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2007-04-10 05:11
by Alex Belth
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Carl Pavano gave the Yankees exactly what they were looking for last night: a solid performance from a starting pitcher. The Yanks beat up on the Twins, 8-2. Pavano gave up just two runs over seven innings. He got ten ground ball outs and pitched aggresively (he pitched to contact as they like to say). Even in the seventh inning, when Joe Mauer and Torii Hunter roped line drives against him, Pavano kept his composure, and challenged hitters. He got out of the inning having given up just one run.

"When he was on the Marlins, he was pretty aggressive on the mound," said Abreu, who faced Pavano when both played in the National League East. "That's the way I saw him back in the day. Today was a pretty good start to going back."
(Tyler Kepner, N.Y. Times)

It helped that the Yankee offense jumped all over Sir Sidney Ponson early. Bobby Abreu had four RBI an a homer, and later, Alex Rodriguez hit an absolute rocket over the right field fence that was still going up when it crashed into the seats. It was Rodriguez's fifth home run in six games. (When he's going the opposite way, you know he's locked-in.) Jorge Posada added two RBI of his own, Johnny Damon had a couple of hits, and Derek Jeter had three (Melky Cabrera is one of the few regulars who are struggling offensively). Even better, the Yankee defense finally had a good night. Jeter made two nifty plays--going up-the-middle to snag a base hit away from Mike Redmond in the third, and charging a high-bouncer from Luis Castillo in the sixth.

But Pavano was the story. After he was taken out of the game, he sat next to Andy Pettitte in the dugout. I always felt that Pavano could be related to Pettitte. Maybe they could be cousins. Both are big guys, with big legs and big rumps, and somewhat narrow shoulders (at least it looks that way when they pitch). They both have dark, good looks. Andy's got the Roman nose, Pavano's got that classic chin. You could make pretty good busts out of those mugs. Anyhow, the announcers mentioned that the two have become pals. That should be fun to watch as the season unfolds.

Mel at Yogi

Speaking of classic Yankee pitchers, Mel Stottlemyre will be at the Yogi Berra Museum tonight between 6-8 promoting his new book, Pride and Pinstripes. If you are out in Jers, roll on through and check it out.

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2007-04-10 05:36:30
1.   rbj
First . . .
good outing by a starting pitcher this year and it's Pavano. Who'd a thunk it?
And timely hitting and sparkling defense. What a great game to watch.
2007-04-10 05:38:23
2.   Alex Belth
Yeah, and it moved quickly too. Talk about an ideal night to be a Yankee fan.
2007-04-10 05:51:45
3.   jayd
Thank god! I'd been having nasty thoughts all spring long about this rotation and the fear that it takes two or three times through for something to finally be thought of as "having been given a chance." And there were too many guys in the rotation who could stink for three starts and then finally admit to some form of injury.

Now if Andy and Moose can show some signs of life, I might be able to relax. I've never held out much hope for "The Quest". I mean, with a nickname like that you're almost guaranteed to become a long running inside joke.

We especially need to contribute to the early end of the Twinkies. These guys need ot be so far out of contention by late May that spinning off Johan My Johan becomes a given. Then it's Clemens to the Sawks...

2007-04-10 05:51:49
4.   vockins
That was a great outing.

Hopefully Cashman gets something good when he trades that big, broken rump.

2007-04-10 05:52:06
5.   Count Zero
Yeah, no kidding. What was it? 2:33 time of game? With ten runs scored? That was a real nice game to watch.

Alex looks like he's facing A ball pitchers right now. Not to pile on the cliches, but really, "the ball is jumping off his bat." I can't think of any other way to say it.

2007-04-10 05:52:21
6.   Jim Dean
You gotta admit though, Alex, that Jetes made the up the middle play with Redmond much closer than it should have been. They kept showing him stretching his neck, so maybe he's nursing something that hasn't been reported? It wouldn't be the first time.

And Damon looked like he has a slight hitch in his stride. It was a clean single to right, but he did seem slow getting to third when he was thrown out.

All in all, I feel like the season just started yesterday. With Pettitte then Moose, hopefully it's the start of a nice streak.

