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A Priest, A Rabbi, Andy Pettitte, and a Total Lack of Run Support Walk Into A Bar
2007-05-30 00:18
by Emma Span
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Andy Pettitte pitched an excellent game, but… yes, it happened again, as the Yankees’ Great Sucking Noise of 2007 continues. They lost 3-2. Tonight’s edition was especially painful, as Pettitte went into the 8th inning, and only one of the three runs charged to him was earned. Pettitte has been better than we had any right to expect, but with the Yankee offense showing no signs of rousing itself against Shaun Marcum – who pitched well, but come on now – the Yankees once again have nothing to show for it besides aesthetics.

The Yankees scraped out only five hits over the course of the night, including a Giambi home run in the seventh that briefly tied the game. In the bottom of the seventh, Aaron Hill singled, and moved to third on a groundout and A-Rod’s throwing error (not helped by Jason Phillips' crash into Phelps at first, as he tried to make the catch). Hill then – and this is something we haven’t seen in a while – stole home. Pettiitte was taking him time, and Hill caught everyone unawares; by the time Posada yelled for the ball, and Pettitte saw the play, it was too late.


Now, you hate to see it happen to your team, especially with the Yankees in their current state. But I’ve gotta say, I love watching anyone steal home. It’s rare, and it’s gutsy, and it’s something that you’d think would never work, and yet here it wasn’t even very close. I don’t know much about Aaron Hill, but he’s got my attention now; that was some sweet-ass base running.

Anyway, the Yankees tied it again in the eighth, when Toronto gifted them with two errors, allowing Posada to single Jeter home. That would be all they got, and Toronto took over the lead in the bottom of the inning on a sac fly off of Scott Proctor. Robinson Cano, who seemed to be coming out of his epic slump for a time, looked awful at the plate, as did Bobby Abreu, again, some more. Damon and Giambi are visibly in pain.
The Yankees are now fourteen and half games out of first, and eight and a half out of the Wild Card. Here’s your obligatory “they could still come back” disclaimer: they could still come back. I think it’s time, though, to make peace with the likely outcome of the season at this point and, without necessarily abandoning all hope, settle in to watch the games for their own sake. Yankee fans may well have to relearn – or in some cases, just learn – how to watch games that have no ultimate October goal behind them. It’s been well over a decade, so this is going to take some adjusting; I have to say, I've changed quite a bit since the early 90’s, what with puberty and all.

But baseball is great even if the Yankees aren’t, and if you pay attention, something interesting is happening in every game, even a grotesquerie like tonight's. For example, in addition to the steal of home, we had Jason Giambi beating out an infield single (thanks to the shift of course), then stealing second base, then moving to third on a throwing error. This is not something we are likely to see again in our lifetimes. “Speed kills,” observed John Flaherty, wryly. The games can still be entertaining, though admittedly this season's been more Oresteia than Star Wars.

Over at Baseball Musings, David Pinto looks at the Yankees’ distribution of runs scored and allowed this season, concluding that in theory they ought to be above .500, and that many of their losses are due to simple bad luck. As he puts it, “the Yankees are having the team analogue of Mike Lowell’s 2005 season.” (Ugh. Don’t they have antibiotics for that?).

I basically agree, and yet you hate to say it: first of all, because we have this ingrained idea in American culture that “you make your own luck” -- which is obviously only half true, and yet it’s still hard not to feel lazy or self-defeating when citing luck as an excuse. We always want to believe that something could have been done.

Besides, if we all just acknowledge that luck plays an enormous role… we’ll hardly have anything fun left to argue about. So screw that: I say this entire season is obviously Miguel Cairo’s fault, and if you all can’t see that, you’re goddamn blind.

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2007-05-30 06:24:56
1.   unpopster
I want to kick off today's comments with a rant about how disgraceful and unprofessional I found this morning's NY Post headline. It is an absolute travesty and I will NEVER fork out a single penny for another copy of The Post ever again. I've already shied away from that rag because of their ridiculous political slant, but this is the final straw.

There is a line that has been crossed here, folks. Throughout the history of professional American sports -- especially baseball -- players' personal lives have been off limits. Unless a player found himself in legal trouble, their off-the-field actions were private and never reported on. Can you imagine what the Yankees would have been like had Mantle's off the field transgressions been plastered all over the local papers?

What The Post did today is beyond the pale. And I think it just might have made up Arod's mind on whether he will agree to any trade that Cashman (of whoever acts as GM for the rest of this season) brings to him. This was the straw that broke the camel's back for Arod and he is GONE, GONE, GONE as soon as he chooses to make the move.

I am so disgusted right now.

2007-05-30 06:32:14
2.   Knuckles
All's I can say is "What Next?"

The idea of watching the Yanks for baseball's sake has also been somewhat foreign to me since I started college. Recently, that's what Extra Innings and the other 29 teams are there for- the fun matchups, hot rookies, etc. I'm not ready to write the season off quite yet, but this 2007 edition seems to be quite snakebitten, and what tempers some of my eternal optimism is that it's not been just any one thing- it's everything.

I'm not fully on board with Jeter's "any season w/o a title is a failure," but this year is going to be a massive diasppointment unless they do one of two things:
1) Make the playoffs. If this were to happen, then we are looking at an awfully fun June-Sept.
2) Miss the playoffs but lay the groundwork for a successful next 3-5 years. IMO, this means keeping Cash, jettisoning Torre, and continuing to make the roster younger, payroll more flexible, and the team less dependent on needing to add that one last bat/arm. I've got a million more thoughts on this subject but will hold my tongue until the rebuild/reload phase is truly upon us...

2007-05-30 06:33:34
3.   williamnyy23
1 Arod is a very high priced celebrity. His public life is fair game (going to strip clubs is not "private life"). No one told him to spend the night in Toronto prancing around the city with a blonde. If he didn't want his picture taken, he shouldn't have been where he was.

Personally, I'm more disgusted with Arod than the Post. It's also nice to know that while I spent my Sunday replaying Scott Proctor's performance in my head, Arod was out on the town.

I've been one of his biggest supporters, but have no excuses for his behavior. Incredibly, the Yankee season has a new low.

2007-05-30 06:44:32
4.   unpopster
3 I have to disagree. This type of stuff happens ALL THE TIME. Players go to strip clubs ALL THE TIME. Players have extra marital affairs ALL THE TIME. I'm not condoning that but it's a fact that has always been respectfully ignored by sports writers. There's an understanding there between the players and the press and that understanding was just violated by the NY Post.

I guarantee there will be repercussions in that clubhouse for the Post.

2007-05-30 06:47:41
5.   jkay
The A-Rod story will blow over. The Yankees' 2007 season will not.
2007-05-30 06:48:52
6.   Shawn Clap
Emma, nice write up. But to quote Saint Morrissey "That joke isn't funny anymore".

As for the Yankee Doodle Randy, it's most likely some big misunderstanding. The blonde is probably a literary agent. She and Arod were just discussing children's books. And the Brass Rail, well, they serve the best chicken wings in Canada. It was a simple business meeting. What's so juicy about that, NY Post?

But in all seriousness, you gotta love that the Mets finally make the back cover. But the Yanks make the front!

2007-05-30 06:50:28
7.   Count Zero
1 3 4 You know, the thing about it is...if you look closely at that picture, it doesn't even look like they're together. It looks like two individuals going towards the same door at the same time. They aren't even traveling on the same vector. /shrug It's the NY Post -- what do you expect? It's been a rag for as long as I can remember.

To me the really pathetic thing about watching the Yanks right now is that they look like they've given up. They look like they expect to lose, and when it happens they're not surprised. I can't tell you how much I wanted Torre to come out of the dugout and get thrown out of the game after that preposterous check-swing call on Minky in the 2nd.

Somebody show me some fire...a good 'ole Paulie water cooler incident would be welcome about now.

2007-05-30 06:56:17
8.   esfr
7 the picture of the two of them getting out the back of a car begs to differ...she's cute, this is good stuff
2007-05-30 06:58:57
9.   Andrew Fletcher
A few thoughts on luck and the Pythagoras RS/RA predictors...

Runs scored and runs allowed are a very useful way to predict future winning percentage as past RS/RA are better correlated with future wins than past W/L. From the RS/RA data of this season, it is a reasonable bet that they will win more often over the remaining 110 games.

That said, I think it a bit too easy an answer to say the Yankees have just been unlucky. The won what they won and lost what they lost, and two 10 run victories don't cancel out 6 1-run losses. We've watched these games and we know that they aren't playing well, especially when the game is on the line.

They're playing bad baseball, with poor fundamentals in the field and at the plate. It has been years since I was this pessimistic about their chances in a close game -- I'm no longer expecting them to play well. In the past, I knew they might lose but I expected good at bats in an attempted comeback. We're not even seeing those.

I've been a Torre supporter for years, cringing whenever it was mentioned he should be fired. I thought his ability to create a winning environment amidst the chaos of New York was a rare skill of incalculable value to the team. But I think that he's done, no longer effective in that role. Furthermore, his in game tactics seem worse than ever, though perhaps they're just as bad as ever. I think the team needs a new manager, as it is bad baseball, not bad luck, that has led to their swoon.

2007-05-30 06:59:09
10.   AbbyNormal821
7"Somebody show me some fire...a good 'ole Paulie water cooler incident would be welcome about now."
Man, what I would do to see some of that - although didn't Proctor punch the dugout wall after giving up the go ahead run?
O'Neill should come down there and give lessons. Not only would it be educational, but it could provide some comic/stress relief because his tirades were damned funny!!!
2007-05-30 06:59:46
11.   Jim Dean
Hey - it's the Yankee Clippard going tonight! Clemens on Monday! Hughes in a month! All is not yet lost!

Seriously, I keep thinking of a combination of 2000 and 2005. The Yanks have had so many almost death knells, it's hard for me to rule them out. What would be sweeter than them roaring back to take the wild card, breezing through the first round, then rolling into the "mighty" Boston team?

Hey, I can dream, right?

Seriously - does Torre make it through the weekend? We keep asking that question, but then they keep sucking more and more after a brief respite.

2007-05-30 07:01:02
12.   Chyll Will
1 I agree with you in principle; the Post is infested toilet paper as far as I'm concerned. However, I doubt that this issue alone will cause A-Rod to run from NY, which from my point of view is just what every rag in this town has wanted from the moment he first put on pinstripes.

