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The Boston Red Sox
2007-04-20 13:24
by Cliff Corcoran

The Red Sox may have faltered last year, but I think their offseason upgrades at shortstop, right field and in the rotation have put them back in a dead heat with the Yankees. I’ll save my breakdown for next week’s series in the Bronx, however, because, with Hideki Matsui and three starting pitchers due to be activated from the disabled list between now and then, this simply isn’t the same Yankee team. As a result, all of the pressure is on the Red Sox this weekend. They can’t afford not to take at least two of three from the dilapidated Yanks in their home park, especially when they’ve got their top three starters lined up against the likes of Jeff Karstens, who will come off the DL tomorrow to make just his seventh career major league start, and Chase Wright, who will take his second big league turn on Sunday.

The Yankees, meanwhile, will be content to win just one, though there’s still some pressure in that the most favorable pitching match up for them is tonight’s marquee battle between Curt Schilling and Andy Pettitte and a sweep would be disastrous regardless of the shape of the Yankee roster. These teams are too evenly matched for either to shrug off surrendering three games in the standings, no matter how early it is.

The good news for the Yankees is that the Red Sox, with the exceptions of J. D. Drew and David Ortiz (of course), aren’t really hitting. Jason Varitek looks as done as he did last year if not more so. Coco Crisp, who was expected to bounce back following a season hampered by a hand injury, has yet to rebound. Rookie second baseman Dustin Pedroia is third on the team in walks, but has contributed almost nothing else. Manny Ramirez is off to a brutally slow start, finally hitting his first homer of the year yesterday. Kevin Youkilis has been only a hair better than Manny. Mike Lowell isn’t getting on base, and Julio Lugo isn’t showing any power.

Rather the Sox have been getting it all done on pitching. Schilling, Josh Beckett, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Tim Wakefield have all been excellent the first three times through the rotation, and Julian Tavarez (a placeholder for the progressing Jon Lester) had a good outing against the Blue Jays yesterday. The bullpen has been more problematic, but Jonathan Papelbon, Brendan Donnelly, and unheralded Japanese lefty Hideki Okajima have allowed just one run between them (a homer off Okajima) in 16 innings, striking out 22 against just four hits.

For his part, Schilling recovered from a shaky Opening Day outing in Kansas City to post the following combined line in his last two starts against the Rangers and Angels:

15 IP, 8 H, 1 R, 1 HR, 2 BB, 10 K, 2-0, 0.60 ERA

Fortunately, Andy Pettitte’s been almost as good over his last two outings against the Twins and A’s:

13 IP, 10 H, 1 ER, 0 HR, 2 BB, 7 K, 1-1, 0.69 ERA

Andy’s also a lefty facing a lineup in which the only two hot hitters are the only two lefties. In fact, the Red Sox have been sitting the fragile Drew against lefties in favor of Wily Mo Peña, as if Trot Nixon never left.

As for the Yankees, a week and a half ago I wrote: “The Yankee starters finished their first trip through the rotation with a 9.97 ERA. That was no more likely to hold up than the bullpen’s current 1.07 ERA or the offense’s 6.83 runs per game.”

Indeed, the Yankee starters ERA has dropped by more than half to 4.52, the pen ERA has more than doubled to 2.69, and the offense has scored . . . well 6.5 runs per game, actually. That’s a 1053-run pace with Matsui on the shelf for most of it, Melky not hitting in his place and Doug Mientkiewicz starting the majority of the games at first base. In other words, Alex Rodriguez will cool off (he won’t hit 116 home runs this year, you heard it here first), but the Yankees have the opportunity to compensate with a healthy Matsui and an upgrade at first, which could be as simple as giving the job to Josh Phelps. Wow.

What this weekend’s series comes down to is a match-up between the major league’s most potent offense and the major league’s stingiest pitching staff (2.57 R/G). In an identical number of games, the Yankee offense has scored 55 more runs than the Red Sox’s pitchers have allowed, that’s 253 percent as many runs (or, inversely, just 40 percent as many allowed by the Sox). The Yankees faced a similar situation heading into Oakland last week and played three games decided in the victor’s final at-bat. Here’s hoping this series is similarly exciting.


Note: The Yankees have optioned Darrell Rasner to Scranton in order to add Colter Bean to the bullpen for tonight’s game. Rasner was going to be squeezed out of the rotation anyway by the returns of Karstens (tomorrow), Wang (Tuesday), and Mussina (hopefully Friday). Bean, however, will likey be sent right back to Scranton tomorrow when Karstens is activated. It’s a smart move to maximize the roster, just as they did by adding Chris Britton to the pen this past Sunday when Mussina and Pavano hit the DL, but it’s unfortunate that their one game with a nine-man pen will come on the night that they have their best available starter pitching. Bean was outstanding in spring training, but has had a rough early going in triple-A this year. It wouldn’t be a wise move necessarily, but part of me would love to see him come in as a ROOGY to retire Manny in a big spot tonight. Rasner, meanwhile, acquitted himself well in his last two starts after struggling with what was described as a weather-related blister problem in his first start. I can’t quite figure out how extreme cold can lead to blisters, unless his problem was that his fingers were being rubbed raw. Nonetheless, there was no mention of a reoccurrence in either of his last two outings and he said he felt really good after yesterday’s start despite his early exit.

Boston Red Sox

2006 Record: 86-76 (.531)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 81-81 (.500)

Manager: Terry Francona
General Manager: Theo Epstein

Home Ballpark (2006 Park Factors): Fenway Park (102/101)

Who's Replacing Whom?

Dustin Pedroia replaces Mark Loretta
Julio Lugo replaces Alex Gonzalez
J. D. Drew replaces Trot Nixon and Gabe Kapler
Daisuke Matsuzaka replaces David Wells, Matt Clement (DL) and Kyle Snyder's starts
Julian Tavarez replaces Jon Lester (DL), Lenny DiNardo and Jason Johnson
Brendan Donnelly replaces Julian Tavarez's relief innings
J. C. Romero replaces Keith Foulke
Hideki Okajima replaces Rudy Seanez and Javier Lopez (minors)
Joel Pineiro replaces Manny Delcarmen
Kyle Snyder replaces Craig Hansen

Opening Day Roster:

1B – Kevin Youkilis (R)
2B – Dustin Pedroia (R)
SS – Julio Lugo (R)
3B – Mike Lowell (R)
C – Jason Varitek (S)
RF – J. D. Drew (L)
CF – Coco Crisp (S)
LF – Manny Ramirez (R)
DH – David Ortiz (L)


L – Eric Hinske (UT)
L – Alex Cora (IF)
R – Wily Mo Peña (OF)
R – Doug Mirabelli (C)


R – Curt Schilling
R – Josh Beckett
R – Daisuke Matsuzaka
R – Tim Wakefield
R – Julian Tavarez


R – Jonathan Papelbon
R – Mike Timlin
R – Brendan Donnelly
L – J. C. Romero
L – Hideki Okajima
R – Joel Pineiro
R – Kyle Snyder

15-day DL: R – Jon Lester, R – Matt Clement


R – Julio Lugo (SS)
R – Kevin Youkilis (1B)
L – David Ortiz (DH)
R – Manny Ramirez (RF)
L – J. D. Drew (RF)*
R – Mike Lowell (3B)
S – Jason Varitek (C)
S – Coco Crisp (CF)
R – Dustin Pedroia (2B)

*The Sox's last two starts against lefties have seen J. D. Drew sit in favor of Wily Mo Peña. In that lineup, Crisp hits second, Youkilis hits fifth, and Peña hits eighth.

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2007-04-20 16:01:20
1.   Cliff Corcoran
Sorry about the last-minute post, folks. Work + technical difficulties.
2007-04-20 16:05:31
2.   seamus
1 no problem. perfect timing for me. espn is on. i just sat down to chill. go Yanks!
2007-04-20 16:06:34
3.   seamus
what concerns me is the possibility of Beckett getting his act together. I liked wild Beckett.
2007-04-20 16:07:40
4.   FingersCrossed
Hi, Cliff. Great write-up, as always.
Here's to Yankees keeping up their winning streak!
2007-04-20 16:09:53
5.   Mattpat11
Schill is way too big to wear green
2007-04-20 16:11:35
6.   seamus
5 the green monster!
2007-04-20 16:12:10
7.   seamus
2007-04-20 16:12:28
8.   Mattpat11
Now, I always say this when we face Schilling or Wells. Is the strategy of take-take-take-take really sound against them?
2007-04-20 16:12:38
9.   BklynBmr
6 Good one!
2007-04-20 16:12:43
10.   FingersCrossed
Arod looks relaxed. That's good to see.
2007-04-20 16:13:11
11.   JeremyM
Yuck, terrible at-bat by Jeter.
2007-04-20 16:13:50
12.   Javi Javi
OK, what's with the green uniforms?
2007-04-20 16:14:23
13.   seamus
bummer. wrong place to put that bobby.
2007-04-20 16:14:31
14.   joejoejoe
Boston has nice frog-in-a-blender uniforms tonight.
2007-04-20 16:14:40
15.   BklynBmr
12 Tribute to Red Aurbach (sp?)...
2007-04-20 16:14:55
16.   bartap74
I just turned the game on - why are the Red Sox wearing softball uniforms?
2007-04-20 16:15:06
17.   seamus
14 lol!

12 tribute to celtic great red Aurbacher (sp?)

2007-04-20 16:15:40
18.   3rd gen yankee fan
Ok I gotta copy this from the other thread, DUH...

Stan's dad is the home plate umpire! Randy Marsh!

2007-04-20 16:17:01
19.   Jim Dean
1 My god, the best breakdown of any paper or site and you're apologizing!?

Thanks, good stuff. I still don't think the Sox have caught up. More like the dumb roster spots on the Yanks have left the door open.

Me, I'm most looking forward to seeing how well DM does against a real lineup on Sunday.

2007-04-20 16:17:25
20.   Javi Javi
15 Oh. Thanks. Not a big basketball fan, particularly of the Celtics, so I guess it is beyond me.
2007-04-20 16:19:47
21.   JeremyM
Geez, Francona pops his head out of the dugout to bark at the ump apparently, like he intentionally hit him on a 1-2 count.
2007-04-20 16:19:47
22.   seamus
too close, but i like that andy went inside.
2007-04-20 16:20:21
23.   seamus
anyone else having weird posting delays?
2007-04-20 16:20:51
24.   Zack
Those green unis are awful...
2007-04-20 16:21:33
25.   Zack
Manny still sporting the homeless guy look...
2007-04-20 16:21:36
26.   FingersCrossed
Come on, Andy, You can do it!
BTW, Ortiz looks like Boston Mascot.
2007-04-20 16:21:54
27.   Javi Javi
Pettite stays away from Papi the whole time
2007-04-20 16:22:17
28.   seamus
26 they all look idiotic.

double play! thanks Manny!

2007-04-20 16:22:22
29.   Zack
NIIIIICE..first time I have seen us get Manny out in forever haha
2007-04-20 16:22:56
30.   bartap74
Couldn't they have worn, I don't know, red, to honor this Red person?
2007-04-20 16:23:09
31.   claybeez
I'm glad Andy threw inside. I like tge tone it sets. I don't believe it hit him either. Looked like it got the bat right between his hands.
2007-04-20 16:25:57
32.   OldYanksFan
Red and Green? Positively, seriously ugly. Doesn't even look good on elves.
2007-04-20 16:26:52
33.   joejoejoe
28 If the Celtics had unis like Sacramento David Ortiz would like the Grimace tonight.
2007-04-20 16:26:57
34.   Zack
Is there a strong wind today?
2007-04-20 16:27:33
35.   BklynBmr
30 Should have been 1960s style NBA shorts...
2007-04-20 16:27:40
36.   JeremyM
31 I thought it got the bat too. Of course the announcers keep harping on it to play up the retaliation angle.

The guys need to stop hitting them to dead center.

2007-04-20 16:28:25
37.   Zack
Yanks could really use to win this game tonight, but if Schill is on, it don't look good..

In the end though,I'm not too worried about a sweep this weekend, other than that ESPn will pronounce the Sox AL East champs already...

