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2007-02-05 16:41
by Cliff Corcoran
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Cory Lidle's back in the news as the National Transportation Safety Board has released the details of its investigation into his fatal small plane crash. Unfortunately, they have been unable to determine whether Lidle or his flight instructor, Tyler Stanger, who was also killed in the accident, was actually flying the plane when it crashed, which leaves Lidle's family in a lurch regarding a $1.05 million accidental death benefit. In fact, there's very little new information in this AP story whatsoever. What they have determined is that the ban on small planes flying below 1,100 feet over the East River enacted after Lidle's accident should be made permanent, but even that is merely a recommendation to the Federal Aviation Administration.

In other news, the Associated Press noticed that Jorge Posada's contract is up after this year and that he doesn't yet have an extension. I'm sure he'll get one in time. The only other Yankees playing on multi-year deals whose contracts expire after this season are Mike Myers and Joe Torre, and Mariano Rivera, who is playing out his option this year. Bobby Abreu and Andy Pettitte have options for 2008. This season could change a lot, but I expect extensions for Jorge and Mo and Abreu's option to get picked up. Myers won't be back. As for Joe and Andy . . . difficult to see, always in motion is future.

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2007-02-05 21:25:05
1.   Jeteupthemiddle
Rivera, Mariano also has his current contract expiring after the 2007 season.
2007-02-05 21:43:34
2.   Rich
A-Rod has the ability to opt out after the season, right?
2007-02-06 02:39:39
3.   nemecizer
1 And isn't Mariano's contact already an extension?

Regarding the FAA, I like in Manhattan and I found it amazing that they would EVER allow pilots to fly below 1,100 feet up the East River, especially after 9/11. I find it amazing that they let commercial jets fly over any part of Manhattan at any altitude. Thanks for keeping your eyes on the stick, guys, my confidence in you grows by the day.

BTW, anyone see the crazy stuff JD Drew does to "stay healthy"? Fuh-reaky. They have a link over at NoMaas.Org

2007-02-06 02:40:07
4.   nemecizer
3 That's "I live in Manhattan". Sheesh.
2007-02-06 03:44:01
5.   Jim Dean
Does anyone give Jorge a multi-year deal? There's a chance he turns into a latter day Fisk (who had his first reason season stinker at age 38, but came back strong for the next few years) but that chance is exceedingly small.

I'm glad I'm not making that decision. Though if I were, there would be a legit catching prospect high in the system :)

2007-02-06 03:59:07
6.   Shaun P
2 Aren't there conditions on the opt-out clause? I haven't looked to see if I can find them, but I thought I remember something like this:

"If A-Rod is not the highest paid player, or if his AAV salary is not $1M more than that of the player with the next highest AAV salary, and his salary is not increased so that its $1M higher, or increased to $28M/year for the remaining years, then A-Rod may opt out."

Or something like that. IIRC, Buster Olney's blog wss the first place that mentioned A-Rod being able to opt out, but Buster never talked about conditions on the opt out clause. Were those waived because of the trade?

BTW, I don't think there's any way that A-Rod opts out. Can you imagine the reaction in NY (forget everywhere else)? "Oh, so now $25M/year isn't enough, huh pretty boy?" It would be a PR nightmare, and he's had enough of those to last a couple of lifetimes. I'm thinking he doesn't want any more.

2007-02-06 04:13:07
7.   Jim Dean
6 This is what Cot's has:

"Rodriguez may void after 2008 or 2009 unless club increases 2009-10 salary by $5M/year or $1M more than highest-paid MLB position player"

2007-02-06 04:15:02
8.   Jim Dean
7 Sorry, it also says he can void after 2007 but lists no qualification.
2007-02-06 04:28:25
9.   The Mick 536
Resigning Jorge! A no brainer. Just not the same team without him. Has improved his fielding. Has improved his field generalship. Switch hitter. Poobah to the recently released Unit who didn't like him. I do.

And if they find a yuthy backup, he can teach him the tools of ignorance.

2007-02-06 05:00:23
10.   Jim Dean
9 What if he wants a three year/36 million deal?

Even two years with an option seems tough.

A one-year is a no-brainer, but would that be an insult and why would Jorge take it when he could get more elsewhere?

If anything, with no replacement in the system, Jorge can probably get whatever he wants. Not exactly cheaper and wiser on the Yankee front...

