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The Matsuzaka Effect
2007-04-22 16:43
by Cliff Corcoran
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Daisuke Matsuzaka's line over his first three starts:

20 IP, 17 H, 6 R, 1 HR, 5 BB, 24 K, 1.10 WHIP, 2.70 ERA, 1-2

The combined line of the opposing starting pitchers in Matsuzaka's first three starts:

22 2/3 IP, 15 H, 3 R, 1 HR, 3 BB, 16 K, 0.79 WHIP, 0.79 ERA, 2-1

At first it seemed as though this trend was the result of Matsuzaka starting against two of the best young pitchers in the league, but last time out his opponent was Mr. Gustavo Chacin, who bosts a 5.32 ERA on the season inclusive of the game in which he outdueled Matsuzaka. Tonight, Matsuzaka starts against Chase Wright, who will be making just his second major league start and just his fourth career start above A-ball. Here's hoping the Matsuzaka effect is for real.

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2007-04-22 17:03:42
1.   zanderthegreat
well, i'll try to hit a few out today, but i need some help from my captain and Giambino.
2007-04-22 17:04:13
2.   Mattpat11
Fucking Gammons is going to be calling this game too?
2007-04-22 17:05:30
3.   Eirias
2 Not a fan of Gammons? Didn't you know that it is unpatriotic to dislike Peter Gammons? You must not like baseball.
2007-04-22 17:07:16
4.   OldYanksFan
Well... win, lose or draw, the boys at should be licking their lips right about now.
2007-04-22 17:07:23
5.   zanderthegreat
well, i'll try to hit a few out, but i'll need some help from the captain and everyone else if we're gonna win this.
2007-04-22 17:08:25
6.   Mattpat11
3 He's a hall of famer, donchaknow.
2007-04-22 17:08:36
7.   OldYanksFan
Predictions: Anyone want to play?
Sox win 6-4.
2007-04-22 17:09:04
8.   NJYankee41
Its good to see that Stinkiewicz is still starting. Right?
2007-04-22 17:09:27
9.   OldYanksFan
And ARod hits a solo HR.
2007-04-22 17:09:29
10.   zanderthegreat
yanks 5-3. only because i'm a yankers fan though. i pull for the yankers.
2007-04-22 17:10:13
11.   Mattpat11
8 "We gotta get him going"

I would say "out the door" But apparently that's not what they mean.

2007-04-22 17:10:34
12.   JimCobain
Dice-k strikeouts... +/- 12
2007-04-22 17:10:38
13.   atc
Seriously, what actually has to happen for Joe to make a change at first. An 0-100 streak?
2007-04-22 17:11:23
14.   zanderthegreat
12 definitely -12
2007-04-22 17:12:18
15.   Mattpat11

I'll say 9

2007-04-22 17:12:20
16.   SpoonG91
Big day for Giambi!!!!!!!
2007-04-22 17:12:48
17.   Mattpat11
Has Derek Jeter ever had 25 HR?
2007-04-22 17:13:22
18.   JimCobain
17 I don't think so. He should have said 15-20.
2007-04-22 17:14:29
19.   Mattpat11
His high is 24
2007-04-22 17:15:08
20.   NJYankee41
OMG. He Threw the mysterious CHANGEUP!
2007-04-22 17:15:58
21.   Mattpat11
20 He's asian. If you watched wrestling or 1980s movies, you would know anything he does is mysterious.
2007-04-22 17:16:43
22.   NJYankee41
I'm convinced they just make up pitches for Dice-k. For every pitch he throws they consider it 2 different ones.
2007-04-22 17:16:53
23.   Mattpat11
So DiceK is an asshole. Good to know.
2007-04-22 17:17:20
24.   zanderthegreat
20 It is said he had to meditate for three straight years with no food or drink yo master the pitch.
2007-04-22 17:18:15
25.   SpoonG91
Julian Tavarez- He made Dice K do it!
2007-04-22 17:18:16
26.   chris in c-bus
2007-04-22 17:18:25
27.   Mattpat11
2007-04-22 17:18:28
28.   zanderthegreat
ouch! i gonna have a bruise tommorrow
2007-04-22 17:18:30
29.   claybeez
Love it!
2007-04-22 17:18:30
30.   NJYankee41
Thats some good shit Giambino
2007-04-22 17:18:39
31.   JimCobain
That was pitch number 9, the two run, two out double.
2007-04-22 17:18:43
32.   Jim Dean
Yeah Matsu-bitch!
2007-04-22 17:18:49
33.   C2Coke
23 Easy on the name calling this early in the game.

22 The power of media?

2007-04-22 17:18:51
34.   SpoonG91
What did I tell you!!
2007-04-22 17:18:58
35.   chris in c-bus
nice piece of hittin taking that opposite way...
2007-04-22 17:19:00
36.   thelarmis
giambino! that'll serve 'em right for throwing at Hobbs.
2007-04-22 17:19:48
37.   zanderthegreat
see, i've already scored once. a hope to do 3 or 4 more times.
2007-04-22 17:19:55
38.   zanderthegreat
see, i've already scored once. i hope to do 3 or 4 more times.
2007-04-22 17:19:57
39.   Mattpat11
33 He hasn't thrown at A-Rod in the seventh inning yet.
2007-04-22 17:19:59
40.   Eirias
I swear, every time Morgan talks, I go through the Cincinnati Stroke Scale in my head.
2007-04-22 17:20:23
41.   C2Coke
7 Swap the score?
2007-04-22 17:20:33
42.   Jim Dean
Sorry 33 but that's 23 funny.
2007-04-22 17:20:53
43.   Eirias
F and A? No problems. Speech, however: "Abnormal: Slurred or inappropriate words or mute."
2007-04-22 17:21:31
44.   Mattpat11
So here comes Chase Wright. This could be fun*

*By fun, I mean not fun.

2007-04-22 17:21:32
45.   Jim Dean
Actually that's what DM gets for listening to Tavarez.
2007-04-22 17:22:29
46.   Max Nomad
Anyone know how to maximize the screen using firefox on a Mac?

Oh, and that throw to ARod was bush

2007-04-22 17:22:47
47.   NJYankee41
45 Seriously. Hasn't he seen Tavarez's track record? Why would he listen to what that guy has to say?
2007-04-22 17:22:48
48.   C2Coke
39 Hold that thought, and we will talk in the 7th...
2007-04-22 17:23:55
49.   C2Coke
Is Chase Wright the long lost brother of David Wright's? I just can't get over it now that I am watching him.
2007-04-22 17:24:08
50.   SpoonG91
Not a good start
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2007-04-22 17:24:22
51.   Mattpat11
He looks a lot like him.
2007-04-22 17:24:36
52.   mehmattski
46 You need to download Flip4Mac which allows you to play .wmv files in QuickTime, at which point you can maximize them. Once you download it, change your settings in System Prefs, then restart Firefox (or Safari, whatever).
2007-04-22 17:25:08
53.   yankz
Anyone else think Vagitek should get one in the...vag?
2007-04-22 17:25:18
54.   Mattpat11
Youkillis looks like an uglier David Wells.
2007-04-22 17:25:37
55.   zanderthegreat
that walk not exactly optimal.
2007-04-22 17:25:43
56.   Eirias
49 He is the long lost brother of Jared Wright, not David.
2007-04-22 17:26:12
57.   Eirias
56 Jaret, rather
2007-04-22 17:26:16
58.   Mattpat11
Is Steve Trachsel pitching?
2007-04-22 17:26:19
59.   mehmattski
Yeah the benches were not warned, right? So Mr. Wright, who won't be pitching in the majors again anytime soon, should plunk someone in a very bad place. Like Ortiz. In the face. Hard.
2007-04-22 17:26:29
60.   OldYanksFan
Jon Miller: "Jeter is a 20-25 HR/yr guy."
In a 10 year career, Jetes averages 17 HRs per 162 games. Announcing is a pretty good gig. Are these guys eben required to LOOK at a player's stats?

Crap. If you're afraid to pitch to Lugo, that doesn't bear well for Papi/Manny/Nancy.

2007-04-22 17:26:34
61.   yankz
Randy Keisler, wow, don't have a single memory of that.
2007-04-22 17:26:42
62.   monkeypants
Notice how Minky catches those pick-off tosses to first--that's why he's starting tonight.
2007-04-22 17:27:34
63.   Mattpat11
62 Not good enough.

Oh for Christ sakes throw a GD pitch. If he hits it so be it.

2007-04-22 17:27:34
64.   yankz
59 Wouldn't make sense now, with a runner on, and the righty Manny up after that. You want the rookie Wright to face Manny with two on? I personally like our lead.
2007-04-22 17:27:37
65.   SpoonG91
Sorry 59, but Wright is here to stay
2007-04-22 17:27:46
66.   C2Coke
56 Who? Who? Who?
2007-04-22 17:28:09
67.   Jim Dean
Sorry 59 I liked 53 suggestion better.
2007-04-22 17:28:33
68.   JimCobain
Wonder if young Chase Wright will "protect" his clean up hitter and maybe throw one at Papi?
2007-04-22 17:28:57
69.   SpoonG91
How do you respond to someone elses comment
2007-04-22 17:29:20
70.   OldYanksFan
"In the face. Hard."
I saw the game on TV where Tony C. got beaned.
Please don't say things like that.
2007-04-22 17:29:35
71.   Mattpat11
68 Do the Yankees ever do that?
2007-04-22 17:29:49
72.   yankz
God dammit.
2007-04-22 17:30:13
73.   Mattpat11
Dang. If you're going to walk them, can you at least do it quickly?
2007-04-22 17:30:30
74.   randym77
69 Put square brackets around the number of the post.
2007-04-22 17:30:33
75.   JimCobain
71 No. No they don't... would be nice if a rookie took it upon himself though.
2007-04-22 17:30:43
76.   yankz
69 Put the number in brackets like [##]
2007-04-22 17:30:50
77.   thelarmis
can we please have a damn inning where we score and then not give 'em right back?!

infuriating start. c'mon kid, double play ball.

2007-04-22 17:30:58
78.   zanderthegreat
69 [ 69 ] except without spaces.
2007-04-22 17:31:34
79.   tommyl
Um, why exactly do lefties have slower deliveries? Seems like a perfectly symmetrical situation to me. Now, Joe, if instead you meant to say that basestealers can get an earlier read off lefties, that might make sense. You are a moron.
2007-04-22 17:31:48
80.   Max Nomad
He's gettin squeeezed
2007-04-22 17:32:09
81.   JimCobain
I'll take that.
2007-04-22 17:32:10
82.   NJYankee41
Fat guy on Boston with #42. Mo Vaughn anyone?
2007-04-22 17:32:13
83.   zanderthegreat
Again, could be better.
2007-04-22 17:32:17
84.   C2Coke
So, who in the bullpen is available tonight? Sean Henn? EDSP? Bruney? Farns? Mo?
2007-04-22 17:32:33
85.   JimCobain
79 Because the Big Red Machine is the best team of all time.
2007-04-22 17:32:54
86.   mehmattski
70 Well, Hard from Wright is like 88 mph, so it wouldn't be so bad... but too bad Wright is getting kind of squeezed here.

Such a clutch POP-UP!!!!

2007-04-22 17:33:09
87.   atc
What percentage of success must a player have stealing bases for it to be worthwhile? Isn't it 80%?
2007-04-22 17:33:17
88.   Benjamin Kabak
I hate Joe Morgan. I wish him ill.
2007-04-22 17:33:30
89.   Jim Dean
Why was Ortiz wearing #42?
2007-04-22 17:33:32
90.   monkeypants
Hmmm...Morgan says that Bonds claims to be 'almost back to where he was three or four years ago.' I wonder what that means...
2007-04-22 17:33:56
91.   SpoonG91
2-0 on EVERYONE: how is Chase gonna get outta this
2007-04-22 17:34:03
92.   yankz
See what happens when you throw strikes, kid?
2007-04-22 17:34:11
93.   Benjamin Kabak
I like having Abreu take all of the balls Damon should catch. Abreu has a gun. I can out-throw Johnny Damon.
2007-04-22 17:34:17
94.   JimCobain
Ok. Ok. Don't break our heart, kid, one more.
2007-04-22 17:34:18
95.   Mattpat11
Things are going better
2007-04-22 17:34:25
96.   BklynBmr
Hey, Morgan. Did he get away with that one, too?
2007-04-22 17:34:48
97.   SpoonG91
That will help the old confidence
2007-04-22 17:34:53
98.   Benjamin Kabak
89 The Sox are doing their Jackie Robinson tribute tonight since their game last Sunday was rained out. I'm not sure why they waited a whole week to do considering they had a game on Monday....
2007-04-22 17:35:01
99.   tommyl
84 Bean, Colter Bean.
2007-04-22 17:35:05
100.   Mattpat11
90 I think he said "almost back ON what he was on three of four years agi
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2007-04-22 17:35:24
101.   SpoonG91
JD is clueless
2007-04-22 17:35:31
102.   JimCobain
98 Last to intergrate, last to celebrate, I guess.
2007-04-22 17:35:33
103.   C2Coke
88 Easy now. There's very limited number of people who likes Joe Morgan but fewer would wish him ill.
2007-04-22 17:35:38
104.   Mattpat11
99 Why would we waive the white flag?
2007-04-22 17:35:53
105.   yankz
Chase Wright: Somewhat less scary Fly Ball Guy
2007-04-22 17:36:14
106.   mehmattski
87 It's around 65% in many circumstances.

88 I decided to listen to MLB Audio and synch it up with my DVR. I am not sorry I did this. Sterling/Waldman >>> Miller/Morgan

2007-04-22 17:36:21
107.   rsmith51
60 When Olerud was with the Yankees or Red Sox, Miller said "Olerud doesn't seem to hit many homers, but every year he ends up with around 25 hrs."

Olerud had a career high of 19 homers.

Too bad they can't pay somebody to look up stuff for them.

2007-04-22 17:36:27
108.   Benjamin Kabak
Scott Proctor is available. It is a day of the week.
2007-04-22 17:36:38
109.   Benjamin Kabak
BULLSHIT. These check swing calls are such bull.
2007-04-22 17:36:43
110.   JimCobain
106 That is a bloody fantastic idea!
2007-04-22 17:37:09
111.   C2Coke
99 Who? Who? Who?
2007-04-22 17:37:15
112.   monkeypants
Notice how Minky jogs off the field like a professional--that's why he's starting tonight.
2007-04-22 17:37:25
113.   randym77
And he escaped!
2007-04-22 17:37:30
114.   thelarmis
way to bear down, kid! niiiice!!!
2007-04-22 17:37:31
115.   Benjamin Kabak
106 "Sterling/Waldman>>>Miller/Morgan"

That's a depressing statement in its truth because:

Just about everyone else>>>Sterling/Waldman

2007-04-22 17:37:34
116.   Mattpat11
Well, 97 pitches later and we're in good shape. If he can keep doing that, we;ll be okay.
2007-04-22 17:37:35
117.   JimCobain
Well 30 pitches in the first, but that's a zero on the board.
2007-04-22 17:37:44
118.   tommyl
Nice recovery from Chase Wright! Way to go kid. For one inning at least, our AA callup is outpitching the 100 million dollar import.
2007-04-22 17:38:11
119.   mehmattski
Wright just wanted to make it harder on himself. Now he can cruise through the 2nd and 3rd.
2007-04-22 17:38:14
120.   Mattpat11
112 I see. My sarcasm meter was broken earlier.
2007-04-22 17:38:29
121.   C2Coke
Nice. Thought too many pitches, still very nice.
2007-04-22 17:39:15
122.   rsmith51
75 I think it is 75%, but sometimes it is skewed a little by ill advised hit and runs. The best of the best steal at 80-90%. The guys with the high totals are usually in the 70s range. Podsednik is a terrible base stealer, pct wise.
2007-04-22 17:39:18
123.   Benjamin Kabak
119 There's something about the last name Wright and throwing lots of pitches.
2007-04-22 17:39:33
124.   Max Nomad
52 It doesn't work with Firefox, and I can't use Safari (dont ask)
2007-04-22 17:39:39
125.   Benjamin Kabak
Oh wow. That Jorge SportsCenter commercial is hilarious. I hadn't seen that one before.
2007-04-22 17:40:07
126.   NJYankee41
Stinky's gonna show Dice-K what the Yanks are all about
2007-04-22 17:40:08
127.   thelarmis
glad to see posada getting some camera love. that's 2 sportscenter commercials. wish he were playing tonite...
2007-04-22 17:40:12
128.   JimCobain
Because this is baseball (anything can happen) I expect Stink to get a hit here.
2007-04-22 17:40:15
129.   Jim Dean
Who replaced Gammons with a pimp?
2007-04-22 17:40:30
130.   Mattpat11
STFU Gammons. No one cares about you opinion anymore.
2007-04-22 17:40:30
131.   C2Coke
119 C. Wright must not want to get whatever injury virus Glass has by being too close to him for too long in the dugout.
2007-04-22 17:40:39
132.   randym77
I think he's "just as scary" flyball guy. 30 pitches in the first inning. We'll be going to the bullpen after three innings at this rate.
2007-04-22 17:40:41
133.   yankz
Good hustle, Stink! You'll get 'em next time!
2007-04-22 17:40:41
134.   3rd gen yankee fan
woo hoo, proxies rock!
2007-04-22 17:40:58
135.   NJYankee41
He hits like a pitcher. There's no other way to describe it.
2007-04-22 17:41:06
136.   Jim Dean
That's fucking great - that looked just like a line drive.
2007-04-22 17:41:10
137.   OldYanksFan
106 Rock >>> Hard Place
2007-04-22 17:41:33
138.   Mattpat11
Oh Stink.

Where has this theory that Mientkiewicz is just hitting them at people come from? No Morgan is repeating it.

2007-04-22 17:41:34
139.   rsmith51
Shocking, a meek hit toward the 2b.

Torre: RH on the mound, Minky it is...

2007-04-22 17:41:52
140.   monkeypants
120 ; )

Oh great, now Gammons is getting in on the deal. I get it, Dice-K throws 14 types of pitches, is Gold Glover, and could 80 HR/season if he had the chance. When he retires, he has a plan to solve global warming.

One more thing: notice the way Minky hustled down the line on that weak grounder....