2007-04-20 16:28:43
38.   bobtaco
Just missing...
2007-04-20 16:29:29
39.   Zack
Its just another way to make more money for the Sox by selling works

Good lord, thats like 4 long long fly outs in a row

2007-04-20 16:32:58
40.   seamus
ugh. the toaster is hurting tonight.
2007-04-20 16:33:46
41.   Zack
Who is the other ESPN clown tonight besides Kruk and the play by play guy?
2007-04-20 16:34:38
42.   FingersCrossed
Sweet! 2 DP!
2007-04-20 16:36:00
43.   FingersCrossed
40Yeah, takes forever to reload.
2007-04-20 16:36:01
44.   Zack
Yeah, mad crash issues, huh? Belth goes away for a few days and all goes to hell :)
2007-04-20 16:36:06
45.   seamus
well, hopefully cano can reach and give damon a chance to bat with two outs...
2007-04-20 16:36:07
46.   bartap74
Second time through the order, Schilling is going to have problems.
2007-04-20 16:36:47
47.   yankz
Papi looks exactly like his headshot, NoMass photoshop style.
2007-04-20 16:37:22
48.   FingersCrossed
So, about the long fly outs.
Is this our offensive strategy for the game???
2007-04-20 16:38:43
49.   Zack
Ump seems to have a small strike zone, no?
2007-04-20 16:42:52
50.   Zack
At least Minky did that alright
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2007-04-20 16:42:54
51.   bartap74
Second time through the order, Schilling is going to have problems.
2007-04-20 16:42:54
52.   FingersCrossed
Melky vs Boston is a good thing.
Doug finally a productive out.
2007-04-20 16:43:23
53.   Zack
Toaster, how can you do this to us, on this night?? WHHHYYYY???
2007-04-20 16:43:45
54.   seamus
toaster seems quicker.
2007-04-20 16:43:47
55.   joejoejoe
41 I think it's Karl Ravech, Dusty Baker, and John Kruk.
2007-04-20 16:43:55
56.   alterity
yeah, but a 1B whose first option is a bunt is welll.. .
2007-04-20 16:43:59
57.   seamus
yeah damon!
2007-04-20 16:44:04
58.   Ken Arneson
Sorry, folks, something is making the Toaster go slow right now. Not sure what it is...the traffice looks normal as far as I can see...I'm working on it...
2007-04-20 16:44:15
59.   bartap74
I appreciate the VT on the Bosox uniforms, green and hideous though they may be.
2007-04-20 16:44:21
60.   Zack
How can Schill's hat be so darn sweaty already? Oh yeah, he's huge...

WEll, at least we scored a run, good job Damon!

2007-04-20 16:44:31
61.   seamus
58 thanks Ken!
2007-04-20 16:45:12
62.   FingersCrossed
Yeah! Keep the pace, and we'll do all right. Come on, Cap'n!
2007-04-20 16:45:28
63.   Zack
Dusty Baker huh? Hmm, maybe I should reconsider my clown comment...
2007-04-20 16:46:29
64.   yankz
Didn't know the strike zone included the foot to the right of the plate.
2007-04-20 16:47:09
65.   seamus
jetes works count to 2-1
(why do i say jetes which is not shorter than jeter?)
strike 2 on outside corner. 2-2.
ball 3 in the dirt.
ball 4.
2007-04-20 16:47:58
66.   FingersCrossed
Sweet! Let's get patient!
2007-04-20 16:48:35
67.   BklynBmr
64 And it's only the right side, lefty or righty, no matter. Maybe he should move over a foot...
2007-04-20 16:49:26
68.   joejoejoe
One thing about ESPN that is horrible - they think that Sportscenter anchors are interchangable with play-by-play announcers. They're not. It's a lose/lose move that is designed to save ESPN money and provide an ego perk for their 'personalities'.
2007-04-20 16:49:31
69.   yankz
65 Verbally, it is shorter.
2007-04-20 16:49:43
70.   seamus
abreu takes strike 1.
ball 1 way outside. 1-1.
ball 2 outside. 2-1.
swing in a miss on low, inside cutter. 2-2.
(that was a good pitch)
check swing. called out by 3b ump.
2007-04-20 16:50:03
71.   Zack
Wow, didn't realize that the 3B ump was playing for the Sox, what was THAT call?
2007-04-20 16:50:28
72.   Benjamin Kabak
There is seriously no consistency among check swing calls. It drives me nuts.
2007-04-20 16:51:09
73.   Zack
That bunt by Minky, while productive, hurt that inning. Rather, having an auto out batting #9 hurt that inning. Might as well have pettitte hit
2007-04-20 16:51:33
74.   JeremyM
71 That was a horseshit call.
2007-04-20 16:51:36
75.   yankz
Wouldn't it be great if Schilling, coming off a hard loss to the Yanks, had to delete 500 insulting comments from his blog? I'll get it started; my internet's slow but as soon as I can, I'm going to post "The green really brought out your eyes. Did I say eyes? I meant gut."
2007-04-20 16:52:35
76.   Zack
Another rough start for Clippard today at AAA, having some adjusting issues...
2007-04-20 16:53:07
77.   Benjamin Kabak
73 Phelps hits a key home run yesterday off a righty. His reward? The bench because of some rumor that Doug Mientkiewicz plays good defense that can make up for an auto out.
2007-04-20 16:53:38
78.   Zack
But, Gonzalez, our SS gotten in the Rj deal, continues to hit in AAA, which is a great sign...
2007-04-20 16:53:55
79.   Benjamin Kabak
John Flaherty, most boring announcer on TV.
2007-04-20 16:55:25
80.   Mattpat11
77 Are you shocked?
2007-04-20 16:55:46
81.   joejoejoe
77 If the Yankees keep winning Mientkiewicz might lead the league in sacrifices this year.
2007-04-20 16:56:16
82.   Zack
Ravich looks positively tiny next to Dusty and Kruk in the booth
2007-04-20 16:56:23
83.   seamus
nice K by Pettitte
2007-04-20 16:56:44
84.   FingersCrossed
73Let's hope Alphabet Soup doesn't get more than 2 plate appearances. However that bunt WAS the best we could hope for from him other than a HBP.
2007-04-20 16:57:07
85.   BklynBmr
NESN is doing one of their infuriating in-game interviews, this time with Bob Cousy. Two outs and hardly a word on the action...

Anyone catch the Fenway attendance demographics on

2007-04-20 16:57:32
86.   Zack
Gosh is it reassuring to see that Pettitte stare down on the mound against the Sox...
2007-04-20 16:58:39
87.   Zack
Wow, the ump is picky picky piscky..

85 Love the "people named Sullivan"

2007-04-20 16:58:43
88.   seamus
Pettite walks coco. the strike zone is weird. small in most ways.
2007-04-20 16:59:45
89.   seamus
88 i meant lugo.
2007-04-20 17:00:28
90.   bartap74
Looks like a hot ballgirl.
2007-04-20 17:00:37
91.   seamus
69 good point. i guess i was typing and not thinking on it.
2007-04-20 17:00:50
92.   yankz
Wow, that look really does not suit Youk.
2007-04-20 17:02:30
93.   Benjamin Kabak
80 Not shocked. Of course not. Just disappointed in Torre. It's absurd. What does Doug have to do to get benched?
2007-04-20 17:03:16
94.   Mattpat11
92 Hes the ugliest man on earth. What look does suit him?
2007-04-20 17:03:20
95.   Benjamin Kabak
Go to your right, Derek.
2007-04-20 17:03:44
96.   seamus
jeter didn't really have a chance.
2007-04-20 17:04:07
97.   yankz
Was that an E?
2007-04-20 17:04:08
98.   FingersCrossed
Man, Papi's greedy...
2007-04-20 17:05:32
99.   seamus
shifts ortiz into an out!

(and the toaster crawls again)...

2007-04-20 17:05:36
100.   Zack
"More often than not, Big Papi delivers" with men in scoring position, hitting .353. Actually, i would say that way more than half of the time, he DOESN"T deliver, but, well, you know, he's Ortiz...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-04-20 17:05:46
101.   BklynBmr
Nice to see someone else get 'shifted' for a change...
2007-04-20 17:06:55
102.   Zack
Anyone else hope Farnsworth doesn't show up tonight?
2007-04-20 17:07:48
103.   seamus
2007-04-20 17:07:56
104.   BklynBmr
I was prayin' for that to happen tonight!!!!
2007-04-20 17:07:59
105.   Zack
OMG!!!!! I have such a man-crush on A-Rod, its official
2007-04-20 17:08:04
106.   Mattpat11


2007-04-20 17:08:23
107.   FingersCrossed
Ahahaha. Ahahahah. Ahahahah.
Can't type anything intelligent.
Ahahahah. Ahahaha.
2007-04-20 17:08:24
108.   3rd gen yankee fan
THAT is A-GOD!!!!
2007-04-20 17:08:59
109.   Simone
Nice, Alex. Ha. The Yankees fans cheering in the silence of Fenway. Take that Schilling.
2007-04-20 17:09:20
110.   Mattpat11
102 I always hope Farnsworth doesn't show up. Tonight is not unique.
2007-04-20 17:09:24
111.   FingersCrossed
And over the Green Moster, too!
So fun to see!
2007-04-20 17:09:29
112.   yankz
Is this just a really long dream?

Or have I finally found God?

2007-04-20 17:09:41
113.   BklynBmr
102 Unless he was traded to the Sawx between innings, count me in...
2007-04-20 17:10:28
114.   Zack
Nice to see Alex smiling so much and part of the team..its night and day from last year...ALl he has to do is keep this up all year :)
2007-04-20 17:11:04
115.   seamus
that makes me feel so good. so damn good.
2007-04-20 17:12:09
116.   Mattpat11
Everytime they show that Manny has one HR this year I'm terrified.
2007-04-20 17:12:58
117.   seamus
yeah, posada!
2007-04-20 17:13:05
118.   FingersCrossed
I'm ready to watch Arod goes yard twice more in this game.
102I can watch Fansworth. When we lead by 8.
Good job, JoPo!
2007-04-20 17:13:06
119.   Zack
Wow, what a funny little double by Jorge there..I'll take it!
2007-04-20 17:13:55
120.   yankz
Schilling's pitches are fat. Get it? Get it? I should do this for a living.
2007-04-20 17:13:56
121.   seamus
119 it is called the manny stinks double.
2007-04-20 17:14:41
122.   FingersCrossed
Come on, Melky. Drive one over Manny!
2007-04-20 17:15:36
123.   Mattpat11
Here's a question for you. Lets say for instance Posada stays on the same pace he's on now (obviously, not quite like this, but you get the idea) and A-Rod settles down to being good with 50 HR. Who is the MVP?
2007-04-20 17:15:41
124.   Zack
Woah, Melky, I think that was over your head
2007-04-20 17:16:12
125.   Mattpat11
My Trivia guess is Tris Speaker.
2007-04-20 17:17:54
126.   FingersCrossed
Other than Arod, I'm very comfortable when Posada is at the plate in a clutch situation this season.

Let's go Andy!

2007-04-20 17:17:54
127.   BklynBmr
124 Too many really bad cuts already tonight by the Yanks...
2007-04-20 17:18:10
128.   Zack
Like that Jorge/Papi ESPN ad...further goes to show how fan based the rivalry is...
2007-04-20 17:18:28
129.   Zack
Oh crud, Jorge
2007-04-20 17:18:30
130.   Mattpat11
Oh God.
2007-04-20 17:18:31
131.   BklynBmr
What happened to Posada?
2007-04-20 17:19:37
132.   JimCobain
Uh oh, Jorge. The one guy who can't get hurt.
2007-04-20 17:19:37
133.   yankz
Oh, goddammit.
2007-04-20 17:20:03
134.   Mattpat11
124 And Posada is usually dead last in big situations for me. He tends to get very stubborn n up there which leads to backwards Ks in huge spots. But hes been fantastic.
2007-04-20 17:20:15
135.   Zack
Wow, Manny is off, haven't seen him look at a pitch like that in awhile..
2007-04-20 17:20:31
136.   FingersCrossed
Great job, Andy! Nice smile.
2007-04-20 17:22:28
137.   Mattpat11
Bobby moseyed over to that ball.
2007-04-20 17:23:02
138.   FingersCrossed
134 Let's hope we don't see Pop-sada reappear at those situations, eh?
2007-04-20 17:23:20
139.   Zack
Surprisingly quiet here tonight. B/c its friday night? b/c its been a slow toaster? I wonder...
2007-04-20 17:23:38
140.   Zack
Hey, that worked out well!
2007-04-20 17:24:00
141.   Simone
What is wrong with Jorge? Anyone knows?
2007-04-20 17:24:03
142.   JimCobain
Uh, who is backing up Neives?
2007-04-20 17:24:37
143.   seamus
142 huh?
2007-04-20 17:24:40
144.   OldYanksFan
If Posada is out, ARod will HAVE to hit 100 HRs. Crap.

Really, those Sox uniforms are making me sick. It's nice to honor someone, but why dress the team like clowns? Of course with Manny and his dreds, it's just icing on the cake.

Hey... Orsillo just called Drew 'very out at 2nd base'. Missed sign? Wall ball. Wow, lucky to get Drew out.

2007-04-20 17:24:47
145.   bartap74
Concerned about Posada and the two automatic outs now in the line-up.
2007-04-20 17:24:50
146.   FingersCrossed
Good job, Nieves!
Making up for JoPo's absence.

Dang, a base hit again.

