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Boof Bam Boomer
2007-04-10 10:54
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Yankee starters finished their first trip through the rotation with a 9.97 ERA. That was no more likely to hold up than are the bullpen's current 1.07 ERA or the offense's 6.83 runs per game. Indeed, Carl Pavano began the correction of that starters' ERA last night with seven innings of two-run baseball, dropping the figure nearly two runs to 8.16. Expect Andy Pettitte to continue that trend tonight.

Pettitte's first outing was the best of those first five Yankee starts (an admittedly low standard), and only came to an end after four innings because he was on a strict pitch limit necessitated by the back problems that interrupted his spring training schedule. Looking back over the game log, Andy got a double play to end the third and set the Devil Rays down in order in the fourth only to run into his pitch limit. Prior to that, he was undone by three walks, a wild pitch, a passed ball, an error, a stolen base, and three singles, one of which didn't leave the infield. A lot of that is his own fault, and he was similarly rescued by that double play and his own great sliding tag of B.J. Upton at home, but it's significant that he didn't get cuffed around like Mussina (four doubles), Igawa, or Rasner (two homers and a double each). The only extra base hit Pettitte allowed was a two-out Jonny Gomes double in the first, which he stranded by getting Ty Wigginton to fly out on the very next pitch, and that fly out was the only one of the game as Pettitte (as evidenced by the double play, infield single, and error) did an excellent job of keeping the ball on the ground.

So, while Pettitte's first start wasn't good by any stretch, there were a lot of positive indicators. Since then, he tossed a scoreless inning of relief on his throw day and, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, gotten in out of the cold. I like his chances to turn in a solid outing tonight.

In fact, tonight's game has the potential to be something of a pitcher's duel, as the Twins will counter Pettitte with 25-year-old sophomore Boof Bonser. Despite making 18 major league starts last year, Bonser has never faced the Yankees during the regular season. He did, however, face them this spring. In that game, Bonser allowed a pair of solo homers to Bobby Abreu and Josh Phelps, but held the Yankees to just two other hits over six innings while striking out seven. He had a similar outing in his first regular season start against the Orioles last week, striking out six in six innings while allowing just two runs on three hits, one of them a solo homer by Melvin Mora.

The most compelling thing about Bonser, however--other than the fact that he's officially changed his name to Boof (his birth name was John)--is that his mannerisms on the mound make him a dead ringer for a young, right-handed David Wells. A sloppy, heavy-set fellow with a brown goatee, a baggy jersey, and a big overhand delivery, Boof recalls the Boomer of 1997 and 1998, the ace of the 1998 Yankees and author of a perfect game against none other than the Minnesota Twins. Bonser and Wells are opposites when it comes to pitching style, however. In addition to throwing with the opposite hands, Wells pitches to contact, with historically low walk rates and correspondingly high hit rates, while Bonser tends to miss bats both in and out of the strike zone, suppressing hits along the way. Bonser does give up his share of homers, however, and it will be up to the Yankees tonight to make sure they have a few men on base when that inevitable long ball leaves the park.

In other news, the Twins disabled two players yesterday, placing Jeff Cirillo and Rondell White (surprise) on the 15-day DL and recalling infielder Alexi Casilla and outfielder Josh "Broccoli" Rabe from triple-A (see Aaron Gleeman for more). Unfortunately, Rabe's name is pronounced "RAY-bee," so his nickname only works in print.

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2007-04-10 14:25:11
1.   OldYanksFan
Boof Boomer Bonser?
2007-04-10 14:48:44
2.   C2Coke
I think the confusion (at least a few times during Pettitte's first start) between Pettitte and Jorge will be sorted out as well. Can't wait!
2007-04-10 16:21:11
3.   JL25and3
If we think the Yankee rotation is a shambles, well, it could be worse. The Cardinals have Randy Keisler starting tonight.
2007-04-10 16:27:46
4.   Knuckles
Eesh. I guess Yarnall and Militello were busy?
2007-04-10 16:38:46
5.   nyyfan22
Seemed to me that on Pettitte's first outing the game didn't really suffer too much from his pitching. The defensive difficulties was more of a catalyst to the Devil Rays' accumulation, in my opinion. Well, those difficulties + their earth-shattering speed.

Tonight should be much better, as the defense is tightening up, and the weather simply can not be an issue. Pettitte goes 6+ tonight is my prediction. Torre will leave him in to finish the 6th even if in trouble if there's a 2+ run lead.

Let's go Yankees (clap, clap, clap clap clap)

2007-04-10 16:53:13
6.   OldYanksFan
Boof Boomer Bonser (BBB) has been tough on us in the past. This is a guy that has a little trouble finding the plate, yes?

Will we gring out high pitch counts and walks? Can we get him out of the game after 5? Will we be patient and selective at the plate?

Stay tuned.

Anybody catching the 'Imus Incident'?

2007-04-10 17:05:16
7.   BklynBmr
Twinkies feed on EI tonight. Hopefully Andy's 100% and the bats stay hot, especially A-Rod. Let's rock, Yanks!

6 Yo, OFY — next time please dummy up with the plotlines of '24' for the benefit of those of us on the West Coast, who get it 3 hours later ;-)

2007-04-10 17:06:11
8.   Vandelay Industries
Here we go Andy!

FYI.....Jaret Wright pitching well in Baltimore.

6 Wait...weren't you upset that we were talking football? And now you bring up politics? Just giving you a hard time.

2007-04-10 17:16:54
9.   Vandelay Industries
Yikes! Who is this guy?
2007-04-10 17:17:05
10.   Knuckles
2007-04-10 17:17:11
11.   BklynBmr
That was GONE the second it made contact! Wow! Is A-Rod in the zone or what?
2007-04-10 17:17:31
12.   Knuckles
I like how Smalley and this other guy are pretty much advocating hitting Alex...
2007-04-10 17:17:35
13.   Vandelay Industries
I haven't seen anyone this hot since Bonds' 73 HR season.
2007-04-10 17:17:48
14.   AbbyNormal821
A-Rod man...that dude is &%$#@! ON IT!!!
2007-04-10 17:18:08
15.   seamus
these Twins announcers were so annoying, i just said "I hope ARod homers and shuts them up." They won't shut up though.
2007-04-10 17:18:38
16.   C2Coke
11 It's almost unreal at this point...I thought we were kidding here about getting 135HR this season. Apparently, Arod is not.
2007-04-10 17:19:17
17.   rsmith51
ARod has so much power. Has he hit any homers that haven't been 10 rows deep?
2007-04-10 17:19:51
18.   nyyfan22
John Sterling just called ARod "Alexander the Great".
2007-04-10 17:19:57
19.   C2Coke
15 Just tell yourself, it could be worse, it could be ESPN...
2007-04-10 17:20:05
20.   Vandelay Industries

They are not advocating hitting Alex. They are explaining the benefits of pitching inside, which is perfectly acceptable. If I was pitching to him, you can bet I'd be trying to get him thinking about the inside pitch. Otherwise, he'll just tee off on you. With the modern strike zone, if you don't pitch inside, you won't last very long in the bigs.