2007-04-22 17:42:20
141.   Jim Dean
How many different ways did Wify Mo just turn?
2007-04-22 17:42:21
142.   JimCobain
Willy Mo looks like Willie out there... Willie Mays Hayes, that is.
2007-04-22 17:42:28
143.   tommyl
Nice hard ground ball dougie. Its definitely bad luck that you're batting about .100.
2007-04-22 17:42:29
144.   Benjamin Kabak
Wily Mo Pena has no idea how to field his position. He took one terrible route to that fly ball.
2007-04-22 17:42:40
145.   C2Coke
132 Hence my question in 84.
2007-04-22 17:42:45
146.   BklynBmr
Nary a mention of Matusaka's salary during this lovefest. Oh, right. He's not on the Yankees...
2007-04-22 17:43:07
147.   Benjamin Kabak

Wil Nieves will get a hit one day....right?

2007-04-22 17:43:09
148.   claybeez
124 It will work with FireFox. I use it on my Mac.
2007-04-22 17:43:19
149.   monkeypants
And Nieves...doesn't get a hit again. Poor can't hit it much harder.
2007-04-22 17:43:24
150.   Mattpat11
140 Doesn't that describe Mike Mussina? Where the hell is the Mussina circus?

Well, aside from the global warming thing.

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2007-04-22 17:43:28
151.   atc
Per Morgan, Dice-K just looks like a really good pitcher because he is not doing any trick things!
2007-04-22 17:43:35
152.   Jim Dean
Nice work giving away 8 outs tonight Cashman. Bravo! Brav-O!
2007-04-22 17:43:45
153.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wil wuz robbed!
2007-04-22 17:44:16
154.   yankz
132 Yeah, I meant his fly balls are somewhat less scary. Don't get me wrong, I'm terrified.
2007-04-22 17:44:16
155.   Max Nomad
148 Is it because Firefox is not set as my primary browser? It just doesn't load or open.
2007-04-22 17:44:22
156.   Mattpat11
Is Doug back to 0-23 again yet?
2007-04-22 17:44:33
157.   yankz
2007-04-22 17:44:42
158.   murphy
so close! nieves....
2007-04-22 17:44:53
159.   yankz
2007-04-22 17:44:59
160.   Benjamin Kabak
Maybe we can put John Mellencamp and Joe Morgan in a room somewhere, lock the door and lose the key.
2007-04-22 17:45:46
161.   claybeez
134 Any links to the best place to find good working ones. I used them with MLB TV last fall, but they kept getting snuffed out.
2007-04-22 17:46:10
162.   monkeypants
Now these dumbasses are going on about the NFL draft. Cripes.
2007-04-22 17:46:30
163.   C2Coke
152 I closed my eyes for a second and the first half of second inning was over.
2007-04-22 17:46:38
164.   SpoonG91
Enough Joe and John hating. They're better than Hack McCarver and "Wannabe Hollywood" Buck
2007-04-22 17:46:38
165.   Benjamin Kabak
156 0 for 7 since his HR against Cleveland the other day.
2007-04-22 17:46:44
166.   thelarmis
now that's how you start an inning! keep it up, kid.
2007-04-22 17:46:44
167.   Mattpat11
160 I saw John Mellencamp on Ebert and Roeper today. He's looking rough
2007-04-22 17:46:49
168.   yankz

Yeah Chase!

2007-04-22 17:46:50
169.   NJYankee41
160 Can we put Minky in there too?
2007-04-22 17:46:51
170.   Jim Dean
I'm not sure how long it will last but I love how quiet Fenway just got.
2007-04-22 17:47:09
171.   Benjamin Kabak
164 See comment 137
2007-04-22 17:47:27
172.   Mattpat11
165 It cannot be that low. I refuse to believe it.
2007-04-22 17:47:27
173.   yankz
164 And murderers are worse than thieves. What's your point?
2007-04-22 17:47:36
174.   yankz
Right in the vag, Chase!
2007-04-22 17:47:40
175.   mehmattski
154 Well I think pop-ups are a different sort of beast from your standard fly-balls. Studies have shown that some pitchers have a repeatable ability to induce pop-ups (like Zito). Even so, I think it may be nerves, as Wright was a groundball pitcher in the minors.
2007-04-22 17:47:47
176.   monkeypants
OK, that was a nice off-speed pitch by Wright. Now, why was Morgan not agitatedly demanding to know: "was that the gyro-ball?!?"
2007-04-22 17:48:15
177.   thelarmis
abreu's gray glove is massive. he should've caught that papi double yesterday...
2007-04-22 17:48:24
178.   SpoonG91
Good point: "Sneaky" fastball.
2007-04-22 17:48:29
179.   OldYanksFan
164 And a heart attack is better than an aneurism.
2007-04-22 17:48:40
180.   Mattpat11
175 It may also be Manny Ortez.
2007-04-22 17:48:50
181.   zanderthegreat
sterling just said pena "dosen't make contact all the time". So true.
2007-04-22 17:48:54
182.   yankz
177 That's what she said?
2007-04-22 17:49:10
183.   Benjamin Kabak
168 What are the proxies for?
2007-04-22 17:49:19
184.   claybeez
155 That I'm not sure about. Check your prefernces on Flip4Mac. I think you need to make sure that "Launc Quicktime Player" is checked. And you may have to restart FireFox once you change your settings.
2007-04-22 17:49:25
185.   rsmith51
Did I hear correctly that Chase Wright was in A ball for 4 years?

Is that not concerning?

2007-04-22 17:49:31
186.   C2Coke
176 LOL.
2007-04-22 17:49:37
187.   BklynBmr
"Varitek was late getting to the fastball". Nothing to do with Wright yet, Varitek's late, Papi just missed one, Manny got just under it... Nothing to do with Wright, however...
2007-04-22 17:49:43
188.   yankz
One more strike Chase, you can do it!
2007-04-22 17:50:07
189.   Mattpat11
185 They told his story the other day. It was a mildly interesting explanation that I immediately forgot.
2007-04-22 17:50:24
190.   Max Nomad
He gets stuck on those 3-2 pitches
2007-04-22 17:50:48
191.   rsmith51
187 The mute button might help your blood pressure. Just saying...
2007-04-22 17:50:49
192.   yankz
183 If you live in NY, you can't watch Yankee games on because of blackouts. The way Evil MLB knows you're in NY is through your IP address. A proxy changes your IP address to a different location, thus pulling a fast one over those bastards.
2007-04-22 17:51:12
193.   C2Coke
185 Well, he's here now...

It's always ESPN that makes Kay looks like a natural announcer.

2007-04-22 17:51:26
194.   randym77
Darn. There goes the no-hitter.
2007-04-22 17:51:33
195.   SpoonG91
Thank god Wily Mo is like molasses
2007-04-22 17:51:38
196.   OldYanksFan
Crap. 5'-8" gets a double.
2007-04-22 17:51:52
197.   Mattpat11
Wily Mo runs like Posada.
2007-04-22 17:52:05
198.   mehmattski
185 Well the four years were at three different levels: Staten Island, Charleston, and Tampa. Usually pitchers make it through those three levels in less time, but Wright was advanced very slowly- including a return to the NYPL in 2003 despite being promoted to Charleston mid-season in 2002. So it's only mildly concerning.
2007-04-22 17:52:22
199.   yankz
196 The next David Eckstein?
2007-04-22 17:52:50
200.   Mattpat11
Well, he's dancing the tight rope, but hasn't fallen off yet
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-22 17:53:03
201.   thelarmis
smooth play by jeter and we're out of it unscathed!
2007-04-22 17:53:10
202.   yankz
The Matsuzaka effect lives on...
2007-04-22 17:53:22
203.   BklynBmr
191 This duo sucks the joy out a ballgame, but if this is the worst thing I have to deal with today, I'll be all right...
2007-04-22 17:53:26
204.   nick
ok! two down, seven to go...
2007-04-22 17:54:23
205.   rsmith51
198 Thanks for the explanation. I am slightly less concerned.
2007-04-22 17:54:26
206.   C2Coke
This C. Wright is not as boring to watch compared to the other Wright actually. However, I am afraid that the results are gonna be somewhat the same.
2007-04-22 17:54:48
207.   randym77
Chase Wright's real first name is Sebern.
2007-04-22 17:55:16
208.   SpoonG91
200 How many innings will the tightrope last?
2007-04-22 17:55:38
209.   OldYanksFan
185 Actually, I read somewhere that he said that all of a sudden, he got 'confident'. Sounds a little hooky, but the body follows the head.

I want the Yankees to win for basically 2 reasons (bear in mind I live in RSN).
1) So I can watch the news and BBTN
2) So I can visit Sox blogs and listen to the drunks freakin' out.

2007-04-22 17:55:39
210.   claybeez
Good job, Mr. Damon.
2007-04-22 17:55:40
211.   Mattpat11
Nice gold glove play there Dice K
2007-04-22 17:56:10
212.   zanderthegreat
A little bit damonic. Maby it's a baby demon.
2007-04-22 17:56:24
213.   yankz
Did I just hear a cell phone go off in the background?
2007-04-22 17:56:28
214.   tommyl
Joe's phone was ringing! Haha
2007-04-22 17:56:42
215.   Vandelay Industries
Yea, Wright just has to get the guys out that he is supposed to get out and we should be ok....I hope.

As for plunking. I hate to see it, but Matsuzaka did the same thing vs. Seattle, just missing Inchiro and Sexson. If he continues to do it, some team will have to teach him a lesson. The Yankees cant get a reputation of allowing their hitters to get plunked, which we certainly have now. I don't look forward to Baltimore series, because they always seem to hit us with no retaliation.

You have to pitch inside to win, but if folks think he was upset that he hit Arod, their crazy. In his first three starts he has either hit or nearly hit the best hitter in each lineup. Something to keep your eye on.

2007-04-22 17:56:47
216.   yankz
This is fucking ridiculous. Ortiz gets a nutjob next inning, or I'll do it myself.
2007-04-22 17:56:49
217.   Mattpat11
Wasn't this guy supposed to have control?
2007-04-22 17:56:49
218.   rsmith51
Give him a warning.
2007-04-22 17:57:06
219.   thelarmis
goddammit, now i'm pissed. make this fucker pay! we best score at least two.

let's go yan-kees!!!

2007-04-22 17:57:11
220.   tommyl
Fing Dice-K. Keep doing that, we'll keep knocking them in. Apparently he's taking lessons from Fat Guy and Beckett.
2007-04-22 17:57:13
221.   OldYanksFan
2007-04-22 17:57:18
222.   zanderthegreat
I'll leave the rude comments to somone else.
2007-04-22 17:57:32
223.   Benjamin Kabak
192 I'm pretty sure that ESPN Sunday Night games are blacked out nationwide. It's part of the broadcast deal.
2007-04-22 17:57:52
224.   Mattpat11
220 "The Fat Guy" on the Red Sox is way too vague.
2007-04-22 17:58:05
225.   Simone
The Red Sox scouts are telling Matsuzaka to pitch inside to Derek and Alex.
2007-04-22 17:58:10
226.   NJYankee41
Both first pitches from the stretch hit the batter. Maybe the people who say he has a tough time in the stretch are on to something
2007-04-22 17:58:22
227.   C2Coke
213 Yes. So did I, I thought I was imagining things.
2007-04-22 17:59:01
228.   yankz
223 True, but it's not just today that it's been blacked out.
2007-04-22 17:59:14
229.   monkeypants
223 It's blacked out here in Canada.
2007-04-22 17:59:31
230.   yankz
227 Figure Joe Morgan wouldn't know how to change his cell phone ring.
2007-04-22 17:59:48
231.   yankz
A-God, A-God, A-God...Come on Coddmeyer!
2007-04-22 17:59:50
232.   Mattpat11
That ball was at Bobby's eyes.
2007-04-22 17:59:56
233.   Benjamin Kabak
228 Right. The rest of it is based on Geo-IP locating.

Also, would love to see the K-zone on that last pitch to Abreu.

2007-04-22 18:00:13
234.   monkeypants
Was that the gyro-ball?
2007-04-22 18:00:16
235.   rsmith51
232 I thought it looked pretty good.
2007-04-22 18:00:33
236.   Benjamin Kabak
These guys are repeating themselves already. It's only the third inning.
2007-04-22 18:00:38
237.   Mattpat11
234 They're all the gyroball.
2007-04-22 18:00:43
238.   SpoonG91
2007-04-22 18:00:43
239.   JimCobain
Wait a second he hit Jeter and Arod? Last they were both hit, was when they were up past bedtime at their sleep overs.
2007-04-22 18:00:55
240.   Benjamin Kabak
234 There is no such thing.
2007-04-22 18:01:01
241.   zanderthegreat
Quiet. Let me concentrate.
2007-04-22 18:01:23
242.   yankz
Mike, can you confirm/refute that pitchers in Japan don't throw inside?
2007-04-22 18:01:24
243.   Benjamin Kabak
239 Is that English?
2007-04-22 18:01:26
244.   rsmith51
Alex hasn't hit a homer in what, 2 games...
2007-04-22 18:01:54
245.   Hocakes
Does anyone know if Morgan know what he's talking about? Do the pitchers in Japan not know how to pitch inside? I have to assume the answer is no.
2007-04-22 18:02:13
246.   yankz
What the hell A-God, that wasn't a good pitch.
2007-04-22 18:02:17
247.   zanderthegreat
sorry guys.
2007-04-22 18:02:25
248.   C2Coke
230 LOL. The ring tone was from 10 yrs ago.
2007-04-22 18:02:28
249.   Mattpat11
This worries me, because you can tell when A-Rod starts to cool down. He starts staring at that pitch down the middle.
2007-04-22 18:02:30
250.   Benjamin Kabak
Funny what K-zone called that first called strike. I don't hear Joe Morgan or John Miller noting the generous strike zone.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-22 18:02:32
251.   yankz
That looked NOTHING like a Mariano Rivera Cutter
2007-04-22 18:02:36
252.   SpoonG91
Giambino- make that mother pay
2007-04-22 18:02:36
253.   rsmith51
ARod should just sit on that inside fastball. He will get it and deposit it over the monster.
2007-04-22 18:02:38
254.   Simone
Come on, Jason. Don't waste this opportunity.
2007-04-22 18:02:40
255.   monkeypants
They kep talking about Tavarez telling Dice-K to bust A-Rod off the plate. I'm pretty sure they were talking about Minky, though...
2007-04-22 18:03:02
256.   tommyl
245 Well, maybe he watched Mr. Baseball last night?
2007-04-22 18:03:14
257.   yankz
2007-04-22 18:03:18
258.   Benjamin Kabak
249 Which one of those was right down the middle? He just missed a terrible breaking ball and then got caught looking on an utterly filthy cutter.
2007-04-22 18:03:23
259.   JimCobain
243 To Joe Morgan it is... Didn't mean to publish that comment, obviously.
2007-04-22 18:03:28
260.   SpoonG91
The 1-1 was his
2007-04-22 18:04:01
261.   tommyl
pitch count?
2007-04-22 18:04:01
262.   fansince77
Not "C" Zanderthegreat from queens?
2007-04-22 18:04:24
263.   randym77
223 That's why you use Chinese or Indian proxies.
2007-04-22 18:04:30
264.   SpoonG91
Not gonna get Giambi to chase something
2007-04-22 18:04:50
265.   fansince77
We are on the move!
2007-04-22 18:05:01
266.   Benjamin Kabak
261 I think he's out around 46 now.
2007-04-22 18:05:16
267.   monkeypants
No, no. THAT was the gyro-ball.
2007-04-22 18:05:19
268.   yankz
Indian works best for me.


2007-04-22 18:05:23
269.   Vandelay Industries
Well, two guys hit. Have to retaliate now. Clearly this is something Matsuzaka does, and his team needs to pay for it. Four starts and what 5 HBP or damn near to HBP. That's not cool.
2007-04-22 18:05:34
270.   Benjamin Kabak
Hah. The five-nine Pedroia, my height, sure could use a few more inches.
2007-04-22 18:05:34
271.   thelarmis
2007-04-22 18:05:35
272.   Mattpat11
Pedroia just fell down.
2007-04-22 18:05:36
273.   fansince77
IS it me or did Miller sound really disappointed with that hit?
2007-04-22 18:05:38
274.   BklynBmr
Jason must be livin' right these days...
2007-04-22 18:05:59
275.   Simone
Yeah, Jason. Weird bloop.
2007-04-22 18:06:32
276.   SpoonG91
Two straight hangers
2007-04-22 18:06:41
277.   Zack
Just got in. I see that Wright has been in and out of trouble, Dk hit Arod in the first and the Sox fans gave him a standing O (typically classy), and Giambi just got a great dunk hit...

Hows everyone doin?

2007-04-22 18:06:50
278.   thelarmis
oh man. soooo close.

i am soooo sick of joe morgan already. feh!