2007-04-20 17:25:05
147.   BklynBmr
142 Bruney or Proctor ;-)
2007-04-20 17:25:18
148.   OldYanksFan
142 Torre. And it's a major upgrade.
2007-04-20 17:25:45
149.   seamus
145 maybe it is better that they aren't back to back atleast.
2007-04-20 17:26:12
150.   Zack
God damn it, varitek? Please...
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-20 17:26:12
151.   seamus
2007-04-20 17:26:16
152.   OldYanksFan
2007-04-20 17:26:18
153.   Simone
Damn, Andy.
2007-04-20 17:26:41
154.   JimCobain
143 If let's say Schilling were to drill Neives in the hand and he can't catch, who is the catcher? Cairo?
2007-04-20 17:26:47
155.   yankz
2007-04-20 17:26:55
156.   FingersCrossed
Man, I'm glad for that Nieves throw-out even more now.
2007-04-20 17:27:10
157.   Mattpat11
It pisses me off that Fairytek is successful.
2007-04-20 17:28:23
158.   Mattpat11
148 Torre and Mattingly would also be a major upgrade over Mink the Stink.
2007-04-20 17:28:58
159.   Zack
154 Obviously EDSP will Bugs Bunny it and throw to himself
2007-04-20 17:29:11
160.   FingersCrossed
Didn't Phelps catch somewhere in his career?
2007-04-20 17:29:42
161.   seamus
154 i guess i got confused and thought that you were implying that there was something wrong with him already (besides stinking at the plate). i understand now.
2007-04-20 17:29:53
162.   FingersCrossed
159 :D
2007-04-20 17:30:11
163.   Mattpat11
159 Lets not even joke about Scott Proctor possibly being in a game with Manny Ramirez.
2007-04-20 17:30:35
164.   seamus
159 everyman scott proctor = new nickname
2007-04-20 17:30:59
165.   yankz
157 You're being awfully liberal with the word 'successful.' Unless you're just talking about that AB of course.
2007-04-20 17:31:22
166.   Mattpat11
165 I forgot to add "against us"
2007-04-20 17:31:29
167.   Zack
And Minky has decided to forfit his AB
2007-04-20 17:32:04
168.   yankz
Get a hold of one, Stink!
2007-04-20 17:32:05
169.   FingersCrossed
Come on, Doug. Impress us.
2007-04-20 17:33:13
170.   seamus
working the count!
2007-04-20 17:33:33
171.   Mattpat11
The funniest thing about the Stink is he always seems to be so shocked that he sucks.
2007-04-20 17:34:02
172.   Zack
Another long fly ball out..sigh...

This game is flying by. I thought 65 pitches was a lot for Schill, but then saw we are already in the 5th...

2007-04-20 17:34:10
173.   3rd gen yankee fan
Again, that is a LOT of long long fly ball outs.
2007-04-20 17:34:27
174.   seamus
171 aren't you shocked that he sucks so bad? i mean it is shocking, every day.
2007-04-20 17:34:27
175.   FingersCrossed
[Slap] You're Doug. Not Arod.
Wake up, will ya?
2007-04-20 17:34:45
176.   yankz
Well, he kind of listened to me.
2007-04-20 17:34:55
177.   Mattpat11
172 This is an unusual game with a bad umpire for both guys. Its not always even this easy to work the count against Big Curt.
2007-04-20 17:35:24
178.   Mattpat11
171 Not at all.
2007-04-20 17:35:32
179.   JL25and3
OK, I just got home and turned on the game, so this might have been covered before, but...

Can someone tell me wtf the Sox are doing wearing GREEN FRIGGIN' SHIRTS?????? (and caps)

2007-04-20 17:35:39
180.   Mattpat11
Pettitte killed Jorge.
2007-04-20 17:35:53
181.   Zack
This ump has such an inconsistant K zone
2007-04-20 17:36:10
182.   BklynBmr
This ump and his %#$#@! inside pitch calls!!!
2007-04-20 17:36:28
183.   Zack
179 making money, and using the excuse of a tribute to Red Auerbach...They are awful
2007-04-20 17:36:37
184.   BklynBmr
First pitch to Jetes was in the same place, no call...
2007-04-20 17:37:02
185.   OldYanksFan
Some catcher in the minors just got Emailed some airline tickets. Who's coming up? Is Pratt still on the team?
2007-04-20 17:37:09
186.   Mattpat11
179 They wanted to settel a bet once and for all. Theo said Curt would look like a big green tomato. Tito thought he might look like a squash.
2007-04-20 17:37:30
187.   OldYanksFan
157 And Jim Dean too.
2007-04-20 17:38:09
188.   seamus
2007-04-20 17:38:32
189.   FingersCrossed
179Thought the season was over and celebrating Christmas early?
2007-04-20 17:39:04
190.   seamus
lohud reports posada with a bruised thumb. going for xrays.
2007-04-20 17:39:28
191.   OldYanksFan
Matsui can't come back none too soon. If Posada is out, will we put Giambi at 1st and rotate Damon, Mats and Abreu as DH?
2007-04-20 17:39:32
192.   Mattpat11
190 Kay just said that too. Sounds precautionary
2007-04-20 17:39:55
193.   Zack
Im pretty sure Ben Davis and Pratt both retired
2007-04-20 17:40:14
194.   Zack
Posada will be back tomorrow, count on it
2007-04-20 17:40:23
195.   OldYanksFan
190 As bad news gos, is that relatively good? Better then a hammy, yes?
2007-04-20 17:40:35
196.   seamus
192 hopefully it isn't serious and he just needs to rest his thumb. no thumb wrestling for a week.
2007-04-20 17:40:53
197.   Mattpat11
194 Sunday at the latest. I can see them giving him the extra day off.
2007-04-20 17:41:22
198.   seamus
2007-04-20 17:41:28
199.   FingersCrossed
Sweet Abreu!!
2007-04-20 17:41:34
200.   BklynBmr
Good things can happen with two outs...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-20 17:42:10
201.   Zack
oooh, that was your pitch A-Rod
2007-04-20 17:43:33
202.   BklynBmr
That was NOT your pitch, Alex...
2007-04-20 17:43:49
203.   Zack
Curt missed bad on that pitch, but missed badly well..ok, that makes no sense, but Arod missed badly on it
2007-04-20 17:44:01
204.   seamus
ugh. wanting another hr just seems like wanting too much.
2007-04-20 17:44:07
205.   FingersCrossed
Okay now, this is it...
2007-04-20 17:44:22
206.   BklynBmr
Oh - my - Lord.......
2007-04-20 17:44:24
207.   Zack
2007-04-20 17:44:33
208.   seamus
2007-04-20 17:44:33
209.   FingersCrossed
Yayayay!!! Arod!!!
Yes, I can believe it!
2007-04-20 17:44:37
210.   bartap74
The ball is gone, the outfielder is gone!
2007-04-20 17:44:47
211.   Mattpat11
2007-04-20 17:44:48
212.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-04-20 17:44:50
213.   Simone
Yeah, Alex!!! Good job. Crisp almost killed himself there. I love hearing the Yankees fans cheering at Fenway.
2007-04-20 17:45:04
214.   Zack
My man crush has turned into full blown love
2007-04-20 17:45:06
215.   seamus


2007-04-20 17:45:30
216.   BklynBmr
210 LOL!
2007-04-20 17:45:52
217.   alterity
get the fuck outta here! is this even possible? i mean , you can't just hit home runs when you want to can you? holy shite!
2007-04-20 17:45:54
218.   seamus
i could watch crsip flip all night!
2007-04-20 17:46:52
219.   BklynBmr
215 Now Sox fans have that sense of dread we have when Papi steps in. I love it beyond words...
2007-04-20 17:46:54
220.   3rd gen yankee fan
Man, does Nieves have a negative BA or what?
2007-04-20 17:47:27
221.   FingersCrossed
Ahahahah. Ahahahaha.
There's got to be one more coming for Arod in this game.
Ahahahah. Ahahahaha.
2007-04-20 17:47:43
222.   seamus
219 good point. i likey.
2007-04-20 17:47:44
223.   OldYanksFan
Do we get an extra point for knocking the outfielder out of the park?

This is just nuts, yes?
Would Alex have killed last year in the PS if Jeter had ONLY HAD HIM OVER FOR A SLEEPOVER?

2007-04-20 17:47:47
224.   yankz
"Ortiz co-wrote it with Boston Globe scribe..."

The only thing Ortiz ever writes is "DAViB" with a fat red crayon.

Oh, and I'm out of words about A-God (thanks for the nickname, whoever it was).

2007-04-20 17:48:29
225.   seamus
i just want to see coco flip again. please replay, replay!
2007-04-20 17:48:53
226.   3rd gen yankee fan
224 gotta give props to my boyfriend for that nickname.
2007-04-20 17:49:18
227.   OldYanksFan
224 Big Papi talks about 'Little Papi'.
Next book coming. Goldilocks and the 3 Big Papis.
2007-04-20 17:49:27
228.   alterity
if ARod's only hits were his HRs he'd be at the Mendoza line, an even .200. That's sick.
2007-04-20 17:49:30
229.   Simone
Jorge's x-rays are negative. Thank goodness.
2007-04-20 17:49:32
230.   Alex Belth
Dudes, Em and I are here in our hotel room in the Bahamas watching this historic shit. Holy crap bro, I am so fuggin pumped for this kid, man. The first homer was money but the second one was a monster. Disposing a good hard outside fastball. How You Like Me Now indeed. Dude, THIS is the $25 million dollar a deal MAN. He doesn't get a hit for the rest of the series and his reputation is still cemented as a bonafide monster and a bonafide Yankee, a true Yankee, whatever that means.
2007-04-20 17:49:43
231.   Mattpat11
224 I can see him writing down a shopping list.
2007-04-20 17:49:48
232.   nick
oh, & xrays negative on Jorge--phew!
2007-04-20 17:49:54
233.   yankz
A-God's last 4 (at LEAST) hits have all gone out, IIRC.
2007-04-20 17:51:46
234.   OldYanksFan
Dear Em,
Please don't be sad. This is just what Yankee fans DO in their hotel rooms. :-)
2007-04-20 17:52:08
235.   nick
what happens if Crisp makes catch & leaves park, btw--anybody know?
2007-04-20 17:52:56
236.   Zack
hey Alex, not for nuthin, but its your Honeymoon dude, we got it covered :) At least watch the game at a beachbar drinking a pina colada!
2007-04-20 17:53:06
237.   BklynBmr
229 Thanks. A huge exhale...
2007-04-20 17:53:21
238.   FingersCrossed
Sweet Damon!!!
2007-04-20 17:54:03
239.   Zack
I think its an out, just liek a foul ball, no? 235

Nice Damon!

2007-04-20 17:55:07
240.   NJYankee41
235 Its a catch
2007-04-20 17:55:19
241.   FingersCrossed
Congratulations, Alex and Emily!

And also a big phew on Posada.

2007-04-20 17:55:39
242.   Mattpat11
239 I think if it carries him over its a HR.
2007-04-20 17:55:41
243.   nemecizer
230 Belth in the hizzle! Welcome! Go back to the honeymoon, the Yankees are taking care of it ;)
2007-04-20 17:56:30
244.   BklynBmr
234 If she doesn't know what she bought into by now, it's too late ;-p

239 Not sure either, but I think it is an out...

2007-04-20 17:56:45
245.   JimCobain
235 I actually think it's a homerun.
2007-04-20 17:57:25
246.   seamus
what do you get if you hit coco out of the park?
2007-04-20 17:57:49
247.   FingersCrossed
235 Done Crisp.
2007-04-20 17:57:53
248.   bartap74
So if Crisp steps over that kiddie wall, waits for the ball and catches it, it's an out?
2007-04-20 17:58:19
249.   NJYankee41
As long as you are in play when you leave the ground and maintain possession of the ball its an out. I think that is how its determined
2007-04-20 17:58:52
250.   JimCobain
248 No it's a homerun.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-20 17:59:15
251.   Zack
248 I think that is a HR, and so I retract my previous point and agree with those who say its a HR. I feel like if the ball carries you over, it should be an out, versus if you catch it on your own in HR territory...
2007-04-20 18:00:28
252.   Mattpat11
And the Stink doing what he does best.
2007-04-20 18:00:40
253.   Zack
Now that I think about it, i'm pretty sure I've seen footage of guys crashing through walls amking a catch and it counts, no?
2007-04-20 18:01:27
254.   FingersCrossed
Still too excited for Arod, so didn't notice just right now, but what was Minky still doing batting?
2007-04-20 18:02:12
255.   Zack
Good to see the ESPN guys get a kick out of their corporate humor. Think they are paid to laugh?
2007-04-20 18:02:14
256.   yankz
Am I the only one that thinks a catch is a catch is a catch, on the field or in the stands or underwater?
2007-04-20 18:03:14
257.   seamus
256 yes, except for underwater. I think that water counts as part of the playing surface and therefore if there is a pool in the outfield and it hits the pool, it counts as the ground.

