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2007-05-24 05:06
by Alex Belth
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By the time Alex Rodriguez came to bat in the first inning the Yankees had a 3-0 lead. Curt Schilling did not throw at Rodriguez, nor did any other Boston pitcher. Schilling had troubles of his own--as did his fielders--as the Yankees added single runs in the second, third and fourth. Andy Pettitte pitched a terrific game, and was helped out by two key double plays (including one very slick play by Robinson Cano). Godzilla Matsui and Mr. Minky both homered as the Bombers won, 8-3.

Over at his blog, 38 Pitches, Schilling called his performance "a craptastic finish to what could have been a nice series. I never gave us a chance to even get into this game."

Kyle Farnsworth upset the good mood temporarily with a characteristically shaky performance in the eighth inning, but Mariano Rivera struck out the side looking in the ninth, with home plate umpire C.B. Bucknor providing the theatrics. Bucknor's exaggerated strike-three call certainly did not make it any easier for the Red Sox. Lugo, who was called out on an absolutely nasty cutter that hit the inside corner on the plate, got in Bucknor's face. The YES announcers were cracking up--Paul O'Neill mentioned how angry hitters get when they feel like the umpire is putting too much mustard on a call. For Yankee fans, it was a much-needed moment of levity. A fine way to end the evening.

Couple of things:

Derek Jeter had three hits last night, including a triple. He tied and then passed Joe DiMaggio on the all-time Yankee hit list.

Jason Giambi, who went 0-4 last night and is mired in a hitting slump, met with MLB officials yesterday, then was tight-lipped about what went on when confronted about the meeting later by reporters.

It's official: Carl Pavano will undergo Tommy John surgery, effectively ending his misbegotten term in pinstripes.

Roger Clemens labored through a minor league start last night in Trenton. There is no word yet if he'll pitch once more in the minors or if his next start will be in the big leagues.

2007-05-24 05:47:17
1.   Jim Dean
great roundup - thanks! I especially like 38pitches as a forum after a beatdown like last night. And props to Shrill for his honest assessment. It's got to be one thing to speak it into a mic - it's another to write it yourself.

Sucks to have a day off in the middle of the homestand.

2007-05-24 05:47:52
2.   seamus
were people seriously thinking that the sox would throw at a-rod over that slide? He may have gone out of his way but he barely touched him. Are they that weak?

craptastic ought to be the story of Schilling's life. It would be so much more bearable.

This day off is nice. We should be very well rested for the weekend. And we need as much rest as we can get with the start we've had. I do think Clemens will start in Toronto. We have a gap in the rotation and it may as well be him.

2007-05-24 05:57:27
3.   Shaun P
Great win last night. Looking forward to Clippard's second start on Friday.

Clemens laboring is to be expected. Is it better to let him labor in the minors or the bigs? The choice is between him and DeSalvo. I'm honestly not sure who to choose. DeSalvo could go 7 innings; doesn't seem like Clemens will at first, without his typical command. Maybe the Yanks should hold him back for the White Sox?

5/28 v Jays - Pettitte
5/29 v Jays - DeSalvo
5/30 v Jays - Clippard
5/31 - off
6/1 v BoSox - Wang
6/2 v BoSox - Moose
6/3 v BoSox - Pettitte
6/4 v ChiSox - Rocket

Let's hope Pavano takes his rehab seriously - and if not, that the Yanks push him to. He could be a long man out of the pen next year after the ASB.

2007-05-24 06:00:40
4.   Jim Dean
2 I do think that the bitchfest over the slide was a bit much. He did barely touch him. Yet Mnookin has Arod throwing the elbow to the balls and all of RSN wails about the "cheap Slappy".

Whatever, it's baseball. Would they prefer a rolling block and taking out his knees? Meanwhile, it accomplished the intended effect.

2007-05-24 06:03:48
5.   Jim Dean
3 Can we just declare that Meaty scenario banished from the Banter? Please? If ever there should be a Voldemort in the Yankee universe, it is he.

Plus, knowing the history, deep down don't you just know that [He who shall not be named] is history?

2007-05-24 06:06:33
6.   Jim Dean
Fun blast from the past as I did a quick search on "rolling block":

2007-05-24 06:12:33
7.   DarrenF
Excellent post, Alex, and I particularly like the reference to Schilling's blog.