2007-04-22 18:06:57
279.   OldYanksFan
5'-8" needed to be 5'-9".
Was that pitch ARod K'ed on right in his wheelhouse? Was he guessing (wrong)?
2007-04-22 18:07:11
280.   Mattpat11
We all heard the Jackie Robinson story last week, Joe. No one cared then.
2007-04-22 18:07:25
281.   Benjamin Kabak
279 No. It was a 90 mph cutter right on the black. Great pitch really.
2007-04-22 18:07:27
282.   SpoonG91
What speed can Dice K's fastball get up to
2007-04-22 18:07:29
283.   mehmattski
Sorry Robbie, the Karma had to return to zero.
2007-04-22 18:07:38
284.   thelarmis
zack, he also hit jeter in captain's 2nd AB.

giambino has all 3 rbi

2007-04-22 18:07:39
285.   yankz
Damn Cano, that pitch was at your eyebrows.
2007-04-22 18:07:47
286.   BklynBmr
Way to help him, Robbie. #%$#!
2007-04-22 18:07:53
287.   SpoonG91
What the FUCK was that?
2007-04-22 18:08:01
288.   C2Coke
277 He also hit the Cap'n (on 3B now) this inning.
2007-04-22 18:08:21
289.   rsmith51
Well, Matsuzaka has Cano's number. Every MLB pitcher has Minky, Melky and Nieves' number.
2007-04-22 18:08:38
290.   monkeypants
Gyro-ball or not, that was an awful swing by CAno.
2007-04-22 18:08:46
291.   Mattpat11
2007-04-22 18:09:27
292.   SpoonG91
Time to hit Manny in the Dreads
2007-04-22 18:09:46
293.   Mattpat11
289 Many minor league pitchers have Nieves' number.
2007-04-22 18:10:21
294.   C2Coke
289 Why do I think most non-MLB pitchers would have their numbers too?
2007-04-22 18:10:30
295.   Mattpat11
Gammons is back. SHUT UP.
2007-04-22 18:10:38
296.   yankz
293 So do many grandmothers.
2007-04-22 18:10:40
297.   SpoonG91
Will he get ahead on anyone?
2007-04-22 18:10:56
298.   OldYanksFan
2 HBPs created 2 runs.
I really don't think Dice-K wants to put runners on.
2007-04-22 18:11:14
299.   yankz
Abreu deserves several gold stars today.
2007-04-22 18:11:17
300.   SpoonG91
Made it look routine
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-22 18:11:24
301.   Mattpat11
Nice catch on the Elephant Man.
2007-04-22 18:11:27
302.   rsmith51
Not everyone can pull off a goatee.
2007-04-22 18:11:34
303.   Zack
Can Wright hit Papi here?
2007-04-22 18:11:54
304.   yankz
297 Ahead on fatass.
2007-04-22 18:12:16
305.   BklynBmr
Joe, no one is seeing what you're seeing...
2007-04-22 18:12:16
306.   Mattpat11
303 No reason tp put someone on in front of Manny
2007-04-22 18:12:24
307.   Zack
That was a great sequence to ortiz
2007-04-22 18:12:29
308.   C2Coke
303 That's one way to save pitches.
2007-04-22 18:12:34
309.   yankz
You HAVE to plunk Manny right here. Bases empty, and a lefty who you K'd last time coming up next. You HAVE to.
2007-04-22 18:12:39
310.   monkeypants
Chase Wright dealing a little gyro-ball action to Big Papi!!!
2007-04-22 18:13:02
311.   Mattpat11
309 I'd hit Varitek or Lowell.
2007-04-22 18:13:18
312.   Jim Dean
Does anyone else really hate the stupid digital ads that create the line around the hitter and the pitcher? Is it really so hard to get the banners printed two hours before the game?
2007-04-22 18:13:22
313.   nick
Miller is so wide-eyed--it's like he's never seen a ballgame before--or he thinks we haven't--infuriating....
2007-04-22 18:13:41
314.   yankz
2007-04-22 18:13:45
315.   rsmith51
309 Generally, I would disagree with you, but in this case, maybe.
2007-04-22 18:14:12
316.   yankz
Should've listened to me.
2007-04-22 18:14:13
317.   randym77
Shoulda plunked him.
2007-04-22 18:14:26
318.   Zack
Nope, instead of hitting Manny we give up the classic Manny bomb...great. And Joe Morgan has an orgasm
2007-04-22 18:14:33
319.   SpoonG91
177 Abreu's glove could fit a small village in it.
2007-04-22 18:14:33
320.   Mattpat11
Oh boy.

I just want to get the fuck away from Manny. We have five days after tonight, right?

2007-04-22 18:14:36
321.   BklynBmr
309 Normally, I would disagree, but you nailed it there...
2007-04-22 18:14:36
322.   monkeypants
Phew--MANNY hit a homer, so Miller can get all giddy again.
2007-04-22 18:14:44
323.   thelarmis
uy vey! welcome to the rivalry, sebern. knock out nancy quick.
2007-04-22 18:14:50
324.   rsmith51
I was thinking that Manny would hit a HR today. I am glad it is with no one on.
2007-04-22 18:15:11
325.   SpoonG91
317 True dat
2007-04-22 18:15:50
326.   NJYankee41
Got too cute with the sliders
2007-04-22 18:15:54
327.   SpoonG91
Go back to throwin balls rook
2007-04-22 18:16:04
328.   randym77
He's not scary flyball guy. He's scary home run guy.
2007-04-22 18:16:10
329.   Mattpat11

That's unfortunate.

Damnit. Isn't it about time for Drew to get hurt again?

2007-04-22 18:16:14
330.   yankz
2007-04-22 18:16:16
331.   rsmith51
2007-04-22 18:16:17
332.   thelarmis
i hate this crap. can't we just beat these scumbags and get it over with. i just ate dinner and now i feel sick. : /
2007-04-22 18:16:21
333.   OldYanksFan
I love when that graphic-questek-thingy contradicts everything Joe Morgan says.

Oops.. Nancy gets fancy. The bubble has burst.

2007-04-22 18:16:27
334.   Vandelay Industries
That was the spot to hit Manny. But no, he throws him a meatball.
2007-04-22 18:16:32
335.   Zack
Ugh, looks like Wright is regressing to form...
2007-04-22 18:16:40
336.   Simone
Oy. Don't bother to pull Wright, Joe. Let the chips fall where they may tonight.
2007-04-22 18:16:43
337.   yankz
Theo acts like he's never seen a home run before.
2007-04-22 18:16:58
338.   yankz
Yank him.
2007-04-22 18:17:01
339.   Mattpat11
2007-04-22 18:17:12
340.   BklynBmr
I think Miller just had a heart attack...
2007-04-22 18:17:14
341.   SpoonG91
Chase this asshole Wright out of here
2007-04-22 18:17:17
342.   zanderthegreat
backtobacktoback. oh jeez.
2007-04-22 18:17:20
343.   Zack
yeah, great job yanks, start Wright in Fenway, that was gonna work out real well...Make Mike Lowell look like Clemens...
2007-04-22 18:17:25
344.   monkeypants
I'm telling you, Wright needs to go back to his gyro-ball.
2007-04-22 18:17:29
345.   thelarmis
it's official: i'm sick to my stomach.

and all with two outs.

2007-04-22 18:17:45
346.   Vandelay Industries
Fuck me! God damn it!
2007-04-22 18:17:55
347.   mehmattski
335 I wouldn't call giving up homers his form. In 520 professional innings, he's now given up 21 homers (including those three).
2007-04-22 18:18:01
348.   Hocakes
all with two outs!!
2007-04-22 18:18:06
349.   SpoonG91
Throwin BP a little bit late
2007-04-22 18:18:07
350.   yankz
Few things are uglier than Manny Ramirez giddy like that.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-22 18:18:19
351.   Zack
At this point, it doesnt matter. Our bats will go silent. If we pull Wright, the bullpen gets toasted even more. if we keep him in, his confidence further dies. Thats why this was such a freaking terrible idea to begin with...
2007-04-22 18:18:45
352.   rsmith51
It's batting practice...
2007-04-22 18:18:46
353.   SpoonG91
GET HIS ASS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-04-22 18:18:50
354.   randym77
Give up five in a row, Sebern. I think that would set a league record.
2007-04-22 18:18:52
355.   zanderthegreat
oookkaaay. now what?
2007-04-22 18:18:57
356.   thelarmis
miller and morgan are so sox-centric, it's nauseating.

miller just had a heart attack.

fucking batting practice/homerun derby.


2007-04-22 18:19:07
357.   yankz
Oh my god. What the hell...
2007-04-22 18:19:18
358.   yankz
2007-04-22 18:19:23
359.   claybeez
I don't think I'e ever seen that. 4 in a row. Is this like "Being Chase Wright." They are serioulsly in his head.
2007-04-22 18:19:30
360.   Simone
Batting practice.
2007-04-22 18:19:33
361.   Eirias
Weak. Just weak.
2007-04-22 18:19:44
362.   Vandelay Industries

I agree. Just keep him in there. No need to burn the pen when clearly the Yankees have no mojo this weekend.

2007-04-22 18:19:52
363.   Yank in Redbird land
oh my god get him outa there
2007-04-22 18:19:53
364.   Zack
THis makes me sick. Fucking rediculous. Don't worry about the kid, hes fine, he can handle it. yeah clearly. Get him the fuck out of there and send him back to AA where he belongs, you've already killed his confidence
2007-04-22 18:19:58
365.   SpoonG91
Wily Mo is the guy to hit 5....please hit him in the nuts.
2007-04-22 18:20:21
366.   rsmith51
Well he did get Papi out twice.

309 had it right. Manny should have had to move his feet.

2007-04-22 18:20:23
367.   Simone
Will Chase give up another home run?
2007-04-22 18:21:03
368.   zanderthegreat
yesss. the ace strikes another out.
2007-04-22 18:21:03
369.   C2Coke
Bean??? is warming? I thought for sure it would be Henn.
2007-04-22 18:21:10
370.   thelarmis
hit someone. now.

a colter bean sighting.

i loathe boston

2007-04-22 18:21:11
371.   SpoonG91
Please.....don't come back.
2007-04-22 18:21:19
372.   Zack
Hahahaa, "Colter Bean is up in the BP"

And Miller actually says "an inning for the record books" as if this hadn't been done like last season...and then Morgan has another orgasm...

2007-04-22 18:21:33
373.   mehmattski
Colter Bean sighting, warming up in the bullpen!
2007-04-22 18:21:40
374.   OldYanksFan
Well... so much for watching BBTN...
2007-04-22 18:21:44
375.   claybeez
His confidence is not killed. Look how he keeps battling. He may not have the stuff, but I don't see that he's scared. It may just be that we can't postpone Hughes' arrival till September.
2007-04-22 18:21:45
376.   Benjamin Kabak
I sure am glad the Yanks don't have the number one pitching prospect in baseball toiling away in AAA while Chase Wright makes a mockery of the game in Boston!
2007-04-22 18:21:52
377.   Vandelay Industries
Well that's that. It is what it is. No pitching vs. this lineup is a recipe for disaster.
2007-04-22 18:22:02
378.   yankz
Just looked it up. That's the second time in baseball history one pitcher has given up 4 straight home runs.

2007-04-22 18:22:03
379.   rsmith51
The Red Sox might have their season highlights this weekend.
2007-04-22 18:22:37
380.   Benjamin Kabak
375 Why the f**k would we want to wait until September? It's a waste of his innings. An utter waste.
2007-04-22 18:22:48
381.   Simone
Good job by Chase getting Pena.

364 Chase will be fine.

2007-04-22 18:23:07
382.   OldYanksFan
Time for ARod to find a phone both and do a quick change.
2007-04-22 18:23:14
383.   Vandelay Industries
Does Miller really think 4HR in a row is some kind of record?
2007-04-22 18:23:30
384.   JimCobain
376 Save the Phil Hughes talk for another thread, there is no way he should be up here. Period.
2007-04-22 18:24:04
385.   its430
I blame those on Sterling and Walden actually. Did anyone else hear them? I think the direct quote before the home run derby began was "If he keeps winning you gotta keep pitching him..."
2007-04-22 18:24:31
386.   Zack
Chase Might be fine. Sean Henn sure wasn't. And all the other kids we have sacrificed. I would say his confidence looked pretty damn shot that inning, considering he gave up 4 monster bombs in a row...

Oh good, Doug Out is up, hitting freaking 7th, here's our rally inning...

No reason to have Phelps playing, no, none at all

2007-04-22 18:24:35
387.   zanderthegreat
This has happened five times in MLB history. Who'd have thought C. Write would make it into the record books so early?
2007-04-22 18:24:40
388.   OldYanksFan
[384} THANK YOU. Thank you for a little sanity.
2007-04-22 18:25:03
389.   Benjamin Kabak
384 We're talking Yankees. We're talking pitching prospects. You can take your "Save the Phil Hughes talk" talk and cram it up your ass.

Tell me why Hughes shouldn't be here. Would you rather he just turns in another 6-2-0-0-0-10 line at AAA? Because hey, the Yanks surely have enough pitching to overcome that.

2007-04-22 18:25:25
390.   yankz
Yeah Stink!!!
2007-04-22 18:25:32
391.   Simone
380 Why would the Yankees rush Hughes?
2007-04-22 18:25:57
392.   zanderthegreat
One of the few times I wish Minky's ball didn't bounce out.
2007-04-22 18:25:57
393.   BklynBmr
Miller was kinda subdued when that drive had a chance there for sec, eh?
2007-04-22 18:25:58
394.   NJYankee41
They're gonna show those HRs all night
2007-04-22 18:26:02
395.   Zack
384 What? No way? Why? What does he have left to do in the minors? And Chase Wright really belongs here? I'll take 5 good innings of Phil Hughes learning how to pitch against major leaguers than 4 crappy innings from whoever else...

And we are going to get those 4 HRs shown over and over ALL game

2007-04-22 18:26:24
396.   C2Coke
Who was that? Who just had a base hit?
2007-04-22 18:26:26
397.   mehmattski
383 It IS a record. Only been done five times.
2007-04-22 18:26:27
398.   claybeez
380 Not me. Just the word on the street.
2007-04-22 18:26:32
399.   monkeypants
That's why Minky is starting--he sees the gyro-ball really well.

Three more months of Minky!

2007-04-22 18:26:39
400.   Jim Dean
Wow! Who signed that man?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-04-22 18:27:12
401.   Benjamin Kabak
391 Is it rushing someone who's dominating AAA in three starts? It took him all of two other starts to figure out AAA hitters.
2007-04-22 18:27:17
402.   BklynBmr
Gotta get this run in...
2007-04-22 18:27:22
403.   JimCobain
389 Calm down. And watch your languge there is no reason to get so snippy just because the Yankees are losing. Chill, dude.
2007-04-22 18:27:41
404.   Zack
Well, a productive out for Melky, I'll take it...

I'll leave off on the Hughes talk for now, but there is 100% no reason for him not to be up...

We NEED pitching, period...

2007-04-22 18:28:14
405.   its430
Quick Torre!
you love pinch-running for people! Take out Minky, and put the squeeze on with Thompson running
2007-04-22 18:28:18
406.   yankz
Stink is an acrobat, too! That's why he was signed.
2007-04-22 18:28:22
407.   Jim Dean
Gee that would have been nice job moving the runner over - except Wil Nieves is "hitting".
2007-04-22 18:28:40
408.   Benjamin Kabak
403 This from someone who takes an obnoxious toward me and dropped a homophobic comment already tonight about A-Rod/DJ.

Answer my question. What's the use of having Phil Hughes at AAA if this is the level of pitching we're getting in the Majors?

2007-04-22 18:28:43
409.   claybeez
389 I agree Hughes could probably handle it and learn on the job. But, that comment was ridiculously inappropriate. There's no need for it. And it's not exactly great publicity for your blog.
2007-04-22 18:30:05
410.   yankz
2007-04-22 18:30:26
411.   yankz
What bad luck!!!
2007-04-22 18:30:34
412.   Benjamin Kabak
409 Fair enough. My apologies then. I'll calm down on the Hughes talk.
2007-04-22 18:30:40
413.   JimCobain
408 What are you talking about? I mad a joke (albeit a poor one) about Arod and Jeter's "sleepovers" because Arod used that this spring. I haven't said a single nasty thing on this board.
2007-04-22 18:30:47
414.   claybeez
Good attempt by Nieves going with that pitch.
2007-04-22 18:30:48
415.   SpoonG91
At least they're hitting it hard.
2007-04-22 18:30:50
416.   claybeez
Good attempt by Nieves going with that pitch.
2007-04-22 18:30:58
417.   BklynBmr
There's time to get the pitching straightened out. If it were a 40 game season, I'd be concerned. Everyone needs to relax. It's April, for cripes sake...
2007-04-22 18:31:03
418.   rsmith51
That was a pretty good ab, considering...
2007-04-22 18:31:15
419.   Zack
No, why would we ever do a high percentage play like a squeeze to get a run when we can have Nieves find new ways to make outs and strand a guy on third? Why I ask? That would imply Torre is actually managing or actually awake...
2007-04-22 18:31:31
420.   Benjamin Kabak
418 Bad luck for Nieves tonight. He'll get a hit one day, right?
2007-04-22 18:31:31
421.   monkeypants
Nieves fails three times: 1] line drive but no hit; 2] does not score the runner from third; 3] misses Minky with fould line drive.
2007-04-22 18:31:43
422.   SpoonG91
Stop bitchin and watch the game- Damon's gonna drive this one in
2007-04-22 18:32:04
423.   Vandelay Industries
Calling Roger Clemens!
2007-04-22 18:32:21
424.   Benjamin Kabak
419 Joe Torre refuses to squeeze. It's insane. He would rather have someone who hasn't gotten a Major League hit since 2002 swing away.
2007-04-22 18:32:40
425.   OldYanksFan
Well.... all 4 bats hit hard.
Dice-K is certainly hittable.
2007-04-22 18:32:46
426.   Zack
Sooo, Minky prety much just got himself another month of playing, huh?
2007-04-22 18:32:58
427.   yankz
420 You would think...

421 LOL!

2007-04-22 18:32:59
428.   Mattpat11
I can't believe we just blew The Stink's hit for the week. He gets another three months starting and we don't even get a run out of it.
2007-04-22 18:32:59
429.   OldYanksFan
oops...all 4 balls hit hard
2007-04-22 18:33:18
430.   fansince77
Hitting the shit out of the ball - right at everyone- honestly Dice K isn't the lights out I've heard about. We have had alot of good ab's and if we keep it here. We will win tonight. We will win tonight. We will win tonight...there's no place like home...
2007-04-22 18:33:20
431.   Hocakes
Has anyone else noticed that the Yankees have been able to score practically at will against the Sox' top three starters?
2007-04-22 18:33:40
432.   rsmith51
A discouraging as being swept would be, the Yanks are hitting with a 6 man lineup and doing some damage against the Red Sox best starting pitchers. And pitching rookie pitchers in Fenway. I feel pretty good about this season.
2007-04-22 18:33:45
433.   yankz
422 No one's asking you to read every comment.
2007-04-22 18:33:48
434.   its430
Dude. Unacceptable.
The tying run on second with nobody out and we can't do crap?

Why is Nieves getting fistbumps for an (unproductive) out?

Make Donnie Baseball get in his face and tell him to hit or pack his bags...we'll call Fasano.

2007-04-22 18:33:51
435.   Simone
Congrats to Doug M on that hit.
2007-04-22 18:34:06
436.   Zack
Guess torre is awake. Sounds grumpy. he should be, at himself
2007-04-22 18:34:10
437.   mikeplugh
I happened to agree that Hughes should come up soon. I was initially in the "wait" camp, but the question is why wait?