(i just made that up)

2007-04-20 18:03:21
258.   yankz
Am I the only one that thinks a catch is a catch is a catch, on the field or in the stands or underwater?
2007-04-20 18:03:29
259.   FingersCrossed
256 I agree. Should be an out. Isn't there a stated rule?
2007-04-20 18:04:00
260.   3rd gen yankee fan
I think that if all the catches that Jeter made while flying into the stands were outs, then the same should hold true if a fielder crashes through/over an outfield wall.
2007-04-20 18:04:10
261.   Zack
Bugs Bunny caught the ball on top of the Empire State building and it counted...just saying...
2007-04-20 18:04:27
262.   JimCobain
The following guidelines shall apply in ruling whether the ball was or was not caught:
(1) If a fielder, after catching the ball, crashes into a stand and drops the ball, it is not a catch.
(2) If one fielder collides with another and drops the ball, or if, after he has caught the ball, another fielder collides with him and the ball is dropped, it is not a catch.
(3) If a fielder gets a hand or hands on the ball and falls down in the attempt, he must "come up" with the ball to be ruled a catch.
A ball will be ruled caught when the momentum of the catch is completed and the player voluntarily releases the ball.
A fielder may not jump over any fence, railing, or rope marking the limits of the playing field in order to catch the ball. A fielder may (1) reach over such fence, railing, or rope to make a catch;
(2) fall over the same after completing the catch; (3) jump on top of a railing or fence marking the boundary of the field to make a catch; or (4) climb onto a fence or on a field canvas and catch the ball. In all four cases the catch would be legal, as dictated by the best judgment of the umpire.
The same restrictions apply to a foul ball descending into a stand. A catcher or fielder may not jump into a stand to catch such a ball, but reaching into the stand and making the play is permitted.
Play: Bases loaded, one out. Fielder catches fly ball and momentum carries him into the stands.
Fielder remains standing. Can the fielder throw for a play?
Ruling: No. "Time" is called and all runners advance one base.
A fielder may reach or step into, or go into the dugout with one or both feet to make a catch, and if he holds the ball, the catch shall be allowed. The ball is in play. (See Official Baseball Rule
7.04(c).) Note: A club, by local ground rule, may prohibit fielders from entering the dugout to make a catch.
2007-04-20 18:04:37
263.   seamus
260 first thing i thought of when this discussion started was jeter.
2007-04-20 18:04:53
264.   FingersCrossed
259 Otherwise, what's the point of dangerous diving jumps?
2007-04-20 18:04:54
265.   NJYankee41
259 Rule 6.05. It sounds like its a catch and if there are runners on it becomes a dead ball since the guy is out of play.
2007-04-20 18:06:01
266.   yankz
Dammit, sorry. 257 LOL
2007-04-20 18:06:13
267.   Zack
Nice Andy...86 pitches...Def. comes out for 7th, no?
2007-04-20 18:06:26
268.   seamus
265 so you cannot tag if the guy leaves the playing field? That doesn't seem right.

262 makes it clear that if you fall over while making the catch that is ok, but leaving the field of play and then making the catch is not ok.

2007-04-20 18:06:27
269.   Mattpat11
261 But Bugs has also hit balls that were so hard its knocked the CF out of the park for a HR. That damn Bunny is confusing.
2007-04-20 18:08:20
270.   seamus
uh oh. is schilling settling down? cmon damon!
2007-04-20 18:08:24
271.   NJYankee41
268 The umpire can determine if the runner could have made it had he not fallen into the stands.
2007-04-20 18:08:26
272.   FingersCrossed
262 Thanks for the info.
"A fielder may not jump over any fence, railing, or rope marking the limits of the playing field in order to catch the ball. A fielder may (1) reach over such fence, railing, or rope to make a catch;"
No spiderman catch, then. Bummer.
2007-04-20 18:08:32
273.   BklynBmr
I'm sure a bunch of rightfielders went flying into the second row of the old knee-high fence at The Stadium with the ball in their glove...
2007-04-20 18:08:38
274.   seamus
269 that is confusing. has bugs ever caught one underwater?
2007-04-20 18:09:37
275.   Zack
269 I refer you to the always amazing:
2007-04-20 18:09:57
276.   seamus
wow. nice play.
2007-04-20 18:11:46
277.   seamus
damnit. Anyone know Schilling's pitch count?
2007-04-20 18:11:57
278.   Zack
Good thing we have Arod on this team as everyone else hae done bupkis
2007-04-20 18:12:46
279.   seamus
277 nevermind. i see now that he is at 103 pitches.
2007-04-20 18:13:04
280.   OldYanksFan
269 Jete's was on the field when he made the catch. His momentum carried him into the stands, but after he stepped on the field again after catching the ball... yes?

Or thats how I remember it.

2007-04-20 18:15:40
281.   Zack
Damn you Varitek...i really hope he suddenly doesn't get it together against us
2007-04-20 18:16:10
282.   Zack
Wha tthe heck would Nieves have to say to Pettitte? "Hey this guy is Coco Crisp Andy. he sucks..."
2007-04-20 18:17:32
283.   seamus
282 how about, "Dude, you wanna get a beer later?"
2007-04-20 18:18:23
284.   Zack
Mmmm, might be time to get the BP up
2007-04-20 18:19:01
285.   Mattpat11
So glad we have Mientkiewicz to make those plays.
2007-04-20 18:19:23
286.   BklynBmr
Alex has been putting some juice on those throws lately... Did he have a better shot at second instead?
2007-04-20 18:19:33
287.   NJYankee41
285 He just saved 12 runs
2007-04-20 18:19:50
288.   FingersCrossed
Very familiar throw to yesterday's.
Glad Doug caught it. And that's 10 more plate appearances for Dougie Auto-Out.
2007-04-20 18:19:50
289.   Zack
For some reason the announcers are talking as if that was an easy play for Arod...

AAAND EDSP is up (surprise surprise)

2007-04-20 18:19:50
290.   Mattpat11
Oh Christ. Proctor will come in and face Manny.
2007-04-20 18:20:09
291.   Simone
2007-04-20 18:20:33
292.   Zack
Wily-Mo is a scary lookin dude...
2007-04-20 18:20:46
293.   Mattpat11
287 12 is low. That was at least a 20 run save.
2007-04-20 18:21:19
294.   BklynBmr
WTF was that???
2007-04-20 18:21:22
295.   NJYankee41
293 True thats the stuff legends are made of
2007-04-20 18:21:25
296.   Zack
2007-04-20 18:21:31
297.   seamus
294 that was strike 3.
2007-04-20 18:21:42
298.   nick
Andy TOTALLY squeezed there, horseshit call--
2007-04-20 18:21:51
299.   BklynBmr
This ump is horrible...
2007-04-20 18:21:59
300.   Zack
This ump is freaking horrible. Just awful...
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-20 18:22:08
301.   rmd0311
that should have been an error... But whatever... AROD is god, E's are not in his vocabulary...
2007-04-20 18:22:08
302.   Benjamin Kabak
Randy Marsh is a fucking cartoon character back there tonight. Pun intended.
2007-04-20 18:22:30
303.   Mattpat11
Pena tried to grow that facial hair that simulates a jaw line and failed.
2007-04-20 18:22:53
304.   BklynBmr
Good job, Andy! One more...
2007-04-20 18:22:58
305.   Zack
Thank God Pettitte is the man and can overocme Mr. Marsh
2007-04-20 18:22:59
306.   JimCobain
I have missed Andy Pettitte.
2007-04-20 18:23:08
307.   FingersCrossed
Phew. Good breaking off the dangerous vibe.
2007-04-20 18:23:09
308.   Mattpat11
299 Really bad both ways though.
2007-04-20 18:23:18
309.   rmd0311
talk about a SQUEEZE
2007-04-20 18:23:48
310.   Mattpat11
He better not stay in to pitch to Manny.
2007-04-20 18:23:48
311.   Zack
EDSP with the sprint, I let Pettite pitch one more guy, but Joe was itching to get EDSP in...
2007-04-20 18:24:29
312.   Benjamin Kabak
311 He hadn't pitched since Wednesday. The guy's gonna grow stale out there with too much rest.
2007-04-20 18:24:45
313.   rmd0311
311 - he would not be everyday scotty if he didn't.
2007-04-20 18:25:08
314.   rmd0311
how do I reference another post
2007-04-20 18:25:27
315.   JimCobain
Really do not like this call to the pen. Let Andy go batter for batter. Basically you have Proctor for two batters, then Ortiz comes up, and have to go to Myers for one batter. So now Joe has made this a 5 pitcher game. Yuck.
2007-04-20 18:26:19
316.   Benjamin Kabak
314 Put brackets around the number you want to reference.
2007-04-20 18:26:36
317.   Zack
314 Put the number in brackets...
2007-04-20 18:26:49
318.   OldYanksFan
301 You're kidding right. ARod was in foul territory when he made that throw. A play he might have made, but not an error.

With 5 RBIs, ARod now has 30 in 15 games.
With a 162 game season thats... er.. ah... um..
Crap! I can't do the math.

2007-04-20 18:27:17
319.   rmd0311
Thank you 316
2007-04-20 18:27:57
320.   Mattpat11
315 Manny is 3 for 15 against Myers. Unfortuanately, its two doubles and a HR.
2007-04-20 18:28:15
321.   Zack
My guess is Proctor until Ortiz, then Myers for Ortizle (unless theres no one on, in w hich case, why bother, but Joe will anyways) and then Viz for who's left until the 9th...
2007-04-20 18:28:35
322.   FingersCrossed
Come on, Protologist!
2007-04-20 18:29:25
323.   Simone
Proctor comes through.
2007-04-20 18:29:32
324.   BklynBmr
Nice job, EDSP! Keepin' Andy's ERA at 1.85...
2007-04-20 18:29:33
325.   JimCobain
What a great call to the pen! Yeah! ;)
2007-04-20 18:29:38
326.   NJYankee41
Here comes the at-bat we've all been waiting for...
2007-04-20 18:30:14
327.   JL25and3
318324, of course, to go with his 129 HR
2007-04-20 18:30:41
328.   rmd0311
Will Schilling give him ANYTHINg to hit? I doubt it...
2007-04-20 18:31:13
329.   nemecizer
Mo will be in in the 9th.
2007-04-20 18:31:29
330.   Zack
327 Yeah, but only like 100 of those would be "clutch" so obviously the rest would be piling it on and thereby negating his shot at the mvp...
2007-04-20 18:31:54
331.   OldYanksFan
Andy has been much better then I expected.
Mo will get to close against his favorite team.
2007-04-20 18:32:12
332.   BklynBmr
From Pete Abe: Of A-Rod's 22 hits this season, 17 have been for extra bases.
2007-04-20 18:32:19
333.   NJYankee41
A lefty?
2007-04-20 18:32:20
334.   FingersCrossed
3 from Schilling will be like heaven, now...
2007-04-20 18:32:32
335.   Zack
That was your pitch A-Rod
2007-04-20 18:32:52
336.   FingersCrossed
Ooph, it's Ramero. None the less.
2007-04-20 18:33:41
337.   BklynBmr
There goes the ump again...
2007-04-20 18:34:17
338.   BklynBmr
And why was that not strike 3?
2007-04-20 18:34:17
339.   Zack
Arod is slugging over .970..that is just sick

And another HS call by the ump, only to let a clear strike go by

2007-04-20 18:34:17
340.   NJYankee41
Make up call right there
2007-04-20 18:34:20
341.   JimCobain
Jeez this ump sucks.
2007-04-20 18:34:36
342.   Benjamin Kabak
Only a double this time? Man, A-Rod sucks. Double. Pshaw.
2007-04-20 18:34:51
343.   Zack
AAANd, another XBH, insane, the slugging goes up
2007-04-20 18:34:56
344.   nick
he didn't wanna homer & kill the rally--
2007-04-20 18:35:07
345.   FingersCrossed
A double. Almost forgot Arod can hit anything beside homeruns. :D
2007-04-20 18:35:43
346.   Benjamin Kabak
Nancy's throw kind of rolled up to Varitek there. I like.
2007-04-20 18:35:43
347.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wow, where's the cure for caner Alex?
2007-04-20 18:35:53
348.   Zack
Oh God, did anyone else hope to see AROD throw a people's elbow into Varitek there if it was close? :)

J/k of course

2007-04-20 18:36:09
349.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-04-20 18:36:12
350.   Yu-Hsing Chen
ROFL, i love this Boston bullpen
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-20 18:36:42
351.   BklynBmr
Jason has had some nice little dunks tonight, I guess balancing out all of those ropes he hits right at someone in the shift...
2007-04-20 18:36:50
352.   Zack
Man, Nieves sucks at the plate
2007-04-20 18:37:17
353.   FingersCrossed
Man, the power diffences are so apparent...
2007-04-20 18:37:20
354.   Mattpat11
I think I'll choose A-Rod as player of the game.
2007-04-20 18:38:00
355.   NJYankee41
I wonder what the record is for starting a Yankee career with 0-fers
2007-04-20 18:38:21
356.   rmd0311
354 I'll second that...
2007-04-20 18:39:11
357.   alterity
2007-04-20 18:39:14
358.   FingersCrossed
Come on, Cano, time to join the Murder's Roe....
Yay! You did!
2007-04-20 18:39:14
359.   Zack
How did KT not score there...oh yeah, it was Nieves...
2007-04-20 18:39:31
360.   BklynBmr
The only jernt on earth where a HR is a single...
2007-04-20 18:39:40
361.   Simone
Cano not running hard.
2007-04-20 18:39:58
362.   monkeypants
I ask again, hose hitless streak is/was more impressive: NIeves' or Minky's?
2007-04-20 18:40:12
363.   Zack
"Setting up a cheap run for Douggie M..." Is there any other kind? And besides, he'd mess it up anyways...

Thanks JC, keep up the good work

2007-04-20 18:40:24
364.   Yu-Hsing Chen
that was a long single
2007-04-20 18:40:27
365.   FingersCrossed
355 Tough decision, I'm sure. ;-)
2007-04-20 18:40:43
366.   NJYankee41
362 Nieves. Its lasted 3 YEARS!
2007-04-20 18:42:08
367.   Zack
Oh God, its Steve Phillips...they don't even give him a good seat, hahaha
2007-04-20 18:42:43
368.   OldYanksFan
From Lohud:
This quote from Boston reliever Joel Pineiro in an AP story:

"I can't wait to get out there. I can't wait to go out there and beat up on the Yankees. ... The fans in Boston, they want us to rip their heads off."