A-Rod has not been a paragon of good judgement and his contract alone is cause celebrie in many circles to focus on athletes with enormous contracts and equate that with either absolute good or absolute evil, particularly in the journal trade. There appears to be an absolute disconnect between the writers and their subjects, though it's certainly debateable whether what was written is the cause or effect of what was done. The Post reflects journalism as an irresponsible grab for attention and dollars, along with an agenda of destruction of peoples' lives surreptitiously or blatantly. However, the item is newsworthy in a society that places an aggressive interest in celebrity life. The way A-Rod handles this would be indicative of the type of person he is, not the measure of his skill as an athlete.

Unfortunately, if the implications are indeed true, there's nowhere to run. E@#% will televise it around the world and that will be that. A-Rod is a target, but he should very well know that. However, if he exercises poor judgement, that's not the paper's fault. Like my brother says, "There's no sense in calling a snake a snake when you're standing in a snakepit."

All we can do right now is just wait and see. If the implications are false, then it will bear out and A-Rod can take comfort in the fact that he handled this like a man. If it's true and he confesses, same thing. But if it festers and he either ignores or waffles on it when directly addressed, and then we see things around him solidifying implications as fact (wife moves out, legal seperation or files for divorce, etc.), then you decide whether it's worth him being here to the team, which at this moment has little to do with it. If he leaves because of the Post, then why would you want to keep him in the first place? He'll have proven his critics right.

That said, I don't trust a paper with an obvious agenda, whether they uncover facts or make them up. They've lost credibility over much lesser issues. This could either be a tempest in a teapot or a full-blown scandal, but as far as I'm concerned, it's more crap to pile on a crappy season by a crappy media source, and ultimately doesn't concern me nearly as much as living on $28 a week in food stamps, if I ever had to go that route. Move along, nothing to see here.

2007-05-30 07:04:08
13.   williamnyy23
4 That understanding went out the door somewhere in the 1960s. Arod is no different than Lindsey Lohan.
2007-05-30 07:19:59
14.   vockins
So the team should be playing .550 ball? Not much of a difference between .550 and .325 at this stage of the game. Roger comes back and they will do what, .575?

It's in the best interest of Yankee management to stick a fork in the 2007 season. Get value for ARod before the ASB. He is gone no matter how the season and the Post article plays out.

2007-05-30 07:26:25
15.   unpopster
14 I think the biggest benefactors of this NY Post article is Art Moreno and the Angels.
2007-05-30 07:42:05
16.   weeping for brunnhilde
Right on, Emma!

I have to amplify this point:

"But baseball is great even if the Yankees aren't, and if you pay attention, something interesting is happening in every game, even a grotesquerie like tonight's."

Eloquently said.

The trick now is for management to give us a team that gives us something to watch besides contention.

Let the kids play!

Which kids, you ask?

I don't know, but now would be a good time to work some kids into the mix rather than just deferring until next year.

If we cut our losses now, this could actually prove to be a very interesting year.

Any top prospects we could get for an Arod, if need be?

We could really use a catcher, e.g.

I, for one, would love to watch some more players develop.

2007-05-30 07:45:06
17.   rbj
As the media think they get to be the moral guardians of society, what is and is not truly news; I would like to see some delving into their own personal lives. How many reporters themselves have cheated on spouses or padded expense accounts?

Dunno if this was mentioned in the game thread last night, but why didn't the Yankees protest when Glasses ran straight into Phelps -- he was clearly outside the runner's alley and while he may have beaten the throw, Phelps could have kept the ball in front of him and thus kept Hill from advancing to third and then stealing home.

2007-05-30 07:52:11
18.   Schteeve
First of all, great writing. Second of all, you have to love Pinto, he always does the analysis I'd like to do if I wasn't too lazy. I suspected that the Yankees record this year was a function of bad luck. But the way I see it, in April they had offense and no pitching, the story in May has been the reverse for the most part.

But here's the deal, a few years ago, I came up with an over simplification called the "5 Run Theory." The Yankees it seemed to me were built on a spectacular offense, and mediocre pitching. There for I reasoned that as long as they had league average pitching or even a little worse than league average, they'd win a lot of games because they would more often than not score 5 runs a game. Their winning percentage in games in which they scored 5 runs or more was over 80%, their winning percentage in games in which they scored less than 5 runs was in the 40s if I recall correctly.

This season, they have scored fewer than 5 runs in 50% of their games, so at best, I'd project them to be a .500 ball club at best, given the absolute disaster of a pitching staff they had in April.

The biggest problem though is that the offense seems to be getting dramaticlly worse as the season goes on. If they don't start scoring runs again, this season could turn into an absolute disaster.

2007-05-30 07:52:41
19.   unpopster
17 Torre? Protest? Sorry, but that's just asking a bit too much from him...he might just spill his green tea in the process of getting up to run to the 1st base bag.
2007-05-30 07:53:55
20.   Jim Dean
14 15 I don't disgree on trading him even as I'd love to see play for the Yanks for the next 8 years. But the Angels aren't the team. Dodgers are a much better fit - see Matt Kemp, Andy LaRoche, and James Loney - though not all three. Even as that's a steep package, I still don't think the Yanks get fair value.

17 Torre said in the post-game that he didn't think there was interference from where he was sitting. He felt Phelps was sprawled out to get the ball.

2007-05-30 08:08:26
21.   pistolpete
20 Sprawled out in fair territory, yes - where Phillips was running, IIRC...
2007-05-30 08:28:39
22.   JL25and3
21 The thing is, the runner is allowed to step back into fair territory to touch the bag. The collision took place while Phillips was in the act of touching the bag, so it wouldn't be interference.
2007-05-30 08:38:57
23.   manila boy
Great stuff as usual, Emma. Thanks!

16 I'm with you on wanting to see the kids. The old guys aren't performing, so might as well give their seats to the young ones and see if they can do better.

And about your point in the previous thread about Jeter bunting: yes, players seem to assign a larger value to bunting than they should. Jeter's doing it may be revealing of the larger desperation the team feels: just do anything to get on the board, as if doing so would somehow get the monkey off their back.

2007-05-30 08:39:40
24.   Felix Heredia
To all those who think the NY Post was out of line becasue A-Rod's personal life is his own . . . .

2007-05-30 08:53:02
25.   williamnyy23
16 23 The problem is THERE ARE NO KIDS. Whiel the Yankees have one of the best crops of young pitchers, they have no position players who are ready to play in the majors. Jose Tabata is down there, but by all accounts, he is at least two years away.
2007-05-30 09:02:04
26.   Shaun P
25 Exactly. Scranton's two best hitters are Shelley Duncan and Andy Phillips. I wouldn't mind seeing Giambi and Damon both go on the DL (and replaced with Duncan and Kevin Thompson), but neither is a 'kid' - Duncan is 28 and KT is 27.

No, I think the Yanks are stuck with who they have, unless they make a trade. I'm still thinking Cashman should call the Royals and ask about Huber and LaRue, but that's just me.

2007-05-30 09:02:30
27.   Jim Dean
25 Francisco Cervelli (21 yo C in Tampa) is also looking tasty, but also two years away.

My best case these days is Clippard shows he belongs until Hughes returns.

Britton should of course be in the bullpen. And I'm very intrigued by Ed Ramirez - who's sporting 43 K against 10 BB in 23 IP - that's unreal but the only knock is that's it's so far beyond anything he's shown in his career.

2007-05-30 09:09:10
28.   williamnyy23
26 27 I think Cashman should be scouring the minors and targeting position player prospects. We have a lot pof pitching chips, so why not cash some in for offense?
2007-05-30 09:13:42
29.   Jim Dean
Problem is they have alot of very good pitching chips (Clippard, Joba, Kennedy) that you just can't move (because of their ceilings) even as teams will ask about them. Of course, if Santanna becomes available...

And the guys you'd like to move (Dorf, Jackson, White, Smith, etc) just aren't that valuable.

Rasner and Karstens would be, but that will have to wait until the off-season.

2007-05-30 09:18:29
30.   williamnyy23
29 That's where Cashman needs to be creative. Personally, I would target Bully Butler in KC. Sure, he's a bad defender, but maybe that would lower his perceived value. Maybe two 2nd tier pitching prospects might be enough?
2007-05-30 09:19:43
31.   manila boy
28 Amen to that too. And by "kids" I include the Kevins and Shelley Duncan, though they're not that young. They should at least out-produce the GOB (Ghost of Bobby). And if they turn out to be merely replacement level, there's value in that.

27 Same here. Vizcaino and Farnsworth, here are your replacements! (If only.)

2007-05-30 09:20:14
32.   3rd gen yankee fan
The NY Post online pulled the story... the link now goes to their "Missing" page...

Interesting no?

(but I didn't get to read it! :-( )

2007-05-30 09:23:51
33.   manila boy
29 Yes, but Kennedy is only in A+. It might make sense to sell high on him.

On the other guys: they're not that valuable or they're hurt. The pitching injury woes extend to the minors.

2007-05-30 09:30:11
34.   Jim Dean
30 That's the thing - who are the 2nd tier pitching prospcts? Of anyone, I say Rasner and Karstens, maybe. Otherwise, Clippard, Kennedy, and Joba are all 1st tier and the rest are all third tier. Maybe someone could be convinced that DeSalvo is 2nd tier but then you can't trade Rasner or Karstens with him right now. Even still, I think that gets Butler.

Don't get me wrong - I agree with the idea but that's what killed me with the Unit deal - that was the chance for a decent position player. The spare parts they got instead don't add up to much.

2007-05-30 09:32:33
35.   Jim Dean
33 I'm sorry but IMHO no team trades a pitching prospect that's doing as well as Kennedy is right now. Joba and Clippard too. Unless it's for Johan. The risk is too great.
2007-05-30 09:33:22
36.   Jim Dean
34 Sorry - meant I don't think that brings Butler.
2007-05-30 09:34:23
37.   Jim Dean
32 You can still find it through the homepage.
2007-05-30 09:35:30
38.   JL25and3
16, 23 Continuing our discussion from last night: the way things have been for this team, I'm actually more receptive to the idea of doing what's necessary to get a lead, somehow, as early as possible. Recently, they've seemed to play better with a lead; even more, falling behind early seems to break their spirit entirely. So I do see the value of getting an early run.

In this case, though, I think the conditions were completely wrong. If Damon had been on second rather than first; if Jeter had been bunting for a hit; if the pitcher had been Burnett or Halladay; or if Jeter had been mired in a slump - then the bunt would have had more merit. As it was, all it did was kill one of the two reliable hitters. And it didn't look like aggressive play, it looked like desperation. That's not a good way to rally a team.

