Felix Heredia, and fast. Free Chris Britton!

And, oh yeah, yet another close call blown against the Yankees.

2007-06-15 18:20:56
129.   Shaun P
123 That's what, the 7th guy Jorge has thrown out who's been called safe? I think its 7.
2007-06-15 18:21:26
130.   RIYank
We are really getting hosed by umpires on base plays.

Nice job, Miggy. Not maniacal, however.

2007-06-15 18:21:29
131.   Mattpat11
2007-06-15 18:21:38
132.   seamus
sox are going to win. so we need to win.
2007-06-15 18:22:00
133.   WeMissPaulie
Phew. OK, let's get 3 runs. NOW!
2007-06-15 18:22:07
134.   bobtaco
Miggy is going to win this game.
2007-06-15 18:27:41
135.   RIYank
116 Vizcaino does look like Sheff. Huh.
2007-06-15 18:27:54
136.   seamus
is damon completely unavailable?
2007-06-15 18:29:01
137.   thelarmis
132 so are the tiggers. so yeah, we need to win. i think we can totally pull this out vs. the muts' pen, if we can get to them...
2007-06-15 18:29:40
138.   RIYank
136 Damon is apparently available to pinch hit. Which is odd, considering he couldn't DH.

Phelps hit it hard, but nobody else did. We've had some decent long flies. This is reminding me too much of, you know, 14 games ago...

2007-06-15 18:29:44
139.   bartap74
So even when Cairo swings away, he bunts.
2007-06-15 18:30:23
140.   Mattpat11
This is depressing.
2007-06-15 18:30:30
141.   seamus
137 it is only a 2-0 game which is ok. I just have a bad feeling after that inning where perez lost his control and phelps came up swinging. We missed Damon in that respect tonight.
2007-06-15 18:31:05
142.   Mattpat11
138 The Phelps ball was fairly routine.
2007-06-15 18:31:13
143.   seamus
138 yeah, doesn't feel good.
2007-06-15 18:32:08
144.   Mattpat11
That Pettitte birtday sign is a sad commentary.
2007-06-15 18:32:44
145.   seamus
good to see Viz have a good night.
2007-06-15 18:32:49
146.   Hocakes
Just get Alex up in the ninth and let him do his thing. I'm not scared of anyone in that pen.
2007-06-15 18:35:46
147.   seamus
jeter passed youks inbatting.
2007-06-15 18:35:56
148.   Shaun P

Maybe what the Yanks need instead of Dunn is a righty-power bat. The Yanks have only four guys who have an OPS over .800 vs LHP - and one of those is Giambi. (Matsui is close at .798 though). Who are the other three? Exactly who'd you expect: A-Rod (righty), Jeter (righty), and Posada (switch, but has always crushed lefties).

The only problem is, I don't know of a righty power bat that's available. (Teixeira, besides being on the DL until the ASB, is a switch hitter who, IIRC, hits better from the left side.)

2007-06-15 18:41:03
149.   seamus
banter not working so good.

Red Sox 3 to 9 hitters are 0 for 20. stupid drew and pedroia are their entire offense. and lots of walks.

2007-06-15 18:42:17
150.   rbj
Can we bring the Diamondbacks back?
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2007-06-15 18:42:44
151.   seamus
why are our guys swinging at balls all night? Where is our hitting coach on this?

(breathe in. breathe out. breathe in...)

2007-06-15 18:42:49
152.   Shaun P
[149 The Giants bullpen (and Zito) are not very good either.

I can't believe Perez is back out there. C'mon, Cap'n, make Willie pay for not bringing in a crappy reliever!

2007-06-15 18:44:07
153.   thelarmis
since when did julian tavarez become a quality starting pitcher? ugh.

time to strike. c'mon leche!

2007-06-15 18:44:37
154.   Mattpat11
bad call helps the Yankees there.
2007-06-15 18:44:39
155.   RIYank
Yeah, Toaster smells like smoke tonight, huh?
I might tune out of Banter shortly.

It seems like there are a lot of games when nobody but Jeter can hit. Not so many recently, of course.

