Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2007-04-15 08:42
by Alex Belth
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Jason Giambi's bat has been ice cold, and he was 0-5 last night when he hit a solo home run in the top of the 13th inning last night to help boost the Yankees to a 4-3 win over the A's. Alex Rodriguez hit his seventh homer of the year, Jorge Posada had a huge pinch-hit double, and Robinson Cano banged out three hits.There was more sloppy fielding for the Yanks--four errors in all, two more by Derek Jeter--but the bullpen was outstanding. Starter Darrell Rasner allowed three runs in the first and then settled down. He was relieved in sixth and the Yankee bullpen, seven pitchers in all, allowed zero runs on just two hits. At this rate, it's a good thing that the Bombers have some off-days, because the pen sure is getting its work in.

I watched most of the last two games in Oakland, stayed up as long as I could before my eyes just couldn't stay open any longer. Dude, I'm a lightweight. Not that I've got anything on my mind. I'm only getting hitched.

Em and I are leaving tomorrow for the Bahamas, where we'll be spending the next week enjoying our Marrymoon. We're actually getting married on the beach, just the two of us, no family, no friends ("No Roger, No Re-Run, No Rent"), just a minister, a photographer and us, this coming Thursday afternoon at 1:30. The Yankees and Indians should be in the second inning, weather-provided, so raise a cup to us at some pernt during the game. I won't be rushing to check the score--which is why we're getting married in the spring and not the fall--but will check in on the Banter periodically.

Cliff and company will be holding it down around these parts, as the Yanks host the Tribe and then take on the Red Sox for the first time this year. You're in good hands, as the old commerical used to go.

Hey, how about a nice send off from the Yankees today as Andy Pettitte goes against Oakland's ace, Rich Harden.

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2007-04-15 09:03:04
1.   rbj
Congratulations to you and Emily, Alex. May you two have a long, happy life together.

And dang, Bruney is fast becoming a favorite -- from my perch it seems he's not afraid to fail, he just goes after hitters and if they beat him, they beat him.

2007-04-15 09:04:50
2.   Alex Belth
Thanks. Yeah, that's right about Bruney. There is no mincing around with him.

Huge boost from Jorge with the stick last night.

2007-04-15 09:07:24
3.   Bob Timmermann
I was really expecting the two of you to have one of those taped talks in the "Vows" section of the New York Times.

Or maybe get one of the staff-written stories that invariably start off with the woman saying that she had just about given up on the idea of getting married.

2007-04-15 09:14:08
4.   C2Coke
Wow, the Bahamas. Congrats, and best wishes to you future together!
2007-04-15 09:20:13
5.   nemecizer
Congratulations on the impending marriage! You are picking a good week to get out of town. And you are not the only ones who set your marriage date partially around baseball, my brother and his fiance did the same :)
2007-04-15 09:25:50
6.   rsmith51
Congrats, Alex and Emily! I believe that is called eloping...

Make sure you do some snorkeling.

2007-04-15 09:29:54
7.   Rich
Great news. Good luck and congratulations, respectively.
2007-04-15 09:32:02
8.   Zack
Congrats Alex. If you ever need a second one, you're always welcome here in San Diego!

And on that note, how's the storm going back there folks? The newspapers here are reporting it like its the apocalypse

2007-04-15 09:49:01
9.   RIYank
Mazel tov, and have fun in the Bahamas.

Zack, it's windy and rainy (here in southern New England). I actually wouldn't mind it at all, except we've had practically no real spring this spring. {sigh}

2007-04-15 09:50:32
10.   Clay Caviness
Congrats, Alex!

My wife and I did almost the exact same thing as you, but 10 years ago and in Hawaii - got married halfway through a 2-week trip, on the beach, no family.

Best of luck to you and Emily!

2007-04-15 09:53:54
11.   seamus
crap. no more late night extra innings games. I just slept for over ten hours! I haven't slept until after noon since college.
2007-04-15 09:57:37
12.   yankz
The weather absolutely sucks today. Good thing they're out west.
2007-04-15 10:00:27
13.   Simone
Congrats, Alex and Emily! I wish you both many years of happiness. A wedding on the beach in the Bahamas is wonderful. Take lots of pictures and have loads of fun!
2007-04-15 10:05:28
14.   Sliced Bread
Belthless Banter? What, no Bahamas Banter this week? We wuz robbed!

Have a great time, Alex.

Here's wishing you and Emily a long, wonderful life together.

For what it's worth (absolutely nothing) the Yanks got smacked around by the Indians on my wedding day (June 15, 1996), 10-3, but we somehow managed to enjoy ourselves. Heh.

2007-04-15 10:17:35
15.   brockdc
Great news, Alex. Congratulations and much happiness for you and your bride.
2007-04-15 10:27:44
16.   FingersCrossed
Hi, Alex. I've been enjoying reading the articles from you and Cliff for a while, and decided it would be a good time to delurk and say thank you.

Wish you and Emily Bai Nien Hao Ho -- a Chinese blessing for the newly-weds which means literally 'a hundred years of good combination=joining=mating'. :D

And hello to everybody on Bronx Banter!
You guys have a nice party going on here which seems a lot of fun!

2007-04-15 11:03:34
17.   RIYank
Yo, Crossed, welcome.

Yankz, I dunno. A rain day wouldn't be so bad right now.

2007-04-15 11:07:01
18.   yankz
17 That's true. I just absolutely hate weather like this.
2007-04-15 11:10:55
19.   jkay
Cheers Alex and Emily. Thursday's 7th inning stretch is now the 7th inning toast to the Bronx Banter newlyweds.

I hope Torre takes note of what happens if you leave Giambi in the late innings of a close game.

2007-04-15 11:22:46
20.   claybeez
Congrats Alex and Emily! Wishing you guys a wonderful life together.
2007-04-15 11:23:16
21.   celerino
Starting Lineup for Alex's Wedding (with an assist from

Joe Judge - 1b
Jake Flowers -2b
Jim Brideweser - ss
Pete Rose - 3b
Jim Rice - lf
Bill White -cf
David Justice rf
Frank Bliss - c
Royce Ring - lhp
Buddy Groom - lhp
Eddie Priest - rhp
John Boozer -rhp (there's one at every wedding)

umpires: Fred Abbott, Wally Bell, Jon Bible, Homer Bishop

manager - Bobby Wine

Mazel Tov to you both from the Holy land!

2007-04-15 11:26:19
22.   yankz
21 Buddy Groom only gets invited if he's one of Alex's guys.
2007-04-15 11:29:23
23.   celerino
22 I agree - we'll only use him if a last minute substitution is needed.
2007-04-15 11:29:28
24.   BklynBmr
Congrats, Alex! It's a good life, here's to you and Emily's health and happiness!

16 Welcome, Fingers.

Andy is career 8-4 / 3.18 vs the A's, but hasn't won in Oaktown since '97. Hopefully that'll change today...

2007-04-15 11:34:34
25.   joejoejoe
Congrats Em & Alex!
2007-04-15 11:35:45
26.   yankz
16 Welcome aboard. It is a lot of fun- read last night's game thread for examples. I'm sure most people will agree, the best game thread ever was the Yanks' legendary comeback vs the Rangers last year.
2007-04-15 11:47:30
27.   3rd gen yankee fan
Bright blessings to Alex & Em!
2007-04-15 11:51:43
28.   yankz
I'm hoping for a long pitcher's duel today. I need K's from Harden.
2007-04-15 11:52:07
29.   seamus
I was neglect in not offering my congratulations to Alex and Em! Sounds like such a great wedding plan.
2007-04-15 12:02:15
30.   BklynBmr
Interesting piece by John Shea in today's SF Chronicle on Jackie Robinson's decision to retire, and how the Giants might have stayed in NY if he didn't:

2007-04-15 12:20:17
31.   seamus
ok, it looks like Pavano and Moose are on the DL according to Abraham. Britton is in town. So, we at least have Britton in case Pettitte falls.
2007-04-15 12:22:07
32.   RIYank
Oh, man. I was hoping both of them would avoid the DL. (I think it involved a certain amount of self-deception or wishful thinking on my part.)

Wang due back in nine days? And what about Karstens?

2007-04-15 12:32:49
33.   yankz
Wow. Has to be the trainers, right? This many injuries this quickly?
2007-04-15 12:33:28
34.   rbj
16 Welcome.
Oy vey regarding Carl & Moose.
We could use Rocket right now, then let him spend July on the DL to get rested up for the post season.
2007-04-15 12:38:09
35.   Zack
Moose is no surprise, its really ebcause we just needed the roster space, no biggie. Pavano is, of course, far more troubling. Pete A. speculates that Chase Wright might get the call up from AA, which also troubles me. Having seen what they did to Henn a few years ago, and considering the depth of AAA pitching, I would rather see whoever is lined up for AAA go and bump Wright to AAA. I know hes already on the 40-man, but hes in AA for a reason...

And, if you will note, somehow Minky is still in today's lineup...trying not to get angry...

2007-04-15 12:40:05
36.   Simone
Ugh. Horrible news about Mussina and Pavano on the DL.
2007-04-15 12:40:16
37.   yankz
3/5 of the opening day rotation is out, as is their best replacement (Karstens). Their next next best replacement, Rasner, had blisters. The bullpen is spent. Sounds a lot like 2005, the days of Tim Redding (ERA+ of a remarkable 8- I'd rather have Cairo) and Darrell May (40). That year, Arod carried the team to a division title. We still have Arod, and instead of Redding and May we have Wright and Hughes.

Bring it on.

2007-04-15 12:41:27
38.   seamus
35 didn't note the lineups. Joe Torre is really pissing me off with this Minky bs.
2007-04-15 12:43:17
39.   BklynBmr
33 That's a fair question, although I read recently (can't recall where, maybe LoHud) that the players are pretty much ignoring Marty Miller and doing their own thing...

From The Star-Ledger:

Cashman has barred Miller from doing interviews. But Miller recently told The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post: "I'm in charge of all on-field and off-field conditioning programs, like anything you see them doing on the field, anything that they've been doing in the weight room. ... I've been able to come in here and really kind of change this whole department around."

2007-04-15 12:45:08
40.   seamus
every time I decide to listen to the Nets plays the Pacers, I get these stupid Pacer announcers. Most annoying announcers in NBA. The Pacers just missed a layup and the guy did the NBA version of a fake homer call: "Oh baby, he's got it...." and no good. Keep in mind, this was a layup!
2007-04-15 12:46:46
41.   Mattpat11
I've been screaming from the rooftops for almost two years now that Carl is a useless waste of our time. I got banned from NYYFans because a borderline retard on the board couldn't comprehend that. I feel vindicated.
2007-04-15 12:48:13
42.   BklynBmr
38 Anyone catch Joe's lineup card today? "1B - Womackiewicz"
2007-04-15 12:48:36
43.   yankz
At least we got one good start out of him. I'd say about 1000 to 1 says it was the last start of his career.
2007-04-15 12:49:17
44.   Mattpat11
Oh good, Mientkiewicz is starting.
2007-04-15 12:50:53
45.   rsmith51
Over/under on abs until Minky's next hit.
I say 9

Over/under on abs until Minky's next hit out of the infield.
I say 14

2007-04-15 12:57:48
46.   Mattpat11
Mientkiewicz is too slow to get an infield hit, so I'll say 14 overall
2007-04-15 13:00:28
47.   BklynBmr
One more thing on the injuries:

"According to The Baseball Injury Report (TBIR), there are 30% more players starting this season on the disabled list than there were last season... The injury list of the 2007 New York Yankees serves as a great example of guys who have trained improperly."