What does he get from waiting down at AAA? He gets to face AAA hitters. What is he trying to do? He's trying to prepare for Major League hitters. If he were a mid-level prospect, I'd say keep him there. He is the premier prospect in all of baseball. Look at what Cole Hamels is doing. Tim Lincecum will be up within a month. Maybe you get him a start or two more to warm up for the Majors, but we're kidding ourselves if we think we don't need him now.

If we lose we're 4 games back of the Sox, which is not a disaster in April, but isn't very promising either. Rasner, Karstens, Pavano, Wright, and whoever you are trying to put in there at the #5 are not as good as Hughes. Bring him up.

2007-04-22 18:34:14
438.   BklynBmr
423 Maybe a deal for Buehrle before the deadline?
2007-04-22 18:34:21
439.   claybeez
Look we've already shown this guy is hittable with a patient lineup. We knew going in that tonight was an uphill battle with Wright. His job is to keep it close not to be stellar.
2007-04-22 18:34:39
440.   Mattpat11
BEAN IS IN? The guy that one on in baseball wanted?
2007-04-22 18:34:44
441.   SpoonG91
Joe= nothin but the truth
2007-04-22 18:34:50
442.   Benjamin Kabak
He's a good manager for taking Chase Wright out after he gave up four home runs? Good work, Joe Morgan.
2007-04-22 18:35:10
443.   Jim Dean
I think Wright just got "Henned". Maybe we'll see him in the bullpen in two years?
2007-04-22 18:35:15
444.   C2Coke
431 Well, they've gotta win to make that meaningful.

423 He's having dinner and watching the game with Cashman right now.

2007-04-22 18:35:27
445.   Vandelay Industries
Did Joe just channel Donald Rumsfeld? You go to the ballpark with the team you have, not the team you might like to have?

Although with Dice-K, you do need some body armor.

2007-04-22 18:35:32
446.   Zack
431 432 very true, and we all know. Not that the media would EVER point that out. Heck, according to AP etc yest, "I play the game right" had a great start yesterday..

And holy crap., its Colter Bean.

2007-04-22 18:35:38
447.   OldYanksFan
434 Because all you can do is hit the ball hard. Preferable on a line. After that, it's up to the baseball Gods.
2007-04-22 18:35:39
448.   Mattpat11
26 years old? He was 26 years old during the Clinton Administration.
2007-04-22 18:35:58
449.   Benjamin Kabak
413 I owe you an apology. Sorry. Didn't mean to attack you. You didn't deserve that.
2007-04-22 18:36:05
450.   yankz
438 I'd rather bring up a kid.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-04-22 18:36:18
451.   LI yankee
431 That is why win or lose I'm not that worried. If we had some starting pitching, we could have easily swept.
2007-04-22 18:36:18
452.   SpoonG91
Got melk? Got wheels!!
2007-04-22 18:36:25
453.   Zack
Joe really really really wants Bean to give him an excuse not to play him again besides "he's got a big butt"
2007-04-22 18:36:34
454.   zanderthegreat
Melky making catches I don't think Matsui could get to.
2007-04-22 18:36:38
455.   thelarmis
morgan: that's why torre is such a good manager - 'coz he took out the pitcher after he gave up 4 homers in a row. thanks, joseph.

joe torre: now we're going to colter bean. wow, i'm beside myself

yeah, melk!

still a lot of game left. we're only down 1. let's win this one!!!

2007-04-22 18:36:39
456.   Simone
Colter Bean. Ummm, things likely get worse.
2007-04-22 18:36:43
457.   claybeez
431 I am very pleased that we seem capable of hitting good pitching this year, not just feasting on mistakes.
2007-04-22 18:36:59
458.   JimCobain
449 Thanks and accepted. Now let's go yankees!
2007-04-22 18:37:07
459.   Vandelay Industries

I agree. But we don't. And we have no idea when we might have some pitching again.

2007-04-22 18:37:23
460.   joejoejoe
Chase Wright joins Paul Foytack as the only pitcher in MLB history to give up 4 HRs in a row.

That's cool, in a sadistic kind of way.

2007-04-22 18:37:30
461.   Benjamin Kabak
454 There's no doubt that Melky's far superior to Hideki in the field. At the plate is a different story.
2007-04-22 18:37:34
462.   Mattpat11
Riddle me this. You're a 30 year old who's been in the minors forever. No team wants you and the team won't call you up. Why don't you try to get in shape? Make it appear as though you're trying? This guy has an ass like a Buick.
2007-04-22 18:37:39
463.   randym77
Mike, what do you think of Matsuzaka so far? Is he doing as well as you expected?
2007-04-22 18:38:02
464.   Zack
Yeah, Wright def. got "Henned."

And Nieves is hurt, just freaking great

2007-04-22 18:38:09
465.   thelarmis
well, looks like phelps is gonna find a way into the game/lineup...
2007-04-22 18:38:14
466.   yankz
This can't be happening. Suck it up, Nieves.
2007-04-22 18:38:17
467.   Mattpat11
Nieves have wind burn?
2007-04-22 18:38:18
468.   JimCobain
Well at least Josh Phelps gets into the game, right? Oy.
2007-04-22 18:38:30
469.   SpoonG91
Broke his thumb...that's what A-Rod just said. I read his lips.
2007-04-22 18:38:30
470.   NJYankee41
Jon Miller just called Phelps a rookie
2007-04-22 18:38:36
471.   C2Coke
443 If he turns out like Henn this year two years later, wouldn't you take it?
2007-04-22 18:38:36
472.   Benjamin Kabak
Hey, at least this might get Josh Phelps into the lineup for once.
2007-04-22 18:38:45
473.   Jim Dean
437 Seriously, but I thought Hughes should have been up last September.

I think they don't want to call him up then send him back. Still, why not a learning experience that he can build upon?

2007-04-22 18:38:46
474.   joejoejoe
Oh boy. Nieves is hurt? It's going to be Josh Phelps as Catcher? Holy Moley.
2007-04-22 18:39:00
475.   NJYankee41
Jon Miller just called Phelps a rookie
2007-04-22 18:39:00
476.   mehmattski
Where's Jim Dean with his indignation for Cashman for not getting a good Back Up BUC?

In other news: fuck.

2007-04-22 18:39:07
477.   C2Coke
Phelps is getting his Catching gears...LOL!!
2007-04-22 18:39:08
478.   yankz
Yeah Nieves! Big round of applause.
2007-04-22 18:39:17
479.   Benjamin Kabak
469 Guess not if Nieves can still throw. We'll see how long that lasts.
2007-04-22 18:39:43
480.   thelarmis
just in case anyone was wondering, old friend craig wilson is off to an absolutely horrific start here in atlanta...
2007-04-22 18:39:43
481.   Zack
462 I am hoping thats a joke...

Bean has been lights out for his career in AAA and has been given like 5 innings in the majors, really unfair...

2007-04-22 18:39:44
482.   SpoonG91
At least Phelps could get a hit..please go to the bench Nieves.
2007-04-22 18:39:48
483.   yankz
Yeah, I don't like Colter Bean much.
2007-04-22 18:40:05
484.   its430
469 did the shade of blue make them easier to read?
2007-04-22 18:40:05
485.   OldYanksFan
Bring up Hughes now... with Karstens back, Wang up in a few days and Moose in a week?

Can we give the kid a few more starts in AAA first?

2007-04-22 18:40:08
486.   dianagramr
Bob Geren .... please report ....
2007-04-22 18:40:25
487.   yankz
480 Yeah, I noticed. Sad for my 2nd favorite team.
2007-04-22 18:40:32
488.   Mattpat11
Bean walked someone?


2007-04-22 18:40:58
489.   Zack
473 Iff he comes up, he ain't going back down. There is that guy named Pavano who isn't pitching anytime soon
2007-04-22 18:41:02
490.   Benjamin Kabak
485 Yeah, because Karstens has looked soooo good recently.
2007-04-22 18:41:20
491.   randym77
I think Colter has lost weight since his last callup. Not that he's slim or anything...
2007-04-22 18:41:26
492.   thelarmis
canoe has a missile. super strong wrist action there. hopefully he'll start bopping at the plate.
2007-04-22 18:41:56
493.   Mattpat11
481 And he's been put on waivers and selected through rule five and NO ONE WANTS HIM. That sets off all sorts of warning bells for me.
2007-04-22 18:41:57
494.   Jim Dean
Good thing Torre saw the need play Cairo in the OF during Spring Training "because he's done it everywhere he's been".

But PHelps with some emergency C innings?


2007-04-22 18:42:19
495.   monkeypants
Hey, Miller and Morgan keep mentioning something about Big Papi and Jackie Robinson, and something about four Sox HRs in a row. What's up?
2007-04-22 18:42:27
496.   Zack
Why such hate on Colter Bean? Its not like hes done anything but have a big ol butt...
2007-04-22 18:42:29
497.   thelarmis
strike that fat fuck out!
2007-04-22 18:42:38
498.   tommyl
Anyone else feel better with Bean in than Farnsworth?
2007-04-22 18:42:52
499.   yankz
So freaking lucky.
2007-04-22 18:43:02
500.   zanderthegreat
Too close for comfort.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-04-22 18:43:08
501.   SpoonG91
That glove is just not big enough...Bean blows.
2007-04-22 18:43:16
502.   Benjamin Kabak
Those Red Sox fans sitting at that short run are real jerks. Look at that guy shouting at Abreu. Even after that Sheffield run-in, the Red Sox still can't figure out how to control their jerk fans.
2007-04-22 18:43:17
503.   rsmith51
Well, that was fortuitous. Walk Manny and face Drew with the bases loaded?
2007-04-22 18:43:24
504.   mehmattski
496 I like big butts, and I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny.
2007-04-22 18:43:28
505.   Mattpat11
496 I take issue with career minor leaguers that people try to make martyrs out of. (See Phillips, Andy)
2007-04-22 18:43:33
506.   Benjamin Kabak
502 I mean fence not run.
2007-04-22 18:43:37
507.   monkeypants
Poor sad Miller--that wasn't a HR. If it was, maybe it could have counted as an honorary fifth straight homer.
2007-04-22 18:43:40
508.   thelarmis
ooh, i'm glad my 'strike the fat fuck' comment didn't load.

thankfully it was a ground rule shot. hit manny, strike out nancy, no further damage...

2007-04-22 18:43:51
509.   Zack
Bean hasn't done anything the rest of our bellpen has. Give up a bomb to Ortiz, and prob manny, so new?
2007-04-22 18:43:53
510.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-04-22 18:43:57
511.   yankz
504 Bean looks really good when he backs that thang up.
2007-04-22 18:43:59
512.   SpoonG91
Here comes trouble for fat ass.
2007-04-22 18:44:31
513.   bobtaco
A reverse Tony Clark. OK, now the Yankees are going to win this one.
2007-04-22 18:45:06
514.   Mattpat11
509 I just don't understand why we're effing around with career minor leaguers when we have other options. Why did we send Britton down for this guy?
2007-04-22 18:45:13
515.   yankz
508 see 497
2007-04-22 18:45:21
516.   murphy
i just can't believe colter bean is pitching in a major league game for the new york yankees.
2007-04-22 18:45:41
517.   Zack
505 Career minor leaguer with rediculous #s in the minors. Got to give him more of a chance than he has been given. And I am not so sure pitching in Fenway really counts consdiering how the rest of the team has been pitching as well
2007-04-22 18:46:24
518.   yankz
Jeter singles, Abreu singles, Coddmeyer with a bomb.
2007-04-22 18:46:51
519.   monkeypants
Notice how Minky elegantly tip-toed over the bag on that catch from Bean. That's...
2007-04-22 18:47:04
520.   SpoonG91
516 That makes two of us.
2007-04-22 18:47:10
521.   bobtaco
Oh, that was sweet.
2007-04-22 18:47:35
522.   yankz
I'm still in dismay that they didn't plunk Manny.
2007-04-22 18:47:43
523.   thelarmis
515 yeah, it posted late, my bad. and then i ended up with the 508 #, which is a masshole area code.

500 plus posts after 4. it's gonna be a long one, people...


2007-04-22 18:48:14
524.   mehmattski
523 That's what she said.
2007-04-22 18:48:46
525.   yankz
Gee, how clever, a drawing of dice.
2007-04-22 18:49:48
526.   bobtaco
2007-04-22 18:49:50
527.   Benjamin Kabak
Finally. DJ's first! Wooo
2007-04-22 18:49:55
528.   Mattpat11
517 So did Andy Phillips. No one wanted him either. We found out that was because he can't hit a curveball.

Anyone could have had Colter Bean last year. No one wanted him. The Boston Red Sox flat out gave him back to us.

I'll ask the same question I asked when Andy Phillips was the big martyr. If Colter Bean is a pitcher that could be an effective player in major league baseball, that gets paid nothing, why does no one want him?

2007-04-22 18:49:58
529.   monkeypants
2007-04-22 18:50:09
530.   Mattpat11
2007-04-22 18:50:10
531.   thelarmis

captain clutch!

whew, we needed that! : )

2007-04-22 18:50:10
532.   C2Coke
525 They were creative for once. Remember last year when Damon appeared in Fenway for the first time as a Yankee?
2007-04-22 18:50:13
533.   tommyl
Cap! Tie game, and Dice-K is now one whole inning better than Chase Wright.
2007-04-22 18:50:16
534.   3rd gen yankee fan
WOOO HOOO HOO HOOOO!!! The Captain!!!
2007-04-22 18:50:20
535.   yankz
I <3 the Captain.
2007-04-22 18:50:22
536.   Zack
Take that Dice K!

Miller decidedly less excited there...

2007-04-22 18:50:39
537.   BklynBmr
Who died? Why is the announcers booth so quiet?
2007-04-22 18:50:40
538.   Mattpat11
529 Naturally.
2007-04-22 18:50:52
539.   C2Coke
The real Clutch. First HR when it's needed.
2007-04-22 18:51:06
540.   nick
511 Beanie's Got Back!
2007-04-22 18:51:12
541.   yankz
537 Morgan's on the phone.
2007-04-22 18:51:38
542.   Mattpat11
That was the Gyroball.
2007-04-22 18:51:49
543.   thelarmis
swing the bat, obp, swing the bat.

i'd love a-rod to hit it over the monster.

2007-04-22 18:52:04
544.   yankz
Arod's not looked too good today. Slump! SLUMP!
2007-04-22 18:52:07
545.   Zack
Matt DeSalvo made it through waivers too, and hes been great thus far in AAA. On the other hand, Minky was signed and Sal Fasano calimed on waivers, so clearly thats not all there is to it...
2007-04-22 18:52:42
546.   Zack
A-Rod off today...hbp perhaps?
2007-04-22 18:52:50
547.   Simone
Derek evens things up.
2007-04-22 18:52:53
548.   yankz
Was that not a balk?
2007-04-22 18:53:15
549.   yankz
What the hell happened to Coddmeyer?
2007-04-22 18:53:33
550.   monkeypants
Come on Miller, pay attention--that was no curve ball. That was the GYRO-BALL!!
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-04-22 18:53:42
551.   BklynBmr
I'm just waiting to hear Morgan say how DoucheK might put A-Rod into a slump...
2007-04-22 18:53:43
552.   yankz
Some pitchers just have A-God's number- remember Carmona. Doesn't mean the hot streak's over.
2007-04-22 18:53:45
553.   Mattpat11
That was the gyroball.
2007-04-22 18:53:47
554.   thelarmis
3 gyroballs in a row.
2007-04-22 18:53:56
555.   SpoonG91
What is not to like Giambi
2007-04-22 18:54:01
556.   bobtaco
Maybe Arod gave the Ring of Power back to Mo?
2007-04-22 18:54:03
557.   Zack
Can't balk without a runner on

And the Sox fans cheer an Arod K as if it was the World Series, yet have at the same time started the "sign ARod when he opts out campaign." Nothing like being totally hypocritical without shame

2007-04-22 18:54:42
558.   yankz
mikeplugh, does DoucheK (thanks Bklyn) switch arm slots ever?
2007-04-22 18:54:44
559.   Zack
So if Dice K strikes out the side, does Miller forget the score and annoint him an ace?
2007-04-22 18:54:56
560.   C2Coke
556 ROFL.
2007-04-22 18:55:07
561.   nick
damn, it actually looks like this guy is gonna cool off A-Rod
2007-04-22 18:55:07
562.   yankz
JM: "A changeup is a changeup is a changeup."

But I thought a changeup was a changeup was a fastball????

2007-04-22 18:55:15
563.   JimCobain
551 Nice! I was looking for a good nickname for this guy.
2007-04-22 18:55:41
564.   yankz
557 Oh yeah.

New game, thanks to Captain Clutch!

2007-04-22 18:56:00
565.   SpoonG91
WEAK, very weak
2007-04-22 18:56:01
566.   Mattpat11
545 He's 30 years old and still a minor leaguer. No one has asked for him in a trade. The only team to ever take him from us gave him right back.

Does his ability to get Gerald Williams out really trump the lack of interest from 30 teams in the league?