2007-02-06 05:29:16
11.   ny2ca2dc
10 As long as Jorge doesn't fall off a cliff this year, you give him 2 years @12mil or whatever plus an option, no question. If he falls off a cliff, you give him 1 year plus an option at 10mil or whatever. Idea being you can live with one year of poor production from JoPo, because he's earned it and he could be a nice first baseman/DH in 08+ if we lose out on Texiera...
2007-02-06 06:24:55
12.   Shaun P
7 8 Thanks Jim! I knew there was something about conditions for voiding.

I could see Posada taking 2 years with a mutual option for a 3rd. Shoot, if Pettitte would take an option year he 'handshake agreed' not to exercise if he's hurt, I bet Posada would do something similar.

2007-02-06 06:30:06
13.   rbj
Ya gotta resign Jorge.
1) Anybody in the farm system who's near ready?
I don't think so.

2) What does the free agent class look like come November.

3) Do you want to get raked over the coals in a trade for a Jorge-caliber catcher?

2 years + 3rd option. $12 mil per sounds right. Then Jorge retires as a lifelong Yankee.

2007-02-06 07:17:54
14.   Cliff Corcoran
1 Oops. An embarassing wiff on Mo by me. Yeah, Mariano's playing out his option this year (that's why I missed him, I was scanning for contracts that expired in 07, his technically expired in 06).

I'd give Jorge a two-year deal, but try to avoid an option, or at least make it a club option with a sub-$1 mil buyout.

Jim corrects himself in 8, but just to clarify, the conditions listed in 7 are for after the '08 and '09 seasons, which means he'll have an opportunity to opt out each of the next three winters unless the Yanks boost his total annual salary (combined Rangers and Yankees contributions) to $32 mil (his total annual salary jumps to $27 mil this year) thus eliminating the latter two opportunities. Something tells me they'll take their chances and not increase it.

The interesting thing is that the clause appears to have expected someone else to surpass Rodriguez's salary by then, doesn't appear that's going to happen. Best I can tell, Giambi's $21 mil next year is the closest anyone's going to come (not Soriano, not Zito, not Pujols, not Helton, not Manny).

2007-02-06 07:23:23
15.   dianagramr

That Giambi contract has to be one of the worst signings (in terms of length and dollars) in history.

Even if he had stayed 100% healthy, its a huge expense for a limited skill set, defensive liability 1B past the age of 30.

We (the smart fans) knew Giambi was the type of player to age poorly.

I wonder, if Cashman had total control of signings back then, if Giambi would have been offered anywhere near what he got by the Yanks.

2007-02-06 07:28:15
16.   Cliff Corcoran
15 Agreed, but then, considering how much has gone wrong, he's done a good job of earning his keep.

Incidentally, I updated the above post to include Mo, my thoughts on the contracts mentioned, and the wisdom of a Jedi master.

2007-02-06 07:29:00
17.   Sliced Bread
Anybody catch the third baseman on "Live With Regis and Kelly" a few moments ago?
It got a little rough.
Here's how it went down (sorta):

REGIS: Here now to tell us about his new children's book, Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez.


A-ROD: What the....?

REGIS: What were you expecting, Alex? You know, after the Tigers series?

KELLY: You gonna bat 8th all season?

REGIS: Maybe 9th?

KELLY: Maybe not at all!


A-ROD: Uh...

REGIS: I trust you spent the winter working on your throws to first...

KELLY: Duck! Here comes one now!


A-ROD: Yeah, Regis, I've been working hard, trying to win another championship for the great baseball fans of New York.


KELLY: Yeah, sure. (puts her hands around her neck making a choking gesture)


A-ROD (nervously laughs): Wow. Tough crowd.

REGIS: Get used to it, pal, you've got a few more years left on that fat contract of yours.


A-ROD: Uh, can we talk about my children's book?

KELLY: We'll get to it, A-Rod, but everybody wants us to talk about Derek Jeter's love life. Has that been, like, hot OR WHAT?!


A-ROD: Derek's a great guy.

REGIS: He doesn't seem to think very much of you.


A-ROD: Aw, we're friends. He's a great teammate.


KELLY: I think he should have won the batting title.


A-ROD: That would have been great. We were all rooting for him. He came really close.

REGIS: You think the judges were a little rough on him?

A-ROD: Judges?

KELLY: Yeah, because he's so handsome and popular.


A-ROD: Um, they don't judge you for the batting title, you earn it.

KELLY: Well, that wasn't necessary, A-Rod.