2007-04-15 13:00:40
48.   seamus
46 i thought exactly the same thing. but I think luck will get him a hit in 9. You have to really try to do worse.
2007-04-15 13:01:56
49.   yankz
Jeter once went 0-32. Which means Mink can pull off an 0-1024 (32^2).
2007-04-15 13:03:14
50.   rbj
47 Which I am going to have to lay at the feet of the new Director of Performance Dehancement.
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2007-04-15 13:03:59
51.   Zack
I don't think the injuries have anything to do with the trainers. The cold weather has a big effect on causing pulled muscles, Carl and Karstens are arm issues. Moose is old and creaky, Wang was probably more a spring training related issue (aka rust). Maaaybe Matsui, but really, injuries are up around the league as someone pointed out, and the cold weather def. comes into play; they can go ahead and fire the trainer, but I somehow doubt that is the issue...

Now if only Minky could pull a hammy..

2007-04-15 13:05:03
52.   OldYanksFan
Minor Rant:
From 'another' Yankees Blog
Headline: Brian Bruney calls the A's Travis Buck "Classless"
Actual quote: Bruney... said.... "it wasn't very classy."
This hit a nerve of mine. Writters who intentionally sensationalize, distort and inflame.. and have the balls to quote the line that contradicts them.

There is a big difference between criticizing ONE act a person makes or one thing they say, versus criticizing the person (hope all you parents know this).


2007-04-15 13:05:21
53.   rbj
Dang, it's the A's announcers today.
2007-04-15 13:06:15
54.   Zack
And if anything, that article from 47 points more to personal trainer issues than the team trainer.
2007-04-15 13:06:47
55.   Mattpat11
Harden is wearing 42?
2007-04-15 13:09:08
56.   seamus
55 Jackie opened the door for his white ass.
2007-04-15 13:09:40
57.   Mattpat11
White Canadian ass.
2007-04-15 13:12:25
58.   OldYanksFan
I'm getting the YES feed here in NH
2007-04-15 13:13:23
59.   Zack
This game could be ugly if Harden can avoid injury, which, of course, is always a possibility with him..
2007-04-15 13:14:19
60.   kdw
53 If you're using maybe try clicking again, I have the YES broadcast via MLB. A couple of times in the past the feed has switched when I reload it (know it sounds weird but it's happened).
2007-04-15 13:14:24
61.   BklynBmr
54 Exactly. And good luck trying to coordinate a blanket off-season conditioning program.
2007-04-15 13:16:14
62.   Zack
What the heck is wrong with Jeter?
2007-04-15 13:16:14
63.   rbj
WTF is up with Jeter and his glove? A bad range I can understand, but this is ridiculous.
2007-04-15 13:17:09
64.   rbj
60 No, I've got Extree Innings.
2007-04-15 13:17:31
65.   FingersCrossed
Thanks for the welcome. It's only gameday for me today. Guess I'll be relying on your in game banters to keep me going during all the delays. Let's go Yankees!

My main focus players to root for today:
Abreu, Giambi, Melky and er... Dougie the Automatic Out Machine. No, scratch that. Dougie the Extra Base Hit Machine.

2007-04-15 13:18:15
66.   JimCobain
Great start.
2007-04-15 13:18:19
67.   Zack
Uggh, Andy, come on
2007-04-15 13:20:16
68.   yankz
Jeter needs to do laps.
2007-04-15 13:21:07
69.   BklynBmr
Deja vu all over again...
2007-04-15 13:21:40
70.   Zack
And back to my comment on bringing up Wright, the guys at riveraveblues have the right answer:
2007-04-15 13:22:11
71.   celerino
61 He's got to be hurt... didn't someone write something here about a pinched nerve in his neck?
2007-04-15 13:22:14
72.   JimCobain
Looks like Andy might be a sacraficial lamb today.
2007-04-15 13:22:21
73.   rbj
What is this, batting practice Sunday?
2007-04-15 13:22:27
74.   Zack
This already sucks
2007-04-15 13:23:49
75.   celerino
settle down andy
2007-04-15 13:25:13
76.   celerino
there it is... let's get it back
2007-04-15 13:25:16
77.   yankz
Could it be mental? The whole BFF thing? In which case, it's Arod's fault!
2007-04-15 13:25:33
78.   tommyl
Is Jeter leading the league in errors yet?
2007-04-15 13:27:10
79.   OldYanksFan
Damn... I make a couple of eggs and TWO runs! Andy... what happened?
2007-04-15 13:27:16
80.   Simone
Something has got to be wrong with Derek, maybe he is injured.
2007-04-15 13:27:16
81.   FingersCrossed
Finally. Let's go! Yankees bats.
...My gameday is stuck.
How did Arod do?
2007-04-15 13:27:27
82.   JimCobain
78 Jeter has more errors than most teams.
2007-04-15 13:27:44
83.   Zack
Is it just me or does that spot of Abeu saying that Sterling is the voice of the Yankees sound liek they used a speak and spell instead?
2007-04-15 13:28:50
84.   BklynBmr
81 Struck out swinging on a 2-2 pitch...
2007-04-15 13:29:03
85.   yankz
Last minute decision to bench Harden is really kicking my ass now.
2007-04-15 13:29:06
86.   rbj
81 K'ed swinging.
2007-04-15 13:29:38
87.   OldYanksFan
Another error by Jeter?!? Time for him to get married. He's wearing himself out.
2007-04-15 13:30:16
88.   Mattpat11
84 Something I noticed about A-Rod is he isn't staring at strike three nearly as much this year.
2007-04-15 13:30:39
89.   yankz
Yup, really kicking my ass.
2007-04-15 13:31:04
90.   Mattpat11
Okay, it took us this long last night too.
2007-04-15 13:31:43
91.   Zack
Yeah, remember that Blanton had only 44 pitches through 4 innings, and then 30 more just in the 5th...
2007-04-15 13:33:24
92.   BklynBmr
88 That used to drive me crazy. Yeah, he's feelin' it so far, I love the aggressiveness.

14 pitches for Harden...

2007-04-15 13:33:46
93.   Mattpat11
Jackie was out on the play.
2007-04-15 13:33:49
94.   OldYanksFan
The was Jeter's league leading 6th error (in 10.2 games) Yikes!
2007-04-15 13:34:22
95.   FingersCrossed
84 81Thanks.
Sigh, why are we always rushing the early innings these past few days?
Come on, Andy. Keep us in the game.
2007-04-15 13:35:17
96.   BklynBmr
94 Nice. He's on pace for 86...
2007-04-15 13:35:38
97.   yankz
If you're in NY, are you allowed to watch Yankee games on Are there any restrictions?
2007-04-15 13:37:58
98.   Zack
97 If you are within the Yes range, they will black out Yankee games
2007-04-15 13:38:28
99.   Mattpat11
97 You're blacked out.
2007-04-15 13:38:31
100.   JimCobain
Nice turn.
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2007-04-15 13:39:11
101.   BklynBmr
Nice recovery, Andy! Time to wake up those bats...
2007-04-15 13:40:15
102.   yankz
98,99 Dammit. Thanks anyway.
2007-04-15 13:40:35
103.   Max Nomad
that was a big DP

