Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
Blue Jays 9, Yankees 1
2007-03-19 18:50
by Cliff Corcoran

Chris Britton punches his ticket for triple-A and Miguel Cairo pulls an Enrique Wilson in the outfield. Total score of the last two games: Yankees 9, Opponents 10.


L - Johnny Damon (DH)
S - Melky Cabrera (CF)
L - Robinson Cano (2B)
R - Alex Rodriguez (3B)
L - Doug Mientkiewicz (1B)
R - Todd Pratt (C)
L - Bronson Sardinha (RF)
R - Chris Basak (SS)
R - Miguel Cairo (LF)

Pitchers: Jeff Karstens, Chris Britton, T.J. Beam, Scott Proctor, Brian Bruney, Sean Henn

Subs: Angel Chavez (3B), Wil Nieves (C), Kevin Thompson (CF), Jose Tabata (PR/LF), Andy Phillips (DH), Kevin Reese (PH), Kevin Howard (PR)

Opposition: The second-place Blue Jay's starters.

Big Hits: A pair of doubles by Robinson Cano (2 for 3) and a third by Doug Mientkiewicz (1 for 3), the last being Minky's second hit of the spring. Minky also drove in the only run of the game, though it came on a double-play so there was no official RBI.

Who Pitched Well?: Scott Proctor, Brian Bruney, and Sean Henn each pitched a perfect inning, Bruney and Henn both struck out two of the three men they faced.

Who Didn't?: Jeff Karstens had his first rough outing of the spring, needing 75 pitches to get through 4 1/3 innings, surrendering four runs on six hits, four of them doubles. Chris Britton, who came on in relief in fifth, gave up five more runs on four hits and a walk, the big blow being a three-run homer by Gregg Zaun. Britton was pulled after six batters, having retired just one of them.

Slick Plays: Mientkiewicz came off the bag to save an errant throw by Alex Rodriguez in the first inning, making a swipe tag on Lyle Overbay for the out.

Oopsies: Miguel Cairo had a rough outing in left field, flubbing one catch that was ruled a double and making a wild throw to first to try to double up a runner that was properly ruled an error. He was moved to second base later in the game.

Ouchies: Wil Neives returned to action today. Bobby Abreu will make his spring debut tomorrow.

Battles: Todd Pratt and Wil Nieves both went hitless in three and one at-bats respectively. Andy Phillips singled in his lone at-bat from the DH slot. Chris Britton more or less punted his chances of making heading north with the major league club, inflating his spring ERA to 13.50 after getting lit up in a minor league game in his last outing. Brian Bruney, Sean Henn, and T.J. Beam, meanwhile, still have yet to give up a run this spring.

Notes: Kevin Howard is a 25-year-old utility infielder acquired in the Tony Womack dump whose disappointing showing repeating double-A last year kept him from getting a proper spring training invite.

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2007-03-19 19:35:15
1.   markp
Over at NY baseball, we counted at least 3 bad plays in the OF by Cairo. He's a poor def 1B, a poor OF, and not much of a middle IF. He doesn't hit much, either.

According to Torre, M-z is going to be the regular 1B. Like I said on the other thread, I'll take the "he'll be here all year" square in the "how long does Man cave itch last" office pool.

2007-03-19 20:33:41
2.   Max Nomad
I don't think Minky's struggles are so much to worry about now. Plenty of guys who are actually EXPECTED to produce at the plate are struggling this spring, Giambi's avg included. Plus he's doing what he was bought for: defense. I figure the offense is made up when A-Rod is saved 10 errors because of Minky and the confidence is so high that another 45 HR season comes out.

I like Phelps a lot, he seems clutch, too. But his defense ain't pretty (it ain't Giambi, either, but nobody except maybe Hafner or Big Papi are that bad). And the only way I'd take Philips over Phelps would be for his reported clubhouse presence, which Phelps may or may not be lacking; team chemistry is big, especially in the Coporation.

Also, I hear they might start Igawa in the minors depending on his performance Tuesday. Whaddya think about THAT? I'd be up for it, since Karstens would fill in nicely. It would be tough (for either of them), though, since AAA has 5 starters already: Clippard, Hughes, Sanchez, Rasner, & Ohlendorf. Maybe bump Rasner?