A-ROD: (confused) What,um, wasn't necessary?

REGIS: Your little "Derek should have earned it" comment there. Not exactly the best way to win over the fans.


A-ROD smiles, sheepishly waves to the crowd, and exits hastily.

KELLY: Can't take the heat, A-ROD? Stay out of Martha Stewart's kitchen!

REGIS: Watch out! He's going there next, you know...


2007-02-06 07:49:00
18.   Sliced Bread
My lame jokes aside, A-Rod looks good, relaxed etc.

Just caught him on Martha Stewart. She had the whole audience in Yanks caps, and he took a bunch of questions from kids in the crowd.

Says he wants to finish his career in NY, win a Gold Glove at 3B etc.

No "news" from him whatsoever, but good to see Alex out on the town.

2007-02-06 07:50:33
19.   Cliff Corcoran
18 I think the former (finishing his career in NY) is more likely than the latter (Gold Glove at 3B).
2007-02-06 07:57:59
20.   Chyll Will
17 Ow! Who do you root for there?? (in the immortal typograpghy of Bama Yankee) Good one!

4 Don't feel bad, Nem. I lived in upper Manhattan for a little over six months, but I didn't like it >;)

2007-02-06 07:59:44
21.   Sliced Bread
19 There was one funny (in an awkward sense) moment on Martha.
Responding to a kid's question, Rodriguez was talking about the difference between playing third and short, describing shortstop as the quarterback position, and how more balls get hit your way there, but how much harder they come at you at third.
He said since he has so much more experience playing short, it's easier for hm to make adjustments, and seemed to be saying that he's still learning how to play third.
Martha, trying to empathize, said, "Yeah, you can really screw up at third."
A-Rod looked down and laughed.

And if you think I'm overanalyzing here, wait til the NY ragmen get their mitts on him at his booksignings today.

Let the new season of Analyzing Alex begin... NOT.

I fear he's in for a line of questioning similar to the one in 17.

2007-02-06 08:06:25
22.   Chyll Will
18 I'd be more than happy if Alex took some anger-management lessons from Jorge or Farnswacker. His Gleem usually looks more pasted on than... than... help me out here.
2007-02-06 08:14:35
23.   Sliced Bread
22 Yeah, he's got a toothpaste commercial vibe going, but that gleam is remarkably consistent, except of course when he's slumping, or reading ten page Verducci articles about himself.

He came across as a genuinely nice and humble guy on the shows today, the kind of athlete you'd want your kids to look up to.

Damn, I hope he's not the story this year, for his sake and ours.

2007-02-06 08:20:32
24.   Chyll Will
21 She would know. Third-party disclosure was what got her in jail in the first place. Picking on Alex is a bit of a cottage industry now, so don't think they haven't had it in for him all winter, once they discovered he's got silly putty for skin. Alex needs a good out-of-body experience.
2007-02-06 08:25:31
25.   Chyll Will
23 Second.
2007-02-06 08:36:16
26.   yankz
Wait...the book signing was yesterday, right?
2007-02-06 08:42:57
27.   Sliced Bread
1 pm today according to Pete Abraham's blog.
2007-02-06 08:53:31
28.   Shaun P
25 Third. Is that enough votes to make the motion pass?
2007-02-06 09:11:50
29.   C2Coke
Sliced, you are too funny!

In other funny news,
Apparently, Igawa has left Japan for Tampa already. The Japanese press waited an hour in the airport for a 58 second interview because Igawa overslept. When asked why he was late (who finally turned up appearing relaxed), he said there was no particular reason except he was packing continuously the night before...
He also said he feels the same like always even though he will be working in MLB the next year.
The story next day in one of the National papers in Japan went like this...
" Perhaps the stress of playing in MLB will be irrelavent to someone as "unsensitive" as Igawa."

The press in NYC is going to love him.

2007-02-06 09:14:44
30.   C2Coke
28 Add me to the list.

Is Alex or Cliff going to declare "motion carried"?

2007-02-06 09:45:02
31.   Sliced Bread
29 Thanks, C2Coke.

Looking forward to Igawa mania.

He's not as good as Matsuzaka, but seems to be a more colorful character.

As long as Iggy meets the back-of-the-rotation expectations, and doesn't annoy a la Denny Neagle with the train whistle, he should be a regular hoot, as well as a NY media darling.

