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2007-04-28 07:16
by Alex Belth
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The Yankee offense did a decent job against D. Matsuzaka for the second time in a week, but Boston's bullpen was excellent and New York's pitching was absolute horses*** as the Red Sox rolled 11-4. Andy Pettitte was lousy and, adding insult to injury, Mariano Rivera was even worse. That makes it seven losses in a row for the Yanks. I guess it can get worse.

I know Steinbrenner isn't what he once was, but if this keeps up, would anyone really be suprised if heads roll?

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2007-04-28 07:44:43
1.   vockins
I don't think it's eight yet, but it's looking very likely.
2007-04-28 07:45:27
2.   NetShrine
"That makes it eight losses in a row for the Yanks. I guess it can get worse."

Eight? You know something that we don't know about today, already? ;-)

2007-04-28 07:49:02
3.   pistolpete
Normally I don't root for heads to roll, but some kinda shakeup seems necessary. I'm seeing a lot of closeup shots of Guidry on the bench lately, and I don't have a good feeling about his future with the team.

I forced myself to watch last night to the bitter end, even when Mariano was being taken out of the game - it's almost like I wanted to experience the absolute bottom of being a Yankees fan this year, just so I would appreciate winning the division that much more in September.

2007-04-28 07:49:19
4.   Alex Belth
Cool. Seven, right, just seven...
2007-04-28 08:02:14
5.   Simone
Coming into the season I thought the Yankees' starting rotation was weak, but I could not have predicted this disaster. Of everything that has gone wrong with the pitching, Mariano is freaking me out the most. He has got to be rusty because the alternatives are not good.

One of the Yankees' starters is going to have to man up and give this team a complete game shut out or something close to that so the bullpen can rest and the offense can take a deep breath.

It is on Karstens!

2007-04-28 08:09:34
6.   manila boy
I hope heads roll, and these in particular: Minky, Myers, Melky (sent down for Thompson), Nieves (call up Pelittere?), Cairo. It's okay to be patient with the regulars -- Abreu, Damon, and Cano will come around, right? -- but the bench is a black hole.
2007-04-28 08:12:58
7.   Alex Belth
Abrue, Damon and Cano WILL come around. I'm actually rooting for Minky to keep sucking only so as to insure a speedy departure from our midst
2007-04-28 08:28:21
8.   yankz
I'm positive the scouting report on Cano reads "Will swing at high fastball out of the zone when behind in the count." I've seen him strike out on it a few times the past week.
2007-04-28 08:29:17
9.   elwoods
I'm starting to think this is the "curse of Bernie:"

"Non-roster invite? I'll give you a non-roster invite ..."

2007-04-28 08:45:29
10.   joejoejoe
It's not Torre's fault that the pitching has been garbage but since I didn't want Torre to come back this year, I can't be sad if he goes. I'll miss the 1996 Joe Torre. I won't miss 2006 Joe Torre. '96 Torre platooned Hall-of-Famer Wade Boggs. Present-day Joe Torre treats every veteran (except ARod) as though he was 'warrior' Paul O'Neill. The big question is who replaces Torre if he gets canned? I can see it being Girardi or Bowa and not Mattingly. This team needs a kick in the ass and I'm not sure Donnie Baseball is the guy to do it. I say replace Torre with Zombie Billy Martin.
2007-04-28 08:59:57
11.   Max Nomad
6 Something might happen to Minky, like Womack, but not to Melky or Myers. The LOOGY may suck but he's a "gamer" and does anything he's asked and more, just rarely well. Melky has already proven himself a major leaguer and it will take a lot to send him away. He's also a plus defender, which is really all you ask of your backups. Offense is a bonus. Nieves might go if an option appears outside the organization.

But I still wanna know about Shelley Duncan. Who's got the dirt?

2007-04-28 09:02:10
12.   manila boy
7 It's sad that Minky hasn't sucked enough to be waived or even benched. Wouldn't Womack be an upgrade over him right now?

11 I'm part of the won't-be-sad-if-he-goes camp, but like most I'm worried about who would replace him. Would Girardi really be a good choice?

2007-04-28 09:06:09
13.   manila boy
Oops, meant the Torre comment for 10.

11 Not sure I agree. Melky showed he could play last year, but this year he seems to have regressed. He's young enough to learn to adjust, but why not send him down so he can get his swing back at AAA? Thompson should fill the role of fourth OF pretty well.

2007-04-28 09:07:20
14.   monkeypants
12 Isn't Shelley Duncan one of these too-old-for-the-level-he's-playing guys (he's 26 or 27 now)? That doesn't mean he has no utility--he could be another Andy Phillips. And I mean, the Andy Phillips who should have been called up at 26 or 27 y.o., and given a real shot, not the 30 y.o. variety.

In other words, Shelly Duncan, or Andy Phillips, or Josh Phelps should be an imporvement over Minky, though obviously none of them is a 'solution' in the long run.

2007-04-28 09:07:31
15.   yankz
11 Mike A. at RAB told me Shelley Duncan isn't going to happen.
2007-04-28 09:10:26
16.   monkeypants
12 How bad does he have to be? I mean, Minky's already batting worse than Womack did, and he was challenging for the statistically worst season by a position player in Yankee history (at least if I remember Goldman's article correctly).
2007-04-28 09:11:04
17.   monkeypants
14 Oops, I meant 11.
2007-04-28 09:11:17
18.   Max Nomad
14 Thompson is 27 as well, and I guess I could dream that Shelley is half of what his brother Chris is...
2007-04-28 09:14:58
19.   yankz
I'm just glad I don't live in Boston. One of my Sox fans is beyond obnoxious about this.
2007-04-28 09:15:28
20.   yankz
Er, Sox fan friends...
2007-04-28 09:16:08
21.   monkeypants
18 Exactly. Thompson is 27, so he is probably the at the limits of his development. He makes a wonderful 4th OF and PR (it helps to have speed). Duncan is 27, probaly peaked skill-wise, and might make a decent back-up 1B or PH (he has some power) for this year.
2007-04-28 09:26:35
22.   manila boy
21 Agreed on Thompson and Duncan. They're not to be counted on as lifesavers but as backups. They'd probably be good in that role. Too bad they don't have the veteranosity that counts a lot with Torre (who is afflicted with veteranitis).
2007-04-28 09:35:38
23.   yankz
Schilling responded about Sockgate on his blog. I'm still skeptical, probably because I don't like the guy at all, but he said some good things about the BS media.
2007-04-28 09:40:50
24.   joejoejoe
How about trading some offense for some pitching? The Yankees right now look like a weighlifter with huge biceps and pecs with skinny legs. Some balance would be nice.
2007-04-28 09:42:20
25.   monkeypants
24 What offense would be available to trade?
2007-04-28 09:48:11
26.   Cliff Corcoran
It fascinates me that you all focus on the offense when the pitching is so clearly the problem. What they need to do is play a few games without using 2/3 of the pen. That means either using Igawa as a long man or letting a starter like Karstens fall on his sword. Another option would be to switch out Bruney, who's tired and ineffective at the moment and still has options, for Rasner and either put Rasner back in the rotation and use Karstens as the long man or vice versa. At this point it's worth taking a couple more loses (say today and Tuesday) in exchange for getting the pen some real rest (today, off-day Monday, Tues). You don't want to abuse Pettitte, Wang or Hughes, but any of the other guys has to go 110 pitches regardless of the results and they have to be replaced by a long man that will finish the game. I don't care if they lose a game 25-6, a single win is far less important than fixing the pitching right now.
2007-04-28 09:54:26
27.   Max Nomad
26 Agreed.
2007-04-28 09:59:45
28.   monkeypants
26 Totally agrre. Butsome of the (far smaller) problems on offense are easier to fix: almost anyone would be an improvement on Minky and Nieves. At the same time, the pitching should improve (in theory) with the addition of Moose and Wang, though that does not do anything in the short run for the BP. There need be no dichotomy between trying to fix the (major) pitching problems and trying to improve the offense.
2007-04-28 10:05:39
29.   jesrp
I prefer to just read the convos you guys have here since it's quite intimidating here obviously, but look at me following Cliff's post. Ha. Just sneaking in to express my frustration & big sigh as a fan.

To lose seven straight is something, infuriating & disappointing sure, but what was painful to see was how Mo was last night. It was a dagger when Torre took him out in the situation that he was in. To have struggling starters & a lousy bullpen sucks, but to see Mo as such last night really got to me. I hope there's nothing more to it than "rustiness." I refuse to be alarmed by it but it's a heavy feeling that's lingered til this morning, so I have to vent it out a little here.

Plus, some of the hitters are getting as intolerable as the bullpen. Arod can't save them alone & good for them to realize it this early.

Yet still, I'm crazy & blind as I'm still for optimism & it's-still-only-April routine, I know they will snap out of this. Hope it's today. I slept with a heavy heart last night but I'm ready for yet another game of baseball. So, GO YANKEES!

Carry on guys.

2007-04-28 10:13:57
30.   Max Nomad
26 Although didn't the rainout give them rest? Viz had 2 days rest and was still bad.
2007-04-28 10:16:32
31.   Max Nomad
29 Nice to hear some enthusiasm. Anyway, I think Torre took out Mo mainly because he'd thrown 21 pitches already, and didn't want to burn him in a blowout. If he had less pitches, I think Torre would have left him in to get out of it. I was reading some people's dismay here last night when "Rivera couldn't get out of it himself," but I don't think that was the case.
2007-04-28 10:41:49
32.   manila boy
26 Agreed. It's not that I'm focusing only on the offense, it's that there's much left to say about the pitching. The starters need to go deeper. That's about it, though you said it better.
2007-04-28 11:05:32
33.   Max Nomad
Damon's hurt?

2007-04-28 11:12:55
34.   Max Nomad
33 Update: Pete Abe says Damon is DHing and Giambi is at first, which means no Stink! Also means, Damon probably is hurt.

He also made a good point about his new commenters:

"This is a blog about the Yankees, so feel free to make original, coherent comments about the team, ask questions or make points.
This is not a message board for you to post "C'mon, get a hit Derek" or things like that. Or to let us know you think that losing streaks suck. We all get it.
We've had a lot of regulars for a long time here and there is usually is a high level of discussion. Join in, please. But don't clutter up the board with silly comments. Take it someplace else.

I actually think that posting"C'mon Derek get a hit" is positive and OK, but I see his point...

2007-04-28 11:19:28
35.   kylepetterson
34 He means that you should be posting "C'mon Bobby get a hit".
2007-04-28 11:20:34
36.   monkeypants
{34] Minky has bad career numbers against against Wakefield, so (it seems) Torre is giving him a rest and Damon a break from the field. Unfortunately, this does not suggest that Stinky is losing his starting status, or else Phelp would probably start today.
2007-04-28 11:20:42
37.   kylepetterson
33 Damon always seems to get hurt when we already have a slew of injuries so he never winds up on the DL.
2007-04-28 11:27:31
38.   Max Nomad
37 But this is the only time I can remember that he himself is considering the DL because it hurts "to stand up," as he put it.
2007-04-28 11:34:02
39.   Cliff Corcoran
37 Damon's always hurt. You can stop there. It's to his credit that he's never hit the DL before in his career . . I think (Ripken theories could apply).
2007-04-28 11:45:42
40.   jayd
A couple things from last night lingered -- aside from all the negativity and those sneers at those of us, faithful fans, no less, MOI!, who continue to find rays of sunshine in the midst of shitstorms.

One was the note from Simone wondering if Mo might not be secretly injured or not. Short of some enterprising soul running the videos of top form Mo vs. last night's Mo and analyzing some form of injury, all we appear to be left with is a mechanics' failure of some sort -- any commentary I've heard is the speed is there, the location is not. Wonder if location covers the movement of the cut fastball...

The thing is that if there is something, damn few will be talking about it.

Since we have had spasms in the past with Mo as Human, I will continue to assume this is the work of baseball gods with a perverse sense of humor. Yankee fans traditionally (since '96) go through this period when we doubt the excellence we know is there. A small price to pay for entrance to the Pinstripe Fandom.

Imagine being a slack jawed Sawks Fan, waiting for the traditional meltdown and fold. If this were the SAWKS playing today with an 8th loss riding on the arm of a rookie who had been shelled in his first outing, my bet would be on beanballs, bench clearing brawls etc. But it's not. We are Yankees, a cut above, consummate professionals who will reflect, reach down deeper and perform higher.

Let the word go forth, that character counts and that starting today young lads Jeff and Phil will demonstrate a new rise of excellence. Hark! Do I hear a Moose Call? Are we 11 and 19 yet?

A sleeping giant has been awakened, Admiral Yamamoto. Phil Hughes, the Ben Affleck look-alike, will leap to his team's defense. Jeff Karstens, the Josh Hartnett look-alike, has taken command. Derek is with Jennifer Garner, Nurse Sandra. We are the proud, the gallant, the Pinstripes. Play Ball!

2007-04-28 12:02:19
41.   ric
"Imagine being a slack jawed Sawks Fan, waiting for the traditional meltdown and fold. If this were the SAWKS playing today with an 8th loss riding on the arm of a rookie who had been shelled in his first outing, my bet would be on beanballs, bench clearing brawls etc. But it's not. We are Yankees, a cut above, consummate professionals who will reflect, reach down deeper and perform higher. "

yawn... hows the weather up there on that horse? what a load of horsecrap.

2007-04-28 12:07:06
42.   Orly Yarly NoWai
We should take a page out of the Israeli Baseball League's book and sign Sandy Koufax. He's probably got something left in the tank.

41 Oh, look who it is.

2007-04-28 12:08:44
43.   Max Nomad
41 Yea, man, take it easy. He was just joking and trying to lighten the mood. Go away if you can't handle that.
2007-04-28 12:09:56
44.   jayd
41 The lowly ric(tum), I knew I would flush you out.
2007-04-28 12:14:22
45.   ric

i know it was a joke... but im writing an outline, so ill be on the laptop.....and ill be watching you :)

slack jawed sawks fan

2007-04-28 12:15:50
46.   yankz
41 It's actually pretty nice.
2007-04-28 12:16:27
47.   Harley
I had hoped that the Yankees would change managers in the off-season, rather than giving Joe this victory lap (mostly due to his inability to continue the greatest virtue of his stewardship -- the ability to maximize effort/efficiency out of veteran players). But Joe's here, and despite the usual in-game managing blunders (nothing new there), it's hard to put this awful start on his shoulders.

Funny. Not much talk about the guy who spent a boatload of cash for Kei Igawa, the guy who figured Minky was a workable option at first base, the guy who seemed to be counting on Pavano to actually log some innings this year...

Look. I love what Cashman has done for the club -- but that club plays in Scranton. How long before people start talking about some of the roster decisions made in the off-season?