2007-04-22 18:56:07
567.   Zack
Sooo, another for Bean? I would think so
2007-04-22 18:56:18
568.   Mattpat11
That was the gyroball.
2007-04-22 18:56:18
569.   OldYanksFan
Yes Booth Guys. Dice-K is great. He's given up only 4 runs in 5 innings. Good deal for $18m/yr.
2007-04-22 18:57:16
570.   rsmith51
If I was tuning in the game and didn't know the score, I would think it is 8-1 in favor of the Red Sox.
2007-04-22 18:58:35
571.   monkeypants
570 On eight consecutive HRs.
2007-04-22 18:58:55
572.   yankz
Jesus fucking Christ, 4 HR is impressive, get the fuck over it you tools.
2007-04-22 18:59:33
573.   nick
nobody wants Bean b/c the umps always squeeze him?
2007-04-22 18:59:46
574.   Mattpat11
I want them to start talking about how DiceK really hasn't been impressive at all.
2007-04-22 18:59:46
575.   rsmith51
Colter is good for a walk an inning.
2007-04-22 18:59:47
576.   Zack
Bean, you won't win over Joe by walking the leadoff guy

AAAAnd, here we go with the HRs again

2007-04-22 18:59:47
577.   joejoejoe
569 I learned from ESPN that Matsuzaka is the Japanese Mike Boddicker. That's worth $18M.
2007-04-22 18:59:51
578.   yankz
2007-04-22 18:59:58
579.   bobtaco
I wonder if they hit four HRs off a double A pitcher in his second start. Yeah, impressive.
2007-04-22 19:00:11
580.   3rd gen yankee fan
The homers are showing the homers.
2007-04-22 19:00:23
581.   Zack
I think Miller just said Matt Lowell
2007-04-22 19:00:39
582.   JimCobain
I'd say we see the 4 homeruns another 3 times before the end of the broadcast, at least!
2007-04-22 19:00:46
583.   3rd gen yankee fan
579 I was just saying the same thing to my bf. Yeah. Woo Red Sux are tuff tuff tuff!
2007-04-22 19:00:59
584.   monkeypants
577 No, you mis-heard. They said that Dice-K taught Boddicker the GYRO-BALL.
2007-04-22 19:01:03
585.   Mattpat11
576 Were those 4 As just a coincidence?
2007-04-22 19:01:10
586.   BklynBmr
578 Just wait for BBTN. Yanks could win 16-4, but we'll that again and again and again...
2007-04-22 19:01:40
587.   Zack
Wait, the dodgers hit 4 in a row last year? So its not an all time world record most amazing thing ever orgasmic event of extraordinary magnitude? I'll be damned!
2007-04-22 19:02:17
588.   yankz
Who is that mysterious number 43? I've never seen him before!!!
2007-04-22 19:02:19
589.   Mattpat11
You know, I heard that the Red Sox his four consecutive HR tonight.
2007-04-22 19:02:31
590.   nick
572 guys, chill a little on the "ESPN hates the Yanks" routine--first of all, it's boring as fuck; second of all, ESPN pimps Yanks-RedSox constantly--fans of every other team hate that shit; third of all, we're the dominant franchise in MLB history: expect the shit, don't bitch about it it. end of rant...
2007-04-22 19:02:43
591.   mehmattski
587 It's still only the fifth time in major league history. And JD Drew is the only person to participate in more than once event. It's definitely a significant occurrence.
2007-04-22 19:03:17
592.   Mattpat11
Varitek's turtleneck doesn't disguise his lack of neck.
2007-04-22 19:03:18
593.   C2Coke
569 At least the YES guys acknowledge how that 10 million to Glass was money badly spent.

EDSP and Pettitte? Do I need a new pair of glasses?

2007-04-22 19:03:27
594.   Zack
590 WHAAAAA? Stop bitching?? Thats no fun. Besides, ESPN doesn't HIDE their Sox love, why should we hide our hatred of them?
2007-04-22 19:03:58
595.   SpoonG91
Still ESPN is playing down the close game to yab about the homerun storyline
2007-04-22 19:04:02
596.   joejoejoe
It's smart of Francoma to run on Nieves dinged hand. Nice work Tito.
2007-04-22 19:04:02
597.   yankz
Why the hell do people get pissed off at what other people post, if it's not offensive or an insult towards anyone here?

Come ON Bean

2007-04-22 19:04:16
598.   Orly Yarly NoWai
581 As an ACTUAL Matt, I'm offended.
2007-04-22 19:04:24
599.   Zack
Joe is def. pulling Bean here never to be seen again
2007-04-22 19:04:25
600.   thelarmis
i hate vagitek.

tailor made for the DP right now. c'mon bean!

Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-04-22 19:04:49
601.   Mattpat11
If nothing else, you have to try to walk Pena
2007-04-22 19:05:18
602.   Mattpat11
599 Good.
2007-04-22 19:05:19
603.   yankz
How the hell did Bean dominate? He looks so overwhelmingly wild.
2007-04-22 19:05:24
604.   nick
Bean is evidently trying to say to Joe "I'm afraid to throw strikes to big league hitters"
2007-04-22 19:05:46
605.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Hey Wily. LeBron James called; he wants his beard back.
2007-04-22 19:05:48
606.   yankz
601 Or that.
2007-04-22 19:05:54
607.   SpoonG91
Wily Mo is a dead red fastball hitter, can't hit offspeed.
2007-04-22 19:06:12
608.   bobtaco
here comes the SUDDENLY HOT Dustin Pedroia...
2007-04-22 19:06:28
609.   mehmattski
Willy Mo K-ena!
2007-04-22 19:06:38
610.   Hocakes
Little Dusty Pedroia
2007-04-22 19:06:48
611.   Orly Yarly NoWai
608 I feel like hurting myself; I picked him up in a fantasy league.
2007-04-22 19:06:58
612.   C2Coke
597 Is that me or it just started happening relatively recently?
2007-04-22 19:07:17
613.   thelarmis
2007-04-22 19:07:18
614.   Zack
All you Bean haters...psh!
2007-04-22 19:07:35
615.   BklynBmr
590 Know what's boring as fu*k? Miller, Morgan and ESPN, unless you're a Beantown fan. That's what gets old. One would expect a little more professionalism and non-bias from a national broadcast. Great movie, horrible soundtrack, but OK, I'll try to get over it...
2007-04-22 19:07:36
616.   nick
the Sunday night telecast is aimed at casual fans--hence all the infuriating tangent, condescending explanations, etc--nice job Bean!
2007-04-22 19:07:37
617.   rsmith51
Wright's tight-rope lasted for 2 innings, too.
2007-04-22 19:07:40
618.   tommyl
Boy that Colter Bean really sucks with his two scoreless innings against the Red Sox in Fenway.
2007-04-22 19:08:14
619.   yankz
611 Wait, what? Do you hate winning?

612 I agree, it's weird.

2007-04-22 19:08:22
620.   Jim Dean
Bean threw 43 pitches in two innings.

Think Tea will send him out for a third?

2007-04-22 19:08:54
621.   Maz
Hey, I haven't posted in a long time, but I only tuned in during the bottom of the third...what happened? ;)
2007-04-22 19:09:13
622.   Mattpat11
614 Andy Phillips had a good month.
2007-04-22 19:09:23
623.   Orly Yarly NoWai
619 It means that my Boston-hatred is compromised. On the other hand, it's an AL-Only league and there weren't any onther 2Bs available (damn you Howie Kendrick!) so....
2007-04-22 19:09:24
624.   rsmith51
I am not a Bean hater, but he seems to walk a lot more guys than he should. There is a reason that Torre isn't enamored with him. Why Torre was enamored with Tanyon Sturtze remains a mystery.
2007-04-22 19:09:47
625.   DougP
594 Absolutely. Plus, when Jeter hit his homer, ESPN (not sure if it was Morgan or Miller) said "in fairness to Dice-K, that wouldn't have been a homer in any other ballpark." No such comments like that for the Sox' homers.
2007-04-22 19:10:07
626.   Mattpat11
Are Morgan and Miller ever going to mention that Matsuzaka hasn't looked good?
2007-04-22 19:10:17
627.   SpoonG91
Vintage Cano
2007-04-22 19:10:19
628.   nick
615 look, I have Sox fan friends (yeah, I know, but) who think Miller/Morgan are for professionalism and lack of bias, it'd be nice, but you can't find it anywhere else on TV, so--
2007-04-22 19:10:24
629.   JimCobain
Nice highlight package, maybe the next in bump can be Dice-K scratching his balls after he wakes up on game day.
2007-04-22 19:10:27
630.   Orly Yarly NoWai
625 In fairness to ESPN, they're probably right. However, Dice-K is a Sawk, so it sucks to be him.
2007-04-22 19:10:47
631.   C2Coke
618 Like always. Thank God he is going back to the minors once Wang's back. (Someone can now start helping me to understand why after today, Chase gets to stay and Bean is going back.)
2007-04-22 19:11:00
632.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Doug Out has a legend? Whaa?
2007-04-22 19:11:01
633.   nick
ok, time to knock Fuzzy Dice out of here--
2007-04-22 19:11:28
634.   Orly Yarly NoWai
632 Oh, never mind. Miller is STILL talking about Dike-C.
2007-04-22 19:11:33
635.   bobtaco
What's his pitch count?
2007-04-22 19:11:46
636.   yankz
Stink is going to drive in Cano right here.
2007-04-22 19:12:02
637.   BklynBmr
616 There's no difference in depth from this network's Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday broadcasts. The announcers may vary, and the quality of the shows reflect that, but they definitely do not 'dumb it down' on Sundays...
2007-04-22 19:12:16
638.   tommyl
624 He's barely been up in the majors. He has a low BB rate in the minors. Does he get a chance at a reasonable sample size?

And Cano gets on, too bad its now Minky, Melky (a shot) and Nieves following him. This is why you can't give up offense at any position.

And John seriously, we get it, Dice-K pitched 100000 innings in a row in high school.

2007-04-22 19:12:19
639.   yankz
TWO hits?!

Yeah Cano!

2007-04-22 19:12:29
640.   nick
Robbie! smart or lucky?
2007-04-22 19:12:29
641.   Mattpat11
A two hit game for Doug? Maybe he's "breaking out of it"
2007-04-22 19:12:38
642.   SpoonG91
Risky play by Cano, but it paid off.
2007-04-22 19:12:40
643.   Zack
625 AND, when Ortiz hit his double, they said the opposite, that in any other park its a HR...

Holy crap, great running by Cano and two hits for Minky, its the apocalypse...

At least Morgan has a man crush on Cano too

2007-04-22 19:12:41
644.   monkeypants
That's why Minky is starting!
2007-04-22 19:12:46
645.   JimCobain
Wow, Cano with some ballsy (smart) baserunning.
2007-04-22 19:12:55
646.   NJYankee41
Did you see where JD was playing Minky? hahaha
2007-04-22 19:13:04
647.   Jim Dean
FIrst multi-hit game of the year?

Just cemented his slot until June.

2007-04-22 19:13:13
648.   rsmith51
Minky with 2 hits. We are never going to get rid of him , are we?

That gamble by Cano paid off.

2007-04-22 19:13:16
649.   Zack
Ok, how about a squeez? :)
2007-04-22 19:13:25
650.   Jim Dean
Dm at 80 pitches
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-04-22 19:13:44
651.   yankz
628 You're substantially changing your argument.

We'll take it!

2007-04-22 19:13:45
652.   Orly Yarly NoWai
643 Well then, maybe Ortiz should demand a trade over to New York. Then he'd get that homer.
2007-04-22 19:13:50
653.   JimCobain
Damn. Leche hit it hard.
2007-04-22 19:13:57
654.   bobtaco
Doug is to Dice K as Enrique Wilson is to Pedro?
2007-04-22 19:14:09
655.   C2Coke
Cano was determined.
2007-04-22 19:14:18
656.   Zack
yeah, no need to squeeze there, that worked well...At least we got the run
2007-04-22 19:14:22
657.   thelarmis
omg, a multi-hit game for scrabble?! nice baserunning for canoe, though of course, we'd be saying the opposite if nancy caught it...

morgan/miller fall as silent as the crowd and then sound disappointed talking about it. whatever...

melkman is more like melkdud so far. but hey, we're winning!!!

2007-04-22 19:14:24
658.   Mattpat11
When are they going to get around to mentioning that Matsuzaka is really sucking tonight?
2007-04-22 19:14:29
659.   monkeypants
Well, that was not too bad of an outcome, considering the bottom of the lineup tonight.

Now, what does Nieves do against the gyro-ball?

2007-04-22 19:14:47
660.   yankz
LOL, Nieves almost fell over.
2007-04-22 19:14:58
661.   yankz
OK, Pettite...
2007-04-22 19:15:05
662.   fansince77
The beauty here is...Nieves at bat over.
2007-04-22 19:15:08
663.   fansince77
The beauty here is...Nieves at bat over.
2007-04-22 19:15:16
664.   Simone
At least, the Yankees have hit the Red Sox starters.
2007-04-22 19:15:18
665.   randym77
Poor Melky doesn't seem to be having much fun these days. He used to smile all the time last season.
2007-04-22 19:15:31
666.   its430
Great quote from Waldman: (talking about how with 2 base hits now Minky will probably start for the rest of the year) "Joe doesn't usually look at results..."
2007-04-22 19:15:33
667.   Jim Dean
nice work again Cashman with the BUC. Bravo! Brav-O!
2007-04-22 19:15:50
668.   Zack
Nieves is so so pathetic...

Pettitte doing his inning of work again so that Gammons and Buster Olney can say its a terrible move b/c he might get hurt

Me, whatever, at this point, Gator could come in for an inning and it wouldn't suprise me and he could probably do just as well...

2007-04-22 19:15:59
669.   murphy
morgan just let us know that there's a word for pressure in every language.


2007-04-22 19:16:04
670.   SpoonG91
Joe it's April, stop panicking
2007-04-22 19:16:05
671.   C2Coke
Pettitte is in.
2007-04-22 19:16:15
672.   rsmith51
I wouldn't call that great base running by Cano, but a gamble that paid off.
2007-04-22 19:16:30
673.   Simone
Andy? Damn, the Yankees are desperate.
2007-04-22 19:17:04
674.   Vandelay Industries

Yea, I didnt get it either. He's old, he can't hit, throw, or catch. Tell me again why Todd Pratt was a bad idea Mr. Cashman.

2007-04-22 19:17:11
675.   bobtaco
664 With 60% of a lineup
2007-04-22 19:17:19
676.   Orly Yarly NoWai
671 Brett Myers, white courtesy phone. You have a call from an "A. Pettitte."
2007-04-22 19:17:23
677.   nick
628 my overall point is that they're irritating primarily because of being morons, only secondarily because of bias...every serious baseball fan should be irritated by them-
2007-04-22 19:17:24
678.   yankz
Yeah, I'm not sure I agree with bringing in our only good, somewhat healthy pitcher in a relief appearance in April.
2007-04-22 19:17:25
679.   tommyl
658 He doesn't suck, he's "managing the pressure" of facing the Yankees.
2007-04-22 19:17:48
680.   tommyl
1 pitch
2007-04-22 19:17:54
681.   C2Coke
670 Well, I guess "stop panicking" is easier said than done. Don't agree? Just go back to the comment section from the past week right here on the Banter.
2007-04-22 19:18:39
682.   Jim Dean
It is nice to have Andy back.
2007-04-22 19:18:43
683.   thelarmis
i actually kinda like pitchers getting into games on their "throw day." this is cool.
2007-04-22 19:18:46
684.   yankz
Pettitte looks filthy. I <3 Pettitte.
2007-04-22 19:18:51
685.   monkeypants
Does Torre go a full inning with Pettitte? Or does he pull him v. Ortiz and bring Meyers/Henn? As LHP he should probably face Ortiz then get pulled for Manny (if it comes to that)?
2007-04-22 19:18:55
686.   BklynBmr
628 That we agree on completely, my friend ;-) I have buds who think Miller is the greatest of all time, and love Morgan. Living in SF and hearing Miller with the Giants day in and day out would change their minds on that, and just Google 'The Joe Morgan Drinking Game' for all you need you know about him ;-)
2007-04-22 19:19:27
687.   C2Coke
I literally held my breath for a second there, considering what happened tonight.
2007-04-22 19:19:45
688.   DougP
678 It's his throw day. He also pitched an inning on his throw day last Sunday, IIRC.
2007-04-22 19:19:48
689.   Mattpat11
I like having Pettitte back.
2007-04-22 19:19:51
690.   nick
678 it's as if the hype is getting to Joe too...
2007-04-22 19:19:58
691.   Zack
Have to go full inning of Pettitte. Then a full inning of gator with Joe catching
2007-04-22 19:20:56
692.   Zack
Great, walk Youk to get to ortiz. And Miller calls Pettitte Clemens...
2007-04-22 19:21:04
693.   rsmith51
What is this "Walk to get to Papi" that seems to be so popular with Yankee pitchers?
2007-04-22 19:21:23
694.   DougP
Nice inning, Andy!
2007-04-22 19:21:29
695.   Simone
Way to go, Andy. Ortiz, not so clutch.
2007-04-22 19:21:31
696.   bobtaco
exhale... nice!
2007-04-22 19:21:32
697.   Zack
WHHHAAA? Ortiz can hit into a DP? I thought he only hit 4 HRs in a row????
2007-04-22 19:21:38
698.   thelarmis
andy dandy! so good to have him back! : )
2007-04-22 19:21:39
699.   rsmith51
Apparently, Andy knew what he was doing...
2007-04-22 19:22:01
700.   nick
ok, I take it all back--when Miller starts pimping "the sure-handed M**", you know ESPN wants the Yanks to lose...
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-04-22 19:22:11
701.   joejoejoe
I wonder how many HOLDS Andy Pettitte has in his career?
2007-04-22 19:22:39
702.   thelarmis
691 and, of coruse, donnie baseball at 1st base!
2007-04-22 19:22:43
703.   BklynBmr
Good job, Andy!

692 Miller looked up from his script for a second, you can't really blame him...

2007-04-22 19:22:47
704.   Max Nomad
Jon Miller just said "DP dug out by Minkgsgsrte," and all I could think was "Dug out by Doug Out"
2007-04-22 19:22:49
705.   yankz
That was a pretty good scoop by Stink.
2007-04-22 19:22:51
706.   OldYanksFan
A very nice thinking-out-of-the-box move by Torre pays off. We get through the top the their order and save an inning of a very tired BP. Props to Torre anyone?
2007-04-22 19:23:02
707.   C2Coke
696 Easiest half inning by far.
2007-04-22 19:24:06
708.   yankz
That was a pretty sweet drawing.
2007-04-22 19:24:09
709.   thelarmis
706 yeah man, i liked the call!
2007-04-22 19:24:13
710.   JimCobain
I would certainly love a run or two in this inning.
2007-04-22 19:24:34
711.   Zack
706 Props where props are due, and they are due...So props to Joe. :)
2007-04-22 19:24:36
712.   monkeypants
706 Credit where credit is due!