2007-04-10 17:20:20
21.   Zack
Wowza, am I glad I decided to keep A-Rod as a keeper for my fantasy league, he is tearing it up!
2007-04-10 17:21:02
22.   C2Coke
17 Don't think I've ever witnessed those "just over the wall" homers from Arod.
2007-04-10 17:21:03
23.   Max Nomad

Pujols was hotter last year before he was injured. And didn't Arod win Player of the Month last April?


2007-04-10 17:21:43
24.   OldYanksFan
8 My sincere apologies. What's a 'West Coast'?. Is that in Brooklyn?

Anybody know.. Is this Bert Blyleven announcing?

Is ARod sick or what?

2007-04-10 17:21:46
25.   nyyfan22
21 I, on the other hand, traded him away. Ugh. (sniff)
2007-04-10 17:22:38
26.   Max Nomad
Arod just looks so "agressively comfortable."
2007-04-10 17:22:54
27.   Zack
25 Did you at least trade him for Pujols?
2007-04-10 17:25:36
28.   RIYank
18 That's a standard Sterling nickname for A-Rod.
Hi all.
Andy good so far -- I mean, against the lousy hitters. Now comes the test...
2007-04-10 17:27:44
29.   nyyfan22
27 No. Jeter + Delgado + Beltre for ARod.

My wife makes me sleep on the couch now.

2007-04-10 17:28:40
30.   OldYanksFan
Did anyone catch last night that they said Mauer grew almost 2 inches LAST year? Now at 6'6 (and still growing?)
2007-04-10 17:30:23
31.   Vandelay Industries
Is Boof Bonzer is a shorter fatter Ryan Klesko?
2007-04-10 17:30:54
32.   Zack
29 Hmm, thats not a bad deal though, all things considered. Unless of course Arod stays on this pace all year, which seems a bit unlikely...
2007-04-10 17:32:04
33.   ChrisS
30 Seriously?! In't that a bit, oh, big, for a catcher?

If A-Rod has a great month, will ESPN harp on him even more? Or will they go after NYY fans for crazily insisting that A-Rod was no good (despite that being a wholly made-up media story).

2007-04-10 17:32:30
34.   BklynBmr
24 No prob ;-) Not really, though you can take the kid outta Brooklyn, but... you know the rest...

31 They could qualify for a 'separated at birth' thing.

2007-04-10 17:32:35
35.   Zack
anyone actually know WHY he is now legally "Boof?"
2007-04-10 17:33:13
36.   RIYank
Melkman delivers!
2007-04-10 17:33:20
37.   BklynBmr
Melky! Finally!
2007-04-10 17:33:59
38.   OldYanksFan
That should help his self-esteem.
2007-04-10 17:34:04
39.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-04-10 17:35:50
40.   RIYank
33 It is, maybe too big. They could move him to 1B and extend his career by eight years or something, but, where do they put Morneau? Anyway, the Twins won't have Mauer for ten years, so what do they care?
2007-04-10 17:36:01
41.   3rd gen yankee fan
Boof keeps throwing high.
2007-04-10 17:39:29
42.   yankz
Arod is unreal.
2007-04-10 17:40:12
43.   ChrisS
23 I don't think so, considering he hit .267 with 5 HRs and 16 RBI last April, which he has just about eclipsed in the first 7 games of this season.

Go A-Rod, shut up the haters.

2007-04-10 17:40:16
44.   C2Coke
Wow, the announcers just said that Pavano cruised through 7 innings last night. Never thought that could be a sentence.
2007-04-10 17:40:26
45.   kylepetterson
35 nickname as a kid. stuck with him. my older brother called me poo-boy. kind of makes boof seem ok.
2007-04-10 17:44:07
46.   3rd gen yankee fan
Dollar-a-Dog Night! Ohhhhh man.
2007-04-10 17:44:47
47.   BklynBmr
Anyone catch Jeff Weaver's line today:

2.0 7 7 7 2 1 1 31.50 (season)

2007-04-10 17:45:45
48.   3rd gen yankee fan
47 Yeh he got crushed. I kept saying, "I'm SO glad he's no longer a Yankee."
2007-04-10 17:46:09
49.   Knuckles
nice K, Andy.
2007-04-10 17:46:19
50.   OldYanksFan
Very nice time for a K.
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2007-04-10 17:48:15
51.   BklynBmr
48 That little channeling of Sandy Kofax in the NL playoffs last year fooled no one...
2007-04-10 17:49:04
52.   BklynBmr
Welcome back, Andy!
2007-04-10 17:50:34
53.   Max Nomad

Maybe it was May...

Then Giambi was the April POM?

2007-04-10 17:51:20
54.   Knuckles
51 Sure as hell didn't fool the Cards, and they only won 83 games last year!

Of course, between the Snelling for Vidro and Horacio Ramirez for Raf Soriano, the Weaver signing was maybe Bavasi's third worst deal of the offseason.