2007-03-19 21:19:31
3.   Bruce Markusen
I used to be a supporter of Cairo, but I'm starting to lose faith. (Some would say that I'm late in making that assessment.) The Yankees talk about his versatility, but he obviously doesn't play well in the outfield, is stretched at short, has little experience at third, and doesn't play first particularly well. He's OK at second, but with limited range. Right now, it seems that his only value is as a pinch-runner capable of stealing a base in the late innings. Is that enough to merit a spot on the 25-man roster? I'm beginning to think that the Yankees should consider someone like Basak or Gonzalez for the utility role.
2007-03-20 04:35:05
4.   C2Coke
2 I still don't think the Yanks spent 46 mil to put the guy in the minors. Unless Igawa is really not ready in two weeks time, then maybe they will let him get a game or two in at the minors. And he probably won't get to start a game in the first week or two anyway (don't they have many offdays)?
2007-03-20 04:35:41
5.   C2Coke
3 I just kept reminding myself that Melky is the 4th OF guy.
2007-03-20 05:44:48
6.   Knuckles
I dunno about you guys, but the words 'pair of doubles' and 'Cano' in the same sentence always manage to fire me up. He's becoming my favorite Yankee of late, and I'm not surprised to see Mattingly trending upwards in his Baseball Prospectus comps (cue Dean rant here).
Yeah, he needs to walk more, but the low K rate, and high doubles/line drive rates point towards many good years ahead for the kid.

I've been knocked off the Comix tip for a few days now, due to work and paying too much attn to hoops, but I'm about to be getting back into my groove again.

2007-03-20 05:55:38
7.   nemecizer
6 Please keep 'em coming, Knuckles, we love 'em!
2007-03-20 06:24:01
8.   Sliced Bread
Ahh, the M&M Boys (Miggy and Minky, that is).

3 That is a very accurate (if not too late!) assessment of Cairo. I was happy when the Yanks re-acquired him last year, but not this winter. Nick Green emerged as a better option in '06, and it appears Basak could probably fill the role nicely this year. Gonzalez needs time. But until someone gets hurt there's no point discussing these younger options. Cairo is firmly entrenched in Team Torre, as is Doug Out 1.

2 Experience tells us the players who are expected to produce at the plate generally do, regardless of their spring training struggles. The problem with Doug Out is that he's not far from mid-season form with his bat. He'll be this bad for long stretches this year, and it will require a great deal of patience to appreciate his defensive effort.

One other thing, maximumnomad: Giambi is hardly the whale out of water at 1B that Papi is. He's surprisingly adept at picking throws out of the dirt. The problem is, Giambi always seems to tweak something reaching for high and off-target throws. But remember, Minky's surgically-repaired back could also be one bad stretch from a DL-worthy tweak (not that I wish this upon him, mind you).

I'm not sure what I'd say if I was hitting .077 this spring, but this quote from Doug Out in today's NJ Star Ledger irks me for some reason: "No one's ever flipped over a baseball card to see your spring-training stats."

Be that as it may, Defensive Dougie, there are probably other first basemen in the league who could hit .077 WITH A BASEBALL CARD, so please, GET OFF THE SUCK when the games count!

2007-03-20 06:40:31
9.   Sliced Bread
6 I'm with you on the Cano love, Knuckles. Did you catch this Q&A with him in the Sunday Star-Ledger?

and echoing 7, please keep the Comix coming, when your March madness and work demands subside.

2007-03-20 07:09:10
10.   monkeypants
8 et al, I am still holding out (vain) hope that Dougy-Stinky continues to be awful this spring, and then starts the year on the DL with a mysterious 'injury'. Then we have to hope like heck that whoever replaces him gets hot over those 15 days.
2007-03-20 07:17:25
11.   dianagramr
I'm thinking we need a 2007 version of a Danny Cater/Sparky Lyle trade between NY and BOS ...

Youkilis for a couple of the excess Yankee young AAA pitchers and Phelps?

Then we slide A-Rod to 1st, put Youk at 3rd ...

then ... world domination!

(or not)

2007-03-20 07:20:32
12.   sam2175
Cairo is pretty much an auto out, but he won't make or break the Yankee season. That, however, should not determine whether he has a spot in the 25 man roster or not. I would love to see him go, but the only way he goes is if he visibly embarrasses himself in the field or the plate, like he did yesterday, about 25-50 percent of the time. If he just continues to make outs putting the ball in play, he will stay.