2007-06-15 18:44:42
156.   BklynBmr
Banter's fixed. Now a bloop (or a walk) and a blast will fix the boys...
2007-06-15 18:44:49
157.   seamus
nice jetes! finally knocked that guy out.
2007-06-15 18:45:13
158.   Shaun P
Alright! C'mon Bobby!
2007-06-15 18:45:39
159.   BklynBmr
A double don't hoirt, either...
2007-06-15 18:45:59
160.   seamus
[tips hat to perez for working through 7+ tough innings]
2007-06-15 18:46:39
161.   thelarmis
2007-06-15 18:47:17
162.   BklynBmr
160 No TV here, listening to Sterling. Was Perez THAT on tonight, or did we appear to mail it in?
2007-06-15 18:47:46
163.   Mattpat11
162 A little of both.
2007-06-15 18:48:17
164.   seamus
162 nasty stuff. but a lot wild. a bit of both in a sense. He certainly wasn't throwing up batting practice.
2007-06-15 18:49:15
165.   rbj
Wrong part of the park, Bobby.
2007-06-15 18:49:30
166.   Mattpat11
Michael Kay is officially worse that John Sterling. Kay was still screaming when it was clear Beltran had a beat on it.
2007-06-15 18:49:40
167.   bobtaco
Watching Beltran play CF physically hurts.
2007-06-15 18:50:00
168.   RIYank
Another long fly. Too many 'almost's tonight.

It's more convincing when I tell myself that we're doing okay, we just can't break through and you can't win 'em all. That wasn't working so well three weeks ago. Still frustrating, but not so bad.

2007-06-15 18:52:21
169.   BklynBmr
164 Thanks. Sounded like a good amount of weak outs on 2-0 counts...

167 Don't get me started ;-)

2007-06-15 18:54:24
170.   RIYank
Yuck. One run would have been very helpful.
2007-06-15 18:54:29
171.   Mattpat11
I hate these games.
2007-06-15 18:56:43
172.   RIYank
Toaster's not exactly fixed.
2007-06-15 18:57:29
173.   Shaun P
171 They are frustrating, aren't they?
2007-06-15 18:58:27
174.   rbj
I can accept one loss every ten games.

Good night all.

2007-06-15 18:58:34
175.   BklynBmr
172 No. It needs to go into the shop, acting up a lot lately...
2007-06-15 18:59:38
176.   Yankees Brasil
A close game against a LH starter, the ones we haven't been winning this season
2007-06-15 18:59:58
177.   RIYank
175 I'm just gonna stick this knife down inside, I think I can fix it...
2007-06-15 19:00:09
178.   seamus
i'm all about ending wagner's perfect save record so far in 2007.
2007-06-15 19:00:28
179.   seamus
177 ow! careful with that.
2007-06-15 19:00:59
180.   thelarmis
178 i 2nd that!
2007-06-15 19:01:51
181.   Zack
Just checked the score. Oy. Nothing to see here, nothing to see. Keep moving, tongiht never happened...
2007-06-15 19:02:29
182.   RIYank
BB lives up to his name once again. Gr.
2007-06-15 19:02:35
183.   BklynBmr
177 You might have to take one for the team tonight, something to wake up the bats. Go for it, but be quick ;-)
2007-06-15 19:03:38
184.   RIYank
We did bang Wagner around last year...

And Jorgie strikes again. So that's something.

2007-06-15 19:04:32
185.   RIYank
179 183 I'm gonna let Farns do it instead.
2007-06-15 19:06:44
186.   BklynBmr
184 I've heard 'There goes the runner..." too many times tonight, and fearing the worst, but it sounds like Jorgie was on with arm tonight...

Now let's do it with the bat...

2007-06-15 19:06:55
187.   bartap74
Wagner gave up a two run homer in his last appearance IIRC.
2007-06-15 19:07:36
188.   Mattpat11
I hate these games.
2007-06-15 19:08:14
189.   BklynBmr
185 Heineken commerical guy: "Brilliant!"
2007-06-15 19:08:48
190.   seamus
189 you mean guiness.
2007-06-15 19:09:54
191.   thelarmis
189 190 think i'm gonna drink me some sierra! wash away this ballgame...
2007-06-15 19:09:57
192.   BklynBmr
Two out rallies make better stories. Let's go, Robbie!
2007-06-15 19:11:04
193.   RIYank

Night folks. We'll win tomorrow to compensate.

2007-06-15 19:11:46
194.   Mattpat11
Okay. Just win tomorrow.
2007-06-15 19:11:51
195.   seamus
well. it was bound to happen. tough loss. g'night all.
2007-06-15 19:12:04
196.   thelarmis
it ends at 9. let's start a new 9 game winning streak manana!

have a good nite all...

2007-06-15 19:12:55
197.   Max
Would have been nice to show a little more urgency given the lopsided pitching matchup tomorrow. Oh well, hope the bats wake up, because we'll need them.
2007-06-15 19:14:25
198.   BklynBmr
190 Doh! I'm gonna need some Guiness now, for real. Too bad we wasted a decent go from Rocket with zero offense. I'm looking for some fireworks from the pinstripers tomorrow...