2007-04-28 12:25:19
48.   yankz
47 People- led by one Jim Dean- have been talking about that for a while now.
2007-04-28 12:29:16
49.   Vandelay Industries
Anyone have the link for today's game? Its blacked out on the west coast.
2007-04-28 12:31:05
50.   Schteeve
If they are going to get rid of Torre, they damn well better replace him with someone who has a long established track record of managing a bullpen like a virtuoso. The offense/lineup writing is pointless. The talent we have on offense scripts it's own success for the most part.

But we need a guy who has proven over and over that he knows how to manage a pitching staff.

Can anyone think of anyone who fits that profile that would be available? Kerrigan?

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2007-04-28 12:32:13
51.   Harley
48 Thanks.
49 That may be a blessing in disguise. Tracking yesterday's debacle on my phone was probably preferable to actually watching it -- and doing so from the Coachella Festival didn't hurt either.

Couple weird looks from some Arctic Monkeys fans when I shouted 'fucking Pettitte!' however.

2007-04-28 12:33:09
52.   Simone
26 Cliff, you must have miss my comment 5 which focused on pitching as being the Yankees' problem.
2007-04-28 12:33:40
53.   Vandelay Industries

Good point. I guess I could wartch Brady Quinn break down in tears when he goes at number 56.....:)

2007-04-28 12:37:07
54.   yankz
50 I thought of Kerrigan, but didn't he struggle as a manager? I'm not sure.
2007-04-28 12:39:27
55.   jayd
45 Like most jokes, the humor touches that sensitive nerve: you'll never see Arod or Jeter looking to "fire up" their team by assaulting another player a la the Great Cap'n Tek. A profile in courage as he kept his mask on...

Nor will you find a Yankee fandom choosing that moment to enshrine on their laptops in the form of screensavers etc. That sort of puerile high school play is left for the bottom feeders of the baseball world.

Which is why Cap'n Tek making the Hall is about as much of a possibility as is reaching total enlightenment while drinking beer. As a devoted SAWKS fan, I know you've tried the latter. I bet you could shoot beer out of you nose, though. Let me know how your prayer program works out for you this season.

2007-04-28 12:39:50
56.   Mattpat11
In Stink related news, he's now hitting .140/.232./220.

Womack in April 05


This is the worst starter we've had in a long damn time.

2007-04-28 12:41:25
57.   Yankee Land

Tears of joy when Dallas picks him at 22

2007-04-28 12:42:23
58.   Schteeve
54 Yeah i think he did, but he didn't have the offensive firepower he'd have as skipper of the Yankees.

If he were given the job I'd just tell him, forget about the offense, and spend every minute thinking about the pitching.

Let Mattingly be the "Offensive Co-ordinator" or whatever.

2007-04-28 12:45:14
59.   Vandelay Industries

Say it aint so.....RO.....MO.....?

That look on his face is priceless. He is thinking "Doesn't everyone know Im a cute white QB from Notre Dame?"

I actually think the Raiders--surprise surprise--made a bad pick by not taking Peterson or Quinn. Russell has a rocket arm, but his fundamantals are awful and he's dumb as a stump. You can fix the fundamentals, but he'll never be able to play in the NFL at the level of a number one pick.

My Steelers got Timmons! Yea defense! Have a good time with the fish Porter!

2007-04-28 12:50:40
60.   nick
you know, I looked at the stats, and Minchia had, before this season, a career .357 OBP. Cash figured he'd play good D and get on base for the big guys, at least. He's 32. While he's not good, or even adequate, he's not nearly as bad as he's playing right now.
2007-04-28 12:51:22
61.   jayd
I don't think we have ever found out how Minky made the team. I have a suspicion that part of the reason he is there is to give cover to ARod's less than inspiring throws last year. He made a pretty good scoop last night on a Jeter throw. He's going to have to make Mark Belanger numbers to stay, that's for sure, so he needs another 90 points on that average. I would have given the nod to Phelps over Melky today. Phelpsie has the hot bat.

I never thought I'd see Lugo and Youkilis win a ball game. I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it sometimes.

2007-04-28 12:51:36
62.   williamnyy23
26 I think the focus on the offensive is a result of not having ANY confidence in the pitching. In other words, we know the pitching is going to let us down, so we're turning to the offense to save the day. It's irrational, but at least in knocking the offense, you can except things to get better. It's no fun kicking a dead body, which is what the pitching is.

As sad as it may seem, it is time for Joe to move on. It's time to forget the Red Sox...the wild card is still there to keep hope alive, but changes have to be made now.

2007-04-28 12:52:47
63.   ric

i dont understand your last paragraph, but its all good anyway...

2007-04-28 12:53:48
64.   Chyll Will
59 They said Vince Young was stupid too after he scored so low on the Wonderlick test... Maybe I took a different variation, but it didn't seem to ask anything remotely academic. Anyway, "Stoopid"'s on the cover of Madden Football next year, so maybe that explains it >;)
2007-04-28 12:54:46
65.   Max Nomad
I'm beginning to hate reading the comments on this blog. It's full of nothing but "let's change the team everywhere." It's so negative and depressing.
2007-04-28 12:57:24
66.   Vandelay Industries
First pitch of the game and down goes another pitcher. Holy Curse Batman!
2007-04-28 12:57:28
67.   monkeypants
First pitch...this season is one cruel joke.
2007-04-28 12:58:19
68.   JimCobain
Oy vey.
2007-04-28 12:58:34
69.   Yankee Land

Guess we should leave "everything" alone; things are going so well.

2007-04-28 12:58:34
70.   williamnyy23
327 days until Opening Day 2008.
2007-04-28 12:59:56
71.   Will
Ok, I'm a Sox fan, but damn - first pitch - what the hell is happening to the Yankees? I hope he does well now, not well enough to win, but well nonetheless.
2007-04-28 13:00:25
72.   williamnyy23
65 Sorry, this team is playing well. Better?
2007-04-28 13:01:47
73.   yankz
Why do the gods hate us all of a sudden? Is it because we're starting Stink?
2007-04-28 13:02:01
74.   yankz
Wow, the roll call is really loud today.
2007-04-28 13:02:30
75.   Zack
Jesus, when it rains, it pours. Typical Sox, playing dirty :)
2007-04-28 13:02:42
76.   JeremyM
My gut says Karstens is going to have a good game. Hopefully, it's not the Taco Bell that I should've have eaten talking.
2007-04-28 13:02:50
77.   yankz
Was that because of the injury, or because Karstens isn't very good?
2007-04-28 13:03:28
78.   yankz
Oh, Jesus Fucking Christ.
2007-04-28 13:03:38
79.   Zack
Well, good thing we have Kei Igawa I guess....
2007-04-28 13:03:41
80.   yankz
You know what would fucking rule? Igawa dominating.
2007-04-28 13:03:45
81.   williamnyy23
76 Time for a new gut :)
2007-04-28 13:03:52
82.   Vandelay Industries
Igawa's chance to show that he's got some stuff!
2007-04-28 13:04:45
83.   augustus
Igawa isn't going to be dominating, unfortunately. This game sucks already.
2007-04-28 13:05:17
84.   Zack
Course, first and third, no outs,papi up is not the best spot to be thrown into.
2007-04-28 13:05:22
85.   Chyll Will
65 Max, just ignore them, you and JD are good to have around because you have character. There are always people that temporarily thrive on making others suffer, and misery loves company. Why can't serenity and happiness have company as well, they both pay the same, but the latter is better for you... At any rate, it's good to release steam this way as opposed to destroying city property or rioting in the streets whenever your team is going through a bad streak. Just don't let it become your life, ferchrissake.

What kind of things have you all gone through lately that makes this the most important thing in your life to cause you to impose misery on others? You can write whatever you want, but if you can't have fun outside of watching a game and hanging out with friends, you need to reevaluate what you're doing today; the computer is not for you. I'll listen if you have the time...

2007-04-28 13:05:36
86.   williamnyy23
The stage is definitely set for Igawa to dominate. He must be embarassed by his demotion, especially with the Japanese media in force for Dice-K/Matsui. This would really give him a chance at vindication. A few years ago, this would be a no-brainer. This season, Igawa will probably run off the mound and head straight to the airport.
2007-04-28 13:05:44
87.   JimCobain
Maybe without Igawa thinking abotu the start he'll just go out and pitch? Maybe? (thud)
2007-04-28 13:05:56
88.   nick
what happened to Karstens? I was late getting back to the tv--
2007-04-28 13:06:09
89.   yankz
84 He can handle it, the weirdest thing in his fridge is water. Wonder what he considers normal...
2007-04-28 13:07:28
90.   btmore
Wow. As a Sox fan, all I can really say is that I feel bad for you guys.
2007-04-28 13:07:57
91.   LI yankee
This is getting absurd
2007-04-28 13:08:18
92.   Simone
Wow, that was fast. Joe isn't waiting for the worse to happen. Come on, Igawa!
2007-04-28 13:08:45
93.   vockins
No TV. What happened to Karstens?
2007-04-28 13:09:17
94.   OldYanksFan
Hello everybody...
My name is OldYanksFan...
And I am...
A Joe Torre supporter.
But it's not really my fault you see....

Anyway, I like Joe and don't want to see him go, but if it improves the team, I'll handle it. However, my gut tells me EVERYONE on this team (except maybe Phelps and maybe ARod) is very dedicated to Torre. If he's fired, the team with take it on themselves (which is not all that unreasonable). Firing Torre may not be a kick in the ass, but a bummer for the players. I think they will be greatly saddened. This isn't the type of 'fire' we need to light under their asses.

Do you remember the 'dive' Damon made a week or so ago, that he didn't make the catch on? It was a bone jarring fall. He literally bounced. He will not heal playing everyday, or even 2 of 3. PUT DAMON ON THE DL. Give the guy 2 weeks to heal and rest. Pray Melky can hit .250, and maybe Phelps gets in a few lineups.

Damon is NO GOOD to us the way he is. Gutting it out won't cut it. We need him at the top of his game.

Wow... Karstens out after 2 batters. So much for going 9. Torre doesn't want to let this one get away. I agree with Cliff, a few loses won't kill us, but it would be nice if they weren't against Boston.

We are all looking for answers that aren't there. The answers are health and time... and time might bring us Roger or Hughes.

Good Karma guys. Let's pull a win here.

2007-04-28 13:09:34
95.   yankz
90 Thanks, that actually helped more than I expected.
2007-04-28 13:09:49
96.   yankz
Kei! What'd I say about him dominating!
2007-04-28 13:09:51
97.   williamnyy23
93 Line drive...knee...ouch.
2007-04-28 13:09:54
98.   Zack
Holy crap, that was pretty much the best thing I could have hoped for!
2007-04-28 13:10:04
99.   Simone
It worked. It actually worked.
2007-04-28 13:10:50
100.   yankz
One more baby!
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2007-04-28 13:10:59
101.   Simone
I don't Karstens got hit in the knee.
2007-04-28 13:11:11
102.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Double play?!? I figured Papi would deposit one of Igawa's floating changeups on the IRT tracks.
2007-04-28 13:11:16
103.   yankz
7 IP, 3 ER would get you your spot back, Kei.
2007-04-28 13:11:33
104.   Vandelay Industries
Ken Rosenthal with his Journalism degree from the Outlying Myriana Islands.
2007-04-28 13:11:36
105.   JeremyM
I'm really pulling for Igawa, that was a great post above regarding the situation he's in. 86
2007-04-28 13:11:54
106.   Zack
That 0-2 pitch would have been a strike last night
2007-04-28 13:11:59
107.   Chyll Will
94 Yep. Maybe they'll listen to you better... ?
2007-04-28 13:12:51
108.   yankz
That last changeup was filthy (pitch 4 I believe), but Manny's a great hitter.
2007-04-28 13:13:43
109.   yankz
Dammit Manny!
2007-04-28 13:14:26
110.   Zack
Wouldn't really mind a walk to Manny here
2007-04-28 13:14:30
111.   williamnyy23
94 Some good points, especially on Damon. Also, I agree that Cashman has to weigh the impact of firing Torre on the clubhouse. The up-tick in game management might be offset by some unhappy players. It isn't an easy decision, but if the team keeps losing, what else can they do?
2007-04-28 13:14:40
112.   yankz
Great AB
2007-04-28 13:14:48
113.   bartap74
You got it Zack.
2007-04-28 13:14:54
114.   nick
careful with Manny, I like that--
2007-04-28 13:15:06
115.   Simone
Get Drew, Igawa.
2007-04-28 13:15:55
116.   Zack
That ump is very square...
2007-04-28 13:16:41
117.   yankz
3:55 is the most annoying start time.
2007-04-28 13:16:59
118.   Zack
2007-04-28 13:17:07
119.   Simone
2007-04-28 13:17:10
120.   Chyll Will
2007-04-28 13:17:21
121.   yankz
Great inning for Kei. I saw several awesome pitches. Manny will be Manny.
2007-04-28 13:18:04
122.   williamnyy23
More fastballs from Kei...maybe that's what he needs to do. It's only 90-92mph, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't throw it a lot. Maybe he was intimidated away from using it?
2007-04-28 13:18:11
123.   nick
& Ks the lefty!
2007-04-28 13:18:51
124.   yankz
2007-04-28 13:19:08
125.   Simone
2007-04-28 13:19:33
126.   Vandelay Industries
What happened, did Dallas trade? What what what?
2007-04-28 13:19:41
127.   yankz
125 weird.

Wake scares me more than any other Sox starter.

2007-04-28 13:19:45
128.   randym77
Boy, I'm confused. USA Today says Karstens is pitching for the Yanks, but I don't remember Karstens being Japanese...
2007-04-28 13:19:58
129.   nick
ok, Yogi doing the lineup, this has to be good luck--am I clutching at straws?
2007-04-28 13:20:21
130.   joejoejoe
The Yankees are leading the majors in runs scored even with Minky and Melky not hitting their weight. In the abstract any one of the 3 starting OFs and DH is surpus offense but the team has little roster flexibility at with all the guaranteed contracts. Maybe the Angels who have surplus pitching would be interested in trading Bartolo Colon in a package for Giambi. Cano could fetch an everyday starting pitcher that can go 6 IP but are they willing to deal Cano? Ask again in a month.
2007-04-28 13:20:25
131.   yankz
Oh, and I wanted to post this last night, but I couldn't because of the proxy issue:

"Note to Papelbitch: That look Andy Pettitte gives hitters, that's intimidation. Not that 'I have gas' smirk thing you do."