However, Joe could - and probably should - have called a hit-and-run. Jeter is a good bet to make contact, and in the worst case, Damon is a good bet to steal against that battery. That would have been a more aggressive play with at least as good a result.

2007-05-30 09:39:26
39.   pistolpete
22 To me it looked like Phillips went out of his way to make contact - there was definitely a 'push off' by Phillips that could have been avoided if he would have hit the bag on the foul side...
2007-05-30 09:39:32
40.   williamnyy23
34 I think guys like Whelan and even the injured Humberto Sanchez could be considered second tier.

If you add Bettances to your list of blue chips, I think there is even enough in the top tier to shop one around.

By the way...who is Alan Horne? He has some very nice numbers in Trenton.

2007-05-30 09:41:24
41.   pistolpete
Damon and Giambi, IMO, should both be on the DL until the ASB. Give their Scranton equivalents a shot & see what happens.

Can't be any worse than what's going on at the moment.

2007-05-30 09:42:07
42.   JohnnyC
38 Indeed, don't you think Zimmer would have called a hit-and-run in that situation as well? There's the irony.
2007-05-30 09:44:19
43.   Emma Span
Ah, the good old Post - yellow journalism at its finest. I'll never forget their little cartoon speech bubble superimposed on the cover photo of a dead Zarqawi, saying something like "warm up the virgins!". Classy!

4 That said, A-Rod has to know better than anyone what they're like, and that he's a target -- sports writers will, in fact, ignore this stuff, but the paper itself certainly won't. Just ask Paul Lo Duca, who is considerably less famous, but got the same treatment last year... all in the game, as they say on The Wire.

2007-05-30 09:46:21
44.   JohnnyC
40 Horne's an interesting case. A guy who would've been a high draft choice if he hadn't been injured his last two seasons in college. Yankees took a flyer on him in a middle round in 2005. He's due for a promotion to AA Trenton next month, along with Kennedy. A little older than what he should be for A/AA but a guy who's recovering from injury and regaining a lot of his velocity. Definite sleeper who could turn out to be a solid middle-of-the -rotation type...maybe even a #2.
2007-05-30 09:47:59
45.   Bama Yankee
21 & 22 Here are a few pictures of the play:

After watching it again, it looks like Phillips was not inside the running lane and it looks like Phelps was not in the baseline. IMO, Phillips had a clear line to the bag and the collision was not necessary. Also, the extra push that is shown in the last two pictures could have also been called (imagine if A-Rod had done that).

Even though the play could have gone either way (similar to A-Rod/Pedroia and the Phelps collision), my biggest problem was that once again Joe didn't even bother to argue the call.

2007-05-30 09:49:35
46.   JohnnyC
I meant a promotion to Scranton, actually, while Kennedy takes his place in Trenton.
2007-05-30 09:52:15
47.   Jim Dean
40 I'm not sure on Whelan. But Sanchez needs to prove he's healthy. And by that point he could be 26.

44 But right now Horne can't be considered much better than a Smith, White - all third tier because of their histories.

Sure if the Yanks were willing to move three of those guys, with Dorf or Jackson, maybe they could get a top, but struggling, position talent like a Loney or Aybar. But I just can't see Cashman doing it - not after this past off-season.

2007-05-30 09:53:01
48.   Mike T
What exactly did the headline say?
2007-05-30 09:55:56
49.   Jim Dean
46 They just moved Lafontain (24 yo C) from Charleston to Trenton to fill an injury. So I imagine they're waiting to move Kennedy, Joba, and Cervelli as a set - keep the batteries that are working together. Maybe at the end of June?
2007-05-30 10:01:23
50.   pistolpete
45 Yep, that's pretty much how I remember it.

Do you think Phillips was somehow taking revenge for Phelps' homeplate collision a few weeks ago? Is he buddies with Johjima?

Makes you wonder.

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2007-05-30 10:10:24
51.   williamnyy23
50 Speaking of Phelps, he slid into 2B pretty hard last night. I kind of like his rough and tumble style of play. Too bad he is so awkward around the bag.
2007-05-30 10:17:03
52.   rbj
45 The only thing I will add is that Phelps should have complained first. Maybe then Torre would have bitched. And even if you lose that argument, at least it would show some fire.

Zimmer would have been out there all over the ump.

2007-05-30 10:23:40
53.   joe in boston
Emma, great writing. Really great summary.

Haven't posted this year yet - that's what a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old will do to ya....

Very frustrating year for me so far - it started with the worry about not getting the MLB package on my cable and went downhill from there! I even took down my Yankee flag from the garage this weekend (hey, it was a good time to raise Ol' Glory)

Many things frustrate me this season, all have been written about in great length on this site, but ... where is the plate patience this season ? Why do Cano and Abreau just lunge at the first pitch ? Does this drive anyone else crazy ???

2007-05-30 10:42:00
54.   williamnyy23
53 YES! It does!
2007-05-30 10:44:25
55.   pistolpete
53 Cano lunges at every pitch - why should the first one be any different?
2007-05-30 10:46:29
56.   Jeteupthemiddle
I remember that joke.

It used to star Mike Mussina.

2007-05-30 10:52:06
57.   Shaun P
56 At this rate, Clemens is going to think he somehow ended up back in Houston.
2007-05-30 10:52:37
58.   nick
you know, I understand the luck factor--but turn it around the other way: it tells us we "should be" an 87-win team, with normal luck. at the beginning of the season, would any Yankee fans have taken an 87-win season? but yeah, if we were 27-23 right now, there'd be no panic--eight back of the Sox, still, but no panic....
2007-05-30 10:59:20
59.   Jim Dean
Folks are missing the bright side of life -

The Sox rotation was announced for the weekend - Wakefield, Schilling, Beckett.

Yanks miss Tavarez!

2007-05-30 11:04:16
60.   Chyll Will
57 If he takes the 2-train downtown, he'll be right there.
2007-05-30 11:05:19
61.   Chyll Will
59 Best two out of three?
2007-05-30 11:10:25
62.   NJYankee41
59 Its so sad that it is a legitmately good thing.
2007-05-30 11:20:47
63.   randym77
Well, barring a miracle...or a historic collapse by Boston, not out of the question...I guess we're going to find out what it's like for fans of other teams.

We have good players to watch. And unlike, say, Pirates fans, we don't have to worry that the Yankees will steal them away.

As for the A-Rod thing...must be a slow news day. The Post has always reported on his private life, but it's usually on page 6, not the front page.

2007-05-30 11:35:03
64.   Shaun P
A small tribute to the great, retired Bat-Girl:

I can explain the Yankees offensive woes.

Someone has shipped the Yankees a huge number of ass-bats. The sooner the Yankees exorcise those ass-bats from the clubhouse, the better.

2007-05-30 11:40:57
65.   Jim Dean
61 One can hope and pray.
2007-05-30 11:51:11
66.   JL25and3
Phillips undoubtedly could have avoided the collision, but he was under no obligation to do so. And the reason there was no argument, I think, was that both Phelps and Torre recognized it as a rough but legitimate play.
2007-05-30 12:05:16
67.   Rob Middletown CT
Excellent piece, as usual, Emma. It sums things up nicely.

It's time to embrace the horror. :)

Watch Jeter and Posada fight the good fight. Watch Clippard, DeSalvo and (eventualy) Hughes try to become major league pitchers. Watch Cano, 'cause he's much better than this, and he'll be here a long time. Hope for more Melky. Hope they call up Britton.

And, if by some miracle they do come roaring back, enjoy the heck out of it.

2007-05-30 12:08:46
68.   JL25and3
My sister has taken to rooting for these Yankees the way she did for her son's Little League team: Great swing! Nice try! Way to run out the grounder!
2007-05-30 12:19:54
69.   pistolpete
68 And cheering when they actually foul off a pitch, right?

"Way to get a piece Robby...hang in there!", or "Good eye, Jason! Walk's as good as a hit!"

I love it - maybe I'll start rooting that way too... could make things fun again this season.

2007-05-30 12:22:54
70.   Chyll Will
68,69 Yep, and pizza or DQ after the game if they win. How's that for incentive? (It's not without precedent; they give out free Big Macs in Chicago if the Bulls break 100...)
2007-05-30 12:28:43
71.   NotGivingUp
my favorite little league cheer is the famous "whuddya saaaaay?"

"c'mon bobby, whuddya saaaaay?"

i'm doing it tonight.

2007-05-30 12:29:43
72.   Jim Dean
68 69 Excellent!
2007-05-30 12:46:32
73.   Bama Yankee
66 But it seemed like Phillips initiated the collision by running to the inside of the baseline. Phelps was not in the baseline nor was he blocking the base. The secondary push by Phillips was certainly not necessary.

If this is a perfectly clean play, then why don't runners take an inside route to first and plow over pitchers who are covering first? I understand that collisions occur when a fielder gets in the baseline since the runner has a right to the base, however if the fielder is not in the baseline and is trying to field the ball the runner should be charged with interference (ironically, that is what they could have called against Phelps in that collision with Johjima).

2007-05-30 12:48:35
74.   AbbyNormal821
68 69 - Awesome! Throw in a couple of "aaaaay...batta, batta, batta...swing batta!!!" too.

Maybe that's what the Yankees need to start doing - acting like little leaguers again, enjoy the game (or act like you are).

2007-05-30 13:02:40
75.   Count Zero
68 69 LOL!

JL I think your sister may have started something here...I think I'll hop on the bandwagon tonight too.

I'm still cracking up at that...

2007-05-30 13:06:20
76.   JL25and3
73 Pitchers run that play so that they just stick out their foot to touch the bag and keep their bodies entirely out of the way - precisely to avoid a collision.

Beyond that, I've reached the limit of my understanding. To me, it looked like a play that no ump would ever call, but that's just me.

2007-05-30 13:09:51
77.   NJYankee41
6869 Thats perfect. Count me in. My girlfriend will get really annoyed. She gets mad that I still put myself through the horror of watching them.

Maybe I'll start ragging on the opposition if needed.

2007-05-30 13:12:22
78.   JL25and3
77 We want a pitcher, not a glass of water!
2007-05-30 13:15:12
79.   Count Zero
How funny would it be to have a seat next to the Yanks dugout and do that all game long as loud as you can? How long do you think it would take before other fans noticed what you were doing? Imagine if all the people in the seats nearby started doing it with you...