It's beyond belief that the $252 million player is being criticized for a tough slide. Even opponents should respect it, for crying out loud, in a league where some players cash in and get fat and lazy.

Last night, I very much enjoyed ARod's hustle double and ensuing dash home. Just because I can only think of a few other players ever that have combined much power and that much baserunning ability (Mays, Bonds, ???).

Fun to watch because most 500-HR hitters (never mind 800-HR hitters) would have singled and moved to second base on Posada's hit. Good stuff, ARod.

2007-05-24 06:13:20
8.   mehmattski
FWIW, Clemens' final tune-up for AAA Corpus Christi last season:

5.2 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 5 K

This was after two scoreless starts (3 IP at A, 6 IP at AA).

I agree with 3 that Clemens should start at Scranton (they need the SP help there anyway) and wait for the White Sox game... if any "competitive" lineup can make a pitcher feel like a god, it's the White Sox.

2007-05-24 06:22:09
9.   Sliced Bread
Exhale is right, Alex.

Nice night for the Final Four: Jeter, Pettitte, Posada, and Mo.

Is it just me or has this one of the most herky-jerky bi-polar seasons ever?

The wins are extremely satisfying, and so full of promise -- while the losses couldn't be uglier or more discouraging.

Usually the team is comfortable and consistent enough that you can shrug off a win as easily as a loss, but this year every game feels like a life-or-death situation for the Yanks.

If the season is a marathon, the Yankees approach so far has been sprint, crawl, sprint, crawl.

Here's hoping they can settle in to a steady jog, and keep winning series.

2007-05-24 06:33:26
10.   ny2ca2dc
8 These Blue Jays are a pretty good approximation of today's White Sox... I'd rather have Clemens start, and see if we can get a look at DeSalvo out of the pen. Could probably be a good long man, at least until he's traded for a real first baseman.

9 Second.

Abreu still slumping, Giambi slumping/hurt, Cano adjusting... Looks like Damon is back, as is A-Rod (man he just missed a couple bombs). However, if Cano, Gimabi and Abreu can no longer be counted on, this team can't afford to carry MKZ. We all know this. Anyone got any suggestions?

2007-05-24 06:37:22
11.   ny2ca2dc
Meanwhile, the Big eUnuch is missing a start due to tendinitis in his forearm. For all the moves that haven't worked out, where would we be without Andy Pettitte!

2007-05-24 06:39:40
12.   Sliced Bread
7 Good call, Darren F.

I knocked A-Rod here yesterday over his slide (good intent, terrible execution) but he deserves props for his hustle last night.

A-Rod v Schilling is a always an interesting battle. A-Rod has smacked him around pretty good so far this year (3-for-6 2HR 4RBI), but career-wise (37 ABs) Rodriguez is a .243 hitter against Schilling (.263 OBP). However, A-Rod sports a .595 slugging percentage v Schill.

They seem to bring out the best/worst in eachother.

2007-05-24 07:07:08
13.   JeterChrist
4 Funny, Mnookin freely admits to not playing past little league, and then dismisses Paulie and Flaherty's take on it in the booth, and uses Michael Kay of all people to help justify his point.

Again, I reiterate, as a middle infielder, going out of the baseline to take out someones legs is about 100 times more dangerous than popping up and leaning into an infielder (and make no mistake in slow motion its pretty clear that A-Rod's intent was to lean, not elbow).

2007-05-24 07:28:44
14.   vockins
3 No. No Pavano. Forget it. He should be dead to you. He won't pitch for the Yankees again, ever.

I'd like to take this opportunity to gloat about my prediction that Pavano would be out for the year by the ASB. Not much of an achievement, actually. It's a bit like predicting the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. I think the entire readership of this website agreed, since no one took me up on my wager.

I believe Pavano is my Most Hated Yankee. I want to drive a monster truck over his house.

I'm moving on, though. I won't mention him again unless the Yankees express interest in another perpetually damaged jackass free agent during the offseason.

