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Hank Bauer
2007-02-10 06:45
by Alex Belth
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2007-02-10 06:56:48
1.   The Mick 536
Whose left from those teams? Who cares? We all should. Lots of history in those hills. Topping, Webb and Weiss.What really went on? Whitey could tell us. Yogi probably couldn't. Different game then. Yankees won all the time. Always came up with somebody at the end of the season to fill a spot. Owned the Orioles and KC. Called them the Yankee farms.

As for Bauer, war record up there with Teddy. Protected Elston Howard from racial epithets. And, in that 1966 Series, Jim Palmer beats Sandy.

2007-02-10 08:06:34
2.   Jeb
Whitey ford
Don Larson
Yogi berra
Virgil trucks
Moose skowron

And just a little later...
Clete Boyer
Bobby Richardson
Jim bouton

Someone once described Hank Bauer as having a face that looked like a balled up fist. Apt description, great Yankee. RIP.

2007-02-10 10:02:47
3.   rbj
RIP, indeed. Bunch of WS rings as a player, one as a manager -- and all after fighting in WWII. Now that's a life.
2007-02-11 06:37:05
4.   The Mick 536
Check out Virgil Trucks on Retrosheet. Pitched for the Yankees in 1958, following a trade from KC. On September 14, 1958, he pitched 6 innings in relief. The Yankees won in 14 12-7 in game two of a Sunday DH. They scored 5 in the top of the 14th. Mantle stole a base. Trucks, batting for himself, drove in two runs and then completed the game earning a win. Bauer played RF. Norm Siebern who could have been the last true left fielder. Howard. Slaughter. Lumpe. Kucks. Ford. Skowron. Darrell Johnson. Gil. Kubek. Art Ditmar. Murray Dickson?

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