Somewhat off topic: I keep having this irrational fear that Igawa's going to take Pavano out for sushi, and Carl's going to suffer a season-ending chopsticks splinter in his right index finger. Sure hope I'm wrong.

2007-02-06 10:04:22
32.   Cliff Corcoran
30 Not for nothing, but I did my best to avoid making him a topic of conversation last year, but it didn't work out that well. Nonetheless, motion carried, with the rider that he can be the story this year if the story is one of redemption, reconciliation, and acceptance. But as I've written before (see my infield post mortem), he's not going to have another MVP season. The change will have to come from the fans and his teammates.
2007-02-06 10:06:21
33.   Cliff Corcoran
31 Why is that a fear? Don't tell me you're actually expecting something out of Meat this year.
2007-02-06 10:25:40
34.   Sliced Bread
33 No, expecting tofu from Meat I am.
(I thought we were talking like that today)
2007-02-06 10:46:28
35.   Chyll Will
34 ...well since we're on that train of thought, "tasteless that joke was, SB..."
2007-02-06 10:47:07
36.   Yankee Fan In Boston
31 33 34

...poor carl... i'm still holding out hope for a comeback of earth-shatteringly league average proportions.

and yes, dear god... let the quest begin. igawa is already going to tampa? i love this guy.

2007-02-06 10:48:54
37.   jayd
Tell me, Cliff, do you think this is the final group of pitchers or do you expect (as I do with bated breath) another shoe to drop? Forget about Clemens, an event in itself. Do you think Pavano is around long enough to look good and get himself traded? Do you think the young arms are really young arms or will be packaged up with Melky for a first or second starter?

I realize it's an impossible task to predict. Part of me says we're already ahead of the sawks pitching(how bout those jays, hmmm?) and you only need to be better than the competition. And another part of me thinks Cash is too close to barely to go into the season with this group.

Reading that 1996 Yankees book by Joel Sherman. Wonder how much George has mellowed....

2007-02-06 10:52:49
38.   Shaun P
34 That might be considered an insult to tofo. I could see expecting sawdust from Meat, but not tofo.

Random off-topic thought.

The Yanks have many young pitching 'prospects'.

The Yanks need a first baseman who can hit.

The Royals have a first baseman who can hit - one Justin Huber. Not only is he blocked at 1B, for this year and many in the future, by Ryan Shealy, (when he's healthy) Mike Sweeney, and perhaps also Ross Gload, but the Royals also seem to be down on him.

DH is not an option, because of Billy Butler's impending arrival.

Meanwhile, the Royals need some decent pitching 'prospects'.

Perhaps Ca$hmoney could turn a couple of surplus starters into Justin Huber? Anyone know what Huber's glove is like?

2007-02-06 10:56:51
39.   Yankee Fan In Boston
38 some here would argue that a young catcher should be the priority.

speaking of which, jeff clement really stunk it up this winter... perhaps that apple could be shaken from the tree a little easier now.

2007-02-06 10:57:55
40.   tommyl
14 Cliff, what are the qualifications for A-Rod to opt out after this season? or are there none? (sorry, a bit confused)
2007-02-06 11:05:42
41.   jkay
MLB GM's are reading baseball blogs....

If They Don't Post It's a Shame
A Growing Chorus of Bloggers Chronicles the Nats, Who Are Reading

By Barry Svrluga
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, February 6, 2007; E01

The e-mail popped in, and Chris Needham took a minute to digest it. The sender was easily identifiable: Stan Kasten is the president of the Washington Nationals, the baseball team about which Needham comments almost daily via his blog.

Needham had just published an entry titled "StanSpeak," in which he took the liberty of "translating" Kasten's words for the club's fan base, a smart-alecky but smart look at what the man who runs the club might really be thinking.

Needham opened the e-mail cautiously. He knows about this?

"I had suspicions that they read this stuff," Needham said. "But when a suspicion becomes a reality, it's surreal."


2007-02-06 11:16:22
42.   Chyll Will
41 Funny how I was just about to tell YFB to keep it low because he might invite catastrophe by raising JD's favorite issue up for the umpteenth time. I really should speak to Dionne Warwick and Miss Cleo about this clairvoyancy thing.

You hear that Brian?