2007-04-28 13:20:49
132.   Chyll Will
Does Damon let go of the bat too soon when he swings?
2007-04-28 13:21:37
133.   yankz
130 No way do you trade Cano for a SP. You can't trade a stud lefty 24 year old 2B for a 6 inning starter. Who do you replace Cano with? Cairo?
2007-04-28 13:22:41
134.   yankz
Yeah Captain! Now a single, and Quest can handle the rest...
2007-04-28 13:23:13
135.   Chyll Will
Lugo tries to fake Jeter on a weak throw from the plate? oo-kay...
2007-04-28 13:23:49
136.   Zack
Migh tbe time to bumbp Bobby down a bit, mayeb 5?
2007-04-28 13:24:00
137.   yankz
2007-04-28 13:24:07
138.   nick
man, facing a knuckler will not get you out of slump--but nice eye, Bobby!
2007-04-28 13:24:33
139.   williamnyy23
That's a good sign...Abreu had been swinging at bad pitches lately...first a few alks and then the hits will follow.
2007-04-28 13:26:00
140.   nick
o my that was a nasty one in slo-mo--
2007-04-28 13:26:09
141.   yankz
Strike 2 was so filthy.
2007-04-28 13:26:21
142.   williamnyy23
Runners should be going here...please no line drive DP.
2007-04-28 13:26:32
143.   yankz
Bad hit and run :(
2007-04-28 13:26:38
144.   Simone
2007-04-28 13:26:39
145.   Chyll Will
2007-04-28 13:26:45
146.   williamnyy23
142 Just as bad...what an wful jump by Jeter.
2007-04-28 13:26:47
147.   Zack
Wow, that was dumb. Why start the runners with ARod k'ing a lot and the hot Giambi coming up? Jeez, that sucked
2007-04-28 13:26:48
148.   yankz
142 Or that...
2007-04-28 13:27:38
149.   randym77
The Reds just traded a spare outfielder who just had Tommy John surgery (Chris Denorfia) to Oakland for one of their best prospects (Marcus McBeth), plus another PTBNL and cash. That seems like a steal to me. McBeth is expected to be a closer, but with Huston Street, who's even younger than McBeth, I guess the A's don't need him.
2007-04-28 13:28:47
150.   Chyll Will
Oh well, how about a low pitch-count and easy three, Kei?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-28 13:30:56
151.   Zack
Guidry looks like a guy I wouldn't want to meet in a back alley...
2007-04-28 13:31:03
152.   randym77
BTW, does anyone know why Karstens was pulled? Is he injured?
2007-04-28 13:31:59
153.   Zack
Hey Doug M., you hit the ball with the bat, you don't use the bat as the ball...
2007-04-28 13:32:13
154.   Chyll Will
Bats love A-Rod >;)
2007-04-28 13:32:19
155.   Zack
They said they were afraid Karstens would hurt his arm by compensating
2007-04-28 13:33:45
156.   bartap74
Randy - Karstens was hit by a line drive hit by Lugo on the 1st pitch of the game right below his knee. He was out one batter later.
2007-04-28 13:34:05
157.   Chyll Will
Jorge, slow him down a little...
2007-04-28 13:34:23
158.   JeremyM
Walking Mirabelli is certainly something you want to avoid, especially when you can start an inning with Pedroia next time around.
2007-04-28 13:35:37
159.   randym77
156 Thanks. Man, we just can't catch a break this week.
2007-04-28 13:35:54
160.   Chyll Will
That's for the ping-pong, buddy!
2007-04-28 13:36:25
161.   Zack
Nice K, Kei!
2007-04-28 13:36:50
162.   Simone
Pedroia was swinging there. Good job recovering, Igawa.
2007-04-28 13:38:01
163.   Chyll Will
162 Swinging? I thought he was trying to break himself in half...
2007-04-28 13:38:08
164.   jayd
a 92 mph fastball with location, sounds like The Quest wants that #5 spot...
2007-04-28 13:38:58
165.   Chyll Will
Next, a couple of runs would be nice to start with...
2007-04-28 13:40:35
166.   bartap74
Did Buck just say "Ondecki Matsui?"
2007-04-28 13:41:42
167.   Chyll Will
That's how you wait on a knuckleball >;)
2007-04-28 13:42:32
168.   Chyll Will
166 (yup...)
2007-04-28 13:42:40
169.   Zack
Wow, Matsui ran??
2007-04-28 13:42:45
170.   joejoejoe
133 I meant somebody who makes it thru 6 IP on a regular basis. That's a Tim Wakefield or Rich Harden. I don't want to trade Cano either but if you want to trade offense for pitching Jeter, A-Rod, Giambi, Damon, Matsui, Abreu, and Posada all have no-trade deals or are 10/5. So what surplus offense would even agree to a trade? Giambi to LAA? A-Rod to Chicago? Damon back to Boston? None of the above is very likely. Cano is the best chip the Yankees have to trade for value.
2007-04-28 13:43:09
171.   Zack
Are they putting a Giambi shift on Posada? NEver seen that before...
2007-04-28 13:43:40
172.   Chyll Will
Robbie, just wait for it...wait for it...
2007-04-28 13:43:46
173.   LI yankee
Cano vs a Knuckleballer could get ugly
2007-04-28 13:43:56
174.   jayd
cmon robby!
2007-04-28 13:45:58
175.   Chyll Will
Joe Buck choked on his mic when he said "musician"...
2007-04-28 13:46:13
176.   jayd
josh bard would have had that..
2007-04-28 13:46:20
177.   Zack
Wow, Cano has looked bad for a few days now...
2007-04-28 13:46:40
178.   Simone
Come on, Melky, it is on you.
2007-04-28 13:47:17
179.   williamnyy23
Cano has had some very "unclutch" ABs.
2007-04-28 13:47:42
180.   Zack
Please don't let today be one of those games...
2007-04-28 13:48:03
181.   Zack
Yup, its gonna be one of those games...
2007-04-28 13:48:28
182.   Chyll Will
Couldn't do anything about that. At least he hit it hard.
2007-04-28 13:49:54
183.   jayd
not a bad ab for melky. worked the count a tad and hit the ball solidly.
2007-04-28 13:51:13
184.   Zack
Yeah, amazing that Melky and his crap BA is STILL a better #9 hitter than Minky...

Another K for Kei!

2007-04-28 13:51:39
185.   Zack
Wow, this is apointless segment on Fox with the ump
2007-04-28 13:52:29
186.   LI yankee
Pretty much there are no ground rules. Thanks Fox for that.
2007-04-28 13:52:52
187.   Vandelay Industries
Note to Fremming: Fan Interference wont be a concern in the new Stadium, as they moved the seats back into the next borough. Bring your binoculars.
2007-04-28 13:54:22
188.   Zack
Wow, two GIDP for Ortiz...maybe Kei can replace the useless Myers?
2007-04-28 13:54:27
189.   Chyll Will
Wowzers...2 DPs...
2007-04-28 13:58:04
190.   Zack
Lord, between DM and Lester and Papelbon and Ortiz, i don't think the Yankees will ever get any air time in these games...
2007-04-28 13:59:09
191.   Chyll Will
190 Ditto...
2007-04-28 14:00:17
192.   Chyll Will
Solid, solid... please shut-up!
2007-04-28 14:00:41
193.   Zack
is Bobby that desperate that he tries to bunt?
2007-04-28 14:01:17
194.   Schteeve
2007-04-28 14:01:36
195.   Simone
The dreaded bunt. Don't bunt!
2007-04-28 14:01:44
196.   Schteeve
If we don't get three runs this inning I'm going to scream.
2007-04-28 14:02:04
197.   Zack
Jesus Abreu...This really is one of those games. For the third day in a row...
2007-04-28 14:02:06
198.   Simone
Oh, Abreu. You'll come out of your slump.
2007-04-28 14:02:09
199.   Vandelay Industries
Abreu has been useless letely.
2007-04-28 14:02:22
200.   Chyll Will
Bobby should choke-up on the bat (likely would've avoided that DP) Looks like he's flying open too quick...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-28 14:02:42
201.   Schteeve
Bobby needs a day off.
2007-04-28 14:03:06
202.   williamnyy23
I really wish I was a fanw ho could just turn the game off now and come back when and if they turn it around.
2007-04-28 14:03:15
203.   Simone
Damn. I thought that ball was out.
2007-04-28 14:03:31
204.   Zack
Dammit! How the hell did Manny catch that? We really cannot catch a break. I mean, its rediculous...
2007-04-28 14:03:35
205.   nick
unbelievable--we could have five, six runs today with a break or two....
2007-04-28 14:03:48
206.   Chyll Will
Nope, we were not wondering that, Buck... damn, Manny felt like playing today!
2007-04-28 14:05:37
207.   Chyll Will
Is any of this Torre's fault yet?
2007-04-28 14:07:34
208.   Eirias
207 Sure, why not.
2007-04-28 14:07:47
209.   Zack
McCarver jsut used a ball that 100% slipped to explain why the Yanks were concerned about Igawa, as if that was a normal pitch..
2007-04-28 14:08:16
210.   Chyll Will
YEAHHH!!! I called that pitch!!!
2007-04-28 14:09:18
211.   Zack
Wow, Kei made Drew look foolish there
2007-04-28 14:09:25
212.   Chyll Will
??? Who da hell is this guy pitching?
2007-04-28 14:10:32
213.   nick
Igawa looks terrific and yet the fox discussion is all STILL about what a problem he is--wtf!? and wtf!? to Guidry too, if one dreadful start got Iggy this far buried-
2007-04-28 14:11:21
214.   Zack
Hmm, lets not get too optimistic yet. Especially since we have wasted runners in scoring position like every inning
2007-04-28 14:11:40
215.   Chyll Will
Is Guidry slowly turning into Snidely Whiplash?

Okay, let's see where Kei's mind is right now...

2007-04-28 14:12:47
216.   Chyll Will
"Got his hair braided in the clubhouse..."

Was that by Rickey Henderson or Luis Polonia?

2007-04-28 14:12:52
217.   Simone
Yikes, this may be trouble here.
2007-04-28 14:13:04
218.   Zack
thats two days in a row where Posada fails to get in front of a pitch he should have
2007-04-28 14:13:33
219.   Zack
215 Seriously, doesn't he look more and more sinister each day?
2007-04-28 14:13:40
220.   its430
Igawa is dealin'

It's gotta be the sunglasses right?
Can we get him the Gustavo Chacin glasses for night games?

2007-04-28 14:13:57
221.   Simone
Nice. Inning over.
2007-04-28 14:14:39
222.   yankz
Just got back from T-Bell (whoever posted that above gave me a mad craving)...Kei is FILTHY! Holy shit, this is amazing! Now if they could get some runs...
2007-04-28 14:14:54
223.   vockins
213 Absolutely. If Igawa goes seven, Guidry has some explaining to do.
2007-04-28 14:15:00
224.   Chyll Will
Very good... this is feeling easier now. Maybe we CAN get six out of him.
2007-04-28 14:16:53
225.   Chyll Will
222 Ohhhh, Yankz... good luck with that T-Bell, man...
2007-04-28 14:18:22
226.   OldYanksFan
Q: What Yankee pitchers have pitched 4 shutout innings to start a game?
Q: Who's our 2nd best Japanese player?
Q: Who looks like he cost $45m but is really costing a comparison of less then $7m/yr?
Q: Who's looks really good in shades?
2007-04-28 14:18:30
227.   Chyll Will
They're making contact, but you'd think that Wakefield's K'd 15 so far listening to FOX...
2007-04-28 14:19:09
228.   Zack
And Buck bowin at the feet of Terry Francona..barf
2007-04-28 14:19:37
229.   Chyll Will
I'd have loved for Matsui to tank one just now...
2007-04-28 14:20:06
230.   Joe H
OldYanksFan, let's not jinx Kei just yet.
2007-04-28 14:20:43
231.   Zack

And Buck actually sounded dissapointed, amazing

2007-04-28 14:20:43
232.   bartap74
Hip Hip.
2007-04-28 14:20:45
233.   Simone
Jorgie! Finally, a break through.
2007-04-28 14:20:46
234.   JimCobain
Hip, hip!
2007-04-28 14:21:25
235.   Chyll Will
(just shaking my head, because I was just thinking how likely that would be after praising the pitcher...)
2007-04-28 14:21:28
236.   Ramone
226 Is the answer "the guy I just dropped in my fantasy league"?
2007-04-28 14:21:29
237.   williamnyy23
Nice Posada...definitely a Yankee whom I know has been upset as a I have been about this streak.
2007-04-28 14:22:56
238.   williamnyy23
231 I enjoy the fact that most in the national media hate the Yankees. It's kind of fun, so I don't get all worked up about it.
2007-04-28 14:22:58
239.   Schteeve
Posada is going to be the guy I miss when he's done. If you think about his age, and the fact that he's never had a viable backup, and the fact that he continues to produce at this level...he's amazing.
2007-04-28 14:23:57
240.   bartap74
Am I crazy, or Rachael Ray kinda sexy?
2007-04-28 14:24:27
241.   tommyl
Woah, Kei's only at 63 pitches? Is this the guy we were supposed to sign? Where has he been?
2007-04-28 14:24:35
242.   OldYanksFan
Speaking of pessimists...
How many here remember a number of people, in 2005, talking about how Jorge might be done, and that we should trade him while he still had value?
2007-04-28 14:24:43
243.   tommyl
240 You are crazy
2007-04-28 14:24:53
244.   Chyll Will
237 We felt you swinging the bat there >;)
2007-04-28 14:25:00
245.   JimCobain
239 I think he is HOF worthy. Not first ballet, but one of those guys who once he retires will contiually gain momentuem and make in after 5-7 years. Thoughts?
2007-04-28 14:25:54
246.   kylepetterson
240 Yes, you're crazy.
2007-04-28 14:26:11
247.   Chyll Will
240 Stop watching Will & Grace reruns...
2007-04-28 14:26:32
248.   Zack
Joe Torre and Derek Jeter could compete for "most boring interviewee" status
2007-04-28 14:27:08
249.   rsmith51
242 Not me. When you consider our BUC situation, I can't imagine that Posada would ever have less value than that.
2007-04-28 14:27:30
250.   Zack
Torre so clearly likes the Fox guys better than ESPN...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-28 14:27:51
251.   Chyll Will
Fair and balanced, that's FOX... (b'turdz)
2007-04-28 14:29:05
252.   rsmith51
Fill me in... who looks good today? They misspelled our 1b ;-)
2007-04-28 14:29:34
253.   Chyll Will
Two more innings, Kei. It's not that long...
2007-04-28 14:29:46
254.   yankz
240 You're crazy.

225 Thanks man. I'm feeling feels gooood.

2007-04-28 14:30:15
255.   nick
wow, I love seeing him pour these fastballs in--
2007-04-28 14:30:23
256.   randym77
242 I do. I wasn't one of them. I said he's always been a streaky player, but now that he's on the wrong side of 30, every slump is assumed to be terminal decline. I predicted he'd bounce back, and he did.

Jorgie is one of my favorites. Always has been.

