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Phillies 3, Yankees 2
2007-03-18 08:07
by Cliff Corcoran

Andy Phillips and Carl Pavano collaborated on this loss.


R - Miguel Cairo (2B)
R - Derek Jeter (SS)
L - Jason Giambi (1B)
L - Hideki Matsui (LF)
R - Andy Phillips (3B)
R - Kevin Thompson (CF)
R - Raul Chavez (C)
L - Kevin Reese (RF)
L - Andy Pettitte (P)

Pitchers: Andy Pettitte, Carl Pavano

Subs: Josh Phelps (1B), Chris Basak (2B), Ramiro Peña (SS), Jorge Posada (C), Bronson Sardinha (RF)

Opposition: Most of the Phillies starters.

Big Hits: A double by Kevin Thompson (2 for 4) of former teammate Matt Smith.

Who Pitched Well?: Andy Pettitte was fantastic, allowing just two hits and no walks while striking out four in five innings, retiring the last 13 men he faced in order. He has yet to allow a run or issue a walk this spring while allowing just five hits and striking out seven in ten innings over three starts.

Who Didn't?: Carl Pavano gave up all three Phillie runs, though Andy Phillips defense helped out there, walking two and allowing four hits in four innings while striking out one and hitting a batter in his bonus half inning in the bottom of the ninth.

Oopsies: Andy Phillips made an error in the sixth, leading to the first Phillie run, then ole'd a possible double play ball with the bases loaded in the seventh, leading to two more Phillie runs. Kevin Thompson dropped a fly ball in Pavano's bonus inning.

Ouchies: Bobby Abreu, who took batting practice in the cage on Friday, took outdoor batting practice with the rest of the team yesterday, during which he checked his swing a few times with out pain. Wil Nieves did "batting exercises" on Saturday and could return to game action by Tuesday. Humberto Sanchez is scheduled to throw a bullpen from the top of the mound today.

Battles: Andy Phillips went 1 for 4 with a run scored as the third baseman, but struggled in the field, his error and later misplay leading to all three Phillie runs. Josh Phelps walked in two plate appearances. Raul Chavez went 1 for 3. Chris Britton had an awful outing against the Phillies minor leaguers (see below). Darrell Rasner did well against the Devil Ray's triple-A squad.

Notes: Scott Proctor and Chris Britton threw in a minor league game against the Phillies minor leaguers. Neither did particularly well. Proctor allowed a run on two hits in 1 2/3 innings and struck out no one and Britton got lit up for four runs on three hits and two walks in 1 1/3 innings. Darrell Rasner faired much better against the Devil Ray's triple-A squad, allowing just one run on one hit and a walk while striking out three in four innings. The Phillies wore green caps and jerseys in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

2007-03-18 09:12:57
1.   markp
I don't think Pavano pitched great, but if not for the errors he gives up no runs.
2007-03-18 09:20:19
2.   singledd
Base on what PeteAbe said, Karl Kielbasa pitched better then it looked. 1 run was unearned, and the other 2 were quasi-unearned, thanks to Phillips. 3 walks is very poor, 4 hits is not-so-good, but his line could have been: 0 runs on 4 hits in 3.1 innings.

Nothing to write home to Mom about, but the guy basically hasn't pitch in 2 1/2 years.

I think he will be as good as Wright was last year... maybe a little better. Hopefully he pitches well enough to get his trade value up. I think he's gone as soon as someone makes a reasonable offer.

We owe the guy 20mil. If we trade him and pay 1/2 his salary, we swap him for Karstens and save $10mil. For a pitching hungry NL team, Karl for $5mil/yr - 2 years seems reasonable to me.

Opinions please: Is Cashman just dressing him up to move him?

2007-03-18 09:26:00
3.   markp
I think Joe's comments on the kid pitchers were telling, and Cashman does pretty much what Joe tells him in matters like these. Add to that the locker room remarks about CP and a trade seems more likely than not.
2007-03-18 12:02:59
4.   OldYanksFan
ARod's contract says:
"Rodriguez may void after 2008 or 2009 unless club increases 2009-10 salary by $5M/year or $1M more than highest-paid MLB position player"

Since NO one is near his annual salary, is he due NO increase, a 1m increase, or a 5m increase. Does he cost $32m/yr in 2009-10?

Even if we get by this end-of-year Opt-out, is it up in the air again in 2009? I'm don't think ANYONE is worth $32m/yr.

Anyone know the exact story?

2007-03-18 13:56:58
5.   monkeypants
Don't look now--today's boxscore has Minky 0-fer again, Phelps 2-3, again.
2007-03-18 15:09:14
6.   The Mick 536
I know. Its only a game.

Say gooooooobyyyyye to my Minky. Wasn't there a song about Minky?

2007-03-18 15:54:22
7.   rsmith51
Has Minky looked OK at the plate? I only saw the ab where he popped up to short. He didn't look too good to me. I would like to see Phelps start 50%, Giambi 25% and Phillips or Minky 25% at 1B. With Phillips or Minky as a late-inning replacement for Phelps.

How has Phelps looked in the field? I haven't seen many games.

2007-03-18 18:16:19
8.   Peter
It's a good thing A-Rod doesn't play cricket.

2007-03-18 18:43:39
9.   Chyll Will
8 Probably the last thing anyone would want to hear over there would be:

cricket, cricket...

2007-03-18 20:41:14
10.   joejoejoe
In LoHud's post-game audio Joe Torre says he's impressed with Basak in the IF, at the plate, and on the basepaths. Torre suggested he might stick Basak out in the OF a few games in Spring Training. It sounded to me like Basak was pushing Torre towards starting the season with 11 pitchers and carrying Basak. It makes sense to me - at the very least Basak lets you rest Jeter and/or ARod on the days when you have a cold weather blowout in April.
2007-03-18 22:29:11
11.   monkeypants
10 But even with 11 pitchers, there is still not room for Basak and Cairo and three 1B (Minky, Phillips, Phelps)--and the latter three basically cannot be sent to the minors. So either Basak goes to Scranton, or one of Cairo/Minky/Phillips/Phelps is cut (though the cuttee may clear waivers). With 12 pitchers two have to go.

All this being said, it IS silly to carry 12 pitchers, and especially so in April when you really only need a four man rotation (though Meyers changes the equation).

2007-03-18 22:53:55
12.   Peter
11 I was under the impression that it was always going to be either Phillips or Phelps, not both.
2007-03-18 22:58:09
13.   joejoejoe
11 If the Yanks break camp with 4 first baseman (Giambi, Minky, Phil, Phel) I'll scream. Don't forget that Posada and Cairo can also play first and Damon was bringing sexy back in his 1 game at 1B last year ;). 7 first baseman and no 5th outfielder is a unique roster choice to say the least.

That said, Phillips might clear waivers.

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