99 I'm in NY and I've only been blacked out this series.

2007-04-15 13:41:03
104.   FingersCrossed
Will Cano draw a walk today?
A streak would be nice.
2007-04-15 13:43:48
105.   Mattpat11
Christ Doug. Can you at least take a pitch before you blow?
2007-04-15 13:44:23
106.   yankz
How deep is deep right?
2007-04-15 13:47:28
107.   Mattpat11
106 Maybe 40 feet from the warning track.
2007-04-15 13:48:45
108.   FingersCrossed
Man, Minky is really beyond hope at this point.
2007-04-15 13:49:26
109.   Max Nomad
108 Hehe, watch him explode and carry the team one of these days
2007-04-15 13:50:01
110.   yankz
Yanks better start hitting, both for the win and my fantasy owner conscience.
2007-04-15 13:50:27
111.   Mattpat11
109 You mean physically explode and stop hurting the team?
2007-04-15 13:53:29
112.   Mattpat11
That was something else.
2007-04-15 13:54:15
113.   BklynBmr
If Johnny picks that ball up, does Chavez get waved around?
2007-04-15 13:54:23
114.   JimCobain
Looks like the boys have their heads on a plane right now and not on the game. Harden could put up some crooked numbers.
2007-04-15 13:54:37
115.   rbj
Yay, Derek made a play!
2007-04-15 13:54:55
116.   Max Nomad
Pettitte = avg of 15 pitches per inning = nice
2007-04-15 13:55:20
117.   OldYanksFan
Why would Johnny 'One Arm' Damon take a throw away from Abreu?
2007-04-15 13:55:29
118.   Mattpat11
If anyone posts on NYYFans can you tell me if that imbecile bobbymagee is defending Pavano yet?
2007-04-15 13:58:55
119.   BklynBmr
OK, here we go...
2007-04-15 13:59:26
120.   Mattpat11
Jerry Coleman wore 42 in 55.
2007-04-15 13:59:42
121.   seamus
118 leave it be, is my advice.
2007-04-15 14:00:58
122.   OldYanksFan
For some reason, watching and listening to this series on YES has been an unual pleasure. I can't quite put my finger on it...
2007-04-15 14:01:55
123.   FingersCrossed
AbuGiamMinky, Go, go, go.
2007-04-15 14:02:09
124.   Max Nomad
2007-04-15 14:02:12
125.   Mattpat11
Jeter was running like me.
2007-04-15 14:02:44
126.   tommyl
Great, clear out the runners for A-Rod's AB
2007-04-15 14:02:48
127.   JimCobain
Why? With you hottest hitter coming up, even if Jeter makes it they'd pitch around Arod.
2007-04-15 14:03:02
128.   Zack
I'm not sure Joe Torre understands how to use a hit and run
2007-04-15 14:03:03
129.   OldYanksFan
really... ugly...
2007-04-15 14:03:12
130.   BklynBmr
Only Cap makes that play...
2007-04-15 14:03:15
131.   yankz
Somebody get Tom Emanski on the line. It's like they've forgotten how to play.
2007-04-15 14:03:18
132.   rbj
119 Or not
2007-04-15 14:03:52
133.   seamus
arod is so hot, he gets that hit! Unbelievable.
2007-04-15 14:03:56
134.   yankz
Of course.
2007-04-15 14:04:03
135.   FingersCrossed
Dang! At least, Abreu wasn't too impatient like he did yesterday.
Yay! Arod!
2007-04-15 14:04:22
136.   FingersCrossed
Dang! At least, Abreu wasn't too impatient like he was yesterday.
Yay! Arod!
2007-04-15 14:05:28
137.   Mattpat11
121 It annoys me that I let an idiot(the man can't add double digit numbers) bait me into getting banned.
2007-04-15 14:06:28
138.   Zack
137 Its something that idiots do well...Besides, why bother with another forum, they are all filled with idiots :)
2007-04-15 14:07:02
139.   OldYanksFan
Jasons off. That was easily ball 4.
2007-04-15 14:07:22
140.   yankz
Rich Harden is really making me question my baseball smarts.
2007-04-15 14:08:38
141.   yankz
They have a pic of Andy in an NY hat but not Bobby? Did they dig through the archives or something?
2007-04-15 14:10:32
142.   Max Nomad
these damn foul balls always run up andys count
2007-04-15 14:11:39
143.   Max Nomad
chase wright just got confirmed as tuesday's starter
2007-04-15 14:11:59
144.   randym77
141 Probably. They had a photo of Fasano in a Yankee hat last year that was from his minor league days.
2007-04-15 14:12:25
145.   yankz
Jeter look OK there?
2007-04-15 14:12:36
146.   Zack
Ugh, Wright officially to start. I just don't get it. Why sacrifice a AA guy and his confidence when we have 5 better options in AAA?
2007-04-15 14:12:41
147.   seamus
143 yeah, heard that. I am always excited to see our youngsters get their shot. It adds a new element to the game. Hopefully I'm free tuesday night. I think that iam.
2007-04-15 14:12:51
148.   BklynBmr
142 46 for Andy, 58 for Harden so far...
2007-04-15 14:13:09
149.   FingersCrossed
That was a good inning from Andy.
Now, let's score some runs.
2007-04-15 14:14:47
150.   Max Nomad
Poor radio contestant is playing for the 4th batter grand slam. The 4th batter? Minky.
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2007-04-15 14:14:48
151.   Mattpat11
JoPo, Cano, Melky and the ralley killer?
2007-04-15 14:15:27
152.   BklynBmr
Harden is not as sharp as eariler. Gotta work these counts now...
2007-04-15 14:16:13
153.   yankz
LoHud has a hilarious tribute to Glass Ass up.
2007-04-15 14:16:15
154.   Mattpat11
This is a bad DP combo here.
2007-04-15 14:16:41
155.   tommyl
146 Roster move. Wright is on the 40-man, the guys at AAA are not. Since you expect Mussina and Wang back shortly this is likely a temporary move (unless he's lights out). Moving up someone from AAA would require removing someone from the 40-man.
2007-04-15 14:16:54
156.   Max Nomad
146 Matt DeSalvo is the only guy who might be ready, and he's a reclamation project. Wright is ready enough. Heard he could be a big time pitcher some day. Besdies, usually, AA is the pitcher's league. Rarely do guys spend a lot of time in AAA unless they need innings.
2007-04-15 14:17:55
157.   Mattpat11
If nothing else, we don't have to see Minky blow a rally.
2007-04-15 14:18:26
158.   randym77
Well, that was a rally-killer, all right. :-P
2007-04-15 14:18:28
159.   seamus
156 is that stretch that our AA team had of shutout ball still going? They had like 43 consecutive shutout innings in a row.
2007-04-15 14:18:44
160.   BklynBmr
154 Nice call (I know you were going for the 'reverse jinx')...
2007-04-15 14:19:17
161.   seamus
150 that is the worst contest EVER. It isn't a real contest. I mean, noone is ever going to win that. It is worse than the lottery.
2007-04-15 14:19:31
162.   Mattpat11
160 I was talking about Posada and Cano. Karma bit be. :)
2007-04-15 14:20:37
163.   yankz
150 You can't make that stuff up. Too bad :(
2007-04-15 14:21:45
164.   yankz
161 I remember a lady (Dbacks fan) won it a few years back. She picked the game, inning, and PLAYER who would hit it. Million bucks just like that.
2007-04-15 14:22:00
165.   BklynBmr
Andy's on a roll, time to go to the pen...
2007-04-15 14:22:28
166.   seamus
164 really? I just talways took it as the biggest con in radio advertising.
2007-04-15 14:22:41
167.   Zack
155 156 My response to the 40 man issue is: Drop Colter Bean, who is dead weight, or Kennard, also useless. That shouldn't be an issue, although I know its their main reason.

As for thsoe being ready, any of the AAA guys are more ready than Wright is. Remember when Sean Henn was called up? Just like Wright, he was a hard thrower coming off a few good starts in AA, and got shelled, got injured, got his confidence shot etc. Just because they don't want to rush Clippard or Hughes doesn't mean they SHOULD rush Wright. he MAY be a big time pitcher one day, but this isn't the way to get him there. Check out, they say it better than I am...

2007-04-15 14:23:00
168.   FingersCrossed
All of the guys I've been rooting for have sucked so far. In that case, Abreu, Giambi and Doogie Alphabet, you guys stink!
2007-04-15 14:23:27
169.   Max Nomad
To this point, pettitte and harden have pitched the same innings, and andy has 5 less pitches thrown than harden. In the first, pettitte was at 24, harden at 13. Hows that for change?
2007-04-15 14:24:44
170.   seamus
169 the problem remains the lack of hitting. Our hitters just seem real off all series. I know it is good pitching, but some consistent hitting would be nice.
2007-04-15 14:24:47
171.   FingersCrossed
165 Haha. ...Why am I laughing? It just might happen. Gulp.
2007-04-15 14:25:03
172.   BklynBmr
169 The Yanks have been helping Harden out too much. He's starting to lose the plate...
2007-04-15 14:25:27
173.   Max Nomad
he got a hit!
2007-04-15 14:26:01
174.   BklynBmr
Game ball! Game ball!
2007-04-15 14:26:12
175.   yankz
2007-04-15 14:26:33
176.   seamus
dougie still sucks.
2007-04-15 14:27:41
177.   FingersCrossed
My god. It worked.
Minky, you're gonna stink up the joint some more later.
2007-04-15 14:27:55
178.   BklynBmr
Damon almost got him...
2007-04-15 14:28:28
179.   Max Nomad
here comes the inning!
2007-04-15 14:28:48
180.   BklynBmr
Keep the line movin', Cap...
2007-04-15 14:29:13
181.   yankz
And with that, I am vindicated!
2007-04-15 14:29:17
182.   rbj
Let's go, Jetes, redemption time.
2007-04-15 14:29:38
183.   JimCobain
C'mon Jeter!
2007-04-15 14:29:43
184.   nemecizer
Yanks got something going...
2007-04-15 14:29:58
185.   randym77
What is Colter Bean doing on the 40-man? Didn't they DFA him last year, even though he had options left, just to get him off the 40-man?
2007-04-15 14:29:59
186.   FingersCrossed
Let's go, Cap'n!
2007-04-15 14:30:48
187.   C2Coke
I got back late again, what did I miss this time?
2007-04-15 14:31:17
188.   JimCobain
DJ went chasing waterfalls. Please Abreu, just don't hit into a DP.
2007-04-15 14:31:21
189.   yankz
Rough day for the Captain.
2007-04-15 14:31:36
190.   yankz
We have Arod...We have Arod..
2007-04-15 14:32:16
191.   BklynBmr
187 If you Tivo'd last night's game, you could just watch that. Same same, only the field is a lot brighter...
2007-04-15 14:32:34
192.   FingersCrossed
Okay, time for the reverse jinx again.
Abreu, you suck big time.
2007-04-15 14:32:35
193.   Max Nomad
caught a HUGE break there
2007-04-15 14:32:41
194.   rbj
Gah, ooooh.
2007-04-15 14:33:15
195.   JimCobain
Let's go Arod!
2007-04-15 14:33:18
196.   FingersCrossed
192 I guess that didn't work for Abreu.
2007-04-15 14:33:49
197.   BklynBmr
Just find a hole in the infield or a seat in fair terrority, Alex...
2007-04-15 14:34:17
198.   Max Nomad
2-0 on arod
2007-04-15 14:34:25
199.   JimCobain
2-0. Zone one and crush it!
2007-04-15 14:34:40
200.   Zack
185 No idea, but there he is
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-15 14:34:57
201.   FingersCrossed
Let's go Arod! Let's go!
2007-04-15 14:35:05
202.   Max Nomad
2007-04-15 14:35:14
203.   bartap74
Scrabble comes through again.
2007-04-15 14:35:24
204.   Max Nomad
the gods hate us
2007-04-15 14:35:32
205.   JimCobain
That was super fun.
2007-04-15 14:35:39
206.   rbj
Gargh! Yanks are catching almost no breaks this series.
2007-04-15 14:35:42
207.   Zack
Oh my God Minky sucks so bad
2007-04-15 14:36:09
208.   randym77
Ugh. Bad break. The ball bounced off the wall right back to him.
2007-04-15 14:36:09
209.   JimCobain
first and second. No outs and no runs. one of those days.
2007-04-15 14:36:09
210.   yankz
What the hell just happened
2007-04-15 14:36:29
211.   Eirias
What just happened?
2007-04-15 14:36:35
212.   nemecizer
What happened, wild pitch?
2007-04-15 14:37:15
213.   Vandelay Industries
Well, Alex did send him, but he has got to try and take Kendal out there.
2007-04-15 14:37:39
214.   williamnyy23
How many different ways can DM find to be a total liability.

Jeter's AB was awful. If not for Arod, the Yankees would be 2-8. If not for Jeter, they'd be 7-3.

2007-04-15 14:37:48
215.   seamus
212 wild pitch bounced against the back wall and Minky was thrown out trying to score. Should have been a run but the As got a big break on the bounce.
2007-04-15 14:38:05
216.   BklynBmr
It's A-Rod's fault! (He waved Minky in.)
2007-04-15 14:38:14
217.   Vandelay Industries
Ooops, sorry. He has got to try and take Harden out! Pitcher at the plate doesn't get special treatment, if he barrels in, he might be safe.
2007-04-15 14:38:30
218.   yankz
Just remember:

2007-04-15 14:38:42
219.   JimCobain
Jeter killed that rally. gotta make contact and worst case move a runner to 3rd.
2007-04-15 14:39:08
220.   Vandelay Industries
We look like the bad news bears out there.
2007-04-15 14:39:13
221.   yankz
Please, please, please get Chavez out.
2007-04-15 14:39:21
222.   randym77
It was a wild pitch, and A-Rod signalled Minky to come home. It looked like he would have time, but the ball bounced off the wall so hard it came right back to Kendall.

A bad break, really.