2007-04-28 14:30:25
257.   yankz
I <3 Kei.
2007-04-28 14:30:26
258.   Zack
Another nice one by Kei!
2007-04-28 14:30:33
259.   Chyll Will
2007-04-28 14:30:43
260.   Joe H
5 SCORELESS INNINGS??? I must have died in my sleep.
2007-04-28 14:31:03
261.   rsmith51
240 I guess maybe, if you have her on mute. That laugh is something else.
2007-04-28 14:31:07
262.   OldYanksFan
On three...
2007-04-28 14:31:26
263.   yankz
253 I'd like a complete game. Or the Yanks score 8 more runs and Myers get mop-up.
2007-04-28 14:31:28
264.   Zack
By the wya, is anyone else totally creeped out by that just for men commercial with keith hernandez?
2007-04-28 14:32:10
265.   rsmith51
Big inning, please. Could we please tell Phelps to stop kicking Torre's dog?
2007-04-28 14:32:56
266.   OldYanksFan
Speaking of pessimists...
How many here remember a number of people, in 2007, talking about how Iggy was crap, and that we should dump him?
2007-04-28 14:33:14
267.   tommyl
Wow, I never thought I'd say this, but my worry for this game is fast approaching whether Mo can close it. Hopefully he'll be back on track asap.
2007-04-28 14:33:16
268.   williamnyy23
240 I'm not the only crazy one..that's nice.
2007-04-28 14:33:40
269.   jayd
heard on wcbs radio: so it's two to nothing in the ninth inning, do you bring in Mariano for the save?

i love it.

2007-04-28 14:33:58
270.   yankz
If you're telling me you saw Kei dominating the Sox like this, I'm telling you I find that hard to believe. He was terrible his last start. Nobody saw this coming.
2007-04-28 14:34:18
271.   yankz
Ken Rosenthal, POS.
2007-04-28 14:35:06
272.   Chyll Will
264 "No play for Mr. Gray" makes me laugh everytime I hear it. Not because it's funny, but just the way Clyde says it... but yeah. Kinda echh...
2007-04-28 14:35:29
273.   tommyl
266 I for one never said that. I did say he seemed to be having trouble adjusting to the balls or whatnot in the US and that a couple of starts at AAA where he could just work on that might be beneficial. He was too good in Japan to be crap.
2007-04-28 14:35:46
274.   yankz
We haven't had an A-Bomb in a while. I miss that feeling.
2007-04-28 14:35:49
275.   williamnyy23
271 Ken Rosenthal looks like the kind of guy with whom you'd love to find yourself in a fight.
2007-04-28 14:35:59
276.   Chyll Will
272 like 240... you're crazy.
2007-04-28 14:37:35
277.   Yu-Hsing Chen
an odd outting so far from Kei, he looks like he completely forgot how to pitch on some of those pitches but then follows it up with a few really nice one too. first time i see him actually locating all 3 pitches well in the same game
2007-04-28 14:37:58
278.   Chyll Will
274 yeah... 14 ABs is way too long to wait, dammit!
2007-04-28 14:38:10
279.   yankz
Haha! Jeter owns Lowell.
2007-04-28 14:38:45
280.   yankz
278 Hey man, we're talking about "The Kid who Only Hit Homers." If Bobby gets on, a GS would be unreal.
2007-04-28 14:38:57
281.   Chyll Will
My goodness... is that two or three good breaks today??
2007-04-28 14:39:05
282.   Joe H
Abreu has that "I might hit into a triple play" look in his eyes.
2007-04-28 14:39:23
283.   tommyl
What the F was that?!
2007-04-28 14:39:30
284.   yankz
Oh come on.
2007-04-28 14:39:37
285.   Zack
jesus, Abreu cannot do anything right these days. It is now time to drop him in the order...
2007-04-28 14:39:42
286.   nick
oh, man, Abreu just needs a couple days off, or a move down to 7th--
2007-04-28 14:39:42
287.   bartap74
I'm getting real tired of the ARod opt out conversation. He says repeatedly that he wants to stay in NY, and the broadcasters essentially call him a liar.
2007-04-28 14:39:54
288.   williamnyy23
Could this be why Phillie fans wanted to get rid of him so passionately?
2007-04-28 14:40:08
289.   its430
wow. that did not work out at all.

Talk about not catching a break.
Poor Bobby.

(since I live in Philly, I'm feeling the desire to boo, but I'll hold back)

2007-04-28 14:40:25
290.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Speaking of forgetting, whats wrong with Lowell, last year he looked like Ozzie Smith at 3rd.. has the ghost that huanted A-rod last year transfer to him?
2007-04-28 14:40:40
291.   Chyll Will
280 You just had to say something, huh? what outfielder bunts with first and second and no out??
2007-04-28 14:40:50
292.   yankz
2007-04-28 14:41:11
293.   JeremyM
288 He's in a slump, I think he's been a very good pickup myself.
2007-04-28 14:41:11
294.   Zack
Yeah, still one of those games. That Abreu at bat kills, and now that A-Rod seems to have very rapidly cooled off, ugh
2007-04-28 14:41:15
295.   yankz
291 I know. I take full responsibility.
2007-04-28 14:41:28
296.   Yu-Hsing Chen
ack, good time for #6 right now Jason
2007-04-28 14:41:39
297.   Chyll Will
Probably confounded by the at-bat that happened right before him...
2007-04-28 14:41:56
298.   its430
If we can get to Matsui I feel good...
2007-04-28 14:42:40
299.   tommyl
294 Not so sure about A-Rod cooling off, a knuckleballer can sometimes just mess you up. He hit last night and he ripped that one to left earlier in the game.
2007-04-28 14:42:56
300.   yankz
298 I get that same feeling, that Matsui's the guy you want up against a knuckler.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-28 14:43:10
301.   Chyll Will
Wait for it, wait for it...
2007-04-28 14:43:43
302.   williamnyy23
299 He also flew out to the WT in dead center against the Jays.
2007-04-28 14:44:07
303.   yankz
Yikes, never mind. Matsui career vs. Wakefield: .158/.238/.342 for a .580 OPS. 2 HR in 38 AB.
2007-04-28 14:44:15
304.   Chyll Will
Matsui, please teach them the meaning of waiting...
2007-04-28 14:44:23
305.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Didn't A-rod just smoked one to the warning track (but right at Manny's glove) the first time or second time up?
2007-04-28 14:44:29
306.   its430
Were they playing the "official Matsui fan song" over the loudspeaker again?
2007-04-28 14:45:13
307.   tommyl
Man, I would love to try to hit a knuckleball. Its so slow, it must be so amazing in how it moves.
2007-04-28 14:45:31
308.   yankz
How the F would McCarver know that?
2007-04-28 14:45:49
309.   yankz
Ah, damn. I hate loading the bases and not scoring.
2007-04-28 14:46:04
310.   Zack
Ugh, still can't catcha break. matsuicrushes it, right to the CF...
2007-04-28 14:46:08
311.   Joe H
Close game... good think we have that awesome bullpen to hold it down!
2007-04-28 14:47:00
312.   Chyll Will
Ow! Again, solid contact and no luck. That Bobby bunt should have earned him a seat after that, but it ain't gonna happen sadly...
2007-04-28 14:47:25
313.   Orly Yarly NoWai
311 Good thing we have guys like Joe H around to tell us things like this!

Relax and enjoy the game.

2007-04-28 14:47:27
314.   Yu-Hsing Chen
arrragh, there are quiet a few well hit right at OF balls today (melky had one too)
2007-04-28 14:49:28
315.   Joe H
Orly Yarly NoWai, I'm so glad we have your snarky comments that have nothing to do with the game. You're the star of the show, big guy.
2007-04-28 14:49:35
316.   yankz
That looked EXACTLY like another catch Cano made.
2007-04-28 14:49:41
317.   Chyll Will
Okay, unfamiliar territory for a pitcher out the first inning. Let's give him some good energy, folks...
2007-04-28 14:50:01
318.   nick
longest start this year is what, 7 1/3? can we have a relief appearance longer than our longest start
2007-04-28 14:50:36
319.   Vandelay Industries
Whats Igawa's Pitch Count?
2007-04-28 14:51:03
320.   Orly Yarly NoWai
315 That's the thing; I don't care about drawing attention to myself. Stop trolling, please.

Very nice catch by Giambi there.

2007-04-28 14:51:09
321.   yankz
Who needs Stink!

Papi is Quest's bitch.

2007-04-28 14:51:21
322.   williamnyy23
I love Giambi's look on that..."Should I catch it?"
2007-04-28 14:51:25
323.   Zack
Woah, that was almost embarrasSING! KEI HAS MADE PAPI look off all game!
2007-04-28 14:51:39
324.   Vandelay Industries

Joe, did you see that? Stop Dh'ing him and keep Doug on the bech where he belongs until the 9th!

2007-04-28 14:51:51
325.   nick
Jason! Mr. Smooth...
2007-04-28 14:52:06
326.   Chyll Will
Do you realize that Papi hasn't gotten it past the infield yet?
2007-04-28 14:52:18
327.   rsmith51
Sorry, gamecast apparently doesn't have pitch counts.
2007-04-28 14:52:20
328.   Zack
oops, my dog decided to mess with that last comment of mine
2007-04-28 14:52:22
329.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Jorge should be credited with an assist on that.
2007-04-28 14:52:58
330.   yankz
326 I can see it now. Game 7 of the ALCS, Papi up, 2 on, 6-4 Yankees. 9th inning. Who's that LOOGY coming in from the pen? Myers?'s SuperQuest!
2007-04-28 14:53:00
331.   Joe H
Orly, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you're a troll if you make sarcastic comments about a team that has lost 7 straight. I guess I'll just be a braindead cheerleader like you.
2007-04-28 14:53:01
332.   jayd
wcbs: no news on karstens = does not bode well
2007-04-28 14:53:10
333.   Orly Yarly NoWai
327 87 pitches, according to Fox.
2007-04-28 14:53:30
334.   yankz
I so <3 Kei.
2007-04-28 14:53:40
335.   Zack
Nice Kei!
2007-04-28 14:53:57
336.   nick
OK, 88 pitches through 6--you gotta send him out for the 7th, no? at least give him a batter or two....
2007-04-28 14:54:13
337.   yankz
Jeez, I've tried really hard not to join the self-appointed Posting Police around here, but you two, play nice.
2007-04-28 14:54:16
338.   Orly Yarly NoWai
331 Do you know what a Pythagorean Record is?
2007-04-28 14:54:22
339.   Vandelay Industries

Thanks. He could get through the 8th?

2007-04-28 14:54:34
340.   Chyll Will
Wowzers! Kei can still go another inning! This is already a victory if Joe doesn't go by his regular book!
2007-04-28 14:54:35
341.   yankz
336 Of course. I'd give him 110 pitches today.
2007-04-28 14:55:02
342.   Orly Yarly NoWai
337 I'm sorry, but I am really fed up with the negativity around here.
2007-04-28 14:55:43
343.   Vandelay Industries

He throws a lot too. No reason he cannot throw 120 if need be. Oh wait, pitch counts are arbitrary and do not take into account who the pitcher is. My bad.

2007-04-28 14:56:12
344.   rsmith51
I would guess batter by batter in the 8th. The question is who comes after him? I would probably go with Henn, but Joe will probably go with Viz or Proctor.
2007-04-28 14:56:13
345.   Chyll Will
331, 338 Both of you need to stop it. Now.
2007-04-28 14:56:16
346.   Joe H
338 Yeah, it's a stat for optimists who want to save their GM's job even after he screwed up the team.
2007-04-28 14:56:35
347.   JeremyM
I say give Kei the 7th, and it would be foolish to do anything else.
2007-04-28 14:56:54
348.   Orly Yarly NoWai
434 Innings are the same way, apparently.
2007-04-28 14:57:25
349.   rsmith51
I am trying to not be negative. Not playing Scrabble knocks out about half the offending posts.
2007-04-28 14:57:26
350.   Eirias
319 88 pitches.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-28 14:57:46
351.   Chyll Will
342 Cool, but you can fight fire with water...
2007-04-28 14:57:51
352.   Eirias
I guess I'm late to the pitch party.
2007-04-28 14:58:12
353.   Orly Yarly NoWai
349 We can definitely agree that not playing Doug Out is good.
2007-04-28 14:59:01
354.   Chyll Will
2007-04-28 14:59:43
355.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Who doesn't love Joe Buck!?

Oh. Right...

2007-04-28 14:59:54
356.   kylepetterson
That's it. Everybody go to your rooms.
2007-04-28 14:59:59
357.   rsmith51
It'd be nice to see Robbie rip a double here.
2007-04-28 15:00:34
358.   yankz
Swinging bunt
2007-04-28 15:01:35
359.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Even FOX has a Papelboner...
2007-04-28 15:01:55
360.   yankz
Some people are way too generous with the word "perfect."
2007-04-28 15:02:04
361.   Vandelay Industries
The big Cheat is up in the bullpen.
2007-04-28 15:02:12
362.   Chyll Will
Melky oughtta be able to knock the crap out of these floaters...
2007-04-28 15:02:23
363.   Orly Yarly NoWai
He's been perfect in the sense of "pretty good."
2007-04-28 15:02:41
364.   yankz
Yeah Melky!!!!
2007-04-28 15:02:42
365.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-04-28 15:02:49
366.   Zack
Wow, that was officially our first break in about 7 games!
2007-04-28 15:02:51
367.   tommyl
yyyyaaaaayyyy Melky
2007-04-28 15:03:02
368.   Chyll Will
2007-04-28 15:03:12
369.   nick
Melky! we were so due for a break....
2007-04-28 15:03:14
370.   Joe H
Yay Melky!! He'll definitely be batting in the #2 slot tomorrow after that jack.
2007-04-28 15:03:24
371.   Orly Yarly NoWai
361 It's enough to make me wish we had Jose Guillen. (I don't though.)
2007-04-28 15:03:37
372.   yankz
This reminds me of that Wake/Johnson matchup from '05.
2007-04-28 15:04:00
373.   Vandelay Industries
Its nice to see Jorge in HD. 480i makes him look so, well, frumpy.
2007-04-28 15:04:08
374.   yankz
2007-04-28 15:04:30
375.   Zack
Does the rally monkey even exist anymore?
2007-04-28 15:05:08
376.   Chyll Will
Do any of you eat goat cheese pizza at all, never mind at a ballgame?
2007-04-28 15:05:29
377.   Vandelay Industries

If they spent 25% of what they spend on their ad budget on RND, they would have produced a decent vehicle in the last 20 years.

2007-04-28 15:06:03
378.   yankz
2007-04-28 15:06:15
379.   rsmith51
360 I always complain when the announcer calls a bunt "perfect" when the batter is thrown out at first. I think effective or maybe "perfect sacrifice bunt", but not a "perfect bunt".

Rant over.