OMG - what I would give to see Jete's reaction once he caught on. :-D

2007-05-30 13:19:14
80.   NJYankee41
Did anyone ever play a team in little league that would always sing Staying Alive or that Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey Goddbye song? Man that was annoying, but now I may use it.
2007-05-30 13:20:31
81.   Bama Yankee
76 I agree. A play like that is seldom called. Maybe they thought that the collision had nothing to do with Phelps missing that ball. Who knows. If I had been the manager I would have at least went out to get an explanation.

All this umpiring stuff is beyond me as well. I had a buddy back in college who was actually a huge fan of umpires and referees (both pro and college). He could tell you their names and he knew most of their strikeout calls (he would imitate their calls like some people imitate batting stances). He was the kind of guy who you knew would become an umpire someday (he was always ump'ing and ref'ing our intramural games). He knew ever obscure rule there was and he loved to quiz people on the rules. Mostly he would get on everyone's nerves with that kind of stuff, but times like this I wouldn't mind having him around...

2007-05-30 13:22:43
82.   NotGivingUp
i think both teams should line up after every game and do the whole "good game, g'game, good game, game, g'game".

the "taking them to dairy queen" after the game comment was hilarious.

2007-05-30 13:28:34
83.   NotGivingUp
i think scott linebrink is a FA after this season?

do we sign him? yay or nay?

i say yay.

2007-05-30 13:30:18
84.   Peter
They should also stock the dugout with M&Ms -- lots of green ones, of course.
2007-05-30 13:33:02
85.   NotGivingUp
i think they could also cut costs by using players as 1st and 3rd base coaches.

how awesome would it be to see damon getting the windmill going as he sends someone home? ofcourse that all depends on whether damon can stand or not...and if we can get another hit with RISP.


2007-05-30 13:36:03
86.   Bama Yankee
74 How about this one:
2007-05-30 13:42:17
87.   pistolpete
82 Unfortunately with the way they've been playing lately I think we'd be hearing a lot of the "Two Four Six Eight..." chant coming from the other dugout.
2007-05-30 13:43:56
88.   AbbyNormal821
86 Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
"Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious."


2007-05-30 13:45:46
89.   pistolpete
79 Then it's settled - we should all go in together on some field box seats and make it a point to do the LL chants.

I figure those seats should be going for a huge discount come August. Heck, we might even get Guiliani's spot if they're that far out of first...

2007-05-30 13:49:22
90.   Count Zero
89 I'm ready. When does KC come to town? That would be pretty much the perfect scenario...
2007-05-30 13:52:51
91.   Count Zero
90 8/3, 8/4 and 8/5...looks like fate is conspiring with us.
2007-05-30 13:56:43
92.   yankz
90 You know, they did sweep the Yanks back in 05...
2007-05-30 13:59:53
93.   Chyll Will
92 (ssshhh... free ice cream >;)
2007-05-30 14:18:15
94.   Chyll Will
93 Geez, I didn't mean everyone should shush!
2007-05-30 14:21:49
95.   Bama Yankee
94 Man, you even shushed the crickets... ;-)
2007-05-30 14:24:03
96.   Chyll Will
95 I know. Hungry little b@$+@&ds, aren't they?
2007-05-30 14:26:04
97.   Chyll Will
96 ... I meant the crickets (but yunnow, I'll bet you all thought about it >;)
2007-05-30 14:36:20
98.   NotGivingUp
Who thinks Clip gets the W tonight?

I Do. I do.

Yanks win 6-4.

2007-05-30 15:09:36
99.   Ravenscar
As a Mets fan, I don't have much to say about the Yankees troubles other than that I have sympathy for my true Yankee fan friends who suffered diligently through the 80's and now have had these past few years to deal with again, culminating in this year.

But my main reason for commenting is to say that I'm going to be looking for Emma's work a lot more. I hope she becomes even more regular here.

Wait, that didn't come out quite right. But you know what I mean.

2007-05-30 15:18:25
100.   Chyll Will
99 (hee-hee!) Couldn't help it >;)
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-05-30 15:19:21
101.   Jeteupthemiddle
My favorite little league cheer (or really, it was a softball cheer. I'm pretty sure boys would die before doing it):

We want a single, just a little single S-I-N G-L-E single, single SINGLE!

We want a double, just a little double D-O-U B-L-E double, double, DOUBLE!

We want a triple, just a little triple T-R-I P-L-E triple, triple TRIPLE!

H-O, H-O-M, H-O-M-E-R-U-N


Kel-ly (well the batter's name..duh)

Hit One

Then Run

::start over::

/end singing.

2007-05-30 15:57:00
102.   randym77
Reminds me of this column:

I didn't do Little League, but if I did, I'd probably have been #9.

2007-05-30 16:00:58
103.   Emma Span
68, 69, 79, 89

Awesome, you guys.

99Heh... Thanks?

2007-05-30 16:06:25
104.   JL25and3
OK, team, remember, keep your eye on the ball...and it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game.
2007-05-30 16:06:37
105.   mehmattski
99 If she keeps eating vanilla MiniWheats, Emma being regular is all but assured.

Miniwheat... wheat... wheat...
It's high in fiber, you can't go wrong...

2007-05-30 16:08:39
106.   mehmattski
No Abreu, No Minky... a guy I've never heard of on the mound.

Come on Yankee Clippard!

2007-05-30 16:10:36
107.   mehmattski
Well that's a good way to start a game. Positively Damonic, even.
2007-05-30 16:10:58
108.   yankz
A lead! A lead!! God bless you, Johnny Damon!
2007-05-30 16:23:38
109.   yankz
All right Yankees! This Phelps cat can play!
2007-05-30 16:24:04
110.   rbj
A SB by Posada, Phelps getting a start against a righty -- are we in some sort of parallel bizzaro world tonight?
2007-05-30 16:24:42
111.   yankz
Does my breath stink or something? I haven't even had T-Bell since that day vs. the Sox!
2007-05-30 16:24:52
112.   mehmattski
Oh, I've figured it out... the Yankees can't hit AAA pitchers like Marcum and McGowan, they need a AA pitcher like Jesse Litsch. Glad we cleared that up.

For some reason this rally gives me very little joy.

2007-05-30 16:25:21
113.   rbj
No, no, no, leave the kid in.
2007-05-30 16:25:51
114.   yankz
112 Oh come on, enjoy it while you can.
2007-05-30 16:26:00
115.   Jim Dean
Yeah bitches - here come the mothafunkin' Yankees!
2007-05-30 16:28:19
116.   tommyl
I do not understand. Phelps came up with two outs, runners on and failed to strikeout. What is he thinking? He's knocking the team out of rythmn.
2007-05-30 16:28:28
117.   Flip Play
Ahhh, I will post for the first time this season just to express this moment of happiness.
2007-05-30 16:28:30
118.   yankz
Good try Melk!
2007-05-30 16:29:13
119.   tommyl
Also, hey look that Phelps guy can hit righties. Who would have imagined that? ;)
2007-05-30 16:29:26
120.   yankz
The Phil Hughes update on Pete's blog is not for the faint of heart.
2007-05-30 16:29:56
121.   yankz
Is anyone else worrying about the possibility that the injuries hurt Phil's career? Someone please tell me I'm a nut.
2007-05-30 16:32:19
122.   tommyl
121 Yup, which is why I didn't want him up in the bigs so early. Oh well, foresight is 20/20.
2007-05-30 16:32:20
123.   yankz
Well, so far Skankgate hasn't hurt A-Rod...
2007-05-30 16:32:30
124.   JL25and3
That was the best offensive inning they've had since...Alex's walk-off home run, maybe?

Hits going the other way, aggressive baserunning - a display to warm the cockles of weepingforbrunnhilde's heart.

2007-05-30 16:32:30
125.   mehmattski
121 You're not a nut.

Repeat after me:

Hughes is not Mark Prior
Hughes is not Mark Prior
Hughes is not Mark Prior...

2007-05-30 16:32:34
126.   rbj
120 Yee-ouch. I'd rather have this season get washed out than try and rush him back. Phil Hughes in '08!
2007-05-30 16:33:30
127.   yankz
126 Hopefully with T-Clip as a running mate.
2007-05-30 16:34:04
128.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh my God!!!

I just finished up a lovely dinner in my backyard of some very, very garlicky delicious pesto I made and come inside to see the following:

NYY: 5 Tor: 0

Imagine my surprise!

Is it Christmas?

What gives?

2007-05-30 16:34:21
129.   3rd gen yankee fan
We got a pitcher, not a belly itcher!
2007-05-30 16:34:22
130.   3rd gen yankee fan
We got a pitcher, not a belly itcher!
2007-05-30 16:34:28
131.   cult of basebaal
121 TINSTAAPP. shrug.
2007-05-30 16:34:34
132.   JL25and3
Yeah, it sounds like the injuries will erase this year but not have any lasting effect. No elbow, no shoulder, no ACL, nothing like that.
2007-05-30 16:34:50
133.   Jim Dean
120 121 Nah, you guys are both nuts. He hurt his leg - not his arm. When the latter happens then worry.

And a ten pitch inning for the Yankee Clippard! Relax ladies and gentlemen - we have our 5th.

2007-05-30 16:36:48
134.   rbj
133 5th? win of the month?

131 I got all but the last two. P___ Pitcher?

2007-05-30 16:37:42
135.   rbj
Congrats, Johnny!
2007-05-30 16:41:13
136.   Jim Dean
Good cut Derek!
2007-05-30 16:41:16
137.   mehmattski
134 There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect

I don't really see how the philosophy applies to a guy who's already brought it to the major league level. Of course anyone can get hurt at any time. So then should it be TINSTAAP? There is no such thing as a superstar either: he could get hurt!

2007-05-30 16:41:22
138.   Mattpat11
I finally turn on a Yankee game to see happy.
2007-05-30 16:42:11
139.   mehmattski
Way to go with the pitch, Matsui-san!
2007-05-30 16:44:07
140.   nick
120 damn, damn, damn--and today in a chat that friggin Will Carroll estimated JUNE 10.....of course Caroll said his sources told him the ankle injury was not a problem. insiders are good for something, after all....
2007-05-30 16:44:21
141.   rbj
137How about TINSTAA Sure Thing?
2007-05-30 16:45:21
142.   cult of basebaal
135 There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect. An old Baseball Prospectus adage. Sorta goes along with the thought that the best way to end up with a good young pitcher ... is to start off with lots of good young pitchers

in this case though, the injuries aren't directly threatening his arm so i'm not overly concerned ... as long as the yankees are cautious about not rushing him back ... i don't think this season is going to be worth risking a cascading injury

on the downside ... it does push back his development time and although it limits his innings this year, if he pitches a full year next year he'll likely have a rather large spike (rather than a gradual increase) in setting a new high for innings pitched ...