2007-04-15 14:40:59
223.   BklynBmr
No way we should have won last night (with the errors, baserunning, etc.) — maybe Mr. Torre is using the same game plan today...
2007-04-15 14:41:11
224.   Vandelay Industries
Pete Rose shouldn't be in the Hall, but is there anyone in the league, on any team, that actually comes in hard to the plate anymore. If NFL players treated others this way, each game would be 110 points to 138 points. Sheesh.
2007-04-15 14:41:29
225.   JimCobain
The slow, bulky Oakland A's are running the Yankees ragged in this series. Not a good sign for the rest of the year.
2007-04-15 14:42:10
226.   FingersCrossed
If Chavez was on our team, he'd be caught stealing. Grrrr....
2007-04-15 14:42:31
227.   C2Coke
191 LOL. So Jeter errored? Is Arod's homer coming next? Pettitte looks like he's pitching better than Rasner?
2007-04-15 14:43:43
228.   williamnyy23
Barreling into the pitcher at home is bush. Also, what comes around, goes around. It was just a week ago that Pettitte tagged Upton out at home. I know I don't want my pitcher being leveled at the plate. Baseball isn't a contact sport...leave that to the NFL
2007-04-15 14:44:06
229.   RIYank
I feel like we're gonna need some kind of lucky break to win this game. So far, the breaks have broken against the Yanks.
2007-04-15 14:45:12
230.   randym77
224 Texiera. (sp?) Remember he sent Jorgie flying last year.
2007-04-15 14:45:58
231.   FingersCrossed
Phew, huge props to Andy.
2007-04-15 14:46:10
232.   BklynBmr
227 Yeah, Cap padded his league leading errors total in the first, and A-Rod was just about to homer before Minky took the bat out of his hands. ;-)

Andy's been on a Rasner-like roll, as well...

2007-04-15 14:46:43
233.   Vandelay Industries

That is simply not true. If Harden is blocking the path to the plate, he's fair game. If you don't want to get hit, stand aside the plate, not on top of it. The Catcher/Pitcher has the option not to block the plate if they don't want to get hit.

2007-04-15 14:47:21
234.   FingersCrossed
229 Taking Doug Auto Out out of the game would be a good start.
2007-04-15 14:47:31
235.   Vandelay Industries

And Tex was right to do it. Completely clean play.

2007-04-15 14:48:07
236.   BklynBmr
229 I'm optimistic. Feels like we should be down by more than 2 at this point. Bloop and a blast is all we need...
2007-04-15 14:48:45
237.   FingersCrossed
Awww, just give us a dinger.
2007-04-15 14:49:11
238.   rbj
It's still a close game. Bloop 'n' a blast ties.
2007-04-15 14:50:11
239.   FingersCrossed
Gameday says injury delay. Who's injured??
2007-04-15 14:50:13
240.   Mattpat11
228 Trying to win a game is bush league?
2007-04-15 14:50:41
241.   Vandelay Industries

The reason the runner is permitted to bounce the Catcher/Pitcher is because he owns the path to the plate. Its a legal play. Like I said, if you don't want to get hit, stand aside and try to apply the tag that way. A runner shouldnt have to give up on the play simply because a player is in the base-line which he owns. I don't want it to happen to our guys either, but that's baseball, not tee-ball.

2007-04-15 14:51:18
242.   Max Nomad
2007-04-15 14:51:24
243.   Zack
Theres a difference between running into the catcher and the pitcher. The catcher is fair game, the pitcher isn't. Sure, in theory he is, but as 228 points out, what goes around comes around. I don't want harden hurt because of a play like that. he's just as likely to get hurt on his own
2007-04-15 14:51:29
244.   Vandelay Industries

Get this party started!

2007-04-15 14:52:06
245.   seamus
241 I generally agree. Though, just because it is legal, doesn't mean it isn't bush league. I don't think barreling in would be bush league in this instance. Trying to spike him would be compltely bush though.
2007-04-15 14:52:09
246.   OldYanksFan
We love to play anti-favorite. We rag on Minky and Pavlov, but we know these are average players, at best. The truth is Jeter has played the worst and hurt us the most. Moose was bad, Melkdud has been basically useless, and Giambi has been bad, but at least he has gotten some big hits.

We don't count on Minky and Pavs to lead us to the promised land.

2007-04-15 14:52:17
247.   3rd gen yankee fan
Sweet. Here we go...
2007-04-15 14:52:22
248.   celerino
... and there's the bloop!
2007-04-15 14:52:36
249.   yankz
2007-04-15 14:52:39
250.   rbj
Good, Harden's out. Time to feast on the bullpen.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-15 14:52:59
251.   Mattpat11
241 Exactly. If you don't want to get hit, move the fuck out of the way. I still, to this day, think Jorge Posada should smashed into Josh Becketts arm as he stood in the first baseline at the end of the 2003 World Series. If it broke his arm, touch shit. He shouldn't have been there.
2007-04-15 14:53:00
252.   BklynBmr
239 It was Harden, but he's OK. Didn't catch the specifics, but the trainer came out and he threw a few pitches, and stayed in the game...

A-Rod just doubled, and Harden has been pulled.

2007-04-15 14:53:03
253.   Zack
See, like I said, Harden will take himself out of the game...
2007-04-15 14:53:06
254.   FingersCrossed
Yankee bats, please bring Arod home this time, okay?
2007-04-15 14:53:08
255.   Max Nomad
246 Pavs is more important than he oughta be
2007-04-15 14:53:38
256.   yankz
Yeah well, we know Jeter and Moose and Giambi and probably Melky will turn it around. Stink and Glass Ass won't.
2007-04-15 14:53:59
257.   Max Nomad
251 That's what Slapgate was about. Arod should just floored Arroyo, but was too nice
2007-04-15 14:54:00
258.   Vandelay Industries
What's Bush league is hitting a guy in the face (Arod) while your mask and gear are on (Tek). Or a catcher purposfully plunking your shin guard down on a player (Jeter vs. Toronto). That's bush league, coming in hard at a pitcher at the plate, is not.


If Harden doesn't want to get hurt, stand aside. Whether he blocks the plate is entirely up to him.

2007-04-15 14:54:12
259.   celerino
what happened? Arod's nose is bleeding?
2007-04-15 14:55:09
260.   Vandelay Industries

Exactly! He had every right to run right over him, and should have! It was Arroyo who was in the wrong place, not Arod, and he had a legal right to run him over.

2007-04-15 14:55:14
261.   C2Coke
This is getting ridiculous. My MLB.TV is still at commercial break right now! How slow can it be?
2007-04-15 14:55:34
262.   seamus
259 arod is apparently having nose bleed issues. Cropped up on friday night too. That has to suck. I had serious nose bleed issues as a kid. I can relate.
2007-04-15 14:55:46
263.   BklynBmr
'The Patriarch' is in, time to tie this puppy up...
2007-04-15 14:56:03
264.   Max Nomad
1st and 3rd 1st and 3rd
2007-04-15 14:56:08
265.   Mattpat11
243 If Harden doesn't want to get hurt, he shouldn't be standing in the runners way. Since he was, he should have been knocked into San Francisco.
2007-04-15 14:56:39
266.   FingersCrossed
252 Thanks! :)
Yay, Giambi!!!!
2007-04-15 14:56:40
267.   seamus
hit right into the shift!
2007-04-15 14:56:53
268.   Vandelay Industries
here we go yo!
2007-04-15 14:56:59
269.   RIYank
261 It was Harden being replaced.
Nice! (Giambi singled off Kennedy.)

This is good. Though it would have been a lot better if those two hits had come at the end of last inning. :-(

2007-04-15 14:57:02
270.   rbj
Let's go Jorge!
2007-04-15 14:57:09
271.   yankz
262 Oh man, me too. Almost daily for a while. It sucked.
2007-04-15 14:57:17
272.   Zack
251 YOu could say the same thing about a punter in football, yet there are rules to protect him because no one wants players to get hurt. It is pretty much the definition of bush league to try and hurt a player, especially one who is not, by virtue of the position, properly trained to take hits (a la the punter). Remember when Fernando Vina got elbowed by Albert Belle at 2B? Same thing
2007-04-15 14:57:26
273.   yankz
Sac fly, PLEASE
2007-04-15 14:57:54
274.   FingersCrossed
Come on, come on, clutch Posada!!!
2007-04-15 14:58:21
275.   celerino
posada's working the count
2007-04-15 14:58:25
276.   OldYanksFan
2007-04-15 14:58:40
277.   Zack
I assume you are all the types who applaud Pete Rose for destroying Ray Fosse's career?
2007-04-15 14:58:57
278.   seamus
271 i don't even like to think about it. not good memories.
2007-04-15 14:59:05
279.   Max Nomad
262 thats what you get when you have 9 percent body fat. Nothin' to hold you're nose on
2007-04-15 14:59:13
280.   OldYanksFan
2007-04-15 14:59:40
281.   seamus
279 huh? his body fat is to blame?
2007-04-15 14:59:46
282.   Max Nomad
2007-04-15 14:59:57
283.   Zack
258 See, that doesn't make sense. He didn't throw his shin down on purpose, it was a result of the play. So by your definition, that should be totally ok.
2007-04-15 15:00:15
284.   Max Nomad
281 JK. It's just that 9 percent is ungodly
2007-04-15 15:00:21
285.   rbj
Yes, Jorge, keeping the line moving and getting an RBI!

Pick up your duck, Robbie.

2007-04-15 15:00:24
286.   RIYank
Bang! A riiiiiibi double!

"And Giambi holds at third." Way to go, Wheels!


2007-04-15 15:00:26
287.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oakland fans are desperately trying to turn the tide..
2007-04-15 15:00:45
288.   yankz
Man, I just wanted a sac fly. Now I can't win OPS this week.
2007-04-15 15:00:45
289.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-04-15 15:00:56
290.   seamus
282 wow, i saw that "YES" way before i saw it live on mlbtv. further behind than i thought.
2007-04-15 15:00:58
291.   C2Coke
274 Yep, you can say that again.
2007-04-15 15:01:05
292.   FingersCrossed
Yeah!!!! Clutch Posada!!!!
2007-04-15 15:01:15
293.   Vandelay Industries

The punter is exposed and has no choice as to be where he is with his leg up in the air. That is why the rule is in place. It has nothing to do with injuries. The Catcher/Pitcher have a choice as to how to apply the tag. The player isn't trying to hurt the Catcher, he is simply taking a path to the base that is legally his. Dirty and legal are two different things e.g. Belle.

Posada es en fuego!

2007-04-15 15:01:24
294.   Max Nomad
tie game!
2007-04-15 15:01:30
295.   Mattpat11
272 He's not trying to hurt a player. He's trying to score. Which is within the rules. Harden happens to be in his way, and its within the rules to make it so he's no longer in his way.

This is just like the "we don't play that kind of baseball" that kept us from bunting on a gimpy Curt Schilling in game six.

2007-04-15 15:01:31
296.   RIYank
Nice job, Robbie. And Wheels Posada advances!
2007-04-15 15:01:32
297.   JimCobain
tied up!!!
2007-04-15 15:01:41
298.   BklynBmr
Yeah, baby!
2007-04-15 15:01:48
299.   yankz
Homer, Cano, can't let it go to extras...
2007-04-15 15:01:49
300.   JeremyM
277 I never understood why that moment was always so glorified by sportscasters and the like. The guy had his career ripped away during an exhibition game.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-04-15 15:01:53
301.   rbj
There's the sac fly. With one out Yanks should take the lead here.
2007-04-15 15:02:17
302.   FingersCrossed
OH my god!!! Yeah, Robbie!!!
2007-04-15 15:02:37
303.   3rd gen yankee fan
dammit, my feed is dying!
2007-04-15 15:02:40
304.   Vandelay Industries

If it wasn't on purpose, then yes, it was perfectly fine. Its part of the game.

