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The Chase Is On
2007-04-17 10:56
by Cliff Corcoran
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Due to the rash of injuries that have placed Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano on the disabled list alongside Chien-Ming Wang and Jeffrey Karstens, the Yankees were forced to dip into their minor league system for a starter for tonight's (and likely Sunday's) game. The three pitchers whose turns fell on the right day were Tyler Clippard and Steven Jackson in triple-A and Chase Wright in double-A. Of the three, Wright was both the only one already on the 40-man roster and the pitcher who'd had the most success in his two starts thus far this season. Clippard's had two middling outings for Scranton. Jackson has faired a tad better, but neither has lasted more than five innings in either outing. Wright, meanwhile, has dominated in a pair of seven-inning outings and will make his major league debut tonight in the Bronx against the Indians.

Here's what I wrote about Wright back in February:

L - Chase Wright (24)

A third-round draft pick in 2000, Wright has spent six years in the Yankees system without cracking double-A. He's made large strides over the last three seasons however. Check these trends:

2006Florida StateA+1.887.147.523.23

Wright claims the difference has simply been an uptick in confidence. I suppose it could be that after bottoming out in 2004 he figured he couldn't do any worse if he just challenged hitters. If so, it worked. Wright's best pitch is a changeup that works off his low-90s fastball, and he's working on developing his curve. He's still a work in progress, but it's certainly encouraging to see such rapid progress by a lefty starter. Indeed, he's come far enough that the Yankees had to add him to the 40-man to protect him from the Rule 5 draft last fall.

To that I'll add his spring training and double-A lines from this year:

Spring Training2.846.397.104.2612 2/3

Those 14 innings at double-A are divided evenly between two equally excellent starts in which Wright has posted a fantastic 2.29 groundball-to-flyball rate. Accordingly, Wright hasn't allowed a home run in any of his 26 2/3 innings thus far this year and allowed just one round-tripper in 119 2/3 innings last year.

After I wrote the above, I received a note from Kevin Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus's minor league guru. Kevin said that one thing he felt I got wrong was my estimation of Wright's velocity (which I got from assimilating various on-line scouting reports). According to Goldstein, Wright's fastball tops out in the high 80s, adding something to the effect that if Wright did throw in the low 90s, he'd be a world-beater. Judging by his recent results this season and last, I tend to wonder if Wright's recent improvement has had as much to do with an uptick in velocity as with an increase in confidence. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on the YES radar gun tonight. If it turns out that he is indeed working in the low-90s . . . look out world.

Wright's promotion has conjured up memories of fellow lefty Sean Henn's May 4, 2005 major league debut, in which he made the leap from double-A at the age of 24 to start in Tampa Bay in place of Randy Johnson, who had tweaked his groin in his previous outing. The comparison is unavoidable, but here are two key ways in which the two differ:

Sean Henn pitched a full season (27 starts) in double-A in 2004 and was repeating the level in 2005 when he was called up. Chase Wright had never pitched above A-ball prior to his two starts for Trenton earlier this month.

Sean Henn had (and still has) never dominated any league in any season the way Wright dominated the Florida State League last year (he was named the league's pitcher of the year). Part of the reason for that is that Henn missed the 2002 season due to Tommy John surgery, spent 2003 rehabbing in the FLS after starting out in Rookie ball, and was thrust into double-A in 2004 despite a middling performance the year before only to see his effectiveness decline in Trenton. Wright, on the other hand, has been brought along exceedingly slowly as the Yankees waited for the sort of breakout he had last year before having him make the leap to double-A. Between that careful development pace, the results above, and especially his stellar groundball rate, I think it's safe to say that the Chase Wright who will start tonight for the Yankees is a clearly superior pitcher to the Sean Henn who made his debut almost two years ago under similar circumstances.

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2007-04-17 13:59:56
1.   mehmattski
At the very least, if he gives up a lot of runs, it makes the headline writing too easy.

"Wright Chased in Debut"

thank you, thank you. i'll be here all night...

2007-04-17 14:15:43
2.   Zack
Well, misgivings aside, let's go Chase!
2007-04-17 14:25:54
3.   Shaun P
The variance in radar gun measurements, especially when so much emphasis is placed on velocity, are maddening. Why can't there be some standard for guns and their use when used to evaluate professional baseball players? All this so teams can show triple digits on the scoreboard (and on TV) more often? Either Wright throws 90+ MPH or he doesn't - I just want to know which it is!

In any case, I hope he's lights out tonight. It'd be nice to see a lefty-pitching prospect in the Yanks' system.

2007-04-17 14:31:16
4.   Shaun P
BTW, no complaints here about Stinky playing 1B tonight. If Wright is that much of a groundballer, having the good glove in the field can't hurt.

Unless its the 7th inning, score close, bases loaded, and Stinky's due up . . . in which case Torre better wake up and pinch-hit with Phelps. I can't bear another GIDP or weak infield pop up.

2007-04-17 15:13:40
5.   C2Coke
3 It's nice to see any Yankees pitcher to be lights out as this point...

Isn't the YES gun known to be juiced?

If Wright is anything close to what Wang was two years ago (not the way he throws but as a more than capable pitcher), well, Glass's DL trip may once again be a blessing in disguise.

2007-04-17 15:30:26
6.   nyyfan22
Can someone explain to me the rules involved with adding and detracting from the 40-man roster & options, etc. Either that or link me to a page that explains it...

wikipedia gave me nuttin.

On Wright: I hope he takes some beta blockers or something, cause those first-time-in-Yankee-Stadium jitters have bitten a lot of rooks in the past. Hopefully Guidry will keep a small flask of ol' no. 7 behind the dugout to keep the nerves relaxed and the ball down. Come on, baby! Let's rock this sheet.

LET'S GO YANKEES! (clap, clap, clap clap clap)

2007-04-17 15:48:12
7.   OldYanksFan
Howeverm if he does well and leads us to victory, the papers say:

"Chase Wrighted Yankees Ship in Debut"

2007-04-17 15:48:23
8.   Maniakes

In order to have someone on the 40 man roster but not the 25 man roster, either you need to use an option or he needs to clear waivers. Either is good for the full year, I believe.

Removing someone from the 40 man roster (outright assignment) always requires clearing waivers (or trading or releasing them). Or you could put someone on the 60-day DL, where they don't count against the 40-man roster.

2007-04-17 15:52:28
9.   OldYanksFan
By the way, with both Moose and Pavs now on the DL, is anyone reporting what's going on with their health? Is this a secret? Do we have reasonable expectations on when they are back? Have they really developed 'Cano Syndrome'? (be back in 10 days, really out 6 weeks)
2007-04-17 16:04:19
10.   Zack
I am performing a premium experiment tonight, lets hope it works and I don't have to smash my computer in frustration...
2007-04-17 16:10:15
11.   Zack
Two bad omens: starting to rain hard, and Wright is using Sean Henn's glove
2007-04-17 16:10:21
12.   nyyfan22
3 There you go! First pitch: 90 MPH, according to Sterling.
2007-04-17 16:14:02
13.   Mattpat11
Howdy folks. I see your friend and mine Doug Mientkiewicz is starting tonight.

Quite the start for young Chase.