2007-04-10 17:52:08
55.   OldYanksFan
Wow. Just think. Instead of seeing Pettitte's proud, dark, face, we could be looking at RJ's ugly mug.
Thank you Brain Cashman.
2007-04-10 17:52:29
56.   nyyfan22
51 "3000 years of beautiful tradition... from Moses to Sandy Kofax, you're god damned right I'm living in the past!" -Walter Sobchak
2007-04-10 17:59:42
57.   OldYanksFan
"Hey... we got a pretty good glove man at 1st base. Let BOUNCE all our throws to him!"
2007-04-10 18:01:03
58.   RIYank
57 Sterling claims Jeter is doing that deliberately. Anybody buying it?
2007-04-10 18:06:31
59.   Max Nomad
58 The FSN announcer does.
2007-04-10 18:09:33
60.   BklynBmr
56 LOL! That's great!
2007-04-10 18:10:35
61.   BklynBmr
Just what the doctor ordered! Keep it up, Andy...
2007-04-10 18:11:43
62.   3rd gen yankee fan
Man I can feel the breeze from those swings over here!
2007-04-10 18:12:15
63.   RIYank
Whew, that was a very big DP.

59 Huh. Sterling says Dave Concepcion started doing that, on long throws on artificial turf. I guess it decreases wild throw chance?

2007-04-10 18:13:06
64.   Vandelay Industries!
2007-04-10 18:14:50
65.   Max Nomad
Well, apparently the turf makes for very straight, fast ground balls. with little bounce. Bad if you're a pitcher who lives on GBs, but I guess a fielder can make good use.
2007-04-10 18:14:55
66.   ny2ca2dc
Oh god, i feel the cliche monkey coming on, but I can't help it: Andy's such a gamer! You know RJ gives it up right there...
2007-04-10 18:18:03
67.   3rd gen yankee fan
Melky is just so cute.
2007-04-10 18:18:53
68.   3rd gen yankee fan
damn and he can hit too!
2007-04-10 18:19:07
69.   ny2ca2dc
Melky may be back!
2007-04-10 18:19:31
70.   BklynBmr
66 Was just thinkin' that. Although RJ would have lost the plot in the third inning. This is Andy we know and love!
2007-04-10 18:19:57
71.   OldYanksFan
Hey! Who is that kid hitting line drives?
2007-04-10 18:20:19
72.   C2Coke
Melkman is back.
2007-04-10 18:20:24
73.   Vandelay Industries
2007-04-10 18:20:27
74.   RIYank
Positively DAMONic
2007-04-10 18:21:08
75.   C2Coke
Wow, Damon is pretty unreal at this moment too.
2007-04-10 18:21:11
76.   AbbyNormal821
JOH-NNY DA-MON! ::clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!!!::: JOH-NNY DAMON!!!
2007-04-10 18:21:17
77.   BklynBmr
Smalley: "It's Damon's job to move to runners". He sure did! Go, Johnny, Go, Go! "Positively Damon-ic"!
2007-04-10 18:21:23
78.   ny2ca2dc
Shit ya! Forget bunting, a HR is always best with 2 on & no out, thank you very much FSN broadcasters!
2007-04-10 18:21:33
79.   RIYank
Man. When Minky and Melky start the inning on base, that's a pitcher asking for trouble. And Johnny giving 'em what they ask for.
2007-04-10 18:22:05
80.   Schteeve
Damon sucks, he totally just killed the rally.
2007-04-10 18:22:17
81.   AbbyNormal821
Oy vey, the natives are-a gettin' wrestless in Minnesota, ya!
2007-04-10 18:22:34
82.   ny2ca2dc
And yes, FSN broadcasters, the non-home run hitting Damon, who hit 23 (?) homers last year, can hit homers with pitches in that spot.
2007-04-10 18:22:39
83.   Vandelay Industries
Here we go! Now let's put this game away right here!
2007-04-10 18:23:09
84.   OldYanksFan
I say we give JD a rest day or 2 moe often.
2007-04-10 18:23:23
85.   ny2ca2dc
Nice scoop, MVP
2007-04-10 18:23:33
86.   3rd gen yankee fan
Ok, I'm LMAO over here.
2007-04-10 18:23:39
87.   Vandelay Industries
I don't know the stats. Is Mauer any good behind the plate, or is he Mike Piazza?
2007-04-10 18:23:46
88.   BklynBmr
78 Damn straight! This is YANKEE baseball, boyeeee!
2007-04-10 18:23:47
89.   AbbyNormal821
85 DOH!!!
2007-04-10 18:24:16
90.   ny2ca2dc
Nice throw, batting champ.

Now I'm getting surly!

2007-04-10 18:24:29
91.   Schteeve
If the Yankees starters can be league average, and the offense can stay reasonable healthy, they are going to make a mockery of the AL. (Cough, in the regular season.)
2007-04-10 18:24:37
92.   BklynBmr
Man, I thought that was gone, too...
2007-04-10 18:25:00
93.   Vandelay Industries
Hunter doing his best Dave Roberts inpersonation from yesterday.
2007-04-10 18:25:06
94.   ny2ca2dc
oh shit! damn, almost. that would'a been too much
2007-04-10 18:25:29
95.   AbbyNormal821
Oh man, they're joking right? What a bunch of wussies!!!
2007-04-10 18:25:40
96.   OldYanksFan
What do you say FSN guys? Squeeze bunt?
2007-04-10 18:25:48
97.   Max Nomad
2007-04-10 18:26:07
98.   OldYanksFan
2007-04-10 18:26:10
99.   ny2ca2dc
haha, they're walking him with a 6 run deficit! It's already over, don't embarrass yourselves
2007-04-10 18:26:25
100.   BklynBmr
Big difference from last year, when they IBB'n guys to GET to A-Rod! I'm lovin' it!
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2007-04-10 18:26:46
101.   AbbyNormal821
If I may quote Rick Moranis from 'Spaceballs'..."what's the matter Colonel Sanders....CHICKEN???"
2007-04-10 18:27:40
102.   Schteeve
A-Rod must have a pretty big boner right now.
2007-04-10 18:28:16
103.   BklynBmr
" Sometimes the kids in the neighborhood would carry my Mother's groceries all the way home. You know why? It was out of RESPECT"...
2007-04-10 18:29:09
104.   AbbyNormal821
103...awesome, man!
2007-04-10 18:30:25
105.   ny2ca2dc
I was just about to say this would be a nice time for giambi to try practicing poking one thru the left side to beat the shift... sweet. get that into the scouting reports.
2007-04-10 18:30:26
106.   OldYanksFan
Jasons says: "Hahahahaha"
2007-04-10 18:31:07
107.   BklynBmr
Nice buzzkill, Jorgie... j/k
2007-04-10 18:32:52
108.   OldYanksFan
Jeez... I hope it doesn't get boring watching the Yankees BEAT THE CRAP out of the other team.
2007-04-10 18:35:18
109.   Schteeve
108 That is un-possible.
2007-04-10 18:36:05
110.   RIYank
108 Hm, yeah. I mean, a nice close game would be fun.


