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Indians 6, Yankees 5
2007-03-06 16:26
by Cliff Corcoran

The Yankees coughed up a 4-2 lead in the seventh and lost for the first time this spring when a ninth-inning rally came up a run short.


L - Johnny Damon (DH)
R - Derek Jeter (SS)
L - Hideki Matsui (LF)
R - Alex Rodriguez (3B)
S - Melky Cabrera (CF)
R - Josh Phelps (1B)
R - Miguel Cairo (2B)
L - Kevin Reese (RF)
R - Wil Nieves (C)

Pitchers: Chien-Ming Wang, Phil Hughes, Ross Ohlendorf, Kyle Farnsworth

Subs: Eric Duncan (1B), Andy Cannizaro (2B), Angel Chavez (SS), Alberto Gonzalez (3B), Raul Chavez (C), Kevin Thompson (CF), Jose Tabata (PR/LF), Bronson Sardinha (DH)

Opposition: Something like two-thirds of the Indians starters, including Grady Sizemore, Travis Hafner, and Victor Martinez.

Big Hits: Two-run homers by Kevin Reese (3 for 4) and Josh Phelps (1 for 3).

Who Pitched Well: Phil Hughes recovered nicely from his shaky first outing with two scoreless innings, striking out one and getting the rest of his outs on the ground. He allowed a hit and a walk, but only faced the minimum six batters because he picked Dave Dellucci (the walk) off first base in the fourth and followed Hector Luna's fifth-inning single by getting Mike Rouse to ground into a double play.

Who Didn't: Chien-Ming Wang was greeted with a homer by Grady Sizemore on his third pitch. In the third, Mike Rouse tripled off Wang and was plated by a Sizemore sac fly. In his three innings of work, Wang allowed a total of five hits, though he still got two-thirds of his outs on the ground (no Ks). In two innings of work, Ross Ohlendorf struck out three and induced a double play, but also walked one and allowed four hits. Of those four hits, Luis Rivas's double and Michael Aubrey's single followed an Alberto Gonzalez error in the seventh to plate three unearned runs as the Indians tied the game. Kyle Farnsworth allowed a run on two hits in the eighth, which prevented the Yankees' ninth-inning run from tying the game.

Oopsies: Alberto Gonzalez, who committed the Yankees only other position-player error this spring by booting a ball at second, booted a ball at third in the seventh to kick start that three-run Indians rally.

Battles: Josh Phelps's homer was his first extra-base hit of the spring. He's now 4 for 8 with two walks and just one strikeout. Wil Nieves went 1 for 2. Raul Chavez went 0 for 1 with a sac fly to drive in the final Yankee run. If you doc Chavez an at-bat for the sac fly, both he and Nieves would be 2 for 7 with no extra base hits or walks and one strikeout in three games each. Ben Davis and the injured Todd Pratt are a combined 0 for 5.

2007-03-06 17:37:30
1.   Orly Yarly NoWai
There goes the undefeated Spring Training record. Oh well.

Over at LoHud, it was proposed that the shorter-than-average mound kept Wang from getting on top of his sinker the way he wanted to.

2007-03-06 17:42:17
2.   mikeplugh
Or the better than average swing of Grady Sizemore.
2007-03-06 18:03:54
3.   joejoejoe
I'm forecasting 100 ABs minimum for Andy Cannizaro with the big club this year. Alberto Gonzalez could be the next Ozzie Smith (more likely Ozzie Guillen) but like Melky's '05 fielding woes I'm sure Joe Torre will remember this small sample first impression and go with scrappy Green Waver A-Can if the big club needs a utility IF call-up.
2007-03-06 18:10:01
4.   Rich
I really, really, really want Josh Phelps to make the team.

Does anyone know if Ohlendorf was actually hit hard after Gonzalez's error?

2007-03-06 18:12:13
5.   joejoejoe
2 Agreed. Sizemore is a top-5 MLB player. B-R lists Duke Snider as the most similar player at age 23 and the six retired players on the 10 most similar list played an average of 15 years in the league. One of the non-retired guys on the list is named Bonds. Sizemore is good. Real good.
2007-03-06 18:32:13
6.   RIYank
Wait -- is the mound really low?? And what does it mean to say that this keeps Wanger from "getting on top of his sinker"? Is the sinker really tall? How high does he have to be to get on top of it?

Over in Fort Myers, Craig Hansen and Manny Del Carmen had miserable days. Well, they shared one miserable day, I guess. They both seem like nice guys, and yet I wish them many, many more of the same. Guess that makes me a schmuck, huh?

2007-03-06 19:13:59
7.   Orly Yarly NoWai
6 I have no idea.

