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Happy, Merry, Everythang
2006-12-24 17:24
by Alex Belth
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Hey guys. Just dropping in on Christmas Eve to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays. My old man's family is Jewish, while my Ma is Catholic, so I've always celebrated both Chanukah and Christmas, the 'ol double-dip if you will. Anyhow, no matter what you celebrate, I hope you enjoy the holiday madness. Let me know what you get. I asked for GI Joe with the Kung-Fu grip. Actually, Em and I already exchanged presents, and I got some cool kitchen stuff as well a dvd set of "Freaks and Geeks." Whoopee.

2006-12-24 18:00:06
1.   jakewoods
Coll kitchen stuff??

Wow. Someone is old.

2006-12-24 18:12:50
2.   Will
Right back atchya!

Happy Holidays, and a great New Year!

2006-12-24 18:46:12
3.   Schteeve
Merry Christmas to all and to all a World Series appearance in 07.
2006-12-24 18:55:23
4.   Ihatetheredsox
Aaron Guiel Going To Japan


Tokyo Yakult Swallows are closing in on an agreement with Aaron Guiel; it should be done by early January.

Good luck, Arron!

2006-12-24 19:53:57
5.   Peter
I got the double-dip as well (Jewish mom, Catholic dad). It made for some pretty lucrative Decembers when I was a kid.

Freaks and Geeks, what an underated show.
Merry Christmas!

2006-12-24 20:44:25
6.   Chyll Will
Merry Christmas all! To everyone who is with their families, share the cocoa and/or egg nog and tell some good stories about each other. To those without family or away from your loved ones, know that your life is a miracle to someone; whatever you do will pass to someone else; the cheer you freely give will return many-fold. Not to mention it would likely make an interesting story.

And to the lonely who happen to be lurking about, well, the point is we all like good short-stories. Drop in and say hi sometime, I think we all like that (as long as it's not trolling). To say the least you won't be lonely around here.

Many blessings, relax and enjoy the good tidings!

2006-12-25 05:55:52
7.   mikeplugh
Just a quick R.I.P. for the legend James Brown. You will be missed Godfather.....
2006-12-25 06:10:32
8.   debris
We're at one on that score, Mike. My kids are due here in a couple of hours and I've just taken the tickets we have to see him in Montreal next week from under the tree.

The Hardest Working Man in Show Business had a very busy tour scheduled starting later this week. He will be missed.

2006-12-25 07:02:22
9.   Matt B
Yeah, Mr. Dynamite will indeed be missed - he had a gig booked for New Year's Eve in NYC! It immediately made me rememeber other celebrities who died on Christmas - Dean Martin and Billy Martin. Anyway, James was a singular talent.

Freaks and Geeks, Alex? Have you seen any of it yet? What a great show. The way NBC treated it was a disgrace, but at least it got made...and will live on through home video.

Merry Christmas folks.

2006-12-25 08:01:20
10.   randym77
1 No, someone is young. It's the young guys who can not only admit to receiving kitchen stuff as a gift, but liking it. ;-) is reporting that Randy Johnson might be going back to Arizona.

2006-12-25 09:14:06
11.   Ihatetheredsox
got this from sosh..

Quote from Two Idiot Redsox Fans named mabrowndog and asphyxiation.


"Frankly, unloading RJ would be the best move NY could make this off-season. Especially if they were to sign Zito or even Mulder in his place"

But if they stand firm on not eating part of the contract, I don't see how any MLB team would allow the Yankees to get anything but shit in return.

Not sure what prospects the MFY have in mind, but Arizona's pretty deep in the OF. Maybe Jarred Ball, Jon Zeringue, or Carlos Gonzalez? For pitchers, maybe Matt Torra (UMass boy) or Garrett Mock? Regardless, the only way any of them are included is if the Yanks pony up some cash.


"If they give up Carlos Gonzalez for the Eunuch, then I'll eat my hat. Then I'd find the closest breathing thing and kick it until it is no longer living"

2006-12-25 11:43:05
12.   Simone
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone at the Banter!
2006-12-25 14:20:12
13.   mikeplugh
11 Hey mediaj33...I mean ihatetheredsox....

Have you ever posted anything that didn't include a cut and paste from Sosh or an AP article from somewhere. Do us a favor...

Keep posting around the Yankee blogs, but for 2 weeks only write your own ideas and refrain from even once cutting and pasting. If you can do that, you'll have grown and we'll welcome your thoughts.

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag......

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