As for Mientkiewicz, I am less concerned as of now. Spring Training stats rarely mean anything for players who have been in the majors for a while (Alex Rodriguez has yet to hit a HR this spring, and Jason Giambi hit 0 HRs last year during spring). What I do find ominous is that Torre repeatedly saying he has struck out only a couple of times as a justification that all is well. Has anyone kept count of how many times he has GIDP'd himself (and someone else)?

He is not an automatic out, his career OBP is higher that Mattingly's (barely so, but still), for comparison. What he does lack is power, but that is probably less of a concern in a line-up like the Yankees. He still does have a very good glove, even statistically (I believe Dewan's fielding stats have him at third behind Pujols and Teixeira).

I would have still liked Craig Wilson, but he was Joe Torre'd out of Yankees. Minky, given the circumstances, is really not that bad.

2007-03-20 07:21:01
13.   JL25and3
8 Cairo may not have many skills, but his belly is more full of guts than any of those other guys. He's been there. He's got experience. I'm not sure if he's a warrior, but he's damn close. Little things like hitting and fielding pale in comparison with those mighty intangibles.

2 I know this is heresy to all save Jim Dean, but it's time for the Yankees to look into trading some young pitching. Nothing urgent, but they're overloaded with a valuable commodity, and there are holes they could fill.

Cliff, I know you've said repeatedly that there's no such thing as too much pitching, and I agree. The problem is that they really don't have any place to put all these guys. Providing prospects to be trading chips is a legitimate - even essential - use for a farm system.

2007-03-20 07:27:34
14.   hoppystone
Think there was some subliminal reason they aired the 7/1/04 game on 'Yankee Classics' last night? To remind us what a good player Cairo really is? He sure was great that game...

Prediction - Minky will come out of the chute on April 2 with a vengeance! 3-4, 3 RBI, diving all over the field. Then we'll all be saying maybe we were wrong, at least until April 25 or so, when he's back to .160 and hasn't had an RBI since opening day. Then the cries for his head begin anew...

2007-03-20 07:28:56
15.   Knuckles
I disagree. You trade the pitching when you identify a need, and when pitching can be sold high (or higher than the normal high).
We right now have five 4th/5th starters IMO: Igawa, Pavano, Karstens, Rasner, and Hughes to some degree.

I would much rather rotate those 5 thru the back end of the rotation than the slop we dealt with in past years: Redding, May, Ponson, Erickson? Gimme a break. If I truly thought we could get 150 starts out of Wang/Moose/Pettitte/Igawa/Pavano/(Hughes) AND the Yanks had a desparate need, then deal away. But at the end of the day- none of these guys is gonna fetch Posada's eventual replacement, and they're worth too much to go get a 1B/Util when all Cash/Torre needs to do is make the right decisions with what they have in camp: ie, Phelps over Minky and a Basak type over Cairo.

2007-03-20 07:29:39
16.   hoppystone
Then again, Minky probably won't play opening day. I push my prediction back to his first game...
2007-03-20 08:01:51
17.   JL25and3
15 It doesn't have to be to fill an immediate need at the major-league level; it can be to pick up lower-level prospects (i.e. younger, not less valuable.)

You're right, they need some decent arms to rotate through that fifth spot as needed. They've got Karstens, Rasner, Sanchez, Clippard, Ohlendorf, maybe Henn if he's actually improved. That's a lot of leeway before you have to stoop to Scott Erickson or Sir Sidney - and that's not even counting Hughes.

In the mean time, you've got about 7 AAA starters, and teams who'll be interested in them. Not every deal has to be a blockbuster, but getting a couple of high A position players for a AAA pitcher works fine for me.

2007-03-20 09:17:49
18.   wsporter
17 If you examine the system I think one finds that from Rookie/Short Season through High A we're pretty well stocked with position players given last years solid draft, the influx of International FA signings and the development of some of the pre 06 players. If there is anywhere the system could use a B - A prospect it would be AA and AAA. To get one right now I think it means we have to move some of the B/B+ (Sickles rated) arms. Whom do you want to trade?
2007-03-20 10:03:38
19.   Zack
I'd have no problem with trading either Karstens or Rasner if we could for a mid level position prospect. The big problem, as we all know, is that we don't have enough rotation spots in the minors for all our guys. So its either convert some of them to the pen already, give a few guys unwarented demotions to AA and some AA demotions to A, trade a few, put a few on the major league roster (what we really SHOULD do, but won't happen). To me, trading trading Rasner, Bean (poor guy), and say, White, for another positional prospect or two makes total sense
2007-03-20 10:04:53
20.   Shaun P
17 But Henn is out of options, so unless he makes the team, he could be had by any team via waivers if the Yanks send him down. So you can count him out.

