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Making the Leap
2007-04-26 12:24
by Cliff Corcoran

Last July, Steven Goldman and I headed down to Trenton to see 20-year-old Phil Hughes start against the Akron Aeros. The above and below are two of a series of photos I snapped during that game. Hughes dominated the Aeros that night, striking out eight in four innings, but a long rain delay ended his evening there. With Hughes due to make his major league debut tonight after just three triple-A starts, I thought these photos would explain what my words might fail to sufficiently communicate. That is, quite simply, that regardless of a players skill level, it's still a long way from double-A to the major leagues.


I'll be at the game tonight, which will pit Hughes against Josh Towers (whom I erroneously discussed in yesterday's game preview). Hopefully I'll have some more photos for you all in the morning.

As for Hughes, he made just three starts in Scranton. The first was solid (5 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 6 K), the second was poor (5 IP, 7 H, 5 ER, 2 BB, 1 K), and the third was dominating (6 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 10 K). Collectively, he's gotten 4.5 times as many groundouts as fly outs and has dominated lefties (8 2/3 IP, 3 H, 1 BB, 14 K, 5.5 GO/FO). That last start is a good one to build off for his big league debut, but we should still expect to see some of the nervousness he displayed in spring training, particularly during the first inning. That said, Chase Wright, who had one fewer start in double-A before making his major league debut than Hughes has in triple-A coming into tonight, was able to settle down and beat the Indians. There's no reason why Hughes, a vastly superior pitcher, can't do the same to a Blue Jays lineup that has replaced Troy Glaus and Gregg Zaun with Jason Smith and Jason Phillips (and has always had Royce Clayton).

Both Hughes and Scranton hitting coach Butch Wynegar (yes, Butch Wynegar) have been quoted as saying they don't expect Hughes to return to Scranton. Brian Cashman, who has a little more say over these things, has said tonight's start is a one-off appearance to stem the tide until Mike Mussina returns from the disabled list on Thursday. The Yankees have wisely said they plan to limit Hughes, who threw a career-high 146 innings between Tampa and Trenton last year, to 180 innings this year. I just can't imagine how they'd accomplish that without returning him to triple-A, where his starts can be artificially limited to five or six innings. That said, I expect him to return to the majors to stay by June at the latest. So, tonight may not mark the arrival of Phil Hughes, just a sneak preview, but it should be no less enjoyable as a result.

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2007-04-26 14:21:56
1.   seamus
Is that Yankee Stadium?

That playground looks like fun.

2007-04-26 14:24:28
2.   tommyl
According to Pete Abraham, Karstens will start on Saturday, Igawa is out of the rotation for now and in the bullpen. I wonder if they are hoping for big things for Hughes tonight and thinking of sending Igawa down.
2007-04-26 14:26:25
3.   Bama Yankee
2 Yeah, and who is that huge dude hitting off the tee behind that playground? Maybe we need to give him a look at 1B...
2007-04-26 14:26:35
4.   seamus
2 I think that is a good move. Igawa doesn't seem to have adjusted to our mound or ball or something. Working it out of the pen is a good way for him to do it.
2007-04-26 14:27:22
5.   seamus
3 lol! Although, he actually has quite a resemblance to Giambi...
2007-04-26 14:28:25
6.   tommyl
4 I think Igawa needs to be in AAA right now, irregardless. He's shown flashes of being a quality pitcher but his command, especially of his breaking pitches is really poor right now. That might be the balls, but the ML level is not where he should be working these things out. Send him down for 2 or 3 starts, let him work it out and then bring him back up. Its the smart move.
2007-04-26 14:29:16
7.   seamus
6 I wouldn't argue with that.
2007-04-26 14:32:20
8.   Jim Dean
Torre was just on MMD:

1. Karstens starts on Saturday. Igawa's going to work in the bullpen with Gator to get consistent. Tea thought Karstens should have had a minor league start and was thrown into the fire last weekend. This is sort of a second chance.

2. Mike wouldn't shut up about getting Bernie onto the bench. Torre could only suggest he'd need longer than 10 games to get in shape. Said he saw Bernie at O'Neill fundraiser two weeks ago and Bernie still needs to express an interest in coming back.

3. No mention of Mhfdjk - so at least one example that he isn't on the popular radar. He must still be a "great glove" for the team.

4. Farns gets the eighth tonight.

5. Hughes seems to be getting a second start next week, but Torre didn't say when. Still, it's up to his performance somewhat about against whom he starts.

6. Scary thought: Tea was thinking about Mad Dog's s screeching when he brought Mo into the eighth inning. His only regret is that he hadn't had Mo pitch earier in the week.

2007-04-26 14:40:42
9.   Knuckles
Channeling Gene Hackman:

Gentlemen, you'll find at Yankee Stadium that the measurements from the pitching rubber to home plate is 60'6"...same as our little ballyard back home.

From home to first base is 90 feet, same as our field back home.

The left and right field foul lines are the same as the park back home.

The moonbounce and goofy inflatable player down the right field line, however, are 10 times the size of the ones in Trenton.

2007-04-26 14:49:30
10.   Shaun P
I really hope Hughes is all he's cracked up to be. I don't think the Yanks have had, in my lifetime (b. 1977), a pitching prospect who really could be as great as Hughes could be. Maybe Brien Taylor, but we'll never know.

It would be so awesome to be able to watch and cheer for a legit, 'homegrown', young, bona fide #1 ace - and root for the Yanks at the same time.

2007-04-26 14:53:38
11.   Bama Yankee
9 Very nice, Knuckels.

"moonbounce and goofy inflatable player down the right field line"
Sterling and Waldman?

2007-04-26 14:54:46
12.   mehmattski
Is any one else nervous? Seventy minutes till gametime...
2007-04-26 14:56:08
13.   seamus
10 MO?
2007-04-26 14:56:53
14.   Mattpat11
2 So what was that about the idiots in the media who were the only ones that thought he was a bullpen pitcher?
2007-04-26 14:59:12
15.   Mattpat11
13 Besides not being a starter, he also wasn't anyone to get excited over until he made it to the majors.
2007-04-26 14:59:47
16.   Bama Yankee
12 Yeah, I'm as excited as Jim Dean at a BUC convention...
2007-04-26 15:00:47
17.   seamus
15 I'm aware of that, but he is clearly a homegrown pitching prospect who turned into being as great as any pitching prospect could be.
2007-04-26 15:04:38
18.   Mattpat11
17 But when he was an actual prospect, he was nothing special to follow and chart his progress. Hughes is the first one like that in years and years
2007-04-26 15:06:02
19.   Jim Dean
12 Yeah, I'm as excited as Bama at a family reunion.
2007-04-26 15:09:29
20.   Simone
Schilling's faux blood stain is one of the lead stories on SportsCenter. Even Tim Kurkjian is reporting on the controversy. Red Sox nation is melting down, folks. LOL!
2007-04-26 15:12:35
21.   Mattpat11
I never understood why he was supposedly bleeding. I thought it was a ligament injury
2007-04-26 15:12:35
22.   Bama Yankee
19 Good one, Jim. I can't top that. However, have you been to one of my family reunions... ;-)
2007-04-26 15:13:55
23.   Jim Dean
Jeter out of the lineup, so...

Cairo at SS batting 9th and...

Mfhdjkvd batting 2nd.


2007-04-26 15:15:00
24.   Dimelo
No Jeter, according to Bill Parcells love child Mike Francesca. Sweeney Murti sent this info to him.
2007-04-26 15:15:42
25.   Jeteupthemiddle
Anyone know what the roster move was to get Hughes both on the 40-man roster and then the 25-man roster?

I assume Sanchez to 60-day DL and Bean to Scranton?

2007-04-26 15:15:49
26.   jkay
23 Torre only has to change 2 spots on the lineup card.
2007-04-26 15:17:53
27.   LI yankee
23 Why not just move Cano to 2nd?
2007-04-26 15:17:57
28.   Simone
21 I think the doctor did some revolutionary surgery on the ankle so maybe the stitches "allegedly" torn or something. Brian Kinney who is best ESPN baseball reporter could barely stop himself from chuckling when he talked about expert converging on Cooper Town. The ball incident and the bloody sox are examples of the ridiculousness that are the Red Sox and their fans.
2007-04-26 15:19:01
29.   Jim Dean
22 Glad you liked it. But did you like it as much as your sister? :)

26 Brilliant!

2007-04-26 15:20:05
30.   Jim Dean
27 Nah, too difficult.
2007-04-26 15:26:21
31.   Mattpat11
23 We can see The Stink go 0-5 instead of 0-3

I'd rather Cairo hit second.