2007-04-17 16:14:26
14.   Zack
Good Yankee fans, boo, that will really help him throw strikes...
2007-04-17 16:15:53
15.   claybeez
14 They weren't booing the ump?
2007-04-17 16:17:14
16.   Zack
Ball didn't really seem close enough to bo the ump..

Ok, one out, just two more...

2007-04-17 16:20:24
17.   JimCobain
Nice first inning for the youngster, would have been better if he wasn't squeezed by the ump on the first hitter.
2007-04-17 16:23:19
18.   Max Nomad
wright throwing a no hitter
2007-04-17 16:26:58
19.   Mattpat11
Good start
2007-04-17 16:27:32
20.   OldYanksFan
I thought the kid looked very good.
2007-04-17 16:29:20
21.   seamus
Abreu swinging at pitches way out of the zone. that is weird.
2007-04-17 16:29:39
22.   seamus
2007-04-17 16:30:31
23.   Mattpat11
2007-04-17 16:31:51
24.   seamus
Arod is just dominant right now.
2007-04-17 16:32:55
25.   Zack
Love it A-Rod
2007-04-17 16:33:57
26.   Javi Javi
big walk by a big man.
2007-04-17 16:36:25
27.   Mattpat11
Hip Hip!
2007-04-17 16:36:42
28.   seamus
2007-04-17 16:36:50
29.   Zack
Would kind of like more than 2 here
2007-04-17 16:37:03
30.   JimCobain
Would LOVE a 2-out hit by Cano here
2007-04-17 16:37:18
31.   OldYanksFan
I would have liked to see Jorge break it open... but better then a DP.
2007-04-17 16:37:40
32.   nyyfan22
Nice! Take the pressure off the youngin.


2007-04-17 16:38:09
33.   JimCobain
Let's see if Wright is more Pettitte (holds after the team takes the lead) or Mussina (gives it right back.
2007-04-17 16:39:18
34.   FingersCrossed
Hi guys. Late to the game.
I see the game is tied.
Horrible delay on gameday for me.
Still showing Arod's transparent avatar...
But hey, he brought in a run. Yay!
What's the situation like now?
2007-04-17 16:43:09
35.   FingersCrossed
Never mind, the dameday caught on.
Yes! We're leading!
Let's go Chase!
2007-04-17 16:43:14
36.   thelarmis
well, there goes the no-no...
2007-04-17 16:44:19
37.   Javi Javi
uh oh.
2007-04-17 16:44:30
38.   JimCobain
The kid has to get ahead of the hitters or a crooked number will be going up pretty soon.
2007-04-17 16:46:06
39.   Max Nomad
too many pitches....
2007-04-17 16:46:41
40.   Max Nomad
too many balls....
2007-04-17 16:49:00
41.   FingersCrossed
How does he look demeanor-wise?
Overwhelmed? Any signs of settling down?
2007-04-17 16:50:33
42.   Zack
Sure has been nice having Melky out there of late, hasn't it? Nothing against Hideki and all, but Melky is just so much better of a fielder
2007-04-17 16:51:10
43.   JimCobain
He seemed nervous in the first. A little less jittery here in the second, he doesn't seem to get away from his game plan with runners on. The kid's all right. I like his off speed and breaking stuff. And I feel more confidant in his stuff and mound presence than Igawa right now, although that's not saying much.
2007-04-17 16:51:28
44.   C2Coke
42 Yes, but I also miss Matsui's bat a bit.
2007-04-17 16:51:32
45.   BklynBmr
41 Hopefully first game, first few innings jitters. Already shows he can keep his cool. I'd say so far, so good...
2007-04-17 16:52:47
46.   mehmattski
He doesn't look antsy or anything, I think he looks fine. He just doesn't have the pitches to pound the strike zone against major league hitters. There's nothing to complain about here... he's an emergency starter, and he's pitching pretty well for one.
2007-04-17 16:52:50
47.   Mattpat11
2007-04-17 16:54:29
48.   Max Nomad
the mink man
2007-04-17 16:54:32
49.   JimCobain
Naturally that happens.
2007-04-17 16:54:32
50.   Simone
So far so good. If Wright can get some easier outs that would be even better.
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2007-04-17 16:54:35
51.   claybeez
The impossible - possible.
2007-04-17 16:54:47
52.   Mattpat11
Well, he's earned his spot in the lineup for life.
2007-04-17 16:54:48
53.   seamus
ok. were stuck with him for 6 more months now.
2007-04-17 16:54:58
54.   BklynBmr
Noooooooooooo! You know what this means!
2007-04-17 16:55:06
55.   Dan-el
the apocalypse is nigh.
2007-04-17 16:55:08
56.   bartap74
Quick, clay, sk for a million dollars.
2007-04-17 16:55:11
57.   Javi Javi
klgmdk hits an HR!
2007-04-17 16:55:12
58.   mehmattski
Well, today's my first day with Extra Innings. Time Warner didn't tell me they were signing me up for Bizzaro Extra Innings.

Seriously. WTF? That's his second hit of the season, right?

2007-04-17 16:55:17
59.   C2Coke
I think Kay just did a reverse jinx on Eyechart.
2007-04-17 16:55:17
60.   Zack
Well I'll be damned...

Of course, this means that Minky just bought himself the rest of the first half of the season

2007-04-17 16:55:28
61.   seamus
54 i hate to root against a yankee, but dougie hitting is bad.
2007-04-17 16:55:33
62.   chris in c-bus
To quote Joe Buck: I dont believe what I just saw!"...Minky contributing? Wow.
2007-04-17 16:55:49
63.   randym77
Yay, Minky. Looks like it's more bad pitching than good hitting, but I'll take it.
2007-04-17 16:56:04
64.   Javi Javi
Good thing Westbrook is pitching batting practice.
2007-04-17 16:56:20
65.   its430
might as well tell Cashman to start writing up extensions for Minky.

I hope Joe was asleep for that.

2007-04-17 16:56:29
66.   Max Nomad
Suzyn Waldman just gasped as Barfield came to the booth
2007-04-17 16:56:59
67.   vockins
2007-04-17 16:57:32
68.   thelarmis
holy shit, i don't believe it!!!
2007-04-17 16:57:33
69.   OldYanksFan
The Babe...
The Clipper..
The Mick...
and now...
The Myziewtzkwiczs
2007-04-17 16:57:53
70.   BklynBmr
61 I know what you mean. The blind squirrel...
2007-04-17 16:58:00
71.   Javi Javi
Either its raining at the stadium, or my internet connection is not very good.
2007-04-17 16:58:20
72.   chris in c-bus
The Shocker - 1 for the Mink, 2 in the Stink..
2007-04-17 16:58:41
73.   nyyfan22
In a live blog on lohud, Torre just announced that Mientkiewicz will be hitting 5th from now on.
2007-04-17 16:58:41
74.   Mattpat11
61 Mientkiewicz failing early is better for the team. Its better than him failing late.
2007-04-17 16:58:46
75.   FingersCrossed
42Is it any possible that Matsui plays as 1B??? We got so many talents, too bad in bit parts it seems. I wish we had Melktsui and Giamkiewicz on our team...
2007-04-17 16:58:49
76.   claybeez
56 I could use a million, but I have to admit to being clueless.
2007-04-17 16:59:12
77.   C2Coke
65 But he only sleeps through the decision making process on which reliever to pitch, never his batters.
2007-04-17 17:00:00
78.   bartap74
Is the bunt signal stuck on on?
2007-04-17 17:00:10
79.   Max Nomad
75 so does every team
2007-04-17 17:01:11
80.   its430
Anyone hear Michael Kay giving it to the fans for not showing up?