2007-02-06 11:19:26
43.   Sliced Bread
41 and when Cashman begins his next press conference "Who is Karim Garcia?" and confronts a pesky reporter with "Why are you getting all friggin' Jim Dean on me?" - we'll know why.
2007-02-06 11:20:01
44.   Sliced Bread
42 Heh
2007-02-06 11:24:18
45.   kylepetterson
43 "...and confronts a pesky reporter with 'Why are you getting all friggin' Jim Dean on me?'"

That's hilarious.

2007-02-06 11:24:47
46.   Jeteupthemiddle
O/T but I'm trying to finalize my Yankee Payroll spread sheet.

I know all the actual payouts for each player, but I have two questions about the AAV used for luxury tax purposes.

1. Posada's option is for $12M. Does that mean his AAV is 12 years, or do I redo the math so that it is a 6 year deal as opposed to the original 5 year deal?

2. Do I use Abreu's entire contract for the AAV or just 2006 and 2007 since that is when he was with the Yankees?

Actually, three questions

3. I believe in a case where two teams are paying the salary (Arod) only the portion paid by each team counts toward the luxury tax...meaning, the Yankees are only charged $16M for both actual salary and for luxury tax purposes. Am I correct in thinking this?

2007-02-06 11:26:42
47.   Bama Yankee
41 & 43 When our buddy Karim wins the NL Comeback Player of the Year Award this year he better give us some props in his acceptance speech...
2007-02-06 11:32:31
48.   williamnyy23
40 I believe that Arod can opt out without qualification after the 2007 season. If he waits until 2008 or 2009, then the qualifiers kick in.

Basically, the question Arod would have to answer is this: could a new long-term deal signed after 2007 outweigh his current deal as well as any subsequent deal he might sign after 2010? Assuming Arod could sign a 7-year/$140mn deal this off season, then he would need to sign a 4-year/$59mn deal in 2010. Quite frankly, I think he should be able to do even better than that, even before factoring in the time value of money, which would favor his current front-loaded deal.

The only way Arod will opt out is if playing for the Yankees becomes so untenable that he has no choice. Hopefully, Yankee fans will smarten up and not allow for that possibility.

2007-02-06 11:35:04
49.   jkay
41 Karim hit into a dp on Sunday and was thrown out of the game for agruing the call at 1B. It was the Carrib WS, Mexico vs Venezuela.
2007-02-06 11:38:05
50.   williamnyy23
46 I don't think baseball uses AAV to calculate the luxury tax, but instead relies on actual annual value.

As for Arod, only the portion they are paying him applies to the luxury cap. Of course, the cash out to Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Jaret Wright, et al. count against the Yankees' ledger.

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2007-02-06 11:42:34
51.   Jeteupthemiddle
50 Yes, I have the Randy Johnson and Jaret Wright payouts...though I think they are done paying Clemens.

And yes, baseball does use the AAV to calculate luxury tax...which is what I am trying to calculate now....I just happen to have the actual payout to the players done as well.

I just wasn't sure how to get Posada's option and Abreu's playing time with the Yankees into AAV terms.

2007-02-06 11:48:51
52.   Shaun P
43 That could only be topped by Cashman ending the same press conference with, "I'm Ca$hmoney, **tch."

Can you imagine the reaction to that?

46 I think so. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the money the Yanks sent to Baltimore with Wright, for example, counts towards the Yanks' payroll. I don't remember where I read it, though.

The other two - good luck finding answers. You might want to try posting in the forums at - that seems like the kind of thing those folks would know.

2007-02-06 11:51:39
53.   Cliff Corcoran
37 What you see is what you get. I do expect that Pavano will get dealt in June if he performs well in April and May, and I could see Rasner and/or Karstens being moved at the deadline if everyone else performs well, as they'll be effectively squeezed out of the picture, but for now I don't expect anyone's going anywhere.
2007-02-06 11:54:33
54.   Cliff Corcoran
51 The Yankees have defered money going to Clemens through 2014. Check out Hardball Dollars, which has finally cleaned up it's design to great effect:

2007-02-06 11:57:17
55.   Chyll Will
43 Backatcha' SB (heh!)

49 Which inning was that, the 19th or 23rd? I heard the yelling all the way up here in New York and I was like, "Who is that??"

2007-02-06 12:02:27
56.   Chyll Will
53 They could be moved for a good AAA (censored) to back Jorge, right? I'm thinking they're not done with the Diamondbacks just yet.
2007-02-06 12:02:30
57.   Sliced Bread
48 "The only way Arod will opt out is if playing for the Yankees becomes so untenable that he has no choice. Hopefully, Yankee fans will smarten up and not allow for that possibility."