2007-05-24 07:49:00
15.   3rd gen yankee fan
I really liked Robbie's bunt last night! Great to see that from him.
2007-05-24 07:52:56
16.   Yankee Fan In Boston
3 14 months ago, i began a small, grassroots campaign to back "comeback carl" pavano for the duration of the 2007 season in hopes of a league average season that might have potentially catapulted him to a cy young award. (not the AL cy young award, but i would have gladly fashioned my own little trophy and named it after the other... maybe the "cy young award jr." or something.)

a lot has happened since those days of wide-eyed innocence and boundless hope.

as much as it pains me to do so, i hereby officially concede to my opponents, Health and Lazyness.

it is best not to think of what might have been. instead, let's turn our attention to the future. let's get excited about all that lies ahead. let's all close our eyes and imagine all of the injuries that will plague carl pavano in the future.i think that we all can agree that this common dream can unite us all.

thank you for your time, and may god bless the new york yankees.

2007-05-24 08:00:53
17.   yankz
I bet if Manny started, it would read a lot like this:

2007-05-24 08:16:50
18.   NJYankee41
Does anyone think they will let Hughes take #45 if he wants it since Pavano has no use for it? I think Hughes has worn that number often in the past.

Maybe Clemens should throw another minor league game, but I don't think he threw 100 pitches yesterday to pitch for SWB. He's in rocket express mode right now to "save" the Yanks

14 My most hated Yankee is still Kevin Brown. Followed by Tony Womack, then good ol' Glass Carl.

2007-05-24 08:19:18
19.   Bob B
Could we all agree to never mention Carl Pavano again?
2007-05-24 08:21:17
20.   Yankee Fan In Boston
18 he definitely has worn that number before. i was wondering the same thing.
2007-05-24 08:23:23
21.   dlewanda
Is there a way in MLB to send a player home similar to what was done in the NFL with Keyshawn Johnson (by Tampa Bay a few years ago) and Terrell Owens (by the Eagles in 2005 I think)? If so, the Yanks should pursue that to deal with the player who we shall not name.
2007-05-24 08:26:53
22.   pistolpete
19 Starting now?
2007-05-24 08:41:30
23.   JL25and3
I think it's time for Banterers to chip in and buy season tickets for my sister and me for the rest of the year. Last night made us 5-0.

Alex Rodriguez always hustles. In fact, most of the team does. Even Giambi - he may run like Baby Huey, but he still busts his ass going down to first.

Petttittte was just wonderful last night. Not dominating, but always in control of himself. He's the anti-Mussina. The fifth inning started off with an infield single and an error by Abreu; Mussina would have gotten pissed and given up at least three runs. Instead Andy turned that sweet double play.

Jeter's triple was a thing of beauty. I love triples.

2007-05-24 08:49:59
24.   Bama Yankee
Remember the auction for the game worn hat from the "player not to be named later":

If someone tried to sell a "game worn" #45 jersey the ad might read like the old joke:

For sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain.

2007-05-24 08:54:14
25.   AbbyNormal821
Craptastic...tee hee! Me like that word. Even better would've been to call it "pitching crapnanigans"! (thank you to my good friend Chuck for that word!)
2007-05-24 09:41:57
26.   Zack
So whats the deal, do I comment in this thread, on topic, or in the one above, off topic? So confusing!

In any case, 23 thats a nice change, seems like for a few years there, it was always the most painful games...And is there really anything more fun and exciting than seeing a player round 2B and go for 3? HRs are fun, but the suspense is gone as soon as it leaves the bat. The triple combines all the great parts of baseball, and is so darn rare today, its way more of a treat...

I think He Must Not Be Named is a very fitting and worthwhile nickname for, well, He Who Must Not Be Named.

2007-05-24 09:51:19
27.   Bama Yankee
26 This thread and the new thread about BBQ are actually similar... they both have references to "cooked meat" ;-)
2007-05-24 10:05:44
28.   williamnyy23
23 I should give you my tickets...I'm already 0-4 and the Yankees have been outscored 44 to 21.
2007-05-24 10:09:19
29.   3rd gen yankee fan
27 OHHHHH!!!! slick!
2007-05-24 10:42:53
30.   thelarmis
not only did jeter tie (and pass) joe d. on the yankees hit list, he also tied the yankee clipper (and will hopefully pass tomorrow), with hits in 76 of 79 games. whew! gunning for 77 in 80. i know it's not all in a row, so it's not getting much attention, but think about it for a sec, it's a pretty astonishing accomplishment.

typing that made me remember my 23 "Hit Man" Mattingly t-shirt growing up : )

2007-05-24 11:11:53
31.   Bama Yankee
30 I always wanted on of those Converse "Hit Man" posters:

Now I can have one if I am willing to bid more than the $26.11 bid on ebay (plus $8.50 for shipping of course)...