2007-04-26 15:34:39
32.   Jim Rice
This Yankee offense would absolutely crush Josh Towers. But I think A.J. Burnett is starting tonight for the Jays.

This Yankee offense might crush him, too, but there's at least some chance that they might not. I don't think the same could be said of Towers.

2007-04-26 15:37:22
33.   Bama Yankee
29 Dude, doesn't making sister jokes violate OYF's decorum rules...

Just kidding, I guess I did start it by taking a shot at you (sorry).

2007-04-26 15:37:25
34.   Jim Rice
Is Mientkeiwicz batting second? If so, wow. Maybe scratch what I said about "this Yankee offense." A-Rod can't do it all by himself.

Well, maybe he can.

2007-04-26 15:38:24
35.   seamus
i'm confused. Why would we bat Minky second? I know Torre has his issues, but this is startling. More importantly, I hope that Jeter is ok.
2007-04-26 15:41:53
36.   JeremyM
Just read that Superman's impish little foe Mr. Mxyzptlk is batting 2nd. Come on.
2007-04-26 15:46:15
37.   OldYanksFan
from ESPN: Think A-Rod won't opt out? Think again - By Jayson Stark
I guess we can look forward to this shit all year?
2007-04-26 15:48:27
38.   JeremyM
37 Stark is a moron. If only politicians received such scrutiny and had their words dissected to this degree.
2007-04-26 15:50:54
39.   nick
Minky is neither a good obp guy NOR a banjo-hitting but speedy middle infielder--there is no baseball wisdom, old-school or sabe, that would suggest hitting him 2nd--
2007-04-26 15:52:19
40.   OldYanksFan
33 No No No. It's OK. Really. Just as long as it's not my sister.
2007-04-26 15:54:25
41.   Hocakes
Ten minutes. I'm nervous, I can't imagine what Hughes is feeling. You'd like to be able to say, "no pressure Phil". You'd like to be able to think that they can take their time with him and let him develop, that it's no big deal if he gets blown out in the first inning tonight, but you can't because that's not the case. They've lost five in a row; they need a win, they need HIM to win. They need him to pitch well because he's the best arm in the organization and he can bring tangible results - which they desperately need right now - and they also need him pitch well because he's a symbol of the future of the franchise; it'll look bad if this super-hyped, Yankee prospect goes out there and craps all over the place. So if someone said, "no pressure, Phil" they'd be lying. Hopefully he's possesses as good a makeup as is reported and can handle it.
2007-04-26 15:55:18
42.   OldYanksFan
Jetes said he would play YESTERDAY. If he's not in the lineup today... well... that doesn't bode well. Hopefully we will hear something about it soon.

Oops.. gotta always remember to check Pete out before I comment. From Lohud:
The Yankees just said Jeter was scratched. His leg is still sore but he will be available off the bench.

2007-04-26 15:56:33
43.   Mattpat11
41 ""I can't imagine what Hughes is feeling."

"They''re batting WHO second?

2007-04-26 15:58:08
44.   OldYanksFan
43 Planning ahead to pinch hit for him?
2007-04-26 15:58:37
45.   mehmattski
43 Yeah, Shelley Duncan is a much much better #2 hitter than Man-Cave-Itch. Sigh.
2007-04-26 16:01:03
46.   Jim Dean
33 No worries - I'm a big boy.
2007-04-26 16:01:54
47.   Zack
I am so excited! Lieter in the booth, Hughes on the mound, bring it!
2007-04-26 16:03:11
48.   unmoderated
argh! cant find the game on TV!
2007-04-26 16:04:41
49.   Zack
Jesus, is Minky really batting 2nd tonight? is Joe actually that dumb? I mean, ok, if you aren't going to buy into OBP percentage etc, fine, but wouldn't logic dictate that you actualyl want people on base in front of your power hitters, and a guy hitting well below the mendoza line is not gonna get that done? And throw in Cairo at short and he is once again managing to hurt our chances of winning the game before it has even started. Good Lord!

But, I won't let that get me down, not tonight!

2007-04-26 16:08:00
50.   mehmattski
Can we make comments about Phil Hughes' sister? She fine!
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2007-04-26 16:08:17
51.   bartap74
Channel 9 in NYC.
2007-04-26 16:08:44
52.   bartap74
I was just about to say, Ms. Hughes is hot!
2007-04-26 16:08:49
53.   Zack
I was just gonna say that 50!
2007-04-26 16:09:00
54.   seamus
51 Cairo isn't really Joe's fault. Jeter is injured. I cannot and will not defend the use of minky.
2007-04-26 16:09:03
55.   unmoderated
oh man.
man oh man.

usually, if the game is on something besides yes, the local cable company will feed it on a different channel, but it is nowhere to be found.

2007-04-26 16:09:59
56.   Zack
54 No, but with Cairo in, there's no need for Minky was my point

Weeel, not a good start phil!

2007-04-26 16:11:37
57.   randym77
25 Hughes was already on the 40-man roster.

KT was sent down to make room on the 25-man.

2007-04-26 16:11:40
58.   mehmattski
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughes! Love the cheer.
2007-04-26 16:11:52
59.   Zack
Phil showing a nice curve, missing with the fastball thus far, just settle down...
2007-04-26 16:12:17
60.   Zack
2007-04-26 16:12:40
61.   Zack
My sound is a few secs before the video, which is infinitely annoying
2007-04-26 16:13:35
62.   seamus
61 pause and restart. works for me. just a quick short pause.
2007-04-26 16:13:47
63.   zanderthegreat
Igawa is no longer in the rotation. He's in the bullpen.
2007-04-26 16:14:06
64.   zanderthegreat
2007-04-26 16:14:09
65.   Zack
I realized I was using firfox instead of safari, which seems to make all the difference for whatever reason...
2007-04-26 16:14:31
66.   mehmattski
Phil Hughes, meet major league hitters.
2007-04-26 16:14:38
67.   Zack
And as I cut away, an rbi double, sigh
2007-04-26 16:15:17
68.   zanderthegreat
66 Yeah, but these are some of the best.
2007-04-26 16:15:33
69.   Hank
For those of us outside the NY area, please feel free to describe in detail. How's he look?
2007-04-26 16:16:07
70.   Zack
Where was that call??
2007-04-26 16:16:52
71.   zanderthegreat
Not lookin good
2007-04-26 16:17:28
72.   zanderthegreat
Could happen to anyone though.
2007-04-26 16:18:04
73.   Zack
Phil is spotting his 68-72 MPH curve pretty well, and missing on and off with a 94 MPH fastball, which is costing him. He looks fairly nervous, but not overly so. Vernon Wells hit a mistake, Thomas just hit a good pitch after getting a break on a shouldabeen strike 3...
2007-04-26 16:19:00
74.   Zack
Jus tthrew two 81 mph changes, the second a swing and miss, real nice one
2007-04-26 16:19:17
75.   its430
Thomas hit that like a pro - it was a perfect down and away 95mph fastball, and thomas just threw the bat out there and got a hit.

Leiter and Kay mentioned it as well, that is the difference w/ pro hitters.

2007-04-26 16:19:44
76.   bartap74
Honestly, I think most of this is nerves. He should settle down in the 2nd.
2007-04-26 16:20:57
77.   Zack
Hughes' delivery is picture perfect for a power pitcher
2007-04-26 16:21:24
78.   mehmattski
76 Agreed, he's missing down, not up, and that bodes well.
2007-04-26 16:21:46
79.   Hank
Any opinions on Gameday vs. Gamecast?
2007-04-26 16:21:51
80.   zanderthegreat
Okay, not too bad
2007-04-26 16:22:39
81.   Zack
Whoever that was just hit the ball literally off the top of the plate, and Cairo's weak arm made it close...