Of course, we don't want to see a trend towards EDAP. ; )

2007-04-22 19:24:45
713.   yankz
I really hope God gave Mo the Hammer back...
2007-04-22 19:24:52
714.   Orly Yarly NoWai
706 I'll give him props for it. Now if only we could have a four-man rotation...
2007-04-22 19:24:57
715.   Mattpat11
Back against Matsuzaka, who has been handing the Yankee pressure all night long. With his 7 hits, one walk, 2 HBP and 5 runs.
2007-04-22 19:25:09
716.   yankz
706 I'll flip flop and say it paid off :)
2007-04-22 19:25:26
717.   C2Coke
706 Count me in. Pettitte may have volunteered again though.
2007-04-22 19:26:19
718.   yankz
That was a nasty pitch.
2007-04-22 19:26:20
719.   monkeypants
2007-04-22 19:26:42
720.   Zack
Ahhh, Miller just explained it all. Dice-K is only not pitching well b/c its Fenway against the Yankees and a great lineup. Otherwise, he's Cy Young. but against good teams in pressure, hes not so good? Hmmm
2007-04-22 19:26:48
721.   yankz
~720 comments and 2.5+ innings to go...
2007-04-22 19:27:05
722.   Mattpat11
720 Clearly.
2007-04-22 19:27:20
723.   C2Coke
What's the temperature in Fanway tonight?
2007-04-22 19:27:30
724.   SpoonG91
Abreu is due big time...needs to utilize his patience.
2007-04-22 19:27:39
725.   nick
Morgan, eg, just now completely contradicts himself over the course of 20 seconds re that forkball to damn--either having a lot of pitches matters, or it doesn't, Joe: you gotta decide!
2007-04-22 19:27:45
726.   yankz
Scotty P. vs. Manny...
2007-04-22 19:27:47
727.   JimCobain
Uh-oh Proctor will face Manny.
2007-04-22 19:27:59
728.   yankz
Did Andy's inning not just prove that he has the 'mindset' to pitch in relief, Joe?!
2007-04-22 19:28:25
729.   Simone
706 Props to Joe.
2007-04-22 19:28:44
730.   Mattpat11
Proctor will face Manny? I'd rather bring Myers in.
2007-04-22 19:28:46
731.   SpoonG91
Dice K getting better, John and Joe might faint.
2007-04-22 19:29:07
732.   rsmith51
720 You could argue that the Red Sox have a more potent offense, so what does that say about the Yankee pitchers? And what does that say about Matsuzaka then?
2007-04-22 19:29:24
733.   yankz
I thought you could put 6 fingers down???
2007-04-22 19:29:26
734.   C2Coke
723 I really meant Fenway...

EDSP has to throw more pitchers even in the warmup.

2007-04-22 19:29:56
735.   Zack
732 Hey, don't ask me, ask Miller, hes got it all figured out...
2007-04-22 19:30:25
736.   Zack
Bobby has looked bad...
2007-04-22 19:30:48
737.   OldYanksFan
This has been a tough weekend and it still may end in a sweep. But if you consider the circumstances and how close these games have been, added to the fact that we hit Boston's 3 best hard, there is really a lot of good that has happened.

If this is how we play with 6 starters hurt and AA and AAA kids pitching in pressure situations, when we are healthy, we will dominate.

2007-04-22 19:31:04
738.   SpoonG91
Proctor vs. Red Sox...brace yourself, and wait for A-Rod to face bullpen.
2007-04-22 19:31:06
739.   thelarmis
9 looooong outs to go. no fireworks please. just a handy Yankee WIN!
2007-04-22 19:31:08
740.   Mattpat11
Yes, Morgan, seven strikeouts in seven innings. Now mention the five runs and ten base runners.
2007-04-22 19:31:09
741.   nick
has Scotty had a day off this year yet? we gotta rest him once a week or so, keep him fresh...
2007-04-22 19:31:19
742.   DougP
736 Yeah, he's been swinging at a lot of pitches outside the zone this past week. But that last pitch was a pretty nasty looking pitch.
2007-04-22 19:31:21
743.   Orly Yarly NoWai
736 Remember that he missed Spring Training.
2007-04-22 19:31:22
744.   rsmith51
735 I wasn't. The Yanks lineup is quite fine up to Cano. After that it could be the worst 7-9 in the majors(including pitchers).
2007-04-22 19:31:36
745.   Benjamin Kabak
Dog the bounty hunter. nice. South Park's parody of that was brilliant.
2007-04-22 19:32:10
746.   Benjamin Kabak
743 Huh? Bobby's looked bad tonight. The rest of the season he's looked pretty good.
2007-04-22 19:32:19
747.   its430
Dice-K pwns Abreu
2007-04-22 19:32:43
748.   yankz
743 But he was good when he came back in ST, and has been good this year. Maybe DoucheK just has it against him, it's not the worst thing.
2007-04-22 19:32:48
749.   JimCobain
737 I feel the same way. So far the Sox have done what they were supposed to do offensively, but the Yankees have handled the pitchers and been in all three games. It's a small moral vicotry, but i think when this team gets healthy we could see a 20-5 month at some point.
2007-04-22 19:33:02
750.   C2Coke
737 I agree and uh...thanks for preparing me for later.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2007-04-22 19:33:07
752.   Orly Yarly NoWai
746 Oops. I thought you meant all season.
2007-04-22 19:33:07
753.   BklynBmr
723 At least for the denizens of Fenway: High tonight, low tomorrow, and precipitation is expected...

— apologies to Tom Waits ;-)

2007-04-22 19:33:09
754.   thelarmis
744 we'll get po and mats back soon and hopefully phelps will replace stink. we'll be pretty set then...
2007-04-22 19:33:10
755.   yankz
745 There one of 24 was even better.
2007-04-22 19:33:26
756.   Zack
SO I assume the story tomorrow will be just like after yesterday's? Dice-K struggles but settles down to dominance? Somehow, they will manage that
2007-04-22 19:33:55
757.   nyyfan22
Oh here we go. Waldman and Sterling are going to start saying stupid shite like, "this is such an unpredictable game" and "you can never count on a game being won" and all those jinx-words like they fooked the Yanks with on Friday night.

Bastards. BASTARDS!

2007-04-22 19:34:35
758.   JimCobain
Anyone out there confident about this half inning?
2007-04-22 19:34:41
759.   Mattpat11
756 What was the story after yesterday? Beckett threw a good game?
2007-04-22 19:34:55
760.   Mattpat11
Oh God. I dread this match up.
2007-04-22 19:35:08
761.   yankz
Plunk him!
2007-04-22 19:35:10
762.   joejoejoe
You down with EDSP? Yeah you know me!
2007-04-22 19:35:13
763.   Orly Yarly NoWai
756 Next, on SportsCenter, Dice-K dominates the Yankees. He gets Abreu here.... A-Rod, down swinging. SEVEN strikeouts for the phenom over seven fabulous innings for the Sox. (small voice) Yankees win, five-four.
2007-04-22 19:36:13
764.   Mattpat11
Well, that was the best of all possible options.
2007-04-22 19:36:18
765.   Jim Dean
Hey how did the Sox score their runs?
2007-04-22 19:36:24
766.   thelarmis
no, don't plunk him now to lead off an inning and create more pressure for assman.

ah, shoulda hit him!

DP now, thank you please...

2007-04-22 19:36:27
767.   Zack
Well a single off proctor by manny all things considered is pretty good haha
2007-04-22 19:36:56
768.   SpoonG91
Horrible feeling about this innning. Where is Sean Henn.
2007-04-22 19:37:09
769.   Zack
759 Sure was
2007-04-22 19:37:11
770.   Jim Dean
762 I love that OPP song. It's been too long...
2007-04-22 19:37:38
771.   Mattpat11
769 I see. I must have watched a different game.
2007-04-22 19:37:44
772.   NJYankee41
SO he doesn't have an off-speed pitch Joe?
2007-04-22 19:37:59
773.   Mattpat11
Damn it to hell.
2007-04-22 19:37:59
774.   nyyfan22
765 in the 3rd inning with 2 outs, they hit 4 back-to-back solo HRs.
2007-04-22 19:38:06
775.   bobtaco
damn it Scotty.
2007-04-22 19:38:08
776.   SpoonG91
Here we go again. SHIT!
2007-04-22 19:38:08
777.   nick
fuck--have we caught a break this series?
2007-04-22 19:38:16
778.   Zack
This is fun, isn't it? Joe, the BP isn't getting it done, send Colter Bean back in!
2007-04-22 19:38:56
779.   DougP
Oh no, not Vizcaino.
2007-04-22 19:39:03
780.   Orly Yarly NoWai




2007-04-22 19:39:14
781.   thelarmis
that's it, i can't watch...
2007-04-22 19:39:21
782.   Mattpat11
Oh God. I thought Morgan was going to say she made the spelling B.

Did Morgan just say his girl looks like him?

2007-04-22 19:39:59
783.   Mattpat11
2007-04-22 19:40:09
784.   SpoonG91
2007-04-22 19:40:15
785.   Zack
Third consecutive day for Proctor huh? Oh look, Miller's head just exploaded cause Lowell hit another HR
2007-04-22 19:40:27
786.   monkeypants
Well, this inning has certainly lacked a certain...drama.
2007-04-22 19:40:29
787.   DougP
2007-04-22 19:40:35
788.   joejoejoe
I guess Lowell is down with EDSP too. Ugh.
2007-04-22 19:40:40
789.   BklynBmr
No problem. I'm more worried about Miller's vocal chords right now. I hope he's OK...
2007-04-22 19:40:52
790.   bobtaco
Nice call Will, throw it to where he homered the last time.
2007-04-22 19:41:08
791.   C2Coke
Might as well throw the injured Glass on the mound and have the team pack up at this point.
2007-04-22 19:41:12
792.   Jim Dean
Yeah, Vizcaino - doesn't he suck?
2007-04-22 19:41:14
793.   SpoonG91
Please tell Joe that Proctor is not allowed to face any team over .500.
2007-04-22 19:41:31
794.   rsmith51
777 Papi hit a rule book double to hold Youklis at 3rd and the run never scored. I think that was about it for this series.
2007-04-22 19:41:34
795.   nick
you know, I'm not sure a deep bullpen helps us much with Joe--he'll just take turns overusing guys as they fall into/out of favor....
2007-04-22 19:41:56
796.   thelarmis
i can't stand this shit. we've been up in all 3 games, just to blow it late. waste of fucking time. dammit!
2007-04-22 19:42:06
797.   monkeypants
Very frustrating to watch starters go three or four innings, and burned BP give up leads. Ah well.
2007-04-22 19:42:13
798.   joejoejoe
Did Jon Miller say Naehring the Batter retired? Didn't he retire in the 90s?
2007-04-22 19:42:20
799.   bobtaco
So does Dice K go back out so he can get the win?
2007-04-22 19:42:21
800.   NJYankee41
Torre is absolutly killing this bullpen. You can't have guys pitching every single day. He needs to let the starters go a little longer instead of taking them out in 5 or less innings. Its driving me nuts seeing these guys pitching on fumes.
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2007-04-22 19:42:45
801.   Zack
WIll Nieves clearly has not agreed with out pitchers, huh?

I thought it was our BP that was the good one?

And yup, now the storyline is all set up since DM can get the win: DM dominates Yanks in amazing historic come from behind win for Sox, who have clinched first place for the playoffs already...

2007-04-22 19:42:53
802.   SpoonG91
Funny how everyone knew Proctor was done before he even started. Joe didn't get the memo.
2007-04-22 19:42:59
803.   Mattpat11
The worst thing is I'm going to have to hear "DiceK dominates the Yankees en route to his second win!"
2007-04-22 19:43:19
804.   C2Coke
795 I think it all started with only one capable SP (Pettitte) in the rotation. Can't blame Torre for all.
2007-04-22 19:43:44
805.   Benjamin Kabak
There are TWO lefties in the pen. Good idea leaving Scott Proctor in to face J.D. Drew.

And now is crappy Vizcaino. Great.

2007-04-22 19:43:48
806.   Orly Yarly NoWai
God, I'm staying away from SportsCenter tonight. Stuart Scott will be creaming himself.
2007-04-22 19:43:56
807.   JimCobain
799 He's all ready in line for the win.

And where is Farnsworthless???? Not that he should be in with a one run lead, but maybe if the Sux score a couple of more he should start the 8th to you know, regulate.

2007-04-22 19:44:03
808.   OldYanksFan
795 Yes... Fuck Joe. Proctor wanted to strike Lowell out, but Joe told his to let him hit a HR. All Joe's fault (as usual).
2007-04-22 19:44:06
809.   BklynBmr
796 Coming into this, I was feeling better about the pen than the starters. Was expecting big leads early from the Sox and us clawing back into it — not this...
2007-04-22 19:44:10
810.   SpoonG91
They showed it again. They fuckin' showed it again.
2007-04-22 19:44:29
811.   Zack
This game isn't really on Joe. Its on Cashman for forcing Wright to start today and Karstens yesterday... (happy Jim?)
2007-04-22 19:44:33
812.   NJYankee41
How gitty these "announcers" get when the Red Sux take the lead. So much for objectivity.
2007-04-22 19:44:47
813.   williamnyy23
To all the Torre defenders...can you even fathom a reason why you would use Proctor for the third straight day? Torre's contiual misuse of the bullpen is not only costing them games, but also threatening to turn a strength into a weakness.

It's clear to me that it's time to make a change. I know it would never happen, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't. Torre is hurting the team.

2007-04-22 19:44:48
814.   C2Coke
That was the 400th run scored by homers in this game.
2007-04-22 19:47:21
815.   claybeez
Usually Joe overworks one RP. This year it's the whole pen. Not completely his fault considering the injuries. But, there have been instances like tonight that he could have stretched out the SP until trouble arose.
2007-04-22 19:47:27
816.   BklynBmr
This just sets up a force at second. No prob...
2007-04-22 19:47:37
817.   Simone
I walked my dog during Proctor's inning because I expected nothing else.
2007-04-22 19:47:39
818.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-04-22 19:47:58
819.   Zack
Miller is actually rooting for Lugo to hit a home run, he really just said that. Good lord
2007-04-22 19:48:18
820.   SpoonG91
Allright y'all, its the 7th so I gotta turn my concentration to the TV. Peace out and GO YANKS!!!
2007-04-22 19:48:23
821.   joejoejoe
Hey Jon Miller, when 4 batters hit home runs in a row it's called a fluke. I don't care if they are Ruth, Gehrig, Bob Meusel and Tony Lazzeri - it's still a fluke.
2007-04-22 19:49:47
822.   monkeypants
813 I'm not a Torre defender, but what can you when the starters continue to falter? Who else could he have used? Maybe squeeze another inning out of Pettitte? Meyers to face Manny? Farnswhacker?

20 years ago he would have sent Mo in to start the inning, but you can't blame Torre for not doing what no other manager today would do.

2007-04-22 19:49:54
823.   DougP
815 I agree with your point generally, but it wouldn't have made sense tonight to try to get more innings out of Wright.
2007-04-22 19:50:20
824.   Orly Yarly NoWai
And unto that call all I can say is "NoWai..."
2007-04-22 19:50:32
825.   Mattpat11
822 Manny doesn't really hit Myers. When he does, he hits it far though.
2007-04-22 19:51:11
826.   NJYankee41
Isn't it a little funny that K-Zone never disagrees with the ump? I have a funny little feeling its not technology so much as some guy plotting where he thinks the ball was.
2007-04-22 19:51:38
827.   Zack
822 Exactly why Phil Hughes should be pitching for us...
2007-04-22 19:51:43
828.   Mattpat11
Nevermind. That was Brett Myers
2007-04-22 19:52:12
829.   Orly Yarly NoWai
826 Isn't it funny that K-Zone is always the same size for every hitter?
2007-04-22 19:52:39
830.   BklynBmr
826 We're talkin' ESPN here. I think you pretty much summed it up...
2007-04-22 19:52:41
831.   C2Coke
8 BB by the Yanks. Henn is coming in.
2007-04-22 19:52:49
832.   Simone
I don't understand why every Yankee loss is on Joe. Something there is nothing to be done because the players do not do their jobs. The bullpen has been dreadful this series and that is just the way that it goes sometimes.
2007-04-22 19:52:58
833.   NJYankee41
829 Very true. Its a joke.
2007-04-22 19:53:02
834.   Mattpat11
I'll always love trading a HOF pitcher for a mediocre reliever.
2007-04-22 19:53:56
835.   Simone
832 I meant "sometimes" not "something."
2007-04-22 19:53:58
836.   bobtaco
Maybe they will start a contest for fans to join the Yankees Bullpen for a game.
2007-04-22 19:54:07
837.   NJYankee41
Not to mention the radar is always about 3-4 mph faster than normal. Do they really think more people will watch baseball if guys are throwing 97 mph?
2007-04-22 19:54:51
838.   Zack
Bp has sucked this series, Starters save Pettitte have sucked, Joe has sucked, Nieves has sucked...Its a collective effort of a bunch of factors...
2007-04-22 19:54:52
839.   monkeypants
834 So true--imagine how the Unit would be anchoring the staff right now, and giving all those innings while the other pitchers are hurt. Oh yeah...
2007-04-22 19:55:04
840.   yankz
We have Coddmeyer. We have Coddmeyer.
2007-04-22 19:55:38
841.   yankz
834 Yeah, that's like saying they should've resigned Bernie because he had a great career. People age...
2007-04-22 19:55:49
842.   DougP
I doubt RJ would have done better -- he'd have hung a few sliders and then thrown at someone. Of course, right now he'd just be another injured starting pitcher.
2007-04-22 19:55:50
843.   Mattpat11
837 Teams trade for so-so players just because they throw 97. We're stuck with Farnsworth because he does. I'm sure its some kind of draw.
2007-04-22 19:56:15
844.   Zack
Well, dinner time for me, can't really watch this crapola anyways, so try not too freak out too much everyone...These series happen every year, and every year we hear it from ESPn that the Sox are obviously going to win the division b/c of it signing out...
2007-04-22 19:56:20
845.   fansince77
I don't know why...still have a good feeling though. (There goes Miller...already writing the Yanks off). Fuck all of them! Win time!
2007-04-22 19:56:30
846.   nick
Matsuzaka still in, wow...just to face A-Rod?
2007-04-22 19:56:43
847.   Jim Dean
834 Just a terrible trade, especially with what they needed for 2007.

Take a look at Chris Carter for the Diamondbacks' AAA team - Tuscon Sidewinders.

2007-04-22 19:56:53
848.   Mattpat11
841 I'd start Bernie at first before I put the Stink out there
2007-04-22 19:57:10
849.   monkeypants
Whatever we might say about Dice-K, he's still here in the eighth. Has one of our starters even sniffed the 8th this year (except maybe Pettitte in relief)?
2007-04-22 19:57:41
850.   williamnyy23
822 832 Why is this one on Joe? Because Proctor has now been in 4 of the last five games (one of which was a 9-3 blowout!). You simply can't overwork a bullpen. It's common sense!

