Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2007-04-20 07:57
by Alex Belth

Greetings from the Bahamas, my peoples.

So Em and I got hitched yesterday and it all went swimmingly. We are staying at a resort by the water and were all set-up to have our ceremony, just the two of us, on a pier over-looking the ocean. 1:30 p.m. was our launch time. Em went off to get her hair and make-up done just after 11:00 while I stayed in our room and finished ironing my shirt and getting myself prepped. And yo, wouldn't you know it, but by 11:30 the skies opened-up and it started to rain like mad. And it didn't stop.

I turned on the Weather Channel, and kept going out onto our terrace to look at the sky. Gray and raining, the palm trees rustling in the wind. Man, I was bugging thinking about Emily bugging (and she, in turn, was bugging about me bugging about her bugging). We came all the way down here to Paradise and it's freakin' raining, you've got to be kidding me. But then I thought of my cousin Eric who would have embraced the rain, the sense that Mother Nature was doing her thing, and it was all good, and that calmed me some. Then I thought, "Hey, I'm totally happy, I look great, and I'm marrying the love of my life, screw the weather."

The rain tapered off some by a quarter to one when Em called. She sounded calm. I asked if we were going to change the location to inside and she said "No, not yet." I went off to meet the minister, A. Dewitt Hutcherson, a tall-strapping man who looked vaguely like Michael Irvin. We were going to be the 9,796th wedding he'd performed in his career.

The rain had stopped and the humidity hit with the quickness. As we walked to the pier, believe it or not, the sun came out. Ten minutes later, my bride joined us, and it was completely sunny. The ceremony was short and sweet and lovely. We took pictures for a long while against the brilliant blue-green backdrop of the ocean and we were very happy.

Then, after eating the cake and drinking some champagne, we finally got back to our room. Em went to the bathroom to fix herself up and I quickly checked the ESPN ticker for the score of the game (incorrigible, I know, but come on, I had to distract myself for a minute). Yanks were down 6-2. Oh, well, I thought. No big deal.

We then consumated our love for each other while the Bombers roared back in the ninth. When we checked the scores later and saw that the Yanks had won, we couldn't believe what we were seeing. They didn't have any details, but when caught the highlights on Sportscenter, and...holy my god! Talk about Kismet. That was the icing on the gravy to what was already an amazing day. All those two-out, bottom of the ninth hits? Man, I was nervous just watching the clips. And our boy Alex Rodriguez hitting another huge home run? Dag, man, what a wonderful thing.

I realize that the Boston series is a thing onto itself (hopefully, the Yanks can take one out of three), but no matter what transpires this weekend, Em and I will always have the memory of A Rod coming through on the most meaningful day of our lives. It's a small thing, but a beautiful thing.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'll get atcha when I return next week.

2007-04-20 08:19:49
1.   Jim Dean
"We then consumated our love for each other during the Yankees ninth inning comeback. When we checked the scores later and saw that the Yanks had won, we couldn't believe what we were seeing."

That, sir, is a great memory. Too bad you couldn't have Reggie on the line with the congratulatory phone call.


2007-04-20 08:29:04
2.   Max Nomad
I can just imagine you guys 'consumating,' as A-Rod destroys the Indians in the background. Like fireworks in a cheesy movie. Love it. Congrats.
2007-04-20 08:35:42
3.   C2Coke
That was a Alex for Alex moment!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us. Congrats again, married man.

2007-04-20 08:37:36
4.   rbj
Nice story. Congrats again.
And rain is necessary for life.
2007-04-20 08:43:01
5.   standuptriple
1 See, I think I'd prefer Yogi with some eloquent congratulatory words.
Atta boy AB! Hope it was a day-night double header (if you know what I mean).
2007-04-20 08:47:38
6.   Simone
Congrats again to the Belths. ESPN is a must in any hotel in any where in the world.

2 Think the Natural with sparks flying from the broken light.

2007-04-20 08:51:09
7.   dianagramr
Mr. Belth should send Mr. Borowski and Mr. Wedge a "thank you" card for the lovely wedding gift!

Congrats to Alex and Emily ...

2007-04-20 09:03:35
8.   Sliced Bread
Bahamas Banter! I love it!
That's a beaut of a story, Alex. Glad to hear your big day went according to A-Rod's plan.
2007-04-20 09:06:46
9.   NetShrine
Congrats and best wishes to the bride and groom!

Alex, blogging on your honeymoon?

You want to stay married?

2007-04-20 09:08:53
10.   seamus
Alex - thanks for sharing your story! I was wondering last night if things for you and Em had gone off without a hitch - and if you go the word from the bronx on your special wedding present from arod. Congratulations!
2007-04-20 09:21:28
11.   rbj
10 I think there had to be at least one hitch.