All in all, I would say an inning of nerves...if he can spot the fastball a bit more consistently (which is to say, still below what he normally does), he should do real well

2007-04-26 16:23:02
82.   LI yankee
He looks really good, just one real mistake to Wells.
2007-04-26 16:23:08
83.   Zack
whichever one mlb does is good...
2007-04-26 16:23:13
84.   mehmattski
79 I actually like the CBS Sportsline game tracker better than all of them. ESPN's sucks for me. Yahoo's isn't bad but it doesn't have a lot of the features. MLB's is way too busy, I think, and slow.
2007-04-26 16:23:35
85.   seamus
well, not as good as I might have hoped, but not bad. You can see he has the skills.
2007-04-26 16:23:36
86.   bartap74
There is no excuse, whatsoever, for batting Scrabble second. None.
2007-04-26 16:24:18
87.   zanderthegreat
Burnette has an era of 5.16. We should get at least 7.
2007-04-26 16:26:04
88.   zanderthegreat
I would think Jeter should be playing. He didn't seem to be too bad yesterday.
2007-04-26 16:26:21
89.   Zack
87 Yeah, which means we will score 1...
2007-04-26 16:26:59
90.   zanderthegreat
89 Only if they score 2.
2007-04-26 16:27:31
91.   Mattpat11
So, how did Hughes look?
2007-04-26 16:27:57
92.   OldYanksFan
These guys are banged up with no closer. Really, we need to beat up on these guys. Good break to miss Halladay
2007-04-26 16:28:27
93.   Mattpat11
I've found a positive for the Stink. He pulls balls. On the ground, but still.
2007-04-26 16:28:54
94.   Zack
Sure is great having a useless auto-out at the top of the order...
2007-04-26 16:29:21
95.   bartap74
Hughes looked good. Slim build, shoulder length black hair, nice smile....oh, you meant Phil.
2007-04-26 16:29:37
96.   OldYanksFan
Abreu is an excellent player, but I kinda miss the scary-mean of Shef.
2007-04-26 16:29:58
97.   Zack
We often seem to have the ability to somehow put pitchers back on track, don't ask me how...
2007-04-26 16:30:35
98.   LI yankee
93 He must have pulled a lot of balls to get to bat 2nd.
2007-04-26 16:32:07
99.   zanderthegreat
Three pitches, nice
2007-04-26 16:32:07
100.   randym77
Why is Minky in the two-hole? Seems a very odd choice.
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2007-04-26 16:32:37
101.   Zack
Nice sequence Phil!
2007-04-26 16:32:37
102.   seamus
sweet strikeout! He looked awesome on that.
2007-04-26 16:32:42
103.   OldYanksFan
Nasty curveball!!!
2007-04-26 16:33:17
104.   mehmattski
That was a filthy curveball.
2007-04-26 16:33:42
105.   mehmattski
104 Sorry, Philthy curveball.
2007-04-26 16:33:45
106.   seamus
he is locating better so far this inning

(knocks on woods)

2007-04-26 16:33:54
107.   zanderthegreat
Here we go, strike out the side.
2007-04-26 16:34:02
108.   its430
Does Torre even look at stats?

Kay pointed out that Damon has terrible stats against Burnett - something like .148

So why is our 1-2 Damon and the stink?

That is a combined .250 batting average (maybe) for 2 people?

At least Phil won't get bored in the dugout.

2007-04-26 16:34:28
109.   zanderthegreat
105 Like it.
2007-04-26 16:34:35
110.   Zack
Nice, just totally blew Phillips away on that one, dead heat down the middle...
2007-04-26 16:34:55
111.   OldYanksFan
Good stuff, but he threw 2 fat ones. Gotta get those down.
2007-04-26 16:35:22
112.   Mattpat11
Hughes wanted a number ending in 5? Why not give him 45?
2007-04-26 16:35:33
113.   Zack
It should be noted that the ump seems to have a tight strike zone on both sides...
2007-04-26 16:35:34
114.   zanderthegreat
thats okay too
2007-04-26 16:36:18
115.   Zack
Great, quick inning by Phil

And another shot of Molly Hughes :)

2007-04-26 16:36:27
116.   OldYanksFan
2008 is looking pretty good!
2007-04-26 16:37:11
117.   bartap74
They could give 45, but it's currently being worn by our DL specialist.
2007-04-26 16:37:11
118.   seamus
113 there have been a couple of tough calls on Hughes.

He really settled down that inning. He still missed location a few times (right after I side it was good). He is coming along.

2007-04-26 16:37:39
119.   randym77
Tons of empty seats. I thought there would be more interest in Hughes' start.
2007-04-26 16:37:46
120.   zanderthegreat
kay, i'm goin yard
2007-04-26 16:37:50
121.   Mattpat11
117 I know.
2007-04-26 16:38:52
122.   seamus
2007-04-26 16:40:10
123.   Zack
119 Not enough Yankee fans who are interested in anything besides the coolness of it :)

That was your pitch Alex

2007-04-26 16:40:21
124.   seamus
that looked like ball four. but nice single.
2007-04-26 16:41:17
125.   OldYanksFan
AJ has great stuff.
2007-04-26 16:41:21
126.   unmoderated
unmoderated reporting from my car in the driveway, managed to pick up the game on AM.

got my laptop, a beer, waldman and sterling.

oh, and youze guys.
go hughes.

2007-04-26 16:41:26
127.   Mattpat11
Are they chanting USA?
2007-04-26 16:42:32
128.   seamus
126 are you really sitting inyour driveway listening to the game with a beer? That is dedication!
2007-04-26 16:43:06
129.   Zack
126 Nice, now the neighbors can think you're crazy. Explanations probably won't help :)
2007-04-26 16:44:11
130.   tommyl
Minky?! Minky?! Seriously, will someone get Cashman to DFA him? This is like Womack all over again.
2007-04-26 16:44:12
131.   unmoderated
it's too late for that, zack.
besides, i know for a fact the dude next door is a big yanks fan.

the dogs name is jeter.

2007-04-26 16:44:16
132.   uburoisc
I couldn't believe ESPN that Doug Out was batting second and had to check the Banter to see if it was true. Irrational decision; what is Joe thinking?
2007-04-26 16:45:05
133.   Zack
Jorge is lookin very very grizzled...
2007-04-26 16:45:33
134.   unmoderated
what? womack could play center!


2007-04-26 16:46:05
135.   Mattpat11
125 Does "stuff" actually have a meaning other than "throws real hard!"?

Because as far as I can tell, based on the people who have had "stuff" over the years, it has nothing to do with location or pitch selection.

2007-04-26 16:46:07
136.   mehmattski
131 Maybe he's just from France. "Jeter" is French for "to throw." For real.
2007-04-26 16:46:15
137.   Zack
I think you meant UN-VALUABLE...
2007-04-26 16:46:53
138.   Mattpat11
130 Womack had speed.
2007-04-26 16:47:25
139.   zanderthegreat
2007-04-26 16:47:38
140.   Zack
135 I think "stuff" can mean velocity and movement. Usually guys described as having "electric stuff" often lack control, cause if they did, we would describe them as, say, Johan Santana...
2007-04-26 16:48:12
141.   Zack
Crud, please don't let this be that kind of game...
2007-04-26 16:48:55
142.   Mattpat11
140 I'm not sure movement even falls under "stuff." Kyle Farnsworth has "stuff"
2007-04-26 16:49:51
143.   OldYanksFan
135 His curveball made ARod go weak in the knees. Yeah, he throw hard but looks very casual doing it.
2007-04-26 16:50:55
144.   Zack
I think Kay just insulted Lieter by calling him immature...
2007-04-26 16:51:13
145.   Hank
I know this has been covered, but is Hughes really wearing #80? How in the world would they let him do that?
2007-04-26 16:51:50
146.   Zack
He's wearing #65 at his request...
2007-04-26 16:51:59
147.   OldYanksFan
His fastball is up. It might fly in MiLB, but not here. He needs to get that pitch down.
2007-04-26 16:52:03
148.   zanderthegreat
Hey, Pokemon tee shirt
2007-04-26 16:52:06
149.   Mattpat11
145 65. He wanted a number ending in 5. I still would have given him 45
2007-04-26 16:52:14
150.   tommyl
145 He's wearing 65, his ST number. Apparently, he wanted a number that ended in 5, and that's all they have available.
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2007-04-26 16:52:23
151.   its430
Ruh roh.
That was close.
That foul was 400+ feet. But barely foul.

A fastball that JoPo had called for away, but crossed the plate.

2007-04-26 16:52:29
152.   randym77
Hughes is wearing #65. They offered him #19, but he wanted #65. It's the number he wore in spring training.
2007-04-26 16:52:30
153.   seamus
147 hasn't it mostly been down?
2007-04-26 16:52:36
154.   tommyl
149 Who is 45?
2007-04-26 16:52:51
155.   unmoderated
2007-04-26 16:53:21
156.   seamus
He is striking guys out. I like that!
2007-04-26 16:53:22
157.   Mattpat11
He really looks good.
2007-04-26 16:53:27
158.   tommyl
This kid can pitch. How many Ks is that already?
2007-04-26 16:53:43
159.   Mattpat11
149 Assbruise.
2007-04-26 16:53:45
160.   tommyl
I love that cheer!
2007-04-26 16:53:56
161.   seamus
158 four Ks
2007-04-26 16:54:24
162.   OldYanksFan
I assume he is on a pitchcount? 80 maybe? He's at 50 now.
2007-04-26 16:54:32
163.   Hank
I guess 65 isn't terrible. (Actually, it kinda is.) But better than the 80 that ESPN's Gamecast claims.
2007-04-26 16:54:42
164.   unmoderated
#45 is still cecil fielder, dont let anyone tell you different.
2007-04-26 16:55:31
165.   LI yankee
162 Is he really at 50?
2007-04-26 16:55:42
166.   its430
Frank Thomas was taking practice swings in the on-deck circle with a huge piece of re-bar.
2007-04-26 16:55:49
167.   OldYanksFan
waste high.
2007-04-26 16:56:45
168.   Mattpat11
Leiter only had 162 wins? I thought he was much better than that
2007-04-26 16:57:03
169.   Zack
#45 was worn by Danny Tartabul, Cecil Fielder, henry Rodriguez, Armando Benetiz, and Carl pavano among others.