Good luck with all that. Oh, by the way, you're Joel Pineiro. If the Red Sox hadn't offered you a contract you'd be pitching for Starbucks in the Seattle Slo-Pitch Coed League on Sunday mornings. Take it easy.

Pete has a biting sense of humor, no?

New York ARoders 6, Boston Red Sox 2.

2007-04-20 18:42:45
369.   Zack
And by the way, good thing Torre pinch hit for Giambi and took him out, as Nieves promptly erased him...
2007-04-20 18:43:16
370.   FingersCrossed
Let's go, Melky.
You're due for an x-base hit.
2007-04-20 18:43:18
371.   BklynBmr
What is it about basic grooming and the Boston Red Sox?
2007-04-20 18:44:27
372.   Zack
dammit Melky, stop swining at balls over your head!
2007-04-20 18:44:28
373.   seamus
melky is all kinds of out of sort.
2007-04-20 18:44:42
374.   Simone
Melky fell for the high fast ball.
2007-04-20 18:44:45
375.   Yu-Hsing Chen
god, the sophmore jinx continues
2007-04-20 18:44:49
376.   Mattpat11
That was over Melky's head.

Here comes the Stink.

2007-04-20 18:44:53
377.   monkeypants
369 PR in the 8th with the lead is not (normally) a bad move. But the bottom of the order is so craptacular that you have to approach strategy differently. Reall, if you PR there, then Nieves has to 1] bunt or 2] be told to stand there with the bat on his shoulder and NEVER swing.
2007-04-20 18:44:59
378.   seamus
This bullpen sucks so bad and melky just helped them out of a jam. That really irritates me.
2007-04-20 18:45:14
379.   Benjamin Kabak
Please don't ever use Josh Phelps. F***ing ridiculous.
2007-04-20 18:45:16
380.   Zack
The black hole of the bottom of the order strikes again...
2007-04-20 18:45:17
381.   BklynBmr
369 C'mon, Zack. Give Joe a break. Everyone knows a 4 run lead in Fenway is insurmountable. Let's give the big guy a breather...
2007-04-20 18:45:30
382.   Yu-Hsing Chen
And here comes Mr. automatic
2007-04-20 18:46:02
383.   3rd gen yankee fan
NESN just showed Melky's catch against Manny last year.
2007-04-20 18:46:03
384.   Zack
377 Exactly...
2007-04-20 18:46:22
385.   FingersCrossed
371 Are you kidding? They woke up as yetis, we're seeing improvements here.
2007-04-20 18:46:32
386.   seamus
dougie automatic..

he's always at it!

(to the tune of buzzcocks orgasm addict. trust me. it works.)

2007-04-20 18:47:02
387.   Zack
Does Ortiz lead off next inning? If so, do we bother to bring in Myers?
2007-04-20 18:47:07
388.   Yu-Hsing Chen
please do use a favor and walk ...
2007-04-20 18:47:16
389.   NJYankee41
I guess Snyder didn't get the memo on Minky's ability
2007-04-20 18:47:33
390.   Mattpat11
Minky did something productive?
2007-04-20 18:47:34
391.   seamus
wtf. this snyder guy must really, really suck. how do you walk dougie automatic?
2007-04-20 18:47:35
392.   Simone
Doug_M was walked? Whoa, didn't see that one coming.
2007-04-20 18:47:59
393.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Oh my, good job Dougie, at least you can still tell when a ball is 5 inch off the plate
2007-04-20 18:47:59
394.   BklynBmr
385 You're right. Youkilis actually used a razor (I think)...
2007-04-20 18:48:11
395.   Zack
I think Minky got that memo from Torre that was meant for Nieves about not swinging
2007-04-20 18:48:37
396.   Zack
Damon has had some fugly swings today
2007-04-20 18:48:45
397.   Benjamin Kabak
Dear YES,

Please do not show us highlights from the 2004 ALCS. Thanks.


2007-04-20 18:48:53
398.   monkeypants
Poll: What is the impact of Minky's continued suckiness, even though the team wins?

A] Best case scenario--Torre understands eventually that he must be benched, while horrible play does not affect W-L record.

B] Guarantees more starts for Minky because Torre interprets Yankees' wins as product of Minky's leadership.

C] Irrelevant, HR the other night and walk just now = three months of starting at 1B.

2007-04-20 18:48:54
399.   claybeez
Pinch run for Giambi, but don't pinch hit for Dougie - brilliant.
2007-04-20 18:49:07
400.   Yu-Hsing Chen
arrragh, he got out of it
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-04-20 18:49:29
401.   Zack
See, if Joe really knew how to use a bp, you bring Mo in right here, cause lets be honest, this is the tough part...
2007-04-20 18:50:29
402.   FingersCrossed
394 To cut off the tag from the new get-up.
2007-04-20 18:50:40
403.   Zack
398 Clearly C
2007-04-20 18:50:59
404.   dianagramr
Single-season Isolated Power (extra-bases per at bat) record:

1.225 by Babe Ruth in 1920.

A-Rod was at 1.319 BEFORE tonight's game.

2007-04-20 18:51:59
405.   BklynBmr

D] Two year contract extension at $8M per for the HR and walk.

2007-04-20 18:52:12
406.   Zack
Yeah, good thing we brought Myers in instead of Mo...
2007-04-20 18:52:15
407.   NJYankee41
Well good thing we have a great LOOGY
2007-04-20 18:52:32
408.   Benjamin Kabak
Nice slide, fat man.
2007-04-20 18:52:51
409.   Simone
What is the point of having a loogy? If he can't get the left handed hitter out?
2007-04-20 18:52:51
410.   FingersCrossed
398"Poll: What is the impact of Minky's continued suckiness, even though the team wins?"
Setting him up for the scapegoat if we don't make the play off.
2007-04-20 18:52:52
411.   monkeypants
Does that count as a 'slide'?
2007-04-20 18:53:30
412.   Zack
Stoopid save rule ruins BP management...
2007-04-20 18:53:45
413.   nick
this is the lefty-lefty thing that always pisses me off--you take out Proctor, who's throwing well, and guarantee the Sox two new relievers who might suck and set up a big inning....
2007-04-20 18:53:57
414.   seamus
i hope ortiz isn't hurt. and realizing that i never thought for a second about coco being hurt earlier. it was just too funny.
2007-04-20 18:54:59
415.   NJYankee41
413 I agree. The more pitchers you use the greater the chance you may run into one having a bad day
2007-04-20 18:55:07
416.   NJYankee41
413 I agree. The more pitchers you use the greater the chance you may run into one having a bad day
2007-04-20 18:55:08
417.   Zack
I can't watch
2007-04-20 18:55:16
418.   Harley
How has Henn done against Lefties? And at what point does Meyers become expendable?
2007-04-20 18:55:17
419.   rmd0311
this umpire is all over the place...
2007-04-20 18:55:50
420.   Benjamin Kabak
You know Manny can't wait for this game to end so he can enjoy the rest of his 4/20.
2007-04-20 18:56:13
421.   JimCobain
418 at the point where Torre is sitting on the BBTN set and Mattingly is the manager.
2007-04-20 18:56:26
422.   FingersCrossed
A base running error by Ortiz would be nice.
2007-04-20 18:56:27
423.   rmd0311
don't make a mistake to manny...
2007-04-20 18:56:31
424.   Zack
Manny does not fall for that climb the ladder stuff
2007-04-20 18:56:47
425.   NJYankee41
420 What an appropriate post number!
2007-04-20 18:56:55
426.   Zack
Still can't watch
2007-04-20 18:57:42
427.   seamus
0-2 and now we can't throw strikes. argh!
2007-04-20 18:57:42
428.   Zack
Again, I say, Mo should be pitching this inning
2007-04-20 18:57:44
429.   nick
first time I've seen Viz--don't like what I see so much...
2007-04-20 18:57:52
430.   Benjamin Kabak
425 Good timing? That was totally unintentional.
2007-04-20 18:58:16
431.   Benjamin Kabak
Oh God. This is your fault, Joe Torre. You suck at managing the bullpen.
2007-04-20 18:58:20
432.   BklynBmr
Didn't ump call that a strike about 12 times tonight?
2007-04-20 18:58:28
433.   rmd0311
4 straight balls... Take this guy out. he is still iffy from yesterday.
2007-04-20 18:58:38
434.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Oh lord... plz hold our breath.
2007-04-20 18:58:53
435.   Zack
Hey Joe, these are the three best hitters, their ONLY hitters...ergo, bring in your best pitcher to face them...Sigh, this is excruciating...
2007-04-20 18:59:31
436.   monkeypants
Well, it IS a save situation jow, so I guess we are allowed to use Rivera. Oh wait, it's the 8th--strike that.
2007-04-20 18:59:45
437.   BklynBmr
At least Ortiz and Manny stayed in the yard, and if they can't be on the bench, the next best place for them is the basepaths...
2007-04-20 18:59:48
438.   Zack
Wow, he was almost safe there
2007-04-20 19:00:17
439.   monkeypants
436 Now, not 'jow'. Must use Preview comment...
2007-04-20 19:00:51
440.   Yu-Hsing Chen
At least here comes the automatic part of the Red sox order
2007-04-20 19:01:14
441.   Zack
Oh good grief...
2007-04-20 19:01:15
442.   Benjamin Kabak
I gotta say: Joe Torre should have been fired in October. I said it then. I'm saying it again. There is absolutely no strategy here.
2007-04-20 19:01:33
443.   BklynBmr
Good thing Giambi is still in...
2007-04-20 19:01:37
444.   NJYankee41
At least it gets rid of Myers' misleading 0.00 ERA
2007-04-20 19:02:14
445.   rmd0311
Enter Sandman for 5 outs.
2007-04-20 19:02:15
446.   Zack
Joe, for the love of God, how do you not get how to manage a BP by now? And how come your ironc clad Rivera rule doesn'tt matter agianst the Sox? And why the hell didn't you do this to start the inning? ARRRGGGHH
2007-04-20 19:02:55
447.   Zack
442 Its the patented Joe Torre push button BP management. Its a real winner..
2007-04-20 19:03:37
448.   Harley
It's Torre by the book (that only Joe reads). I don't know if it's Zimmer's exit, or less good luck, or more bad...but Joe's in-game work is really terrible.
2007-04-20 19:03:56
449.   rmd0311
He uses the Staples easy button...
2007-04-20 19:03:58
450.   NJYankee41
Is it safe to say a lot of the credit for their late 90's run should go to Zimmer?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-04-20 19:04:19
451.   Zack
So does Mo still do only one inning, thereby leaving in the middle of the 9th?
2007-04-20 19:04:45
452.   Benjamin Kabak
450 It looks more and more like it with each passing season.
2007-04-20 19:04:49
453.   williamnyy23
This is shaping up to become another Torre loss...aside from the horrendous bullpen management, pinch running for Giambi was awful. What about a 6-2 lead makes you take out one of your best hitters? And, if you are going to do it, why not have Nieves bunt? Now, who is going to protect Arod should the Sox tie it up? Thomson? Nieves?

Defense and starting rotation depth is not the Yankees weakness. Manager is.

2007-04-20 19:05:13
454.   BklynBmr
F this ump...
2007-04-20 19:05:16
455.   Benjamin Kabak
Jeez-us. Throwing some strikes.
2007-04-20 19:05:21
456.   monkeypants
You gotta love the whole trickle-down effect. A host of hits and baserunners in the top of the 8th yields only one run, with typical dubious substitution patterns by Torre. The perceived closeness 'forces' Torre to bring in Meyers, whose sole purpose is, apparently, to pitch to Ortiz. The move fails, precipitating another pitching change. Vizcaino then walks a batter and gives up a 43 hopper base hit, which then 'forces' Torre to bring in Rivera in the 8th.

But of course, if he is wiling to use him in the 8th with one out, why not just start the inning with him? And why play L-L in a four run game? And why does the L-L match up seem always to fail?

2007-04-20 19:05:52
457.   Benjamin Kabak
I'm so thrilled too that Jason Giambi is out of the lineup. I was worried he would clog up the basepaths.


2007-04-20 19:06:10
458.   rmd0311
Is that right... 57mph
2007-04-20 19:06:38
459.   Benjamin Kabak
456 Why do any of us do a better job managing the bullpen than Joe Torre, future Hall of Fame manager?
2007-04-20 19:06:46
460.   Zack
Torre just wanted to make sure the Sox fans got back into the game
2007-04-20 19:06:52
461.   Yu-Hsing Chen
What the, Mo's in the game
2007-04-20 19:06:59
462.   Benjamin Kabak
Throw the change....
2007-04-20 19:07:32
463.   Benjamin Kabak
Nice. Fucking nice. I can't believe this shit.
2007-04-20 19:08:17
464.   Zack
God dammit. This is so crappy. Its amazing, we are barely into the season and Joe Torre has put us in position to lose so many times...

Come on Mo!