Thats it Kay, you can't criticize the administration, so give it to the fans.

2007-04-17 17:01:18
81.   OldYanksFan
Minky would have had that one
2007-04-17 17:01:19
82.   BklynBmr
Keep poundin' Yanks, 10 runs+ will not hurt tonight...
2007-04-17 17:01:58
83.   C2Coke
82 Or any night.
2007-04-17 17:01:59
84.   3rd gen yankee fan
Minky hit a home run, WHAAAAAAAAAT?????
2007-04-17 17:02:01
85.   Zack
Well, the good news is that my premium is running much better, the bad news is that I seem to be in a deeper delay...oh well, tis worth it...

Torre just announced that Minky and A-Rod will swap spots in the order...

2007-04-17 17:02:47
86.   BklynBmr
83 Very true ;-)
2007-04-17 17:02:55
87.   JimCobain
Odds that Arod gets a pitch to hit?
2007-04-17 17:03:23
88.   Max Nomad
85 I've been blacked out since the yanks went to oakyland
2007-04-17 17:03:30
89.   C2Coke
85 5 dollars extra every month for 5 minute delay? The delay is killing me. The whole point is to watch live, no?
2007-04-17 17:03:34
90.   OldYanksFan
ARod asked if he could use Minky's bat...
2007-04-17 17:03:35
91.   Javi Javi
85 is the premium more reliable?
2007-04-17 17:03:49
92.   Zack
88 Where do you live?
2007-04-17 17:03:56
93.   Max Nomad
2007-04-17 17:03:57
94.   BklynBmr
An A-Bomb!!!!!
2007-04-17 17:04:05
95.   JimCobain
87 100%!!!!
2007-04-17 17:04:26
96.   Mattpat11
2007-04-17 17:04:27
97.   C2Coke
See that's more like it. The right person hitting a homer.
2007-04-17 17:04:32
98.   claybeez
Fattest meatball ever.
2007-04-17 17:04:40
99.   Zack
Anyone else KNOW that was coming????
2007-04-17 17:04:43
100.   Dan-el
He is a god.
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2007-04-17 17:04:48
101.   Max Nomad
92 Brooklyn, but i wasnt blacked before that trip.
2007-04-17 17:04:53
102.   Javi Javi
A-rod builds up a little more boo immunity.
2007-04-17 17:05:08
103.   OldYanksFan
Minky's bat! Minky's bat!
2007-04-17 17:05:22
104.   vockins
That was a shot, but he's no BIG MINK.
2007-04-17 17:05:30
105.   seamus
arod is so frackin unreal right now. i mean, unreal.
2007-04-17 17:05:37
106.   Max Nomad
94 he hit it over the Valley too!
2007-04-17 17:05:38
107.   bartap74
Say, this Rodriguez kid is pretty good. Maybe we should lock him up long term.
2007-04-17 17:06:43
108.   C2Coke
The way they are hitting, only 4 runs?

The guys on the bench really seem to be discussing how easy those pitches were to hit. And the Cap'n had a look saying "why wasn't I invited to the party?"

2007-04-17 17:07:10
109.   Maniakes
107, yeah, he's much better than that guy we had playing third base last year.
2007-04-17 17:07:13
110.   claybeez
Looks like Westbrook is channeling RJ.
2007-04-17 17:07:17
111.   Zack
101 Weird. You should be balcked out, maybe it had to do with the free preview or something. Sucks...

89 Yeah, no kidding. Wish I had waited for extra innings. But, on the other hand, just getting to watch is worth it...

91 I wouldn't say more reliable. Its better quality, but its got some bandwith issues, as in, it sucks it all up and slows down the computer.

2007-04-17 17:07:23
112.   OldYanksFan
Jeter: Hey Minky, want to sleep over tonight?
2007-04-17 17:07:29
113.   nyyfan22
Hopefully Chase took a shot of kentucky red-eye during this ½ inning.

Come on out... nice and loose.

2007-04-17 17:07:47
114.   C2Coke
108 6 runs I meant.
2007-04-17 17:08:06
115.   Max Nomad
westbrook up to 60 pitches
2007-04-17 17:08:36
116.   Max Nomad
2007-04-17 17:08:44
117.   mehmattski
114 Seven runs.
2007-04-17 17:08:46
118.   BklynBmr
Holy s@ht!
2007-04-17 17:09:00
119.   C2Coke
Batting Practice.
2007-04-17 17:09:01
120.   Zack
Yeah, but Minky's HR was really the "clutch" one. A-rod was just padding his stats.
2007-04-17 17:09:05
121.   Max Nomad
hr number 200!
2007-04-17 17:09:13
122.   claybeez
110 OK. Not looks like. He is channeling RJ.
2007-04-17 17:09:13
123.   Mattpat11
I've determined that these games are fun
2007-04-17 17:09:15
124.   vockins
Looks like Posada learned a little from BIG MINK.
2007-04-17 17:09:15
125.   C2Coke
200th by Jorge. Yes!
2007-04-17 17:09:31
126.   Zack
Oh my God, Westbrook sucks some major league ass tonight
2007-04-17 17:09:39
127.   bartap74
Think Chase got this kind of run support in AA?
2007-04-17 17:09:44
128.   C2Coke
114 8 runs I mean.
2007-04-17 17:09:47
129.   seamus
2007-04-17 17:09:55
130.   nyyfan22
YES! I love when they play the theme from The Natural! Schweet.
2007-04-17 17:10:05
131.   Zack
112 ewww, creepy
2007-04-17 17:10:08
132.   Max Nomad
Yankees, meet Indians Bullpen. Indians Bullpen, meet your exhausters.
2007-04-17 17:10:24
133.   ChrisS
Welcome to the Yankees, Chase.
2007-04-17 17:10:25
134.   Mattpat11
Westbrook wishes he could be Randy Johnson.
2007-04-17 17:10:55
135.   FingersCrossed
Did Arod have to one-up Minky like that?
Man, let the guy bask it in, will ya? :)
2007-04-17 17:11:13
136.   Simone
I stepped away for a few minutes and all hell has broken loose. I like!
2007-04-17 17:12:34
137.   Zack
Dice-K looking good in Toronot. 3.1 IP, 5 K, 1 H
2007-04-17 17:12:41
138.   C2Coke
136 That's it then. No more game watching for you tonight ;)
2007-04-17 17:13:53
139.   C2Coke
137 To be honest, he's been looking good since his first start.

But with the Yanks' offense tonight, who cares?