I'm pretty sure it's cursed...

Another nice inning by Phil!

2007-04-26 16:57:10
170.   tommyl
Damn nice inning. I'd still prefer him to be at AAA on a strict pitch count. He's only going to go about 5 innings methinks with this many pitches.
2007-04-26 16:57:10
171.   unmoderated
i saw bill brasky take practice swings with live alligators.
2007-04-26 16:57:40
172.   OldYanksFan
Does he go more then 5?
2007-04-26 16:58:11
173.   bartap74
So if you gave Scrabble 27 at bats against Hughes, would the kid throw a perfect game?
2007-04-26 16:58:49
174.   Zack
I think he goes 6. he should. he can handle 90 pitches...But whatever, if he goes 5 and gives up 2, thats better than our other 3-5 guys...
2007-04-26 16:59:02
175.   Mattpat11
169 Fielder got us a world title
2007-04-26 17:00:10
176.   unmoderated
god, sterling is in love with cairo.
2007-04-26 17:00:18
177.   Zack
I'm really glad they got Lieter to do this game...

And Burnett is making is look foolish...sigh

2007-04-26 17:00:43
178.   OldYanksFan
This guy as a 6 ERA? He looks very good to me.
2007-04-26 17:01:17
179.   tommyl
173 Yes, the better question is could you or I throw a perfect game?
2007-04-26 17:01:32
180.   seamus
damon needs to get on so Abreu can lead off next inning.
2007-04-26 17:02:06
181.   Zack
Burnett is a good pitcher, prone to injury and wildness and random crap outs. Against us, he is prone to godliness
2007-04-26 17:02:34
182.   unmoderated
whoa, is it really 40 degrees in the city? its like 55 here.
2007-04-26 17:02:43
183.   randym77
Come on, guys. How about a little run support for the rook?
2007-04-26 17:03:01
184.   tommyl
Has anyone gone to the stadium early to see if scrabble gets hits in BP? Does he K?
2007-04-26 17:03:57
185.   seamus
yes! Abreu can now lead off the 4th!
2007-04-26 17:04:37
186.   Zack
Sure is a good thing damon has such protection behind him and he drew that walk so Minky can make another out
2007-04-26 17:04:46
187.   tommyl
Don't run Johny, we need Abreu to lead off
2007-04-26 17:05:38
188.   randym77
Has there been any explanation for why Minky is batting second? It just seems really bizarre.

Did Torre forget that #11 is not Gary Sheffield any more?

2007-04-26 17:06:58
189.   Jim Dean
Can he just start leaning into pitches? Is that so wrong?
2007-04-26 17:07:45
190.   seamus
189 well, it is illegal and technically an out.
2007-04-26 17:08:24
191.   tommyl
Double word score
2007-04-26 17:08:42
192.   randym77
Minky gets on. Brilliant move batting him second, Joe! ;-)
2007-04-26 17:09:54
193.   Jim Dean
Guys, you need to stop. There's too much negativity in this thread.
2007-04-26 17:10:25
194.   unmoderated
2007-04-26 17:11:21
195.   OldYanksFan
190 We'll take our chances.
2007-04-26 17:12:23
196.   Zack
Ugh, this really IS going to be one of those games...
2007-04-26 17:12:25
197.   tommyl
193 Hey, I was cheering when Minky got on. I can disagree with a move and still root for someone.
2007-04-26 17:12:44
198.   LI yankee
Damn, I was really feeling bases loaded for A-Rod there.
2007-04-26 17:13:35
199.   OldYanksFan
Halladay/A.J. make a pretty nasty 1-2.
2007-04-26 17:14:48
200.   zanderthegreat
Sox down 2-0.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-26 17:14:57
201.   Zack
JUUUST a little bit outside...
2007-04-26 17:15:58
202.   Zack
Hughes seems to be sitting around 91 tonight in the relatively cold weather. Another 10 or so degrees and that bumps up to 93-94
2007-04-26 17:17:11
203.   Zack
Come on 6-4-3!
2007-04-26 17:17:17
204.   Mattpat11
199 The emergency room agrees.
2007-04-26 17:17:24
205.   tommyl
Settle back down kid, you're missing your release point.
2007-04-26 17:19:52
206.   Zack
Hughes having some troubles putting away hitters, mostly a location thing...
2007-04-26 17:22:39
207.   tommyl
Impressive, he seems to have made the adjustment. Whatever happens, I'm really impressed with this kid.
2007-04-26 17:22:56
208.   Zack
Hughes also getting a lot of weak ground balls off that curve...
2007-04-26 17:24:42
209.   Zack
Phil at about 75 pitches through 4, so probably only one more inning, unless he can pull off a 3 pitch inning...

We need to score some runs. if Hughes gets a loss here...well, rediculous

2007-04-26 17:25:55
210.   Hank
Does he have a hard curve, or a big one? And how effective has the changeup been?
2007-04-26 17:26:20
211.   Maniakes
Gameday has Hughes at 76 pitches. If he's on a strict 80-pitch count he should be gone either now or after the first batter of next inning. I'd leave him in for one more inning (unless he struggles) to give him a chance for the win and to get his ERA down below 4.
2007-04-26 17:27:21
212.   Zack
Wow, that was just not fair.
2007-04-26 17:27:38
213.   tommyl
Justtttttt missed it, shoot
2007-04-26 17:28:17
214.   Mattpat11
Kay is a fucking moron. Hey Mike, when Vernon Wells has a beat on a ball, perhaps you should stop screaming like its gone. He was still yelling as he put his glove up.
2007-04-26 17:28:30
215.   Zack
210 Its a big, 12-6 style, that he throws with varying break. Sometimes its more 12-3 or 3-6, if you get my meaning. Its been sitting around 68, which goes nicely with his hard, spotted fastball at 90-94 (though not so spotted tonight)
2007-04-26 17:29:20
216.   Zack
After that first inning, there hasn't really been a hard hit ball off Phil, and most have been so weakly hit that they had to rush their throws...
2007-04-26 17:29:41
217.   randym77
Giambi, you are not fast.
2007-04-26 17:29:44
218.   Zack
Wow, i am dominating the posts tonight. Everyone else must have a life...
2007-04-26 17:29:51
219.   tommyl
LOL, Giambi is sooooo slow
2007-04-26 17:30:07
220.   Zack
Jesus, what was that Jason?
2007-04-26 17:30:08
221.   Mattpat11
Its one of those games.
2007-04-26 17:30:11
222.   mehmattski
Worst. Slide. Ever.
2007-04-26 17:30:46
223.   tommyl
Aw C'mon guys you have to laugh at that one. At least this Giambi slid ;)
2007-04-26 17:30:49
224.   zanderthegreat
Susan just said Giambi is "too slow".
2007-04-26 17:31:08
225.   Zack
Can i also say that Burnett is not an attractive man

Phil, on the other hand, has the makeup to be the next NY pretty boy, now that Jeter is an old man?

2007-04-26 17:31:56
226.   zanderthegreat
nows a blast
2007-04-26 17:31:59
227.   seamus
225 i thought igawa was our next pretty boy!
2007-04-26 17:32:20
228.   Zack
is there a classification similar to URP for these crappy games against a stuggling pitcher who domiantes us and we lose 2-1? That seems to happen a lot...
2007-04-26 17:32:53
229.   OldYanksFan
218 Not me. I like Giambi. He simply doesn't know how slow he is.
222 Really? I though he almost evaded the tag. It was closer then it should have been.
2007-04-26 17:33:08
230.   LI yankee
228 The thing is he is not dominating us. This is more aggravating, we should have scored 5 runs by now.
2007-04-26 17:33:16
231.   unmoderated
nah, karstens is the pretty boy
2007-04-26 17:34:35
232.   Zack
don't forget the every popular with the ladies TJ Beam...