2007-04-10 18:36:54
111.   rsmith51
Any thoughts on whether Minky is one of the reasons that ARod is playing well?

I was hoping Phelps would get more playing time, but I am minding it less that he is not getting more starts.


2007-04-10 18:37:09
112.   BklynBmr
108 Savor every bloop and blast. Hopefully the rotation comes together just when the bats take a holiday...
2007-04-10 18:38:13
113.   Schteeve
108 I remember the summer of '98 very vividly. It was the Year the Yankees just went out and won every game. I was giddy every morning checking the box scores to see how they had done it. Who was the hero, but almost knowing even before I knew that they did win.

We could use a summer like that.

2007-04-10 18:40:40
114.   ny2ca2dc
111 thats a good point, but Minky has been making a good enough showing, a lot of his outs have been will hit right at guys. Phelps has started 2 or 3 games, and out of 7, that ain't so shabby. I'd be cool with him starting all the games vs. leftys and/or games when a non-groudballer is pitching for the good guys. I'd rather see the defensive platoon unless Nieves is starting.
2007-04-10 18:41:03
115.   RIYank
Hm, we're only gonna get one more inning from Andy. I think that's 78 pitches. So no rest for the pen tonight.
Henn in the seventh?
2007-04-10 18:41:56
116.   BklynBmr
111 Having an old pal around I'm sure does not hurt (and maybe that was on Cashman's mind to a small degree), but I really think the combination of coming clean on the Jeter relationship issue, and his statements on the opt-out thing gives him some room to let it all hang out, if that makes sense.
2007-04-10 18:43:46
117.   ny2ca2dc
FSN guys just got on my good side, comparing Cano to Carew.

115 how about meyers for 3 innings. seemed to work last week ;) Who said meyers couldn't carry his weight!

And just as i say minky hasn't looked terrible, he goes out and looks bad...

2007-04-10 18:44:15
118.   Zack
Like that comparison of Cano and Carew's swings FSN just did...
2007-04-10 18:45:03
119.   BklynBmr
113 One of my fondest memories of '98 was looking at the standings every morning in the paper (even though I stared at 'em online the night before). There were some gaudy numbers there, and the GB column was the most fun.
2007-04-10 18:45:14
120.   Eirias
Anyone here particularly familiar with the Biot-Savart law?
2007-04-10 18:45:37
121.   Zack
Henn for the 7th, Viz for the 8th, Mo for the 9th probably. Joe will use the "Mo needs to throw" line...Or, Henn, Proctor for two. Or just throw Proctor out there for all three and have him start tomorrow's game too...
2007-04-10 18:45:54
122.   RIYank
117 Joe Morgan recently in that stupid interview he does named Robbie when asked who today most reminded him of himself. (That's what he was asked -- his actual answer was something like, "I don't want to say that but I'll tell you that I like watching Cano.")
2007-04-10 18:47:47
123.   BklynBmr
11-2 ground balls vs fly balls so far for Andy. Vintage.
2007-04-10 18:48:10
124.   RIYank
120 Uh... huh?
2007-04-10 18:48:32
125.   BklynBmr
123 Make that 12-2...
2007-04-10 18:48:37
126.   C2Coke
Seriously, the FSN announcers are very comical.
2007-04-10 18:48:56
127.   Zack
Pete A. continues his praise of Doug Out's defense as justifying his crapitude, which is really too bad...

And Villone gave up a run in his inning last night, so clearly he's still the spring training Ron Villone...

2007-04-10 18:51:22
128.   BklynBmr
126 KC's booth is up there, too. No Yankee can step in the batter's box, make a play in the field, or even be on camera without their salary being mentioned.

And then there is 'The Hawk'...

2007-04-10 18:51:47
129.   3rd gen yankee fan
126 If that's what you call, "f'in stupid."
2007-04-10 18:51:54
130.   C2Coke
I don't understand how we survived watching the Unit instead of Pettitte for the past few years...
2007-04-10 18:52:51
131.   nyyfan22
120 Are you trying to say that Jeter's throws to 1st are bouncing in MN because of the difference in magnetic fields?

I just read the wiki entry on Biot-Savart and I understand no more now than I did 5 minutes ago (which is to say, none).

2007-04-10 18:53:02
132.   ny2ca2dc
Pete Abe also mentioned that this HR for A-Rod matches him with Manny career. god damn.

Proctor up. surprise surprise. hasn't Henn had a few days off? Or just 1 or 2?

2007-04-10 18:53:18
133.   OldYanksFan
111 I know this is old, but it is one of the greatest pieces of work I have seen on the Net.
It is 'must see' and might take some of the 'it's in his head' stuff away.
2007-04-10 18:53:35
134.   C2Coke
129 Yes, I'd like to use codes when knowing there are kids reading, one can't really say Kay is much smarter but definitely nowhere near as comical.
2007-04-10 18:53:58
135.   Max Nomad
Didn't Arod homer off of Neshek in that game at the Stadium last summer? When he hit 2 homers?
2007-04-10 18:54:30
136.   Zack
Lets not talk about the Hawk until we must...please...
2007-04-10 18:55:45
137.   BklynBmr
130 Gotta admit I was on the 'good riddance' bandwagon with Andy after '03, with qualifications. Randy — we got one year too late, and for too many years. No way we cough up the '04 ALCS with THAT Unit in the rotation.
2007-04-10 18:56:27
138.   BklynBmr
136 Good point. My bad.
2007-04-10 18:56:40
139.   ny2ca2dc
weirdest frigin delivery...

whoa. Damon dun likey

2007-04-10 18:57:34
140.   RIYank
132 Henn is definitely rested. He was warming yesterday, with Bruney, so we know he's rested.
2007-04-10 19:02:14
141.   Eirias
I have a test tomorrow, I was just hoping someone here turned out to be a physicist.
2007-04-10 19:03:27
142.   C2Coke
So that was another quality start by the Yanks' SP. In fact, it was great.
2007-04-10 19:03:30
143.   yankz
What a great two games. I'm confident they're about to go on a nice long roll!
2007-04-10 19:03:44
144.   RIYank
Oh, come on, Scotty. Jeez.

