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What Would Andy Do?
2006-12-10 07:43
by Alex Belth
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"My elbow feels pretty good," Pettitte said. "My wife and kids have no desire for me to retire right now. They don't want me to be at the house. I thought they would."
(N.Y. Times)

Andy Pettitte addressed the Houston media yesterday.

That is all.

2006-12-10 08:03:26
1.   dianagramr
Call me the eternal pessimist, but I would have preferred to hear Andy say that his elbow felt "great" or "fine", rather than "pretty good"

(or is "pretty good" the best that can be expected of ANY pitcher after so many innings?)

2006-12-10 08:16:47
2.   LI yankee

These next few days will be very interesting.

2006-12-10 08:27:04
3.   David
It's pretty common for a retiree's wife not to want him around the house all day long. As the saying goes, "I married him for better or for worse, but I didn't marry him for lunch"
2006-12-10 08:29:25
4.   OldYanksFan
2 "Dealings would need 'abrupt change' to beat deadline. The initial offer made by the Red Sox was believed to be between $7-8 million a year for four-six years, but Boras was reportedly asking for nearly $15 million a year."

It's all a game. The Sox can't afford NOT to sign DM, Boras can NOT afford (I don't mean financially) to lose this deal, and the loss of face would be brutal for all involved, especially DM.

This is the 'how close to the middle do we go' dance. Boras will settle for 4/50, the Sox are shooting for 4/42 or 5/50. I say it comes in around 4/45 or 5/52.

Even at 4/42, that would be 93m for 4 years, or 23m/yr. At 5/50, that would be 101m for 5 years, or 20m/yr. Too much, in my opinion, any way it goes.

I would love for the Sox to blow this, but I can't believe anyone, especially Bud/MLB will let this fall through.

2006-12-10 09:06:44
5.   seamus
4 Gotta agree that I would love to see them blow it, but think it is doubtful. The posturing is obvious, particularly when you considered the source. This quote tells us who is talking to espn:

"Attempts to reach Matsuzaka's agent, Scott Boras, were unsuccessful. The source blamed Boras for a lack of interest in the negotiations."

Only the Sox would make such a claim and only if they wanted to force Boras' hand or create a media image that Boras is the stalling part of this.

2006-12-10 10:21:59
6.   rbj
Sounds like Mrs. Pettitte wants Andy to make a few million more before he retires.
2006-12-10 13:11:05
7.   randym77
The Post says the Sheff trade drove up the price for Manny:

The Yankees' trade of Gary Sheffield to the Tigers actually influenced what the Red Sox were asking teams in return for Manny Ramirez. Boston officials were impressed with the Yankee haul of a top starting prospect (Humberto Sanchez) and two strong relief prospects (Kevin Whelan and Anthony Claggett).

Boston told clubs interested in its righty slugger that Ramirez was younger and more productive than Sheffield, and no more disruptive than Sheffield. Hence the Red Sox expected more than the Yanks received for Sheffield, paying particular attention to young closer types such as Los Angeles' Jonathan Broxton and Seattle's J.J. Putz.

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