Nice sunny, warm weather here, Yankees come from behind win yesterday, ticket to Mudhens game tonight, Yanks - Sox weekend. And I'm taking the afternoon off.

2007-04-20 09:25:57
12.   Chyll Will
Never mind what Alanis Morrisette said, rain is a blessing. You and Em must really love and connect to have such an effect on nature. Live well and love effortlessly, good people. >;)
2007-04-20 09:27:20
13.   Patrick
What a day. Glad to hear it worked out like that. Congrats to both of you.
2007-04-20 09:50:36
14.   williamnyy23
Enjoy the rest of the honeymoon. Do they have any souvenirs in the Bahamas? Maybe you guys could bring back a BUC for JD?
2007-04-20 09:59:15
15.   Jim Dean
14 I'll take a 1B, thanks.
2007-04-20 10:07:20
16.   unmoderated
congrats, my man.
we await your return....
...but take your time.
2007-04-20 10:13:45
17.   Sliced Bread
14 For foodies like Alex, mango jam and guava jelly are popular Bahamian souvenirs.

They're both delicious on toast and, not for nuthin', a jar of either could out-hit Doug Minky.

2007-04-20 10:16:30
18.   yankz
"We then consumated our love for each other while the Bombers roared back in the ninth."

Every man's dream.

2007-04-20 10:17:59
19.   yankz
For even more happiness and Arod love, this guy has a bunch of Roy Hobbs's (we need a better His Holiness too blasphemous?) homers from this season:

I'm really beginning to lose track.

2007-04-20 10:18:32
20.   pistolpete
"We then consumated our love for each other while the Bombers roared back in the ninth."

Just way too many wisecracks to even enumerate flooding the recesses of my brain...

I'll instead leave it at 'Congratulations', and remark that you had a much better Yankees result than on MY wedding day:

2007-04-20 10:26:18
21.   joejoejoe
'It's a small thing, but a beautiful thing.'

You sound like Tony LaRussa talking about David Eckstein. Congrats Alex & Emily!

2007-04-20 10:27:54
22.   dianagramr

are those items gonna be easy for the happy couple to get off the (not Ben) sheets?

All Alex needed was the Scooter doing the play-by-play on the radio, ala "Paradise by the Dashboard Light". (though I doubt Emily would have said "stop right there!")

2007-04-20 10:28:29
23.   Shaun P
It all works out in the end, right Alex?

Congrats again to you and Emily - you're one lucky guy. Like SL alluded to in 9, my wife would've killed me if I checked the TV to find out the score of the game just after we got married.

I did the traditional thing and had my brother (the best man) give me score updates throughout the reception. ;)

Enjoy the rest of the marrymoon and safe travels back to the City!

Hope you get to consummate during three Yankee wins over the weekend!

2007-04-20 10:30:50
24.   ny2ca2dc
Another congrats, lets hope the boys can deliver a win as a(nother) gift - more than one win would be pretty unreal.
2007-04-20 10:40:31
25.   Sliced Bread
22 re: "Paradise By The Dashboard Light"

Don't you think Sterling and Waldman would just knock that one out of the park in a karaoke contest?

Suzyn: "Will you love me forevah?"
Sterling: "Let me sleep on it, Suzyn baby, let me sleep on it, I'll give you an answer in thuuuuuuuhhh Yankees win!"

In fact, didn't Sterling and Waldman also make the following revelation?:

"We then consumated our love for each other while the Bombers roared back in the ninth."


2007-04-20 10:49:10
26.   Shaun P
25 Thanks Sliced. I will now spend the next few hours trying to get that image of Suzyn and Sterling out of my head.

Where's that Heather Graham picture we found last summer? I could stand to see it now.

2007-04-20 10:53:08
27.   Sliced Bread
26 Truly sorry about that one Shaun P.

Dang, where is that Heather Graham shot when we need it? Let the healing begin, people!

2007-04-20 10:59:38
28.   yankz
Fear not, and keep away from kids and bosses...

2007-04-20 11:52:54
29.   Bob Timmermann
When Alex gets excited about baseball, he calms down and thinks about sex.
2007-04-20 12:06:38
30.   dianagramr


I would posit that Alex (B.) has a great batting average with one particular woman in scoring position.

The Belth-bino!

2007-04-20 14:52:46
31.   nyyfan22
"We were going to be the 9,796th wedding he'd performed in his career."

Wow! That's impressive. What's the single season record, and where does he stand in that running?

Congrats again, man. Marriage is fun.

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