Does it feel like this should be way beyond the 4th inning to anyone else?

2007-04-26 17:34:38
233.   OldYanksFan
There are not many balls leaving the infield. ARod might be the only one who has hit him hard.
2007-04-26 17:35:27
234.   seamus
burnette is definitely dominating us. walking some guys, but otherwise dominating. Cano has looked downright silly.
2007-04-26 17:35:30
235.   Zack
230 Thats the way it usually seems to be. I mean, we do only have two hits...
2007-04-26 17:36:09
236.   randym77
I thought the slide was okay, all things considered.

It was trying to go to 2B I didn't understand. Who does he think it is, "Wheels" Wright? ;-)

2007-04-26 17:36:21
237.   Mattpat11
225 David Wright
2007-04-26 17:37:01
238.   Mattpat11
2007-04-26 17:37:07
239.   tommyl
Worst. Call. Ever.
2007-04-26 17:37:10
240.   LI yankee
Get in his face Doug! Get thrown out!
2007-04-26 17:37:35
241.   Zack
Looks like a crap call to me
2007-04-26 17:37:39
242.   OldYanksFan
230 He's not. We have 2 hits... both opposite field chip shots. How many balls have left the infield. He has got our number. He has walked a few, but has been very tough.

Now THERE'S the Minky I love. Give 'em hell.

2007-04-26 17:37:45
243.   zanderthegreat
These groundballs are too weak. But he was definitely out.
2007-04-26 17:38:03
244.   tommyl
How is a bouncing ball right to SS even that close? How far back was Cairo playing?
2007-04-26 17:38:07
245.   OldYanksFan
That should be: He's not??
2007-04-26 17:38:28
246.   tommyl
Well nice to know they are protecting the kid.
2007-04-26 17:38:31
247.   mehmattski
That was all Cairo's fault. How embarrassing. I could throw harder to first. If only the team weren't carrying three first basemen, they could have someone who could play the left side of the infield adequately.
2007-04-26 17:38:40
248.   Zack
237 yeah, but hes a Met. Only Long Island girls go for them, and who wants them :)

Kidding, kidding all you islanders...

2007-04-26 17:38:43
249.   DougP
Oh, he was clearly out on the replay. Ump blew the call.
2007-04-26 17:39:53
250.   Mattpat11
242 You also declared him unhittable in the first. I don't think four walks and two hits in four innings is dominating.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-26 17:40:04
251.   LI yankee
242 We haven't gotten the hits, but we're getting men on base, he's not throwing many strikes, and we have had many favorable counts.
2007-04-26 17:40:39
252.   tommyl
Pastadiving....oh wait....
2007-04-26 17:40:56
253.   randym77
And that blown call costs us.
2007-04-26 17:41:01
254.   Zack
Amazing, never though balls not being hit ahrd enough would be an issue...
2007-04-26 17:41:08
255.   OldYanksFan
"Damon charging... he has no play"
Has JD EVER had a play at the plate with his arm? He'ld have to be standing on 2nd base.
2007-04-26 17:42:20
256.   Jim Rice
"He'd have to be standing on 2nd base."

And even then...

2007-04-26 17:42:49
257.   Zack
6-4-3, come on!
2007-04-26 17:42:52
258.   OldYanksFan
I think Phil is gone before the end of the inning.
2007-04-26 17:43:25
259.   Zack
Man do I wish pitch counts were an issue, b/c already is there anyone here who doesn't trust Hughes more than the BP until the 7th?
2007-04-26 17:43:36
260.   DougP
Heh heh. Struck out Lind three times tonight.
2007-04-26 17:44:26
261.   Zack
I think they try to get him through the inning, but if Wells gets on, hes out
2007-04-26 17:45:05
262.   mehmattski
Anyone see him shake off Jorge there? Posada called for a changeup, Hughes shook no, Posada called fastball away, and strike out. Gotta love the poise there.

I really don't care about the result. He belongs in the majors.

2007-04-26 17:45:25
263.   randym77
And Bruney's coming in.
2007-04-26 17:45:44
264.   tommyl
Good first outing, the kid has real stuff.
2007-04-26 17:45:52
265.   Mattpat11
Okay then. Not a bad game.
2007-04-26 17:46:18
266.   OldYanksFan
Both pitches to Wells were waist high. Can't do that in the bigs.
2007-04-26 17:46:25
267.   Zack
Well, take vernon wells out of this game and its a much different game. That and the 1st inning:
4.1IP 7H 2ER 1BB 5K 90 pitches.
2007-04-26 17:46:38
268.   DougP
This kid's the real deal. I'm glad he's on our side and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of him.
2007-04-26 17:46:46
269.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-04-26 17:46:58
270.   nick
no tv/radio here--just checking in--he looked good? on paper, seven hits is kinda a lot, but the K total is nice to see....
2007-04-26 17:47:44
271.   Zack
Assume the 1st inning was mostly jitters, and his location in general, and I would expect a similar line next start but over 6 IP
6innings, 2 ER, 1BB, 7K I would say...
2007-04-26 17:48:07
272.   Mattpat11
Was the third run unearned?
2007-04-26 17:48:30
273.   Zack
Hughes' line would look a heck of a lot better if we could do anything on offense
2007-04-26 17:49:03
274.   Zack
Whoops, forgot about that third, theres the runners on...
2007-04-26 17:49:54
275.   mehmattski
Raise your hand if you could have thrown the ball further than the pitchers' mound there?

(raises hand)

2007-04-26 17:49:57
276.   Zack
4-0 seems insurmountable right now, doesn't it?
2007-04-26 17:51:24
277.   Zack
Ugh, this really is one of those games...
2007-04-26 17:52:35
278.   randym77
276 Not quite. Maybe they'll pull Cy Burnett...
2007-04-26 17:52:40
279.   Mattpat11
So, assuming the Yankees manage to lose yet again, this will be the longest losing streak in how many years?
2007-04-26 17:53:44
280.   RIYank
I dunno, we've had six baserunners, plus an A-Rod Almost. I think there's a reasonable chance we could rack up a crooked number this inning, and then it's anybody's game. (Assuming Bruney et al. can hold.)
2007-04-26 17:54:01
281.   Zack
So, one more inning for Bruney, then two for Henn and one for Myers? That gets us through 8 and keeps the bp relatively in good shape. Of course, Joe will want to use Viz AND proctor...
2007-04-26 17:55:18
282.   Zack
Rather, that gets us through the game...
2007-04-26 17:55:22
283.   OldYanksFan
He is still a kid. In 2-3 years he will be much stronger. But yes, he is the real deal. I think expectations may have been too high.
2007-04-26 17:55:47
284.   pistolpete
277 More like one of those months. Think I'll skip this weekend if we lose tonight.
2007-04-26 17:56:04
285.   mehmattski
279 May 28-June 3 2005
2007-04-26 17:57:13
286.   Zack
283 I think other than counting on making it through the 5th, most of us expected about what we got tonight, no?
2007-04-26 17:57:22
287.   RIYank
Yeah, I agree, he pitched better than his line. Very good secondaries.

Nice, Rob, way to get us started. Ugh, now the bad part of the line-up, though...

2007-04-26 17:57:35
288.   Mattpat11
285 Was that the Royals sweep?
2007-04-26 17:58:51
289.   mehmattski
288 Yep, plus two losses to the Sux and one to the Twins
2007-04-26 17:59:02
290.   Zack
Ugh, Cairo is worthless
2007-04-26 17:59:47
291.   Mattpat11
can Jeter pinch hit tonight?
2007-04-26 18:00:08
292.   seamus
290 of limited value. noone is worthless.


2007-04-26 18:01:39
293.   Zack
Don't worry guys, we have Minky up with a runner in scoring position, no doubter...
2007-04-26 18:01:58
294.   RIYank
Whoa. Dug Out can't catch a break. Well, I fully expected that Cano hit to be wasted. We're set up for next inning: rally inning!

Here comes Henn, right?