This looks like a cool Mattingly T-shirt:

2007-05-24 11:18:52
32.   thelarmis
bama - that hit man poster RULES!

shipping prices at ebay are ludicrous, for the most part, esp. for posters and such.

that t-shirt is waaaaay cooler than the one i had. mine was just plain navy. said mattingly and 23 on the back. the front left breast had the interlocking NY. the best part, i guess, was the "hit man" part was a puffy white material that was kinda cool.

2007-05-24 11:22:05
33.   Sliced Bread
31 I had that exact Hit Man poster on the back of my dorm room door junior year.

My roommate was also a big Yanks fan and he had a couple of other posters: Reggie, Nettles, Guidry.

Sadly, my Mattingly poster didn't make it home from college.

Roomie might have smoked it.

2007-05-24 11:23:20
34.   Max
The only reason the A-Rod slide is an issue is because it's A-Rod. Go over to and look at what the columnists are saying there: that Pedroia is basically being a crybaby and has come off as the one looking bad in this whole thing.

Cut A-Rod Some Slack: Dustin Deserves More Heat in Spat

"Please. This year, more than any other, Rodriguez deserves praise more than blame. He seems to have unburdened himself of the need to please everyone, and it certainly seems as if he is becoming an even better player for it.

Maybe Rodriguez crossed the line with his slide on Tuesday, maybe he did not. But if the Red Sox [team stats] were truly annoyed and felt the need to concern themselves with such things as they run away with the AL East, then let's all agree on at least one thing:

Dustin Pedroia wasn't the guy who should have been delivering the message."

2007-05-24 11:32:36
35.   thelarmis
33 nice, sliced! my brother and i had an awesome REGGIE! poster from the late 70's on our wall for years and years. hopefully it's still somewhere in the attic. i think it is. it was a great picture of the "swing" and follow through, with his trademark leg-crossing. supercool!
2007-05-24 12:12:40
36.   Bama Yankee
33 "Roomie might have smoked it."
That is very funny...

I had a huge Mattingly door poster back in college (I might still have it somewhere). I would like to see your roomie smoke that one... ;-)

35 Did your REGGIE poster look like one of these:

Here's one that I wouldn't mind having:

It's signed by Reggie and the three Dodgers pitchers that he took deep in the Serious. That almost seems like a bargain for the $149.99 (plus $9.99 shipping) asking price.

2007-05-24 12:34:26
37.   Chyll Will
33 (Bad Pun Alert)

Isn't that taking the phrase, "Take a hit, man!" a little too far?

2007-05-24 13:23:21
38.   thelarmis
36 hey bama. i went searching online before to try and find you a cheaper Hit Man poster and ended up finding the 3 Reggie posters you pulled up as well. alas, none of them match the one i had as a kid.

it was big, white border. home pinstriped uni. big, bold, black letters atop: REGGIE

2007-05-24 14:18:24
39.   Bama Yankee
38 Thanks for looking, I couldn't find a cheaper one either. Maybe I'll just try to find one of those pinstripe suits instead...

33 Hey Sliced, while searching for the Hit Man poster I stumbled across this post over at

Could that RobRiv guy be your ex-roomie?

2007-05-24 16:32:10
40.   florida yanks
14 Make no mistake, Pavano is no Yankee - never has been and never will!
2007-05-24 16:36:03
41.   florida yanks
24 Now that's priceless!
2007-05-24 18:52:12
42.   NotGivingUp
Pedroia looks like a two-bit chump if you ask me. He should be worrying about Alex Cora being a better player than him, rather than A-rod.

Although, I have to say...if he played for the Yankees, i'd be the first one to print up "Vote for Pedroia" tshirts. i love cheezy/witty t-shirts. they rule.

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