2007-04-28 15:06:31
380.   Orly Yarly NoWai
That's something you like to see; an opposing pitcher taken out after 5 1/3 with 120 pitches.
2007-04-28 15:06:43
381.   Yu-Hsing Chen
hahah, finally we get a few breaks. that musta been how Igawa felt in his first start when he gave up 3 runs on a 2 out bloop double heh
2007-04-28 15:06:58
382.   rsmith51
361 The big cheat?
2007-04-28 15:07:13
383.   Zack
Anyone have an idea of what the heck McCarver is talking about with Donnely?
2007-04-28 15:07:41
384.   Chyll Will
Donnelly looks like a butterfly knife when he winds up...
2007-04-28 15:07:41
385.   rsmith51
Oh, Donnely...
2007-04-28 15:07:46
386.   JimCobain
Donnelly = snowflake
2007-04-28 15:08:06
387.   Orly Yarly NoWai

2007-04-28 15:08:15
388.   yankz
Donnelly's a nerd.
2007-04-28 15:09:45
389.   3rd gen yankee fan
376 Love goat cheese on pizza.

I wanted to post something about how the game is going but i'm afraid to jinx it. So I won't.

2007-04-28 15:09:50
390.   yankz
Boo ya!
2007-04-28 15:10:05
391.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Yes, Julio Lugo, now I see why you want to be known for your defense.

Oh wait. No I don't.

2007-04-28 15:10:05
392.   bartap74
Lugo really makes you appreciate Jeter's defense.
2007-04-28 15:10:19
393.   Zack
389 You shouldnt even post about thinking about it...
2007-04-28 15:10:55
394.   yankz
.256?! Yikes.
2007-04-28 15:10:56
395.   Chyll Will
Whoo! hustle!!! PLEASE DON'T BUNT!!!
2007-04-28 15:12:28
396.   yankz
Right now!
2007-04-28 15:13:17
397.   Chyll Will
389 Zinfindel instead of beer with that slice? >;)
2007-04-28 15:13:33
398.   yankz
Let's go Coddmeyer, let's go..
2007-04-28 15:13:45
399.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Come on, A-Rod! Let's pad those stats!
2007-04-28 15:13:50
400.   Zack
C'mon A-Rod!
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-04-28 15:13:54
401.   ric

jeter really smacked the shit outta that one! see.. all you guys need is a slim (for now)lead to get your confidence (arrogance) back!

2007-04-28 15:14:06
402.   Chyll Will
Whew... whatever A-Rod does, at least Bobby didn't bunt >;)
2007-04-28 15:14:22
403.   Zack
That was def. your pitch there Alex
2007-04-28 15:15:02
404.   Orly Yarly NoWai
401 Yes, that's generally how it works.
2007-04-28 15:15:12
405.   yankz
401 All you need is to stfu!
2007-04-28 15:15:13
406.   Yu-Hsing Chen
arrragh, comeon A-rod
2007-04-28 15:15:34
407.   3rd gen yankee fan
397 Hey hey -- never at a ballgame. There's no foo-foo food at a ballgame!
2007-04-28 15:15:38
408.   Chyll Will
401 You're kidding, right ric? Have you just dropped in again now? That's the only way to explain that one...
2007-04-28 15:15:59
409.   Alvaro Espinoza
Is Mirabelli still calling for the knuckle ball?
2007-04-28 15:16:29
410.   yankz
Do people here ever post on Sox forums? I never have, never will. That would be a childish waste of my time. Especially if I made a ridiculous amount of posts without any coherence or point.
2007-04-28 15:16:52
411.   Alvaro Espinoza
2007-04-28 15:16:57
412.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"Now stop talking about Joe Buck!"
2007-04-28 15:17:16
413.   Chyll Will
405 (!) In a warm cup?

407 Very good. I was worried...

2007-04-28 15:18:03
414.   Joe H
A-Rod pop out - just like old times. I think it's time to start booing A-Fraud.
2007-04-28 15:18:04
415.   nick
he would've creamed that 0-1 pitch a week, and I hear boos....
2007-04-28 15:18:07
416.   Yu-Hsing Chen
2007-04-28 15:18:11
417.   Zack
Turds...We have left so many damn men in scoring position tonight
2007-04-28 15:18:15
418.   yankz
Well, his swing looked pretty good...
2007-04-28 15:18:56
419.   Zack
414 that's a joke right?
2007-04-28 15:19:28
420.   yankz
Pete Abraham: "This like watching Daniel LaRusso in the All-Valley Karate Championship."

Haha! True dat.

2007-04-28 15:19:29
421.   Chyll Will
412 How about "Stop talking, Joe Buck, NOW!" ?
2007-04-28 15:19:58
422.   Orly Yarly NoWai
419 I thought it was... Now I'm worried.
2007-04-28 15:20:32
423.   yankz
A-Rod should bat 8th tomorrow.
2007-04-28 15:20:34
424.   Orly Yarly NoWai
421 That works too.
2007-04-28 15:20:45
425.   Zack
If you wanted a cerveza, why the heck would you turn to something made by Miller?
2007-04-28 15:21:20
426.   Chyll Will
Kei, just tell Bruney to sit the hell down, you got this!
2007-04-28 15:21:30
427.   yankz
2007-04-28 15:21:48
428.   williamnyy23
uh oh...
2007-04-28 15:21:59
429.   Zack
Damn, not the time to be messing up plays guys. This is the type of thing that has unhinged us all week...
2007-04-28 15:22:05
430.   yankz
DP coming up.
2007-04-28 15:22:09
431.   rsmith51
414 Some of us are ARod fans, even if he is ONLY the best hitting 3b in the league and NOT the best hitting player in the league.
2007-04-28 15:22:09
432.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Let's see a double play here.
2007-04-28 15:23:00
433.   Chyll Will
425 Because Q-Tip says it's cool?
2007-04-28 15:23:05
434.   Orly Yarly NoWai
432 Let's see a triple play here.


2007-04-28 15:23:27
435.   yankz
Great job, Kei!
2007-04-28 15:23:28
436.   Joe H
The inevitable Kei Igawa meltdown cometh. Joe just can't wait to start burning some bullpen.
2007-04-28 15:23:31
437.   its430
Where's Skippy? No way he would've thought about touching that.
2007-04-28 15:23:44
438.   Zack
Well, I guess getting through the 7th is too much for our staff. Let's see what Mr. Bruney can do!
2007-04-28 15:23:47
439.   Vandelay Industries
Why pull Igawa here? He could have gotten through this.
2007-04-28 15:24:35
440.   nick's weird: I ASSUME the pen will fail here. Bruney?
2007-04-28 15:24:46
441.   Alvaro Espinoza
437 He was promoted to Ass't to the Traveling Sec'y.
2007-04-28 15:25:23
442.   Zack
That was a heckuva job by kei. Things lookes like real crap after Karstens left, and Kei came in and did exactlly what we needed!
2007-04-28 15:25:26
443.   Chyll Will
sigh... well, I'm still up on this. Kei gave an unexpectedly great effort, that's something very good to take from this. Now if the rest of the BP can take something from that, then we'll be back in stride in no time.
2007-04-28 15:25:32
444.   ric

ooooo. make me?

so is igawa back out of the pen now? pretty good start regardless of the walks...

2007-04-28 15:25:44
445.   williamnyy23
Igawa isn't at 100 yet...he just got two ground balls...there is no need to try and get 3 full innings from the bullpen. Also, Igawa is the only pitcher on the staff who has looked good against Ortiz. I am not going to harp on it after the fact (I know everyone wants to stay positive), but this is a spot where Joe has to wake up to the reality that his pen has been both overworked and ineffective.
2007-04-28 15:26:18
446.   Alvaro Espinoza
For once I agree w/ McCarver. Why is Mirabelli hiting?
2007-04-28 15:27:00
447.   Hocakes
Here we go everyone...get ready for that adventure we call the Yankee bullpen!
2007-04-28 15:27:16
448.   JeremyM
445 I agree, but the magic # for Torre and his starters is one base hit in the 7th and you're gone.
2007-04-28 15:27:35
449.   Zack
I have no problem with going to the pen here, Igawa got us into the 7th, clearly was affected by that long inning (which, of course, was for naught). can't knock Joe on that
2007-04-28 15:27:52
450.   Orly Yarly NoWai
445 I could go either way, but I'm leaning towards keeping Igawa in, I think.

446 Shh! Don't tell them anything!

Nice K for Bruney!

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-04-28 15:28:10
451.   Joe H
I love Brian Bruney. Only thing that can mess this up now is if Clueless Joe starts tinkering again and brings in Myers or Viz.
2007-04-28 15:28:16
452.   Chyll Will
NIce! two more...
2007-04-28 15:28:20
453.   Alvaro Espinoza
449 I concur.
2007-04-28 15:28:35
454.   Zack
Man, I forgot Hinske was on the Sox...hes a tough out for us
2007-04-28 15:29:09
455.   JimCobain
All I am asking is when is the last time Torre left a pitcher in for one batter too many? I can't remember a single time where I thought, "pitcher was tired and he left him in" Can you guys?
2007-04-28 15:29:13
456.   Orly Yarly NoWai
451 Yeah. Let's keep the pitchers to a minimum, especially since Bruney looks good.
2007-04-28 15:29:20
457.   williamnyy23
449 Why was he clearly effected? He gave up two ground hit well.
2007-04-28 15:29:38
458.   rsmith51
Pitching Bruney was a pretty good move, Joe.
2007-04-28 15:29:55
459.   Orly Yarly NoWai
455 Maybe he doesn't want to be Grady-d.
2007-04-28 15:30:07
460.   Zack
3 of our RP have appeared in 14 of 22 games? that is just sick, just plain sick
2007-04-28 15:30:16
461.   Chyll Will
Standing O' for A-Rod handling that pop! >;)
2007-04-28 15:30:31
462.   3rd gen yankee fan
451 If he does, he may start receiving death threats.
2007-04-28 15:31:05
463.   Zack
457 He was behind on both hitters, missing badly, and both were actually hit quite hard...lucky the second was only a single
2007-04-28 15:31:16
464.   Orly Yarly NoWai
460 Paging Mike Marshall... Paging Mike Marshall... Every-day Scotty on the white courtesy phone.

Great inning from Bruney.

2007-04-28 15:31:22
465.   Zack
NIIICE Bruney!
2007-04-28 15:31:48
466.   Alvaro Espinoza
455 Game 2, 2002 ALDS. He left El Duque in to start the 8th and Anderson hit a bomb.
2007-04-28 15:32:02
467.   Chyll Will
Ahem, the 7th went without a hitch from the reliever. Comments?
2007-04-28 15:32:19
468.   williamnyy23
458 Definitely looks like a good move now...happy to say that I was wrong...assuming the Yanks pen can get two more innings, of course.
2007-04-28 15:32:31
469.   rsmith51
Nice job so far.
2007-04-28 15:32:33
470.   yankz
Bruney is so clutch.
2007-04-28 15:33:09
471.   yankz
466 Wow, good memory.

I'll say it: I'm a little worried that we could see Mo.

2007-04-28 15:33:15
472.   Orly Yarly NoWai
467 Alternating happiness and sighs of relief.
2007-04-28 15:33:32
473.   rsmith51
455 Showalter has a history of that.
2007-04-28 15:34:17
474.   Joe H
This is going to end like it is supposed to - Farnsworth and then Rivera. I have a good feeling about this, they're both due to do something good, and Boston looks flat.
2007-04-28 15:35:03
475.   yankz
Two runs...just two more runs...
2007-04-28 15:35:18
476.   Orly Yarly NoWai
474 I hope you're right. There's no way Rivera blows this, right?
2007-04-28 15:35:32
477.   Chyll Will
Definition of insanity: "One day that lady will squish Spike the lizard..."
2007-04-28 15:36:08
478.   Hocakes
I'm calling it, Karstens getting hit in the first will turn out to be turning point of this season for the Yanks.
2007-04-28 15:36:43
479.   Joe H
Mo can blow 2 in a row but not 3 in a row. This is his day.
2007-04-28 15:37:06
480.   yankz
Please baseball gods, we need two more scoreless innings.
2007-04-28 15:37:23
481.   OldYanksFan
468 The fact that Bruney was great does not relect on the move. I think Iggy was tiring, and if he doesn't spot well, is prone to the HR. Bruney is pretty fresh, so I think the move was correct.

If our BP hadn't been so bad the last 10 games, I don't think we would have ever questioned taking Iggy out in that situation.

2007-04-28 15:37:55
482.   Alvaro Espinoza
478 I'd like to pull the d-bag "Price Is Right" move and declare that Igawa's fill-in start will be the turning point of the season!

Spin wheel, spin!!!