2007-04-26 18:02:15
295.   LI yankee
292 Minky is very close though
2007-04-26 18:02:19
296.   Mattpat11
Doug Outs AB infuriate me more than anyone elses.
2007-04-26 18:03:02
297.   RIYank
291 He was written into the original line-up, and asked to be removed. My bet is he could pinch hit in a ... pinch.
2007-04-26 18:03:13
298.   rsmith51
I noticed that Sterling says "Mankavitch". Maybe we can start calling him Manky.
2007-04-26 18:03:16
299.   Zack
This is the type of game that Myers should pitch a whole inning in. Unless we somehow start hitting...
2007-04-26 18:06:01
300.   pistolpete
Paying attention how Henn does against lefties, Joe?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-26 18:06:16
301.   DougP
The weird thing about using Henn as the mop-up guy is that right now he has, by far, the best numbers of anyone in the bullpen.
2007-04-26 18:06:44
302.   RIYank
Sal Fasano could get into this game...
2007-04-26 18:07:21
303.   Mattpat11
Baseball infuriates me.
2007-04-26 18:07:47
304.   Zack
So do we go with teh everyone gets an inning approach meaning they are all (save farns) avaialble for tomorrow but not on full rest, or Henn for two and rest him for a game or two?
2007-04-26 18:08:42
305.   Mattpat11
Kay and Leiter are talking about our fine fourth starter, Igawa, who they won't use in relief and is now somehow more useless than ever.
2007-04-26 18:09:23
306.   DougP
I say Henn for two. Save the others for the weekend. Giving everyone an inning makes them all more tired than it seems it should.
2007-04-26 18:09:32
307.   RIYank
304 No idea. How does that work, in the long run? Which wears more on a pitcher's arm: 14 pitches today and 12 tomorrow, or 26 today and then off tomorrow?
2007-04-26 18:09:53
308.   Zack
305 more useful than Pavano...
2007-04-26 18:10:46
309.   Zack
Actually, we should pitch Procotr two today because we certainly don't want him pitching to the Sox all weekend...
2007-04-26 18:11:16
310.   randym77
Wow, Jeter asked to be removed? Usually they have to duct-tape him to the bench to keep him out of a game, no matter how much he's hurting.
2007-04-26 18:11:58
311.   DougP
307 I think the 14 and 12 is more tiring for the pitcher. Factor in the warm-up tosses and the stress of being in the game. I suspect throwing 26 and getting a full day of rest is better. On the other hand, I'm not speaking with any real knowledge whatsoever. Just my impression.
2007-04-26 18:12:49
312.   Zack
NOTE TO JOE TORRE: Sean henn is better than Mike Myers.
2007-04-26 18:13:23
313.   RIYank
311 Makes sense. I bet nobody actually knows (how would you get data on that sort of thing?).
2007-04-26 18:14:22
314.   Mattpat11
308 I'm more useful than Pavano.

Igawa is just taking up a roster spot at thia point.

2007-04-26 18:17:22
315.   RIYank
My F7 key is more useful than Pavano.

This is fun.

2007-04-26 18:17:46
316.   Zack
I officially hate this game
2007-04-26 18:20:41
317.   Zack
Its nice that for Hughes' debut the offense gives him the gift of doing jack crap. Nice to start the kid's career off with a L...
2007-04-26 18:20:58
318.   OldYanksFan
Go for 2... go for 2..
2007-04-26 18:21:03
319.   DougP
315 Pavano did get us one win. Can your F7 key say the same?
2007-04-26 18:21:04
320.   randym77
Burnett can't last much longer...can he?

Maybe their bullpen will more hittable.

And Giambi doesn't even think about going to 2B on that one...

2007-04-26 18:21:12
321.   LI yankee
Another rocket that will go to waste.
2007-04-26 18:22:36
322.   Mattpat11
319If a bad pitcher like Pavano can pitch well, perhaps an f7 key can as well.
2007-04-26 18:22:54
323.   Maniakes
RIYank's F7 key didn't cost $39.95 million that could otherwise have been spent hiring Varitek to be our backup catcher.
2007-04-26 18:23:08
324.   Mattpat11
Who is chanting overrated?
2007-04-26 18:23:35
325.   RIYank
319 Well, sure, but I meant now useful.

Ugh. Okay, next inning, for sure. No Burnett.

2007-04-26 18:24:13
326.   Zack
This is brutal
2007-04-26 18:24:33
327.   DougP
323 Nor did the F7 key sue his agent for not getting him (it?) an extra .05 million.
2007-04-26 18:26:34
328.   RIYank
The other function keys are beginning to give my F7 key a hard time.
2007-04-26 18:26:41
329.   Mattpat11
I'm gonna watch Law and Order for a while
2007-04-26 18:26:56
330.   Zack
Well, looks liek Joe really wants Myers to get redemption on Ortiz, so its Henn for another
2007-04-26 18:28:41
331.   DougP
It's EDSP in the pen!
2007-04-26 18:29:12
332.   williamnyy23
Watching the last few games was really making me angry. Watching this game is making me sad. As much as I hate to admit it, it's looking more and more like this could be the year they don't recover from the early bad start.
2007-04-26 18:32:53
333.   Zack
Methinks Henn might not be up for this second inning of work. EDSP shall now come in and give up some runs to put the game out of reach..

And Joe has his excuse to bury Henn again

2007-04-26 18:33:32
334.   nick
can you fry an entire bullpen in April?
2007-04-26 18:36:20
335.   C2Coke
334 You don't think they are fried to well-done already?
2007-04-26 18:36:21
336.   DougP
2007-04-26 18:36:55
337.   williamnyy23
At this point Joe has to lose the battle to win the war. Every extra pitch that Henn and Proctor throws is dimishing the team's chance over the weekend.
2007-04-26 18:37:26
338.   Zack
Yeah, I guess that day off didn't help...

Well folks, I'm off to dinner and a night of theatre, so much for getting Henn a W let alone not a loss...

2007-04-26 18:37:33
339.   williamnyy23
Had Rios gone, he would have been safe, which is shocking.
2007-04-26 18:37:48
340.   DougP
Wow, someone didn't run on Johnny Damon!
2007-04-26 18:38:44
341.   3rd gen yankee fan
Man, this is Uglee with a capital U.
2007-04-26 18:39:18
342.   DougP
337 Agreed. They need to use the likes of Colter Bean and Chris Britton and Ron Villone for two or three straight days to get everyone else rested and back on track.
2007-04-26 18:39:38
343.   Zack
Yeah, at this point just pitch Proctor for the next inning and suck it up...
2007-04-26 18:39:42
344.   3rd gen yankee fan
Maybe this is Proctor's way of saying, "Joe, leave Henn in."
2007-04-26 18:41:17
345.   Zack
ANyone else get the sense Lieter is criticising Joe's use of the pen?
2007-04-26 18:42:07
346.   nick
to elaborate: I think Cliff's argument that we had a much stronger bullpen this year, while plausible on paper, is turning out to have been just a little optimistic
2007-04-26 18:42:27
347.   DougP
Can we pitch Proctor the rest of the game and then sit him out the Boston series?
2007-04-26 18:44:29
348.   JeremyM
Boston just took the lead 5-2 now. What a great night.
2007-04-26 18:44:48
349.   bartap74
Amid the futility comes our moment of mandatory patriotism.
2007-04-26 18:44:48
350.   nick
342 exactly; it's time to risk the arms of some marginal talent--
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-26 18:45:35
351.   Zack
anyone want to put $ on Joe bringing in Viz next inning?

Proctor for one more and then Myers...No F that, Myers for two!

2007-04-26 18:45:52
352.   williamnyy23
346 I don't think you can dismiss the effects of Torre's abuse, which admittedly is at least partly the result of the starters incompetence. For two weeks, the bullpen looked they look tired.
2007-04-26 18:51:55
353.   nick
346 yeah, but what if these guys are simply an average bullpen? We've got Mo; we've got one high-priced guy (Farns); and we've got the usual array of cast-offs. If they're all tired already, then we're fucked. I mean, there's a case to be made that Proctor Bruney etc are exactly like 95% of all relievers: good one minute/season, bad the next.
2007-04-26 18:52:41
354.   DougP
They just said that the Yankees next day off is May 7. How are we ever gonna get the bullpen back on track? Now Meyers is coming in, so we've burned Bruney, Henn, Proctor, and Meyers, with Viz likely in the 9th.
2007-04-26 18:54:56
355.   nick
all right, that 7th finished me off--
2007-04-26 18:56:36
356.   williamnyy23
Al Leiter's nickname should be GQP...Good Quality Pitch. When his children come to him for advice, I'll bet Leiter tells them to just throw a good quality pitch.
2007-04-26 18:58:11
357.   tommyl
Wow Leiter just went off on Kay
2007-04-26 19:01:28
358.   RIYank
Andy will go eight innings, so we'll be fine.
2007-04-26 19:02:30
359.   RIYank
Now that I think about that earlier question, I think it just has to be easier on an arm to throw two innings one night than one inning on each of two consecutive nights. Because starters throw so many more innings than relievers.
2007-04-26 19:04:11
360.   Benjamin Kabak
I really wish My9 would quit it with that really disturbing anti-smoking campaign while I'm trying to eat dinner.
2007-04-26 19:09:12
361.   tommyl
So how low does Minky have to go before he gets benched or DFAed? He's batting what, under .150 yet?
2007-04-26 19:09:15
362.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Has any team ever had such terrible Aprils out of their rotation before? I feel like this month has been historically bad.
2007-04-26 19:09:44
363.   RIYank
I think I'll pass on the ninth this evening, amigos.
We'll sweep the Sox and all will be well.
2007-04-26 19:10:06
364.   tommyl
362 Well they have not a single save so far this year. I'm sure there have been worse starting rotations though. '62 Mets maybe?
2007-04-26 19:16:25
365.   tommyl
I like this use of Myers btw. He's going to get the least work on the team, might as well use him as a mop-up man.
2007-04-26 19:17:30
366.   DougP
I may be the only one still watching.

