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2007-04-01 20:21
by Cliff Corcoran
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I made another appearance on Yankee Fan Club Radio last night. At the 20:23 mark here you can hear me weigh in on Josh Phelps, Carl Pavano, the bullpen, Steve Swindal, Alex Rodriguez's opt-out clause, and make some very off-the-cuff predictions (or rather dodge doing so). My segment lasts roughly twenty minutes.

2007-04-01 21:39:22
1.   Rich
Cliff, You have a far better voice for radio than the hosts.

Good job.

2007-04-01 22:12:12
2.   brockdc
1 Definitely. Cliff's tone and cadence translate well to the radio. Nice work.

Does anyone else feel like a six-year-old on Christmas Eve, or is it just me?

2007-04-01 22:19:30
3.   pistolpete
I took the day off tomorrow and am watching the game with my new daughter - her first Opening Day! She'll most likely sleep through it, tho'... :-)
2007-04-02 04:58:45
4.   unmoderated
the wife and i are both taking the day off.

to get you in the frame of mind, here's a WPIX promo from 1987.

god bless youtube and the new york yankees.

2007-04-02 05:12:30
5.   williamnyy23
4 Ah...good old WPIX. Speaking of channel 11, Jerry Girard passed away last weekend. He was 75. I always loved Girard's dry sense of humor, which made watching the WPIX news sportscast such a pleasure. It's hard to imagine now with the proliferation of cable, sports radio and mostly the internet, but watching TV sportscasts was once a vital part of staying informed, especially during Spring Training. For some reason, I used to eagerly await the first sight of the local sports guy standing in front of a palm tree in early match. Those snippets of Spring action were like finding water in the dessert. While I clearly prefer the "all access" that feeds my hunger year round, there is something to say for the notion of absence making the heart grow founder.

On that note...I'm ready for 162 (and hopefully many more).

2007-04-02 05:15:10
6.   williamnyy23
5 That's "early March"...and "water in the desert".

Water in the dessert is really not a good thing. While I like my cake moist, that'd be taking it a little too far.

2007-04-02 05:32:28
7.   Sliced Bread
Great job on the radio as always, Cliff.

Have fun at the game. Already looking forward to your recap. We'll keep an eye out for your "Bronx Banter (Heart) Carl Pavano" sign on TV.

Let's Go Yankees!

2007-04-02 05:54:33
8.   thurmtheman
hey williamnny23, my favorite all time Jerry Girard moment came when the Yanks had Steve Trout. After a couple of starts he was so screwed up he went Blassy and couldn't pitch the ball over the plate. Then it was well publicized that he went to a sports psycologist for help. Reporting on his first start after, Girard begins the report by stating that the Doctor told him to imagine a big strike zone. The video from the game runs and the first pitch hits the backstop, the second pitch bounces 10 feet in front of the plate the third pitch hits the batter, then they cut to Lou Piniella standing on the mound during a pitching change with a bewildered look on his face and Girard is saying 'don't worry Lou, he's just following Doctor's orders'. He was so funny he could make you laugh through the pain.
2007-04-02 06:21:21
9.   RIYank
Speaking of "on the radio", local (New England) stations are reporting the rumor that Curt Schilling has been injured in KC, grazed by the mirror of an SUV when he stepped off a curb.

Here's the entry, with little further info, at Baseball Musings:

2007-04-02 06:56:56
10.   williamnyy23
8 My favorite moment was in his recap of an early season game in April of 1986. Dale Berra squeezed in the winning run, but after laying down the bunt just remained at the plate to watch. Then, the on deck hitter (Meacham I think) pointed to first and Berra finally ran. While that was being shown on the screen, Girard narrated something to the effect: have to run...first base is that way. The camera then cut to the classic deadpan Girard face.
2007-04-02 09:27:28
11.   C2Coke
2 You are not the only one.

I for one can't believe I get to be home and watch the game live in 30 min.

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