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2007-02-26 18:25
by Alex Belth
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Bobby Abreu has suffered "a signicant oblique strain,"according to Yankee GM, Brian Cashman. The right fielder will miss at least a few weeks, and who knows if he'll be copasetic for Opening Day. Hopefully, everyone keeps a level-head--especially Abreu. Hey Melkawitz, grab your glove son. Looks like the team will need you, pronto.

2007-02-26 19:44:01
1.   Zack
Ok, sorry to use the first spot to hijack the discussion (hopefully it won't) but as spring training is about to begin, and I live in San Diego, I am turning once again to, which has been my godsend in recent years. This year they are offering premium, which, for $30 more, offers double the quality (supposidly) and the whole mosaic. So my question is, is the mosiac thing worth it, those of you who may have used it before? I'd probably say twice the quality is worth at elast $20 more for a year, but we are talking about $120 here, and I am a poor poor student...

So in any case, any feedback would be appreciated before I suck it up and go with the expensive one anyways (anything for the addiction, right?)

Oh, and as for something on topic, good thing we didn't trade Melky, huh?

2007-02-26 20:03:06
2.   wsporter
1 Zack, that's about a case and a half of decent beer for the extra stuff; I think it's worth it to keep an eye on 6 games at the same time. For what you get and when you consider the alternatives it may be the best value MLB has to offer on any level.

I don't remember seeing any of that extra stuff last year so I don't know about the features but the extra horsepower alone would be more than welcome.

2007-02-26 20:03:13
3.   Chyll Will
That link takes us to Route 404. At any rate, Cashman is probably out buying Kevin Thompson a new glove right now. Plus, I 'm not so worried as most considering what Cliff said earlier about early aches and pains. Sure, this is significant, but there is depth that can survive for some weeks without Sugar-Shock in the beginning.
2007-02-26 20:25:51
4.   dianagramr

you also get the mlb audio package too ... so you can listen to the radio broadcasts, and you get access to the spring training games

(I signed up for the premium package)

2007-02-26 20:27:24
5.   Zack
2 True, true. Ah yes, the beer analogy puts it all into perspective! Of course, I'm in grad school so I am supposed to be above all that, I think. Psh.

I think I was pretty much going to spring for it anyways, but just needed the outside support for justification. Considering how much of my life is dedicated to watching baseball, I think the extra power is more than worth it...

2007-02-26 20:57:44
6.   kdw
Okay, now you've talked me into it as well, if that's any consolation. In for a penny, in for $120, as the old saying goes.
2007-02-26 21:24:09
7.   das411
Phillies fans everywhere commence evil laughter, to be followed shortly by "Told you so!!!"s,
2007-02-26 22:00:36
8.   markp
I'm not sure what Philly fans would have told us. Abreu has averaged over 155 games a year since he became a full time player.
2007-02-27 03:15:19
9.   Yu-Hsing Chen
That Albert Pujols guy also had this problem last year, the Cardinals should have sooooo released him too!!!!

And we must sooooo regret that we didn't trade Melky during the Winters now ;)

2007-02-27 08:29:59
10.   JL25and3
1 If a case and a half of beer now lasts past midnight in your house, you really are getting old.

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