Moose and Pettitte are both almost guaranteed to spend time on the 15-day DL this year. And then there's Pavano . . . The Yanks will need 2 or 3 of those 'AAA' guys, outside of Hughes. Only Rasner and Karstens are ready to go in the bigs right now. Sanchez hasn't pitched an inning in any ST game yet. Hughes clearly isn't ready. Clippard and Ohlendorf have a combined 6 IP above AA; rushing them seems imprudent.

Long story short (too late!) I don't think there's nearly enough depth here to make a deal.

Last note - Boston traded Arroyo last year because they thought they had enough SP depth; they were horribly wrong. I'd rather the Yanks didn't make that mistake.

2007-03-20 10:17:34
21.   wsporter
19 I don't think we'd get so much as a bucket of warm spit back for those guys right now. Which as my fellow dutchman points at at 20 makes them very much worth keeping, at least in the near term.
2007-03-20 10:21:00
22.   Jim Dean
6 I'm becoming a big Cano fan too. Indeed, I think he's the best 2B in MLB considering both sides of the ball. Last year his defense was very, very good (Utley was below average). And the pop he showed in the second was wonderful. I'm hoping for a big year for him.

Echo 7.

18 Rookie ball and low-A players are not prospects IMHO especially since the best case scenario is they reach the Bronx in 2010 - alot can happen in three years. After a full year at High-A, then we can talk. So right now, the Yanks have nothing in the way of position prospects (save Tabata).

Otheriwse, I've beaten the "trade the excess pitching" to death. The Unit trade is still killing me - it hurts so bad, mommy.

2007-03-20 10:36:53
23.   Shaun P
23 Ditto on 7. Knuckles, your comix are wonderful!

I'm still not convinced that there's an excess of SPs, even if Henn somehow manages to remain under the Yanks' control. And, like my fellow dutchman says in 21, these 'AAA' guys are pretty worthless on the trade market right now.

Now, if July rolls around, and Moose and Pettitte have already been hurt, and Pavano is doing OK and Hughes is up . . . I say trade Carl and throw in a lesser guy (Jackson?) and see what you can get (Sexson? though I still don't see that). Until then, it's better to wait.

2007-03-20 10:41:42
24.   thelarmis
9 thanks for the cano link, sliced!

7 word. keep 'em comin' knuckles, looking forward! i check your comix at least once a day to see if there are new ones...

2007-03-20 11:09:37
25.   thelarmis
man, i'm getting better & better and at being a 'thread ender'! : ~
2007-03-20 11:21:45
26.   wsporter
25 But not a 'thread killer'! ;-)
2007-03-20 11:26:05
27.   thelarmis
26 yeah, i'm way too non-violent to kill anything! plus, 'ender' sorta rhymed with 'better.' : )

thanks for saving me wsporter! doh, i'm afraid i may have just ki..., uh, ended it...again. :~

2007-03-20 11:29:28
28.   wsporter
27 We could easily get to 100 this way! :-)
2007-03-20 11:35:23
29.   jayd
Minky digging out an errant ARod throw almost guarantees April and May for him. Although I fear 1 is prescient on his office pool choice. How did Minky ever wind up here, by the way. Is this a Cash thing or a Tampa thing or what? Knowing that is a precondition to knowing how long he stays. Is he Arod's first baseman the way Randy used to have his own catcher?

8 I have an ingrained image of Giambi whirling and making an errant throw to second to start a dp. Admittedly a difficult throw, but even before it starts I'm sucking breath. And he does dig out throws OK. Some of Alex's sailing throws from 3rd, could only be saved by spiderman. But if the big guy needs a security blanket at 3rd to slug 53HR, let him have it.

I'm not convinced all our pitching kids are destined for glory. As much as I like Clippard, I don't see him making any impact this year. Karstens I think will take over for Igawa. Igawa needs to start strong and I don't see that happening. Success is the key to the Japanese Male Psyche.

Still looking for our Number 1. For that, trade away. No such thing as surplus starting pitching. That and bullpen by committee are two things the sawks have blazed the trail on...