2007-04-17 17:14:11
140.   Simone
138 LOL! More like GameDay following.
2007-04-17 17:14:31
141.   Max Nomad
the kid pitcher better appreciate these runs and get in some innings, instead of getting "too much rest"
2007-04-17 17:15:21
142.   Zack
That Melky, he's no Minky...
2007-04-17 17:15:57
143.   JimCobain
Let's hope the kid pitches well and quick. I don't trust this weather.
2007-04-17 17:16:13
144.   Max Nomad
The Bash Babies (Cano and Cabrera) only two without hits
2007-04-17 17:16:43
145.   FingersCrossed
Wow, Posada hit one, too?
Gameday gets stuck. Resumes. Minky homers.
Stuck again. Resumes. Arod homers.
Stuck again. Resumes. Posada homers.
I've never been this pleased with the gameday delays.
2007-04-17 17:16:46
146.   C2Coke
143 Same here, but man, that took 30 minutes to finish half an inning...
2007-04-17 17:17:04
147.   OldYanksFan
Jeter: Jorge, want to sleep over tonight? Minky's bringing the chips (shhh... don't tell Alex)
2007-04-17 17:18:45
148.   JimCobain
I know this is a baseball blog, but man, the Rangers are taking it to the Thrashers.
2007-04-17 17:18:48
149.   3rd gen yankee fan
Jays tied it, two on one out. w00t
2007-04-17 17:18:55
150.   Max Nomad
I've been on hold with MLB.TV help for 49 mins.....
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2007-04-17 17:19:35
151.   C2Coke
144 Cano has a small hitting streak, doesn' he?

145 No next time when it gets stuck again, who do you think it's gonna be?

2007-04-17 17:19:58
152.   Zack
Chase Wright seems to be turning into Jee "scary fly ball" Karstens
2007-04-17 17:20:01
153.   JimCobain
150 You have a Mac? I had problems too and I have a great document that got things working perfectly.
2007-04-17 17:20:32
154.   seamus
148 hate hate hate rangers...
2007-04-17 17:20:50
155.   JimCobain
Gee wiz the ump is squeezing the kid.
2007-04-17 17:20:54
156.   C2Coke
150 Should call during non-game time. It could be 1.5 hr.
2007-04-17 17:21:23
157.   Max Nomad
153 Yea. What do I do?
2007-04-17 17:21:31
158.   C2Coke
152 You said it.
2007-04-17 17:21:44
159.   seamus
is this the homer derby?
2007-04-17 17:21:57
160.   mehmattski
I switched to Extra Innings today and I am really happy already. My computer was not liking the bandwidth hog that is MLBtv. That and I have a Mac (and not a new one) so things are not ideal anyway. PIP of Yanks and Red Sox is pretty sweet.

Re: previous thread- I guess Hafner figured it out, just needed to face some minor league pitchers.

2007-04-17 17:22:10
161.   Zack
Jim what's the document? Or rather, what does it call for?

I used safari today instead of firefox which seems to make a big difference, who knows...

And Kay jixs it yet again

2007-04-17 17:22:27
162.   JimCobain
157 what is your e-mail address? I will forward it along.
2007-04-17 17:22:29
163.   Max Nomad
I didn't see the play! Was it as amazing as Sterling says?
2007-04-17 17:22:42
164.   3rd gen yankee fan
guys guys guys, matsuzaka is ALL over the place, Jays have the bases loaded.
2007-04-17 17:22:47
165.   C2Coke
153 Would you please forward the document? Big thanks.

2007-04-17 17:22:49
166.   BklynBmr
Cleveland announcer: "Ground ball up the middle, it's gonna get through!!!"
2007-04-17 17:22:56
167.   Zack
160 Did you get a refund, or just pony up for both? I made the mistake of getting the year long subscription to and seem to be stuck with it now
2007-04-17 17:23:03
168.   seamus
161 I have an emac and use safari. works great.
2007-04-17 17:23:08
169.   Max Nomad
2007-04-17 17:23:22
170.   JimCobain
161 funny I used firefox and got much better results. I got the document from MLB customer service, took a week to respond to the email.
2007-04-17 17:23:47
171.   mehmattski
167 I just ponied up for both. Luckily I have some friends who are splitting with me, because you can log on from multiple computers at once (shhhhh.)
2007-04-17 17:24:03
172.   Zack
Can you send it on to too?
2007-04-17 17:24:19
173.   C2Coke
163 Not really. But it is after 6 errors.
2007-04-17 17:24:41
174.   yankz
Just got here. I think Arod is now illegal in 37 states.

Daisuke running into trouble! Oh happy moment.

2007-04-17 17:25:05
175.   yankz
171 I just learned that too. Unfortunately I'm blacked out for Yankee games. But I'm watching the Sox now.
2007-04-17 17:25:08
176.   OldYanksFan
There is now a VERY good chance that ARod will hit #500 in pinstripes... hopefully at the stadium. I wonder what kind of reception he will get.

Be nice if Cashman resigns him first.

2007-04-17 17:25:35
177.   yankz
Daisuke walks in a run, Jays lead 2-1.
2007-04-17 17:26:06
178.   3rd gen yankee fan
177 I'm freakin out here!
2007-04-17 17:27:25
179.   3rd gen yankee fan
What's that I hear, Dice-k getting BOOED????
2007-04-17 17:27:27
180.   yankz
WTF, MINK HOMERED?!?! What next, Cano draws 2 walks in a game?? Oh, wait...

Why the hell were people talking about Wright's no-hitter here?

2007-04-17 17:28:51
181.   Max Nomad
162 thanks Jim
2007-04-17 17:29:20
182.   Max Nomad
180 the no-no was a joke
2007-04-17 17:29:36
183.   Zack
Leave it to Royce Clayton to screw up a rally. How is he still playing?

I swtiched gameday over to the Sox game and Wells promptly singled, following by a complete loss of command by Dice-K, so I didn't want to point it out and risk karma, but Clayton kills all karma anyway

2007-04-17 17:29:39
184.   JimCobain
181 Hope it works!
2007-04-17 17:29:42
185.   FingersCrossed
Gameday stuck big time, again.
10+ minutes without refreshing.
I hope this means Minky's gonna grand slam.
2007-04-17 17:29:49
186.   vockins
Only the vast expanse that is Left Field at Yankees Stadium can contain that massive blast by BIG MINK.

(I'm done.)

2007-04-17 17:29:51
187.   OldYanksFan
Wright has a pretty high pitch count. Will Joe let him go more then 5?
2007-04-17 17:30:05
188.   yankz
Someone on the Jays (forgot who) was about 5 feet away from a grand slam.
2007-04-17 17:30:24
189.   yankz
Oh, lol, my bda.
2007-04-17 17:31:05
190.   3rd gen yankee fan
188 That was Jason Smith, the guy replacing Glaus.
2007-04-17 17:34:10
191.   FingersCrossed
Has Giamkiewicz left the house?
Minky Auto-Out in, again?
2007-04-17 17:34:36
192.   seamus
191 do you mean minkybino?
2007-04-17 17:35:05
193.   JimCobain
187 Let's hope so.
2007-04-17 17:35:34
194.   Mattpat11
So the HOFers are Scooter, Dimaggio Berra and Coleman?
2007-04-17 17:36:01
195.   Zack
Lot of scary fly balls tonight...
2007-04-17 17:36:17
196.   Mattpat11
Peralta's a fugly SOB, huh?
2007-04-17 17:36:18
197.   Max Nomad
Anyone know how to change an IP address away from local? Maybe I can get my to work...
2007-04-17 17:36:51
198.   Zack
Mantle too
2007-04-17 17:36:51
199.   FingersCrossed
192 Yeah.
Well, let's hope Melkzilla is in the house.
2007-04-17 17:37:40
200.   Zack
197 Use a proxy, from somewhere else, though I'm not sure it will work:
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-17 17:37:46
201.   Shaun P
So I'm watching the game, and then the TiVo has to change the channel to record Dancing with the Stars. I had just seen Stinky's first home run.