358 We definitely need Pettite to go 8 tomorrow. I'd also like it if Mo wouldn't blow a save for the third consecutive game that Pettite has started.

2007-04-26 19:19:38
367.   JeremyM
365 I agree 100%.
2007-04-26 19:20:02
368.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I somehow doubt the '62 Mets had as few innings pitched out of their starters as we've had, but I could be wrong.

You know what the '62 Mets didn't have to deal with? Fucking ESPN still talking about the damned bloody sock. Who cares?!

2007-04-26 19:21:53
369.   bartap74
Why hit Phelps for Giambi?
2007-04-26 19:24:48
370.   williamnyy23
369 Why not? If you could resign in baseball, this would be the game.
2007-04-26 19:29:36
371.   JimCobain
Hi All-

Just back from the game (too cold and too annoyed to stay for the whole game and boy am I glad I live ont he upper east, 30mins door to door) and here are some initial thoughts on Hughes and our boys...

Hughes - Just to let you know I was sittingI am not breaking any news here, the kid is for real. Fast ball is milk just flowing from his had and his curve ball is just filthy. at time it was a 20MPH difference. Now I mentioned I sat behing the plate. Two rows in front of me were a bunch of scouts. While I couldn't quite hear what they were saying I saw them look at each other a bunch of time, nodding and seeming very impressed. Aside from that rocky start, in which Frank Thomas basically stuck his bat out at the ball and drove in the run, I think he pitched good. And what I like about him that I haven't seen in other young Yankees pitchers is that his stuff looks like it can and will dominate. The change of speeds between his 4 seam and his curve is leathal. I also think he cruises through the 5th if that ump didn't blow the call. Well I assume it was a blown call, the guy looked out to me. I still would have prefered Hughes to stay down, but methinks he is here for good, or until Torre ruins him.

The rest of the team: I nearly snapped my scorecard pencil in half when I saw Stink batting second. Why not Cano? I guess just because then the bottom of the order would be reminisant of something you step on. But still, Stink batitng second??? The team just looked flat, then seemed deflated after the Ump blew the call, like they knew it would lead to runs. The offense which was hot three days ago was cooled off by AJ Burnett who tonight looked like the real deal. I have never seen someone throw 98 with such ease. They let Burnett off the ropes with Posada's double play and Abreu's groundout took some life out of the park and I think the team.

A 6 game loosing streak is something that should be taken seriously especially with the Sox coming to town. I am getting the feeling that if the Yanks were to lose 2 of 3 some changes will be coming and it will not be promoting a rookie 2nd baseman and rookie pitcher. I think it might be promoting a rookie manager.

2007-04-26 19:31:35
372.   Hank
Can anyone tell me what happened in the bottom of the ninth? ESPN and Yahoo don't seem to know...
2007-04-26 19:33:26
373.   Ravenscar

That was JUST what I was about to post, Hank. All the box score/real-time game engines seem to be on the same service, and when one goes out, they ALL go out. Really annoying.

2007-04-26 19:37:40
374.   Ravenscar
Ah, found it:

- A. Rodriguez grounded out to second
- J. Phelps hit for J. Giambi
- J. Giambi struck out looking
- H. Matsui walked
- J. Posada struck out swinging

Not what I was hoping for from my fantasy star, A-Rod.

2007-04-26 19:37:53
375.   williamnyy23
371 I agree Jim...I also strongly believe that if the Yankees don't take two games this weekend, a change will be made. Maybe it will Guidry or maybe it will be Torre, but I just get the feeling a storm is brewing.

Batting Stink 2nd ws stupid, but he actually had the best ABs in the game. Lineup was irrelevant in this game. Burnett was nasty. If the team was 11-8 and dropped this game, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Unfortunately, they have lost 6 games in a row and it's getting late early. If they keep losing games to the Sox, I don't think it would be premature to start looking at the wild card. Now, I know the optimists here will jump down my throat about that statement, but I can't disguise what I am seeing.

2007-04-26 19:46:31
376.   its430
I'm another one in the camp of "I'm not usually a Joe Torre hater, but this season..."

This game epitomizes why, too. Jeter is scratched, ok. So what does Torre do? He plays Minky, and bats him 2nd.

I know what he'd give the reason as: "I don't want to disrupt the normal batting order..." but how about wanting to give our pitchers a chance to win the game?

Here's the best solution I can think of. If they lose 2 out of 3 this weekend, and the bullpen/lineup card is partly to blame again, I'd like to see Torre suddenly find out some "personal issues" need his attention away from the team.

Have him disappear for a couple weeks. See if Mattingly, or Bowa, or Pena can fill in and get the team at or above .500. Then, in private, Cashman and Torre and whoever else can make the decision whether Joe's "personal issues" have been resolved and he rejoins the team.

2007-04-26 19:53:15
377.   williamnyy23
Al Leiter has great hair.
2007-04-26 20:00:52
378.   seamus
374 the best part of that is that Phelps PH for Giambi and Giambi still struck out! :)
2007-04-26 20:17:14
379.   yankz
Just got back. Well, that sucked. Guess I'm no lucky charm after all.

Coddmeyer just missed the record. Everyone thought it was going out.

Phil Phenom settled down a bit after an understandably rough 1st before running out of steam in the 5th. And Vernon Wells taught him a thing or two about the big leagues. Take him away (which I realize is ridiculous), and the kid pitched as well as could be expected.

That was probably the worst home crowd I've ever been a part of. It was dead silent. (I heard some Banteresque Banter, however. A "Fi-yurr Tor-re" chant, and someone yelling "Mike Myers can't get lefties out, he shouldn't be on this team!") I didn't even get to see my favorite player (fuck you, Scott Kazmir).

Stink can NEVER play in the same lineup as Cairo. I saw it firsthand today.

Highlight of my day: A girl who looked about 13 yelling "Asssssssss-hoooole" at Myers as he ran in from the pen.

2007-04-26 20:20:11
380.   yankz
I kept yelling "Let's go Scrabble!" at the game in hopes of finding another Banterer, but alas, no luck.
2007-04-26 20:29:07
381.   yankz
WHY did Jeter never PH? Peter Abraham says he's available off the bench. If he can't play the field, fine, don't PH for Cairo, but PH for Stink and put in Phelps.
2007-04-26 21:09:45
382.   Chyll Will
Guud-night! First time I see the game on TV this season and for this crap. Oh well, Phil The Phenom looked really good after that first. Loved dem curves! He'll be hot if he stays this summer. I was deflated by that blown call as much as the team likely was. It's not the same without Jeter in the lineup, apparently. I'm with 376, Torre should take a break and reconnect. I have a feeling there's more than green tea in that cup and he's not really with us on planet Earth right now, not that I would blame him. Scrabble needs to just retire and coach Josh Phelps, Cairo and Jorge on playing first, and I wouldn't be the least surprised if Bernie's sitting in front of the TV in Westchester, phone next to the remote and either a completely crazed or totally neutral look on his face.

Does anyone else have a feeling that Bondy reads Banter? His article in the Thursday Daily Rues seemed to have been ghost-written by the purportedly-Zenned Jim Dean.

Lastly, I love the look A-Rod has right now. He's totally locked into my philosophy. He even said, "...and I really don't give a ---- what anyone thinks about it." What more can I say, Top Billin'... zzzzz...

2007-04-26 21:45:24
383.   rabid stan
Anybody read Steve Lombardi's take on Hughes tonight? Compared him to Andy Benes (

I'm with Steve that that's not necessarily a bad thing, but then I don't agree with the comparison in the first place. Phil's stuff was not "electric" tonight, as his fastball was around 91 more often than 94, and his 5 K's came against Adam Lind and Jason Smith, but honestly, predicting a career fit for no better than a low number two or decent three off a few spring training innings and a major-league debut...Well, as Steve says, it's just an impression.