2007-03-20 11:43:12
30.   JL25and3
18 I don't think I can really answer that - that's a question for scouting. The one thing I can be sure of is that, among all these highly-prized prospects, one or more of them is overrated. The key is to trade those guys sooner rather than later.

Yankee scouts should know their own prospects better than the other guys do, and they should be able to make pretty good guesses as to which are overvalued. Sometimes they'll be wrong, of course - I'm not saying it's risk-free. But there's a risk in keeping everyone as well, because some of them are going to lose value. Somewhere in there you're going to be squandering a valuable commodity.

An example of how to do it right: Brandon Claussen.

2007-03-20 11:45:58
31.   JL25and3
Btw, the Arroyo trade isn't a good analogy. The problem with that was that the Sox had absolutely no wiggle room after trading him. The Yankees have about 7 guys.
2007-03-20 12:36:36
32.   williamnyy23
Trading pitching depth for position players would be a little premature at this point. A far better strategy would be to enter the season and see how different needs play out. After all, it could turn out that pitching will wind up being the Yankees greatest need (especially if Mussina, Pettitte and Pavano all make their inevitable DL-stints at around the same time).

Unless a true building block position player becomes available (i.e. Texiera), it wouldn't make any sense to pull the trigger now. Just look at last season. The Yankees could have jumped the gun early and dealt prospects for Abreu. Instead, they waited things out and came away with El Come Dulce for a lesser package. What's more, Abreu now seemingly fits well into the Yankees plans both this season and next. That is exactly the kind of the deal the Yankees should make.

22 Why does the RJ trade "kill" you? Not only did Ohlendorf look good at times this Spring, but the Yankees are still saving a lot of money as a result of the deal. Also, last time I checked, the Big Unit still has not thrown a pitch this Spring.

2007-03-20 12:48:30
33.   JL25and3
32 You might be right; probably are. I do think that Yankee fans (Banterers not so much, to be fair) have been so intoxicated with the glut of young pitching that they lose sight of the commodity's value. Being a contrarian at heart, I feel the need to be the cautionary voice.

I basically agree that they should be looking for a good trade, not just any trade. But I also think they should be keeping their eyes and ears open. The one reason to pull the trigger sooner rather than later is if they really do believe that they have an overvalued prospect - in that case, make a move before others figure out what the Yankees already know.

2007-03-20 12:55:04
34.   Chyll Will
27,28 You're both wrong... I'm the DTK...

(Umm, just so no one thinks I'm being less-than sensetive, DTK = Designated Thread Killer)

Let me know when it's time...

2007-03-20 12:55:18
35.   williamnyy23
Miguel Cairo is playing 3B tonight. I find that interesting only because Andy Phillips is not in the lineup after playing a few games at 3B over the past few days. It seemed to me as if Joe was giving Phillips time at 3B to see if versatility would provide him with a reason to select him over Phelps. Unfortunately, Phillips played poorly at 3B, so perhaps Joe has finally started to lean toward Phelps?

I really like Andy Phillips, but think Phelps holds much more potential. I am not sure if he is out of options, but demoting Phillips would allow the Yankees to at least take a look at Phelps before offering him back to Baltimore. The irony, of course, is that neither will really play much anyway, especially as it seems DM will be a semi-regular coming out of the gate.

2007-03-20 12:59:42
36.   Chyll Will
33 JL, I don't know why I'm reading your comment in Vito Corleone's voice, but it makes absolute sense. Does anyone else agree?
2007-03-20 13:01:14
37.   C2Coke
35 I honestly don't get the almost-near-obsession-thing the Yankees seem to have over Cairo. Does he have to play in every single position before the spring ends?
2007-03-20 13:05:42
38.   Chyll Will
35 On the plus side, demoting Phillips now as he's playing the way he is would make it much easier to slip him through the wire if he's out of options. Basak would be harder to risk, and Phelps (if he breaks the chain of good spring/bad season) would be a easier risk to take in keeping. So maybe this is serendipedous for Andy; serendipedy being the carbonated beverage of choice...
2007-03-20 13:11:14
39.   Chyll Will
37 He hasn't been tried as batboy and ballboy yet. Who knows if he's been at towelboy or cabanaboy. Can he drive a golf cart without it tipping; override the governour and pop-a-wheelie? If he can do that, then I understand why they keep him.

Uh-oh, you may have opened a can of worms, Coke. What positions hasn't Cairo played this spring?