2007-05-30 16:47:10
143.   nick
but on the bright side, ten starts might get Clippard established in the rotation, and I'd love to see that.....oh--not to mention that apparently we scored 5, in one inning!? I almost had to use my other hand to count!
2007-05-30 16:49:45
144.   Mattpat11
Oh god. Now they're bringing up the anomaly teams. The last refuge of a loser.
2007-05-30 16:50:23
145.   JeremyM
I'm so confused: on the scoreboard, what is that crooked thing next to "Yankees" under the 1?
2007-05-30 16:51:40
146.   mehmattski
Come on guys, let's get some good infield chatter goin on.

Heybatterbatter, swingbatterbatter...

2007-05-30 16:53:25
147.   Jim Dean
144 The wild card does change everything. By the way - last time the Yanks started 21-29?


Made the playoffs in the shortened season. But also the first year of the wildcard.

2007-05-30 16:56:55
148.   cult of basebaal
DOH! c'mon ty, back-to-back walks with a 5 run lead makes the baby jesus cry
2007-05-30 16:56:57
149.   Eirias
I never get this: if the count is full and there is a runner on base, the runner is obviously going to run. Why doesn't the pitcher just pick him off at first.
2007-05-30 16:57:16
150.   3rd gen yankee fan
It's our buddy Sal!!! Yay!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-05-30 16:58:02
151.   3rd gen yankee fan
C'mon Sal! Give us a strikeout for ol' times sakes!
2007-05-30 16:58:17
152.   randym77
Fasano looks immense. Is it the white uniform, or has he put on a few?
2007-05-30 17:03:02
153.   randym77
And speaking of former Yankees...Craig Wilson is playing for the Triple-A Charlotte Knights tonight. I guess the White Sox signed him to a minor league deal the other day. He's batting .111, with an admittedly very small sample size.

What happened to him? When he was with the Bucs, the general consensus was that he was going to get a multi-year deal for 2-6 million a year when he became a free agent. But he's really struggled since leaving Pittsburgh.

2007-05-30 17:07:06
154.   3rd gen yankee fan
Doubles machine!
2007-05-30 17:07:08
155.   williamnyy23
I had the "pleasure" of catching the first two innings on the radio (aka the John Sterling Show...with special guest appearances by the New York Yankees). If anyone is in the mood to laugh, I highly recommend listening to those innings on Just to wet your appetite, here is some of what you'll hear:

1) Giambi's 1st AB: HIT IN THE AIR TO DEEP it's not. Rios makes the catch.

2) Susan Waldman shares a riveting story about her appearance on a Toronto radio show.

3) Sterling and Waldman do an Abbott and Costello routine centered around Phil Hughes injury.

2007-05-30 17:07:29
156.   3rd gen yankee fan
I feel weird, cheering like this.
2007-05-30 17:08:54
157.   3rd gen yankee fan
155 I had to quit listening to them. I just can't take Sterling anymore, he's a moron. Luckily the Toronto announcers are pretty good.
2007-05-30 17:09:45
158.   williamnyy23
155 If you want to stay informed about the game...I agree. But if you want to simply laugh out loud, Sterling and Waldman can't be beat.
2007-05-30 17:12:37
159.   ChrisS
Please, throw strikes.

Solo homes runs are acceptable, 3-run bombs are not.

2007-05-30 17:12:52
160.   ChrisS
2007-05-30 17:17:25
161.   rbj
This is the Big League, kid. Settle down and just throw strikes.
2007-05-30 17:20:40
162.   williamnyy23
I must say I am VERY dissapointed by Clippard. I was hoping he'd seize the 5th starter role, but this performance is going to put him squarely in Torre's doghouse.
2007-05-30 17:23:27
163.   rbj
He started out well, FRAK!, but now can't seem to throw strikes consistently.
2007-05-30 17:24:57
164.   cult of basebaal
162 2nd in a row ... and i was so excited by the way he pitched against the mets, too
2007-05-30 17:26:26
165.   rbj
2007-05-30 17:26:55
166.   ChrisS
Well at least Matt Stairs won't attempt a steal of home.
2007-05-30 17:27:05
167.   williamnyy23
How frustrated does Posada look with Clippard? That wave was priceless.
2007-05-30 17:27:45
168.   3rd gen yankee fan
He worked himself out of a jam! And Joe left him in to do it. I'm proud of both of them!
2007-05-30 17:28:30
169.   3rd gen yankee fan
JoPo's gonna have to lighten up otherwise no DQ after the game.
2007-05-30 17:28:47
170.   JL25and3
This is what happens when you throw kids into major roles - they still have a lot to learn. I'm not saying Clippard isn't the real deal, just that he's still a baby doing his learning in the starting rotation.

For those who are advocating ditching all the veterans in favor of kids: expect more of this. I' not saying it's a bad idea, just that this is what it will look like.

2007-05-30 17:32:20
171.   nick
ok, that f* Oral Hershiser on ESPN is justifying following A-Rod around Toronto--and he's EXPLICITLY SAYING there should be one set of standards for ARod and Bonds and one for everybody else...
2007-05-30 17:34:57
172.   nick
162 to be fair, William, the Yankee doghouse typically includes any rookie starter who's less than stellar two starts in a row.....we'll see if he goes after them this inning--
2007-05-30 17:35:43
173.   Yankees Brasil
awful game for jeter so far.. 0 for 3, 3 K's
2007-05-30 17:37:58
174.   mehmattski
Brandy Halladay is easy on the eyes.
2007-05-30 17:39:26
175.   Mattpat11
Clippard beat a record set by Ass Bruise and Tomo Ohka.
2007-05-30 17:40:31
176.   Mattpat11
Oh for Christ sakes.
2007-05-30 17:44:19
177.   nick
170 exactly right--I've been a fan since the early 80s, and I've never seen the Yanks be patient with young pitchers--I just hope Cashman doesn't get Joe any veteran #5 starters. DeSalvo and Clippard, while not potential #1 or #2s, are real pitching prospects, whatever that LoHud dude thinks.....
2007-05-30 17:50:45
178.   rbj
OK, this Homer Bush stealing talk is nonsense. According to Baseball-reference, in 97 he had no steals for NY, in 98 he was 6 of 9. That's it.
Much better in 99 32 of 40 -- for Toronto.
2007-05-30 17:54:06
179.   Zack
With the offense having gone to dorminant mode after the first inning, anyone else getting a bad feeling about the end result of this game?
2007-05-30 17:54:31
180.   Zack
rather, dormant
2007-05-30 18:00:41
181.   Schteeve
Regarding being disappointed in Clippard. Major League Pitchers rarely show up in the bigs and become instant aces. Clippard has shown a lot of good stuff, has a great MiL track record and is halfway through his third big league start.

I'm not saying he's going to be the next Rocket, but cut him some slack already.

2007-05-30 18:04:28
182.   seamus
hey cano just got a triple double!
2007-05-30 18:07:52
183.   Schteeve
Melky just got a hit!
2007-05-30 18:11:18
184.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yaaaaay a new belly itcher!
2007-05-30 18:11:57
185.   Jim Dean
Matsuzaka just got his bell rung in Boston by the Cleveland lineup - 12 hits, 6 runs in 5.2 IP.

His ERA on the season?


2007-05-30 18:12:12
186.   seamus
184 btw. what the frak is the origon of that?
2007-05-30 18:16:14
187.   Schteeve
On other note on Clippard, he really didn't look like he had much in the way of stuff or velocity tonight, and yet he managed to get through a righty heavy lineup full of mashers and only give up 3 runs in 5 innings, and 4 hits.

I'm still optimistic that he'll be an ok 5.

2007-05-30 18:17:13
188.   Schteeve
In my opinion this is the type of situation Proctor should pitch in and Bruney in the "high leverage, we need a frickin' strikeout" situations.


2007-05-30 18:18:48
189.   Jim Dean
187 Me too! He has yet to get really hammered and he's shown he can battle. Hopefully they give him another chance against the Pale Hose on Tueday.
2007-05-30 18:21:23
190.   OldYanksFan
Cleveland up on the Sox 6-2 in the 6th.
Dice-K gives up 6 ERs in 5.2 innings.
His ERA in now 4.83 (@ $20+m/yr)
2007-05-30 18:21:36
191.   3rd gen yankee fan
186 I dunno, I heard it from some kids at a minor league game once.
2007-05-30 18:24:27
192.   JL25and3
179 It's not even so much that I'm worried about the result of this game, but it would have been nice to see the offense keep the pressure on. Instead, it just looks like they pounded one URP, then reverted to form.

They've been very aggressive on the bases, though. I like that.

2007-05-30 18:26:32
193.   nick
ok, what say we give Bruney another inning, and then Farns for the 8th...god forbid Proctor get a couple days off....
2007-05-30 18:28:24
194.   yankz
191 We want a pitcher not a belly-itcher- first heard by me in the amazing kid's movie Rookie of the Year.

185 Nice!

2007-05-30 18:28:56
195.   cult of basebaal
clippard's going to live or die by his command ... with the exception of the mets game, it's been shaky ... i like his pitching intelligence, but he's got to be able to spot his fastball better or he's not gonna last ... hopefully, though, he'll settle down and have more games like the 1st one ... i think i like him the best of the yankees' rookies (non-hughes editions)
2007-05-30 18:29:09
196.   yankz
It's all right Arod, just hang out with some friends after the game.
2007-05-30 18:30:38
197.   yankz
When did Peter Abraham become an asshole? Sarcasm is only good if it's funny.
2007-05-30 18:32:12
198.   Mattpat11
Think ESPN will describe this as a dominating outing for Matsuzaka?
2007-05-30 18:32:12
199.   seamus
191 194 we used to say it all the time when i was a kid in the 70s and 80s. I really wonder where it came from.
2007-05-30 18:34:15
200.   RIYank
Hey, all.
194 My dad used to say that -- still does sometimes, I guess. He grew up in Da Bronx in the Depression.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-05-30 18:35:02
201.   RIYank
198 See, this is where I really appreciate your sarcastic side.
2007-05-30 18:35:41
202.   Mattpat11
185 Vintage Pedro Martinez.
2007-05-30 18:37:23
203.   RIYank
Oh, man. I was liking Bruney there, too.
2007-05-30 18:37:40
204.   Mattpat11
2007-05-30 18:38:33
205.   ric

i suppose it could be worse i.e. getting lit up by A leaguers at $9 mil per year ;)

2007-05-30 18:38:50
206.   cult of basebaal
and here i thought poor scotty's arm might get the night off ...
2007-05-30 18:38:52
207.   seamus
203 he was getting hit hard last inning but right at fielders. I'm not surprised that happened.
2007-05-30 18:39:39
208.   Yu-Hsing Chen
arragh, they cna't possbily blow this one too can they?
2007-05-30 18:39:44
209.   RIYank
Proctor for five outs? Otherwise we're very likely to see Farns.
2007-05-30 18:40:06
210.   Mattpat11


2007-05-30 18:40:36
211.   seamus
this is our chance for a win in a game where we allowed more than 3 runs. It would be the first time in the month of May.
2007-05-30 18:41:12
212.   JL25and3
Now I'm worried about the outcome of the game. Back to basics: Nice try, Brian! You really threw that ball hard!