2007-04-10 05:54:26
7.   Jim Dean
Oh, and the thing about Pavano and Pettitte is that their lockers are next to each other. That's good inspired thinking by the organization.
2007-04-10 05:55:08
8.   jayd
I know its early but I especially loved seeing AL league leading hitter and slugger Trot Nixon from Cleveland. Go Trotson! You da man!
2007-04-10 05:59:45
9.   Knuckles
I snuck a peek at Cashman's Outlook Agenda for today:

Subject: Trade Pavano!
Due Date: 12 hours after 1st quality start
Reminder: every damn day
Priority: high
Status: borderline hopeless
% Complete: 0%

2007-04-10 06:01:38
10.   Count Zero
9 Not while Moose is throwing 86mph fastballs...
2007-04-10 06:05:57
11.   vockins
9 Word, life.

How the hell people are touchy feely about Pavano after one start is insane to me. Get him the hell out with the quickness.

2007-04-10 06:11:50
12.   williamnyy23
10 I think you have to attribute Mussina's alarming start to the cold weather. Not only was the fastball 84-86mph, but it certainly appeared to me as if was trying to avoid throwing curve balls. By my less than scientific count, the first curve came 20-30 pitches into the game.

Clearly, Moose doesn't throw has hard as he used to, but he can still be very effective working a 88+ fastball off of his curve and change (and maybe hitting 90mph when he really needs it). Hopefully, in warmer conditions, he'll have that arsenal to work with.

11 Agreed...I think we still need to be cautious about Pavano. I just hope Cashman is keeping his eye on Scranton because none of the Yankees starters miss bats and I think the rotation would seriously benefit from a guy who can reach back and throw the fastball.

2007-04-10 06:12:44
13.   Sliced Bread
... the first 18,000 fans in attendance will receive an official Oscar Myers Carl Pavano Bust: Carl's classic features chiseled into a shellaqued chunk of olive loaf.

Is Mienkiewicz's middle name RLISP?

2007-04-10 06:18:39
14.   Jim Dean
9 Me, I think the chances of Cashman trading Pavano are slim to none. He was the guy that signed him and he still thinks he can produce especially as a sunk cost.

I think alot of if's have to happen, before Meat would ever get served.

1) If he continues to pitch well
2) If Igawa ends up a serviceable starter
3) If Hughes is ready to promote
4) If Clemens signs
5) If there are no more injuries.
6) If the return is something they truly need (though Cashman seems blind to that concept)

Maybe if all those if's fall in one direction then Pavano gets traded. But otherwise, IMHO, Cashman is holding on to him.

2007-04-10 06:22:42
15.   rbj
6 BBTN reported that Jeter had a pinched nerve in his neck. And the quick game seemed to have caught Philips and Kruk off guard, Ravich threw an analysis line to them right off the bat and they both said nothing. Kruk as an ex-jock I can understand, but Philips?

We need to see more from Igawa before even thinking of trading Pavano. How's this for a second half rotation:
Wang, Moose, Pettitte, Clemens, Pavano. Igawa and Rasner in the pen for long relief/spot starts when injuries happen. (And injuries will happen)

2007-04-10 06:23:02
16.   Jim Dean
14 That's not to say he shouldn't be traded. No, that should have happened after 2005.

But, I have to say, he did look good last night. The 1 hit 96 a few times and he was pitching low. His attitude was right.

As a #4 or #5 (with Hughes or Clemens aboard and no injuries) he'd be very overpriced but he could end up serviceable.


2007-04-10 06:25:06
17.   Jim Dean
15 Any word for how long he's had it? Maybe that could explain the fielding troubles?

Second to lower back, neck trouble is no fun.

2007-04-10 06:33:15
18.   Yankee Fan In Boston
don't call it a comeback... actually... go ahead... but give him a couple more starts first.

the guy deserves a bit of an "atta boy!", but i just hope he doesn't think he's out of the woods. he's on the right track, though.

repeat after me, carl:
"league average numbers, 30 starts, league average numbers, 30 starts..."

2007-04-10 06:41:55
19.   mehmattski
11 I think most people are being a bit tongue in cheek over here. But a few of us are probably feeling legitimately happy for the guy, who's had a bit of bad luck.

The fact that a swarm of bees interrupted one of his spring starts and he didn't get stung should have been a sign that this year could go well for him...

...also, whoever had Carl Pavano in the First Quality Start of 2007 Pool can pick up their prize anytime.