2007-04-20 19:08:35
465.   monkeypants
Mo just doesn't look right. He is topping out at 92/93, with pitches up; too many fly ball outs (or hits).
2007-04-20 19:08:37
466.   Benjamin Kabak
The Yanks are gonna lose this fucking game now. FUCK YOU JOE TORRE.
2007-04-20 19:08:38
467.   NJYankee41
2007-04-20 19:08:39
468.   Yu-Hsing Chen
......... inhale.... exhale...
2007-04-20 19:08:48
469.   rmd0311
I dont have the words.
2007-04-20 19:09:03
470.   williamnyy23
Torre is a moron...FIRE JOE!
2007-04-20 19:09:17
471.   Benjamin Kabak
Nice defense, Doug Mientkiewicz.
2007-04-20 19:09:17
472.   williamnyy23
Torre is a moron...FIRE JOE!
2007-04-20 19:09:18
473.   Mattpat11
This game sucks.

Mientkiewicz has to make that play.

2007-04-20 19:09:22
474.   NJYankee41
Another brilliant Pettitte outing wasted
2007-04-20 19:09:39
475.   Yu-Hsing Chen
........ fuck this .
2007-04-20 19:09:40
476.   rmd0311
2 tries., two blown saves...
2007-04-20 19:09:41
477.   Zack
Yeah, great game. thanks Joe. Thanks BP. Fuck this, i can't watch this crap. The last Minn. game, all three Oakland games. The last Cleveland game. This game. All horrible BP management...awful
2007-04-20 19:09:47
478.   BklynBmr
When did 'guard the lines' become passé?
2007-04-20 19:10:19
479.   Zack
Yeeah, great defense Minky.
2007-04-20 19:10:20
480.   Benjamin Kabak
This this pitch at his face.
2007-04-20 19:10:27
481.   rmd0311
473 but this is the reason he is in the game.
2007-04-20 19:10:30
482.   williamnyy23
Clueless Joe! The Yankees no longer have enough talent to overcome the handicap of a poor manager!
2007-04-20 19:10:46
483.   kdw
Is it lack of work for Mo or is something wrong?
2007-04-20 19:10:51
484.   Zack
Mo is all over the freaking place and just throwing meatballs
2007-04-20 19:10:56
485.   Benjamin Kabak
Amazing. It's the 2001 World Series all over again.

Fuck it. Joe Torre=fired. He's terrible. Get out of New York, you shittastic manager.

2007-04-20 19:11:02
486.   Mattpat11
Oh well.
2007-04-20 19:11:04
487.   rmd0311
2007-04-20 19:11:46
488.   Benjamin Kabak
Great pitch there. What's wrong with Mo? Hurt?
2007-04-20 19:11:50
489.   williamnyy23
Yankees' top of the 9th...Jeter, Abreu, Arod, Thomson and Nieves...thanks Joe!
2007-04-20 19:11:52
490.   williamnyy23
Yankees' top of the 9th...Jeter, Abreu, Arod, Thomson and Nieves...thanks Joe!
2007-04-20 19:11:55
491.   Simone
If Mo isn't right, the Yankees aren't winning this game anyway so it is irrelevant that Myers didn't get Ortiz out.
2007-04-20 19:11:55
492.   FingersCrossed
Great tag. This was huge from Cano.
2007-04-20 19:11:57
493.   Mattpat11
Rivera blew the first two saves of 2005 and should have won the Cy Young.
2007-04-20 19:11:57
494.   Zack
There is def. something wrong with Mo
2007-04-20 19:11:58
495.   dianagramr
this is just giving A-Rod a chance to be the hero again ....
2007-04-20 19:11:59
496.   seamus
mo looks awful.
2007-04-20 19:12:05
497.   randym77
Holy crap. Mo looks awful.
2007-04-20 19:12:13
498.   nick
ok, something is physically wrong with Mo--find out and shut him down ASAP for christ's sake--
2007-04-20 19:12:18
499.   BklynBmr
That was huge! Great throw and tag... Don't bail yet, ladies and gents...
2007-04-20 19:12:31
500.   Knuckles
Nice throw Wil.

Picking fcking Torre up, just a little bit.

Seriously if you're gonna use your best reliever in the 8th, at least do so to start the inning.

5 outs with inherited runners is essentially the same as 6 outs with no one on.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-04-20 19:12:36
501.   Benjamin Kabak
Glad to know that Kevin Thompson is due up fourth in the 9th. Good. Good. Idiot.
2007-04-20 19:12:45
502.   Zack
Ahh, the always classy Yankees suck chant...

This is so infuriating. Joe Torre and the BP take a game that had no business being even a game and turn it until a rediculous loss...

2007-04-20 19:12:49
503.   Yu-Hsing Chen
........... on the bright side... ummm Alex is comming up in the 9th?
2007-04-20 19:13:03
504.   williamnyy23
The Yankees are headed to a sweep and a 4 game deficit...and it's all on Torre!
2007-04-20 19:13:35
505.   dianagramr
Papelbon not available as per the Sox announcers ,.....
2007-04-20 19:13:35
506.   Benjamin Kabak
490 Nieves isn't Torre's fault. I have no excuse for Thompson in the lineup. His baserunning sure did make a difference tonight.
2007-04-20 19:13:52
507.   Simone
You really think that it makes any difference when Mo comes in when he is pitching like this?
2007-04-20 19:13:54
508.   Mattpat11
I'd like to remind everyone that our shitbag first baseman that was hired solely for defense has yet to make an important defensive play when we needed it.
2007-04-20 19:13:54
509.   Zack
Joe Torre has done ever single thing wrong that he could in this game. Everything. Not once has he done something right. Its really amazing.
2007-04-20 19:14:07
510.   rmd0311
503 with Nieves covering him... How much you wanna bet he gets WALKED?
2007-04-20 19:14:13
511.   seamus
they are just going to walk arod if he comes up. will we see papelbon?
2007-04-20 19:14:46
512.   Zack
But b/c Nieves HAS to hit, there is no way Alex gets anything close to a pitch to hit
2007-04-20 19:14:46
513.   mikeplugh
This shit is on Myers, Vizcaino, and Mo. Mo has earned more than a little leeway, but the other two eat dirt.
2007-04-20 19:15:08
514.   Harley
Torre gave this one back. But Lord he had help. Mo looks terrible. No control, no cutter. Nothing. Yikes.
2007-04-20 19:15:16
515.   monkeypants
If Mo starts the inning and blows it, ok--that's on him. But this disaster started the inning before, with Torre's perverse use of his bench (and the BP).
2007-04-20 19:15:20
516.   JimCobain
There is no way A-Rod gets pitched to, no matter what. Not with Kevin Thompson hitting behind him. Torre NEVER shoudl have taken Pettitte out, the trickle down is amazing.
2007-04-20 19:15:25
517.   seamus
505 ok. papelbon not available. good.
2007-04-20 19:15:26
518.   FingersCrossed
It's not over yet.
Let's go Yankees.
Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.
I just GOT to see 3 homeruns from Arod today.
2007-04-20 19:15:28
519.   Simone
509 Joe wasn't pitching so he didn't do that wrong.
2007-04-20 19:16:11
520.   Yu-Hsing Chen
hmmm? why Okajima
2007-04-20 19:16:35
521.   Benjamin Kabak
This is absurd. This was an easy and Joe just blew it. If you're going to use Mo for 5 outs, just use him to start the inning.
2007-04-20 19:16:36
522.   Mattpat11
Oh Christ. The four and five hitters are Thompson and Nives?
2007-04-20 19:16:59
523.   Benjamin Kabak
Please bring in Piñeiro.
2007-04-20 19:17:05
524.   Zack
519 I did say that he COULD. Could Joe have pitched, trust me, he would have screwed it up too :(
2007-04-20 19:17:06
525.   Simone
There is too much second guessing here. This loss isn't on Joe. Andy got pulled and Proctor did his job. Myers and Vizcaino didn't do their job and Mo was a disaster.
2007-04-20 19:17:10
526.   Harley
Well. Pineiro talked some smack this week. Let's see him back it up. Cuz the lefty's working one batter.
2007-04-20 19:17:11
527.   williamnyy23
I can't get over how poorly Torre has managed this game...his ineptitude is the only thing that can stop Arod.


2007-04-20 19:17:17
528.   randym77
Honestly, I think Minky's job is to be A-Rod's friend. They said they wanted a righty first baseman, and what do they get? A lefty. Who doesn't hit much, no less. The only thing he has going for him is he's A-Rod's boyhood pal.

And if that was the plan, it seems to be working...

2007-04-20 19:17:49
529.   Zack
This game is going to put me in a bad mood all weekend, since the next two games don't figure to be any better
2007-04-20 19:17:54
530.   Benjamin Kabak
I'm glad Joe would rather use Luis Vizcaino over Brian Bruney or Sean Henn. Both have been light's out this year. Henn vs. Ortiz is desirable.
2007-04-20 19:18:28
531.   OldYanksFan
Horrible BP management:
LHR with a 0.00 ERA WALKS LH batter.
RHR Gets 1 out, gives up a walk and 2 hits.
Mo comes in and gives up 3 hits.

Yes. Fuck Joe Torre. All his fault.
After all, it has NOTHING to do with 3 good pitchers giving up 5 hits and 1 BB.
It has EVERYTHING to do with the ORDER Torre brings them into the game.

Yes. Fuck Joe Torre. All his fault.
a little FUCK to Myers
a good size FUCK to the Viz.
a big FUCK to Mo.

Its amazing. Every single game we lose is either Minky's fault or Torre's fault.
The other 24 guys have nothing to do with it.
(including Melkdud who K'ed on a ball over his head with man on 3rd and one out, an JD who left the bases loaded)

2007-04-20 19:18:33
532.   Benjamin Kabak
527 My River Ave. Blues post about this game will focus on just that theme tonight when I recap this game. Gotta eat dinner first.
2007-04-20 19:18:34
533.   claybeez
Vizcaino is not an elite set-up man. This is what he is - a journeyman middle reliever. Just because Joe expects him to handle the role doesn't mean we should.

I'm not saying he's no good, but Shields or Rincon, he's not.

2007-04-20 19:18:38
534.   williamnyy23
525 Did you watch how he bungled the top of the 8th? Could it be that Vizcaino is tired...lower velocity and poor location usually mean a tired pitcher. Mo looks like he wasn't warmed seemed as if Torre got him up last minute. Typical unpreparedness from Torre.


2007-04-20 19:18:40
535.   BklynBmr
A little Pinstripe Magic is in order right about now...
2007-04-20 19:19:15
536.   FingersCrossed
let's go jeter
let's go jeter
clap clap clap clap clap
2007-04-20 19:19:16
537.   Zack
525 Oh, the blame on the players goes without saying. Its the mvoes to put them there that we are pointing out. And, we were pointing them out BEFORE Torre even made them
2007-04-20 19:19:30
538.   Benjamin Kabak
GREAT 2-1 swing, Derek. Good job.
2007-04-20 19:19:59
539.   williamnyy23
Horrible AB by Jeter
2007-04-20 19:20:16
540.   Mattpat11
525 I think Vizcaino may be a career mediocrity.
2007-04-20 19:20:24
541.   FingersCrossed
okajima's still shaky
let's take advantage
let's go abreu
clap clap clap clap clap
2007-04-20 19:20:37
542.   dianagramr
OK ..... I just ran the #s

Rivera has blown consecutive save opps. only 6 times in his career prior to 2007.

He has NEVER blown 3 in a row.

2007-04-20 19:20:41
543.   Simone
IF the Yankees lose this game, most of the blame is squarely on the shoulders of the bullpen: Myers, Vizcaino and especially Mariano.
2007-04-20 19:20:42
544.   BklynBmr
534 I'm not on the 'Joe Must Go' tip by any means, but I wouldn't have used Vizcaino tonight, and definitely not Mo unless it was the 9th...
2007-04-20 19:20:58
545.   Benjamin Kabak
This game is going to piss me off all weekend. A four-run lead with six outs to go. It's inexcusable.
2007-04-20 19:21:24
546.   rmd0311
WTF... This game is really KILLING my weekend.
2007-04-20 19:21:42
547.   Zack
A-Rod is set up again, but please, he can't do it all, yet somehow he'll get blamed...its just hwo it works...

Its not liek we were talking rocket science here, we were talking about basic baseball strategy

2007-04-20 19:21:57
548.   Zack
Man, this ump stinks
2007-04-20 19:22:00
549.   NJYankee41
2007-04-20 19:22:07
550.   Mattpat11
543 I'll also blame our defensive whiz hits like me first baseman.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-04-20 19:22:08
551.   FingersCrossed
patience patience
next batters in line
clap clap clap clap clap
2007-04-20 19:22:09
552.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hang in there, guys...
2007-04-20 19:22:10
553.   BklynBmr
This ump — that was 2 stike '3's' right there...
2007-04-20 19:22:24
554.   Benjamin Kabak
Use your best relievers against their best pitchers late in the game. Is that brain surgery? Is it rocket science?
2007-04-20 19:22:35
555.   williamnyy23
2007-04-20 19:22:35
556.   rmd0311
What happens here...
Does he get pitched to...
2007-04-20 19:22:40
557.   Mattpat11
Do you send Abreu? Will they just walk A-Rod?
2007-04-20 19:22:40
558.   nick
well, they may have to pitch to him!
2007-04-20 19:22:55
559.   williamnyy23
Torre would bring in Piniero.
2007-04-20 19:23:00
560.   Benjamin Kabak
Ok, Maybe Jason Giambi could win the game.