Why couldn't it have waited until AFTER A-Rod's home run?

Chase Wright - can't type Wright, reminds me of Jaret - looked OK from what I saw. He just has to relax, keep throwing strikes, and not walk anyone else (Torre hates the walks).

A six run lead ought to get him through the 6th, right? Right?

2007-04-17 17:37:47
202.   Mattpat11
Just get through five, Chase.
2007-04-17 17:38:10
203.   yankz
197 You can set up a static IP, but I doubt that would do the trick...

2007-04-17 17:38:20
204.   Mattpat11
201 I think everyone hates the walks.
2007-04-17 17:38:51
205.   yankz
Arod is now batting .400.
2007-04-17 17:39:53
206.   Zack
201 Woah woah woah. Not only are you turning away from the Yankee game, but you are TAPING dancing with the stars? The horror, the horror...
2007-04-17 17:40:47
207.   Max Nomad
200 Zack, how do I set that up on a Mac?
2007-04-17 17:42:56
208.   mehmattski
Sean Henn warming up in the bullpen. Seems poetically correct.
2007-04-17 17:43:13
209.   Mattpat11
Well, this could be going better.
2007-04-17 17:43:25
210.   Mattpat11
*not for the Yankees, but for Chase
2007-04-17 17:43:44
211.   Zack
207 using Firefox, go to preferences, general tab, and go to connection settings. Click the manual configuration, and enter the ip of the proxy and the port. You'll have to mess around a bit, some just don't work, some are painfully slow. And it might not work at all. A year or so ago I got it to work, but who knows...
2007-04-17 17:43:46
212.   FingersCrossed
206 Minky hitting big along side Arod and Posada. I'd call that Dancing with the Stars.
2007-04-17 17:44:41
213.   C2Coke
171 Good to know. My brother and I always use it at different times. Now we don't have to worry about it anymore.
2007-04-17 17:45:24
214.   OldYanksFan
207 True Yankee Fans have PCs (corporate)
2007-04-17 17:46:00
215.   Shaun P
206 The wife is pregnant with child #2, Zack - if she wants to watch Dancing with the Stars, she gets to watch Dancing with the Stars. Its not so bad - I just wish they'd get a former MLB star on.
2007-04-17 17:46:35
216.   C2Coke
184 Thanks man.
2007-04-17 17:46:50
217.   Zack
215 Touche...
2007-04-17 17:48:31
218.   Max Nomad
211 Just enter it into "HTTP Proxy"?
2007-04-17 17:48:34
219.   yankz
214 Oh hell yes.
2007-04-17 17:48:51
220.   yankz
Aaaaand....Daisuke strikes out the side. Damn.
2007-04-17 17:48:53
221.   Max Nomad
211 got it
2007-04-17 17:49:25
222.   Zack
218 yeah, don't forget the port

Dice-K K's the side

2007-04-17 17:50:09
223.   mehmattski
215 Pros v Joes are stealing the former ballplayers. I think Ricky Henderson should do DWTS.
2007-04-17 17:51:03
224.   mehmattski
What, no Boos?
2007-04-17 17:51:34
225.   Zack
A-rod made an out? That's it, he stinks, boo him, under .400!
2007-04-17 17:52:21
226.   Shaun P
217 No worries - I think I'll be happier than she is when the kid is finally born! ;)

At first I was worried that Jason Davis was an URP, but I looked him up, and he's been around since 2002. Don't know why I don't remember him.

223 To hear the third person commentary alone would be awesome! You know Rickey could win too.

Given the sports guys they've already had on - always tall guys - I'd expect Winfield to be the one they asked. I bet he'd be a good dancer too.

2007-04-17 17:55:13
227.   nemecizer
I just got home from work.

Someone tell me that it's true that a AA pitcher has kept the Tribe to 3 runs over 4 innings and the Dougie Eyechart hit a home run?

If someone does that, I may just go back to work.

2007-04-17 17:55:14
228.   Max Nomad
211 IT WORKS! :-D
2007-04-17 17:55:16
229.   mehmattski
Oops, Jorge.
2007-04-17 17:55:21
230.   C2Coke
215 Many former MLB player can barely run and you want them to dance? Who do you have in mind?
2007-04-17 17:56:19
231.   FingersCrossed
Stuck at Giambi's AB, again.
I so hope for the best for Giambi.
Let's go, Giambi.
2007-04-17 17:57:53
232.   yankz
228 Which one did you use? All mine did was slow my computer down.
2007-04-17 17:58:07
233.   Dan-el
227 confirmed
2007-04-17 17:58:13
234.   C2Coke
227 Go back to work.
2007-04-17 17:58:42
235.   Max Nomad
Come on, Chase, come on Kid.
2007-04-17 17:58:45
236.   Mattpat11
Mr. Wright looks like the Yankees groundskeeper. I forget his name.
2007-04-17 17:58:58
237.   Mattpat11
Come on Chase!
2007-04-17 17:59:08
238.   Zack
228 Really? Sweet, good to know...That means it might work for me in terms of avoiding those nasty Fox black outs (using an international ip)
2007-04-17 17:59:57
239.   yankz
I'M UP! THANKS ZACK! Although, my computer's still slow, but whatever.
2007-04-17 18:01:27
240.   Zack
"Past a diving Minky" WHAAAA? I thought he can field everything??
2007-04-17 18:01:32
241.   Mattpat11
One more Chase!
2007-04-17 18:01:49
242.   yankz
Can adrenaline really make your pitches harder?


2007-04-17 18:02:11
243.   Zack
239 No problemo, glad to help...It does have that tendancy to slow things down, but for that matter, so does
2007-04-17 18:02:42
244.   FingersCrossed
Let's go Chase!!
2007-04-17 18:02:46
245.   yankz
That change was so filthy.
2007-04-17 18:03:03
246.   OldYanksFan
Alyssa Milano makes the NYY website.
2007-04-17 18:03:20
247.   Mattpat11
2007-04-17 18:03:38
248.   yankz
2007-04-17 18:04:09
249.   Zack
They should make Farnsworth pitch 2 innings just because.
2007-04-17 18:04:18
250.   yankz
246 Saw that. Kinda funny.

Aw, Mr. Wright must be so proud.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-17 18:04:19
251.   Max Nomad
I'm really happy for the Kid. And Kay and O'Neill called it right
2007-04-17 18:05:10
252.   Eirias
I don't know why, but Chase Wright qualifying for the win is one of my favorite things to happen this season. It makes me happy.
2007-04-17 18:05:50
253.   C2Coke
211, 238 The ways of the Banter now adding another to bobtaco's.
2007-04-17 18:07:36
254.   Mattpat11
252 Ditto
2007-04-17 18:07:50
255.   C2Coke
249 And dejavu all over again? No I don't want to vomit tonight...
2007-04-17 18:07:52
256.   Max Nomad
211 Amazing. My is better than ever.
2007-04-17 18:08:31
257.   yankz
Was that Bruney or Britton in the pen? Are they twins?
2007-04-17 18:08:42
258.   C2Coke
252 He deserves it!
2007-04-17 18:09:58
259.   yankz
Are cell phones allowed in the dugout?
2007-04-17 18:10:56
260.   yankz
Stink is swinging with authority!
2007-04-17 18:11:14
261.   Mattpat11
Chase Wright kind of looks like David Wright.