Agree to disagree?

2007-04-15 15:02:44
305.   C2Coke
290 Now you understand my pain.

288 Here is the sac-fly you wanted.

2007-04-15 15:02:49
306.   seamus
284 ok. thought i was missing something.
2007-04-15 15:02:54
307.   RIYank
If they walk Melk, do you pinch hit?
2007-04-15 15:02:55
308.   FingersCrossed
Melky, it's time for your daily rbi.
2007-04-15 15:02:55
309.   Mattpat11
277 Not in an allstar game.
2007-04-15 15:03:28
310.   Max Nomad
2007-04-15 15:03:32
311.   seamus
305 i was able to fast forward though so i should be closer now.
2007-04-15 15:03:42
312.   Mattpat11
Did Swisher even try to throw him out?
2007-04-15 15:03:49
313.   RIYank
Oh, beautiful. Just really nice inning.

We don't see a lot of innings like this one. Very pleased.

2007-04-15 15:03:52
314.   rbj
Mmmmmmm, bullpen. It's what's for dinner.
2007-04-15 15:04:39
315.   Mattpat11
Doug all the way up to .143


2007-04-15 15:04:45
316.   seamus
312 no.
2007-04-15 15:04:49
317.   Zack
Of course the punter has a choice to be where he is. he doesn't ahve to do his job, but he chooses to do so. Its the pitchers' job to be where he is on that play, so its exactlly the same as the punter; sure, the punter's leg is up in the air, but pitchers are jsut as exposed by standing still, often with their body turned, with a large person running full speed into them...

And the line between trying to hit a guy so hard you knock the ball lose and trying to hurt him is pretty damn slim if you ask me.

2007-04-15 15:05:02
318.   C2Coke
305 They all heard your wish apparently.
2007-04-15 15:05:06
319.   RIYank
314 Yeah. The problem is that ours might be, too. How do we get to Mo today? Myers? All Andy?
2007-04-15 15:05:13
320.   FingersCrossed
Minky, please just a HBP.
2007-04-15 15:05:20
321.   JimCobain
Andy back out for the 7th? I think yes with a short leash.
2007-04-15 15:06:00
322.   OldYanksFan
Posada has been SO CLUTCH this year!
2007-04-15 15:06:17
323.   seamus
2007-04-15 15:06:23
324.   3rd gen yankee fan
Doug Out.
2007-04-15 15:06:48
325.   Zack
Oh, and by the way, way to go Yanks!

And listening to Sterling and Walydman claim that Minky has good at bats and should bat against lefties as he promptly strikes out is just plain insane

2007-04-15 15:07:03
326.   C2Coke
319 Mo is not "not available" today. But guess Andy can go as far as his pitch count restriction allows or when Torre decides to be himself.
2007-04-15 15:07:12
327.   seamus
323 btw, that was a sarcastic cheer.
2007-04-15 15:07:32
328.   FingersCrossed
322 He SO is!!
2007-04-15 15:09:13
329.   FingersCrossed
323 I just assumed it to be a furious outcry. :P
2007-04-15 15:09:14
330.   Mattpat11
317 Then you lose.
2007-04-15 15:09:26
331.   cult of basebaal
seriously, did phelps rape torre's cat or something?
2007-04-15 15:10:00
332.   C2Coke
Myers up in bullpen. Pettitte is at 85 pitches.
2007-04-15 15:10:36
333.   Mattpat11
316 A little odd considering I was running out there. But I'll take it.

Pettitte is pitching much better than his line would indicate. And his line is very good.

2007-04-15 15:10:37
334.   JimCobain
I think Mo is avalable.
2007-04-15 15:11:13
335.   BklynBmr
332 Who is up along with Myers? Was that Procter?
2007-04-15 15:11:41
336.   seamus
335 yep, proctor.
2007-04-15 15:12:05
337.   Max Nomad
damn foul balls
2007-04-15 15:12:19
338.   JimCobain
Gut it through two more outs Andy...
2007-04-15 15:12:43
339.   yankee23
Anyone else watching this on Gameday? It was just telling me that Scutaro is the first batter, with one out, and Pettitte threw him 4 straight balls, then a strike...
2007-04-15 15:12:52
340.   JimCobain
nice pitch! one more!
2007-04-15 15:13:04
341.   williamnyy23
I can't believe how any people here think whacking pitchers is a good thing. If you want to see violence, watch the NFL.

Also, no where in the rules does it permit runners barreling into players with the ball. If a pitcher/catcher is blocking the plate WITHOUT the ball, they are guilty of obstruction...there is no need to throw shoulder blocks. Personally, I think baseball should start enforcing both rules: both intentional collisions AND bolcing bags without the ball should be strictly prohibited.

2007-04-15 15:13:07
342.   BklynBmr
336 Thanks. Wow, Andy still looks fresh!
2007-04-15 15:14:00
343.   yankz
Proctor is going to have to eat with his feet when he's 35.
2007-04-15 15:14:05
344.   FingersCrossed
339 I'm watching on Gameday.
It shows Ball, Ball, Called Strike and then it's stuck.
2007-04-15 15:14:07
345.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
are soap and razors cutbacks part of "small ball"...what a grimy team these A's are
2007-04-15 15:14:31
346.   williamnyy23
341 Not bolcing, but blocking.
2007-04-15 15:14:35
347.   seamus
341 I would like to see them enforce the principle that the fielder needs to actually physically touch second base while in position of the ball on double play balls.
2007-04-15 15:14:36
348.   JimCobain
Boy, Harden hurt again... he's the west coast Pavano, only with more talent.
2007-04-15 15:14:37
349.   RIYank
Are you 326 sure about Mo?
Yeah, Proctor and Myers. And maybe Henn.
2007-04-15 15:14:42
350.   BklynBmr
Harden was removed for "tightness in his right shoulder" according to PA announcement...
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-04-15 15:14:55
351.   Max Nomad
Gameday just said "Dan Haren left the game due to an injured neck." Hehe
2007-04-15 15:15:33
352.   C2Coke
342 He looks like he wants to finish the game.
2007-04-15 15:15:40
353.   BklynBmr
343 Thanks. I have to clean my monitor and keyboard now...
2007-04-15 15:15:45
354.   RIYank
A-Rod's primed for a truly great year.
2007-04-15 15:15:53
355.   yankee23
344 Now it shows that Kendall hit into an out, but then he fouled one off and watched a called third strike.
2007-04-15 15:15:54
356.   OldYanksFan
This will be Andy's last inning.
2007-04-15 15:16:04
357.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-04-15 15:16:57
358.   JeremyM
Wow, Pettitte gave the team exactly what they needed today- quality and quantity.
2007-04-15 15:17:21
359.   Mattpat11
341 I don't need to see violence. The fielders can get the hell out of the way.
2007-04-15 15:17:50
360.   Zack
If a game is going to somehow come down to whether or not a player bowls over a pitcher and thereby very possibly puts his career and life in danger, than I'd rather lose. Period. You all do realize how dangerous it is to take on a 200+ pound, muscled person running at full speed while you stand perfectly still without any padding, all the while putting your focus into holding onto a ball rather than not injuring yourself? There is such a high chance of concusion and dislocated shoulder its not even funny.

Trust me, I play rugby, I know all about running into people without padding...

Remember, these are pitchers we are talking about. A butt bruise can put them out for a season :)

2007-04-15 15:18:05
361.   rbj
Why isn't Mo available -- tomorrow's an off day?
I'd send Andy out for the 8th, on a short leash.
2007-04-15 15:18:30
362.   OldYanksFan
Andy... 1 ER in 7 innings. His ERA is looking pretty good. Proctor and Farns? Who closes the 9th? Did Waldman say Mo is NOT available?
2007-04-15 15:18:36
363.   BklynBmr
How about blowing this one open right here, Yanks? It's 3:18 PST, the Sopranos start at 9:00 PST. I'd love it if the game was over by then...
2007-04-15 15:18:36
364.   C2Coke
349 I think so. According to Pete Abraham, Torre only said Kyle Farnsworth, Brian Bruney and Luis Vizcaino are not available today. But at this rate, Pettitte should just finish...(I doubt he's gonna be back on thought, 100 through 7 is pretty awesome)
2007-04-15 15:18:49
365.   Mattpat11
Pettitte had one of those games that Jim Kaat would call an "easy 100 pitches"
2007-04-15 15:18:51
366.   Zack
Yeah, they "can" get out of the way, but its their job to be there, and, like you argue, they are trying to win, so shouldn't you demand that they stay in there?
2007-04-15 15:19:23
367.   FingersCrossed
355 And I'm still stuck. :(
Do I restart the program?
2007-04-15 15:19:49
368.   seamus
kei igawa is up? wtf did we bring Britton up for?
2007-04-15 15:19:59
369.   C2Coke
Igawa is warming up...
2007-04-15 15:20:24
370.   Vandelay Industries
Let's get some insurance runs here! So what, no MO today? Why is that? There has to be some explanation. If Joe keeps up this one inning only/non-consecutive days garbage, he isn't doing Mo any favors come contract time. In fact, he's hurting him.
2007-04-15 15:20:30
371.   Max Nomad
Mo should be available
2007-04-15 15:20:52
372.   Mattpat11
360 Then i never want you playing for my team. If the player doesn't want to get hurt, he doesn't have to be in the runners way. He chooses to be. The runner shouldn't forfeit the game because of this.
2007-04-15 15:20:55
373.   celerino
come on Jeter, show us something
2007-04-15 15:21:12
374.   seamus
OT, but I'm psyched that the Nets won today. They seem primed to face Chicago and Toronto in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Both are winnable matchups for the Nets.

back to baseball...

2007-04-15 15:21:15
375.   C2Coke
363 They might hear you...
2007-04-15 15:21:17
376.   Vandelay Industries

Of course he should. 2 innings in a week? Is he Joe's girlfriend or something?

2007-04-15 15:21:39
377.   BklynBmr
361 FWIW, the A's announcers say Mo is available. I'm watching FSN Bay Area, I think I'll fire up Gameday Audio and see what Sterling is yakkin' about...
2007-04-15 15:21:55
378.   Max Nomad
GAmeday says Damon walked on the 220th pitch
2007-04-15 15:22:41
379.   yankz
Isn't this board primarily Knicks country?