Hey, how about Beckett today? (Grudging respect.)

2007-04-10 19:03:46
145.   BklynBmr
141 Sorry, E. We just manage the New York Yankees ;-)
2007-04-10 19:04:20
146.   C2Coke
141 I remember at least one poster is in that field. Too bad he isn't here today. Good luck!
2007-04-10 19:04:33
147.   ny2ca2dc
140 I suppose if the BP has to go 3, procter's going to be in it at some point, so i guess it's a good idea to have him face morneau et al. As long as the tired guys don't come in & scotty doesn't pitch all 3 (and start tomorrow, Zack, nice).

Though, if you're gonna walk him, Henn could've done that... come on, look at the scoreboard my man!

2007-04-10 19:05:46
148.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oh beautiful.
2007-04-10 19:05:48
149.   yankz
Come ON, EDSP.
2007-04-10 19:06:02
150.   RIYank
One good walk deserves another.
Well, looks like the Viscount may get his innings after all.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-04-10 19:06:53
151.   RIYank
"Viscount", or "Vizier"?
2007-04-10 19:07:01
152.   ny2ca2dc
141 Not a physicist, but an engineer. Just remember that that F=MA.

oye vey, scott's missing by a mile. maybe he can't command if he gets more then 12 hours off.

2007-04-10 19:08:09
153.   BklynBmr
144 That's unwelcome news, for sure. I also like (gruding respect) Matsusaka's demeanor. This guy does not look like he's easily rattled. With the Jays feelin' strong, we might be looking at one heckuva race in the East...
2007-04-10 19:08:57
154.   3rd gen yankee fan
What's the heck's up with Proctor? He was like, THE MAN last year.
2007-04-10 19:11:15
155.   RIYank
Proctor deserved that. Nobody hits the ball hard, but Scotty's free passes give the Twinks a run.
And heeeere's the Vizier.
2007-04-10 19:11:41
156.   ny2ca2dc
154 um, he was a real important part of the team last year, but he got hit up not infrequently... damnit joe, it's a 6 run lead, let scotty finish the inning out!
2007-04-10 19:12:16
157.   rabid stan
Jeez. It's 7-1. Let him get another out.
2007-04-10 19:13:24
158.   C2Coke
Too many good arms to abuse this year...
2007-04-10 19:13:58
159.   Vandelay Industries

Joe Torre? Leave a pitcher in? Have you gone mad man? That's not in his computerized program he uses to manage games.

2007-04-10 19:14:33
160.   BklynBmr
156, 157 Joe is just making up for last year, trying to even things out...
2007-04-10 19:15:10
161.   Vandelay Industries
Correction, if your name is Villone, then yes, by all means stay in.
2007-04-10 19:16:17
162.   RIYank
All outs by Donuts!
2007-04-10 19:16:37
163.   nyyfan22
156157 I can see why Joe would pull Proctor here. The bullpen has been so lights out, I think he's hoping the front 5 will elevate and match that - and not let the 'pen sink and lose confidence.

Vizzy comes in, bails out Proctor, and the bullpen can still feel strong as a unit. Works both ways.

2007-04-10 19:17:53
164.   3rd gen yankee fan
156 Ya know, I'm not a stat-head, and I never will be, just don't have the brain for it... I will always defer to you guys who can back up your discussions with stats, as I know I work from observation & memory... just wanted to explain that. I recognize that Proctor had an unusually good year last year.
2007-04-10 19:17:58
165.   Vandelay Industries

I recant my previous post. I agree with you. That makes complete sense.

2007-04-10 19:18:03
166.   BklynBmr
Didn't think I'd be exhaling at any point in this game...

Since this is the American League, padding some stats for the next two ups won't hurt a thing...

2007-04-10 19:18:34
167.   rabid stan
Wow, that was close. This inning almost got out of hand. Proactive managing was the only thing that prevented the Yanks from giving up five or even six runs in that AB.
2007-04-10 19:18:38
168.   RIYank
Wow, Rincon. Interesting call.
2007-04-10 19:18:57
169.   ny2ca2dc
163 Well, I'm in a good mood, I'll buy that. After all, these guys aren't THAT worked (thanks Pav, shudder), thanks to Henn and Meyers (and pettitte in relief). just so long as we dont see Mo.
2007-04-10 19:19:08
170.   OldYanksFan
Look... Joe does not like to let the other team 'beat up' on us, or score runs, even if we have a big lead. It's not a terrible idea. I'd rather have the other team discouraged.
2007-04-10 19:21:51
171.   rabid stan
163 I don't know. Getting yanked with two outs in the 7th inning with a six run lead because the manager doesn't think you can handle Luis Castillo doesn't seem like a confidence builder, and it puts more pitches on Vizcaino's arm.
2007-04-10 19:22:03
172.   RIYank
So, if Moose has 'shaken off the rust' and pitches well tomorrow, the whole rotation picture will have changed real fast, huh?
2007-04-10 19:22:20
173.   OldYanksFan
These Twins are a good team. We are fortunate to miss Santana.
2007-04-10 19:23:20
174.   ny2ca2dc
170 that's true, Joe does like to go for the jugular (which i think is good). Just a knee jerk reaction to want to let scotty finish what he started..... but i do remember the times games like this have gotten away from us. And, after all, these are the Twins, a legit contender, not the Nationals (pains me to mock my #2 team!)
2007-04-10 19:23:28
175.   OldYanksFan
171 One doesn't get rewarded for walking the first 2 batters with a 7 run lead.
2007-04-10 19:23:50
176.   RIYank
I don't think it was a bad move -- I don't think it's going to bother Proctor, honestly. He knows he's one of Joe's guys. Hey, he's EDSP!
2007-04-10 19:25:06
177.   nyyfan22
171 You know what.. I'm listening to the game at work, and I honestly had forgotten that Proctor followed up those 2 walks with 2 outs. I only remembered hearing one. Maybe it was a little hasty for Torre to do. Ahh, Scotty will be okay.
2007-04-10 19:25:16
178.   RIYank
173 You know, they really don't have good starters. Aside from Supernatural, obviously. Their bullpen is still first rate, and the middle of their order is really good, no doubt about that. So I'm very pleased with these two games. Still, their starters kind of suck.
2007-04-10 19:26:35
179.   C2Coke
177 I thought I am the only one who's still at work. But then again, you are on the West Coast, aren't you?
2007-04-10 19:26:40
180.   Vandelay Industries
Now when Joe should pull Giambi for a PR, he doesn't.

