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One Week
2007-02-07 19:43
by Cliff Corcoran
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One week to go until Pitchers and Catchers. As reported yesterday via LoHud, Jorge Posada and Kei Igawa are already in Tampa. adds Derek Jeter, Miguel Cairo, center field prospect Brett Gardner and fifth starter hopefuls Jeff Karstens, Humberto Sanchez, Tyler Clippard, and Phil Hughes. Hey, that's enough for a pick-up team!

2007-02-07 21:47:37
1.   Orly Yarly NoWai
As long as Hughes, Clippard and Sanchez don't kill themselves diving into third base, I'm ok with a pickup game or two.
2007-02-07 22:02:46
2.   markp
If I was a young player, I'd be in Fla as early as I could. No snow and a lot warmer than Michigan (for instance.)
2007-02-07 22:18:08
3.   yankz
Good grief, I'm getting excited.
2007-02-07 23:09:52
4.   mikeplugh
The other day Cliffy plugged my work at Matsuzaka Watch and mentioned a cool ad that I posted their for Asahi Super Dry, featuring the debut of Daisuke in his Red Sox uni. I found the companion Matsui ad at the Asahi Super Dry homepage and posted a link to it at Canyon of Heroes. It's pretty great. It'll get you amped up for the Return of the Rivalry: East Asia Edition. Take a look.
2007-02-07 23:41:57
5.   Rich
A small sign that the sports news vacuum may soon begin to be filled.
2007-02-08 03:47:02
6.   Jim Dean
And not a bad pickup team at that! Heck with all that pitching you could trade for a hitter or two. I mean how many RHP do you need (for a pickup game)? :)
2007-02-08 04:54:01
7.   Sliced Bread
That pickup team needs one more guy, say Rasner, anyone to pinch hit for Cairo.

Kidding kidding, I love Miggy.

2007-02-08 05:05:11
8.   Jim Dean
4 Thanks for the plugh!

I gotta say though that DM wins the "more natural chugger" contest. Godziller looked more like one of those sippers forced to swig at a frat party.

And that sweaty run down the baseline? It would have been better if he found his porn collection at the end of it. A weird way to start it - what the editor didn't play in a keg league? You eye pitcher, swing, hit, run, score - then beer!

Still, real game footage is always nice. Can anyone call that game?

2007-02-08 05:09:17
9.   Jim Dean
8 It's actually pl-OO, right? But this way it's sort of a cross on plug and clue - it' a plugh!

Lost has a character named Ms. Klugh. Great episode last night...

2007-02-08 05:17:07
10.   tommyl
Tyler has an article in the Times today re: Bernie. They are now reportedly considering him as a platoon DH with Giambi against lefties. That would be more ABs taken away from Melky. Argh, I love him to death, but please just retire and save Joe from himself.
2007-02-08 05:29:42
11.   Jim Dean
10 Whoa - that was Tyler's speculation about how he could fit. I didn't see anyone quoted as saying that.

I think Tyler's fiending for stories these days.

2007-02-08 06:43:32
12.   Rich
11 Correct, and it's a crazy idea.

Bernie should have been tried at 1B long ago. It's probably too late to do that now.

2007-02-08 06:54:22
13.   tommyl
11 Rereading you're right. That's what I get for reading about the Yankees first thing in the morning.
2007-02-08 07:12:04
14.   ny2ca2dc
from Kepner's article: "Torre has always dismissed the idea of trying Williams at first base, and the Yankees seem intent on keeping Andy Phillips or Josh Phelps as a right-handed complement to Doug Mientkiewicz. But given his success against left-handers, Williams theoretically could share the D.H. spot with Giambi."

I agree with Rich 12, he should have been tried at 1B at some point when his CF play fell off, and maybe even could have been there late last year when it became clear wilson/phillips couldn't hit... I still think, on the whole (offense & D) he can't be worse than phelps, and might be better than mkz...

2007-02-08 07:17:51
15.   Rich
14 Maybe, but Torre has long been against moving an outfielder to the infield (he has said that Sheff was an exception because he had already played in the IF earlier in his career).

Unfortunately, no one overruled him.

2007-02-08 07:27:08
16.   Jim Dean
13 No worries - it was a lazy article on Tyler's part. He did little work and basically makes up a story - one that's already been told countless times at that.

That's not so bad as the Post's ridiculous backpage yesterday.

But when the the DailyNews comes out with two very readable pieces today, it should be clear who has their priorities straight.

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