2007-04-10 06:47:38
20.   seamus
One start isn't going to restore his trade value. At the same time, we need a starter right now and it doesn't make sense to trade him unless the right offer is on the table (which isn't going to happen until he shows continued value). Therefore, be patient.

Right now, he is a Yankee and I'll support him. Actually, I'd really like to see him succeed.

2007-04-10 06:53:23
21.   rbj
17 Dunno. It was just mentioned in passing on BBTN. Doesn't seem to affect his play.
2007-04-10 07:39:01
22.   OldYanksFan
To judge Pavano over his last 2 years (of being 'injured') rather then judging him over his last 2 starts is emotional and plain silly.

Should we judge Bruney over the last 2 years? In that case, he's worthless. Over his last 2 (really more now) appearances, he's looked pretty useful.

If Pavs can give us 6+ innings a start at a 5.00 ERA or less, he will be VERY useful. RJ won 17 games (meaningless stat, I know) last year doing worse.

And while we certainly need a BUC, a better bench (which we could get from the farm) and could upgrade at 1st... our real issue is pitching. If Pavs is at least solid, I can't see Cashman dumping him.

May IF Clemems, IF Hughes, IF Rasner/Karstens.. Maybe IF all goes better then expected, we can trade him at that point.

Also, while Iggy is no great shakes, we have NOT seen the guy who has pitched many years in Japan. He is, after all, a control pitcher... but we have not seen that yet. Lets give him a little time before we put him on a slow boat.

2007-04-10 08:05:36
23.   standuptriple
What, no tip 'o the cap to Sir Sidney? We don't miss you.
2007-04-10 08:22:06
24.   pistolpete
6 I was under the impression Damon held up a bit because of the way the throw came in and Cudduyer's position. Only going by my memory from last night, which wasn't too clear.

It was one of those games that once it got up to 5-0, I was only half-watching and taking care of household stuff.

I actually like those half-brainer games a LOT.

2007-04-10 08:49:59
25.   yankz
24 Last night's "half-brainer" was perfect. 24 fans will agree.
2007-04-10 08:53:18
26.   Cliff Corcoran
22 So what you're saying is that it's "emotional and just plain silly" to judge Pavano and Bruney on two full years worth of history, but that the inverse is true of Igawa? That's contradictory to say the least. It also betrays a lack of understanding of sample sizes.

Nobody should be judged on just two games worth of performance. No body.

2007-04-10 09:18:10
27.   Jim Dean
Bruney at least had a heckuva record down the stretch last year (20 IP 25 K 2 ER). And he's picked up right where he left off.

Still small sample, but it's rapidly accumulating (4 out of 6 games). He gives me more confidence than Farns.

And look at that - baseballreference now gives in-season stats!

2007-04-10 09:26:02
28.   Cliff Corcoran
27 You left out Bruney's 15 walks in 2006. Hey, I like what I see from him too, I'm just saying, he's got a ways to go before we can stop worrying about his history, which, 2006 and 2007 included, shows a 90 ERA+ and 78 BB in 101 1/3 IP.
2007-04-10 09:34:24
29.   OldYanksFan
26 Normally that would be true, but
1) Pavano hasn't pitched in 2 years, so what are we judging him on? Performance? Nope. An assumption that he was dogging it

2) Bruney was dumped because he couldn't find the plate. Great stuff but wild. Maybe a mechanical flaw was found, maybe he's been lucky. He's still a bit wild, but pretty effective. So I say, based on what WE have seen, he looks pretty good.

3) Iggy has what, a 7 year history of good control? K'ed more batters then Dice-K three times? Lead his league in K's?
Bruney, and other reclamation prjects don't usually come from different countries, different cultures and often speak english.

Some Japanese adapt fast, but that's a lot of stress. I don't think Iggy is a great pitcher. I do think he can eat innings and stay around the 5.00 ERA mark. Our #5 pitchers last year had an ERA of about 6.5.
I'm just saying lets give him a little more time before we give up on him. Maybe Arizona should have felt the same way about their guy.

The guy has has 1 start is near blizzard conditions (thus the shades). I'm not high on him, but it's not time yet for hara-kiri.

2007-04-10 09:35:32
30.   Sliced Bread
Perhaps it's due to the success of C.M. Wang, but I'm sensing an emphasis on pitching to contact this season.

I don't have the numbers in front of me to support this, but I believe Farns and Bruney are getting more groundball outs as opposed to k's.