Credit to John Flaherty - he had that at-bat read perfectly.

2007-05-30 18:41:26
213.   RIYank
207 Yeah, that's true. Line drive to Damon, one to Matsui.
We'll need more runs. Please.
2007-05-30 18:42:16
214.   Mattpat11
211 Wow.
2007-05-30 18:44:03
215.   JL25and3
206 We should print up T-shirts for the team, a la Mariano Duncan: "We play today...Proctor pitches today."
2007-05-30 18:45:52
216.   mehmattski
Mo for six outs... please?
2007-05-30 18:47:01
217.   Yu-Hsing Chen
What's gotten into Aaron Hill this year? yikes maybe letting Farnsy warm isn't such a bad idea , and it's the free outs comming up anyway.

Or better yet, since we're probably nto gonna need him for another 7 games or so, just let Mo pitch 2 inning

2007-05-30 18:48:44
218.   RIYank
No, once Proctor's in, the cost (to his arm) of an extra fifteen pitches is low.

Wow, Frasor is smokin'.

2007-05-30 18:49:25
219.   nick
Ortiz up as the tying run with the bases loaded at Fenway--if he homers, I'll cancel extended cable: no more ESPN.
2007-05-30 18:50:22
220.   mehmattski
Matt DeSalvo? WTF?
2007-05-30 18:51:06
221.   nick
197 Pete A likes to "outsmart" his commentors , to needle them--it's understandable, but kinda weak, and the sign of an inexperienced blogger. Commentors should be treated like children...
2007-05-30 18:53:44
222.   RIYank
Papi a nine pitch AB, but makes out.

Hey, Robbie! En fuego. I wasn't ever worried about him. Really.

2007-05-30 18:54:11
223.   seamus
cano hits ball four.
2007-05-30 18:54:27
224.   RIYank
220 DeSalvo is up in case the game is tied. Get it?
2007-05-30 18:54:59
225.   OldYanksFan
Robbie 'Vlad' Cano
2007-05-30 18:55:23
226.   Mattpat11
224 No.
2007-05-30 18:56:57
227.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Let's hope Cano finally woke up.
2007-05-30 18:57:28
228.   RIYank
226 Oh, well, this is the way Joe thinks. If the game is tied, he thinks of it as a new ballgame. So, you need a starter out there. Mo is for the end of the game.
2007-05-30 18:57:30
229.   cult of basebaal
doug-out, doing what he does best
2007-05-30 18:57:58
230.   RIYank
Hate that steal, dammit. Now Melky leads off the ninth instead of Damon.
2007-05-30 18:58:06
231.   Mattpat11
228 But DeSalvo sucks.
2007-05-30 18:58:23
232.   Yu-Hsing Chen
......... Sal Fasno can throw out people?!
2007-05-30 18:59:09
233.   RIYank
Cleveland now beginning to pound JC Romero. I hope we get a shot at him this weekend.
2007-05-30 18:59:50
234.   Mattpat11
2007-05-30 18:59:59
235.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Fransy is in "hold deeep breath"
2007-05-30 19:00:16
236.   RIYank
228 Well, yes.
But don't worry, because Farns is out there now.
2007-05-30 19:00:53
237.   Yu-Hsing Chen
come on Farnsy, your facing 3 career minor leaguers........ just blow it over the plate for god sake
2007-05-30 19:00:55
238.   bartap74
Hey, at least it wasn't a home run.
2007-05-30 19:01:27
239.   Yu-Hsing Chen
2007-05-30 19:01:42
240.   RIYank
I prefer that to a walk.
Not by much, though.
2007-05-30 19:01:53
241.   mehmattski
Hurry up and get warm, Mo.
2007-05-30 19:02:08
242.   RIYank
Good Farns.
2007-05-30 19:02:38
243.   Yu-Hsing Chen
wow, that was right down the middle.... but we dodged a bullet.
2007-05-30 19:02:50
244.   RIYank
Now Monster McDonald gets his shot, walk, homer, double already. Yeesh.
2007-05-30 19:03:20
245.   Mattpat11
Does Worthless have food on his uniform?
2007-05-30 19:03:20
246.   RIYank
If McD. gets on, bring on Mo.
2007-05-30 19:03:45
247.   RIYank
Good. Pop-ups, GOOOD.
2007-05-30 19:04:06
248.   WeMissPaulie
Where is Mo?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-05-30 19:04:14
249.   nick
how can you not predict a walk and a blast off Farns? and yet--we have to win one sooner or later...
2007-05-30 19:04:39
250.   Zack
Don't you just wish baseball contracts were like football ones sometimes? That way, at the end of this season, we could just dump half our salaries, take the one year cap hit, and start all over? Ah well...

Have I mentioned I hate Kyle Farsnworth? Its gotten to the point where I have to restrain myself from unnecessarily marking down a poor student of mine with the misfortune of sharing the same last name as him...

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-05-30 19:05:06
251.   seamus
given that bruney and proctor already pitched. Does anyone not also bring Farnsy in here? I sure do.
2007-05-30 19:05:42
252.   RIYank
I like Farns.

Mo is warming, no worries.

2007-05-30 19:05:53
253.   mehmattski
245 It does look like ketchup to me.
2007-05-30 19:06:09
254.   RIYank
Seamus, I would have left Proctor in.
2007-05-30 19:06:51
255.   RIYank
245 I think Schilling told him to put that stuff on.
2007-05-30 19:07:18
256.   Zack
245 253 Maybe its blood from a quick suturing of Proctor's arm?
2007-05-30 19:07:26
257.   RIYank
Mo! Mo! Mo!
2007-05-30 19:07:36
258.   Mattpat11
I hate him.
2007-05-30 19:07:37
259.   seamus
254 i wouldn't. I feel he would have gotten hit hard. BUt it would be tempting. Certainly reasonable.
2007-05-30 19:07:38
260.   Zack
25 damn, kind of beat me to it!
2007-05-30 19:08:20
261.   RIYank
Well done, Joe.
2007-05-30 19:08:26
262.   mehmattski
Who's this Rivera guy they're bringing in? Another kid from Scranton?
2007-05-30 19:08:32
263.   Mattpat11
251 I never put Kyle Farnsworth in a game.
2007-05-30 19:09:51
264.   RIYank
I'm gonna check out the Sox now. More relaxing. (Down 8-2)
2007-05-30 19:10:20
265.   seamus
264 isn't that game over?
2007-05-30 19:10:51
266.   Mattpat11
I really think Overbay is the most overrated player in baseball. It will annoy me if he beats us
2007-05-30 19:11:48
267.   Mattpat11
Thats why we keep The Stinkster around.
2007-05-30 19:11:59
268.   nick
you have to bring Farns in, given his contract: Joe manages to his contract, not the fact that Farns has pitched a whole lot of slightly below average MLB innings and is highly highly unlikely to suddenly become Nelson, Stanton or Mo circa 1996.

I want Kyle traded ASAP, but every appearance lowers his value....

2007-05-30 19:12:11
269.   RIYank
Goddam, that is very nice to see. That was true Mo.

265 Bottom of the eighth. Now I'll check it out.

2007-05-30 19:13:12
270.   Yu-Hsing Chen
exhale... Mo shows Farnsy that there's this thing call throwing strikse on the corner
2007-05-30 19:13:12
271.   Shaun P
Wow, a save opportunity for Mo! I'm giddy.
2007-05-30 19:13:29
272.   Mattpat11
268 At this point, screw the contract. He doesn't help the team. Let him rot.
2007-05-30 19:13:30
273.   williamnyy23
The Yankees could really use Britton. I sincerely hope they bring him up soon.
2007-05-30 19:14:46
274.   Yu-Hsing Chen
nick , Farnsy was what we wanted though, exciting blow them away arm. instead of the so called reliable vet with no stuff (AKA Luis Vizcaino type) , it's just that his consistensy is so mind blowing... arragh.
2007-05-30 19:14:55
275.   RIYank
Manny walked after missing a solo homer by maybe 1.5 degrees.
2007-05-30 19:15:51
276.   RIYank
Farns is exciting. Admittedly not the most admirable quality in a set-up man.
2007-05-30 19:16:33
277.   RIYank
Mike Lowell 2-run homer.
2007-05-30 19:18:05
278.   Yu-Hsing Chen
nice to see a game where Melky and Cano both hits...
2007-05-30 19:20:37
279.   Mattpat11
274 The Yankees fell in love with the strikeouts and ignored his ability to give up runs hand over fist
2007-05-30 19:21:51
280.   seamus
2007-05-30 19:23:10
281.   RIYank
I shouldn't have left. The Sox game is boring, not relaxing, and I missed a big AB there looks like.
2007-05-30 19:25:51
282.   Shaun P
2007-05-30 19:26:42
283.   RIYank
Okay, that's it. Our luck just turned. This is the moment!
2007-05-30 19:27:24
284.   mehmattski
Hahahaha yes A-Rod! I love it.
2007-05-30 19:27:47
285.   seamus
haha. arod rules.
2007-05-30 19:28:15
286.   Mattpat11
What the hell are they fighting over?
2007-05-30 19:29:03
287.   mehmattski
What, is Gibbons gonna challenge A-Rod to a fight? What a big baby.
2007-05-30 19:29:05
288.   RIYank
In case anyone's interested, the BoSox have used none of their good relievers this evening. Well, unless you count Snyder, who's been decent this season.
2007-05-30 19:30:07
289.   RIYank
So what happened? Did A-Rod "call off" that pop fly, is that what Clark was fussing about?
2007-05-30 19:30:11
290.   bartap74
Just as a rules question, if ARod did call for that ball, would that be illegal?
2007-05-30 19:30:12
291.   mehmattski
286 Gibbons and Clark think that A-Rod said "I got it" while going behind Clark, causing Clark to think he had gotten called off.
2007-05-30 19:30:15
292.   Jim Dean
179 Actually I think you perfectly described the Yankee offense - dorminant.