2007-03-20 13:18:32
40.   C2Coke
39 Then again, at this point, Cairo does do a lot than you-know-who.

The Yanks might as well let him be the manager for a day...

2007-03-20 13:37:03
41.   Chyll Will
40 (shhh!)
2007-03-20 13:51:56
42.   Shaun P
37 My guess is that Cairo is probably volunteering for duty in some of these games, especially the 'away' games where teams have to bring 4 'veterans'. I suppose if it gives Matsui, Jeter, etc a little extra rest, no harm no foul. BUT - if Torre uses it as an excuse to make Cairo the de facto 5th OF . . .
2007-03-20 13:54:24
43.   Chyll Will
Psst... Last Day of Spring Training... if Miggy were to be cut, it would be a Farewell Tribute...


L - Miguel Damon (DH)
S - Melky Cairo (CF)
L - Robinson Cairo (2B)
R - Miguel Rodriguez (3B)
L - Doug Mientkairo (1B)
R - Todd Cairo (C)
L - Miguel Sardinha (RF)
R - Chris Cairo (SS)
R - Miguel Cairo (LF)

Pitchers: Jeff Cairo, Chris Cairo, T.J. Cairo, Miguel Proctor, Miggy Bruney, Miguel Cairo

Subs: Miguel Cairo (3B), Miguel Cairo (C), Bernie Williams(CF), Miguel Cairo (PR/LF), Miguel Cairo(DH), Miguel Cairo(PH), Miguel Cairo(PR)


2007-03-20 13:55:59
44.   Chyll Will
42 Now that's what I call good timing... >;)
2007-03-20 14:00:26
45.   Shaun P
31 On the contrary! The Sox traded Arroyo because they figured they had plenty of wiggle room.

Going into spring training, the Sox had:


6 guys for 5 rotation spots, with Lester and (if need be) Papelbon to step in (Paps had been a starter, and Foulke was the presumptive closer). They also had Tavarez as an emergency starter and guys in the minors (like DiNardo) who could be called up if need be. Even after trading Arroyo, the Sox figured they had plenty of pitching depth.

Sorry to be the contrarian to you, JL, but living outside Boston, all I heard last spring was about the Sox pitching depth and how the team believed it had so much of it.

2007-03-20 15:21:12
46.   C2Coke
45 Speaking of Papelbon...are all the nicknames that fellow Banterers came up with last year subject to change without notice depending on Papelbon's first few outings as a starter? (I have no idea why I am already laughing at all the possibilities vaguely popping up in my head.)
2007-03-20 15:30:58
47.   JL25and3
45 But in that case, I didn't believe it. DiNardo was 25 already - Sean Henn, at best. AS for Tavarez as an emergency starter, I thought of adding Villone to my list above, and decided that was ludicrous. So was Tavarez. I know they talked about it, but really all they had was Papelbon and Lester - both excellent, but nothing like the same kind of depth. And that rotation was even older and shakier than the Yankees is now.

Finally, they didn't trade away depth - they traded away a legitimate major-league pitcher. Not a great one, but one who'd proven his value to the team. Was Tavarez supposed to fill that swingman slot?

Even at the time, I thought that move was highly dubious (not to mention scummy as hell). I like to think that the Yankee depth is a lot more legitimate than Lenny DiNardo.

As for all the stories in the papers, yeah, the Red Sox had the hype machine in full gear. The problem was that, as usual, they believed their own hype.

2007-03-20 15:31:31
48.   JL25and3
46 He'll always be Jonathan Goodpaper to me.
2007-03-20 15:32:13
49.   JL25and3
36 I don't know. Sometimes I get tangled up in my sentences and read more like Luca Brasi.
2007-03-20 16:15:05
50.   C2Coke
I am not panicking at all but I can't help but remember when Mo had a back spasm last season (from tying his shoe was it?) after I read Pete Abraham's report on Pettitte.
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2007-03-20 16:18:13
51.   C2Coke
They just showed Damon and Matsui standing side by side from the back on YES. Man...I had no idea Matsui is that much bigger than Damon.
2007-03-20 16:53:04
52.   C2Coke
No one is watching? Giambi is making a case for himself on 1B. Mientkiewicz who? Phillps who?
2007-03-20 18:10:22
53.   wsporter
"Pettitte likely to miss next start" - back spasms.

We have too damn much pitching!

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