2 Peter Gammons thinks he'll win the MVP, and I don't really disagree.

2007-03-06 19:44:21
8.   monkeypants
4 Yep, Phelps is my personal cause this spring. This means one of two things: 1] he makes the team and then stinks it up (see Phillips, Andy 2006), or 2] he cruises during spring but, inexplicably, fails to convince Torre that he has enough veteranness, or Migeul Caironess, or 12 or 13 pitcherness, so he fails to make the club.
2007-03-06 20:20:00
9.   yankeemonkey
Josh Phelps won't make the team because he doesn't have enough Grit and Guts (tm).
2007-03-06 20:26:35
10.   yankz
Sizemore is an absolute stud, I somehow snatched him around round 7 last year in my fantasy draft. Biggest steal of my life.

Although, I watched him closely, and at least for the beginning of the year, he didn't hit lefties well, at all. But still, huge f'ing stud.

Phelps will probably deserve to make the team, but I'm glad I'm not the one who has to tell Andy he's getting cut.

2007-03-06 20:50:59
11.   Max Nomad
Hey, Cliff, try not to villainize A-Rod (past posts) and Farnsworth (this one). Take a cue from Alex and just bring the facts, unless your opinion is really interesting, not just judgmental. We're all fans, but that's just stirring crap. That's MY take, anyway.
2007-03-06 21:25:18
12.   joejoejoe
11 It's a recap. I don't see how it's stirring crap to state the facts. I think there is a stat called 'Hold' to describe what Farnsworth failed to do today. If KF gets the hold 80% of the time he's great. If KF gets a hold 60% of the time he's awful. You can't figure the percentage unless you add today's stats to a body of work.
2007-03-06 21:29:12
13.   Cliff Corcoran
11 You're kidding, right?
2007-03-06 21:41:31
14.   Schteeve
11 Is your last name Farnsworth?
2007-03-06 22:02:06
15.   yankz
Cliff, I think from now on, you should only post box scores. Because there's nowhere else to go if I want just the facts. I don't need any judgmental bastard to tell me who pitched well and who didn't, thanks.
2007-03-06 22:10:43
16.   joejoejoe
15 Boxscores are harsh as well.

Maybe we can treat the Yankees like a tee-ball team and just focus our efforts on building the self esteem of the players. I've got a juice box and a hug for you Farnsworth!

2007-03-06 23:17:54
17.   SF Yanks
11 Drugs are bad.
2007-03-07 03:39:02
18.   mikeplugh
16 Why do you freakin people have to call them boxscores? Can't you see that the scores want freedom too? Enough of your artificial barriers. Let's the numbers roam free. It's all A-Rod's fault...and maybe a little bit Farnsworth too.
2007-03-07 04:26:39
19.   randym77
Hi, all. I've basically been in a cave for the past few weeks. (Massive overtime at work.) What happened to Andy Phillips? Looks like he hasn't played at all. Did they cut him or something?
2007-03-07 04:36:38
20.   Shaun P
19 His mom was in a bad car wreck, but is doing better now; they let Andy go be with her. Pete A. has some details if you read through the posts at LoHud.
2007-03-07 04:42:04
21.   randym77
20 Thanks. Wow, that poor guy has the worst luck.
2007-03-07 05:57:38
22.   kylepetterson
From here on out I'm no longer a Yankees fan. I'm now a fan of everybody trying their hardest and of everybody having a good time. Where can I get one of those hats with all the teams logos on it? Maybe a t-shirt with a white hand shaking a black hand? That would be great. Drink Coke everybody! That's MY take, anyway. Seriously, though, if Cliff got in a fight with a boxscore, he would kick the crap out it. Stupid box.
2007-03-07 05:57:40
23.   dianagramr
Sizemore makes Carlos Beltran look silly.

(I've drafted Sizemore each of last 2 seasons .... I knew he was gonna be special)

2007-03-07 06:59:05
24.   tommyl
11 Please say you are joking. If I wanted "just the facts" I could look at a boxscore. One of the many reasons I come here is to read Cliff's insightful, well written opinions on things. Cliff, please don't stop!
2007-03-07 07:08:32
25.   Chyll Will
22 Ask Gaylord Perry where he got his >;)

I like organic, free-range boxscores myself. Finger-lickin' good. Should try the Hansen/DelCarmen brand...