Last season Farns and Bruney seemed to get into trouble when they were either getting squeezed by the ump, or falling behind in counts. It seemed like they were trying to paint the corners. This season, they seem to be going after hitters more, making them put the ball in play.

Last night, that's exactly what was required as the Yanks had a lead -- but I'd like to see that strategy executed in close games. The Yanks defense, while not the best in the league, is probably good enough to support pitchers who induce contact.

2007-04-10 09:38:43
31.   Rich
22 Judge Pavano since 2002:


2002: 79
2003: 94
2004: 137
2005: 93
2007: 87

Who's being emotional and just plain silly?

2007-04-10 09:43:58
32.   OldYanksFan
30 I don't have stats to back it up, but I might agree. Guidry, for one, is not a 'nibbler' type guy. He went after you. When you have stuff like Farns and Bruney and tend to be wild, trying to be 'fine' seems like a bad idea. Moose, other the other hand, really needs good location to be effective.

I personally don't like seeing guys give up hits, but walking guys really pisses me off.
Batters only have a 30% of getting a hit... probably less against stuff like Farns/Bruney. Is 'inducing contact' another way of saying DON'T WALK THEM?

2007-04-10 09:51:42
33.   Jim Dean
28 True, but the ER shows he pitched around them. Still he's 25 and has only 100 games (that 90 ERA) under his belt. And almost a quarter of those are with the Yanks. By mid-season, it could be half his career (esp. with Tea using him).
2007-04-10 09:51:51
34.   markp
In re Pavano's ERA+:
2002 was the season after a injury plagued 2000 and 2001 (140 IP total for those seasons.)
2003-2004 are the two seasons he was healthy, and the average ERA+ for those years is 115.
Obviously he's only pitched a few innings in 2007, so I think it's safe to ignore those numbers.
When healthy he's league average or maybe slightly better. There's not a lot of his career when he has been healthy, but when he is he's certainly good enough to be a solid #4 or 5.
2007-04-10 09:53:03
35.   Sliced Bread
32 Yeah, I think it means that... and keep it in the park.

I think it also means, don't always try to strike out the batter. Get off the field as quickly as possible (on your terms!).

2007-04-10 09:58:58
36.   OldYanksFan
31 OK. He's in the best shape of his career. Based on that, and his past numbers, can he post a 92+ year? What's that translate to in terms of raw ERA? How does that rate against other #4/#5 pitchers in the league? How many innings per game did het average? 2007? You mean one start? I could say in his last 2 years (o4 and 05) he averaged a 115+ ERA.

Those numbers are real, but you can look at them different ways.

In his favor, I could say he's "well rested".
He's pitching on a better team with lower expectations. We could also say we lead MLB in wins last year with a 5.75 ERA between our #4 and #5 slots.

If you look at 02 and 03, what would you have predicted for 04?
If you look at 03 and 04, what would you have predicted for 05?

All I'm saying is lets see how he pitches in his next 5 games. That might help tell us a little about 07.

The real question is really Wang, Moose and Andy. How they do will have a lot more impact on this team then 0.5 on Pavs ERA, one way or the other.

Do you agree or disagree that a 5.00 ERA over 180 innings would be good enough?

2007-04-10 10:14:55
37.   Count Zero
I'm not defending Pavano's overall performance -- I'm saying it's stupid to even consider trading him when:

a) It is by no means clear that we have 5 viable starters that aren't named Pavano. Yes, I am also hoping that Moose was affected by the cold in his first start -- but aside from that total speculation -- what I know right now is that he was throwing 86mph top end. That's not a major league starter unless he starts throwing a knuckleball. (We won't even discuss Igawa and Rasner.)

b) Starters are in short supply (See Ponson, Sidney in Twins uniform) throughout the majors and the injuries haven't even really started to come in yet. (See Hampton, Mike)

c) Does it really matter to any of us what he's getting paid? Is there a salary cap in MLB now? Did the first two years of his contract take food off your table? Right here, right now, in the current market he is potentially a $12 million/year pitcher. (See Zito, Barry -- 11.0 IP, 13 H, 10 ER, ERA+ 45, WHIP 1.636 in his first 2 starts. Gil Meche, $15 million/year. Etc., etc.)