Right on.
Unfortunately, the "fans" boo-rometor will go up and down with A-Rod's batting average, and perceived performance.

A-Rod's actually become pretty easy to predict.
Here's my Farmer's Almanac type analysis.

In general, A-Rod's best months in recent years, batting avg. wise are May and August. Those were his best months in '04, 05', '06.

His worst months batting-average wise were April, June, Sept in '04, July and Sept. in '05, and April, June, and Sept. of '06. So as a Yankee he's tended to begin and end the season "cold." He's also susceptible to the medical condition commonly referred to as the June Swoon. Same could probably be said of a billion hitters, but unfortunately these are the months when "fans" seem to be paying the closest attention to A-Rod, and boo him they will, while remaining ignorant to his situational accomplishments.

2007-02-06 12:16:08
58.   williamnyy23
51 Are you sure they use Average Annual Value? Below is an excerpt from the CBA:

Except as specifically provided in Section B(3) below, a Club with a final Actual Club Payroll that exceeds the Tax Threshold applicable in that Contract Year ("Tax Threshold") shall be assessed a Competitive Balance Tax on the difference between its final Actual Club Payroll and the Tax Threshold. A Club with a final Actual Club Payroll at or below the Tax Threshold shall incur no Competitive Balance Tax for that Contract Year.


C. Determination of Actual Club Payroll
(1) Definition of Actual Club Payroll
"Actual Club Payroll" of a Club in a Contract Year shall be the sum of:

(a) a 1/30th share of Player Benefit Costs (and a similar pro rata share if the number of Major League Clubs changes), as determined in Section D below;

(b) the sum of the yearly Salaries (as determined in accordance with Section E below and as allocated among Clubs in accordance with this Section C) attributable to that Contract Year of all Players under a Uniform Player's Contract with the Club for that Contract Year (including optionally assigned contracts); and

(c) any other amount includible in or deductible from Actual Club Payroll as a result of the operation of Section C(2)(g) below or as a result of any Club, any Player and/or either of the Parties hereto having engaged in a transaction contrary to Section G(1) below or as a result of an award by the Arbitration Panel under Article XI and/or Section F below.

2007-02-06 12:18:22
59.   Sliced Bread
57 upon further review, A-Rod bucked the trend and finished "hot" last September.
His best months were May and Sept in '06.

Anyway, he's NOT going to be THE STORY this year, right?! unless it's under the conditions Cliff layed out earlier.

2007-02-06 12:19:42
60.   Chyll Will
57 So to compensate, Torre should platoon Miggy, Andy and the Attorney General at third from April to the first week in May, then switch Alex back for a month, then go with Phillips and mid-season pickup until August, then AG, Cannizaro and another unheralded callup into the playoffs, using Alex as the big RH PH they'll absolutely need in October.

If it wasn't for Torre, I'd say that would work just fine...

2007-02-06 12:23:14
61.   williamnyy23
59 He already is...ESPN has his photo on the front page along with several articles about him.

I can just see it now...after every game, some intrepid reporter is going to ask, "Hey Alex, are you willing to commit to staying with the Yankees," or something like that. Then, Arod's responses will be interpreted as disingenuous and he will be labeled selfish for being a distraction to the team.

2007-02-06 12:25:19
62.   Chyll Will
60 (Upon reading 59, grabs erasers and vigorously wipes chalkboard clean, then trudges outside to clap the erasers in freezing temperatures)
2007-02-06 12:30:46
63.   Sliced Bread
62 Hey, I billed it as Farmer's Almanac type analysis.

Along those lines: Mike Lupica just emerged from his den, saw his shadow, and predicted 6 more weeks until the perennial A-Rod trade rumors begin. Sounds about right.

2007-02-06 12:53:49
64.   Chyll Will
63 You tell Lupica if he stood outside a little longer and kept talking, then it wouldn't be freezing out here.
2007-02-06 13:17:55
65.   Chyll Will
I've got to finish my homework. See ya later, fam!
2007-02-06 13:18:38
66.   yankz
Well, I went to the signing today. I arrived half an hour early, which means I was about two hours too late. I saw Alex but didn't get to talk to him. There were no boos but the cheering wasn't as loud as I expected.
2007-02-06 13:32:28
67.   ny2ca2dc
38, I'd rather just go get Salty for C and shift Jorge to 1B in 08 or whenever Salty is ready to play with the big dogs. Also, BP came out with their 1b prospect rankings today, here's how Huber made out (5th in rankings, for a "Good" rating):

"Justin Huber's comparables aren't impressive--it's hard to look at the name David Kelton without retching a bit--but he deserves credit for dealing with a series of position switches and injuries without missing much of a beat with his bat. Still, it appears likely that he'll pass through his age-24 season without having nailed down a major league job, which could make his failure something of a self-fulfilling prophecy."