2007-04-28 15:38:07
483.   Chyll Will
478 Couldn't go with "Ladyfingers", eh? >;)
2007-04-28 15:38:07
484.   yankz
Ken Rosenthal, POS. I can't even hear what he's saying, there's too much background noise in the room, but I'm pretty sure I'm still right.
2007-04-28 15:38:45
485.   yankz
482 No, it's Igawa's dominance of Fatass Papi. Keep it going, someone!
2007-04-28 15:38:52
486.   Alvaro Espinoza
Who will be the 1st to complain about this Giambi PR move?
2007-04-28 15:39:04
487.   OldYanksFan
Why not Bruney for the 8th? He looks great and didn't throw that many pitches. I don't want to see Farns here.
2007-04-28 15:39:06
488.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Ok, I think that's a good use of Doug Out. Late-inning defensive replacement for Giambi.
2007-04-28 15:39:07
489.   tommyl
Who wants to place money on Giambi's spot coming up again and it being important?
2007-04-28 15:39:12
490.   Joe H
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOOOO!!!! We can't pinch run for Giambi with a 3 run lead!!!
2007-04-28 15:39:34
491.   Zack
Is it just me or is Kyle Snyder actually Bronson Arroyo?
2007-04-28 15:39:42
492.   Joe H
489 I'd put money on that.
2007-04-28 15:39:50
493.   Zack
Oh God Joe did it again
2007-04-28 15:39:55
494.   Chyll Will
Please, let the Sock die already...
2007-04-28 15:40:05
495.   yankz
487 I'm with you. Didn't he throw ~50 over 2 days vs the A's? He can handle it.
2007-04-28 15:40:53
496.   zanderthegreat
Uh, that wasn't defensive replacement, I don't think Eye-Chart is a great runner.
2007-04-28 15:41:24
497.   jayd
now there is a minky substitution I can live with. jason at dh, phelpsie plays and minky the late inning defensive sub. and he plays full time when wang pitches.
2007-04-28 15:41:31
498.   Chyll Will
491 I though A.J. Burnett was either Bronson Arroyo or Jeff Weaver...
2007-04-28 15:41:49
499.   Joe H
487 I don't want to see Farns either but we're talking about the manager who is capable of pinch running Stinkiewicz for his 2nd best slugger. Farnsworth will get his shot.
2007-04-28 15:42:02
500.   Orly Yarly NoWai
496 But he's probably better than Giambi and he'll take over at first.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-04-28 15:42:14
501.   yankz
Farns is a nerd too.
2007-04-28 15:42:20
502.   rsmith51
492 I can definitely see that.
2007-04-28 15:43:13
503.   Chyll Will
Oh, Scrabble was sent in to break up a DP. Right.
2007-04-28 15:44:42
504.   Chyll Will
501] Farns' back doubles as the sound barrier on the Garden State Parkway...
2007-04-28 15:45:06
505.   jayd
hmmmm... no mention of the hard running minky breaking up the double play and taking out lugo on wcbs...on oversight on an otherwise well called game...boy, you guys really have minky fever at the banter....
2007-04-28 15:45:35
506.   yankz
Cano needs to show some of that pop from last summer.
2007-04-28 15:45:47
507.   Schteeve
I never really understood the term "Push Button Manager" until I noticed Torre's pathological 7th inning pinch running for Giambi. With the shape our bullpen is in and a slim 3 run lead, and the OBPiness of our lineup...substituting Minky's bat for Jason's is terribly irresponsible.
2007-04-28 15:45:54
508.   Orly Yarly NoWai
505 I tend to think that's part of the job of any baseball player.
2007-04-28 15:46:03
509.   yankz
Oook then...
2007-04-28 15:46:03
510.   Zack
Wow, that sucked Robbie...
2007-04-28 15:46:04
511.   Alvaro Espinoza
There's the ol' Robi patience!
2007-04-28 15:46:26
512.   Chyll Will
Breathe in, breathe out. It's cool.
2007-04-28 15:46:35
513.   yankz
505 Minky fever? I hope that's not contagious.
2007-04-28 15:47:36
514.   rsmith51
507 That is why Jason is the DH, so he doesn't need to be pinch run for in the 7th inning of a close game.
2007-04-28 15:49:12
515.   yankz
OK, I'm keeping the faith. Let's go Glasses...
2007-04-28 15:49:21
516.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Cano is off to another slow start :/ though he is surprisingly more patient so far pitch seen wise, he's actually in normal territory now .
2007-04-28 15:49:27
517.   rsmith51
This is a time where the Yanks should use Mo in the 8th and Farns in the 9th. I know, I know outside the box and never gonna happen.
2007-04-28 15:49:34
518.   Zack
Ugh, Farnsworth vs the 2-3-4 batters...The inning where your best pitcher should be pitching
2007-04-28 15:49:39
519.   jayd
ole reliable takes the mound....
2007-04-28 15:49:50
520.   Max Nomad
507 I'm no Mink fan, but I partly disagree. I think having Jason in the later innings playing what is now for him a strenuous position, the Yanks could lose on poor defense. And Mink is a better baserunner, as he showed. Then you get late inning defense, too. Plus, Torre probably won't do it, but Phelps can backup Arod in the lineup if the need should arise.
2007-04-28 15:49:52
521.   Chyll Will
513 It would explain the starting pitching issues we've had...
2007-04-28 15:49:54
522.   Schteeve
Farnsworth can give up 6 consecuitive homers for all i care, but if he starts walking MFrs I'm going to freak out.
2007-04-28 15:50:06
523.   williamnyy23
Farnsworth is back..Torre HAD to make this move...I still hate it.
2007-04-28 15:50:28
524.   Max Nomad
507 Plus the OBPiness of the Yanks is probably tops in the league.
2007-04-28 15:50:31
525.   Zack
Yeeeaah. Sean Henn anyone?
2007-04-28 15:51:00
526.   Joe H
Need a double play - good think Farnsworth is a ground ball pitcher... erh.
2007-04-28 15:51:01
527.   Joe H
Need a double play - good think Farnsworth is a ground ball pitcher... erh.
2007-04-28 15:51:05
528.   yankz
Big K coming up.
2007-04-28 15:51:30
529.   Vandelay Industries

Look, it's a stupid move no matter how you slice it. Maybe George Karl will pull Allen Iverson with a 6 point lead and 8 minutes to go.

Its a bad bad bad bad move. There is no defending it. Giambi needs to bat later in the game. If we have a lead in the 9th, then fine, pinch run for him. But to do it in the seventh, with Doug M., it is irresponsible.

2007-04-28 15:51:33
530.   yankz
He went!
2007-04-28 15:51:45
531.   jayd
5 runs in 8 innings 5 strike outs 5 walks. watch 'im load the bases and strike out the next three. ready, pessimists?
2007-04-28 15:51:51
532.   Chyll Will
The jinx is on, hardcore...
2007-04-28 15:52:20
533.   yankz
Oof. He's just missing.
2007-04-28 15:52:28
534.   Zack
Three very close pitches ina row, they all go to Papi...
2007-04-28 15:52:28
535.   Schteeve
524 That's my point, it's not like there's no way Giambi's spot comes up again.
2007-04-28 15:52:42
536.   yankz
Of course.
2007-04-28 15:52:47
537.   Zack
I can't watch...
2007-04-28 15:52:58
538.   OldYanksFan
I would have kept Bruney in. Farns is up to his old tricks already.
2007-04-28 15:53:00
539.   Vandelay Industries
And this inning is exactly why its a bad move.
2007-04-28 15:53:01
540.   Joe H
Joe Torre's job is pretty much in Kyle Farnsworth's hands right now.
2007-04-28 15:53:16
541.   Zack
Guess those glassess aren't helping Kyle
2007-04-28 15:53:19
542.   Schteeve
I would trade Farnsworthless for a frickin' steak dinner right now.
2007-04-28 15:53:27
543.   rsmith51
529 It might be defensible if Minky looks like a major league hitter. Unfortunately...
2007-04-28 15:53:43
544.   williamnyy23
When Joe gets fired on Monday, he can thank Farnsworth.
2007-04-28 15:53:46
545.   yankz
It looked like 10 guys just gave Farns advice. His head is probably about to explode.

"Fastball in first...but only if he takes three practice swings...if four go with the slider...ahh!!!"

2007-04-28 15:53:57
546.   LI yankee
540 Well then, it's been a good 10 years Torre.
2007-04-28 15:54:10
547.   JeremyM
542 Better get ready for TV dinner-grade salisbury then....
2007-04-28 15:54:19
548.   tommyl
This is why you pitch Farnsworth last night. Then you could have Henn or Proctor available tonight.
2007-04-28 15:54:48
549.   Schteeve
514 You are confusing baserunning and defense. They pinch run for him because he's slow, even when he is the DH. It's ludicrous.
2007-04-28 15:55:19
550.   rsmith51
Out of curiosity, how many times have Ortiz and Manny been pinch run for in the last 3 years?
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-04-28 15:55:29
551.   yankz

Kyle Farnsworth, ulcer-inducer and antacid all at once...

2007-04-28 15:55:38
552.   OldYanksFan
YES! Tell me why Bruney can't go 2 innings.
2007-04-28 15:55:39
553.   Chyll Will
Okay! now, a DP and it's a good move, right?
2007-04-28 15:55:43
554.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I don't believe what I just saw!

Do you believe in miracles? YES!

2007-04-28 15:55:44
555.   Zack
Woah, catches Manny looking on a hanging Slider...Don't see him miss that...lucky
2007-04-28 15:55:55
556.   jayd
you da man kyle, you da man
2007-04-28 15:56:10
557.   Joe H
Wow, Manny really sucks this year!
2007-04-28 15:56:23
558.   jayd
jd drew 5 for 8 3 hrs against kyle
2007-04-28 15:56:37
559.   yankz
He didn't look out at 2nd. I really thought Cano stepped off the bag.
2007-04-28 15:56:40
560.   Zack
That was close Kyle, one more! Shouldn't Youk be called for interference?
2007-04-28 15:56:49
561.   Chyll Will
Almost? Almost...
2007-04-28 15:57:01
562.   yankz
What are they chanting?
2007-04-28 15:57:03
563.   Joe H
Lowell has been just killing us this year. I am scared.
2007-04-28 15:57:06
564.   randym77
C'mon Farnsy. Just one more...
2007-04-28 15:57:11
565.   rsmith51
558 So he gets out as often as he homers, Yikes.
2007-04-28 15:57:19
566.   Orly Yarly NoWai
559 Phantom tags.
2007-04-28 15:57:35
567.   LI yankee
Did Cano keep his foot on the bag?
2007-04-28 15:57:48
568.   williamnyy23
559 It did...and enough so the ump would have been right to call it. No neighborhood play there.

No interference on Youk...he held up to let the ball pass.

2007-04-28 15:58:48
569.   yankz
566 I've never heard that term, what does it mean?
2007-04-28 15:58:56
570.   jayd
ron guidry,the horse whisperer.
2007-04-28 15:58:57
571.   Schteeve
I really have to wonder why I never see Farns go up in the zone with the heater.
2007-04-28 15:59:00
572.   Alvaro Espinoza
Really prefer not to see a 3-2 count here.
2007-04-28 15:59:14
573.   yankz
2007-04-28 15:59:21
574.   Zack
Crudski, dammit Lowell
2007-04-28 15:59:34
575.   rsmith51
If Lowell walks, you gotta bring in Mo.
2007-04-28 15:59:41
576.   Chyll Will
Just a flare, nothing big. We still have the lead, folks.
2007-04-28 15:59:47
577.   Joe H
Grr, Mike Lowell. Did I mention Coco Crisp has also been killing us this year?

Do it Kyle!

2007-04-28 16:00:21
578.   Alvaro Espinoza
Hooray for a big strike zone!
2007-04-28 16:01:04
579.   Orly Yarly NoWai
569 It's almost like common courtesy for umpires to ignore the position of the foot when a team is trying to turn two. I can't really explain the reason, but they do.

Phantom tags are umps calling runners out when they really shouldn't be.

Read the Cheater's Guide to Baseball; Derek Zumsteg talks about them in detail.

2007-04-28 16:01:15
580.   LI yankee
575 Is Mo even warming?
2007-04-28 16:01:43
581.   Chyll Will
Crisp is toast.
2007-04-28 16:01:58
582.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Farnswhacker. Oh my god. Wow.
2007-04-28 16:01:59
583.   Joe H
Awesome. It comes down to Mo, just like it should.
2007-04-28 16:02:08
584.   claybeez
Hellz Yeah!
2007-04-28 16:02:15
585.   yankz
Yeah Kyle! Damn, you sure know how to fuck with a guy's internal organs!

579 OK, thanks.

2007-04-28 16:02:15
586.   Schteeve
577 When a guy with a .265 OPB is killing you, you have problems.
2007-04-28 16:02:29
587.   Alvaro Espinoza
C'mon now, Coco. That's not very sportsmanlike!
2007-04-28 16:02:32
588.   nick
crispy, you're kidding yourself, sweetheart--shut up and sit down...
2007-04-28 16:02:36
589.   yankz
Mo v. Tek in the 9th. Should be interesting.
2007-04-28 16:02:38
590.   Zack
Nice Kyle! And yeah, I would say thats an auto-toss out to say the least!
2007-04-28 16:02:55
591.   yankz
587 What'd he do, I looked away.
2007-04-28 16:03:05
592.   randym77
579 I think it's to avoid injury. You know the runner is going to be sliding in hard, so the umpires tend to give the fielder a pass if he gets anywhere close to 2B.
2007-04-28 16:03:12
593.   Vandelay Industries
Crisp and Lugo are such morons. Both overrated, both punks.
2007-04-28 16:03:31
594.   rsmith51
I remember a time when 2 run leads with Mo coming in meant an easy W. Hopefully that time will come again, and soon.

Let's go Yanks!

2007-04-28 16:03:39
595.   OldYanksFan
Anybody think we got a gift on strike 3? Looked outside to me.
2007-04-28 16:03:46
596.   Chyll Will
Freommie don't play dat!
2007-04-28 16:04:15
597.   Vandelay Industries

He's been calling all game.

2007-04-28 16:04:29
598.   Orly Yarly NoWai
591 He pulled a Milton. He tossed his bat and his helmet and started cursing.

592 That's probably it.

2007-04-28 16:04:42
599.   Max Nomad
I love Bruce Froemming
2007-04-28 16:04:45
600.   jayd
good man, bruce. another display of tasteless manners by the SAWKS. throw that little damon wannabe bastard out from the stadium for life. coco crispeeeeeee yet?
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-04-28 16:05:13
601.   Zack
And Bronson, err, Kyle comes in for the 9th...Lets get that one back!
2007-04-28 16:06:00
602.   rsmith51
I believe the batter is right about 75-80% of the time when he complains. Of course, he doesn't point out when he gets a gift ball...
2007-04-28 16:06:21
603.   yankz
Shut up, McCarver. He can turn and talk to the ump if he has a problem. I've seen three year olds who don't throw tantrums like that.

You're the shit, Bruce.

2007-04-28 16:06:28
604.   Vandelay Industries
Now playing the dugout role of Paul O'Neill is Kyle Farnsworth.
2007-04-28 16:06:47
605.   Chyll Will
Wow, he got good distance on the helmet-toss, eh? And what a flip!
2007-04-28 16:06:49
606.   Orly Yarly NoWai
602 Of course, if you throw both your bat and your helmet a good twenty-five feet....
2007-04-28 16:07:13
607.   Alvaro Espinoza
FWIW, strike 3 was outside. But given the way the ump has called the entire game, you can't feign disgust when he calls the same pitch a strike again.
2007-04-28 16:07:19
608.   Schteeve
When Crisp gets his OBP above .300 maybe he can start complaininga about that call.
2007-04-28 16:07:28
609.   Orly Yarly NoWai
605 Positively Dukes-esque.
2007-04-28 16:08:05
610.   Schteeve
I'm starting to think that Melky has Shane Spencer written all over him.
2007-04-28 16:08:21
611.   Simone
I'm back home and this game is still going on. I confess to being nervous about Mo coming in the 9th.
2007-04-28 16:08:37
612.   Chyll Will
Very astute, McC. Please just shut up when those kind of thoughts enter your head?
2007-04-28 16:08:48
613.   yankz
Jete owns Sox IF's.
2007-04-28 16:08:49
614.   Orly Yarly NoWai
610 I don't know about that. Maybe more Ricky Ledee.
2007-04-28 16:09:03
615.   Joe H
Jeter's going for another batting crown this year.
2007-04-28 16:09:26
616.   rsmith51
610 He is still pretty young. I think maybe playing every day in the minors might be helpful.
2007-04-28 16:10:10
617.   rsmith51
Jeter likes hitting it to Lugo?
2007-04-28 16:10:37
618.   Vandelay Industries
Does McCarver really thin a bunch of guys who live in denial that there are gay ball players are going to embrace Yoga?
2007-04-28 16:10:43
619.   Zack
Well, here we go...Come on Mo! Make this an amazing afternoon!
2007-04-28 16:10:44
620.   yankz
OK, Mo, restore that confidence...
2007-04-28 16:10:51
621.   Joe H
Repeat after me: There is NO WAY Mo blows this game.
2007-04-28 16:11:25
622.   Chyll Will
613 Jete snacks on Sox infielders between innings.
2007-04-28 16:11:34
623.   ric
i can read the headline now, "Oh MO!!"
2007-04-28 16:11:40
624.   rsmith51
I really, really, really, really hope there is not bottom of the ninth.
2007-04-28 16:11:46
625.   Orly Yarly NoWai
618 Todd Jones don't cotton to that yogi stuff, he don't.
2007-04-28 16:11:55
626.   LI yankee
Does anyone think Mo was grimacing a little there during warmups? Maybe I'm just being paranoid...
2007-04-28 16:12:13
627.   pistolpete
621 There's no way Mo blows this game.
2007-04-28 16:12:21
628.   Chyll Will
Why exactly is four hours or more a problem?
2007-04-28 16:12:36
629.   Orly Yarly NoWai
621 There is NO WAY Mo blows this game.
2007-04-28 16:13:05
630.   JeremyM
625 Hilarious.
2007-04-28 16:13:10
631.   Zack
Let's go Mo! Let's go Mo!
2007-04-28 16:13:28
632.   yankz
623 Is there no Sox blog where you can share your inferiority complex with your peers? Or did they all kick you out?
2007-04-28 16:13:30
633.   rsmith51
In Mo we trust.
2007-04-28 16:13:31
634.   Simone
I don't know if I can look. How can Mo's ERA be 12.15? Insanity.
2007-04-28 16:13:56
635.   Schteeve
It kinda makes sense to me that Mo struggles against the Sox (recently) he's been public enemy #1 for so long, that they must have him scouted about as well as anyone.
2007-04-28 16:14:22
636.   yankz
Strike 1 was a beaut. Keep it coming...
2007-04-28 16:15:04
637.   yankz
OK, that was bad luck.
2007-04-28 16:15:08
638.   pistolpete
635 After 19 times a year, I'm sure even without a ton of scouting guys are gonna get their hits...
2007-04-28 16:15:08
639.   Zack
Crapola, come on Mo!
2007-04-28 16:15:08
640.   Orly Yarly NoWai
635 ZOMG! Mo has a higher ERA against the second-best offensive team in the world than he does against the rest of them. Madness, I say!
2007-04-28 16:15:11
641.   Simone
This isn't starting off well.
2007-04-28 16:15:24
642.   rsmith51
In Game Cast, the it looks like his ERA is 2.15, instead of what it is because the n is covering the leading 1. Hopefully he can get it back down to that range.
2007-04-28 16:15:24
643.   Joe H
I've never wished death or suffering on another human being, with exception of Jason Varitek.
2007-04-28 16:16:02
644.   ric