Anybody who is advocating trading Pavano right now isn't looking at it objectively at all -- you're looking for payback for the last two years. What are you going to trade him for - a BUC? We don't really need anything else other than...ANOTHER STARTER. :-P

2007-04-10 10:22:34
38.   Rich
31 I don't disagree that Pavano can likely perform within the range of a league average pitcher if he remains healthy, but whether one looks at his last two starts, his career, or even the shape he is supposedly in, predicting that he can remain healthy and effective over the course of an entire season is to embark on a slippery slope.

The reason that a 5.00 ERA over 180 innings would good enough, despite his contract, is precisely because of his failure to perform over the time frame that you found to be objectionable in your original post, the last two years.

2007-04-10 10:23:17
39.   Rich
Sorry. I meant 36 Duh.
2007-04-10 10:29:16
40.   AbbyNormal821
((Both are big guys, with big legs and big rumps, and somewhat narrow shoulders (at least it looks that way when they pitch). They both have dark, good looks. Andy's got the Roman nose, Pavano's got that classic chin.))

Sidebar story...brings back a funny memory for me. While living in Virginia from 2000-2005 (and missing out on many games except for when they played Baltimore, Atlanta or had a game showing on ESPN) a good Southern friend and former co-worker of mine, who though not a sports person by any means, but thought Andy Pettitte was just about the most adorable thing she'd ever seen came racing into work one day, saying she had NO idea he was a Southern boy after hearing him on some news show (and was VERY happy about it too!!!). Guess judging by his tall, dark & handsome....Italianesque-Brooklynese looks (???) she expected him to come out sayin' "Yo, how youz doin'?" and instead got "How y'all doin?"

2007-04-10 12:04:51
41.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Pavano can be pretty decent, I think. While I don't really trust his body and health, I think he's got a much better attitude this year than he had the last few. Maybe we should thank Moose for that.

I'd certainly rather have Pavano than Zito, at this point, and I don't think we have a terribly hard time moving him, especially in this current environment.

Carrick scores! One-nil ManU! Smith scores! Two-nil ManU!

2007-04-10 12:47:18
42.   Zack
Looks like Jeff Weaver is up to his normal sucktastic ways in Boston, serving up 7 runs in 2 innings. Brilliant offseason Seattle, he's really the answer to all your many many problems...
2007-04-10 12:51:05
43.   C2Coke
So after all the previous discussions, the bottom line is, we will have to wait and see, right? And then, we have the same discussion again in May then in June...
2007-04-10 13:31:39
44.   Yankee Fan In Boston
43 can't talk now...
silk screening pavano 2007 AL cy young t-shirts... "you can't beat our meat"...
2007-04-10 13:46:47
45.   Javi Javi
44 I just inhaled my coffee. Very funny.
2007-04-10 13:53:45
46.   Count Zero
44 rofl
2007-04-10 14:25:14
47.   vockins
37 a) And Pavano is the answer? This is a guy that has incredible, groundbreaking difficulty at performing the most important part of a pitcher's job - anyone's job, actually - getting to the mound. He's the Jimi Hendrix, the Nikola Tesla of the DL. He's changing the way people think about the DL. Taking a season and a half on the DL with no surgery? That's anti-Ruthian. That length of time is so insane it's hard to get your head around.

But, for the sake of argument, let's delude ourselves for the moment and pretend that he'll be healthy for the year. For me, that's like trying to visualize what it's like to be inside the event horizon of a black hole, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Actually, no, I'm not willing to give it a shot. Trying to separate DL time from an analysis of The Carl Pavano Experience is trying to describe grass without mentioning its color. The dude is literally lame. Historically, monumentally lame.

b) The fact you mention Mike Hampton in a defense of Carl Pavano is really something else. The Yanks should hold on to an incredibly injury prone pitcher because some pitchers are incredibly injury prone and will need to be replaced? What?

c) I care because I pay his salary in more ways than one.

Just because KC and SF signed insane contracts doesn't mean the Yanks are excused from theirs. At least Zito's never missed a start and been better than league average for his entire career.

2007-04-10 14:38:46
48.   C2Coke
44 LOL! Good one!
2007-04-10 14:53:03
49.   OldYanksFan
47 "And Pavano is the answer?"
Well, Pavano IS on our team, and currently not on the DL. And we know for sure he's capable of at least ONE excellent game. Who would you suggest instead?