Ok Joe...thank you....Jeez.

2007-04-10 19:27:18
181.   ny2ca2dc
176 Ya, seriously, you don't pitch 100 innings and keep wondering, "does coach want me in the game?"

Nice to pinch hit for Giambi one batter after having KT in there would've gotten you 1st & 3rd vice 1st & 2nd..... Doesn't pinch hitting for the DH bring the pitcher into the lineup? Or is that just when the DH goes onto the field?

2007-04-10 19:27:45
182.   rabid stan
175 I just think switching out Proctor was unnecessarily aggressive with a big lead, like Jeter swiping a bag up 6-0. You want to make Proctor think twice about walking guy? Make him run extra laps.
2007-04-10 19:28:30
183.   ny2ca2dc
181 err, pinch RUN
2007-04-10 19:28:35
184.   Vandelay Industries

Joe has been about 10 minutes late on a few moves this year so far. Is he taking his meds?

2007-04-10 19:32:04
185.   RIYank
No, we don't give up the DH this way. As you say, it's only if you move him into a fielding position.
2007-04-10 19:32:36
186.   Vandelay Industries
166 Bklyn,

So, those Golden State Warriors going to take that 8 spot or what?

2007-04-10 19:32:40
187.   yankz
No, you can PH for the DH. The PH then takes over as the DH. If the DH moves to play the field, however, the pitcher has to bat.
2007-04-10 19:33:08
188.   ny2ca2dc
Doesn't Viz have kind of a similar look as The Immortal Mariano? from the back as he sets up he looks like a larger version of His Holyness. Except for the arm angle, the delivery isn't that dissimilar from Mo too. No?
2007-04-10 19:33:53
189.   nyyfan22
173 No - I'm in NJ. I work shift work, and my hours for the next 2 weeks are 5pm - 5am.

182 hehe - that reminds me of when I played pop warner football as a kid. I was the center, and forgot to put my mouthpiece in 2 plays in a row (resulting in back-to-back penalties). Damn coach sent out the 2nd string center and made me run a lap [b]during the game[/b]. Humiliating.

However, I didn't forget the mouthpeice again.

2007-04-10 19:34:03
190.   rabid stan
188 The actor who played Fayed from 24 looked kind of like Rivera.
2007-04-10 19:34:08
191.   ny2ca2dc
185 Right, OK. Though right now our DH is Kevin Thompson. Thats kind of a kick. ;)
2007-04-10 19:35:03
192.   RIYank
188 Yeah, except no thunderbolts and he doesn't have a halo.

So that's four out of the last five putouts by Abreu.

2007-04-10 19:35:35
193.   rabid stan
189 Laps can be tough on a center. Good thing it wasn't highschool or college.
2007-04-10 19:36:37
194.   RIYank
192 ... and one for Melky!
Ah. This is a good, good game. Good game for Melky, too.
2007-04-10 19:37:02
195.   C2Coke
Melkman is on today.
2007-04-10 19:37:13
196.   3rd gen yankee fan
AHHHHHHAHAHAHA I love that boy.
2007-04-10 19:37:17
197.   ny2ca2dc
Christ, looks like Viz is the latest Scary Fly Ball Guy.
2007-04-10 19:37:24
198.   rabid stan
That makes up for yesterday's adventure in the field. Nice catch.
2007-04-10 19:38:03
199.   OldYanksFan
"And thats a public service announcement from the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce"
2007-04-10 19:38:04
200.   Vandelay Industries
Did these clowns from Minnesota just say there is nothing to do in Cleveland? Can you say.....bitter!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-04-10 19:38:29
201.   ny2ca2dc
192 I am Mariano Rivera! I am 10 feet tall, and shoot bolts of lightning from my eyes, and fireballs from my arse!
2007-04-10 19:38:35
202.   C2Coke
189 Still working too, need to wrap up...need to wrap up...
2007-04-10 19:38:37
203.   nyyfan22
was Damon jumping up and down and clapping while Melky made that play? Sterling made it sound like it was as good as that stellar play he made at Yankee Stadium last year.
2007-04-10 19:39:22
204.   RIYank
Mo's warming.
I don't like that. "Mo needs work." Bullshit.
2007-04-10 19:40:22
205.   ny2ca2dc
203 It was a nice play, but that robbing of Manny it was not.

And another single up the middle for melky!

2007-04-10 19:40:43
206.   RIYank
Hey, this really is a big Melky night. Sweet. Let's hope this is a turning point.
2007-04-10 19:40:59
207.   C2Coke
Wow, and we get to see Mo today?
2007-04-10 19:41:23
208.   OldYanksFan
Mlekdud raises his BA 100 points today.
2007-04-10 19:41:24
209.   seamus
203 not quite of same caliber
2007-04-10 19:44:03
210.   RIYank
There, the comfortable 7 run cushion is back.
And here's A-Rod's chance for 7-in-7.
2007-04-10 19:44:03
211.   ny2ca2dc
Shrug.... I guess it is Mo today..... Replacement Level Yankees Weblog has a nifty bullpen usage tracker, Mo has only pitched 2 innings apparently, so i guess this could be worse.

God Bobby Abreu is good.

2007-04-10 19:46:03
212.   RIYank
Robbed of the chance to tie the record! Oh well. Maybe they can bat around.
2007-04-10 19:48:07
213.   seamus
yo kevin!
2007-04-10 19:48:11
214.   RIYank
Hey, who's complaining about our new DH now, huh?
Nice job. And that's double figures!

Holy god, we can score runs this year. I think there's a legit chance for 1000 runs.