197 Seriously.

And what's this? Arod said "I got!"?

I love it!

2007-05-30 19:30:20
293.   Mattpat11
Holy shit. Did A-Rod run behind him and call the ball?
2007-05-30 19:30:35
294.   Yu-Hsing Chen
they have 2 good relievers and that's it anyway...Timlin's completely pumpkined this season.... if they got to use the pen like we had and expose people behind Pap and Okajima day in and day out, they do even worse than we did.
2007-05-30 19:30:35
295.   Mattpat11
That is so awesome.
2007-05-30 19:30:55
296.   WeMissPaulie
No ones interested.
2007-05-30 19:31:31
297.   Ramone
This is so bizarre. I was literally wondering yesterday if it was legal to do that.

Great play A-Rod.

2007-05-30 19:31:37
298.   Jim Dean
Talk about about a little league play! Hahahahaha!

I wanna see the hidden ball trick in the 9th.

2007-05-30 19:31:46
299.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I'm pretty sure it's not illegal... but it's probably not very classy in terms of the usual way player plays.
2007-05-30 19:32:39
300.   Shaun P
Some just tried the "I got it!" trick the other day, and got called out for it. Don't remember who; I read about it at the Cheater's guide to baseball blog.

If A-Rod did do it, and got away with it, wow - that's the first time an ump has made a call for the Yanks this year, no?

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-05-30 19:32:49
301.   nick
if you look at Farns' arm, yeah, sure, wowie zowie! if you look at his #s, we should have expected this. yes, a good year was possible, but as of right now he's pitched over 600 innings with a league-average ERA on his career.....
2007-05-30 19:33:23
302.   RIYank
I'm pretty sure it's legal to pretend to call for the pop. I was scouring the 'interference' rules recently and I don't remember anything about making noise.

Uh. Jorgie's personal best tonight! (Steals.)

Oh, man. Yep, our luck has turned.

296 {sniff}

2007-05-30 19:33:45
303.   Shaun P
Here's the link - it was in a college game:

2007-05-30 19:34:09
304.   seamus
Wow! This is going to be our first win against an opponent that scored more than 3 runs in the entire month. That is something to go on...
2007-05-30 19:34:17
305.   Shaun P
So much for Mo's save opportunity. =)
2007-05-30 19:34:21
306.   RIYank
Huh, now I'm really interested in whether it's legal. Okay, I'll go look through the rule now.
2007-05-30 19:35:02
307.   mehmattski
305 If he finishes the game, he gets the save for the 8th inning appearance.
2007-05-30 19:35:07
308.   seamus
305 it is a save opportunity. What matters is the score when he comes in, not when he finishes.
2007-05-30 19:35:10
309.   Mattpat11
305 He still gets the save. He came into a one run game. Unless he's coming out.
2007-05-30 19:36:28
310.   Jim Dean
303 306 Might be a college vs. MLB difference. I can't imagine what rule it would fall under.
2007-05-30 19:36:28
311.   DarrenF
299 Sheesh. I'm kind of tired of classy and last place. Let's get some spikes flying high and Billy Martin waiting until the ninth inning to bring up the pine tar rule. As Munson would say, "Give no quarter, ask no quarter."
2007-05-30 19:36:41
312.   Ramone
Compared to steroids, corked bats, and Kenny Rodgers' self-manicure, calling for the ball seems pretty tame. Plus, it sounds like something Ty Cobb would do.
2007-05-30 19:36:48
313.   Mattpat11
399 I think A-Rod has his fair share of dirty player in him. And I'd rather it be this than the Slap.
2007-05-30 19:37:08
314.   seamus
at least we know arod is willing to try anything to win!
2007-05-30 19:37:17
315.   nick
insurance is good.....and heeeere's Bobby!
2007-05-30 19:37:25
316.   Mattpat11
313 That should read 299
2007-05-30 19:37:39
317.   williamnyy23
305 It's still a save opportunity.

Boy does Arod court controversy. I'm sure he'll take heat for it, but if he did call for the ball, I think it's a great idea. This idea that you shouldn't do EVERYTHING within the rules to win is absurd. I was really hoping that situation would escalate into a brawl to perhaps give the season a rallying moment.

2007-05-30 19:38:32
318.   seamus
317 my guess is that he did it, but mostly as a joke. He probably didnt seriously think that it would work!
2007-05-30 19:38:36
319.   Shaun P
306 307 308 Of course you guys are right. That's what I get for trying to watch and do work simultaneously.
2007-05-30 19:38:43
320.   Mattpat11
317 I agree totally on that.
2007-05-30 19:39:14
321.   rsmith51
How come the Yanks didn't get Stairs? Can he play 1B?
2007-05-30 19:39:40
322.   Mattpat11
318 I doubt that A-Rod didn't know exactly what he was doing.

And good for him.

2007-05-30 19:40:05
323.   nick
313 yeah, but what about 478, smart guy?
2007-05-30 19:40:18
324.   williamnyy23
318 It shouldn't work. In fact, if you look at the play, Clark was still under the ball even after Arod passed. It was just an awful play by the Jays.
2007-05-30 19:40:35
325.   seamus
322 i didn't say he didn't know what he was doing. I said that he mostly did it is a farce because I doubt he thought it would work.
2007-05-30 19:40:57
326.   williamnyy23
321 I think he said he'd only play for Toronto. I think he is a Canadian.
2007-05-30 19:41:14
327.   mehmattski
319 Welcome to the Bronx Banter: where three posters are willing, at any moment, to leap into action and explain the intricacies of save situations.
2007-05-30 19:41:14
328.   RIYank
Yeah, I agree that I'm very happy to see A-Rod do that kind of thing.

Also glad to see a win. YES. YES. YES. (And no, I don't look much like Meg Ryan.)

2007-05-30 19:42:04
329.   nick
I love the ARod play, if I understand it correctly--but are we sure he wasn't saying "I HIT it?"

ok, sorry, terrible Deadspin style's the beer, and the victory, talking--

2007-05-30 19:42:07
330.   Mattpat11
Mo's ERA in May- 1.74
2007-05-30 19:42:45
331.   Jim Dean
This is it - I can feel it. 15 of 20 - you heard it here first!
2007-05-30 19:43:15
332.   RIYank
I can't find anyplace in the rules that makes it illegal to fake 'call', unless it's 7.08b, which says that a runner is out when

"he intentionally interferes with a thrown ball; or hinders a fielder attempting to make a play on a batted ball;"

Maybe yelling is hindering. But I kind of doubt it.

2007-05-30 19:43:20
333.   Mattpat11
327 Is that a bad thing?
2007-05-30 19:43:28
334.   seamus
324 agreed.

329 and agreed! (even the meg ryan part)

2007-05-30 19:44:22
335.   RIYank
Clippard gets the win, speaking of official scoring principles. Nice.
2007-05-30 19:44:48
336.   mehmattski
333 Not at all, just going back to a theme from last season where you could substitute "playoff scenarios" and "They Might be Giants lyrics." I like when a bunch of people post the same thing in rapid fire, reminds me how knowledgeable the posters here are, compared to some other places...
2007-05-30 19:45:07
337.   seamus
335 so he is 2-1?
2007-05-30 19:45:38
338.   Mattpat11
336 I did not know the TBbG lyric thing. I'm intrigued
2007-05-30 19:45:59
339.   nick
Stairs is a fat little 40 yr old Canadian who didn't do much last year, but the dude can hit...
2007-05-30 19:47:12
340.   OldYanksFan
Dice-K on ice and a Yankees win. A nice evening, all in all.
2007-05-30 19:48:03
341.   mehmattski
338 I think it started with a discussion of Farnsworth as "Farnstantinople" to which many people responded "Istanbul, not Farnstantinople" and the comments evolved from there.
2007-05-30 19:49:16
342.   williamnyy23
329 Maybe he tried to stuff a few dollar bills in Clarks pants?
2007-05-30 19:49:26
343.   rsmith51
339 I really, really don't like Minky as our starting 1b.

Nice win, Yanks.

Start Phelps and win. What a concept.

2007-05-30 19:49:28
344.   florida yanks
Can you believe its the end of May and Mo just recorded only his 4th save!
2007-05-30 19:49:54
345.   RIYank
I guess it all starts with Fearless Leader, whose post titles frequently have plays on lyrics.
But he's a little more... Inner City... than us geeky TMBG types.
2007-05-30 19:51:31
346.   Bama Yankee
338 & 341 Here you go:
2007-05-30 19:51:37
347.   RIYank
345 was supposed to refer to 341.

344 Ugh. I don't like that fact at all.

Hey, maybe we need Emma to do the Game Thread postings until further notice?

2007-05-30 19:54:04
348.   Bama Yankee
346 You might have to open up the comments on that thread to get it back to comment #11 for that link to work.
2007-05-30 19:54:09
349.   seamus
peter abraham has crossed a line from being a professional journalist who blogs to being a really unprofessional blogger. I don;t like it so much. I think that the blogging has gotten to his head.
2007-05-30 19:54:39
350.   Shaun P
347 Maybe the trick is to not start a new thread for the next game? Emma's post was a review of last night's game.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-05-30 19:55:06
351.   Shaun P
349 What's wrong?
2007-05-30 19:57:31
352.   seamus
351 hmm? just a general response. I think echoing something someone said earlier.
2007-05-30 19:57:51
353.   RIYank
350 Right, it wasn't intended to be a game thread. So we don't know which is the important factor: treating Emma's posting as a game thread, or there being no official game thread. Hm. Better do both until we lose again.
2007-05-30 20:10:06
354.   williamnyy23
Arod definitely didn't say I got it...his lips made one move...almost like BOO.
2007-05-30 20:14:13
355.   Jen
354 Even if he did it would be perfectly legal. There is no rule about "verbal obstruction" in MLB. If you're running the bases you can yell "I got it. I got it." It's up to the fielders to know who's saying it.
2007-05-30 20:16:56
356.   Chyll Will
So... Who's buying the ice cream? I nominate NotGivingUp, since he came closest to predicting the outcome 98

Make mine a Mo-cha >;)

2007-05-30 20:18:42
357.   Jen
This also goes the other way, the fielders can trick the runners by yelling things as well. It's not legal on a high school level (not sure about college), but in the majors this is perfectly fine.

I expect this play to be covered on Derek Zumsteg's blog at some point.