OH wait.

2007-04-20 19:23:10
561.   FingersCrossed
arod, i believe #3 is coming NO MATTER WHAT
let's go let's go
clap clap clap clap clap
2007-04-20 19:23:10
562.   Zack
That was your pitch A-Rod
2007-04-20 19:23:12
563.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I would walk A-rod right here if I were not a complete moron.
2007-04-20 19:23:14
564.   monkeypants
531 The poor performances you mention certainly contributed to teh current situation. But they were exacerbated by Torre's predictable disastrous manageing. He insists on using Minky, so that with Melky scuffling, you have two automatic outs in the game. Posada gets hurt--that's not Torre's fault--and you three automatics. He PR for Giambi--OK, but seemingly unaware that the next batter hasn't had a hit in THREE YEARS. So, effectively, he burns Giambi AND the PR.

We don't even need to discuss the cutesy BP managing, though certainly the combined failure of the BP (including Mo) is the ultimate culprate there.

2007-04-20 19:23:27
565.   BklynBmr
Oh, right. It has to be 2 feet off the right side of the plate....
2007-04-20 19:23:36
566.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wow, Francoma and Okajima is either really really brave or really really stupid
2007-04-20 19:23:38
567.   williamnyy23
Arod HAS to hit a HR...the game is pretty much over after him.
2007-04-20 19:23:45
568.   seamus
too nervous to type.
2007-04-20 19:24:07
569.   Knuckles
unintentional intentional
2007-04-20 19:24:49
570.   claybeez
Unintentional, intentional. What a shocker.
2007-04-20 19:24:56
571.   3rd gen yankee fan
yes yes yes YES
2007-04-20 19:25:19
572.   monkeypants
Gotta PH Phelps for Thompson, no?
2007-04-20 19:25:21
573.   claybeez
570 Then the hook. Guess I was wrong.
2007-04-20 19:25:38
574.   Benjamin Kabak
Damn. Line drive there. What can you do?

The 3-1 pitch was a ball.

2007-04-20 19:25:41
575.   Mattpat11
That was discouraging.
2007-04-20 19:25:42
576.   williamnyy23
2007-04-20 19:25:44
577.   bartap74
2007-04-20 19:25:50
578.   seamus
damn. how much can he do.
2007-04-20 19:25:52
579.   Yu-Hsing Chen
2007-04-20 19:26:12
580.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-04-20 19:26:13
581.   Benjamin Kabak
2007-04-20 19:26:16
582.   rmd0311
Heart just FELL... So UNClutch ... just kidding. Freaking Torre and BP. Great game down the toilet.
2007-04-20 19:26:21
583.   williamnyy23
The insanity continues!!
2007-04-20 19:26:26
584.   BklynBmr
OK, KT. This is your chance to earn those stripes...
2007-04-20 19:26:32
585.   bartap74
pinch hitting for the on deck hitter with 2 outs
2007-04-20 19:26:33
586.   Knuckles
hey 19, at least it ain't Bubba
2007-04-20 19:26:40
587.   Zack
This is the worst game to date. And that says a lot considering some of the stinkers this year.
2007-04-20 19:26:42
588.   claybeez
Josh Phelps=Andy Phillips2006.
2007-04-20 19:26:50
589.   FingersCrossed
can't despair
let's go thompson
clap clap clap clap clap
2007-04-20 19:27:02
590.   williamnyy23
2007-04-20 19:27:16
591.   Zack
Why isn't Phelps hitting HERE, for the DH, instead of the catcher?????
2007-04-20 19:27:17
592.   williamnyy23
2007-04-20 19:27:21
593.   Mattpat11
588I think Phelps is better than one of the worst hitters we've had in years.
2007-04-20 19:27:21
594.   williamnyy23
2007-04-20 19:27:53
595.   FingersCrossed
heartbeat still there
let's go yankees
clap clap clap clap clap
2007-04-20 19:28:00
596.   Zack
I would like to say that our biggest concern right now is what the hell is wrong with Mo
2007-04-20 19:28:04
597.   claybeez
576 That is hyperbole. If we don't think the Yanks can overcome this potential loss we really don't think highly of them.
2007-04-20 19:28:15
598.   Mattpat11
Flats just called him a grinder. That was Bubba's nickname.
2007-04-20 19:28:31
599.   monkeypants
So remind me--wasn't Phelps supposed to be the RH platoon guy? Is this reliever LH, or am I too drunk to see straight?
2007-04-20 19:28:33
600.   Zack
Sox get the win without Papelbon but with a terrible BP. We supposidly have a great BP and blow it...grrr
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-04-20 19:28:42
601.   bartap74
Mo had a meltdown last year against the Sox, right? He came back ok.
2007-04-20 19:28:44
602.   williamnyy23
Does anyone not think this is now pretty much a sweep?
2007-04-20 19:29:30
603.   Zack
2007-04-20 19:29:40
604.   Yu-Hsing Chen
2007-04-20 19:30:05
605.   Simone
Damn the bullpen. No ESPN for me tonight. The Yankees will get them tomorrow.
2007-04-20 19:30:22
606.   mikeplugh
603 YES.
2007-04-20 19:30:22
607.   williamnyy23
Will someone ask Torre a tough question in the post season? And will Joe get snippy?
2007-04-20 19:30:30
608.   Zack
That's what happens when Arod represents 100% of your offense for a game and your BP and manager crap the bed I guess...

Not the end of the world, just a really really frustrating game

2007-04-20 19:30:42
609.   williamnyy23
post game...not post season.
2007-04-20 19:30:43
610.   Yu-Hsing Chen
602 nah, i remember our last early season at fenway, Wang lost game one and we thought we were toast but we somehow managed to beat Schilling with Jaret Wright
2007-04-20 19:30:44
611.   Knuckles
I hope Pettitte is trashing the manager's office right now.
2007-04-20 19:30:44
612.   NJYankee41
The game should have NEVER come down to Kevin Thompson
2007-04-20 19:30:48
613.   Mattpat11
Okay. Just one game. It could be worse.
2007-04-20 19:31:05
614.   seamus
well, what can you say. losing posada hurt us bad. And while I agree with the criticisms, bottom line is that this loss happened because Mo stunk. period. he needs to get more use. torre is over-babying while he burns out the rest of the pen.
2007-04-20 19:31:09
615.   monkeypants
It's all A-Rods fault for not going 5-5 with 4 HR and a 2B. Clearly this is what Torre expects from him, at least the way he manages the rest of the team.
2007-04-20 19:31:10
616.   claybeez
That sucks. Can't get worked up over it though. The season's young and this team has shown a fighting spirit. A-Rod's on fire. We should have Wang and Matsui back soon. Lots to like. Nothing to like about Torre's lack of management, though.
2007-04-20 19:31:38
617.   3rd gen yankee fan

Have to say, I'm coming down on the side of, Joe mismanaged the 'pen. Frustrating.

2007-04-20 19:31:50
618.   Zack
That wasn't a Mo melt down, it was a continued Mo meltdown, which is not a good sign, considering he was lights out in ST, which seems to mean something is wrong
2007-04-20 19:31:51
619.   randym77
It ain't a sweep yet. URPs wreaked havoc on the Yanks last year. This weekend, they'll be on the other side of it.
2007-04-20 19:32:11
620.   williamnyy23
Time for bed...I am going to say a bedtime prayer that the old Steinbrenner awakens to fire Torre and save the Yankees season.
2007-04-20 19:33:18
621.   williamnyy23
618 Didn't you see Mo rushing to get ready in the pen? Torre was clearly unprepared and rushed Mo into action.
2007-04-20 19:33:54
622.   BklynBmr
I can take those 19-1 beatdowns easier than this one. Questionable moves and players not delivering is the lethal cocktail. Only a win tomorrow will get the taste of this out of my mouth...
2007-04-20 19:33:55
623.   yankz
We have Hobbs. We have Hobbs.
2007-04-20 19:34:13
624.   Zack
I am so annoyed I can't think of anything else to say. What a waste of a game. Again
2007-04-20 19:34:31
625.   randym77
I wonder what the win probability graph looks like for this game? :-/
2007-04-20 19:35:22
626.   randym77
623 Who is Hobbs?
2007-04-20 19:35:38
627.   Mattpat11
618 I'm not so worried. His first few outings have been pretty sucky for a couple years now.
2007-04-20 19:36:30
628.   Zack
ESPN to Varitek: You guys seem to have a knack for ALWAYS getting to Rivera

yeah, that it. ALWAYS. nevermind that he obviously wasn't himself tonight and all the rest, ALWAYS...

2007-04-20 19:37:03
629.   OldYanksFan
564 I am NOT putting Joe in for manager of the year.

Had Melky put wood on the ball, and KT had scored from 3rd, that might look like a good move. Taking Jason out in the 8th with a 4 run lead is NOT unreasonable, to increase the odds of an insurance run.

Both Bruney and Britton walk a lots of guys. If Joe brought one of them in and they walked a guy or 2, you would be all over 'Joe the Moron'.

Aside from Farns, you should be able to throw a dart into our BP to get guys to hold a 4 run lead. Intellectualize all you want.

The players blew it. 3 pitchers and Melky.
If scape-goating Torre helps you all with your anger, so be it.

2007-04-20 19:38:55
630.   JeremyM
I'm so sick of Torre right now, this may have been his worst managing job yet, aside from the Weaver Series game. Vizcaino should've never been in, and if you're going to throw Mo for 2, let him start the inning because he tends to struggle a bit when he comes in with guys on. This game needed to be managed as a must-win, instead he gets cute with Vizcaino and it explodes in his face.

And I like Thompson, but why is he hitting there? Phelps just hit a home run last night. Absolutely indefensible managing.

2007-04-20 19:43:45
631.   BklynBmr
616 Sane perspective, clayb.

We don't need Mo to win any April MVP awards, either. I know every game counts, but he'll be OK — that I'm not worried about.

I hate, I mean hate to go here — but that flippin' ump changed the outcome of this game. On too many ABs to recount (for both sides), this guy flat out blew it. If MLB does video reviews, this clown needs to be busted out to A ball. If he knew a strike when he saw one, this is a 3-2 game, who wins, I dunno, but this was F'in amateur hour behind the plate tonight.

2007-04-20 19:43:46
632.   Zack
Buster Olney continuing the rediculousness: Mo has a worse history against the Red Sox which can't be discounted" yeah, his ERA is .4 higher agianst them and has faced them more than any other team...
2007-04-20 19:44:34
633.   Zack
I just HOPE Mo is okay. Because I shudder to think of how Torre uses the BP without him
2007-04-20 19:45:38
634.   rabid stan
Anybody else pleased as I am that we get to see Wright and not Wang this weekend? After all, Wright did so well against the Indians.
2007-04-20 19:47:03
635.   OldYanksFan
621 I agree. We should always have Mo warming when we ONLY have a FOUR RUN LEAD.

Torre has an impact on the team. He is our 26th man. OK.. call him our 10th man. Whatever you like.

Take ARod out of the game and we have 1 run on 8 hits. That ain't gonna get it done.

This constantly blaming Torre for a loss, when our BP posts and ERA of 36 is infantile.

2007-04-20 19:48:04
636.   vockins
and I wore my Bean tshirt for naught
2007-04-20 19:48:30
637.   FingersCrossed
I pin this one on Torre. Players didn't do worse for what they are capable of today, except Mo (but that's another story). I agree with someone who said this was a trickling effect of bad pen managing.
Pettitte-Procter-Myers was especially bad. Scurrying for Mo at a bad timing was nothing more than a panic call.
However, I wouldn't say we're heading for a sweep just yet.
2007-04-20 19:52:49
638.   OldYanksFan
630 Yes.... Let's bring in Mo for 5 outs with a FOUR RUN LEAD. That way, we won't have to worry about using him tomorrow in a close game. Close game. Best pitcher. Closer. Get it. Thats why we have SIX other relief pitchers. So we can save Mo for close games.

It is brilliant that Mo can pitch terribly, and you blame Torre for not bringing him in 2 batters earlier.

In case you don't get it.

But when Myers and Viz BOTH FAILED, as a stop-gap, Joe went to Mo.
MO (and Myers and Viz) FAILED

2007-04-20 19:54:32
639.   williamnyy23
635 Players fail...that's going to happen. But when your manager completely bungles a game, well, only incredible talent can overcome it.

Torre apologists can blame the players all they want, but I think it's pretty clear that a good manager helps his team get a win.

2007-04-20 19:56:42
640.   williamnyy23
638 If Mo was even an option in the 8th, he should have been warming just in case. Instead, he and Mike Borzello are scrambling to get ready. Clear sign on unpreparedness.

Also, why take out Scott Proctor. So you can use Myers for one batter?

2007-04-20 19:58:49
641.   OldYanksFan
It doesn't matter who you bring in in what order, when 3 different pitchers blow a 4 run lead.

You guys are all back seat drivers.
It does NOT matter what Joe does.
If/When then players fail, it's Joe's fault.
He ALWAYS should have done it different.
And if he does it 'right', and the team fails, then He ALWAYS should have done it different.