363 Entourage and that hot new agent

2007-04-15 15:22:50
380.   RIYank
GRRR. (Jeter bunting)
2007-04-15 15:22:58
381.   yankz
Kiko Calero is the dumbest name
2007-04-15 15:23:02
382.   williamnyy23
[359) Using your logic, a runner attempting to steal 2B should simply barrel into the fielder as they await the throw. There is nothing in the rules that grants special permission to plays at the plate. Fielders blocking bases without the ball are guilty of obstruction, not fair game to be leveled. If they have the ball, however, the rules give them the right to the baseline. In my opinion, any intentional contact with a fielder awaiting a tag should not only be an out, but an automatic ejection. That is what the rules call for anyway. Texeira's collision with Posada was the worst example of a runner slamming into a fielder WITH the ball. I don't see why anyone would want that type of play in the game.
2007-04-15 15:23:28
383.   LI yankee
378 I wish i was watching whatever game Gameday is covering. Sounds pretty wild.
2007-04-15 15:23:42
384.   RIYank
Bunt THAT.
2007-04-15 15:23:49
385.   Max Nomad
hit and run! yea!
2007-04-15 15:23:58
386.   Vandelay Industries
2007-04-15 15:24:06
387.   OldYanksFan
370 I assume you checked with Ron and Mo in making that statement? The Yankees are looking at losing Mo after the year, or commiting 20-30 million for years 38 and 39 (and maybe 40).

The Yankees are treading lightly on Mo, just like with Hughes. But that's not to say we won't see him tonight.

2007-04-15 15:24:18
388.   yankz
2007-04-15 15:24:50
389.   OldYanksFan
Hey!!!! Maybe we won't need Mo (ARod, are you listening?)
2007-04-15 15:24:56
390.   FingersCrossed
378 I just restarted the gameday.
And it also shows 220.
How many pitches exactly did Damon take?!?
2007-04-15 15:25:13
391.   BklynBmr
379 Yay-O! That, too! ;-)
2007-04-15 15:25:24
392.   rbj
377 T'anks.
Looks like the team is having a second helping of bullpen. Eat up boys.
2007-04-15 15:26:11
393.   RIYank
Dang it. I'd rather have the GIDP there.
2007-04-15 15:26:36
394.   RIYank
Okay, Alex, give it a ride.

I bet he walks, actually.

2007-04-15 15:26:59
395.   OldYanksFan
Bobby has been luke-coolish
2007-04-15 15:27:29
396.   RIYank
And almost WWWOOOOWWW!
2007-04-15 15:27:44
397.   Max Nomad
rough series for Abreu.
2007-04-15 15:27:48
398.   JimCobain
Wow. Nice ride. Nice catch. Take on run and another Arod RBI.
2007-04-15 15:27:49
399.   Zack
So is it ok to throw at a guy's head? if the batter doesn't want to be where he is in the box, he doesn't "have" to be. And spiking the SS or 2b? They certianly don't "have" to be where they are either. Long term health comes before any game, period. I play any sport as hard as anyone, but I play clean, and sportsmanlike.

baseball isn't football and isn't rugby. It isn't won by how hard youhit someone or whether or not a runner crashes into a pitcher. its won by hitting, pitching, and fielding...

2007-04-15 15:28:10
400.   FingersCrossed
Man, Arod doesn't stop!!! :D
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-04-15 15:28:18
401.   seamus
arod is unreal. so close!
2007-04-15 15:28:29
402.   rbj
Woot, woot!
2007-04-15 15:28:33
403.   3rd gen yankee fan
396 Indeed - I was gonna type that.
2007-04-15 15:28:37
404.   BklynBmr
Wow! A-Rod almost did it again! Sweet insurance run regardless by the MVP...
2007-04-15 15:28:53
405.   Zack
Damn, I really really really wish that hit went out
2007-04-15 15:29:02
406.   Vandelay Industries

Is there some reason we shouldn't offer him 3 years/30 mil.? This is Mariano Rivera after all. Give him what he wants. There is no reason to think he cant close for 5 more years, and what's more, we owe him for being rock solid, class, and a steadying influence on the club. He's in better shape and more athletic than 90% of the every day players in the game. Even entertaining letting his walk is lunacy.

2007-04-15 15:29:16
407.   FingersCrossed
Yuck, Marshall's not good news.
2007-04-15 15:29:26
408.   Max Nomad
3 sac flies this game for yanks
2007-04-15 15:29:31
409.   C2Coke
401 Even his sac-fly is way farther than everyone else's. I thought that was heading outside.
2007-04-15 15:29:34
410.   yankz
404 Um, everybody knows that Justin Morneau is going to win back-to-back MVP's this year.
2007-04-15 15:29:45
411.   seamus
Thinking about it, I have to agree with those arguing that players should not barrel into pitchers at home plate. I think this comes back to good sportsmanship. It is one thing to try and be safe, and another to intentionally use a maneuver that you know risks injury.
2007-04-15 15:30:13
412.   RIYank
408 Yeah, I like that. Seems like we don't get as many of those as most teams. And every one was very, very big.
2007-04-15 15:30:39
413.   seamus
408 412 yep, gotta agree that I like the sign of that!
2007-04-15 15:32:42
414.   celerino
Okay, 4-2, and it's 1:30am over here... hate to do it, but it's time to head on over to the parking lot and beat the traffic home. Goodnight.
2007-04-15 15:33:07
415.   FingersCrossed
408 Guess sac flies works better for the Yanks than squeeze bunts -- which we almost never see.
2007-04-15 15:33:20
416.   seamus
414 1:30am and you are worried about traffic? Where the frackin hell are you?
2007-04-15 15:33:40
417.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
are Britton and Bruney essentially the same guy ?
2007-04-15 15:34:08
418.   seamus
416 ok, i realized after posting that he probably meant 1:30pm.
2007-04-15 15:34:10
419.   OldYanksFan
406 I am all for signing Mo. I'm just saying the Yankees are going to give him the anti-Sturtz treatment. They will not risk an injury for any one game (except in the PS).

The have other stud arms in the BP.

2007-04-15 15:34:19
420.   FingersCrossed
416 Houston Street? Never mind.
2007-04-15 15:34:56
421.   C2Coke
2007-04-15 15:34:57
422.   Zack
Britton is by far fatter
2007-04-15 15:35:06
423.   seamus
pettitte has been awesome for us so far. I am so excited to have him back.
2007-04-15 15:35:27
424.   RIYank
418 No, I think he's in Israel.
2007-04-15 15:35:37
425.   OldYanksFan
1 down... 5 to go.
2007-04-15 15:35:46
426.   celerino
414 It was like, a metaphor. I'm in Israel. I have a 20 foot commute from the computer room to the bedroom.
2007-04-15 15:35:54
427.   yankz
Are you kidding me?
2007-04-15 15:36:19
428.   seamus
426 ok. i'm slow some days. sleep well.
2007-04-15 15:36:29
429.   RIYank
Damn, Scotty.
Andy was great. I think he's probably the P of the G so far.
2007-04-15 15:36:31
430.   rbj
426 Drive carefully.
2007-04-15 15:36:32
431.   Max Nomad
422 And doesn't throw as hard
2007-04-15 15:36:42
432.   BklynBmr
418 I believe our friend celerino hails from Israel...
2007-04-15 15:36:42
433.   OldYanksFan
2 down... 4 to go.
2007-04-15 15:36:49
434.   FingersCrossed
423 And his willingness to step up for the team is always nice to see, too.
2007-04-15 15:36:56
435.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the Yanks are going to be wearing a black armband next year in tribute to Proctors late arm....
2007-04-15 15:37:24
436.   Mattpat11
399 It isn't the runner's job to protect the fielder. Its the fielders job. Its his teammates job. The runners job is to score or get to whatever base he's attempting to get to. If a fielder is standing there with the ball blocking that objective, it is not the runners job to give up.
2007-04-15 15:37:38
437.   3rd gen yankee fan
420 Oh ho ho, that was cute.
2007-04-15 15:37:57
438.   RIYank
Scott Proctor in April: hard to beat.
2007-04-15 15:38:06
439.   BklynBmr
Sweet, Scotty. Sweet...
2007-04-15 15:38:21
440.   Vandelay Industries

I agree, but I gave up.

2007-04-15 15:38:33
441.   OldYanksFan
3 down... 3 to go.
2007-04-15 15:38:59
442.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
437 easy with the ho ho comments look what happened to Imus
2007-04-15 15:39:15
443.   kdw
Boy, Scotty looks good out there.
2007-04-15 15:39:25
444.   yankz
How was that a metaphor?
2007-04-15 15:39:41
445.   FingersCrossed
435 :D
2007-04-15 15:39:50
446.   C2Coke
Proctor is too good. I fear for his arm, but when he's 50 he should have earned enough money to hire people to feed him right?
2007-04-15 15:40:28
447.   williamnyy23
One more comment on blocking home plate. The following is from 7.06 (dealing with obstruction) of the Official MLB rules. It clearly outlaws blocking the plate without the ball. If the umpires would enforce this rule, collisions would be a thing of the past.

NOTE: The catcher, without the ball in his possession, has no right to block the pathway of the runner attempting to score. The base line belongs to the runner and the catcher should be there only when he is fielding a ball or when he already has the ball in his hand.

2007-04-15 15:40:30
448.   rbj
Ah, good ol' number 42.
2007-04-15 15:40:40
449.   Vandelay Industries

Yankee bean, Yankee bean, oh how I love Yankee bean.

2007-04-15 15:40:42
450.   Mattpat11
Come on Jo Po!
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-04-15 15:40:51
451.   Max Nomad
mo is warming
2007-04-15 15:41:17
452.   3rd gen yankee fan
holy crap Mo is warming up
2007-04-15 15:41:32
453.   BklynBmr
Sterling reports Mo is up...
2007-04-15 15:41:45
454.   C2Coke
Mo is coming in.
2007-04-15 15:41:49
455.   Mattpat11
447 Has anyone disagreed with that? The argument is that when he has the ball, he's allowed to stand there and the runner is allowed to force him to relinquish the ball.
2007-04-15 15:42:05
456.   Mattpat11
Come on Cano!
2007-04-15 15:42:47
457.   RIYank
447 I was going to mention that.
THis is going to sound weird, but I'd pinch-run for Jorgie here. He won't bat again (knock on wood) and Nieves could play the ninth.
Oops, too late.
2007-04-15 15:42:58
458.   Mattpat11
2007-04-15 15:42:58
459.   celerino
444 A metaphor casts a first subject as being or equal to a second subject in some way. Cutting out on the game and closing the computer down is like leaving the game early and beating the traffic home. Now I really am going to sleep. Laila tov.
2007-04-15 15:43:04
460.   rbj
447 Bill James had a piece on blocking the plate in the Historical Abstract -- there was a question to a magazine (Reach Guide) decades ago. The short, simple answer was "The catcher can not block the plate".
2007-04-15 15:43:06
461.   FingersCrossed
Time for Cano to hit a homer.
He doesn't have one from the A's.
2007-04-15 15:43:21
462.   3rd gen yankee fan
Do you guys hear that? "Let's go Oak-lees"
2007-04-15 15:43:44
463.   Max Nomad
Posada batting .366. ARod .372. Love it
2007-04-15 15:43:58
464.   FingersCrossed
461 ...or maybe not.
2007-04-15 15:44:12
465.   RIYank
460 With the ball, he can, though.
2007-04-15 15:44:34
466.   Mattpat11
Number 42 coming into the game.
2007-04-15 15:44:34
467.   Vandelay Industries

Don't bother. I think they would be happy if the rule was that the runner is automatically out if the ball reaches the base before the runner, therefore avoiding all contact, then getting a glass of lemonade, a gold star, and a lolly from your mommy.