2007-04-10 19:48:32
215.   OldYanksFan
You see what happens when you leave a reliever in too long?
2007-04-10 19:49:11
216.   ny2ca2dc
haha, heck ya! atta boy KT! Boost your value boy-o!
2007-04-10 19:49:53
217.   ny2ca2dc
215 Um, this guy's just trying to end the durn game, he's gotta take one for the team
2007-04-10 19:50:48
218.   OldYanksFan
2007-04-10 19:51:28
219.   RIYank
Really, they can't use another reliever. As it is there going to have a big problem tomorrow if we get to Ramon early.
2007-04-10 19:52:09
220.   AbbyNormal821
Ick, bad swing!
2007-04-10 19:52:25
221.   rabid stan
Robbie with the hat trick. Is that the first of his career?
2007-04-10 19:53:00
222.   seamus
did melky and cano switch bodies last night?
2007-04-10 19:53:17
223.   OldYanksFan
I guess Jorge and Robbie just want to get back to the hotal.
2007-04-10 19:54:03
224.   OldYanksFan
Does Jorge get the inning off? BUC now?
2007-04-10 19:55:00
225.   RIYank
Oh, look: NOW we've lost our DH. Gosh. Mo might have to bat, if he gives up exactly nine runs. This seems unlikely.
One pitch, one down...
2007-04-10 19:55:24
226.   rabid stan
Patented Mariano dead line-drive.
2007-04-10 19:55:50
227.   3rd gen yankee fan
Mo's not gonna let us look at him long.
2007-04-10 19:56:11
228.   RIYank
Three pitches, two outs. Mo may have to pitch again tomorrow. He needs the work.
2007-04-10 19:56:32
229.   AbbyNormal821
Ah, I'm just going to point out the obvious...MO RULES!
2007-04-10 19:56:46
230.   RIYank
I love this pinch hitting move. This improves the Twins' chances dramatically.
2007-04-10 19:58:26
231.   3rd gen yankee fan
It's like, orgasmic watching Mo pitch.
2007-04-10 19:58:29
232.   rabid stan
Flaherty feels sorry for the Twins' scrub lefties. They should feel honored to be put down by Mo.
2007-04-10 19:58:45
233.   nemecizer
Gameday has Vizaino at the bottom of the 9th.
2007-04-10 19:58:48
234.   RIYank
Nice seven pitch at bat!
Love those thunderbolts.
2007-04-10 19:59:53
235.   RIYank
Seriously, does Gardenhire not know about Mo and lefties?

Anyway, great game, great two games. Gotta get us one o' them domes.

2007-04-10 20:00:39
236.   Zack
Well, good game. Great pitching by Andy, A-Rod continues to be the man, and, as predictedd, Mo gets his inning of work...
2007-04-10 20:00:51
237.   nemecizer
Right now it has Vizcaino at 29 pitches, 11 balls, 2 outs and that's all I can get from gameday, it seems to be going a bit crazy.

Did someone say Mo is in?

2007-04-10 20:01:06
238.   C2Coke
Nice entertaining game.
2007-04-10 20:01:29
239.   yankz
House Money tomorrow, then?
2007-04-10 20:01:37
240.   OldYanksFan
Just another day at the office.
If ARod keeps up this pace, Jetes is going to allow him to sleep-over.
2007-04-10 20:03:17
241.   nemecizer
OK, sorry, I thought that some said Mo was in for the bottom of the 9th. I guess not.

Good game! Pettitte looked good on the computer and the bullpen looked pretty good again.

Is Proctor done?

2007-04-10 20:04:17
242.   nemecizer
I curse slow computer connections.
2007-04-10 20:06:04
243.   RIYank
Mo did pitch the ninth. And beautifully, I might add.
2007-04-10 20:14:11
244.   C2Coke
240 ROFL!

241 Yes, Superman was in. One blinks the eyes, and he's done.

2007-04-10 20:54:00
245.   BklynBmr
186 Sorry, Vandelay. Had to step out for dinner (confident the game was in hand ;-)...

I'm a womb-to-the-tomb Knick fan, but I've been feeling the Warriors pain since I've been here ('96 to date). Coach Nellie has gotten almost everything out of this roster that's possible, but it's out of their hands. If I've got this right, the Warriors have to win their last 4 and the Clips have to lose 2 of their remaining 6, for Golden State to get in.

The interesting thing is if the Warriors snag the 8th seed, they'll draw Dallas — and they definitely have the Maverick's number this year. Could be a very interesting short series...


Just checked the boxscore. Nice to see KT get on the radar right away. Andy keeps the Pavanomojo going, solid defense and the bats did their thing. Good night all around...

2007-04-10 21:11:30
246.   Vandelay Industries

I hear you! But I have left the Knicks for the time being. So long as Isiah Thomas has anything to do with that team, there is simply no point in pulling for them. He is to the Knicks what Millen is to the Lions.

I am watching my adopted Lakers really risk missing the playoffs altogether. I dont know if you are a gambling man, but that 35-1 on the Nuggets is looking better and better. I really think they have a shot.

2007-04-10 21:19:28
247.   joejoejoe
Holy Moley! On Letterman tonite they featured one segment with Biff at Yankees Spring Training. Biff rubbed some lotion on a shirtless Alex Rodriguez sunning himself as a gag. A-Rod is ripped - like a cross between a boxer and a sprinter. He looks so in shape it's sick.
2007-04-10 21:38:46
248.   BklynBmr
246 Man, since Van Gundy bailed, the organization has been snakebit, but he knew something bubbling that we didn't know — that's for sure.

I moved from NYC to LA right in the middle of the 'showtime' era Laker teams and hated on them so much I actually rooted for Boston or Philly in the finals those years.

35-1 on Denver? If they can survive the West, that might be possible. I haven't followed the NBA closely this year, just reading the headlines, but there does not seem to be a beast from the East. Hey, maybe the Warriors... oh, never mind.

I just hope the Knicks land a lottery pick worth something...

2007-04-10 21:53:14
249.   Vandelay Industries

I want the Knicks to do well, but rest assured, if they get a good lottery pick, Isiah will screw it all to hell. Bad ownership, bad coaching, bad GM. It is going to be rough for a while.

Yea, I am in LA. I moved from NY a few years back. It was hard not to adopt the Lakers with the Knicks imploding for at least another decade to come. I can support a team through tough times, no doubt, but when they are utterly inept and firm in their bad decisions, to hell with them.