Here's the Dougie we all know.

2007-04-17 18:11:53
262.   Max Nomad
257 Bruney
2007-04-17 18:12:15
263.   yankz
What the hell is up with the Pac-Man?
2007-04-17 18:12:32
264.   C2Coke
261 YES! I've been thinking who he looks like ever since I saw his picture on the website. David Wright is the guy.
2007-04-17 18:12:47
265.   rbj
How's Wright looking? Just go in, and got the goddamn blackout restrictions. Stupid basketball game on Fox Sports Ohio. F. U. Selig.
2007-04-17 18:14:16
266.   yankz
This is hilarious- I'm on a Chinese IP, so a lot of my internet text is in Chinese.
2007-04-17 18:14:55
267.   Max Nomad
Dice-K is done and had kind of a whirly bird outing:

6 IP, 10 SO, 3 H,and 2 ER Good

3 BB including a bases loaded BB, and a 2/6 ground to air out ratio Bad

Losing 2-1 in the 7th

2007-04-17 18:15:29
268.   Zack
Why Bruney and not Henn?
2007-04-17 18:16:44
269.   yankz
Oh what a catch!
2007-04-17 18:16:47
270.   RIYank

Hey, Johnny! That ball was tagged.

Good game by Wright, huh? I only caught two innings of his start on the radio.

2007-04-17 18:16:54
271.   C2Coke
265 He did really good considering he got the last minute call from AA. Almost 100 pitches, nearly 70% strikes.

Nice catch by Damon!

2007-04-17 18:17:53
272.   Max Nomad
Why Bruney is in and not Britton is beyond me.
2007-04-17 18:17:55
273.   seamus
271 considering how bad is strike to ball ratio was early, he really came on strong.
2007-04-17 18:18:14
274.   C2Coke
268 Why not Bruney? Henn pitched before offday. Bruney had more rest?
2007-04-17 18:18:25
275.   rbj
271 Hanks, C2Coke. Gonna log off now, good hard workout in Aikido tonight, I'm kinda beat.
2007-04-17 18:19:05
276.   mehmattski
274 And isn't the whole bottom of the Indians' lineup right handed? The top of the lineup is lefty, so maybe we'll see Henn next inning.
2007-04-17 18:19:25
277.   Simone
Props to Chase Wright. Five solid innings and 3 runs not more could be asked.
2007-04-17 18:20:25
278.   C2Coke
273 True. And he had great composure throughout.
2007-04-17 18:20:27
279.   Max Nomad
Bruney was sorely overused the last two games. I guess Britton don't have the "trust" yet, and Joe wants to keep the momentum away.
2007-04-17 18:21:56
280.   C2Coke
That was like the 10000 times Kay mentioned how Mo is the only one still wearing #42 because he was grandfathered in...
2007-04-17 18:22:33
281.   FingersCrossed
267That's like exactly what I hoped for Dice-K. Crazy numbers of Ks, only to lose the game at the end. I love that kid. Too bad he's in wrong uniform.
2007-04-17 18:25:03
282.   yankz
The Reds aren't even the sneaky pick of the NL Central.
2007-04-17 18:25:40
283.   Max Nomad
Sizemore is SO smooth
2007-04-17 18:27:12
284.   Max Nomad
MAN, it's still early late. ;-) 2.5 hours already
2007-04-17 18:27:47
285.   yankz
Arod batting cleanup: Lethal Weapon 4
2007-04-17 18:28:42
286.   RIYank
oooh, JUST got under that one.
2007-04-17 18:29:11
287.   yankz
Ah, whatever.
2007-04-17 18:29:31
288.   3rd gen yankee fan
The polite Toronto fans are chanting RED SOX SUCK!!! LOL
2007-04-17 18:30:03
289.   RIYank
Sox out-hitting the Jays 7-3, but still trail. (Lugo just GIDP in the eighth, erasing the Drew walk, two away for Cocoa.)
2007-04-17 18:30:08
290.   Max Nomad
284 And Cabrera takes forever to pitch
2007-04-17 18:30:49
291.   RIYank
What's with the pop-ups? Oh well.

Who's pitching the seventh?

2007-04-17 18:31:25
292.   Max Nomad
289 Papi is up with Coco on 1st and 2 out in the 8th, down 2-1
2007-04-17 18:32:22
293.   seamus
292 gulp.
2007-04-17 18:34:34
294.   seamus
where'd everyone go?
2007-04-17 18:35:48
295.   3rd gen yankee fan
294 I'm watching three games here.
2007-04-17 18:36:09
296.   seamus
295 mosaic?
2007-04-17 18:36:18
297.   Zack
Just got back from walking the dog. miss anything?
2007-04-17 18:36:25
298.   RIYank
Papi with clutch ground-out.
(Actually I think he hit it hard, though I'm only listening not watching.)
2007-04-17 18:36:30
299.   Max Nomad
293 Ortiz grounds out. Inning over.
2007-04-17 18:37:03
300.   Zack
Ortiz grounds out
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-17 18:37:05
301.   Max Nomad
298 Not that hard.
2007-04-17 18:37:13
302.   RIYank
297 Depends: how long have you been gone?
2007-04-17 18:37:43
303.   seamus
299 ahhhhhhhh. i can breathe now.
2007-04-17 18:37:44
304.   RIYank
Hah. Is there anyone left here who isn't following the Sox too? ;-)
2007-04-17 18:37:45
305.   yankz
Why bring in Myers? Even if Grady the Great homers, it's 8-4. Now you don't have Myers to face Hafner later in the game if you need it.
2007-04-17 18:38:23
306.   RIYank
2007-04-17 18:38:25
307.   3rd gen yankee fan
296 I doubt we'd ever get mosaic to run, we're not happy as it is with mlb tv. Given that, we're switching between the Jays & Giants game & I'm 'watching' the Yanks on GameChannel.
2007-04-17 18:38:50
308.   yankz
Okay, fine.
2007-04-17 18:39:18
309.   RIYank
305 Hmmmm.
I dunno. I don't like 'saving guys for later'. This is the seventh inning!
2007-04-17 18:39:30
310.   3rd gen yankee fan
305 I was wondering that myself and I was going to bitch about Joe, but figured someone else would do it first.
2007-04-17 18:39:55
311.   RIYank
Mike does the job, in any case. (The Indians might be a little demoralized at this point.)
2007-04-17 18:40:02
312.   Max Nomad
305 Myers will get hafner next inning.
2007-04-17 18:40:04
313.   seamus
307 ah.
2007-04-17 18:41:02
314.   Schteeve
The bullpen is pretty hot shit, no?
2007-04-17 18:41:23
315.   Max Nomad
Hate to think that the Yanks CAN'T score anymore, and that they're just saving up since they have the big lead and all, but sometimes these runs droughts can carry over to the next day...
2007-04-17 18:43:05
316.   FingersCrossed
288A Japanese guy who's a Yankee fan says in his blog, that he saw "Yankees Suck!" Jerseys in Japanese selling like hot pancakes at Fenway. The thing is, if you translate the printed words back in English, you get, literally, "Yankees Suckle!"
Oh well...
2007-04-17 18:43:23
317.   Max Nomad
Jays don't have Ryan to close. Big loss. Who closes?
2007-04-17 18:43:34
318.   OldYanksFan
Anybody know how to turn mosaic on? I don't see anything to click...
2007-04-17 18:44:01
319.   C2Coke
314 And I want them to stay that way. The Yankees gotta find a way to have their SP besides Pettitte work deep in the innings.
2007-04-17 18:44:04
320.   RIYank
315 Funny how often that happens: a pile of runs early and then nothing. And it's not like they aren't still hitting. Plenty of baserunners, but no payoff.
2007-04-17 18:44:31
321.   seamus
318 no idea. I've just assumed that it won't work.
2007-04-17 18:45:22
322.   Max Nomad
317 nm, Frasor still in to close
2007-04-17 18:45:31
323.   Peter
317 Jason Frasor
2007-04-17 18:45:51
324.   OldYanksFan
I saw a demo that looked cool. Best kept secret I guess.
2007-04-17 18:45:51
325.   RIYank
It's Fraser closing for the Jays (in case you didn't see). Gets Manny to fly out, so the dangerous batters are gone.
2007-04-17 18:46:01
326.   Simone
"Yankees Suckle!" Hilarious.
2007-04-17 18:46:04
327.   Max Nomad
Manny smoked it to center for an out. His average is like Jasons, both hitting HARD, but no results.
2007-04-17 18:46:07
328.   nyyfan22
Someone needs to push John Sterling's chair closer to his microphone and pull Suzyn Waldman's chair back about 2 feet.
2007-04-17 18:46:30
329.   RIYank
Youk grounds out, first pitch...
2007-04-17 18:46:50
330.   Max Nomad
Jays win
2007-04-17 18:47:39
331.   3rd gen yankee fan
317 Jason Frasor's been DA MAN for the Jays since Ryan got injured.