2007-03-07 07:22:07
26.   Chyll Will
(cricket, cricket...)
2007-03-07 07:29:40
27.   kylepetterson
When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to look at boxscores. My parents were afraid that I would poke myself on one of the sharp corners. Just circlescores for me, thank you.
2007-03-07 07:34:31
28.   Bama Yankee
22 One like this:
or this:
2007-03-07 07:40:36
29.   kylepetterson
28 I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Seriously, those hats could turn a gay man straight. I mean no offense to anyone by that comment, but seriously, I wouldn't be suprised if Elton John saw that hat and said "Wow, that thing is really, really gay."
2007-03-07 07:41:44
30.   kylepetterson
29 and, seriously, could I use the word "seriously" a couple more time? Please?
2007-03-07 07:49:39
31.   Bama Yankee
29 & 30 You can also get a leather jacket to match... Seriously.
2007-03-07 07:53:52
32.   Bama Yankee
19 Good to have you back randym. You have got to get your priorites in order. The Banter always comes before work... ;-)
2007-03-07 07:54:00
33.   Chyll Will
In light of the direction this thread is now going, I take back the "finger-lickin'" comment...
2007-03-07 08:05:56
34.   kylepetterson
31 Wow. Words cannot describe how ugly that jacket is.
2007-03-07 08:43:43
35.   Bama Yankee
Here's a hat for 11
2007-03-07 08:53:08
36.   sam2175
Is it possible 11 mixed up bloggers? Abraham and Lombardi are the biggest offenders when it comes to talking meaningless crap about A-Rod. He does have an incredible piece on the sidebar noting Rodriguez's place in history as a shortstop. I have never seen any irrational analysis from Cliff involving any player. Heck, he was not even harsh enough with Tony Womack.
2007-03-07 08:58:34
37.   JL25and3
35 I see a boxscore like that as a challenge...but I'm having a problem figuring this one out, and maybe someone can help me..

The game is from September 27, 1920. Tigers at White Sox, Dauss v. Kerr, 2-0 final. The "Runs" column appears to be the fifth column over, with the two runs attributed to Cobb and Ainsmith. But here's my problem...the White Sox won the game, which is confirmed by the number of outs recorded.

So does anyone know how they reported runs in box scores back then?

2007-03-07 08:59:26
38.   JL25and3
36 I'm not sure it was possible to be harsh enough with Tony Womack.
2007-03-07 09:07:59
39.   mehmattski
30 I had a comforter for my bed that had all the team logos on it. Does that count? It's probably a collectors' item now, cause it didn't have the Rockies/Marlins on it.
2007-03-07 09:10:01
40.   Bama Yankee
37 I got that boxscore from here:
It is from Shoeless Joe Jackson's last game:
"Joe Jackson's last game in the Majors came on September 27, 1920 against the Detroit Tigers. The White Sox won the game 2 - 0 with Joe Jackson driving in the winning run. Joe's last at bat occurred in the 6th inning of the game.....he faced Hooks Dauss in his last at bat and got a single, which scored Buck Weaver from third. Joe went 1 for 3 for the day. See our Joe's Last Box Score for more information."
2007-03-07 09:19:46
41.   Chyll Will
38 Cliff can always try this, if he hasn't already...

2007-03-07 09:57:25
42.   Bama Yankee
37 I think that fifth column is actually for the errors. Here is a bigger version of that boxscore:
2007-03-07 10:15:05
43.   yankz
Farnsworth Jr. was definitely going after Cliff; why else would he say be more like Alex?
2007-03-07 10:26:02
44.   Count Zero
4 8 As I said in a thread before ST started, no one can convince me that carrying two "defense-oriented" players at the position where defense is least important makes any kind of sense whatsoever. If you're going to keep Dougie (which we know they will no matter how much he sucks), then if Phelps shows any signs of returning to rookie form, he has to be kept ahead of Phillips. This is an absolute no-brainer IMHO.
2007-03-07 11:05:14
45.   JL25and3
42 OK, that makes sense. It was hard to read the "e" in the other version.
2007-03-07 11:31:03
46.   Bama Yankee
39 Thanks mehmattski. I was wondering who would ever buy one of those multi-logo hats or jackets. Maybe someone who was afraid to make a commitment to be a fan of only one team or maybe just someone who is a fan of MLB in general (Bud Selig?). Then you had to go and mention that team logo comforter. I suddenly remembered that I had a sleeping bag with the NLF team logos on it when I was a kid. I also had a lunchbox with the NFC helmets on one side and the AFC helmets on the other and all the other kids thought it was pretty cool. Nevertheless, I still think those multi-logo hats and jackets are a little strange.

Found one of those lunchboxes on Ebay:
Wow, $39.99, wonder if my mom still has that old thing?

2007-03-07 11:35:05
47.   thelarmis
phil franchise (nod to pete abe), is on the front page of the espn baseball site. stark has a full article on 'phil the future.' haven't had a chance to read it yet, just thought i'd pass it along...

knuckles, if you're reading - great post yesterday, thanks for all the excellent 411 and i'm so glad the comic strips are back!

bama, you are too funny, finding all these random pages online tying into posts!

11 good lord, you can't be serious?! cliff is THE BOMB!!! we are sooo lucky to have him here, i can't even put it into words...

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