The Nuggets: Well, I wouldn't bet against any team with Iverson and Anthony on the same floor at the same time. Phoenix is a joke you can count on that (Hell, the Lakers almost took them out last year, Stouidamire or no Stoudamire), Dallas and San Antonio are big time contenders, but keep your eye on Denver and Houston.

The East is a toss up. If Wade is healthy, its theirs to lose. Detroit will faulter just like every other team associated with Flip Sauders. Maybe the Nets can make a run.

2007-04-10 21:58:39
250.   yankz
The Knicks would draft Joakim Noah if they got the top pick. I'm only half joking.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-04-10 22:06:00
251.   JimCobain
Knicks's first pick is actually the Bulls' first pick this year as part of the amazing Curry trade Isiah made, the Bulls have the option of trading picks and will. And it looks like it will be a lottery pick the Knicks lost out on. Sad state of that franchise and a scary reminder how ownership can really screw up a team. Keep a candle lit for Steinbrenner it's not a given this team will be run the same after he is gone.
2007-04-10 22:22:54
252.   BklynBmr
249 Agree completely on Knicks' management, from the bench to the penthouse. It's unacceptable for this franchise. It has and will be a long time before another championship banner is hoisted. Knicks'll always be my team, but it's hard to keep dying hard with these hat racks runnin' the show...

251 Ah, forgot about the Curry deal. And, no sh*t about keeping The Boss alive and well for a long time...

2007-04-10 22:31:00
253.   BklynBmr
A Yanks fan must have hacked the standings page — AL East: 1) New York, 2) Toronto, 3) Boston — all 4-3.
2007-04-10 23:27:49
254.   Vandelay Industries

I understand. I have never beed wedded to the NBA, so it wasn't that difficult for me to jettison the Knicks. Jim in 251 could probably tell me, but I think the Knicks have 4 or 5 years left before they will be under the cap and cant even entertain picking up a superstar until then. I mean Stephon Marbury, seriously, what more is there to say? Any fan could stand out in the street and see that Marbury would be a bust just as easily as they could see a truck bearing down on them. Isiah is a buffoon, Curry or no Curry. He is a bad human being, disingeuous, arogant with no aticulable reason to be, a horrible coach, and an even worse GM. I can only hope he witnesssed someone at MSG killing his mistress, otherwise I'd have to admit that ownership is ass bad as he is.

As for the Yankees, we need to win tomorrow to salavge the Baltimore series in my mind. We lost 2 and should have lost the 3rd. God Bless Alex for that!

I like our chances of keeping our starting pitching improvement intact. Once Wanger comes back, we should have a real solid 1-2-3, which is about the best you could hope for. The bullpen looks stellar thus far, and Mo could be poised to provide one of the best single season performances of his career, and jump into a giant pile of money at season end, whether with the Yankees, or GULP, another team. A mid-season call up of Hughes could provide a big lift. I am also a Karstens fan, so if he heals up well, I'd give that kid a shot at making the rotation.

The lineup seems to mesh well, and Damon is off to a hot start. Arod's dip into the waters of the season speaks for itself. Posada is hitting everything on the screws, and Jete will be Jete. Abreu is seeing the ball well, and won't provide the tabloids with anything to write, a pleasant change from Sheffield. My only concern is that Matsui may have caught the injury bug following his streak. Even so, I don't mind Melky in Left, and am glad I continued to support him over the years since Gene Michaels spoke so highly of him.

All in all, I am glad I decided to hold off on all negativity until the season got rolling.

2007-04-11 01:43:37
255.   mikeplugh
253I believe that run differential determines the standings order when it's a tie. The Yankees are +17, the Jays +11, and Red Sox +9.
2007-04-11 07:10:49
256.   OldYanksFan
Acording to LoHud, Jetes and ARod chat after the game:
Jeter: Good game Alex
ARod: Yeah, I'm seeing the ball really good.
Jeter: Yeah, a lot better then last year.
ARod: Er... yeah. Hey, how about dinner?
Jeter: [gives ARod a funny look then pulls out a little black book]. Sorry Alex, got a date with Gia. Ya know... gotta buy 'em dinner first.
ARod: Gia? Wasn't see dating Carl?
Jeter: Dude... gal like that deserves a 'True Yankee'.
ARod: Wow... you really date a lot of beautiful women.
Jeter: [laughs] well you know... being King of New York has it drawbacks.
Jeter: [looking at black book again]. Hey... how about Thurday? I'm doing dinner with the Olsen twins. I've only got 2 hands [winks at ARod]
ARod: Common Derek, you know I'm married. [proudly] Man, my little girl is growing up fast!
Jeter: Yeah... whatever....
ARod: Anyway, aren't they a little young for you?
Jeter [gives ARod a pathetic look] You know what they say... if they're old enough to pee...
ARod: Wow.........
Jeter: Jeez Alex, this is New York. Maybe you'ld be happier in Texas... or Aniheim
ARod: No, I really like New York. I'm really happy here.
Jeter: Yeah... whatever....
ARod: No, really. I mean I gave up my position to be here [gives Derek a look]
Jeter: Alex, in New York, a shortstop has to be able to catch pop-ups.
ARod: Look... I'd really like to go to dinner with you. Hey, I'm buying!
Jeter: Common Dude! Stop rubbing that 'I make $25mil/yr' shit in everyones face!
ARod: [a little whiney] I'm not, I'm not... I just want to go to dinner with you. How about Saturday.
Jeter: [checking his book].... ah...Jeez Sorry Alex, I'm having dinner with Anna Nicole Smith.
ARod; [looking sad] Gee Derek, I'm really sorry to tell you this, but she's dead.
Jeter: [looking surprised] Oh. That's too bad. Really terrible. But that chick really knew how too party.
ARod: So buddy...Saturday night it is? We're on?
Jeter: Sure Alex, why not. Sounds good.
ARod: [sheepishly]... and maybe after I can sleep over.....?
Jeter: [a bit pissed] Jesus Alex.... it's ONLY six fucking homes runs!
ARod: Sorry... but we're still friends, right?
Jeter: Yeah... whatever....
2007-04-11 19:51:25
257.   fansince77

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