2007-04-15 15:45:10
468.   C2Coke
Why not? This is not the tight game, Torre has no reason to hold him knowing tomorrow is an offday.
2007-04-15 15:45:28
469.   kdw
Anyone listening to the radio feed, did they think that Cano might have hurt himself running to 1st?
2007-04-15 15:45:36
470.   Max Nomad
466 Torre's gonna pitch?
2007-04-15 15:47:34
471.   Zack
I said it before and I'll say it again, baseball players are not trained to be contact sport players. They don't spend any time on how to properly and safely either run into players or prepare to be run into. Therefore, they shouldn't be doing it, its dangerous. Just becuse a wild pitch means that the pitcher has to cover home plate (which, once again, isn't a choice anymore than standing in the batters box is a choice, its his JOB), doesn't mean that he is fair game to be knocked silly.

And, I imagine if you polled most baseball players, they would say that there is no place in baseball for Ryan Howard to be crashing into Tom Glavine, and were he to do so, there would be consequences. And were Glavine to survive at all, I am quite sure he wouldn't be making his next start...

2007-04-15 15:47:34
472.   FingersCrossed
470 With proctor's arm.
2007-04-15 15:47:49
473.   LI yankee
469 Singleton said he came up a little bit lame. Didn't look serious though.
2007-04-15 15:47:51
474.   RIYank
Wouldn't you just hate this game and the previous one if you were an Oakland fan? Drive you nuts, scoring in the first and then silent.
2007-04-15 15:48:50
475.   Zack
467 Don't be silly. Jsut like at 2b and 3b, its a matter of avoiding the tag, not running over the fielder.
2007-04-15 15:49:39
476.   williamnyy23
455 Absolutely incorrect. Runners DO NOT have the right to barrel into runners with the ball. For some reason, that practice has become accepted at home plate, but the rules don't grant a special distinction among the bases. At any other base, intentional contact with a fielder attempting a tag is an automatic out (see Arod and "Brandon" Arroyo). It is supposed to be that way at the plate, but for some reason the rule is ignored.
2007-04-15 15:49:42
477.   rbj
WTF was wrong with that pitch, ump?

Very appropriate the last regular #42 wearer gets in a game today.

2007-04-15 15:49:42
478.   Mattpat11
471 So you think baseball teams should willingly forfeit runs that can cost them games, that in turn, can cost them a pennant? To be polite?

470 Cano.

2007-04-15 15:49:43
479.   Mattpat11
471 So you think baseball teams should willingly forfeit runs that can cost them games, that in turn, can cost them a pennant? To be polite?

470 Cano.

2007-04-15 15:49:45
480.   seamus
474 i suppose, but then frustrating As fans seems like a good idea to me.
2007-04-15 15:49:47
481.   RIYank
Huh, pretty good by Crosby to hit the ball that far against Mo.
And better job by Walker, damn.
2007-04-15 15:49:54
482.   C2Coke
474 They were hard enough to watch for us Yankees fans, I can't possibly imagine how is like for the A's fans.
2007-04-15 15:50:13
483.   LI yankee
How was that 2nd ball to Crosby not a strike?
2007-04-15 15:50:54
484.   seamus
this "debate" has gotten ridiculous. When one side starts resorting to belittling the other sides arguments, I think it is pretty clear that one side has prevailed.
2007-04-15 15:51:03
485.   RIYank
I'm thinking of our gracious host, Ken.
2007-04-15 15:51:08
486.   BklynBmr
Get it done, Mo. We've had enough drama this weekend...
2007-04-15 15:51:48
487.   yankz
2007-04-15 15:52:11
488.   C2Coke
483 The Emp is thinking how this is unfair that he doesn't get to rule a game with extra innings.
2007-04-15 15:52:17
489.   FingersCrossed
Let's go Mo. I need some sleep here.
2007-04-15 15:52:30
490.   Zack
476 What you said...
2007-04-15 15:52:31
491.   yankz
Well Scutaro is next, and his BA is 1/2 of Stink's
2007-04-15 15:52:46
492.   Mattpat11
Eh, its not worth getting worked up over. Lets just enjoy this fine baseball game and worry about such a situation when we come to it.
2007-04-15 15:52:47
493.   Zack
Come on Mo, one to go!
2007-04-15 15:53:30
494.   RIYank
Great AB for Kendall.
2007-04-15 15:53:33
495.   Mattpat11
This is going poorly
2007-04-15 15:53:47
496.   yankz
2007-04-15 15:54:04
497.   OldYanksFan
Our team ERA should be getting close to decent by now?
2007-04-15 15:54:13
498.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
just not automatic anymore
2007-04-15 15:54:34
499.   OldYanksFan
oh... crap... Is there no God?
2007-04-15 15:54:37
500.   Max Nomad
careful, mo is good, but scutaro is clutch
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-04-15 15:55:05
501.   Max Nomad
498 Mo always starts a little "slow"
2007-04-15 15:55:08
502.   rbj
Hamina hamina hamina
(Is that how it's spelled)
2007-04-15 15:55:33
503.   Max Nomad
2007-04-15 15:55:36
504.   RIYank

That's depressing.

2007-04-15 15:55:41
505.   williamnyy23
holy shit.
2007-04-15 15:55:44
506.   JimCobain
2007-04-15 15:55:50
507.   BklynBmr
I don't believe what I just saw...
2007-04-15 15:55:51
508.   C2Coke
498 Maybe because Mo's been sitting on the bench for too long before yesterday?

497 Get back to you after we see how Wright pitches on Tuesday.

2007-04-15 15:55:57
509.   Max Nomad
FUCK! I wanna call'em, but not those!
2007-04-15 15:56:09
510.   rbj
2007-04-15 15:56:11
511.   Simone
What happened?
2007-04-15 15:56:12
512.   Mattpat11
That fucking sucks.

And THIS is why Mientkiewicz should have leveled Harden. It would have been a tie game.

2007-04-15 15:56:19
513.   randym77
I don't believe this. The number 9 hitter wins it with a homer? Off Mo? Are you kidding me?
2007-04-15 15:56:20
514.   Vandelay Industries
Why such a good pitch at 0-2?
2007-04-15 15:56:21
515.   Zack
Of Jesus Christ are you kidding me? Marco freakign Scutaro? I don't beleive it. What a joke...
2007-04-15 15:56:22
516.   williamnyy23
why did they go back inside...and why isn't Flaherty the bench coach?
2007-04-15 15:56:23
517.   3rd gen yankee fan
um.... poop!!!
2007-04-15 15:56:28
518.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
that hurt...
2007-04-15 15:56:39
519.   seamus
that hurts. so much for their suffering.
2007-04-15 15:56:48
520.   Simone
Oh, don't bother, Gameday caught up. It goes that way sometimes.
2007-04-15 15:56:50
521.   Bob Timmermann
0-2, 2 out, 3 run walkoff homer.

Doesn't happen often.

Against any pitcher.

2007-04-15 15:57:00
522.   yankz
Did I just get shot? It feels like that.
2007-04-15 15:57:13
523.   FingersCrossed
Did we deserve this?
2007-04-15 15:57:16
524.   yankz
521 Gee, thanks.
2007-04-15 15:57:28
525.   Simone
This sucks.
2007-04-15 15:57:34
526.   Zack
Sooooo...what a crappy weekend, eh?
2007-04-15 15:57:43
527.   C2Coke
507 Me neither. Scutaro, enjoy it, you are so not doing it again in your life.
2007-04-15 15:57:49
528.   williamnyy23
This year has been full of awful omens...could this be the end of the string?
2007-04-15 15:58:01
529.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Mo is no longer the late 90's Mo...resign him for 2-3 years but there will be more days like this down the road...that little runt bastard does not sniff Mo a couple of years ago...
2007-04-15 15:58:04
530.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Mo is no longer the late 90's Mo...resign him for 2-3 years but there will be more days like this down the road...that little runt bastard does not sniff Mo a couple of years ago...
2007-04-15 15:58:06
531.   kdw
511 Walk off 3-run homerun.
2007-04-15 15:58:33
532.   Mattpat11
The Yankees have gone back to that "invent a way to lose" strategy that has worked so well for them over the last seven years.
2007-04-15 15:58:35
533.   Vandelay Industries
The A's do have fun together as a team, I'll give them that. Better than losing to Boston.

Where is that Mo Changeup I've heard so much about?

That AB from Kendal, where the Ump was all over the place didn't help either.

2007-04-15 15:58:48
534.   JimCobain
Yanks go from being in position to sweep to losing 2 of 3. Really bad night, hopefully the Sopranos kicks ass tonight to make up for this debacle.
2007-04-15 15:58:53
535.   LI yankee
529 Hasn't this been said the beginning of the past 3 seasons?
2007-04-15 15:59:07
536.   rbj
This one hurt.
2007-04-15 15:59:41
537.   celerino
I am never going to sleep again
2007-04-15 15:59:54
538.   BklynBmr
I could have hit that pitch out. Had to be a brainfart by Mo...
2007-04-15 15:59:55
539.   FingersCrossed
Man, it must hurt Mo more than it does others...
2007-04-15 15:59:56
540.   RIYank
I was prepared for a happy evening. What a waste! Argh.
2007-04-15 15:59:56
541.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, that just has to be something that happens maybe once every 3-4 years.
2007-04-15 16:00:08
542.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

and it is true to a certain degree....

2007-04-15 16:00:12
543.   Zack
Eh, Mo always has a game or two a year where everyone panics and thinks he might be done. me, I see a very very lucky hit that just stayed foul ona bad pitch by Mo in agame he wasn't supposed to pitch in.

However, what does depress me is that this weekend reinforced that Joe Torre's bad tendencies have only increased

2007-04-15 16:00:13
544.   Vandelay Industries
Exactly why I thought grabbing up Gange relatively cheap would have been a good idea. I still have faith in MO, sometimes this just happens when you baby a guy, and keep a pitcher so isolated he dosn't feel like part of the team.
2007-04-15 16:00:44
545.   C2Coke
534 Oh, I hope so. But I heard there will be no actions in the first 2-3 episodes...
2007-04-15 16:01:41
546.   Mattpat11
Gagne has already been on the DL. We need no part of that.
2007-04-15 16:02:31
547.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
it is not so much a matter of being done but he is no longer automatic....he is the best closer in history...but not the best closer in baseball today....
2007-04-15 16:02:34
548.   C2Coke
543 Who else do you think should have came in? Myers? Proctor's left arm?
2007-04-15 16:02:35
549.   RIYank
Right, well, nobody lose sleep. We'll win 100 games this season. Ciao.
2007-04-15 16:02:42
550.   OldYanksFan
514 Mo doesn't like to waste a pitch. I've seen it before. He also favors high and inside.. a bad thing to a weak hitter who can pull one deep, but can't go the other way with any power. Mo should have pounded low and outside.