In addition to the multitude of mistakes he made on Friday, what was lost is that he brought in Vizcaino one day after throwing 30 pitches? When you overwork relievers, their location falters and velocity drops. You simply can not throw your arms up in the air and say, "the bullpen just didn't perform".

Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2007-04-22 19:57:51
851.   yankz
Hit streak continues.
2007-04-22 19:58:04
852.   Mattpat11
The little tyke at second missed that ball.
2007-04-22 19:58:05
853.   NJYankee41
843 But these guys aren't really throwing 97. its more like 92-93. When Pavana pitched last he was throwing 90 on YES and 95 on ESPN. I just don't see the point of jacking up the MPHs. Just some more ESPN quality programming.
2007-04-22 19:58:15
854.   bobtaco
That hit looked about a foot higher than the one on Friday.
2007-04-22 19:58:18
855.   joejoejoe
I miss Bernie a lot too Little Joe but tonight I miss Mike Stanton and Jeff Nelson more.
2007-04-22 19:58:25
856.   tommyl
Boo, A-Rod. Where's the 27 R HR? Giambi HR would be soooooo nice here.
2007-04-22 19:58:32
857.   yankz
848 True dat, but I'd start myself over Stink too.
2007-04-22 19:58:54
858.   Mattpat11
849 That's because the manager left him in. He threw a bad game.
2007-04-22 19:59:12
859.   fansince77
Morgan & Miller: God they hated to say "basehit" there...they hated it!
2007-04-22 19:59:21
860.   JimCobain
Wow, a standing O for 5 runs in 8 innings. These Sox fans are wicked smart.
2007-04-22 19:59:26
861.   Simone
Dice-K gave up 5 runs and he gets a standing ovation? The Red Sox fans have low standards or none at all.
2007-04-22 19:59:42
862.   Benjamin Kabak
I thought that Red Sox fans were supposed to be knowledgeable about baseball. Why are they giving Matsuzaka a standing ovation?
2007-04-22 20:00:02
863.   NJYankee41
860 Actually 7 innings. Even better
2007-04-22 20:00:03
864.   Mattpat11
860 Five runs in seven innings.
2007-04-22 20:00:29
865.   tommyl
849 More a function of the manager than anything else. When was the last time one our pitchers gave up 4 or 5 runs and Joe left them in? Andy could have gone more, he pulled Rasner the other day in the 5th after giving up, what, 1 or 2 runs? He pulled Igawa in the 7th his last start and he was still under 100 pitches.
2007-04-22 20:00:38
866.   JimCobain
864 Even better.
2007-04-22 20:00:39
867.   DougP
Okajima has pitched all three games of this series. Would be nice if we could make the Sox pay for "overworking" him.
2007-04-22 20:00:46
868.   BklynBmr
The corporate memo is out. Just caught the ESPN Radio (Dave Campbell) call on A-Rod's AB, and when the ball dunked in, Campbell sounded like his dog just died...
2007-04-22 20:00:58
869.   3rd gen yankee fan
And those are all earned runs for Matsusucka, no? Stellar.
2007-04-22 20:01:26
870.   monkeypants
850 All I'm saying is, who would you have brought in this game at that point, before Proctor?
2007-04-22 20:01:38
871.   NJYankee41
One thing to be fair about though at least they have or let someone pitch into the 8th. There's some value in that despite the 5 runs. Our guys aren't allowed to pitch five and then the bullpen gets over worked.
2007-04-22 20:01:46
872.   3rd gen yankee fan
All right, here we go...
2007-04-22 20:02:01
873.   fansince77
Geez this umpire! That was high
2007-04-22 20:02:21
874.   rsmith51
6.42 ERA is not too bad in Fenway apparently...
2007-04-22 20:02:39
875.   yankz
I need Cano to homer right here.
2007-04-22 20:03:06
876.   tommyl
870 Henn
2007-04-22 20:03:12
877.   williamnyy23
868 Enough with the ESPN hates the Yankees...who cares!!!

The biggest concern is how the team is being run, not how ESPN calls the games.

2007-04-22 20:03:20
878.   Mattpat11
871 Then praise Francona. Matsuzaka was bad and left in.
2007-04-22 20:03:21
879.   bobtaco
Wow, Okajima is AWESOME! Man, this guy is AMAZING. He's the BEST middle reliever EVER.
2007-04-22 20:03:49
880.   Benjamin Kabak
870 The $6 million man. Or how about Brian Bruney, lights-up reliever? And why leave in Proctor to face the lefty with TWO lefties in the pen?
2007-04-22 20:03:52
881.   yankz
If they don't PH, you fire Torre.
2007-04-22 20:03:55
882.   Mattpat11
What the hell was that?
2007-04-22 20:03:59
883.   yankz
Thank god.
2007-04-22 20:04:06
884.   JimCobain
awesome, the "meat" of the order is coming up.
2007-04-22 20:04:30
885.   Mattpat11
880 What six million dollar man?
2007-04-22 20:04:38
886.   tommyl
OH MY G-D! He's PHing for Minky! C'mon Jorge.
2007-04-22 20:05:22
887.   BklynBmr
Miller: "He bought their deke" ???

WTF. A-Rod slid head first into second. He didn't see the play.

2007-04-22 20:05:46
888.   JimCobain
Does this mean that Phelps is pinch hitting for Nieves? Because otherwise Torre just burned tow guys on one spot.
2007-04-22 20:05:48
889.   yankz
884 That's what she said.
2007-04-22 20:06:02
890.   tommyl
878 There is a lesson there though in all seriousness. Sometimes it pays to just leave a decent starter in and hope he muddles through, especially when your BP is tired. A lot of times Joe goes for the early hook whenever a starter gets into trouble after the fifth inning. For Chase Wright that's fine, but let people like Rasner, Igawa try to pitch it out sometimes.
2007-04-22 20:06:20
891.   yankz
888 Yeah, I'm confused.
2007-04-22 20:06:30
892.   Mattpat11
Part of the problem with having the camera behind the pitcher (and its always been like this and always will) is you can see a hook out of the pitchers hand. So sometimes it baffles me when the hitter doesn't ID it.
2007-04-22 20:06:37
893.   monkeypants
871 I praise Francona for having more patience with his starters. All 5 R games are not equal, and Dice-K kept his pitch total manageable--thus, he made it a two inning BP game instead of a 4 or 5 inning BP game.

876 Fair enough.

2007-04-22 20:06:39
894.   Simone
880 How many times have I heard here that the lefty lefty match up was rubbish and that the pitcher should be left in the game to face the lefty? I swear, the criticism of Joe changes according to how the situation plays out.
2007-04-22 20:06:56
895.   fansince77
K- Zone is a fix - they have adjusted it to make the umpires always right.
2007-04-22 20:07:16
896.   BklynBmr
877 Cool. You manage the team. I'll bitch about the bias. Agreed?
2007-04-22 20:07:18
897.   Mattpat11
Strike two was a ball and ball three was a strike.
2007-04-22 20:07:43
898.   JimCobain
Nice AB by Jorge!
2007-04-22 20:07:48
899.   yankz
Uppercut, Melk!
2007-04-22 20:08:21
900.   yankz
C2Coke, there they go again...
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2007-04-22 20:08:24
901.   Simone
Also, for all the criticism of Joe not having patience with the Yankee starters, the fact is that the bullpen has been lights out until this series. This is all excuse making for a bullpen that has suddenly had a meltdown.
2007-04-22 20:08:35
902.   thelarmis
if we don't tie this game up here, i'm gonna light myself on fire ala schteeve!
2007-04-22 20:08:39
903.   Benjamin Kabak
894 I would advocate bringing in a lefty to face J.D. Drew in that situation 10 times out of 10. Others may disagree.
2007-04-22 20:08:42
904.   bobtaco
Wait, why are they taking the most unhittable middle relief pitcher in history out?
2007-04-22 20:08:57
905.   Vandelay Industries
Bringing in the cheater. Donnelly is a piece of shit. Let's hit this guy!
2007-04-22 20:09:19
906.   yankz
902 What, and leave me all alone at night?
2007-04-22 20:09:36
907.   monkeypants
888 No need to worry about Nieves AB, since Melky comes up first. Also, Posada can only PH tonight, but not play in the field--so if you use him you have to burn two players no matter what, and in this case you should want to see Posada bat before Phelps.
2007-04-22 20:09:40
908.   Benjamin Kabak
894 Also, we're taking about starting an inning vs. facing a hitter with a runner on base already. It's managing for the situation.
2007-04-22 20:10:16
909.   Mattpat11
Drew does hit lefties reasonably well.
2007-04-22 20:10:31
910.   thelarmis
906 don't worry, i'll be healed of all wounds around 3am!
2007-04-22 20:11:05
911.   williamnyy23
870 Maybe Bruney; maybe Henn. Both are relatively well rested compared to Proctor.
2007-04-22 20:11:16
912.   Mattpat11
904 Number 2 is coming in now.
2007-04-22 20:11:18
913.   williamnyy23
870 Maybe Bruney; maybe Henn. Both are relatively well rested compared to Proctor.
2007-04-22 20:11:26
914.   thelarmis
for all the torre bashing, just remember, dusty would be seething right now with the bases all "clogged" and stuff...
2007-04-22 20:11:33
915.   monkeypants
OK, PR Cairo for Posada means that he will burn three players for one--unless Cairo goes in to play 1B. Hmm...
2007-04-22 20:11:46
916.   C2Coke
900 I had no doubt the offense can do it. It's the bullpen that makes my head hurts this series.
2007-04-22 20:12:30
917.   Mattpat11
Okay. Chipping away.
2007-04-22 20:12:53
918.   C2Coke
915 It's too confusing a situation for me to comprehend. But I guess let Jorge rest whenever possible at this point.
2007-04-22 20:13:01
919.   thelarmis
base hit. please, oh please. base hit.

6 runs for dice-k.

2007-04-22 20:13:12
920.   Mattpat11
Matsuzaka's great game. 7 IP 8 Hits 1 BB 2 HBP 6 runs.
2007-04-22 20:13:19
921.   nick
ok, Phelps, here's your shot at becoming one of Joe's guys-
2007-04-22 20:13:22
922.   JimCobain
So Dicke-K gave up 6 runs in 7 innings...

Let's go Phelps!

2007-04-22 20:13:30
923.   yankz
Is Posada going to catch?
2007-04-22 20:13:53
924.   Bob Timmermann
Posada was run for.
2007-04-22 20:14:04
925.   Mattpat11
worst case scenarion top of the order vs. Papelbitch
2007-04-22 20:14:07
926.   JimCobain
923 Posada was pinch hit for.
2007-04-22 20:14:08
927.   yankz
A bomb would be pretty sweet.
2007-04-22 20:14:11
928.   monkeypants
Sweet mother of all that's good and pure--Torre is PH Phelps, who now must C. I promise, I will not bitch about Torre's bench use tonight. I wouldn't have made all these moves, but at least it's going outside the box!
2007-04-22 20:14:30
929.   nyyfan22
926 - pinch run for.
2007-04-22 20:14:34
930.   yankz
Oh yeah. Anyone else think this is unnecessary overmanaging for an April game?
2007-04-22 20:14:49
931.   Mattpat11
2007-04-22 20:14:51
932.   bobtaco
Jesus Christ.
2007-04-22 20:14:56
933.   JimCobain
Garsh Dang it!
2007-04-22 20:15:04
934.   yankz
Oh, fucking, AHHH
2007-04-22 20:15:05
935.   williamnyy23
870 Also, were wokring off what has happened in the past. If I was the manager, Bruney and Proctor wouldn't have pitched in the Cleveland blowouts and Vizcaino wouldn't have worked on Friday after throwing 30 pitches on Thursday. That would have left more options for this weekend.
2007-04-22 20:15:14
936.   williamnyy23
870 Also, were wokring off what has happened in the past. If I was the manager, Bruney and Proctor wouldn't have pitched in the Cleveland blowouts and Vizcaino wouldn't have worked on Friday after throwing 30 pitches on Thursday. That would have left more options for this weekend.
2007-04-22 20:15:21
937.   thelarmis
good grief

if that was cano, miller would've been distraught...

2007-04-22 20:15:22
938.   claybeez
Josh made solid contact. What more can you ask for from him?
2007-04-22 20:15:23
939.   Simone
Bad luck that.
2007-04-22 20:15:40
940.   Vandelay Industries
Oh well. Torre tried to win the game. Weird use of the pen, but we should have got 2 that inning.

At least we get to see Phelps catch.

2007-04-22 20:15:43
941.   JimCobain
Let's take bets on an insurance run scoring this inning because we have a guy catching who hasn't played the position in 5 years.
2007-04-22 20:15:44
942.   C2Coke
So we will be watching Phelps catch?
2007-04-22 20:15:48
943.   Jim Dean
So rather than have Phelps go into 1B and Jorge into C, Tea is sending Cairo into 1B and Phelps into C.

Brilliant Tea.

2007-04-22 20:15:51
944.   rsmith51
Dem are the breaks.
2007-04-22 20:15:56
945.   monkeypants
Shit--you just can't hit it much harder. Aggressive managerial moves, just didn't work out.
2007-04-22 20:16:05
946.   Mattpat11
If we can keep it like this, Damon Jeter Abreu vs Papelbon.
2007-04-22 20:16:10
947.   nick
I'd feel better in a way if one or two of these games had been blowouts--this is just unbearable...
2007-04-22 20:17:18
948.   monkeypants
943 Be fair--Posada cannot catch tonight at all. So that's not an option.
2007-04-22 20:17:19
949.   yankz
943 That's assuming Posada is capable of catching. If not, this is the best we've got.

Boston's going to run all day if they get a runner on.

2007-04-22 20:17:33
950.   tommyl
Why not DH Jorge and let Giambi play 1B for a bit?

The bottom of our order is just awful with Minky and Nieves in there. Its like having two pitchers hit.

Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2007-04-22 20:17:37
951.   bobtaco
You know what? Even if they lose, this team has 60% of a starting lineup, a AA Starter, a totally blown BP and they STILL are hanging with this Red Sox team which is at full strength.
2007-04-22 20:17:38
952.   Benjamin Kabak
945 Aggressive managerial moves may have had Melky Cabrera steal second base there....
2007-04-22 20:17:43
953.   claybeez
943 I don't think Jorge is ready to catch, Downer Boy.
2007-04-22 20:17:54
954.   Vandelay Industries
Doesn't miller do the play by play for a MLB team?
2007-04-22 20:18:15
955.   C2Coke
943 Don't think Jorge can be catching yet.
2007-04-22 20:18:18
956.   yankz
The boys scored 16 runs in 20.2 innings off their best pitchers. Come June, when God gives Mo back The Hammer and we're not starting minor league Scary Fly-Ball guys, the Red Sox will be a joke.
2007-04-22 20:18:21
957.   Mattpat11
Oh crap. I forgot who was coming up
2007-04-22 20:18:26
958.   joejoejoe
930 I don't have a problem with Torre finding out if Phelps can really be an emergency catcher or not. I liked the Pettitte move too. It's not the overmanaging of the offense, it's lack of managing of the bullpen that bothers me.
2007-04-22 20:18:46
959.   DougP
I think Torre said before the game that Posada was available to hit but not to catch. I'm not going to comlain about the unorthodox moves -- if the Yanks don't score the runs, they aren't going to win. No point in throwing awy that inning by sending Nieves up to hit.
2007-04-22 20:19:03
960.   yankz
950 The only way to make Jorge DH (in this game) would be for him to PH for Giambi.
2007-04-22 20:19:17
961.   claybeez
We knew going in that if we didn't win Andy's game we might get swept. I don't get the histrionics. The pen needs a break. Hopefully, a couple deep starts and we're there.
2007-04-22 20:19:48
962.   nick
928 no problem with Phelps catching--let's see how he looks--it's not like we couldn't use more options behind the plate-
2007-04-22 20:20:06
963.   thelarmis
a-rod will get to bat in the 9th and will beat paplebitch. mo will pitch a scoreless 9th. yankees win. theeeee ynakees win!
2007-04-22 20:20:14
964.   C2Coke
Hey, look at it this way, if Phelps does the job at C, we might see him more often from now on.
2007-04-22 20:20:17
965.   Mattpat11
I'm bad at reading the ball of the bat, but at least I'm better than the Fenway crowd.
2007-04-22 20:20:36
966.   bobtaco
961 Exactly, if Wang comes back strong, and Mo closes a game Andy starts, everything is cool.
2007-04-22 20:20:56
967.   Vandelay Industries

Agreed! How about AN option, rather than more options? I liked the off-seasn moves, but Nieves, I still don't get that.