2007-05-30 20:19:03
358.   williamnyy23
355 Of course...I only meant to show off my lip reading skills.
2007-05-30 20:21:59
359.   pistolpete
Just to round out the thread - "TWO FOUR SIX EIGHT, WHO DO WE APPREICATE?"


::throws hat in air::

I'll have an Oreo Blizzard please.

2007-05-30 20:22:37
360.   pistolpete
359 Of course I spelled 'appreciate' wrong.

Ugh, feel free to revoke my Blizzard. ;-)

2007-05-30 20:23:07
361.   mehmattski
357 Yeah, how is it different from a center fielder raising his glove to make a runner think he's gonna catch a deep fly ball?
2007-05-30 20:28:18
362.   Zuma Jay
Oh, he yelled "mine" alright. I heard it when YES replayed it for sound (that was the only time they replayed it with sound) and I read his lips in the slow-mo, plus I saw A-Rod's smile while standing at third.

I caught the first two innings at Bryant Park with my son, we saw The Rocket say a few words to the crowd. -- A fun game overall.

2007-05-30 20:28:26
363.   pistolpete
Heh, just saw 'Major League 2' the other day on cable - Omar Epps as Willie Mays Hays pulled the same thing, albeit a lot more blatantly...
2007-05-30 20:30:22
364.   Chyll Will
361 Or running straight through a metal sign on the outfield wall to make you think he wasn't paying attention?
2007-05-30 20:31:28
365.   williamnyy23
362 Arod says he said "Ha", and the video seems to support him. From what I can tell, it was a sound requiring an exhale. "Mine" is clear to decipher because the lips have to close to create the "m" sound. He definitely didn't say "mine".
2007-05-30 20:36:39
366.   Zuma Jay
A-Rod also says he didn't hear what McDonald said to him, do you believe that too?
2007-05-30 20:40:46
367.   Chyll Will
366 "May I take your order?"
2007-05-30 20:42:48
368.   weeping for brunnhilde
Man, you guys are cracking me the fuck up.

It's nice to see the mood lighten a bit in here.

How 'bout that Arod, eh?

Ha aha ha ahaa!!!

Did you all see the look on his face? That cat that ate the canary look?

My God, he's something else.

Terribly bush, of course, but I agree with william: if it's legal, do it. If it's not legal, don't get caught.

Other random notes...

I grew up chanting "We want a pitcher, not a belly-itcher" too.

One of the kids took to saying: "We want a pitcher, not a glass of water."

Pitcher...water. Eh? Get it?

Maybe Arod actually said, "Yo, man, watch out for the HOLE!"

350 353 et. al.: Agreed, let's petition management to 86 the Game Threads until further notice. And just to be safe, Emma's gotta do the non-game thread game-threads.

I kind of went in and out on the game, checking out a bit of the Mets and then the Sopranos, so I don't have much in the way of observations.

But I do wonder what we all think about that final hit of "Vlad" Cano's. Ball four over his head that he smacked into the gap. (Excellent, aggressive hustle, btw.)

Now, is it possible that the man simply can't be trained to lay off that pitch and the best we can hope for is that he remains aggressive?

Reyes certainly learned plate discipline, so much so that he scarcely resembles the player he was.

Anyone know how he managed to do that and what the factors are governing success in such an effort?

Reyes proves hitters can develop, can learn, so I wonder what Cano's excuse would be.

Anyway, good game. Let's kick Boston's ass this weekend, eh?

For old time's sake.

Or at the very least, please let us kick Schilling's ass.

God, how I despise that smirking smug pigfucker.

2007-05-30 20:45:19
369.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, and of course, the big news for the night, how 'bout that Mo?

Nice to see, nice to see, especially considering I hardly recognized the man when first they showed him warming up.

I knew I'd seen him somewhere before, but couldn't quite place him, you know?

2007-05-30 20:47:08
370.   seamus
368 the ironic thing is that Cano's Pitches per Plate Appearance is way up:

2005: 3.1
2006: 3.2
2007: 3.5

I think some of his struggles are tied to his attempts to change his approach.

2007-05-30 20:49:32
371.   weeping for brunnhilde
370 You may well be right, seamus.

Do you think the rise in pitches seen comes from taking more first pitch fastballs in an effort to be patient, but just results in being forced to swing at more nasty breaking balls and generally poor pitches?

2007-05-30 20:53:06
372.   seamus
371 i think that is a part of it maybe. If you have ever changed a habit, and his hitting method must be really ingrained, it leads to confusing decision making for a bit.
2007-05-30 20:54:07
373.   Zack
As its only 9:00PM here, I'll gladly take the hit on the DQ tonight, so order up gals and guys!

Man, all I ahve to say is, if Clark is stupid enough to fall for A-Rod yelling mine, shame on him. I don't understand this whole "bush league" concept. If it helps you win, what's wrong? It seems to me that the line between "bush league" and "dirt dog" seems to be quite fuzzy...

2007-05-30 21:01:13
374.   yankz
Can someone explain this? Something about Arod eating a canary?
2007-05-30 21:04:25
375.   weeping for brunnhilde
373 Speaking of bush leagues and pigfuckers, one of my favorite moments in baseball history was Schilling's perfect game against San Diego that was broken up when their catcher bunted in the late innings.

Schilling bitched and moaned about how it wasn't fair and insinuated it wasn't masculine.

Reminded me of Piazza, another of my favorites, when he called an emergency press conference to assure the public that the "vicious" rumors about his sexuality were completely unfounded and that his blood ran as red as the next guy's.

Anyway, I thought it was fine for that guy to bunt because, last I checked, the opposition's goal is to win the baseball game and not to cooperate in the opposing team's efforts to keep them from scoring.

God I hate that man.

2007-05-30 21:04:28
376.   nick
368 the upside for a hitter with Cano's discipline and approach is Vlad's not Ted Williams, but it ain't chopped liver.
2007-05-30 21:05:03
377.   yankz
Never mind, I got it from LoHud. Pretty hilarious. Anyone ever read Skinnybones? Booga Booga? Anyone?
2007-05-30 21:09:22
378.   weeping for brunnhilde
376 Mattingly, too, as I recall. I have the image etched in my mind of seeing him reach the bat way the hell out of the strike zone to drive a pitch high and outside with authority to left field.

Only, Mattingly, bless his soul, never struck out.

35 times in 603 at-bats, was it, in 1984?

Something like 44 times in 652 ab the following season?

He was the real thing.

2007-05-30 21:11:25
379.   weeping for brunnhilde
377 It's a shame you missed it, yankz, it was truly something else.

A steal of home one night, Arod's antics the next.

Emma's so right, you never know what you'll see in this our game of baseball:

"But baseball is great even if the Yankees aren't, and if you pay attention, something interesting is happening in every game, even a grotesquerie like tonight's. For example, in addition to the steal of home, we had Jason Giambi beating out an infield single (thanks to the shift of course), then stealing second base, then moving to third on a throwing error. This is not something we are likely to see again in our lifetimes. "Speed kills," observed John Flaherty, wryly. The games can still be entertaining, though admittedly this season's been more Oresteia than Star Wars."

2007-05-30 21:20:15
380.   seamus
the guys on espn were actually pretty good about the whole arod thing.
2007-05-30 21:23:20
381.   seamus
but then espn called youkilus the modern wade boggs. they should be drug tested.
2007-05-30 21:23:43
382.   nick
381 agreed; I was expecting worse from the Whore of Bristol...
2007-05-30 21:45:47
383.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ha ha ha hah aha!!!!

Joe says, re: Arod, "Nah, he just made a noise."

He made a noise just like a pitcher was just trying to, you know, "make a pitch" after they throw at someone's head.

Like when what's his name on the Mets finally threw at Clemens for the Piazza incident on national television and missed!

Remember that?

That was funny.

I think that was the same series when Shane Spencer had that mysterious injury in left where he twisted something. He was finally starting to really hit and he had that freak accident.

Or maybe it was another series, can't remember, but it was against the Mets.

2007-05-30 21:46:45
384.   3rd gen yankee fan
373 I'd like a chocolate flying saucer please. But I gotta go, it's past my bedtime.

375 Know why I hate Schilling? Besides the sock drama and the blowhardiness? Cause he looks like Danny Carey from tool, who is an awesome, awesome drummer, plus a nice guy. So everytime I see Schilling's photo I think, "cool, it's Danny!" (out of context of course) then I get the letdown that it's Schilling.

2007-05-30 21:49:59
385.   weeping for brunnhilde
384 ha ha ha ha!!
2007-05-30 22:38:41
386.   bbfan1
"God, how I despise that smirking smug pigfucker."

Such classy yankee fans.

2007-05-30 23:27:44
387.   Mike T
On Sportscenter tonight, A-Rod's shenanigans were of course a hot topic, but the anchors were ripping the Blue Jays player for not making the catch, while laughing about what A-Rod did.
2007-05-30 23:44:13
388.   weeping for brunnhilde
Evidently Damon, re: Arod, remarked "I didn't know that was allowed" and went on to muse they should maybe do it more often!

Ha ha ha aha ha haa!!

Too, too funny.

Well, I was just saying that at least if we're to be a sideshow this year, we should incorporate some antics into the act to spice up the losing.

I'll take antics in the service of winning, though, too.

Good stuff.

2007-05-30 23:55:19
389.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Jeff Francouer, the mother of all ALL K NO WALK guy is showing vast improvement in that area this season so far (vast as a ocean considering how bad it was)

I think he'll slowly get more walks, those forcing the issue is probably just make things worse.

2007-05-31 03:39:53
390.   RIYank
I bet there'll be another thread up by the time the next Banterer looks at comments so nobody will read this, but for whatever it's worth, Gameday doesn't have Cano swinging at any pitches outside of the strike zone last night.

Who are you gonna believe: me, or your own eyes?

Also, DMZ (at Cheater's Guide to Baseball) does have a note on A-Rod's calling for the pop-up, but there's no real content. And in the posting he had on a similar play in a college, DMZ and the commenters seem unclear on whether it's illegal (DMZ says it depends on the league).

2007-05-31 03:50:01
391.   Shaun P
390 I caught it - thanks, RIYank!

For the heck of it, I checked the two "rules/funny situations" books I have, written by Dom Forker (a rules guru) in the early 90s. Neither mentions the situation.

I'm curious to see what Mike Carminati, the Toaster's resident rules-guy, says about it (if anything).

2007-05-31 08:27:21
392.   weeping for brunnhilde
390 Thanks RI. To speak plainly, Gameday is tripping.

That last hit came off a pitch that was over the man's head, or damned near.

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