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Astros 4, Yankees 3
2007-03-16 23:03
by Cliff Corcoran

The first three men the Yankee sent to the plate all scored. They were the only Yankees to do so. The penultimate man the Astros sent to the plate scored to end the game.


L - Johnny Damon (CF)
S - Melky Cabrera (LF)
L - Robinson Cano (2B)
R - Alex Rodriguez (3B)
L - Bronson Sardinha (RF)
R - Todd Pratt (C)
L - Doug Mientkiewicz (1B)
R - Miguel Cairo (SS)
R - Chien-Ming Wang (P)

Pitchers: Chien-Ming Wang, Luis Vizcaino, Ron Villone, Colter Bean, Ben Kozlowski

Subs: Andy Phillips (1B), Angel Chavez (2B), Eduardo Nuñez (SS), Chris Basak (3B), Ben Davis (C), Kevin Reese (PR/CF), Kevin Thompson (PR/LF)

Opposition: The Astros starters

Big Hits: A three-run first-inning home run by Robinson Cano (1 for 3). Miguel Cairo was 2 for 3.

Who Pitched Well?: Chien-Ming Wang allowed just one run on four hits while striking out three and walking none in five innings. Ten of his remaining twelve outs came on the ground and he threw 75 percent of his 61 pitches for strikes. Colter Bean pitched a perfect eighth inning, striking out two. Luis Vizcaino pitched around a walk while striking out two in a hitless, scoreless sixth inning.

Who Didn't?: Ron Villone blew the lead in the seventh by surrendering solo homers to Morgan Ensberg (that'll happen) and Adam Everett (that won't). Ben Kozlowski then lost the game by giving up doubles in the bottom of the ninth to the only two batters he faced in the game.

Ouchies: Bobby Abreu took 55 swings against batting practice pitching. The Yankees hope Abreu will be able to play on Thursday against the Reds, the day after the lone off-day in the spring schedule.

Battles: Todd Pratt went 0 for 3. Ben Davis made out in his only at-bat, but did throw out Chris Burke attempting to steal second. Andy Phillips struck out in his only at-bat.

Notes: With Andy Pettitte and Carl Pavano scheduled to be the only Yankee pitchers to see action in today's game, throwing five and four innings respectively, Darrell Rasner will throw in a triple-A game today while Scott Proctor and Chris Britton will also pitch in minor league games. Eduardo Nuñez, who subbed in at shortstop in yesterday's game, is a 19-year-old shortstop who didn't hit a lick in his full-season debut in 2006 after being invited to Yankee camp last spring on the strength of a mildly impressive short-season pro debut with Staten Island in 2005.

Finally, Andy Phillips' mom has been released from the hospital.

2007-03-17 06:26:25
1.   Jim Dean

Minky now 1 for 23.

Is it wrong to root for things like this? I mean the games don't mean anything. And he'll get his 1.5 million whether he plays or gets cut. Unfortuntely, I think that also means he makes the team regardless. Hopefully it just makes his leash a bit shorter and has Cashman working the lines a bit earlier.

I mean do we have to suffer through the whole month of April and into May (a la Womack at 2B - though that was a two year contract) before they start making changes? Hopefully, for now, Phelps continues to shine in limited playing time. A nice season start against Kazmir couldn't hurt either.

2007-03-17 06:29:00
2.   rbj
Great news about Andy's mom.

The problem with ST is that a guy can play well now, but stink up during the season; or stink up now but do well during the season. We'd have to suffer through a couple of months of a stinky Minky before he gets the boot.

2007-03-17 07:02:45
3.   Sliced Bread
Happy St. Pat's, all, even if you're not Irish.

Enjoy some corned Pavano and cabbage.

I haven't been to McSorley's in years, but I remember there was a sign on the wall warning patrons "Be Good Or Be Gone." Same goes in Yankeeland. Unfortunately, Doug Out is gonna be bad for a while before he be gone. Woof.

2007-03-17 07:38:22
4.   Sliced Bread
Don't go for warm cabbage? Try the Carl Slaw.
2007-03-17 08:48:17
5.   wsporter
Cliff you're tough, Nunez's 2005 SI numbers of .313 ave .365 obp .427 slg 46 rbi and 37 runs in 281 ab's were generally received as a bit more than mildly impressive for a 17/18 year old kid (as was his play at short) which was what made his 2006 season so disappointing. Having him skip a level at Tampa at the beginning of the year was tough but they wanted to get Henry ab's at Charleston and didn't want Nunez to sit. He won't be 20 till mid June, I think they still like him.

Corned Carl Brisket, Cabbage and Potatoes somehow just leaves me hungry for something else.

2007-03-17 11:22:44
6.   jayd
1 The three third basemen was always a clunky idea, right up there with "bullpen by committee" which is making a comeback in Boston...You think Phelps is going to get the nod over Andy Phillips?
2007-03-17 11:40:12
7.   Chyll Will
Wowzers, the Mets suck today. 13-0 in the 4th on WB11... (why am I watching the Mets? I'm still sick and I don't have cable to watch a real game...)

5 There's always Irish Carl Bread and Shephard's Pav...

2007-03-17 12:11:40
8.   Jim Dean
Who is the pinch runner at 1B?
2007-03-17 12:22:12
9.   Zack
Some guy named Karim Garcia just caught the last out in the 7th for Philly...
2007-03-17 16:36:41
10.   Eirias
9 He's batting .303 this spring.
2007-03-17 20:19:32
11.   Rich
6 Phelps should get the nod over Eye Chart.
2007-03-17 20:39:31
12.   monkeypants
11 Seriously. If they are going to carry three 1B, or four in Torre's eyes (counting Cairo), they should go with Phillips and Phelps over Minky.
2007-03-17 21:06:56
13.   joejoejoe
The Yankees should start getting 1B starts for Damon and/or Matsui today. It solves Torre's problem of getting Melky ABs, gives Cashman more options finding value in the trade/free agent market, and both guys would do it without complaint if they were asked.

It's easier to make a roster with everyday players that are OF/1B (Lance Berkman, Darin Erstad). Get Damon and Matsui a mitt and give 'em a chance at first. It makes the lineup possibilities A LOT better.

2007-03-17 22:34:06
14.   monkeypants
13 The Yankees seem pretty committed to roster inflexibility, both in make-up and usage. Pretty much each guy has a position, and that's what he plays. The exception, of course, is Cairo, who is Torre's wild card--look out or he might be back-up C or CF once or twice this year! Moreover, the back-up is almost inevitably defined as a defensive replacement, not any sort of potential offensive option.
2007-03-18 07:29:04
15.   Raf
13 It makes sense, which is pretty much why it isn't going to happen.

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