2007-04-22 20:21:12
968.   yankz
Damon K's, Jeter doubles, Abreu flies out to center, A-God with a bomb. Then Mo K's the side.
2007-04-22 20:21:44
969.   bobtaco
No, he said he's a crazy mutherfucker.
2007-04-22 20:21:53
970.   williamnyy23
951 I actually agree...if I was a Red Sox fan, it would definitely concern me that these three games were close. Not only have injuries crippled the Yankees, but in all honesty, Torre's horrendous managing and the organizations refusal to bring up their best pitching prospects have been more damaging. If the Red Sox came out and beat up the Yankees, you could live with it. Knowing that Torre coughed up Friday's game and we had to endure Wright/Karstens instead of Hughes or even Clippard is angering.
2007-04-22 20:22:13
971.   Mattpat11
960 We could have sat The Stink and played Giambi at first
2007-04-22 20:22:43
972.   Knuckles
oh, Phelps is not a rookie, Miller?!?!?!
2007-04-22 20:22:46
973.   Mattpat11
960 We could have sat The Stink and played Giambi at first
2007-04-22 20:23:11
974.   Mattpat11
960 We could have sat The Stink and played Giambi at first
2007-04-22 20:23:21
975.   yankz
971 That would be a pre-game decision, and who knows if they wanted Jorge to bat multiple times? I don't.
2007-04-22 20:23:44
976.   thelarmis
mattpat gunning for 1,000 posts! ; )
2007-04-22 20:24:06
977.   C2Coke
Take a look at the Griddle. Funny. History by Chase Wright.
2007-04-22 20:24:14
978.   Mattpat11
Okay, I think I solved the problem. :)
2007-04-22 20:24:15
979.   yankz
976 LOL!
2007-04-22 20:24:17
980.   nick
ok, y'all are right, I give up....
Riddle: what do you call the physical response experienced by Jon Miller upon the appearance of Paplebon?
2007-04-22 20:25:32
981.   C2Coke
976 Last time 1000 posts happended, was the sweep.
2007-04-22 20:25:35
982.   rsmith51
I would try and steal if I were Manny.
2007-04-22 20:25:36
983.   yankz
980 PG Version: A swoon
2007-04-22 20:25:42
984.   thelarmis

shtays there...

ugh, i've had enough of morgan already

2007-04-22 20:25:59
985.   yankz
981 Really? It never happened during the playoffs?
2007-04-22 20:26:37
986.   Mattpat11
Without Pavano. Yeah, I really miss him.
2007-04-22 20:26:43
987.   BklynBmr
980 The hands-off O?
2007-04-22 20:26:59
988.   bobtaco
21-17, shocking
2007-04-22 20:27:09
989.   nick
wow, is Morgan reading the Banter now?
2007-04-22 20:27:25
990.   thelarmis
in case i've never mentioned it... i HATE the color red.
2007-04-22 20:27:27
991.   Mattpat11
Wow. Morgan admitting the Red Sox haven't pitched well.
2007-04-22 20:27:49
992.   Knuckles
STFU chowderheads- if the Yanks wanted to plunk Lowell, it'd be in the back/ass, not the foot.
2007-04-22 20:28:15
993.   C2Coke
985 Honestly, I don't remember 1000 posts had happened during the playoffs. Besides, there weren't that many playoff games...
2007-04-22 20:28:40
994.   tommyl
960 I didn't mean for tonight sorry, I meant in general till his thumb heals. Seems better than trotting Minky out there.
2007-04-22 20:28:53
995.   nick
actually (imagine Beavis and Butthead voice)'s a Papleboner! thanks, thanks; I'll be here all week--
2007-04-22 20:29:03
996.   yankz
2007-04-22 20:29:14
997.   DougP
Today is my first day posting (though I've been reading the banter since last year) so it's cool to think that I helped us hit 1000.
2007-04-22 20:29:22
998.   Mattpat11
How many times will they show us this fucking Bonds HR?
2007-04-22 20:29:27
999.   BklynBmr
985 Ken can explain, but early on there was a 999 post limit in the code — I forget what game broke it (a Sox game, I'm sure). But now we're good for a lot more...
2007-04-22 20:29:46
1000.   joejoejoe
Josh Phelps looks decent behind the plate. I think he's glancing to the dugout to get the pitch calls.
Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2007-04-22 20:29:49
1001.   bobtaco
2007-04-22 20:29:57
1002.   yankz
Jeter makes me want to sing "Me so horny"

Anyone else watch Disturbia?

2007-04-22 20:30:18
1003.   rsmith51
Top of the lineup...

Let's go Yankees!!

2007-04-22 20:30:39
1004.   bobtaco
Here comes the Papel-gasm.
2007-04-22 20:30:45
1005.   C2Coke
999 Yea, I remember that we broke the Toaster.
2007-04-22 20:30:52
1006.   tommyl
Oh man, I would jump for joy if A-Rod knocks in the winning run, plus, it would leave Joe and Jon speechless
2007-04-22 20:31:06
1007.   Mattpat11
Okay. We need to hit the Papelbitch.
2007-04-22 20:31:11
1008.   OldYanksFan
Damon leading off here is key. Common JD! Get 'er done!
2007-04-22 20:31:17
1009.   yankz
997 Thanks for the help. Lots of newcomers lately...
2007-04-22 20:31:23
1010.   NJYankee41
I have to admit Papelbon scares me a bit.
2007-04-22 20:31:40
1011.   claybeez
If they're not ready to call-up Hughes or
T-Clip, let Henn be the 5th/6th starter. Just don't let him know he's starting till the national anthem. Should counteract his anxiety problem between starts.
2007-04-22 20:31:44
1012.   yankz
I believe the limit is 5000 now...
2007-04-22 20:32:36
1013.   joejoejoe
1000 I'm the 1000st post, first 1000st poster of the 2007! I think I win a free copy of Baseball Toaster, the home version and a George Medich baseball card.
2007-04-22 20:32:44
1014.   Max Nomad
1012 Well, I'm back, so we've got one inning!
2007-04-22 20:32:46
1015.   C2Coke
1000 I agree. And he hits way better than Nieves.
2007-04-22 20:33:04
1016.   Mattpat11
Here we go.
2007-04-22 20:33:51
1017.   DougP
1007 It's a lot more fun to contribute than just to read. Now if only the Yankees could pull this out!
2007-04-22 20:34:01
1018.   yankz
Papelboner Papelboner Papelboner
2007-04-22 20:34:09
1019.   Mattpat11
He was a little wild last night.
2007-04-22 20:34:11
1020.   bobtaco
Oh, jinx him you fools.
2007-04-22 20:34:33
1021.   Mattpat11
98 mph?
2007-04-22 20:34:51
1022.   Mattpat11
bad swing.
2007-04-22 20:34:54
1023.   thelarmis
1004 i think it's the guys in the booth having the gasms...
2007-04-22 20:34:58
1024.   C2Coke
1009 A lot. Maybe after Fungoes started?
2007-04-22 20:35:04
1025.   JimCobain
Did a professional announcer just say "wow" on a 1-1 pitch in April?
2007-04-22 20:35:20
1026.   yankz
Damn, that split was nasty.
2007-04-22 20:35:35
1027.   BklynBmr
1005 Yeah, that was crazy. Had to be a Sawx game...

1010 Me, too. I like his approach, he's fearless...

2007-04-22 20:35:50
1028.   Mattpat11
Papelbon making kissy faces
2007-04-22 20:36:15
1029.   yankz
1020 If only.

Please, DON'T let it be a splitter.

Damnit, it was. Joe was right. I hate when that happens.

2007-04-22 20:36:37
1030.   Mattpat11
I have to pee. I wish something would happen
2007-04-22 20:37:01
1031.   C2Coke
1027 It was one of the 5-game sweep.
2007-04-22 20:37:20
1032.   bobtaco
Flashback, show the Jeter hit? Nah.
2007-04-22 20:37:23
1033.   thelarmis
just wait til dice-k teaches paplebitch the gyroball... : ~
2007-04-22 20:37:34
1034.   yankz
I hate that Papelbon is really good.
2007-04-22 20:37:48
1035.   thelarmis
c'mon cap'n, do it again!
2007-04-22 20:38:04
1036.   yankz
1032 I called for that last time, yeah right...
2007-04-22 20:38:11
1037.   Mattpat11
1034 I'd rather he start and be really good.
2007-04-22 20:38:21
1038.   yankz
Is that punk trying to intimidate Captain Clutch?
2007-04-22 20:38:29
1039.   Mattpat11
That was the gyro ball.
2007-04-22 20:38:58
1040.   thelarmis
1034 i was just thinkin' that yankz. this kid is throwing flames.
2007-04-22 20:38:58
1041.   Mattpat11
I hate baseball.
2007-04-22 20:39:23
1042.   BklynBmr
Good things can happen with two outs... ;-)
2007-04-22 20:39:31
1043.   Benjamin Kabak
I can't wait for Papelbon's shoulder to fall apart.
2007-04-22 20:39:45
1044.   thelarmis
you down with OBP? yeah you know me... walk and an a-bomb. let's go fellas!!!
2007-04-22 20:40:04
1045.   nick
Bobby is so due for a long ball-
2007-04-22 20:40:21
1046.   thelarmis
1041 i love baseball. i loathe the scum sox.
2007-04-22 20:40:28
1047.   joejoejoe
1010 Papelbon scares me less since he made up that BS this Spring about wanting to go back to the bullpen after saying all Winter he wanted to start. He'll revert to human eventually. It's a fluke to be so good for so long. 109 innings pitched is a small sample size. Papelbon is great but he's not automatic - nobody is automatic, not even Mo.
2007-04-22 20:40:40
1048.   claybeez
Time for Abreu to have a good AB.
2007-04-22 20:40:41
1049.   yankz
1044 Arodianity...
2007-04-22 20:40:53
1050.   BklynBmr
I love how Morgan knows what's coming, even if it isn't...
Show/Hide Comments 1051-1100
2007-04-22 20:41:32
1051.   Mattpat11
not looking good.
2007-04-22 20:41:39
1052.   C2Coke
Anyboday actually believed the Red Sox when they said they were converting Papelbon to a starting pitcher?
2007-04-22 20:41:44
1053.   yankz
1048 It's a good AB, but let's see the outcome...
2007-04-22 20:41:50
1054.   joejoejoe
1044 That's funny as hell.
2007-04-22 20:41:52
1055.   thelarmis
1050 it's easy, they're all gyroballs. even i know that...
2007-04-22 20:41:56
1056.   claybeez
Come on, Bobby.
2007-04-22 20:42:12
1057.   Mattpat11
Here we go. Power vs. Power.
2007-04-22 20:42:14
1058.   bobtaco
2007-04-22 20:42:28
1059.   fansince77
Got to earn it now PAPELion
2007-04-22 20:42:33
1060.   3rd gen yankee fan
HA!!! awesome.
2007-04-22 20:42:34
1061.   claybeez
Again and Again. It's all up to A-Rod. This is why I love baseball.
2007-04-22 20:42:35
1062.   BklynBmr
Hmmm. Miller's cab is running...
2007-04-22 20:42:42
1063.   DougP
Yeah! Alright, C'mon A-Rod. It's your time!
2007-04-22 20:42:54
1064.   yankz
2007-04-22 20:43:02
1065.   thelarmis
okay, here's the situation, my parents went away on a... wait, wait. hobbs opportunity. 2-run job. alexander the great!!! let's go!
2007-04-22 20:43:09
1066.   Mattpat11
Will a double score Bobby?
2007-04-22 20:43:17
1067.   zgveritas
How could you not love baseball?
2007-04-22 20:43:25
1068.   C2Coke
2007-04-22 20:43:33
1069.   claybeez
That was the pitch. Damn!
2007-04-22 20:43:48
1070.   Mattpat11
not looking good again
2007-04-22 20:43:58
1071.   yankz
I <3 Baseball
2007-04-22 20:44:00
1072.   thelarmis
bobby's cadillac has new wheels - yeah, he'll score on a two-bagger!
2007-04-22 20:44:09
1073.   yankz
2007-04-22 20:44:10
1074.   Mattpat11
oh well.
2007-04-22 20:45:05
1075.   thelarmis

night all. off to practice. yankz, i'll check in about 4am... : )

2007-04-22 20:45:05
1076.   yankz
We'll get them next weekend.
2007-04-22 20:45:15
1077.   rsmith51
That first pitch was the key pitch. Splitter in the dirt and ARod is guessing fast ball.
2007-04-22 20:45:18
1078.   bobtaco
Considerable help.
2007-04-22 20:45:27
1079.   C2Coke
Well, at least this thread marks the most posts in a game the Yankees lost.
2007-04-22 20:45:37
1080.   DougP
We'll get em in New York next weekend with Wang and Matsui back.
2007-04-22 20:45:39
1081.   yankz
1075 Haha. I should call it a night early.
2007-04-22 20:45:45
1082.   claybeez
Not a fun way to spend a weekend. Still, we weren't embarrassed even with our hands tied behind our backs.

Here's to staying healthy the rest of the way and laughing about this Red Sox sweep in October.

2007-04-22 20:45:47
1083.   Mattpat11
And those fools make a point of saying that Matsuzaka beat the Yankees in his first game against us. Not mentioning that he sucked.
2007-04-22 20:46:00
1084.   Mattpat11
And those fools make a point of saying that Matsuzaka beat the Yankees in his first game against us. Not mentioning that he sucked.
2007-04-22 20:46:07
1085.   NJYankee41
At least we have Dice-k's number
2007-04-22 20:47:32
1086.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yup, we'll get 'em when we're healthy.
2007-04-22 20:48:14
1087.   BklynBmr
"Their three best" (Shill, Beckett and DoucheK) all required a Yankees bullpen meltdown to win.

'nuff said. See youze vs Tampa...

2007-04-22 20:48:29
1088.   C2Coke
How long before the Sox's fans show up here?
2007-04-22 20:48:57
1089.   yankz
1088 Yeah, paging ric and debris...
2007-04-22 20:54:08
1090.   Paul in Boston
Seemed like a game we should have lost by 5 runs, not by 1.

Some painful losses past 3 days nonetheless. Thanks for the therapy, all.

2007-04-22 20:54:44
1091.   BklynBmr
1088 If the DWI roadblocks are up, it depends how fast they can get fingerprinted, mug-shoted, and bailed out — the ones in attendance tonight, at least...
2007-04-22 21:08:16
1092.   Eirias
Looks like I can never watch ESPN again.
2007-04-22 21:16:25
1093.   Max Nomad
1092 Yea, they didn't even MENTION that the Banter made it over the 1000 mark...
2007-04-22 21:18:12
1094.   Max Nomad
1087 So true. And I'm so glad A-Rod at least got up and put it in play. Woulda hated to have been wondering what coulda been...

And Abreu has at least 2 BB againt Mr. I Dont Walk No One Papeljerk.

Got Wang vs. Kazmir Tuesday...

2007-04-22 21:21:02
1095.   Zack
It will be so nice to have Wang, Posada and Matsui back. That black hole at the bottom of our order has to go. And since Minky bought himself another two months at least (could this weekend possibly have been worse?), we need those bats asap. That way we go back to only one auto out.

Funny, that it worked out that everyone will be returning right AFTER this series. Ah well, aren't we playing them like next weekend again at the stadium?

2007-04-22 21:26:44
1096.   seamus
A sweep to the Sox usually upsets me, but i'm not that upset. I think that I was actually pleased with how well we competed in a series I expected to lose going in.

Our bullpen is just dead tired. We really need some starters to start going deep. I wish I knew when this might happen. Igawa is throwing too many pitches per inning, Wang will take a start or two before they'll let his pitch count climb like that, Rasner/Karstens/Wright don't seem primed for long starts. It seems like Pettitte is our only hope and him throwing from the pen once between every start can't be helping his arm. But, I totally pegged Proctor giving up that HR. He always struggles when he is overused. And he clearly was hitting that wall tonight.

In any case, it will be great to have Matsui back and Wang back and Posada back and Moose back. wow, we're worn thin.

2007-04-22 21:30:08
1097.   yankz
Wang is coming back, and he's an innings eater. Igawa has gotten better and better, going deeper in games. Rasner/Karstens/Wright won't be here for long. Which means Proctor might get some rest (yeah, right).

Matsui replacing a slumping Melky is a gigantic swing offensively. And of course, Posada replacing Nieves is somewhere in the infinity range.

2007-04-22 21:47:16
1098.   Zack
And Phelps replacing...oh, nevermind...
2007-04-22 22:12:09
1099.   yankz
SportsCenter (my friend is making me watch) just showed the 4 in a row. Oh my god, whoever was calling the game must've had his hand down his pants during Drew's AB and was done by Vagitek's.
2007-04-22 22:15:27
1100.   Vandelay Industries
Stranger things have happened. Hell, if Phelps can catch, why not give him some starts there? Nieves cannot throw runners out, so I am not sure what his value is if not defense. I am sure there is someone else who could serve as the emergency catcher in a pinch.

Why not try it? We wouldn't have a pinch hitter, but heck, we dont really have one now.

Show/Hide Comments 1101-1150
2007-04-22 22:20:41
1101.   Vandelay Industries
The only thing I would have changed tonight would have been one of our many many many pitchers plunking Manny. Matsuzaka cannot throw that inside pitch yet, but the Yankee game is not the proper venue to practice it. Get in the damn pen and practice it there. He might hurt somebody before too long. He's been dangerously close to really getting someone in all 4 starts. If Matsui were healthy, you can bet he would have buzzed him the same way he buzzed Ichiro on purpose.

I really have a big problem with him doing that. Pitching inside is acceptable, in fact I like it. But if you are going to do it you have to have control. You can bet that if you got hit by Pedro, he meant to do it and knew right where the pitch was going to land.

2007-04-22 22:21:32
1102.   yankz
1099 I was referring to the radio broadcasters, BTW. Not like Miller and Morgasm were any different.

YouTube today: I've posted this before, but it got lost in a game thread, I awesome MLB 2k6 glitch.

2007-04-22 22:24:15
1103.   yankz
Via Pete Abe:
"Wil Nieves dislocated his thumb in the fourth inning. Trainer Steve Donahue popped it back in and he caught four more innings. "The kid has a lot of guts," Torre said."

True dat, Joe.

2007-04-22 22:51:00
1104.   monkeypants
1103 I never wish injury on anyone, but does Nieves' thumb mean the team will rotate in another BUC (like someone who has hit in the last three seasons)? Or, dare I say, does Phelps become the BUC? If he could do it, what a serious upgrade.
2007-04-23 00:00:01
1105.   LI yankee
Very tough weekend, but I am much calmer than I should be after a sweep at the hands of Boston, or the fact that we lost 4 of the first 5 last year. Like many people here, I am not very worried.

But man, what a very strange first 3 weeks. A godly A-Rod and a mortal Rivera has definitely provided some huge ups and downs I don't think I've ever seen in April.

2007-04-23 00:01:15
1106.   LI yankee
1105 for the fact...
2007-04-23 00:10:05
1107.   YankeeFan11
The one thing I do know after this weekend is that Fox and ESPN have almost gotten unwatchable. McCarver still seems pissed that the Yanks fired him and Jon Miller seems disappointed whenever the Yanks do something well.
2007-04-23 00:49:57
1108.   thelarmis
very very true. but as much as i can't stand buck/mccarver & john/joe, i'm thankful that the games were on tv and i could actually watch my boyz. i get to see them again tomorrow on espn. not ideal, but better than a kick in the ass. and better than a sharp stick in the eye.'s real late, best get some sleep...

we'll get back to full strength and take it to 'em next weekend in da bronx!

2007-04-23 03:45:58
1109.   randym77
If we had a BUC who could hit, wouldn't he be on the team instead of Nieves?
2007-04-23 04:50:35
1110.   C2Coke
1109 Hopefully Torre will try Phelps at C more often to see if he's really capable.

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