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If You Want My Body...
2007-03-02 07:47
by Alex Belth

Yo, I just thought this was too funny:

"I felt kind of sexy up there today and I don't know why," [Jason]Giambi said. "I usually look to get hot the last week of the spring."

[Johnny] Damon built a gym in his Orlando home this past off-season and bulked up to the point he said he came to camp five pounds over the 212-pound reporting date. He has shed four pounds since arriving.

"I wanted to look good with my shirt off," Damon said of hitting the weights. "My wife still digs me. You have to keep your sexiness at all times."

I wonder if Tank Pratt ever feels sexy.

2007-03-02 08:10:42
1.   jakewoods
Britton is bringing sexy back to the pen
2007-03-02 08:21:06
2.   Dimelo
Colter Bean was sexy, in a Idaho potato kind of way.

BTW, Tim Hardaway hates using the word "sexy".

2007-03-02 08:42:14
3.   Shaun P
Sal Fasano was clearly the king of sexy, in terms of backup catchers. I know he didn't hit all that well, but his fielding was ok, and the guy just seemed like a character. I'm going to miss him.
2007-03-02 08:49:00
4.   dianagramr
How sexy can Giambino feel if his umm .... jewels ... are the size of baby peas?

And ... on a slightly more serious note, is the damage to those jewels reversible if you stop doing 'roids?

(just wondering ... cause I'm a gal)

2007-03-02 09:27:17
5.   kylepetterson
I'm not sure what jewels have to do with being sexy.....oh, wait, you mean his testicles.
2007-03-02 09:28:13
6.   wsporter
4 Bonds' head still looks pretty bloated and we all know he's off the stuff so maybe not. But I'd bet Mr. Giambi might point out that "it ain't the peas it's the carrots" that he worries about anyway.
2007-03-02 09:31:27
7.   yankz
This thread is derailing so quickly.

5 was hilarious though.

2007-03-02 09:36:06
8.   dianagramr

We believe he is off 'roids ... but is Bonds NOT doing HGH or something else?

2007-03-02 09:44:28
9.   C2Coke
7 This is the only way we know how considering how the thread is titled...
2007-03-02 09:55:10
10.   bobtaco
I know the game is not on YES today, but does anyone know if it will be available on
2007-03-02 10:01:36
11.   dianagramr

ummm ... nope

2007-03-02 10:08:13
12.   dianagramr
Ugh .... John Kruk is short-sleeve polo on ESPN now ...

not sexy ...

2007-03-02 10:10:14
13.   baitshax
Greatest conspiracy theory every over at "Canyon Of Heroes"...
2007-03-02 10:20:19
14.   dianagramr

OK .... I went and e-mailed Will on this matter, and here is his reply (which he OKed for posting here):

"Yes, they come back. Essentially its "use it or lose it." The testicles produce (ta-da) testosterone! When steroids (essentially
all synthetic testosterone) are introduced, the testicles think they're on vacation. (Which brings a mental image I would rather not have. Where do testicles vacation?) They shut down production and shrink. When the body needs them again, NORMALLY they start back up. Users have developed "post-cycle therapy" which is basically (forgive the term) kickstarting the testicles and getting everything more or less back into normal systemic levels. There are also drugs to inhibit shrinkage in the first place, since no one wants to be outed in the shower. (Umm, why do I want to rephrase EVERYTHING in this email?)"

2007-03-02 10:36:51
15.   yankz
"outed in the shower"...too easy.
2007-03-02 10:59:24
16.   rbj
14 Classic.

So is audio for the game available anywhere on the web (for free)?

2007-03-02 11:26:01
17.   The Mick 536
You don't have to be sexy to get broads. Babe Ruth supposedly had a capacity for women equal to his capacity for food and drink.

We should have a sexiest Yankee of all time contest. My wife always commented on Bucky's butt. I liked Yogi's.

2007-03-02 11:58:39
18.   jayd
and with that, the thread ended...
2007-03-02 12:04:03
19.   rbj
Well, when butts rear their ugly heads, it is time to end while we're behind.

Dang, scoreless into the 7th. It looks like a great game I'm missing.

2007-03-02 12:22:58
20.   hoppystone
fwiw, 3-run homer by Chris Basik gives the Yanks a 3-1 lead going to bottom 8. Watch out, Miguel Cairo!
2007-03-02 12:29:55
21.   Bama Yankee
As Don Meredith used to say, "If ifs and butts were candy and nuts, then we wouldn't be talking about Giambi's testicles."
or something like that...
2007-03-02 12:53:18
22.   yankz
You know, Black Snake Moan is getting some pretty good reviews.
2007-03-02 13:59:09
23.   Mike from Hoboken
Chicks dig the long ball.
2007-03-02 16:49:59
24.   nemecizer
23 In keeping with the ever declining status of this thread, and wanting to contribute, shouldn't that be "Chicks die the long AND the balls"?

I'll go away now.

2007-03-05 16:32:35
25.   notthetheo
gawd but I am already sick of Damons comments

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