"The Yanks should hold on to an incredibly injury prone pitcher....?"
Well, if we don't hold on to him, what should we do with him? Trade him for a Nieves bigger brother? Then we will have slightly better crappy BUC, of whom "you will pay his salary in more ways than one". Considering his contract is $20/2, who do you think we will get for him, who might have a real impact on our team?

"...doesn't mean the Yanks are excused from theirs."
No one's trying to excuse the deal. The deal was done 2 years ago. We're just trying to figure out who to put on the hill.

Not to be rude, but I think your statement personifies "Anybody who is advocating trading Pavano right now isn't looking at it objectively"

38 "The reason that a 5.00 ERA over 180 innings would good enough, despite his contract, is precisely because of his failure to perform over the time frame that you found to be objectionable in your original post, the last two years."

No.... I think the reason it's good enough is because last year, our #4 guy didn't come close to 180 innings ot 5 ERA ball, and we still won. With our offense, we NEED numbers like above. Anything better would be a blessing.
Maybe I'm missing something. Who would you suggest instead? Just don't be careless with Rich's money.

I think if we all are going to make suggestions for roster changes, we should also offer a gettable, viable alternative. That way we're managing, as opposed to complaining.

2007-04-10 14:55:21
50.   OldYanksFan
Not to mention the fact that trading Pavano would cost 44 a potential fortune! (Can't wait to see the graphic).

Beckett pitches a gem and the Sox slaughter Seattle.

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2007-04-10 15:08:14
51.   Bama Yankee
50 Looks like someone already "beat" 44 to the punch...

2007-04-10 15:55:09
52.   vockins
49 Put out anybody on the Scranton AAA rotation. I'm not just talking about Hughes. I'm talking about all of the rotation.

I think I'm being pretty objective about him. I'm not pulling his extensive injury history out of thin air.

OldYanksFan or Count Zero: I'll bet a pair of Yanks tier seats in August (versus anybody that's not the Red Sox or the Mets) that Pavano misses a start before the ASB. vockins at yahoo First response gets the bet.

2007-04-10 16:45:33
53.   OldYanksFan
52 I'll be that would apply to a great number of pitchers and players. Including ST, we already have Abreu, Wang Damon, Matsi, Karstens. Injuries happen.
2007-04-10 17:40:18
54.   Jim Dean
Not for nothing, but I think the bet (and the discussion) is moot.

For the bet, it should be something like a month missed for some non-arm related injury. That's would continue the man, the myth, the legend template that is the Rajah of Rehab.

And the trade analysis is even further afield. Cashman ain't trading him - he's had some chances and he still believes that Meat is what's for dinner. If he pitches well, even less reason for Cashman (in his mind) to move him. If he doesn't then there are no takers.

2007-04-10 17:59:35
55.   vockins
Season ending injury for Pavano, of any type, by ASB.


2007-04-10 20:08:13
56.   Count Zero
47 First off - read what I said again:

Starters are in short supply (See Ponson, Sidney in Twins uniform) throughout the majors and the injuries haven't even really started to come in yet. (See Hampton, Mike)

That isn't comparing Hampton to Pavano -- the statement is:

There is a shortage of starting pitchers...
As the season progresses, some starters will get injured, even season-ending injuries (Hampton)...
This will make the shortage of starting pitchers even more acute.

If you read the posts instead of trying to anticipate what they say, you can follow the logic. :-P

Remember last year? We were desperate enough to give Erickson and Ponson both shots because...(wait for it)...there was nothing else available unless we wanted to trade Cano and Melky. Now I don't know about you, but I'll take Pavano over more Erickson or Ponson. Simple as that. Even if he only produces one more quality start all season long, that will be two more quality starts than we got out of Ponson and Erickson last year. So net-net it's a +2.

I know everybody wants to believe that Hughes is going to come up in June and immediately pitch like Santana -- but that's an unlikely scenario. There is a good reason why the Yanks want him in AAA working on his change. They want to bring him up because they can no longer keep him down -- not because they are forced to do so by a lack of viable starters.

If the trading deadline rolls around and we have too many starters, feel free to call for a trade any time. Given the state of starting pitching in MLB for the past several years, even Pavano with a 5.50 ERA will command an A prospect at the trading deadline.

2007-04-11 01:44:29
57.   Jim Dean
55 I'll take that.

Winner takes a pair of upper tier tix to a non-Red Sox or Mets game?

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