I actually think, while 1b needs to be fixed, it's a low priority, and should be allowed to work itself out. Hell, maybe we could get PatTheBat for cheap from Phili... how many years left for him? ;) If more than 1, fugedaboutit.

Nick Johnson? Maybe we could get him for cheapish and let him rehab that broken leg on our dime/time in return... (I was watching that game, it was an ugly ugly collision...)

2007-02-06 14:21:28
68.   Jim Dean
38 Huber I support.
39 Clement too.

The rant has mostly passed - painfully like a kidney stone - but passed nonetheless. Still, it's so damn silly that they go into the season with the craphouse at 1B and BUC and yet those guys above (clear improvements with significant upside) could probably be had very cheaply from the pitching surplus in the system. Wretch...

67 Sorry, but I don't think Salty will be available anytime soon. ATL isn't sure what they have, and so they'll hold.

2007-02-06 15:04:02
69.   ny2ca2dc
68 isn't the whole point that Salty is blocked by McCann, making him possibly trade-able. Good as he probably will be, he might not be able to hold down 1B (or at least might not be so good at 1B as to be un-trade-able). Again, Shrug. I think we go north with what we have, and see what shakes out...
2007-02-06 16:00:17
70.   Jim Dean
69 Yeah, the word I heard is Salty becomes a 1B. But I think the main point is they just aren't sure if he had a fluky season last year or if that's what he is. So they'll hold onto him and see what they have rather than trade him when his value is low(er).
2007-02-06 17:58:50
71.   Suffering Bruin
ARod might opt out after this season... to get more money. Don't believe me? Here's Scott Boras via

"There's a class of player that has not been fitted into this new market," Boras said. "Obviously when Alex's contract was done, the revenues of the game were around $3 billion. Now they are around $6 billion. The elite position player has not been really graded in this new revenue stream we've seen."

2007-02-06 17:59:27
72.   Suffering Bruin
Apologies if the quote in 71 was already posted.
2007-02-06 18:31:21
73.   nemecizer
Is there a reason my comments have disappeared?
2007-02-06 18:32:39
74.   nemecizer
73 I posted twice tonight and they appeared upon refresh, but are gone now.
2007-02-06 18:37:16
75.   C2Coke
73 I don't see any missing numbers (which would indicate that the post was purposely deleted by Ken or Cliff or Alex) so there might be a technical problem? If that's the case, you can always drop a note to Ken.
2007-02-06 20:10:26
76.   dianagramr
Trivia for the day:

The last starting pitcher to get 5 hits in a game .... ?

Our own Mel Stottlemyre, 9/26/64

2007-02-06 20:48:00
77.   OldYanksFan
76 Absolutely amazing. Never thought it could happen. At that point, Stots had a higher BA then 4 regulars.

71 Blowing smoke, doing his job. I can't see many players getting over $22M. Maybe Santana.. possibly Pujols. I can't imagine anyone offering a 32 yr old ARod $27M. Plus isn't ARod due a $5m raise in 2009? I CAN see ARod leaving just to escape NY, but it will cost him money.

2007-02-06 21:14:09
78.   Ken Arneson
73 I'm guessing the confusion is because comments 1-50 get folded up once we hit comment #60. That's why comments #3 and #4 are hidden. Click on "show/hide" at the top to reveal the first 50 comments.

If you made any other comments, I have no record of them in the database.

2007-02-06 21:39:17
79.   yankz
If Pujols was a FA this offseason, he'd make 30 mil/year.
2007-02-06 21:55:27
80.   mikeplugh
79 That's an interesting idea yankz, but I wonder if you could name the team(s) that you think would pay Pujols $30 million a season. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'd have to think about that one a lot closer.....

Would the Yankees open up their wallets to sign Pujols to that kind of money? I would say, "No." They would probably give him $20 million over a longer period, and even then I'm not sure they'd dive into that pool.

The Cubs? Red Sox? Dodgers? $20 million probably, but $30?

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