AN IT'S OVAH!!!! Dice-K gets da loss!

2007-04-17 18:47:46
332.   seamus
cano's career walk rate has just exploded.
2007-04-17 18:47:51
333.   Max Nomad
I think that the Jays are a much more dangerous team than they are given credit. Great pen, good rotation (with a true ace) and great line up
2007-04-17 18:47:59
334.   RIYank
Sox game over!
Nice, a 2-1 loss for our buddy Dice.
2007-04-17 18:48:12
335.   OldYanksFan
Jeez... tough loss for Boston. Japan must be loving the Sox offense.
2007-04-17 18:48:33
336.   C2Coke
317 A guy called League can un-close the game but I think he's also on the DL. Not sure. No one else comes anywhere near Ryan.
2007-04-17 18:49:04
337.   RIYank
Marte catches the Bronx Error Bug.

333 They're good. But too many injuries right now, they're really hurtin', and not as able to compensate as the Yanks.

2007-04-17 18:49:58
338.   RIYank
335 Yeah, good point, that's two in a row with pathetic run support.
2007-04-17 18:50:34
339.   Max Nomad
337 They're still winning a lot of 1 run, low scoring games. And Halladay is a beast
2007-04-17 18:50:38
340.   Shaun P
332 Now if only Melky would start taking some walks again . . . he always looks like he's pressing. Someone ought to tell him there's nothing wrong with being the 4th OF.
2007-04-17 18:50:40
341.   JimCobain
That's a joke that Vizcaino is up, right? Ha ha?
2007-04-17 18:51:40
342.   seamus
Cano's BB/PA

2005 = .029
2006 = .036
2007 = .078 (BEFORE THAT AB)


2007-04-17 18:51:47
343.   C2Coke
333 And the Jays seem much more like the real thing than the other that just lost. I definitely would worry about the Jays more.
2007-04-17 18:53:05
344.   RIYank
Seamus, thanks. Man, that's very encouraging. Isn't the conventional wisdom that batters do not increase their BB rate once they hit the majors?
2007-04-17 18:53:53
345.   RIYank
Walking Dougie is not good. I mean, it's really good for our side, but you know.
2007-04-17 18:54:02
346.   seamus
344 let us hope it isn't just a small sample anomaly.
2007-04-17 18:54:29
347.   Max Nomad
344 Usually, unless Boggs suddenly joins your team and whips you into shape, like he did to the yanks
2007-04-17 18:55:59
348.   RIYank
346 Hm. Now I remember, though, that Pujols dramatically increased his walk rate since he broke in. Maybe Rob will follow in Albert's footsteps!
Oh, unbelievable! Maybe Yankee Stadium really does induce errors...
2007-04-17 18:57:24
349.   OldYanksFan
That's nice... giving a fan the ball.
2007-04-17 18:57:53
350.   RIYank
Also nice: scoring two runs on no hits.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-17 18:59:09
351.   yankz
I'm afraid my Bronx Banter commenting will soon shrink, because this page is very hard to load.

Knoblauch got a tan?

2007-04-17 18:59:12
352.   its430
350 seriously. Except a game like this just makes you more frustrated when playoff time comes around and we'll get 7 hits (or zero) and no runs.
2007-04-17 19:00:17
353.   RIYank
Jeter needs a half-inning rest?
2007-04-17 19:00:45
354.   RIYank
Oh, I mean two innings. Got ahead of myself there.
2007-04-17 19:05:21
355.   its430
Ok, give the man credit.

Minky, ya done good (passable) tonight.


2007-04-17 19:06:15
356.   yankz
All right, Stink's earned another game.
2007-04-17 19:07:14
357.   OldYanksFan
I (heart) Minky
2007-04-17 19:07:17
358.   FingersCrossed
356More like a whole season. gulp
2007-04-17 19:07:58
359.   tommyl
Someone please tell me why Britton is not in the game? Its moves like this that infuriate me. You have a 5 run lead, an overworked bullpen, so lets go to Bruney and now Vizcaino?
2007-04-17 19:08:19
360.   C2Coke
352 Let's not worry ourselves this early.
2007-04-17 19:10:13
361.   FingersCrossed
10(plus?) runs a game!
Finally, a 1000 runs season? :)
2007-04-17 19:10:18
362.   RIYank
359 Yeah, that's odd. Seems like you let the kid eat innings, then you could even just send him back down.
2007-04-17 19:11:38
363.   Zack
Sooo, any reason Britton isn't in the game? And any reason Bruney threw 1.1? Oh yeah, its Joe "no lead is enough to not overuse my bullpen" Torre
2007-04-17 19:11:48
364.   RIYank
A-Rod graciously declines to pad his stats. Now he's a Real Yankee.
2007-04-17 19:12:07
365.   seamus
363 britton is throwing.
2007-04-17 19:13:14
366.   RIYank
365 Good. My faith in Joe is restored.
2007-04-17 19:20:35
367.   Shaun P
363 Gotta hope Britton does well here, or we won't seem him again for a while.

Now playing the role of Everyday Scott Proctor - Brian Bruney. Man, I hope his arm holds up.