get over yourself slappy. im just fueling your fire anyway.

2007-04-28 16:16:09
645.   jayd
nervous yet?

dp cora

2007-04-28 16:16:55
646.   3rd gen yankee fan
621 Mo no blow. Mo no blow.
2007-04-28 16:17:03
647.   yankz


Don't make me bust out "There was no curse. Your team just sucked for 86 years."

2007-04-28 16:17:12
648.   pistolpete
632 He probably is on a Sox blog at the same time, laughing with his buddies at all our reactions to his crapola.
2007-04-28 16:17:16
649.   rsmith51
What did the hit look like? A weak flare or a line drive?
2007-04-28 16:17:30
650.   yankz
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-04-28 16:17:35
651.   Simone
Okay, one down.
2007-04-28 16:17:41
652.   Zack
Well that was good Mo, just wish we had gotten both out!
2007-04-28 16:17:42
653.   pistolpete
That play always reminds me of 2001. Yeesh.
2007-04-28 16:17:47
654.   Orly Yarly NoWai
649 Weak flare.
2007-04-28 16:18:03
655.   yankz
649 Sort between. He hit it on a line, but very short, just between Cano and Abreu. His bat broke on the play.
2007-04-28 16:18:04
656.   jayd
well, I almost called it
2007-04-28 16:18:13
657.   Joe H
649 It was Varitek - of course it was a weak flare.
2007-04-28 16:18:21
658.   yankz
OK, now the DP.
2007-04-28 16:18:32
659.   Marcus
649 Broken bat, weak flare.
2007-04-28 16:18:44
660.   yankz
WOW strike 2 was FILTHY.

I love the way Mo sets then delivers. It will never get old.

2007-04-28 16:19:15
661.   yankz
Rising fastball out of the zone coming up.
2007-04-28 16:19:25
662.   Joe H
Mo and Farnsy both getting ahead in the count. Guidry must have woken up on the right side of the bed today!
2007-04-28 16:19:29
663.   rsmith51
657 He had a line drive last week. Gotta keep looking at the peripherals, not just the results.
2007-04-28 16:19:58
664.   Schteeve
Please tell me the infield isn't in.
2007-04-28 16:20:01
665.   yankz
Is Fox really playing that idiotic "Bad Day" song? Do they try to make me hate them?

I so called it in 661.

2007-04-28 16:20:12
666.   Jeteupthemiddle
I admit it.

I'm nervous.

I think it is because the yankees are in a 7 game losing streak--I wouldn't care nearly as much.

But yes, I am nervous.

2007-04-28 16:20:20
667.   Vandelay Industries
In fairness to Mo, Scutaro is second in the league in walk-offs the last three years.
2007-04-28 16:20:26
668.   Simone
Two down. One to go.
2007-04-28 16:20:36
669.   jayd
mo is pyched for this one 95mph
2007-04-28 16:20:51
670.   Jeteupthemiddle
That was a great play by Arod.
2007-04-28 16:20:52
671.   yankz
2007-04-28 16:20:53
672.   Marcus
2007-04-28 16:20:57
673.   Eirias
Those rumors about Dolan and the Yankees are nightmare-fodder.
2007-04-28 16:21:04
674.   Joe H
Mr. Clutch with the glove!!!
2007-04-28 16:21:08
675.   Zack
Nice play Arod!

Simone, did you get that play that much earlier, or were you hoping?

2007-04-28 16:21:10
676.   pistolpete
A-ROD, with the A-GLOVE!!!
2007-04-28 16:21:15
677.   Simone
Nice job, Alex. It was almost an infield hit.
2007-04-28 16:21:19
678.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-04-28 16:21:28
679.   LI yankee
SWEET play by A-Rod
2007-04-28 16:21:34
680.   Yank in Redbird land
sorry....just got did Igawa do?
2007-04-28 16:21:40
681.   Chyll Will
Now playing Brocius at third... A-Rod!
2007-04-28 16:21:53
682.   jayd
what a game!!!!
2007-04-28 16:21:56
683.   yankz
I'd walk Youk, "Major League" style. I want the Fatass.
2007-04-28 16:22:10
684.   Zack
2007-04-28 16:22:11
685.   Joe H
Wow, I feel like a Yankee fan again.
2007-04-28 16:22:20
686.   yankz
Yeah, Mo! Now that's the face I've learned to love! Thank the gods! It's over! Yesssss!
2007-04-28 16:22:20
687.   Orly Yarly NoWai
The hammer is back.
2007-04-28 16:22:25
688.   Jeteupthemiddle
Well look at that, the Yankees CAN win a game.


2007-04-28 16:22:33
689.   Zack
Igawa is 100% hero of the game, that job by him was beyond "clutch"
2007-04-28 16:22:39
690.   LI yankee
2007-04-28 16:22:39
691.   Schteeve
680 Better than anyone could have expected. He looked like an MLB pitcher.
2007-04-28 16:22:42
692.   pistolpete

Sorry, just really excited over that one. Heh.

2007-04-28 16:22:42
693.   yankz
2007-04-28 16:22:46
694.   Orly Yarly NoWai
680 Great.
2007-04-28 16:22:48
695.   Vandelay Industries
20 and 42 walking up and off the mound. THAT is a sight that never gets old.
2007-04-28 16:22:51
696.   Yank in Redbird land
finally a win.....thank god.
2007-04-28 16:22:56
697.   Joe H
Wang tomorrow - things looking good. I didn't even have a chance to be negative and piss off Orly much today!
2007-04-28 16:23:13
698.   3rd gen yankee fan
oh... WE WON!!!!
2007-04-28 16:23:17
699.   JeremyM
No way do the Yanks win if Karstens finishes the start, nothing against him but Igawa was great.
2007-04-28 16:23:22
700.   Simone
Thank you for this win, baseball gods. Thank you, Igawa for saving the day, Bruney for being solid, and Farnesworth for not being worse. Thank you, Mo for being Mo again.

See people, it is the pitching.

Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-04-28 16:23:34
701.   pistolpete
680 6 innings of some filthy stuff, left with 2 men on in the 7th and we got out of it.
2007-04-28 16:23:37
702.   williamnyy23
So that's what a win looks like!
2007-04-28 16:23:46
703.   Vandelay Industries
Now if Joe will only keep Giambi at 1B. That is too much to ask, right?
2007-04-28 16:23:54
704.   Chyll Will
623 Why can't ric read? "Oh Yeah, Mo!" Here's a warm cup of something, nice to have you here, don't let the door hit your behind on the way out >;)
2007-04-28 16:24:14
705.   Zack
Wang tomorrow with the whole BP available too thanks to Igawa.
2007-04-28 16:24:18
706.   williamnyy23
700 And thank you Julio Lugo!
2007-04-28 16:24:31
708.   Yank in Redbird land
Awesome. Thank god....maybe demoting him got him motivated I hope.
2007-04-28 16:24:49
709.   pistolpete
Amazing how these things work out - I have to go back and read the comments when Karstens got knocked out. Were people ready to kill themselves? Heheheh...
2007-04-28 16:24:59
710.   Zack
705 Except for Farnsworth of course
2007-04-28 16:25:02
711.   rsmith51
I predicted the Yanks would give up fewer than 6 runs today and tomorrow. Hopefully there offense will come alive. Any possibility that Phelps gets a start?
2007-04-28 16:25:20
712.   OldYanksFan
618 What? What?
It happens to be a great idea. It would save a lot of injuries. What, is Yoga too gay for you?
2007-04-28 16:25:24
713.   randym77
Thank you, Igawa. Just what we needed today.
2007-04-28 16:25:29
714.   Schteeve
I think Torre and Guidry were kinda silly to take Igawa out of the rotation in the first place. They basically based the decision on what they saw in one lousy start.

People need to remember that Igawa is adjusting to a new league. You can't make snap decisions, even if the team is in a tailspin. It's April for crying out loud.

2007-04-28 16:25:29
715.   Simone
Igawa was the hero. He gave the Yankees exactly what I said that they needed a solid pitching performance. He was great. He worked through his struggles and never gave in. Joe has to consider giving him back a place in the starting rotation.
2007-04-28 16:26:28
716.   pistolpete
Finally Boston has their own case of the URPs...
2007-04-28 16:26:39
717.   RIYank
Watched the whole thing, just got to my computer.

I know Igawa was star of the game, but it was Mo's close that makes me happiest.

2007-04-28 16:27:44
718.   Max Nomad
703 Quiet please, I'm reveling.
2007-04-28 16:27:48
719.   Yank in Redbird land
Hopefully (and please god let it be so) this will be the start of some decent starting pitching.
2007-04-28 16:28:28
721.   Vandelay Industries

Of course not. It is however too gay for a bunch of homophobic ball players. That is why it will never be implimented by a team, rather individual players will have to do it on their own.

2007-04-28 16:28:39
722.   RIYank
Suzyn just interviewed Mo postgame. What did you see different in Igawa today, blah blah blah. Did you ever lose your confidence? Mo: "I was upset and disappointed. I didn't do my job. But no I did not lose my confidence. If I ever lose confidence, I'll have to go home."
2007-04-28 16:28:42
723.   LI yankee
So far, Igawa vs Dice-K has gone our way. (In terms of Yankees vs Red Sox)

Who woulda thought?

2007-04-28 16:29:12
724.   yankz
704 My best dic impression:

just one game and you all get your confidence (JK I mean arrogance get it???) back!!!!!!!!! jeet with 3 hits- all dribblers that found holes!!!! oh and we totally have a-rod's number!!!! you might as well forfeit now!!!! off to my neighborhood pizza throwing contest...

2007-04-28 16:29:47
725.   yankz
722 I <3 Mo.
2007-04-28 16:30:06
726.   Zack
If Igawa can pitch with that combo of relative control and break on his off spead pitches, he'll be a good #3-4, and really solidify this rotation. Of course, thats a big if. But he was hitting 92 all game, and was hitting his spots with nasty break...
2007-04-28 16:30:40
727.   Chyll Will
712 Easy now, mutually exclusive principles. What difference does it make anyway, the new trainers are mainly to blame for trying to change things cold-turkey. They'd probably think yoga was not "scientifically sound" enough.
2007-04-28 16:33:29
728.   OldYanksFan
721 If a team institutes it, it's done. Players don't get to decide what 'drills' they like or don't like. 1 hr every other day would do wonders.
2007-04-28 16:34:30
730.   Joe H
726 Let's not crown Igawa our #3 just yet. He's proven one thing: he is inconsistent. I'm just happy to know we can expect a decent outing from him right after each blowout.
2007-04-28 16:34:38
731.   nick
715 I'd be shocked if he wasn't back in the rotation as of now...I mean, he's had two of our best pitching performances already this year (today and Cleveland)
2007-04-28 16:35:23
732.   OldYanksFan
Well.... that was enough tension for me today. Hope Wanger can save my weekend.
2007-04-28 16:36:39
733.   OldYanksFan
With Pavs out, Iggy is #4 and Karstens/Rasner #5. Lets hope Moose is decent.
2007-04-28 16:36:52
734.   Joe H
If we're really going to return to the Yankee way, the bottom line is we need Wang, Igawa, and Hughes to pitch great and Andy and Mussina to be just ok. It's possible.
2007-04-28 16:38:05
735.   yankz
734 I'd rather have Andy, Wang, and Moose be great, Hughes + Igawa/Clemens be ok. Seems more plausible.
2007-04-28 16:38:32
736.   RIYank
Igawa pitched like a #3 today, but I'm not sold yet. And he did walk a lot of guys.
2007-04-28 16:39:04
737.   Joe H
Andy and Mussina are old and fragile. I can't expect more than 12 wins out of each.
2007-04-28 16:39:33
738.   nick
and he looked nasty--more swings and misses than I've seen against any of our starters--
2007-04-28 16:39:45
739.   Max Nomad
731 Two of the best because the staff ain't been great, though they were good starts. Just remember that Lidle did this similarly against the Sox last year, though that was a real start and for the sweep, not to snap a skid.

728 Wrong. Sorry. Players get to choose whether or not they participate in exercises. And there are a lot of Yogis in Baseball Land. Like you said earlier, they choose individually.

2007-04-28 16:39:54
740.   yankz
I'll give it to Joe. The bullpen formula worked today.
2007-04-28 16:42:07
741.   Max Nomad
736 Agreed
737 Andy's not that old or fragile. And he's a notoriously slow starter with great 2nd halves.
738 He's the only true strikeout pitcher on the staff.
2007-04-28 16:42:09
742.   Chyll Will
Al Leiter does yoga. So does David Duval and Eddie George. Diamond Dallas Page teaches yoga.