Nine wasn't enough! Let start another win streak, fellas!

2007-06-15 19:15:05
199.   Shaun P
176 197 Fortunately Glavine is a soft-tossing lefty. And Clippard did destroy the Mets in his first start. Outside of Reyes, they still looked lost tonight (at least from the box score). C'est la vie.

Good night all.

2007-06-15 19:30:20
200.   weeping for brunnhilde
I was out all night, didn't catch an inning, but saw a bit of the highlights.

It would seem Perez pitched a nice game.

Tip your caps.

Too bad, but we'll get 'em tomorrow.

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2007-06-16 08:39:25
201.   weeping for brunnhilde
Just because I'm tired of seeing this thing stalled on 200.

Consider this my "bellyfull of guts" way of trying to ignite the offense, as it were.

2007-06-16 08:49:39
202.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, and btw, a hearty thanks to everyone who pitched in to try to explain run differential/one-run game theory to me.

Some of it I could follow, some I couldn't, but I appreciate the response. You guys are the greatest.

2007-06-16 08:50:52
203.   weeping for brunnhilde
Yanks' hitting coach (Kevin Long?) on WFAN right now, fyi...
2007-06-16 08:57:27
204.   weeping for brunnhilde
Long doesn't take credit for Abreu, calls him a "relentless worker" blah blah blah confidence was down, expanded the zone blah blah lately using the whole field...

Explain your role: Stay positive, continue to work, come up with a routine, stay with the film, keep it simple, i.e., don't come up with ten possible things that are wrong.

Arod makes great adjustments. His leg kick was too high, Long told him so, and he adjusted the next AB.

They have a good relationship and he's good about making adjustments.

Cano swinging 3-1: Mattingly and Arod both talked to him about that.

What have you told Chien-Ming about preparing to hit next week?: Not much. They don't work with the pitchers in preparation for interleague.

Brian Bruney hit one out the other day.

Not too much out of that interview, but he sounds a decent guy.

2007-06-16 09:01:08
205.   weeping for brunnhilde
Leiter discussing broadcasting...
2007-06-16 09:02:00
206.   weeping for brunnhilde
"Enough, Turk Wendell!"--Leiter on that "goofy" jumping over the line business.
2007-06-16 09:02:58
207.   weeping for brunnhilde
Leiter explaining Perez' success last night: though his control was poor, the pitches looked hittable because of velocity and late movement.
2007-06-16 09:13:56
208.   weeping for brunnhilde
Great interview with Leiter.

His assessment of Farns is indeed what many of us probably suspect: his control isn't bad because his control is bad, his control is bad because he relies on "throwing the ball a hundred miles an hour and hoping he can just get it by guys."

He thinks Farns might be forced to make an adjustment when he loses velocity.

Which means that it's not that Farns is trying his best. We do not have a pitcher on our hands who just can't seem to get it right, we rather have a Nuke LaRouche who's too obstinate or lazy to bother trying.

He must go now.

2007-06-16 09:34:04
209.   Ravenscar
Well, as a Mets fan I have to say Leiter was a consistent blowhard even as a player, let alone a commentator. I know Farnsworth has been a big problem for you guys, but are you willing to agree that what Leiter THINKS is wrong with him is what is actually wrong with him? Has Leiter ever talked to Farnsworth about pitching, I wonder? A lot of people in the Pirates organization THOUGHT they knew what was wrong with Perez, but Peterson had different ideas and boy was he right.

I've always wondered what would happen if pitchers were allowed to go to a number of different coaches to see what worked best for them - like a tennis player or golfer or medical patient - as opposed to being under the thumb of some baseball lifer convinced they had the right plan.

2007-06-16 10:07:13
210.   weeping for brunnhilde
209 By blowhard you mean someone with strong opinions per se?

Or is it that you find his opinions/analysis usually unsound?

I don't know if he's right or not about Farnsworth, but his explanation sounded plausible to me and seems to corroborate the intuitions I have about the guy based upon unscientific (but intent) observation.

2007-06-16 10:17:29
211.   weeping for brunnhilde
Man, it's so painful watching those balls get by Derek.

Embarrassing, even.

2007-06-16 10:23:36
212.   weeping for brunnhilde
I like Clippard's 2-2 there, it was gutsy.

He missed with a breaking ball outside on 1-2 and then through the same pitch right over the dish to get LoDuca swinging.

Nice work, Yankee Clippard.

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