Meanwhile, Proctor must be beside himself. Joe used to ask him to pitch 5 innings in games like tonight's! Now he gets the night off. ;)

2007-04-17 19:21:59
368.   nyyfan22
Man, that was a weak "Theeeeeee Yankees Win" by Sterling. Poor bastard must be getting old.
2007-04-17 19:22:35
369.   yankz
Yahoo! Congrats, Chase Wright!
2007-04-17 19:22:35
370.   3rd gen yankee fan
368 Trade 'im.
2007-04-17 19:22:41
371.   C2Coke
Good game.
2007-04-17 19:23:07
372.   RIYank
Is our bullpen really this good? Or just lucky?

Yeah, Scotty is feeling unloved, for sure. But at the same time, somehow, less fatigued and he misses that sore, dizzy feeling.

2007-04-17 19:25:38
373.   C2Coke
372 I think they really are good, and rested.
2007-04-17 19:26:10
374.   Zack
I just worry that whatever goodness our bullpen has, which it does, Joe is workign hard to ensure it doesn't remain...

Very nice game tonight!

2007-04-17 19:26:41
375.   BklynBmr
A welcome easy breather after Sunday in Oaktown. Congrats to Wright on his first win, and the bats looked happy to be home. Let's sweep this series, Yanks!

Man, EI would be especially sweet if they stayed with the post-game shows. Gotta flip over to Gameday Audio for Sterling and Suz, but I'm not complainin'...

Go, Yanks!

2007-04-17 19:26:41
376.   FingersCrossed
It was very nice too see our batters be able to give all those run supports to Chase early on. It couldn't have happened better for the kid. This is how you should initiate your kid brother.
Chase did well. Another Win in the bag. Very nice.
2007-04-17 19:31:09
377.   pistolpete
368 It's 10-2 fercrissakes - did you want him to scream and yell after blowouts too?
2007-04-17 19:31:10
378.   nemecizer
That was a good game. Good to see Britton in, though those first pitch balls have to go. Still, got the job done.

I like this team. If we can play like this with a AA pitcher against a pretty good team like the Indians we can go far.

But where were Mo and Proctor? Did someone tie up Torre in the dugout? GOOD!

2007-04-17 19:32:36
379.   FingersCrossed
Very nice seeing our batters be able to give all those run supports to Chaser early on. This is exactly how you should initiate your kid bro into the big game! Very nice.
2007-04-17 19:35:17
380.   RIYank
376 379 If you uncross your fingers it's easier to hit that SUBMIT button only once. Just sayin'.

374 Here's the good part, though: we have so many good relievers, it will be impossible... well, difficult, for Joe to burn any of them out by overuse.

2007-04-17 19:35:49
381.   nemecizer
Did I just read on LoHud that Pavano is on the DL for forearm stiffness?

I guess the breakup with whatsherface was tougher than we thought.


Thanks folks, I'll be here all night!!

(BTW, please don't tell me that someone already wrote that, I feel good about my impending career in comedy)

2007-04-17 19:40:12
382.   BklynBmr
378 That's key to the (early, at least) season: if the lumber can overcome the oppostion until the rotation finds it's groove, we should be more than OK...

And say what you want, but I still love Sterling's HR calls, they never get old ;-)

2007-04-17 19:41:49
383.   BklynBmr
381 F'in brilliant ;-)
2007-04-17 19:44:48
384.   FingersCrossed
380 Yeah, that was lame-o of me. :P
2007-04-17 19:47:10
385.   nick
I think official Bronx Banter T-Shirts should say "BB" on the front, and, in Japanese characters, "Yankees Suckle" on the back....
2007-04-17 19:47:43
386.   RIYank
384 (I only said that because we've all done it.)
2007-04-17 19:51:56
387.   FingersCrossed
386I know. :)
I meant I was sorry to hit the submit button twice. But I'm not sorry for crossing the fingers. We've won!
2007-04-17 19:53:01
388.   BklynBmr
Some post game stuff:

Waldman: Torre was very impressed by Chase Wright, liked how we was around the plate a lot and focused after a rough start... His next start? Something to the effect of "I'm not sure, we got a lotta guys around here"...

A-Rod: Also excited for Wright. "I saw a lot of bad swings out there tonight..."

2007-04-17 19:55:33
389.   FingersCrossed
388Hey, thanks. No TV for me, so it's great to read about the post game.
2007-04-17 19:57:24
390.   BklynBmr
Wright phone interview on BBTN minutes ago, Ravich reports/tells Wright he will start on Sunday vs Boston. Wright: "News to me"...
2007-04-17 19:58:03
391.   C2Coke
388 I would think Wright just got himself another start. Who knows when Shattered Glass will reappear again.
2007-04-17 20:00:06
392.   RIYank
391 Um, but Karstens... Hang on. I've lost count.
2007-04-17 20:00:27
393.   BklynBmr
389 No TV here either ;-( Tuned in WCBS-AM on's Gameday Audio to get the local post game feed (I'm in San Francisco, btw)...
2007-04-17 20:02:32
394.   C2Coke
392 We have Pettitte, Igawa, Rasner, and C. Wright.

Karsten, Wang, Moose are coming back in that order.

And I said...Glass is shattered...

2007-04-17 20:05:54
395.   RIYank
394 Okay, so Karsten's return leaves Chase in the rotation, but when Moose comes back he's done.
Well, good, I like that. Here's hoping Wright goes 6 or more innings next outing. He throws enough strikes for it.
2007-04-17 20:30:48
396.   FingersCrossed
393Only one or two 'select games' daily here in Taiwan. No Yankee games for two days in a roll. Game 3 is scheduled to be on though.
2007-04-17 20:47:01
397.   yankz
From Alyssa Milano (mmmm)'s blog:

"I hate when the count is 0-2 and the pitcher throws that ball low and away (the batter knows just as well as we do that it's coming so why not throw it in the zone for the love of God)."

What?! Can someone translate this? Although, the rest of the blog is pretty cool. I love the internet.

2007-04-17 20:51:41
398.   BklynBmr
396 Ouch, that's tough. Maybe if this Internet thing takes off, someday all of us fans can get any game we want, anywhere, anytime ;-) — but only if MLB sees the light.

Until then and beyond, the Banter is the best jernt to get our Yankees fix, at least...

Other than that, we were jazzed about loadiing up with younger arms, and here they come. Maybe not a moment to soon, we'll see...

2007-04-17 20:55:44
399.   BklynBmr
397 She plaguerized that from Byung-Hyun Kim's "Pitching Manifesto", word for word!

Other than that, I have no problem with her :-)

2007-04-17 21:22:41
400.   FingersCrossed
398Yeah, I'm pretty happy with what I get from the Banter. :)
BTW, just went through some local news articles re: Wang. He seems pretty anxious to get back. "I ask Conners when can I go back to New York everyday I see him."
When I read this, I couldn't help but picture Wang sitting at the backseat bugging the hell out of a driving Conners with ARE-WE-THERE-YET's. :D
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-04-17 22:00:05
401.   markp
I'm sure Mr Kim isn't nearly the first person to say that in exactly those words. Anyone who watched David Cone (for example) pitch must have said exactly that at least a few times.
2007-04-17 22:24:58
402.   yankz
From the main page: "Wang was a 16-game winner for the Yankees in 2006"

I wish I was an editor for Then I could get paid for sitting on my ass and not doing anything.

Re: Milano- I just don't understand what she means. If the batter knows the pitch is going to be low and away, why wouldn't he just take it? And why would the pitcher deliver a meatball in any circumstance, let alone one in which he has the upper hand?

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