Not that the Ace talk isn't premature, but there's no reason to worry about Hughes' stuff. He may not have the velocity of Burnett or Beckett, but when he builds his arm strength (the best reason, I think, the Yanks may have opted to keep him in the minors), he'll sit at 93 no problem. So what if 93 isn't 97? 93 is why Phil has learned location and command and 97 is why Burnett hasn't.

Plenty of guys have built ace careers around a low-sometimes-mid-90's fastball just because they could put the ball on the corners and made effective use of excellent secondary pitches, and Hughes has that secondary pitch, no doubt. His curve was great today and he threw it at varying speeds with varying breaks.

I saw plenty of things today, but the guy who started on the mound didn't look like someone who'll be flirting with mediocrity at the end of his career.

2007-04-26 22:14:57
384.   3rd gen yankee fan
Check out this photo:

Isn't that Pavano lurking in the background? How's that for the past eyeballing the future? woooooo

2007-04-26 22:24:11
385.   yankz
Hey, some other night owls!
2007-04-26 22:31:11
386.   Zack
Yeah, well, Steve Lombardi also compared Chase Wright to Eric Bedard, so take it witha grain of salt. No offense Steve...Hughes doesn't need to throw 97 because he has fnatastic control. Even tonight, with his control off between the jitters and the weather, he still sported a 5:1 k/BB, which trasnlates to about a 10 k/9. He is supposed to strike out the B players easily, which he did. Once he adjusts to those A players and settles in, as has been shown at each level, he will do more than just fine. The difference in speeds between his pitches makes a 91 mph fastball look like a 97 one. Guys were consistently late on his pitches most of the night and hit a LOT of weak ground balls. Cairo and Cano both had to rush their throws a lot b/c of that...

Throw in a wider strike zone (it was damn small tonight) and free swinging texas team for his (hopefully) next start, and a better call at 1B in the 5th, and who knows what his line would/will look like?

I saw everything I had hoped to see tonight, save maybe better location. I had hoped he would spot his pitches better, but I'm not concerned at all..

What I AM concerned about is, as we all have discussed, the BP and Joe's use of it...Oh well, could be a long ugly weekend (again)

2007-04-26 22:38:07
387.   Zack
If you want good, objective analysis, I hate to say it as I like both guys very much, but I would avoid waswatching and lohud; Pete A. has been especially short and irrational lately in his comments on things, and while I really appreciate his insider info, I'm not a huge fan of his analysis. So be it...

The guys at riveraveblues, although totally in love with Hughes so a bit biased, are real good and mostly objective.

Just my 2 cents...

2007-04-26 22:40:13
388.   Zack
Oh yeah, and RLYW is good too
2007-04-26 22:47:40
389.   Zack
One more thing, about Phil's velocity. Jake Peavy throws mid 90's, sitting 92-95. Hughes throws mid 90's, sitting 91-95. Greg Maddux topped out around 91...Kyle Farnsworth throws 100MPH... 'nuff said...
2007-04-26 23:00:50
390.   yankz
This week really blows. Phil was Philthy at times, but a win would have been quite the pick me up.
2007-04-26 23:50:12
391.   rabid stan
389 That was my point. So what if a guy throws 97 and walks a ton and can always be counted on to throw a fastball in a fastball count or a tough spot? That's why guy like Burnett and (cough) Beckett (cough) are underachievers, however brilliant they may look in a given start.

Give me a guy who can hit the corners and I'm happy. Ask Maddux if "electric stuff" matters without that.

2007-04-26 23:58:37
392.   Zack
391 Amen brother, amen. As we know, its location, location, location...
2007-04-27 00:01:14
393.   bbfan1
"That's why guy like Burnett and (cough) Beckett (cough) are underachievers, however brilliant they may look in a given start."


2007-04-27 00:06:05
394.   rabid stan
393 Wait, that's his ERA from '06 right? You can't possibly be gloating that his offense bought him his fifth win off the O's BP tonight.

He looked great to start last year too.

2007-04-27 04:20:32
395.   yankz
Did someone just cite a win-loss record to prove Beckett's good?! I mean, yes, he's off to a good start, but I'd start with his ERA+ first.

Gotta love his 92 from last year.

2007-04-27 04:34:35
396.   seamus
387 Yeah, hate to say it but what you say about lohud and waswatching are true. I used to religiously visit both. I still go to lohud simply because he has the goods. But both are layered with internal biases in their commentary which just reinforces how valuable this site is to Yankees fans. Alex and Cliff are opinionated, but they both are good at defending their positions and being open to other viewpoints. And they aren't so brash...
2007-04-27 04:37:09
397.   OldYanksFan
AJ's fastball is/was great tonight, but whats makes him unhittable is not 97 mph, but rather a very good curveball. 'High speed' is always nice, but if you can't get other pitchers over, and batters sit on your fastball, you won't be that good.

Phil is not AJ or Nolan Ryan. However, he looks to be a better 'pitcher' then both, as location and plus secondary pitches are more valuable, and Phil has both.

2007-04-27 05:14:15
398.   Sliced Bread
The Banter's in tune with the word on the street.

I hit my Hell's Kitchen diner this morning to check in on Alex, who I nominate as the best waiter in the city.

Haven't seen him since around Christmas and he still remembers my order, and tall glass of ice water.

I love talking Yankees with Alex. After we exchange "how ya been?s" we get down to business. "Whadda ya think?" ("about these Yanks" is implied).

Alex tells me he went to bed in the fifth. "Forget it. I needed sleep." alluding to his 4am wake up.

"Yeah, we all need sleep" I observed from under my rain dampened Yanks cap -- 6 consecutive losses, and 6 hours of restless sleep in my eyes, 4 days of whiskers on my cheeks. I look like I'm on a losing streak this morning.

Alex usually stays up for the Yanks. He couldn't be bothered last night.

We agreed Hughes looked good enough, and that Vernon Wells will always crush our pitchers.

"They better win this weekend," Alex the city's best waiter warned.

I agreed. "Yeah, this is gettin' bad."

Alex wasn't talking about the AL East standings.

"I'm losing money. The guys in the kitchen, they're all Met fans. Giving me a hard time. A lotta money."

I gave Alex a couple extra bucks on his tip, "Put it on the Yanks."

"I'll put it on Alex!" he laughed, comically tucking the bills into his front pocket.

Over on 8th Avenue I walk past two chunky Latino gentlemen, who are staying out of the rain, and talking Yankees. One's a security guard wearing the standard issue gray slacks and blue blazer which would never be confused for the impeccably tailored gray slacks and blue blazers worn by George Steinbrenner. The other big fella was rockin his navy "Member's Only" jacket (or somesuch garment) and a fresh, crisp Yankees lid.
They were talking over each other.
The scene looked scripted, but the players were real.
Security Guard: "Joe Torre's gotta go. He's gotta go now!"
Member's Only: "Even A-Rod's not hitting!"

I swear to Babe these were their exact words.

I would have jumped in on the banter, but the light was changing and I was running a little late. Not as late as our Yanks.

2007-04-27 05:15:11
399.   debris
I'd give Hughes mixed reviews based on what I saw tonight. Yes, the curve ball was wicked, but the fastball was straight. Was he nervous, hence rushing his delivery and losing movement on the heater? Not sure, though the one knock on Hughes that I've heard is that his fastball is flat, as it was tonight. You can get away with a wicked curve and flat fastball at AAA, but not at this level. Good hitters will sit on the fastball.

The hit by Thomas in the first is a prime example. As was pointed out above, Thomas just stuck his bat out and slapped the ball to right. This would not likely have happened had the ball some movement.

Overall, I was very impressed by the kid. He has a live arm and is very composed, particularly considering the hype and pressure he was facing, what with the pre-game press looking to this 20 year old as savior riding in to the rescue.

Clearly Hughes is a work in progress. His future, assuming he stays healthy, is clearly bright, though whether or not he'll be able to help in 2007 and whether or not he's hurt by being brought along too fast remains to be seen.

2007-04-27 05:28:54
400.   Sliced Bread
399 The fastball was not consistently flat. It had movement, but not often enough. Whoever knocks his fastball as flat has not seen enough of him.
And who billed him as a "savior?" Everybody I heard in New York had tempered expectations.

Plenty of people still holding up Curt Schilling as their savior today.
Oh well, I still say Thorne deserves a Pulitzer for his groundbreaking baseball journalism the other night. Heh. Mirabelli as Deep Throat. I love it.
Believe whatever you want to believe about The Sock Of Turin, debris.

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2007-04-27 07:21:41
401.   Raf
380 Heh. So did I... Funny

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