2007-04-20 20:06:07
642.   williamnyy23
641 Everyone was all over Torre as he bungled the game...not after. Yes...the BP failed...but a better manager would have had the team in better position to absorb that failure. Do you really think Torre managed a good game?

Off the top of my head, here are Joe's bungles:

1) Pinch running for Giambi
2) Not bunting Nieves after you PR for Giambi
3) Not having Mo warmed up in plenty of time (he and Borzello were scrambling to get going).
4) Lifting Proctor to have Myers face on batter.
5) Not pinch hitting for Thomson.

That's Charlie Manuel bad!

2007-04-20 20:08:16
643.   C2Coke
I guess I am not that sorry I missed the game.

Was this the second time the bullpen blew up Pettitte's win?

2007-04-20 20:08:44
644.   rabid stan
For the record, I don't think Torre's managing was particularly brilliant, but the bullpen combusted and that's it.

Still, it was an odd combination:

Taking Giambi's bat away and then not PH'ing Phelps for Thompson, as if he didn't think he needed the offense at the plate (offence at the plate > offense on the basepaths)

Playing the lefty game up 6-2

Calling Vizcaino, who has been in almost every game this year, and is coming off a shaky outing (ok, everyone's overworked, but Viz has gotten the worst of it, and his performance yesterday earned him a break)

Yanking Vizcaino, a groundball pitcher, with the double play in order in favor of Rivera, who apparently couldn't be bothered to get 6 outs, so let's call him for five with men on. Mo has had his problems with inherited runners in the past, and his problems with command lately, so he gave up some dinks (nice no-doubles corner defense).

Joe managed this game like he knew the Yanks would lose, making all the panicky, close-game decisions when the score was 6-2. It was a bad job, needlessly stressful for his players and us fans. And he would have gotten away with it too, if Rivera were any good tonight.

2007-04-20 20:11:21
645.   williamnyy23

That's just awful.

2007-04-20 20:16:14
646.   rabid stan
645 Exactly. A double was a serious threat to tie the game, and the Yanks wanted to cover the hole and play the outfielders up to stop a single. I know we sometimes say around here to worry about singles first with Mo, but they might at least have guarded the lines, since that's the only way Crisp gets an extra-base hit anyway.
2007-04-20 20:21:37
647.   FingersCrossed
641 I admit that I'm a back seat driver. And had we won today, I probably wouldn't take 5 minutes of my time to analysis what Torre did right or wrong and just enjoy a good win. That's for sure.
And I concur that players should have been able to make a difference. Yet, I know I can't DISAGREE with what players do on a split second on the field. They do what they do and things happen, while I can disagree with Torre's decisions. But Torre is the manager, and I'm here sitting at home. So what it all comes down to is just a bunch of fandom talking. We're allowed to do that, aren't we? ;-)
2007-04-20 20:22:27
648.   williamnyy23
646 And Mo throws a cutter...left pull Mo...that's what he wants. Crisp's 3B should have been an out. People can laugh it off, but I really think it's time for Torre to retire to Hawaii.
2007-04-20 20:29:17
649.   tommyl
Myers=waste of roster spot. Seriously, I know its small sample size, but if you are there to only face one batter, you have to get him out, otherwise what are you there for? I mean I could go in and walk or give a double to Ortiz then leave the game.
2007-04-20 20:31:34
650.   OldYanksFan
Everyone was all over Torre as he bungled the game...not after. Yes...the BP failed...but a better manager would have had the team in better position to absorb that failure.
... What does that mean? If Torre brought in different RPs and they still blew a 4 run lead, the team would feel better about the loss... 'absorb' it better? You're a smart guy William. Read what you just said.

Do you really think Torre managed a good game?
... So-so. He didn't bring in Farns. Posada got hurt. This game shouldn't have needed that much management.

Off the top of my head, here are Joe's bungles:

1) Pinch running for Giambi
... why? Giambi's probably not getting another AB. Joe was playing for an insurance run. If Melky hits a bouncing ball and KT is running instead of Giambi, we maybe score a run. If Giambi is running and gets thrown out, there are 50 posts here within 2 minutes to the effect of what an idiot Joe is:
.... "WHY HAVE a fast guy on the bench Joe, when you can have Giambi (who won't get another AB) running instead"
2) Not bunting Nieves after you PR for Giambi
... I might have done that. I don't know how good a bunter Nieves is. Do you? Does Donny? Does Joe? People here HATE sac bunts. If Joe had him bunt, and he popped out... 50 more comments. Want an example?
3) Not having Mo warmed up in plenty of time (he and Borzello were scrambling to get going).
... Getting RPs up and down is not good. You get them up when you think you will use them. We had a 4 run lead. Our pen, MINUS Mo, has a great ERA. Joe wants to save Mo in case of a CLOSE game tomorrow. When would you have had Mo start throwing?
4) Lifting Proctor to have Myers face on
... You're shitting me right? Here's what Myers contract says:
... "We got you PRIMARILY for one reason. To pitch to David Ortiz."
You prefer a RH fast ball pitcher pitching to Papi? Really?
5) Not pinch hitting for Thomson.
... I guess you can put in Phelps. After all, why give KT a chance? He only batted, what, in SP... .300+

I am NOT in disagreement with what you said, I just don't think these ideas came from the Mt. on stone tablets.

That's Charlie Manuel bad!
... It's infantile scape-goating, not unlike booing ARod last year for all the games 'he lost'.

Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-04-20 20:33:43
651.   OldYanksFan
645 That is CORRECT. Always play the line to prevent an XBH. Which coach on the Yankee's is in charge of field positioning?
2007-04-20 20:38:35
652.   C2Coke
I just finished reading the comments. The Banter is officially bipolar. The mood swings were incredible, and for once, everyone seemed to all agree that the loss was not Arod's fault but Torre's.

It's a bad loss but it's also just April. Hope most of you can sleep well and go on to have a good weekend.

2007-04-20 20:38:43
653.   OldYanksFan
647 Of course! That's why were here. But are WE really qualified to call for FIRING Joe? Do people where you work demand firing YOU, when they disagree with a decision you make (especially considering you were much more qualified to make the decision then them?)

I don't like blaming. 3 pitchers blew it. It happens. Even to Mo. It sucks, but it happens, It happened to Cleveland yesterday. It happens.
Hey... if you're frustrated, beat up the old lady... but why fire Joe? (kidding of course)

2007-04-20 20:44:46
654.   williamnyy23
650 So, you think pinch hitting for one of your best hitters with a 6-2 lead is a good idea? You can't argue that Joe was playing for an insurance run because he did nothing else to plate the extra run. Who cares if Nieves can bunt or not...we know he can't hit! There's no way you PR and then let Nieves hit (on the first pitch no less, taking away any chance for KT to steal). Then, with 1st and 3rd, Torre could have had Melky squeeze. If he really wanted 1 more run, he did nothing to push it across.

Did you see Mo and Borzello scrambling in the pen? That doesn't concern you? don't want to get Mo up and down, but that doesn't mean you bring him in without being fully warm.

As for Myers/Proctor...I prefer the better pitcher. If your plan is to use Myers for 1 batter and then bring in the guy who threw 30 pitches the day before, well, then you need a new plan.

Give KT a chance? This isn't a pick-up game Phelps gave the Yankees the best chance to hit a home run. He ended the game unused.

Torre isn't a scapegoat...he was the goat...PERIOD. You may think that's infantile, but that's how I get when I watch a bad manager piss away an important game.

It's time for Grandpa Joe to take his green tea to Hawaii.

2007-04-20 20:49:10
655.   williamnyy23
653 Decisions I make at work don't ruin the day of thousands of people. It isn't just one game...Torre losses are a growing reality in Yankee land. I'd like to see the team win, so I see no reason why I can't express the opinion that I think he should be fired.
2007-04-20 20:59:28
656.   FingersCrossed
653I had someone asking me if I wanted to fire Torre after I said Torre makes some funky decisions on the field. As frustrated as I was then, I told him no. My answer still won't change until this season is over at the very least. You just don't kill off your general like that during a campaign. It's not even an adding by subtracting situation. You just don't do that. Maybe someone has a better solution to this Torre problem which not everybody agrees exists. But personally, I'd place status quo over unsure improvements at this point.
As for whether if we're QUALIFIED to call for firing Joe... Shyeah!! We're the powers that be known as FANS, duh! ;-)
2007-04-20 21:02:25
657.   monkeypants
651 OldYanksFan, you make a number of valid points, and certainly the atmosphere (my own comments included) have been overwrought. Still, to take a page from your book (see 629), no one is saying that the players (especially the BP; especially Mo) didn't blow the game. However, Torre consistently fails to put the team in the best position to win--from the opening pitch (insisting that Minky has any value and thus starting him) to late inning tactical moves and non-moves (yes, one could give Thompson a chance, but Phelps is on the team SPECIFICALLY to face LH pitching, and his career numbers against LH pitching are excellent, and we probably needed a big hit to tie the game). Thus, he fails at the fundamental job of a manager.

As for using Mo as a stop-gap move--I see your point. However (again), if you are willing to use him for five outs, then you should be ready to use him for six outs. He should have been warming sooner (like as soon as Meyers failed to do his job--that's not Torre's fault at all; I agree with you there). Of course, Torre (no worse than anyone else) is driven by the silly save rule. Rivera should have been used in the eighth to face the meat of the order, and then he could have been pulled for the ninth if they had kept the four run lead, thus preserving him for the next game. But we can't blame Torre for that strategy--the 'closer' is now too deeply ingrained in contemporary baseball mentality.

Referring again to 629, I am not scapegoating to deal with anger. Frankly, I am not particularly angry. Rather, I have begun to take a perverse pleasure in watching Torre's autopilot managing unravel over the last few seasons. His strategic and tactical tendencies and blunders are so scripted and predictable, they become sort of like a drinking game. Like for example, if the team does go into a bit of a rut over the next few games, you can guarantee that Cairo starts at 1B or LF, or something similarly nutty.

On a more serious note, I am not convinced that something is not wrong with Mo. His velocity seems down and his control is awful, and he is allowing too many balls in the air. Now, it may just be a bad patch, or ealy season rust. Who knows. But if Mo gos down (heavan forbid), it will be interesting to see how Torre copes.

2007-04-20 21:54:27
658.   yankz
626 Roy Hobbs was "The Natural"
2007-04-20 21:55:27
659.   Zack
I would call for Torre to be fired if I thought he would be, as I really don't see his value to this team anymore, but that won't happen, so I won't. Look, Torre has never been a good in game manager, he has always been the team's social worker, keeping everyone going and happy and shielding them from the press etc. But he doesn't really do that so well anymore, does he?

I really, honestly, 100% feel that he is acutally costing us wins at this point. We all agree that this team could probably win 90 games with NO mangager, no? So when the manager is an active part of making the team lose, thatis, by not putting the team in the best position to win, well, hes taking away from the team rather than adding to it; a managers job is pretty much just that. Already this year Joe has had at least two games where he has done that, if not 4.

I'm not angry, or even worried, just annoyed, because this was the game we needed to win this weekend and we should have.

I am worried about Mo, but for now I will just assume he needs more work and leave it at that...

Once again, when your manager is not doing his job, that is, putting the team in the best position to win on and off the field, then that manager should be fired. It won't happen, it probably shouldn't happen now, but if this trend continues this year, it SHOULD happen before the end of the year.

2007-04-20 22:05:35
660.   Chyll Will
I'm not gonna ask what happened, tonight, I'm just gonna sit here in my washed-out basement apt. and be glad I missed the frustration. So... how soon until someone leaks to the press that Joe was letting Mattingly make the critical decisions in order to "gain experience"? Nah, I don't think it's Donnie's fault. There's something a bit... reckless? careless? irreverent? Some profound adjective to describe the (TinyHyphen) decisions that have occurred as of late. Speaking of late, I'm tired. Yankz, you got the mic. Zzzzz...
2007-04-20 23:08:57
661.   LI yankee
The game did suck, but I couldn't care less right now about the result. I'm just worried about Mo. What's puzzling is he maybe looked as good as ever on opening day, and I don't think I've ever seen him as bad as today.

It's probably just very very strange to see him get rocked like that. Shocking really, but I definitely still have faith in the Hammer of God.

Let's get em tomorrow boys.

2007-04-20 23:10:18
662.   yankz
You got it, Chyll. A tribute to Casey Stengel...

Back to Hobbs: Have we settled on "A-God," then?

2007-04-20 23:23:24
663.   yankz
And, if you need a pick-me-up, just remember what happened the last time the boys were in Fenway:

2007-04-20 23:46:35
664.   Maniakes
I'll give Torre the benefit of the doubt and assume that he let KT bat because he was saving Phelps to bat for Nieves.
2007-04-21 04:15:44
665.   randym77
658 I know Roy Hobbs was "The Natural," but I was wondering who on the Yankees is supposed to be Hobbs. A-Rod?

The press is starting to call Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton "The Natural" and "Hobbs." As much for his long hiatus from baseball as for his talent.

As for Mo...Flaherty on YES last night didn't think there was anything wrong with him. He said the velocity was there; it was the location that was the problem. Just early-season rust, and maybe lack of enough warmup time.

2007-04-21 08:33:53
666.   yankz
665 Yeah, I was referring to Arod.

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