The high pitch works armpits and above, but when it misses, like that one, its dangerous.

I will feel like shit for 2 days now.

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-04-15 16:02:51
551.   randym77
I'm not worried about Mo. As someone else said, he's started off slow the past couple of seasons, perhaps because he doesn't pitch in the off-season any more.

Eh, I blame bad karma. Bachi, my grandma would say. We started gloating and making fun of Scutaro's lousy hitting too soon.

2007-04-15 16:04:02
552.   C2Coke
551 That had to be it.
2007-04-15 16:04:47
553.   Vandelay Industries

But for the relatively low cost, signing the best closer in the game wouldn't have been a terrible idea, even if he was hurt at the time. Buy low after all, something the Yankees havent done so much recently. I think he'll be fine, and after watching him here in LA, I hope he is. No one is even in his league when he's on.

2007-04-15 16:05:46
554.   yankz
Oh man. Night game after an off day after a "day" game loss like THIS? 550 is an understatement.
2007-04-15 16:06:23
555.   williamnyy23
At no point over the last 10 seasons has the thought in the back of my mind been "how are they Yankees going to find a way to lose." It's always been, "when will they pull it off". That's kind of an uneasy feeling. With the Indians and Red Sox coming in to face a pitching staff in shambles, it could be ugly this week.
2007-04-15 16:06:38
556.   yankz
Gagne was in no conceivable way the best closer in the game last offseason. And why in god's name would you bring him in now, when the situation calls for your closer?
2007-04-15 16:07:04
557.   C2Coke
Apparently that was Mo's first save opportunity of the season. I didn't realize that.
2007-04-15 16:07:45
558.   FingersCrossed
Man, I hate losing a game before the day-off...
I'm gonna focus on the positives from this game. Pettitte's strong start and our dependable pen. Oh, and congrats to Dougie for hitting again. Even for a short while.
2007-04-15 16:08:40
559.   Vandelay Industries

I wouldnt have brought him in there, of course. But if healthy, he is the best, no doubt about that.

2007-04-15 16:08:45
560.   Mattpat11
533 We already have the best closer in the game.
2007-04-15 16:09:14
561.   C2Coke
555 Don't worry, the Yanks have Cairo throwing in the bullpen for practice as we speak.
2007-04-15 16:10:25
562.   Vandelay Industries
Looks like Hughes will have to come up, no? I guess it will be Chase Wright from what I hear. Three guys on the DL. They have to bring someone up.
2007-04-15 16:11:28
563.   Vandelay Industries

Two is always better than one. Especially of you live in Utau.

2007-04-15 16:12:55
564.   FingersCrossed
561 I've never seen Cairo pitch. But I'm sure he's better than Sturtz.
2007-04-15 16:13:35
565.   JeremyM
I don't understand why people are saying Mo shouldn't have been pitching--am I missing something here?
2007-04-15 16:13:36
566.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

the best closer in history...

he is no longer the best closer in the game(see K-Rod, Nathan)

2007-04-15 16:14:30
567.   Vandelay Industries
The Indians are pitching Larry Doby day to MLB. Nice to hear that.
2007-04-15 16:15:19
568.   FingersCrossed
566 One blown save does not prove him otherwise.
2007-04-15 16:16:21
569.   nemecizer
I find myself surprisingly calm. We got 7 good innings out of Pettitte. A-Rod hit another home run. Mo did blow it, but he does that sometimes, and he's looked amazing so far. It's bad luck that he gave up a 3 run HR, but that's just bad luck. It happens.

It's a long season. This time last year, who would have thought that Melky would be so valuable, or that we would lose both Hideki and Sheffield, yet still win the division? Two years ago we started 11-19 and had Tony Womack on the team. Who would have predicted that Wang and Cano would be playing today? Three years ago Jeter started in a terrible slump, going (I think) something like 0 for 30+ at one point.

The minor league system is much, much deeper than it has been for years, and maybe games like today are a good thing in that they force us to consider going to younger players who have a chance to step up. Who would have thought Scott Proctor would be so valuable last year?

I had my panic attack during game 1. Now I am ready to see how the season pans out. This is a team that can win 10-12 games in a row, can afford to make major acquisitions, and has a lot of pitching depth throughout the system.

Let's just see how the season goes. Tough loss today, but it's baseball.

BTW, it is going to suck for awhile to see Mo with a 3+ ERA on the box score, but that should correct itself in due time.

2007-04-15 16:16:31
570.   Vandelay Industries

I would agree, but considering the teams that K-Rod faces regularly, hard to say he is as good as MO. And defensively, not enen close. K-Rod is in the dugout after each pitch, not in a position to field the ball. I like Joe Nathan, and would take him over Franky boy.

2007-04-15 16:20:47
571.   Vandelay Industries

I agree. Some youth would be a nice change of pace. With Wimpy Smurf in Center, Clumsy Smurf in Right, Mendoza Line Smurf at First, and Fragile Smurf X 3 Pitching, we could use some youngsters.

2007-04-15 16:21:01
572.   williamnyy23
569 I actually feel calm too, but it's almost because I had this in the back of my mind. That's kind of more disappointing than the loss. Also, instead of anticipating getting back in the win column on Tuesday, I'm actually glad there is a day off because I have bad feelings about the Indian series coming up.
2007-04-15 16:23:46
573.   nemecizer
572 The Indians and the Red Sox are going to be tough, but we're only one game below .500 and with 3 pitchers on the DL. Also, a number of our players are consistently underperforming. The team we are watching right now is not the team that we have. That will correct itself in due time.

This regular season is a marathon, not a sprint. (The post-season on the other hand ... but I am not going to worry about that now, there is plenty of time to plug the few holes that we do have).

2007-04-15 16:26:20
574.   Vandelay Industries

Yea, it's a long way until Joe starts our worst starter in a game 5 or 7, simply because that is the guy with the most rest.

2007-04-15 16:26:47
575.   williamnyy23
573 That's all logical and true...but I'm talking about a "gut" feeling. Even in the 11-19 year, I don't think I felt this negative about the team early on since the the pre-1996 days. I'm not waiving the white flag yet, but it just sucks to not have the usual confident feeling that I've grown used to.
2007-04-15 16:30:51
576.   Vandelay Industries
Sheffield has turned into a DP machine. It does a heart good.
2007-04-15 16:45:22
577.   3rd gen yankee fan
I got a coupon for 20% off any MLB Shop purchase through 5/15. Enter the promo code MLBSURVEY at checkout. Hope this will raise someone's spirits.
2007-04-15 16:50:15
578.   nemecizer
575 I've learned a long time ago not to trust my gut when it comes to baseball, and look at the fundamental stats :)

To give the blog a life, I would point out that the teams the Red Sox faced so far this year have put up the following numbers:

KC .229/.294/.359
LAA .264/.323/.360
SEA: .214/.265/.344
TEX: .233/.315/.388

Total: .238/.290/.364

(Stolen from a comment by SG over at RLYW)

Also, this is Manny Ramirez' batting line so far: .194/.310/.222

3 of our starting pitchers are on the DL, Jeter has looked really bad so far, Mo blew a save against a hitter he should have fanned, and Dougie Eyechart hits worse than my grandmother (who is dead). That's bad.

None of the pitchers on the DL need surgery and some of them are probably only on the DL so we can bring up younger players. Jeter will correct himself and is still doing well offensively. Unless he is injured (and better now than late in the season) Mo will be Mo. That's all good.

This team will be fine and should win 95+ games.

My only worry is Joe Torre. I am finally climbing aboard the bandwagon that his management of pitching staff takes way from his strengths. Maybe it will soon be time for him to go.

2007-04-15 16:50:20
579.   C2Coke
577 Not that I am looking to buy anything but it's always great to know fellow Banterers all love to share. Thanks.
2007-04-15 16:50:55
580.   nemecizer
578 That's "lift" not "life".
2007-04-15 16:54:07
581.   OldYanksFan
I'm sorry, I just can't get over the pitch selection to a guy who can ONLY hit a HR if he yanks one down the line. So, on 0-2, Mo throws high and inside, instead of low and out?
2007-04-15 17:13:42
582.   Vandelay Industries
I live in LA now, and generally don't have anything nice to say about the Dodgers, their ownership, or their fans. But they did a pretty good job honoring Jackie tonight.
2007-04-15 17:17:15
583.   rabid stan
I just got home from watching the game with my parents and my brother Mark. My mom is not a baseball fan, but she toughed it out for the sake of her three idiot manchildren.

Here are the final minutes of the game at the Stan household:

rabid stan: Second walk.

Big Stan: At least it's the 9-hitter coming up.

rabid stan: It's not fair, is it? Mo against Scutaro.

ball in the air, idiot manchildren simultaneously lean left, ball hits fairpole anyway


Mom: Did he hit a home run? Why is the other team celebrating? Is it over?

As one: Yeah.

Mom: What happened?

Mark: We lost.

Mom: But they were ahead a few minutes ago.


Mom: Was it the ninth inning?

Mark: Yeah, it was the ninth inning.

rabid stan: That really sucked.

Big Stan: I think I'll turn in now.

2007-04-15 17:18:09
584.   BklynBmr
581 I get enough A's coverage out here to know what kind of player Scutaro is — a total gamer. You can't make a mistake with him. Mo did. Plus that was so high on the foul pole, it might have cleared the fence if it was hit to dead center. Even still, with him at the plate I was bracing for a base hit and a 4-3 game, not this.

Mo is good for a couple of blown saves per season, and we saw one of 'em today. While we woulda/shoulda/coulda swept this f'in series, this one will be footnote.

576 I love the .132 BA — and am eagerly anticipating his first 'Sheff moment'. I hope Leyland didn't quit smoking...

2007-04-15 17:34:44
585.   rsmith51
Blind Squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. The three batters in the ninth who reached had the following averages AFTER the game. I didn't see the game, but I can't believe Mo walked Kendall.

T Walker 1B .217
J Kendall C .157
M Scutaro 2B .095

Still hurts, though.

2007-04-15 17:50:35
586.   rabid stan
585 Walked Kendall twice. That 3-1 call the ump gave Mo looked a little high.

Not only was the location just a bit off, he also didn't seem to have the same zip on his pitches.

2007-04-15 21:05:35
587.   yankz
FJM has outdone itself. I could not stop laughing out loud.

2007-04-15 21:08:51
588.   Max Nomad
575 Yankees fans of the last 10+ years are spoiled. Too used to winning.

584 I said it before, I'll say it again: Marco Scutaro is more clutch that Papi. That was his NINTH GW hit since he's an A. Geren is smart, and left him in because of that.

586 Mo's control was off, that's all. The biggest reason for his success is not his velocity or cutter, both which are quite good (and still were this game), but his impeccable control. When he loses that, it's a problem.

Every year there are questions about Mo, and everyone panics, and every year he's the friggin' man, and I don't want anyone else closing but him. I rue the day he's done.

2007-04-15 21:18:13
589.   randym77
582 Agreed. The Dodgers did a good job tonight.

Plus, they gave us Scott Proctor, so they can't be all bad. ;-)

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