Shannon Sharpe
Barry Zito
Kevin Garnett

If I haven't made a point, I'll find more...

2007-04-28 16:47:05
743.   RIYank
Karstens: Cracked fibula.
2007-04-28 16:48:23
744.   Chyll Will
I'd join a yoga class if I could afford it. Yoga is about flexibility and endurance, and the people I mentioned seem to have that in spades (well, I dunno about Eddie George, but Zito throughs 200+ innings consistently, and when's the last time KG was DL'd?) It certainly wouldn't hurt the team to incorporate that into their daily routine and might even save or extend some careers.
2007-04-28 16:48:28
745.   RIYank
Okay, that must have hurt. So Karstens showed some guts.
Out indefinitely, of course.
2007-04-28 16:48:54
746.   Max Nomad
743 Damn, rough year for the rook. Sad to see that sort of thing.
2007-04-28 16:49:07
747.   RIYank
744 Also: hot chicks.
2007-04-28 16:53:27
748.   Simone
Damn, Karstens is out for awhile. The Yankees aren't having luck with their starters.
2007-04-28 16:53:29
749.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I don't think anyone's debating the usefulness of Yoga, but I think more baseball players are like Todd Jones than Barry Zito.
2007-04-28 16:55:07
750.   Max Nomad
749 Well I was stretching between innings. :-P
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2007-04-28 16:58:12
751.   Orly Yarly NoWai
750 I was too. = )
2007-04-28 17:00:38
752.   randym77
743 Yikes, that sounds bad. Any estimate of how long he'll be out?
2007-04-28 17:00:48
753.   yankz
750 I was eating Taco Bell.
2007-04-28 17:02:19
754.   jayd
729 Hey Chyll:

Not your site. Not your decision. Take your control shyt outside.

If I (we) want to razz ric Sawks, he has more than enough right to respond. Sorry we don't meet your cultured expectations.


2007-04-28 17:06:19
755.   Chyll Will
[749 There's something to be said for public speaking. If Jeter, the Captain, no less a physical specimen himself actually led the charge, along with Giambi and Damon who probably could benefit the most from it, the others would likely follow suit within a couple of weeks. As for the pitchers, who REALLY could benefit; Pettitte and Mo would likely send a fine message if they took part. All it takes is one person everyone respects to get the ball rolling. That and another re-haul of the training department.
2007-04-28 17:13:04
756.   Ken Arneson
754 Chyll is right. Name calling is the #1 item on my THOU SHALT NOT list on the Toaster. (It is my site, and is my decision.) Don't do it again.
2007-04-28 17:14:09
757.   RIYank
752 (If you're still here)
No, just "indefinitely". But it's a crack, the mildest kind of break. With my enormous medical expertise and experience, I'll say he returns in July.
2007-04-28 17:18:25
758.   Chyll Will
754 jayd, please don't jump to any conclusions about me. I'm not the police and if you knew me well enough by reading my comments, you know I don't control anything around here. And I rarely get snippy in the face of insecurity from outsiders or insiders unless provoked. Dish and take. I apologize if I hurt your feelings, as that was not my intent. I'll say it again, you're welcome to say what you want; it's not my site. But if you want to waste that kind of energy, waste it with ric, not me. Nothing more, nothing less. Peace! >;)
2007-04-28 17:22:10
759.   Chyll Will
753 Yoga and Taco Bell. There must be something to this. Chalupas and Stretching Cats for everyone!
2007-04-28 17:36:30
761.   Ken Arneson
Jayd, are you trying to get banned? I don't want to ban you, I just don't want people calling each other names, even if you're sure your target can take it. I have to draw the line somewhere in order to keep things civilized, and namecalling is where I draw it.
2007-04-28 17:39:42
762.   Max Nomad
761 Uh-oh. It's the fuzz. Hide the Taco Bell! It's really crack!
2007-04-28 17:40:46
763.   Max Nomad
762 I kid, Officer. Please don't ban me. I just wanna make things a bit lighter for our weak-stomached friends.
2007-04-28 17:47:08
764.   yankz
"X-rays showed Jeff Karstens has a fractured fibula. There is a chance that he could return to pitch this season."

That's really freaking tragic.

763 My choice of lunch proves I have a very strong stomach, so I know you can't be talking about me.

2007-04-28 17:48:58
765.   ric
i have come here periodically to give some mild ribbing (its part of the rivalry after all and it seems Aprils are traditionally the only month that the Sox are in front) I normally take pains to avoid name calling or returning the vile puns on my name (i know what it rhymes with.) my bad for doing it earlier... rest assured ill stop by tomorrow after noon!
2007-04-28 17:49:29
766.   Ken Arneson
763 I'm not going to ban you, but I'm afraid I will have to confiscate those Steak Grilled Taquitos you have in your posession.
2007-04-28 17:57:03
767.   3rd gen yankee fan
A fractured fibula???? How the heck did that happen? I thought he got hit on the knee???
2007-04-28 17:57:46
768.   Max Nomad
766 Not the Taquitos! (At least he doesn't yet know about the Grilled Stuffed....)
2007-04-28 17:59:14
769.   Chyll Will
We had the Iron Horse once, now we have Iron Stomach. If yoga can do that for me too, than I'm signing up (even if I have to deal a little enchilada to raise the money, sshhh...)

764 Man, somebody really has it in for the Yanks this season. Bad medicine for sure...

2007-04-28 18:00:02
770.   RIYank
Dude, the fibula is the bone below the knee.
2007-04-28 18:02:04
771.   RIYank
Err, not the bone below the knee, since there are two. It's the thinner one, not the fat shin bone.
2007-04-28 18:10:11
772.   seamus
well, that was a pleasant surprise! I heard in the car that it was 2-0 at one point and was thinking that Karstens overachieved. Little did I know!
2007-04-28 18:10:53
773.   rbj
Checking in late -- soooo, anything happen? Like a starter going more than 4.1?

Man it sucks with 18 people testing for rank, and you aren't one of them -- simply attacking and getting thrown. Upside though was an interesting party afterwards.

Let's see, no, not a starter, but a pitcher for the Yankees goes 6.0 innings and the Yankees win?!?!! Wooo hooo!!

Yes, I am trashed, but I'm also tired and sore and spent the day taking ukemi. And a thunderstorm has once again scared the dog.

Bright side: It wasn't Wang/Moose/Pettitte who got injured, and Mo got his first save of the year. Is this the latest in the year for Mo to get his first save since 1996?

Ken, send one of those Taquitos my way -- could use some dinner.

2007-04-28 18:15:51
774.   Zack
Damn, poor Karstens. Well, looks like Sir Phil might be around longer than we thought, huh? This year has been crazy for our pitchers, just insane...Hey Pavano, take note of how to impress teammates: Karstens goes out and tries to keep pitching with a BROKEN LEG! that's some cajones my friend...

Mo's velocity was up today, control still a bit off, but I think its clear evidence that what he really needs is innings right now to work himself out, no?

2007-04-28 18:25:19
775.   RIYank
774 My sentiments almost exactly.

Karstens: that's what I said! Well, in effect; see 745.

Mo: and the cutter was cutting like crazy. What a freakin' relief that was (so to speak!). The broken bat single actually made me happy, even though it was a baserunner.

2007-04-28 18:42:40
776.   3rd gen yankee fan
771 Yeah, I thought it was behind the tibia though. I guess not.
2007-04-28 18:43:47
777.   seamus
772 um, yeah. by pleasant surprise I obviously meant Igawa's performance, not karstens broken leg. I'm kind of tired. lame excuse i know...
2007-04-28 18:44:19
778.   3rd gen yankee fan
769 Yeah. I've been thinking about placing a curse on Boston's pitching staff. However, I know that come August, it won't be necessary...
2007-04-28 18:59:47
779.   JL25and3
I was at the game today, and I'd just like to say: that makes me 3-0 on the year so far.

The Yankee pitchers did a great job with Ortiz and Manny today. I liked seeing Manny strike out looking against Farnsworth - and seeing Crisp get ejected 3 batters later was icing on the cake.

Farnsworth was getting everyone out with sliders. It looked like he couldn't throw his fastball for strikes. But hey, it worked.

I don't think I've ever seen a pitcher drop like Karstens did, at least not in person. Impressive that he even tried to pitch...of course, he knew this was his big chance to impress. Still, the kid's got stones.

Mo looked fine. A single off Varitek's fists, no big deal.

And I just can't say enough about Quest. Wang should be able to provide some innings tomorrow, and then there's a day off. So the bullpen might be in better shape by the time they get to Texas.

2007-04-28 19:05:54
780.   yankz
Assuming Stud Karstens hits the 60-day, do they just give his spot to Moose? Or does Razzle Dazzle get called up? Who's the long man when Moose comes back?
2007-04-28 19:15:42
781.   tommyl
774 Not only that, he got put in an air cast and came back to watch the game on the bench and cheer on Igawa. I officially love Karstens. Kid has guts.
2007-04-28 19:22:33
782.   yankz
781 Since he's out for the season, can we take some of Stud's guts and transplant them to Pavano? Or Cairo, we know he's got a belly full.
2007-04-28 19:27:55
783.   Chyll Will
And the nicest thing from what I saw on TV was that Quest looked really relaxed, like he was thinking "No one's paying attention anyway" or "Demoted? I'm ashamed and I'll do whatever it takes to improve." I think more the latter, given my impression of Japanese baseball culture (admittedly limited.) I'm sure with Karsten's show of fortitude and Kei's chi flowing so nicely in a tough call to duty, that was a HUGE lift for the whole team; you could almost tell watching Bruney and Farns working. And Mo's back? I'm marking this on the calendar just in case...

778 "Curses?? We no need no steenk-ing curses!!!" >;)

2007-04-28 19:28:23
784.   BklynBmr
Missed all the fun today, spending from 8am till 3:30 in the emergency room, after checking in my wife's ailing mom. By the time all tests were run and she was situated in her room, we're waiting for the doc to come in, I turn on the tube and start flipping channels. Boom. Yanks-Sox on FOX, totally forgot about it under the circumstances. I just can't leave it there, so I keeping clicking.

Mom's a great sports fan (certified 49er fanatic) and loves golf, so I leave it on the Byron Nelson. She says, "No, let's watch the baseball". Oooooo-kay. Heh-heh...

In comes the doctor, asking my wife and I a bunch of questions about her symptoms, etc. (which we've answered about 20 times already to every nurse, ER doc, intern, you name it.) My head is spinning about now, not a morsel of food all day, to boot.

Of course, the doctor is standing right in front of the wall-mounted TV. Melky just doinked in Posada to make it 3-0, Wake is removed, and Yanks load the bases. Doc is jabbering on and all I can hear is McCarver, and trying to keep my darting eyes from being too obvious. Knowing my wife was focused on the conversation was enough license for me to focus on the game.

That was my Yankee moment today. Didn't learn of the final 'till we got home, and breathed a deep sign of relief.

Bottom line: Mom-in-law will be fine, just needs some fluids and rest. And so will The Bombers, who just need... OK, I've taken up enough of your time already, plenty of opportunity to dissect that in the coming days, weeks and months.

The one I'm looking forward to is how best to set up the rotation for the ALDS ;-)

Go WormKilla. Go Yanks! Sole possession of 4th place can happen tomorrow!

2007-04-28 19:30:13
785.   manila boy
780 Good thing Cashman traded for a boatload of RHPs in the offseason. Get another one up here (Ohlendorf? De Salvo? Britton?) and stick him in the pen. Rasner probably starts.

Seems a bit early for some to have written off Igawa.

It's just one win, but it sure feels like a lot more.

2007-04-28 19:31:14
786.   Chyll Will
781 Nice heart, too.
2007-04-28 19:37:12
787.   Chyll Will
784 Cool beans, Bklyn. I wish her well, fer sure. I'm off to eat dinner and go to bed. Ciao!

785 Say Word... >;)

2007-04-28 19:41:08
788.   BklynBmr
781 Wow. That's huge. I just saw the replay, and that was a shot.

The kids will do us proud. Let's keep faith in them...

2007-04-28 19:49:14
789.   yankz
Newsday: "Advice to Joe: Just win, baby!"

No shit.

2007-04-28 19:54:27
790.   elwoods
785 My thoughts exactly - it does feel like more. A relief!
2007-04-28 20:16:36
791.   LI yankee
Well, what is lost in all this is that A-Rod has fallen back to Earth, 1 for his last 14. I just hope he gets that 15th dinger in the next 2 days.

Cano and Abreu have also been ice cold. I've never seen Cano swing through so many pitches.

Great to get the win though, Igawa was very good. With Moose coming back, hopefully we can 6-7 innings from our starters from now on.

2007-04-28 20:43:39
792.   yankz
Is it just me, or are there a ton of Sox fans who live and die on what the Yankees do? As in, they'll go out of their way to bash the Yanks after, say, a loss to the Rays. I don't even keep up with the Sox until well into the summer when the pennant race is on. Are there Yankee fans like this as well?
2007-04-28 22:26:48
793.   Max Nomad
791 Re Arod's slump

Yea, his numbers are off, but man he's still smokin' the ball.

2007-04-28 22:41:44
794.   Vandelay Industries
Arod will be fine. The production will be there. He just doesn't spread out the numbers nice and tidy month to month as some might like. He hits in streaks and bunches. But it is a damn good thing he did it when he did this year. Can you imagine our record if he had had an average April? Eeeks! Steroids or no, sure makes Barry's 73 HR stand out, because he did it all year, every week, and while being walked a record number of times. Say what you will, but that boy is the best all-around baseball player I've ever seen, but yet, I detest him.
2007-04-28 22:43:29
795.   Vandelay Industries


Golden State! Golden State!

Go get those Mavs tomorrow night! I'll be pulling for those fans in Oakland.

2007-04-29 02:53:32
796.   OldYanksFan
The great play ARod made in the 9th was critical. If that's a hit, its 1st and 2nd, one out, and Pappi comes to the plate as the winning run. And it was a great play, perfectly done.
2007-04-29 05:45:40
797.   tommyl
788 And makes you pissed at Pavano even more. Karstens tries to pitch with a broken leg and he goes down with a sore butt. Sigh.
2007-04-29 06:35:18
798.   OldYanksFan
I know about the PEDs and the hatred, and this guy is an asshole, but like a trainwreak, it's hard not to be amazed by Barry Bonds.

He now leads MLB with a 1.3+ OPS and has hit a HR once in every 7 ABS. The guy is 42 and had 4 surgeries last year. Most other 'known' PED users retired young or had a bad crash. I can't say if Barry is still using or not, as many PED can't be tested for. But the guy is amazing.

Speaking of PEDS, Mr. Jimmy Rollins, he of 5'8"/168 lbs just hit his 9th HR. There are always normal 'aberations' in baseball, but this is pretty surprising.

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